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Choose life over death. 1
Share yourself fully with those in your life. 2
Be happy. 3
Make a difference in someone else. 4
Believe in God. 5
See the good in people. 6
Hold yourself and others accountable. 7

Live in purpose. 8
Be in action. 9
Be in communication. 10
Listen. 11
Grow and expand. 12
Be in integrity and get back in when you’re out. 13
Be courageous. 14
Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. 15
Be respectful. 16
Until you’re dead, be alive. 17

Embrace the boundless and endless potential of love. 18
Share and you’ll bring forth humanity. 19
Welcome every experience for in it you’ll find pearls of wisdom. 20
Invest time and energy into your self, so that you can give to others. 21
Pay attention to that which others ignore. 22

Demand excellence in yourself even when others do not. 23
Learn from today’s challenge as a learning experience for tomorrow’s triumph. 24
Be better. 25
Connect to those that you admire and provide them authentic value without expectation. 26
Learn from those that couldn’t possibly teach you anything. 27
Make love like you mean it. 28
Pray like a preacher. 29
Workout like an olympian. 30
Learn like a philosopher. 31
Party like a rock star. 32

Practice yoga. 33
Meditate 34
Know and commit to your purpose. 35
Pray 36
Consume your dreams as if they’re messages from God. 37
Nurture that which would suffer without you. 38

Be a child. 39
Laugh 40
Smile at strangers. 41
Flirt 42
Make friends you don’t need. 43
Take yourself much less seriously. 44

Share your fortune with the misfortunate. 45
Look the homeless in the eye. 46
Overtip your waitress and expand your definition of waitress. 47
Be compassionate. 48
Give more than money. 49
Teach. 50