Workbook 1
The English lanquaqe comedy with Bridget ..Nick, Annie. and Hector

Ken Wilson



Page . Language focus

Hector's arrival

Meet flatmates Bridget and Annie and their neighbour Nick. Hector arrives from Argentino. But who fancies who? Hector needs a new look and the flatmates go shopping. Hector goes shopping for the girls. Annie goes dating on the internet and so do Nick and Hector. But do they like their dates? Hector wants to get a job. Bridget and Annie have a surprise. And guess who's coming to dinner? Nick gets a job on TV Annie loves watching TV. Why does Hector want to learn to cook? Bridget wins the Lottery. Nick finds love at the traffic lights. Why does Hector become a dustman?


The present continuous tense The present simple tense


The future tense with Direct and indirect objects The verb look


Can and can't
Questions with

Hector has a date


Episode 4 Hector looks for ajob


The present continuous with future meaning The going to and the will futures Definite events in the future Offers Predictions

A star is born

~ 25

Bridget wins the lottery

The present perfect tense (1) The present perfect with

The present perfect with ever and never

Bridget's twin comes to stay. Hector asks Annie on a dote. Why is Bridget being so nice? Or is she?

Reporting statements Reporting requests and commands Asking and telling people to do things

Episode 8 The landlady's cousin

Hector and Nick help build some new shelves. The landlady's cousin arrives.


Verbs of the senses Like and as if

Episode Episode 9 Jobs for the boys


Language focus
Abstract nouns The will future


Nick dresses up. Bridget is working hard in television. Hector goes for an audition. Annie wants to save animals. Bridget has a date with Leonardo diCaprio. What is in Nicks box?

too ... to I want you to do something
Phrasal verbs



Episode 11 Holiday time

The friends go on holiday to Spain. Bridget finds her prince and Nick finds his princess.



Can, be able to and be allowed to


Football crazy

England play Argentina in the World Cup. Nick gets a phone call. Bridget has a bad hair day.

Question tags Relative pronouns: who, which and that


A wedding in
the air

Hector and Annie plan their wedding, Nick gets a surprise. And guess who's coming from Argentina?

The present perfect (2) with already and yet


Episode 14


Bridget tries to change Nick. Hector's mother comes to dinner. Why does Annie behave badly?


Verbs which are followed by to Verbs which are followed by an object + to So am I / so is she Conditional sentences with if Must be and must have


Annie gets a tattoo and Hector wants to be a tough guy.



Word list

Units 1-15

Pages 80-88


Welcome to extr@!

Workbook 1

Episodes 1 -

extr@! English is a brand new television series that will help you learn English. It is the story of four young people who live in London. Three of them are English and one is from Argentina. Two of the characters work for a television company, one is an actor and the other is a student. You will see them at work and play - they have fun, they fall in love, they break up, they arguesometimes all on the same day! They meet some really unusual people and have amusing and incredible adventures. There are 30 episodes of extr@! This workbook contains fun activities and exercises for episodes 1-15. Each TV episode is divided into three parts. There are four pages of Workbook activities, pi us an extra page of grammar practice at the back of this book, to accompany each episode.

On Page 1 of each Workbook episode, there are three things you can do to help prepare to understand the programme:

Now watch th rough to the end of the episode and see if you understand it all.

Questions about events in previous episodes, to remind you of the story so far.

Put it all together - have you got the whole story now? Take the test to see.

j~r-~------------Check the meaning

Three photos to get you curious about the new episode.

Turn to Page 4 of each Workbook there you will find:

episode and

This activity will help you to talk about the show and your own ideas.

An exercise to help you with new vocabulary in the episode. Turn to Pages 2 and 3, where there's a set of activities called:

This section has two parts, both of which help you to guess what's going to happen in this episode. Then you are ready to begin watching:
__ c~

Finally, you can improve your writing in English, by sending emails just as the characters do in the extr@! TV programmes.



Part one


Watch the first part of show and see if you guessed right, and if you understood it all.

At the back of the book, there is a Language section, where you can practise new grammar items from each episode. And then there is a Word list to help you with difficult words. We hope you enjoy extr@! It isn't like anything you've ever seen before! English lessons will never be the same.

Now watch the middle section of the episode and check if you follow it.

© 4 Ventures Limited 2006
Published by Compass Publishing under license from 4 Ventures Limited ISBN: 978-89-8446-487-2 Editor: Deborah Friedland Designer: John Anastasio

extr@ TV Series directed by Louise Clover Starring: Julie Buckfield as Annie Abby Simpson as Bridget Toby Walton as Nick Javier Marzan as Hector

Timing information given on the video stills shown in this book may vary from one player to another. All times given should be regarded as indicative only. and have been provided as a guide to finding the relevant still as accurately as possible.


Meet the characters. Match photos 1-5 with the descriptions.
a) b) c) d) e) Bridget is slim and she has blonde hair. Nick is tall and slim and he has blonde hair. Hector has black hair and dark eyes. Annie has long brown hair and dark eyes. Cha rley is black and wh ite and has four legs. 5

Read the information about the characters and then complete the sentences.
Bridget and Annie live together Annie is friendly in a flat in

London. Bridget is pretty and likes exercising. and relaxed. She has a dog. of Bridget and Annie, and is

Nick is a neighbour from Argentina.

he spends a lot of time in their flat. Hector Seven years ago, he was Bridget's pen pal. Now he's in London doesn't speak English very well. Hector rich. At home in Argentina,

Check the Ineaning ...

but he is quite


the sentences
1 People who say very

with the correct word. Please and Thank you are
of you to tell _

he has a lot of fast

cars and there are several servants in his house. Bridget and Annie a) are neighbours. b) sha re a flat. c) are very similar.

-it: funny -it: polite -it: rich -it: sweet
~ strange

2 It was very 3 That pop star looks VERY in that dress. 4 He's

the police officer that he was ugly!

2 Hector and Bridget
a) are old friends. b) used to write to each other. c) live in the same flat. 3 Nick and Hector a) are the same nationality. b) come from different countries. c) look very similar.

enough to _

stay in the most expensive hotels.

5 My sister told us a really
story about a monkey at the zoo. 6 That man in the street with the dark glasses looks a bit 7 It was very buy me some flowers. of you to

-it: stupid -it: sexy

Episode 1

Look at the photos and answer the questions.

Watch Part one of the programme and choose the correct word or phrase to complete these sentences. Bridget gets a letter from Argentina.

email / letter / postcard / parcel
Hector wants to and Annie. 2 3 4 5 with _ in the flat. with Nick

visit / live/ stay / go out

He is going to arrive Bridget has an Bridget gets very

today / tomorrow / next week / in November dog / bedroom / exercise bike / sofa
when he uses it. friendly / angry / happy / sad When Hector arrives at the door, he's wearing

Complete the answers to these questions.
Who's Hector? He was my pen pal a) seven years ago. c) eleven years ago. 2 When is he coming? He's coming on the a) first of November. c) fifteenth 3 How does Bridget feel about Nick watching her ride her exercise bike? a) She likes it. b) She doesn't Iike it. c) She's used to it. 2 What do the girls think when they see Hector come out of the bathroom? a) They are impressed. b) They are unimpressed. c) They have no opinion. where Hector comes from? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No of November. b) No, thanks. b) fifth of November. b) ten years ago.

Would you like a drink, Nick? a) Yes, please. c) No, thank you.

C After watching Part one, do we know ...

2 3 5

Bridget's job? who Nick fancies? the nickname of the landlady?

4 the name of the dog?

Episode 1

A Watch Part two and number these events in the correct order.
a) Annie writes an email to her friend Nadia.

b) Hector meets Nick and thinks he's a butler. c) Bridget and Annie show Hector the bedroom.
d) Bridget writes an email to someone called Chrissy. e) Hector shows his photographs and Annie. f) Bridget and Annie talk in the bathroom. to Bridget

g) The girls leave and Nick gives Hector an
English lesson.

B Complete the corrections statements. 7
Annie's dog sleeps in the oven.

to these

B Are these sentences true

V'" or

false )< ?

No, it doesn't. It sleeps in a basket.
Hector speaks English very well.

1 Hector has a lot of cars at home in Argentina. 2 Hector must sleep in the lounge. 3 In the bathroom the girls talk about Nick. 4 Nick is happy that Hector thinks he's a butler. S Bridget wants Hector to leave. 3 2

No, No, No,

very badly. angry. shower. richest.

Bridget is happy when other people use her bicycle. Hector wants to have a bath after riding the bicycle. Hector's family is one of the poorest in Argentina. No, At the end, Bridget wants Hector to leave her flat.




A Watch Part three. Who says these lines? Match them with the pictures.


a) Hector, is this you? The Romero family. One of the richest families in Argentina. b) Yeah, I am hot. I need a shower. c) Hector, please come out, we want to talk to you. d) Hector, come and stay with me. I have two rooms. 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3


Are these sentences true


or false


Hector arrives at the flat for the first time. He has met Bridget before. At first, Bridget and Annie think Hector is strange. Nick teaches Hector some useful English expressions. Nick finds out about Hector from a magazine. Bridget and Annie also know about Hector's family. Bridget's attitude changes when she sees Hector in the bathroom. Nick invites Hector to live in his flat.

C Work in pairs. Complete these short conversations. 1 A:

Are you hungry? Yes, I am.


B: Do you like coffee? Yes, I do.

3 Meeting people for the first time • Hello, I am called Hector. • I am from Argentina. A Work in groups of three. Read the conversation between Hector, Annie and Bridget.
Hector: Annie: Hector: Annie: Hector: Annie: Hector: Bridget: Hector: Bridget: Hello. Hello.

___________ Yes, please . _______ some milk and sugar ir a cup of



I am called Argentina.
You are called Hector?

I am from Hector.
\ told 'lou last nigllt Ws 'inishecl.

You mean '1 am called Hector.'

Oh, no, no, no, I am called Annie. I am called Annie.
No! She means 'I am called Hector, I am from Argentina: You are from Argentina! Oh! Come in!

~1\nQdOl?l'\ call me G.IG\)

Read these lines from emails in the programme. Who wrote them?
• Gigi! Did you get my message? Please call me.

B Now make up a new conversation between someone who has just arrived in London and two people who live there. Act out your conversation for the rest of the class. Offering someone food and drink • What would you like to eat? • Would you like (to have) a coffee?

• I told you last night, it's finished. (And don't call
GIGI.) _ • Hi, Nadia! Bridget's pen pal arrived this mornin] The chicks in the apartment opposite have a vi


• Nick from next door is so funny! • He thought I was the butler!

• I will teach him to speak English!

How much can you remember?
Who lives with Bridget? 2 Who lives in the flat next door? 3 Where does Hector come from? 4 Who has an exercise bike? 5 Who writes emails to someone called Chrissy?

Check the
Circle the odd one out in these groups of words. 1 Is Hector going to be a biker?
Yes No


1 tall

handsome shirt sunglasses eggs cool

boyfriend jeans shoes melons awful

asleep leather PYjamas lemons

2 Will Hector buy some new
clothes online? Yes No


3 Will Bridget and Annie like his
new look? Yes No


3 trousers


5 terrible


Episode 2


au 'W"otch ...
A Watch Part one and number these events in the correct order.

Match the two parts of these lines.
Don't answer the phone, a) I need a drink.

Bridget: Annie: Nick: Bridget: Nick:

a) Hector wakes up. b) how to shop. c) as fast as I can! b) Annie, Bridget and Nick tell Hector what he needs to wear. c) Nick and Hector practise a conversation clothes shop. e) it might be the tarantula. d) Annie and Bridget go to the bathroom. e) Nick arrives. f) Annie and Bridget talk about Hector in the bathroom. g) Annie, Bridget and Nick all go shopping for Hector. h) Hector is alone in the flat. in a

2 3 4 5
Come on Hector, I will teach you I'm coming

d) to a supermarket?


Look at the picture and answer the question.



Complete these lines with the correct words.
? b) awake b) cat b) clothes c) alive at home. c) car are awful! c) shoes


Is Hector still a) asleep I have this a) cap Hector's a) pyjamas But Bridget you're so I'll take him shopping. a) tired b) annoyed c) busy

2 3
Why is Bridget measuring Hector's chest? a) She wants to make some clothes for him. b) She wants to buy some clothes for him. c) She wants to see how strong he is.
II "

Hector: Bridget: Annie:







I am the shopkeeper, you are the a) customer b) landlady c) designer

f.ll-f,L/ ....

Watch Part three and answer the questions.
Did Hector go shopping online?

Yes, he did.
2 What did he buy?


Did he buy melons?

What's in the bag? a) a shirt c) a leather jacket 2 What is Annie saying to Hector? a) Tryon it. c) I'm trying it on. b) Try it on. 6 b) a pair of trousers S

Did he buy lemons?

How many melons did he buy?

How many eggs did he buy?

3 Who is Hector talking to? a) Bridget b) Nick e) the land lady 4 Why is he holding his nose? a) He wants to change his voice. b) He has a cold. e) He doesn't like the landlady. 5 Why is there a problem? a) The landlady doesn't understand b} The rule is: no visitors. c) The landlady doesn't like foreigners. him.

Are these sentences true
1 2 3


or false


Both Annie and Bridget have colds. Nick thinks that Hector looks good. Everyone wants to go shopping for Hector. Hector and the landlady have a conversation. Hector looks awful in the new outfit. Hector buys some clothes online. There are 144 eggs in the fridge. Hector goes shopping by himself.

S 6 7 8

C Work in pairs. Complete this conversation. Add more lines, if you like.
A: Let's have a pa rty. B: Good idea! I'll buy some A: No! I'll buy some _ _ ~ __ __



A: And

Correcting other people's mistakes Hector: I would like a catfor my head. Nick: Buying things Hector: Nick: Hector: Good morning. Good morning. Can I help you?
2 3 4 Shop assistant: Customer: Shop assistant: Customer: Shop assistant: Customer: Shop assistant: Customer: Shop assistant: Customer: Shop assistant: Customer: Yes, please. Good morning, can I help you? I would like to eat some fish and ships. I like melon in my tea. I wantto drink a cup of toffee.

I think you mean hat.

D Correct the mistakes.

I would like a pair of trousers, please. And I would like a pair of shoes.

A Work in pairs. Complete this conversation in a shop.

Hector drives a very expensive cat

Yes, I would like a OK. Do you like this one? Yes. Would you like to try it on? Yes, please. Oh, and I would also like a pair of Do you like these? Not really, no. What about these Yes, they're nice. to try them on? ?

B Act out your conversation

for the rest

Write an email to a friend. Describe these

of the class. Making suggestions and offering to help Annie: I will go to the clothes shop. Bridget: No, I'll go to the clothes shop! Annie: OK, I'll just buy the shirt. Bridget: I'll buy the trousers!
• the last time you went shopping for clothes

Where did you go? What did you buy? Were you
• the last time you went shopping for clothes for someone else

Where did you go? What did you buy? Was he/she happy?



So far in extr@
How much can you remember?
lHow does Hector know Bridget? a) They met on holiday. c) They were pen pals. 2 What is the landlady's nickname?

b) She is his cousin.

a) the tarantula

b) the cowboy b) Charley b) a jacket

c) the biker c) Tony

3 What is the dog's name?
a) Barney

4 What did Annie buy for Hector? a} a shirt
c) a pai r of trousers

5 Who knows the truth about Hector and his family?
a} Nick b} Annie c) Bridget

Check the nJeaning
Answer the questions about these words. Then check the meanings in a dictionary.

In this episode

Which of these are places? a) apartment c) washing Which of these are people? a) millionaire c) perfumery b) taxidermist d) trainspotter b) ears d) toes b) romance d) racquet b) cybercafe d) gym

1C2 1C3

Which of these are parts of the body? a) eyes c) sweat a) smell c) energy

Is Bridget the fittest of the three?


No No No

2 Does Hector know how to dance? Yes
3 Does Hector usually do his own
washing? Yes


Which of these are things you can see?


Match the two parts of these lines.


Annie: Nick: Annie: Nick:

1 I must check~ 2 I bet I could get
3 5 It smells like
I think I know Your eyes are blue,

a) a perfumery. b) myemails. c) like the ocean. d) who is responsible. e) a girlfriend internet. on the

Watch Part one. What are the four characters wearing when they first appear? Tick V the correct answer.
Annie is wearing a) a blue T-shirt and brown trousers. b) a brown T-shirt and blue trousers.

Bridget: 4


Bridget is wearing a) a pink top and black leggings. b) a black top and pink leggings. Hector is wearing a) a red T-shirt with the word 'Argentina' on the back. b) a red T-shirt with a flag on the back. Nick is wearing a) a black leather jacket and jeans. b) a black and red leather jacket and jeans.

Answer these questions.
Is Annie trying to find a date on the internet? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No


Does she like any of the men who have written to her?

Look at the photo and answer the question.

3 Do Bridget and Annie both like
Who (or what) do you think is in the picture? a) two of Annie's toys b) people advertising dog food c) people raising money for an animal charity d) two dancers from a musical about dogs

Nick? 4 washing?

Does Bridget ask Nick to do the Does Annie ask Nick to water her plants?





J fJ""~/"

Watch that seat her smell

Part three you hear. sweet hair smile

and tick

the words

sweat air mile

Before you watch best word Part two, these choose the to complete sentences.

B Answer these questions.

How do Hector and Nick feel when the door buzzer goes? a) nervous c) unhappy I looked for a boyfriend on the internet today and had three __ a) foreign 2 Finding __ a) now replies. b) strange girlfriends b) no girls like. b) that b) plane b) destroy c) how ! c) plant c) make c) overseas c) new 3 on the internet is so easy. b) confident


How do they feel when they see the dogs at the door? a) delighted c) angry How do they feel when they know that the dogs are Bridget and Annie? a) amused c) embarrassed b) sad b) confused

3 I know __
a) what a} plan a} change

4 Leave it to me, my friend, I have a __ 5 You really must __ your aftershave!

B Now watch

Part two

and answer


Are these sentences



or false

Annie has a regular boyfriend. What is the name of Bridget's perfume? a) Garden Spray b} Garden Romance


Bridget is flirting a lot with Hector. someone on the internet.

3 Nick gives Annie advice about finding
4 Nick tells Hector that he has had hundreds of girlfriends. b) very hot b) only one b) all of them b) Fifi and Sarah Nick and Hector get hundreds of replies to their internet advertisement. 6 They read all the replies. Annie and Bridget start work in a West End musical.

