CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3

) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

VOCABULARY - SU 2 (2) - SU 2 (3)
No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

abhor abrupt(ly) abyss accomplished ache acquaint acquit acronym act upon

v n n

to hate, to abominate sudden(ly), in a sudden manner, not prepared a deep or infinite chasm or gorge


adj skilled, expert n v v n v n v n v n v v n a dull pain be acquainted with somebody. to know somebody you've met before to free / clear somebody from a legal charge, declare innocent a word formed from the first letter of a group of words proceed in accordance with what something / somebody says adjoining, juxtaposed, next to decorate displaying physical or mental skill / ability to defend by argument, to plead in favor of somebody / something proving so wasn't in the area when a crime occurred make pain more bearable (tolerant) to take something into consideration amount of money given regularly for a special reason

10 adjacent 11 adorn 12 adroit 13 advocate 14 alibi 15 alleviate 16 allow for 17 allowance 18 aloof 19 altercation 20 amateur 21 amend 22 ammunition 23 answer for 24 appall

adj distant in interest or feeling; reserved n confrontation, vehement quarrel

n, one who engages an art, science or adj sport for enjoyment to rectify something, to make v something greater, more intense, better n v v projectiles, explosives to be held responsible for something to dismay, to overcome with horror

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 1

CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

25 apparel 26 apprenticeship 27 array 28 articulate 29 as for 30 ascent 31 ascribe 32 aspiration 33 assailant 34 assemble 35 assumption 36 astonish 37 astray 38 attire 39 auction 40 austere 41 avail 42 avert 43 aware 44 awry 45 back down 46 back out 47 back up 48 ball up 49 ballad 50 ban 51 bandit

n n n v

clothing, outwear, garments period of time in which you are an apprentice splendid attire, clothes

expressing oneself clearly and effectively with regard to, with respect to, adv concerning v v n n v n v adj n n to climb, the act of mounting upward to credit or attribute to a cause or source a strong desire to have or do something somebody who attacks others violently; physically or verbally to put all parts of something together supposition, presupposition to amaze somebody to a great degree of the right way into error / away from the right way dress, clothes public meeting to sell land, buildings, etc, to people who offer the most money for them

adj stern, severe, strict, unadorned, grim v v v to be of use, advantage, profit, help to prevent something unpleasant from happening to realize something exists

adj wrong, askew v v v v n v n to retreat from a position to fail to keep a promise or one's word to move backwards, to give support to confuse a slow romantic song to forbid something from being used or done, usually by law an outlaw, a brigand, a robber, a highwayman

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 2

CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52 banish 53 bargain 54 barge 55 barge in 56 bark 57 barren 58 bawl out 59 be about to 60 be better off 61 be bound to 62 be cut of for 63 be in charge of 64 be in for 65 be out to 66 be up to 67 bear 68 bear down 69 bear in mind 70 bear on 71 bear out 72 bear up 73 beat up 74 beguile 75 bend over 76 bequeath 77 bewilder 78 bid for v v n v v to exile. to endure to attack or assault bodily to delight bow to leave by will. keep in one's memory. to be severe with remember. to scold to be at the moment of doing something to be in a more favorable condition or situation to be certain. to relate to. to have the responsibility for something to be about to encounter something unpleasant / find somebody by chance to be at the moment of doing something to be busy with something mischievous keep in mind a fact / piece of information that could be useful to put pressure on. to have something to do with to confirm to resist. flat bottomed freight boat used on island waters to enter without invitation or permission speak sharply. to be sure to to have the necessary skills or talent for something to manage. to expel from a country to buy something cheaply or for less than its usual price a large. sound made by dogs adj sterile v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v n to reprimand. to hand something down by will to confuse or puzzle somebody completely an offer to pay a price for something (at an auction) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 3 .

