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Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online


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Published by Boris
Get Everything You Need To Make Money On-line Including Over "30" Time-Saving, Profit-Producing, Influence-Expanding Tools & Software Programs ...
Get Everything You Need To Make Money On-line Including Over "30" Time-Saving, Profit-Producing, Influence-Expanding Tools & Software Programs ...

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Published by: Boris on Nov 12, 2008
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Subject: Discover How To Make Your Visitors Pay You!

(The subject line is unique to emails. It’s like a mini-headline, but it’s

got to stay short.)

Want Your Users To Give You More Money?

Give Them More Value!

(There’s the headline. I’ve used a Question Headline here. I’ve stated

the problem and followed with the solution.)

Dear Friend,

As the webmaster of a dating site, you know how important it is

to keep your users coming back day after day, week after week. You

know that the more your prospects see your site, the more likely they

are to buy a subscription – and the more they’ll keep sending you


(The first paragraph explains what the email is all about: making


- 204 -

And you also know that the only way to keep those users logging

in is to renew your content on a regular basis.

GoDating.com is now making its dating magazine available to the

webmasters of dating sites. GoDatingMagazine will give your users:

(And here I explain how to do it: by adding value. Note the link so that

they can see what I’m offering. GoDating.com and GoDatingMagazine

are fictitious and simply created for the purpose of this example.)

Amazing, insightful articles on subjects ranging from
matchmakers and soul mates to swingers and foreign
Real, practical dating advice for both online dating and
face-to-face relationships.
Exclusive interviews with dating experts, authors and
Fun, interactive Love Quizzes to help your visitors
discover their real selves!
Heartwarming relationship news from around the world.
Exciting, fresh content, week in, week out!
(Bullets and bold make the benefits stand out.)

GotoDatingMagazine is updated every week with new articles,

news stories and an interactive advice column.

That’s 20 original relationship articles every single month! You can

provide your users with all this fantastic dating content for just $99.95

a month.

- 205 -

If you were to hire writers to produce this content yourself it

would cost you hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars. For the price

of just a few monthly subscriptions, you can give all your users this

incredible extra value increasing your customer retention and profits.

(More details. As soon as I tell them it’s going to cost money, I explain

why it’s great value.)

To learn more about what we can do for your users — and your

income — contact me TODAY at: andrew@godating.com.

(And there’s a simple call to action.)

We look forward to working with you!
Andrew Hudson,

In conclusion, from the advent of the Sears catalog in the late


century to tons of catalogs arriving in every mailbox today, Email

marketing has proved to be a superior way to quickly and cost-

effectively create a personal connection with customers, and garner

immediate sales results. It also lends itself to greater measurability

and testing in order to optimize results. Email marketing can be easily

coupled with other marketing techniques to further improve end

results. One such technique, which is an integral part of email

- 206 -

marketing, is marketing through newsletters. Newsletters are

discussed in detail in the next chapter.

You can get your own email marketing newsletter setup to

start making money online within 24 hours using this service.

- 207 -

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