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Techno-Anarchism, by Z.


Techno-Anarchism Developed by Z. Bornheimer First Draft Initialized: September 26, 2011 First Draft Completed: September 21, 2011 Disclaimer Modified: January 21, 2012

Disclaimer Overview Introduction Scale Invariant Holons Reputation Hardware and Software The Society Currency Emergency Services Societal Obligations Personal Liberty Civil Liberty Government Crime, Punishment, and the Justice System Defense Education Property Summary

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer

This theory is based on our modern technology, so, people who do not believe in this philosophy may not understand that technology allows humans a special ability, an ability to gather and use information that is miles and hours away. For this theory to be practical, it assumes a few technologies (like available internet), but if the technologies are not available and easily obtainable now, they will be within the decade. Also, this document displays the end goal. The path to get here is complex and will be addressed in another document. Some of these ideas were taken from and/or inspired by Daniel Suarezs books Daemon and Freedom. Note: not all options are fully explored (like the HUD glasses) because allows for unrestricted innovation. This political philosophy does not condemn laws to the past, but rather gives them a new medium for the future. Also note that other implementation ideas were intentionally omitted because by creating a complete dictation of the Techno-Anarchist society, limitations for the possible change become inherent in the society. Be aware, the perception of Anarchism is that hierarchy is inherently precluded. Techno-Anarchy is a mix of Anarcho-Capitalism along with AnarchoSocialism; hierarchy is not precluded or discouraged in business, families, etc. but rather the governing body is eliminated. One may argue that the program interfacing with all of us is a governing body. If you decide to see it like that, understand that, in Anarchy, the idea of inherent superiority is foreign. The technology that is the foundation of this society is strictly a medium of communication that replaces human incompetence (on some levels), human error, and, in some cases, human error. I would say that no, the technological foundation does not itself govern as a government does, but rather is like the central processing unit for the society, that is a thing that will do complex calculations as to allow the end-user a more rewarding experience without interfering in the actions he/she is actually performing.

What is Techno-Anarchism? Techno-Anarchism is a theory designed to allow humans a chance to govern themselves using technology as a mediator. The system uses governing bodies as temporary constructs to be used and then dismantled. Summed up, Techno-Anarchism can be described as all people having the right to make their own decisions and, if necessary, defend their choices.

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer

Everyone remembers the time when a person came up to him or her with a weapon and said, Im want to kill you, but because it is illegal, Im not going to." The law that says you should not kill is not necessary because the majority of people do not want to kill. If we kill, there is a consequence to our actions. The majority of people who kill do one of the following: regret their action or not. This tautology describes all people, but the former describes most (even those who kill out of necessity). How do we bring those who do not regret murder to justice? In our current system, we have a trial. Innocent until proven guilty by the courts, but the only court that matters is the court of public opinion. The main repercussion for conviction is, besides the actual sentence, the criminal record that follows his or her identity. I say identity because the great criminals create other identities when necessary and are able to remove records of the past. If a single mother with a child meets someone, how does she know if this person has a criminal record if this person changed his or her identity? There are questions along these lines that can be answered now by modern technology. Simple biometric scanning could link a person with an identity. We use fingerprinting because we assume there are no identical fingerprints, but the theory is like many individuals religious reasoning: we cant prove it wrong, so it must be right. The technology we have at our disposal affords us a revision of the old system. If we stick to fingerprinting and find out that some fingerprints are duplicates, we find out that a simple shift in identities can allow criminals freedom, or we learn that through the internet we can establish a grand connection of information in a secure and pseudo-anonymous1 manner to create a person-to-person real life network based on technology where a governing authority was unnecessary, then we are not adapting to the technetronic era and we are doomed to our own destruction.