soon v v n to stop working for the rest of the day to cancel the dead body of an animal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 4 .CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 79 birch 80 bleach 81 blunder 82 blunt 83 bold 84 boo 85 book 86 bough 87 bounce 88 bound 89 braids 90 brass 91 brazen 92 breach 93 breakthrough 94 bring about 95 bring out 96 bring up 97 brink 98 bruise 99 brush up on 100 buoyant 101 burst out 102 bush 103 by and by 104 call it a day 105 call off 106 carcass n v v a tree with smooth bark (outer covering) and thin branches to make something white or lighter in color to make a stupid mistake adj not sharp. liking risks v v n v n n n to express dissatisfaction at a speaker or performer to arrange with a hotel / restaurant to go there in the future a large branch to hit a hard surface a place is out of bounds when you aren’t allowed to go three or more interwoven strands a hard yellow metal adj shameless n n v v v n n v v v n the act of breaking. dull adj daring. courageous. to mention a topic an edge at the top of a steep place a purple mark on your skin because you’ve fallen. achievement to cause to happen reveal to raise from childhood. a rupture discovery. been hit to review something to refresh one’s memory being able to float to act suddenly wild country not been cleared adv in a short time.

housework to laugh softly in a low tone juice pressed from fruit to cut small amounts of something in order to make it tidier to deliberately hide facts so people don’t see or understand to put clothes on your body adj poorly coordinate physically n. bunch // collect. break down -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 5 . rubber covering. to put something into practice an outer layer of metal. hole to ask an amount of money as a price an informal talk. gather together disintegrate.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 107 carry out 108 casing 109 catch up with 110 catchy cater for 111 somebody / something 112 cavity 113 charge for 114 chat 115 check in 116 check up on 117 cheer up 118 cherish 119 chide 120 chilly 121 choke 122 chore 123 chuckle 124 cider 125 clip 126 cloak 127 clothe 128 clumsy 129 cluster 130 collapse v n v adj v n v n n v v v v adj v n v n v v v to accomplish. conversation a place where you report your arrival. protecting something reach the same stage as somebody easy to remember. v v group. or because there is not enough air a boring job you have to do regularly. appreciate to reprimand. that attracts interest to provide a group of people with what they need empty space. at an airport or a hotel investigate someone’s background to become or make somebody happy treat with affection. to reproach cold enough to make you feel uncomfortable to prevent somebody from breathing because of a clocked throat.

avoid attracting attention all the people working on a ship. workable n v cement. recommend. difficult or involved act in accordance with a command.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 131 come round to 132 come up with 133 commend 134 commotion 135 competence 136 compile 137 complicated 138 comply with 139 conceal 140 conceivable 141 concrete 142 console 143 conspicuous 144 consume 145 contingent 146 counterfeit 147 crave for 148 creep into / over / around v v v n n v v v v change your opinion so you agree with somebody find or produce an answer to commit to one’s care. plane. fake to desire something greatly (pregnant women have cravings) move quietly. small stones and water to comfort adj attracting attention. qualified to collect and reorganize material from different sources to become intricate. conditional adj v v n make to look exactly like something else. praise great noise or excitement capable. ambiguous adj something normal because it is the way it is usually done -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 6 . outstanding v eat or drink. sand. etc 149 crew 150 crimson 151 cripple 152 crisp 153 crumble 154 cryptic 155 customary adj a deep vivid red adj n v partially disabled or unable to use limb(s) refreshing to break into small fragments. possible. practicable. rule. ingest adj relative. to obey to hide adj doable. to disintegrate adj mysterious.

CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 156 customize 157 cut and dried 158 cut down on 159 dangle 160 decoy 161 decree 162 defective 163 defer 164 defy 165 delusion 166 demeanor 167 demur 168 den 169 density 170 deny 171 deprive 172 desolate 173 despite 174 detach 175 detain 176 detour 177 devour 178 dim 179 dip v to change something to make it more suitable / special for you adj predictable. opposite to affirm to take something away. remove to hold in or as in custody an unusual way of going from one place to another to eat up greedily. obscure. abandoned. boring v v n n reduce in size and amount hang. inaccurate. to deny someone something adj deserted. proclamation adj illogical. manner. having a defect v v n n v n n v v postpone. put off repudiate. negate. blurry n a quick bathe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 7 . recoil from false conviction conduct. regardless of v v n v to disconnect. protest a room in somebody’s house where they can relax number of things / people in a place in relation to its area contradict. lonely adv in spite of. swing loosely person / thing used to trick somebody into danger edict. way one behaves raise objections. ravenously adj hazy.

