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mixmag ROGAE IRVEW The 2011 Mixmag Drugs Survey is the biggest ever survey of drug use among real clubbers. The survey was undertaken over a period of six weeks, and the results analysed by a team led by Dr Adam Winstock from King's College London and the South’London and Maudsley NHS Trust. Mixmag and Dr Winstock would like to thank the thousands of you who took part: your responses have helped find fo Via gaat lnCne itn) about drug use. Turn the page to discover the results > Sree sik Daves we WHO TOOK THE SURVEY? Some basic info on this year’s respondents GENDER ‘SEXUAL ORIENTATION LIVING WITH © 89% Hetreson @ 31% Parent @ 10% Aee 7% Baousd 4h oresou a 69% 31% Male PERSONAL DETAILS Averageage Most common age esy eOy MUSICAL PREFERENCE © 20% soe et ea (© 16% Ov sas Fe - 12% rordhose aT: Sieve tow race Three-querters 3% Dunsep were aged between 2m Beco 12% ober HOW OFTEN D0 YOU ‘GO CLUBBING? ma 40% Creonmeretins week 20% Less nonce sary 4 weeks 16% Lossthan morthy MOST COMMON VENUE DRUG USEIN DRUG THE LAST YEAR USE EVER aves (boars) iro.s (boone) Aereeterne (peed) phetamine (bse) ‘sopra nto (oapes) ampreamine(bsse) 14.6% lsg ana 38% 10 137% Neliiore op 3% 44% MoPY Ha 2.8% 1% le cl aa 58% aL Ecstasy is the most ‘More respondents Used! flegel crugin have tied ecstesy the pest ear: thanany other flegal of respondents had drug. 10% have used pis or powder Cuk 2a tried erleng creck inthe past 12 months, —— ‘and 5% have tried More have used Spee Wage 2.2 heroin. 18% heve alcohol or ecstasyin : tried Visgre the past year than have 2 Smndeed Surette erode «1% | | 8H Strats eran 1% sam Horan Meterstetarine —«2.0¥6 37% Metnanoretemre MARCH 2011 51