Although a Dutch sailor Abel was the first to sight Australasia. Vasco de Gama Captain Cook Captain Smith None of the above .1. c. who could be credited with the discovery of Australia? a. b. d.

d. Only A is true Only B is true Both A and B are true None is true . India is the 7th largest country of the world. a. c.2. b. A: Australia is twice as large as India area wise B: While Australia is the 6th .

The Tropic of Capricorn touches Australia.3. True False .

c.4. d. Alfonso Merino Jackaroo Paddock . Australian sheep come from the famous _____ stock. a. b.

5. Is the relationship correct Mumbai west : Kolkata east Perth west: Sydney east Yes No .

b. c. a. d. The _____ is the most common tree found in Australia. Teak Maple Eucalyptus Mango .6.

John McGrath Robbie Howard John Howard Kevin Rudd . c. d. b.7. Who is the present PM of Australia? a.

c. Prison Port Wool Wine . d.8. b. Port Arthur in Tasmania is famous for a.

b. c. To adopt dollar as its currency To make plastic notes To devalue its currency To display heads of state on the notes .9. d. In currency notes Australia holds a distinction as being first a.

We share a common national holiday with Australia it is a. Jan. b. 15th Oct. 2nd Nov.10. 14th . d. c. 26th Aug.

11. What is the capital of Australia? ‡ Melbourne ‡ Canberra ‡ Sydney .

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