New techniques of predictions; best examples for mahadasa Theory (1-7) (1) Positive planet in positive Bhava and positive Rasi

-good (2) Positive planet in positive Bhava but negative Rasi -reduced good (3) Positive planet in negative Bhava or negative Rasi or Eclipsed but not Retrograde -bad (4) Positive planet if under 3 above, it be Retrograde - a little better (5) Positive planet in positive star -good (6) Positive planet in negative star - bad (7) Positive planet though in negative Bhava or Rasi if it is in its own star -good after hurdles Theory (8 to 13) (8) Negative planet in positive Bhava and positive Rasi not being eclipsed causes - bad (9) Negative Planet in positive Bhava but negative Rasi or set gives -good (10) Negative Planet in negative Bhava -good (11) Negative Planet in all negative positions and set gives excellent results. (12) Negative Planet in positive star -bad (13) Negative Planet in negative star -very good Theory 14; A planet (positive better, negative not bad) in Yoga star gives good. Theory 15; Positive planet in enemy's star is bad, but negative planet in enemy's star is good. Theory 16; A planet of the Yogi-group gives good while that of Avayogi group causes evil Theory 17; A planet in conjunction with or aspected by Yogi becomes good while with Avayogi becomes bad. Theory 18; Yogi in Negative Bhava or Rasi - Not much good. Theory 19; Yogi, though owning Negative Rasi or Bhava gives some good at least. Theory 20; Duplicate Yogi also acts as Birth Yogi. Theory 21; Avayogi in the positive star is Bad. Theory 22; Avayogi in Negative Bhava, Rasi or Star or.Eclipsed becomes good. Theory 23; Avayogi in the star of Birth Yogi or Duplicate Yogi gives Yoga after hurdles. Theory 24; Avayogi as lord of Zero-Rasi - good. Theory 25; Avayogi getting worse, increases the prosperity vice-versa. Theory 26; Avayogi in his enemy's star gives good results. Theory 27; Rahu and Ketu in Zero Rasi or in the star of the lord of Zero Rasi give favourable results Theory 28; Rahu and Ketu even with Avayogi or in his star give good. Theory 29; Rahu in the star of Ketu is good and not Ketu in Rahu star as in the latter case he goes to his enemy's star.(no examples) Theory 30; A Retrograde planet in Negative Rasi is protected from falling down. Theory 32; When there is mutual exchange between the Stellar Lords of any two planets the effect of the one will be felt during the period of the other. Theory 33; Of the two Rasis owned by the planet, if one is positive and the other Negative the effects will be varied. Theory 34; If Lagna be in Birth Yoga Star he will be prosperous from birth to death. Reverse will be the case if born in Avayoga Star.


Illustrations ; = not so striking example Chart: 1 Theory (1-7);-Sun, lord of 9 (Father) though in 7th with many good planets has neither lifted his father's status nor conferred paternal good to the native for the very reason of being in Zero-Rasi. Guru, lord of 1 and 4, with all the best traits could not give him full satisfaction of education or bodily strength as he is Zero-Rasi. Chart: 1, Theory (8-13)-Budha, lord of 7 and 10 (both Zero-Rasis) is in 7th (Zero-Rasi). He was married in a high family and his profession was also tolerably good. Chart : 1 Theory (18) - Yoga Rahu being in 8 could not give solid Yoga in his Dasha. Chart : 1 Theory (22) - Shukra (Avayogi) is in 6 in the Star of Moon (Lord of 8). So, Shukra becomes good Chart : 2 Theory (22) - Avayogi Guru is in 8, debilitated and in the Star of Lord of 6. So her Guru Dasha has been Yogaic. Rasi chart does not say so. Chart: 3 Theory (1-7)-Budha, lord of 2 and 11 though in 5 killed his elder brother and disturbed his finance being in ZeroRasi Chart : 3 Theory (19) - Guru owns 2 Zero-Rasis and yet he has given him Yoga but of a low order because he is Yogi. Chart : 4 Theory (15) -Budha, lord of 2 and 11, is not only in 6th but is also in Dhanista (Kuja's star) an enemy's star. During Budha Dasha he lost heavily by enemy actions Chart : 4 Theory (17) - Budha with Avayogi Rahu caused heavy distress in Budha Dasha. Chart : 5 Theory (22) - Avayogi Ketu is in Zero-Rasi and further in the star of Ravi (Zero-Rasi owner and lord of 3). Him maximum attainment was in Ketu Dasha, drawing Rs. 1000 p.m. Chart : 5 Theory (27) - Ketu Dasha was excellent