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The Complicated Cliché

The Complicated Cliché

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Published by Melvin Al Joershon
After two months of installment per chapter, the full story is here. This the story of Deme, Delia and Ga'al who found themselves having complicated relationships with each other. Enjoy! 8)
After two months of installment per chapter, the full story is here. This the story of Deme, Delia and Ga'al who found themselves having complicated relationships with each other. Enjoy! 8)

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Published by: Melvin Al Joershon on Jan 22, 2012
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Deme s Dilemma
Hi, I m Deme. I found a girl that made my heart beat fast. She s beautiful but she doesn t know it or she just don t want to recognize it. Well, I m in love with her. I ve known her for a long time now, about 3 years. At first, I didn t like her and it was mutual. We went to the same college and took up the same course. So, inevitably, we had several times that we were together, from the classroom to outside the school, from study groups to friendly hangouts, those were the times. We also had several times that we were close and sometimes, we had bad times, it s like a roller coaster ride of connection. Nevertheless, we were still good friends. I really liked her from the first day we met, but not like like yet, I just enjoy her company. She is fun, happy and never fails to make us smile. She also has a sense of style but never been conformed to the fashion trend. She s not hot but she s sexy for me. She hates herself, but she doesn t know the beauty inside of her. Of course, nobody s perfect. She is clumsy, noisy and a bully but you won t be bothered with these things if you are in love, right? We started the year with a bad memory when we were sophomores. We were having a good time, enjoying the liberty of the education that our university offered when she got overwhelmed and started to take for granted her studies. She joined some, actually several, extra-curricular activities, which took most of her time and her academic performance was severely affected. So, as a close friend at that time, I tried to confront her that she is not anymore giving importance to her studies; she is just wasting time on activities that are pointless. And that made her really mad. She didn t talk to me for the rest of the semester. I also did the same, not because I m also angry, but because I just want her to calm down and approach if she s ready. But that was a very wrong decision. When the second semester came, we were still not in good terms. Then, I just notice her always hanging with that guy. They both enjoyed each other s company and rumours spread that they were dating. I refused to believe. But she previously said that she had a crush on that guy, and that if he were to ask her to be his girlfriend, she would not doubt saying Yes . Of course, I was jealous but I had no right because we were not together and she was still ignoring me. But the tables turned one night. She came to my boarding house, crying her heart out, because she and that guy were not compatible . She said that the two of them were not meant to be together. She was very depressed and all I could do was tap her back and try to comfort her. I realized then that she really loved that guy because she wouldn t be that heartbroken if she only had a crush on him. Because it was already two in the morning, I told her to sleep the night at our boarding house and just go home the morning after. After the incident, we were always together, usually going out, stress eating and comforting her sessions. I still had feelings for her but that time I just wanted her to feel better. Little did I know, my actions of reassuring her made her notice that I like her and she started developing feelings towards me. When the guy left our school because he was invited to be part of a varsity in university in the capital, she finally moved on and was ready to open heart again, but not to everyone, just for me. Since then, we were officially dating and after one month, she finally said Yes! Our classmates always tease us and say that we are perfect for each other. They said that we are best couple and sometimes too sweet for public viewing . Yes, we were having the time of our lives and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Although we were already a couple, we still did the things that we used to do like strolling around the mall, randomly pick a friend s house and gate crash, just have fun with our classmates, things like that. We were like best friends but more. And I really love that stage. But that stage quickly came to an end.

One day, we were walking around the park when we bumped into a guy. He was not just another ordinary guy; he was the guy she fell hard in love with, the same guy that broke her heart. We said hi and conversed a little, and he said that he came back because he missed our school and the education there was not the same here. That was really awkward. Since then, I and my girlfriend had several fights. I really don t know where this relationship is going. I still love her but you need two legs to walk. A relationship should involve two people having mutual feelings for each other. I really hope and pray that we will overcome this problem.

