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Louis and Anna

Louis and Anna

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Published by: THeresa Welch on Jan 22, 2012
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This is a copy the original is in the hands of the court , doctors and Dan O’Connell I will push fight

for my daughter schools and medical rights . You better understand it not about Louie it about Anne and we all fight all the way her future .

The newest is that I am a bully because I don’t want your son that u we were told in my house sleeping and living 24 hours a day seven day’s a week . Really ● ● ● I am not throwing my daughter out in the street we asking for her to finish school , sleep at night which today or last night she had Louie over and she went to sleep at 5 O Clock She threatening that if Louie leaves she leaves there are witness many to this fact . Anne did this once to get him in the house claiming he was homeless and he even went to get food stamps , we have the letters or the court does so does Anna medical doctors . Louis told her sad story about his life . Which see this or living this drama of his making was just a cry for help . Which he said here in our house . That took a lot for him to admit but going about getting help or doing anything thing about well that is a different story .

So don’t go there because unless u and Louie better understand this fact well Joanne and Dan all so know this fact well . They ( Anne is under age and Louie is not in charge of her ) nor is he working or in school We will go to the law to protect Anna against harming herself , her future and the other in this house protect her , grandparents , Anne ( from herself by not going to the doctors , school and medical help ) from both of the webs they made or misunderstanding the choice is theirs to make which way . I will protect my rights all so , mental , body and that of my parents . This is a game and using other taking advantage of people is against the law . How is she going to live , work , school this wrong and it all so wrong for Louie and all of us living here . School is a must and rules are all important so are late sleeping at night . Eating right is all so a must .

By the way who ever told Anne that natural people are against medical med cine is crazy I not a natural person who is against medicine I all so told you and Louie here in this house that I was not against medicine nor am I a natural person not me . I believe in medical help and nature way both but only legal . Dad , mother and were there when I said that a fact . And don’t forget the tapes in the bedroom are one. . And Joanne did all so at dinner on Anne birthday which we brought them to dinner on Anne birthday to have ribs that even is a picture of this together with Joanne . So this mean what that you or Louie are trying to take her from her medicine or influence Anne in not taking what she needs there is a record that goes back to first grade in Cocoa Beach , a medical and legal fact . That why we moved to Sarasota to go to school that helps clear that it is medical fact the school has now the court , and Doctors . This house the one Louie mother refers to on the phone to Joanne poor Louie who has to stay here because Anne can ‘t be in the house alone with two old people her sick old mother . That means what ?? Or take Anne to Doctors that what they said recorded fact . That what Anna does not like or sleeping at night ??

Why is asking them to get up is a bad thing , to pick up after them self another bad thing stop smoking weed a bad thing or not having all their friend sneak into the gar gage and basement to what drink , smoke till 5 am . What does that mean your defending what them or your smoking .

The police said next time call them we will call them believe me I will and if you doing that with Anna there you see what the police . Now that a fact . You have no rights legal to do this I talked to special state attorney on this subject . I am not kidding since you decide to play with Anna well being . You have no rights what so ever and are crazy when you smoke in front of me and Ted . I brought Ted to get help being around Louie and his friends in this house put him into the hospital and blowing smoke in Kyle face is recorded so don’t think like Louie and Anna that you or they are black mailing any one in any shape or form . Ted went to the hospitals we told them and about Kyle . There is a record of this > NOW Louie has to protect her . Louie who still serving at swap is going support Anne and what have her back in school . That is a record of what she has said and all so we have this down and recorded this fact . This alone show them the state , doctors and school that something is wrong now we going to find out and work to fix this poor Anne we were told on record has only had a real Tudor which we have the proof of , money paid , and all so the records school of St Joe , HF , and in Cocoa Beach . Florida This according to Louie and Anna is a bad thing Tudors private school to want things go to work . That Louie mother sat down at the kitchen table and worked with him (Really what does that mean what exactly your a great mother I am not because we paid for Tudor ‘s for Allegra . The best one . Not local kid that I hired great one ‘s on the honor rolls that a bad things . That Louie mother work on the kitchen table with Louie studying R eally what does a private school mean to Louie or you bad that a bad thing . When they and I saw something was wrong we brought in the Home wood school dis to test her which will be brought into court . The med cine issue she needs . What now Louie is her new doctor and she think she does not need a Doctor now . She asked for it two years ago and to get help this is a fact all so . Now Louie who is Max’s friend who Wendy wanted Max away from and sent him To St Joe to get away from these bad kids . I don’t know my dad is asking her but she wanted him away from some kids they mite be the same one . Now time will tell . Max who has a problem all so today . Anne was in Cocoa Beach and Sarasota < Florida who in first grade the school brought dcotors in time to help her really . This is a record a real one .