as he is both in Zero-Rasi and in the star of Zero-Rasi lord Sun. Chart : 6 Theory (17) - Shani, lord of 11 is with Yogi moon. During Shani Dasha he had some beneficial effects. But moon being his enemy it did not stay long. Chart : 6 Theory (1-7)-Guru, lord of 9 is in Aridra (Rahu's star) and Shani, lord of 11 though in 11 being in Shathabhisha (Rahu's star) both proved very bad during their Dashas. Chart : 7 Theory (8 to 13) -Guru, lord of 3(Zero-Rasi) and 6 is in Ashwini (Avayogi star) lifted him up to good position. Chart: 7 Theory (8 to 13) -Moon, lord of 10 (Zero-Rasi), is in 8th and in his own star (Rohini). So his profession is of good rank. Chart :8 Theory (17) - Kuja in 12 no doubt gave bad to the native during Kuja Dasha, but due to his association with Yoga, Rahu alongside he also caused some Yoga. Chart : 8 Theory (22) - Avayoga Shukra is in Ketu star. So good. Chart: 8 Theory (27) - His Rahu Dasha is the best part in life as Rahu is in Zero-Rasi. Chart : 8 Theory (30) - Kuja lord of 2 and 7, in 12 and in Zero Rasi should have smashed his finance, family and wife had he not been Retrograde. Chart : 10 Theory (8 to 13) -Kuja, lord of 6 (Zero Rasi) in Ashwini (Ketu) star-an enemy's star gave good during Kuja Dasha. As lord of 11 caused heavy expenditure and loss also Chart: I0 Theory (14) -Shukra, lord of 5, is in Punarvasu (Yoga star). It is Shukra Dasha that started his Yoga as a civil service officer (M.C.S.). Chart : 10 Theory (22) - Avayogi Sun is the owner of 3 and Zero-Rasi. In Ravi Dasha he was progressing. Further he is in the star of Duplicate Yogi (Budha). Chart : 10 Theory (24) - Avayogi Sun being Zero - Rasi owner was good. So during Kuja Dasha he is elevated and happy in all ways of a far higher order. Chart : 10 Theory (34) - Lagna is exactly in Birth Yoga star (Punarvasu). from birth to death, he was highly prosperous. Chart : 11 Theory (22) - Avayoga Shani is in Dhanista (Kuja's star) and thus in the star of the lord of Zero-Rasi and 12th Bhava. In Shani Dasha she had her best days. Chart: 11 Theory (27) - Rahu in 9th in Zero-Rasi. In Rahu Dasha her father prospered. Chart : 12 Theory (1-7) -Shukra, lord of Lagna in 11, though in Zero-Rasi gave some good effects amidst some bad as he is in his own star

lord of Lagna.Rasi. Chart : 25 Theory (24) .Shukra is the lord of Positive 4 and Negative 9 (as 9 is Zero-Rasi). so his Shani Dasha ended his life. Sun in Ashwini (Ketu Star) should have spoiled her Ravi Dasha. Chart : 12 Theory (14) -Ketu in Anuradha (star of Birth Yogi) gave good to family in Ketu Dasha being in 2 (house of family). is the lord of 9th Zero-Rasi. 1000 p. lord of 4 and 9 is with Avayogi Kuja and also in moon's star and that moon is further aspected by Avayogi Kuja.Avayogi Moon owning Zero-Rasi became good.p.Rahu is in Purvabhadra (Guru's star) who in turn is with Yoga Budha.Rahu in 10th is both in Shani's star (Pushyami) and with Shani In Rahu Dasha he scored M. Chart :18 Theory (21) . During Rahu Dasha he experienced both good and bad Chart : 31 Theory (23) .m.Shukra.Ketu Dasha was good as he is in Zero-Rasi. Chart : 12 Theory (27) . Saturn and himself a Duplicate Yogi has given high Yoga during Moon Dasha.His Rahu Dasha was good. Instead he was a powerful high officer in Guru Dasha as Guru is Retrograde Chart : 23 -Theory (23) His Ketu Dasha ran well as Avayogi. being in Moon Star (Lord of 6 aspected by Kuja) should have caused illness to mother. Simultaneously the same Rahu is aspected by Avayogi Kuja. Chart : 14 Theory (22) . Chart: 26 Theory (31) .Avayogi Moon in Jyesta (The star of Budha. as lord of 7 (Zero-Rasi) and lord of 12 (Dustana) is debilitated. Chart : 16 Theory (19) . 