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Busy body


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Published by MaropeneRamusi
Short incomplete story I wrote after a stressful night. By Maropene Ramusi
Short incomplete story I wrote after a stressful night. By Maropene Ramusi

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Published by: MaropeneRamusi on Nov 12, 2008
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It is easier to lie on the couch digging into the past than it is to sit on a chair facing the present.

I do that very often, especially when something in the present reminds me of something I saw happen or heard or even happened to me in the past. I never really go out a lot to town when I am at home. I am from a village and going to town is a mission especially when one has to wait in the sun in summer waiting for a taxi. I wait for the taxi four houses from mine. The first taxi passes by shoving dust on my well ironed clothes, full with passengers going to the taxi rank where they all part ways. Another taxi arrives thirty minutes after the first one. The taxi driver has to open the door for me, as it is too hard for me to open it. That was not the first time I ever struggled to open the door. I remember this one time when I tried to open the door it fell off to the ground and the taxi driver was breathing up my neck, he told me he had to pay a lot of money to get the door fixed. I just stood there dumb with my handbag on the sit ready to jump in once he finished dictating me with his problems. It is their duty to make sure that everything is in order before they load any passengers and it is not as if I was going to get a free ride. Going to town from where I live, is such a mission indeed. I take a taxi from home to the taxi rank, which costs me R5 for 10 minutes to 15 minutes drive on gravel road. At the taxi rank, I then take a taxi to town costing me R18. I came back from school in Stellenbosch one day to find that for me to go home from Polokwane I had to folk out R23 just to get to my doorstep in an hour and a half. Luckily, I had R25 left in my wallet and I just laughed at myself. This is all about saving money for emergencies and obstacles that may arise unexpectedly. A friend of mine told me that she saves all her coins for emergencies because one never knows when trouble comes. I tried it. I saved rands and fifty cents that added up to R30. She is really a lifesaver. It is a pity she decided to study engineering instead of accounting. After I passed matric, I went to upgrade my mathematics at Tshwane North College. An advice was that I should go to college and upgrade my mathematics marks because I could not study geology with a low mark for mathematics and I took the advice. It is never an easy way to success. Being in a hurry, grabbing whatever that comes your way is never a smooth way up. One tends to come across a lot of obstacles and confusion along the way. At college, I met many new people and made friends with most of them. Now, one of the friends I met, Dimakatso, had a love for fashion. She dressed like a model not caring who says what or

who looked at her with a different opinion. She greeted everybody who looked at her with a smile and soon got used to her. I for one too used to ask myself if she had a mirror in her room or she dressed facing the wall and combed her hair under her sheaths. One day she came dressed in pink morning sleepers, a red knitted see through mini skirt and a see through knitted top. Everyone could see she was wearing black panties and a yellow bra. Everyone from the cafeteria to my computer class got a shock attack. She approached me with her loud voice shouting, “girlfriend, don’t I just look fine everyday?” Honestly, I smiled back and told her she looked like she just walked out of a circus at Pretoria Show Ground. She laughed it off and kept flashing her “sexy” clothes to everyone. What I loved so much about Dimakatso is she never let anyone interfere with her self-confidence. One person once told her she promotes rape by not covering her body, as usual, she brushed him off. I left the college and never heard of anything happening to her. You know, in life we meet people and we turn to learn from these people. We might learn from the mistakes they do or from what they do good. I learnt a lot. Jane Manamela got to Pretoria to study travel and tourism all the way from Mafikeng. She was not a very out going person, quiet and very sweet that people always smiled at her if they where too busy to say “hi” to her. She stayed in a flat full of talkative, loud and outgoing people but she was always reserved in her room studying or listening to gospel music. Her roommates stopped bothering themselves asking to take her out. They took her out this onetime to a very cool nightclub in the middle of Sunnyside, just opposite Sunnypark mall. Europa is a very cool nightclub and the music will make you move all night but Jane felt nothing of that sort. When I heard of her, I thought to myself maybe she was not up for that kind of life. Where I am from there are no nightclubs, the first time I ever saw a nightclub was in Pretoria, and I found them cool. I believe she too was from a place like mine but she never gained interest in them. I just could not believe it when I heard that Jane has a boyfriend. One friend of mine said,”I really wonder where and how they met.” Everybody wanted to meet the mysterious man who was able to capture the heart of a boring Jane. One Saturday her one roommate followed her on her way out after a very long phone call conversation. Jane was forever protective and secretive about her stuff and never wanted anyone to meet him. She would never tell anyone where she was going and where she came from when she comes back after hours when everyone is asleep. The roommate followed her to a corner where Jane looked like she was waiting for someone. She was constantly looking at her wristwatch until a big machine stopped in front of her and a man fit to be