Scale Invariant Holons

Currently our system is designed in a way that allows complete dependency on others. Foreign oil, foreign cars, and the U.S. dollar are great examples of how the U.S. has become more networked in the global society, but also more dependant on that network. Although the U.S. has domestic oil, we insist on using foreign oil for one reason or another.2 We could gain access to the vault of energy, Pseudo-anonymous refers not to an individuals identity being pseudo-anonymous, but rather the actual identity being anonymous meaning all data is publicly available, but not directly linkable to the individual. 2 Be aware that this is not a condemnation of environmentalists who say that drilling for oil will hurt the environment, but rather a declaration consisting of criticism for

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer but it does not matter because the oil drilled off the coast of Miami, FL must be shared with everyone in the United States. Unless we all contribute, the contributions are negligible, but we wont contribute until the contributions show promise, so dont. This argument illustrates the flawed concept of the nation: if one aspect of our nation collapses, so does every other related aspect;3 this concept applies to all goods and services. The U.S. dollar is the currency that backs everything, but what if the dollar collapses? Now, because the U.S. is interlinked to other countries, this becomes a global issue, when it should be a local issue.4 How do we solve this problem? Scale invariant holons are the answer to the problem of dependency, the problem of reliance, and the solution to the question of sustainability. A scale invariant holon is an area, think an average community, that scales down the needs of a nation to fit the needs of local people. This concept allows holons to be independent, completely sustainable, and completely selfreliant. If the USA were divided into scale invariant holons, there would not be foreign dependence on oil because each holon would either drill for oil or use natural energy. Each holon would manufacture to make money and to adapt to the attributes of the holon itself. The goal is to make a small society that is completely autonomous and can function independently. How big would the optimal holon be? As small as possible to allow for 100% sustainability, but without preventing people from moving into the holon.5 For example: A holon creates a new car brand known as H. The holon is the largest producer of apple juice in the U.S. Maybe, the car brand H makes a car that runs on apple juice. Albeit a far-fetched example, the concept of creating for what is available is a reliable and understandable idea that is the cornerstone of sustainability. Although each holon is completely independent, that does not mean it must remain isolated. Holons may combine efforts in tasks, events, or even production, but it is the self-sustainability that allows a holon its usefulness. The important question that arises is: how is this related to technology (besides the obvious)? This question will be answered after developing the idea of the required technology and how it will be used.

our lack of willingness to have self-sustaining energy. 3 For example, a rise in gas prices leads to a higher cost of food which leads to less disposable income which can lead to a recession, which can lead to a depression, which can lead to the entire collapse of our country. 4 Note: the issue of currency will be discussed in its own section Although at a certain point, a holon must stop expanding because it can become too large and too big to fail. The goal is to have holons that, if they fail, would not cause any other holon to fail.

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer In our modern society, reputation is much more important than wealth. People want to attain celebrity, whether it is global, national, local, or familial. The free software and open source movements are based on reputation; people who contribute to open source products like Mozilla FireFox and the Chromium OS allow the software the flourish while also building up a solid reputation for themselves. This reputation can be translated into currency at a later point in time. The question is: how do we harness the power of reputation? What if a scale invariant holon and single individuals along with business had visually based reputations? By that, I am directly referring to a reputation that, with the right hardware and software, one could see. For example: Joe Smith is looking for a new place to live and sees the Seattle Holon and looks at a visual overlay over the Welcome to the Seattle Holon sign which displays information about the holon including its reputation. The reputation breakdown says that it has a 70% sustainability score, a 90% happiness rating, a population of 1 million, and a 5% crime rate. Joe decides that this could be a good place to live, so he decides to talk to individuals who currently live in the holon. He finds Maggie Lurne and Rex Mikaelson and talks to them. He sees that Maggies reputation score is 93 out of 100 meaning 93% of all people who rated her interactions with them, gave her very high scores. Rex, on the other hand, has a reputation score of 23 out of 100. You can make the educated decision about listening to the individuals advice based on the reputation score itself or by listening/reading reviews written about the person6 and, after reading/listening to a couple reviews, Joe decides to trust and value Maggies opinion more than Rexs. One would wonder how this system would prevent one good person from getting falsified feedback or skewed feedback. Through the Law of Large Numbers, we can expect that the larger the base of people who that the ratings system the less that becomes an issue (the spectrum of people will become more equalized, so anomalies with look like anomalies, as opposed to accurate data). Also, there are rare cases where a person gets paid to do a job people dont like (i.e. repo) and get reviewed based on those interactions, so reviews come into play as to allow verification and understanding of the ratings for others who are interacting with the individual. For this reputation-centered system to work, we must have some specific kinds of hardware and software.