2 What kind of wash does Hector select on the
washing machine? a) hot a} more than 600 a) some of them a) Cuddles and Bubbles


3 How many girls reply to Nick's email? 4 How many replies do the girls delete? 5 What are the names of the West End dancers? 7

8 Nick and Hector are pleased to see Annie
and Bridget in their dog costumes.

Episode 3

Work in pairs. Complete this conversation and act it out. Ben: Maria: Ben: Maria: Ben: Maria: Ben: Polite requests Bridget: Hector, would you do my washing for me? Hector: Washing? No problem. Annie: Nick, will you spray my plants for me please? Nick: No problem. Maria: Would you like ~ to the cinem tonight? Yes.That would be really nice. And would you like a meal before we go? Wonderful. Thank you! And what kind of restaurant would you like to ? I think I'd like to go to an Italian restaurant. Would you like dancing afte the film? No, thanks. I think a meal and a movie is enough!

NOTE: You can also say: Would you mind doing my washing?
My A Work in pairs. Make polite requests

name is Annie!I'm 19 and I

lewe animals, and I love chocolate: cmoc@lateice cream, chocolate oake, boxes of chocolates,

about the following clean the windows

and answer them.


lend me some money

Write an email about yourself for an internet dating site. Include this information:
• some personal information (NOT your real name,


make some coffee

phone number or address!)

I'm 19 years old and I'm a student.
• your interests


help me with my homework

I like travelling and meeting people.
• what kind of people you like

5 take this book back to the library

{like people who are interested in sport.





Making and accepting offers Bridget: Would you like some water, Hector? Hector: Yes, please. NOTE: You can also say: Would you like to have some water?


_- ---


__ -_--_-_--------

for ajob

How much can you remember?
Where does Nick live? a) with Annie and Bridget b) in the next building

c) in the apartment opposite Annie and Bridget's

2 Which of Bridget's possessions must no one touch?
a) her perfu me c) her computer
a) black c) black and white b) her exercise bi ke

3 What colour is Annie's dog Charley?
b) white

4 How many replies did Nick and Hector get to their
internet advertisement? a) more than 60 c) more than 6,000 b) more than 600

Look at the photo. What jobs are Nick and Hector doing? Choose from this list.

5 What were Annie and Bridget wearing at the end of

launderette assistant

film extra stuntman

gardener waiter

a] dog costumes c) bear costumes

b) cat costumes

A waiter serves food in a restaurant A waiter is someone who serves food.

Are Bridget and Annie still looking for men? Yes Yes No No

A film extra is someone who has a small part ina __

A gardener is
flowers and plants.

_ _ _ _

3 A launderette assistant works

2 Will Hector find a job in a restaurant?
3 Is this the start of a new romance for


la underette. 4 A stuntma n
dangerous things in a movie.



S A cook • i!

\ 1\"


Episode 4

Before y_ou vvatch
A Predict the things that people say.


Watch Part one and answer these questions.
What is Nick doing on the internet? a) He's looking for a job. b) He's looking for a girlfriend.

Have you seen Carina's dress in the magazine?
a) I'd love to have a dress like that. b) I'd hate to have a dress like that.


Me too! a) I would look terrible in it! b) It would really suit me.


Why does he change his age from 20 to 30? a) Because 20 is a terrible age. b) Because 30 is more mature.



I want to give you some money so I am going to
a) telephone my father. b) look for a job.


Whose fault is it that the eggs are ruined? a) Hector's b) Nick's


What is Bridget's reaction? a) She's angry with Nick and Hector. b) She's only angry with Nick.


Nick: Annie:

I got the job on the internet. Well, nearly.
a) How boring! b) How exciting! S

Why are Annie, Nick and Hector worried about Bridget's date with Howard? a) Because he's too old. b) Because he isn't nice to women.

Complete this phone conversation. Write Howard's part.
Bridget: Howard: Bridget: Howard: Bridget: Howa rd: Bridget: 7
0' clock

Hello? ~ Howard! How are you? ~ Me? Dinner tonight! --'. - at the Singi ng Parrot Cafe. ~ OK Howard! Bye, Howard!

Look at the photo and answer the question.
How is Bridget feeling? a) excited c) energetic 2 She's just finished talking to her boss on the phone. What do you think they talked about? a) going to see a film b) a new job for Bridget c) going on holiday together


b) angry

the things you found out after watching Part one.
1 The name of Bridget's boss. 2 3 4 5 Her boss's nickname. What Bridget will wear when she meets him. If Nick got the job as a stuntman. What Nick and Hector will make for dinner.




J ~l#,L/"

A Watch Part two and answer the questions.
Hector: There is one problem. a) The table is too big. b) The table is too small. 2 Hector: Dinner at home is always like this. What is dinner like at Hector's home? a) There are always a lot of people. b) There are always a lot of courses. 3 Hector: Today, as dish of the day, I have a delicious What is the problem?

hot cat.
What does he mean? a) hot dog 4 Bridget: I'm so excited. b) hot casserole Why is Bridget excited? What does Hector offer Nick first? a) the menu b) a hot dog c) the bill A Watch Part three and answer the Questions.

a) Because she fancies Howard. b) Because he may offer her a new job. S Delivery man: Delivery, Miss Evans and Miss Taylor. What is in the parcels for Annie and Bridget? a] flowers b) dresses 4 5 Bridget's a] boyfriend c) father 2 Hector has set the table for twelve a) meals c) courses 3 Annie doesn't understand why Howard a) is coming to dinner c] likes Bridget a] a job c) married b) bought her a dress _ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 b) a promotion . b) people _ is coming to dinner. b) boss


How many cows does Hector's family have?

a) 200
was 20?

b) 2,000

c) 2,000,000

3 How many people worked for Howard when he
a) 5 b) SO
b) Nick b) a scooter

c) 500
c) Howard c) a moped

B Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

Who bought the dresses? a) Hector a) a motorbike What did Hector buy for Nick?

B Now watch and check.

4 Hector and Nick want to help Bridget get

Annie and Bridget try to find a job for Hector. Bridget's boss Howard invites Bridget and her friends to dinner. Presents arrive for both the girls. They think that the dresses are from Hector. Nick agrees to cook dinner for Howard, Bridget and Annie in the flat. Hector dresses as a waiter. He doesn't make any mistakes. Bridget gets annoyed with Howard and quits her job.

Episode 4

Making suggestions Nick: Why don't you eat here? I could cook for Hector: And I could be your waiter.

Talking about intentions Hector: I want to give you some money, so I am going to look for ajob. A Match the wishes on the left with the intentions the right using so.
Nick wants to travel abroad a) he's going to buy dresses for the girls. b) they aren't going to tell the landlady about Hector. c) she's going to study languages. d) he's going to get a parttime job to pay for it. e) she's going to be nice to her boss.

C Work in pairs. Make suggestions. Then act out your answers as a conversation. I haven't got any money. Why don't you I You could get ajob?
It's raining and I have to go out.

2 3

It's really cold in here. I don't understand some words in this exercise.


2 Annie wants to
be an interpreter

4 I'm thirsty.

It's too dark - I can't read this book.

3 Hector wants to
say thank you


Bridget wants a new job

5 They don't want
to get into trouble

Work in pairs. Complete these short conversations. Act out one of the conversations for the rest of the class. A: B: A: 2 A: B:

I want to travel abroad. Really? Where ? And first, I'm going to I'm going to look for a new job. Really? What kind of ?

d my boss is coming to dinner! ):_) owar, '

Write an email telling a friend about your immediate future plans.
This evening Tomorrow afternoon Tomorrow At the weekend


I'm going to a club with some friends.

I want to be a
So I'm going to I'm going to search the internet for a new boy /girlfriend. What kind of person I want to meet ?

3 A:
B: A:

Next week

-I' •


How much can you remember?

What is Nk k's job?
a) He's a waiter.
2 What is Hector's 'stilcmt'? a] He isn't from Argentlna, b) He's very rkh .. b) 2(10 cars b) flowers

b) He's.a n actor.

.3 What do Hector's fa m iiy a] 2 milllon cows
a} new dresses

ow n?

4 Wh a t d ici Hector buy fo r An n ie arid Bnidlget?'
5 Wh,at did Bridget do at the end of the last programme?

a} She got a new job.

b) She quit her job.

What do these words describe? Tick the words in the table.
Food adorable
delicious. People



In this episode
What do you think?
1 Are Annie, and Bridget frigh~ened? 2

.' .. Ii

good-looking sweet busy gorgeous tired


No No No

Did Nick eat some of the dog food? 'Ye's

crazy hot


Is Nick in a new Star Wars film?


Episode 5

Part one .. ~
A Answer these questions about things you will hear about.
VoIhat is the FBII? a) an Am erica n po iii ce orga nisation Ib} a b usl ness orga nlsadon 2 Who or wh Olilta re the Oscars? 3 4 5

A Wiuch Part one and tick
1 Bridget a nd An nihil are watch irig TV.

2: The phone rings. Its, 131 all for someone called c

Rock Th rust.
Two members of the FEMto mei n to th e flat, Bridget gets angry a rrd wa nts to be ~~ one. Nkl< reads his email and finds he's got: a part ill a TV programme.

al f Imi ndustry awards b} a n Am erican rod ba nd
3 Wh

is Stephen Spi e Iberg?

a) a film 4

b) a film director Who is Russell Cmwe?

6 Hectorand

Armie watch adverts on TV. 7 Nidk makes a speech after winning an Oscar.
H ector makes some pc pcorn fo r An n ie,

a) an Australian film star
5 b] ~In American film star What ki nd of compa if'I~i'"is Wanler Broth ers? aJ a Frillm studio bJ an adve rtlsl n,g agen cy


Explain these lines.

'1 The simple love cf

« boy from Argentina rmd



from England.
What is Annie talking about?'

a) Hecto rs life
b) Lov.e's True Dream

2 So srrlood'j it wirl melt a beautiful lady's hecut.
Wh lell prod uct is this the sloga n for? a) chocolate mousse b) popcorn

3. It's like Piccadilly Circus on a Friday flight.
What is Bridget describing?
a] her apartment b) tlil.e TV p rograrn me th ey ars watch ing


ru mak.e it in the fiying pan.
a) chocolate mousse b) popcorn

What is Hector go ing to mol~e? B ILook at the photo and predict what Nkk is doing.
Wh a)i b) c) at is Nick doi Iilg? He'sadvertlslng toilet deaner, He's pretend ing to rnekea speech at the Osca rs, He's alt 131fancy dress parry. '





Episode 5

Part three " ..
A Before you watc h Pa rt two, 100 k at the picture and answer the questions.

Before you watch Part three, try to
complete the recipe for chocolate mousse.
Chocolate meussel A dessert for Io'V,e rs!

Fi rst, take so me chocolate, 1 Melt I Mix ii t over hot water. 2 Separate! Add the yolk of the egg from the white. 3 Add I Mix the. egg ynlk and the chocolate.

4 Add J Sepamreth,e b utter, S. Add I Melt the wh ires
to the chocola te ;;I nd put ii t ~ the fridge. PI

Now watch and check.




B Now watch Part three and answer the q uestlon s.
What items of clothing ,GIn you seeln from of Annie? a) shorts b) skirts 2 Whi;lt is wrong with them? c) 'l-shlrts

What ti me is N kk's program me a) 6 am b) 6 prn mention? a) sun d) Iightn ing b) rain
,e) wind


TV? does he

c) all the tome

Which of these weather conditions

a) There is food 0 n them .. b] Th ey're not fash iona b te,
c) They're too small for her.

c) thunder

3 Annie likes acting outadvertisernents. What do you think she is 'advertislng' here? a) eggs b] to rnato ketchu p

3 Why doss Nick have to run back from the studio? a) BeC311Js.eit's cold,
b) Because he hasn't got~ny money. c) Because women are chasing

c) washing powder B Now watch Part two. Cirde () the correct words to compl,ete the advertisement.
"Hello there. As a mother I brother, IImust fight


In this episode
Are the-se sen tences true

.. ,~

different trains I stalilns every day. Tomato ketchup. Chaco Ial~e- huh! Gravy. AI1I egg. But he,1 I he II is d p here! I willi wash one skirt I shlrt ln ordinary wa!shing powder and the other in new Zap! So, the, skirt I shirt washed iUI horri bl e' I norm aI wash irig powder is - ohl stiIIthirty I dirt.)", but the sh irt wash ed in new Zap is ".. " C Answer the question. Why does n' t An 111 i e fi In ish th e se me nce,?
Because ~ _

or false

Blli d get ,gets. angry beca u se th III fl.at Ii s too noisy. 2 Nkk gets 3 4 5

part in a Russell Crowe film.

Hecto r preten ds m baa Hollywood food on 'television.


An III ie advertises was h ing powder a r1I d dog Hector learns how to make chocolate mousse ..
N kk appea vs Of! the TV

ther show.


He doesn't malk)E! any mistakes.
Womell chase him borne from the TV studio.

Episode S

Say 50rnefhin'g exfr@1

Wo rk in grou ps, Imagi net hat yo u have just: won an Oscar. Wdte a short 'thank you' speech. Tha nk e,veryolile who made it possible for you to win the Oscar. D Choose someone in the group to act out the 'thank you' speech.



Ha~linga pbone oon,v:ersation
• Hello? A message for who? Rock Thrust? I'm SQrTY, but I think you have the wrong number>, • Jllat's OK. Bye.

A Co mp,1 te the conve rsatjon fro I'IIl the box abov,e. e
Anni@: Hello? YOU:

Annie. A message' for who? YOU:
An n De,:Rock Th rusti YOU: An nie: I.'m sorry, bu t II [hi i 111 k you havethe wrong number" YOU: Annie: That's OK. 'Bye. YOU:

Bridget ls complaining to Chrissy about thlings happening in her apartment. Writeall1 email to a friend. Complain dlbout the fo IIowi ng til lngs: '. your parents and what the,y won't allow yo,u to do They 'won't let me .stay out after 11 pm. • friends who are not be ing ve ry nice My friend Anna borrows my CDs without asking. • other people's habits
The people next door are always arguing. • school

Ghi.ng: instrl!lwons • First, take some chocolMe. • Melt it over- hot water. • Separate the eggs Il1to hV'O botols. B Write the instructions for preparing a simple dish. Use these verbs. boil cut heat fry

leo liege I have too much homework.

• other things, Our local {oorb-GU team is U:j'eleS5! From:

To: My parents
My friend The ~~ -_



Making a 1:hanlk:you; speech
• l'diust like to thank my pnreHts" my orothti1's Lnul sisters, my dog, and of course nlyadorable girlirie-nd, Bridget.

The school team


the lottery
So far

in extr@



How much can you. remember? W'h at does An III ie do? a) She's a waitress,
2 How many bedrooms are there in Bridget's apartment? a)! one a) a dead eenturion 4 Wh~lt

h) two
b) a dead sold ier

3 What pa rr did Nick have in a R!lJss@11 rowe fil m? C

apply for? a) dancer b] stunt man 5 Wh at happened after Nick's fi rst a ppea ranee on TV?
of job did Nick


a) He went to a party.

b) Women chased him home.

Check. t.he n1ean;ng
Match the words and expressions the table. in

In this epis,ode
What do you thin k?
Co uld this be the start of a new romance?
2 Does Br1dger read the winning numbers


a life

of luxury

m iJ iti m iIlli ona ire


na Uonai l'ottery
Yes 'Y@s No No sports. car

da ,m ,a prize
Ilucky day

3 ls she e:t'lth"'lgc-ake because she's

. -d2"G'«af ..

ru bbi sh bi ns traffic \igJ~ts do es



Episode 6


Before ..___---





Part one ~ ~.,
A Befo re yo u wa tc h Pa rt on e r match eac h of B rldget's lin es with on e of th e pictu res.

A Tick

th e co rrnct mea n ing of these Iines,

Bridget: From now on it'U be
a) Life will get better. b] Life' wiill get worse.

life of luxwyl
a) My Lottery ticket has disappeor;oo.

Annie, f have won the National Lottery!

2 Emily's oumoer is on the back.
a] Her num ber is 0 n the other sid e of the pape r,

b) lt's at the back of a book.
3 Nk k;. She's crazy about me!
a) She's angry with me.

She thinks I'm wonderful. 4 Annie; It's OK. I'll stick it back together. a) I will lise tape to. repair it. b) I'll pu tit back in the- drawe r, S Ho,mscoDe: Your Ufe will be turned upside down, a) You will become very sad, oj There will be big changes in your life.


B Look at the photo and try to predict Bridget's problem.


Number these events th e co rrsct ~~~--er, 0 rd


Part one 'in

a) Bridget checks her horoscope. b] Nick writes a girl's (elephone number on the


lotteryti cket.
c) Hector <comes in - he's we-ariing a,yellow shirt. d) Bridget tells him to take it off. e) Bridget asks Hector to get her dress from the dry-cleaners,

f) Br[dg,et watches the lottery results while
a) She's angry because she's lost her lottery ticket she's doing her yoga. gJ Hecto r takes the lotte ry dry-cleaning ticket.

b) Sh e <;.;1 01' t re member wh e re s.he

poll t

her ticket

tic ket i rl stead of r he'

c) She's. superstitious. and doesn't want to see

so meo ne we,~ri ng ye III rw clothes, r

h) Bridget leaves a message on her DOss's,

answs rl ng rna ch ine. i)
Bridget sees that her lottery ticket has disappeared,

Part fw"'o .. ~
A Watch fa rt two and answer the questions. Wily is Hector su rprised when he sees the dress 'from the d ry-dea n er's?
al) Because he has the ticket, b J Beca usa he thought he had th aticket,

Whalt do you mean, th ey're not: tlll,e
win iii ing
In umbers?

I'v,e won?

That's fa nta sticl

which order dld Nick and Hector visit the

Well" I am going to the traffic liights. Emily mighc

foil owi ng pia ces?

a} Leo's Cafe c) the CD shop 3 INick doesn't want

b] the mote rb ilke'showroom
d] Caol Man

Who is. Emilly?

go and look for

the missing

lottery ti cket, Wh.at does he wa nt to do?

a) go back to the traffic lights b) go back to the CD shop 4 Wtmt does Nick tell H ector to do? a) pre,1te to be a d ustm an nd b) a sk shopksepe rs abou t th e wi nni ng ticket B Match the two parts of these lines.
Hick: 2 How did you collect a} Emily's number

a:J a girl Nick knows well b] ,a girl he doesn't know at all 2 You can"[ sary: 'J have lost my winning Lottery tickee. Why ca n't H ector say thiis to the shopkeepers? a) Because the shopkeeper'S willi keep the ticket. 0) Because the shopkeepers won't believe him. 3 Whern'S my licket? Oh, look' (it the time. It's ten to ten!
Why is ths tiime importa nt?

a) ~ nea fly bedtime, t's
b] You m ust cia im yO'~r prize befo re 10 prn, " jock's Taxis? fmHy! You .trick"ed me! What did Emily do? al) She gave Nick her phone number, b) She gav"e him someone elise's phone number. S W€JII~ can't get any ~r.se. Yes, it can! The phone call! it
What phone call is Bridget tajklng about?

the dry-cleaning
You can't

have lost the ti cketl
Bnidget: 3 The ticket yo u took from 'the boa rd

Blriidget: 4 You can stop smiling

Bridget: 5 The ticket must
be claimed



is on the, backl

b) beca USE! t:his is

a) the' phone ca IIIIto the lonerv co m pa ny
b) the, phone ca III to her boss

your fa uit tool c)i by ten o'clock

d) when II had


In this epis,ode ~ ...
Are these sentences true

e) was not the dryclea ni ng: ticket!

or false

Bridget combs he r he!~r "100 ti mes forgood

Part three ~ . ~
What's happening in the pictures? Tick the most likely answer.