Louie has a history of this that should of been address . The fact that Louie feels he has to stand up for you and lie , manipulate the facts to push issue to her so they just stay up all night not go to school .

Now you or your son are what stopping her from medical help . Who are you ??? Are you or your son kidding ! She need school her medicine not staying out all night and sleeping . I all so have from Freedom of Information of court s records of Louie so do her doctors and the courts to see the pattern the agreement which Louie stated her the first time ( Pat , Hannah , Ted , and Ted friend who would of giving them jobs around mother day ) was help medical help , take GED which he has not yet . I will protect her from a bad future none . From not going to school staying up all night the more Louie push her button ‘s to push us we just write it down and bring it all to court . Ted friend offered him a real job Yet no one could drive Louie or let use the car . Which a real job . But with hope and prayer he will Louie get help or ask for it . It there ! Or the three court case of his two mary jane and the other late at night the pattern and all so we requested Steven’s , Joshia ,.White Hen robbery and all the people Nina house who got in trouble to show the pattern the people she now being told can take care of her . Including Mark Johnson breaking glass windows in the car that Anne was in . The fact that He is friends with Louie is all so on record . That he tried to harm Anna and his coke girlfriend . Their are records . With a lawyer and court orders you can do that . We did that ! Get them ! And all so Mark Johnson ( X BoX Hannah “S ) his records and the fact the Louie is friends with the very people who broke a window , glass went Anna eyes the hospital record s and police records of this .

This alone shows that Anna and Louie are not right in the head . That they need help . Louie and Steven is friends with them the people who brought the window . That Anna is because she say everyone smokes

everyone and that we must get over or past this . No way ! She is being controlled or pushed . That why we were going to Florida after Louie was released from swap . Who does he thinks he is the man who knows all the answers for her . That being with or staying away from people that harmed my daughter are OK now to be friends with . Really Mark Johnson stealing and his brother Hannah X Box and we see if they all so the people who robbed my friends son X box are they the same people Louie friends I thought Louie wanted to get away from this by moving to Florida after his swap but no instead buy an old car to do what ? Can this be driven to Florida or not working . Anne said Louie had a lot of Job she thinks this is a great thing . Why a lot can’t keep one for a long time . Maybe medical help med cine would help do you think that mite be the case . Really what court is going to buy into that . Help medical help is needed here ● ● October 8 ● Welch Ann Terry ○ I am not nor my parents going though this any more up all night no help don't pick up anything until people yell . Will not cut the lawn and now controls my daughter because he has no where to live afraid at your house over eating watching what happened to his brother created not by us no work no help does not want to help makes fun of older and helps Anna in her bad behavior which now I have the money for a school which now I am telling them to forget for the school that would give her an HF degree .He did not finish work nor do the GED ○ ○ All we wanted was help Anne could clean floor pick up not cook at night ○ ○ They buying a car with out a hundred dollars no thought of school reading just X box ○ ○ I paid for them to learn the testing device which is her now not once did they pick it up I ask them to do anything not even a dish . ○ ○ H was your problem which could been fix ADD or what the problem is a treatable problem . Common not a big deal ○ ○ now that I have school paid for on the way ○ ○ Anna say nothing wrong what sleeping all day playing X Box dirty cloths food on the floors that ok ○ ○ ○ And telling me now that I am crazy that fine making fun of me when I take my med they think I going to help them in court no way I going to the judge who Louie the first I was there said he was living with me . Which I agreed to by what was told to all of us . Witness . Not a problem the problem is doing it getting Louie and Anne to understand this must be done ●