Delia s First
Hi, I m Megandy Lialfa, or you call me Delia for short. I m just a simple girl that lives in city that is very young but progressive enough. Some people say that I m shy, yes that s true, but when I get to know some people, I m quite open to them and I can be myself. I do not consider myself attractive though I may look very much confident when I pass by, and I think my friends know that very well. I have never had a boyfriend since birth but who cares? I may be single but I m always ready to mingle. One of the good things that happened to me is when I entered college. I was fortunate enough to pass the admissions test of a prestigious university, along with a scholarship that I thought I wouldn t qualify. It was a very unique experience for me because it was my first time to live alone, far away from my parents. And the culture of the university was also quite different from what I experienced during my primary and secondary education. So yeah, that s my background. During my freshman year, I really had the chance to get to know a number of people, coming from different cultures and personalities, especially those who belong to the same course as mine. I could enumerate them all but that would be too long so I ll just name some. Nicholas, who is very studious but sometimes too studious, Michelle, who has fallen in love with Nathan (they look cute together), Anne, who is usually the class clown of our batch but she is now busier with some things, Gabby Paul, who is the smartest among us, Goldie, who is caught in a bad romance, and of course, Deme, my first boyfriend. I really thought we could be forever but, I guess, it was also my fault. But I really did my best in keeping our relationship. We had the time of our lives but then a blast from the past haunted me. This is what happened. Among my classmates, I really didn t like Deme at first, because he was quite opposite of me. He was too tied down on his academic goals and does not give much time on his social life. But when time passed, he and I belong to the same circle of friends. And I think that s the time when he loosened up a little bit and we became close friends. Too close, I think, because there was this one time that I entered some extracurricular activities, and coincidentally, my academic performance declined, not because of the extracurricular activities, but because of unapproachable teachers. Ugh. Anyways, he came up to me during the victory party of our cheerdance squad saying that I have forgotten my studies and I do not care anymore if I pass or fail. So, I was shocked so I said right away Just live your life and leave me alone and slapped him then walked away. He didn t have the right to judge me, of course, but now I understood that he was just concerned. Aside from great personality, Deme has beautiful eyes and a nose that you want to nibble. Yeah, I think he s attractive and cute but I only thought of him as a close friend. My eyes were only glued to Ga al. OMG, he is so hot! Girls would scream when he plays soccer. He is so cool especially when he passes by along with his friends that are also popular around the campus. He is studying a different course so there would be a minute chance of us being classmates. Yes, he is like heaven and I m earth. I couldn t reach him even though how hard I try. But that s what I thought.

