COPEN-7 : 2011

An International Conference

On December 10-11, 2011 at COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, PUNE


Production Engineering Department

College of Engineering, Pune
Shivajinagar, Pune - 411 005. (Maharashtra) INDIA Tel.: +91-20-25541367, 25507282/84/89, 25507393 Fax: +91-20-25507299 e-mail: Website :

the science and engineering of manufacturing technologyis finding expanding ranges of applications. OBJECTIVES This two-day event will bring together experts in nanoscale manufacturing to showcase developing process methods for nanomanufacturing and to plan synergistic approaches for advancing manufacturing platforms with potential for scale-up. The seventh in series is scheduled to be held on 10th and 11th December 2011. Chennai. Jadavpur University. connection.THEME A key objective of the COPEN vision is to identify emerging trends and provide strategic directions in the field of advance manufacturing. Micro. A primary objective is to highlight those areas of practice that stand out from the general nanotechnology and nanoscience themes as being near-term and having the potential to facilitate the commercial development and/or marketable application of nanoscale systems and devices. and synergy between applications (e. Micro and Nano Engineering. and will greatly impact our society and environment by speeding up scientiûc discovery.g.. at Trivandrum. research and academic organisations and public bodies. Meso. ABOUT COPEN-7 Nanomanufacturing is an emerging technology in the synthesis of nanomaterials. communication. Strong industrial participation is sought to highlight the diversity and commonalities of industrial automation needs and solutions. .and nanotechnology based products and services. nanosystems and the relevant characterization technologies. India and sixth was held during 11-12 December. and sensing technologies. It is widely acknowledged that the developments in micro.and nanomanufacturing technologies are strategically important for increasing global market of micro. historical city in India having glorious past and bright future in the field of education. In particular the COPEN vision addresses the strategic research priorities in four key areas: Precision. micro and nano systems) and their analytic foundations. at College of Engineering. The fifth was held on 13th and 14th December 2007. PSG College of Technology. Coimbtore. 2009 at PSG College of Technology and Amrita School of Engineering. In 2005. First COPEN was held at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. With the rapid advances of processing. The COPEN Conferences continues to grow as the place where manufacturers gather to connect with the pace of innovation. promoting technological development. The COPEN-7 will be organized in Pune. Coimbatore organized the second COPEN in 2002 and the third one was held at the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute at Bangalore.and nanomanufacturing is a highly resource and knowledge intensive sector and capitalising on the latest technological developments can only be achieved by a concerted effort of industrial stakeholders. improving healthcare and living standards. meso. Pune. Kolkata was the venue for the fourth COPEN. This conference will aim to emphasize the partnership. manufacture of nanodevices. slowing down the exhaustion of energy resources etc. Amrita University. Special sessions will be organized in these areas. Kerala.

with double spacing and 25 mm margin on all sides. The abstract should essentially cover the objectives and scope of the paper. Design and Analysis at Micro scale Nano Scale Technologies Manufacturing of and with Nano materials. Hybrid Technologies. EDM. Positioning and handling Micro and Nano tribology Biological interface engineeringBio-medical applications CALL FOR PAPERS Papers on the earlier mentioned and related topics are invited for presentation at COPEN-7. Final acceptance of papers for presentation will be based on the decision of the review panel. Micro and Nano Metrology Products and their design Moving.00 Rs.00 Students and Research Scholars . and e-mail ID). Abstracts will be reviewed/assessed by a panel of experts.00 Delegates : from Academic Institutions and R&D Rs. fax no.3500.00 Rs. on or before due date and subsequently mail three hard copies by post. significant results and major conclusions.1000. Research Scholars Rs.00 USD 125.00 Registration Fee is to be paid by Crossed Demand Draft payable at Pune drawn in favour of “ Practising Engineers from Industry/R&D organisations PARTICIPATION AND REGISTRATION The conference is relevant to professionals from Academic Institutions. ECM. Authors are required to submit (3) three printed copies of the abstract in English. methodology adopted. Authors will be notified about the decision as soon as the assessment is complete and a format will be provided for submission of the final paper.SCOPE Precision Engineering Micro Manufacturing TechnologiesMicro Machining. The best paper presented shall be awarded prize in each of the following categories: .00 from Industries Rs.00 from Overseas USD 100. Industries and R & D Organisations. Laser. Abstracts may be forwarded through e-mail (in Word format). 1500. Composites and Nano Composites Nano scale manufacturing Surfaces studies at Nanoscale Modelling and Simulation Precision. for content and relevance. and the author’s affiliation.. Papers chosen for presentation will appear in pre-prints which will be distributed to participants at Faculty from Educational Institutions . Category of Participant Registration Fee Before Date After Date Full Time Students. full name and address ( including telephone no. COEP” or by cash along with registration form. should be typed on A4 size paper. . 2500.2500.3000. The abstract should not exceed 200 words.

