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a [] prep w.a. to, for; ~ worulda woruld to an age of ages [] 1.

. adv always, ever, at all, continuously, for ever; ~ on cnisse, ~ butan ende world without end; at any time; in any degree; 2. see - [-] verb prefix 1. forth, away; 2. see on-; 3. see ymb-; 4. makes pronouns and participles indefinite; 5. see see Aaron [] m (-es/-as) Aaron, brother of Moses lan see onlan an see an b see web bacan [bcn] sv/t6 3rd pres bc past bc/on ptp bacen to bake bd [] adj expected, waited abal see afol bannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ben past bonn/on ptp bannen 1. to command, order, summon, convoke; 2. to announce, publish, proclaim; ~ t to order out, call out, call forth, call together, congregate, assemble barian [bryn] wv/t1a 3rd pres bare past barede ptp bared to lay bare, make bare, manifest, disclose, discover; gif u barest re sprce if you disclose our conversation; abbad see abbod Abban dn see bban dn bd [] adj asked bdan [bdn] wv/t1b 3rd pres bde past bdde ptp bded to compel, restrain, repel, ward off; exact, take toll; to force out, extract bligan [] wv/t2 3rd pres bla past blode ptp blod to offend, make angry bligan see bylgan bran [brn] wv/t1b to disclose, bring to light bre see bre brnan see onbrnan abbod [] m (-es/-as) abbot [L. abbatem]; [the title of a male superior of certain religious establishments, thence called abbeys. The word abbot appears to have been, at first, applied to any member of the clerical order, just as the French Pre and the English Father. In the earliest age of monastic institutions the monks were not even priests; they were merely religious persons, who retired from the world to live in common, and the abbot was one of their number, whom they elected to preside over the association. In regard to general ecclesiastical discipline, all these communities were at this early time subject to the bishop of the diocese, and even to the pastor of the parochial district within the bounds of which they were established. At length it began to be usual for the abbot to be in orders; and since the sixth century monks generally have been priests. In point of dignity an abbot is generally next to a bishop.] abboda [] m (-n/-n) abbot [L. abbatem] abboddm [bboddm] m (-es/-as) abbatial jurisdiction, an abbacy, the rule or authority of an abbot abbodesse [bbodesss ] f (-an/-an) abbess abbodhd [] m (-a/-a) abbatial rank, dignity, the state of an abbot, dignity of an abbot abbodlast [] f (-e/-a) lack of an abbot

abbodrce [] n (-s/-u) abbey, abbacy, office or jurisdiction of an abbot (used even of a convent of nuns), the rule of an abbot abbodysse see abbodesse abbot see abbod abbud see abbod abbuddm see abboddm abbudhd see abbodhd abbudisse see abbodesse batan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bete past bot/on, beoft/on ptp baten to beat, strike, break to pieces, make to fall; stormum batne beaten by storms bcd [] f (-e/-a) ABC, alphabet bedecian [] wv/t2 to get by asking beden [] adj asked abedisse see abbodesse bgan see bgan bgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres bg past bgde ptp bgd to bend, bend down, bow, reduce, subdue bgendlic [] adj bending behfian [] wv/t2 3rd pres behfa past behfode ptp behfod to behoove, concern belgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bilg past bealg/bulgon ptp bolgen to make angry, anger, irritate, vex, incense, to cause anyone to swell with anger, offend; to hurt, distress; to be angry with beligan see blgan bodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bede pret bad/budon ptp boden to order, proclaim, bid, command, direct; to summon, call out; announce, relate, declare, present, offer, command; hl ~ to wish one good luck, greet, bid farewell to beofian see bifian bogan see bgan beornan [] sv/i3 3rd pres biern past bearn/burnon ptp bornen to take fire, to burn bowan see bwan beran [] sv/t4 3rd pres bir past br/bron ptp boren 1. with sense of movement, (1) to bear off, bring, carry; se hwl hine br t Nineua byrg the whale carried him to Nineva; (1a) sv/r4 w.r.a. to restrain oneself; (1b) to take away, carry away, remove; (2) to bring forth, (a) to bear a child; (b) to bring to light, reveal; 2. to take away, carry away, remove; with sense of rest (metaph.), (1) to bear with, tolerate; (2) to bear, endure, suffer, not give way under trial, suffering, etc.; (3) to bear, be under an obligation for an imposition, etc.; berd [] adj crafty, cunning, sagacious bered [] adj crafty, cunning, sagacious berendlic [] adj bearable, tolerable, that may be borne bernan see beornan berstan [] sv/i3 3rd sing. birste past brst/burston ptp borsten to burst, burst out, break out; to break away, escape; to be broken; t ~ to break out bet [] adv better beton [] sv/t1 3rd sing. beteh past betah/betugon ptp betogen to accuse beecian see bedecian beecian [] wv/t2 to uncover, detect, find hidden, discover, disclose

