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14030106 Niche Marketing for Coacher Essential Reading for Anyone Whos Serious About Running a Life Coaching Executive Coaching or Business Coaching Practice

14030106 Niche Marketing for Coacher Essential Reading for Anyone Whos Serious About Running a Life Coaching Executive Coaching or Business Coaching Practice

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Published by: budgerman on Jan 21, 2012
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Say, “You’ve got to network”to most people starting out in coaching

and they panic. The common misconception is that you’ll have to plonk

yourself into a room of strangers and start selling yourself. Anyone who’s

ever been filled with dread at turning up to a party and not knowing

anyone will understand how this feels. But you needn’t feel like that.

True networking is notabout selling yourself, it’s discovering how you

can help the other person you’re talking to, to connect with suitable

contacts. That’s right, helping the other person to connect with

someone you know.

“But I don’t know anyone!”

It’s said that the average person knows around 250 people. It’s not just

limited to your immediate friends and family, but people you come into

contact with while going about your daily life – your doctor, solicitor,

accountant, hairdresser, people from your church, gym or football club,

the list goes on.




Go through the names and numbers you’ve got saved in your mobile/cell phone or the

people in your e-mail address book and count how many more people you know.Then

think about people you used to work with,people you went to college with,the list goes

on! Now,do you think that some of those people might be willing to help you to get

some new clients?

Established referral routes

Unlike other ‘helping professions’ there is no established referral system

for coaching. What I mean by this is that if someone were feeling down

and thought that they might need a counsellor, they would probably make

an appointment with their GP who would refer them on to someone.

That said, there are some forward-thinking doctors who are recom-

mending that their clients talk to a life coach rather than a therapist or

counsellor when they do not require a therapeutic solution, for example

if they are unhappy at work. This is really refreshing and means that

there are opportunities for coaches working around stress and work/life

balance to speak to local GPs and explain more about what they do and

how they work.

Equally for business and executive coaches, there is no formal referral

process, but they are starting to develop through management consult-

ants, business groups and associations, and training companies, as well

as through professional bodies such as the CIPD (Chartered Institute

of Personnel and Development).

In the absence of established referral routes, it’s up to each and every

one of us to network and build relationships with people who are already

moving in the same circles as our target clients and who can make recom-

mendations and referrals to build our client base.


Niche Marketing for Coaches


From the list you put together in the last exercise,identify three people who might be

able to give you the best contacts.They should also be people who you would be comfort-

able just picking up the phone and talking to.Arrange to meet them for coffee and a chat

during the next week.When you call,tell them that you’re now working as a professional

coach and you’d appreciate any help or advice they could give you in growing your practice.

Ask them about your marketing message and whether it would appeal to people they

know.Ask who they know who might need your help.Finally,ask them if there’s anything

you can do to help them – after all,you’ve now got loads of contacts!

Note:Remember to take your business cards with you!

Tip #1:Arrange one of your meetings with your accountant – they will have loads of

contacts,loads of experience of dealing with new businesses and they want

you to be successful!

Tip #2: Use your rapport building skills to enhance the meeting.

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