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Published by: nolidocot on Jan 21, 2012
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Designing user interfaces for business Web applications is a
challenging job, full of compromise. You have to make compromises
between client and user needs; business requirements and users;
novice and expert users; functionality and simplicity.

It requires a solid understanding of users and their tasks, as well as of
UI design principles and patterns. Despite the difficulties, the job is
interesting, and you learn many new things on each project that
influence the way you design websites.

Janko Jovanovic is a software engineer, blogger and speaker focused on
UI engineering. In his free time, he writes about UI engineering on his
blog JankoAtWarpSpeed.


Smashing eBook Series: #1 Professional Web Design


Progressive Enhancement And Standards Do
Not Limit Web Design

By Christian Heilmann

Lately I have been getting bored and annoyed with people getting up
in arms against Web standards and the ideas of progressive
enhancement, claiming that they hold us back from creating a rich,
beautiful Web. There are also claims that these tools limit us from
pushing the boundaries of what is possible with today’s technologies.

The problem with claims such as these is that they are based on a
misunderstanding of standards and progressive enhancement and —
at least to me — on arrogance and ignorance about what our job on
the Web is. The Web is out there for everybody and is a product and a
medium like any other.

For example, I am a big film buff and love good movies. I also
understand, though, that in order to fund great movies we have to
make money from terrible ones that appeal to the lowest common
denominator or rehash ideas that were successful in the past.

The same applies to the Web: we need to shift our focus to what
people use it for and what content should go on it, not how pretty we
can make it or what cool technology we can apply. The beauty of Web
technologies is that they can be used to build adaptive products. I
cannot drive a tall truck through a low tunnel without damaging


Smashing eBook Series: #1 Professional Web Design


either the tunnel or the truck. Websites and apps, however, can easily
make Transformers look clumsy: if we build them adaptively and
collaboratively with a team of experts.

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