unpack minimize significance. diminish reduce size to pull something along the ground because it’s too heavy to carry to make liquid flow away from something to be very afraid filled or covered with water or other liquids to wear formal clothes to produce small drops of liquid 190 distinguish 191 divert 192 divulge 193 dodge 194 downgrade 195 download 196 downplay 197 downsize 198 drag 199 drain 200 dread 201 drench 202 dress up 203 drip -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 8 . to avoid or evade by doing lower the status or salary of someone discharge.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 180 disabled 181 disarrange 182 disarray 183 discard 184 disclose 185 disfigure 186 dismiss 187 dispatch 188 disperse 189 disposal. depreciate. to discharge from service relegate to a destination. to perceive as being different or distinct turn from a particular course or route reveal to move aside suddenly. chaos to throw away. unload. dispose of n v n v v v v v v n v v v v v v v v v v v adj v v someone who cannot use a part of their body properly to make something untidy confusion. make known to spoil the appearance of something to direct or allow to leave. send on specific business to scatter the act of getting rid of something hard to get rid of to be aware of a difference between two or more people. reveal. to get rid of something unwanted expose to view.

outdo. shorter strange. by evolution surpass. speechless v v to reside. imitate convincingly fraud. irregular. out of the ordinary. improve enroll for service. withdraw. become gradually smaller. to delight. adj capricious adj qualified to be chosen n v v v v v n v n remains of a fire. piece of music. unnecessary v v v n to accept a deal with an unpleasant fact/problem to gradually disappear counterfeit. register hostility. hatred to go with someone to protect or guard them large area of land in the country. bewitch finish doing something. one large house / one owner adv in the end v v v n v expel/put out a tenant by legal process to develop gradually. etc to draw out. ashes of pieces of coal to please. to live as a resident grow short. lies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 9 . having something to provide with a source of income to change for the better.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 204 drought 205 drown 206 drowsy 207 dumb 208 dwell 209 dwindle 210 eccentric 211 eligible 212 embers 213 enchant 214 end up with 215 endow 216 enhance 217 enlist 218 enmity 219 escort 220 estate 221 eventually 222 evict 223 evolve 224 excel 225 excerpt 226 extract 227 extraneous 228 face up to 229 fade 230 fake 231 falsehoods n v period of dry weather when there is not rain to die or kill a person or animal by immersion in water adj sleepy adj mute. select adj irrelevant. be very good at something a short piece taken from a book. pull out.

lacking physical or mental adj strength or health v adj to have the desire to do/eat something inconstant.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 232 famine 233 feat 234 features 235 fee 236 feeble 237 feel like 238 fickle 239 first rate 240 flatter 241 flaw 242 flee 243 flicker n n n n an acute and general scarcity of food remarkable achievement involving courage / skill / strength parts of something that distinguish it amount of money you pay to a professional for their work weak. fault (pt. pp: fled) run away from danger to burn or shine in a weak unsteady way (pt. trail the sound made when someone walks a single step adj superb v n v v 244 fling v 245 flip v 246 flirt (with somebody) v v v v n n n 247 flounder 248 flow 249 fold 250 footnote 251 footpath 252 footstep 253 for good 254 forage 255 foreman adj terminated permanently n n food for animals spokesperson of a jury / a workman in charge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 10 . pp: flung) to throw something violently or angrily. not firm in disposition or character to be pleased because someone shows you admiration crack. to put or push somebody / something somewhere quickly or roughly and forcefully to turn over or make something turn over onto its side or back with a sudden sharp movement to behave towards somebody as if one finds them physically attractive. but without any serious intention of having a relationship to proceed clumsily to move in a stream to bend paper or cloth so one part covers the other note at the bottom of the page in a book a narrow path for people to walk along.

