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Published by: nolidocot on Jan 21, 2012
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Where to begin… When this client farms a project out to you, they
make clear to you that they know how to do what they’re hiring you
to do but they just don’t have the time to actually do it. They may be


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working at a firm or as an entrepreneur; either way, you are there to
pick up their slack. If they’re at a firm, you could be in for an
interesting situation; they were likely hired for their particular style
and proposals, and now you will have to please two sets of people:
the person who hired you and the people who hired him.

Identifying Characteristics

•Will generally be (or look) hectic and rushed.

•Communication from them often takes the form of short
bursts of information.

•Makes such statements as:

•“I could easily handle this if my schedule weren’t so


•“Really? Not sure that’s the direction I would’ve gone in,
but whatever.”

•“Remember, you are filling my shoes, and they’re pretty


How to Deal With It

The “I-Could-Do-This-Myself”-er will likely have recognized your
talent and skill right away, which is why they hired you. They merely
want you to know that this project (and thus you) is not above their
ability. And though these reminders will grate on you periodically,


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they will let you run with your ideas, perhaps offering suggestions or
feedback on the final design.

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