I enrolled in a volleyball class for my last physical education course. Aside from volleyball being my favorite sport, my friends also enrolled so I thought it would be fun. But my enthusiasm just quadrupled when I knew we will be classmates in the subject. At first, I was like, For sure? I think you re just playing with me . And then my girl friends started shouting and screaming when he and his friends approached the court during our first meeting. I took a peek and It s true! It s true! OMG, oh my God! I said to myself, I was panicking, trying to fix myself when a low voice said, Hey, is this the volleyball subject of Mr. Dela Cruz? I turned around, and saw his smooth face with a smile on his lips. I just melted. With a shaking voice and unpaintable face, I replied, Y-yes. Yeah, that was a very good start of the semester. We were also groupmates several times and every after tiring session, we would go the canteen, drink at least a pitcher of juice, and bond with each other. My girls and his boys became closer and they even invited us to their parties. We really became very, very good friends and I thought I fell in love with him, no, I WAS in love with him. Few months later, he invited us to his birthday party, just a small celebration, at his boarding house. I was so flattered because he only invited his boys, me and my girl friends. So we went to his boarding house and started the party. An hour or so, we heard a knock on the door, and Ga al went to open it. When we went back, his arms were around a girl, the one who just arrived. He then introduced her, Hey guys, I want you to meet my girlfriend. Then my world just crumbled down. She is perfect, with her silky straight hair, flawless skin, and beautifully toned and shaped body. Though I was crying deep inside my heart, I just continued with the party. It was already midnight and they were still partying, so I just said that I ll be going because I have an early exam the day after. But deep inside I wanted to release all my anger and hurt. When I got out of the boarding house, I didn t want to go back to our dormitory yet, so I thought of my friends who are probably still awake as of that moment. But I only thought of Deme, because he was a late sleeper. Although we were still not in good terms, I went to his boarding house, knocked on the door and the moment he opened the door, I hugged him very tight and cried my heart out. I shared all my feelings at that moment with him and he was a good friend enough to comfort me. It was already dawn when I calmed down so he just offered me to sleep at his room and go back to the dormitory the day after. Though I stopped crying, I was still very deeply hurt. Since then, we became closer to each other and he was very supportive of my concerns. We would usually go out and have fun. There are also times that when I m depressed, he was also there to cheer me up. Another thing that helped me moved on was when Ga al got accepted in a famous varsity team of a prestigious university in the capital because every time I saw him at school, the deepened scar in my heart would ache again. I also noticed that Deme was too much supportive and caring for an ordinary close friend, that s when I affirmed that he has feelings for me. Of course, for the first time, a boy has fallen in love with me, so who am I to say no? After a month of exclusively dating, we were officially in a relationship. We were having the time of our lives. I never felt very comfortable with before. He is my soulmate. He understands me very well. He is also very sweet and a very gentleman. I loved many things about him and one of which is when we would hang out at either of our boarding houses. He would lie down on the bed and I jump on him and we could cuddle all night. I love to kiss his neck because that is his ticklish weakness, and he would attack back by biting my shoulders. I couldn t think my life without him. But one day, everything s changed. We were strolling at the park when we bumped into Ga al. Of course, both of us were very shocked and felt awkward at that moment. I was just speechless, all those feelings of hurt and pain returned like a very strong stab in my heart. Deme broke the silence by asking why he came back and we hurriedly went back to our houses. Ever since, Deme and I always fought. Every date, every time we go out, every time we tried to enjoy, it always ends up with fighting. We fought because of the same thing over and over again. We fought because I would always be

reminded of my feelings for Ga al and Deme would feel bad about it. I did not mean to hurt Deme but it s just I m still very in love with Ga al. Deme tried to save our relationship, though I tried to do my part, but I just can t control my emotions. After two weeks of always screaming and shouting with each other, we finally decided to break our relationship. We only lasted for a year, it could ve been longer. It was very painful to see Deme broken-hearted like that but it was better than always fighting with him. I love him that much to let him go. I m just satisfied that the semester is about to end when we broke up, seeing either of them would be very painful for me. I tried to avert my attention so I took up a summer job that vacation. Taking up that job made me realize that I need to focus more on my grades. I ve heard that they offer a scholarship to those who want to take a Masters degree in a well established university outside the country. I appreciated what I want to do when I graduate from college. The first semester of my Senior year has finally started. It was a very difficult semester for me because I have to be classmates with Ga al in an elective course. Blind from my feelings for him, he usually sat beside me and tease me every now and then, just like a close friend. I usually smile at him when he jokes around and when he talks to me. My discomforts around him worsen when I knew he was single again. I tried my best to not feel awkward when he is around but deep inside, I want to get away from him ASAP. The semester finally ended and my efforts in improving my grades showed results but I still need to get high grades for the last semester to qualify for the scholarship. The semester made me more confused about my feelings towards Ga al because if I ve move on, I wouldn t feel uncomfortable around him anymore. I think I haven t. The last semester of my college life, at last. I can t believe that I m finally graduating this coming April. Like the previous one, this semester was also very disturbing because Deme and I had the same class even though we took different major fields. Also, I really felt discomfited every time I go to that lecture session. I m just grateful for my classmates for being considerate about what happened between Deme and I. This semester made me more confused on whether who I love more, Deme or Ga al. I don t want to graduate from college without settling all these mess. And I must confess to either of them because I might lose that only chance to be with the one who I truly love. What greater opportunity to do this than the retreat camp. It is a three-day camp and I m planning to confess to Ga al my feelings for him on the second day, though he might not feel the same for me, but I cannot forgive myself if let this opportunity pass. I may not see him again after college, the same for Deme. But fortunately for me, Deme approached me first. It was the first night of the camp. I was sitting alone in the dark, preparing myself for my conversation with Ga al, when a familiar, warm voice said, Hey. It was Deme, he sat beside me and said, I know you still have feelings for me and my feelings for you never went away. Then, my eyes became teary. This might be my last chance to tell you that I love you very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Tears fell freely from eyes. But I know you love Ga al. So, I ll be leaving you with these and if you want us again, you can give me the other one. Then, he opened my hand, placed the two chained necklaces where the pendants match to form a heart, grabbed one and he put it around my neck. I felt his tears when he hugged me, he then kissed my cheeks, and then left. I still love Deme but I need to confess to Ga al my feelings. But if I do tell Ga al, I might lose my opportunity with Deme. I promised myself to graduate with peace inside my heart. Who should I choose? Who do I want to be with? I can t waste anymore time.

