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g irs cap to Sandie Shaw's. so.C: MUS. .offm. if-iuaUtyl . Riick MartiID" News Edli'tur' THIE WE:EK 'b" ..rigul~ngcroak anchors the lead track from his. . : .. ~'lfoil{flJ)kwa." _' .:rn.lle' . Laura Marli. ... manage d-.hl~J[lli:ngDr Dee and reforming The Good.'DM N -.... pop is.M~s. worki fig gillr15 while ruminating onhow br he '. "_I Leon (great) or Mona h.•. ~ ." Ig . But this is.WlIiIL ~--- 'ILl! lib .worthy.~ -.tho ught w-~r. - 'ilIl 116 • 'L-R . . . .:t.at~onall cover) I.' ..S OF THE NME STAFF T'HIS WEIE:IK She O~ . thouch ehpv=1i:i\t:ir-.sin~y '" .ams~ Dep. a naggi. tha t was a state of affairs already more than satisfactory in the fi rst place. d~ggY'strip' club .-.aD_on t ' _.' .'.~ o' .n.e' Stop everything' Trash Talk have made a.18 ..".: '5" :..ey~v'eo~iffiy gone ~nd. 'j case a.. impression ies.. c' ~~ K NOIIKRIUIUIi. B···. 'Heaven Know'S...g .that-n ~c.stadiwtl' rock record. .~' n 01· .'b.('X.. v~w· ~" ..t:i .'. promises an intriguing second album. Nice Jewel ~aka Ramona Gonzalez:" aJwT:Ys had something more interesting to her than the posicr end ofrhe Italo house revival This._yea. . for legal reaso-ns" is.g.'.'. beguiling.". h --T "b C~-eH t=.plenty o.. -'I energetic and enthusiastic yet naive of the legacy they would leave behind and the spotlight theywould be' thrust into. IRev~eW5.I~~"1i .:~o. Th.' esp.'..-. nves are .f' 02. .".• O. I -~. . tin . th.e tr. r ~:I. fram' e' 'o'f' a I "'.AC:-D M'OIUSE IKINGlS Well.ep'$his.'..te b d wnose t'.ag~nDJ.~g~[ou get tne 'iL 1 .fo-pop stnrmer that more tha1[W]~e.. .lta~kab!e .' '.(i.r~.ng satm.vith her unmis.Ma..ink act :'1. I'- Projectors-ish d reambeat ramble. .-" IO~_ _~ __ "I'5!'!..a~~essi'brr.alute~y cocking: awfnD with.. h.Y'f ··Th-..e' pop..'.J!.rdat thiS' fashlon week sbit".1.spirit.e \vonnds.: In between . Ar-ena 'wl1ile this one::.tv Ediitor Zoo Kid.. '1' .rather fun joining mn'with the re.:1: brm .go~g tn be .matter:. forthcoming 'King Krule' EP~rich and fun a.sistant Ae'vi:ews Ed~to r In a recent interview.. I" '.Y' "'{_T- .I.rt' of delicate atmospherics that made us pay atrention in the first place..~ tbi.gatinst the' so.Ediit'or '4g"-'-.d d...".uw.'ssomehow . : : ~.ed out from the' stage" it's...s trademark anxiety and self-doubt remain as he notes." ot es.lg ..'. that she'd.' ~. dead..ch" --...' It-":· more " _' '1Ii'1lal1lL~za.. [his is. ~~= .e' Queen..THE SOIUIND'S IRAT'T'L~NGIIROIUIND T'HIE SKUILL." . .are d'reaming b· b· 'b· •. TI1. '(. ·~ll.er it :salt in.up~ Jt JaDli:e rFu~ertonT IFeatures Ed~to r w neireve:r ye.l exposrnng :rwps In.1rIing im. ". Damon Mba!w. madewhat we' can only call a.d. but Archie A~. it s-w:iU .er t-h.'p3:r. .. ..·lJQ . ~ u. bit toO' .---r. ...:)-'V r best track in ages. .rrtca n . r-...e scol:ffin. .'N·· . snow-spangled nostrils and./b·····. .. Alert Humblebragl Aillbhe Mlalo:ne" writer' 'TRASHTALK Burn Alliv. Emli Iy Ma..g "g' d "'-:D!'Am-' ·····. andw_.e:['.in his native Toronro.. Th. ..·J··' OH -AN ~ . mes JIDlS t nUJrt.' .ckay.AURA [MARL NGI Pray For Mle RE···· R. dominated by" her lazy. thick guitars of [be original . ~. Entitled (Baby'~it's out ir January~ when there" ll be. I ".·. '~o: It '.to '-'d A.. r= Tribes: spiUing out of Camden. a. "... . The Noose OfJah 'City g~-.t-~'~ .more-'~.~ c'.n Treacy.han is sltiUalive and kickmg ..'11.always im agined swapping National singe'!"Matt Berninger's rich tones tor a female vocal. "... His int.'·Rr'E··'M'-·· --1"'" . Bloodbuz.nlna. 'W riitelr DA'A~EI 'Club Po..s bel-c.. : ··.e E\3rf1y. .eS of:~ts..' -.radise Named after a.P got_ng ear~'y ~ng~. = !b. . 'bars with their ramshackle riffs...z: Ohio (The N.ny Lloyd and cowill end ~ 'K Of U.nd -. livers of eo-year -olds..'" '~ . '. come." .. I r."'-" ""'.early to envisa. .stant.g." .~~=ung by cult s icon Da. U~.n'd. becoming increa. 15. That Smiths-indebted song tide (which YVll'S in itsclfd..L".Mind you. . . a tbuxoug. II ' ..as r~corded.~e.== She's .. . . clearly beard her plea his cover transtorms 'the triumphant.'..~n.nCh find.. senOllS= bus rneSS' subject .:llim N:O\~')) not indie enough 'foryout If you buy the TRACK 'OF I . ..ITI.•. ." I • !Ii . ". quantity ratio ticking over.eu. . ith ..-" lJII ._h]ymovelybit of knock-kneed.ng A:f. Hi. much he same N··--<· uh_ [JlJI!~~. ..oul." ood g time boys they could have be-en+..J than 1. ' Lt'soecommg ..at't-··~. so. Yet fO·f ~Uthe '~noribund.. iZ)".. wrirter Heaven K:nO'.: . I' I..Miss.mI~I'~d c.. t..".. . Miilke Wjill.- 'in. T.ncreanngty "t' ~.. • " tih'ey 'W1S~'h e..f pontiH. here Drake lists the real llJa.e-. . strctchi ng i'l!. ctear' tn st 'T! .C. .. vocals.'. ban gHoJ./' '". I I· - ~..' . Q.g_tes 'L 'i'·. '1 ."l'!!.. . Thlrt. - 'C- ~ ~ .r now there's ~'Halhvay Home'.. Ed[rto.... " .·O--· '.t:i.Alw~ys W.I. ". d an. . I'm . . "..verie.~ ~'....a ~ersm.g candy flQSS .]!Q = \r. _I~ _ ' ~ .11'.a-s'mir"tv "th effort tlnd.hunlS . (aJ)8.. Oh Land's Nanna.~: . It _I_ne T Donahue".Ind ed'.b····' ~"Ai.. As.w'S I MI'j55 lH~m Now H~-II-Io" 'u .yeaE.et ano.m 'fin . Dirty ..D'~I "..· .rked l~s:t r.ea:~ingover wherher John.(' '(1.f~yindw.- I~"/ .- .l j \-\0.. aLt 'r~ es .ars.COM ' _.~' .ea:[Hest demos surfaces to ' This 'new track is yet another jawdropper" one ·wh. it.n:ung~.n· . - ". .ars af~.aim'brution.esring place ofher lOlSt s. "'1_ .. t So far.':. . :fin. J ipple. that boldly strides alongwith the promise that Tribes might actually be 'much more th an the janglin'.IS. swapping slow-burning = .ther nigbt in th..h.. b~t sub-two-minute stabs ofbreakneek anger and fi sr-pu m'p''''~lgrevnhn ion don't '.ingie y~u ~s~. ME~. Bufr fo.K' PU':L£C ~w s nui p'rev =ew..a ..rufJl.e ]B:ad&." ':- I: . I '- ~' .... ~ inreDsiJty for spine-chilling: fragility: Lao ra 5napes. actually his h~ "c DA. N Tii J-IIIi.n]-". thei c '[-' ~ nann ""_'I". 'Lt. ['.. ILhl1iil Cash. . ~.. mind as slle 'visits the u. IPrilya IEhtlD. 1.emotion and exciltement~ While ies €I..atdhing ~ou Once of [he:Italians D'() It' Better stable. h---t" ~s -.ne QifRE. pop tune! 0 K.YSUl. . .Oir' (1. ." II.As·si.bi..~.lIgnJ~o. :..lIJLIj~. IEclli'tlirt NM':E1. ound.h~sonny Jim.at th._ '.ntoa haze of icy glimmers. ILute' lewis.adio IFree Europe Consid. .an -.ru".ger= '" tf . a f-1' amewnr i ". ~II. liquid voice.'R· . .r.>e. .ack 'w.s .O"!!'~iIIl'I)'1i-album .

. ~ .~t 0 " '.. .I '.SMIAR'TIPIH10INIE . .' . .A BEAlUrTIFULlY DES~GNED AN'DROI'ID'N . .


.'lmost '_n·e an Inst· rumen~.u_ -1.Q. ''1't' I "Uie"": ~<-e-c..: ". beast riding a dirty engine..ressing rnoms . '!'"liHC:ii-~I!k M.equally set conci se. 'Fes h .ii.. b:y- ~ "thl' ~ ~ -. s_ig. .nd.Jlll :Wn. the student hordes outside Bristol's Thekla tonight (October 3)~theyte certainly ·ticking the first two bW\:es as NJJE"s Iegendary term-time tear -lUl. Malin and 'GuS-lafgo back i. returned to London hours ~gn. -1.~. d.ff . "!(V'l f'~'·. jJio-mo~...::. ~.. Also ke.JI d u.a.SCUM" and Niki & The Dooefire " __ " '_ ..oJi"""'ro" earring dangling.'11. esperanon '[iU-UU.lIlJ!b ~ '~ILtb~~~~ oCii"..".:m ""'' ' 'I. Bmviie-lit·e ~ strain:s~An old.. with shir-faced] aek Sparrow clones for rhe venue's 'piF2IJJterhemed clmb night.o'QlJ]s burblings :from.ghncs.:.cEHig... . the mood has Iightened.. ~. as a.nk. " . Nild & The Dc)ve aIDtd lpl.y bar. Irs fin escapist world where Wolf = Wo'lf_'~'Gang~!) .m l.e.P kicks offin frosty £~. ··· ·e·: .. sh '~~.. like My Bloody Valentine 00 an orchestral J krantro cky tip~ their sound.a..J~ a~tographs I.as'we turn up at the 'venue./.~U~· .':'Yon h'lLJ.eallvdi'ffen~nt loved i~'so much.~.ayed Wi~~h e th crowd welll~!They were re-al V c.r(~nt. .flro. ... = .r. .g. prompting foot shuffling 3. voguetng to move . = ~. more importanrly. ~IOV'elit.ashy.~-':.. 'Gus!ta:fKa.····O· ..adler b a·nus. '. ~ g" '.r--l!!Jb ~".M.g~CUM escape into the S night on their BM·Xs.haul SC'UM a:nd Wo~.::!!'1ifi" ··· 'E' reioins rhe tonr ar N····-'M '~_"i' .as llill.~. Irs deliciously oveT. She and Gustaf elicit .. and. ·'0·. amid clouds of crimped hair. ~ them cutting off the sound Ill.VIFought~ and ·1Ij' thi \lj".. 'The i K·l1h d .. MeHss.eanwhile' has· frontman cha~rnll.-.for in. gI the medium of'T'shirt. ...g's dressing :00'0[11 is a cloud ofhail".."'"P.g. "How is." " '. posti apocalyptic earth goddess" drums at the Sitm[ of '~Moth.Aussie duo D'Z Dea'm:h:nlYs joinIng the j.'"'.". off proceedings. writhing towards the hort z..om.' :. - ~-TheKin.".'..E Em.Ji' =:~ easv 11l.[~e"'ry . !. "lIi" .. ' . be. '.= " 'C- Tom turns t1J and starts IDecruring r:·"Ii' .'. 11... and '!b..as.. ghun.. "Can 'we please get all of these H.iI5 a.]. . ."iiII..t:i'" C<'!l. (I tour ~.gnus Boqvist~s ·baUis. c. 16 ~ants t= ·e mon· UarKer = before ~Sue. to believe they could.ght~ a.·eping their distance are Nild . I~dtntl~l theillr' albmJm if I had SOlme mo nev!~~ up .. a.-.a:seance.just ask your m(q!]JJm]n later" 1\~iki The Dove. i'3Dutqgraphs.· k. the +.o ~~ ..~ :0110·1· nI~~ nr~iZ"m'~ ~~ I~ '0") ''ltV I~Wll1~.> '..QW· encd ~. as '~'lOWro.aU 001 mul!' toptJl1er!: drunken debauchery .~..oFal]]ts:'~th.. lea'ving. ".hugs before they s!tep up . .especially ~vhen get to London's KO.sh~Qll+ Camaradede? Irs in short SMPpilly tonight . d' ..l=pleWThty to their !i ELO'·-ec-hoing. . _' up the Emerge NME Radar tourbus engine ...Ifoh ~ .. :Nat t:hal1tMalin looks fussed by the challenge' of warming things 1lIDp where she was .III.. I'·lit..10'I..~ .'! :_~).. 'ii' thernsel:ves".. There: are d.J.:. proper icons..: exclaims".& The Dove's Malin Dahlstrtim and.t"I. >'. We~vebe-en doing." In his crisp white shirt.'1' ::' .O".ax G' 1.01 " ."-o'~~d'. ..quite H'teral~yin SCU.'~n-'· "g" .tl~gerie ofwolves turns.. 1B...."-0:"" · e d·' .KO in . Cohen looms from the I!l.' ~ ~"NI Protect'.J3.~. . Mal~'~nnro a. While none of the bands on this year's Emerge NME Radar Tour would he' seen dead _. to Bie~ngsleek goths takes practice..-······-·-I.. ~ Gan.oi:ml' result . which.£'~.one of the" best tours we've ever done. we spot MeH ssa and Bradley sprinting throu..flops left and r~.ro11"ru.g Ann An Of I-Iis Nlen~..O!i--'I..LJ. outs. " headliners 'Wolf Gang have Pertsmcuths commandeeeed the veoncs sole 'dressing room' " bog and 50!b). '-."lI .wl0o_ping hordes are ntepblcod. ~(Ies.Niki.th._.the crowd in .. in a. -that are promptly shattered by Nla.Ot.phs.ax: . ...n.. ~~ wnue rus bandmates snore: on sofas..:" ·. L. 11·1~. .g.' '.SCUM dic~kingaround on their bikes in the car park.s.~.n anoogrn. Across ..sting shapes as the postcard she bought iFi] 'B'ri~tDI ~l{. v~·· I.!!![~_'.:ase "'.b":< .~~\._ J. they '~:-t-1iHO"t- lruJ n'~' '~. ~ho~s t-oo enraptured by 1\laHn~s.g5t but ~carne b etause I.. lOnl fro:m SCUM ~s ·voC~S Me' a... their neon gizmos. 2Jl SCUM. J.~i.' . the . machine.lVli.. . ·W·········1.-l]-.: "It's really.c light Ts sported. "....:.~ flanked.::tu P·ro· f rh.0 ta]]k about !01UJt ni1UeDJlCeS i '[.: ..''1I''!! I~~ word 'revolution' spirals on..n...W. of homemade cookies. vb. melr eye'baJb ~ '" I~d.a. 1'_ if.d..hts off?"~'asks TOlD before '~llnLber Hands'.. . oi'r' w -01. SImiI~e"Uieml :!llJI.s.i·~'~~=... '"N·k''' ~ "1'1Il-. WlhHe Wolf co = box.l""l .ll ro t~. M..ang :IIs .V'-" e. ~ "'IIP.oGI.-!.:~J!j.~.r Je[5 wee' ': a time :fo([ awb7.gh. j Cll-i~]S screaJTI aJt hill.h:es down on his knees as . It'l!. '~rt's. " ~..roducrions. Finally~... J!i.ee'bands have 'Gang 'off . en-'.i~ Y-OI!I~A . was filmiog it on my phone. c(We got vodka!" they hiss at Sam.fiiling...~•. md 'H\11N' :f~oIn SCUM look b€mused~ les f~hers~ 'week through and.e~ge theY' .Otl.'.~ttheir S'\wnsong~ ~D~lIi' 'EI ~" .fan hands rhcm a your carual -d .... .. wamed stage·.ey·'n:~..Niki &: The Dove.:I~.~ a \w.Mondtty rUghI:. Malin sits uploading a picmre of a... ~'A'd .."0:1 u.~" he touches h is ndex finger and ~'hnfnb together.J.garsl as the traffi.re = Zaranftl.~ ..e AIl '[hr. i::'!.il fortnight . meanwhile. anrhem to a utopian fantasy land."" t~· C!!itJ!lVl.~ Sam from SC'-M is.. !O'n ou:r Iigh~~ Wolf Gang are ·1IiiIJ~nt. London~ and a\ ITIuch ..!~...a :f. triumphant headline set.o!i!-1i' .e aK 3..-. 'In the red of the safety H...e?KOUlH What the punters .thought 'BIG Wedvwood Rooms the' :foHowing. video behi nd them. down to reality of sorts ~..for noodles·.gh the crowd with a Spar bag.case _ in garb as .. '.'... o u.. are the biggest 'band goffing and there's reason.S~pcay and .. -" .i. wirh its tribal beat and me." Excieed about WoIfGUI? "'I"v. ~ .is .old prvs" .@ heard a COlli P @ of thelr son.:aI -..d(i~ who slink onstage to kick .. U]J.bappic1f We .' [' has got his ][)ola neck on b~H:k f. ·~tI =-I~:- 'lII''Il. ~ oscar.'lt~:.. .m signifYing Thev ~ nteracted wlh tlhe crowd and loeked Ulke they we Fe e Ilmoyi ng lt..e way. ~=J!i. n]jass~v. pophnt:'n ..~.ji·'" 1!lo'UUJII.. 11" ·1 chester' Who are you here tl"SCUMI. .··a C~~ . :':. ·they'll be.[~'i!!f'ljg.To our left.ad =~~ii"t~~1i-IIiiII'f:t . 16.. ·duutl. '... ~ J..ey~Sam.o':i! B'·">~d\_ .1 j' _. r ..f svreat~ng t.... I'U·= .Y. ..~~c' fro 'Im ~ ..er·song.. spades~ i were mu ch bette r than tasee? enthusiastic...t:adj..~ L.'-lJ.nf~ading.. l~: apart ~.a!J1..widl. M. Had yalll beard them bemre? ~~No._.keep ·their & I. . g.IIlI"-.1 :. . he's the picture of comnosure Y. but yoo a ~d.. mdea was 'to send one from ..M~s.'JS·:.t~c = Portsmouth Who was your' lavouri'le? ·j~S(U M theyf.~ • perrecnon.. By the time survived the opening days ofNM. \Ji..':::: . " 0\ '.00:.ill Tonight SCUM sound htJtge.. . the invention ofsome iLXlIi.. They finish ~and 'Wolf Garn..1. Gang' get lost in the Thekla thr-OO.I·~·P····F-'. . t-O_311c·e:' ...... ·~.giggiyon their Iast UK '[om) tonight she's as thunderous and steely asa Scandinavian Gracejones..auflm:_. .mysterrn."tt~!!. ''"''~ .!. I have older dudes coming up '[.io.er the empt..-~ T~~e S J1. free beers" We quiz Max on the . V11!.. ~te Dove .. day.m.('. y-. to ~·ndsome r. for ..n 'Ib. .~ .". k .111 \-v--:e ~ 1 . ~ :Radar Tout mayhem. stamper. 1J1.W.10r k·d:5..": 'Iw..

. rhe qu.p e for health !iNS 0 ns I" t e' '"..an 80 pier 'c._ . I I . " '". p' 0': 'di!!=' ""d··I'!!I.. TIle 'beat on Rihannas 'Umbrella? Thar's a That 'W~S. IT31mpsof techno-goodness.. most saw the de-vice as something you would perpetual ly reload . Iistens to and even. ]t .ld ·1'1n tlh to 1Ij. only served to underline how' he:¥. size of these p~ ayers between 128'MB md.'_'" n 1210111 Aplplle llJ fIlN'. the i'Phone j n JanUlfJ1f. 'i' . In AUgUiSt Jobs announces.tlv~ ]. .".ong tie bat 'with pancreatic cancer."_.rises abO\fle that of oill g"ant E.':' .est: to rnpalfiV when lts stock pl~h:e..Even huge artists use it.. .finall y (Usc'olrnti n UIj'ng 'its.'.enii to.. "I as . . tIL 00·· .'-"'. . 'sharf' of the tabll e.J!~=. ! .~ SiD·'.1'3S much more than ~ ~:":'.eU the i'Cloud...8.has been completely altered by the care Apple '1'... iP. nllU 511:w~111 . " I..A. From Chairlifr to Feist to The Bird And The Be.errut.jon SCH1l1. 11 ' ". Th e e _.·kin. 'Over the past decade. -....t ~~tis... ti!I. .'...ea. usic players by the time Jobs m launchedthe iPod in October 200T. wave after wave of lo-fi/chi 1hvaveJgrunge (€viv:als. .0. the worl lr"$ b ~gg. T" e iT-LInes Store' opens~Int has IIj. devi tookm.=~= "'C=lu Iieh "'] . C:OIRE DA:_ ES: AP __ LE'S LAST D'ECADIE 120m AJJlJ)lle iint:rodu(.= . j...... But they pegged the..ar:r.and.2003..erg'Dne SILlrgelPi to remove.. iPods Plenry of people had tried to create digjt~~. itodayi's music fans:~ hav.!! Qlpe'l1lS.~ !"v r'e' 'v· '11.g music iJo£table wi..Ci d com pietirtclr" tJliN! .art~:ng·In'other music :re:vo:[ut~.e"t~nded leave 1 'j - .d" di mto rt \.t..'-'" Jobs tell s his press c. takes .fi:3Jl11m usl c piilve'fS.est··on people were . Jo'bs convinced.. ..1Jl1!. .U' are ...'L-'~_.u' RO .11 121004 sljnee...010 ipad "slaunchedt lit ctaii ms . o Appll.6cally~ Apple.ogy.~~.gh. we can in parr thank Uncle Steve'. == .'eexs 11' mst .~It ~IPa.. the· "Clloudl...'" mmlltlrudlw Cf'S.""~ .ageRan·d As we live throu.. but Garageband..! .. . 'But most were little more ehan patchy collections... ..~ t-o make tneir devices I" k"]". ·1 The sheer variety and breadt __of b tribute s to late Apple founder y'Ou own with you at all times is effectively part of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.. . he has IUlnld. a tu meur from his pi3lnClieliS 1 Mak'~ng white earphones cool Wer.!Ii.OInf~ni~ntet to rrec. J' .1I: malflk. them otherwise and revohiticnised how the world consumed music in the process..cuddly~jargofl:=Ught and free with any Mac computer.3 per cent o.n : . w Inventing a genr-e of music Speci..'.evelf be the' ng n Siamfrl..2... and the iPholill~'4:S.d 8NME 1"5 O~tobS\r 2011 ..g th"mse ves by . revolutionised the V\"3y the world buys.0re opportunities to receive a cheque for a million dollars. every song .ownlomds m died.r .meant that you could now stom:'€.' genius was to J allow you to stare your entire music library on ev-en.: ski .'go'"d +--n . on October 5 after a ..th. ..O' I!J..e. "... orId" ~. has se'l[the standard for software that anyone can pick up and. platform with G..."'1 ·1'··· - .161 bii..." .!!'it'!!.e r-e'volluifon "5 go 2100 7 Appille 21008 u'nC()f)(? = of making: their music available to downloaders. fact.ed 'to create: MP3 download stores. f with iCloud? One of J6bsi 'mas~ acts as Apple CEOI was to um.lune 1 z.n. -'j. ad music. aU yOtU~music' " . To.. ''::ill IlL .-h::r "'W'l.~s the' 'jPod. """ 12:00.visual landscape of how' we' consume . iis.eF~~l indie artists have never had 111..on.' ( -g" .. never you I "_ljp needed.. The \VUr~ld of recording software wa s and is often a.on~sing usic d.((. bewildering place.Giving' bedroom bands.'- .pr hI].'" centra 1"1" y an.'[he eariiesr iPods..ing.. . . = = Ma..e lava." _.~who with i'Iunes Ag~~.lenty ofpeople had already p tr-m. obs.. ".. . :R~evoI11lti...... musrc as wei as our exp ecranons 0f' gadgets and toc:bno:~.e " ".gS." from any device yom wanted the biggest change in a decade of hOW' we consume and store. music. . l1he smlBJtplholll...eiill'she t h_" = lbecom'I!$..his t:ecbnologlc'al innovatjo. Oh Land ""11· oO'hll. makes music and this is how he did it.ns if not more '$. 2GB~ . his impact on the music world 'W"aS just as Important as. 1 Ii'II1 US t U' UI'f ~I'I!. lts API store a's an lJI pd ate' to ltunes 'flron1 . I'" - 2100'8 Jobs. I"· ". solid . use ..et 'GarngeEand drum plre'se[~ St. Steve Jobs.."'"I" 'W" . and Iabels were st~I( ary .:. Jobs.rphones ever I1.~.e white .xxonMlob~llt MI~crosoft an nOIRJ ees irt. .

S J ''If" '!.·· '. •• " ".r~~IIdJI!..C' up' "I L. ' '. . . head to NME~COM/extra' (o.• . f':an ammal.res'sed his enjoym.. b LO ' . I: ~ ~ :mte.ft.mad e Im.. Was"i' ien. ou mi. .. ' . II: READ! r('l. . . . ." . .iutll ..e.and rlali1l.:j rrv 'Il1ifl. ' ".' ".'~r' I~~~..d' .rien _e-..'. ::says x'." IT:'.. stannch ..' exclUswe content· .51ated for m'iel. I thin k Ipeop e . Lnj. .Ji-~ Wh..-..st's.•·· .justice release the day"u @Tneohurrs ANDRIEW'WK PAR:TV' TI P: .._:_ _:_ . .""n~mca:b.. • .··············.ad fOIi thE! IPI~OIPIIIe.d .·E··'·~IO··•··' ••. "I :fere" . . is ~'O' e ill ~J!!.._:_ __:_ __:_ __:_ __:_ _ .M: .osinghis battle WIDth cancer.-:: "" . ••• •• ••• E • •••• •••••••• .'r:" G .of five' 'TotaJllly mrnlns.:ai ""'G. neir rnm..~ ._.. ·············~··· ········N·······'A·····' ' N" co -.:uuring '1'.Irt~ IGliily .•. . mmer)Xavier § also been putting meat on the block. '~\r. e's on a s~eeper h much tl~ the moment" because the builders are stiU makingthe room for ~'I.. 'say'i ng"... rhe 'n:"Ii. hOUlrs1'.."..cJ. r P-ove to arrvone. from musicians the Pentangle founder ·d. n @lheB...e~..n. 0. ~fthat. . L.·: j. a 510:' I~ '0· ·f· ". He --'1 'was top of the pile 'whether he thought so ot not.. _ - 0. Whlat's l1aJPpen~F1g 00 me? Siste.. ..• . . t1Un the otjtu~1ihand.the pieces.' ... Lt.amidter' or fme be. an 11Ir...: . own assesi Bats and dol p hi'l~s.ier city. ~t'us.Q~etJj...~e'St he' most debaJUcJhedi j pll ate. 'W·.t butcher.re' "He lived .e I.~=_a " " raham "C" v=. ..••• ::. .--. dllll. :.(jfem starts.. . -.C'E-.lng .0. ..Rt·" I I '! ····.. '·· .E" ill¥'. "... we rne .'this'" .''ilu\ .(.avteri =1 .ent :for horse.. " .d' '. with '1.' ~ t " '.. 1= I" " '.~~ln he' jt-1St fal(:t~ :receDtly learned how to cur 'meat a.' j ..._sed Ired has previously say the touris scheduled to start 00.f'..'5._." ANSCH .. ruimng: . rec. sa. ... " . 2···· .egendary s rnapipier " One ..JI ~11Ij'. . '1\5epiftg us amused _In 1:40 characters or less this ueele. "'.. .~l. lOne . " '.ead a OI&A..··········H.. ~_.' .oiiSie ten'iD -j'. MA. Afi.. ...' ""7' rear-old a_ ~1l!. a.' .""I ' o· .:II J!.._: .of '60 -year" o:ld whlit!e ImlUUonaii r. Auge pomts oU'~. . start.'!~.!.alling th=~ U.. .. .·~kev skills.Icareer h.... _ .. and 5 on r.··N·.e. c.y.T.e. . .'··O:=-'I"·I' .: I"' ..me ". 'E'i![JI' Il)ilv~~ bo!oks. lJiverpool was ace..Y'-:.... maJkii~g leatherjiu~kets. -W-·· -. . Disco' on.• . m ..ease ~n J anlllaJrv:~ =.' lD.:N b . .AI barrus li1.e'r Smiths man '5hower to 'start '[he rro:ng=a..~~s.' ..~~ v UM. :1\-' - ('orllf]J.h~ng HURTS declared.. !Ir'~t= "~'..' ~'iIf" . SOlve.VphDOIfII~ l4U. .. @EddieArg... ..Vs. _/. ~_ I_ - ~=_~.•~~=~!_:.1 "There axe:so. ctober O 1n'(}re "_.er jetti rngollll tOIIhaiand 1._ 'c '. ever se.:.3. . .'t '~~W.uI!!*-!lL .NJ"ll. I O .e G I j'UlSlt went: out: . CIUt:OI!Jf' phone Ilhlles aJl1d we w~n~! ut of c:on~a'ct fOIi 24. COrn d·'a. an other refr@5.-opnon.'.·. "X". memories..c:' .' . New Day 20I2.All men Da:6t Punk.~t. they do ..r all' . ·:·i t·'· "11"'.·····.j ~ .of ~hn~e'si':gned l1(i!'v~nCum IN.~~. .ordi tiD = wh ~ ch 'is.. '1' .Ul n" 'IE.-. :~:nBuencesl. .. '1'1 I ! ..October 5) after ill.. over a nine-month period.... . ~ [{ecoroed in their . a .and poste rs 'The iissue' Ipllayil j'5t.:=" •• preparmg: for their 'upooming to'Ql]Jr~ him" While they havent officiany .." Xavi er p·'~C1.: ii cottish 'folk 'legend Bert Jansch died last week ..'.' . ''i''ii = =~.··· I .d}~Rou and the. dco .' '.••._ ~e 'was. ' . .~U~~. ne _=~tib~~I.-"aspard ' ...' . exp.. in k' the b~.os BLACK l PS Dogs dlorntt do sdelwnloe. .~~~~.. "gh.nlY' tl!VfI. :fB)~ Ant/for Tl.aJ.y Years . - ".. . cry . a· ~r.va. .w.I Flloren..fl1180..e:n"" s ~ '!:!' = ~: !IIi: ~.. v Iessons.t..~1JIi{j!1LI'IItth it~ Wtl:s ma.I rrue to his belief that . ~We just thought it ...·. with th. to ..S ART BRUr .... I w'·p e-d ean bDrsta~ rape..luday~.. . m . ' .' rrue nernes.'. .. uld oea.. . v...' _:_ _:_ _ _:_. 'October 25~The pair are 'Spending: most .arve B 00 d'd~ in. ~ ..~C' ..H:~ said. .' !!l.onuon..'" h~ saiidiM' ~~ltjUist mad1e lUiSM~II s.t'im ..> BE .. 3.hobby. A ..t" .' ~-~..' ' 'I"'9. his.. ._. '.. coo~~ G'aspa= rd . .- . !!l. .' -: DO.ght hiave y eXIil'ec. ..rate. (~..tackLi':Js KAlE NAS obey and rck 'the ir a. _:_ .man:y.·O··...' ... capli't~ e!fr: !Jhe wo:rl dif l'attay..11! siiglilred IFlore:nte allbu ms IE~Q.gettitl. ~ conta ct ~n·I'gN···'·M·· yl offer b 1·'..th. important than the mains: ream " 'L"g. .c. L "". .t so' they ean IiJ ndemand what 'women are g~ing through ~ @Aoo. ( .W.-"'. . 'woridng th~retJ~ :1\.'"'«W . " " ...E g.e~rn saJm~11~ the dl~1 E to ~.' ' .• ' I.••.ough of lal d httractioli1..._ _:__:_ __:_ c_':_ ~ _:_ .' . very goo·.._~.lsm: i lnlluenceU. ~ r d' At~~v.notr hi .enjoyed w-t II tan never tell i'n Live =po 011 though as IhaVten1 gm a fw cki ng due what anybo ely is.. '..I~ :i\.ar storm (siDlrrv) 'with the." .J .. . But"while they've: been making. .'"!ils.f flhfe' sets... _""" .llagh er-"'5 lHIiigh Fllyiing Errdsl~ Joy Dh/i'sJo nand WU ILVF 1 HEAR! much 'lliOre... k. - ....t.1'-' L ~.el11l hOm'ide'S. •. '- -' . '. r<i...JoV cOlVer featu re fro!m .. -'e .2011 ... most out or _.~ 1!Jhe S.~ .~Iiz'hle' ttl' ." . "'. IBut 'f'ronrtm an R.I. "'.ISSU--= ¥O I .. .. d'" .Vl'er lS.e. .'5~miI.-. -... '" " ..'t.' . -:iI- '. . t.. ~f.~. :~.. 1 artistry 'was rnore 'TH'ED NU-T(H(RA"~ ...' I I.rm (JIUS IExtim1et DiinosllliB f "sJtflrts . 'llJ. 'fi ni'slhl the~r allbl!J m~..' mom..'.." once .3."'WOw'.t~d nt~r Shikari to be.e :~Irl's. ~\WdI. :6e1']' ow wtt h'"..JI''_'= Jansch" "He ~S' . gui[ar player~ and from my experience a 'what you see is WM't you get' no-frills.tt conaora '..."ewWK EDDIE ARGOS..'~~. one of 'my h -..t mrI ade' hj'm fee down~ . .5 OctQ'b~l' . " . lik..::> " . Tribut-es.. . 'c' The French electro mavericks carve up classic rock and whet our appetites for 2012 tour are put Lng the:~r'heads on the block. 'sol-cali red seer. ~ver fi'rst 'tlh:e 2'OOi9 new ~ands. I.: '. ".~.own studio :m'u. I' -. L:". • ·'C··········E···· ·E····E· .' '.·4····-3····:··· .' _. Aftern con ~rfurt! . lbl. '.ed ~udio~Video. aJS Xavier de Rosn~y has decided to take up butchery as. with a new album drenched in AC/D'C~ Who! and y.' 1· n "'ny spare room" '==:.' •••• ..' .·'m.allso had to! cont. . "'.. . .p' h '''liin1~rif1ioO.".n. One . track:s 'flic!m Fllorenc.= ~_lj' I is living•. . cb'eck h'tlck next'week . 'P~uis 01 'U.ue :D1USICl.UK readers until miJnlgh'.w. hOlY'S nd I willi be hopm~g Ikh::k UIPla. = o'""!I:"U'~. of .. m iemories of .. .es wlallki'ng alfollJnd wiril:h fVE!' Thai' giimls.u..flu-re'Glts.elfld w~ttlJ d.501110:tlr.""". ~1~~Jiiiln I t'ilifr': ~". '. I east sh owId wear hi'gh heels to a party at J"!fr.:_ _ __::. '.had t. ".·R·~. Rawles:$.e 3 times" 1 @KatE'Nash to.. "..' ·f' .. of':HiI '..... Olr what they thiink ar.."-J iii' .e)tc::lllJ'sh..e .Anot.t go for I\Te\V Year's Day?"..'</ ~'-" r' L "!"" ~I!... t.Oll.. . it they've ~'i. .. = . _.:1"" gofJUte'S ". . I . wit }"aout . -..of ttru~..J ohnny :' '.. ...'" A 8ie1f-profe~. " .tJo1" . 'b" fri d-dl. YOl!l. . ".. '. ~nclludw 118.U.t· «I Wltu anlid ..111$ eleb . POP WILL T'WEET' l~.' =-~¥ ...ou 1 R!eyno Ids... . '.gjhts.~'~~q C'.." i. Xavier explains...~ ~ ~ '!b. s · . ..onJly for the fhings he cared about and always stayed. I'· .1.LP·.r Art ju~t.e~N!oe~1 GaJ.~~~=~ ." "~'\:vT-. .

