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Issue #1: January 2012 801-957-4893
Clint Gardner SLCC Student Writing Center 4600 South Redwood Road Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

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The SLCC Student Writing Center helps students to improve as writers and succeed as students. We offer free writing advising for all SLCC classes, in-person and online.

Bethany Bibb Lori Brock Clint Gardner Amy Johnson Clint Johnson Terra LaRochelle Christine Larson Joe McCormick



the SLCC Student Writing Cen-

ter (SWC) conducted

ing sessions. That of tutoring. If one writing advisor took

6,523 writing advisis 172,263 minutes

on this task, she would tutor for 118.24 days with no sleep or breaks. That’s


eight hour work days.

We averaged week.


sessions per

of our appointmetns are with non-native speakers of English. of appointments are with student writers who are revising a rough draft.

63% 60%

37% 3%

are in pre-writing mode.

of sessions are at our Taylorsville Redwood Campus.

79% 11%

of students are rewriting a paper already submitted.

are at South City Campus. of our sessions are online.


The SWC openned for writing advising in


years writing advisors have worked in the SWC: (roughly)

1991. over 120 52

In the past

SLCC facutly,


SLCC students and 17 volunteers. During this time the SWC has had



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