vain n n n v strong wind deep and wide open dressing made of loosely woven cotton to look steadily at somebody or something. continue 278 get off v 279 get on 280 get on one’s nerves v v v 281 get on with -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 11 .CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 256 former 257 fragrance 258 freckle 259 frolic 260 frosty 261 futile 262 gale 263 gaping 264 gauze 265 gaze (at) 266 genial 267 get across 268 get ahead in 269 get along 270 get around 271 get away 272 get away with 273 get by 274 get cold feet 275 get down to 276 get even with 277 get in adj n n v happening or existing before. to mail / to escape injury in an accident / to leave work with permission / to nearly escape usual punishment to board a bus. a bus / to send. a train / to grow old. in surprise or admiration adj cheerful and friendly v v v v v v v v v v v to cause to understand to make progress. a plane. to age / to mount / to get dressed to irritate. agreeable smell a harmless small brownish patch on somebody’s skin to play with pranks adj extremely cold adj useless. to eliminate to escape to do something wrong without being punished / to escape punishment or detention to manage to survive financially to be afraid of doing something to become serious about to take revenge to enter or board a car to descend from a train. but not now sweet. to succeed to have a friendly relationship with to avoid. to exasperate to resume what you were doing.

CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 282 get out of 283 get over 284 get over 285 get through 286 gills 287 gist 288 give away 289 give back 290 give by 291 give into 292 give of 293 give out 294 give up 295 glance at 296 glaring 297 glide 298 glimpse 299 gloomy 300 go back on 301 go in for 302 go off 303 go on 304 go over 305 go through 306 go through with v v v v n n v v v v v v v n free oneself from obligation. evident v n to move smoothly / quietly as if no effort was being made an incomplete short sight of someone / something adj sad v v v v v v v v n to fail to keep a promise to take part in. to finish. be interested in. engage in to explode. to divulge. to betray so / to give a present to return to employ. to terminate to continue to repeat. to become exhausted to renounce. to make use of to surrender. to be successful to suffer. to fail to finish a quick look adj bright. participate in. to abandon. avoid doing something get across. recover from an unpleasant experience to overcome something. to examine. to cede to emit to broadcast. to recover from to make one’s way in a crowd respiratory organ of most aquatic animals the essential point of meaning of something reveal a secret. to experiment hardship to complete. to continue to use as a basis a drinking vessel 307 go upon 308 goblet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 12 . to leave.

report of an intimate nature producing or connected with good food and drink to take something roughly and quickly give someone something they have asked for. permission to make a long deep sound because you are in pain. gap. upset to search blindly. printed in large letters a wound / broken bone that grows back together or healthily to learn about -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 13 . to join to replace a telephone receiver on its hook adj proud and scornful. to deliver something due to distribute adj convenient. to remain attached to associate. to drag to have an occasion to try to do something an ability to recognize / appreciate sounds something that offers danger obscure. not clear to intercept title of a newspaper report. valley rumor.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 309 gorge 310 gossip 311 gourmet 312 grab grant 313 somebody / something 314 groan 315 grope 316 gulp 317 hack 318 hand in 319 hand out 320 handy 321 hang around 322 hang back 323 hang onto 324 hang together 325 hang up 326 haughty 327 haul 328 have a go 329 have an ear for 330 hazard 331 hazy 332 head off 333 headline 334 heal 335 hear from n n n v v v v v v v v canyon. uncertainty to swallow something quickly to cut something into pieces roughly or violently to submit. showing disdain v v v n n v n n v to pull. useful v v v v v to remain idly to hesitate to cling to.

CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 336 hijack 337 hinge 338 hit on/upon 339 hoax 340 hoist 341 hold a grudge 342 hold off 343 hold out 344 hold out for 345 hold up 346 homey 347 host 348 hover 349 humane 350 hurl 351 husks 352 husky 353 identical 354 idle 355 ill at ease 356 illegible 357 imminent 358 in the long run 359 inaudible 360 indelible 361 indigenous 362 indignant 362 inedible v n v n v v v v v v to use violence or threats to take control of a plane. impending adv eventually adj soundless adj impossible to remove / erase / wash away adj native. worried in a situation adj unreadable. trick people into believing something to raise. to last. incomprehensible adj about to occur. lift. etc a joint device to come upon something by chance cheat. having or characterized by a rough voice adj the same. not busy adj uncomfortable. adj consideration to throw with violence. like home to provide the place / what is needed for an organized event to remain floating. fluttering suspended v in the air marked by compassion. not decipherable. to persist to continue a dispute or struggle for to delay. or pull up something using ropes to feel rancor at so to postpone. with no difference adj lazy. to rob. sympathy. to drive with v great force v n adj thin outer covering of a seed or fruit strongly built. to abstain to resist. aboriginal adj shocked or angry adj unfit to be eaten -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 14 . to survive adj pleasant.

to let go free to put oneself in flat. missing something to go too slowly to express sorrow for. stay outside of something advance at the same pace as others an individual’s relatives to be asked to stop doing something = cut it off not having. to make understandable danger of being lost at risk. resting position to say something we know is not true -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 15 . interval. temporary 380 lack 381 lag(ged) 382 lament 383 lapse 384 latch 385 lay(laid-laid) 386 lecture 387 leotard 388 let off the hook 389 lie (lay-lain) 390 lie (lied) adj lock v n n v v v to put something / somebody in a certain position a talk giving information about a subject to an audience or class tight-fitting piece of clothing/for exercise/dance to liberate. apply the law avoid.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 363 ineligible 364 infantry 365 inflate 366 influx 367 inmate 368 input 369 inquest 370 interpret 371 jeopardy 372 join in with 373 jostle 374 juggle 375 jurisdiction 376 keep out of 377 keep up with 378 kin 379 knock something off adj disqualified by law to be elected n v n n n n v n v v v n v v n v v v v n foot soldiers collectively to fill something with air coming in resident of prison information. jeopardize participate in to push and shove to keep three or more objects moving through the air power / right / authority to interpret. contribution investigation to explain the meaning of. to mourn loud a period of time.

not having friends. facts unhappy. regard with respect faithfulness.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 391 limb 392 limp 393 live up to 394 lofty 395 log 396 lonesome 397 look back on 398 look down on 399 look forward to 400 look up to 401 loyalty 402 lull 403 lure 404 make a stride 405 make out 406 make out with 407 make up 408 make up for 409 melt 410 mend 411 mild 412 mischief 413 mist 414 mock-up 415 moist 416 mouthwatering n v v arm or leg. fidelity a short period of quietness something used to attract animals so the can be caught to make progress to understand to progress to invent. prank. place adj away from others v v v v v n n n v v v v v n v n adj n n think about the past feel superior to anticipate with pleasure admire. to create compensate for something solid becomes liquid by the action of heat to repair a tear or hole in a piece of clothing weather not too cold or wet/pleasantly warm behavior intended to cause trouble. trick thin gray cloud of water droplets condensed in the air full-size model of something to be made / built food that looks or smells extremely good to cut grass using a machine with special blades adj slightly wet or damp adj v 417 mow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 16 . a large branch of a tree to walk slowly and with difficulty because one leg is hurt achieve what is expected of oneself adj very high or tall to make an official record of events.