○ ○ ○ ●

That he said in front of the law there he was depressed on a court record .He total went crazy sad about going to jail or being taken into the room and they got him a belt I all so have that record . And from the phone company my calls to u . About the food issue on court record he has a since he seen his brother kick out over a sandwich and all so when Anne and their friend eat a hamburger and were asked to leave . Which is what happened allso a record with Responded Now

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

This is his issue and now he taking my daughter who was depressed over Steven and used this to live in our house which depressed all of us a boy who will not work stay up all night smokes will not work and tell some one under great things just talk while he under minds using her to live there so we will not kick them out . But we do like Louie and want to see he get help medical so he can go to college not just have a min wage job but a real future . I don’t hate him I want him help and stop destroying Anne life which is now what he is trying to do They need that a future not a dead end street Louie is really not bad and good for Anne but they need help which is there . So why fight getting help . Really . GED take it and medical help . ○ ○ ○ ○ Now want to move out of state so he does not have to work using my daughter he hang on too . She not leaving . Nor kick out just ask to move on , help them self . ○ She now controlled and manage by him no school don't work . I will stop her just want both to get help ○ ○ He though this would stop anyone from throwing him out control . We see what the court thinks he and she need help . Why you did not do it . Just push him out knowing he had ADHD and not trying for his back child support which was his school money to much trouble ○ ○ Do you think that smoking in front him or not getting him help was great parenting do u not know that he was effected lazy no energy but yet you did not get him help why ? Just push him out on us now we see what the court thinks about this October 8 Michele Hogan Gerasch ○ Do what you got to do Terry!! You got your facts all mixed up! Why do you think I kicked him out maybe it had something to do with the fact that he lied to me several times about GED that I paid for the first time aropund and maybe it has something to do with him sleeping past noon and not trying to get a job!! As far as the sandwich issue he said that for your sympathy and it worked! All we ever asked of him and his brother was to help us out because I wasn't bringing in any money! But instead they did what they wanted and ate all our food without contributing! My other son was making alot more than me and taking advantage of us! I told Louie several times, while your at Annies do what you can to help, like mow the lawn, do the cooking whatever you can to not be a burden!! So you can think what you want of me I really don't care either way I won't forget how you helped me or my

○ ○ ○

● ●

son and I will always be grateful!! I didn't push Louie out on you, he had a week to find a place to live because he used my debit card to pay his phone bill for 9mos and I gave him a week to come up with a reciept or the $260 he owes! Ive been through alot with Louie and his lieing was the last straw! Hes still my son and I would rather fight with my husband then see him homeless so if it comes to that he will have to come back home. I really hoped we could be friends but you've already conjuered up this image of me and I won't be able to chnage your mind. I wish you well! ● ● ○ ○ I promise I won't let these kids leave the state, thats all I can do! October 8 Michele Hogan Gerasch ○ By the way there is no back child support, you really need to stop listening to Louie. The child support stopped when Louie turned 19. It dad was laid off the last 2yrs of child support and paid less then half of what he owed by order of the judge! He owes lees than $1000 and it would cost about $700 for a lawyer so IM not going to persue it! I already had this talk with Louie and he doesn't care! 6 minutes ago Welch Ann Terry ○ True I am going for help for her she needs to finish school I am taking your son records from the court that I have to get him help which he needs ○ ○ They will not get up and now to call the police on me is really ok over not going to school which told them she would not do in writing and take her medicine which since first grade there is a legal record of that she needs for school to the court and doctors ○ ○ I not trying to stop Louie just get medical help for him so he can work if we all would stop put our heads together and meet all of us including them in Dan O 'Conn ell law office 1815-723-2909 including my parents and Ted then we can get them in school or medical help so they can focus on their future . ○ ○ We were told that Louie wanted to quite smoking , wanted school , but he was worried about u , food , and how could he quite when he got some for u . None of that was important we went to public aid he did . He signed it homeless which was the case so getting medical help is needed really . ○ ○ He wrote my address so we do have that he sign it all so . It shows he lived here all so that he wanted help . All so that he can’t support Anne but he does not have to just get help for himself . He needs to do that for Anne and his future . Anne will be help by me and Joanne their company which they been doing since she was two years old . So we not worried about money for school , cloths, heat , water , food , lights , Tudor's just that she has all the there is for her to have a real future . Hers not someone hanging on to her that will not get help when help is there to get . Not a problem . ○ ○ I have proof from the courts records that a good thing . I paid for his GED which I don;t mind unless he does not do it then I mind . ○ He really need the med so does Anne it not a big deal why is he so angry about this . ○ ○ Anne and I were going to Florida which is why he needed to go through the program for one week that Ted his son went though and on Ted part will go though again . He said it helped . ○