Hardware and Software

A modern technetronic society would use the latest in technetronic gadgets and tools. The coolest and most useful gadget would the Heads Up Display glasses equipped with Augmented Reality. This would theoretically be connected to a

As leaving a rating allows for writing a review

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer wireless 4g network and can be charged using solar energy.7 This simple AR system would connect to a decentralized network of people communicating through their glasses. This darknet would allow privacy and stability via allowing a decentralized network model to exist within itself by allowing a non-public version of TOR,8 which would create anonymity through reasonable doubt (nothing can be traced to the starting node), and there would be random data mirroring9 as to insure the integrity of the network. Through all of these technologies, the most complex and the coolest (to me) is the real artificial intelligence10 built into the HUD Glasses This artificial intelligence would be a tool that would be used for the Authentikation11 system, the retrieval and use of darknet mirroring, and the augmented reality. Besides simple AR (augmented reality), there would be a somewhat complex personal data analysis engine built into the HUD Glasses and At this point in time, we dont know if there are any health risks associated with these technologies, so, in the first few revisions, there would be a small external computer running the 4g connection and anything else that needs to run, but cant run on the glasses themselves. 8 The reason a non-public version of TOR is required is because the weakest node in a TOR network determines the speed of every other node, so the non-public version would just run on the glasses and, therefore, be upgradable as the software is upgraded and so the network would run at a consistently fast speed.

Pseudo-random aspects of the network would be mirrored to the HUD Glasses and when the glasses connect to the darknet, the glasses scan for that data somewhere on the darknet (typically, the data will have some identifying code so the AI algorithm built into the HUD glasses successfully can identify the data within a reasonable amount of time).

By real artificial intelligence, I mean that it is not self aware, yet makes use of Machine Learning (identification of darknet mirroring patterns for easier verification), Robotics (integration of the Authentikation system), Natural Language Processing (for AR and authentication (using jawbone conduction technology)), Computer Vision (AR), Automated Reasoning (AR), and Knowledge Representation (Authentikation, AR, and darknet mirroring).

The Authentikation system is an authentication system that combines biometric features in a way that requires a live human to verify. It, in the HUD Glasses, would perform iris scanning, fingerprint scanning (side of glasses), pulse checking on the fingertip (fingerprint side and below the nail-bed as to make sure that the pulses match), and spoken words all at once as to authenticate. It is very difficult to falsify all those things at once...especially since the artificial intelligence engine will be using small cameras to monitor all of the scans and check for deceit.

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer the darknet. Personal data analysis is a way of linking internet accounts to email addresses, email addresses to ISPs, ISPs to billing addresses, billing addresses to financials, and financials to people. This expands further as to allow true identity verification. This true identity verification will be linked to a pseudo-you. The verifier will link the accounts and information to a handle. So if Stan Murp didnt want you to know that his YouTube account is ***usaconspiracy***, then it wont be linked to Stan Murp, but rather his handle which could be something like n0onekN0sm3. The inherent problem is that you occasionally have to disclose verifying information and that information can be traced back to you. So if Stan Murps employer knows his name, he instantly knows that his handle is n0onekN0sm3 and now knows all of his information. We can resolve this issue by not disclosing the verification results to anyone under any circumstance (because no one has that is checked in real time and verified only once with a boolean value reflecting the verification status being the only piece of data stored (along with the handle, of course)). Through the HUD glasses, one can see a handle and a blue check mark next to the name as to show if it is a verified person without disclosing personal information. This way, anonymity and true identity verification exist in tandem. Note, the limits of the HUD Glasses, are limited only by our imaginations. The above ideas are solely based on verification and do not touch on anything else, because I do not want to limit the actions of the HUD. One more example of how the HUD Glasses could be used in context is that a car can access the bluetooth of the glasses and see if the wearer is allowed to drive and has the cognitive function to drive. This example shows how the HUD Glasses can be used in nearly any situation.

The Society
The society is a free of hierarchy in the traditional gubernatorial sense because there is no standing external government (see the section on Government). The society is based on this reputation system. The example of this implementation is for environmentalism. Business can be environmentally friendly for two reasons: they want to be or they feel obligated to be. The holon would be encouraged to be environmentally friendly because it would be a more efficient use of resources which would lead to a higher sustainability score. In fact, each holon makes their own decision based on their own needs. This society is designed to be the archetype of freedom. The society consists of nothing but holons. To use slightly mathematical terms, the society is a singleton containing the set of holons (i.e. ). By no means does this eliminate other hierarchies (such as in business or academic institutions although they could use techno-anarchism as a model.