bicgan see bycgan bdan [] sv/i1 3rd pres bde past bd/bidon ptp is biden to abide, wait, remain, delay, remain behind; sv/t1 survive; wait for, await; expect biddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bidde past bd/bdon ptp beden to ask, ask for, request, require, demand, pray, pray to, pray for; to get by asking, obtain by asking or praying; call out (an army) bies [] f (-e/-a) silver fir-tree bifian [] wv/i2 to tremble, quake, shake, to be moved or shaken bilg see bylg bilh see bylg biran see beran birgan see birian birian [] wv/t2 3rd pres bira past birode ptp birod to taste, eat; [also birgan] birging [] f (-e/-a) taste biring [] f (-e/-a) taste Abiron [] m (-es/-as) Abiron, one of the sons of Eliab, who led a revolt against Moses bisgian [] wv/t2 to busy, occupy, preoccupy, prepossess employ; to be busy with, engage in, undertake; to take up, fill bisgung [] f (-e/-a) 1. occupation, necessary business, employment; 2. trouble btan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bte past bt/biton ptp biten to bite in pieces, tear to pieces, bite, eat, devour, gnaw; taste, partake of, consume biterian [] wv/i2 to turn bitter; embitter, to make bitter or sour bitrian [] wv/i2 to turn bitter; embitter, to make bitter or sour bitweonum [] prep w.d. between blcian [] wv/i2 to be or look pale, grow pale blann [] adj rested blwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres blw past blow/on ptp blwen to blow, blow away, breathe, breathe upon; to puff up, swell blwnes [] f (-se/-sa) inflation blwung [] f (-e/-a) inflation, swelling, blowing blcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres blc past blhte ptp blht to bleach, whiten blcnes [] f (-se/-sa) pallor, gloom, paleness blcung [] f (-e/-a) pallor blndan [] wv/t1b to blind, deaden, benumb blst [] adj inspired, furious; blowing fiercely (of flame) blegned [] adj ulcerated blend [] adj blinded blendan [] wv/t1b to blind, make blind, darken, stupefy, put out the eyes of; to dazzle, deceive, delude blered [] adj bare, uncovered, bald blcan [] sv/i1 3rd sing. blc past blc/blicon ptp blicen to shine, shine forth, glitter, to appear; to be white; to astonish, amaze blicgan see blycgan blicgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres blicge past blicgede ptp blicged to shine; to be white; to astonish blignes see bylgnes blindan [] wv/t1b to make blind, blind