result the gear / clothes or equipment for a special purpose an amount expended an organization through which products are sold your general attitude to life and the world something that strongly offends feelings. city expressing opinions even if not popular to do so something that should have happened adj / been done time ago adj exposed for too long. too exposed v flow over the top / use superior strength of force -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 17 . malicious adj being transcendent n adj the surrounding area of a town. causing discomfort to not look after somebody or something properly an infant’s bedroom chance in favor of something attack.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 418 muffin 419 mute 420 myriad 421 nag 422 nameless 423 nap 424 nasty 425 neglect 426 nursery 427 odds 428 offensive 429 offspring 430 on edge 431 on show 432 ore 433 outcome 434 outfit 435 outlay 436 outlet 437 outlook 438 outrage 439 outreach 440 outskirts 441 outspoken 442 overdue 443 overexposed 444 overwhelm n a small round cake for one person adj unable to speak. silent adj innumerable. complain to somebody in an irritating way adj having no name. children / young of a particular parent adj nervous. causing resentful displeasure progeny . unpleasant. vast number n insult. irritable. anxious v n n n n n n n to be shown to the public rock / earth from which metal can be obtained a consequence. not known by name n adj v n n n n a brief sleep disagreeable.

be destroyed untimely. spoil. turning over. hazardous v v n n v v n v v n n die. as for a portrait / picture adj not poisonous adj powerful. division. deteriorate to examine by reading. risky. having authority or influence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 18 . fat v n n v to indicate a small body of water to consider carefully raise a question. to scrutinize one of long seats in a church someone who steals things from people’s pockets to make a hole.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 445 pace 446 packet 447 paralegal 448 parcel 449 partition 450 pass over 451 paw 452 pebble 453 peril 454 perilous 455 perish 456 peruse 457 pew 458 pickpocket 459 pierce 460 pinch 461 plaudits 462 plead 463 pleat 464 pledge 465 plough 466 plump 467 point out 468 pond 469 ponder 470 pose 471 potable 472 potent n n the speed at which you walk or run small container made of paper with things in it object wrapped in paper to be sent by mail barrier. wall (passive) if you pass someone over for a job the foot of an animal that had claws a small stone great danger of being harmed or killed adj legal executive n n v n n n adj dangerous. separation. cutting soil adj chubby. to perforate to squeeze between the thumb and forefingers expression of approval to ask for something you want very much emotionally to make a lot of flat narrow folds in a piece of cloth firm promise / agreement made publicly or officially tool for breaking up.

to accelerate pomposity. not cooked the speed at which something happens over a period of time proportion to make a series of clattering. declare openly raise to a higher position adj being ready and quick to act. to write to postpone. scarce. attractive in an old fashioned way question asked to get information find fault. widespread n v v punch. flat collaborate keep doing/trying to achieve something over and over to communicate effectively to put something in the place where it is usually kept criticize so. object not found or seen very often. puncture. front/pay part of something.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 473 pour 474 precedent 475 precipitate 476 presumption 477 prevalent 478 prick 479 profess 480 promote 481 prompt 482 prone 483 prostrate 484 pull together 485 pursue 486 put across 487 put away 488 put down 489 put off 490 put out 491 put through 492 put up with 493 quaint 494 query 495 quibble 496 rare 497 rate 498 ratio 499 rattle v adj v n to rain heavily without stopping going before time. to delay to extinguish a fire connect someone to someone else on the phone tolerate charming. pretension adj widely accepted. likely to be affected adj v v v v v v v v v adj n v adj n n v stretched out with face on the ground. antecedent. perforate to lay claim to. affirm. knocking sounds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 19 . pretend to. punctual adj susceptible. that precedes cause to happen quickly or abruptly.

prudent. lack of thought about adj danger to officially ask for something to be v given back to you n v to be able to remember something adj dependable. wise n a part of something examined to find out something about the whole -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 20 . find by chance have none left to deal with unexpected problems adj flabby.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 500 rattled 501 rebate 502 reckless 503 reclaim 504 recollect 505 reliable 506 remnant 507 repeal 508 resent 509 restriction 510 resumption 511 revert to 512 revive 513 rid / get rid of 514 rip 515 ripples 516 rivulet 517 rotten 518 rove 519 rubble 520 ruffles 521 run across 522 run out of run up against 523 somebody / something 524 sag(ged) 525 sage 526 sample adj used. angry amount of money paid back to you if you´ve paid too much tax. revoke formally and officially to feel / show displeasure or indignation at limiting / controlling freedom of somebody / something act of beginning again to go back to a state to come/bring somebody back to life throw away something your don’t want or use to cut. to be trustworthy n v v n n v v v v n n adj v n n v v v vestige of something abolish. droop hanging downward adj judicious. ramble. unfortunate to wander over / through. etc worthless. roam a mass of stone or bricks from a destroyed building strips of pleated fabric used for decoration to encounter. to tear apart undulations a small stream of water affected by rot or decay / unpleasant. rent.