● ●

○ ○ This is all recorded including what we said in the room micro current remember Ted got video and we gave them to DOE Femi Lab which we all so use in this case to show that I said I was not a nature person I believe in Medical help and Medicine and I do take it . ○ ○ ○ He could of gone all so though the program that Anna On way out of Harvey ,Illinois Anna said ,in the car she can hurt me ( which is really herself ) by not going there . I did not leave her their really how did they get to your house .

She was being trained on EDS which Joanne paid for and that was at least four times . Louie did not like the fact In Evans ton , Illinois that Ted was being tested no he could not just sit there and learn . He can’t just sit no to important we have all so the tapes her when Sue was here . This is a disorder and now he out harming other s Leading them down the wrong path under age children

● ● ●

Really that why they were dropped off at your house . That she wants to hurt herself by not going though a program that TED , his son and I went though . One that I told Louie was helping with issue like how you look at herself . Did that brother Louie . He can go though the program all so .

Louie of course does not understand many things that we going to put on record all the extra things Anne needs the company pay for we have all the legal proof going back to three years old . I am not on welfare nor do I get money for Anne from welfare . I do get medical help SSI for my Lupus not Anne . So the belief that Anne has now which is new is for Anne to think must be Louie mental state . He believes he know many things but does notw he fills Anna head with silly things that is not legally true just his point of view but a dangers to Anna well being . To have her say she screw up her own insurance so they can go to Wis ( Carole house was big enough that they could liive off of the happy bi polar lady ) What they had option from the people who friend robbed Anna . That you never did anythng about like you stated here you would big did not do anything . Louie act like I kicked out the house and screw things up because he can’t be alone or sleep . To party with Allen or maybe his girlfriend who the ones who robbed her of her birthday money and things . Really what do u think the court will think about this since I called the police and wrote to Holster about her gift cars being stolen by the people they want to live with or better their friends . I did this when it happened . All so before Louie forced Anna there I called them remember because I want to know where they were going > I crime no a fact

This is all so a record in the courts and Doctor hands now . Then Louie wanted me to rent a hotel room for his cousin who made money after graduation so they could party . To sign for the room I said no . Then they went to Wisconsin ( Carole ‘s ) any way .