.lI ~ . I know that we were the black sheep on the Iabel. : ~.~ . ' . . .. ... ' " ... be Iike an atomic bomb... . " . but their frontman assures us the di k IiIli'fl:--__ fi h hb d tans fl" tne]h.. . II:. .. 3JJ1d ~.' . ... I d "dn't see . h 1_ two of a m'in'i-album I'd written.-.' . ~. maie rocsers are stl. '1'- 'm basically just performing • '".'..'. :'S-'-·· '.~ ' .C!ull1e us p~ oIf'!: 'II.t I'·1.IIl. _ .eag..erto ._·U e: ----_. Justt d idi ·eca :Lng..some.O k.or "\VaS. Breit having sa~d. "'lV':l'" j! • ' 'fiye.lII. .."t. .1na:nytime'S ~L .e a . • "'... '.ng:Uf on our own..~. ...' ' 1 d '''~tk:. '~ye. -' . dropped come out .. .. '1'~I!1Z' . ~ '_-. I - our :mana. II.'1s h 'A' ' .·:' '_ ... YO'B. '. ' .w.ori\gin aUVt about. can 'm: see us u..out 1. ". 'Ir -l·'li.1.~..'. ..iiD. us. It's never as simple as saying.'iC~1i' I . .w. were parts one .. .!II.:!.li Dld..of the' 'blue.I iiIiIi." ~..". not~hi.. . '-m-" . w·-' ' . mstenat ~" .!iJ. _e • ._.w albllJm. I '(I. • •• ".: '.J. " '.lJIL! 'Ill' ar.~ I've got certain expectations .. I ii-.~ bet '"1lI "'!Ijg..: .e one' of rhem a tornado. 1 _" C.'.~ ..' '.1 'kdad 'with. ~". '.sweet P . when ilt' :isn't that way:.l'"' 0.ck "U'·. p to ...r. . .ge.. . that can.. J I . .. being disappointed in one for not being more like the other. It's When the tilme~s light rsplittmg upl' "I t's a bit Hle being married.-o'·-U.'..n.i. '.. '-:. nice of-them to '~n"N:~'t' bu liIi-'·1. ".' .. like a fuck~ng wee fuckers. .~t's a guy trying: to punch me: in the pub...I'l.now. B' _..:n . . • ..and.th.W~. nIIQ!'H..nr ~I~~- '~A. -:iI- m.lII. ~~: .n -'" I~n... ".·······PEED Glasvegas are still reeling after being dropped by Columbia." Did.ID:IC"on_~.···· . ~. you guys ever' self"· usly 'think . ['".'.~ album :t. ~didnft want to put ..'. < .~" ~.'. . I think so..onKey~lit'S 'b ~'n th anout't . ' .-IJI.< . ..' .en. 'Tm thinking about splitting up.' t t 1"..... next ~1I!Ji.W(. .' L' b '.I~e wnrten.£o'L iF" Ul'~ :1I!..-'bou JIlt: peop'-Ie ups. ] don't know ifwe'll maybe do some one.-' ~:. .. r.'· -- ----.:n..'.: • oDI iI!"P 4J!.i "0" __ '·U··' :_" ~ .' ". .'lE!' -ny---'-""w"-s'-'--".' -:-:-.I~'dn'"'.. . ..t airs~ ~.it comir gbecause I never think about these things.' . and maybe there '\VaS aill'ways a bit too much uncertainty ar-ound our band.e' .ers..:. - ofhow people should treae other people..g:ro break?' Sometimes everything's crumbling around you. . _ goin. 'L. it expected? "Nah. ::i" -.~." .l ~ . lL. us on a we bsire I"U take all the negativity. Wilen passion and Iove is :invoived. 011....lIl.'..off gigs here or there..-. " .. -.1...11!.". ·-·tl .. _: '.. But 'whether .pJ..!~ '. .." • '. - . _. ·lI!oJI L . . . you d:.··n t'l1J. .. .' tor. . . . . and I thougilt ir was.and newarsehole. of the other b d' on th"I': err roster.OW' WEI want.-t'r.O'U. to b oe h one st.' l J ~.. ot h er thines to do had ' ~~ ill.J'~ [I Y..a: _ PII..· .. . . ne rave b oeen .. and there's..! JII.' tilro'B' . I'm.Jo0' -e . 'A. 1. " a . :' .'RE··' . ~Is]it ! 1'): ossible th ~ tr' this th '1'~11g~sn~t51' I .-t . .!I!..e case: -.'...n. .. " - "'" :fL'~lI"'.nl"'d'il il.g. J!IJ. untn 'n.:'" : . ..aS~(ml. . . Compared 'to.=. POR(jV .. ". ~ do n't ~now if I\l~l3JJ1tto mntegrate [these 'Songs) with the IUIDe.'.C .. _" ::§: ." IOil:0' fb'b. . .... 'I I . 'WHi.Aside from. hi 'h or nem 'to =JJd~ e.. .·.• 1- ' __ "c' 't:__y.. bu . to 'tt haJE"dl _ay. . .o.J'" .: ".--' ..·.l11 v k·llil. the wee EP' {see sidebar] .Mercurys.Z~" _I _:_.·· "'0' D:iIJ.. I ." .- ." ". I'~ got abo '.. .W'I F'eel Wrong and ~S1rongerThan D~rt. . v.IUOW._ . we never didl (Ltlllghr)'-' down to us deciding to release it.:PUT"" 'U. .5 songs n:h ~.'~"nst. l '..jShi'ne u ke stars" on EUPH ORllC III HEA'RlBREAJK '\\\.~.. '1.e. I'm the one who can handle it.: . . happened there. .._ ..t'tia. ~"e/:2 ' YO -.that. bands .-.. _ :UJI £:"'1'.-:!!'..ew sonqs in tnebaq anc -p l ~ tor h uiure iii iii iii y. two sons. " . We shook hands on ~tlllt they never dj'[J b wt... where you think. -. have rippled eVlery'sing]. .at the fu...'"'-. <.about ~ play. :.l:t 0'D.·· "·e.. . .._-g htitlng'-t. J1tME '1HE'· c.. I"o.' '. .'m near new..''']' :Ii.·db ·'·:'Y""'O"·u'·'··r:':·" labe/ recently."...' r ·: . ill .' .IIl. . ' ". ··"·.'.now' ..~"~.' It'sa bir deeper than that Someti mcs you come '[0 a ~()im~~) f~~'~bat~'~r· t' ]le.. -- .? =-- "I'm ouit ~ a' . demoed .wh.. t 0.. or someone writing theligs-?'~ ../.""a _-.. '-"b"I Will·:~"thl"-e. anothee label.._b-thl' ..'·"·.Y>i]l~~.h'·.5imil~arto the Christm as Eill [2008"'$ ~ASnowflake Fell (And 'It Felt Li~e A IKi's'511].·s tits the last we'll see of _ :." ' . And would've battered every one of those . is that still. It was an awards ceremony..RgyQUcan do. no. It 'was a b. tourmg.were'bottled at 'V' Leseival eAt'11iertil is year ... '. but: the Iabel made a deal thai i'f 'we di'd~theyd release thi's wee EIP.


.' I .

oo' 'UiF:1Ii"'U" ~ a'.Dus?' .. '.. - What's the difJeFellC. argu ment w~th a taxi! d ri'\/er in IEdhlburgh ..~e·-··lf·Q·~. .'1- '!Ii • I ... " L" . .'..'LiJ A' I 0·f' :It'S....Ir~ 1Ii"...~ . mostly ·these d~ys caftY'Vay:. Jaheh...g·..." 6)~ . 1 " .. ~~Wen... . ....._. ~e ·. it. ..'... .. ..u·r-..l'Q..S." =.-""'_"'..AI oj :illlI'" .. '.cresent-s: ~.i - Z······ .ght~every'pop thIng O\1it' there does have an atrocious dubstep remix" ·This.I'I tell yoo what I don't like.and liv1ed to mill thie tal IE! bus OOlite'? (V"f"Ih'." .. . Zane knows haw] feel about that! B'Ut Ii· .~..t say ·that as a Gcen. ' '. you're pissml'-t:his ·(:'85h ~p'thewall!t just give it to clmrity Instead a]' ~al.-0 the radi. ifyoo. ' '.carruse' Yn.onuORt. stu=Jr.. 'h' c:. '.'I' l~.. ." " t. I don'e '1 ike ~ big.t. _" good duhstep .. '~Geta dllbstep Other' "\1'hat~.. ...~~.Ie. httd'~ I r.. .e beit·weeil . h' 1~ aJ.~..... You have to weed out od . .~ . .zxes c." ..'. .I th"1 ... d"....I H' Iow a.0: __ 0. moment.'. l ) you're entitled to a. " r .record?' people .te:p'~ "If you thin'k.. . lIU L'U'_. duhstep".. "No! NO. 10 :I .ay b ....ndthe· answ:er' is: on.. c···er an···c ru b '"'..' ' . . ~! __ Lll... nIg r. ~y happy...e .c· c'· . wOldd be a.] .. ':. ~ .m·'·.. 1 .or' .dUbsrep' :reinix.' ...' . .. " • •. '~".fI In MelBa 'song • Arnll~h~~ MI(J.. b' '-"" Th"":"... _ I ~ ~!Il _ You arel You're ~a'tasremaket'l'! Tltat'~.. readers. . k . trying to c:h:nd the latest hottest record . ..\~ 'here atn '. brnJtH also rihYlm es an I·. lIllKe arl.e )2...~~ d. f' C' rne goO' .o· 1.:LJ V~D"-!!._aUlO ..i(:~ lies 0 n Lnteres...... • Anni'e M. '"' M· .j'DC"': ··R"'IA-:·..~..· du-b'...0".. ang.. . 1 ~.. ... m. car on....s hat you do! w "I JUS'[ Pl' w..jl ev~~Yo. '.if-et "I. . about this ve3ir.'• ... .-II! l~ .II . aes+~l ~e you happy' m·.' '-' Itoow what you..any p osmon !EO.aiJfiL:.J And.dubs.. . - - _ .. '.. So I' repeat! "\Vbat's. ~y . '. . it'L I.....' " .~ U. ~"':Y-I'I 't"~~ 'k' ·~'f·... 0 __ .1 1 . ~.' ..l~. (.. nd '0'" on. · ..:oin: to..t ·WIta·· ... stur ~-nr m.and." . As lang as YOD. .·~·.r'......l ...' . " . I' ..ne·d a lot of gnod. "Thanksl There are sorts ofdodgy 'm hanei "d ~".'... dis' ~_.. yOD~re . .' J[.I.rand for a.. = ~~ ~~-~ 1~~~-L5 her back.. ..:...J.l_ ' . __ ..._ ~-~ <'il..Mistajarn? What about you. ". 111.-. Be.· -."P....... ....m.. _.·'uses.cllampio....1.sshit at the nwmentP ~'It's about '99. People going.I L-·_'l '.. .-.. 'C::C: 'U'et ears '-'~'-'--'~b'-'---Ii· Ii.· II S air. 1l you've .1LeI· •. '.u having ·that ·CMt.[ ... ... . you do radio after if TO am: night.0F'e nnpo rtantIy.£"'-. ~ __S acros.J. . -'I!~J' -' ....·.~.-".. . I . ['Yes!H~~ing out. :C· l[ es.e· ls am bha'aill!ent.. "-'ay -~h . ----. lEji3.•. '. b".ern... .'..lIDK:Ct.r-e:your :" .ce :payel. _ fi" --. I . -... ~ . Can I jus. Yoo cant really hear . I'lm :ltot ." .1.'t~p~eak for ~w. the: BBe.'PeTBR 'Re... Zane Lowe! Its turned moo rock music.. .:. " ".-~ . :if'M1:yone else Gkes· it that's abo. .. c . "How' do you mean?") 'I .··c:cusses_·· ..s _..g it . L~IIL'~ :m~a·t'.mg outssie 10 .1~.I -.' .·m.ot .-'."m:h' . . -·· b'. about ddbstep ies derived :from dub~ and I think.. . '.::.also respop_sible: for most' bad .. '.. .' " ' '00'. . I don't object to yo. . .g as it is~that's enough L..e .~.. H1e'_.'.. "How do we get people int·er·ested '..fin -.iD....l"'_~ .:-:--eI1l'". remix done so Annie Mac wilt 'h. .on. ~h • ..'.c = c -] m. '. ""I' d0In. 11. " .. a.music around 'in thls . bad day.' t b ezng··... .BINSONVS B' '. 1 --.mbbls:h.'fL.. mreellCHt' new hnn. ." ·... .:.'t. ":-i" I" . "_ ...'. 'rn 0-11 :m:y SOia with m¥ IL..~ 9 given. DJ":•._. all you can hear is lots of treble .say to. .. .. Ill(...e . nlll~ L you "c':· =l1L mg Oi there willbe people who do p~y it.' . ..lS··. 1 'wrhat are you. =.1" a!I!.._.."VerY clearly: you are .~ JJl]l~tep .·:':it . S your:'-' .. ..I. .. Ij . ..ran <0 f'that.tl~p.· apocalyp ·tir his ~..' ..3Dt number busr" TIt e··.. .Rjcimt I..aSt.e..Ill L - -.'m~·· . .'~I Ii· --OuLtL.' :'.. a..':...at 'So bad hut 'J . "." : L ."e l ...~_ . nolfi: a. .il~~.. do peoPJlle. ..... . S.m.on. ~1abl soon &om all good musi. .s ChllifJre.::_ftftle· 'M:'ftC.·· ". k'·'·.~ 1:11 f:" .~You can't pur that all an mel Whwt mout .we . ' I.I'.'. play it. LU11.. ~ ' •.Ele rn'iecermtlV had an . But thosle lab-emsh ave -realised now that I'm not going to p~a(y those m..._ . ....r:: oude:ts. ..~.-: . : I' '. ..good and v~'..~ .tWh..1· LUUbt ~epitn. your £:.' ."... ·:-1 i ": . ....·:D·~.tot· of bad.Mee-ttbtg rooms·... ' .._!!.a....ecause :yo -.tin.-_·L... .and. D.". &v. I I' -I" t. ·dumg today:' ('. . (L +. thanks fOr . a'Va_JUa " se .'L owe" tor mstance.listen to a lot now there's nor much dub in it.-l . bad .··.Arude_ Ma '.'..·a. are safe.' __.. .." . . A' ~"'H'ell'Q.'.. per cent shit at a. t "In . ' • • _ =' t.tbu.. .re~~ ·Ii . d. .Iiiul.Not 6nl y true.' ...dubstep too.a:ne.' do. 'wob-wob'-vob'~ weird horrible stuff" . t.:.m personally dictate 'what's. j!..:'re ri. Re·COI.~e.-J.. listening to new mnsic. W.t· L. ....my rooes in. shit ..about·to pay six: g..lOm...._g. . ' '_. II '. 'Iib. •.1 cisn't· thet~·! ~~.. eearou.Annie Mit.. . ck '-..U 'l1~.·." .I [-'.1t'I«e' 11''11' =..[ . ood g opportunirty to . ~ ~!I. ilDla'O'I." ~~C.askin...Ob yes}" There's a. S. ~ .

.Ps anaddltiona 50 a van ..gO"!ii1ll" L_!i.. ..at boots~com r feel good w~ ':ig.~iffiiill~ i.U'¥-~ U!I!ilil ~L_ AUTUMN WE .IIA-1i ~'L~~~I~ d..i. ~l~' I.!1i i"J¥'1.IJ~'~~r.1li''iI.-..Shop online . .''ii..Il!~ II "I~~ ~Iii! . ._.age card po·nts* n-Il'II'd.~+\li"iiili'lifil .Ii~~ ~11Ii'iiEi.! ~"'"""i'\Ii"iI!~ ~~IiJ c:!'~ ic.11.I! '11.'lUI'l~~j ~ '._ ~l~ 1 *'Wihe:nyou lJuv I MY :3 L YlI1XIProdlJcts:~IOh BliP es~ffieel~ ~ - ~IA~t-' [!I!. ~"'Il _ ..~.i!'. ~I'-n.~lilgb''11~lru it>#il ~LWY~ ~~_ 'LU ~VI!l!!!l U'.i\'!ij' .It st N: O ..o. .j!iii''iI~Ii11-II:.l iii '!i.'i~~I·~~'I'._.' t§iijj.II1 ~y ~ ..

""·1_ .~~ ~~~ ~~."D'·· I~ D·· 1'1 ="ll.. to Archie Marshall.". him.ms(). ~ = settle on ~nyit:hiDg?'~Ma. o~ . I.gui[a:r. :fuc~ about being fal1]. U K 'It . fh ."'"\Vl_ith as Backwi .rchie. like Leaf Dog.-- I~". .JOIe! strummer.. pretty hard '(['0' get songs.-""~ .t .IIU Edited' by'Matt MlkinsOl1 NGK ... .QUNIID. -.'. he's just as endcing~y contradictery . . '..~. ' . . t.about the virtues OIl' Connan 1\(.(" . NM'~'15 . th rough trill ~ Pant ~r • SIIE.n :_: .'R·' ib. offer ~: something different fro1Jln dub to dubstep 'to . ]'~'iR..a._.. ~' rP L""Jt]. his latest and greatest musical guise.. Icouldn:'t .'rc hi on ]f7 '".01 quire rono 0'f"JOISe' fK eoo.lnage~" We should point out we're taIklng.... .._. 1· ..~-=~.. hiave". II:D: 'L "'] ~S 1· i)'." he says 'with a shrug. we '..ay :f. .he:ts become the.c'" . 00· .c d h' ' wax m.ess=un1ta:ClQi~'lS.J. ~.n.'" .fluenced by 'Chet Biker V~.Then there's a few M'Cs that are actually quite. of like: that i. he's pretty much dropped t. p. ~..0.~. _" _". £iliiif'ii . ~eally .IrE' a f:our-. act in the . '.\flaI· S ~ eacnL one. h '6ll.e uoun dlJ!. Talking t.S.: 1 . to U .. ~O'. . stunningly eclectic rngba:g of in t1uences" A. .. we're in the midst 0'(' dissecting how' .·. • BE LI EVE 11 OR INOT: A. 'K 'I"N ovem ber-bnun d 'iE"p' '&Jng .1 ready know him as ZooKid. •• J ~~.· ~~' I.~FO'R FAN. ._eli .r-Chie:'snumerous online i. although.. to.:find thar pretty good...'~~ .every cnance.. NEW S.~!Ir V )~ ~-i]! ~~ ~ "I .tI.'s mUlml was Ibrie ·Iy in pos. _I.Cl·1 Scho vI -att end (h j]"-.I .1... ~ XVs in-house ciogIDeet Rodaidh M'cDonaITd.U. s' vWl~iI!J!· .. good.: .. . Jloe Strummer and his brother's S ... :::. "l':!.·. Ineerrwining a brittle..._our_ -'IISlovelm.. - K""~ K' rule '['~~T~ It\l0l....now~ m Sat the garden his mum's south London semi.~ ." -'.t"IPUJnk band rhe IHlig·1 l3·ees =.est sinal .' .aong. a . . 15 . Gm~ scett-H eron • BUY rn iN.'CIIi.~ d £!!..'-_ .. ~lS m'mnd "~'If' '[ un .' .]· A~ J[".. 0b sesse d. gr.. V'COO'lJsr 2'011 " ... \. Archie Marshall is a glorious bag of musical confusion 've he~[d"that apparently I'm.. ...'. plano paymg.nlean.-.. I'".' got "I reu 1['11 m. ". w much.: '.FUTURE STAR.Iii"Io ~~~1II.c~ .\ve=J =I do wel].-:_'-'j _.0.ous:) yet is headed dOlND .e.~: ' .eCE!'live.''·.' . p'. -"r ·tll' . ~ "A lot of the guitar lines.m = '1-' . hottest' unsigned. passion as the' Iast. And DJa. . 't~'. are influenced by New York No i Wave. I': ~ Formerly known as Zoo Kid. .ngn Reinhardt! My favourite' .·'·I··. . B.'C.bull .~" 0'.IREAKING SC. W' . .i."JIIlb 1·DI!!lJ' E·/.. A ue . .~] 'iR. ."m 1·1 ltr~..' Krule. -'.. . Settle' on a name and you've . East Du~wh:h" so uth ILondon . I·' f-fi' t h e.· :...!IlYlrK._ from fans == 11tl1d says :Knllg Krule about his.. . of.. the oddball of intrigue beh 1·'rifii"d·· ~ of ]a's iii" 'VP ar's b. thanks to his seemingly effortless way with a . 17~year~oklour dejorce behind King t ~EDTo~w . .J ~l~~ ~ '.' lucky en ough t '0 'h' ave .'.ruics &=:.' FR'O'_:..~~~". '.. =. .0'1' reps ns ~~vli!W.~~.. pnblne persona.h3...Jt oniker . . .UIIi" iG··.s IDf: .Aw. .·ro u€r 0=0 ~an(.~ til..Ipl. i=!..S. II terri P-'f'=O... ···'. L"i-" . •• ' ..ds _..1. · 'Iiw": .ockasin...: 'II'·' t... iue:xpHcably~ I t's 'this sheer 'breadth of musical knowledge that's flooring everyone ..~ ._.~st.N' ..wso. B· b erry wea:rlng:..' ..~ r' = in of 'I '. ~-1Il ~.D'S Itt." _is . 1'~ -1'I'lVT'-d·'·Ol!. liT LIIVIE: TfJ'u~ban dI (theV.w IEP '~KingIKlrrulie" iis 'out on Nlou~mber 8.. L ater on. a. WaJ1IOa hint! les his musk.. . .sJue ~.EINES.~ 1Il'~'~.ersonas..tt' Wilk. I. unfeasible and. "~. 'YOuget a glimpse ofwl1er-e he's coming fr-om.a ' . who worked lllldJ~".~ . l~ .. . I i{ind. You might.ur . but the chords are always in. ~'Ing.d' t~ 'iL i."'. . '{~J.almojt~ift(He..' . " .' ..Ii·~~"· - _. ..~e "1'1 ...oountry over the past 12 mor ths. ·1·..-I-I"b"_ I.: ~ 1['.J'..'. Jf'I.giV't! a. ••.:ys) all seem. he s3.~ r~I~. (t:bel1eare six in total.e.)i hitt the road to r therntr debut .g.. .rOfilthe' music.Sa..Ii that exact path.

' ~'" .ffh:~aJl[Phone. .A INOS With an jPod foil" at dllumm!er ialil d a hmlthy' d~sre\prd flOr' wlllJlmle saf.~. oif i.e"ldIMi.fii. '". t 'rink lovers 11L'O '1.odd'iles's~ ri'se As. "!i_:li . it feels ke IC()Da i1:1 It'' .E!mttJly cllosed a 'show widru a bli'steri'ng to\ter elf Nlirvanats 'In Bloom~~ th~ Floriidialms:' .'e'iIi"IF'-')s '.!I!lt ~ 'I~a:/ l . 0 t 'J' .[ray far from what ' ~heycall the "Icona Pop world" "Irs .~r'~.1F" W!!!..aDel1thl.tL!1r"it:.trls on hIS C.....'TAro.i1. . Je511~: t OJ)U5· as.~.@p~:zza..end. UJt we wanted to rake o~:r time b '[0 go horne. w1ellll ias the.a.s..-:IY·L t s..& Drmed1.~'.o:n.y h:etectropoppers m.~.e lilD~ OlfU~:S. never "we spend SO much time wanting e... Ibrought you tl'H! grungy anti""!a.get.. _ .i"N. 'WaS honed .. and since' then they've been writing ~·t..a:t too!". .. . '".ohead Ibassi'st ('il.xpededly sl!1ows off tlf1. the whole song is about heartbreak.r a .W"1 .w ~lm III.. .~ 'rI-'C '".i . with new producer before 'the SOongs felt ready 'to come out Hac.. IRadar b~og'now' to ~_ear them . '~1VI:a11n.m ·~. -:S 1Ij.S.:lA'n-'~n ~ ii"iil.' 1f'lII_.~ city Con nmcth:lUrt).e'ilf 'Siofter 'si'dell Sprightlfy indi'e-popl i'n the tradi~ion of T1he Fi'. n after the pair met :fur the first time on a.. SE. \r.ynthy .aJrtford."about st n g out ~ d'l W' an 'i'l···"I''1i''g !. '1" ..Q'Ve L'' on..:.m ..nkly) .. ·· oornpilati on.e.b1IatJker sti1lll. "We were' s~illwriting a '~ot".!IU '·.They all ~ppe..d l.R:at/a:r tl1mt the less-is-more approach was essential to their evolution as a band.VY..lllll!..j.E:IER. s1l!JJpe:r=produe.i'rlfecent B:rigll1ft~on Iig)~· o "' .']ji\! IIj.id-2012).. s Aino when qu··zzed about her favourite track on the EP.. -d IImr"'iI.etv ~evels~~.50' squelchy."R.IIL~. O~yl] R collaborator P'a:trmk Be~ger and ?\T ew Yn~k.u!..'-~/~..pissed night out in [-heir native Stockholm..~girCl' t'HII<I~iS~usome. very prone' to feedbackli Head to NME$. O~e~foJ~ .' '".." . I~ fr'ri'el11d's.u 'd'riii'ii Aru-I. C!! I!!L~I ~l!II11~ I!!..Iii'riI._. .-c'-" 3.c MOrli'llkey'sJ. V*'" ''Iii'~n'l! lUi . _'~ !""':r' ~n kilt ~"'..but s"ngill~ rather ulIiie.··IEA·····M--'&R'.e. --dl:l'J .ni.um~.."n ·"1i1 f""' = I\r..lStr their Iahel .pom -'worthy c:h rus kkks ihl1" 0 !Cheer eiader $oUlnd ready to wa.'~_ _." . .t .mlJi'nbnJii' :111:¢I!JIIIL ~ IU'y WIII~I. I~. ": •• . band ~!O I . i"". BUl: they all mean so much .tonmillv~d by The Kni'Je'i lefitti'ng th~ir name .te.gonn~ do.1 ...~ .LU'IiWll_ S -nqjJIs v.._ ~ ~.z······z·······..twe re .. v... ·. ''''wh'm''L TFFrien ds' is my ill. 'TOO' LlrTTLE' ...'Iil'1i t~W~". pi·lch. 't\VO of ' ..fra...j<j Fin~l1y. "M. .ng the final rouchcs to their forthcoming ~'IIn~a~~v Melted Iike· T(JiV$~ ~t~s l1TlI~l to ElofLoelv CNiki·& The D'o~ve). Tille I.... Nod'rni ng~ 'dIDe l.nthell'mlS iot Gro..0 ro Y." in the' same moment forever.AJUSI t lid ~ tOI lFtti. it JWO\fle5 thevir. me rnb ers Caroline Hjeh and ~ .' '1:"0 so much' ."o-.nut w '11a.'QIi1·I I..ays Caroline. .grre..." ~ d" '[IDlne~ 13.... ~ IFresh fn)rml :So:urrud~. Swedish dun Icona Pop are finally ge tif~g :~together i' 0 go t g1 b 'm N'ew E'P "'N-ig'~ ']l-k_" e Th-..~ »'. 1-· I .er duo The Knocks on 'board too .... :'.t..:: 1 ".log a ..(and 'See a fan-made iG~IF p~c· !f ~he. rr:'1. [It 1. ' i..ers~ap]l)ea:r-ed ()inthe 'Kitsune favourite!" tri I .t: iimthe US (H..~'l.. ". l• ~. NltfE 1'5 O~tQb~ 2'{)11 debur album (out by:m.J!l I :'~_:r '. "Th.. .~.Ma:nners'~ iC31l'ID.110 111.. 4i.: • -:' "Ji... abo :~. watt' i I:i:: '~ Q Q 1'"".. miight ili1liti'..amlly e Imlistaken b fo. "'..~ P:"". U CR"·S:H'·· .~.glhll I mlean.l[...' .am operalUe Zol a. jump-rope chant Itha.' d ream.iS: is out this week on Mercury.•.lill'll Gn:!'I!lrIrw\Oodi 'iiIil: .11.'!.II't r..IEARD".(Frooch for "at tihe pIal aLoe")'t Au IP.. as.~'V ~lll'v.o nes..~ s ~ ~ '~ = i:i:: IilII 2! I ~ ~ ~ :I a Ilrn'5.~ '--/~tnhh·· . " "f'M'U'H'~nt~' fi K .Of SWeet.' h ts "i" ·~I..Ii '1idlJl"ll'd-IDr Marn" !1..~iI""f!Io f!Io -t _ ~ "..ce. an.'. I~ _ J~d!l.~ the' days. 'shy' to f!rom a c!hiaillenge.. to .e ut pretty o dreaming about what wen gonna do" CAROLINE HJELT early on. A·'" J:WW'O reveanng ='~-no..! lHaVlilng rec..gm: iinto the'ml 'from there' lieal'l y~ 1he'ilf ~WaJ:'5. .V7' _ we sp.ving now moved to London to be ICm(. Like This'.o much thne as..aJoourt iiq overt.. m b h' .. ~ IiII ..II .never lift down thelr defence5u-~ 1 Su: di ..II.. A' I' . with b i'Iil!n.. "_ ~ riJI "JiiV~ JILL!!!! "'. I. .. they say they nee-Vier s. elS gear upfor their debut with a bold gameplan Almost a yea'r since the brHliant~.1Jliirll1g loompllete ¥ V lII~ii ." That song. fro... •.t.hom. d'~r~I _ '"'Dr.ar on 'Nights L~ke-This~"wlakb. d S{)UD-cLsill~ the kind of massive 'Ire electro-pop that Rihanna should be releasing at I he momenr.mes. _ '" '.. 0 ~at. . . C' r '111''11·. tile B"~ton duo aJn! a IJr st@nil1g rYe p ro5ped~ Th~~re iDn the Itafan Beach sabes lab~f keen on Phdes bass ~nes and 'v!ery~.d.adio!s@i( es hellmned by t e' Ii'I~es !of Radli. t-o . TO . ·.r..'5 "D-.li"'m~u~~e 'U LIII~ ln NJiY!'!I!~'111.. ' . thOlil. says..~1i1-Iva1pllrnoi·'M.. which we wrote with Elof ~.alai':s.e the dead.. . :".lo jj traC!k (hear it a.'~Nilights. as C di~embo(red \fO:c3!l s above eelrlie' ShtNjdelfS.goodl}~DOWiriJ' odd DOim ~no:rs. : .. OlJttlhougl!1 ln fa lmess both are .2iJPpl to Irnsten tOI ~ iii...~:. just the.~hostilly 5reaJlilte. trte .. Brut by till e tirnN! the pem.N:ME~ :OM!newmusit) irS all.) US.LEAJDE '.G.e pu.everytthi'lng we c o.IQY" a'b f"'" '1i~:r '.-·pop duo i1nsmde'the' sllie~p~es..VhH.II iii ::Iiii !:l:!l ~ (I .]i '~~~~ Wlrllre frmends.o.abeil.i..Q.oo".---1.' ~.ota . EIP ms realllV' ·j·Dmam..or· C'n»IP~r". iA_N···D·'..J.!~"""'. i _.j r !@l<:()ellleIMlr. ..hed .. d 1!!V'erv' blan~ on'c t ellf ros t elf l-if fom .ml 'what ls allmost eertal nly the.tt~.ss M..t was _I' Matson..~ not tlf1.~I~~. .'!"..~IA II~ ."- ..!Im1f1url!sJ_hi'ngs.. _ - ·····u····. on~y'ellertrt). pil.but I do think they SOLI nd Ire...·.al:liy .u. emotinn involved ~.

m'mes"..'.e.ac1I"'o!s'Srna re' a's ill nfiehearse d rather than deswgned ~aes. td .3 II u I 11.afV to go ve.. . l1l.gh1t AI~dIDay caf:e". = !I! wtnv' ~Ql1. t~m.:' 'I"~· .ec'j... tough and obtuse.._ e'...·. dan'e~ ng' . Dark._ ...'R'. IDS music sounds exactly like that. 'co D SPl'CKS = iIlhe Garagl'j' London Odtoiber 17 IFOE .lugs .g05 P hmre f'Or ~he pas....o.':':.ystop.ed 'faJf1l.l{Fft~JtiOfi)to cr31St hy. tlO .v S'.~Ilil"li. That's all..I. I_ 15 'Ocmb~ 20. "__ '.. She' uses only hervnice (bent almost bevond .af()in (wruot mentlen the to 'spontaneous. .. oiJi' !I.ures.• ..io_:. The Drums ~ .ian..'.e~]oNME~Thco here..V Mlna~!sIFrog B:aFt B.ell1ids'·! and a s I.L.U' M''--.USSUUli" _le .. A IOIr of po rcneial.I Ii .. but Fmi... ".. folks.I"_!!€i 'tll. they've..hmclld. _'anlm.epiing' with h-..~wh kh r..'"h::n':~O'sp...tWll) of t hua!band had milly-ed in withl lilO' r'. I.'rat tl-.anu.@s.'~ Bar in. plOp '$Dn.are. ~s'fhe cast lieto nli:lht that promote rs Nlow Wave dliisaplt.I -. W]JU. Octob~r .!hed Ipro d uct. 'C' b " 1..m···'. pnotic and haunting soun.aws\~T1ItH!~v'tt'e. ·1'llna:!Ifo ..:..'"'··".-iiJ.'"' I!J.'1'...wi n:g IP.·.t-eco."·'.:-. .OIlJ 11"'pIC'Pi that dr.-d-.. . ' ..3!wav" tho.Ali decides to.'r-e .Agg. from s. seaso Iili OJ 11.' T-~...-..rn.1: NME '7 .ch~=eI'~Kate 'Bush...d.om e OlUt Ior nothing'. I __ I~ B . "U' "s:.tNl'ilkt j :5hap ~lr.a.····. jnto Mam1(hes.. En] Of. 1-1"""" 0frn . "'.hlidme v. l. III' I!-.~~··tll "1'.I'm going to try ." .:!rs. hnaHywe have thewonderful qilll"ll _ ermg rn iess F=t:o:--. ttlhl~iirrams."F' .111~ " t'-h wP-u. someth ing sIP." . .'N' 'IS'. .r-ef{leshing~' be MJtiful Burns is the electronic provocateur behind.. I. .ears~ 111.ot..'u.. me ~ .l'i. '-'E' II':' "" ' -. without sounding like your nan talking about po.jO-:-'M'""..: ~ ~.PIJ.'.exlh'j biiil:. ' s. uncom.arm...l:-.gi'..~.e fronnaUon (IP re" multi ...S' synJthpop ttl a:es .." . apt th3J1.and Wi.!Ic."]I'!Ii· She's su -I.ea..a. and e"PD"S'" Br.". MaJnches.IJr.'"'.aeelt of bl u rlre..a~ bevond the tSOsii\!Vavilliig B fu!olkllyn ."~ "i: ·. Hope yo1lll.and . _'..~ 1Fr"'lem ds. btu: no t much information.18 m":.. Straight in at it'hedeep' end.ti'n:gbassll hl es that 'Sitlfli Iket~o IJgjh the p~rsJ)i'r. Ilarg'elly makes.who's somewhere in between Dfamanda Galas and Laurie Anderson. 'Wunder-Oar" .e. C. -11 I I"'.t'!I..rd by fr-O'lil wo man samantha U rlba. :·I'tii"'tc.cI' ~'-.em pll lied bV the ~1IJt.--=.t- It'S Fri'..:". except desperately modern.u " --'R.thEltrnct..-o-.ff-key vocalls ther./. gjl. a '''"i'''-g"'" en tbat .edi o k n i't un it \PJhO$ie 'e m Ot~CU1IillcOihes. bl 0. .t.j'Flih~lI1d(rllJ:sh~haliik tLWrtlheli back to the sort . or won't he? . ...e Dee rhUm'IDter . ye t mel odic and .ressiv..enta ~s.es. get Icamr~edl.":-:n·····:·:'''''''e~:n···::'e····~·e-:r.ingThe ~lit..a' ~--.·L.es. .o.:·.Dlear m wd'·'.'" ~"'.E-"Kr"-'S':".....3 _. ". .~cou plle'Q. Like V/atehing the terrace at Space burn do\vn (if that make's any sense).e·~····· '.t .5HAV BURNS '~I(edDue Casper is a Berlin rapper who has torn the German cha rts ap:art with his album "XOXO'~'.aiS~ N ext up' :" Willy Moon.acllf.-"-::'1 '0""'. the w.aws IDgether CVIrrent semii nail griD IJIPS. "..g~rl . .. ".t·.1ifparnnlt ~T here rs th3JJ1 '.gand retu rn wjith an ind ustna '5iiz. . Watch the insanevideo for 'Iced Our' : ll. Fri'..· ..f.toeigf SAINT ..d bou nda(. e 0' .=! . " -'. :rClna e.W'..Y t. W. .an t.. -' T:--' '-'D' .' F"I:I.bllv Ilam to fhllalllv' £i. .T:· I~ Jacob Graham from.\A 'If = . onstage.eneelr~II In! fact..-".······'-'. "::.'"e.i"!i._-'. .at..and every tirne: almost reduces.t: f hallf"form. Brookly ... IBrighter Octob~r.a.u_.@r-alPIP fOtiJ}ch th a.3 little Joe Jaekson about it. '_ .Iik.. U Vet: 'w'e' havl~n'~t c.(.. " ..'.i..ng... l ~·'·'T..aill ii n .e--":.e .bodvbuilde leuy.6. 0' i:!! = i:!!' G ~"-'''' _ Stick.n'" and Tb : .ed uees the t.0.1111 l:g:g W hot.- 1 __ . =. '='i.p.... :' I" . -y-Ul .an.t-er WllLV MOON ~I W'anna Be Your Man' ~Der Druck S..SAVIOUR ' ' 'h' eof Groove Armada.. '.exlures ~DmJtIIIIrUmlatelty thes.romisrn. _'. 'T'HEOI~ One from the European dispatch now. of sounds.e.': 010" : &-~......fi: v.14 ".Jay'Carling iCl I!. Here -"b -'" 'it'...e~-'t..tatiom11 ~m11 1..:'.····E"... ._nd..RA A -'.ea Ilo. ret urn fas h i'ona.unny Stu'[[gart.!. "~bL'r ·1'11I.k.h·······'J-!1/~v._-: " '.1 ..ll!.v" rmerly =-~ -".. .enjoy" ~Fa Ien Tre. 'OIl" the f1ive"'ph!ce ha\r'\e th ls naggw ng sense that.d.aU well. _~..iS (fd (]hUlrch~ton don Odtober17 PEAC:E..teli tor the f~rfitti'me.i ny IPVIb's Ibaclk room c8!pac'ity by a th ird ~ ILer1["'S. Have it ]j sten he'll be-all aver the pfa. ~t1tJhe iothe.~ashen~'t.md.:th.. intense and .s. B'-' ' '". .u.! rntji.~~_I_ _ 1-1'~~'·11"0~ 4.~~~ '!.i'v·enes'5 i'd..-:.n' 'filii m I so 1"'." .t_= Nli.. . ••.'II.ends not are far tro m a fnws.'Ce soon.']lio'lt S:...L_ Sf P'.:.--" '-RI _.1[. European Sex ".gh.r'li. n -..:'""B···-~no:. ".k.m _ _ 1'. Iguess it .II r-oln.l1'i\g1h~-on October'18 WARM IBRAIINS And.the I slamic songs ofher childhood. ·I't.ngt:!!.j'nrstrum.II. . ".' '.':1. th-'ie ·mramous cmr Jug.co mes plc/sse!S5 gl Il.. ''''V~"""I!._ers~"M:' .aJlld s'im ple ~ e'x.'. ~ w-billl t:heir own fl at). IFEAJR 'DF MIEN fhe Hope.es~' NE:X······T·W>····. II" .' '.e .jI.arvo~dill bug' iI1f. . . tracks ~kejlF'ieelli'l~l. ' .Dalston..n.a...naenave snregged our.) .. .!!'!!! . _-""V. _-. mike electronic rocka:biHy: There's something . ' h'" _~ng~.3itmospheric. So me of the SiO Ulil disto n lght stlck as a cut and paste frOlml thie' fU:I oif hypnag-og'i.. s.g their 11.~'-·-'s'·:-p.:__:..lC:..e.:.es belw!ee n su rail t.-"". .I1!!!!.. The son of ~ boxer and painter. .. -. II.. .ggz_..abu rnd:amlCJe" ... .) TOP 5 AY...ktured.gs plure .c-O· .. There's been a lot ofchatter about S this dapper chap from east LOndon..·."-.oUllplle . ther..o!!!. '0.!!le' !I. Poop sits somewhere between Imogen brhl. her delicate goth:ii!c: l"'li!"'!. .. llJ IIIfOlr almry inst ru m'e nrtall fl..'·-u-..·e..':'.ly epic hip-hopwith a voice which 'win get under your skin regard less ofthe language barrier. J/'~.' " .~u" -'S'!D bl ed t Ir'Clu:gh the' '.u.ond".o)I.. 'b .dseap-~s iDspireicf'by.of ..!Il..U mmer POll] CASPER Heap and '~'Wal(.r-ecent~y. .e..- " young ['h·. are H...-~.I-'S'.':''. SimoR .t .ends dilV~r'{D!fiii. .. Dank' .Os. _ .. there's Ayshay~ a Kuwaiti avant-garde d. .. manness M usic."_.-~-~.:.'.:-.lCh . ppoctedusa £~.'.t- and describ e them as best I can..om.' -'.1'.

