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Pakistan Ielts Information Sheet

Pakistan Ielts Information Sheet

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if u wana become in a strong career then make hapability of ur mind .
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if u wana become in a strong career then make hapability of ur mind .
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Published by: inam malik on Nov 11, 2008
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IELTS Information Sheet

The IELTS test is regularly administered by the British Council centres across Pakistan. For information about place availability, test dates, Online Results and for general IELTS enquiries, please check our IELTS web page on our web site or speak to us on our Toll Free Phone number 0800 22000 or send an email to:

A. Pre-test information i) Registration You may either download IELTS registration form by clicking the link given at the end of this information sheet or obtain it from designated Standard Chartered Banks (SCB) - SCB banking details are available at the end of this sheet. In Karachi for further information, please visit our IELTS information and registration desk at Regent Plaza Hotel, (Timings: Monday-Thursday: 10:00-3:00 and on Friday: 9:30-12:30) You must attach a clear photocopy of your valid national identity card OR passport and two recent colour passport size photographs with the IELTS application form. Please write your full name on the reverse of each photograph. One photograph must be pasted securely with glue and the other attached using a paper clip to the IELTS application form. You must follow the procedure laid down in the Notice to IELTS Candidates attached to the application to ensure that your application form is processed without delay. Incomplete application forms will not be processed and candidates will be informed about the reasons for objection. ii) Payments Candidates residing in cities where there is a British Council office must deposit the IELTS test fee of Rs 8,800 in the designated Standard Chartered Bank or Standard Chartered Billpay Booth - banking details are available at the end of this sheet. If you reside in a city which does not have a designated Standard Chartered Bank, you can make test fee payment through a bank draft drawn in favour of the British Council office at which the IELTS application form is to be submitted. British Council contact information is stated in the column 1 of the below British Council Bank Account table. Please retain photocopies of the IELTS application form, stamped bank deposit /bank draft and courier despatch slip. Note: Candidates should send us their complete registration forms within seven working days after they deposit the fee into our bank account. iii) Special Arrangements Candidates requiring special arrangements due to temporary, permanent or long-term disability, such as hearing/sight impairment, dyslexia or speech impediment; or short-term difficulties such as broken arm must give three months notice to British Council Examinations Services so that the appropriate guidance and approval can be taken from the Special Circumstances Unit at Cambridge ESOL. iv) Retakes From 1 May 2006 the policy on candidates re-taking IELTS has been amended. The restriction on re-taking IELTS within 90 days has been removed and candidates will be able to repeat the test whenever they wish.

v) Acknowledgement The British Council will forward an acknowledgement through email to candidates within 10 working days of receipt of an IELTS application form. vi) Venue Details After the acknowledgement letter, IELTS Venue Letters are sent out to the candidates 4-7 days before the test. If candidates do not receive this venue letter they must contact British Council before the test date. Please note that the Speaking interviews may be conducted seven days before or after the written test. vii) Test date extensions

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational and cultural relations. Registered in England as a charity.

Candidates may delay their test date, for which Rs.2, 200 will be charged. Extensions are allowed once only and such requests will be entertained if they are received by Examinations Services at least five weeks (34 days) before the opted test date. Candidates who seek to cancel their registration or transfer test dates within the five-week period prior to the test date will only receive a refund if they can satisfy the IELTS Administrator that their ability to sit the test has been affected by illness or serious cause. viii) Test Centre Transfer Request Candidates are required to inform the Centre at which they initially registered at least 30 working days prior to the test date if they may wish for their test Centre to be transferred, for which Rs 500 will be charged as administrative fee. Requests will be processed on the availability of seats at the new Centre within Pakistan only. A confirmation of successful transfer of Centre request will be communicated to you via Email. ix) Refunds/Cancellation Policy