Ga al lost his bestfriend
Hey, I m Ga al. I m a sporty kind of guy, the one you will you see playing soccer instead of studying for an exam. I love sports, it s my way of releasing all my problems and it makes me feel enlightened after a game. As you know, some girls like sporty dudes and I m sort of used to the popularity. Many may like me but I tell you, I do have my own insecurities. I grew up hating my appearance and the mirror was not my friend. However, as I matured and started playing soccer, I slowly appreciated my capabilities and it enhanced my confidence. Like I ve said, I m used to the people screaming and cheering for you, just like what fans to do their idols but I never believe that these fans would truly fall for their idols. Based from my experience, they may be starstruck at his/her presence but behind the show, they have their own lovers. However, that thought was changed when Delia approached me at the retreat camp and confessed that she has fallen in love with me. That was very awkward for me because I treated her like a very close friend and it was not the same way she felt for me. Most importantly, I am in a relationship and she is studying at another university. Right then and there, I said, Oh, ummm... ok, this is unusual, but I must tell you the truth, then I looked straight into her eyes, I m sorry, you re really beautiful and a nice person but the feeling s not mutual, I m currently in a relationship, we just got back yesterday. I could feel her hurt, face filled with tears, but with a smile she replied, Thanks for saying the truth right away, for closing the door so I would not hope anymore, she touched her necklace and opened her hand. I noticed that the two pendants of the necklaces were compliments. She then hugged me and said, I must go now. Stood up, she hurriedly ran away. But the moment she took her first step, I grabbed her hand and concernedly asked, Where are you going? she replied right away, I must go to Deme and fix things with him. At that moment, it hit me, I also have some things to fix with Deme and since this is the retreat camp, it s a great opportunity to do so. I stood up and said to her, I ll come with you. Deme. Yeah, I remember our elementary days just like yesterday. He was my bestfriend, we played all day at school and our teacher would normally separate us so that we could not disturb to other classmates. We were just like brothers and since we also belong to the same neighbourhood, either of us would hang out at each other s house for hours until our parents would pick us up. We played almost all the street games as well as the computer games that were popular during that time. We would also watch cartoons together and choose a character then make stories of our own. I have full confidence in him and he also trusts me very well. We had innumerable similar favourites and likes nevertheless, we also had differences. We were both achievers but in different fields, he was more academically smart while I excelled in sports. He was friendlier; he is even very well known in the school for his friendliness, while I m the opposite. I was shy but not when Deme was around. I also remember that we would fight who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman, but in the end, we would agree that their collaboration would be awesome. Yeah, we had several different views and aspects but that made our friendship even stronger. Since we studied at the same primary school and had good grades, our parents decided to let us enrol at the same highschool because they believed that our bond helped us in our studies. And the time did come, we graduated from our primary education and highschool came, the most fun and complicated time of a young person, as they say. And yes it was. Freshman year, the students are being classified according to the school where they graduated from. Of course, Deme and I were classmates. We enjoyed the whole year, hanging out, doing our projects and assignments together and the most fun part was we were laboratory partners for our chemistry class. We normally get into trouble during that class but luckily for me, Deme was the brightest among our class so the teacher would only give a special assignment to make up for our wrong doings. There was also this one time that we exchanged our personal things and acted the opposite