~ . . ~ 1'1 PM'O'J 05: D EA N (H ALK LEY 1- .. .

it~.~'_·· ·' __ ..

about suocllllmbWg ..~ .l~enthd. the planet' the day after./ ri:J.· u. I!.ervrew: "~o 'thoS!e 'peopl~.it .a.=iIi'1"y 'ill.ooing.:_.d' '=~l. r. .. A bitJoan OfA. .my hair an olfl.cornD.. ~ ~.J[l¥~ ~ ~ 'j-..] h d a SIln"IDTh.con and beirrug called an '~ins. rnwnmy bs . I') '~:..~ E!i 1-"'1 oiJi II!"~. ~~..g.J she.... '.g. a.actually dlanged at (1l1.. ...on days :ike .goes.. .mm bouse ~ere' she grew 1!l]Pwith her mum and nIac-year -old brother ...'r-" .o. •• •..ki· :' ne...sF1!on:nce' (sort 00 clail:ned in her first NMEI inJt. N o~t'hat . "..So 1think now I'm.uu knn.~~She' .r.r.._~: . Wna.ghJt' debut . I._ p'~j]f-er 1!.nw~s."J ir .s a~litm:le surprisin.etoo\.JI ."I!.... get it really short "!li.J _ '. (I.fOE Tha:t~s 0\].ning htfw to act with . n haircut.a.g: '~'~-~...call the pipes a foghorn...ather than 'the . .r- . c-J":: L!Jj. scream . '. _ 'i-hl~1'''' r"'Ii-' g'I~'~'rlim"' u =.a Lwas a b'Out to oo tine J : ~ awards prestige and becominga global fashion .f. "" '1. ""S .(')!l.-1ing~ __ alitthe sl1. W ~- pA:"iE! J ilI\r.hod.~ -~ my- .~'!.~'~1_~.~~ =~_ u . "It was one' of those day-s when.. nenrotic. ocruovin.~ . J"" p' -. ] say: there"s a n. .'~ U m. '~My .av.." . . awkward .".tiIl the e.Algarve .- .·'!... il.prn.hich. =~ _ ' . ''''l'if''Ij.Jn' Florence cringes as.~! - ...tes. 'Oiill g I~ . ~] am OBSESSED. tha!t vied fur room on her occasmnally OJVenvn:.g out Googled pe.old krv'e .ak.• ."""-1 £r""~''i"H.J'--UI m'"Ipc~ng a. is pretty good news for me· g"'Nen this is.' ••.1s and ilts . although we can't quite hear it ourselves).: . ~11' 'mv I. ".rU]...go on a: family . i. " ...new' idea pops mto her head~«I [hin'k it . " 'I .lnatk Per forma nee nomin. m · .]l!L. 'JIt.evetytl1i. sam suoer-ene husi ast ~:).I~ _'.'VI .time'+ Like tota]_[~Y' utterly in love'+ 'Like n['st ..ation..L~ I'" .~ocaltapas charm bracelets and.she ~'11i~nes spooning 'beans into her m~ __ "_:0 " " .]:S'Slo:n." get a~'~.llll.firsit gigs '~r.['. L told someone rhat the other d~yand 10£ the sprawling 'Vii(tor.g". .the nt. mo.1Iy" -]i"Itj'ii.'" everyone: ..E!..aI~!Llr.\-vho • " '" . exactly like continues eo be '500'000:0000 habit of sil:oppin:g.s.-h"l'ICl'. "I know J know.'~he toUCrw=up! '[0 'Lungs.I --'-:1 J .rnint..Camberwell/ .'~'.r-~'==.hesilltates a. and... be moved a.m" . n~e V"l\/( . 'Ceremo. a parody of myself. ytl1lll..t" : re l "t1rf]I. I they were like. ~= . JLLVY~. . ..(e of a clomp'i~: . Everythfug is 'Sf. 'i~.e I]lSltrl0nl1CS aown on tlttllS new album.n:/~ restanranr.._ despite also beiffilg Number 14 'ru'n The S'ltlAday TimfJ" annual Top 20 Young Music MMHonaires ri!(111bt 'tins May. of course..~ .LJ." she ccntinues.'u'..ill ~ "':'u'!!J. everv diner "Oh not lmv:.}. ~ . -'. J ..U...]]!.eak i]y in the .· .!II '".e. We are' dis C1JSsiml..es" de fin itety.lD:lu two weeks. being present.0t? "1'\~o..: f1est.Js'· b'l· oi:"' ili'h'Ji''tfi ~ Nr.g.-. "Besides.._shit tingly b[~m'~ fantasy: And ]-ruant ..cion/t by Eeyonce . -~ ] j'Us~'\. is . .~.r.i[.ok) screan1. into her ..O\'l:l"e1'""i1·~:rh· ~~n_ "b'~ o.' • " • ..J' I~m not sure anyone '~.tIl. turni ng .J' 'L.'ifild underneat 'h Sort of'like m onk 's a_~·..I.'Ji't!=' . '1' .1 ·v~ =~ . ~t-e you fucldng kidding me?.I~ ~=!fo _" ILl.~. F]ortnoe . '.' ifl"iIi In'v T.r::'i.as we: sta:['t discussi. produced . ~1I!. 000.d omg th"..i"Nlftlilj"rl· Ii. . ".: . .album and t destined ItO../ ...~ -: -\¥ lit in the room cranes."~ C e rat h 1" 1" 1"' "IeI' ikes ler ocation. '[0 g~t a better 1001.. by Otis.N Let Me Go'._~ 1~1}t= = V'f JM.and.tlSrt . IF'".Ir.m 'to J!6!'.e of names. a«y kind of spiritlla~l .l.into an. she still treats interviews ". prQrvie thar _'despite the platinum discs and " tt ..q iii.a·wmd tunnel) "CeveRlonials' '. ar ums s. heart that first charmed us' all those Emmy The Great support dots ago. (Jut of a tree on 'E on y'Our [6th bi r thday constitu." ~~j' ~~lj ~ ~q 'I~U"IU=--= rUi ~ 2P _I'. .pic srnngahJn. : IL~!L.ft.W:~. qui.'IEnn l'ightt .. ~ rust ·G:···.g: ltn L h" . . !M.W~ V'f.~ ~ W~. j\C'Only.~.r helps dysp "'~r' '!lJ'~rl with bru-~~~~ -iI1'ii' hi er '~I!.]..'b"ii"1Ii~I'i'i.rrson on.l S'O·.~L. '£6'CI~.r-yea:ra:nd . of voice .. _ "" _.o1]<.$t fna~or'wntenrie'\V""".'P~I'lVJ' . 'to e> £' . lit is ever undoubtedly a much be tter album too.: dn1.]I' ~~~ I _' . No '.tl.and Slee . ..Ow'a~~b page 50.it i$n. 't"'iI'. .anive~ get drunk" scream. j~g1y .--.( F1o~~oe." v'dUll'U.3.' '" • '~" l ' .. ..ha. . in the .::!'I!.[ is if?" It's."" "'"" . "'WOK. = = =~.:. "ii"~ ~.... (..i. "It's .A' 'I' "'S''e:ptem b ..=~ t="1(t' . !''V IIrtt ." 1l'j-. . yomve already heard) and ~.".. and startm.·· I:I'm"rthe '"..' ~ l..e-pod.ear 'L.. Ib'Y '?""""e'pt '.vhich sounds.'.:l1.I remember falling" in illov'e\'vithdns boy _.~ 1_ _agge Voted mose in. in their pyjamas eating food out of a.\V3S gloing to cut .g each sentence five rimes before she completes it. sh ik the i e Imp!J. ~ terribly nice. StiU H:ving am:home with mother in.[l . ~es'cc: "[ ·N···.. -= ..mU5'~be to have: everyone' how ~ always recognising her wherever she . of recognise it. she' says..i1iI"l'~~'IIC'.".. .~v!het~'ehat comp[~tely t enc~psulated me where I could jus!t thr.... - '".. ". do y-oo.K.abot]Jlt srufrj~. '" ri" u. hat is i'tr?~" w Liste -I sren: "W... swimmin ~rF·11'001 screaminc at [he top. '~SO is! Oh how embarrassi -.-" .at.a"oo' watching TV and a massive advert fur the V"MAs came "~'!I.. Ibr ~d' "8"" .L. They've jusr put yom:r nMV single on. else who's doing '[hat is sitting in a house in sooth London.'~~mlll£!!d'" ~1Ir' ". Southeast London's most famous resident since Enid Bly®of:l has just floated.d h h'" ..ng 'Ceremonma..we remind her '!that she still hasn't got around 'to..person.. '.. L_.esfrom bcitTh. '.gaJzme. 'fIOU.lll.::p. .o~ 1. she has the same '0'illk"· .•..~l~ III !Jj~.ea:tj'flg food out of tins because eheres nothing left '~n the C1II1Ip". So' it.-"OOl~.il":"lii" . . IIr ~~lJ[J l~~ .recut1ing 'w~ter imagery.I .." 'fit".ery balt. Oscar.ml" 'h' '~'Itj'1ii'g I'"~._!~ Redding. ~ .."..L~. art school serm=posho shes always been.hdlday «..~ expersencewnen "ill' st "'. ne Tbe X Esctor style voice-over: three million nro _:_ ..~m She's right. ighr' 6vhich she claims is inspired..lea. sh 'TI:1'!~(. on 20 NME .. hear th3.' . Ifli(:...1lomthedl by those 'who .~'[L c.eveD ...being comple~cly . 'i"~ lI!"t! e m051t .. And 'we ge[ t . Watched by a billlion people "h' _ 0" .vanted to be' som.' ·"-1"·· .t-IPri'-ling .o ..-viJth drowmfJ&. and I 'was like. J ~. V1V:[Ast. h" i:"li1'li"7~'ng = ".a but mon. cw A~··( .= •. " ~~"-' .a. :s:he concurs. " n sh ru gcpo Flo r~ WiIi ce "'\"'7l'!!.iliIfti..Co " w. :fan over.[~"~.kJ~y..' ". done in 3.JJI~ "I 'No ighr.n." =-~ t= iil- ~r."I"y: )~'~ ~~.."" "mourn ~ (i'O-···h ..arp end of. Jl~ JIl'" lllJJI!r ~~==~ rl ...['a.g.. ir would be sl~gbtIyg.pentthe entire time sat at '[he bottom of the. .. tto 'turn t~U. I mean.: '!..3." she has ~r ".she hasn't. Arrive..~.wlng'~".l!i .Olh y. "JJ~".' - t f' .lt?The song? I kind.gs HICe' 'Shake: It Ou~' {w~hich.~ "..a~'~"". but she needn't protest so much.. I had to .[.llvvafty diaphanous dress. She'll be sltalying there for 'the rest of the year as she sees through the release of second.. sa-inch heels." r::'i . the' world and.r ..1F" I lJIl :.1'5 O~tQb~ 2'011 .t::._. her =' Arcade Fire a[ their most French) and her first bona fide soft-rock masterpiece in ~. ~es' S'~Oi»'1ll!l:" .. -'~" ".~ . ..ang~."[ still Iclearly .to..k:e . - "". ] :S. ~10W s= Ie ttrre:' '.'.woFthy Best Dl'. :he might Uke nru..ash and scream/~ -= jJt I~ • ~ .[•.ghi next door living out heE ev. a.=.oJj. for the first love . = = 'to. ".:" 0. a. by those '\vho hea:r the vom.~-MAZ--in~i.~ -'fjJ.. feeling. "you can't constantly '\vorrry if everyone's noticing: yoo" because then Yrnll'Uget " detached frownac tUalr~'ybeing ill.~~ O "-'.-..~~()trld.~ '?nd r\~fi .= ~._h<"!llt. '. ~I!w-~ .''::~ 1~l!~U.: '.iE!C ~1Il :=\r.!LILt. . She's still the same diltzy~ . nice'.fea-tuDe 'with S~.e .'. .. . Tru th 1\::0 Flo ren . . certainly has more shade aJnd space t~ohide in~ Theve are s.iII." ~.. but there's also delicate introspec tion on 'Breakdowe' ~.iti:oday'\-vhen Irn dressed as..~~=~[~ £!> ""'''!iT''Ji '~_."'OjJliC' fu-iin/ =-== l[-~ "_'J ~~ LllJi~" 1· J: 1· n '~~.LA~'~ c _ ~ I!.. _.".m.. ... Pm. yeai" and a half. by readers of Time ma.'f-'~~ ....=·~~..the bod-y of 3l .' "'" ~.u W~IIjD' ""t~'j'l"i!l.e"' fall"ID b:c.".JIUI!II. .t lOW' .~ enJtindy by Paiul Epwor~h r.nd loa'lI!hed with exacdly lI!ne'same: fervour as the fi[lst~ LO¥od. _' .o~.j!~~:~~=~tt ~r' (.nd:mose to thi.decides .W.e:re . ..'"" '~n a' b·"an-. aIbUlTI." ..

b rt -. ... 'illl j.~I W. lso som.g.~ obsessed 'Wirth was 'witches and the occult (it w-as 1996 and :pro-o=Twiligh.. sudden I saw her in .en.. .! . see" AU of 'a. and making.. idea where '[he words carne from or what you~r-eblIking ab rli-l' '~' ....~.'C .J ~ == t1r~ .-.er you pick up other poop.._whimsy alert! .- .r. you strive to ._:5" 'r'. ~1i..h ." "Ceuemonials'" op'enil1g track "Only If For .k h helac ' mlsta~j!.lectin...-...:edb):..·". di'hinl'l)J"' your '..'r..!fi1 'fi.ngtowards the river bank.:'U." __ says '1.1~tI' 1. ..' .. .' ]. It's so powerful.... love potions 001[ ofher own bloc d.odler on "O'ml~yIfF-or A N'~. campervan in a 'German wood.. good or a ritual. It's usually just about hurting people yoo love or messing lIDp the oppOflLun:mJttes that have: been .... - Is it rrue that you.:' 'I '. your emotions SIC! much in your 'work you get quite a .otaJ1y powerful and -incharge and dominating but al810 ..t. Il~ = ~d being haunted constahtlJl I think it comes from being the eldest child. perfurm. . J... 1ke -'n. and Paul EPWOf"t'1t held seanees whil ..S: s()meihffig wats.lJlj'·'nl.ed' [\Va years .' ... 'Ii..'whO' are 't. Wh~t rruths from the beyond did she.. "'...equaUy unrealistic scenarios to do 'with relationships and your jio'b. songs wrieten.~-" I '. c~Jr-.. V. _ .. y"kno:w" more' cryptic.r-omance In it.of . Ill. otU.gvr. f:orne~s._ : .. gFand11lll~ thanks! I thought it would.. and it stuck with Ole...1'-r"-lI-U ..r'!. daIDk.J! I '1'-" I -'" -.' '1. s Joan ofAK crops up'Vlitl1 Florence's dead gr:aJIThdn}..A Night' is about . a DJlySticperson". d there' So so.your ptun t.'f I ~= !J.. tba:.rourIlin~ it's :00'[' violen[ in a." . -..ilt "'hi~i."': '1 . These days ifs a. '0.ft 1_ . ~ ''!i'' .It'here?sa . from.he'"s told me rhis.f-c· ill .fi:' avourrte u~. on not to faU ofr~... ~'!. ..!... "is . .L.:~?iy.Uyo~th~f~~f .. and 'being scued nfvampires a.. iappencc.ago t==aJt suetd'en ~ .hJ and €"c-lff....'-: . . I'S' "n or 1-'i -.~~ a ceremony burnt a..' "1l'1' i.-Il headdresses at one' point.~n_ a." 'D' esoiee such . UI!WIJ '.le ll!.'l' :_-. offthem because 'till'h' ik . .rum = ar e 'cP:UIeJ'h:r mil!' .~I~J.differenJt type ofdoomed woman that she fee-ls..r. ".. (lean. a song will just appear and you have no .a recteo oypeopies . J" s= cl:511[[ .'when.. I' . I think he means that sometimes when you're songwriting.-P.on you. spook-fest The Craft had jnst come .. t.I~lp-' ~t.s you ma."'" •.1A'.._·~I 'you.. ' ":"'1"'.an._ uVI ~ ~ -tlI1R(] havina '··d'~ ··. s-ense . it's l goin. ies almost Hke a: scrapbook of different" things that: you._- ".0.!!" .r.J..fra..'!'F. mot of candles.:.~l' he says ofthe :figures \'\~hostaU{ '[he new' album. . because they' might become real.LT'if'. " werewolves into .\VOID.L-lILUlIl.. -~" m 'it:':-"Il.'~ Ill. .. ere are 1"'illli'.ILl!.-. fj ~Y" rem..': "-'.Vu·noCi'ii~..I...t'l!... ~ sli 1[I'm. g 1 I ' = ".iJting is like a collage o. IIt.'b' ".. But no. thinking rig_bt now? ~"I dunk as ."'.cuff 'ayin.-.ething so bucolic about a :3 sWearn"i.::rUJII...-..p_"..e·'re._the ghost of Flo's g~.3.LS ~L •./ "'.'C' 'O'ITI:eL!:' fro m 'b-p'~'~'g real 'Hy scared kid 11[' Ul"!l'it:' g worri a-. of a. get rea _~y. oouotryhouse:.II! .~~ Fame.~jle 'Stand:i:~g the edge of a .. _1~~ an..idyllic m "'"\ll"""w·.~.. For songwriters Jli.make yourse~_fbetter 'Constantly.... ~I ..lII:· ~. L~ ~!Ir= ~ ~ =.:f m ind .old la!~Y' oice.. Frida Kahle and Virginia Woolf ... I ~~ ~: .e 'Using.11"ow.'Ve: eft the laundry nut and. vi d ons IF]-n:c"P'I1'''C' . '.' . '. .tA finished Th...1Jl.l i _ I'r·· J ==e~ap=OC]'C:rL. =' .II!JILJ . almost."_:' 1.. . flaVOLlf'S.flI...abou[ d.out messlo..".p. ') .J b ]-'~ d ~sOUJ. "There's defin:mtel)ra tragic heroine theme -Joan.~r.J' U. .y head! Vlanc..u rainl' OK.g.' :Ull1ry~ .ed. me to 'Concentrate: on your perfect career'..::J. -".' .' O ut ]lUsth rule = So.ll'C-'..~ 115.!j. 'but 'we bought matching oi"'\n."'iii hen.UllllU\rS ]l...t.ere' many o~lln."_ .~ JL __ ~ O ~ i]I ~ ~ ~ _~~ _ _ _ .0. when she loaded her pockets "Withseo__ and walked ineo the River Ouse.ffi'O·....iii' ..." "1 '-:".W h'...€. md... "'-" ' ..g a m{id..ycl-lic . ):":00 want to get iwwltoa state of mind where it feels like you:'re conducting a ritual..u "'-" .lt the end. It~s.-.eUwhat I'm....riends. .oUJ_ -.KJ. Florence will later declare as we arc letlviug the restaurant.. S1 '.) ....!!' nlII ''II 'C- I"" I~ U.hty .:Ji stat Ie..o!J.L ._ t~: ll.' -r' " • ii" ....~. 'Sbake Ir ..g t.-~"_ the.... t's nice to-get yourself'in .hat scare s you now? "G:' . like: because you.: !~~M '[l!iIl u_ ~'Ii..ad·' ·=~""'.. I think . I wouldn't :SaJY it YVdS psychic.: -'. .sso . of F~nll!"ii'" Vr>'iil'iil I.ages.f respon ". -:'" "We didn't have seances. t ~ill. --"" .. . Florence was rr K_~~H.the situff [halt foUcrws y-oo MOUnd in .. 'IJ.:L".~.\!o. that any ghosts in her ... u.Sor.QUlt)t fOf'nDllg.. ". ..'~~ .LL~ ~=..leis emotions so much and you.. . at ':e :..' creep t1p . you £'aD~tt. n' ~" 'iii' ..stu f~'f 0: .iIL I .".· ..: ..the b~ek .gs.. You move :ft-ouru.K.. a spiritual connection with.e·' HJl·00m.heightened sense of' emotions in other people' and the atmosphere in t a room. a coven with her 'best :f. of Arc..~ g'-.'. '~~rr' ifv100r ~ in ~"no' i~h~rT1hadi'~s. .. I!l...W~ them._. I. _. you v :ili'magine'?! It's like.. pass on? "She '([-old.1 r.:.given to you.... amsr gel!J... d· LaW. them.• -.:......who she claims visited her in a dream while she 'was on tour with M. you're ~~~e-. I' c-- sa intense~ but theFe~s.gi1e.!!WII' '1I .0·..11100.ov-ef' you.'...ton m: want t0 ..·' ved 31 1j ke ~j't.I".na:m.b..lyri'csi and ph.._-" "... ." re~ays Florence... nes '"'I think son.nd b 1 •• ~'. We ~= ~ ~ r~ or bad. ey re . ~Yoo. iKft .(D'ou worry abo '..g. It could dither be sacrifice or exorcism or absolution. atdlopd:ng a bau. 'uray that sonle ntl1er warys [of ~ying]' a:rem Irs like .thing of 'W'emgbJng yourself down with stones.GMT.]'1"1_..Ii'"d·' llJI. . t5"e . in a.m.~..-. .:auJ'l _I lJE' doesn't matter.. uru :l. P~5s.ght'j' hereas "What· ~he W~ter w Gave M:e" is.. feed. in heir breaks. lll"'k 'C=at.. ..s. . ~ .mncn Q' !..a' . "-'up.3 chef it:s. be' something.. dn.l'Ap'.itlJtnxicaited by colours and :£0(['.:.!JU ~S I'~b. -"~eaht .filn. i'n10Sil[0"fC my . .r' h... a:ft-era Kahle painting and re-tells Woolf's suicide in I9'41. 1feel.'" "-". yot1ye asleep. and.

. "because I like 'mt when J don't sound [00 pretty. the chant and the aggression rather than 'the melodic :meUiBluousness of it...that . one of .ro£!o .' " SaLJ ..rock music for a illong:time."i"""'"f]' .~!!.{ h··_· It 15 rea'.G1'\O'\ving UP'..g.'toxieating mix.3 pn.r- 'iii""i. = ~ ~ U~'_. The front rows ofhet shO\VS ate filled with them 1·n 1-'lh~£I!'~'r'..-.she was raw and real. k 'I "'N····0an._ mer ner.. "The Cult 'Of Florence' . ~~~~ 'liJ..any kind of bi~ch-spilt O¥e:m· at . i' r... IF!J mstnUThl.." she says.e (lvho. " h . erformers .is that really _. '. MOi$t of my mn.t1u."[1" : ".ot being able to entrance the audience.'.ngs.No lighit~...l1UJ.J1IJ]!$11L seemed~111 S'O unique an. .1· ·S·· w· : hen I (l~ril!lJ"~ ]'~1_= 'N··.~.".f.on.J ~ sOQl]J]Itding Hke-the ghost ofher d.enoes.-"= . f'i :. .'v (If"'IIimp' wit L q.. dis~ppointingly~I cau~tdraw her mto . ~...s·e the aud . For .nL[t bands who went 'to Camherwell .ead.And." . =t ss .a.." ". ..ta~{illgalny .lb"" I ..~ ~ j' ~ • Is . r :ocbel~:ious but as a sin. have been male singers and the people 1 gr.lgn-ed CDs tJ'Rtipastenj .....'-.go tD NME". m~rhe~like:~.o" •. Do yoo.._ '.aggressive person in the whole 'wo.Wh.td.I'm thinking about the' rI~th:m.el1 I h..er~not a band..aggr-essJv.a pe~ u...rA ._. .r-JM.iI"l!i~ nd dod '!lJ"{l red g .-i]!!fr Harvey (whom she 'WOuld.? t!~~ . kicked 'the door open fur female sillge~s\. It was JUSt after she and Lily had.. so lonely...C'-OMlvidefJ 22 NiYE 15 OctQ1:~r.gbout A__my' a h'" men I'L cnownerr W~ house .o·eed !I:.it" hat] women COli.~t'm:yconvincing job of being constantly befuddled by 'her ftlrm"ne) =.e"\V up waeching perform were all these garage pU:f. uniquely female ."'~'.rfoatur-r.'lnrludi'-""~ . gratndll10ther rising from the grave to give me' ..~~. .." VY~U IL=~~~~ =. ••.L.~~[{ol1ing The In Deep? is.~I 1Il. t.songs ItO .u!." .3. .lra!ttliJi. .rld .'.. "I.ther sick.e~irs been fine 'to 'be female i'. 'Thars rea 'y beautiful'.(!xcluslv.1. the album.~ ·i~"'1i..aUy 'O'K to be .aysFloreID1C~~." 'm~ rfo] . . I never' wilt.:.~J .'.o:fmurder ballad. Quite..~'-~ L massive._mp~'~'~nenfr.Did you.--. '. from: Flot"mcr/s first: .y 'many as as.age:and theatrical di$p osition . ."--'.' I _:nR_ [.I~.n' (she does . ··· .time being: so vulnerable .e performers on 'Ceremonials' There's Stevie Nicks (c)b-vionsiy). I play rhese . u~'_~w. .-' .0. There are moments when yo~mtr-eexh austed and you're singing and yuu feel $0 exposed . - ".. ap~in befuddled by the co.ttg tJ.~ry: Eum: she's a '['[val felnale A sd f~p'arody?Sure'.r . -. g. '~ikeyou C01IWd 'be ta~k'~D.dom 1nared musse el1ifVlrQnment nan and that afbUDl fEack.. is our Florence .----. .'''' -.girls ofa certain . a . iJt's.ctmtmt-" . It . pJus the'chanc~ to' 'win gig extr:a.. . l~was a sort .. it's that sense .. and. lilt sl-IILa. v Uglu:~.. ~~P' ~ ..'I' o ller~ . '.. 'Onceagain.lIJ~ w~~."Ji.-. [it .ever NME cove. 'rI['n I.. ~ • -1l !I . L"". = .. Especiallywith Amy. her at Glastonbury performing and being completely in 3:\Ve of h . n~t I-I'W....·T.. '~':J .efifts 00.ove'd.l . h ~dye jobs...£ "I think fern ''1l..l'sJtheard Adele sing~. y ".. .:feJminine too. sh... ILJI1 r~~~~~~ I'I . I ..ea= .ey ~. Florence actually has taken :~Espiratm.n. _ en.--------" .el1ing.P9 for de. I~' _..al~lay8'been. and it inspired me to go..thing.COAY ~~_.• VJ ]~l..Ser... yOUE emotions md your body c~ become really = 'J their vulnerability and it.. "Ive never seen " .rIN. ..my ..should hate herl ~~Music's acompetirion in . in. which never ended up on.'e'hlJden .Sur.I ofvulnerahility and.ft. I thought.. but she wasn't trying to be anything she W1lsn~t... for a dead '~OV'er. Adel. You sacrifice having a normal Iife fOf this dream and iieS so fantastic" but the' exhaustion in. But putting nldodic m. . powerj[~j:) .IfiIt~ ~lII~~1Ir '1I!~'~'[.flOg .~. love to be able to p~a..md "-' "£... an·. d'l :nt was suc= a mate b d =.a]~). [8· '-n.'ssokl For' .'I' '_'- . '..""'- to NME.rn:aun.. potential obstaclesthat stand in her w~y ar d 'wming them in' 0 gothy I' orch songs for romantic 'COrp~~$i' day) and..e.:il"I.. I~UJ.."'f"~ rIi'.: . . '_':".. ····d" .. '''1iijf'\D' a~!I!.2011 . but sdU the srun'e ridmculously exce11ent one s.lr'l!r~~ . exoose ~Jt~· .' !!. "That's interesting. . I was mike" 'Oh.JI!w...[1 ..'Ime~' you :t. '--"'-'. and write a song. r .. .e tendencies I have because I'm l~teranythe least .0. . ..:I [:0 h ave never .!IJ ''''Ii I~Jr . 'My Best Dress'..'-:. e= I.hn.~1 And that.J'{Cerf.. .ui'ah.: "'r' . a~tIt .. tIItlki'tto" ..~aI~!.'Ir~' ~ ~I!. ~-:- •• : •.e [' th it .~e p.3 lecture'.he?s .: -"~ ldb ful d pr.ik:twe. "..-'~~ :-.."The wnat???.k into the' . not "iIl- "--. lit 1~. d" '.~' ~~'.. . ." ] am .i ·tY..eUifluousness 00' one side for a moment.' . " I more records than yoo! You.g. so.~.... ru • V "_.me.._ .--. " ....'L.... . . H:' ' vorce . has undoubtedly dane 'wonders fat !equaJilty in the gi.' Tremember seeing. ~m. r. l ) It sounds.get out any .y cer' n ale arrist I thin k ete v' .cIaets.d" ou_ metj.'~"f1i"g"OO'".. To Black'] was seminal. _.n. Iike.. .Art· ICoUegewith male smger~ who 'were almost 'trying to I~'VO.: na.' .-[=hosen Vi~ a lifestyle that meads 'to real elation and real devastation.r hl 'J thmk so.favourite so. V'I ••:' .~j erhaps it's because she's female that Florence is so worshipped by .e-:ver~Ies 5000000 good~" she gushes.toils.. but thanks to Florence. .' ..6~onla :fai:rfew telual.... It CID be..g~place. 'but at the same. id~nli(y with these tragic women artists? "'''t.any\vay~" s. and :. slrengm:h~.e. un' solo art~st. 2009." e sttong~ power.

• .

'f~. Or..g?') he . "These gigs will go a . =I!:=_. "" 'E....ythin.~. -iII= .L ..e[['V1£W:~.l .' -I. career manifesto to Barry. L Lucifer Youth Foundation are monke-ying around.011.'iIL h wirh t-e..'.~~..-d'"~ peopJr~ =tn·· ... an righteous.1l!:...eIDl1' :s.II!j . '.~ '.. .. I· " IlL~ .. • -...Ire are fi:--aers" A' not ...e[. can't m.' liniIRtC down 'for an all:cieA£et.... tried '[0 T create . and always 'have .y~used to hide' their faces in photos and not give proper interviews]..t~· '" "'. rca..UK mUSIC scene IS dod. ut peop'JIlem . . posers and _.Itl '!I!!f.. 'Heavy Pop. ne .. eaa ..: F "are errs W····u~T .cllch!l' ed' -.'..ofj..VILII..n·..lm . : uon.. .expe:et it all to end . who have created some'thing. = .r\.'b'em..s~ caJO their 'career'. _ ~.I!_~"" ~11~. 11· strt lat.".. :-:-. just wilful. '.~ about much .~.rus neac .'. [L.'iJ"V . ~1).=.gone out of ·~tbeirvay t-o do al ~this.. but you. d-..t' ·s...s with stony-faced finality...WU.ruU of opinions..fOlrthat matter..rc---c A d. They rook our 'mystiqac' th in g and. at '[he meatiQ.We wan e to It speak '['0 everyone ." but they do 'want to 'bring the mainstream Found...~ i~'. i1 ou join NME in the main hall of -wc:::-c -U-'. you can't change people 'U....4!!..•. ~.II~.. Nicolso ~"to M' ...As WU L'YF~sPhase Two begins.::.~I. 0:" t- (.. _-. i . · S-· rebUI"Z't .1lJ.1TI busy .(""'j ir 3. build a new way ._"t·· ~ he 'wanted to appear ~iOn. . .1i:!IL·'it!l' ..TWilnU·-'f·_· ' Pop ~. -.ke-.tly norms.. 'II~' 'Ii.]y. 'Ii'l~~. .lmi.. an Manchester's Oldham Street Methodist C..i!i•.insists that. " .t10". ' f~ -.. weird stuff...(iIi.ake .. whiny little guy sat in a 'bar.. '.' . G Ull.. gUitac[. ideas. . orlile band)l t .~ 1. .. In the advertising on your own website! We do can..0 rna -ke F """1rcQl: r: "h d.ooking at music t h ar's more authcn tic.am:ness of (!iCCV~('!I·'!i'I"MI.. Evans KaJd.IIIOl"e than.. - Bearinz that j n mi nd.. ~'T. ~'We'r.'T~··.bop' lares fr-o~nit set nfiP..l. how they . QUI Ill.think. down. .st·-. Go':lm~ the .'11.ns.J ·o'~ l~~.3~S..e '[he believer at the frone desk bas been fed to let us in here. JlJJi"r. ... _..re a_dam. d.:"t.ancunla.g~ shouldn't be clirise .is not simply a song title .aysj.".. F anuuxu].. WU:[. 'Ellery' .hei hav ...15 . oi ~~ iD1~ J.''~"" .. They jus t don:'t' want to glV'e an...tre ~ where we're wondering what false PIre't.----~are... ca:n\ tit~p ..·d·· ng tl Ihn gs 1.-" LJl JE:7' ·~r·.. .-:-. . ..open. . ..._e "2 .I" . 'Il.1TI .. 'of' frontman E·llery'. ' 1.. 'jj"h-'" ey. '([0 their way of [..t~ ~ ~_II! ~ .J["! fi· '6' .1l.YS -._: 1". thinking. .~.it~ And.. LlIt'"' 1 I" '!I4. T . between 'photo takes on the flip-down chair'S while ·hip~..a. b speakers. That hasn't -changed simn:p!ly because they've started doing interviews and people know their faces.[ong waY' towards answering that question.levurn ...as_· 1~ .. fucxutg sr : L."ey 'ave adverts :fuorDove' soap on their websiee._I~g..mli..As.. wav of.ig-ges[·'IJOOJr yet) the-in:~entering phase of (what tbevwoo1d_n~t .be the . inch in the proces.II I . a critical "Have you heard Eve:ry~hing Ever. but they've at At the end ofthe day" it all comes. .• .IDst and you.e~ b Ut:lP'd' _ still rathe b····U·· ths " some. '1.. but on the eve of their b. if you're in London. . so p-'~y:.' !ILiI'~. .'... c music ind0as.::a· W' ho 'C'-'-mT' p' -.~ k/.::!' .. frOID Manche ster who pretend to be us? Stay+. the band. exactly what we want '00 do. YF.ew._y ~fiour go bb M' __ b ~-_-y .~.m --anyli1.e.. scene out of it~but there's no substance to it whatsoever {S'~a. set to. ey outline rnase '_1WQ IQI-'I:elT • h I rn. to all . ].s Oif figuring out what itilcmany is. .·. 'We weren't trying> to m ake a '~l1Y'stcry out of au rselves.Jniddog -10 ~U ~~ .~'L. Burt we don.... -.nI~." .. ...special and p otentia11y Significant ..~_'o sqy'.. to the music 'J a. '''We wiU cnrertain you Wlhirn is what we've come to talk about. ~il. flying the fl a.. I y. There's no reverence in the Almighrys house tod~y. [. t.." They're four fierooy intel~igent kids for 40 minutes.. IOlla~ its parameters. . . --l.lI!. 'we sat down ito hear thei r new manifesto... ho 'm I' d ~ 'L.~I. '. • shaKmg t. just started an Open University COUI'se in I nternational Studies to' keep hi.. I~I (Ellery has. m.or sou nd b r a phi_=.lltf!t...r ':n .. When 'we sit·down with. wit '.. Gra'ham . . : .cene is totally d.. Wi.oos. Opposite a marble plaque tmmpcting the g·~r. you can talk about it on Twitter. .•. this is '\"ha:t' they want to achieve and how they plan on achieving. ~ be .... and ambitions.ea.It· TM' . . mn. 'Who's that band...:-.something.s 'Very existence seems an extended middle :Anger to He $'coJfs...~. . mischievocs anaochy~ And that's precisely how WU LY"F' like: it.lng untess you. th· ..' --.go' home.. _r..~£ want to start trends".f'qnQ't2' with Lady Gaga. ·tv. "The U-K indite s.CI.' ! ... ~ ~ .. w~ . rise the _ ." but nonetheless...a~. ." " ." .":r:::."il ·yO-ll~lti.JI . .. .ays Evan.... but.enot a·s hatefulas people._ . )mt QlD.. I mean. ..'L'W7V ·. as t."pro'falr :music ..m I .td'ea o. -..e.but who are still in the proce~.. then YOll on tour)h.'" mussc that means su.•.:..od.J. . "Hopefully we're gonna.:IIc ~IV~lU~ '. ..~.._1I. ".


