Christopher Ng Monsters Leonard 10/06/11 A Hero is born. He has the legs of a tiger and the arms of an ape.

He grows big and wide, as big as a bear. He learns to feed and hunt. He fights as ferociously as a lion. He is strong to the eye. He is brave to the heart, but, He is modest as well. He hears of a monster. So, He answers to the pleas for help. He packs his armor, it shines like the sun shines upon the Earth. He reaches the monster, finally, He fought and fought, until he could fight no more. He made the monster roar and roar but to no use, he slew the monster roaring. He cut the monster with his sword. He won the match that ended the fight and he is named the winner, however, He had hooked his hand on his blade and severed it, bleeding to death. He is brought to his home town. He is given a magnificent funeral pyre. He is named the Bringer of Good forever and ever.

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