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No Deposit/No Return "No deposit, no return" "Do not fold or mutilate" And everywhere we go It's "hurry up" and

"wait". A plastic and paper world -We don't use our hands or mind There's no such thing anymore As unique -- one of a kind. We buy instead of make it -Use that plastic card like cash Then we'll waste half what we buy And put the rest in the trash. And even love and marriage Is not what it used to be Believe nothing that you hear And just half of what you see. It's no wonder we're mixed up And that truth is hard to find 'Cause we let ourselves be led -By the blind -- leading the blind. So, let's start to deposit And hope we get a return And the places that we go Let's take our time -- try to learn. Let's take all those cardboard cards Those that we can't punch or bend To those who would control us And say --"Stick 'em in your end! Del Abe Jones 80s