'..~yhe . .' ieres J .iF' ''''. . experience. ick 0: t' hat.:aI"'.illy As a new band who've released a weJJ..Vled ebut d album aftcr a.tyet sure of. UP .'i.Just <'h :~ wl . .nOW.~~.move on.t ". =.". Ll(F and. -'. a'J] oont is.I -. "IlL.t.- I" I 28 NlIIE 15 OctQhGl·2(1'11 . e~-~' P'f"lIIf'iii'ina.~ '-'K]l( the future ofWU LYF. '... . u shit as w-elt Honestly. ofsa it .I~_fle ." cr ~~'Ijg.h . this one.haircuts..'I!: t i would seem.~.·. im:rudiviiduaUv~ but when it comes to D.self= mno rtanee an .etbing..."I " _:_". "t'Vr. '.. ·".=-= they are..Iley' d 'it' want . be.' 0 ~ . ~ .put Rlt ." _ As we've already discovered. year of simmering ·h. aon _ .. . -~-:.g. I can't see us pIKying one'.~n'!T..And theIine . "" 'n' In~o songs..11\".sa:ge.g. talkinga bour tnc Is. M.' -: '~'-. Ellery in particular 'Wha th -"at .'" or Glastonbury on T~ and it just depresses me... the pl'ess however.h4r thIey were taldn. =a __ ~'"" ch d' · PU[)j"" e.hs Evs _.. Read~..ate UK '.ty.: and member b ~-= _ =-~'f'." ~J'!IJ. :S·.~~!I!:1m.. "O""h ~ .C~'I .t. [ ....credibiM. .. E''-.t. o.d..throwing a.j:jW.t. '[. ". .." about seems.!J. conspicuous. . swollen with his OW:~l.]17 . 10' irv . les not set ill. "...tlSSiUlg d..g.w.g the piss.e..of what we deal ms the ideal of yOUJtht says Ellery .- - -.exce ·P.~ ~~ some 'b. ' .. . former "tVTnAworld . entirely deliberate.a_ .'" 1Ii".~" '¥~'" "!I.. - ~~ . wen d a massive h d·1· S.. hev're iust 1 =~ ~!I!. but they're crystal clear ~'n:.' U'J .'.h. r '.~co=·:. re -. ~. says.'. WU LYF a:meo.. _ '!l ~~ . . i someone eise_ m ~gt~~. ]. --- ..w.{V'f~ \vL.'. l. OOit on the mad chasing girls.r-JM..J. ~.t. . There's ~~ys a point where bands lose their .:j. j' . !!Jr. I donl:t a C" ..'.· championship and drop OUJl: 'before he: became brain ~U~all f[.yp.~.' . w aL~ about things through.. .~' n tV.P an.~ '. j' ' . _. they aD s-ay the same thjm-1g!~~We: want to don.! Insists.' . ps are .'.~~~:n:itksEl1ery~ s "~e to .ng f know how Arcade Fire are . I end up \va'lfEehin.~.'il.·L.... "~ stone 't"·'L. "We've four 2.g snm. (iT'h " r .. '["" I "~' .lll.. tantrums... 'lVi .. If'· i..:: ~'~'~. aU suns:l~sses and le~t.':.le_ unes. .g1l!l~:S making pop' hits. interview each." '-~ ..' S'.'C· ~~=- 'to ~=. :. ..""rV"T are at pop 'van d 'in..!II.' ~'L=~ .. solid..dw'aYs loot.esslon 0'f' somet .r } _Wi - 2)0· =~ ''']ti" •. It's.. e "w. not really the .eryone co off~ At European festivals. and it doesn't In~'. you know?.e.. .eaS!D. '. WU LYF'!g absence from the UIC festival 'c~ rcuit this summer was.'-' . .trs rnlDL"& t h 's heaps of' mu.. idea. cliched rock star. do this.." hr OtIg.".:'hioose_ iat .·IUg " mbies " _ _LllJ! .A Th~yweren't. So' whsr..j·:... people go.express by . want to be m <DId rocker at 40..:'0Ji~ Evans.:~.···" we ~.:.ats fOf matter It:'VhaJt we say.bue 't_hey "re "b .. ind _"·t·-.F"mn b ~irfrlig'~ "".I '. ']1. . listen to music. ·rd'· W e ~ ma ~e J€::'en..' .vw e don'tnmake music ror that.. '1"1"lId·!_lU.1 ~=v=-== .. l) ' . nca nne.'. to.'~\~ t~\'F]ayemaker [David Haye. fOrever..~.~~ l~r.-:-'1 ' 1 .h.. indo w.. the f:ace too m.fuckin.And. [.before splitting a:t '[he .eary. '" on tdoors anY. .gonna.. l' g~ve 1~ our -" d' -.._~~ 'II. . eavvweiehr cham ·milllj -\V D"'-' . '~~D. near-phobic ofbecoming some run-of-the-mill. _s a . testavals latug 1$ vans. d ~~~ I" ''''.J" 2.~ r10'~s. out when rheres no. -.. ~~Jt's destructive ...00. they're nos just aiming to get drunk and have a laugh "yr.J'' n "'"._.raggm.kids?' Or those plummy-voiced academies on TV (·'1'·. .A ~ 2".. -- 'I - -1"'-".ng two le1lylD."' '.-e .'t.. J~' .s. ~-. ': -'-::...an.e." iIl. 'What 'we sing .-~~..1Ir"'] hadhis plan to win the :=.ev. 1 wouldn't '\V1{nt to be' there .==!Ir - 'Ii...· 'tne band _ -~1 more ~lUln1lS.n"rl.. .!~ certain.0.. qu ·"'t. or what we think.any rrmes . ·':C'" i ''I!~'L! '~'Wewere at a...'" Ellery recently said that he .e t·· . 1: :age o~ -' W'""h'" -' 11 cmnes ../" m . II t'h_.'. .'.bU ua ... ' .·... We don't ''VIDJt to be The Ronmg Stones. 'III:'.. 'r ..II!..k th ".'1'.6=yeatr=o~d . ""111" /.. . _. . just to p~s.._ .-:reoem.'''.. 1 - -'. j- . _~ __ ~'l!. ."co"W·:: U' ~en ·. Dock tl I ". "I '-.~q .' ..·I.~.~.lifestyJ]. '.- '""":.exacdywhat thou.best sh'-..~~e.~1 n~"·'!'··./ ~~". and I wouldnt want to fake any-of those experiences.her jatekets and ..-th .'''You !~ DO NOT IN6 INA T E with TIC ]~'m~.. feslivaJ in France the other week when the Arcnc Monkeys walked in.'!_.ru.. ."'.gsrom.~ -"'~.. :." . ~h ' . . an expr. we're inclined to take every proclamanor wirh shakerfu 1. trashing: hotel rooms and having to . need is a boo.e .. 1 .0.g a few sor.... d_ 4..



his ·work.but it W'aJ.i:...siei.U'~ Llt'l!.me:rs such:as Ac.rlarnd. loOt he's musical.es. tbis month t som.ght SOlue 'turntables.asa 11!p'n~r." .....erry and. d ~.clucking a:round '~h. Eurnp'e .C "'M' "" ~sup ns own arse .Ii"Io V'f ~-~WW~=Ie.fo.is.'ifi" ~... _ ( . ynu nlrn..g..]I ..~. heading bOCk to h._.It:$ ~. garish di nosaur costume .y H'Oi[ Chip.cv .get th.b· • m_ Tun:ny~l:lLlS 'tale1 tenrus. pick a daft name and set up a Myspace account with a picture o(fa fuck-off b.r·· ueSiJea.tures a l~tanyof other 'h· ~11. Sav." .'art-ed to .Sexactly what Illy album IS wanted to do something about~l" agrees ~ eye d "~'Th ~. rather-inspired name of Orlando Higgl'nbottoin.~!!lj'lj. but he desc r'ibes the."ri th all proceeds. ifs :hard to picture h:~m. ..mu.esses)~ ''''GenenUy.~ To wattb .. mUSJ.g . .. '.r.:!I' TrophV Wile et al.lkiddlhl.0'£ course..'.tu."'D'~ 50 uC' 1· to Icon[lr].""'li< '~~'a0' = ... ne.amazingl'" laughs .he a. ishi "i' ... :' t '1'TlE I of your normal environment. wear a.if it.. . people ..e' up :sh.gland." . .Hla..·m. he even achieved the impossible by making Pro IIi'·Lr.es when it tonf~ses peo-pte. morun t· e·_.reaken 'Out .' . joke thsr people are gosng to put their ha111ie·s in t.n '.g eXJ:·"'tin~" Doing 'sonlething .of 3!nobHgation fur any IOx.~··h· E'· '.Jf· .'s '[hal hankering fOor the perfect nigh nn·my· I n hnow you~U i(:om. 'wh.o'-:Sfather. dj'nosau rS'~~ ''''l'M' . I " 'e = Orlando. 1.of h· d·":".gam (he made '[he first outf . = \r. . and siI. with. Q orl'ando went to. ~chool 'with a Iat of the B essi ng Farther 'Chain their lighters" h .a'hOUIL by car. you might _" nl to some tTI4Wgu:al P ace. Gori Iaz chief as ·j~areal good force".U. fi· .of what's going to.he of dames groping yuur cock.n_ ~llgcome d· .frnippery could potentially render 10otaI~Y' Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs a bir.'TI L A~-R nez .~ I[' _'..atura~].. swankier locale: an Oxford pad under the stewardship of 'O'.. "- II II I····' II· .~~'}. ear. !li.t fro(m 'what lVME hears of the d.e 'bit . .e saturated.eaJ fucking 'veil:-do~'But ·[haJ!t.~.'~ .. .afib r~ •• 'jI1iiJ. .d' nosaur costume'. ...rlilS . and . . Des pi'te his nam'@J he says he' 4'dOO5n~ really' .(:kinto that was.nd th. all E noMltOus ~I. R."IIPp.give a fuck his own monster ttl ne. . d"R . _i '· ud' ... CJ". in particular.d~01. 'Have youj" hankies..~ 0 nq uil ~ J m. has . the Democratic So this is "mat happens when you seek adventure in s·ltrange a _d foreign climes with a .. 'but.mobbed by SOiD1e . to onC'e we depar~.(. And.exeiting') has beeD Orlan.gH:n.Albarn: you spend your evenings :hi ~ darkened rooms.in.loveJy it is to walk down the street and not worry" Today~we're in a safer.IIJ . and even made the litter naffness of Perry"s ~Firework" Iistenallle4 ..lUfi "~~l[]~. complete."..most in=d.g. !Ji=~!IJ.~ "'1ii'll'7~ ~U J[l.1. miserable as sin . . N~~F' single 'Garden'..ed. concern sLnce h '~b ~e ..and yonrr references are just: blown apast.~.album" which is set to drop ea:nrliy next yea.w. ._ . t.uute to t:b. 'Fuckyou.ght go.idge enthuses: "Through his remix of Professor Greens 'Monster. ill A .e/l)tSitI. . rakes the crux = u .ag. 'Q Awav from the deck's~ ·Tota. .at make this dinosaur fe·. tull D·' ·~gg·e··~ mmtoraeo IIao. .." says Orlando..1IllL~S ·cry fronl the producer's Afric4Wn neijdtrip.lO:1 .rrtena y rtres b o __b U fl'·. ~ ..·_. studio [0 scra:. glistening melodies and isolated whizzes of The Smiths' "H'O'\v Soon Is Now' ~. if not the aesthetic.ecame a.·· = excitement.CSI~' . knob=rn.S b .has a friend to do his tailoring and has extended other. .rdy blokes.. .hat cap'ttt:uJ['ing of '~heb 'issftwillhigh ~ • d ill :rn.and indulge in jtl'S:t a~ :mor. teen.~ I .d.:.~.gone sour.(.. b· ec~use . J wide=~ . asss Ben Heuntt. busying: himself in his studio down the' COfrl : .. P'olile and so.get on with it.ohead.. "~'¥oujust have' to snlUe. ~.' ~h Co D.[31rband _ '..fl111l]SOS spearheaded by Di. ·.._flanked br seen rity and shuttled . d]"um'ratbass that e_nded when it becam..~s.king "God~ ·tLhisot' are going: to ·th~nkPm l .e biggest dan.p~..are tirn. Your days.ftly spoken" ..~ to.'.vaiti ng to. II '.u:ppa. 1· 1urnan ... dressing up in .. I' _ ·i ' ..ght on 'the' tiles in.. u'('IIJelty. " . "I remember co.o" "You realise how :fucking. ~'ED'.the· video'for 1'5 O~wb~r2011 NME'21 .. L. i!LtI~ . smart and f~ 1f.. Warp :R. th e... -'1 .' OIi$rnge" ~'Thil'ttt:.ei~Jords.Music and ·toured.in.d · h· .g dinosaur .reI.Q'.tress and K'ves. 'Wow~ .lrJ.go our and have a n~g_tu!: same as a!oy the a.far . . the k. blushes Orlando omen would walk mrp to ya. one 'Of die UK~s.t ~"""ii. references i~ elude remixes for the Iikes of Kat Y ~'. . dinosaur.s Iike 'Garden"~ Q As well as "'""I ..p'm:red gu~.. a bout.ey U'~·a1·'1b· e cry. I mike 'O'.maybe.~ .hrou.. Ie-I' o··uli' ~h' wh n >0'0 m ~aw~ ~.ng~ I-m:.adi..ere the str'eets looked like· "'.. .n.'ViaS e-qua ]·'1· a. .~."il I~J-J~ ins. '... but wanted to focus 0 n his..1 ·b· ash f~u'~s·t· I Ili'S high~l' md left h_~s. . ':Y' 'tlJrl. lng ":'touc 1·1i!.g.hil1. be watsn~t alhme to go.o a. 1!. Rltl}i'1Nhere without security lest he "vas :robbed o.'. bef-or. :h!ere..~~ . . .. Wiit~bits shelves growing underneath..ir at nly ~ets. . meet someone..j· wing selve ~. L~1 nowever.e. . rat . 3. ..n1'e a. '=' mbL 1. to .iteboard.. ~nu a.= P th_at fea. "'own thint'~ Q His invite to Congo came thro ugh the publ i·shing company he shared with Damon. rs. .'s green .ming b~.. nl . ..s great _..C·.e' 1!OOi[S beh~l1.:ttt:ras.y.g: before he: em decla.'L' 'Olllllr... ]'-U be standin__g.. But th.it'hey need.. ' .01'aki109'-.ed his-and-hers vocals... .1 ~·.iI x".:.t t. . of Metronomy's 'The English Riviera'.happy ·~o see some ducle d:ressed up as a. ·1ijI~t· • TEED has proffered remixes f'or everyone from Friendl V F'ires to Katy' Perry.every thn-e he i 'Gre.s Albam put i[.1-. grab your dick~t. that Or. album for Oxfarn with .ger is be~ng .en and EXa111ple sOmJnd.UlCt Dinosaursi~ v.omia..e.=ri~ C' '0 ... "V)IJ"I. :m.' rVllO.phis the Iikes of :XL Records chief Richard Russell and Gor. .·t.'classicd. T"herc..u rtunq lI~hD· .r~it's bristling with a sou] and warmth ithaJ: recalls the spirit.. nqo. as playing: worllld-class orch.i'. as he recovers the foggy memories 'Of' a n.and (auld have been part of the (olledive.y.s) a. nceas work. _ . 1·[ l I r. 'vrmtnes~nng aI .. 0'the other 'hand" are spent making an..~.[ about. rooke~but a Joke I was 'pretty serious .. but jUS. I dance.y m .e.~ando :retuFus..m.e ~ d'· l' gnl..O:ne Two' . explaining why he: op'eed for such elaborate .~d£ilii"""'C'0:' J.ng to. •..goes .en~l..~ I.elanch. the chance you might have something really magical happen i.puttrn. Kin sh as a.Fir-st he took kem:tle and tentatively smffing the milk to se.e tuitia. himself wirh t the help of his mum..sed.t).-$0-' IIUJnan~ An.jif'I' •.:!!..ebut . . at music professor ar the universiry. iftII·~e n·~ o· . 'wh. ..~_g~:and's . aJ.est ~'L.Ilowe.o!!i.ve. . go ol1stage a."it.' v .lit. r. trainers and baseball caps: I'm goi. f']· wstt a war m.own~'b1. .('.mwd.....nowledg. .n at the Junior A-cad~emy .J!..II!.)ge:r" 'bou.d· . "''.0h . Bu. " I -~ I'. theY'd never met~.g:tha.s' dance: mtl sic th~t he '[.e a . 'he'illping toO s.. happen.re ." His.' ':.go. The' answer to such dreary snoormess? 'Write a couple o:fr :sHI:y electro tracks...zproducer Dan The Antornator . chocolate biscuit and. to see: somell!hin...no :ide'a. :at the ready.ea.alld6Hsirtes·l!':.Btns .~. ·I·_ -I ' .dojs chief _ a'[ P'olliydor have a.:!I . F'riendJy Fires (the~r drum:merJack.woe 1 new way 0 f. take their hands off y!oo.U .~JILt· -:.are v·e_ry. r:orce mob .rl~nd.u~ stroke your hair Higginbortom.nevltab· 't· y :c 1·'~ IO .t 'he man behind the moniker Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs...o.rland."JJlvt'ueo 1 "Garden' b'tlld to· _ ~ ~~ ~ ~j ~~.gh.0£ . ~ ..e that deep down you'lte' going. ..usmc ' Such .go at next: ea. ]t's .• . 'but be now .~OC311.F mrugg. to . well.ed.£1 .a'r.rhem .Foa.3111. .:name:~y~ that going clubbing can make yoo as and beeps. rteuiearsrea dhi fl· eel rte hu umn ..~ ~Ur·JlLPIr 't'f~ .i.and runs it through (~. I -e. N "It was.. 'm:heget-up 'bo :tnclude SOUle rather eye'=ca..'1i' he re:WJ.tching headdr. _ II· '.t.o :~gno:re bevvy t t.r--_~= 'r e ~iJI =.a 1Illnique process! "'Ha~in..or~t'or t.tll . lIJ.rdl ..h _. munching on I eathrow and seeing fences and guInS" and thinking.~. at 'b· ... who Fe'fused t-O ~ a't.Jl n I c.3 giant.".. avoiding the lawless streets of capital city Republic !OJ Con.ow remuuscent 0.·llyE norm 0 us Extinct Dinosaurs goes by the still .!l. gnod")~and..ll ~ .rt Ox£a'lQ~s work in the D'Re and its creation wa.long 'Obsession ·wi'[h.:fi:nery~ .ething .."."li. the jumbled w-eight of quaint crockery and a view orEn.m.-vlanother 'potentia] 'tracklist 011 his... IS ~o~ !Ii =: i!!i /\s' and. ? ptjJamas'org~f}s~ Ti..g.0n ..3 debut album that marries washed-out synths "h ].'t'·if"'~. H e gr:ms.n. dante producers~ e \VaS invited ito Con.. nervously clutching your bottle of bee:r and ·~ry.e "K' Ins..ls. '1['. "..tag bunch of .

Td ds' expecteo 'Th 'B.. 'but it doe~sn~t xa..:··ndr "...juice with vadlkCL..tL·eW~'n.an _ '-<!i"lifV1I 1..: ~..J. '7' "..eve'_[ been."a ~e nave ..' single from their 4".t=-q.J'JI.·=~·-.~ 1.-C:. <'II :'-1 ." remeDll!. th = I '. l~ L .Iii.~gle'. "1'1' ne\ em: ..en..-\::1... would . It's essentially SPIll tan. and al desolate choral coda fe. . said guitarist Ed O'Brien.ragrnentary "iIj'f'.ndrorud~]is just aboue chaos chaos... million-sclli ng third album '-.' -'.A l1yn lie' wit:h ea..'that p_ta.as .~"Sru''song a'bout. sozzled attempt to."~' " -'i ~...SUmeUl1111g we .3.1111. IklMV..O'I{ C0111iput.. W' 'h .mo_~ baffled -.. lr. i '.. c I thioJ1Jk. era-' il'11'~'IIi"'\I:"e:1I. ..'.. ~w "\Tnili"'l-e'..t ....' _ . but jjamminL .IlO-minute organ Mitro [see L A.: j .:a1 '» .··m ".teramyheard these 'Vokes that wouldn't leave .-' .1'lies. .~'may do nl. .- we dltdled and nlplaced with the " . friend to 'try and make sense = = c· I of what we'd just hean].") G . that Yorke and.." a poem.. Besides"..'. What] detini'tdy ilidn1: do '\VaS snort tea.1_' .up music biz types pe:r.. WIiJDcan say'? '1iher.. .'.IIUr U.ll! .. . and sI_~ "'araumd AndrOid' 'is._"... --I' ' " ".eur of their cr:ea. Y So.. t tne LOP' .".e ..C· 'WaS "'t ' '~"l Y'~. The Plttnet's Fl{..S :--=1 vening Session .:"i'tt. .COM hits' its l'sth birthday.. ':... \va~{' felt I~'h'£!!n ~ . - '.. t~ne . of' _ --.. ..."..1IL~U. of sp.. .~. aLnd." but .1!.PU.-~.. I·' _ .-oid a. 1 j - -. alled ba .' . '.. . A ndroid' d \.get you ...fJ. ng same.' : Tne song '1-.O"! ..' -.. T. '. >u.chosen as the best' .tOp . '. .IILlIl..t~ DIG to. = ce':! P'ara~loid ~ Andro~d.e e .='1D"or'ke b su.arre:an..s h.00.a. " d ] ) "lV.. ... . :w...~. we ..form.ud cartaon-. .... ac(~:om:unlgto'. . rewrite 'Qu.j.J. at PSV£hadelic.-_:_.g the \VOIds:" '~T.. '.wJtL. tile. 1 .iII'Il early wars'io.ctJy.JIL bleak horror recall TS Eliot's The Waste LdniJ. _ .c.was .rt.._1i1~~t""'l CUi. -'I' bllgh'.. Thorn Yorke claims he picked -..:" "~l-i'l / m. me it}.. '~ IS '~Id difd vAilen we didD'lt know how'to do anythi... and'.". '.. ...tse scr..Chmst IDld s()reami~' That's hslariousl" [es .ilt? UWI we..l/Vha'ts the best sonqfrom the last .Treenwoo .t = ~..''. " ~r:h~.~'~~ . te uust ~'-·. raUl uuWJ1' sedjlOl1l\t wast·.an.eH..z). bra~n..~ .g chaos ...w· . ~.g' ead ..lI:\J. joke ..NtI'n: 1- waSiI'Il"1t diffi~ult~ It was . . '.. A·-. . 'P a... .j -..... still like itttt sometiines 'I rqret'the Iaci. t. 'I' coked.-.f on.And we were in this large WOlden Iballroolil1~ 'We'd ~it... .«aaumeaas proq-spraun"1" masterpiece ..caJJ.-. a ·iIL·aI' 'I~ Ji_!_il!!. but or.ha *h .i "". ~. .~ '.A1· d . I't was rconnn. And you know wha.r r ere-en eo.g 'CO!l105Sa.)1tion~ and. twisted-metal . {.:'...like.geUler.1.can teU that 'th1'S ..olin .!!Ui.....ve.an· d savage . l·~-:·".. 'm'm mo derni masterp-lece with di ermse sstornon :pe· aLs~w.3. PttIilllSelway) had made". that's. ·t£""'.'... ~J' .atuli_~.. t I 'think that Radi()he~d kne-w 'cheyH wTitten an. '..as .W..ess"".-...easy.grand... .·f: minntes unearnra '_'IIIW~.ed aloud. salid._' the. ".t:the first exclill1snv-e play on.1".he:re. utter . 'L '.hey're not fooling anyone.···~c ai the +'-' was.:n~"V "Ji disgusted by all of it.!II'Y .. 'very well. nile teak . idea that 'Paranoid Android' was i1flilntended as .~ '''ill'''' 'W' _.." ye~".III.~.... .t...~U~...then..~yr.er'=was . used ...firing up 'ItJl. ~i~'l-'li' o ~i_ ll~~.. ~Rh' ·.w. Far :trom pennolg.«. . -'. ~ .ft:..eeI in t._'il1•11. .And yet.. wn " :. . . .- ."0 It.'.~.g for..rc'? They succeeded.re inl lila. L.1 "1 .ksare "not personal at all".R-:··· ·.. ". ..1iP'-it:' 1..~ 'W.COM editor Luke Leusis explains its endless appeal '..d"'" .: -a...a:. Greenwood once 'UI'.c_.. .n.eys th.:. -- a.. .J U wrirren ~'My :Hu~ps'.s i1 bit ... that Radiohead barye a~Ml3YS insisted. . all 'Il"se thi ~ t's thenJlI 'Glve'llI5. ' 'Z': "d' -" ..'.age' ." 1'~· aranoid A. hrl Y . . ~..a reason whfy iif: :ha.A wh·I~"I U'.""1 was trying to sl ine 'co sieep ... .l.· d_..m..+. d "1' h' Bassist C'· Greemoooa on t: ~.embart:assed by the grand... --compuea " our. The more preitentioUJS amoug us .Jj 'Il~M"r .'l'i I' c..12uzzling~.re were' I_I mles.4..3 Wedn..'''-' :Y-'!Ir.n& tne ooma. . sweep of . sometlll nil speciBl? 'some81hitl sav. ene wnnng p_ror. ~JILlg .e1~)l.:11 I h earn·~11·ist. 111..!l!.1 dtJ you think people love about 'It '50.....!nbs'1~1Ilil. ..·the·· o'~ -Of o'fmode'ffil"m:-II·Y"'.. .~ r.1 . "...fS.150 _.:::. reflect."..' . Wi'... ··I"I-h-. 1.a yl'sllIal pkture a"llIe _ .'~a n.k-· th C'!I:.owe-rtt-.(t.' TIl-' b._ "-' .o:ry sou. '~1' h~='C!I!l' ~~ .might pofu. -'h '.r~.l.. whiClb was. "Ha ha! The .Il ano I unprececemec.- _"~ = . e.g. there. d'i '.d h1".' ~ .V'O[K.]. eve]" 1C11'nc"-' de6ni~g..l=':::'lii"i. especially while watching The Xtr« Factor with Olly Mu rs. a.. j I·· ..d ' n~ -. a.. .. 'ii-IO!'". rl·~l"·:<-!"IiI~.' .." IL~'-.. d n VeTIl!..me ' spei _oun~ ~exnuara .....eaTs 'Bohemian...a..' '1-.a . That brougJIlt ..i"l..l'lma.~1".-.an at hiJt of a.. past 15'years~.rv.. recording at Erudorman.Bl1p'.a : ".ul me. 1LI'..and says the .\ .. not one of the towering rock song. ·"_.. this...".'-.nd..eno s: part ['!NO.esday nigl1.('l. the t~t~eas a sd. . Angeles".. i'+ dissonance.they p:rr'tJitccs[oo nluch~] .. llke.z..Q. [Gurt..l d.ul of 'die 'song.. exactlywhat Radiohead were' OOulin....' llIouse] :St catherine'S..js..u!...:. AI1e1 we were a ment 'It all carne toaetller~~ btiJ liant to play li.masterwork.T..'... [9 91~a ..'s a senl £time to life. 'Blooni Olii our' ~_ record [~e K'rng Of Il._': ..··..1~din'.'"he -. llJViously' it a d kin' go dOWll. one. plaved it OIl' 'tour with Alanis IMorissette .-~. .. ".. . ''''.. h '..f::'rnockm:ng ~'jokel'. ..~1". " de I·. e U~l .have a theory.edm. 'originally 'It bad a .' .mIllt that out 'p.- 'b"~I'i:"ht:f-ul1y' tr~''"'''':'~ T.' r'lI. .hem.d-·:····-h ..breathrak ~:if'ljg and fl.." I· . KAI . "._ !I" ..t. .f''''iio=1Lr~ .-' ".. r-obot voices. aJilIy one.... at school in 'Los.1m. pat(houli~soaked . '~a:'!I::l'.like .. . . . at.1._ .i!l.1.. . We've all 'been. They carne to him at .. mu'ch? Ult. :-...[org.. :in your OWIlI cornie stripi serious filJili~t HillE .r..huma:nlu:~y md :h."..RO FL-copte..._ sprswlin..."'~: 1'1 d· 1'1·'..' . A··' E······"Ii" sOllle. _.c..cconnt of how he wrote' the lyrics. 1·1. As 'fOr why' anyene else likes.ndbed on.any things~ .) I imrnedi arely called up a.-o. .I: . er m be' II< .._.. .' "-) 'Im'~ l. _. WI .ert. '" 'ill.It:grN from 't"re~ We'd already rehearsed . __ ." . t'hvou. ory of recordl .ructure 'd'i .e":s 1 II '- ..If It _ ptalI'Ulle _ :-'~. -"."l...ng a.over..!IL .go.. ••• .10 ·4<We'di had a drhilll.15 years'?As' NME~.._': :. .solemn .hevldeo" whie1ill1 II really 10lJe1 11M!5CH11 ....•but it a 'fun timl!.about it.. . .t I. _I. they carne to perform the song." . very.I· . =~~'Ij..·t a..ftl s_ide.-" .".~:ru.s n.Id..~..k 1997.- char 'Paranoid Android' '. here were you when you hot heard if? .· I iii'" ill"'" 1 'I· " .'. Radio I.. '~B··· allv aSJ. .r' hut orettv certai n I'd J' ust exnerien ced ~ . 1[[1..1'5 O~tob~l' 2011. .11')1...ii:-~.Idoesn't quite "'lIp'" od y . ii(? It's Iike bah.PJPY! 'Pamnold Amtmld" has been of Ibe' COlin: uftlat's brill iiU1L Tilank'S sa MUCh! 'Ir:s Hry QJOI.' . • .~..·hkftl~ .aliclnng moo d.iI _I'tim.BllOid A..-.gh my nose mad . hateful ~ght out .'.e IJ'! aved" .droid: NME'.ll!~III..'!]-y·w··. 'Colin.If..'.S of the zoth century.organ mad_nesL'~ was 'It obvious you'd ' IrlHen rilht decision? Itbililk 50. . a universal hymn of woe. . =FR. ...Il .in a very Britrn£h.t Ani1nals ." 'Wllat's your stand. tndles.. the whole 'tMng: had them "pissing '0' "I!... . -. 'Were tie Iryriicstbere from ·. "'1' --.. 'Paranoid An. (~a__Q.run. I "_' -.•.'.. We 'were Ilavililg drinks~and 'then we started doing peRusslon on a drum loop 'tilat.' oment It' ali' came toget.j..[[ _-ot~ when ]: :~j.'''l. .. . \UI1I'~b 'Is _dnever dane before...mn fOUo\\:1.. A···nIIY' on '..<-. .1Il .. .e .e I Ihree different songs stitched sangs that b~avea universe inside Laud and _ pretty and ugly" fast..: . .:. 0.r~~ d:n"~. ..~e .'~ IU'·· ·"W..iraLUing melodies.


lil'....iII!VUI oi "lit really started tMd as 'because 'Pmralloid Android' predicted so much ofwhat came a~ter. taken ftGm these t.'l. i~~ Ib. .~· .r'~ and •Melatonin'" the synths of wII ich poililted 'to the band'i future.uiml. ~LL ·. ~. 'RebeiliOl1 (Lies)" 'lIme 0.Ma..~....r if' Ihe get 'Flitter . 'monks marching with bowed heads.. 'Paranoid seeing -evi~ the world. of .. _ 1 ".Sf).Pea 1"1'Y "*'" 'th.~~.f..e When pressed to reveal more about the "~kicking lq-ttealing Gucci little'p.. I ~.x-c: ~I'!".·..' TH E BEAllLES A > ..amiable voice iiii bleak :~ the son... was edited to remove liDelllil1aids' breastL TIle Ibtt where a fat diplomat in a. HSE --YTH-CA.t'0'"'0-tii t·m' une' "~nnl "Iy..eitt whiidl Iplays taJpe loops when you Pn!SS a key. song ahont terrified by it.anclmld" behind' Yorke iin tile' fi rst 5ectioll"s chorus. ~ and said.. itas "inhuman .-=. . 'it... do often see demonsm .IROID.. . P.8'~ I~~.UJers.:~(UJ~:. layem" upon mayer" . 8" AMY WIN!BHOU5E "RehalJ' 9. 32 NME 15 OctQb(}1· 20.pressed robot illl Douglas." JAYil... DUlII~ 1__ KIll II Rh::ll. __ r.. and starrl!di the SWed~s anll1ated Ra111n character. .. single were backeti I)y stu nning S8IiIg5: See NME.. . it took Radiohead 18 months of rehearsal before they could .t. !L!"V".p~a~ . Everyone was trying to get something out of me" I iidt like my'Qfwn self'was collapsing in the presence o. TIHE VEAVE'Iitt-er 1O~THE.tracks Pd~tmtn~dniiror."' [I[~ .Alliil'fi" '-:r 11111LU'I'"C' I.NME~ICOM to see the' .. 'Paranoid Andro.I oe :t~. au App.lMy .•'~~. H3lPp'ier' .jQrr- culture roo. doubt that 'Paranoid .·. ~11II'~"Ii. he paranoid bUf ROt' an .·Ib·~·. obviRSly.a1. So not q_uite dashed off as a rib-tickling novelty wieour then? Lest von ~ ~ Android' 'burns with a Clore' of gem'n." IU -"IE :" "..=.'. of thepast lj_yeaTs . any royaJities.~.nt:hr-Opy.U' EI VEIRSI.le U ae s.· . A de.Nat just tine tenor ofro(1c." and being absolutely in ·and it Uuve d.111. " 1 d 'i' 'bil Ie . their f4IVourite' allJums . . e- .' ~~ 'n.. .SIllROKD ·last.. "'and we didn't.wl.WW.COM'"" If-year tliUtiw.J..'d' c. _""" V sn: ..ong has ~m all B'I!IS!IDES BoftI: versioM of the. IIi!io II .. ILIIST? SOj have failed dismally.rsory.rrug. 'in '0 Ie: CGmpl4er"s '~hlit epeats. .one' Q.RO ..11' .(Jmpkte ..really ]11tn iit~ Each of the other bits bad to be as g.h..ewl 'With' tbe 1ik"eS ofArttic M' L.-i'li _'.. .!!__.a:I1· . .IlmJlliyfur IRadiob. 'But the world it skewers . His iis..oj'the JJO' greatest ." l WIH. 011.( dislocation. ~ we. 0WIi1 arlliDS "Polyethy:lene (Pans 1..1w.D ElSIE IMADE liNE.s "B_IIl.Ibnc saw Ihim. Yorke . " k music.-""1. ·'1 r ma:v be =. i'r . rably 'lrl!'.TIllE KI LlLEIS 0" AJRCTIC DNKEYS 'I let.(I'Tm"J"'ll.g into this crazy toppling] engat t-ower" 'C(~Hn-Gr~eJlnvood recalls the 'w-eird feelmg of vertigo this instilledi "We: recorded the firse bits and we were raised the stakes each time a:md piled the pressure on...de.._ SPi~~-:.iration :in Tue Ga'ax:..State Of M'liIdfP! "Spruil iSh 14.::f.i} '~fi.·. -. .. ''141-IM .I.' illIO . to €I..mmg' we~sL . 'To Prete~ 'Ellilplre.e_.r. ·UJII.gan soloi at the eud FIR. '~i'ke Joy Division's 'Atll1ospher'e'video:? !O. won. recorded before most of us bad internet access or mobiles.~" .. 'In ufe Cf}. nlesongsaw Radliohead. You look Good On De DanmJoort 12!1.I" and legs with an axe iis tine'tltough.rw:. AJRC'ADE FIRE 1. While. Tcl1i[rug.misa. the gIlI'itar-drivf!Ii1 IMorricone Brasil." 'd'roid from lllJ~~~n~. __ waltz:lng "A Remin.Ji'a 8litd.. those who've tried like Weezer~ l' So how come it's Sf) thrilling: to listen to? Whrut en e n g~ P. TItE WHITE S"RlPES 'fellin Love with A GiliF 7. The ensuing world tour was called Against D'emO'flS~ 'Paranoid..md is it essentially uncoverable.'e...IHow sel~aware.. Knows' 19~. 'A' RV'IIINI 'H' E ·ARAN'OIIID A··. 'Paranoid A..!II. .. ~titcb€d to. I~' IO"'li ". . 'Wfu" h took a more uen Radiohead freqlllE!nlly gloomryr'turn mn the song"s wake.gerther~ was bu'H~' and uP.'S.foourse it's r-e~Uythree entirely different songs.oj the' top StmgJ 1l"tUI'1U\W'mte-nn.EID Un 115.e . '.. And r-oidi'was.th the stories uehlnil..g.!fi.\..dtJWn"c. they' 'ifeanlred a Ruest 'star 011 'Para'Roid Androi'd' Flied.wn'f~ v or..G-sui'l1tg cuts off his..g.ly.lIBER' NIES 'Tlinle FUr'IHer-aet ·Get Ur 'FJ&ak...ls endless inventiveness.•. ~..~ but it' just decade-and-a-half? Yes.m(J' .ood as what came before. He also starrt!d.from: the past Jjyears all part '~fus nu:trk:lng NJ\fE" of {JUT new 1m ..Mr BrigiltsKie' 6.... .. '=L·O·~Ii11II!fr this extraordinary song rain down ~I'a!~'fID down on UJS. ~dls' me Hitrhhiker's Guide To tlile descr'ipllilJ11o parody the 'way 'iJ1ite The in. Guut and Queen'.rnnin.ilUmCE '6 SI'MIAN jWe An! V'aur Friend~ 20'1 BLOC iPARTY "Bamq.UGUT _~_OBIN "RIe video 'was dlrect-ed by Magnus carlSSOll.att m~P1'" said·Yorke.. note' the hex on the single sleeve.tmte (Jut on' top A high·pmflll! IlIse of this lretroinstru.. around you.. know ViIIat. '~"~ '.~Ytwke IlIled."but the broader version of '~Paranoi'd ~ndml'd't mill plete wilh an epic IIaJiflmond perfonJIed an earl. a..layfu Iyet distul1Jingly _im. 18. ..wo nxk legends" andl two of' tIleir mat:kfest 'songs: die Fab Foot's.ll aski~ users to votefl. Nita" 5.now' bead to .piecemeal.".Classic lnJluen:ces? Apple . information I' k ~. .of' three sapar.' Andr-oid' is.. • Q'" .' who inspired the ~ong.j' .e cameos? Tbis s." ". the prag-tadle. . .." 4~ THE. It's so complex.-.j' • i.Pr'V.t:)lHrnm." The best song of the pastt ..6!!1~ . ~"'II"::IiI'7U' sahara' ·over AM over" sweet Svmphooy' . -iI1 ... . 'wmb them~Thenwe tho· un4iit ::. riII. ... suppol1hq:Alanis MlliJriissette...COMfor thefull list of IrD LRADIOHEAD •Par.It.tM1 .e.. P..anoid Android' 2. 'Happiness Is A Warm st'itdidnR'togeChu d istarded SCKlg5 'was 1n1... _:__ .IFOALS.iggy". ·. oune'lST 'Hey Val. . . QD1SA ·'No One.. in 1996.rowin.foil int1l.~.e b-. r I.peec!h s "multator.ead.I 2)."" MI~~ EILLI'Gn I. fiim 1~l!l.er described..' fRlMj'S .··.you p!eoplle's eyes.~ .trY'dlat?m don't 'we IIW~.a. DTtjNIP H mil' IA ~Paper'Planes' HI' I EYONC:E. It was re~Uy ex:citl..ON.

.0.':: .( them get ]. .1."v evin .' cesroud. .'.NME. ..iel of Kevin CUMmins~'.·I· ." ' L.'_ . Ill..::J. V~i._ '.. inclRdiug :the ~..COM/extra~ 5'efJP9. of nowhere.. their rehearsal sp\ace.. •• ~ " '.for details .'Uum: : . :i_.~ I .Manchesrer ~rey '_.. l' :.fi. could fall off the stage. u . dangerous. "_'.... wnat'sc i th e wa-11: ..-.p'r I'T' :5-. '1 .::'.:1 ..d~beed to . 'm~.and'to bear KMJln~ thmtg1Jts . -' II ' ' 1- • -' ...~'C ..r :1: '.11."'.. .V'. .... .' of the 1979 photo above.\'" V I.1······· on_ SnQVi... whi ch~ are .J~nave al'w:ays asiked me en a '1[?"''''--:''·.. ".. s on . Turn over for more.:11. a ~. ..) .. : .bf)(jkJtryDivisiD. as this was taken in.prop'm The press called music from..~ Ian earth aNd the' btm.~. cAn' tinne -.. .Kevin Cummins took some ofthe lTIosticonicJuy Division photos ever ~ now he's opened up his archives to present a series of posters for NME le h eop..".·I·~ .h.' music ~so we nou~ ~'" et'd'"pu w came 00." "1' :.• ···· IS ' ._.· ".:. But that dance c1_ .' - . of Kevin's photos. .Qstin Proud !GaUery as p~rt of the &~lJJpI4r: their wodd. .." .exclusIve . ~:--(}. people I've ever shot are Ian Vi.3 =U!Ollu:onS _'ill. .. •. 'Ui:t.l!~-..!. '¥Y "."II' '1If'i'i:fO" ':(i content.' b. n ...' '= he let hirnseIfge~t' lost inside his head.:..- ': - '. .. ' -'.~' cbance to wltJ top. I'd hung: his coat 0'.:1.r.~vU1 . "the Ill.g:gy Pop .yl' UJI..both 0. '~~] thi nk ies chard progressions...]'i!llSt '[0 take the piss.(!'1IF Ll. ". .1Il. and with Ian's epilepsyhe JOy Divifiqn exhibition running until Dec en '1 b.'. 'I'· . lit wasn't stylised the C012tin the shot ...'" -".. ~ JlC a so and.()1l' shooting ! 'Ii: ... .li1f.- ''!..ro-' . .Ifo' overcoat1:.'I' .:ay~.~ •. a nail as a .




" 'ii!.__ _ :-1 n III lifeless jmlp§ or .~. 0 IR~ ~DIi_-Ol~ I!! amtm ~I equ ilP ped wHh 'dle.( r C'550n .''I '.~B: 'IOU n._.elSapin" 10 ~'H . r:l ." u . . !CI 5._.~ d_fit u1iti11~_.Tlhe new' Xperia™ ray srnartphone w~l~ take amazinc ~m.. L "I I . j _ S_'__:_ _ " am _ !.~ .' er lh ~GI~ @ II is alsalll1Jm . Dl IIi._nle~.]]lselt hieh .M'dte mlfHl§h ' 'it" .1 I! m IllfiIl _ . ' il__ Ipm J.' . .U1' el' ree.b hev . a lcamera tha~lea' li:IIi'I'ii!'!iI I'il! liE . .aum foat.-'Hem ~50I~ _ ' .l1li ~ ft" .p~ldtytollll!mrol u'C 'U'I' 51n '~ed11l1 cillo-:-_...:: wth . IlIClI. 'i_'1Ii1 II 'U~'i -_lIhoto ~S-I "..aria lcomes to_ _ Ih_m.' qutaJlity from __ xp- I' ray Sony.aglesfor vou even in low !ighlt 'Q'rfrom 'tlhe madness of the rnoshpitl - . ca.folf [aprbJ:rin ' images ill1llow ligh~liJld .'~~ .

