ABA Consultant for Autism Job in Canada - St.

Amant The ABA Consultant is responsible for assessments and programming across each child's daily life and environments, as well as training and supervision to each child's team. The Consultant reports to the Clinical Coordinators of the Preschool and SchoolAge Programs and received high level of support and supervision by PhD level experienced behavior analysts. Caseloads are very small and the programs are well funded and supported clinically and administratively. This is an extremely dynamic and rewarding position that requires dedication and good organization and time management skills. We are looking for an individual with a Masters Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis with a BCBA (or eligible), or PhD in Applied Behaviour Analysis. The ABA Program (http://stamant.mb.ca/main/ABAProgram.html) is an EIBI program within St.Amant, and serves preschool and school-aged children with autism in their homes, daycares, preschools, and schools. The services are 100% provincially funded. St.Amant St.Amant (http://stamant.mb.ca/main/index.html) is a comprehensive resource for Manitobans with a developmental disability, acquired brain injury, and autism. A nonprofit organization, St.Amant offers a wide range of programming, services, and care to support individuals with a developmental disability, acquired brain injury, and autism. It is a great organization to work for that provides many benefits to the employee. For example, aside from excellent health benefits and a pension plan, St.Amant recently added an exercise facility on-site for staff to utilize, there is an on-site cafeteria with really affordable pricing, fun staff appreciation events, and a customer service and care philosophy that is extended to its employees. Winnipeg Winnipeg is located in the heart of Canada, and considered the cultural capital of Canada. Winnipeg and the province it is located in has seen steady consistent growth over the last 100 years and continues to thrive even in difficult economic times (http:// www.destinationwinnipeg.ca/, http://www.winnipeg.ca/interhom/). Winnipeg has a large Behaviour Analytic community, home of the University of Manitoba's graduate ABA Program (http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/arts/departments/psychology/graduate/programs/ aba.html), as well as ABAI's Manitoba chapter (http://maba.ca/).

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