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Trance Formation of America

Trance Formation of America

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Published by: wulumeri on Jan 22, 2012
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My (CIA operative) handler, Alex Houston was scheduled to perform with
country music entertainer Loretta Lynn at the Playboy Club in Atlantic City,
New Jersey in the spring of 1985, and he admittedly did not want me there for
the performance. He explained that after his show, he intended to "dress up
like a carrot as lunch for the Bunnies" and I would only be in his way. But 1
had White House business to attend with a different land of "rabbit". Reagan
had arranged for me to meet with his personal attache", Philip Habib (now
deceased), who always played the cryptic rote of the Alice In Wonderland White
Rabbit to mind-controlled slaves. Houston had no choice but to take me along
once the orders came down.
CIA operative Ken Riley, the Neo-Nazi pedophile who functioned in the
capacity of Loretta Lynn's road manager and Project Monarch Mind-Control
handler, was Alex Houston's closest friend. Riley often made arrangements
through Loretta's and Houston's shared talent agent, Reggie Maclaughlin, for
all of us to travel together—particularly when it involved government covert
operations such as this Playboy Club gig did. Loretta's singing career and
political ties into CIA covert operations have always been synonymous. Riley
escorted her in and out of the White House on numerous occasions during the
Reagan Administration, By natural attrition, this put Riley in a secondary role
as a "backup" handler for me as he often returned from D.C. with orders for
and/or concerning me. Houston and Riley shared much: CIA covert operations,
country music interests, Neo-Nazi and U.S. Government mind control, Project
Monarch methodologies, slave running1

, pornography, cocaine, and pedophile
activities. Kelly and Riley's young daughter were often filmed pornographically
together, and endured the sexual assaults of Houston and Riley2

together on

numerous occasions.

This trip to Atlantic City provided me an opportunity to talk with Loretta
while her husband, Mooney, Riley and Houston met for business. Loretta and I
had so much in common that our time together had been restricted from the
time we met in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1981 and discussed our

While alone in Loretta's dressing room at the Playboy Club,
we discussed a wide range of topics from motherhood to the White House. We
talked about Reagan in terms of his role as The Wizard Of Oz, but mostly we
recited the general praises we were trained to say. We talked about Reagan's
"favorite" music by Air Supply, which he had supplied to us both via Riley.
Air Supply's cryptic NASA/Project Monarch theme recordings became "life and
breath" to us both according to Reagan's intention, which locked in our
programmed devotion for him. We discussed the recent Inauguration party
Loretta had attended at the White House. (I was aware she had entertained
there as Houston relayed information to Riley pertaining to his recent trip to
Panama to meet with Panamanian Dictator and CIA operative Manuel Noriega
in order that Riley deliver the information to Reagan during the Inauguration

Loretta and I switched personalities spontaneously as we inadvertently
triggered each other with the shared cryptic language to which we were
accustomed. We discussed forbidden subjects including Noriega and Byrd until


Riley and Houston caught us and separated us as though we were a couple of
naughty kids. I learned more than I was supposed to about Loretta while in
Atlantic City, but was never permitted another opportunity to speak with her so

This trip to Atlantic City was multi-purpose, which was not unusual for
government operations in which I was forced to participate. I had a major
cocaine transaction involving Noriega to attend at the airport; a message to
deliver to Philip Habib pertaining to the Contras, and another programmed in
by Habib in answer to Reagan; country music "entertainment" aspects; and
prostitution to Habib according to Reagan's instruction.4
As the sun was setting over Atlantic City, Houston activated the Project
Monarch Oz programming that was used for high level covert operations, and
had me dress accordingly. I wore real and faux diamonds to signify my
"Presidential Model" business role, rubies to signify my Oz programmed
prostitution personality, and emeralds to signify my Oz programmed drug
business. This physically indicated to my contact(s) which mode of operation 1
was under at the rime. Rarely did I wear all three indicators at once, but they
certainly applied in this operation with Habib. Houston led me down the
waterfront boardwalk toward the hotel casino where I was to meet Habib,
walking like the Oz Scarecrow and singing, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road",
Houston led me up the elaborate escalators of the hotel to a high stakes
gambling area where Habib was playing cards. The guard at the door did not let
Houston through, and I was sent to Habib's table on my own. When I
approached, Habib leaned back in his chair to hear while I quietly recited in Oz
cryptic, "I've come such a long, long way to see you, Uncle Ronnie sent you

"What would that be?" he asked loudly as he leered at me and chuckled. I
could not respond because 1 was under heavy program. He handed me his room
key and pulled me close as he hypnotically whispered, "Use the key. Put it in
the lock. Turn. Open the door, and step through a window in time." The other
gamblers at Habib's table were getting impatient, and I quickly exited the
gambling room.

