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Overview Reconciling Bank Statements Automatically Reconciling Bank Statements Manually AutoReconciliation Matching Manual Reconciliation Matching Manually Clearing and Unclearing Transferring Bank Reconciliation Transactions to Your General Ledger Archiving and Purging




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Reconciling Bank Statements Automatically 5 .

com 6 .http://apps2fusion. 7 . It includes either statement import errors or your reconciliation exceptions found during AutoReconciliation. It lists receipts created in Receivables during AutoReconciliation.` The AutoReconciliation Execution Report is automatically produced by Oracle Cash Management during the AutoReconciliation process. It shows import and reconciliation errors that occurred during the AutoReconciliation process.

which searches for treasury transactions that match the sweep statement lines details and corresponding cash 8 . ` ` http://apps2fusion.` Before AutoReconciliation. You run the Sweep Transactions Generation program. You can then run the AutoReconciliation program to reconcile the bank-initiated Sweep statement lines. you can automatically create and settle transactions in Oracle Treasury corresponding to the sweep statement lines if a match is not found.

com 9 . If the payment amount and the statement line amount difference is within defined tolerances. depending on how you defined the Cash Management AP Tolerance Differences system parameter If the receipt amount and the statement line amount difference is within defined tolerances. the program posts the difference to the Receivables Bank Charges account. ` ` ` http://apps2fusion. AutoReconciliation posts the difference to either the Payables Bank Charges account or the Bank Errors account. General Ledger journal entries are automatically reconciled in Cash Management only if the journal line amount and the bank statement line amount are the same. which reconciles Payables payments and Receivables receipts within tolerances and automatically posts any amount differences.` You can define reconciliation tolerances for the AutoReconciliation program.

 The tolerance amount in the bank account definition is always in the bank account currency.  Reconciliation supports the following currency scenarios: x x x Domestic: Functional. ` Clearing takes place after matching. depending on the bank account currency. Foreign: Bank account (USD) and transaction (USD) currencies are same but functional currency (EUR) is different. bank account and transaction currencies are same.  The transaction amount is the amount recorded in the system.` The AutoReconciliation program handles statement line matching to transactions differently. Cash Management determines clearing amounts for the charges.  The minimum of the percent and amount tolerance is used as the actual tolerance. so any difference between the statement line amount and the original transaction amount is already verified to be within the specified tolerance limit. errors. International: Functional (USD) and bank account (USD) currencies are same but transaction currency (EUR) is 10 ` . http://apps2fusion. and foreign gain/loss accounts as necessary to clear the transaction.

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` ` ` http://apps2fusion.` After running 12 . The Bank Statements by Document Number Report lists bank statements in document number order. If you or your System Administrator sets up the Document Sequences feature for Cash Management. The Bank Statement window shows errors for both statements and individual lines. then you can print a report to list all bank statements in document number order. to help you identify missing and deleted statements. you can review any reconciliation error from the Bank Statement or Bank Statement Line window. To review import validation errors. The Bank Statement Summary Report shows summary bank statement information for a bank account. use the Bank Statement Interface window.

com 13 .Reconciling Bank Statements Manually http://apps2fusion. 14 .

and maturity date  Journal entries on period name.` When you use manual 15 . batch name. ranges for transaction numbers. or remittance number. transaction amount. or line number ` As you reconcile a statement manually. open interface transactions. you can search for the following:  Payroll or Payables payments. transaction date. and specific statement lines  Treasury settlements by using the Reconciliation Open Interface  Customer or supplier transactions. journal entry name. miscellaneous transactions. you may need to create transactions to account for differences between the sum of the reconciled transaction and the line amount. GL journal entries. document number. http://apps2fusion. Receivables receipts. 16 .