2 3
4 5

luck. Hecto r is wea Iii IiIg a IIu cky ye Ilow sh ift. Bra agel watches rh e lone ry on TV without the so und Oil.
Hector goes. to the dry-deaner's to collect

Bridget's dress.
INlid: meets. a girl with a sports car at leo's C'afe.,




found (he ticker? a) Yes" I have. b)i No, not yet.

An nie f nds the' lottery ticket 0 n Nick's bed. 7 Bridget doesn't have the winning numbers on her ticket, N lck and H ector steall the message [alpe


'fro m Brl dger's boss ..

Episode 6

Say something ext-r@I

Listing events

• .Firstwewent to L~o's Cofi. Remember


• J'hen wewenr to tl~eCD sltop. • 11u.>:u. wewenl' to Coo/.Man . • And then H.Je U,'E.'llt tlJ the n!>o:t-orb<i:ke



B Worik: illr1lpairs or smallgroups foillow th e instmctmons. • Im!a,gineyo u had
21 gif-ei.lit d(j~" iIII lillie


d tya nolldid

lets of ex.ci~i th iIi1gs. filg • Ma Ikea !ist 'of the 'Elhl~ngsyou d~d..Add deta ils (fe,IWembe-.r the 'wuin:ess?).. • A.c~ out yOUlr~nea1tclay fQ.~the rest ·of the dass,

Talkingabou.t iimp(n1:on1tevents • rue wOn the lDtt,li'ir'y! • rue found you r lotter·y ticketf A Work in pairs, Think of a dramatic event to co mp lete t he fell ow~ conve rsatie n. n.g Th e 111 act lilt ou t for the rest oflth,e class..
A: H i~ l!J look I~e;:(cir-ed' I s/1'Octed I '':(0 mrrl:ble}! Vlha~.'s ha p'peneci? B· I've ~~
A: Th
€/;r;e.~JI: J

extr@ email'



at's (great I llerrible )1! Te llil 1m€! more!


Com pllere th ese em Bill s w~th a Ii1 as usual or to bring me .Iuck line.
To~aiY i bought my

u.s usual I read {he

favouri~e m illlgaZliinei.l!nd Taelay w~s my Engll ish
exam, so


bring me' ,fuck t worn

.my red tie.

¥este r,~laiYI pl2!ryed soccer (arline school llealffi, $10 We got the resu Its of our test today and
To m()r~ow I'm goimgto

have'~1n intefVH€W for a
job so

So far

in extr@



How much can you remember? How does Bridget feel about Nick?
a) She likes him. IbJShe thinks he's boring . .2 How does Nick f@el about Bridget? a) He tancies her.

b} He d-oesn't like her.
3 How does Hector ~eel about Anniie?
<1,) Hethlnks

she's arrracrlve.

b} She's like a sister,




Choose the best explanation of these

Tn this episode
What do you think?
Will there be misunderstandings


ex press ions ..
II can't resist it.

a) IIdon't like it. b) I like

it too much.

because of the twins?


She. treats me like baby.
No No


a) She thinks II'm still very young.

b l' S he treats me rea lIy we IL
(1)1 She's

Is Ni ck studyi rig to be a docto r? Yes

She's in ,astrange mood.

crazy ..


15 Hecto r fa I!ing in love with Annie? Yes Nlo

b) She isn't behav~ng


Episode 7

8,e,fore you vvafch .,~.
A Match the questions on the left with the re p lies on the righ t.


Watch Part one and answer these q uestio ns. Give extr@ information in your answers. • Is .Bridget talking to her sister Chrissy at the beginning of the pl'Ogramme? • No, she isn't"She's having a conversation l.uith
Chrissy online.

Who is Chrissy? 2 How was your ff1iigh11? 3 Are you this rich boy;

a) I did.

b IYes" but please
dOIil't~111Annie. c) Oh, well, yes, I'd like to. d) Oh, she's my

4 Who moved my

1 Is Hector spea ku ng Englls iii to his moth err
2 Does Bridget have a good relationship

5 WOlJldyou like to come to the cinema to morr-ow night with me?

e) Greitll:, but can you belli eve it, they lost my

with her

math.,? 3 Does Nick want a pa rt i11 a Prngrarnme a bout the


luggage? the

B look at the pictures and answer questions.

lDoes Chrissy have any luggage when she arrives?
Does she borrow some clothes from Bridgell?



Do Nick. Hector an d A nn UE!' know that Ch rlssy is

in the flat?


One of these is Bridget and 011 e is. her twin sister. Which is. wh ich, do, you til ink? What's the diifFerenee, iIII thei r dcth ~ng?
;J ''',






..4:, ",


b",,L.l ~

Episode 7

B Answe r th ese 'q uesti a ns.
Watch Part two and a'l1swer these quest ions. Who says these lines - Bridget or Chrissy? it) Am .I interrupring? ~ b) So, Hector,
c) d)

What ls the name ,of Annie's book?


ca rd does H ecto r rh ink of? 3. What is Hector's question to Annie? 4 Who likes the biscuits - Bridget or Chrissy?
2 What

are you ana Annie dating? You want her to like you, not your money. Your secret is safe with me.

_ _


What does Chrissy Ileave iin the flat?

e) Oli Hector, you look great!' I love doctors!
2 3 How many

In this episode
A roe tlrl ese se nten ces true

.. ~

pens are there in the pocket .of Nick's

doctor's coat? What number is

_ _

the child Nick's T-shirt?

4l What is the name of the magazine that Chrissy

bought (It the airport?
5 What colour are the paper umbrellas ill the drinks?


1 Bridg@lJ:'sister Chrissy arrives from Austra lia, s 2 Annie and the boys. know that she is ill the flat 3 Nick lis praetis.ing because he wants to j:J.lay a doctor ina TV program me. 4: H ector is confusad because Bri dget says
di fferent th iIilgs about. I'H~!r other ... m


ttl inks that Bridget likes him wlhen he's dressed
N ~ ge[s ck

ry @xdtE!d because he

Part three ...


asa doctor,
S 7 Hector asks An she accepts. Anni@ is the last to know that there are
iii ie


go totne dn erna and,

A Before you watch Part three. look at the
photos and predict what the people are saying.

twins i111 th e flat.

S Bridgetfi nds 'Out the truth a bout Hector
after her sister has IIeft th e flat.

a) Annie, ~ have something terrible to tell you.

b] Annie, I have something to ask you,

el Annie,

can IIshow you


magic trick?

.a) Who's in the bathroom? b) Who's ln tha kitchen?

c)VVho''s in the bedroom?

I wiill make you disappear, I will malk,e myself disappear. 'I, wi II make my love I)" assists n t

Bridget d lsa ppea r. Now watch and check.

Episode 7

B Work in pairs. Imagine Hector or Annie' is ._____ aslk~ng you ou t. Co n1 p lete t he, co nv,ersati on


Hecto r I An n~e: Wou id you like to come to the ci nem a tomorrow night?

Hector! Annie: Which film would you like to s@e?

Hector I An n i e: Wou Id yo u like to have som eth irig to eat afterwa rds?

Hector /An III ie: Where we uId you like to gOo? You:
Hector! Annie: What lime shall we meet? You: Asking yourself aJ. question • J wond:er what Bridget was [ike when she younger.

Act ou t you r co nversa ti 0111 til e rest for
WMS <----...;..

of the class.

A Change these questions mto questions
you ask yourself. '11 Wh.:u WillS Annie like when she was a,child? 2. Whalt is mly best friend d oi ng now? 3 Who's at the doc r? 4 What wi III the' wealth er be [Iike, tome rmw?

:S When is ttl e post goi rig to ,[3 rrive?

Write an email to a friend. Talk about two or three
things which have happened to you r-ecently.
___ oJ

• rue met ajabuJolts girl! boy.
• 11J'€ passed my driving test.

Makin,g invitations, • Would YOM like to oome to the d'ner:ila: wit.h me

tomorrow night?

• 1 met her I him at a pa r'ty. • My dad bought me a car.


So far in




How much can you remember?'
Ones Annie have a job?
2 What kind of TV programme does Nick work on'?

3 What's the narns of Bridget's bm"s? 4 What's ttl e lilam e of Bridget's. twi n sister?

5 Do Nick and Hector both fancy Bridget?


the nleaning
very tired

it" "

L..LI:...L..- __

In rhis' episode

€,xha!IJsted hedgehog

~/. I ... •

~~,~ _ ,t<".::


Is 'Eunice a ttra cti ve?

Yes Yes Yes

No No No

she's not my type DIY (Do If: You rself}

2 Do Bridget and the boys know
how to put up she,lves?

she isn't (he kind of girl I fancy doi ng you r own horne bu iId ing work or re ~a irs

3 Will there, be a happy ending for Anni~ and Hector?

Episode 8



\lVatch .. ~

Part o·ne •••
A Tick ----- who says these lines. 1 Always mad the instructions
a] Annle 2 3 Never read the instructions ..

Th is note iis on the doors ,of til e two Hats. Read it and tick the correct answer.


b) Bridget

a) Ni'ck

b) Hector

First open box A and take out shelf number 11.


al) Hector b) Annie Pur shelf 1 against (he wall,
a) Nlick a) Hector b) Annie b) Annie

.5 Put pole B on the len and pole A on the right,

the correct a nswe rs. 1 Jam in charge· means
a) you have to b) I'm

pay me

Wha t eliid Bridget fi nd 0 ut in Darling rnagaz:ine?

the boss c) :I live here

a] Hector is from Argentin~.
b) Hector's father is a dip lema t. c] Hector is rich.


The same ruJe~ apply mea ns a} the rules 03lre the same as when the·
real I03lnd Ilady is here

1 Which of these things did Nick 'borrow'?
a) coffee 3 b) sparkli ng

b J til e rul es a r@the same in every fla t in
London c) the rule's are the same for both flats


c) m i~Ik

Who answa rs the phone wh en Eunice ri ngs?

;;I)) Annie instru ctio rns?

b) Ekidge~:

c) Nick

4l Wh.at does Nick do with the first

part of tile
b) He eats

B Look at the picture and tick the correct answer.


a) He throws it away. c) He reads it..


What do you thi nk Bri dlget is hold irig?
11 a newspa per

S Bridget asks: Hove you put up shelves before, Hector? What is Hector's answer?
a) liI,ever c) lots of times 0) many times

:2 the instructions for how to bu ilid
the shelve-s

a lette r from her bovtrl snd

Episode 8

Part hvo .. "
What's ha ppeni ng? Tick the most likely anSWer. A


thrree ..'.

Part three and find the correct

..__--end ing tOo IHector's lines . 1 She made me


a)1some spaghetti, c) rna ny her. She dances like
a) a rhinoceros. c)

bJ go dancing.

b} an angel.


1(3) Eunice IS inviting Bridget to go to the cinema with her.
b) Eunioe

3 An nie! The shelvesl
b) You 'finished c) You broke thernl them! 4 Annie, I will buy YOLI a million a) s l1eep.. bJ blscu its.. a) You started thernl c) shelves.

is teilling Bridget to stay ~aly from Nick..

c] Eunice is. teUing Bridget how to put up shelves

B N u mher these eve nts


th e correct

0 rde


2 a) Nick is exhausted because of Eunice. b) He's g,ettil1g ready for another night out

with Eunice,
c.) Nick has a black eye after a fight with Eunice.

a) Hector tells Ann iea bou this 11ight 0 ut with Eunice. b) Eu nice gives H ector a fax from his fath e f. c] Hectn r kisses Ann ie and she throws Iii im on title 'floor. d) Eunice knocks om the door. e) Bridget throws Nick on. 'Ithe floor, f) Bridget offers to get rid of Eu nke, g) A. 11 11 Ie fI nds out that H ector is rich,

,\~ ,I
., I ,













Are theSJe sentences


or false


3 a} Hector is inviting Eunice to go to the cinema. b)oHec.m r iis rnaIk~ g ,an exc use for N ~ n ck, e) Eunice and Hector are going dancing. B Tick what Hector te 115Eun jc,@.

11 Bridget ~nd An 111 ie have some new shelves.

2 They have a new land lady. 3 She is very attracted to Nick. -4 She and Nick go dancing every night. S Hector offers to help with tlhe shelves ..
5 8
He Lsvery good at ID1'1.

a) Nick's hedgehog has gone to the moon. b) Nick's hedgehog is not well .. c) Nick's hedgehog is sad. dJ He stood
0 n the

7 Annie and Hector start a relatiionship.

is; Nick's type.

9 There ~ a fax from Hector's father. s
1(I Hector has his own jet

hedgeliJog w~tho ut sh oes,

Nt,~ _fCI. ft~ f;hd 6..,fl

Episode 8

Say sO'IHe#hing
Work ill pa irs, Com plete Itbe


sentences with suitable comparisons.
• I bet she sings tike (ftoud.

• She donces like a rhinoeeros. A S; A: Bridget th in ks that Eunlee sl ngs I iIkea toad. I'm sur-e she's. wrong. II'm sure Eunice has"
wonderful voice, Yes. She probably sings like _

C Com pi ete t he ad vice wi t a.lway.s or ne'ver. • Always read the instructions. • Neue» read the instructions. 1 2 3 4 5
_______ look: leftand right before you


A: B:
A: B:

I agree. And Hector says that she da n oes like a
rhlnoceros. It.'s not true. She dances the salsa very well. IIthink she dances And she's so elegaJiltl She walks And sh e h as grea t cloth es. She d resses



crossthe road. luggage wh en you ny' say 'tha n k YOLl' whe n sam eon e h el ps you. give you r ,address to someone )lot!
meet on the ii nternet,

put s harp objects in yo L.I r han d

d ri 11 k coffee before you go to sl eep. Work in pairs. Choose three of the examples
and make


mini-conversations. like this:

• AJUJQyslook left and right before you cross the rood,

• Because you ne,eclto see

if there are .any cm'S'..

B Read out your conversation tn the rest of the class.
~ e:x • \¥" ema •• ' Compllete these email s with some !bod news'.

E Act out your conversations for the rest


.. ,"

of the class,



The good news is that ..• we're on holkiay.

The good news isthat ... I've met wo nderlfiul girl!


" hav:e

The bad news is that '". an exam next week.

Th i!l bad news is that .."

The good news is (hat.". my parents have gone on holiday!
The good news is The good news


that ...

I have a new rnotorbikel

is {hat .. "

my sister gave me heir Imobill,e phone!
The good m~ws lisdhat ".. l fou nd theguit.a r II\l!lant on ,eBay! ~



far in extI'ffiJ



1 Bridget fancies Nick. 2 3 Hsero r's '[am iIy is very rich, Ann ie is crazy abo ut TV advertisements.

4 !Nii c.k ls a successfu I a elm", 5 Bridget has a twin sister.

Check the nJeaning_ .'. .


this episode




IDa es it mea n you kn ow about so merh ing?



What do you th ink?
Willi Nick get a part in a

lin yom dreams researcher

no you Ikn owa ny'one' who has some?
If we sary this, do we mean it will or won't happen?

Shakespeare play?

Yes Yes

No No Nlo

2 Does Hecto r have a cha nee of
getting the TV job? 3 noes Bridget kn ow her

new boss?


Is th is som eOI1'e you see on the TV scr,een, or so meone who works to IPrepa re the progra m me?

Episode 9

Before' ~ou vtl'otch ...
Try to predict what happens, Tick
t he co rrect answer.

Part one .. ~

h Part 0 ne and a nswer these questio ns.

Which of these things did Bridget do today? a) She trained with the England football team. b) She

went to the hairdresser. ..

c] She had lunch with Kyll~eMinogue's agent, 1

Wlha[ d (I


th i nlk the exciting news is?


What is Channel 9 looking for'? a) An English person who knows Larin America. b) A Latin American who speaks English .. c) A good-looking Latin American.

al Bridget is going to have dinner wilth Sting.
b) Eunice is her new boss.

c) Channel 9 is lookingf:or a new Lati iii America n repo rter,

Wily does Bridger want Hector to audltion? a] Because she wants to help Hector. b] Because Euniiae works at Channel 9.
c) Because she wants to impress her bOiSS.


Why do YOI[J think Nick says rhis? ;;lI) Because Anni e is getting very dose to
Hector, b) !Because Ann~ e

4 Why is Hector worried? a) Because he doesn't want to work as a
reporter. b) Because he doesn't think he can do it.

hi as asked Hector to
'ITa Ilks abou t

c) Because Nick thinks he has no talent

mi?my her. e) Beca use An n ie

havrng a ba by.

Rule number one: ,rnlJ=:, . I. ""liul ..' , Ikin ' ro a yeGlId)" woman,..
. '. I

uine you




number ~. e: make them Rule' number .mre .







Wh,at do you think INick's advice to Hector is about?

a} How to be attractive to wo men.
b) How to succeed as a television reporter. c) How to behave diuring an interview, B

Look at thE! picture and answer thE! quest!ions.
An t1I ie,

~ Who's wearing the tights?
2 Who do '~hetights belong to?



1: .





Episode 9


,"",,0 •••

Part three .. .,
loo k at th e pictu res and tick the people aIre saym ng.

A Before yo u watc h Pa rt two,. try to complete this conversation between Bridget and Nick. Use these phrases.


a) a news reporter
b) so stupid c) to impress her

d) to speak to me e) won't get the job

a) Don't worry, Hector. II'm SUire you would

have been a ;,;,erygood re porte r, b) Well done, H ector! I" m su r'e you' III be a very good reporter.

INk k: INkk: Bridget:

Hi B uidgetl I thought you were too angry 1 Shut up, Nick. How dare you? How dare I,what? _ a) You haven't.

IS ddget: Nick ... got 'the Job! Isn't it terrible? b) You've got the j'obl. Isn't it wonderful?

