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it is the basic total quality book it cover all the aspects of quality.
hope you like it
it is the basic total quality book it cover all the aspects of quality.
hope you like it

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Published by: imran27pk on Nov 12, 2008
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Bottlenecks occur when the flow of goods and services through a system is
constrained causing material to backup much like water behind a dam. An offshoot of
JIT is the operation of a firm according to the Theory of Constraints. The Theory of
Constraints states that production improvement can only occur when the largest
bottleneck is identified and removed. What good does it do to improve lesser
functions and still constrain the system?

For example, consider a system with six machines adding value to material. Machines
1-4 produce 1000 items an hour, machine 5 produces 800 items per hour and machine
6 produces 1100 items an hour. The system is constrained to operate at no more than
800 items per hour. If machines 1-4 operate at 1000 items per hour, a large work in
process (WIP) supply of material accumulates at machine 5.

The Theory of Constraints requires the operation manager, in the example above, to
work at improving machine 5. The manager could seek outside sources to assist in
converting products coming off of machines 1-4. These machines could run at 1000

Lesson Nine - Set up, Bottlenecks and Lot Sizings


units per hour and the extra 1600 units (200 units times eight hours a day) sent to
another site for processing. The manager could install a second machine 5 thus giving
item capacity of 1600 items per hour at that location. The entire system constraint is
1000 items per hour because of the speed of machines 1-4. A cost benefit analysis
requires you to weigh the cost of a second machine 5 to the benefit of producing 200
more items per hour.

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