500 to Rs. in 9 and in Swati star should have gone bad. as lord of 3 and 6 (Dustanas) which are also Zero-Rasis being in Anuradha (Avayogi star) raised him during Guru Dasha to the status of Head of Department. Chart : 32 Theory (14) -Shani. . But note that its lord Rahu is of Yogi-group of Budha. See this stellar lord Ketu is with Budha (Birth Yogi). Chart : 24 Theory (28) . Chart : 18 Theory (26) . Chart : 27 Theory (8 to 13) -Shani. Chart : 22 Theory (20) . He is having a high Yoga of Rs. His wife and profession have been very good. Chart : 24 Theory (8 to 13) -Guru. and became a civil service officer. Chart: 17 Theory (22) .Avayoga Budha is in 8 and in Ketu star. being in Ashwini (Ketu star) showed his bad during his Guru Dasha though not to a great extent as both belong to one group.Avayoga Shani being in Shatabhisha (Rahu star) gave Gazetted Rank during Shani Dasha only.Avayogi Moon in the star of Birth Yogi. Chart : 14 Theory (23) . See how her sun's Dasha has remodelled. is in Zero Rasi he should have affected his prosperity.a paralytic patient while father was earning Rs. and in the star of Shani who is lord of 6 and Zero . Ketu is not only in 6 but in Zero-Rasi. Ketu being in Dhanista has gone to Yoga Kuja's star. enemy of Moon). lord of 5 (another Zero-Rasi). Chart : 33 Theory (1-7).Lagna is at Sravana (the Star of Yogi Moon). Chart : 23 Theory (8 to 13) -Shukra. Chart : 35 Theory (22) . lord of Lagna. 500/. So Ketu Dasha was good. Kuja as lord of 10 (positive bhava) is in 1 debilitated and also in Pushyami (Avayogi star).Here Avayogi Kuja is in 8. Chart : 12 Theory (26) . lord of 1 and 4 in 5. That is exactly how it has happened in her Moon Dasha (due to mutual exchange).Here Moon and Shukra have their stellar lords mutually exchanged. Chart : 29 Theory (16) -Shani. As lord of Negative 9 in the star of lord of 6 his father's prosperity is revealed. lord of 9. But this evil was postponed to Moon Dasha when her mother all of a sudden had a paralytic stroke. Chart: 34 Theory (8 to 13) -Budha. So his profession is good.As Guru. As he is exalted in Lag. As lord of Positive 4 in the star of lord of 6. So in Kuja Dasha he did not feel happy with profession. but they were the best periods.S. 1000 per month. Chart : 13 Theory (27) . So it is only in his Shani Dasha that he attained Gazetted Rank.Guru being Duplicate Yogi. 2 . Chart : 33 Theory (14) -Rahu in lagna is in Uttarashada (yoga planet's star). but being in Hastha (Yoga star) he does immense he has retained his high Yoga effects during Guru Dasha. His Kuja Dasha is excellent. lord of 4.Avayogi Guru owning Zero-Rasis his Guru Dasha was good. Chart : 26 Theory (25) . in Dhanista (Yoga star) lifted him up in Shani Dasha to the rank of Rs. Hence the modified good effect. All these confer a very high Yoga during moon Dasha when his pay is raised from Rs.m. name and wealth and were practically reduced to penury. Chart : 22 Theory (30) .Avayogi moon is the Lord of 3 and ZeroRasi and is debilitated and further in Yoga in Shani etar and also with Yoga Shani. lord of 2 (Finance) though in 12 has given him heavy finance Why? As lord of Zero-Rasi (2nd) he is in Dustana as well in the star of Shukra. So his Shukra Dasha was good. Chart : 15 Theory (31) . On the other hand it was in her " Ravi Dasha that the entire family prospered.Rahu Dasha was good as Rahu is in Zero-Rasi. Chart : 18 Theory (8 to 13) . 1000 grade. the Native became the Head of a Department in Guru Dasha by his Retrogression though in Zero-Rasi. He was coronated in Budha Dasha.C. Kethu is in Anuradha (Shani's star who is yogi). This rule is an exception to Rahu and Ketu as they are natural Negatives.Lagna is at exact Birth Yoga star (Uttara). lord of 7 and 10 (both Zero-Rasi) is in 3rd (bad Bhava). Chart: 36 Theory (34) . In her Shukra Dasha both her parents lost heir finance. Since birth he is happy. Chart : 25 Theory (27) .Avayogi Kuja is in Sravana (the star of Duplicate Yogi). Note that Shani here is Avayogi.Avayogi Budha is in 8th and in his own star. in Budha Dasha.Both Sun and Moon being in Ketu stars the two Dashas should have spoiled the Native's prospects. and healthy. Chart : 15 Theory (32) . Rahu being in Zero-Rasi.Avayogi Shani in Rohini (enemy's star). Chart : 29 Theory (17) . He draws Rs.Guru (Yogi) even here owns 2 Zero-Rasis. Chart: 27 Theory (22) . Chart : 15 Theory (33) .m. Chart: 27 Theory (14) -Ketu in 9 should have affected his father or prosperity. You cannot read so in Rasi chart alone. So his Rahu Dasha was Yogaic.Avayoga Shani is in Rohini (positive star) in 11 (a positive Bhava also). Mere Rasi prediction shows all bad. Mother. Guru. So his Shani Dasha was good enough. he causes illness to mother. Similarly Shukra is situated in Shani's star. Chart : 27 Theory (34) . 500 p. Chart : 14 Theory (24) . Shukra.(Pubba). So since birth he has been prospering.

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