Where she was robbed ?? And you said you and Carole would handled this in from my dad and mother which was again not done . What do u think the courts will make of all of this ?? That is what really happening is all legal with facts . That the way the law works thank God for that ○ ○ And Louie wanted Ted to fit or look at it when he brought it . ○ ○ Louie wants a car which Ted would look at it when he Louie got a car which is the only thing Louie said he wants no matter who or what he hurts . Ted will do that to help but not when this is all harming Anne . That he really has nerve your son .Can he afford insurance ? Can he get gas . Where is he working what is the source of his income . Selling weed I hope not because when he get attested when Anne is in the car with him then what I not going to just walk away she never did anything wrong before . Now she doing what not in school , just following Louie orders . OR Yours not sure now . When all that was needed was help medical help that your against because it cost you money . Then why did you get him help ???? ○ =============================== ● The day of hospital this is what happened the truth with witness and nothing but the truth ● ● I told them they ( Louie and Anna ) were sleeping that I be back at 3 45 PM ○ ○ I was with Joanne who I am with at least three or four days of the week we working on a project together they were sleeping when I returned yelled come on let go . ● That is what is the bad thing I do really we see what the court that Anna and Louie want to go to now to get a paper stating that Anna can support her self . On the way there I ask Louie about insurance Anne spoke and said don't ask Louie about that just ask about me or her ( I guess it hurts his latin pride or just a control issue of Louie you did say he has a bad temper and talk to Sam bad that what u said from day one so I been watching he is controlling maybe from his father I don’t know but he needs help he is fighting for control over my daughter who is not going to hurt by him because he has this in his blood or saw it done and repeating a pattern and will until he get help now . And the real question why he does do it . ○ ○ ○ Sorry life does work that way the he lives ○ ○ Get help to school or work. He now is hurting by saying nice words a control way of taking someone over . Anna behavior show this well now . The court thinks so ! ○ ○ So when we get to the behavior center she goes in and tell them what her and Louie think I am trying to do or decide how they can just sleep all day . ○ ○ What trying to take her to program that helps her learn how to help herself. That a bad thing really in what world the world of street kid, drugs , and homeless kids , foster kids the no where just smoke take it easy relax that where that comes from . The fried egg or what mary jane or aka weed does to the brain . Or second hand smoke of Louie is doing to Anna Brains or former one which don’t seem to be present today . They need to help them self which they don’t seem to know that . Or how ! When brought to get help it is against Louie so called rights what rights are his in this case . Tell me ! ○

○ ○ ○

She Of course means mother me Terry is trying to take them for help a bad thing according to Louie and Anna . Really The girl who according to Louie and Anne said Good Luck which means to them poor Louie and Anna . That her mother tried to help them help but her mother needs help that what they mean . This is a way of control what court is going to put pot smoker , no working , sleeping Louie , and a miner in charge of them self . No job , sleep all the time , throws dirty cloths on the floor leaves them there . Smell up the whole house . Eat at night leaves plates , glass , around the room . They go out and get a kitten that they don’t feed . change the liter , buy liter , or tear newspaper for maybe once when forced to . Then when the kitten gets lost they do not get up to look go around when it was next door was taken away by the city . Then you say I tried to stop them from having the cat . The better word to all here is I saved the kitten who I feed , take care and make sure it litter is changed . What your deal anyway ewveryone can see to protect your image it not about my daughter your and your son are just using her . Your son is hurt like the first time in court he was mad at the judge for saying bad things about you his mother . Which you stated he was of legal age to what smoke weed . Well I guess you would defend that since he said in front of witness he is force to buy for you since your in so much pain your jaws . That why you smoke . So we help you . How lady did you do anything for my parents , Anna , or Louie . What is it that you done . You just walk away and now were forced to help your son , again your son . Forced is the key word after I sent message to your new husband the one who kicked out your other son and then Louie out of the house that was your that Louie father paid you child support and u worked for . It is a fact ! What did he threaten to leave if u could not get Louie to do anything ? Then why not get him medical help to hard to much work for you to do that . Well we glad that Louie is at home where he belongs that we were force to do that . But the more you play with my daughter future the harder legal way for you it will get . I did talk to people who witness this get the records . But she did get into program which is a great thing . This women who Anne thinks agreed with her is not a doctor and said good luck and said we need family counseling when my doctor and Anna said for her to go there in the first place . But she not a doctor the lady Louie and Anna say agreed with her the head of the program we went to Joanne and I the other day . Why does Louie and Anna think a women who fills out forms is a Doctor she not . You see how much they need help . They talk to her Anne and they don’t agree with what Anne thinks not at all . Or they would not have put her in the program . They put her into the program and Anna sign it that a fact . Now she did not go but today we going a check up and talk to her other doctor to find out who is telling these things and talk to her about sleeping and taking care of herself . I going there with her , grandma and grandpa so that she can move on go to the school which will cost money but so what but not the point . The point is are u or Louie now paying for Anna new school well are you ? Are you medical experts . Do you know HIPPA laws