person. We almost made everyone believe until I accidentally said present! when the teacher called my name when she was checking the attendance at the gym for our monthly activity. Sophomore year came about a bit low for us. That was because we didn t belong to the same class. But it didn t stop us from doing what we do best, playing games. Deme finally learned my special kick in soccer and he also taught me several tricks in Algebra. Because of our different classes, we shared stories of our classmates and names of some cute girls. We even tease each other to our classmates and the girls would feel awkward when we pass by. Even though we were just teasing, we promised that if we ever have a girlfriend, we would introduce her to each other. Our bond was test that year but we succeeded. Third year came and I found out that we were classmates again. Unfortunately, we have to move because my father got a huge promotion and he would be working on the main office. It was just in the same city but a different neighbourhood. Yet, we did the things we did when we were freshmen. The year started out fun but things got serious at the end of the year. Why? Love happened. Deme fell in love with my classmate last year, Euny. I guess my teasing got through him and it became true. Of course, he said that he would court Euny and I promised to help him in his endeavour because Euny is also my friend. I also had a crush on her but since Deme declared that he will court her, I ll forget my feelings for her. So, I introduced Deme to Euny. I was shocked with Deme because he already asked for her number that instant. I just teased him to ease the tension between the two. Since then, Deme would happily share his moves towards getting close to her. He even asked her for a date but unfortunately, she was on vacation with her family. Nevertheless, as the year s about to end, Deme said he was getting close to getting her. Deme and I were still bestfriends but the closeness was not the same anymore. He spends more time with her than with me. Of course, I understood but what I don t like is when we would hang out as friends and he would bring her. Then, he would exit the scene leaving the two of us alone. It would be very awkward for me because my feelings for her would surface again. I would try my best to act normal, just like a friend of hers would do. These things happened again and again. The recognition program that would serve as the closing affair each year was just a week away when something unexpected event occurred. I got accepted to the school s soccer team and coach said that I would be next year s captain because I would be the only senior student playing for the team. So, I invited Deme, and of course, he would also bring Euny, to a small party at our house. I didn t know that they were not in good terms so only Deme arrived. The supposed-to-be celebration turned into a heart to heart talk. He shared that he finally asked Euny to be his girlfriend but Euny was shocked and he said that she reacted violently. He even asked me to ask her if she could still accept Deme even just a friend. Of course, as his bestfriend, I went to Euny at our school. After class, I went to Euny s classroom and she came out, I asked her if I could talk to her. We went to a small desserts store and talk for awhile there. We were sitting side by side when our order came. It was already dark, so I asked her why she rejected Deme. She said that she couldn t be his girlfriend because she is in love with another guy. Confused, I asked her who was she in love with? She looked me straight in the eyes and kissed me right away. Shocked and trapped by the moment, I closed my eyes and it felt good. It was that moment that I confirmed within myself that I really am in love with her. Words just flowed out my mouth and I said that I am also in love with her. She was smiling. I was happy. And we were in a relationship. The next day, Deme asked me what happened and I told him the truth, half of it. I told him that she was not ready and she can never be his girlfriend because she was in love with another guy. Of course, he asked who the boy was but I just said that it was from another school. My heart was both happy and guilty. Deme was very depressed to what happened to him. He didn t even want to go playing with me.

