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70823323 Erbs Void Ab Initio

70823323 Erbs Void Ab Initio

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Published by: Julie Hatcher-Julie Munoz Jackson on Jan 23, 2012
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State of Wisconsin

Circuit Court III

Chippewa County

IN RE THE MARRIAGE OF Jeffrey P. Erbs Petitioner CASE NO 2010FA11 Vs Mary Ann Erbs Respondent Void, Ab Initio

Comes now, Jeffrey P. Erbs upon Void, Ab Initio whereby this court, by and through various actors, and Actions has been made failure to function, non-existent, and moot, whereby any and all Orders are and shall be made void, since Inception of this case upon default Judgment of January 19, 2010 having found no Response, Objection, nor Show of Respondent on or before this date. All other Actions by and through various Actors have presented Vexed question, Constituting Vexatious Litigation outside of Judicial Ability, and outside of Judicial Immunity whereby having Found no Ability to Act maintaining that Citizens have been Juring the Realm created by Canon, Act, Code, and Constitution without ability to make said orders, allowing them to be Void, in their entirety and from Inception of this Cause in Action.


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