1. Matter Sub-atomic particles, relative masses and mole concept Sub-topic Explanation 1.1 Atomic Structure a) Explains the properties of protons, Electrons, protons and neutrons and electrons in terms of their neutrons. relative charges and relative masses. Relative charge and b) Predict the behavior of beams of relative masses of these protons, neutrons, and electron in both particles. electric and magnetic fields. c) Explain the distribution of mass and charges within an atom. 1.2 Relative mass Proton number, nucleon number, and isotope a) Deduce the number of protons, neutrons and electrons present in both neutral and charged species of a given proton (atomic) number and nucleon (mass) number. b) Explain the contribution of proton and neutron to atomic nuclei in terms of proton number and nucleon number. c) Distinguish between isotopes based on the number of neutrons present; state examples of both stable and unstable isotopes. a) Define the terms relative atomic, isotopic, molecular and formula masses based on the scale. b) Interpret mass spectra in terms of relative abundance of isotopes and molecular fragments. c) Calculate relative atomic masses of an element from the relative abundance of its isotopes or its mass spectrum.


1.3 Determination of Relative Masses using the Mass Spectrometry Method Relative atomic masses, , relative molecular masses, , relative formula masses based on the scale. Determination of the relative masses and by mass spectroscopy method 1.4 Mole and Avogadro Constant, Mole, the Avogadro constant, and application of the mole concept to gases and solutions

a) Define the term mole in terms of the Avogadro constant. b) Calculate the number of moles of reactants, volume of gases, volume of solutions, and concentration of solutions leading to stoichiometric deduction.


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