Design JnJIuenc:es

My design influences came from the bold shapes of German expressionism art and architecture to give it a sense of strong art direction, whilst maintaining a handmade quality; implementing theatrical or stop-motion set design. For the stop-motion set design elements i looked to animators like Tim Burton, Brothers Quay and Jiri Barta for inspiration, with A Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride and The Piper Piper of Hernelin.jiri Barta's own vision of the poem, providing interesting environment, props and set design. Careful attention to the tones of these animations and sets revealed very muted, greys, blues and greens to create an eerie atmosphere.


Alchemy Experiments

Alongside getting hands-on with silhouettes, i also experimented called Alchemy to generate and extract grips with the software and its interface. I began experimenting

with a piece of software After getting to with Alchernq's mic shapes

more shapes for my environment.

tool which creates shapes based on the amplitude fairly successful results and led to experimenting of shapes.

sounds it picks up from your mic. I began by

speaking into my mic as i made gentle brush strokes with a graphic even reciting sections of the poem and emphasising on keywords

teblets, which was producing
to produce a better variety

with flute music inspired by the poem and

-12 -

!louse ~dhouettes

Looking carefully at. German and Bavarian style architecture, designs and images that reflected ing me to develop relevant time period. I then created a group of silhouettes ronment might. look. I decided ette and Alchemy experiments chimneys.



the shapes from bold

the kind of buildings that you would find in Hamelin from the from these shapes and images allowfrom

and adapt them, beginning to consider how the various buildings in theenvito combine some of the shapes i had extracted



to create added elements like stylistic and expressionistic

- 15 -

nouse Designs

Once i completed the silhouettes} concepts and storyboard} it was essential to understand how the buildings and props would fill the scenes and what the various building designs might look like to give the scenes more variation. I began to develop the silhouette designs into fully resolved coloured concepts} in Photoshop, based on my research for German and Bavarian buildings. Alongside producing designs for the various shops and houses}i also considered the kinds of props and general/clutter} positions. associated with the shops and housesof the time period to help fill the scenes and create foreground} midground and background elements for my com-

- 25 -

----- ------

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