a) Candidates who elect to cancel their registration more than five weeks prior to the test date will receive a refund. However a 25% administrative fee may be deducted at our discretion. In such cases candidates should fill out a Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form – Page1 (http://www.britishcouncil.org/pakistan-exams-IELTS-refund-and-test-date-transfer-form1.pdf) and send this along with the original bank deposit slip to British Council. Hyperlink Page1 & Page 2 b) Candidates who elect to cancel their registration within the five week period will not receive a refund. The exemption to this is if they can satisfy the IELTS Administrator at British Council that their ability to sit for the test was affected by an illness or serious cause. Illness or serious cause is defined as -: Serious illness- e.g. hospital admission or serious injury Loss or bereavement- death of a close family member Hardship/trauma – victim of crime, victim of a traffic accident Military Service In such cases candidates should fill out a Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form – Page 1 (http://www.britishcouncil.org/pakistan-exams-IELTS-refund-and-test-date-transfer-form1.pdf) & Page 2 (http://www.britishcouncil.org/pakistan-exams-IELTS-refund-and-test-date-transfer-form2.pdf) and send this along with original bank deposit slip, and appropriate supporting documentation/evidence to British Council. Candidates must lodge an application for refund no later than 5 working days after the test day.
x) IELTS Specimen Pack and Handbook The IELTS Specimen Material Pack includes a practice IELTS test with an answer key and a CD of the listening test. It assists candidates to get some idea of their level and familiarise themselves with the format of the test. The IELTS Specimen Material Pack is available from British Council Examinations Services for Rs 975/- . Please note that these materials have been produced according to the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) Question Paper Production cycle. Online practice material and the IELTS Handbook is available on the IELTS web site www.ielts.org Candidates residing in cities where there is a British Council office can deposit the IELTS Specimen Material pack fee in the respective British Council bank account. Outstation candidates can forward a bank draft drawn in favour of the nearest British Council office. The British Council Examinations Services will send the IELTS Specimen pack to the candidate by courier on receipt of a stamped bank deposit slip or a bank draft of the same amount within 2 working days of receipt of request. B. Test day information

i) Timings Candidates reporting time: 1215 hours (PST)

Test start time: 1300 hours (PST) Candidates who arrive late (after 1300 hours) will not be admitted inside the examination hall. Candidates must bring their original and valid national identity card OR passport, British Council venue notice letter, lead pencils, sharpener, erasers and blue/black ballpoint or pen. No other type of ID document is acceptable. Any candidates without

an original and valid ID document will not be allowed to take the test and will be marked absent on the test date and will lose their full test fee. Important Note * Candidates must bring the same ID document to the test as they quoted on their application form. Candidates who fail to do this will not be allowed to take the test. No result will be issued to candidates who are involved in impersonation and/or misconduct. A malpractice report will be circulated to all IELTS centers worldwide. ii) Feedback We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding our services. Please send an email to us on info@britishcouncil.org.pk C. Post Test information i) Test Results Test results are announced on the 13th day after the written examinations. The original IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is sent by courier to candidates at the address entered on their IELTS application form. No enquiries regarding the declaration of the result are entertained over the phone or by email. Candidates are entitled to receive one original IELTS TRF only and no duplicate TRFs can be issued later to candidates. ii) Free TRF Requests for any institution within one month of the test date Five original TRFs can be despatched by the British Council free of charge through registered mail to the institutions mentioned by the candidate in their application form or if a request is made with in one month of the test date. However, if you would like us to send your TRFs through DHL, you must make an additional payment of Rs.1000 per TRF and clearly mention on the form to which institute you would like us to send it through DHL. ii) Additional TRF Requests for any institution after one month of the test date Candidate requests for sending their TRFs to any institution after one month of the test date (within two years of the test administration), will be charged an Extra TRF fee of Rs500 per TRF. These TRFs will be despatched by the British Council free of charge through registered mail. However, if you would like us to send your TRFs through DHL, you must make an additional payment of Rs.1000 per TRF. iii) Validity IELTS TRFs are valid for two years only. iv) Enquiry on Results (Re-mark facility) An Enquiry on Results - re-mark facility is available for a fee of £60 payable in local currency to the British Council. Please enquire from Toll Free Phone no. 0800 22000 about the sterling book-keeping rate in force at the time of preparing the rupee payment for the IELTS re-mark service. Candidates wishing to request a re-mark of the results must complete the IELTS Enquiry on Results Form, which is available on the British Council website. They must attach their original Test Report Form and payment bank deposit slip / bank draft with this form. A request of Enquiry on Results must reach British Council within 4 weeks of the receipt of the TRF. The remark of the candidate's work is done by the British Council UK office and it normally takes 7 weeks for such a request to be processed. Enquiry fees will only be refunded if a result is changed.