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You can view the transmission history and the actual report in the Transmissions window. Select the File Text field of the file you want to view and choose Edit Field from the Edit menu. you need to manually unreconcile the transactions in Cash Management and void the payment in Payables.` If you implement the automatic bank transmission feature. use the Payment Exceptions Report to view payment exceptions generated by the bank and transmitted to your local directory. In the Find Transmissions 22 . To resolve the payment exceptions. The Editor window displays the content of the file you selected. choose the file type of EXCEPTION to query exceptions reports. ` ` ` ` http://apps2fusion. 23 .

com 24 .AutoReconciliation Matching http://apps2fusion. 25 .

receipt. or miscellaneous receipt. miscellaneous payment. receipt.  Reversal Method: For example.  Adjustment Method: The statement line can be a payment. as long as the amount netted out is within the tolerance of the original transaction.` The AutoReconciliation program can match to a payment. http://apps2fusion. Cash Management will use the invoice and the agent bank account number to match. miscellaneous payment. if the reversal entry is a miscellaneous receipt. The program handles both reversal and adjustment methods. If you don¶t have the transaction number. then the program matches to a payment or miscellaneous payment. then the program assumes there is a match and reconciles the statement lines. you must first unreconcile the error statement line before the AutoReconciliation program will reconcile it with the correction statement line. ` ` If the error statement line is already reconciled to a transaction due to the amount difference between the transaction and statement line falling within the tolerance 26 . If the amounts net out to zero. or miscellaneous receipt line.

com 27 .Manual Reconciliation Matching http://apps2fusion. 28 .

` If you are reconciling bank statements manually. you must first unreconcile the error statement line before attempting to reconcile it with the correction entry. a bank uses one correction entry to correct multiple error statement lines. Sometimes. Then you can decide how you want to reconcile the correction entry. You can manually reconcile between multiple statement lines. the Reconcile Bank Statements window retrieves all available statement lines and transactions that match your selection criteria. ` ` http://apps2fusion. If you have already reconciled the error statement line to a 29 .

Manually Clearing and Unclearing 30 . 31 .

or all three. you assign a cleared date and status to the transaction.  When you reconcile a transaction.` Clearing and Reconciling Transactions in Oracle Payables  Clear payments in Oracle Cash Management.  The Cleared Transactions Report shows transactions that were cleared or reconciled both manually and automatically and can be submitted for Payables payments only. payroll payments.  When you clear a transaction. and data used to create accounting entries is recorded in 32 . http://apps2fusion. the uncleared transaction is first cleared and then matched to bank statements. receipts only.  Reconciliation accounting entries for the payments are created in Oracle Payables and are then ready to be transferred to the General Ledger Interface tables. ` Clearing and Reconciling Transactions in Oracle Receivables  You can clear receipts in Oracle Receivables prior to reconciliation to maintain current cash account balances.

Transferring Bank Reconciliation Transactions to Your General Ledger 33 .

no reconciliation accounting entries are created. Cash Management does not provide reconciliation accounting data to Payroll. you need to run the Journal Import program after transferring your reconciliation accounting transactions from Payables or Receivables to create journal entries based on the reconciliation transactions. you need to post your journals in General Ledger.` When you reconcile bank statement lines to journal entries in General Ledger. Once you run Journal Import. If you use General 34 . Transferring to General Ledger is only required for entries created in Payables and Receivables. ` ` ` ` http://apps2fusion.

The General Ledger cash account should pertain to only one bank account. an adjusted balance for the bank statement. a separate adjustment amount for unreconciled receipts. and bank errors. journal entries which have been recorded in the General Ledger cash account. payments.` Use the GL Reconciliation Report to reconcile the General Ledger cash account balance to the bank statement closing balance and to identify any discrepancies in your cash position. The summary report lists the General Ledger cash account 35 . ` ` ` http://apps2fusion. The detail report provides details for the unreconciled items as well as the information contained in the Summary report.

Archiving and Purging 36 . 37 .

you can archive the data before you purge it.` After you import a bank statement into Oracle Cash Management. After you reconcile it. You can also archive or purge intra-day bank statement data from the Bank Statement Open Interface and the Intra-Day Bank Statement tables. you can purge its data from the Bank Statement Open Interface 38 . When the program completes. it automatically prints the Archive/Purge Bank Statements Report to display the number of headers and lines that were archived or purged ` ` ` ` ` http://apps2fusion. You can run the Archive/Purge Bank Statements program to archive and purge. you can purge its data from the Bank Statement tables. To save a copy of your bank statement.

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