INi,ck: N lc k: Bridget:

!Bridget: Teach Hector to be 2

~ A h. So rry; Bridget. He was ri diculous, 'H i, sexy,. t his is Hector R.omero: My III ew ed i tor wi III be here soon
So will Hector get the job then? Of cou rse he 4

and I wanted 3 Nk:k: Bridget:


! You made me IOQIk a fool'. You and Hector are 5 !

a} It's time to tell Hector II W<ilnt to marry him.
b) Irs time to, say goodbye to Hector,

Now watch and check your answers.

Now watch and <:heck your answers.

Answer the questions. Write Good, Bad,

or Doesn't care next to each one.

:In this episode
Are these sen ten ces true




~ IHoW is Hecto r's 1V a ud iti 0 n?
2 3 4 5 What is Nick's reaction to Bridget's criticism? How doss Brldget feel abo ut her

or false



1 2

Bridget is working in her office at Chanil'lel9. Hector arrives foranaudition to, be an editor.

new editor?
What is Eunice's impression Hector? How does Nod: feel about the

3 of
4 5

Bridget goes to the airport to see Sting, but she doesn't see him.
Eunice is !Bridget's liIew boss.

Hertor gets a job as a reporter lor Channell 9...
Nick gets a Job pllaying Hamlet.

S ha kespaa re job?


Episode 9



Say sOl11ething extr@1

C Liste n to the storyl ii nes of oth e r grou ps. Guess which film they are talking about •

AWo rk in pairs. Rea dI the s[oryl ine ,of Homte«. Then discuss a film or p~ay that you have, seen recentllY. Writ@.down the main details of the story.
It's about love, madness and murder ..Hamlet's father" the king, is killed by Hamlet's uncle, who then marries Hamlet' s mother ~so Hamlet kilts his uncle and his mother and then he dies.


D Read Nick's rules for being a successful TV presenter. Do you agree with them?

• Rule number one : imagine you are talking to berrHt"iJitl woman. • Rule number two; be mysterious. • Rule number three: make them trust you.

E Work in groups. Think of three rules to he,lp someone with one of the, followlng:
B, Tell you:r storyli me to the rest otth e class. all' U1€l best way to meet boys or girls b} ibe,ung successful in a job interview

Don't tell them the title of the, fllml

c ltne best way to drive a ca r F TeH yo ur ru les to th e rest of the class.

e.xfr@ elTlgil,
Complete these ernails about disaster days with a worse stU] line.
And worse sritr,. [he teacher terrible mood.

What a d;;tyl I was late
for co 1[1 ege, I had a terrib[l@ haircut. Som eone stn I[e'my wa llet I pu rse,


My pa rents wa n t me to go on ho liday with them.
We ha d a power cut
ill II


50' for in extr@
How much can you remember?
\lllho has a dog? 2 3 Who has fair haiir? Wh 0 works Anni e Nick Bridget Bridget Hector

at Cha nnel 9 TV?


4 Who made popcorn?'

Hector Eunice


5 Who is Bridget's boss?

~.h·"""" are e.il!ht gtlinea aRu • ."", ~ -. t. pigs at f-he IWls a



Check the R1'eaning ...

aw~ut dreadful a nd

Are these wo rds pas [rive

'Or negative?
These a re alii ki II'Ids of what?
Does this mean separate

In this episode
What do you th ink?
Are Annie and



lipstkk, masca fa,

Ziggy going

or smy {;ogerher?


to a f~HilCY dress party? Is An nie, protesti ng abo ut something?


No NoNo

I bet she kiilows
guinea pig

On you say th is when yOU! are velry sure?
One meaning


3. Are the gu inea IPlgs
Bridget's pets? Yes

IS a small

animal. What is the,

mea ni I1Igl




Before __

~ou ",,"G,tch




A Try to predict what happens. Tlck

the correct answer.


Wakh Part one carefully and answer th ese 'g u esti 0 ns.
It's 6 aim. What happens? a] Annie gets up.

b) N ick gets

LI p,

c) Annie knocks on Nick's door.

:2 IIt's Sa m, What does An nie say om th e ph 0 ne?
a) Yes, three o'clock, Don't tell the others'

b) Yes, three o'clock. Tell the others.

c) ~es. three o'clock, I'll tall the others.
3 It's 10 am. What does the sign round dog's


Wn~ t dQ yo u th i111 k B.ridget's reply ~s?
a] Yes" of cou rsel b) No,oni.y Madonna. David Beckham them.

neck say?

131) Animals are not human. b) Animals are human.

is tomorrow.
,c) No, I'm readingabout

e) Animals are like people. 4 Wh,at does the second sign on the dog's

neck say?
a) A dog is not for make-up .. c)

b) A dog is for make-up. A dog is for love, notfn r rna ke~up.


Annie [puts a note Oil N leks door. What does

it say? ;;I) Very im po rta ntl Keep my babies safe.
Call me!

0) Very important! Keep my babies. I will
call you.


Wh~ t do you th ink Eun ic:e says next?

e) Very important!
calli you.

Keep my babies safe, ~will

a) ~want yo-u to int@rview Mad on na, b J Ge'l me .~ coffee. Blac k, no suga r,
cJ Go an ell have ~unch with l,@cmarello D[iCap rio.

B La,ok .at the pictu rea nd answer the questions.
11 What's iin rile Top Secret box?

a} secret papers
al} Annie

b) an irna Is 0) Hector

c) guns c) Eunice

2. Wh,o gave the box to, Nlick?

A. Bafn re you wa tc h Pa rt two.
questions, Use these verbs,.

100 k <It th e

pictures and complete the answers to these

A Before you watc h Part t!h ree make questions with the foUowing words.

VVhy /Bri.dg,et

!ironing I dress
il'OJling '(l drese?

drink. bold


look at



l1Thy is Bridget

What is Eunice dloing?

1 Why I Bridget I tell I N ick I close ! ecy.es

She's a)
He's c) d]

and she's,
2 3 Where I Bridget I going I Why

pictures of men in a rnagazl fie. . dl microphone and he's

ton igtnt

2 What is Hector doing? I Annie I angry with Hector


What is Ann ie dol ng?
She's e)

4 Where I g,l!inea pigs
at acosrnetirs
factory. a rabbit

She's f]


5 What l happen

to /

IBddget's dress

B Now watch and f nd the answersto th e
questions in




In this episode ...
Now watch and answerthese
al a cosmetics factory 2


or false

Where does E.tJ ice wa nt Hector to go?' n

Annie stea Is. som e guli nea pigs from
pig farm cosmeti cs factory.


oJ a guinea

Whalt did Eunice do last night? a) She met the owner of Channell 9.
b) She had dinner with Mr Garrier.

2 They escape from their box in Niclk'snat
3 Hecte r and Bridget have worked alii night

3 What does, Nick do when he takes the guinea pigs into the gjrls' flat? a] He gives them something to' eat. b) He start'S.reading a magazine and watching,

televisi 011. Vltilat happens when Nick changes chain nels
on the TV?

at Channel 9. 4 The owner of Channel 9 also owns the cos metics factory, 5 Hector interviews Annie outside [he cosmetics factory
6 7 8 Bridget has, lunch alone with t.sonardo

Hector.loses his job ;;It Channel 9. The guinea pigs eat part of Bridget's dress".

a) He sees Hector and AIlIIl ie, b) He sea rts to watch a soccer m altdl. S Why is Annie angry with Hector? a J Beca use he asks her if she has. got the gu,i neal

b) Because he knows that she loves anlmals,





A Wriite an emall about three of your future pians for the rest of today and tomorrow,
• I have a c'lnss at .5 ptn. • l'm goir!Jg to buy a new pah' of trainer's this

• I may see a movie thise.vening.

Work in pairs. Match the, pastaetions on th e Ieft with th e interru pttons on till e r~ght, using when.
We U}erep~',otestin9 outside IG[in'ie"'~s fiiiCcmry

J SHU} H eeror reporting !aJ'Channe:l Nine. a] ~he bathroom
door olpen,ed~

IIwas wallkih'llg down the street

B, Work Ii n pal res. R2adIyo ur partner's em ail, then write a reply asklng for more informati:on. Ask questions llke this:
• Wcha.t kfnd ofdass do ~~OtlhQue at 5 pm? • IV1'l.GJ kind of trainftn; are you going to buy? • M~at rtI(lvie might you .'>eethis evening? • Jll!hy will you probably stay at home? C Read you r pa rtn errs 'q uesti 0 ns a Ii1 d answer them in another email.



I was hay!ng

bJ my phone

mry brea Hast 3 I W.;!$. slitting
in a cinema

c] someone k_noclked a!rulile dOOL

41 I was talki
a shower



i bum ped ~n~Q
an ohjl friend,

5 I was Ilookilllg ~ n a shop wl!lI1dow

eJ a pe Ikerna n ta pped

me on the shoulder.

Work in pairs Choose two of the sentences inA to start mini-conversations ..

• 1w(lswulkin:g down the street w.l'ie'Jl

.lbru:mped inm ,anoJdjdend. • Rooii~tJ?Who was if?

C Work in groups of three ..Student C introduces him or herself to Stu dents A an dI B,. and offers to get them :somethii rtgto eat or d r;ink.
• utnl!f!

in troawJe' lny:self. My 7lume is Nick," What's your name?

• Keui:n_ And who's this? Is she your gir.lfriend~ Kevln? • YQi~f m!1st be hung.rlr SllaU l' getyO'usomerhing




How much can you remember? Who doesn't work at Channel 9?
2 Who has a twin sister?

3 Who has a dog?
4 WhQ doesn't speak English as a first langui3,ge?

5 Who worked asa TV weatherman?'

Match the words and expressions with thei r nnea n ings,
1 a chat-up line

----------~~~-a) she doesn't look good
b) an a rra ngement 1:0 go ou t wiitha boy or gir1 you like

" In this episo,de

2 natural
.. i(I!


3 she' 100 ks oil
mess! Is Hector going home to 4 sh e's crazy

c) she's rnadlv in love with me

Argentina? 2 Has Nick got a part in a play? 3 Does Bridget recogn ~SE! the man in the bar?

Yes 'Yes Yes

Nlo No No

d J you say th is when sorneone's
ha ir ts its rea I colou r
e) obvious

about me
5 a date

6 easy to see

f] so rneth ing you say to try and make someone fancy you

A Try to p red icr the co nversati 0 n between Bridget and Nick.
,/ CQll~rgo on" .Eunice is a vl"itch. She !m(Jkes me' worl(. '~,t:k~ work., a) Why dOI1!i't you love her? lb) Whr)/' don't )1,011.1 t€,111er? h c) Why don't


Try to predict what Bddget and Annie
a Fe say~ng.,


'] What ~ ~e{'jjlly need is 211)1 a Clip, of coff'ee"
b) a holiday. c) a new j;ob.,

What? leave my Job? al I leve my job!

11tD,)hare' mry jobl I
c) Wh'i3lt Nick:

my j,ob?

aJ H!uh~Women! b] Huh ~ Eu nkeI 'c) Huh! Bridget!


One tho usand pounds?
al)1 "fha['s much too ex pens~ve,~ b] l"h;;JJfs,al good

~rice! c] Let's buy ltl

N ow watch PaItt a nea

no see

if you we re rig ht.


lo,ok at th e pi ctu re and aIilIs:wer till e -J questions. ____________________ Who do yo,~ th iIIIk til is woman is? allal muse it1I a has p,itll~
b] iJI wjjJitr~ss in a S,~at1I ish ba r c) ,(9 stewa rdess on a pla ne

or jalse
1 N iclk says he, meets lots of gids on UH~bea ch. 2 An n iie,says that sh e iii eeds a hoi uclayandi Nick (llgrl;l€'5.


3 Hector is presenMn(gal TV travei programme. 4 B ridg~t is havmng trou ble ot~gan~ nga n si
5 U I1ilterview wi~n M~dol!lna .• Annie thinks that i~w~111 'COlS;t the to N@w 'torlk a IiiId lacs Ve\ga:s. Cha I1!lne~ '9 7
beGH.I!513 SJme

2: Which of th ese do you til in~ is true? a) Sh,e'svery busy.



.. e*b~

Ib) She lsn'a \I1~ry hr:~pfo!JJL (.) Sh e enj oys her work.

J .... '-c,sf:r .'

6, Bridg,et doesn't want: to 1~a!Ve Job at her
she I;~ke:sEu nice. Hed.or agrees to he~ N ick by tran slati rig hi s p chat-u p Iiiii es.. Afil ni,e does H ector's anJdN kks ilwni ng,


/ Episode11

Part tvvo ' .. .
A Before you watch Part two" match the two parts of thes@ lines.
1 Now's the 2 3


standing at a bar and she's wearing a rose
rose in her mouth ..

in her mouth. She's smiling and she's gota She's near

a) with my luggilge?

bar and

she's smiliing.

B Watc h P'3rt th reea nd choose th e co rrect

Nick: ISridget:4

chance 'to try 2 They won't be
able 3 All you need

answers to the questions.
1 How rnany types, of tea a) one
.;I re

b) you r passport, your

there Ii n the

tickets and you r fil1ioney.
c) we'll be invited everywhere.


sho p? .


travel is d]

c.) about ten 2 Wlla t a.re most d ishes served with? a) chips b) croquette potatoes

Could you give me a hand

to resist me!

Bri d get::5 wh e n Bridget

e) what event we'll be

arrives in Spain
Bridgst. 6 You never can be sure

asked to go.


c] gateaux 3 Who does Bridget get a date with?
a) Enriq ue lglesias b) a rna n she th

f] my ch <lIHI p li nes
Spanish girls!

inks is Ell rlq ue lglesias

Watch Part two and write, how many of the follow~ng thing.s Bridget has in her luggage. _ T-shirts
pairs of biktnls
1'1 igh td r€'sses

c) a man she knows isn't Enrique 19i1esias Why does Bridget agree to Ist the othe rs come d u bbi ng wU th her? a) Because they tell her that she WOIiI't notice
them. b) Beca USe they win meet lots ofSpa nish c) Because she needs a chaperone ..


pairs of 'trainers

gi rls,

pairs of trousers


In this episode ...
Are these sentenoes true
A Look at the photo of Bridget and decide wh ich se nten ce descri bes it best.
1 Nick daydreams about ,a holiday on the

beach" 2 Nick wa nts to lea rn some Spa nlsh in order
to chat up girts,


Bridget isn't: taking many clothes to Spain.
Nick arrives at the airport without passport his

5 They don't realise that the waitress
spea Ik Engl ish,


The waitress ls helpfull and immediately offers them a ta ble,
The bar serves typica~ Spanish food.
Bridget is successful when she chats lip the man a t the other


ta ble,


Co m p Iete the conve rsatl 0 n abou t wh e re you woulid like to go on holliday.
• TtVJ'lmlifl shall we go? • Hail:!) about

Vegas? • Vlhat about Spa in? II!I I'd l!ove t.o go to Las Vegas! • J'(lUke to goarlywhe.re with .~n·'iqtle 19l:e:sikrs!


Viha[ I rea lilly

I'll eed

is a he ~~ dIaJY~

IS: Me toot A: Wihere sha H we go? D' INow aeout Ib
11) I



A: lll'm not SiLlr,eabout thst, I~dJ!ove to B: I~',d to go eo ~~~ like A: Hm, What are we going to do?


B; W~at about A Work iIn pa iIrs... As'k and ex ph) in h ow to say something in another language. Use the name of your language in the· questions
a nd a nswe rs, • How do m s~y: .hn .~ngNsfl:~Cll n YGU ,give me /1\, Great id,(itaJ~

exlr@ emailJ
Wo rk ingrou ps, f·oUow th e instru ctio ns and

• How 1 How 2 3

an 1 say it in Spanish?


you r apart'm1ent?

wri.te a surveyabaut hollidary habits.

yo IJ say She

looks a mess in yo l.! r

What's th e wordlfo:r chat up in you r language? ~hafs th is word in
YOt!1r lOllnguage? exhausrsd

4 Wha~does witch mean? 5 listhere a word for chaperone in yo'U~IIClIngU!age? BW,ork in pa irs. Com p~ere eh~sco nversa ti 0 n,

USJe Spa n ~sh words fro m dl e· progra m m@·. if you can. Or re-write the conversation,
us.ing your ·own ~anguage.

you speak Spanish?

Write 3 ~ 5 q U@$[~o:UlsmfiIi1dout aboutw:ha[ pea p~le do om holiday and Wl"i1i~t tl"i1,ey lil~e .a I'll d dlis~Ike. Use i 2 multiple choice answers, Ask yo 1:.1 r q uestions to ~ H the gro 1:.1 piS, iriC Iu diu rng yiour Own.

B: Just a II~rute. c A Whafs title Span~shword for eyes~ B: ~1ih~k it's ... n

A: And how dO' you
B: ~'~I!l~nlk (:0:; ~


patek in S pOl nish?

A, Am] wha rs

dr:fn.k* in :SPanish?

WheFe do you meet g~rjrslboysO:[!l o~iday? h a) On thebeach? b) In the bar? c) On the sld slope?


B: I'm not sm(i!- IIthink iit's ...


much cam you remember?

Whan was 'l:lhe name of S,ridget'sfl rst bOi5s? ~hmry IHowi3,m IHafry 2 What was the name crfrAn n le's an irna I p'rotes~e r friend? P~ggy

Ti(ggy Eunh::e?
B ridgefs

th e la rid lady's



the Iland'lady's
cous i n


da lJIg)ntef

4 What is ~he name of the owne ~ of Gila nne'l' '9? M r Ca f1ril€ r 1M rFanier M r 'Garrler 5 What was the narne of the Span ish bad EI Go,rdo Ball" Go r,d! 0 ,Bi1llf Gordo n

Check .............._-

the m'eanlng

Wlhat s:port dgalni ~hes:e wo:rds tmave in co:m rJ:o:n? de/eli'Ce fon kic.k-of{ semi~fi'naJ strik~r s!Jpt;Jo.rt.er Now match the wOf;ds W'rnrh th e' .clef:! ltlons, n

In :fhis episode
What do you think? A,re N k k a II1d iHe(torgettilng

scm eo li1ewh 0 ililke-sa partlcular sporrs ~eam (r:wo ~rd5.J
a playllr who ~ssupposed to score goall's [he players wh 0 try to stop

1 2

rea diy~.o

[he other tea m getti ng gm.llis No Nlo No

a footballl mOi'ltd?

