Footprints I walk the lonely beach Searching in the warm wet sand For the pair of footprints Made

when we walked hand in hand. I look toward the water As the sun begins to set And hope with all my heart That I'll see your silhouette. I sit on the driftwood Worn smooth by the raging sea It looks like the same one Where you used to sit with me. At times the crashing waves Are like a magic potion I think I hear your voice But find it's just the ocean. The wind caresses me -I pretend that it's your lips But then I realize That it's one more of my trips. To that land of dreams That will never, ever be I watch the water rise And I hope it will take me. That it will drown the pain And take away the sorrow -Take me back to yesterday And stop the coming 'morrow. Del ³Abe´ Jones 80s

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