Directions: Write the correct term beside its definition. 11. _______________ is a tax on imported on goods. 12.

_______________ is the idea of voiding and not following national laws within a state. 13. _______________ is the ability of the people of an area to decide upon an issue, such as whether they would allow slavery. 14. _______________ is one who wants to do away with slavery 15. _______________ is the belief that all powers not specifically given to the national government in the U.S. constitution or specifically denied to the states remain within the states 16. _______________ is extreme loyalty given to particular region in the belief that their ideas and interests must be protected from other regions Directions: Fill in the blank. 17. _________________ was the first state to secede from the Union. 18. _________________ was the Republican President that was elected to office in 1860. 19. _________________ states seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. 20. ________________ was a Missouri slave that sued for his freedom and lost.

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