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Gospel Brand

Gospel Brand

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Published by John Sobert Sylvest

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Published by: John Sobert Sylvest on Jan 21, 2012
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What differentiates the Gospel brand is an interpretation of reality as both created & friendlier than we could ever imagine.

Authentic friendship, however, transcends the need for extrinsic rewards (what's in it for me?) and enjoys the robustly relational intrinsic rewards (truth, beauty, goodness, freedom, trust, love) that are ends unto themselves, their own reward, in no need of apology or explanation. Now, "to transcend" does not mean to "go without" but, rather, "beyond." Still, for some, it might invite a re-EMPHASIS? Another implication is that religion's core mission is to interpret reality and not to otherwise describe, norm or even evaluate it, all activities (e.g. science & moral reasoning) that are already transparent to human reason. This is not to suggest that it would not have moral implications for, if we act as if we really believe the Good News, we will then exceed the demands of justice!


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