Summer came and Deme told me that he would go with his mother to visit his grandparents for the vacation. He also said that it would be a great time to move on. Sad because we won t have much time with each other now, but happy at the same time because I could spend time with my girlfriend. When they left, Euny and I dated several times a week, almost every day. I maximized the time where I could be happy without getting guilty at the same time. I really appreciated Euny, how she is more complex and deeper than I ve ever known when we were still classmates. She loved me as much as I loved her. Every moment I spent with her was ecstasy. Summer finally ended and the school year s about to begin. We then promised each other that we would keep it a secret so that we wouldn t hurt Deme s feelings. Senior year finally came and the first day of class, I found out that Deme was in another section, we were not classmates again. The classes ended and I went to the field to practice soccer. We were playing when I saw Euny, gave her wink and replied with a flying kiss before she went home. Moments later, I saw Deme, greeted him loudly, and I m sure he saw and heard me but he didn t reply back. That was awkward of him, so I just continued playing. The week passed and not one moment that Deme and I talked, so are the weeks after. I want to visit Deme and ask him what is the problem but my soccer practice inhibits me. One weekend that we had no practice, I treated my girlfriend to a restaurant. After dinner, we strolled at the park, holding hands. We were talking when a guy reading a book bumped into me. It was Deme. Horribly shocked, I greeted him, Hi Deme! He replied with a stern look and walked away. His anger was obvious by the way he walked. I ran towards him and a shaking voice, I m sorry, ok? It s just I love her so much... It s not that!!! Deme shouted. I already knew that you were the one why she rejected me. I saw you two kissing at the store. But what I m angry about is why you never bothered to tell me this whole time? catched his breath and continued, People saw that you spent the whole summer with her because I wasn t here, and you never considered how I would feel about that? I trusted you, YOU were my bestfriend. He then walked away. I just stood there, numb, chest heavy, Euny held my hand and I grasped hers very tightly. The whole year was a sad and guilty year. Winning tournaments, passing my future college exam, excelling academically were all in vain because I lost my bestfriend. I shared all my feelings to Euny and she understood me very well. She helped me continue what I was doing and also helped me move on. I wish I could approach my bestfriend and tell him how deeply sorry I am but his anger towards was just too powerful for me to break his walls. We all graduated and Euny got accepted to her choice of university, good thing it was just in the same city as mine. Deme graduated with latin honors. This is the reason why I want to go to Deme with Delia. Now I know that Deme s girlfriend also have feelings for me, I do not want to create more mess than what I have asked for forgiveness. And now, history repeats itself. I never intended to steal her from him. It's just love's too complicated. I really want to apologize to Deme for not telling him the truth. When we finally arrived in front of Deme s room, a facilitator hurriedly ran towards us asking if we knew who is assigned in the room. Delia answered, Deme, why? the facilitator replied, He was taken to the hospital because he was hit by a car. Witnesses said that he was like crying while crossing the street because he didn t notice the approaching car. I hurriedly grabbed Delia s hand, Let s go! We ll use my car to go to the hospital. We went inside the car and drove as fast as I could. The camp site was at a mountain so the roads are full of curves and turns. The clouds cried with Delia as she felt regret and fear that she might not see him again and tell her true feelings. The weather should signal me to slow down but a second too late might be crucial so I accelerated. The rain made the road slippery and another second, we were spinning. I tried to stop our car, Delia was panicking, but the car came to a full stop. I sighed heavily and Delia hugged me. But another moment, a white light flashes towards us with a large and deep horn echoed through our ears.

Everybody wanted the three of them dead. Unfortunately, they survived. However, they re relationship with each other was pretty much dead. After the incident, Deme somehow forgot who Delia was and his feelings for her. The doctor explained that was because of the severe emotional depression followed by the car crash traumatized him. As coping mechanism, his brain had to eliminate part of his memory during that time. Delia was not able to accept the situation but good thing her friend, Osaff, was there to guide help her move on. I guess it was a good thing, the incident, for me after all. I ve heard that Delia is currently studying outside the country. Ga al also tried to salvage their friendship but their friendship was never the same. Deme was finally able to move on from what Ga al did to him. Ga al however wishes to recover the lost times when they should have been bonding with each other. But work related stuff hinders them to do so. Ga al got accepted to the national soccer team and being good-looking, it was not difficul for him to be hailed as the most popular soccer player in the country. It was also that why he and Euny usually fight. On the bright side, I m also friends with Euny now, no wonder both Deme and Ga al fell for her but it doesn t matter now, Euny and Ga al are now engaged. All these talk about how love complicates everything in our lives, well, it will all be resolved, someday somehow. One thing is simple about love is that it s complicated. I also experienced myself that kind of trouble about love and I m happy that I graduated from it. It is through experience that we mature. Wait, why am I saying these things? Ah, to end it all, their stories can be an inspiration or a lesson to be learned. You may wonder who am I to tell all these things? Well, I m Deme s wife and I love him as much as he loves me.

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