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

○ ○ ○

The real issue is now in 2011 that she goes away from all the drama in her head and all the gar bitch people in her life that are leading into a path going no where . That she sleep goes out at normal hours go to sleep not talk on the phone , text all night which I went to court to the records and worked with Verizon to do so . You think it to much because it not your daughter well lady all of her behavior is strange not her pattern and we going to get her help and Louie better stop playing doctor and games and fix himself . Legal asking that she has a letter saying she can support herself is crazy she can't and no is asking her to leave grandpa said that she should live somewhere else because her and Louie have cloths all around dirty , sleep till 4 or 5 , they leave the cat shit on the floor , and yelling with every one hear hearing this Ted , Kyle , grandma , pa that we should mind our own business and leave the door shut. This is a health problem they making for them self by just not sleeping . We then went to go get them help then we told by Anne we go to the doctors to much that other people like u don’t go to the doctor this much who are u and Louie to decide all of this for my daughter . This can be another legal issue . Which we informed doctors were now told of this for the record . She allso told that to the police the other night she wants to go with her boyfriend and not take her med cine nor go to school from her mouth in front when Louie came . Not true what they tried to is not true nor real nor normal we have all so this from the doctor \s and the insurance records . She can’t just leave and support herself . Really she can sleep all day not work . Any one telling her this is true is again trying to harm her medical and stopping her from school and a normal life . Harvey . Illinois behavioral center is a great program . It help why be against what would help her and Louie what the problem . Ted went their and so did Kyle . Eating issue Kyle had is a medical issue not a growing boy as you stated here .

○ ○

○ ○ ○ ○

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

● ● ●

Again eating Kyle background is a matter for medical people not any one including me ., my parents , Anne or you and Louie to decide . Louie and Anne being teenagers were just worried that there friends could not come into the basement use it like they used Nina house as a hang out to what chill . Right . This is the poor house that Louie was forced to live in really lady ( what you said Joanne on phone is a joke that we told lawyer and others who think u need help all so for follow this path )

● ● http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trinity-Christian-College/14976193879 ● So all of you know it all who think they know more then doctor s should be careful . We helped Ted that a fact so will Kyle all put this in writing , and all so Ted father who I fight with get Kyle help that a fact .

They will write this down and are right now to protect Anna for her own good . My mother is ill is that what the crime is with Anne , Louie and you . Is that what you mean about the house being what ???? Answer is that the bad things my mother is ill , my father is old , the boss or what the crab that you can make appointment with not keep the time wait for you . That the problem lady . Is iThis what you mean when you stated on phone to Joanne that house ? She old that what the doctor said old people do what she doing is what happens in her old age common illness . That brothers Louie , Annie and you . To bad . We take her to doctors , spa , treatments we do things to help her that a crime . I did not talk to you on the phone Joanne told you that . Why lie by the way Joanne was with me when you called and I have the court look at the cell phone to show that I did not listen to the message’s I don’t only some for work or my dad . We were together when you said you did talk to me . That all so can be proven legally . And has been . So why or you making these statement which can be proven legal not true . All so why is Louie doing this ??? The only question the court will ask is why and the proof that all of this is bad for Anna which the school stated has no records of any problems none . Until she been with Louie who now she does wants to live with or that he lives here while her she afraid of two old people and being told what to do .