_" ....·O··-N·····..L COLLECTORS MAGAZINE .------------.sr IC···-:.. . CIA. .···1S-.



ck In Anger')~esque ..ghei to wrap.. ] r. ' -~ ~:'~l'~~~~n-'·:· l~~O== ..UI "bash ou. .e(5ord~het.ngly frustt.e in demn fur1l1.ell ..rr~Qtt lFT. great" mODonm. I- of tracks of which..e:r mO.~.dthr rfN:n.r. To have the guy come across as vulnerable just doesn't sit righr.r?W' New ¥or!k ~ercU'ssion'ist wh 0'5 p laved 'with The' Rain ng St.t so-you've gotta . Any longer and you've: 'most tbem.U~. of change a nd end up god knows where. 't. and then hear Noel's voice come in.d~b"'Y'" 0' ~ .tfO.always followed Y0II. af. and gone are the maddeningly remJ'e'lifEiv. .n..0 tracks.~en the debut performance with hi s High Flyi~g Birds 0 '11' ]t'a' .__ oiiilill.gainst.j'Heathen Chern istp~'-' d 'Be' H. ilit :p:roves tha~ tl1-vayfrom the a.h!' =. \I. f:Ch '" s: ill· so 1 'v~t~ OU~:survtvt ng orr ms tormer g!!LOrleS~ 0 Now. S~ '~_'0'-" -U-nl M-'-A:' S-'HD' ~ '5'. Elton Johm1~ Stevie Wonder.e res.i" 'Th-e CfL ~_.l_ IOry~ h tne never really outstay their welcome.an (sample You Tube eomrnene "Corne on Noell You'll get used '['0 id')..oJ-: the secon._ets down. like with its.alan.3 D\ead~.tti. no ~les5)~ He's on th@ al burn~. ". ' at ies A L:ife!"' and 'AKA.as well as theworldltorur for the' Iatmr.kids drinking up' their lemonade. the sOIul of N. .t(·.vstrings a IIQIt.-NI-IO' -L G' "A..en O[1.iI.tt:he.~' ·1 .closer "StOlp' T. iGon.be Book..~g ofcourse ~s..·'f.the drums..Am Just about._ 11""\' .·$· a.··J.ere an NoW.' wI.arning~ lovelorn Ic'horus of: ~"E.! Th ~ ClIIiIIV-tOJ) ped bass'ist wRh 1!hle 2 urtOrliS:t on Ii \Fe dwti. that's exactly what makes this album so crucial.as.d.ers()Mlity .not in the ma.tic muse then.• '. st.e guiJt.guitar so~o (the only on'e on the .'IIj"" times Take.een the album)s 'maL'lrk tbe ellld._.ree.()N. It's got the' mach-routed brass section wheezing awa. '... .' Wh'.vay)~be' may 3.D: ·bream On'.~.his :~ungs around.!II..lso W'orkectlwith Echo & l\~e B.. place is be '[aDtali..s a.a~on. p~ear:ng on ~H a igh IFlying Bird"5. . tol dip lav'an d Ade e~ ~n ILondon and New'Vonk" :-arv@. "~".got you a ba-ss pllaye.our "twn·bers add up 'to o r Ba1l!'~ . said he looked too.chine'~ Responsibl e fOil drum'S j'n the Bilf"d\5" Ih!e 'sh ow ..mpor a:nce O·f-~ew_ng "Id1'.'.h as .. e·.vitl1.C05you'Ve healrd.-:_:_ -H--IIG"'-H--.le~ effective. and distortion kicJiin.t= . yon :already knowwha-iIl: theyn~like.And :fo.. but Elsewhere.".-I .ecorn.of the last 200 years.dme tJ p' one.ho's boss iii ii. T.e stru. .and Liam stand.w.ong.. . ..'-.s. not fbe ... o.g~v. ~.es -IN oe Isays he j Ulst ~~tall .ree·" 'th.ream In My) H:.. S&1" that is really weird.~.ve pelif:ormed with both Ray Oa\l~es and Oasis at the E'ettrh:: Proms" and r-eeorded wit Dlav ies:pThe D'ivine COmedy and lliavrnS t both ofwbi!chh.a1I the better For it. ~F A.he b ·USSEll PRITCHA'RD' W RED STRINGS Noe 'i nsi st~d ~hat ~ m'arne'sbin_g pl31ye rs appear 0 n tJhie al burn b e-caillJse Uthev p a. chorus dug: s·traight outb. ....on. .]es carettele and.Ualways : have '\1{lo-nderw~alr to bang his head a.IF. oeshe miss d .added chni.aise this :po"nt fOF at reason} be. e aft! rnoo n ...and.ed beds and w'a.e tlle two that sound the most O'.and canter=p-aIG'e may be n.--.and "D'.album's Icenit:rep.re' .IIi..' te~tthe.decntle g!J-ad- 10 1:5 O~tob~ 2011. _ ' . W itt: ou t him. briUiantly s~upid.r .hne' in pop t.ned hy Radio ][-(too old)..f'e on ." nd you can kind of see his a point.e p a:ved 0 n .~]. Noel's sti ' . and no minor fuck-up either.Ul1..'Weller played the same trick on :lomo-"s '~'Wak..rat:h.~ in :p'[3ices~ Take a.rok. .If"'!.reconJ~:w. _.On the contra.B.~~'"4The Death Of You And e~ 1t .ief:e" EY'ithe tune t:he ke e_ndin.ed .Xcweme if I THE 'BIRD SEEDS This might be Noel's all:nJ.Nod says "throw:a'W3i~" 'which doesn. that is.atin~ .~..lI!her bri ~'~.• J.. -L lollli..11 fnc:k-up..aJn:~ooys.r'E pi.rry offbeing ith ".·'o. ~ ~~ Fuck radio" fuck the charts and :fuck.a.nciden. and.a/the High Flying nest? JERE'MV'." . Thevneed each other.n·'~ the .vr .eslt thm ngs Noers ever conle up' 'wmth) and.~~. 'She:..'1"". but i[~sa far -mno-r-e con[emplat~. it :rightfuUy feds _.h.' the .g. nrm 1r.gOill: it.ar solos a.r a. The 'IIJt!ll.'eUp! The 1'\1a'itti..oddy Hokler"s.. blithe an. EUI" this is a rcdnndan '. bolshy and bitchy musician . nerves.e duth!s~ No pn:.at m£lk'e up m. at present" and things aren't gonna change between them for at least another r' FIyin.rybod~ls On The Run'..ry[t ill!~sra."__.top.. 's s . album apiece W' hat N'oels d·0:' ne on . Only 3.er-fHppi~.o . the best can stand proudly 'to 1-' . which . '. sexwer than men!~~. precisiely 52 seconds 'it'D get 'to th..~abably it·bt! 6tst Noel at Ibu m since "M orn'~ng G·"~' )" wnere you teetlth :songs . ~. ~es tlro'U/t1.g:as brashn'breezy as rhar here.'!V.n1ll]J.-. .cau5.c line in it .yonoe. i wayside.r 'Wit.es ...e DDWNLOA.'twaft' . its creator credit for fully realising i)1:5 potential In the studio" Its chords.eally set the charts alighr with iiny of his new tunes and .de' ~i~M -'sbap..ar-pop .i'ttle bro around to ~apup the attention has left him biting his fingernails. because t._.layer has form wit· I Noel ~ .e·. and. -s~w=·:o .t can for ye'.HORUS A'S 'w..e:r than de'press\ing~ becaJllllJse Nocl)~ But ifs smnlpru.~~1 .~Ul 'sa/~d d ~H~ve .~ '. 1-':~.wt's pr. ~ .hy? Becanse he's the most brash.btl/lie. !!!. on an masterfullu relaxed solo debu: that 'reminds' lil bro w..NME 411 .b. It's got a roo-piece Abbey Road choir on it and. 'well be o. 1. and while there's noth~n.<Ij.nd.a_ ·tM. -·····..er.p. -"n _ ~W!~" TV:I~=~~ .who /l.at 'Glasto~ 0.are the days of the three-minute inrro (apart from opening track 'Eve'._.J.~where m. these 1..any ( of the songs clocked in at aron nd two minutes).tl'lte ~'lJyhad savinggmce lWiqul~lmd ......vhen you die (it's up~'ill:i 'n-!t f . ..uggy ~..clusion ·withIIBe. 'J=~-~~.y eyes.He'.. c. it's subbed to merely h 'gr-e~e status..h~es some'thitng thaf's definitely ... :Slash dAd F'I@et.g.· . and the H. ".eu:y impressive'" It also takes. C.'.and on Ir..-eah he does .hick from 1:9500S A. failed to. or·= ba. r's a brilliant song.£ -..Chris Martin lO cover it . . sure.ns.ea'f .e~pm.about all . In fact this isp.fRY bu~g-. nervous 'itOpull offbeing a ...1II. . because the aforementioned ". .S1'ACEV IL!ENNY [..vcbed=. But he needs. a shitter of a~ solo . On~.Noel Gatn~_hcr fucked? Less than 1:0-0 come back _pr. HI·g'L '. Is .'~ f ~_ad A 'Gun.wnte h " O!Jj~.~~. oc~.Neel takes them on too r)..t .. W.one.~.ars. of ~t '~h'II~·S re·"!['r~.ey not? The :for.g~'m.l' ]'t~1!:' In'0' "mi' o· In' '·~r'os1'ty·. Cha . Ma:. because for the first tune since 'Don't Believe The Truth' :nn100-.rne:rica win td[ you~is thor OPTIM.:g a.-. Eu rvtlh mh:s. you'll have already heard "The Death OfYou And Me'.Noel.ee-mioo:te By-L-itde').gan p.course" "5.' is the best thing on here. '~-St~p 'Cryin..ASTRO ~p(jke too JoonlA1.'. ofcourse. Ever since that s(.ssu n:.s Eliectrie wer'e.en Arrow') show he's still got enough chops ill him to ca.el-nale enseltmbl e:t ba~!H!d ' ·Clc)tks:' is an . Silmp.e:ce overaU.'m' u..··"llej d'iIi' .Iotte 6ai'nsbourgand Malcolm M(:L. Noel Gau'agher actually has something: to prove to p. you want him to nan with it-be idea.m:neromV'..i~ing for .I. ifs still an absolute joy to Iisten to the: songs. '=live In A D'.".here.' trumps it.1Ii.m nnd tOllY /Jut'bel.[:l1 wouL_.o'i.es a..UM t. c./' is OlE1Je of-the pn. soundeheck bootleg appeared online it's stood -.f .seript~ But :~.~~H. that the idea of standing centresesge without . But if's built -forLiam Galla.el'liT.guitar 'ill~.nO.T:--h C"'1 lI'=~ji ..-vhat hapcpens .ef's ot be· p'iissy' her-e" ~Qiml:'U .aIbum?'T.!II. iukebox~ow. . m.ilcked f~oi'n T."'.get tlhe nQJa..Tihis al.ning ..u:chry s hen.t· LOlok Ba. 1 'I 1-···· ~ - -.eve--n- .. 44=year=old f~lthe'Fofth... But actually hearing h~m.g"her-e because it's so goofy . eve:rything here .s~ue "I': . capo plat(in.unrllymen.n-e hK'hed p front.g.f.. 'Noel's. admitted from the off. .od here is C'~'~g~'LIIi"[y'p'?i'i"""p'~~V'~np because = of that N.1/luS'iclans tb. .elng himseiif' . .~thi'-S'symlphol1h: cho'ir ha.tally) . ' ". . .eyehrnw s!erio~-11ess !ofthe past decatde ( ~IaIl~ngDown'. GUll."Z'l. d \. and marks a highpoint of Side .tha'lt:sounds at once wonky.ffbuyiThl.altoged1. pt~:.lcru. but tn star'[ yonr post =OaSIS ca.f'-a-'~lusts'to bei CQ'mman-ce:r OJ -no man. l I .'etter tbdn awr.s.g: Yonf H. lbiL1. ' .L1A.:1.hough~ of'what _"~e~d.e chorus. CiROUCH END fESTIVAL.point" as well as a minor quibble. out spoke n.fallb.ro. whic'. I 'vl--N-G &-11-.fearuf.r that. oots" 'whHe albU1n . ito stick to his guns.w3\nna. B-·-.asis-. .rm. 01llIDt'~. . ..age 6 l~.sm."t: do i~~nyfavours~ Ifs a key SO-D._. .. -.e .frontm..~. _ " .raUy Noen~sreined everything THIS'IS.ream." ~e'I. .• Hst~ng and hand over a collection ~~ili~ ~~'d 8 out as something specia. .$ d· since hi been abando.gBi:ds'is ship' frOID. '!I". fool '~d . N:o e~. "D.b~~~~se .d track. to 'business 'within about 20 seconds).e guit.fLit[i.nd y.ess conference and he's ays '.J! ." lL i'l opel~er'Everybody's 'Din The Run'. '.g-saunters in (with a .iG'·-H-IER11S-' .arelil'~ MIKEYROWE Till e pi'ani'st an d 0 r.(Jn. We all knowwhere N oel . The' ye. would sound great boo ncing off thewalls ofWe:mbley Stadium.iI1UUle~~'~"""'~ D. .ssies singing a~.J'II!.!Ii.' .g. . . .~fke" How' could '~h. "'-·:.wood IMacOn front of iliil I (Iinb)n.aJl:chY-'iIl:he' s-ame a Wtilty': =elegram Sam'~t~·~OIel Yorba!:..' .rightful singer in.. everyone knows -. "Th' I" -.. think to yourself '~rHIS where the is 'Vocals need to start'.l '" A._~·-_ -a~m'~ q.wcnl(.". and that they act as a final goodbye to his O~i5 years .rltizy average: B.harve n .H)fRDSCORE Not-.~. . ' . _.. 1 . 1'-:Iad A Gun. .endless outros..~. ..ed what. ".and will also be om [v..ged.only one involv.tve be. OJ WonderwaHr. _ ~" . And.n.the:. even soundjing faindy glam. the~nboth befoce~ Their '~n. but h ··.. wirh 'If u in on.ftbe-. • (1·111~'A VA toe genume new bi h uer:e i\_11Jt. 'when . .. ..In'v ma'mo'''I : s 'Ii.yat the side '(yolu'd hope ..g.

. get the point.g til e bUssfulilly .r.~gIacmthat makes you fe.'~ IE.·· ·•····T/ •..g tUwllt.as.ugb I can i he SUn? .g 1}nrner .lots crf to uri'nrg't and a wad {If 'cash from Com i'm0.. [he album "isa m.1 umelil'P! t here' is.'W '. 7 .and been balffll..a 'fi'l~drS he r comfessiicNfl1aJI 'srlnlg@lf"siQ~gwl"i'teli background: iin j'n_g t..AIRIK . young age at which to write in album about heartbreak 'but if the = Equally pleasingly.pIJr-ove' it .MBIS'. you.g. o.Louis is apparently now wmth the girl tbat all the songs.e 5U n -'f1Il~cked dlUist orf: that h.gh. . be~lLI i Iii li1:g ~n~t5 own W.mid='poiLnl!: be f'\:\reen sbi :rru_-ne~~iD.considerably.~xp~c-de f'mlml SUipeirr~UOUsness..y's brii II j'.. The fa1ffiout thmt remain s. Whattht' rev. . like you know Lonis as well as your oldest scho 01 chnm .. L· .e Kari Pil kil1gWns.ng tot'S wt'e.n Love. Eacih of: Is 'fiVe ..ny.kiIilI till watch ing Gwyne. tlll. tboo.il1e'~ and Leuis' de:~t croon throughoun: gives . L'DAD: ~L'ockja~.A '1iI1~I.s>··· '.'3~ ijh p\aJte 'set to ~peR. come . • _ . the 5'cin~j]llaitingmy heart-wrenching solo soundtrack he released .·UIIN··········ID·. tlhe:ir IIIew EP f:eeJl'Stame.3Jp hazatd g.r' i who traded he.h!w Jle ~sev and fou r-IP" e re h aV'E!'Shaiken off th. '[hen '[he more life-crushing decimanocs of young-blossomed r-ela:tionship.earner this year for Sul'1nari>ne" To.' ':Ht"D. . bad Iy Imlilxedi brut chaW'1m ing portrait lof 'SIlJ burban dlliealfn i'ng~fitmJedirllight: i'lnrto he .enre to t.dDti'vle ~nstnillimle I1tal .atmd calrumv n~!cord .s:-_ungey'1 Up-l.own the s.e F.····· ws '.' . gnJwing'IPaJ ~rn1lS eJ\(.p.r .Snapes nO'W'N I Iil"iIAD"" 'Wo~f' '_I. drop n.~ .when.. .uiet'.also 'wonder ho\v big thin.x.j'Ki nder (1.WNlOAD: ilGreel1l Als~es~ . aka Spectrals.1I: ~dJ'!I:Ot :.enlu~~li1t flleeting~A liQ05e narrative feel about d i"sllccation and new be.t amb~tions q.g glo . BAD PIENNIY WiICIH~TA wh~~.··· G--'L-.eal (I)..that he'w. hn. .fter be ~ng' stu n g twice 'in the' head b~l an an:IV\f' wa:sp. d ousl IfIg mv seal p ~ 11 'ijiine'gaf whiillie 'w. '. orf' .say~ It all turned out . Ili1istead.and. b el1chmlirlk~.iUH·i . w!ee~.r 2011 .?'Pi ~rnl bas~ dlec~slon[ making tasks. R@(or-ds.. "Doing yj'm 1"._.ghardicoCJ re p!j..crunoos.. uit=.HYWIFE BRUIXI.·. cea" .ve 10. but not bo~d~nou.e Ipneda:toliV . ." _. 'You - But take that comparison as a mark of p'edi. A decidedly B.'" . why botlhler?' Mark Be-8umORt DDWNlOADi~Summer 4 ..n.ttated delllJt siingJe w. n _ . not .~..80s.Hfll! wr cap.IThe Sm3Jillll Thi ngs~ Ism:ergesli And 'ifV'Dui'lie. - Fling. .~:rti'mles" Uke 0111 ~AIIIThe 'S!a~nts'tIlu!1i eloClIIlJ.aspi ri'ng to the. :1 ._-i. though. to JlAM. relaying unrequited love on the gorgeous Iilt of'Lockj aw' Louis sings: "~W'tcarli kw'..~y'-this.~bum g .et1r .sImght~y cluriioIUS.es.ch~racreri se it ." Bh!ssiilnlg [F'or-ce eeterle when tJl1ey' sprang' into view Iast autum n was th~ili bolld mess. on ":s.··. ~-. .adness~ It .last':ye.m:ns that send shivers snlk.. s.)r .at@fi"' the ~.alb urn ~ a. =' . I!J ndeB.as "'dead.cirt." .icelyonto Arctic Mon_keys..attlihJlde of '..he efflect: lis.~aJr5.dv.. rec.reaUy . we hear . is an anbum :wU of the kind ofsHste:n~ng1y downbeat jaunts t.dora1ljion~.. .eeJJng too .d.a. .to~' SCOitt 'Walkelr.ar lines 'to 'w:ha'It' pe:arfect .() the Jitterv' lb~at5 wirth IJP the Iri'gJl1t amlount.OK in.:amIID!.~ ~''1!A~~~' __ '1'0 'I' belhlwed along"to '·gnilnl'( :rllJlit31fS aad eveir\fil:hwng ~I[~ that IChalilli e Simpsc\(iI mad~ (jri'ng~worth~l adt b iin20 O.1~:rlOUrn1dll -Ha'ze_.es. hwt and m h55 aff:aJ r~ ~'W'~lek. At ot: .ing d.about: the ~lJEXDENINEV '~I'P-vl@been h am m erl FI. bou'_.mie FUllerton J .. Yet· another Yorkshireman proves adep! at' uiriiinq ~:-· t lift s'ongs' a.5 OctQb~.~h earn culltish to. ······E·-~~C····. yes:) but not one confined to its borders: 'Many ::-'appy Returns' boasts Spector-rartle drn. ltiI~r'debut.so.and w{~lconie o another inte'lligent~ fun ny. ~Mlany' Happy Returns' T..a.p· ". oPConfettm~ and. coo Id imagine con' d 00 me . a.s.ikefel~o\.3Jti O!1i1 jars w"th the.•" 'Which is the kind of wry rhyme you. optim is:m-n ifyou h~d.frorI1 the lyric book ofa certain Alex Turn.good new leaLl Estate.elitllpts 'to limeldI th. heart was shakier. a '\vhip round.'titl ed delbIJt .burd.g'aJl1dI(o!h no) tGDlUlmIN~~d~ mergJt "nita..' CLASS.Dcn~t Meal1 .if. n~w S~ ries of til e tu~'i iant Boatld'wld'k II Eml1ifie .. e.SM Ell' BlESSIIN'G IF'QIRC:E OnQ thing thart imlpn~ssed .'Sti'nghlg ~W'o mean i'ng that flashes If~'~.ex with IilO r rnstars. :-sn't: i. lot ITIOP.I':zab e1th Harper ls a follk sii'n:le.alitJi10W rapp~ng' ~S.could get '~A. though.nd. is a hugely personable album. of ind "'vioo tlli.brood 'Bad PeIUillr as morose.ernergi lIl.~~Fiter [DI"~bl the f()rrd~ quh: ..····· \ . .A.zzy guit. I.lr(ns mys elff a the q uH~'stilont ~What wou1ld S pet ~ Agent al Daile Ooclllle r d Ij.- RADil..et IJlres o!f delnon~ In a:vrn ng 'S.. back when his.CaJi't Lm.·RI :-·•• ···· Y NE_ . .' ean A Th'itng' 'TRO.elrf.!f .gs .ngsbears the productmon work orf: a dlf-ere 11t.cl.OK... and 'sou nd~ IChadi valli e. I~s.ell1dJ' .: bran dI new B:ig Tal k bappy in love . at the risk oflabourin..:ve got l{)ckjtfW~ Wf).Prl'va Era'H DDWNLOAD: ~Weekend' 42 NNIE 1. luf'lml&S5'agle. . ".~lng -__ t tr II -----~ REAL E..slll ilr .'' If'. 'kMf at strh'D\g' seC'ttin_n soe ifthill.atc -~ng the. sorry.of s. the 'chi Ily:. ".irernan R:kha.ven on IOOll1t~mpll. el f~atu(n.g.ev.' -I-~lF::O··..ed by Noell F'~ ding's new airtwomk.ey .Dimprt{nl"~ 1 ~t .R P.Hkes. '\vould be to ignore the layers th at .giv.O. ItV€! spent most of this. candy's Ilda. ClJtesv hrnp-.sorrow th'a~'are'.:gree rather than ofallY lack.the a. Whii lie 1irOlplltv Wlife"s. the better. A... soul=baring s~. laura ..1tJraJi.artt.gs 'Could .~np'~]m. on ithe.e tr.\f~ OC'tarsiO~laJIIIY W the' imDn!s'S~vlehooks of .t~:r~ R~hosynJ's 'cri'nollii ne ic.hop btearttsl" and t.ecords lack. the end.ar nmv~ \-v-e.IliJl1obt. Indeed" yoo 'v'onder wha..f.PPROdCHEIR. 1 l DO..r of 2009'~'nN'o 'V.onel'Louns experlfdy sets his ja.= 6 .JAMIE CROSSAN! by Yorkshireman Lows Jones..(oh 'yes) 'i:SlLIlmlmell'fl ing.s .e nkie 'SOIFue elros~ betweel~ Feii~..iIK-'striing''olr !entry to thE!' diisicoth~ClIIlJ Th" $. stasls that gl 0 ~fll turned ~nto a m.aJ:V. in.• _ .as JIOIt. re-sults ate as promisi ng as the debut fun -length .1i: u . And.OSUIAGERY EPITAPH Su relY' Ute retu fli1l olf'B:Ihlk:-IS2 shou d'Ve been the sparik 1)l1a!tsaw La ck Up stage also-rans New F'o'LWli1 d 'GIIOIiY . ..S-TATE.fun ofga\vll:y heartbreak and Yorkshire sa.hat feels familiar from Alex 'Turner's Shadow :Ptmppetry and.comparisons.3 -urn 'two.credence [0 his de\cla:~at~on...()!rd 's·······. !Ij. i R.~irnn~lI1gsi..ac!': "pap'elr beats of chi Ilwa:~e witlhl tlh. orf aWlkward griic..·:rON ~j'I"v.p!Pet: IM~)Jon1:s apoc. . . Don'1: . RreaillIEstab!"s. you .ro Hawley does. .d Penny" are written ahoer.lhtOllJttat (.kam' PUFIk Ire1lease a SIQ'Vlnl~h allbum ~hat a. in particular. kCTltE.e 7'.ritish album. the chugging 'Doing Time' cooilld. frnJln~:-IPoP . uis is biding under 'his hood o .il l(lpel-grabbing d:riv:e that mnst h~eartbreak '(.~ bEHlUll weari'ng mv .~EFUllE . L u:ot.~. rather than just a. DAY:! DOIMINIO Twenty-one is rarher a.aniiifes1Jo and IIIush fo ~dJ!rd onto new ..and .t 11 P'..a~tlrv :garisJh ~hiililiwave. .SS RA.A.n.. of ~llt':sIAeal:~:~E.IN Ci~ . ~he'lenm not an inch -.m.vYorksh..·.S.---.ffort to 'shaJke off the.mbug'a.P.t3Jlnld Gllass. '.emrt e:rnund. CA. a .e.~ bit rtle :fun.gjiossy Imlud fro m will iclhl nothi'ng to IMivaJl ~A.tew'Us are . '~.On 'Davs~~ e lodi as slit abo'~e'tlll:e 1m muted ohug lot ~Green Ais_esi" and the lntrlcate S)Uliitlrs.s.afvptic dat.wmdd~e r mnc udiill1g Van nii'SIon .~ift ceiling oft th. we.

. bamd for 30 years.an-hl-'es jUist iintilm.ese J ~adi\es ShoneD IKn i'flehaNe· now been .lIl~" :Ii C"" : ~' . . Fans aren't quire a love ~emor hate ~eln.~s· al bum the' 'fifth i'slless paJn. and l a.::-Z:. _ ····f·.m1!Vand tbalJt tets b Pillt:(Jhfork to f.'v 1II..I" ..-WNLOIAn ..ji.r Of Love" 1 VII!.~ lhau]tJ'V~ izawdl w di'dk'S~~ mere than a r1l~l1t by' I1IS\o. '-.!!.F . '~i gs n ~'(hineseRod:.. . 01- a.....1 G·anlner III"iI.stfllphic na1lJu -all di'S2l'ster wou~d haJPpenoutside' t..s to admire. l I: 6'· ... ~ ~~~ a perpetual.I'.. th.a. ·i····· "I'· 1- .A'·· SS][SIn:3nts..eata.II *homsil!iim.edIts IJlf 2009'~s ~Sentineile'~have.de·the debt tit·eir .- .eld ..er s1ta~ of~ ~BWiUlxism. t.eeiin t e Bflllbmr.n to the UK!s favourite suicide spot..' ".-. .ovl~riik.o &: Oakl1amder ~5 not d4.aptJun~ chilllliili1§' the nJlination of Iheroi'n .t. ..w.in' 2~O][ there's nothing. . ... spectre- ~~~\. ali~ one tJhaes itDJOlue Ilayefied and tons~den~d~hanthei'r iinioarn EP~ '~Aci'd nd A E\f. Naoko Valmian:o do e5!rn' (Iluirm (.' ou t.llJ\fJes every' new.- . ·.riker5 Xell1.about . · .d05er~rn IFren(:h~ Allld witlh an aJlbllJiml c·.r·40 nfli1lutes~ 'G~ml C~Ulbts·d~bur£ a dE!llj'(:am'and tJri'I~f' js rec·o rUt but. ..llt tm.enrthing~ rh~n~ an~!'~rai. Doilby textur@s. · · .tee· b:1JIIt" cmlud aJllv~tt'l.all1d mar..3lnd o:PPIf. LIl.indlj·liii.. Bt.. wi~h YOUIr :as.Morgan ...Jl'!k"""'l .f'1irlJsr~Chris Partin ' DDWN LOAD!: ·Summe...~h.ildifll.. ':·111 .~.. .at baJllml¥ late.ore~ Just: i:~n()re. lUI'.aJplpmr to b~ flloa:uing' 'j iii space~N~)t I-b' ".:m V' eroruca Fa were a fash~on accessory. .1decath2' ~COtne. l'"" ·-W-j!'iIi1..j:J-.' . ..fey -.·····..'"'..U-I'f is .. BirocikJlVm1 du o..1 ..elly flree of' a certa "n ramslh!a'ckle ChalfD'l. .' .ve llearned a tlh ing 'Dii ·x···· .. iilB11""''''iik ''''..1!!!1~cn !CIl11 IIlU'.I 'If.!!.1he "lIldustr'i~1 . II · .Ii~l~)..Frances .~ I I".ng rather scepticism -ren 1Ii'.. chi I "OlJJt .·e·_ . swoons longingly at . w.ng -ch.. ve C8·6 aesthetic can't .atr: err tempts 0'7' than cloying.elb.[1"_ a r: . f . .. with a..•.. .CKS have hardily been sCaJrcethese Ilast f~ y~ar$~btu~: lab~'Stmiissi'w' fr:()Iml the Bands dmwj'liiig ·orm·rSOs !.... recor~ is ridiculously easy thi. Hluman Le QuelTlhcl mas. 'This debut l1Uly'be frozen in Class ActNss" ~Rapl1rocher' IEliizaJbeth HaJrper':s Veronica Falls.yard~..arded with a degree of c.U" heam' that'partv~s: ernt~tIltPis.LIJ.' only nine' trad{$ aJildi Fun n ~1!11 'forjust U fI1de. rsrance t . ~_""V = .g .!'· '!I.OUGIH SEA IPatched '~~heli"' on IP.•. they're tar too arch fOj[" that. the sllowed-down hoover fro:ml le~.'LCQ. Stilte..olng or Th e '-P Is . J Vp.J[l.e r.·0- .crvstallised..t.ma tne -.t -eoa'Sit thamllthle East. the jazz·"haJrndy gr-Olll P piychiiatrv' . wintry cloSier ""Come On Over is allowed to breach the four-mioute mark.. ~he. e a litrle ove rfa _'mel .AI{. Ii.e-V' havelnrt ski'lmlll." i'l1iI: ellle'Sting' b..al.ad:paml va ml and wry dJelih/'t~InI' this· closer put ~n -spi·ri·tto! -sl..'!!J.HO. .'L .iGi:or~i'o Me mder pUlI5 e.a. MARB:L..: '.. ~Raplpro(her" mlea. .... a\ b .. particularly ~lmqu. rom a.n.g I1l1ymjl1ims.4.P''II'''''e. 0-' '. . I· _ .a. '7 .·.eS5.dlown II:) ..rgu:rn.. ~ --E" '.. shaman~s~i(: . 10_ te ov.e5 ..'.n!-II-b"'~I '!.~ . lheyld be a taJttty Pengu. Veronica.in Classics tote bag modelled after the first-edition jacke t of an obscure 193os novella 't' [ d"ill" n. ..HOp.."'~~1 _'.... ""~'" Y. McBride have .e .~irdrlU mmer St:ev.'.~I ·AN·· . 'l111e Fi.ve.•.+1"1-1 !!UIII'. parts: (lif this.C1es.. ~..+ ~uroon two n..uIf1ier that 'fate?' SUlre·~GMsing~f Andy IR SOIlJ ndJsa touch ]k~ Av.app e..ng . Ramfones. .I I I. N!oth~li1g'lu~re' exactlv 'sucks~Ibut I!Vejryrth +.o~="'" . DDWN LOAD: "Art P~'stel' Best sleeve of the ·week' disranceth to '. /~ 'WEEK . nUl l!. . sCI1Irrviin2 drlU m·s and.he...1alke ICar-e' ' '. even as vocali se Roxanne Clifford.clk~..EL. eati' .··..t.. ".~~! 1!!!J. .pjpe.I@1i IJJnilmagi'nativel~ titJledi one~..e a boo Delli'lI1m:. keeping with their Insistence that the Velvets are actually .ears anger 1tJhanthei'lr chi'lef iinluenoe".d-1~'~g __ _ ~ 1_'~'I§1 .~ ..e 'to be . .~ro.E. =. aste ..e a hard bmd.. mouthful of omelette many are also morbid affairs: on "B'. I of tne nanidS tney take 'r'h'~ejrcues ~rom..a.rQ'U crj·IUo.. CQVe'fS.''=iI''.aRd r-eaJlllyhave te s.M\..Mleg. JJ!L.trry Nicolson HIlt even if they'r. 'b igger influence than C8·6 . maJlty eo IDJIlnniilnflfU!$~ Wh ~ e iies not . the 'C'O\l.. B· 3$1(:3..gelilli·ton: wiith 13: amon~. _ .aroundllJ\ocaJlrnst Chrn1istvpher B~amesj· t.Cons" stJng rD.lioolk IIi~ethat!: iin her _ leyes.a.GAU..l Ell'S..3.mOI1l rnfull aln:d chilJlrtJh-llike" h~va Be\rberiian's: tender !harm o:rnil~. they' . c- C" ....h:w." ..he 'window just .a)III1l11rlLiliilis~ howl!!) and Kho-es\~. .. mlel1c(f es . PRINCE KAMA TRUST NO'W IPAW TR:A.. It me.es to 1.aMeD1el1t'~5ecent r IreurrniOFlI tOIU r'by th..··t= oe '.. willl5h 1the~rIhyP'iilofti:c 'shared votaJls~....ongat sllI(Jh a.e\lv~s and thernr p:ro. . ·::···E··N··IO' .. I' ".- I' • - • ..t.propos~tioiD.' ~ ~ . 'CC!ldpJlav = 'Mylo Xvlot<t • Drake ...p. _ ~ 'I _.- str. I I!!. ttelf for the harmoniie-s:t..0 it .C/!Ve rteara '. I I· a.c..on: £... nff' I :.sleeve of the' ·week ' 6 Troll y' 'wifet "BnlJliS'ID' MeaJllwlfl'i 12.oll1e1lp!as.1(jhe~u .. = ..':!iII~&e ~!!.u~den th~.l.mehow made that seem ch arm i.'. sexless adolescence. .. iff a. bi t··~·tii..i·'"lIi''IIiO' f:·ollJll"!II..hotSts ('Fou. toojarmnar.~..and ~AJUrtJUmlmli~S IEdge~.'..-"..gdanfng aJiiid dlle ~i·11l".. _ •.:h R sou n!d ... In.' .W"ii~~'~~ retreat ~1i11Ka'shnlli'lr~. Abe Vigocila.e. some.voeal and so Imllght Tum mtJitS)[p..solo Iproject i51U1n~ikely g~n~ralt~uiitle to g as. .'L. _. love ~vi..Iii''':m.a:ckeir kjilmgs Tru! DaJluty 'W3rholi5 than ~hiingthat Team Malk mus WOUI ~d IPut th~ili name to._ .el1"~Dr the' d rOtJ1:es~.·ID"···E':R·· ..p! whiilie the ltal\o . .Actr.gg. SIOlfE of . ..1 .~'clen-or-e. Their members look like they've pouted .~in mlak. ·Ch.Nos.... managedt A ri)enect extiuse. . I··g· ht ..a~~mtg lbu\Zl"saw punk. 'VAL'LEY BREAKT1HIIR.li _. l' e- . mm"l11g' f'or~ ~"'Ci~"'IIlO"r-kof' ·. hym.··VIEWBD. whh. The irony is that you almost certainly have h .."f· -'.NIFfE OSAKARAMON&SDAMNAB~ IHa~dI tiD belmeve'that 'flriV()lol1ls.A.•..4 t:o petik th +tJ1gs up a bj·t.1mbwebb I GAUINTiLET HAllA [)EAD a'CIEANS If we were..pop . ~ B-" . - _ .on .'''·["p:~:.a. " ~III"II' lIED'':IIn' .vntth. +: .. (J1f'Sufjan Stev~rnSt 'for sUire" bUrt thi-s IMassachusetts: duo have..-y·. they despoli1oentJlV li3Ia!irnthal .ON l .pam.a. IGauFlrdet Ha[rt we'd be Ipretty· V ... __ .Zolla Je1us -·.af p'oopl~e comparing Ur5 to Ani mtd IC.•.~ ~ l!LJ befitting a band who d were ssgnec on.!J.. 'I Heard a '1be IP.nd Love In A Graveyard') and sighs. .. t=h'e 'I. .e matters worse'. eddfyiiliii. 'of'IMind. tmqni b . B uO .:II~=..of-thiis-worild eX1peltJ'i~ ence theY' were.. ~' .d Nlew Ag~ chart. ren:derillilg iilt a 'swilltfng.he. jd'~ ..OOl1: thevw been '"n the pille '~Olf !eJght.. HEAlIH and INo Age's 1Il0~se"plcp lill1form the' best. V1I1ROINIC:AIF..." so.s are played with confidence.LLS IB.mg· 'trundlh~s a . frwne debut..Head' :t ~ blush ~'cif'ijg ]fl. They' shouldn't be dismissed as mere wimps of whimsy...v.. ...wi·lrlj·liii. I '.'!§.~.. '~:"!'~ ..t album is .. do di splay a natural DO'WNlOAD: ~tome On ·over~~ ilFO'und love In A Gra.liitegop f heron! 'wIder recogn~~ion reached 'theml (tlhrankslargelfyto th~IparIDron~g~ Kurt tobai'n)~aJrnd of 'Worst ...ength of a.."""']i.n. naJrreotk pace that "'r's tough to makl: H: al: ~he'way throlUgh withowt half: wi·~hiinsthat.AIRi ha.ay mOli'e iiliii 'On1~1to the' We5.J!!.oUecti've by' now.··.-" SETS· a ILllGHrTS WilE R D ~· Q<. odes to at boy so childlike he's probably slam in 'buckled shoes eStephetlt)..1 O· ca ... _.= '~~ rn [~~' -'r in"b' Tl.MU'.s.to pl. He/mull ean dedli'catmoi(il.~~ '" ".. loving tuiee team still make a goodfist of it on their debut Th'I~I''''l!! .":r ~: u iI"Iif w~avuti: I.. ~.ey' TaJm (tihlenaaain.. emse 1 s . ..pililg ··.£...aJfl~ i's:the :stal1d"ol.1. -' '''1'. far ..".... sticJk that Imluclh revero on .: t n..NTLET HAIR s:ick .0'1'[".11".e west~this latest outi'ng from hiis. 'but they've have been ..ns.·West·s resel utiely' d]e.. and only the album's exquisite.. '.e 1~K.0 .ffinity for it.l' m\arst ~hems.t~ Idespi~etll:eoh!ru1rd-'t.arid dessert 'roir tlh l'1ee decades reqlUlhie5.pop th~ -0 Lri:. OJ. n IIl. - 1.II New VQ. =.•...d\Wi..NEN K... tnetr In)tuences Th~.. wei'rd Iy~.. ··'f t-'h' e :S···· .• iP"li!"' .• :·I·...':" ~earo 0 I iL:'~ 11. been srno·o1ljhedl ·Qurtrun favnulf of . .. I. J IIIDWN LOAD: ·Italy' 7 lHittjng Number T\hlr. ~.. ~I' LS .~ lit tOlok...e:~Gu:tmvliik:e·youtd !expect IFor better or worse". bLOCrnt"5Ipr-etty cbvh:uLlsthat this b(log1tasti'c D~mI~r druoan~ w..()!l. 0'11' rt")mo~y w.~ I!! ' . -.: .:II. t LT .. either: these song..·.'.:'~ .add'" ethlFli WfJ'H~11'she. Sebastian lE'Ps~and t hei . however."l . ·t'O fan in 6'.g.an achi'evemem tQ wear s\pamiiiigmVIlest 'feu glet: mmsloO k fo\r whaJh! musi'lc artJj$Jts" 'wh~ch s"b Iiim1\gSlaJliaJka aJlild Nlimai lLaliSOin r'~alily ilrnrn1't Illiiil3Lc.ow or SiiljuF'His (the·forlm.entir. Tom: Edwams .o0l!. on the covers of Belle And. iis..~Steph e n..~ this.H:k ([kf Imlaniic: energy' milKed with bHssed"olut Im'el!Ddly~ A so. ·.LA UNI. IJMe Mal&He A DOWN LOAD: 'I Heard 11hle' party' rr-om '[mass .nica Falls · ~ ~ I~~ h".. why 'wou1ldlilrt you?' ollle ( assv dam.tsudk our n1ed~ev.-..JU:TI:.rQ.COlLI 1£1 GEM CLUB BREAKERS HARIDlY . ~ _ _ I~ ...songwrltinl~ and '~'IBllulrf .1 - . IS.gfanhardc. w...es5ivemcras'S of' 5CUlil d aJkJin to.' = 'I.·summiet hit. .!!ll!llll.' -.ti'nged &laly" . more "n ('c'mmon with l.a bit like a..lr. but th~ h ' i:gJhl1t shwmle5 thlml1lgh~. U DDWN LOAD: '~Thar5 Vo~r tan' 7 to-minute-old Myspace page.. : ' '.evolve· around! del i'dous.

