data dump

aka “shit in the city”

com/news/article/not-enough-places-to-go/378045.themoscowtimes. 1 http://www. there are only 565 free public 1 toilets .In a city of more than 10 million.html .

How many toilets? 17690 people MOSCOW moscow 6595 people PARISyork new 3210 NYC people paris 200 people SINGAPORE singapore 565 654 832 29000 .untappedcities.

htm .7% of the Russian population has diabetes of which 80% could be prevented through health 1 nutrition and lifestyle .gks. 1

SENSEable Toilet transportable WC руб fully public strategic advertising oportunities provided for revue raising @ strelka reading material provided + health care receipt MOC KBA integrated into Moscow health care card health information* diabetes alcoholism cholesterol tuberculosis colon cancer melena ect. * all information from documented methods moscow health database .

a roving network of public toilets strelka as a catalyst for change moscow health portrait + ... neigbourhood health information / advice open data strelka bar nutrition nights .

SHITable City Moscow .

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