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Types of Heels

Types of Heels

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Published by: Nidhi Shah on Jan 20, 2012
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Types of Heels Picture Description

Stilettos: They are long, thin and can have height from 2inches to 10 inches. They make the wearer¶s legs look more toned, sculpted and make them look taller.

Kitten Heels: These are heels that have height from 1.5 inches o 2 inches, and they are most common on sandals. They give the glamour of high-heels without adding the extra height; so tall women mostly prefer it .

Cone Heels: They are round heels that are broader at the sole of the shoes but gets narrower as they go down. It can have varied heel heights.

Prism Heels: They have three sides and thus form a triangle of a heel. They are very uncommon nowadays.

then gets narrower near the middle and again thickens as it nears ground. Wedge Heels: Wedge heels are not a single piece but run from the front of the sandals to back.Spool Heels: Spool heels are broad at the soles. but it will be thicker at the heels and narrower at the toes .

in It is preferred summer seasons. These are considered to be dress shoes. . bright colors. and heels of minimum 2 inches. They are known so because they have wedge generally heels specifically. Sling Backs: It is similar to pumps.Types of Shoes Picture Description Pumps: They are shoes with low cut front. in having heels over 2inches and rounded or pointed toes. instead there is a strap the crosses over the heel. pointed toes either rounded or pointed. leaving the rest of the heels showing. They are commonly strappy and available in fun. but the back part isn¶t completely covered. Wedge Sandals: Wedge sandals are shoes that give the comfort of wearing flats. but give the height and glamour of wearing high-heels.

Flip ± Flops: They are comfortable outdoor shoes made of rubbery material and has a Y shaped strap between the big toe and the rest of the toes. . It is unisex. They are used as bedroom slippers mainly but are also used as running shoes in some countries. But there is more sophisticated and dressy version of the same available in the market. They are used when going to beach or generally in summer. Mary Jane¶s: Mary Jane¶s are the US name for the general school shoes with closed toe. instead of sneakers. Espadrilles: They are comfort wear and are made of cotton or canvas fabric and have flexible soles. They do not have ankle straps. It is considered formal when worn by smaller girls but informal when worn by older women. low or no heels and a strap and usually seen in black color worn by school going girls.

no heels made of flexible and sturdy material. Mules: Mules are close-toed and backless and may have low or high heels. .when worn fashionably it has stiletto heels generally. mud etc. Boots: Boots type footwear usually extends past the ankle and sometimes may reach up to the thighs. but when worn for protection from snow. they have low heels. Now it has become major fashion again. water. but usually the heels are chunky.Ballet Flats: These are true to its name and is very similar to a ballerina¶s slippers-close toed. They do have heels.

Straps generally over the feet and around the ankle strap the soles of the shoes to the wearer¶s foot. .Platform Shoes: Platform shoes are shoes with thick soles. It has been in existence from the ancient times. Both men and women use them. They have both low heels and high heels and are used because it helps keep the feet cool and dry. But the time it became most popular was during the 1990¶s spice girl¶s time. Sandals: They are outdoor shoes used in places with humid climate or generally in summer season. They popularized the Lucite platform shoes. that have platform soles AND stiletto heels.

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