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Top Ten Storage Tips

Top Ten Storage Tips


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Follow these ten storage tips to make your next move a smooth one.
Follow these ten storage tips to make your next move a smooth one.

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Published by: mackieimages on Nov 11, 2008
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Top Ten Storage Tips

Packing a rental truck, your own car, or a portable storage container is generally an easy thing to do, if done correctly. It's very easy to hastily pack just to get it done with. Be patient though. Items should be packed as tightly as possible without open spaces in order to prevent items from shifting during transportation. A good approach is to pack one-quarter at a time. Here are ten storage tips that will make your next move much easier:
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Moving boxes should be filled completely and lids closed. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes for easier lifting. Stack heavy items on the bottom, lightweight items on top. Distribute weight evenly (especially if you're using a moving pod) Protect your items with paper pads, bubble pack, or moving blankets. Prop the door open while you are loading to keep it from closing unexpectedly. Secure the storage container when it is unattended with a strong commercialgrade padlock. For extra security, park your car in front of the door of the container. Create a list to keep track of your inventory Store fragile items in dresser drawers.

The most important storage tip of all is: take your time. Done incorrectly, could lead to some expensive broken items. None of us like that. Also, give yourself a lot of lead time. Begin packing things long before you need to move your items. A good strategy is to try and pack one box a day, beginning at least two weeks before you need to have everything in storage. Lastly, packing the big items is easy, it's getting down to all the small things that don't really fit in any boxes that will cause the most trouble. Door To Door Moving and Storage has helped making moving easier since 1996. Our portable storage containers and moving pods offer an alternative to hiring expensive moving companies and rental trucks. You pack it, we pick up. And, you only pay for what you use!

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