2: Is rNJIk:Jk rehsa rsl I'iIgfolr th e pa fit of
a :spy? Yes

the time


match sta rts

3 Is Hector ~ying sorneth ing nice
about An nIe?

tlii,e game be:fore the last

game ~n .;;1 tournament

Episode 12

Partone., ,~ ~
A Read these ~ nes from the p rogra nil me. i Ti c k th e most llk:e~yex p,1narlon, a Bnidget: Usa VerY. '~w bad .hair day. And Miguel A B,efor,e yol.ll waocih Part one, try to complete this conversetlon between Nick and his agent,
N ~ck; Hi" Camero n,


is arriving rills evem'ng.
al) Bridget doesn't illk€! lithe 'Way her hallr looks, and her new Spa n ish boyfriend! is C10mli g, n b JI 1Miguell is ,a' Ihaliird rf~-sser and w~111 a'lke her m h a~r look ben@r. 2 Ann ie: Bridg@t whm'S wrong? Why h.ove you g.orQ .bag 01:1 your head? a) Bridger is gO~flIl€ to th,e htliirdresser's because sine'doesn't Ii kie th e way her hali r looks. b JI Sh e co mes backfrom tne ha ird resser's and she doesn't lilke her new hair style. 3 Hector: HaveYOl.iever ,rho.ught ,cri:wur g,etting married? (I) He·ctor is aski ng 13ridget if she likes the idea of gettij ng married, b)! IHe's asking: A'rlrlie to m.anry hilm.

A_g~nt; N kk:

Howare you?




Ana,udtiorll? ffir m.@? H~y~hey~Wlflatfor?

N lick: London On Fire? The sea po? Yes! When? Age'liIt: Agent; Nick:


N~(k: '-:oday? At midday?' Wher,e?
B ~rm ingilla m? ISut tha rs 100 miles away!.


N kk:

~ __



()if co uns€ I' m ~!eas!l!d~: K, tha nk )IOu! O


Watch Part one-and tick that yOLlll hea,r.

the ~ines

Look at the piktu re and answer the
q uestions,

11 Alnlllfli:e:
Cha rl ie a Ii'Id ~'a re ready forthe match, b] Ghar!ie and II,are, re<ady for i~lhe'game. :2 Nkk: 81)1 But Qir course Engla~odwon't W,ilrl. b) BUit of co u rse Engla nd wi~1win. 3 Nlick: a) Our strikers are rlfl,@ best in the world, b) Oursrri kers arethe worst iIi1 eli! e world .. 4 ~le;(~or: a) Your defence is [pOOL b) You r ,g,efeEliceiis ta It

Which of these is def niitely true'?

The match isn't finished and the 5JCOJiie is 11-1, bl The maKh isfin~shedand the score is 1-1,.
Wh at do you th ink is happsn ~ng now? a) Argentina are at1iacldng and may scorn. b) Efilglla n dare attackii,rljgand! m a,y sco r'e.,


. J "e,,4;.,~ Ge,e~f""- . •

5 Nkk; a) There a re some Ipeopll e who th inik that
fnotba Illiis a tmametr o:¥Iife a nd death. b J There a Fe so me p~aYlilrs wh 0 thl n k that tootbal I lsa mane r of Ii~e a nd death,

Episode 12,

l@';:;; ~


Part three ...
Look ail:the photo. Who do you think is speaking? What have they just said? Ch oose fro m the list.
Annie,: Hector, IIdon't Ilove you. 2 Nid: Annie:! Don't shout! 3 Hector: Anni,!'!, wi III you Im.my me?


4 Bridget: Anniel Don't do itl
5 M~g:uel: Hecrorl He~ me! p

Watch Part three and give short answers to these questions. (yes, he did; no she
didn r t; .or we

don't know) Lon.don. by plane?

Before you watch Part two, match the two parts of the lines.
I need a hairstyle that 2 3 4 Have I done Alrgenti;n~ beat England, Nlck, I prom ised you I'm goingto the a) I wouldn't say anything. b) to get my h ali r done for gergeous Miguel. c} didn't thecy?
d) someth iingwrong?

• Did Miguel came to • We don't know.

Did Hector understand why An nie was cross with him? _ 2 3 4 Diid B ridge,t_ ljke wh ~It the hal rd rasser did to her hair? _ Did Miguel like Bridget's hair? Did Nid get the part in London on Fire? Did Spain be~lt Eng~and? they Did Hector ask Annie to many him? ~ _


e) a Spanish football fan willi adore,

ha i rd resser's

B Watch Pa rt two and answer the questions.
Where does Nick go first when he gets back from his audition? a) his own a pa rtment



b) the girls' apartment What does he think when he sees. Hecttm? a] England won the match. b) Argentina won the match. Where does IBridge'[ go after th e rna tdl?
a) to the hairdressers


In this episode .


Are these sentences
1 3

or false



N k k a IJ'Id He-etor watch the foorba II match, She goes to the ha ird ressers wh en the

2 Bridget isn'tinterested ill the match.

0) to the airport to meet Miguel

4 Why does Miguel want to talk a) to leann some English
b) to f nd 5
0 ut

Hecttor? 4

match finishes. Miguel calls Hector to ask him for some

abou t Sri dget

Why is Arm i,e u n ha ppy?

a) She heard Hector talking to another girl on the phone. b) S he til inks Hector was .s~lyi g nice til ings to n

IEngl ish expressions, 5 Annie misunderstands Hectors phone 6 She forgives him very quickly.

7 Bridge'~and Miguel support Spain flil the World Cup fina,f. 8. Engiand won the Worl'd Cup.


Say- some'th.ing


Fragmented sentence's
Nick: Hello. Bridget: Hi, Nick? Nkk: OQDdmaJcll? Good u'!!atGh? '" WaS' Ita good match?

Work ilil pairs ..Write the complete q uestionor st:atementi n the replies. 1 A: Wrive been



ho Iiday.
a nice time?

0 h, rsel ~y? NIic€ ~irme'? ~'Uholi'e

:2 A: l'rn goi rrg 'On hol id.a,y next week, S: lR.ea~lly? ruywhIE!r-e nh:i€? A 3 A: 1M e~has j ust arrived. ~gll! B~ ReaUy?St~ing IOf~g? 4- A; I've been ~o I\ofil'ile. MakingPI'oJttlSes
• .Do ynupmm:r.se • I promised

--- __ ----

B: NkeI Know it we'll. won.'t teU me the: score?



A; I boyglh~ a new carr.

• Do. yo:!! pt'Om ise not


B: l~e(!~ly? Payal lot fer it? _---



J wmddH~t say anything. • We p~'Om:isedNick not to teU hhn the SCO.re. • I prm:n:ise nl teU YOluthesoor'e. • We IJromised 'iim I would tell him the score.

Now eh OOS€! 0 ne of th €l co nversati ens and acid more lines to it.

A Work in paks. Make new sentences .
.Don.'t laugh.
Do you pn)mi:se

not to laugh?

I won't te]] you. I p~'Omise ~llCit 1 won'f tell you ...oR, Ip~'omised that we WQutdu 'f tell you.


Don'[ salY lIlilylt'ling.

3 We won'ttell 4


IIWOil't open my present until my birn:hdlay.

Choose aIRY sports match that you remember. Write an email de~c:ribi~nlg widl as marry details it as yo UI can, Use the questions to hellp you, • Men. andwhete diel it Mke plaee? • Who w(l:5" the m.atM between?
• • • • Bettueen England andAJ'g€ntina. Between Roger l'"'eaen?i" Cltl.dl~({J-ael Nadal. WhO' won?' Wh:[l' 1.()$t?'~.~lt was f,he800:f'~? Who scored?' J1i'hD pl(lyeflwe11? l¥h:~pla;yeorJ badly?

:5 Pleas@ look after my b icyde. 6

I need someone to look after rnuy dog when ~'m av,ray.
W~IIIy.our:elll me when my girlfr! end phicme-s?

So far in extr@ ..


c) Roberto c] her mother



Wh a t is Hecla r's lam iIy na mel? a) RamBo b) Romero 2 Who does Bridget write emails to?
a) her sister Chrissy 3 b) Eunice
WO Iil

Why did Sri dget th ink she

the lotte ry?

a] She had the wro ng ticket.
b) She read the winning numbers upside down. c) She had someone else's ticket. 4 5

WhEm~does Bridget's s i ster Chrissy ~ ive?
a) Australia 0) Canada c) [he USA

Wnat was the score in the Englland v Argentina match?
a} 1-1 bJ 2~ 1 c] 2-2

L..LW- __

Check the .m,ecrning .....
with these words.

Comp,l!ete; the definitions

.bestman bride~maids
m anied iis the




the woman who is geuing

In this episode
What do, you think?
-1 Is Nick appearing in a rock video? 2 3 Yes No


' 'I'

the wome n who hel p he r QIl her wedd ing day are her th e m an who is gettiing married is the the rna 111 wh 0 bel ps the rna n

2 3


Marybe Maybe Maybe

who is lS,etting married is his the meal O:'llfter the wedding


Is Annie te,ac.l'iing Hector

dress a woman?



is the
the hoi iday that 'the rna Hii ed



ls the person ii n [he weddi I1g

couple have is the

Episode 13


Before you \lVCltch .•.

Part one ~~ ..
A Tlc k the q u estl 0 ns tha t Hecto r's mother asks him (by email and / or on the phone).
How rnalilY bridesrn aids is Ann ie havi ng? 2 Have yo u booked Westm i n ster Ab bey ye'I?
Hecto ~ da rl ing, did you get my em aHs?' 3

A C heckth e mea n ings of the wo rds in bold in this conversatlon. Who do you think the girlls are talking albout?

Annie: Bridget: Anni,e:

I fancy You fancy li'e's, I do, I do! But you don't like


? -'

Annii@: Bridget: Annie; Bridget: Annie:: Briidget:

! do like
Yes, but he's so machol
You think he's vain!

4 5

Hector - who's y,our best friend? IIs h e ,dever, hi3lrd worki ng, respo ns.ibIe?

No you don't, youthink he's an idiot!

But he's so good-looking!
Huh! You don't

like' his dothesl

But now he we<llr$ a fi re rnan's uniform. Ah, so that's m The unifo rm,
He's so se~xy in


London on Fire.
B Look at the picture and answer the,

B Now answer these questions.
11 Where are Bridget and Niick? a) in her office
b) in a hotel c) in a TV studio

2 3


Why is Bri,diget shaking hands with him? 031) Becitlluse, they're friends. b) Bec<lllilse she's going to! nterview him. c) Because he's won Oil prize,


Does Annie want a big wedding? Yes lis Bridget still in love with Miguel? 'Ye's At Iii rst, does B ridget ~ke th e idea i of intervi,ewung Ni:ck7 Yes Does Bridget 'enjoy wa'tc.h~ng Nick

No No No No

in London on fire?
Does Nick agree to do an
interview for Channel 9?


Ce!'r {lrJ. ",.,;ot',I ...


nvo ...

B Now watch Part three, check your
answers and answer theSle questions. '1 What does N kk pick lip when he comes iinto the nat? al)i a chocolate biscuit b) an orange
c) 2

Before you wa tch fa rt two, try to answer the questions about the following lines. "1 Nlic k: Don't worry Hector - we wm face this together! Does this mean that Nick and Hector
a) willi solve a problem together?

an apple
c) rhree,

How rna I'IY phone calis d Des Hector get?

b) wi Ii fI gltl[ ,a bout sorneth ing? 2 Bridgst: So, I am here with Nick Jessop - or Pierce Steere - stroigh t from the set of London 0 n Fi re. Does thi s mea n that N kk a) has iustcome from filming the show? b] has been somewhere with the' other alctorsr 3 Bridget: Do you think London alii ,Fire accurately reflects the pressures on London ~ emergency s€'I1Iices? Does! his question mea n a) lis title show like real life? b) Is it difficult to film rhe show? 4 Annri e: Thank :goodl1"ess she's thousands of miles


b) two Wha~. is .Annie cutti rig up?
a) one,



b) a pepper c) al courgette Wh alt co Iom lis Bridget's Iiipstick? al)i p,ink b) red c) purple How rna fly tissues does Mrs Romero US@f
a) one b) two c] three

a) a cucumber

,.n this epis,o,de ' .. .
Are th ase se nten ces t ru e or



in Ar:gentlna!
b) Eunke?

Do you think she's talking about

til) lB,ridget?

c) Hector's mother?

Watch Part two. and complete these lines .. Guess them fi rst. if you like!


'1 MrsRemero wants. Hector and Annie Ito ge,[ rna rried at: Westm~ nster Abbey, 2 Donatella Versace lies esigning her wedding d outfit. 3 An nie is pia nni IiIg to have 1:2 briidesma ids. 4- Eu nice eneou r<llgesBridget [0 go out wiillh

Annie: 2 3 Nick:

Hector's mother is driving me Do

Nick ?
S After seeing London on Fire, Bridget fancies

think Bridget is

Bridget: You'll just have to wait and



Goodby€ to drinking beer and watching

S Hector: Oh thank you Nick - you are a real

INick .. 6 Annie wants to have the wedding later, but Hector wa nts to g,et rna rried now. 1 Mrs Romero arrives at the flat, and Annie doesn't know she's coming. 8 N ~ rna kes a fii nail en trance dressed as a ck bridesmalid.

Part three ...
A Before you watch Part th ree, look at th e p,hotos. Wh at do yo u th ink is happenjng?

H ector's mother has met Bridget before. No

Sh e does n't Iike Annie at all, Yes No


and Annie tell her that

they are notgettjng rna lfIli ed, Yes No

Episode 13


Say sOnJ'ething extr@1
Clearing up misunderstandin.gs Bridget: Isn't it lovely.!
Nick: Bridget: Yeahl The Ferrari TestarQssa. lllhat a great cat! I meant her dress f I was talking" about her dress!


C Complete the mini-conversations s i rn i la r m i su nde rsta ndin gs,
A; He's a nice man, isn't he? 16: Yes, so rich!



Explaining at custoOl
The Stag Night. If s when the bridegroom is taken out by his best man to say goodbye. Goodbye 1:0 your fantastic: life as a single man. Goodbye to drinking beer and watching football ill bed ..Goodbye to eating cuny for breakfast. In England. we party, we go to Brighton, we dress up as women.

A" Wals n't that a great f Im? iB, Yes., great actressl




A: 'lMhat a great pa rty 1

18; Yes, so much food! A:


A Work in pairs, Com plate this conversation a bout an EngHsh Stag Night.
A' ~ don't understand ..What lis a Stag Night?
B: It's [he night when the best man

~m~g;ineyou're getting married and you're chatting en line wi.th a friend . Com plete thi s conversation. Answ.e r the questions Y;es or INo and give deea iIs.

A I see. S: Your single lilfe is over, so you must say

Hey! Guess what? We're getting marriedl Great! When?
We're going to get married on __


Wonderful. Where are you going to gee

A: Rigiht. SQ wh at ha pp@ns? '13: We have pa rties ..We go places.
A: Such as? B: . And we put: on different clothes, A: Whar kind of cllothes?

t= R [EN D:

We haven't decided y.et. We malY get



How many people have you invited? Where are you going to go on your hon,eymoon?




Work in pairs, Make up, a similar corrversation about a pre-wedding custom
in your ·country.


And where are you going to live?


good ruck!

So far ;n extr@



Al1In ie has ,a dog ca I~ Ch adey. ed
2 Hector's family in Argentina is very rich.:

3 4

Bridget is Eunice's boss. Nkk has a pa lit ina TV progra mmea bo ut hos piltals.

5 He(tor's mother speaks En,glmshvery well,

Check the n1eaningO' ..
Complete the sentences with six of these words. Then write a sentence using the seventh word in the list. anger man.ners
royarty pmrest femper relationship

In this episode

... '.


Hector has very good

He says. 'please' and "thank you' aU the time,
Bridget was in a v~ry bad 2 _
beC';'II!,ISie she had a bad day a t work. Anni,e doesn't think Hector's mother shows her

Do you think Bridget asks Yes Nick to marry her? 2 Has Annie's protest
got something to do




.A.nnie took part

iii! a 4


with fOoOd?



aga inst ge nencallv-mod ified food. Hector and Annie are Il,aving.a 5 There was 6 when she looked at Hector's mother.

_ in Annie's face


Did Annie

and Hector's

moth er go sho ppl ng together?




Epjsode 14


au vvatch

Pari one ...
W:atch Part one a nd number the follewing events in the order thae they hap'P,en.
a.J Hector's mother shows Hector [itle pullover

Rea d U.,@conversatl 0 n betw,een Hecmra till is lliIIotliler. Prnd ict Hector's answers.

Mrs Rome~o: 'fo:urlather has found you a wife.
Hector: a} That's great, What's her n~me?

she has boUlght.
b) An nie and IHectm wa it fer Ziggy in the

b}! hope .she's better iihan ttl ill last on e, e) I don't want ~ wife. ,!I've got Annie. M rs ~ome'r,o: This gir~ isfo;om (I gooo/timiiy; 2 HenCH: a) So is Alilni,e.
b) That's rna rVl1l II~us . Ann ie'sf.almily o is horri bl,e~. () Is s he rid? Mrs Rome'm; This girl is .rich. H ecror.a] Good ..'How mllJiIll money has :slllegot? (
Ib) I don

e} Nick a:!TlclBri,ijget haveal meall togetner. dI]1 AllIfilliiego esto protest and Hector returns

the Hat.

e) B.ridge:~te~~sNick that she wants him to

treat her Hl~@ lady. a f)i Br~dgElI:zries so me aClulP ncture on Nii:ck. l! g)1 Hector's father ca~i,sHector O!1! the phone'.
hJ Hector makes


't Ca resbo ILlr money.

bis mother a cup ,of coffee.

,e] Whe'n cain I meet her? Mlr.s Romero; 5:he''s almost royufW
4 Hector;:a)

B Al1Isw.e!rthese question s,
After wa~chi ng Palm ona, do we !know .•.

lis she related to the British !rOyal 1 what N~(k a nd Bridget were @,{lUng? 2 what .An n ie w.a,slPro~esting

f1ilm~ly? b) Have I met her be~ore?

cl M UIm, An nie is my princess. B look at the p ietu re and .answerth e (westions.
~ Wh~~ledo yOl!! ~h~ All! nie iis? nk a) in a clothes shop b) in oil !l~gjhtclub
c) 2




why Hec,tor'sfa~h@ Ii caUed h~m?

Yes No

·41 wheill'€! Heeter's mother went
5 the co lioU,I r of Hector's new



What do

thi nk she is doi rig?

a) geui ng ready to go 'dIU bbi ng b} tryi Glgw,llil!lld a new image' c) Ilookiling for clothes to impress Mrs Rom,er,Q








Episode 14

Part fw"o •••
Before you watch Part two. match the two pa rts of the sente nces. A II th eli nes are spoken by Hector,


three .. "

Lookat th e photos and choose the best ca ption fa reach 0 ne,

knew Annie,

a)andl you will meet the rea I An 111 ie,
b) to be someone

Come to dinner


tonight She's gOI ng horne,

different. c) She is OK really. d') we wou Id invite her to dlrmertorught.
e) what my mother

tomorrow and IIth ought 4 Stay and be nice to her. S Nick is pretending 6 You carl pretend to be

a) Have you enjoyed your VIISI1. Mrs Romero? b) I don't be[li,e,l'e, ector is your son - be's too H good-looki n,g!

wants. f) you wo u lid love her.