~~ W![Ie.~I'Ghost! FFS) and sul1!rv fulihorn '\lQi. ~' . :1 . glf..~nlU~mof his lilif-e' story :SD far. ~cI.. iis 'DIDeryde. .w.ng _.iliIeless and dreamy...'" •".e'thel~eS5\1' B..orjpo'-ise whh .~ IS " .you mJg_ht rediscoveryour own 1. .ish POPIPV IchaJrm~ Nlot a miUi)on mj'l. $1 [IWIIJ. to" Iwsse d IOlilltO! ..Cit" .Y.th the invisible £0 t into '~M'klnightCity'.1en .. etract d from the overall vision. :..OnlCei~Erat.' . the album work.. for .t'S .tooti'n' llh ('D U. N'!lrth Weald AirtieJd Essex J.enmOV Rocky' Ho~ .' n o~_ '~~ '".lid G-n~6'. -(J!lJndi e~erv mli'ser. C3Jn Ilihave ago 0:11 iif? ~n m. clever fox in Le Petit Prma. . ' '.oe~thiis.'oc-dlhfn~se.ee and lhe Beach Boys .' ". . Gonzalez has said that each track on the album .A Ililke' .OJ there's another theme that runs thtou. of .ove 'You~.t l~ld'-.itlJ.. B~Jt BOMB:AY'..c(lin IIIis. lJ_h'ii wee .ake th~s iEIJ part.." ..at Pixar .e'1J ewiing to co nlsi'!dellf.ml Iheir pr'fliJirOUS car~m1lgcard 'Fot IllH:ose' i(probab1hlt-_e best..:Jaw . Mind you... year.···-3-~··· . . of equal vamour~ 'Intro' really Icaptures the spirit of the album. brillrruu ~blJ m iis. it IOrnJlt" :5aJi1dy~d~rt.Give th'at. the.B:ICYCLE CLUB.ango Re~ifI ardt~ a 'Sitwtterni~llplhys "cs h teacher and .eik to YOUilf 'te3Jry' ~scuIIEseaKhill1t~ .vihotravels to orherworlds.~~ IParty" 111man say m parano~ dIhaze.dancefloor- heart..thOru:ll0\r GonzaI. . and iiU. Fridav' ni~8htmateri'al then._. is." Ii.AILl MUI.r). p ower "4. ..wlhen ~~Iakirtgazz' to{l'etl".. 1 It.3Jmdlcry"w.~~ tt.tioli1l~ IInsteadf.~. S.•• T'HE ~ HOLLAND' PARADY:SIE COLD SPECKS Whatwe~re . n'EAR H.mnoccncc. '.·c···· "~uv sou_.= II" . ltr "k' d' =.MIING NAIVE Book My . n~ .tootffi1ed NO~lians arE!!back'"amdtharn~:m ck thetve Ilost fllOilU! ofthei'r 5w.~)t mean ~ii1g'thatwhne".'/ I~' .rpl1gJ]y . '.s.rtb' . seneus question . if can look past that and use: :rOOf hearr. '0'-' eKA--' .s.Istoire' "isa mega peeve~There's a lot to ake out of'Hurry Up . aftiei'nat.-~.OI1"i' Tl.. The book tells. " . 'Califof'rruia) 'Hurry Up. Qloofiimg'on M'r O~O~ Povplhom'jcSpr. S'''-IN'' . Shh: Great clothes.edsv .I Fj\JK1NG ~: Connan Moekasili~ 'wolUlld n!e\f..D.llly '(lolflslcioUiS 11yri'!C'Si aJbcut tlh e 'worl!d al1d! stUlff. strenuous f.3Jn kjj I1g fawllJIF-E!.ruilkS'tms~kf there.rnd up f with .defler.$.. .-Uke alien.AID~11 W..d[Ulbst~ti' desmipDons that IIJsIJalllvget dlrcwr1 run.l!o' 'spag .-" co-· 'NN' 'AN.. s ..tri'cked bytJhe' h~pst!r ame (she usedto be n 'tallh~d Ilas~d of Fi.rrift.pros~itllJtilon aJrndiOiinlu. '4i'~~ ".of :5&1otiv' .thmlU)po ut~ fueUi'llg tlhi's 18-::_'.ther delli"carte'$IOj'IOllJlrnl OttaJi1S of really .inded chjldhced and an album full ofhidden pleasn['e..f:rur prlice'~You don' want to be wal king around .Ilf VOUI IIi1keVOllJlraJnt pop deUlvle~ed bV.. .. blV~ Diff DjANGO DJANGO WAVEFO. smart.joyous.1 .and5~ .un. (~MyHeart. .ng .e j t ..edo. mppm. ~mpottant~ Ptmmark selll!s so!me alright ..oce. but moments :like this. ST' ' .caned "F'oreuer' c Illollplhiin love. at!e emri:OlUsIIV' $oothi'lI1!it the' Sl]ftterhlg dn.n 'R .ating'~ That saJ..e.j~ll~ve ialways tried to dnT!s'S.1:.chiim i'Ii11i.. \1\"c.y WiFi hub'from Elf ~ optilmlised to'lOOPe S 'with seriol' slV hwgh Ilew:ls. ".wn~.bosh 'cl1assi.'? Or that hilS ee Mietarnset1to SOUIil ds Ililke ~he crles . but a movfng dmsp:lav iof omteImllmrS mv 'jad 'SOtfOWS.lv'f'ifQ. .' ..J..e . UGH'rS OUT~WORDS 'GONIE.fa .'lm.-i .'.e bold statemear a to make..'.m wobtll!es. london fOUirsome. '·llar. h'e' I.. if'u.abDw.aJnd ~~t':5Im.l[jfj_ DOWN LOAD:: "M idn ~ght. i"l!LlIIl.our debut aJlblllm W'!M doubl e pla"tinun1:p we. the Ihorns Cfwea. c. 'say. $. havingimagined this double album while in While: the stranded pilot is awea'ry g.jIPost.:. ISlAINID Eoent Dtrm . SCJil1 it out. TaJke.aJlblJlm hl3JS litttJleto K eIlowThtht1hM genn!.takes a SClrLrft s!eti'. (i"ltv . .··=d·-' .eye). .". Q1Il]Ji~.gh.' LONE. u edo~s deibu1t .e's writlb!rn1 the '~ilist im["S..snan'tth . II~l!I1IS\l' TO... But.a.d want to chat ..JII.31oinddentt hlis. guest Zo~aJesus'voice both otherwerldly and ~ . remake ofWerrnell" HerzQg:s .K: . HIUIRRY' UIP.ttusepsc: cr 'mw. here is:the sou ndtra. ~n'U:o l11uckJng~meIIIIDw. Not B' .1."I. Iboolm'ing h'jp hop ba~s"andl1tjhejitterv lPercuss~en of 'Chi cago fO'Dtwork~ Whille its meilod ies.own a. rhe Joshua.md'" sh s()irilgwdter's 'frfth LlP iis ma ~nly ano.f . .Jmlu~e Crossan 7 . Visiting Earth.a. . I.DLAT :STREETS :50 WARMIINIINUA TUNE: "..''LIIPwwl~1[! II to nilIh. it IH~_ ODks. and! tleeit. .1 M-' .CQNSTRUCTIOIN SEV&RAJNT PLANIEi MU Wlhiil!ehe m j'glhit have [IUit h hi.. uO:I. he meets a crash- oorwords but 'toot of a the .".d by hilh .. O:nWy' :Sh:e'ffi'eldtps.afrmrew~li1dngdima. [lorn1: be.Onlh5'Orn1eo.ear's. and He.inest coullidJbrew that IU&l1 and Ie.ollJ$~V~:r~ tune.an east. roo a'hsenin:tll.. What is essential is. Antoine de Saint~e17's.J( 1 riffing melody boasts the finest saxsoloyoure lifficdy to have heard in the past.Dc es Todd a T .e"r rus j dl~arlrva elilllJheli11l~slin a dli'd~-Jerks~s5i'ont ts 'it.5'itrmce fIt The lambs from.ez (M8:3Jis :~il. ElmU :S'v. Mobody. If An.rner" chl8'si'rliS ~he s)hadlows~ catdhing the :SIlJIfi)" 'Stilll no~..a.. 'si 11~lelor 2009J iln ca'Seyow 'wer-e 'wende ill1g)~ thi's ms n! lienth!5s:."ng' 01111 'the r~ght :sJde'of V:aU'dev~lliiaJi1~ bi'~: il\atstabat~ng" ~nl'fa'ct~ ..CQ"FDER read'lng.(pitlvec le POW. "Reun ion'~.~tJ15]on and Illelaxa'tion ru ns..is: direc. 20 years.a '" trod down!mtding ~ w.ta!rt) . you feell .e dlream ~'was halJi'ng invoWvi ng DJ.l.ro'~ . KUEDO 'I ..o. the story '0 fa !chlld.eW_".at b:un:th 'w merry . ~Int.aJlcohlollrusml....".me Imattl!~ Ibetw:ee'fl t. (1think.~~ean urban 'scarecrow .e the .. profound children's book.v' Ir~m tOJr a lIi'.. j'f . ll1. and the synrh interlude of'Klaus I I .. ..lIome.Mor~) and 'tille chllJl~ch bells: . "aSIL .Nct that Ie. -SaIDdt{OUIlld dOlwi'th a b~g ~udJd .a. teeth as half of industIDriial dllJlb~IP p povot:amlil rs veX'd~..r.~II.1i'mlbed~ peaJfllY..Eli~eme some INi'ght N urse whwlle vou~reart "t .. '[be' falllt~Y' is properly realised. es. lPastaiJating ...stuff . .1'~' r: . f.es aW.f!S$ent$t: est mV1S10 ' ' On' ne vo..~. but 'this is an aJbu an.of S. lou wontt meed a 'Car EXperience ~wO'we '. =~GO••.and wP~ayerJ maJdng ~the t ultimate heart a..storr So Par "lIie 'rem"a_1I: 'r:i'. rutd make mruch dififer-elnlc..go" stans Iilice. ~ earl' Menne' ~S and .h5'5~Jazz MannJe j ILef:s !have a quh:k break flroml alii thi's.'':.r:~~r onlywi.Med b._" "'"" . mlan a medaJll (and a. rad~ to tune 0 into the 'sou ndtra~dk. 'V'ou c3n. Tree desert in.....eux (One s-ees clea. W DDWNtOAD: ~FUghit. arguably one ofthe best tracks tn be' released this.nrw-n-upJ -he' prince is yet to be tainred byadulrhood.ontlh.aJJildn~ws iI1n)m llaIDstoli1~ ~5 i'sreqUliired Iistelll:ing~.'m 'iJl"'.a.ne... .ed~ .aviato. '1~1e ClEW.realm j'ng aJnd dawrn~oa. Jamiie JeasdaJle IhlaJS honed . A-" nmes hi '" hiklh d' '" ~t this works well CSplendor?) but the Dora The Explorer -Iike voieeover on 'Raconte-Moi Une [.Ibong)~.gelli's" i)conic ~heme t:o SJade'R.f' any sbJ de1i1t home". ..the. th landed aviator in a bleak desert..'I~. . ulilderstmltled gem .gs and Hcn..bit !doo. ms 0ft'~n 00.beguwl i'ng bh~nd of'S!ci"'lfi' soundrwcJk 'S\fnths. a declkchai'r~ Just bri'ng. r&1Kj'UJj. ~iil. Weire Dreaming' is itselfthe Little Prince: gu.lfoadhll' ." .. bath id S'~· eso is an interpretatinn of people's dreams.e.a.eat Mark E t sm i'th: . itS teenage goope that: sholU~dbe '!Iki!'i .i iII1S of: 4F~~lht Pathi-' ar-e ~he lopiposi'te "'".ml~1 womping wa'S: l1T1aJkJilmg't dif~iQlIIE"e C. lbo/l1i" and iif'~o. Path'" DDWNLOAD: ~IMy Heartt 7 Thi's.'lthing to dOi wi~hth ~ 'vagJue'.RMS BIECAUISIE: Helllo~ rm back.'s om IV:2'2'1 but Ti'ni.r sound~ra~ka d'irty hand 'Sprnn~ thDl1Ighi j TOGETHER PHAINTASV M8.c."" I· .eF~Ilrnnrnc Ir-eally~.din~ fro ml the' Ukes . time.abl!e c:o.lowhlo e?. ".31 penetr. ~.. "I . Vrul. Ilke :Sandy off Ri"ll.11Jt:. 111(. by Toto.aeeo rdwmg'to NMFs. All this.GifJlJ i ILoneVt-ID..SIC SO'METIHING IN . Df st. stamina 'si'ngle maJles\I 'enth~mmn..itv~~.le..fi.at~~~~- CASI'OKIDS DETHJASTEln MIOSIHIIM'OSH~ TIri!@ . ]1'5.ali1\an~~n. .at a.of an albUlm~ Ro-ry'.and po mic..and c iinvligor. I rs this pl)mp' that makes. W'E:'AE: IDRIEA. too.


.JII. tat shops and international hubbub..: '1Ii' '. these images of women walking around and mt~s..eggae legends."j. different culrure.."oy. the warm s 1tI'iiI'L'l'.. l!"!l I' l!"!l~I~ • : ~~ ~I l!"!l' . beat-up bus f~Jr .]1 t'·.:I'.J'..~'flunk group Body Mnlld &. Later.ght fire-red earth hutsi:!t. and we're at long way off even halfWay there. because you've inherited.. it's perhaps the most interestmg ife: ··t··· ."" @Wi' revolves around the roads.. and just beeanse irn:~s not rich in. who . h ... e i""it' video 111:1. -=~ . !!.~ . '. the journeys been worth it several times = ~ . '" ve evcr -.lUi.. the: sand by the shOJIT"eS O'f a heart~stopping~y 'beautiful everything ...ed and he~rt ofA:fr. ".'l..nd have read too much of the info leaflet.. "'-' . \ve ~.it" Vb SQ.oia:~depression.f!'11~II.on' a on board: .encomp~ss 'I '"1 stages scattered across.'.ehes .' •.~ ~.~. a powerful anti-malarial drug whose possible side-effects ..~ e .!a. series ng of coaster-sized rod.i!.~~ q"ru 1· ~J:ii.s no 'water in the cistern) eye-opener.f!I11Ii'"·.:~I. . A series ofbars.ieti. Daily Hf-e an . 'iil'fil'~t J '. to.ere.. .:= . material products doesn't mean it's.mpagne ml[ here) at an empty br :ck building wm rh a TV hang~ng..!Il~J!L .i).ea!d~ng.. '. B·and fi" via hi 1·g'hdy noli tici='I. A. een "F' ~O.... ... p~ra]_[iJJ..r-e. . =.JIl.!!f ~.Q.~d . ""-1·. lies an nor :le'.... alrpoi"t when the i. o· JIL~.. and jet=l~gg:. to show us a.-IVAI OF ts about ·63m in NairrQbi's Jorno :Kenya·tta.I"".lIL _ 50 eel raUl. :"]1'[~ ·N··.~ p = .lll. pa.eroadside it's. We~iII"C.. . e"re W 1 IJ INKOPOI I > II IMA AW' SUND!A~ O'CTOIBER 2 The math-poppers are ·rig·htat home at a ioeird and uxmderful party billeary eyed. crowded into.h . !!btJL· 'to Ie . .\-v-ars. =~...!!.. "·t~·.. :oJj. ." . !Il~" v... sed ~" . l!!1~ .tching kicks in. . hi co set with guest '-IF .m local r.if-~:e'iIf"som b~th sid:. graveyards. . the ~~~.w. t .. the roads..ca'.J".fr-Q. Lake Off Stars Festival. outh.emotionally deceptive: in the _.1'5 O'CtQb~I' 2011....oiJI· .ghlt gates... Iocal ~-nan50 kwacha to use his toilet (rn. 'g' ~1l"n'm'.\-.. and elicited a wide array of dj. :..'[" .ofthe thin..~··fl·· 1'!!WIi". '~11I"I~[ ~T"'I'I"nl ~ o:l =~'I..-.·1ii'!i.3.: ..··.. .J' _ 41 NME . d ." vomiting and diarrhoea through to.to Malawi and the sixth. _~ 'chat no :=.na''''" ~ : _:v.ffe:rent emotions /' he admits Iater on.. " iI!'i!1" ".t:i ill .'! .~) stalls ~ """' .n=...ii.S. off the waU caUed the 1Boy. we stop in a small desert town to p'ay . becomes [U~. As we career down. Malawian 'bands k up .. . by bri. '-'.ke this be:fo.'·o po ]-a''J . ". . Pub. and Yannis is ·Aoexi hi s forearms.. ...~..t:i d ·th ge.hand. . BBQ stands and lake.... Iva.. a . lIi.ast fur Yannis... - and grab some Special Brew (still made by 'Carlsberg" but not ·tr.' ].· ".anything :U. . "'-V."Jio._ ._. Another flight to Lilongwe om. He's been t hit by the Malarone. anc 1. hard to look at first."".c 'I' rapp. : ~~o=!'. ~'It was overwhelming... Groups of traders offer :newsp. tyJIT"e merchants .3 five-hour transfer to the southern shores of Lake M alawi...·IEI STARS ~ES.or '. r 'b. Soul and Blg Brotber Africa celebrity Maskal.IDca..~ seen ..' r . 1. people chill in the shade while children run up to the windows to give us the thumbs up'. Foals make some new friends Wh.l.settmg lit S presemeo on T·V']'" S.. . rashes.h.. '"Some .ap'ers. -it '~ Ib 1 Q' f' Aft rl-.ranging from.~" over..z Black Missionaries to big bal ad man I U·Cl·US.!ILl. .]I. not rich in other .U.. Y the most surprisi g. rake on a compelling.. co:fi6n shops. surrounded on both sides. vegetables and Chupa Chups.en we do reach the Sunbird resort e.). the "~'nide' of Africa:"~Kenya A"rnr~ys~and :es time i o board ·3.gs you se-e om ~h. .. \-. panic attacks and hair moss _.1. ." m__a_~e tne 'maJoclty.)'.ii. psychosomatic quality when you're sleep deprived a. an endless corridor of f.JIl) become e cllear' 'k r 1:"'~r lIJI.I AI..

IV the! ~~s' p0S'1! 'wrtb beMfli&arl'eSJ . ~. .a. Vl.back style that focuses on.' ::'" :: 'j. Twice" before they vanish into the balmy night. likes of 'M"'~'''Jim'=_it.. The-y .!I. ! ""'. South F'RUM THE African.' h'-:' r: this is very' much a fa:reweU. hut tb ...ure st stare.After the set.. .and often surpassing some nf the Immense c.g~~~' he admits..t~'~..enjoying rhe cady mor.. <I: ~ IW stuff )' like '''''h'. something that comes from A£rm.l!. . L~onel'Rich ie's 'Stuck On Yomt.'·' 1·ay.111.' ._... .ning sun at v . :-Iey. breaking for Iunehr" Jimmy ~ asks from his pool 'perch by_' = I 'the swim-up bar before a .t~knit· torpedo:es contin ues aaace from 'C.. ' Will Jalne'Sofl.all!.. 'Whi le ideas ." ..II!. .-.a.~. to 'U~'·'~.ke nd.. razse. .ek's semi-dazed from a ..A'mll. ga:m'e synths and dried out swimming pools on '[he 'wyJ '[.EW across the globe. v: • .' T~.ri~g'hf?Tim' Cbester "It's not rich materially.ey've /1b'. M " .'" 'lIi-!t .1 :frienuUy ribbing. everyone except Yannis.}"-. .ght under But there's music from .Il."='!i.~' .ea. 'while acts from] apan.. l •. pulse.."'!i... Yannis in gregarious.3 mosquito net and . instead. k eno ~·T·. assius' elephants...ds '~'wat~tua_n ~~'ng"thi nstears there's :allsorts = A'~afDJ o:m ax's recordings of L prison sin.~l~h~e~~~.or..' : "JIn-' broken down '·"(11[0 improvised sect ions..~" . from 'the front rowto take his top off but doesn't feel obhged. " .. onour ee . with his lap lOP to elicit some .ni. trying "a stripped... "It reminded me strangely of Jlick stepping = album. I:' e :.a·11 rum ki':~ll" ~. Ja.... 'tape srries live..'h'··· l'So .'s we ve seen on d.' c' . 'iI7"- up to . beneficiaries of the Mi. h·' ~ ' -.. a made a five-day drive up CREW :fr-o. F'~W1daiiln1 run-through of the band diving underwater for cover .fam. ' J '. :.-t h e seco.ging in the Sourhern US -stat.n..ghly tuned machine tm1.. r. -.II!..mOHJ...mCaple Town (sIeepiing. expect frOID and vo cals" while Edwin '(wants. '[00 meet so-me .3 9am soundcheck...es.' to the first two.oo/"U'iIrjIig . pool. China.j. it beats pretty much a firs ':for the band the late-nighr wildl ife at your local .ways' " asaun ner .-. .torn1 fU"G:'=' .I... ..()r n early :m..!t'. ''''S'.g:a'~ education n and start their own businesses. Ii! FOor 'that ms.d is ...tion '[ham:aims to help women .3..=' for the new aJbum... Kenya and t~heUS share rhe bin with some truly oddball ~ '-'I!. d .· ~d.ere .. 'it-he swinnning..ues wee.ii.s ifs the best music he's heard all weekend.J. 9~ .n d .~0il . dFU ms the event ind ustry 'in Malawi and wette trvi'ng to get people ill!: lIiI to (0 nsider j't for a concert 0 r fe~tivi1J ~ !I !!!\l !IIi: We run outreadi III rogrammes dw r'ilng t~e wee. "I. comeI ". unli. I.' ~5cilL-. which is voice and a. [I.·=the idea that ifs just yourvoice and a heartbeat rhythm."C<~. Namibia. T aiwanese monk..' '.0 air their iriff local Iadies.iC~t) that you can.... are . couple of concerned techs doing: . fistival director ~~We ant to develop w organisa. s·· '. are .. from IUs room fuUy dressed ... Saturday morning it's a 1 .shing "Two Steps. warthogs and crecodi les 'B·alloons'. n .or i II' itor lSs.ecording '[00 Yarmis."~l(I tb . He boes calls fest~val. YANNIS PHILIPPAK~SJ FOALS .C~] low at capella s~~:ngh}.. and money f'rom the' tirket goes to the Mi'eroloan proj@ct = i ~h. " ..C'ew .'. . ir's time :f.' 'v. at and a.!L'~.fluon~sce:nt board short-s and l:ii beers in....gradually taking shape (Yannis fancies. Liwor de National Park. ' . an the hi." Foals' headline: set is everything \ve'd..greet our bus singing~.~u. find onslau... boil music down to its p.of Malawian orphans trained by a. here arc no new songs.lSp . w hi" Ie caurlng I .ere }.. "". l -" .ning a laps of the stage ~but the inevitable safari. lets.. i. '.') '!a': ' .]"... too.gbt of t'heir tngh.0 '. during which Foals.~.0 'It. and . Fu collective a crew' . ~I"·o.o.In . '-j" -.'. 'who appears brieAy ~ 1. post" rockers Bateleur Later the band are taken to an H]V testi ng stand.of the1 M~Q"imt-oatl. .(:foLo~n project.~ =~ll\. in Boek BUS't and.''. and after a fair few Sp ecial Brews.c. '['0 get in some big fat 'bass.. an.{or Y~nnrn. "You iSj.. h..

will en IFriedbe~~r' st_e.IIIII If '~~t~.r:~~the bra wn(1~lJe5iljionwhj'zzed past his E d~pped beard as the 'flJ1ont:row serum Ir-ea£hed fever pJtdh '"' a sm..'k!ilnti~ht fl aJie5 and a mo illSit a(]lil e'''IDli'lh ad band e c. · ..u cu~~ WQ CaJm'U~ks.UT-·H· lb~ggestIB~ 'lal k g head rlrl e s:how yet.hts.~Ron n~e may' not be. Bv. ' SCALA""ILOINDON WE:DNIESIDAV.ti. dali1<~t. eJUitarist.. ~i ke W:-:. lost on the can tal~~tF.amimg' . Itadiohe ad have played [a I.Simi!' power es clllortis O~ a. olf: 'fiDUlrse. the 'rthe!~kevboai4d or' shirwiitill'''volU'''r-e'''dlnippiln._" .e old.~ Co..lilliya :PI itaJr and a lmlile~ophcun.em..other than .tliie' lr:UJ22tO ck$~I" stIDe.·.." '.'" pa~e ~ac~c. ~..1! front. -.. Brut.j:And 'to 1:11nk:. ia1 airing.~~ ~Stai~case" and 'Supercollider' made up a Yorke. ItO surprises. . aff:ec~i ti.3.. polnticaJ.. " ~~JI'II ~i:TliIpl~·iI! GllIIl.A. ._.'.j\a\tke. The scramble fo(r tickets trio of lesser-known tracks ~ '[he' . liiol~~.on of tthe:mr arti'l Ie ry. .R0.._ !I. 'O. Anth.oseland...0 M . tracks ]~e ~Arena:'~ 4UIP Pa'st The' Nursery' . 'sh e I}lumm..~~~. he's. . especial lv' dllJri'lmg the morn bereft baJl~adls.ws for un IlJSJU all dJynaJmli. During an awkward Deamer with the words.o. p'Foved Radiohead ca..glLm@' t:Q these JImmies too cl ose· t~ heart .~.mazi n." j....NME lS . sped UPI or rec.. must stillilibe' a touch s LWlilluIDsed by hiow imlllJdhove Ih'issolo Ill!poject has been galillil~IiIDnl'~ arlli.d shO. 1 -. lr erylFII rnaces.s rio1touslV' happy :~I.m~."'lj..gm_~~~_:_. thM shakes hiis head: ~'Nah"'tcA's 11h:eKwlllers'P' dru mmei~f IRo:nnie m2!!Vbe no str~ger t:o .. he" u5ed to h3Ive glad iators in I~ ere. '.RejJWrt t\VO nig.1IU! tiiil!. ne Da. 'sp orting' [a./ !l.ggIDg for tickiets. hand.e -cause a fuss.arded iill'll a deer mn:aJ5St Th~ intima...ieadfs...gID~ena (hoi~ ClV10idi them (omplletely or dance 'wdtilll th~ grac~ Il]f a.~:' 0. _ .dri n ks.P'eop].[se of the. .omp!let.Ill:: K·'ng 0' f'IL~m''b' ..chnlq ues 'showcaJSedi by 'the IMontlleal fo''UIf''plie[e.entill and emDtive thanl aJ(i(~l1il11g' that has. hle"s meetl ng fans.Jobn Wier.llli::'~IIl. talking.e .. care. ~ ~Ut. tw:o' Roseland Ballroom dates didn't half make at racket.f a :smpP'ed-down :shcw" i't~s ~lu~Ii'1]5hlg to 'SeE!'(J. ~ I u. -I'''::'' ':--'. as.500 A nthemt~lihey obvmous'~ felt e:nll!ided.ealk down the 'fourth 'walill fo r sume. f I" ":-- . {j'. I'~ . refrain on the piano.mo. Do '1·lln.OJnsj'I~UJrs\.is.iii .nerating 'th.g nUlmlbe\r5 of peapl e who! lJmde1mandi songs ab OlLlt'whiisli<-:V~. ed unpl n cd i' "\7:. Ipreceded them ~ addi1lilg a furihe r degjree of mnllrn1i. Icans '[. sh!e plays dlat arle 'evew newer thaJliI th05~e fwoiml her dejbut whwc -.teenagers h'. and 1\Tew Yo~khad been..g" ream~V~~' JQe _GUm gives Metron8NY. I.VOU m j'ssed a h~11 Olfr: a. '1' ~". '~My~o.. death.ps 3 a 'few' i1n:cliles baJck dUlriing ~he.a:~ WlrlitOitllle r'oom.els. 1Ii::\' ..am: the R.it addl£ another di'menslicln of: IhI1Iman~rv thM Imla~es the 'songs alillfjhe mOlie. songs that wer@ntt on 'the baleony~. m iii"lruiD .o.. ~n the UK vet . . "It's .f' how there an! inereas jn.'~..onru...:lI1...l It. befor:e lI'etumlj rng to \flour 'tarnadil3]1i11 moth~rland for th 5 :show' ijgjUer than .aw' become QictUstolmed te j'n IEllIrop'€' staytd rii~ltttJhem."t' '.e:Y a substan..0 pl~y snaked around the bu." A. caSttiing [allft be anPh~Ii1I' .I'a1'Doid . 5.adorati orn &on1 'mns. SEPTEMBEIR 29 'iii!!: ~ .!II1I. even out.b"lncr . recogni se" Given Android.· hJ'"f~~I'I:p'h=~ "I"it·.. punters thought "'S'"t~ 'L . <~'II.m..liltlhJ11i:i r Dftn~'~iII.e year.S."U'. :natter. aU week.. ke.ll!.I' this show ~ they just don't really want to listen some teeth -rattlir g bass before' Feral' and d.oIr"....tBum:if their Rosela -.I-SIEiLl 2'A' -yo _I'.nly 'Codex' failed to translate.:.j.d'the. !-it· '\-v~.n~ II aJ I~ !lI. mike he meant' it. ing IU l1inb!nti'Dlrlall.ep the..Ii ·.:. SEPTIEMBE.'I.~W:iong.r'e Ii't.ontans..ahright.~ Of fDUlrS!!.Toromci . p.r. 'C' '1" [ve~ "l' . h~ad-baJlitgIDnl' 'SQuare' danC'~ir:~. . L~.uatr-d .AIND B..e've .ep~'and '~'Pa. 1 '=!jjjnl 'I!. '6-G_ The Na... .n.' ~'"11Ii" IrniiD~ III\J!' ~F'I'LiI. JOi.f(lot on the m.=~. they"re a 1 egendatv (-:..aliidIthe siie of crowd the band ~....~ frnghti'Mg each other to the..II NE. 1th:egaili(g tteated us t~ rare wraCkl.. luh Priuhanl Ilg PLA:TFOR:M CAIFE.. a weirdly muted mean as ever.LL.e o..: ighligh ._~If""o·. attenti. back i wll en this 'was bu iIt.ert .es~ tlho Ulgh~'sllJlb1Jle05 they !be" sllJ.tage".1tJhe._1 __ ' ':.ss.\: ..:cJ as.· . satirist before hammering out its Ste'p.A. are.lJI"Ii"Ii bro 'l'd.~ 'we let 'vou d!Dwn.':.niing".f'tlh...b~:t . dismissing drummer Qive What the later. to be Steen . .ask if thlat was the first tjm'~ a bra had been .albolUJt fac-e .i!iIi:T!iI nI I I iI -'.e '\-vanted ~~MVfavou rite part 't\¥o-nour Stet.f~oy may need.Iacards be.' from 'dl. __ predo:us :SUIUIIlS. lO'NIDON THURSD'AY~. UlDs.1 _I!i.g te. nve 'WdS conrroversra1"'1 on ~[S re ease. :nevr :fa.hey'lie t aJhecrudof th.mof"!ilJlflj.g. Pm."" -~1 """ ~ hour-loag special of Tbe '.ue/~ said Daily MaH. then an.e~cvisiQin.anyl hin_g to go by...e~ .. L·.. mai'llV tll1lliOoUllh hell' selif~depllecating [O:medIV~ j. 'The '~hy do we like you?" ":We haven't gnt a.C-.res' ~3.I=iP. I!:'i'!>-DM' "Ij. And willen fated with a band at ease 'wi'tlh the:mlselve5~ 'V'Dlltre' .choruses. thatis liiglht ~ t'lluring tille ghlbe fer most .n still . ..1.cy Olf' toni~gJhf's.I. tb. ornlstage Eoni.011 a IitUe bit 5cared~Rightru IhI' 500""t:aJlenthi 'frislfllte.~.~_ v' un :·:. t.' k . Ift/·V:! 4.entattion iilil '1ihe.S shlTW of f~w .itltlJ i.teetlfll Slingfng~ He.IG _nrO·· ' " ..'.onitort a belVlflJl oif liquor and the pow!er POPI liikes Oifr: 'UndN Wafer amJdl ~Aepr 31~filnally' b Lfls. mterview.d wi'tih 'to '1'Q\OIr in 'I-'~ !cu I~. endille. :sh:ow~ As..~ 'illf'!l. at ~he. I wou Id have nl~e.IIJijU'!IISI .e he was. som e Idi drnl't I ~d ~Cre.s espedany weill II on the prE!VhlU sly unhear-d songs.all mialiik a. ~ -.... VOIlJ Britts love them '.'3\1'.:-RR-.i:!::! i a.r..r-ee11t~od ·thradling bis mo re froOm their . "' '. its f incarnation will silence critics.liio.first: 'tW() uTh1..··"."~i..c)h a~.y··'c' =~V'~~~ Y()rkegri nning as he tested 'Paranoid Android'~'" nf\V' faIrill$. L.'i''''.S.lIJ.alii owiing her 'V1oi:oe tOIri'lmg c.and ~Gale" maiClle other sQ!"caJllled ~expe(memaIJ bands ~IEvp·. . He 'stops for a stll'etm~dI pause.r wei Ildness: sUfI'f:aees now' .. W L.-". .lb....mall ntv 'H~a(V~rn~I p~rfllrmj ffi11e!1i own W badidn§' vucalis~ .October 2011 . c~. crowd a h istorv leS5Jon .seintillatlng Oln~tage" IIndeed . 'where Iha~e yo u beenl?' Oh".·..hen Colbert asked._A __ -0 --IJ( _"_" .n!r·I'·mant"'ifo·lnn""'. In _: .::_::' -=!i\ ~ .o:liIgratllllati:DIi151.nbase 'Over.damage'f aJlllother e'xports seem tilmlid and safe. I ~!L \.a wa~!tTh e Natio naJ und the victorious 3 :.if! "11. I' : C-~ 'ii!l. Royal Albert Hall ven W\Jil:h fihe p'rom~s.. SIEPIEIMBEIR: 2'9 1 A .'w .do ' performance. ~ . .~·i III~~.:tif ail hour aft!1i Ronniie Vannru Om.ancing maniacally with three maracas in 'Lotus Flower'.' su . II•.~'rhalt's '51JlPposedlto! sound Uke. ':.. ~Ja!mOJrr-ow'~ Whil e it mi'ght br.M' .at of new secured a. roaring Just as.~ but 'wi'th la. 'llh ~s work. from.tmlfs bart We.] "cl Blaet: and the' -co'U... OrI'5.cK. "Like Spinning Saturday Night Live t.~osis' both fresh and were First there W'a. and hie. ~ [ ILIlr ii ~ . :ll '.mbo strai'ght from a 19'7:6 porno.lies a Illemlinder that we won't !Know wt1\aJt w.c. -:.woman~s back taltalollJe tlhat hasn't been reN\ersedl..dto Sf e a bit are ..ant her si'glfllatllJlie tffi1rO'U[p .'" said Thom 'Yorke towards the end of the set.W' 'YO'R:K All The Big Apple would have lost limbs to see Consideri ng people we lie offering to sell their kidney to get hold of a ticket.glht YOlif'dI be hard"pr:es'Sed to ~itrndmu clhl ilnstrlLllm..I~_.fele'ased.any weUl"pilafted anaJlogy~. = ~ ::.sm-dc~ Im.i '.rID_I'JUJ~ Dc-: ~ A~V ""ta'r.= .liioo]e.".eredl C wnw.the\r li1...R 28 f)f)i~~. Has'el Sh'ejJield ". those ar the second ofR~dioh.="..j. IOlLlo v~Jamie ruJlermn' . blLlt he.eliy oligaJlilic.. Z9 ~Nude'pOlished oif itlh. Iliimf.1Jl'1urowlnat him 'whiil.but there was I11ml . '[00 'work ha:rd to G.. If the albUllll .ilding.eve:i1to warr.. RO. 'Tor..::. ' -H-e T____ G''.. ("You .!IIlil V U l ."tih.got Lflll1iti~ [[it'S :lOrm~ or famousli' So c.u rutalbums~ exo. mose to -stay tmome j'n the 'walilml. and lllkt.".queue on the new al b..e~11111 1!·1Jl.a~h 1 JI.. .!Io noisy crowd. 'III"'-=. RA THURSDAY.aroun d.-Nil '1-15A • A' __ 'TO 'n 0'" -HI-TO' S-'U'IN' 0.to . III us a Ilive. w.. IUS ml~si've' Spri~gsteen IP whee-ze .. laslt' I wo D'anger Mouse :swiJ~ed. ·ii .t..rs.. wntjhe.TO.em.: (.venuu~' aJlllo.

oha·blyhe doing emeFgen.. E! J f Mr Graham was here th is. the line.. new at -. ha bes _. .". ' .- - ... iZ) _ ..t regi:st~·r t O'2.ou t. uncomfortable 'm:o atch." ".-. . ·.' . "_-: .. f ..WI].e In.:.~' ~ .-·:·-a-··t·'s'·~' M' .·&:':'-.n ....' Q·_. .next ..ti sms 'i" In the back of N a. .".' ' d 2 . . evening ~. .~_.to'. I. .. ~~... .1 I. "lI ~ them over. 'R' TL" Town:' tracks that get the best ..iE. : '.S 11. C . [ . e- I'!". mt's the slowies and lesser-known . Arguably.t._ IlL· __ . ~~l~ !~..: .. could seem nonplussed :~O'1ithe first h.times here before rhe ye·a." _. ~=~~~~ l~ri]I 1..!l .:iPIy Wh." ..un .•. rather tasteful bra in. ~b-·i1-.~.. rs obi .C"IIF '..can get Pr]or]tyTh:ket5 to.f:y . _ Q.. ve'vidcoshoor...l.!I. while 'Hate That ] 'Love: You' sounds g·enu. ..ying crowd at The ..I.ll'.._.1." a in' :iJll'n. 'm OJ .." '.repea t her u se-m e antics bee orne in"ore t :'~" . all '~]'" slide oo en v lill lvI" ca 11. -'. ~. and.... "'_.r _' in a sn.' rninu tes ~By the rime she's redefining rh e harnstr 1..•.~ ~ hful' w.:). .' .".. ...anking.rhe o.. She saves 'Un fai t.• a.r is out ~Not o. _" . ~. l d ms seXU2L p ower anc Ibei ng 0 bi trif ecc '" ei ~ec '[he. w Perhaps because of this.~ !IL.'~. she can do whatever she I. ... - Rihanna in white -.i ...it" . - ..• i"""g...I"OT1lIY' in' no.IIUIl•.L i1IlIS: .. .·······r11 1 J ~·4: _". ~. visi ts make each o cell-sian less sp..it 's time you Iooked gui~a:r~ chains a d handcuffs as hands rise from below her a nd start ~o.I' 'Woe-: --.']. Irish farm owner who cast RiRi from . .• . accompanied 011.:. a killer reminder . --. She's playing nine more.gh. __ g.-... .amount of control ynu have over . ~:' <. 'j -'.W •.. " .IJ lye A .· I ':.00-0 _capacity venue with a single snarl..n .g: break.atop' at :O..II!' -. " (. ..ky bm." . . anna o'Jec~ive.. hat's I-M-y Name?' ina in dhJ!·IIl.~ . ' month ..":':...' 1 .~_ . ~ ~~ .Oft' ·/AjI ::1 -. J.0f 1'1O'W' Rihanna can command at 20.ty the sexiest woman m....1I6.: . "re. it's fucking Rih anna.. S'Q/I11' 'WO'U. "Ji ..b Alan Graham ~if onilly yom. wi th :R." .. th"tre ®D!1Ie....ue dress. :for now. 1Ii'..l after them.~ .~ tIL The co.~:' .jl-' ~ V. _"':> By the timewe get. L . ~his is her third visit '[0 th....~ nn VI' .nna.~\..n the ·wor....... =~ 1 \_." dominatrix is holdi ng ~1__ lJ!.ndo's . _ r .. JILlI!5i..quickly W J_.' . .~..ec ial.."~ " '.w. what o would .[..' ." " .. passrv e ro ~.~ . .d' '-'I' = U =' -j ".n.. ". :fo.'I!ur~lt .II!!II ...' __ .yi.~RiL]de' 'ro' '0'-=i' 'n' 'Umbr ella for the liI.. -~ . . after you :fo:r coo long....~... her hectic schedule forces her to play . ~customers... n.r Iv III .' wnae . . .rev Ii".~'O'2 in twoyears.~ ..fise..M-" . Tho se legs have looked. .CO~U k/iPlrhlritv a g_ 2 iii...r. go=ng 01[1...~... .~.-.' .' c -.his Iand see her now.~dBut· as ...!I"'OWn ar rrs try .llun.J.'. If the Northern O.OU][~ ar d Rihanna really has to work to win she g._..ets sleepier. I~ _...roe we nts. ..rage ~T1Ilk-.~.."_mont ..ti'S•.-" you realise.ng grand pial10 ._'. l!il!!- .Ill' _' . :-_ .Te:rm5 . e-'lj. 1-'lJ. ·It· is.~dling h _" crotch.iE. .1 Namei ..!Il•.._'f .H1a..._ I~.'0'. " 7"-' -_. "'._ .C -.. . ~'''_ }~.~erform ed p .betweer wielding s . he'd p.. up tp 48 hWr$ before a ..02 iI!b . ':... "1 ina giant neon womb.. But 5 even the pa..'....lY· by NTuno Bettencour £ from Extreme on acoustic -And then it just g:e ts sililly. = . !l!Cll1e.eleas@•. . .hm·ely frau.~.. wi-Ith doors ehar W. .V"_.. -.hl' ch ~.- .. . g-"'' ' ends J[ er '.c -- c: . and starts to just go through '[he' motions. ripped off to reveal a bejewelled 'bikini? .lILJ.nly do hem. which is. .nl!il!!-.!II.f: h--I-I'Pl" rriv ~n 'g Q'iIi']I'S. ""i liL]. -.llLl ~ "". '._ ..• .w. to "5. But then it's time to eake a: bi. of'live sp. _•..-. -R---"~h' '.! accompanied by anotherworld tour:..-. =...-~l R. "'l:!J 'lY7b·:.etnzng *h·····bam sstrin···!U 'e . Perha p's their lethargy comes from her overexposure.g-n f'rii 0 rrrty lfil. .<.. . d···ifi·······. Emeral r.L.lI"iip.<N·· oourI-b:It 'he r 0 ...· R~ sees.'I!.~. _.. I'. ~ hipI .:..-.iespo. a. he ~h-...b" . ' • /.kd50 :are ..rweari ng. her ~WeFound.' I" .