1. Vikram Salunkhe. Information about the historical city of Pune and salient features of the conference shall be released on the occasion.Ahuja. SCIMST. (Dr. Jadavpur University. 2011 16. (Dr.00 each Half Page (Colour) : Rs. Ganesh Udupa. Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology [IIST] Members: Mr.00 each Quarter Page (B &W) : Rs.000. Kollam. Pune. Accurate Engineering Company Pvt. Chattopadhyay. UK Prof. Basu. India Co-Chairman: Prof. India Chairman: .00 each Back Page (Colour) : Rs. . Radhakrishnan.000.000. India Dr. B. 2011 31. 2011 30. A. (Dr. India Prof.) Bhattacharyya. K. 2011 30.) S. USA Prof. G. 3.B. David Allen. 15. 6.00 each Ordinary Full Page (Colour) : Rs. Chandrasekhar Purdue. Arvind Patel..) B. 2011 CONFERENCE EVENTS Inaugural Function State of the Art Lectures Keynote Lectures on current topics of interest in advanced manufacturing technology by eminent personalities from industry and academics. Cranfeld. Advertisements shall be accepted according to the tariffs as under : Inside Front & Back Page (Colour) : Rs. R &D and Industry Cultural Evening Conference Dinner Valedictory Session SOUVENIR A souvenir incorporating seminar proceedings.K.IMPORTANT DATES Last date for Submission of Abstract Last date of confirmation of Abstract Last date for Submission of Paper Last date for Confirmation of Acceptance of Paper Last date for Registration (Concessional Fee) : : : : : July August September October November 15. Sahajanand Laser. lIT Kharagpur. (Dr. S.00 each ADVISORY COMMITTEE Mr. 20.) V. Parallel Technical Sessions and paper presentations Special session to provide interaction between Academics. MD. Kolkata. Ltd. Pune.. Ahmedabad. MD. Trivandrum Prof S. Amrita. selected papers. India Dr. Bhuvaneshwar. and other contributions. India Prof.500. Pune. messages..000. College of Engineering. College of Engineering. India Prof.

UNCC. lIT Madras. statesman. India Dr. MT AB. this historical institute has created its own glorious brand worldwide. the institute is privileged to have many FIRSTs to its credentials and it is consistently contributing to the development of Technical education. With the onset of liberalization and globalization in the education sector in the last decade. M. UIUC. Post independence. V K. India Dr. V. NWU. the only two Indians to have been conferred with the distinguished IEEE Medal of Honor awards. India Prof. UNL. Shunmugam. lIT Madras. Gautam Biswas. PSG. DST. Milind Kulkarni.USA Prof. researchers.. Me Geough. this old institute geared itself up for . India Prof. Sairaman. It is the proud “Alma mater” of illustrious and towering alumni like Bhartaratna Sir M. playing parental and mentor’s role for other Engineering colleges in the state. lIT Delhi. Anil Saharasbudhe. S. India Prof. MD. India Prof. Joshi. first lady mechanical engineer of India and many other techno-preneurs. India Mr. India Mr. this state Government owned college. P. Established in 1854. India Dr. USA Prof. Jayshree Mani. Vijay Kelkar. GIT. and Padmashree Leela Poonawala. Nebraska. Prasada Raju... K. Tokyo. USA Prof. Coimbatore. P. educationists... Ramesh Babu. Pune is one of the oldest and premier Engineering Education Institutes in India. Jain. N. Chennai. lIT Madras. Padmabhushan Prof. TUA T. Shreyes Melkote. JA. College of Engineering.. Rao. Coimbatore. GMT Ltd. Visvesvarayya.. Vorburger. Joshi Srikant. Yeo Swee Hock. Being the oldest. lIT Bombay. NTU. Bangalore. M. Germany Prof. India Prof Rajurkar. Chennai. India Prof. Institute of Advanced Studies. D. Director.. affiliated to University of Pune. New Delhi. ARCI. Weckenmann. at large. It has been setting trends and continuously evolving with better education practices for others to follow. S. Pune. Director. Patel. Jay Raja. Kapoor. S. India Prof Gowri. Satyan. Kunieda. CMERI. serving mankind round the globe. Singaperumal. Japan Prof. M. USA Prof. V. Thomas Kailath and Prof.USA Ms.. New Delhi. Erlangen. Singapore ABOUT COEP College of Engineering. NIST.. K.. USA Prof. B. PSG. Shirke. R. India Prof Mohanram. Chennai. Radhakrishnan. has been regarded as Regional Centre of Educational Excellence. N. DST. T.P. in the country. Shiv G. Kornel Ehmann.Dr. Director. Durgapur. QFM.. Hyderabad. Dr. C. A. synonymous with quality education in Engineering and Technology. UK Mr. P. Director. India Prof. lIT Kanpur. AU. CMTI.S. India Prof. Padmashree B G. India Prof. India Dr.