his father came off it. Her roommate could not believe her eyes seeing Jane kiss her man and disappear in the black Xfive BMW. She went back to the flat and told everyone what she saw and they where all left dumb. In a few weeks Jane started flashing Edgars, Truworths and Foschini cards at her flatmates claiming her man pays her accounts, all she does is buy on credit. Her accounts where flying at R3000 to R5000. She dressed like Khanyisile Mbau and Basetsana Khumalo, while her phone was beyond her mother’s salary. Most girls at TUT main campus wished they had her clothes and her brains. She could juggle both her studies and accompanying her man to conferences on weekends, it is what she told her roommates when they confronted her about the BMW. He was a doctor owning a surgery at Sammy Marks, central of Pretoria. I guess they met one time when she went to consult. People talked and soon got used to the idea. I have learnt from Brenda Fassie that people talk and talk then keep quiet while you live your life to the fullest. Jane too lived her life and we talked until we shut up. However, we did not shut up for long when we heard there was a woman from Mamelodi hunting for her at TUT. Her friends told her about it and she ignored them. Those that saw the woman say she did not sound like she is related to Jane but very furious with her. One Sunday at their flat Jane was chilling with her flatmates playing cards in their mini lounge, a woman knocked on their door. As soon as one answered the door, she flashed in with a cellphone and papers on the other hand. She went straight to Jane as if they knew each other from way back. Jane’s eyes where very red, full of tears and as wide as her mouth. “You filthy child, you came into my house while I am away for months and destroy everything. You spend my husband’s money, sleep on my bed and now you are pregnant with his baby? These papers are tests he did on you and I guess you just cannot wait to get more money. A stupid girl fit to be my granddaughter comes from nowhere and…You are thirty years younger than my husband and me. I want you to stay away from my husband and never call him because I have his phone with me as from today.” Mrs Ledwaba really made herself clear as she was holding the little girl with her throat against the fridge. She ended her conversation by giving her victim a hot clap on her face and threw her to the floor. It was silent in the room after the scene and everyone frozen on their seats. Jane broke the ice by starting to cry like a grieving woman. Her roommates felt sorry for her and took her to her bed where she sobbed on her pillow, while they kept tapping her back comforting her all the way. I really felt sorry for her when I heard all this, all I could do was nothing except to learn from all that has happened to her. I lost my father in a car

accident a few years ago and I still wish we had time to talk about situations like this. I just do not understand married men that target young girls fit to be their daughters and tame them as their mistresses. I could never imagine my dad dating as girl my age. Now Jane was all alone as if it was all her fault. People started talking behind her back, laughing at her and mocking her as if she had killed someone. She started receiving letters about her unpaid accounts and threats that she might go to court. It got so hard on her that she had a nervous brake down and ended up in hospital. A friend called her mom to come down to Pretoria to see her. Her mother was so shocked to hear all that has happened to her daughter and how she ended up in hospital. Some mothers are just full of love and understanding and they love their children so much that they forgive them and help them out. The doctor told her mom that she had a miscarriage due to the stress. Luckily, it was now September holidays that her mom took her home for two weeks. When she came back, everyone was waiting to hear about her recovery. My grandfather likes to say,” God is great, God is wonderful”. He is indeed great and wonderful to us because he pulls out of all the mud we put ourselves in and never judges us like another person would. We might not see His good work but our faith in his work and the prayers we say each time we kneel in front of him is worth a lot. My mother once told me about “a blessing in disguise”. There are times where I pray for something and it does not happen the way I wanted it to be. It becomes so depressing that I cry to her and she tells me things will work out at the right time. She says that things happen at their own time and for a reason. I once prayed to God to give me another sister because my sister always wanted to pick a fight with me. I asked Got each time I went to bed and I got a brother, I was not happy. Nevertheless, I liked it as I realised it would be war with three girls in the house, I just could not imagine the noise. Therefore, in a few weeks I thanked God for giving me a beautiful baby brother. He is the sweetest brother and I love him very much, he knows it too. I realised that God knows what we really need. While we ask for cakes, He sends us flour knowing that he gave us hands and minds to do it ourselves. He does not spoil us. It reminds me of a story of a poor mother who prayed to God so she can get a job. Instead, God made it possible that her children become educated. He blessed her with very intelligent children who loved school very much that they got bursaries. Her own children gave her all that she needed and made her feel rich that she felt she had enough. He is a very powerful God.

My mom is a very powerful woman and I really admire her. She is my inspiration, my pillar of strength and a mom in a million. She had a very hard childhood but she makes it better for us at home. All that I have today is what she always wished for when she was my age. I remember when she first came up with the idea to buy me a laptop. She has never in her lifetime touched one or seen one except on TV. It breaks her heart whenever we need something and she has no money. She can be funny when she is in a good mood and not complaining about her back pains and headaches. There was a time in life when I thought I would loose my mother when she nearly killed herself. Life was so hard for her that I had to watch her cry almost every time I went home. I even wanted her to leave my dad and leave with us to another place so she could be okay because I was scared I would loose her. A mother is a very important person in one’s life and one has to feel when his or her mother is in pain. I felt every pain my mother felt. Luckily, she was a very prayerful woman and she is still to this very day. Her prayers saved her from all the misery and delivered her from all the struggles of life. Her parents divorced when she was seven and she lived with strangers most of her life. She stayed with friends at their houses, cleaning, making beds and doing the laundry for her to get a plate to eat, a bed to sleep and some education. She cried almost every day and went to church most of the time where she found peace within herself and some comfort from the word of God. She never lost hope and faith that someday things will turn out good for her like today. She always tells me that she is happy to have us her children because we are her proof of success. We are a fantasy and a dream that she always hoped come true someday. She always tells me how lucky I am that I do not struggle with university money because she struggled a lot. I remember a story she told me about her school days. When she was in primary school, she used to go to school on an empty stomach for almost a week. This one day she was so hungry that she could not stand it so she made a plan. She went to this other boy’s bicycle and stole money from his bag. It hurts me very much because I can never do that since I know that my mother is working and she gives me pocket money all the time. Today she gets depressed when she sees a child hungry at her school. I realised that most of her learners find it easier to talk to her including their parents too. She has helped so many children that some never come back to thank her for the impact she put into their lives. When I tell her about it, she replies me by saying, “only God knows”. Still I do not understand what she means because it does not bother her at all.


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