shudder caused by fear.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 527 saucer 528 savor 529 scald 530 scan 531 scanty 532 scatter 533 scent 534 scoff at 535 scope for 536 scorch 537 scratch 538 scruple 539 scurrilous 540 secluded 541 see off 542 semblance 543 send away for 544 sentry 545 sequel 546 serene 547 set aside 548 sham 549 shatter 550 shift 551 shimmer 552 shiver 553 show off 554 show up n v v v a small shallow dish for holding a cup to enjoy with appreciation to burn with boiling liquid to read fast to find some information. scorn. private say good bye outward. flickering light tremor. to behave ostentatiously to come. for a special purpose fraud. jeer. break up a pleasant smell that something has mock. likeness. appearance. to arrive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 21 . tranquil. barely sufficient v n v n v n n disperse. specially money. calm. image write to ask for a sentinel book/film/play that continues a story adj quiet. cold or illness to display. peaceful v n v n v n v v to separate and reserve something. scatter a change in the way people think about something to shine softly with a wavering. charade to break up into pieces. fast movement adj small. disdain the opportunity to do or develop something to burn slightly a cut on a surface point of conscience / honor adj vulgar adj v n v n n Private / quiet place a long way from others. spread.

and violently .CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 555 shrewd 556 shriek 557 shrivel 558 shrug 559 shun 560 side step 561 signs 562 site 563 sketch 564 slender 565 slice 566 slide 567 slip 568 slippers 569 smash 570 smear 571 soar 572 spark off 573 spill 574 stack 575 stage 576 stale 577 stammer 578 stare at 579 startle 580 step down 581 step on adj clever. oily ascend suddenly above the usual level. evade that by which anything is shown. fly / glide high to be the cause of trouble or violence liquids that flow over the edge or a container to pile up large quantify of something raised floor in a theater or which plays are performed speech problems with a lot of pauses/repeat sounds to gaze fixedly and intently to surprise provoking so to jump in fright to leave a top position. noisily. possessing intelligence v v v v v n n n cry loudly to become less intense to raise one’s shoulders in indifference to avoid somebody / something intentionally to step aside. etc.to shatter to overspread with something sticky. v a small mistake / to lose stability n v v v v n v n light low shoes to break (something) into pieces suddenly. into thin flat pieces to move smoothly over a surface while touching it n. something that indicates a fact the place where a structure was or is a simple rough drawing adj long and thin v v to cut meat. to resign to treat severely with discipline adj old and not fresh n v v v v -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 22 .

a court of law to cause to stop temporarily make food / drink go down your throat adj soft. into. surprising. across. wet.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 582 stick to 583 stir up 584 stoical 585 story 586 strait 587 stray 588 strew 589 stride across. impassive a narration of an event. proper course to disseminate to walk quickly with long steps realize something is important. spectacular feat 590 strike 591 strive 592 stroll along. not easily broken v v v v to conquer and subjugate. bad to try very hard to walk somewhere in a relaxed way to walk unsteadily. to influence someone become larger than normal because of illness or injury -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 23 . around 593 stumble 594 stun 595 stunt 596 sturdy 597 subdue 598 submit 599 subside 600 subsidize 601 sullen 602 summit 603 summon 604 suspend 605 swallow 606 swamp 607 sway 608 swell adj strong. gloomy n v v v an important. obey to cause anger. fable a narrow body of water that joins other two but larger to deviate from a straight. well-made. as if intoxicated surprise / upset someone so they don’t react immediately an unusual. down v v adj n n v v v v v v v v n adhere to. to create trouble unaffected by pleasure or pain. an anecdote. to bring under control to obey someone when you have no choice about it decline. official meeting order someone to come to a meeting. descend pay part of the cost of something so the buyer pays less adj angry. land v v move from one side to the other.

