Digital Circuit-Switched Telephone Networks

Digital Circuit-Switched Telephone Networks

Question: How to do modular capacity design given that traffic volume is different for different hours of the day? *Modular design an approach to subdivides a system a smaller parts (modules)

h2. t=1. h1.Digital Circuit-Switched Telephone Networks ‡ Day can be partitioned into several traffic hours . h2t.T ‡ At each time of ti.2.3. hT with ht= (h1t. . . hDt) . demand for the traffic differs according to the traffic hours ‡ It creates a set of demand volume sectors.

Digital Circuit-Switched Telephone Networks ‡ Path lengths are restricted to a maximum 2 links between ingress and egress ‡ The set of candidate paths are then hoplimited (maximum of one intermediate node) ‡ Path-flow estimation to be different for different time periods. t . t ‡ Flow variable for demand d for path p needs to be time dependent.

Digital Circuit-Switched Telephone Networks ‡ Path Flow estimation = xdpt ‡ Important for multi-hour dimensioning ‡ Time-dependent flow variables + notion of load sharing = dynamic routing scheme ‡ Multi-hour design results in lower deployment of cost as the capacities of network devices are smaller .

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