B Now watch Part two a nd answer the

Why did Hector's father calli? a] Beca use he's com ing to E IIlgl~!ld. b) Because he's found ,;3 wife for Hector. 2 Who is Hector talking about when he says: He must stop shopping on eBay? a) Nick b) his father 3 Why does Annie look so diirty? a) Because it started raining when she was
protesti ng,

<'I) More wine, Nick? Ib)Oh, I'm sony, Nick ,_ [Ididn't mean to, spill the wine!

b) Because she was pi aryinga sport. 4 Why does Hector want Annie to be like Nick? a) Because Nick has very good manners. b) Because Nick is good at pretending, 5 Why do Bridget and Ann le go shoppi I1Ig? a) to !buy some party clothes



this episode. ~ .

Are these se ntences true

or false


'Brn dget hiilps Nick to cha nge hi s a ppea ranee.

b] to buy some clothes that Mrs Romero
willi like

.2 Hector's father tells him

to come home and get married. ,3. Mrs Rome ro buys Hector a new p iJ ~II ver. o

4 5 7

Ann ie gets 01rty when she ~5pro~€iSting at a farm. i Anniie and Bridget go shopping for clcthes, 6 Annie cooks dinner for Mrs Romero. Mrs Rome ro flirts wi th Nick at the dii nner P<'I rty, Mrs Rome ro a I1Id Annii e m!illy bscom e fr~e'lilds.


Episode 14

SCIy'sornefhing ex,r@1

B Com pi ete the rn in i-corrve rsati 0 ns with a polite favour.
1 A: I neoo a favom~

B: Wha~ do ')/O,M wa lilt? A: I need to get to M if! n chester iln two hours and my (air has broke IfII do,wl1.

2: lA, Can you do mea
B; Sure. What d CI


you w~ nt?

A: I have' to itll[JY t~alin ticli:l;)et and I haven'~ got aflry 211 money;

------------------~~~----------?' Ex:phdning wmid bapiP~n.ed Ziggy and I were lying down in a field wihell.it began
to raiu, A Ccm Iil ect th@ two pa rts of t heexpla na tio ns,
[[was ~eavifilg the

3 A: CO!Jj Id you pass ilbily do sam eth ingfor m E!? [B·, That de pends, A: ~"mgpilflg away for the week.end and m:y catwill
be alone in the



a) when the driver started
d rivii n,gaw~yl b) when II :salw a strange guy ~ ~he trees. n

apartment 2 I was leavl fIlg til@

3 I wa S getU nlg ~IiI~O the taxi
4 I was,
Wi! Ilkins


c) wnen ~hede~ective s:topp@d me, d) wliien the telephone

dog in [he park

S I 'was ch ecklng !n at

e] when I diLsWVE! r,editlnat

the airport

rh,e ~,iaG"H~W2!I$ delayed.
Camp,l@te these E!!rnaUsg,iving €xdting news wIth a I~ @xpiaining a prob lem, ne

Askinga. fuV10Ul' • Scrub ~nybu,ck. MOFle polite ways ofas.hln.g <Ii. favo,ur • Will you scrub my back? • Would you rn:ind scl'tlbbinlg my back?

G !LH!lSS what? I'm


the I The only problem is .•.

school soccer ~~alffi~

Guess wti1!rn? wo na tri p Ito New "f:ork ~na competition ~

Gue-5:S whalt? [IIwo



Great newsl II h ave a

'G reat
!11 eW;5! Ou r 5<:&10011 hoUday :S:ITartsl'OmOrfOw.

m otorbi ke.•

How much can you remember?
What is Hector's first language?

a) Spanish

b] Italian
b) doctor

c) !French
c) Ilire'fight~r c) Hector's mother

Which of these TV jobs has Nick NOT had?

a l weatherrna n 3 4

Wh lch c hara cter kn ows th e Queen? a} Eunice a] animal

b) Mr Garri@r

What has Annie protested about?


b) war
b) Brad

,c) GM food

Who does Bridget want Nick to look Ilike?

Davl d Beckh if! m


c] Johnny Depp

Check the ft1,eaning. .~ '.
In this ep.isode
What do you think?
'1 Is Hector taking exercise?' Yes
No No No

back up
beat up


physically attack someone

chat up
go on throw out

talk to. someone



2 Is Nick practisi ng for a new Job? 'Yes :3 :1 the gir~ in d'H~red dress s
Niclk's liIew girlfriend? Yes

fQrce someone to leave a place such as a nligrrb;llI!b






Pari one _ ..

Match t:he q uesti


and answers.

A Read the captions. Then watch Part one and an swer th e questions.

Bridget: Hector: lNIick:

What's a bouncer?
Wily "Ire you dressed in black?

2. 4

Hector: 3-

Do YOI,I thi 111 I shou Id be m '0 r,e macho? k Wha r alfe they (Bridget's old toys) doi ng u nd er you r be.d?

Annie: Nick Annie:

5 So, Bridget, why are you here? a) On, Hector. You dIon' t have to be a tough guy' for me.
b) I was lookl ng after them for her. c) Irs someone, who throws people 'Out of nightcllu bs, dI)i What? Oh. l' ve b rough r you SOme sa n GW iches,

is Annie trying to do?
b] remove ~ splinter

a] read Hector's palm



c.) paint his. n~ih;,

Because, baby;


are looking at the new

man on [be door at Ice.

B look at the photo and answer the questions.

What are Hector and Annie talking about?

a] tattoos

b) baths

c] cups of 'tea

What is Ice?
a) the name of a nightclub


b) Nick and Hector's favouri'te bar What is Nick hold ing?



b J the guest list

Why ('lIre they wearnog sunglasses? all' in order to look tough
b) in '0 rder

VV1ho;lt Nick doing? is
a} practising lines in a plalY

to. look sma 1ft



J b "",L/ .;.

b J preparing for an aud iti on

,c) practlsl ng ilow to wo rk at a 11 igh rc Iub

Episode 15



Look at the picture and complete the sentences, using the verbs in the box_




wear ~_

'11 Hector, Ann~e and Bridge!

onthe sofa.
2: 3


------------------ a ski rt,

a (Up.

4 Hector 5 Annie and Bridget

on the phone ..



f'w'"o.. ~.
the Look. at the [picture and pred ict Hector's rep Iy.
0 n.

Watch Part two and complete

Hecte r: Di d I tell you about the ti me th ree peop Ie
tried to fight me? Ann~ e: AJII ~t 'once?

Hector: Alilniie:

Y:eah.. 0 h well, go

IOn •.

MOll n:

Wh~[ are you Ilooking at?

W€H.,Uu~e off [hi em, th,ey ca me at me.


0 h, you poor th ingJ And what did they wa nt?

A.nniie: Oh, AriI~ how old wellf@ yo\u? IlHIlecoor: An n i@: And [hey were ..... ? ;lHIocmr: Ai'll I'll ie: H ector' Two yealr5 01dl They we fe babies! Hector; Yeah, bl!,.lt he Sanchez sisters were Jre.aUy t roughl

IlFrIleQ~or: I'm 1'00ki ngat you ~ In ice bea rd. a) b} l'm Ilook~ng ~t you ~ ookrng at her! c] Have we met som ewliier,e j]'eforer

N(!iW wale han di (hee k. yo u r a nswells ,.

In .......,L.:-_~

this episode


A fIE! th.ese Sen tence-s. true

or fall$ie

B N ow a nswer th Else 'q uesti 0 ns, What does Annie want to do with Hector?
illl} eat some chocolillite

1 N kk has .~.new job asa rlli:gliltd U b doorman .

b) go to lee

.2 Ifamous people go to (he drub. .3 N ick is a very good doc rrn an.
4 5
HeCl<H pretends to havea tattoo to IPease 1 Anllilile.

.2 Accord ililg no N ick, what is [he

11m pomant

3 4

[hi ng a bout being machoi' a) Iffi uscles b) altitude Wh@il"@ does N iolk I~eep IBnld~e(s old ~oys? a) under h IS bed b) next to hils bed Why does B r!dget vis~t N lck att he dub? a) to bring nim b) to seefalmous peopl!e SOml€ sandiWiicnesoutsi,de the dub

Hecto r asks N kk to hell p him to !be more macho,
is there.

6 Anni e aI'll d Briidget go to the dub when ~-Lo

7 N iek loses hiis job at the end of th e ,eve F1I ing" ,g Brludget meets J-L!) illit ~lIle dill b.

SCJ)'" ornefhing s


Making: suggestions l:ees ,eat this ,chocolate beJm1e Bridgetfinds MI.!} don't me 9'0 to lcetoniyllt? Hcnv about getting u ntlwta troo?


( Work in pairs., Comphrte these shorlI: conversations with a suggestion.
'1 A: I m bu Ii1guy.

B~ 2: A: I'm bored!
B: _---------------A; Th (mil'S noth r ng

3. Gitvim;g reasons lVhy are you dress~d!n black? • Beeal~se J'jn tl~enew dQoJ"1:t1an at }:c€•
• So fllOI .loon work ,as' a. doorman • l't
OJ"de:1' ,tZlt

em TV.

e." _---------------4t A" I haven' [got any money. B: -----


to work as a dearman

at .lee.

A Com plle,tell:h e a nswe rsto [he q uestiorrs wiitltll reasons.

fo Uowi n g


does Hector

Beca use
____ ~~

wa rrt U) rna ny Ann ie? ~n love with her.
~_~ Olfl

Why can't Br~dge~.getGn®orhe cllub?
the gues~ lii$~. Why did IHle r em

uy eo


~he telephone _

d~rec~oryin half? In order

b e s!tronger~
4 Why did IHerta r argue wi1rlll the ma n outside the c~ulb? t,o buy

An nie a d nink,

S Why dI~dthe dub tell NIck and Hector {O leave? ______________ had afilgiht.

Writing: anew'S iltemabout someone L1I1!: ~ews the Bouu.cel' of the mQuth is AJex 8'mlth, who last year' stopped 9'55 people./mm g'()hlg into hLs dub ..A.l~y, ,. _.Wh[)i



~'e'Q.r:s' old. has been ,a bawJ!(ltll"foil' rnro

y~ars. Alex likes hisjobbeonu:s-e the pay is gooda.nd

B Work: in pal irs. Co rnp lete th is c.Qll'llvesation r abeut the e:Jp.~;.:;is:::;:o::;:dJ:::.:e:.:; •.___
A~ Why did N iel!;;get the iob at th e
!l ightdub?

he meets ',ots oJ inretesting people.
C Re<a d [he' news item about Alex Smitlil. Now write a similar report about 'One of the foUowili1g people im the news. • Tine fa otballer of the Imorillth • The best new pop star i111 yom co u nmy
• Tine ~op stud e:n~.in 'Your schoo II • Yom bestfriend 'fdend of the Month'

A: And


ImQII! ey:

why did Bridger wa nt to goto th e du b?

B:famo us peopl e.. A: Andwihy didn't Hector gelt a REAlltattoo?




T.hepreserl' .. continuous tense
A What do these examples tell you about the spelling of -ing_ words?

D Now answer these questions about yourself.
What are you doing now? 1 Are you watching television? Are you studying English? Are you listening to music? _----,-Are you sitting in a classroom? Are you eating a sandwich? Are you drinking a cup of coffee? _ _ _ _ _ _

2 3

sitting; read> reading; open> opening; dance> dancing

5 6

B Find the spellings of the other in the table.
I am (I'm) I'm not You are (You're) You aren't He is (He's) He isn't She is (She's)

-ing verbs

The present simple
I/ • • • He • • • you / we / they I speak English. I don't speak Spanish. Do you speak Spanish? / she He speaks Spanish. He doesn't speak English. Does he speak English?

riding a bicycle sitting on the sofa dancing reading a letter writing an email shopping learning English speaking Spanish opening the door listening to music having a shower watching television eating a sandwich drinking a cup of coffee

Yes, I do. No, I don't.

She isn't We are (We're) We aren't You are (You're) You aren't They are (They're) They aren't

Yes, he does. No, he doesn't.

A Complete these sentences, using the verb in brackets.
1 (live) Annie and Bridget (live) They (watch) Annie (fancy) Nick (speak) Hector in Argentina. TV every day. Bridget. English very well. in London.

C Complete the questions and answers in

the table.
Are you learning English? Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Is Hector exercise bicycle? Is Annie ~e~m~a~il~? Are we \ the sofa? [ Are they TV? on an the Yes, No, he isn't. Yes, _ _

2 3


B Complete these sentences so they are true for you. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box.
live speak . study work in Europe. Italian fluently. for an oil company. Spanish very well. Russian as well as English. understand

~.~N~o~,========~------Yes, we are. No, Yes, No,---,--_ _ _ _



Hector and Bridget shopping?

Yes, No,

2 3 4 5

My best friend _______ I _______ My cousin _______ I _______



Can and can't

You: Chris: You: Oh. What about the weekend?

We can use can and can't to indicate ability or lack of ability. • • • I can teach Hector how to exercise. I can't play the guitar. Can you cook like my mother? about

~'W!f Questions vvith vvould

A Complete the following information yourself and ReoRle you know __ .......
1 ___________ __________ I don't know if I can - I've never tried it! I can't at all - I'm really bad at it. S 6 7 8 9 10 My mother / father can My sister / brother / cousin can't No one in my family can I don't know if anyone in my family can My best friend can I know someone who can

Would is commonly used in polite requests and invitations. • • Would you do my washing for me? Would you mind doing my washing for me?

play the guitar. speak English well. _ _ _ _ _

3 4

Note that the answer to a question beginning would you mind begins with no. • • No, not at all. No problem. we often use would you like

For invitations, (to) ... ? • •

Would you like some water? Would you like to have some water?

_ _

Note that the positive answer to these questions is yes.

We can also use can / can't to show that it is possible or not possible to do something, often in the near future. • • • I can meet you in the evening. I can't meet you tonight - I have to do my homework. Can you meet me today?

Complete these requests and invitations.
Would you 2 3 to the cinema with me tonight? Would yo~ dinner with me? Would you for a walk in the park? Would you a little more quietly? I'm trying to sleep. S 6 7 8 Would-you a cup of coffee for me? Would you outside for a few minutes? I'm rather busy. Would you the window for me? Would you a drink? -----'-_ _ _ _ _ _ _

B Complete this chat room conversation with someone. You don't want to meet this person. Give excuses.
Chris: You: Chris: You: Chris; Hi, this is Chris. Remember me? Oh, yes ... I'd really like to meet you. Can you meet me tonight? No, I'm sorry OK, tomorrow night? _ _


The present continuous with future meaning
We use the present continuous to talk about things which are happening now. • What are you doing? • I'm watching a DVD. We can also use the present continuous to talk about immediate future plans: • • I'm seeing my friends tonight. Are you meeting Nick later?

Answer these questions about your immediate future plans.
1 2 3 4 5 What are you going to do this evening? What are you going to do at the weekend? What are you going to do on your next birthday! Where are you going (to go) for your next holiday? What are you going to study next year?

• •

The will future

Are these sentences about now or the future?
1 2 3 4 5 6 What on earth are you doing? Are you crazy? I got the job on the internet. confirmation. What are you doing on our computer Is he meeting her alone? How's it going? My boss is coming to dinner! I'm waiting for

The will future has lots of meanings! Look at these two examples. Hector and I will prepare and serve a good dinner this evening. -We will help you-get your promotion.

Nick is talking about a definite future event. He is making a promise about something he will do in the future.


The going to future
We use going to to talk about our future intentions. • • I'm going to lookfor ajob. r,p not (Joing to stlldy Russian. Are you going to make some coffee?

Choose the best future tense to complete these sentences. More than one answer is possible in some cases.
visit my aunt this weekend a) am going to b)will a coffee with my friends ;~lh ~'/e b) am having at 6pn b) is going to leave at Milan on the wa) b) will land English next yea: b) studying


I after the lesson.




The plane to London on Friday. a) will leave

It's possible to say: • • I'm going to go to the cinema.

But you can also say it more simply: I'm going to the cinema.

It a) is landing I'm not a) going to study



Is the future meaning in the sentences in A, an intention, an immediate future event or a definite future event?

Complete these conversations to do something.
It's very cold in here .



Definite events future


2 3

There's someone at the door. I'm feeling hungry.

We use will to talk about definite events in the future. • My face will be on your teleuision t'( Tr'd t , ight at 6 o'clock in front of a huge audience. And also for forecasting the weather. • It will be hot in the south.
A Tick

5 6

I'm thirsty
I'd like to read a newspaper. I'm late for school.

V these sentences if they refer to things that will definitely happen (or NOT happen) in the future.
Hilary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.



2 3 4 5

I will do well at university. The European Cup Final will take place in May next year. Prince Charles will be the next King of England. After Beijing, the next Olympic will take place in London. Games

We can use will to predict something in the future. It is commonly used in advertising. • This chocolate is so smooth it will melt a beautiful lady's heart.

6 . It will be warm and sunny in Italy this summer. 7 8 Russell Crowe will win an Oscar next year. It will rain every day next month in London.

Match the advertising slogans on the left with
a future prediction on the right.
These pizzas are so delicious a) you will fall asleep on it! b) you will want to eat two! c) your hair will feel like silk! d) you will arrive in half the time! e) you will want to take a friend!

B Can you replace will with the above sentences?

may in any of

2 3 4 5

This sofa is so comfortable This train is so fast These plane tickets are so cheap This shampoo is so smooth

We also use will to make offers, especially when you make an instant decision to do something. • • It's very hot in here. I'll open the window.

.'~' j""! .. t';;'

The present perfect tense
We use the present perfect to talk about things that took place in the past, where the action itself is more important happened. dramatic! • • • I've won the lottery! My lottery ticket has disappeared! I've lost your ticket, Bridget. than when it The actions can be quite

Match the questions on the left with the answers on the right.
Why are you looking a) I've just eaten it, sorry. b) I've just arrived. c) I've just seen an accident. d) He's just gone out. e) I've just been OUI with my girlfriend so pleased? Why are you looking so shocked? Where's the chocolate that was on the table? How long have you been here? S Have you seen Hector?

2 3 4

Complete the following conversation, using the words in brackets.
Annie: Bridget: Bridget, you look. terrible! What's the matter? (I / win / lottery)

The present perfect with ever and never
We use the present perfect with ever and never to explain things that we have or haven't done in our whole lives. • • Have you ever won a prize? I've never heard of it.