.r it"l'llne 511ea1!:iIJg . Pfe. hfesslfge fo. ileliind f!er ilS SIIeeilJop .eig teer Norwlch~ ~~~ SPill ..I~ 1Jas·.

n. obviously.s.clk ·to :resp.ol1. . ou I tl~ta B."_~ ~ ~~N.s T·V".e·en.for th.ghts~br1l!]Jis es. 'N<·.As t = !! day~~ she'"'ap(jl~gi.v.e~ new braces :for Charles (cue everyone's amused c ries of "Marcu s!") and sorne' baggy Jeans.Mhi _:_@5111~OOtll ~d'Slhel. J!l.o the boys [0 hold the fort o..m .'I' tunes .oud.n nether C' C·a.a~leat'ery T.e·en episode o:fFrioeniis. in the ba'ild~s bi.eks p·roceedmngs .ky got :fOu. seco. . .nd a r~.h a r .~v'omi-m:. ..is rammed 1['0 the rafi[J~rs. '.an. touring buddies is suiti ng them down to the ground..e-'. .got ina afte'r tbe boys ·find.ring. 'rea ~1 ~y obsessed 'V~dl re·ad.:~t.es ·wh. He might look nautical..ck pre-soundcheck ripple.entn:::piec. as L..n.arly va.gn.~.e. the 'b31ntd a~re d is. Black. quJ. abound (~h. Then it's hack to The Wa. Another baking hot day and :1 as.tterie$~ We're sure she needn't have woeried.iss a.. ..reiturn.ers .rNim an aeo mstic ~a '~o·..angrrv.g.. I!!!!_lIll~ ~V F"' . in. "I c ould be the next ~.e V '1!r!I'. The' d JUltS I'd .i'f3!_Ck..1tz. we've ever seen .nt single 'Where .eyeou. W' : :o:"iC ito' de~nta.i. 'boots a.ai[~ingfor Rebecca Taylor} Charles Watson and.vith I 'be r.gI:y glorious end to ~ tour thaes s.off '~_~ 'r.n~ with str. s·u.e serious business to at~end to . if'1I1 '!..OIL-flgeni t.n.C1lllssi.. = . £!!..g:ot..iei[". .g ~'1B.a ndrn.ofa.fJr.er date o. :~ m. Ulce t.be:rsun.." Like we said.'III"IIg·'h· ml ·I~ O·in 1ft.ed....ously over...~l-~J...~k"'" Becky's o!. for th. dec. but looking absolutely terrified du. and the q ua:rtet ~Pa'radis:e~ aU of about 25' and tax but (]ne I®f the p. 't's about the twee-est thin.:e th..: . they're: far too young to pOS sibly 'be' .nt c.n.engagin.nC'~:en[ =lio.M"'e stUr the core of the band.es.. ~I fi b'r~'W"=.s." Becky deadpans.. .a' is. '1' f:r "'il" it ryl'ng to C001 O~'I.ich R~~ will Iater be gigg]li n. even with the hangovers ~In chirpy spirits _.o:kJ. :llal5S of WaJiim piss..I _ 'Ijg.Q.. JI..in. ~ .tathemed .e~ns a stupilid ide:a ill.m plered by bassis it.. Though Charles and Rebecca 3..'wr-.ai '\vitlL. I :3lD gon na rake it in.he :B'f·att]. TIiI@11 'he cailll~ed A quick soundc'h-e·ck later hoUvhoek.eined-in" poigna. ]u11lP'm..d.m.. Before the muskaI sect jon of the day be.ked out in rime.e.f Noah &:: T.f··:' 'L ld tans 1-.beryl Cole but keeps being told she looks mike Monica in the Sprrn. > . Jordan?' No. Having: re·cently w. a tree.g p a. 'I" I·:· u. for a couple '0£ '[wee ...lII.a.l1(TQSS t he water '[be band '~co. an impromptu .a.gold. wouie assume :W. _ t.. 'Olver :~. . 'while it's left t. .·~I d~. fi nd __ we .~ <lpm VGtlJ'dthmk IM..·U~'V··8 at A.u~tu:ionatl1. Perched outside the venue :~n. we .011'm the reacrions that veer from r laughter to. The gig IS. t.p. it :Mks Iwke.II!~.rs~Not bad..ddo nude.righto.)i . V'.e' fiO! Ier co.·widl.. their n.igilt ·I[. 'm:om"an~ Th. and therein iie So the a...econd..g.g.~~' tlrst time without parents..re o:f 'iChrlstThna.( ~a '~'k' r-~ ag·'. !L-'Iatest bein.. ~ .n:g throug:h ·the' .a.es ri:ngj. We·thersp. talk (Avvon's is some kind of army corporal while Charles' merely makes a. . . ".g:Ithe: finer m erits of Robyn and . greeted 'by an endearingly amusing sight .he.-'h C I '.ve the' Thl1:()os wcmryingIy a. .. .he Whale~'s(j' Years. C··· three proclaiming its brtlliance afterwards..nger .ooping a.l.lay-figh-tin.ng in a qui.·· imaf:.y ta.e film Teeth~talk.U' b."He'll Iook Iike aprick.L.. :i.r . .e~v.r.gi D'S tllef\e's th. .il blllmpeli ~ar . 1 .. ~'Hors..ep.rides known..II!!II. seeing .at trrumphant hour of · .ew~~yolstered b crew' of touri ng bandmates [0 arrive fr.flick .. w.h. _ ~" 1 .jWe'were in atmosphere is somewhere 'between.'J' :IF.rUlTI kit' a\nd.hich..clly .nd.~.s true . doer whi'le w'e were they're r·eaHy 'n othmng ~t a. '<..'IL ' ~l +. Becky is..gge·$ t·s. even .atched t h.' .e. e['fu I.(¥m·· To ur Manager g. ~Oi[] Most r E. Wedfilesd.(Fvel"n._1j]I .h ard to ten '~lhethe.ain.. p.~.epr-evi..e'ctive '.i.boo"and drummer Avvon 'Chambers) are sti Il.over to loc.9.ng kine~rblliue~..ly f'or the cre ak.!"!. :.1m dri'ving .for it takes .aHa+. the world.act as a. c ...1owcI. un s..andered th.:i.ging . the band.l !I...e-c.IIl. . Loa eling: in her g:Httery 'O':nThe Barge-~N'ot .:nhe t il!~ri]!81~ _~ \..the various characters that each of the m 'j confusi ngJy scorchi ng Se'p'it·eill.gow . Stephen.g. "" 1Ii''!IJ~. . _ ilI!~.inute .. 'IL restaurant.post-warershe d. Time ". are a grou. banter..g.mllp..PHM deals can be done' .about a mi lion whiskies Iast night and then \V~S sick :nn the shower. i~'seems that having two extra.. the giddy h.is being serious (Hi not.·OSS.gst.. '0 6las.e N·. ' v~~~"'""'..1· ..oon's .....aste:r prove s seary if on._o.!!.l -= . Over dinner at a fancy f .he teatp.r the sw.t idea. the b d .h.. the pol~ceOil us!" .rN.brebecea tag. .e edge of tbe p. but you. o· ·""ry··· Y£.. van on t'he: way t'O JB.f their 'U'K tour .namely.tIt a.. '0-1 4IrII"P .a.g tr. A'KA support act Sweet Ba.': .]i .' ondon ho~nes s. It goes so \veU that ·Charles and RelH~Cc. f(Jtr .. '1IiI1U1ii4ty~Ipm Rehe«a.abel'm 'b' oano 'S ]' t.a'VQ'f !\. 'v.? Lisa WrIght e NtiU"WiEiI.lieIJt:er' 'mlm:UIl"Ultm '~halflitb1s - B. we ~d fits imagine. Cu:rre·.rip'ba.-~ ~ .e:'ve' aU w.iJ!l. retrospect) and we"re: a. ne r so s hie ~1 wri te some . Michael from.ots=.t .. Lucl~m.ac:k..nds in (:onve·:rs.L . Grandaddy track that they're Intending to cover later...c.:(yOtlD.'ering grll(!JLm ble).g.as though.e1m:nhers can surv:rn.a~m01ij] of sw-ea..'iI)m aJiultage' '~f:ieIPl'IlI!-lig: lilllg wUh a.exha.an.B~~\G SE MBE .ed.nd mph.fi.~.. rad session (w1. resigned discoaragement ies .s.g".!I!. Sat cross-legged under indulg. wouldn't 'putt it past her.ovahmy rickety rendition oQ. uK JB.e spin of new .!.1atu5 e.~o~.and 50 meOrn'IDe 5tarb~don o:u r friend fO' no reason.e fil["stor last d. . crowd abandon and.. .. .rin. d Becky sprawled on the pavemen.ng._ i"'Ntiift a' !t=_ rake s a turn fo:r t'he.ri IHant 'Friends') are re(!.~ct· !~. that of a school trip and letting four ~i'bHng's' ..e..rove to ("Giv"ng ~p On :=o.u.e wa.-Leve~)_.. . en tesy·. 'we suggest .th.es. ' oUI folf aJ. And that's the end of ·tba.I.a"r.' :'. It "g.r~'nOJi'·m·'· """OJ.. for 'Becky. They may as well all practice -.how .ast . Af won . p~\aDS. "J!( .tion with. under thei r paisley shirrs. m 1 .~ e announces that he's going to g·e[ his ear 'pierced . quick eh.i·tIt 's time to get back to the day job .:mous :1 f1rom whe the~r ·it·he.~.. Moshi Moshi. S'" ngl. ..'y-' '111Q'riI =:» ~ ...f:. to! r.gj na·:= @'s._ .Iy described as "1ike being on Alan Partridge").~~s hwJcn h. swings sn b. . who is aiming for C." atnd."II ~I I!.oHday 'ea b "liD d '0· I 'o·t f''m 11 C·..Audio _ the last P'l"op.b O'U it: .asonal enco.gged.a'm·~'u'n e' '~~U' ~:mllJ ~ _~Ul.rnan:y b..'" .~ncUeityp'e's~~h.!:!"!.ey 've~r. poc_ I. ~ who's that girl off Ho tly Ollie'S'? Gemma ~j< have Stuart Murdoch i' attoos S·. bei.fo:r r·egi. we're _ U_~1.3.fit tin..~ and the qU2l!r tet aEe on Wubilan.g teens singing along to a 1." proclaims Becky.ng. ". terwar ds. ._.n.ing this gi rl o:ff Twi rter's Tumblr recently and she was there in the front rowl I found myself do" ng stu ff dtl ring the gig to impress ..p' (}. of T... w omin..and=..album is km.~~-I:~~~~.~.a s.guys dlung 011 to th e '~'nSlow' 'Club is t'he :mos': f1l1m n job in. teapots and hoUy:hocks ~not so much .g.ool{i Turbo _ aU ng min imal amount of sleep Iatel' (a brief I~m Wa~k:'l1g' k. 9 9 s to be shared and..e that ... ukuleles in hand". discussi o. .a t ~ ·D and :w. e =mngn lee . .musement . Then there's bumper cars to be rammed._'lL *.. and the' snlattering of old elass~.ng t .29 at Atkinson. : '·1' I'· '·1·.t form. ~']..off at lik@45 it p:ro bably is..!"!!. VIEW j/ROM T'HE CREW local support band So we can only a SSM me they're a.ly) before potential .. ..3 s' her' now i..nl0ves. .n.p...azy Mous.m~up~ the Cr.to the .ac·.ve. particularly enthusiastic bunch of Slow Club devotees.'eerf:aroO'[ and it. te-a.

ACADIMY 1i'!Ii£. -'" i:...~.E c:~_'r E M Pili I:..... ~'II!'I' ~peei~1 ~~~:-I _: c_--·. ~ ':''It.rd 1 luesdary 01 November Bournem.~ 0844 d.)~ .I~ Il~ by AE amant wi.k. 4. .~!130.l'!1 Ar.4.h eM .2.".~. '1 '1 'III V.i11. ~ G~I [.CO'_ UlK' PQtridkwdlf.COM AN ~ E'limlTS. A..SlOL 'TllEKLA MONDAY 05 MINICHESlEM DIEAF1INSlTIUTE: DJESDA 06 ILQINDIIN liHE: LEXlINOTOIN ~ WED.CC1UJC l~RS.i'V.. _'-' \ to. . I!!R!UEM'A11ICN II. SJI.AI.AI'ItAN~M!ENV' WED 'v-2 ft.. . JLuperwl igO 'QI!. WVJW.auth 'llhe Tkle~t"..~ . I~ _ -j " ._.AV01 BIRM~IDHAM IHE:jRAJNBOW AVA IlABILE: .ACADEMY BR.Y . .J~'.&..u K JANUARY 2012 05 LONDO'N THE GIARA'GIE lEEDS BRUDENELl SOCIALCWIB ANCHESTER DEAF INSTITUTE 08 GLASGOW ABC2 LoNDON ~IN4WAU._ -'. ~II!" A ~iII...(oM ~ THVRSDAY ~OT~ NoVEMBER '.''I''H~~1!i.. .nm." :. HD'\._~IIISI\ K-~~1!"!1I11l1 . ~..Oi:!Fiil Hre Skdion New AJlbu [Ti.' ~ :Ki~~~IV1E:"(O:M'~Ern~.OM W!lm TlIU AG~NiPi' '~'Q1(J_1iI I He IKEli'VVEB. . "' l • __ .my'2 IQIXfo. ~ ..""~'" ".M cat«JERJ~'S.: 08. 02 ACADIMY NOHI 24 BRlSlGl'02.THEGI[]DID ILTUREo. Ii!!i...' 11 !f'UWIi.77 20nO 'Olid ·WWW.z: . ._~ .. BW'ONlINE! 'OOmMB.11CKEJS ALSO BIRI. Monday 31 Ocmber 02 ACICl de.ll UI 1 <D"!II.g.'£.. ":~I_---""__ ..: KlllJIlUiVEll:lDIM loaM 811 :8803.ACADIMl" ruE 25 SHEFFJEm' 0...r. .4. .~.-- OCTOBER NE 18 BOUDIEMDUIH Di ACADf..OOON 'SLDlI 23 BllB01.. SO... _ THUi 21' NMfA'STU 02.. _ '.AfADlMY '5AT 29' lAlNCitlESRR ACADEMY 02 AC'DEMY'1iI01EirS: 'D&M 4T11000 iIiiII A t.MY WED 1'" B IlMINGHAM 02 ACADEMY' nru 20' LONDON C2 SHE~HlRDS BUSH EMPIRE m 21 LONDON 02 .-.

~ A MetropOlis tU.l·ES I.S:ENT & F!RIENIDS TOWN HALL PA:RADE~ SW..'7~ ·ru.LU~.'I SEA R DYMAN.' CUBICL. .iJ11m1 \\ I'!.93.[i'.UK· VlHA.-_.ES + SHllGA .amdrto~rs.le pfe$eFLlat~n lb~ a~ng~~j'ft l1iiok~tI[Il:e·.ERTS P:RE.t':(b.2.nru I .- - - .-_.------ ._-_._--- SJ:M ICONIC:.Gm:STIi LONDON' MONTO WATER RATS Mondav 24.CO.ci·Mik· 1.~t21D) 773~· 8._- ---_.dlJ October 'Iii -- 4.1: I g1Eg~illln~rE:1iJiU n.- - - -._-- _.(~~O.1RJ O~ 17$4 89S2~ 11»14 ·8~11005~ I gi'.

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EsIiYiiilllle.d 1979'

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.. our .!l!..I__:_ =' MO·01RJIi STARTS: Dublin Butt.n mme rock gcts undec 'Way in earnest.g)IJ~tari"5:t taJke~to the Ii"'oaid 5-01O"~ ns CUl~Sfrom . built .! Nov 14 lhe 'epli'c p'op 'filU i'lnte..tIPoiSt"IH aI ~owee n C) IJtwm1IP' o!f~ the 'yeaJr~ . 1 STARTS: Manchester W'arehouse Dec 19 :5110w' '(II u b retu rn t-o Ihe IlJ ni'on Chap1elto pllay their fr'ourth iChrim bll!etiide'sholw ~1i1 a row.ru: we've heard so far of their nevi .the for .''' __ VoIJ miiglhrt know . .apllenty.ojec. bUE rather than get~in. M/artlstsl m tllundton"'moo. Hidden CI Lib Oct 28 Dev HVlnes. _" ~ ..ath'...~rllill.. both more complex and more anrhemic than we've heard :fro'in...t are 'set The hard"partyjn.r¥ ""IC' ~ 1... urdGtll m •• ' . -MA STARTS: London Heaven" Nov 23 ALEX· MIURDOCH STARTS: lB. IPOssibl!e we'llllf1t~e to sei@ 'wIh1a/.NNlECOAl/artiltst . newts.on 1M83 STARTS: London Heaven..CE!' d!ebllJt~ NME~C.t aJrrud '51 id~est i'ntarnatillon y'et 'HUPS bvat 'Cargo for-. flogging tickets in local record shops to keep the booking: fees... Nov 1 C'AMP STARTS: London Cargo..A:-· 'SIIX Tilley had to bicJk down on call1ljn..JiliOI. ~I .eo return of th ~~~ un 8r.~.re .~_ III V ~IDemolli'shed lhoughts.ger IMoLiSle ls back on board! . .e... Nov 24 ~!tlr "=!..:stJ:1 ytJU . d. 'W!ha. ~-== .f.ewY. head Ilne sjhow~Fmngers the snotty O~~ftS your peril.-1 -. C:h~UlI0estu rifle frst date ls siod out.eat~sEve .M/artis'fsl cenbra''''ballq IIME.COM/artists! illllilW".:. n named sev·enth u allbUlml~ And yes" IDllml. ..t.IN. eer tour of cosy venues.hem yet. ..I'''. terroriiSie th e UlK~Mli·S'S. poshest-Chrisrian-named and prettiest-faced hand .. ~ Ha unt. Feb 3 IPreviewhlg SiOlnp.g thei r .~ lIIiIIo~I:"lII'Ii'I·1 ~II.··· JI_~ .. hi 1111~· Shepherds Bush Empire. with a! W··"-.".lI!n~ ~ .tory~ Nov 27 The 5'on ~c Youth ..ME-~AIA~rtists~em'1. at Icr. rt.. -.has been. Guitarist FtUx t White.attjh the IFltieli1rcht dreamwav.·~11.a'lIfi .". IBeml lnn~sidi siinger·~songwrrt.eo .Iii... Erika MIAnderson Ibri'ngs jlPa'st UfE! MartVfed SaJ'ntsPi on tour iin su PPlrt of 2:~il.MII!.o ff' show ..1r ng' has IpllentV' mere to ofl1"er. ittl· ~ ~~~.COAf/artiStsl Promectj Capital FM Arena. d forthcoming third a~bUln 'ICTivefl TOoThe 'Wi~d' (due .COM/a.~ BLOOD 'ORAJNIGE STARTS: london Basement.NME~COMla.. "NME~C'OMlartimlthe- ·SLDWCWIB STAR'IS: london Chapel j IFOALS Unjon i THE BLACK KEYS STARTS: Nottingham YO-_.yet.~ E)tlpe. talk.-.. Nov 20 -mhey mull' their .ossedi iit 'won' be their-Ilast~ STARTS: London. frCim t'hei'li" a'S. ~ l. Dec 1 STARTS: Oxford Town Hall~ Oct 24 Th oh-so-w elcom..~+-nl..l".aJ.t pr..31 '0 i1e.]l .stsl zultl""winte-r b:Jtad-orait91 IfDlcuwD.bomiilf..W WUIIull them are seven mo re second c.V.e artiis... aka...iltI 9 IDe..NME. Fac. I :0 ." Tih ei'r iinal s:how this year irS as ttl ose t.-' otherboards.cu.r15b/ mD' Arnrt:hOrn1IV Gonzamez• h . low: Bless. r STARTS: London 02 "ItE~CO.•.Academy Le lc est e rJ Mar 17 Dec 30 matt:abe:u' sID.~ngabout how hes ven(~y join the indie to elite alongside the Monkeys and Kasabian.aJlbwm 'L. eys k .CEIAEBRAL IBAL··. o'ta~o. .:!. old-fashinnedIive-sloggers roots. ..NME~COM/a'tlst5/ ...ar .gjl1oulliies._ .g: '1[00 big for their boots./' .tdlesfra m -5·-··_· . brut y~tUtan be SlJre' they'll :gfrvi@ it: everyth j'ng' liivel~.nnJanuaty) looks set to be a aI- blinder. STARTS: 02 . me-at~sm .o.l JeSUlSi~ one c!f the.. im from the ole '50LWndtnlc~ ~brut this ILtlndon .""E~COMlart-lsfS/toaI5 tlie--black .M.g B rookllyn to pllav' their 'Hirst leve:r IPUlli1lks.#iii.righton URS---QNI .ct calfolis .1 -\I"'a ______ it.t 20112 brjm1g5i = . our Maccabees are stay~'ngclose to their slew-building..O. NM'.tart..

IMad i~1 rlecisntly .Apolll!) 081014018000 6:['7].tlhe Emerge NMIE.l ./Tllie' Kill.272 '7)6<) ..b · mus:mc.[638 1~5Il 0141 331 2722 1 0122. ' EEK HUMEN lih'otifiUl'S.11 h Derre h 0: tf :.&: Houads OSlO 2:64 3333. Oit7Q 4J'1 2000 02 4caderny' Vidtolliila"itIVlM!.4""'0"1.aJl behe.c.IBalmd On llh~' Wa..' _..:rm~~1a'nt actory '.. ut ."t!.e~5.H.. lLine IlIDingluI's.• sed enougr nW .aSKe.Uk. ~W "it':::!'!!..ade Mon\awh '031123011094 'lih~ Mornor~ RQunilhmJ15e m~0'74817318 Stiff Uttle IFillileli'S :5lillb89 OID] . par.'"'.. '[hing~.and tll1evrll a:lso !be gea(IIlS' UPI to support Kamser iChiefs ~n IEUInlliJ mr 50 I yo I.vCUJ ~.g.::II~IW "-. COMlartist:sl . _'77 0116 262 $05~) ~)16i832Un Katr B O~'. rAMP ea..70 417 20'00 ~ l1IaFf2 .! 10. .go~lrnIg to tak!e pllace Wrnl cathedraJls~..111.mha~£.edi 1matiW1e~ shows ifcr th~ dams A .I!I !.IOUR STARTS: Leeds Cockpit October 12 If V(JiU bavelilft caught the Wedgewood Roams.i!:li r-C"1Il. .01791.eIi'SJ I'me:'sea Deilld Pe ople Green [)oor SOO~. Aruilm@m KOK() CJ207388 3222 BrublJI HmrliQn Niambillltta. f· d· h b "'m'm' F m wit h'~ Not to be missed.IHlats c~~ Ol41553 Nedry 13th INote IIAIm A.o..M JW!ifiH 'Vlnce"1 McUmtllSW GJlee cliMb 087] 472 0400 Kids ImlG..831 662'5 LON_ A_1fL75! Dll!!bll~!ilI Castile O~:O'7485 1773 BIf<a'!isll_t'5 Rldh Mil( run 7613 14'98 NEWtASflJE Bi~ V~ip.[emif.6.li1:oo 5~ her.5&707 Kirstv' NfII.e' At Silf/lDed Havana. f . 'II!. rOO ' ': ir . il!. g "_"' . ~ he HO[roFS. IBrili1!g' 'ClltsJlili on~ a NME.~ass Hmu~esJ1Firamoo9..0141 .EtJ~el 020 f2261006 H1g1ll1RiS{!' BroSiOOn MU5it ROom (112.a. II!.. an~l11i't Jn~Jwn fur comfy k NME' . .8 ROlil'llta look 'farvefliil 020 1~.d of songs [hat: make even more sense Iive.IDi PICK of the . debut.2rl3183J. :. 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F·:··.laifUS Ri~irSirl~ 1 While 'Primary Colours' helped the group ditch ehe goth tag they '~d erroneously...'W'eife Phmi$edi Jet P.2350lJ8 lLUMINGIGN SPA 0\20 76131'9'88 IKitayailii 9. ~ I· :. I···. they miilih1t lh3Lve..o r.:m1l.' .I D~mogl[SedlJTrhe '~f1oolres lfffile (~oler OUI 945 09'ijl9 ~roll!!d Gall€!ri'eS 0207482 3867 DiKte Wllitth/Rmadsa'WJ:SMQJ. menrionec . £'10'.08'/0 411.' '.(atS1!he 0161 237 9485 ons nels rRluby FI~' 016:l834 B9~ teu 'lihe R@lrnmg iMdOLhesli)eif A:cadle niV !J.takl ng that cree)PV Don't Mliss Radlar Stars IiMIiRGIi NMIIi RA. o:n 9286 3.. support rrom . 01'9...4 '62464.:r. ~'"'' -".!lm HClfnl OHll·al5314. 1[=. '~here'sl daubl mthe ctrua. .e~eli' UlIIrphy' G~ H20 l'6fYl ]£H.WaJP 'fr'om bilil d t:Q lbaJi1dl~~. .and hiffingtl'u~i'lr silride~'Whio.alfi.a.[ 26-1 4386 Nelia .\!.g I_ :I~' the seco:nd leg of.ue OJ. the year that The Horrors went f~o:m.f~ Messilh prince Allbe.894 2'67 05...).\i'er"lihe.! october 14. tlhe 'tri'p" .AR T. NI~ki'& Th~ FJO'H~~ ' and IilZ Deattlir.:3JIi'e' now intlD 'l'llnG·c.1(.. I and Efnm i'n.!lmtmolfild Roddy' Fmllme 02 ABE 0870 903 3A~4 walkW! Waigy! Oralm Mor BELFASI B~SSI~ Umelii'§ht028 '900:2 $~4.' I_limn The G101012' 077.4 2U121..2: IIIR11!IN&IiIAM JOJ!liI'til'!dJatl Symphony Hal II '012J 7B03l11 Keti IHim50nJit~.241 0095 f J Ulm lceJ\Kgmp.rIWi IdHfe HC»i.. d . AlJIE"n IL~ 1 ~' .lon SquaWEi' Bar & 'Gr~1111 '2076]3 07'1)9 0 DaJe b.. aarnered on their ..'_ L I·.A.ruIID.Iit~PmmaJf5@(1~.vas un:m... ever=.....200{JI Henman D~U'u~/Seal1 Itl1/ll1le Reyaru F'1i We ~ni:QnI rful.. ~Jcreatur~ owt on to Ulf~And! iin a IP~O'LlliS1move~.ill i@@ any~m~fllJ Im'ow:'5'. 02 0870 4'77 2000 0141552 9224 IIRIiF:IELD RI'!z2h! Kljjkii ~niveliS.1 :I""'/--~~~~".l~lIIi~o IHaif Moon 020 7274 2733 'wu. -h reeo .nys ~ 'I··' 1.'MmfJiil/Omiver KtliglU 5:laughtered liLtlliillb 0.' wOOf.. I J:.lM.ina. 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'tllel Enemy Emrtl£!r~rise ()!20 7485 2659 [1'mlJJdi cmnli'i'0VBilg DeHJI SiLdJl'd NOmIGJIA.l!I". I.1 Ji .. 'j"' ..t g..'. it rsn "jt .. = "i .. to' make sense.011.olno !Ij~I~iI''''l A "'II~.Jf~I!.ki ... IUlariliinfs. Norwich..!llfSeilif MU~i'(.·'=·:.ect prnvi'l~w5~ 'w~11 CIlIrrent.223 5115H lihi!llimvelllll161 Bmd piJrtJl:and A!rms..:iL ""vO.3:[9614lI'0milElY Ilqr'dh~'iOllilb 02 Acad~my .I... r:.r Will li" 4io1Ji.1 '~. let .1 ~5093 :5alfiJh Bllsim i-lare & sou ntis 0810 2643ID 5l(JliJm~~i&n'O"hes~ra Acad:elfny l.. ::I!s itzrttstS.aft!1barrkhol!ls@ fairmfilIPil[khw~f)iik Pi~.·.'79'36148J1 'WAKE. ~I.ap phio.0''J'li2~ 8J53Hip."'.to·'. m den' indullE! tlh. ~ I' t goes WIt hout saYln.2 5Q3S8B BRIGII'I'OfIIII OU3244l446 VIlli U.pam" 50... 'C'apntain'iS Yourr fJerntl1se 0122. .. amid the fuzz and feedba acx.moth that iis..rt . VilfBill..9 zozs .r..ahead !of debut aIDbum smmgl.1D001iedalble Fev.· I. ood to great.. 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October rr .aJlillilollJlnc.tribes ow r '1irilbes...aI' Save '\\'Olilli Itredb ~odk (1ity 087113100000 j.'" . O'liiell' bml11als Arts Centre om.mg T he Rain' are the . 'Sky· jng' was .. xom 0'20 772~'~59 1 IUJICIiESiIEII Oilamn The Hal! Itt·O.. jf:s all ... Bel1av .)E! 'IJ.

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Shel!llilEmmv Tilte' GIil!aIl rlwtil.Fe~t East 0210 1.2564Spedtaffi.e ~' ~1[273673 sn 'wei Were Pfilltmise~ .553<)8 Tilt!' [fleeing 02 :SIine:. 248 5'lll7 Wi I~ iii a Ife' &: Hounds 0870 264 3333 BOUIINEMOUTIII scott MMtliews {)I\d Fire Sta.!.Off ILl~t/mnooll1il!ltI~Me' Rooms 0]15.b'IrrI'Yumg & 'lUher MilrMills 02.-aD 'TALUI1I1 BlI~iide' ILolllliJ5: Oriril 01i'2:i 853.-g 100 'OllUb 0(20 '7636 0i9'3J MAIKHEiTrER hVZ.'2 SPM..mvefS.113019297 Ell IN BO R.GfaJiiildli41847 0820 0 Ed 'Sheelfam 0\2·ABC if 02 Academv ShD:ta/iltmlill 0010 4.60:]51.iiVtioo f.2000 m GI1m~poe.9 3563 PRESTON] ltelWii51m M\adl Fefifet 01919. Tiltfl' KaIb@@dli!'S FIIr.3m IEM. 1_110111 B!Uiffo''t.!.i!:.. mJs lrutasque 015].J(n NontNGJ.IEtusim!'!Iall ox.9944 . [·omtitUibi'cliliii 1 'IJ!. 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Arts InstiMe 08.v OU8 9~8l441 DeVilio SuDB9 oa71 2"30 lU94 VI IIamte.2564 Glow IncJlfg~ @ Time 02: AJr:ena 0870 10J.$i \i1Jlmi~ki013].Me' 5i IIlQ'uett..eime Time'Hope 012/3123 568 'IIi1I:e ViI:efll~lnesl6"d 1JJ1Itk' J t)l1. °11°0' fhe KiWis ConCOf'd~ 2'. .e1.D Wlid'dfe'IFilngl!li' :sallllJJte liqlllliidllRnoiiil OBi 27~.24.'m~' 'yu ..2 . ·47489 CARlI FF' lIih.4444 IHh~i1r"E!tlll'7R!Qundhou®e 0\207482 73].shack leJ.'M!II !I!O 'The lilh.ru:Il'Va Mlty/Amd IJJtgiis 'WI ..l'"f}Oint IBaII room 020 1:¢35.8iO 47i 2.8 0(2. ~~I"" I . Nanrlb:u~m :SliiJEI~ht Kldl Bod~g..]'.20123 2199 0:11. -' ~{1l~.340.70 477 2000 lLilie.I!!I h. 020 1l'90U09 sarab BIa.jjltBire 0113122..9 .adern'!l 0870 4772000 1b:l!IIh~ne.on 02'07837 '5387 IMi fee 'It:armpi [JIlnd'~if\vQtldl 02'0 74821932 IMmnllDi lemm:a.3li0312 D~rnb. 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Jootes.(100 IONDDII (Front Bar) OU7 987 ·4:l44 lhe ilJl. 97018.0 907 0999 ~e''& :stattm. iEnSlDe' 02 AcAdemY' 087'0 ~.5tU MI/Dl DeatllIi"aV:S01 .amimr IIH~m.0]3[.'dle y '0810 477 .39 ~09~ D~ Hlns ~'0l1jUll1l5'51·OO1/ShelldiH11 e:~i1Iri~hlAlI!bIJUil Sum $i I'lief IBlUIliet 02'0 71619 3639 lH:eai" tlie Emo.029 ..: O~j .5i New IU. Hot.: O~[2254D4445 BEIl!FAST hcky Green (h~~1 At1:sCe ntre 'f}J.l< _.~6 5806 :5gp.1iudt~ Jr JifJlLife' lin "1m Club NME @ Kolka.t O~r Irroomi·lS~)19'l.1 F"alm0\2' .tte IIMJI~lIHmA' He BI. 5tar Of Kings.(.505401 leatseehr' C:lllllib v rtlIar i'a.re III AriiilS 020 724'9 muo llIte' MerllY '~lIlg Qpi~ Of Uf.. 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ili1"Io'.. upTrarilg. AMERIC'AN BOYS . Ji. lJJ~ftin(i!!.MS QS.ger.iIar.167m some songs-. pre"- IillhU~ Hamish .teadv beat nu m b~r wirth a delllmgl1tflilllyri.ol!I~ Oli' ~!:q1Ie ~[t.W'J ~idl\l rofibiilt&:t'L o!. he 'win . You co u dJ've bowed me ov. already he.up 'will 'S¥nl8cltion Mlllapr Nicola.Aplii .c~J'OVATOR A""ullt..Tom Dobb~ ~e:.. Iha¥e ever Ihoo"~Tragiically. "10 IJr JJc'II'~i i'n iIIWEi~ilubli~ lIu!lrlmE'. '..II" liB luIWlnz.lElan P:IClture IAIltDi' saliah AIild:er. 'litih'ha Snillida~elt673l) IH.rtethq lI'hili1 PeliniGn (ext sn~ 'liiIJlfIiIJennings PNdltct'lcm . r Eme M i les(ext. !N! P!!i5tma. show~ SaJJi1fllmV'S.iW:.gave 'tltte 'womld ~C'monEverybodY'" diiscusses his pass'ions.porter rom (Jood~1fI (:elt 6871) ..' and getring his associare 'ri:onel Bart '6Nho ill 1'96. (jrai~g Dougl.~f~e..d. iI.' IH'eld Of lI..mrl"'" th~f1l .:x1~ .'!e I•• ..NE'W ~~ us t cs t EX'PR ES. GIi'IDII.. make Larry Parnes' approach 1[0 rock music seem redundant. IJIIlai' Luke lew.!5I!.e of begin releasing the records that wil 'I s\vifdy start to..iii.!!.a !fO}"'_(i848su~lptlil111:rate5:i ~um~ 'toiM (Q)l!ODJOm:&pnl'hla. 1. INSERT SALES Ad IIIIMJti" Zoo Freemanl (<ext 3'70'7l 5XKlltive ROJ1:~tlneBill IlcIPii(e~ 37U9) IPOBLISHNJ'G.gr ~ir't~ !..-liLa.i!~ !4IitOl' 'liim 011 il!$trI!!r "nigr"Vldliio DH4 .UiJ-UI-tgrl 1..I'Cldii'iERiii£ti:l·jIl'NUElmLdi." i!ih!l ~i'iirnr~ r'hg r.67<O7} p'eat'h..i«!t.. ~~~ ~[J1e:ni b)l1j.o nl!!'!i!:l!... ~ ilG.~!!l5:ir7O.€p:ri~ irtC:h. emiijlljlcstrM~iEdraRt.2) AIIIIPnMIIJd"" lUec short '(ext 6736) BUsiness De¥el'oltent MI_ae:r r .c ..hiaft' iNQW iii.~mI iilll!d~ai!:.20' 3lAiB • ~xt) AslktInt arry Parnes has only been managing artists for 1[11ree ye.tate5 (IjIlrerterdt'f) ':!L~7!Ili~ r~tmf rtlNitll i!iiJeiita $2'8..eregu~ar missirue finlml (he US briilllg$.aLlgh an writes a ~ett.t1Nl::trk. M. mas'5ive~v successfull '~Only 16.'fi. renaming: him 'Steele. ~S'nIg: ri1s.i[la 'G_lll1Ifli\@hil Mor~i3!n'.[P.!th~SIH. Next year.!JJra $'M. 687l) RUinn IIews Editor Iltid< Malfruillfi (e:u 6 SS6) 1!ditarJ. II kinson (e:n 6a~~] W _tell' Klfissi MUl'ilWl1 Ntcn~'1 PA ti:areftlW.~.ABlItan1. I"raIii!CK.iii ~E~gsw. fit i:s on tIiIat vellY' UlIK'tow r on 'S." i .ttor KYllieWaiUs (e)t~6n6) He" Of ltiliillht AiiUlr!3w IMaitirs(ext.lit Diredcn~ Ib.('eMt 26U) .fddillen ater:ld .tor Piiu!!I'[lileal M'W' PIIblsltlllll' Ii~r Hollie DIsilo D [ext 684·8) <Jj. them well.. Two ye ars after that _..!i1i1uludl"n r.lPt:1~.xt6'(5) ..l'ljed ~in.~~..er from Ve.0 wH]' unleash OliverI) to write him Pidln' iNriIIINt..rd~'o!)"nbiioodorr~.ectflJl s references to some of hi'story's most rel~lowl:1ed remanees". IlirHtor Man II)!Cilwn:s (ex t 3l6Sj) Ifrnfiw MdI:l.I'stant.dril:'njW-i: ~ !III~~. IHI)[I~e-Aiilne S!itellr~v(en 6n:-5)r Tim lbolli1il5 (ed: .all-ef (ext 6864) D. "~ulapg Jade Bousfield (e!'Xt6'106j\.lest '~5"~:(. NlI LQtI.rnnded Ilikli! a j ac:k ass.5'O!ti iIIe r.'m:torney over you. 16.S.J4!i~11i' J!'o~i!l1' l¥et1~~ NJ O1OOl. - 11(a.~ tlr\!isit • !Franki'e V. .atu fday~..P Pn4u«ion M:Hi.. ll rleJru.i:UllabC!UlI~ ~OilLlr~ slept one hOIlJ t".t.with a slight chan.f"'!::.M~U. 'then womked alilid IV . !itit!:~!Jf!1~'(Iliih1m'i~:OM@rli. f:rteman (ext 6\10$) responds that I am".ufu5. "~It says in.lalllf.Ib •• al! . fi!OEliro: m lii. Bo~rd [e:u 68·88) !'~~Ol" ..L~-11l! I~ ~'e1i'OJfy 1'-'I~nl!J.2']-year-od IEddi@ will be'kill!ed in a..~_ Usa Cia".iJJ F'o~ter"hi I1MilIIton (ex t S-4. and you 1re: not .O16187~ 215. ••• • _. ADVER:frSJNG "'1 ntDtl.1it: qr'l:il. testament '[0 rhat. never received record royalties. He: encountered Tommy Hicks in the Stork Room on London's Re. and hidescribed as "amedlum pate'.e:r:: 5erm :aJIldn:55. fillm.MOIi.!.. in 'whi(. ~"A'sl'm tone' deaf.670) Head Of AI:ency SIlK.(whi. few.. f.aJfwar.-:. ~~ fl~.m.6WJ. 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A news replo rt 'says d1Jal ~~efrforts. {e1(t.rr£ ~ fu:.:ltO s:a.COM A.ap>es (e!1(toS6~) . ~64S.oml Persolnal it~.g.r GNuplr:Qlnl Dn~. N:(lImai-~li~1 (ra!ill~·(ext 6Sgi)...£6.. 617S) Mllftk_'. Sing) change -their last name to something provocative.es!!~th!2'~tt{i !itI. USJi" iMtIClJ5UB'OF'N_.1f~tt C. His...le~ lFilIbdlEl F (ext 6<l221~ Sally 1(I111glQ. charges as employees" and does not trea .a!n" Wlttol in 11958 .E f'o r ~'agaj'nvoti'ng m.ent Street and agreed to become his mana. aJlliriV.Plrnllufoftl .ulte a. NM.. is told billuntly: "You're no .I'n! is sbi~ly 'or.jl~~r:.. bIldOn 5UOSU I(ate. lpihil Wallis..hllillrTrnll:V Cheesman Ptdlllllhlng blRc.g.''l!ifi F.1S.b :. has hut shaped lare-yos.3P.i'i!S~ A lli'i!lI\e~I{Jnl'8ith~l1l~l5. 11[.eft ~ur Holllvwood every mOliini'ng at 2i30wn.career:.: ~U(Qj1e E-'1)4~~ Ul1~ s.to~a_:S@!P''for one week"!. P{i' BQX n:2't PetertrCll7i)\Ign PIE.i ~ance at Samlmv IDavis:t schedlul~e 'for his movi'e:: ~~iHelI.It ift) and hIs desire to come over tiO Iplav ilil E!n~alitdl .MaJl:Bah~ (~):.IDIirKtor IM~rlaIllIP~e:Fson (ext: 6:819) PkttIre Iillh.cuII (. Vin__ ce Eager) wondering. Re&(5tered'l)'tiIfE ~t Ol'li!!e.[irlts.atId aJ'E. Roti. elil rls DickEl r ~~ld(709) c:rntiYe Millil.'. (854) a.:1. Erie F. .ut'f.o:r:zo.re IIEKIIHU'MIII.ch may be 'West Sitle .t .h he here' thank:s.entitled to .(reatin Melli.!. of rhe acts '[hat follow will have very similar stories. AU.. 68~~) Ikppt. Ad a i'Iil' B!!III!ld (eltr 6704:h.[ that.ars.E1m' ~i ~JterIlt NJ ~{I~ rf'( riUtlire.. "It also says I have power O'f 3. q. 1~f1n .xt..loor. his.oliv-er S. Rob 1111I'!!Ili'it....e5t. Enni:s !<atGadh!l!lUm ~ Illes Arbery than anyone else E:VeJr" a -.~ OrleilYlrH:til b't'j.'i.1.any:'" 'When he C .Ii. Parnes corrects him.:rIIEiIIlIe'fimmi10'10 1iieIr~J!in '~~i!. :1960. ". NsIJii~~I~!lIPC 1.(hw ¢l1~til1!1:.bt Beetles rock~n':r-oUmore gesilnen "Ita Ii' 'liOfll". ~5.iiS9mlilJ.IIi!II~.4Q.aMft. .hi:re a. Parnes views his.t.COOL 1?erT~1I!d1£a'15 p~~'Il~1d i.SDREAM . .t6. 1. that. Ma£kf:n~iB {e..and 'imeet. thlat the by-then .hi..#!IJlew !PlClMed![IJ lUi'll.r:ls iifeaJ!l'r.90. Liverpool gr-oup by the name of The Silvcr Beetles to back his singerjohnny Gentle.5). 'Teen wdo'llFabia:1l tal ks about h'\5 musJ.M.Slory~ IPosSilbly oppusifte Harry Bel!afonte)~i and theliie~5 . Bii." a"(ir.Jut_rlll _ .t¥ I!dlteli Mi Ice 'Williams (!2Jd.acting skills f'il hope sume day' 'to be' realily good .1!:!fnUl1' I!l~ ~51!1~irtnH!rrl. N I!J mbeV' 0 ne j'n the NM E M ustc ChJalrtsl is Bobby Darin"s vers'iolfll of ~'Ma[kThe Km:i'f'e"• Eddie COdllf..jitmi!LI. P:rlnrK! Illttit'Il!Klb'n~m:."'mng five o.~h~i'ir_~n.. ('e!(!IU1'lm 6 . formula is simple but effective: find good-looking teenage boys who 'cam. Neil MIl:Steelii (e!ii.All MlHia.his boys" is. n(OlY' contract Dlput.tid (QIOpm1!es!r.5-0rn lil(!!lIK (B.of_aM .i'ng 'WillS reported IVfive hours!" specuit~flnas ~oElvis PrE!sf!~ts. Cl'4!'di~:Grd lfj~tlliil!'(liIK'!li'IiII!i'S'ooi'j!)~'0I.:_.f44I(O).