That the police were told by Anna herself when Louie who you were driving to our house to pick her up and help her into calling to police to do after you talked to Joanne which we told the court victim lady the whole story with proof and tel-phone records are proof . That night with you at the house ( Police Saw ) were telling her what to do . Is he Louie just being worked and working you . Or better is the real issue the medical one . While Anne is working me . That a fact ! ○ ○ She must go to the doctor to have her medicine now who is telling her this must legally understand what is right and wrong . So with papers we must all meet so these kid can have a future and stop playing all sides a game . I have all of Anne records ready for school her future Louie can have a future it up to you to call Dan and help him so everyone can move on ○ ○ The following are not a problem for me to do for them just a pattern this is about taking people for granted and the belief that you have the right to do so . ○ ○ I not going let Anne just sit around watch x box not go to school have her yell and not do anything . ● When people ask for help it is a crime until you have to yell or being push into anger . Push by this new Anne one that was not here before a change a big one . ○ ○ And Louie saying to me about not caring and throwing her out is a joke what future do they have . Does he really mean that or just used to playing this game and getting away with this

. When he and she are behind this so they don’t have to in Anne case go to school , take medicine do anything that helps her in a future . In Louie case who knows only he or medical help will be know . ○ ○ She does not want to do what she normally would have done get her nails done , feet, tan , go buy cloths . No now she hurting herself these are things she does . ○ Not sleeping is hurting herself watching X box , texting all night so she and Louie can sleep until 5 or 6 PM . ○ ○ I have proof from my charge records since she was 11 years old on a monthly base / ○ When you ask for the papers so Anne , and Louie that she Anne can support herself and on the phone Louie yelling about Anne walking which she was outside that he does not understand me and why I do not do anything . What like he did stop her medical help . Tell her I take her to the doctor to much that not help . He going to do what support her that what he said really he make everything screwed up in his head . ○ ○ Help he needs it . Anne needs school , medical , and not Louie help in what following his path like in school or with the law . ○ ○ The paper she asked for it means that she can support herself . ○ ○ Court where I was with Joanne for two days all so said they will look at what she did in the past nails. cloths ., baths , normal teenager do girls and boy’s I gave them all the records I have from my change cards going back to 5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_Christian_College ○ years old . Where she went to the Tudor and I now have statements from the Tudors . I have them for child support so it was not a problem . ○ ○ Hair all so this is not about money I did this with joy with her and for her . Now she worried about money like Louie ( This was not Anne she changed ) Private school records which cost $ 5 , 550 .00 just for St Joe not the Tudors which were then from five grade and up $30 dollars on hour which she went to two day ‘s a week for three hours ( with checks to prove this ) All so it was done at Trinity College Palos Heights, Illinois http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_Christian_College ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Not a problem paid for smokes , games which I ask Louie to give me the money for he asked me to get the games . When I asked for the money a few weeks later Anne gave it back to me stated here this we don’t want you saying that Louie did not give the money to you . Yes well he did after I asked . I brought him to court he brought sand which and smoke when they can make food to save money . He could made a sandwich but no making a big deal is Louie issue from Bert yes Bert not you . He wants to play that he can support what level is that the real issue .

● ● ● ●

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

He can’t support her no he can't support himself so false pride does not work and will not be the answer for Anne school money nor what she needs school he does not have the right to decide that road . They both need a future Dan number is 1-815-723-2909 The police report worked out well that Anne made it was honest she said she would go to school , and take her medicine . On record . Louie came up all so great all of this or was their help like Anna and you . Saying I threw her out which is not the case . No what happened now and before is with witness . That what Anne and he are saying because they guilty of what they did to me with witness . Try to make fun or or did someone taking their medicine so they can become ill and then they can take advantage of have there friends over . Poor them poor quite Anna we see I bring in people who know all sides of this story . They are doctors, lawyer , Joanne and other who know her well and her old friends parent who know she need med and that she is being used and allowing it to happen for the party Louie wants to chill just chill . That a fact . Anne if she were right in the head she be in school / Louie and her staying up doing what they please in our house and bring over all his friend her saying that Louie must live in our house because he has a bad life at home not with you with Bert . That they can do what they want and spit in my eye while I was on cane Ted was there before Kyle came .

