Business Line (The Hindu) Presented By Sahidul Alam Barbhuiya

What Is CSM ? 1. anticipate and manage the needs of an organisation s current and potential customers 2.CSM is a shift from traditional marketing as it focuses on the retention of customers in addition to the acquisition of new customers .CSM is a business strategy that aims to understand.

Definition of CSM CSM is concerned with the creation. development and enhancement of individualised customer relationships with carefully targeted customers and customer groups resulting in maximizing their total customer lifetime value .

The Purpose Of CSM 1.CSM enables organisations to gain competitive advantage over competitors that supply similar products or services .The focus [of CSM] is on creating value for the customer and the company over the longer term 2.

Function Of CSM 1.Commit to service .Generate customers Problem 2.Provide information regarding customers problem 3.

Models Of CSM 1.Record the queries .Create data in standard format 2.

Never argue with customer . Treat the customer with respect 3.Key Of CSM 1. Know the product 2.

because the right things are being done (i.e.e. meeting and exceeding expectations) 3. because they are getting exactly what they want (i. effective and efficient operation) 2.Increased customer satisfaction.Reduced costs.Ensuring that the focus of the organisation is external .Benefits of CRM 1..

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