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer

This system recommends the use of bitcoins for currency because it is open source and free from many of the inflation-related problems of the current monetary system. The following are the rationale for the recommendation and, if the recommendation is taken, what should be done: Paper currency should ceased (NO PAPER BITCOINS!!!) because bitcoins (BTC) cannot be printed in the physical realm and, by printing paper, you falsify the true value of the bitcoin. A physical, yet digital currency might be an option, as long as the medium holds the bitcoins themselves (so it is not a promissory note, but rather a physical manifestation of a digital medium). By using bitcoins, it adds to anonymity and allows the HUD glasses to be a wallet as well as, well, glasses.

Emergency Services
This concept is purely based on the following rationale: Why should I have to pay if you set your house on fire and you, me? Emergency services based in taxes will be eliminated and replaced with a system that functions more as an insurance system. If you decide to pay for police insurance for the year, if you need the police, you pay a co-pay (which could cost as little as 0 BTC). If not, you pay the full cost out of pocket. The same thing goes for fire and health. If, as we have seen in resteraunts, one cannot afford to pay, they work off their debt. Note, this discussion is incomplete as the rest of this discussion involves rights involving crime, punishment, and the justice system, so is completed in that section.

Societal Obligations
In this society, there are no obligations to the society itself. To the holon, there are no obligations. The equivalent of jury duty is optional and can be fun. There is never a draft situation, so there is no obligation to protect the society (See the section on Defense for more information). Whenever there is a need for a nonbiased individuals, there are two ways of addressing the issue: the individual who needs your help can ask for you to volunteer or offer to pay you for your time and energy. This allows people who want to help the opportunity and encourages others to help though monetary means.

Personal Liberty

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer You are you. I am me. You do not control me, or I you. As soon as you start trying to control my life or trying to effect my personal liberty, we probably will have some problems. We can cohabitate and live our lives in parallel, but when one person feels as if his/her rights are being infringed, problems arise. Personal liberties consist of everything. The only reason this document contains a section on civil liberty is to medicate some potential headaches. If you endanger the rights of another (including the right to live), they can invoke the justice system to get retribution.12

Civil Liberty
This section is here as a technicality. Civil liberty is an extension of personal liberty, but extends to more than one person. These groups have the right to exercise their freedom. The following are some specific examples: Marriage: No laws or regulations on any kind of marriage because ones marriage is not influenced by anyone elses marriage. Abortion: Not my problem (like murder and your next birthday party...unless Im the birthday party, not the murder).

The government system that we need is a temporary designed and implemented only when it is necessary. When the justice system is invoked, a message goes out to third parties that the darknet deems fit (i.e. true third parties) and asks them to volunteer their time to form a council to mediate the discussion/argument/debate. The councils would be even numbers (as to prevent a filibuster by one), all respondents to the council request message form the council regardless of number, and decisions should be made by the council unanimously, so innovative solutions are recommended. This council functions as an innovative solution finder/maker for all parties. If the council fails to come to a decision or innovative solution, a new council will be requested. Anyone who does not want to serve, does not have to and if there are no respondents, the plaintiff or defendant may put up a payment as an incentive to attract a council. The plaintiff and/or defendant must say how much they are willing to put up and the infrastructure distributes that information to the same people who were asked originally but with

For example, I am driving down the highway at 70 mph, you zip down at 200 mph. You nearly hit me because, although your car can go that fast, you cant handle it. I can than invoke the justice system and charge you for endangering my life (see more in the Crime, Punishment, and the Justice System section).