Annie: Bridget:

So why are you looking sad? (My ticket / disappear)

Annie: Bridget:

Oh no! What's happened to it? (Hector / take / it / instead of / dry-cleaning ticket)

Note the following answers to a Have you ever ... question. Note that the extra information in the yes answer is in the past tense. • • • Have you ever won a prize? No, I haven't. Yes, I have. I won a trip to London when I was 17-

Annie: Bridget:

That's terrible. Where is he? (I don't know. I / not / see / him)


these Questions with Yes or No


The present perfect withjust

Have you ever been to London?
Have your parents ever been to London? Have you ever met a film star? Have you ever driven a sports car? Have you ever eaten Thai food?

We use the present perfect with just to talk about things which happened very recently. • • I've just been to see Bridget. I've just found the ticket on Nick's bed.
4 5 3

Reporting', staten1ents
You can use say, tell and ask to report what someone says. Note how the tense changes. Also note that after tell you need to mention who was told. 'My mother is my best friend.' She said that her mother was her bestfriend. 'My mother treats me like a baby.' She told me that her mother treated her like a baby. 'How was your fliqht?' Bridget asked Chrissy how her .flight was. 'Would you like a drink?' Nick asked Chrissy

B What did these people actually say? Bridget said her mother was her best friend. 'My~ 2 3 Bridget said that she liked doctors. Annie wondered why Nick always talked about Bridget.


'I ---------------------------------

'I ------------------------------4 Hector said that he was confused.

'I --------------------------------5 Nick said that he had to practise being a doctor.

'I ---------------------------------

if she

would like a drink.


A Read these lines from the episode and report what the characters said Bridget: My mother doesn't understand me.

Reporting requests and corrllnands:asking and telling people to do things

Bridget said

Request: She asked me to move her bike. Command: She told me to put it back again.
Put these requests and commands into reported speech. Would you move this exercise bike to give me


Nick: Hector, you have good reflexes.

Nick told Hector


Annie: You are just in time to see my new magic trick.

more space?

Annie told Nick and Hector


Move it back again!


Chrissy: Bridget, do you have some clothes I could borrow?


Hector, think of a card.

4 5 Annie: Nick looks so handsome in his doctor's coat. 5

Can you lend me some money?

Could you possibly call me back?


Hector: Annie, I have something

to ask you.


Please wait in the queue.


Verbs of the senses
sound, smell, look, feel, taste, seem
0~/I100k fantastic!

.--- -----------_


B Complete these sentences,
of the senses. Verbs of the senses are followed by adjectives, not adverbs. • It'lllookfantastic. • She sounds awful. • These flowers smell beautiful.

using a verb
_ awful!

There's a man in the street. He suspicious.

2 3

I'm eating a hamburger.


We're listening to a band called the Scissor Sisters. They great. What are you cooking? It wonderful:


Complete these sentences adjective from this list.

with a suitable

5 6

I want to know what's in this package. It unusual. I'm talking to Bob on the phone. He unhappy. _

awful professional


delicious unhappy
It tastes _ _

This soup is wonderful!

2 3
4 5 6

Turn off the music! It sounds Thank you so much! The pullover feels very What's wrong with Sam? He looks really I like this material very much. It feels very

Use like when the verbs are followed by a noun use as ifwhen they are followed by a clause • He looks like a pop star, • It sounds as if there's been an accident.
C Cnpl:::I''''~<: these sentences using an expressio with like or as if. What's happened in the kitchen? It smells 2 I've just been listening to the news on the radio It sounds __ ~ _ Look at that guy in the street. He's covered in snow! He looks __ What's in this parcel? It feels What's in this' sandwich? It tastes -----When Tom and Sarah left the room they were both very angry. It seems _ _

I like this teacher. She seems very

_ 3

The verbs of the senses are usually in the present simple tense, not the present continuous tense. • The soup tastes delicious. • She seems very nice.

4. 5 6


Abstract. nouns
The following abstract nouns are used in the programme. • • • • We talked aboutfashion. Let's do some research. Hamlet is about love, madness You don't need talent.

Complete these examples of the will future.
1 2 3
4 I'll be _________ unhappy. when I'm older. for me or I will be really

and murder.

I've got an idea - I'll show you how to She won't pass the exam because Whatever happens, you and 1 always When I finish school, Make me a cup of coffee and ------I've got an idea - I'll _ _ _

Complete these sentences with abstract noun from this list.
anger love confidence stress disappointment success


fame sympathy

6 7 8

You have all my after your terrible news. 2 3 4 S 6 7 8

I was sure I was going to pass the exam, so I felt . a lot of My life is full of I feel anxious all the time. Your family is so nice - I can feel there is a lot of ________ ___:_ in your house. problem. _ After he shouted at his employees, he agreed to see a doctor about his You need a lot of to speak in front of a lot of people. The only reason why people go on TV is because they enjoy He hasn't had any as an actor - he's never got a part. ~-------_ when I failed. and


tOO •••


Complete the second sentence in each pair with a similar expression.
I thought you were too angry to speak to me.
When David Beckham walked in, I was amazed. I was too 2 3 4 ____________ of wine. She's I'm 14. Can I get a driving licence? No, you're S 6 I can't open the window. The lock is too high. I'm This English story is full of complicated It's 7 8 I'm exhausted! I'm any more exercise. Please don't buy those jeans. You're ______ ~ towearthem! _ to open it. words. _ to translate. _ to speak. to join the army. to drive! Jack wants to be a soldier but he's only 1S - he's Don't give her the keys! She drank three glasses

The \lVill future various exalnples
The following examples of the will future appear in this episode. • I'll be sweet when I'mfamous. • Buy me another pair of tights or you will have an accident. • I've got idea - I'll teach you to be a TV reporter. • He won't get the job because he was ridiculous! • Whatever happens, we will always be together.


I want you to go straight to Garrier's Cosmetics Factory. Eunice wants me to go straight back. She wants Channel 9 tofight against animal cruelty. These verbs can be used in the same way: advise allow ask help invite order tell

Transitive phrasal verbs take, direct objects. In these examples, you can't separate the two words of the verb. • Look after my babies. (NOT Look my oobies-eifter. The guinea pig is laughing at us.


Check the meanings of the inseparable phrasal verbs in this list. Then write a short conversation using at least three of them.

Choose a verb from the list to complete
these sentences.
'Don't speak!' The head teacher didn't us to speak in class. 2 3 4 S The neighbours Can I _________ to buy the car. were nice. They into the house. The policeman me _ me to move my furniture 'Leave the building _

catch up with look forward to

get rid of run out of

look at

you to have dinner with me tonight? immediately!' us to leave the building.

'If I were you, I'd buy that car: He

With other phrasal verbs, you can separate the two words. • I need to look up a word in my dictionary. • .J need to look a word up in my dictionary. If the object of the verb is a pronoun (eg it), you must separate the two parts of the verb. J need to look it up. (NOT l-need-W-ltxJk-up-it;-)


Phrasal verbs
A phrasal verb has more than one word: an ordinary verb, plus one or two other words. These other words are usually prepositions like up, and off, but are called 'particles'. An intransitive verb doesn't have a direct object. • They've split up. • The plane took off. A Complete the sentences with a suitable phrasal verb from this list.


Rewrite these sentences. Change the underlined words to a pronoun (it, her, them) and put it in the correct position.
I had to fill in a form before they allowed me to enter the country.

break down " grow up
1 2 3 4 S

come in sit down

go out wake up
_ in London. _ , I need some fresh air. until midday.

2 3 4 S

Yesterday, I picked up m_ysister at the airport. I wanted to try the jeans on in the shop. It was hot so I took off !I!yjacket. Will you please turn off the lights?

They had a problem when their car She lives in Oxford I have to He didn't but she I was very tired so I had to





Adjectives ending in -ed describe people's feelings or reactions to things. • I'm completely exhausted. • I'm not interested in soccer. • She was amazed by the design of the building. • I wasfrightened by a dog when I was a child. A Make

Can is used in the present to talk about ability, possibility and permission. • I can swim. • When can we go on holiday? • You can use my computer now. If we warrt to talk about an abi'lity or possibility (or lack of it) in the future, we can also use will / won't be able to. • The girls won't be able to resist Nick! • We'll be able to visit the museum when it opens. To show permission (or lack of it) in the future, we can also use will / won't be allowed to. • I won't be allowed to use his computer tomorrow. Complete these sentences, using be able to or will be allowed to.

-ed adjectives from these words.
2 disappointment _ 4 surprise _ 5 terror _ _

1 amusement 3 pleasure

B Now complete the sentences with the
adjectives you made and the ones in the box.
He makes me laugh. I am always by his stories. 2 3 4 5 The horror film was very realistic. I was absolutely I was card from you. She was obviously again. I was was in America. by the aliens. not to receive a birthday to meet Sam to see her - I thought she _


Remember, when you drive in France, you _______ to drive on the left! that I you to give

Adjectives ending in -ing usually describe things but can also describe people. They describe the effect that something or someone has on you. • My job is exhausting. • Football isn't interesting to me. • The lesson was boring. • The design of the building is amazing. • The dog was veryfi·ightening. C Decide which adjective is correct in these sentences.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The movie was really frightened / frightening. We were all frightened / frightening during the hurricane. He's a really interested / interesting person. They tried to sell me a car but I wasn't interested

2 3 4

I'm confident _______

remember all these facts when I do the exam. me a lift in your car to the airport tomorrow? We're very lucky because when we visit the Parliament building, we enter the Prime Minister's office! to



speak my own language in

class when the new teacher comes next year.


to the Speaking


1 on page 48.

The Spanish word for eyes is 'oios.' The Spanish word for flat is 'piso.' And the Spanish word for to drink is 'beber,'

/ interesting.
The result of the soccer game was disappointed

/ disappointing. It's a very pleased / pleasing result. Were you pleased / pleasing by the election result? ~ ~ t~~ ~~tf
.'. <,~i'-."',.:
.'. "oa,-'" "


Question tags
Question tags are short questions at the end of sentences. If the main part of the sentence is affirmative, the question tag is negative. If the sentence is negative, then the question tag is affirmative. • Argentina beat England, didn't they? • You're English, aren't you? • She doesn't smoke, does she? • You didn't borrow my pen, did you? • He'll come with us, won't he?


You've used one of these computers


6 7

What was that noise? It was a knock at the door, Have you heard the weather forecast? It'll be

sunny again tomorrow, ?


Relative pronouns: who, which and that

A Complete these sentences with the appropriate question tag.
1 2 3
4 Maria is Italian, Your parents aren't here, You like spaghetti, William and Kate will be here soon, Sandra can't drive, They aren't coming to the show, You didn't do your homework, You can get five in your car, -------? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5 6


Intonation: If it's a 'real' question and you don't know the answer, your voice rises on the question tag: • Have you ever heardof Kurt Vonnegut? • I'm not sure. He's a writer, isn't Ihe? If you are sure of the answer and are only asking for agreement, your voice falls on the question tag: T r,c>n"'n,her yrn" i,Afp\-'C met hnf0re, haven'~ \"p'J

who refers to people, not things; which refers to things, not people; that refers to things,. and can also refer to people. • There are some people who / that think that football is a matter of life and death; • I need a hairstyle that / which a Spanish footballfan will adore. • Miguel is a man who / that lives in Barcelona, You can't use that in sentences like these: • Nick, who wants to be an actor, went to Birminghamfor an audition. • The car, which was stolen in London, belonged to Bridget. In sentences like these, you can use a relative pronoun, but you don't need to. • Miguel is the man (who/that) Bridget met in Spain. • I lost the pen (that--j which) I borrowed from Annie,

Complete these sentences using who, which or that. Write two answers if two answers are possible. Don't write anything if you don't
need to use a "elative pronoun. 1 2 3 4 5 6
? 7 She's the woman Channel 9, independent Hector, drinking. The champagne, expensive. Annie is the woman marry. Hector wants to is French, is very This is the present This is the champagne works in Bar Gordo. is where Bridget works, is an TV company. I bought for Annie. Eunice likes comes from Argentina, is very rich,

B Complete the sentences, then put a ;fif you think it is a genuine question, and ~ if you think the speaker is asking for agreement.
1 2 3 4
This food is wonderful, Ulan Bator? Er ... that's in Mongolia, ?

Of course I know Arthur! together, We were at school Oh no! Please tell me! The policeman didn't see me, ?

The present perfect (2) vvith already and yet
See Episode 6 for examples of the present perfect withjust, ever and never. I'vejustfound the ticket (= afew moments ago) Have you ever been to Paris? (= in your life) I've never been to Rome (= in my life) In this episode there is an example of the present perfect 1;" j~h yo.:

Already can refer to an action that was planned and has happened. • • What about the tickets? Don't worry, I've already bought them.

It can emphasise a past action that doesn't

need to be repeated. • My goodness! I've already drunk three cups of coffee today!

Have you booked Westminster

Abbey yet?

You use yet in questions or negative statements to show that you are expecting something to happen and you want to know if it HAS happened. • Have you done your homework yet? • Have you cleaned your room yet? You use yet in negative sentences to show that something has not happened until now. • I haven't done my homework yet. • She hasn't cleaned her room yet.

B Complete these conversations, using the words in brackets ..
A: B: We need to buy some flowers! It's alright - I (already buy)


A: B:

Where's your homework? Sorry! I (not do yet)

3 A Complete these questions with ever or yet. Fill in one of the gaps only.
Have you Spears' latest song heard Britney ? given ? found ? had ? driven ? been to a wedding Abbey ? met a movie star written ? to her ? 7 .


Annie and Hector aren't going to get married. I know. Hector (already tell) me.



Can I read your newspaper? No, sorry. I (not read yet)

2 3 4

Have your parents you this week's allowance Have you your keys Has your brother long hair



Do you want another cup of coffee? No, thank you. I (already drink) three!



When are you going to clean your room? What do you mean? (already clean)


Have you a Ferrari Testarossa

6 7 8

Have you at Westminster Have you Hollywood Has Annie friend about the wedding


Have you got your allowance for this week? No, My parents (not give yet)



What did you think of Brad Pitt's new film? I don't know. I (not see yet)

Conditional sentences vvith if
There are many different forms of conditional sentences using if. In zero conditional sentences, all the verbs are in the present tense. • If your name's not on the guest list, you can't come in. • Ifhe doesn't get me on the guest list, he is in bio trouble! First conditional sentences refer to the future. The verb in the if clause is in the present tense. • I'll have one if you have one. ,A Match the two parts of the sentences.
If it rains tomorrow a) if I see him. b) we'll be late for school. c) we won't go to the beach. d) if you aren't a member. e) I can't cook dinner.



be and must have been

Look at the two possible answers to the question and read the explanations. • Who's the man in the black suit? • He's the bouncer. (=You know this is the answer.) • He must be the bouncer. (=You think this is the answer because nothing else seems poxsib.le.) • • • Where's your friend? She's doing her make-up. She must be doing her make-up.

2 3

I'll give Robert the message If there isn't any pasta If the bus doesn't arrive soon, You can't go into the club

In the past tense use must have + the past participle. • Where are the sandwiches? • I left them behind. (=You know this is the answer. ) • I must have left them behind. ( =You think this is the answer because nothing else seems possible.) A Rewrite the answers to the questions using must be or must have + the past participle.
Where's your sister? She's on the dance floor. 2 3 4 Why is Tony late? He missed the bus. Who are those people over there? They're friends of my father's. Where are your keys? I left them in the car! _ ~ _


Second conditional sentences refer to things which are not possible or which are not likely to happen. • If I were you, I wouldn't do that. (=This is not possible.) • If your granny came to Ice and caused trouble, I would have to ask her to leave. (=This is not likely to happen.) B Complete the missing part of the sentences.

B Now complete the answers using the correct form of the verb in brackets.
Where's the way out?

I haven't got any money. If I would buy a new iPod. 2 3 4 I'm not very tall. If I would play basketball. My sister doesn't speak English. If she would get a better job. I don't like cooking. If I would make dinner for you.

_ 2 _ 3 _ 4 _

It must I don't think we have met before. You must AC Milan must Why isn't Alex here? He must the party.

(be) downstairs. (be) Angela's friend. (lose) the match. (forget) about

Why does everyone look so unhappy?

~.~ , .




Verbs which are followed by to
When verbs like want are followed by another verb, they are usually followed by to. I want to see your chest. It began to rain. Nick is pretending to be someone different. These verbs are also usually followed by to: agree forget continue hope decide intend expect remember start
try girl marry the from does Argentina Hector want to

? 2
Annie forbidden Hector's family Hector to marry has

? 3
to did tell Annie farmer the field leave and Ziggy the

Complete the sentences, using one of the verbs.
(agree / try) Hector didn't marry the girl from Argentina. 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 (pretend / hope) Nick is be Bridget's perfect boyfriend. (want / expect) (pretend/begin) (try/decide) Bridget Annie is ~~-____:_ _ _ _ change Nick completely. be the perfect girlfriend. Nick is always work on television. (remember / forget) Annie take an umbrella and got wet. (start / decide) When his mother arrived, Hector cook a meal. _ _

? 4
clothes Annie some new to did Bridget advise buy



So am l/so is she

So am I is a simple way to show that a) you agree with something or b) a situation is the same for two people. This girl is from a goodfamily.
So is Annie.

I am going out now.
So amI.


(continue / intend) During the meal, Mrs Romero _____________ ignore Annie.

Match the comments on the left with the responses on the right.
1 Bridget lives in the flat. The girl from Argentina can cook. She will make a good wife. She went to a good school. Nick lives in the flat next door. Hector works for Channel 9. Annie loves animals. a) So will Annie.

by an object

+ to

2 3 4 S 6 7

b) So does Bridget.
c) So did Annie. d) So does Ziggy. e) So does Hector. f) So can Annie.

