special educati on classro om for the followin g8 weeks Hi! ç just wanted to take the time to I at introduce myself.

My name is Ally Shinar and I Crossro am student at Drake University! I am majoring ads in elementary education with an endorsement Elemen in special education and a concentration in tary as applied behavioral analysis. I will be student well! I teaching in Mrs. Smith’s classroom until March am SO 9th and then will be moving to a special looking education classroom for the following 8 weeks forward at Crossroads Elementary as well! I am SO to looking forward to working with your children workin and to be able to meet and work with you all g with as well! From the little time I have already your spent here at Crossroads Elementary, I have childre been nothing short of impressed. I have been n and welcomed in with open arms by the staff and to be students, and am so excited to learn how able to things run here at Crossroads! I can already meet tell that your children are excited and avid and learners, and are going to be a ton of fun to work To work with!give you all a little idea of who I am, here are some interesting facts about me. with I am from North Oaks, Minnesota. My family is very important to me. My parents have you all always demonstrated what it means to be a hard working and passionate person, and as well! for that I am forever grateful. I have one brother who is older than me and a Golden From Retriever named Phoebe! My passion for teaching started at an early age admiring the many of the teachers I had through out my elementary and high school years! I am a little very kind and outgoing person but most importantly, I absolutely love teaching and time I working with children! have In conclusion, I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to spend this time already with your children, and I hope to impact them as much as I know they will impact me! I spent would also love to meet you all sometime throughout the next eighthere at so hopefully weeks, Crossro ads Elemen tary, I have been nothing short of impres sed. I have

Dear Families of Mrs.Smith’s Classroom,

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