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer

the information that they could receive of BTC offered.

to up to full number

Crime, Punishment, and the Justice System

Techno-Anarchism needs a new justice system. Anything and everything can be a crime. If someone wants to call upon the justice system all they have to do is invoke the justice system using their HUD Glasses and the other persons handle. Invoking the justice system initializes the infrastructures council finding function and a council is requested. If successful, both the plaintiff and defendant are required to address the desired punishment. The plaintiff can declare whatever punishment (s)he wants, but if it is unreasonable and the defendant is found guilty, the defendant is immediately released. If the defendant is found not guilty, what he wanted as the end-result is executed, if determined reasonable by the council. This creates a true sense of justice within members of society. If a physical crime is occurring, one can still call police, but one must pay for it through insurance or out-of-pocket expenses. People can still be arrested and, from holon to holon, the laws regarding arrests can be different. Extradition processes can be created for different holons so that, if charged in one holon, but living in another, the defendant can be extradited to the holon in which she or he is charged.. in many cases, law enforcement can query the artificial intelligence in the HUD glasses to find out the truth (sometimes simply as: did you kill Muhammad Lee?). There are no statute of limitations but, during a trial, if the case is implemented, without good reason, much later than the crime occurred, the council takes that into consideration during both determining the status of the defendant and sentencing. In prison, prisoners work to pay off the debt they are incurring daily through community service and free labor for the holon in which they are imprisoned. Note: just because someone is imprisoned does not preclude their access to the justice system (so, if someone is working as an indentured servant to repay their debt and is raped, he or she can still call upon the justice system). Double jeopardy still exists in an altered form. If a case is being retried due to new evidence, the same counsel is requested in the case proceeds. If a case is retried due to spite, double jeopardy is invoked and the defendant cannot be retried without new evidence.

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer

Defense is an interesting topic because defense needs to take place in two realms: the physical and digital. In fact, most conflicts can be solved with an innovative computer virus. The only kinds of threats that cannot be solved digitally are conflicts that are in your face (i.e. gun, knife, rape, burglary) and the police can help with those problems (and for a reasonable price with police insurance). Removal of gun restrictions13 can help with that problem as well. There was a time where a physical military was necessary, but with the advent of EMP bombs, we could take out a nuclear strike before it launches. EMPs are like modern nukes, they should be used as a last resort because they can destroy everything. In fact, a well targeted computer virus can be just as successful. If one were able to infect a hijacked plane with a virus, it could be brought down and/or remote controlled. A well targeted computer virus can be just as effective or even more effective than our entire military because it can self replicate, wont make mistakes, and doesn't harm humans. If the society were to need an physical military, a monetary incentive would be given to any volunteers and they could quit at any time without repercussions. This allows for the most dedicated team to fight. Also, we would use artificially intelligent weapons that would and must be destroyed after a fight. The AI weapons need to have a remote self destruct button and an immediate destroy function if not reactivated. Its self destroy function would also function as a bomb, but there is always a possibility that an enemy can disarm that function, so it is imperative that no one tries to get the weapons stolen as to blow up the enemy.

It is the responsibility of the parents to instill a desire to learn within their children. In the end, the parents have full control over their childs education. We recommend two reasonable possible solutions for education out of many possible: Parents develop a custom curriculum based on redesigned templates and adjustments they make based on the childs progress as to give the child both a complete, hands-on, and well-designed quest on the scholastic path. Having the child attend a mass-schooling center With the first option, a parent could give a child an assignment looking like the following: Watch the Harvard Business Lecture and apply it to hypothetical variables XYZ considering factors ABC. With the advent of things like iTunes U, YouTube, and Big Think, knowledge is at the fingertips of the individuals. Also, Gun restrictions would be lifted by the society to allow the freedom for the business to make their own restrictions (if any) for their own property.

Techno-Anarchism, by Z. Bornheimer younger students can take trips to museums, take virtual tours of monuments online, and do hands on activities to allow them to discover knowledge and to instill within them a love of learning. The second option allows for a schooling center to be formed with the potential to create custom curriculum with one-on-one attention (i.e. Sylvan Learning Centers) or to use a more broad and stock curriculum. Remember, the quest is to instill a love of learning within the children, so the use of any and every possible tool to do so, is justified.

Pragmatically, the property system we have now is sufficient for this new society, so it can be migrated to the individual holons or redefined by the holons if they so desire.

Techno-Anarchism is a society designed to give power back to the people that comprise it by utilizing our technetronic society to better our own lives and the world. Hopefully, this society instills a desire for us to grow as a people, make better members of our society, and create an influx of happiness. My hope is that this framework allows individuals enough freedom to live their own lives without thinking about the society itself, because it adapts as we create.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA. Techno-Anarchism Homepage:

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