This is common after verbs such as want, invite and tell. • My father wants me to marry her. • Can we invite her to have dinner with us? • He told us to go away. allow forbid ask remind encourage teach

We can use these verbs in the same way:

advise expect

g) So does Annie.


refer to the episode in which each

word is first used.


a cowboy/designer look expression a cowboy/designer style of clothes 2 a matter of life and death expression extremely important 12 act verb to perform in a play, film or on TV 13 acting agency noun a place where actors go to get work 1 acupuncture noun a form of Chinese medicine using needles 14 adorable adjective very attractive and easy to love 5 adore verb to love very much 9 advert noun a short film on TV that tells people to buy something aftershave noun perfume men use after they shave 3 agent noun someone who helps an actor get a job 5 alien noun a creature from another planet 9 anger noun a feeling of being angry 14 answerphone noun a machine that records telephone calls when you are out 6 apricot noun a small, soft orange fruit 14 arrest verb to take someone to the police station because they may have committed a crime 14 arrogant adjective having too high an opinion of yourself 3 assistant noun someone who helps you in your job 4 attitude noun (ne way you trunx about something 1S audience noun people watching a show, play or film 5 audition noun a chance for an actor to get a part in a play 9 awfu I adjective very bad 1

bandanna noun a type of scarf 2 beat up verb to fight someone 15 beauty noun the quality of being beautiful 4 beef casserole noun a dish with meat and vegetables, cooked slowly 4 best man noun a good friend who helps a man at his wedding 13 big adjective (spoken) very popular 5 biker noun someone who loves riding a motorcycle 2 bill noun a piece of paper telling you the price of something

blonde adjective yellow hair· 3 blusher noun make-up that makes your cheeks pink 10 bouncer noun a man who decides which people can go into a nightclub and stops fights 15 bridesmaid noun a girl who helps a bride at her wedding 13 brilliant adjective very clever, exciting or interesting 12 build verb to make something using wood, stone, etc 8 butler noun an important servant


baby noun someone who is frightened for no reason 15 bad hair day expression (spoken) a day when you feel your hair doesn't look nice 12


cancel verb to stop something from happening 13 career noun the type of job that someone does 6 catastrophe noun something very bad 12 celebrate verb to go out somewhere nice .or have a party because ;'ldn",l"';'6 good has happened 3 chaperone noun someone who goes out with a woman to make sure she is safe 11 charity noun money you give to help other people 6 chase verb to try and catch someone by following them quickly chat up verb to talk to a man or woman because you find them attractive 15 cheeky adjective talking in a disrespectful but funny way 9



chest noun the upper part of a man's body 2 chickpea noun a small round yellow bean 4 chicks (slang) girls noun childish adjective behaving like a child 12 claim verb to ask for a prize you have won 6 co-ordinator noun someone who organises an event 10 co-star verb to be one of the main actors in a film or play 5 comfort verb to make someone feel better when they are upset

comforta ble adjective making you feel relaxed 7 confidential adjective secret 15 confirmation noun a letter saying you have got a job 4 confused adjective not sure what is happening, not understanding something 7 cool adjective (spoken) very good 2 cosmetics factory noun a place that produces make-up 10 costume noun special clothes worn for a part in a play 9 course noun one of the dishes you eat during a meal 4 crazy about someone expression (spoken) to like a boy or girl very much 6 creep noun someone who says nice things to you in order to make you like them 4 cross adjective slightly angry 12 curry noun a dish of spicy food, usually Indian 13 cushion noun a soft type of pillow cut off expression disconnect 5 cute adjective (slang) attractive 7

cybercafe noun
a cafe where you can use the internet 3

decent adjective kind and honest 13 defence noun the way a football team keeps the ball on their side 12 delicious adjective tasting very good 5 denim noun blue material that jeans are made from 2 depart verb to leave in a plane or train 9 designer clothes expression expensive clothes made by a famous shop 5 dessert noun a sweet course you eat at the end of a meal 5 destination noun the place you are going 11 disaster noun something terrible that happens 9 discover verb to find 9 distance noun the measurement between two points 8 divine adjective (spoken) very beautiful 4 dozen noun twelve of something 2 drama noun acting and the theatre 12 dreadful adjective very bad 10 dream noun a story you see in your mind when you are sleeping 9 dream date expression the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend 3 dress up as verb wear special clothes 13 dressed in adjective wearing particular clothes 15 dressing room noun a room where actors change their clothes 11 driving me mad expression making me angry 13 drum roll noun the sound of drums played at the beginning of a show 7 dry-cleaner's noun a shop which cleans clothes using special chemicals 6 dustman noun a man who take rubbish away 6

date expression if you have a date, you go somewhere with a boyfriend or girlfriend 11

editor noun someone whose job is preparing a book or TV programme 9



~:;~;•.. ~~


emergency services expression the police, fire service or ambulance service 13 escape verb to run away 14 evaporate verb to turn from water to steam 15 event noun something that happens 11 exclusive adjective only available for important people 15 executive noun an important businessman 5 exercise verb to take part in a sport in order to keep you healthy 3 exhausted adjective extremely tired 8 exhausting adjective making you feel extremely tired 5 exit noun the door you use to leave a building, or the wayan actor leaves the stage 5 exotic adjective in a country far away 6 experience noun something that happens in your life 9 experiment noun to test in order to find out if something works or is safe 10 exquisite adjective very beautiful 4

fire verb to tell someone they must leave their job 10 flames noun very hot orange, red or yellow parts of a fire 13 flatmate noun someone you share a flat with 8 flight noun a journey by plane 7 fool noun a silly or stupid person 9 foot noun a British and American unit of measurement = 30


fox noun an animal with a big tail that likes to chase chickens frying pan noun a flat pan for cooking things quickly 5 furious adjective very angry 11


factory noun a place that produces a lot of a particular thing 10 fa ke expression not real 15 fan noun someone who loves a sport or pop group 12 fancy verb to find someone sexually attractive 1 fancy dress expression ::',yhes ;;01) wear for? 5;'2cl,1 ocr asion '} fantastic adjective (spoken) extremely good 2 fascinating adjective very interesting 4 fed up adjective (spoken) bored or unhappy 11 field noun an area of land where animals live 14 fight verb to physically hurt someone 15 filthy adjective very dirty 14 final noun the last game in sports that decides the winner



genetically modified adjective using a kind of technology that changes how plants and animals grow 14 gentle adjective kind 11 gentleman noun a man from a good family who behaves well 14 get rid of someone verb to send someone away 8 Get the message? expression Do you understand? 8 give me a hand expression please help me 11 glue verb to stick something with a special liquid 3 go clubbing expression to go out to nightclubs 4 go on verb to continue 15 good looks expression attractive 4 ?,('<')d r2f1'?'(es noun the ability to do something quickly 7 good-looking adjective attractive, handsome 4 gorgeous adjective (spoken) sexually attractive 3 granny noun a short word for grandmother 15 guess verb to try and find out 10 guest noun someone who is invited somewhere 14 guest list noun , a list of people who are allowed to go into a nightclub 15


Word listguinea pig noun someone who is used as an experiment guy noun (spoken) a man 4 gym noun a place where you exercise 3 I'm off expression I'm leaving. 3 identical adjective exactly the same 7 idiot noun a stupid person 4 imagine verb to think of something that might happen 9 impress verb to try and make someone have a good opinion of you 9 impressed adjective having a good opinion of someone 9 in a good / bad mood expression feeling happy/unhappy 7 in a strange mood expression behaving in a strange way 7 in charge expression the person in charge is the boss 8 in private expression without anyone else listening 8 in trouble expression having a problem because you have done something wrong 8 in your blood expression something you were born to do 9 In your dreams! expression this will never happen except in your dreams! 9 incredible adjective very surprising or exciting 7 injection noun liquid medicine given to someone using a special needle 7 inner calm noun peaceful feelings inside you 14 interfere verb to try and stop someone doing something 9 interrupt verb to start to talk when someone else is talking 7 invite verb to ask someone to do something with you 4 irresistible adjective when you can't refuse 6 it was nice while it lasted expression it was nice but it only lasted a short time 9 it'll do expression it's good enough 12 it's a deal expression I accept 15 it's worth it expression it's a good idea 10 it's your fault expression you are to blame 6


hair dye noun colour for your hair 10 hair mousse noun a thick liquid for styling your hair





a piece of material that keeps your hair in place 14 hairstyle noun the way your hair is cut 9 handsome adjective attractive 1 hang on expression please wait 11 hard boiled eggs noun a whole egg cooked in boiling water 4 hard-working adjective not lazy 13 Have I missed something? expression there something I didn't see? 12 hippie noun someone who copies the style of the 1960s in their clothes and taste in music 10 honey noun (spoken) a friendly name for a boyfriend or girlfriend 14 honeymoon noun a holiday after you get married 13 horrid adjective not very nice; bad 10 hospitality noun kindness you show other people 11 hot dog noun a sausage served inside a bread roll 4 How dare you? expression Why did you do that? (used when you are angry) 9 hunk noun (slang) a very attractive man 13 hunt noun a group of people who ride horses to chase animals, especially foxes, especially in Britain 14 hurt adjective feeling pain 3

I can't bear it expression I hate it. 12 I thought so. expression This is what I thought and I was right. 9 I want a word with you. expression I want to speak to you about something important.


karaoke noun singing to songs on a tape


~~.t. ,




keen adjective wanting to do something very much 8 keep (doing) verb to continue doing something 15 keep it a secret expression don't tell other people 1 kick-off noun the start of a football match 12 knock verb to make a sound on a door with your hand


laboratory noun a place where people do experiments 10 Latino adjective coming from Latin America 15 launderette noun a shop where you can use washing machines and dryers 4 leader noun a person who is in charge of a group or organisation 10 leave behind verb to not take with 15 Leave it to us. expression We'll do it. 4 lick off verb to remove something using your tongue 15 light of my life expression the most important person in my life 9 lightning noun electricity from the clouds during a storm 5 lines noun the words an actor has to say 9 lipstick noun make-up for the lips 10 long time no see expression I haven't seen you for a long time. 9 lose verb to not win 15 lottery noun a competition where the prize is money 6 lovely adjective very beautiful 4 lovers noun people who are in love 5 luggage noun suitcases or bags 1 luxury adjective very comfortable and expensive 6


magic trick expression a kind of clever joke 7 make-up noun cosmetics for the face 10 man trouble expression difficulties with a boyfriend 13 manners noun polite ways of behaving 14 march noun a protest by lots of people 10 marry verb to become someone's husband or wife 14 mascara noun a type of make-up used for making your eyelashes darker 10 masterpiece noun an unusually good piece of work 9 mature adjective fully grown 4 measure verb to find out the size or amount of something 2 melon noun a large round fruit 2 melt verb to turn a solid into a liquid after being heated up 5 mention verb to talk about someone or something briefly 10 ' messy adjective untidy 8 microwave noun a type of very fast cooker 5 midnight feast expression a large meal in the middle of the night 13 .millionaire noun a very rich person 3 mind you expression this is what I think 4 miss verb to feel sad that someone is not there 7 motto noun a short phrase with a message 10 mu!timillionaire noun an extremely rich person 6 murder noun the act of killing someone 9 muscles noun the strong parts of your body that enable you to move 15 muscular adjective having strong muscles 7 musical noun liking or being good in music 3 my lucky day expression I am very lucky today. 6 mysterious adjective difficult or impossible to understand 9

macho adjective aggressive male pride 13 madness noun insane, sick in the head 9 magic (wand) noun a special stick that works magic 7


. g'(

l.·'''~>· .'.1 ',

nanny noun a woman who looks after a young child 11 needle noun a thing used for sewing 15 never heard of expression I don't know about 9 news noun new information someone tells you about themselves nickname noun an informal name for someone 4 nightclub noun a place VI'here ptc;'e lisifc, .o music »nd.dance at night 15 nightdress noun a dress a woman wears to sleep in 11 nightmare noun I a horrible or bad dream 8 No way! expression I refuse to do that! 4



ocean noun a very large sea 3 octopus noun a sea creature with eight legs 4 off expression not going to happen 13 old-fashioned adjective used in the past and without any style on duty expression at work and not able to leave 15 on fire expression burning 13 on the contrary expression I think the opposite is true 12 on your own expression alone 2 online adjective using the internet 2 outfit noun clothes that look nice together 2 owe to have to pay money for something


perfect adjective not having any faults 9 perform verb to act on stage or in a film 9 perfumery noun a factory where perfume is made 3 pet noun an animal you look after in your house 13 ping-pong noun table tennis 8 Place your bets! expression Pay money to guess what will happen. 7 poison verb to give someone something to eat or drink that wili kill them 4 pole noun a long metal or wooden stick 8 pop in verb to visit for a short time 9 poster noun a picture that advertises something 10 premiere noun the first night of a film or play 10 pretend verb to make people believe you are someone else 14 prick noun a small mark on the skin made by a needle 15 princess noun the daughter of a queen 4 prison noun a place where bad people are locked up 14 privacy noun being alone 5 privilege noun a special right 4 promise verb to say that you will do something for sure 12 promotion noun to give publicity for something 4 protest noun showing that you object to something 10 pullover noun a piece of clothing you wear to keep the top part of your body warm 14

painful adjective hurting a lot 8 paradise noun something that seems perfect and beautiful 5 parcel noun a box that the postman brings in the mail Pardon me! expression Excuse me! 13 part noun a character that an actor plays in a film or play

quid noun (slang) one pound (British money) quit verb to leave or give up 4 5


racquet noun a bat used in games like tennis 3 radiator noun It is made of metal heats up a room.



raid noun a surprise visit by the police 5 realise verb to understand fully 14 reception noun the place in a hotel or office where visitors first come 13 reflect verb to show an image 13 reflex noun an automatic response of the body 7 refreshment noun a snack or drink 12 rehearse verb to practise a play or music 7 remote noun far away 9 rent noun money you pay to live in a flat or house reporter noun someone whose job is telling the news on TV 9 rescue verb to save something 13 research noun finding out information 9 researcher noun a person who finds out information 9 resign verb to give up a job 6 resist verb to be able to stop yourself from doing something respect noun admiration or a good opinion of someone 14 responsible adjective being in control or having a duty to do something 3 ribbon noun a small strip of material 12 ride verb to go along on a horse or bicycle or motorbike 4 ridiculous adjective stupid or funny 9 Rise and shine! expression Wake upl 2 role noun a part in a film or play 9 romance noun feelings of love 3 romantic adjective doing things to show you love someone 11 room service noun when they bring things up to your room in a hotel row noun an argument 13 royalty noun people belonging to the same family as the king or queen 14

rubbish bins noun a place where you throw things away rude adjective bad mannered, impolite 14 ru i ned adjective spoiled 4 rule noun something you have to do 8



sacrifice noun something you have to stop doing 13 salsa noun a Latin American dance 8 sarong noun a long piece of cloth wrapped around your body; from Asia 11 sca red adjective frightened 15 script noun the text of a play or show or film 3 scrub verb to rub something hard in order to clean it 14 search verb to look for 6 secret adjective not meant to be known by other people 4 security noun safety 6 semi-final noun the match just before the final 12 sensitive adjective easily feeling different emotions 11 separate verb different, distinct 5 serious adjective not joking 4 servant noun a person whose job is to take care of a house sexy adjective sexually attractive 1 share verb to have or usp something together with others 15 sharp expression exactly (eight o'clock sharp) 9 shave verb to cut hair off your face or legs 3 She looks a mess! expression She looks terrible. 11 shop till you drop expression go shopping until you are exhausted. 2 shout verb to speak very loudly 6 showroom noun a place used for displaying items for sale 6 single adjective not married 13


slam verb to shut loudly and quickly 8 slave noun a person who has to work too much and is never paid 14 Sleep tight! expression I hope you sleep well! 9 smell a rat expression to think that there is something wrong 3 smoke detector noun a device that says whether there is smoke in the room 4 smooth adjective soft 5 soap/soap opera a TV or radio show in lots of parts about ordinary lives 12 sophisticated adjective with a lot of experience or knowledge about things in general 11 sorted! expression the problem is solved! 12 space station noun a very large spacecraft that constantly goes round the earth 9 sparkling water noun mineral water with gas in it 8 splinter noun a tiny, thin piece of wood or glass 15 split up verb to separate 10 spoilsport a person who takes away someone else's fun 2 star quality expression what makes someone a star 5 steal verb to take something without the owner's permission 10 stick together verb to join two things 6 straighten verb to make straight 8 strange adjective unusual, weird stri ker noun the football player whose job is to attack the goal 12 stylist noun someone who designs or cuts hair 14 suffer verb to have an unhappy time or experience 10 suit verb trousers and a jacket that go together 4 sunbathe verb to lie in the sun 14 suntan a dark skin colour caused by the sun 11

superstar noun a really famous person 5 supporter noun a person who supports a team or politician, 12 su rprised adjective feeling shocked because you didn't expect something 9 sweet adjective (spoken) attractive and nice sweets noun a type of food made of sugar 15 sympathetic adjective approving of something 10



talent noun skill and ability 9 talented adjective _ having a lot of skill and ability

tarantula noun



a big hairy spider 1 tattoo noun a permanent decoration on your skin 15 taxidermist noun someone who stuffs dead animals 3 temper noun a habit of getting angry easily 14 temperature noun . how hot someone or something is 7 temporary adjective only for a short time 8 tenant noun someone who pays rent to live somewhere 8 throw something out verb to get rid of 6 tickle verb to touch the skin lightly in order to make someone laugh 14 tights noun item of women's clothing that covers the legs 9 timber noun wood 8 tin noun a metal container 2 tissues noun paper handkerchiefs 2 toad noun a small animal like a frog 8 toi let bag noun a small bag for toothpaste, etc. 11 tough adjective strong 15 traditional adjective the way it has always been done 11 traffic lights noun automatic lights that control traffic 6

tragedy noun a very sad story 9 train verb to teach or learn a skill 9 trainers noun shoes worn for running 11 training noun practising a sport in order to improve 9 trendy adjective very fashionable 2 trick verb to make someone believe something that is not true 6 trouble noun difficulty 6 trust verb to believe that someone is honest 9 truth (tell the truth) verb to only say what is true 9 tryon verb to put clothes on and see if they fit you 2 tummy (stomach) noun (spoken) stomach 5 two left feet expression not good at dancing 8 typical adjective what is usual or expected 11

washing powder noun soap for washing clothes 5 weights noun heavy objects used for exercising 7 weird adjective very strange 3 What did your last slave die of? expression used to say you are annoyed that someone has asked you to do something 11 whisk verb to make eggs or cream into a soft mixture 5 white (of an egg) noun the clear part of an egg 5 wimp noun someone who is afraid of everything 15 windscreens noun the glass in the front of a car 6 windy noun when there is a lot of wind 5 witch noun a woman with evil, magical powers 11 worse still expression even more serious 9

yoga noun an Indian form of exercise 6 yolk noun the yellow part of an egg 5 your turn noun you do it next 5

under control expression organised 15 underwear noun what you wear under your clothes 8 uniform noun clothes you wear to do a particular job unlucky adjective having bad luck 6 upside down expression when the wrong way is at the top 6




vacancy noun a iob that is available 4 vain adjective having too high an opinion of oneself 13 vanish verb to disappear 15 vegetarian noun a person who does not eat meat or fish 14 vest noun a piece of clothing worn under a shirt 2

waist noun . the centre of your body Wakey wakey! expression It's time to wake up! 2





. ...


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