Sanskrit Wording

Sanskrit wording


English wording: sri ramacandra krpalu bhaju mana harana bhavabhaya darunam I navakamja-locana, kamja-mukha, kara-kamja, pada-kamjarunam II Hindi Meaning:

English Meaning: O mind, remember Rama, the Lord of compassion, who will eradicate even the most terrible dread of life; his eyes are like newly-blown lutuses set in his lotus-face; lotus-like are his hands and like ruddy lotuses his feet. II Sanskrit wording:

English wording: kamdarpa aganita amita chabi, navanila-nirada sundaram I pata pital manahu tarita ruci suci naumi janaka sutavaram II Hindi Meaning:

English Meaning: With utmost humility I do obeisance to Sita¶s consort, Ramacandra, whose boundless beauty excels that of myriads of Cupids (taken together). He is as winsome as the rain-laden clouds. The yellow attire on his body, beautifully and sanctified, looks as charming as the flashes of lighting. III Sanskrit wording:

The arms that reach the knees are holding the bow and arrows of the conqueror of Khara and Dusana (two of demonic adversaries). Dasaratha¶s son. the delight of the house of of Raghu. IV Sanskrit wording: English wording: iti vadati tulasida samkara-sesa-muni-mana-ramjanam I mama hrdaya-kamj-nivasa kuru.English wording: bhaju dinabamdhu dinesa danava-daitya-vamsa-nikamdanam I raghunamda anamdakamda kosalacamda dasaratha namdanam II Hindi Meaning: English Meaning: Meditate on Rama. a pair of pendants in his ears. a lovely caste-mark on his forehead and ornaments on his lustrous body. . the scion of the solar race and the extirpator of the demons and diabolical daityas (giants). kamadi khala-dala-gamjanam II Hindi Meaning: English Meaning: He has a (resplendent) crown on his head. soothing as the moon to the Kosalas. compassionate to the destitute. root of all bliss.

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