paper / to break something to torment. sharp blade to come to like spontaneously resemble s in appearance / character. characteristic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 24 . to put down to consider somebody as something to grasp. using economy and good management adj opportune. real. business. to be in bad position to consider carefully before deciding sparing.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 609 swerve 610 sword 611 take a shine to 612 take after 613 take down 614 take for 615 take hold off 616 take in 617 take over 618 take something for granted v n v v v v v v v v v to turn aside from a straight line or course a hand held weapon with a long. to irritate to walk / move unsteadily. concrete. well timed adj extremely small n n n v n n tax paid for the use of a road / bridge / sound of a bell telephone number and don’t pay for the call flood. to disturb. startled adj real. to grip with hands to understand assume the control or management of something to consider something as true. v v v v adj to strike lightly a hole in a piece of cloth. sport 619 take up 620 taken aback 621 tangible 622 tap 623 tear 624 tease 625 teeter 626 think over 627 thrifty 628 timely 629 tiny 630 toll 631 toll-free 632 torrent 633 tow 634 trail 635 trait adj surprised. to anticipate correctly deal with/to enter a profession. disconcerted. possible v n. a rushing stream to pull a vehicle along using a rope/chain a rough path across open country or forest a distinguished quality. to look like to write down.

or adj value something that strains one’s powers of n endurance. having a false appearance adj of safety lacking importance. to transfer dangerous. to contend a serious promise to walk through shallow waters. deserving to be treated with respect to forbid. knock over move up to a higher grade.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 636 transition 637 transmit 638 treacherous 639 trivial 640 trying 641 tuition 642 tumble 643 turn off 644 twig 645 twine 646 ultimate 647 undertake 648 uneasily 649 upend 650 upgrade 651 uplift 652 upset 653 upstage 654 vanish 655 venerable 656 veto(ed) 657 vie 658 vow 659 wade 660 wag 661 wait on 662 walk in on 663 walk out on n v period of change to send or cause to go from one person or place to another. promote exalt to disturb / disorder the functions / course of something surpass to remove disappear. significance. restlessly v v v v v v adj v v n v v v v v turn over. cease to exit old. something annoying teaching in small groups / money paid n for lessons v v n n adj v to fall suddenly to leave a small branch strong string better / bigger / worse than other objects the same kind to take upon oneself as a task. a river to shake up and down or move from side to side to serve in a store or restaurant catch / surprise someone leave / desert someone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 25 . to refuse consent to something to compete eagerly (passionately) with somebody for something. duty adv anxiously.

to entertain lavishly v to extract. to argue order goods by mail contort. extravagant impulse current of water spinning around / pulling things into speak / say something quietly. a bullet. to speak in this way caprice. clever v n v v v v to exercise. using breath to draw back adj tired v adj strange or unusual v n n v v n. to develop / devise a plan injury / cut / hole in your skin by a knife. etc to quarrel (dispute) noisily or angrily. draw out. prevent something from harming somebody total collection of clothes caution. twist and turn in pain a persistent desire -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEATRIZ ERAZO FERREIRA 26 . prevent somebody / something about something bad / dangerous.CENTRO BOLIVIANO AMERICANO Summit 2 (2) – Summit 2 (3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 664 warble 665 ward off 666 wardrobe warn somebody 667 about something 668 weary 669 weave 670 weird 671 whimper 672 whims 673 whirlpool 674 whisper 675 wince 676 wine 677 withdraw 678 witty 679 work out 680 wound 681 wrangle 682 write off for 683 writhe 684 yearning v v n v to sing / whistle with melodic tones avert. v strong string. pull out adj amusing. to bicker. give advice about danger to make cloth by passing threads under and over to make low crying sounds.

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