blindian [] wv/i2 to become blind blinnan [] sv/t3 3rd sing. blin past blann/blunnon ptp blunnen to cease, leave off, desist blinnednes see blinnendnes blinnendlce [] adj indefatigably blinnendnes [] f (-se/-sa) cessation blisian see blysian blsian [] wv/i2 to blush blissian [] wv/t2 to make glad, please blongen see bolgen (past ptc of belgan) bltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres blte past blot/on ptp blten to sacrifice blycgan [] wv/1b to grow pale; make afraid blynnan see blinnan blysgung [] f (-e/-a) blushing, shame, the redness of confusion blysian [] wv/i2 to blush blysung [] f (-e/-a) blushing, shame, the redness of confusion boden [] adj told (pptc of bodan) bodian [] wv/t2 to announce, proclaim bogen [] adj bowed (pptc of bgan, bogan) boht [] adj bought (pptc of bycgan) bolgen [] adj angered (pptc of belgan) bolgennes [] f (-se/-sa) irritation boren [] adj carried (pptc of beran) borgian [] wv/t2 to be surety for; to undertake for; to assign, appoint; borrow (t + dat.) borian see barian bracian [] wv/t2 to engrave, emboss bradwian [] wv/t2 to overthrow, slay, kill brdan [] 1. wv/t1b to spread out, dilate; stretch out; 2. to bake braslian [] wv/i2 to crash, crackle brac see brcan; past 1st and 3rd sing. brat see brotan; past 1st and 3rd sing. bratan [] sv/t7 3rd pres brete past brot/on ptp braten to break, kill brecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres bric past brc/brcon ptp brocen to break, break to pieces, break down, conquer, vanquish, take by storm, capture, violate, destroy, assault; sv/i4 to break out, away, forth brdan see bregdan bredwian [] wv/t2 to lay low, kill, overthrow?, slay? brgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres brg past brgde ptp brged to alarm, frighten bregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres brigde past brgd/brugdon ptp brogden to move quickly, vibrate, draw, draw from, remove, unsheath, wrench, pull out; withdraw, take away, draw back, free from; p ~ to draw up, raise, lift up; start up; brmende [] adj ever-celebrating brotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres brete past brat/bruton ptp broten 1. to bruise, break, destroy, kill; 2. to fail, deteriorate brotnes [] f (-se/-sa) extermination

broan [] sv/i2 3rd pres bree past bra/bruon ptp is broen 1. to fail, decay, deteriorate, perish, be destroyed; 2. sv/t2 to unsettle, ruin, frustrate, degenerate, deteriorate; 3. wv/t1b to destroy brerd- see onbryrdbrocen [] adj broken brden [] adj opened, freed, taken away brogden [] adj opened, freed, taken away broten [] adj crafty, silly, sluggish broen [] adj degenerate, degenerative, reprobate (ptp of broan) broennes [] f (-se/-sa) baseness, cowardice, dullness, a defect, backsliding brcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres brc past brac/brucon ptp brocen to eat bryrd- see onbryrdbryrdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres bryrde past bryrde ptp bryrded to prick, sting, to prick in the heart, grieve bryrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) compunction, contrition brtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres brte past brtte ptp brtt to destroy bfan [] adv above (+be+fan) bgan [] sv/i2 3rd pres bg past bag/bugon ptp is bogen to bow, incline, bend, submit, do reverence; to swerve, turn (to or from), deviate; withdraw, retire; to be bent or turned, turn oneself bunden [] adj unimpeded, ready brod [] adj not inhabited, uninhabited btan [] 1. prep w.a. on, about, around, around about, on the outside; 2. adj about, nearly (see onbutan) bycgan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres byg past bhte ptp bht 1. to buy, pay for, requite, recompense; 1a. redeem; 2. perform, execute byffan [] wv/t1a to mutter bgan [] wv/t1b to bow, bend, bend down, deflect; reduce, subdue, bring low; convert bgendlic [] adj flexible, bending bylgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres bylg past bylgde ptp bylged to irritate, provoke; to offend, anger, vex bylgnes [] f (-se/-sa) offence, scandal, anger, wrath, indignation bylg [] f (-e/-a) offence, wrong, anger byligan see bylgan byligd [] f (-e/-a) anger byrg- see birgysg- see bisgbwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres bwe past bwde ptp bwed to rub off, polish, cleanse, purify, clarify, adorn ac [ak] conj 1. but; 2. for, because; ne se glca ieldan hte, ac h gefng hrae slpendne rinc nor did the wretch mean to delay, for he quickly seized a sleeping warrior; 3. but also, but yet, moreover, nevertheless, however; ~ gif unless, except; n ls~ ac not onlybut also;
n ls woruld men, ac ac swilce t Dryhtnes owde not only men of the world, but also the Lords flock; ac [] interrog. adv. why, wherefore, whether; in direct questions, = nonne, nonquid; u gehogodest scce scan, ac u gebettest mrum odne when thou resolvedst to seek warfare, hadst thou compensated the great prince?;

