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Published by: nolidocot on Jan 21, 2012
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There are many ways to promote your portfolio. Consider joining
professional online communities to network with other members.
We’ve already looked at some communities where you can submit a
portfolio. Add a thread to a design forum about your portfolio.
Submit your design to gallery websites. Almost any strategy for
promoting a website can be used to promote a portfolio.

Add a blog to your website. The more traffic you draw to your
website, the more exposure your portfolio will get. Dan Cederholm
was an early adopter of this strategy and achieved fame with his blog
Simplebits. His portfolio resides successfully on the same website.

Leveraging your work involves linking to it when you send emails. Add
a link to your portfolio in your Facebook profile or any other
community you belong to. Integrate your portfolio into your
communications and online identity.

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