○ ○ ○ ○

○ ○ This was late at night All so ask Joanne calling me with knowledge that I was not do drive ( Joanne was here giving me a treatment Anne calling not caring about me legs which got broke because of Her Party and Steven being in the house on New Year day by my brother that why over her . That on the court record and Police . I protected her . ○ ○ ○ ○ This is all so a legal matter and a record ○ ○ We have that so does the court . Now lets all help them really support them self by getting help medical help ○ ○ ○ contact Dan 1-815-723-2909 ○ ○ Legally it wrong for out side people to influence Anne in not taking what she needs there is a record that goes back to first grade in Cocoa Beach , Florida a medical and school records this is not new . so be careful . Ask your lawyer about this or your daughter . ○ ○ Dan who knows her since then and her father and was in Cocoa Beach , Florida and all so Joanne will tell u this .

● ●

It is harming her and we want only to help her and get what she needs . Any one stopping this including your son needs go to Dan office to show all of u including Anne and Louie the facts . So their is not more emotional misunderstanding just legal proof Poor quite Anne Poor Louie no food

Anne is a bully to me when I am not doing what she wants she wants me bi polar so she can do what ever she wants to do with Louie . This never happened before with her > NEVER until he came into the picture . It may have started on New Years Day when my brother who was out of control he was drunk and Anne while I was in manic using this because I agree to everything ask could she have a few friends over with Nina . I was for at lest four weeks Manic it takes me at least four weeks to six weeks to gain control back . She said a few friends that they clean up afterwards . I was in the house in my room . Everything was quite I woke up in the Morning and went shopping Chris met me out side was mad at Anne . At that time I told him they were kids and I handle my daughter he was to angry . He stole one of their camera he has a drug problem and drinking this is the smaller problems he lives in our basement . My mother who is older and does not understand all this protect ‘s him . So I ask him to go downstairs he said no way that he be blamed for Anne and her friend . Which was not the case at all their were maybe five kids in the house . They had their belongs stolen . I ask him for them he push me down when I tried he used all his weight pressed down and my knee all long with ankle was broken . The police were called and all so I was taken to the hospital . Chris all so push Anne friend though the wall , and push Anne . He was trying to get Anne who he blame for her behavior not helping me and not doing anything in house nothing she does nothing when asked she say wait hold on . Until people become angry then states she is being used . This all so includes her room . She started this not doing anything when she become 16 years old , she hates all of us she states for asking her to clean up , she ashamed feels sorry for herself . These are her favorite saying poor me , I have to live in a house with two old people and a mother who is bi-polar that has lupus . So she does not clean her room , wash a dish , pick up , sweep , she does not say hello only when she wants something . She just wants her friends to hang out at Nina that was at the age 16 . Now she was up set she just wants Louie no work , don’t sleep righ then sleep all day . No helping herself . It worst I brought her to Doctor when she takes the medicine she is better . Or tries Many people saw her and know this a legal fact . Today she now has Louie that all so needs help but he or she feel they don’t they can live in a room play X Box and just about do what they want which is sleep until 5 PM then eat , and play X Box and chat on line face book . He is 19 years old . She manage to have us believe that he can’t live at home because of his step dad . He was homeless which he told the court and went for link card . I tried to get them to clean by asking them to which the response is later . Then I yell at them come on clean up , or help . Then I am a bully . She moved her boyfriend in our because his mother through him out . Which was a issue of work , doing things around the house , and helping . He claimed that he was afraid if being thrown out because his brother was thrown out over a sandwich and he could not stop smoking weed because he has get weed for his mother . That he wanted to change .

This of course is not the case as of 10-11-2011 be maybe we hope and now he is at his home wh

ere he belongs .

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