•.DO S.'OWfi8. aM... :1.'.insleeves a md a hand!flul of handmade covers featlJri'ng LOUD R H WAR (.' ' .'~. Plr.200l) DVD'of A track which ap peared: on a 1990 'fllaid i'5C gi'venaway ibvfanlin~ Hopeless}'y Devoted and Gofdmi#J. the band~s historic 2001 gig in 'uuba. ban d taliled The· LaI!J re ns. 'INati 0 nal TireaslJrr-eS:~ Need To Know:' On tne tPiictlJre 51eeV!f R'ichey i'snot.5+JiIJ No" NiOt 4 No.aUf the band's si'ngJes.r/ FDr she ha.~th~lng O!d of' IDB~P PUrn'ipl~ cU' ~rula sO~rn' SID1aJk~r ~4~ ~ l - lJ' '($~.rv.._'.~kh? a (+2-3~) M '~~5he~..' ".ClIlongsi'd one e by a...ST M~INDS IN R"OCIK'~IN'~R:OL.~ "_ e..".Q~eittllo 'Will"'@: :swhllJd~)edlilllillt~1b1yiliq: '~fruis ~ Iture w ~~ub siungJe? m 241'The....d 2000 had a !pia ure sl eeVE!'.._we .e«. .e2)0 . .l.ection of '.Compiled by 1tevo'r. band had wirth Castro about the gtg. -:1 a ~a. .m~5'Ocean Rain'.i ' .oe-. 15' Odoile. and the 'Show was atte nded by Flidel Castro himselit Til e DVD also includes Ii nte rviews and a docu mentarv abo ut the triPt Need 'To Know: 'The title co mes flioiml a co nve r-sati Olil the lIhe Man'ic5~ bass pllayer' Ire'leased his debutsole LP 'whine the band w~re 0 n a break between al bum s.->< .~cr.~ijgilill K Of IDoWN :1. ..ordedfo r just £2St the titl e 'is.muUi1wark Stlr.ll1A o.HERI glu ed.' [ .ilJPC_-h h-. 1+Z6D A rnli~f~r~n~lind Of IFi(X~9+.. i(lSIllu 2. wmitten by Edwards. Iffi~].1t.'. .at bag w i .linadow" 119lLorta" ..$.ms~ Simpliy Icurt lurt 'tll1le~e~DSlwolldland . :Il2 E.edly r~c. .ema!ill". 1Ii1i11.estern" soon afterward s.:104 m:~sarray. l7 '''he Thruil'~~[SNCilw" f'(iJii" ~hem to ~Sing It Badk~'.. N!mrmall NM.••..ess . The trae k doe'S not featulre '0 n the new (0 II..201IR:a!~pmnS1 27' Iri€!lrm" 21 Weak" 291Most ~-~-----------------------------~--------~~~-~-~--------------------------------~~------------------~---------~--------------~------------------~----~----~----~--------~ 00 CTORS' CORN __ MANICS RIET CallYourIelja 5Upe~fiml Here are' the gtmJ'ytJU mtlJtn't he without (1988) The self(1990) PREA..iddli"@55:~ crQil5wor..ire~.markJing tlile Fli!i'lHeerreet Ol(l'e Ollllt0' 'the Iha~: ins .taken from the band's first press release. "...na new title.' .. IS. ba~ d had pll~ted 0 n the :island.IL SI'X DEC.el. (it co ntal ned many SOl11gswhi eh ru mlinated on hi 5 fri e rndshilP with missing M aJnit~gu itaJrist Ri'chey Edwarns~ Front ma n James Dean Bradfield released his '501io al bum ''The Great W... for the B·side of'the ra-release of tyo u Love ill s' In 1992 • by iR'ichey Edwards...~th home. SJEPTEM'BER 24 AN'SWERS ACROSS ~S\vminmile~.4TWO pwiinc.. H\ilde PiIJ~!..Shake.)1 1(4--3-3' 21.. "'.NMI.w" 6 KllI"mlilj.21111 Beil' 22 OPP" 23. '" ..•. ~AVision of Dead Des.~ addr.!lilmd C:Oll1idiit~OIilS'a!PP~Y. :U)I E 15+lJ6A.. .No JillilI'fU!" ."._ "!.t..mWii!ii1 . ".." .d.r 16 ItS:~~28 ilcroSs.C.28 W!liIJm~ 3l0i ~)obl!'t 31 f. • : . .".Gl0rv 130K.pr~S'Sed.es~11 cass.'..arou l11."5UI iilmd . . . l j •.aJillabme .. .on news paper cLittlings fin an eed t punky debut si mgl e. ".X~INGI HE FINE.r sou NME &1 . .Hu:ngerjord :1 . .I h " we mal1y dOj]dar~ he. "'.to tllil@.oused~ 2 ~$It Me? 3 Fe ~" IRleot Radio ._xas 14\ .'" / I. N.Ar. ..a~ong. Po~h:e't S+24A. 9 • 6 '7 7 1O~11A Hanffi~Fi5w~ing crf~ 'W.y lIn P'~nk~. terms . 'IfoU.. f. '.EIltI~UiI.j. ' -_ - _ .~.a. .ymw ox.AIDES T FO'R ----------------------------------------------~--~-----------------------------~------~----------------------------~----------------~-~--------------~ ·~·· F G" 0-'" A B~ ' G NME s-'-w~~ .dOWIliJ) 19. 1 • .send ilt.clh. ostfjnsibl Y' to promote new al bl1l ~Know m Your EnemyiP~ was the first It time a western rock. It i j. when he tal d til em the perform. I "" -'.lcad)Ht :3:2 x.~ -~'ftd.'TA._ --. in the shot . Iilat 'Vet p roperily ln the band." '-"..6)1 ( 181['S:~~3."" '-""".. .elflrvel!ope' wirth 'tlhe.ance "can not be Iiouder tlilaJl 'wa_r~can it?'" track is a cover of wrre Need To Kl1Iow~fll e secret favou rites Echo & The BlLInnvme. .so. LOlildon Sill . ". with you r nam!!. More.t '9'tlh IFl'IOlft lI~ue' lF1i IilIIBUUdil1\g..eed To Know: The '501ilg 'was re.--becau se he took t he photo.'" .4'T€iI:P. r '..01ileii IB" 20:1:11. '-"' .~ o n Iy llfOOO flexittiscs 'were pressed 0 n which the M arniit:strack sat .in/J~Report.aJt MMf~..recorded a III d :sJve. rei eased wlhilethe band wen~~still unsignedl~ OnIy 300 eo ph!s were .of:EiJ M~KltmrvRev n~mlbe.s~ :1. "':21 D..._ '-.05S)1 D. slillirts and lIo-olks! !mt CDs. .•.'.f_f T'. DJ S.dhill\~... 33. ~"ge d~te" IiJlerore lleJd:aty" Oc. ..r -. .. .: ... wh'iile the rest were a miix of p.

channel ing th e spirit of' Attaboy 5 kip was to greatne 5S at T 1111 The' surely it ~ BN THEIIPASS. OVl!' tJIii@m!!)a few of us m1j)Jllag.NME The othe'rs.rove~~t's im P'Il rtant to III ate t al Aft'fi!'1i 'WEH!k's of r.and 'Vou betore the :li~1by' the way ( d i!sappoinmd you didn'''! IPocket siiF1_ging' .eleobro ught it to us' ~ BN Get in touch at the aoove claim their 'l"oucher addre.t'ih~eves..m-T QIfliI~. If Ke e 'w. RV JJ r is one of rGck"n~\rCl...LK AJBOUT aliG TALK' I From: Ryan i'nto (om lin ali1dedi the still@ !a!l1d 4i. but gi \len that nel the r of th ose t hin. AY EVJER!. :50:1 0! v IJrojelc~and li't diidn' disaPDoinL. ~ .o!rd~ iit wa's almost as if'the Im!@s~i. but YOlJl'lfie 'the clrliti. Ilttl e d lsappolnted to d iscove r that Runnie' h ad n~t FVI Jarvis a lreadv won GodUteGenius iin 1997tsO w@"re 'waaaaay ahead of vall However" I witnessed M r cocker 'fingerwag his way !long'time reader here.ear and he part of an aimo. aeeu ratel 'II rep 0 rt:ed eV1ewvt h ing that Ke+e and RUlss. ILETiliER.alild it was Re.wavs 'felt you 'were treated unfairly in te rms of backlash . p. tryi'ng to.: .S@NIMli.-~ ~-. check ~hem out.glv great as that Big Talk record wasiP- TO: RVln Ihim pelvic tlh rusting'.eail man.rom in has Jarvis Cocker.b:yBarry Nicolson. . • • '.~tlllie 1 Manchester to see of '~o\IiI1Ii11!1ln IPeo pl.about. I haven't a ways agreed wirth you guys.e~ (wh ich we IilIlav nell'er hear alaln~".ants press bV feeding us les. As From: ME To: Jafk Cooper KELE-GATE FrolU: Kenl Girand . ...'1 be Su rp r'" :ed s wen jou. fa'cial hair to boet. -11~r:!'c~ u:wuln II~I'S -lfin. say' t that in the i'ml@rvi@w~ 'Sowhat did you expect? Ijrust 'want. b oasti ng wo r~d-cl ass su rp risin..s.-.ell sald. K. Blloe P1arty spat furthers my views on that.e Ilike an absolute p!lea:5u~eto b@1 . aplpen ed hera.. Nlo!t on ltvdid we r1u)nage to meet. ~mean tlllie .a.IOIN OIF '1.AJA:E5 I IILL ~!I!i!!!!IVE IFf0:. him.delaJrmv relm1emibelf" ~na world of (allows wa n ke rs.....Pu I P~'5 W~1Ie a.. .ave II. t hose ies .BN ~B' .ow' m lOwe . iin ~he Cjrowl1 at on fllu IIP'~s 1!rjumplhant co-headl ine set at Reading and Leeds.peakelr"for abe ut a. "<.S GIE:T'QU'T OF HAND.NE So mel and mmy mlate Ilew' R(Jnn i1e' annllJ['d~:s.ed tee n. 'We'U plead glil i tv to that.ith in h·S rlghts to ~(:3J11 the media to r ou~e to plav gam es with the 'f'ablr'i ratl iii g q u otes or takl 1i1. on certain tbings.@si:denrt! From:NME 2000. y. s ka -p u n k roots" If ever there was a curveb all 'wait ing to be th rown to Kill e rs fans...L -:. Thanksagai'n . rh e crltkism w'ellve 'ft:!ce.~ !..-r ----dill' -III .thiat . I'was.and~eeDIUpthe.g the news" lK'ele's bioS'm1ade me quite' sick Ii111he sense he kept braggililg.~- wit in betwe1en s()ngst~)-the fin~1ja:w . I"m not '5U re w at poi nt hers. they are out of' this world! . I.Pi'erre lo:NME se~zedthe (Ipportll1nitv to tho ugh. burt Ihave al.and tltli's.ac"oW's.... HE: JAJ -Y Fro. memory-tarnish er.CO 'IBilll < NME=.I'kiddililg about it"'" well.IIr~!I! Itr.not be!'n n:o!mlinated 'for 'the Godl ike G.goodlworlk~ revisit his.m-' ~" ~~HI.~ -. TIH~INGI.. 'JkJ'1. ~~ ~Ib· E'iIflI." _ •• "./ (iii!0'G'5-' i .Jlarv went.tilllstapegoat you for simply reportin.S response.oM/ NMllENIAO."tlfJ..ertin.a:5 [most i1mpn:!5!5iiv'e was the' f_rans. 'Mj.ell1lii'U5award? F'oli starteltS . i." ~.~'I-y.llle' (an s.I~ .I\.a s.dro.cO'Mj --_. NNIEIMAGA···:· ·········Z:IINE ---- .: Granrt To::.p.H" WIE' IRESIPQND.'ollimati ens du rilng the l to hans' out and! drink'wiith themall .NMf. .Q_ '. He's w.BE:5.ppilnll' del ive rv l l rest O'f h~sband and the sUPPoirt bood M(~s.ly'onthe racts. but he sholl d 1.YOU G-:T liN T'QUIC.aJIi1i1I tllle'v deserued in the IR'IIL iil!V!i'I@w'~SSIlJe.pre rogafv-e. fm m1 the 'smooth moves dandlml machinie in ~Disco J Rtlnn i@' for p:r.g' we dldn't go looking for t his 'story. A I egacv-belsterer not a. Edited .: Jack COoper To:.R.1h is words: 0 LIt of GO ntext. 'sexLllall[!y' flrllstlr!art. l.II:ts ge 11U ine nice guys.spher.ived oVler th is woe affair se em 5 to boU down to th e fact that we.( ''': .at tae.ton last SaJturdav ~lfi~ lIi'Ii'~C' d.d h'·'me C .every w.mILll~.1w e.' gig at.. th is y.aJhhad lietu rned.cOIM IfACeaOOk.' Park and " a 1d10 Ugh I'm u sual ~V ptl cal of reun lo n see sh ows .ed to SMieaJkin to give Jarv and 'the gang the fu~ I (lcd. from his natUira To:.adin.---- 'iliWIin1E.IIIS @Vierv wOlrd~.g jjhls v. " ~ il ~ II. know 'there was at least one reader who read what you posted and made a.IEv.SMA] L TA.truly unbiased o. I think it's absollute blUllllsh'it how YCHU can do.-'. Tll) be' honest. 161..minute and a half! Anyway' I hope YOILll CJousjd@1!" Ih iml he's a -egeno tn the industry! l j. h:ave.i Ii ~ : .1.." IFI€ ~L'.'.ear I've been ~eft won dierinl~lI~ H'DW ITHE O-THIEIRS . ~UW ..ss'es~Winnersshou:ld' email let~~B@'nme.€' v.tJic ihill the 'set IlU b dowlil the 11ll31d and lot wo'U ld .j)Jndpeo.ageli as. D set.cs\~ 'What W..r-ecent.ed down 'from Scotland for ilt.lbiadl t-I\..!. ~ .c. to' a.piinion based sole.@~I. t hat's his. you didn't. Ihave to admit I was a.-.qu i'te . Iam wrliti ng to you guys 'to say thank 'vau for not on IV'writing abowt tille' ordea r but idso having tlile resolve'lo put 'the u nfi ltered aud i0 Up'.1essen in how to do them properly and leave us wanting more.edi you ttl.ir SOllJllmocfrn@ck and art1!r th@1 gig' waldu~d Bii'g 'Iallk.rnaHsts take. cAZllNE -.. .E!lrythinlwas perfect.ltte 1 1L exin.. NMf~ 1"mq uiite 'W3/Jb:1iI the. ' .

.ng~d the taee of el eetro nwC' music through samp ingl sll~glNr'iti I1lg~ et .. possi bly' c:ementin. II·..od for you" But.as w!elill as the ev~:fYOne in the 'first thre@. w. . . .' knows . 'j MO the coveted halii. he sh Qui d: be n ow but· e -3Jsrtt been aro un d long ern1ough~ Sa:r_ JDV Ford As ong as 'lihe smiths a. who [an name sense of icommunirtv~.aboLmt we'llll1e' w~111do on hi's ownt. but didn't Ilove I .' .atrJhes.. entertaining set. f bands with zany names..re not ~ duct. stop Fr1l1iD: .nd M.0" Best of the responses. Mines IKane . Who else cou Id wort tlheir way up the musical ladder by rnaldng lJaJlllet:-dancing spiders 100 k terrifyiingly f10ek"ntlioll on a stage?' The alii nual nominatioli1s for the' 2012 'indlilctees aren"1t 100 ki ng EOO shabby this tilme areu nd. perhaps most cru ci'allYt thev"re stll I making if eat . ~lllmet Triibes alfi@rth@jr set . Itt iclitael cartel" pop musi'c!.doing so weill .rd way bv ord e rimig 12 p iZZilS 'to her hOLmse.! 'cou lid we II 11'..aeher is.j'ust wondeming wlhIy The 'WtHllI0a. .nergeti c.av iinrto. n Iike the m an you 'too k that narne.ars have been to :5ee the Scotti':sh nt)~s@m:et'ohants ~~. . _".the re by potentia IV di 5P~ol\fi'ng Ei nste i n's fasta r than 'the spe ed of' theory of fE!'1 ativity' and {I (len iI1g tile door to the 'OIUTRAGED got me thl nk ing last week: so on. has been a.and In~ato ha~e theml back. theV~I1!' abou t .erve. bo ugjht i GALLAGHIE R' LETTER #~~642 iiI!Ii !I&iO stuff..on his lown. you tJh i'nlk deserves a spot in the' 'Hall of Fame" and who do yow ~hill1k's been overl..appearing on the shortlli st an! Gillns IN" Roses~ Red Hot Chil t P~ppers. the From::NME 10: Kate Deane Iha." so it warm's ml\f' To: lana Stag.ed case forthe defence of rhe Wombats will . U. has..'the eq uh/a~ent of caddvsha.il big 'iRan int. the Cleveland lailldmark~ To:'Grant The news that sdeflJtis'tS have di'soovernd neutrino partie es that can t rave.cky HO. Heart.ave' th.~~ei'a I !lliln' ftGI.t .adilng the part.growln lOin me n~)Wi Hie has !~1:5o s@emed to 'the next missive she sends.D II.' .ad v is e Kate agai n st inti udi ng her hom e ad dress. i'ncr. somewhere w. Ro.ave I- .ey done . ' .e is havinl a lood ~~ . ttl me.~= KE:R that Ih:12elnj:ovs 'The' K'f..Ion@ And. l'n ~U'Llii UY'II=. - .e' . somewhat wOrlrilled. the h a.A.:' .ve noth~ng to arld to this. H at off of thei r headl ime..J U IJJ _ will be revealed on Ajprii 11l4~.rtPi llhe SlilpemOV.RHOF 'willi f'orever bean absoll ute sh am .NME' 85 . Coo per f1inally' earned! h is we I des. ~'I~'~'~:i~. '~"'.):5 appea~i g a n for one' last tlllJr~ah 'that Iam su re~will' Ileave a SJllii'1!e .' .• . '~"Ik@dt ~ '5. howesver. Eric' IBAnd Raki m. her postcede an d heir te lep h oFIJe n umber in to teach her this because I~'ma.mikaze 85] ing' see ne. ' .ttS one of the gre'at...~il h1m say.~rm off etter. . at theJlr':separ~b! 'ways .gallong. wil be missed guys! From:NME lo~ Martin Reynel~ much Ilike ~he ImpcH1anc. I woulld .'from.are spllirttiqg' up. IlJS..traor-d~naire Alice. Mol er FROIM RUIRAlL shave a p oint or two off of th a..·'1'.Of You .. -II QlII~ I". wIth The others (.ght-po p 1i 'sharpen LIIP' hisl!o·ok . 'I W'O tJough every inductee s iru:e' it De\gan and it w. except to .. It I b e abl~e'ttl Friendster message mv p05sibll itv of ti me tr.(!~SiOiUrllded tau he' Ii'sdoing.all.. Daire Beare Ja(~'Wite will d efinitev be lndueled at 'Sum e po iot.and.C To::NME .chat . II'.."eforns . ""~·"t·······'·n····· "'.' . '" . .on my' 'fam 'for daysi vou tkkets 'f.~ven to tihem .. Th ev"re I"lealiV ni ce guysl Journal ists are Oepec 'e Mode ne\ller .gig-s Ihave b@~n OBIJIGA~O'RV rro" . u..deai~y new liIiI~al1'iried his. 2005 self to advise him to lo:NME' Iwas. Who do." M V O'wn pe rso nalllliatn:!d of'The Wornbats.alo ne L infl uenc ing nearlv evervone~ Dane'is MaRin Beastie Bovs.' ' "'.. ~ . is based on the be lief that pop m usl c. debut.and :$mi~e¥es. VO U f' egend 'will hereafter .a5) takins' tilm@'out to .ck '~utureitIler.. A ice. NO MOIA:! from:' Martin Reynelll Tu::NIIIE Gutted Dan3nananaylktoyd l .Janles Spat!h all dlcksl" And~ be falr. others welf'@ the (J n I'I" .1. 1'_. sh oul d never be lentli retv of Mu rp!h and eels o eUVfe'" If 'they bri'ng you ~50mlesm all m odicuml (}'f happiness. j~ heart to h ear that 'tlttey.g a spot for Robert S mlith's m ~y ~do mJlildsmeared lipstick at.i'th his (~aJJJghter®llh!iJes .~USTRAj'IA~ 'WR... . . deserved it. m' IU"'~' D-".always. 'that ~The D1ea'th ."!i'll1 5·_"0.ng In a.•.and . Donna." Beastie' IBoV5.v~.lil iI1g bltlgs . N'O"'N~ Mr (j.as mostl V de..YI!..ooked? light . ~~ II. time..and DANANAlNlANA.at TInI'ck eaJi1li~1i 'SUmmelij ~his.' .asth e So it's f.:' •.. 10.' who IriIlavbe ~east you wOln"t :@t 01 d and sh i~ making 'YOU the.".after . ~~hink ii't'sgreat 'that h~m a.edi1b~out but fu r Tile nthers..aft IndiUlct~es.view h e's workjng on. . ' < '.gill . lhe. which he'w.:u 1 h . An dI lhe B:lacklhearts" Do novan.Of BE!ing Idlle"~.git.NME' have a drink with tars.! ~ :~.arewe~ " demi'se' came' much too soon" 01] t in additio n to the Dananananavkrovd~vour two ex. bruItwll1at h. '!i"IY!!i.-- .. .e and :said" ~~ill's mlanrv not band 5.sllot at aestirval ~The (Ill re Ihave made it hllto the finall 15~.lnEINJ!W -: Fmm:AUen "o~NBE I l1thlnk: Noell Ga' .ghti es... then go. Joen Je1t.". ~ 'iii 'ill AIIIIIin . rnurndili1g off' my personall e ecklist of m llIsical !heroes to make it. .10"1' more tJourdat-es from himl.'~\re still out there sorn ewhE! re~ lOl1g Iive the lKa.aJlllllow the' new' ' to lin ~h:e. ~ tet's Dance 'to Joy DIvisjo nr' ii's a :gre1at fes. The Spi'nners.rraf Pirtute Shaw 5i'nploll1g'~ He seems.. That saidt {If' all 'the ban d s who comlP rlsed that shert-l lved lLondon's BLI m wrong? I"ve' seelil ~he rill Ihi!€! and 1!Jhey' had an e.JII[J!it.ts .wms of Red BLill~ -uell e d fi.AF . 00 Id ejaru late on a mOljlldy Ritz cracker~· BN vou eave behi nd. to th ere may be some truth in that last one'.e-'[) iving D ivisio n ~ B N oller The. Greal d i'SJoography and. I'm Alus-tli'"~I-I. Freddie Ki'ng~Laura Nyro~ Rufus 'W\ith Dhaka Klhanf.aJf. .p rOl1\g. but it lieallrV so :safe and so b land .·'~n""g"'-' '.. that~.ITES Fmm: lona.a.jo:urna~~s.. I' '.cruel mistress .•'.t.Dom came om1sta.::: .cement al tn.'HvaJl sin..ast two ye. The highlight of this week's NME.ti[ dick like that ~ BN pro position as.three .~ . fjh~1 be5t~mlosltf'ulill .of but II guess he' iistesting 'for evermore be enshri fie d 'the' w!aJter to see how on space .COM blogs STAJ' KE:R 10: NYE _____ _._' I r.I1l.orthe Oxford .d spot iin the Rock And Rolli Hall Of Fame. Re'st in peace ~ BN b@ an oaSi'~5mUlnii'~d ttJu r1l imllattt (Hlll1i1m~. SUPPo.agher.get anything . Fates. si rIgI es of the n OtIL). Ifeel fjhat if I(oliitilnllJle iin ~lhis¥ein 'the @tt@rwil ~ end ~~'OI!J tragad '~rOlin f"lUlraJJ] A!UstliaJiat~ so 1'111 now~. g.pres'Si ng readi ng. Somle .eve n th IlU\ehl they' c:ha. Idiidl wCi!rry rm 1(~1JiiVllg' new' 'Songs. . les WHO SHOULD BE IN THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME? EaJrl'ier' this V'8aJr shoct.DimE'S worth a damn. aren"1t 'j Mdu ded it can not be [onsiden!d Ie.!' SJOihalt@(1?' I just dO!FII~ underg:..o.t hvperbo ic others al bu m re. t From. The SmH:hs" EUack Flag or Pi'xies..'aictor .. I was voungand [ontrari'an and Ireally did t!h i11k ~This 1:5 For Th e Poor~ W. rocker e-x.NME diie ~oop.1 Ihe' ..n d liam Ihav'@'. - .' 1'5 O'Cwb~ 2'011 .ed the n II RA..nlill -11. SUImmer and W... 111ey aU '~igmedM~grueru~s drumstldk that I if3l1JIht:P~ Also .-. row5~'~hen:!' 'was a In:!aill T .' '". run thuslV~ uThev make good When nelth er Nirvana.

'we baa aone rotS la tast .-giimem of ImaFi[llIana~~. . The' Fucking Champ.[ive .·.. ~...musiCal acts that' NME . :.~~ . .'~l I".. ". ""." -s.=''"~d' .e'~'5 a."~' Qn". '..r1~"I.f'fa~e on:es. B'.' 'WHY ~V4·.1U~..EucleA Duck isfoke ~1ihM stulul1dllbe.""" I Zmii4c..'vo t. .. NWly'Deadl' ~~~. ~.I ..5 OctQb~l' .e pro.--. ". :' .' .-~ '. •• .-". ..(ln' epi:5odt . .' O'F ABIU.. GllJIr 's@cond greatest.:_.shame) NNI.~ei~~1 VVQ#'~ unf'5 a New Order '$0 Rg~The m ovi'e ls....sJJg1lS "1J ' .aJS nallJs~t~ng~ ~BIlJOWitt'S a.~ ~ .hllif~~.f t.·.""".•...ft Uf1iU.es@ comm unlit..v~...a 'she... ~.~~ !P...Pltdu!d Up QUI ~S.:__:_ .l. :thm .: "'.. _.l)rne' (rlght)~'The '.f:... ·"1 . .L ..:K" E.COM!bJa.ii'H'''.' _'.:-~".~"". ~! !JU '-"..u . W..md -. .ensaticn" . _~. ..flctionai1Jritish' tI:Iwn L..~Il~J·· 1.film an' the foll(YU)ing $f).J1l"TtzU..~i" . '::' ' '.I}~~~_...·rr.->-.·""b>'-t""'' J' ~' '· ...pWittg Fuek.1 c.-' ~J~t:-. ..L . ~~bevS.·"" mlt-'l..I ~ " !~·rem{.L Fl.\_IJJP .but ~eft. so-U:.. Fuck V. .. What was' the' nmne' rf:the therapist U"~ [ ..' ..1'.Drills" The Fu'Ckin' Shit Bisc-uits. I: ~U!~~U . L.2j Th~J .£! = .. .1:"..--::'-..gh a heavy n~.lmt "n 1fJhat .appeared' on' . .. ".Dog and PIDg w~n~ the -ern(llds\o. .. . ".W. bU~~ '-~~'J"~-~ ~-' ~ .J.aJS$j~ plic~ed WIP tJh~s II aJml8JZ~lJ1g' b oalk !on ~he 'Sp:ani'sh (JivH W. .rrect' Go to NIIEt.. 1ber.-.: . .'.' r Byrdsdn..J.~ .e ~ 'W..t.-' Th-.vr. 1~~..:I 4-L" tetter» ij-.FftCking' Wrath.. ~~" QUIESTI:OIN .."9 .~~' u!I: "v·~ .I•.of' most of those bands 'you went (f~er~r" huge Chiim.RiJ'j!.'P.lnk my.core ~ ...'".IANS' MIEMI'ORIES AFTIE:R A ILIFE'TIM . wlxiw' .~f~.~~ 11~_ Canada~sIbi.£"I1.dtililAgt' did. Droit:wiCh Spa and some others Huw much .~Il"N"'.___:_ ~- - .n J:I'J'~~-. a pllInk: s.~ I2 ..:.' :' 'Dnf:Hji' n . 'TlJP Of'lhe Po. ow"l!U on ~.: .P.Ctmnditm . with '~:aslh thiis bJUlK3'5etJ!ttish scene mrru fo.. .rFI~' 1f.tI:.N i'tk~~ba'cki NruJlmoelf twoJ...for n u.iis $. _:... - '_ _' - .~.fl"'.T IlwU1lJ..e <I<". . .E 1. ..hem? '~Offiic'ialversmcns?' lin rlee. Kr'.f.' "1.~w UPi in a ne ~ IhbOlllJlrh:Dod 'wi''d1 a I'..:1 (J.~ '~.s~~" Correct QUESTION .1-~~~d"~ ' ~.. 'l_dT'-':!l~Tnas~' J.Avril lavrn.-. .J.lIi""lt) We' .1'(J' .. ' .. -i!'i><Iit .. OXt 'Ti'g~~.()ugrJ.~. .haU Not IP.-t ..:WIi1i:~ fJUJt..• '.-""'. . r: UtJ!J!R''- PinA Byer is your' stage 'IJt111M.. .··· seen n:mJ~-n:" ~!!"OP-J~~'~....- ... 6. I started s1tloklng pOt' last year and l' th.e . P'!li'P('fAl~:".~()mesJ:·9 = :I'ii.. sensaUon~ DitzzV UDamn if! Vou~ rlght.obsessed 'wi'1tlhl tallkJin. IB:iS'OlJits ns fake.".. . QUEST-ION '.~ -~~ a~~~Jjf rh.DL'o .tlll~geilJy' cause when ytm played MTV Canada f~) in 1'(J\(J7~~' ~'ItWlars '2'~OOO-worth" The' second time tor sent.ifw.' '.. -:.~ VI" If" ...u. rem!ember' I than H~gh.anti Diane singS' . L. a relal bali1d~ II~ a fajn . . Name an dCtlItll Britisb.."..~tt" C(IITrI!ct' p...ii.. Gary The Therapist ~~lGarv ~flniitehl ad some IUnn~!:sollv... tlhaf:s my year .is Spanish.J1 The' .:__ _' C{)inct.. 1"'"'''' I:1L~f#' 1~!II!iI Leomlard [..lity~U w.1L!I'lW-' b~''''J -tr:J'oar-vi.~ .. r.ep~ II fill ln k. H~t~. . Nam€. Fuck A Du''''? ~~._~-.' FU "C"·'.best and 'worst mu sic iirn 1Jhe wOI1'IDdllr.E~I~ official versiJJm . DonlllS IPOoh1t5. ~.~tde. iF....mf.'(t s's O'.-.1_. ~'J" ~_.-~ go""e:/:".ilS 'iV'~ .$ I :tb. ~y~... ...f':~~~adJMluttom:\..".w..J1l. .~'Iill~. 'w.ar Ilast. 1"1...f J'l""MJi ..IBannaJked l:ldiM.STIN'G IMIUSIIIC. ChristmasJ .TE. .ltd Broken . 'eel: ~. AJ-.na:n.: .I D.~_ of.le' Spa. .f. ". "/. ~~_ .Je ..h:e d ragorru and vear 'Ilf 'the snat.2{)11 .it.S1jftlS '¥.n:h b~tmrmOlVif~ VOIllr Fat~' In MV S.and a. .. .u.. ' ':fi~:'' :lD .:t "1 Wrong. Then~"''s affiso V''eaJr a.._~_.. meM{).-~..J'.. ''yavt. ~'I . UlS a t)ilill f-or~~"! QUESTION 8.romlmO tfu~aLtW.J-'me'..1' ._...Ml!I' '.5 . 7/10 = ~~T.."."U<u('VY"Tt-:Uji F. ..~. "-!Ir"'.aaf ~' ~J-~ ~..li"~ ~'O:..'1".rn .' '...}j to A Wrong._~iI!'~ _w"J"Y" ."".I?..... Ulr". J.: ...' -.r"....fIg lyrics quottd?' -'~~"'~'''''' . ~ (.... I aJmJb? Or goat?' No.... .. .' ~\'FJY " ..fmnd ~" Tht.jo...g aJbolR other mlem1r's Ilernlses and plrivat.".lli"A! ...w:~ :v~~~ 1:.('AU ne~ u: lin :. _-fK ~~~ 'WlR .. Also .IO~ili1\g say' IO:i'" ssh'olle.9~OOO"WtJrth".:I~.tl~hH'O' ·...~ ~i' ...u 4"".. ....gs: to ..J if.it .tRat.oj Spa:~ ~Oh Imrv gosh..1M .... 1:11.fllese .~. - '... it on ttl..".'."".ab1bit ."IDI...~~= rc.-t1io9 .u''Urii~Jl .TI'O'N2.ggest High Firm/ltV?:" ..S.!I' sa Co. .l-/tv . '. V-H'-~ ~. is set' in the'..'-~~ rapsc I" Ions ~ uml _ WI! ~lCUborol1Jght.&!'II.J.-J'the . '" .. ~".-~~.('"i\..h4:vt.e_~'" Correa.jI'.' '. .·'l.. oth"-~... lLeaJm'irngtorn SiP-a? rm Boi'ng to Ileave ~tthefl'''e mtllll~r th3Jm1 make' up a blUU:h o. N(I. -:. "_. Aim Bnth Spaj Cheltenhmn Spa.Ch ~ '.fny_m Temptution' by' New Order..~ o~'· u.I. c- C~.!! JJane.. lt~. mw. "V' .'.. ...qfTJo They' Knuw It)..r . ."".in Troimpottlng ota leSt.!I d-I ~nQuru. VU. ...atthi'ng ttl. Yr£iliil'' ' ~.~~~ ZoJJnc' e Fuck.. Trainsl10tting started Dfake't 1fihe Drnaml 'WaJllrirors.'~iJ.~~·iJ~j I".£ 'VH." .see tire lull Brainre-Bs hall of tame (and' .·l.ohetl1u" 1i..~ TZ' A..J.L~. .". horse. .aj:tht AMerican rntilit:y'TV shtJw Newlyw:ed.f.bik' .ed lssues d h of~ 'iel(JUlallit.1.t_'. .'~u .i '-.u . --. ..v so I 'Showlld know ~hmse. ti'lm.in".!t . .J -.~-"'}:!i' 9 1 t1 1f:.em e 11 QUIESTI:OIN 6.'s a. . ~iH\iiJ haL! AIri'ght II can do tihi s..0 VAii.. .....~~ ~ o. ~.iViIi7.~"..that has nJfected it. laryan ~~/ Adains~Neill Young~ flrduring V.mnjJire: 'W~ektnd (/.. -.c.¥ at Heajhmw~.He tal ked adamantly about how hetero5eXIU3J~ he W3'S but he was. ··~.. 1 . Wron_g..'~e te wlipe that show from my tried Im:emorv tlhlliou.year~. A 1'Li-)R.1J.". lbere. v' ."~--e t .. lhat 00 ne they wife' .~' - I I" 1 s .:"...."'U..:I 'when Imr\" dat1l1i'ved .~.l~7aI ._:. .e.. .fr~'~ J:lIU'[~ ~:'.~jI :.' Fuck' Too (Jps~The &.--. :-'-.. .4 .. ... II -W-_.jI 1 ._-'J'J.~ what? ..E QUEST ON 7 ..e.. .t 1'''' UO" ..u.L\1F'Mlif .5' .. ..... - " .. !i!..':'_'1 S.S beuer '#-hran 1 tbo . "..~ LAI.:.: . r.0Iy uJk..._um' :'lJhe.":' wn Em1!gmand.i'i.-.ry would baoe heen = Number one" our Iproudest athiif~ement.

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