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How We Design Our Chicken Coop

How We Design Our Chicken Coop

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We offer Australian approved safe and smart custom designed chicken coops with cheap delivery and money back guarantee and with spare parts Division learn what makes our timber the best?
We offer Australian approved safe and smart custom designed chicken coops with cheap delivery and money back guarantee and with spare parts Division learn what makes our timber the best?

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Published by: Paulpayne123 on Jan 20, 2012
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How we design our Chicken Coop

Raising Chickens is a smart and productive hobby. Keeping them safe in your backyard and giving them a proper Chicken coop house is all your poultry desire. For people who know how to build Chicken Coop, have a plus, because they will put their skills in creating just the right chicken house they have in mind and their poultry coops stability will last longer if the person who constructed a Hen house for his chickens really knows how to build a chicken coop.

Well, how about saving hours of work and lot of money? At Backyard Chicken coops, your ideas for chicken coop designs are beautifully shaped into a perfect Chicken house and we assure, the quality and stability of these Designer Chicken Nesting Boxes will satisfy you and your chickens both and you no longer need to build chicken coop on your own We deal in a wide variety of Chicken Nesting Boxes with eye-catching Chicken coop designs that include our distinctive movable chicken coop.

We also have steel chicken coop and metal chicken cage which offers far stronger durability. Our Chicken coop designs are unique, affordable solid and weather-treated.

The deluxe known as µThe Taj Mahal Chicken Coop¶ is created from a sustainable A-Grade Timber wood. This Hen house is equipped with hen safe oil to protect it from the harsh Australian climate. This A-frame chicken coop has it all to call it a Taj Mahal Chicken Coop.

The µAlcatraz Chicken House¶ is our first Steel chicken coop for sale on wheels. This mobile chicken coop can freely accommodate 2-3 hens with an ease of moving your metal chicken coops anywhere. Fixed with heavy gauge galvanised steel and coated with a tough powder for maximum protection, Alcatraz- the movable chicken coop lets you move your Steel Chicken Coop anywhere you want.

Our most popular Poultry coops is the µPent house¶ a perfectly designed A-Frame chicken coop with extra thick Timber wood for raising chickens sized for a flock of upto 8 hens. The Poultry coop¶s length can be increased or decreased. The Pent House can be moved to two other sides to match your backyard¶s layout.

µThe Mansion¶ is one of the finest poultry coop, can size upto 20 hens in it. This chicken shed comes with instructions and pre drilled holes and very easy to assemble. The Mansion has extra large nesting boxes for the hens to lay eggs.

The Cluck Med Chicken Coop is the tractor style chicken coop carved with A grade Timber Wood with a secluded nesting area to lay eggs. Cluck Med Chicken shed is economical and gives your hen a perfect home.

We have been serving our clients for very long now in providing ideal Chicken house which is spacious enough, for the chickens to spread their wings in day, comfortable enough to lay eggs and gives relaxation during the stay at night. The reliability of our services can be seen from our customer¶s satisfaction.

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