British Council Bank Account Details:
Candidates must fill out a British Council deposit slip, available at the banks mentioned below, when making payments. Please write the purpose for which you are depositing the fee on the deposit slip. For example: • • • • If you are depositing the IELTS test fee, write IELTS test fee. If you are depositing the IELTS Specimen Material Pack fee, write IELTS Specimen Fee. If you are depositing the IELTS Enquiry on Results fee write IELTS EOR fee. If you are depositing the IELTS test date extension fee write IELTS Extension fee on the deposit slip

British Council office
Islamabad House 32, Street 19, F-6/2 PO Box 1135, Islamabad, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 Karachi British Deputy High Commission, PO Box 10410 Shahrah-e-Iran, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 Lahore 65 Mozang Road, PO Box 88 Lahore 54650, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 Multan

British Council bank account no

British Council Bank details
Standard Chartered Bank No 1, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan Telephone 051 282 0345 55 Haider Road, Rawalpindi Cantt. Rawalpindi, Pakistan Telephone 511 3453 Standard Chartered Bank Teen Talwar Branch, Near Dilpasand Sweets Main Clifton Rd Karachi Phone: 021-530-6118 021-530-6123 Standard Chartered Bank Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt. Telephone 042 668 7722 Fb-4, Awami Complex, Usman Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. Telephone 042 583 3568




Standard Chartered Bank Holiday Inn Hotel, 76 Abdali Road, PO Box 910 Multan, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 Peshawar Standard Chartered Bank 17 C Chinar Road University Town, PO Box 49 Peshawar, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 Quetta C/o Serena Hotel Shahrah-e-Zarghoon, PO Box 485 Quetta, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 Faisalabad C/o Serena Hotel P O Box 69 Faisalabad, Pakistan Toll-free 0800-22000 09-9014446-31 Standard Chartered Bank Railway Road, Faisalabad Telephone 041 634 680 Standard Chartered Bank 09-9014446-31 MA Jinnah Road, Quetta Telephone 081 821 438, 822 126, 82 0460 09-9014446-31 35 Shahrah –e- Quaid Azam, Peshawar Cantt Telephone 091 5275504 09-9014446-74 Property No. 59/1 Ali Heights Abdali Road, Multan Telephone 061 451 3171, 451 3539

The stamped bank deposit slip (Exams Copy) along with the required form and documents can either be dropped at the SCB branch or sent by courier or registered mail to the appropriate British Council office. Candidates must retain photocopies of all documents for their own reference. In case any bank deposit slips and/or required forms/documents are not delivered to the British Council, candidates would resolve the issue directly with the respective SCB bank / courier or post office (as for any other postal/courier services), based on their proof of posting. The British Council cannot be held liable for items lost in transit and, consequently, missed deadlines for registrations.

IELTS Application Forms Drop-Box Mailing Service at Standard Chartered Banks
To facilitate IELTS candidates registering for an IELTS test British Council Pakistan have reached an agreement with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) whereby Standard Chartered Bank will collect IELTS application forms and test fees and later deliver the relevant documents to their local British Council office. This SCB drop-box mailing service is free of charge and it only applies to candidates who register for an IELTS test with their local British Council office. It is not offered to candidates registering with outstation British Council offices. For e.g. candidates residing in Multan cannot use this drop box mailing service if they want to register for an IELTS test at Lahore. However, they can use this service for a Multan test date. The Standard Chartered designated branches, which offer these drop-box mailing services are listed in the table ‘British Council Bank Account Details’. The Standard Chartered designated branches operate from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday with a two hours Juma prayers break on Friday only. The timings for Standard Chartered Bank Multan are 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday & Saturday. Please note that these banking timings are subject to change as per SCB policy. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that examinations take place on time and are properly conducted. To help us do this, please ensure that you are familiar with the arrangements and any relevant regulations concerning your examination. The British Council cannot be held responsible for events or circumstances, which are outside its control, or for any error, fault or omission by an examining board or any other third party.

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