Reasons why you should opt for UHF radios?

Sr. # 1. 2. Features Bandwidth Groups VHF Radios <300 MHz. 6 UHF Trunking Radios >800 MHZ +142 Advantages of Using UHF trunked radios. City wide Coverage, better penetration power. Programming is dynamic and can be programmed as per user requirements. It also provides you secrecy in your conversation. NO Crosstalk. No Channel blocks. Confidentiality for your company. Safeguards against obsolescence when the country turns digital. Better battery life. No memory effect. High power ensures better clarity. Better coverage with handheld radios. Effective Talk Time 90 minutes viz a viz 30 minutes of VHF radios. Saves time, electricity. Gives you 22 hours of usage vis a vis 12 hours of usage of VHF radios in 24 hours. Legality of operation assured as we are service providers. You can add as many sets as per your requirements with no hassles of procuring licenses. Roaming facilities in 10 cities. Better and Faster Service with complaint resolution time of less than 8 hours. Ensured due to monthly billings. Only product to have this. Flexibility in operation. No channel blocks, no busy and no call drops ensuring you effective, efficient and reliable communication service. Panic Button , Canned Message , etc

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Privacy System Technology Battery Power Coverage Stand by Time Battery charging time Government Formalities Procurement of Additional Sets Inter city Service Backup Commitment Safety Standards Infrastructure Frequency allocation.

No guarantee Conventional Obsolete NiCd 600-1200 1-2.5 kms. on handheld radios 6 hours 8-12 hours

Ensured. Both Conventional and trunking. Smartnet II / Ltr NiMH 1300 mAHR 40 Kms on handheld radio from our site. 12 hours 1 hours (rapid chargers)

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License required from DOT/WPC For every additional set, new license is required. Not possible Through Dealer -----------Antenna, Towers required Only one frequency is allotted and there is a possibility of sharing frequencies with other users. Not Possible

Nil Nil Can be used in other cities Direct Better MIL/NPSAC Only handheld radios. All the frequencies allotted to us can be used


Additional Features

Possible in Ltr System

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