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Rodrigo A. Taipe IB T.O.K Mr.

Reed January 12, 2012 The Knowers Perspective During my English class, I had troubles expressing myself. I couldnt find the right words to express my ideas. This personal experience relates to the T.O.K topic of Language. This relates to the T.O.K topic of Language because sometimes Language is a barrier for me. Ideas that I can easily express in Spanish, I cant express them in English. During my English class, I wanted to talk about a famous Latin American proverb, but I couldnt translate it in English. My vocabulary is still limited and I pronounce English words as Im speaking in Spanish. I felt really frustrated for being able to express that I really though about the topic that we were discussing (magical realism and its relation to Like Water For Chocolate). My experience also relates to the T.O.K topic of Emotions, more specifically to anger. When I couldnt say anything, I just stood quiet for a while and I felt that I couldnt think clearly. I felt that my vision blurred and that I couldnt focus in what they were talking about. Also during the same classmates were using the word Swag frequently. I couldnt understand what they were talking about. Some expressions or some words are unknown for me like: Swag. I asked them what does Swag means; they couldnt give me an answer. They just gave me words that relate to the meaning of Swag. They said it was cool or funny.