When I arrived in Habib's room, two of his bodyguards accessed my
programming. "Chiefly speaking," I began reciting Reagan's message.
Arrangements were made for the two guards to pick up a fair sized shipment of
cocaine the next morning that was arriving on a small military "brass" airplane.
Houston and I would then board the plane and fly to D.C. where 1 would
complete my part of this operation;
When Habib arrived, he ushered me into the bedroom part of the suite and
began disrobing, down to his boxer shorts and gartered socks. Referring to a
recent Dante porn film I was used in, he said, "1 liked your ruffled tennis
panties..." then threw me a pink teddy and ruffled panties resembling the tennis
outfit commanding, "Put it on." I complied. He threw me a stuffed toy cat on
the pillows and explained, "That kitten is going to keep this Kitten (pointing to
me) from screaming. We're going to play Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum."
(S&M games) Habib physically resembled the violent Alice In Wonderland
characters, especially in his boxer shorts. The hysterical controlled laughter that
rose in my throat would only have intensified his abuse and was (fortunately)
choked back by terror as he begun attaching heavy rope ties to the four posters
of the bed. On command, I crawled onto the bed and lay on my stomach while
he tied me so tightly I was stretched. He shoved the stuffed cat under my

mouth, then entered me roughly from behind and said, "Come to Poppa". The
intense pain as he brutally sodomized me was outweighed by a high voltage
stun gun as he jolted me repeatedly to create the perverse jerking movements
and rectal muscle constrictions he desired. I soon passed out from the blinding
high voltage of his stun gun. It was nearly 3:00 AM when I stumbled out the
door with the stuffed cat in my hands, nauseated, disoriented, and in extreme
pain. The cool, ocean breeze helped revive me as Houston marched me back to
the Playboy Club.

Houston knew I had been programmed with a message for Reagan that I
would deliver the next morning in D.C. As usual, he began to access it
immediately. His quick timing somehow permitted him to penetrate the
electricity and programmed codes (designed to keep the information repressed)
and accessed the information. Houston kept a written record of any messages he
was able to access (along with photos and ledgers) for his personal profit and
future blackmailing purposes, should he need to protect himself. In this case, I
surmise from Houston's Panama activities, conversations I overheard between
him and Riley, and my recollection of the messages he accessed, that his
purpose in extracting this information was for his personal profit in backdoor
dealings with Noriega. I understood it was these kinds of dealings that
eventually contributed to Noriega's downfall with the CIA.
Morning arrived before I was allowed to sleep, and I felt exhausted and
"spacey" as I waited by the curb for Habib's bodyguards to pick Houston and
me up and take us to the airport, A small military airplane was parked in a
restricted fenced in area as we arrived at the airport. The two bodyguards
conducted their business and quickly loaded the trunk with the bundles of
cocaine as planned. Houston and I boarded the airplane and flew to
Washington, D.C. where I delivered Habib's message to Reagan. The bank
transaction numbers later checked out to be a Cayman Island account number.
Philip Habib was directly involved in various DIA/CIA Operations I was
forced to participate in throughout the Reagan/Bush Administrations, Although
Dick Cheney maintained his role as my Commander for these Operations,
Habib directed my actions where International "Diplomatic Relations" were
concerned, Cheney orchestrated events from behind his desk, whereas Habib
was active in the field as Reagan's attache'.
The following Operations, documented in their entirety from my experience
perspective only, most likely involve other aspects to which I am not privy. In
typical DIA/CIA manner, scam "need to know' information resulted in the "left
hand not knowing what the right hand was doing." Nevertheless, the overall
criminal purpose of Operation Carrier Pigeon and Operation Shell Game,
documented herein, does not change.


Riley, over time, owned several slaves.


Riley, like my father, Wayne Cox, and other, remains apparently immune from prosecution for
his crimes against children and humanity, as it is considered a matter of "'National Security" under
the 1984 Reagan Amendment to the National Security Act.


I still have the handwritten note from Loretta that prompted out forbidden conversation and I
hope that someday Loretta will gain the piece/peace-of-mind that comes with rehabilitation.


In the course of deprogramming, I found retrieval of this information much quicker than it
would have been had Houston not accessed it previously, against government policy, and for his
own personal gain.

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