and its population is close to 4 million. surrounded by hills all around. Pune is known by a variety of adjectives : Queen of the Deccan. WELCOME TO PUNE Pune is a city of historic importance and also the centre of learning. it has a pleasant climate.I. Oxford of the East. It is a city poised to become a leader of this millenium. making a complete turn-around and the college is now close to achieving excellence like IITs of India. How to reach PUNE Jail Road Mu Lohgaon Air Port la-M utha River To Alandi Bo at Clu b Yerawada Bridge Pune-A'Nagar Rd. administrative and managerial levels. towards enriched commitment to Quality and Excellence.Mula and Mutha flow through Pune city. It is also one of the most known industrial places in the country. Pune is a city with a glorious past. The boundaries of this city extend in all directions encompassing an area of over four hundred square kilometeres. Three dams on these rivers provide ample water supply to the city. Parvati. To Solapur COEP To Pune Camp g jina hiva To S ar Pune Railway Station Jahingir Hospital Station Road Hotel Blue Diamond . The full AUTONOMOUS status granted by the relevant authorities in 2003.D.spherical transformation in all facets of its functioning. rejuvenated this institute with regard to its academic models. Situated at a height of 559 meters above mean sea level. Details on accommodation will be put up on the website. human resource and all stakeholders in general. Shaniwarwada. Kelkar Museum. Ro a Ruby Hall d To Zilla Parishad ACCOMODATION Accommodation could be arranged on specific request. The saga of change over began since the grant of autonomy and with the active involvement and support of eminent Board of Governors of the institute. Sangam Bridge To Mumba i C. Sinhagad Fort. several measures have been undertaken at the academic. Pensioners’ Paradise. Pune is among the greenest urban areas in the country with forty per cent of its land under green cover. Cultural capital of Maharashtra. Two rivers .O. infrastructure. Indian Airlines R. It is very well connected to all parts of the country by Air. an innovative present and a promising future. Rail and Road. Sarasbaug are some of the prominent places one must visit while in Pune.T. Agakhan Palace.

Registration Form COPEN-7 : 2011 December 10 & 11. Signature and Stamp of Sponsoring Authority Name and Address of Company / Organization:_______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Telephone No.:___________________________________Fax No. Date Amount (Rs. Shivajinagar.:_______________________ E-mail :______________________________________________________________________ .) Drawee Bank (Name & Signature of Participant) If sponsored by company / organization Designation. in Block Letters) Designation : __________________________________________________________________ Organization :__________________________________________________________________ Experience Industrial: _____________Teaching: _______________Research: _______________ Correspondence Address:________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________PIN CODE:____________________ Telephone No. 2011 at College of Engineering. Name. Pune 411 005 (Maharashtra) INDIA Full Name of Participant :________________________________________________________ ( Surname first.:_______________________________ E-mail ID:_____________________________________________________________________ Details of Registration : Category Demand Draft No.:__________________________ Fax No.

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