c [] 1. f (c/c) oak; ship of oak; 2. m (-es/-as) name of the rune for a, the letter a; calan [] sv/i6 3rd pres cl past cl/on ptp is calen to become frost-bitten, cold acan [] sv/i6 3rd pres c past c/on ptp geacen to ache, pain, suffer pain Acan tn [] m (-es/-as) Acton, Suffolk acas see cs acase f see cs cgan see cegan cglod [] adj locked with a key cnn- see cenncrran see crran cbam [] m (-es/-as) oak-tree cbearo [] m (-wes/-was) oak-grove ccrn [] m (-es/-as) acorn accent [] m (-es/-as) accent [L] ccorn [] m (-es/-as) acorn accutian see cunnian ccynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of oak, a species of oak cdrenc [] m (-es/-as) oak drink, drink made from acorns ace see ece cealdian [] wv/i2 3rd pres cealda past cealdode ptp is cealdod to be or become cold capian [] wv/t2 to buy, buy off, buy out clan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres cl past clde ptp cled to cool off, still, quiet; to be or become cold celma see celma Acemannes burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) Bath, Somersetshire; [Akemanns Chester] Acemannes ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Bath, Somersetshire; [Akemanns Chester] cen see cen cendlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) possibility cennan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres cen past cende ptp cenned to bring forth, produce, beget, renew; to attribute to cennedlic [] adj native cennednes [] f (-se/-sa) birth, generation, nativity cennend [] m (-es/-) parent cennendlic [] adj genuine, native cennes see cennednes cennicge [] f (-an/-an) mother cenning [] f (-e/-a) birth cocian [] 1. wv/t2 3rd pres coca past cocode ptp cocod to choke; 2. wv/i2 to burn out cocung [] f (-e/-a) rumination, consideration ceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres cierf past cearf/curfon ptp corfen to cut off, hew down; onweg ~ to cut away; of ~ to cut off cosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ces past cas/curon ptp coren to choose, select cosung [] f (-e/-a) consideration acer see cer cerr- see cierrach [] conj but

chl [] adj oak-whole or sound, entire changra [] m (-n/-n) oak wood on a slope cholt [] m (-es/-as) an oak wood cegan [] wv/t1b to call, summon cierran [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ciere past cierede ptp ciered to turn, turn away or aside, avert; wv/i1a to turn oneself, go, return cierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) turning, aversion, a turning from, apostacy, revolting cierrednes see onweg~ cl see col clc see glc clnsian [] wv/t2 3rd pres clnsa past clnsode ptp clnsod to cleanse, purify clah [] f (-ge/-ga) the name of a place, as Oakley [c oak, lah a lea, ley, meadow] claf [] n (-es/-) an oak leaf clofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres clef past claf/clufon ptp clofen to cleave cleopian see clipian clipian [] wv/i2 3rd pres clipa past clipode ptp clipod to call out clian [] wv/t2 3rd pres cla past clode ptp clod to frighten, excite clungen [] adj contracted [from clingen] cmelu [] n (-wes/-) acorn meal cmistel [] m (-mistles/-mistlas) mistletoe cn- see acncnwan [] sv/t7 3rd sing. cnw pret acnow/cnowon ptp cnwan to know, recognize, understand cnyssan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres cnyse past cnysede ptp cnysed to drive out, expel cofrian [] wv/i2 3rd pres cofra past cofrode ptp cofrod to recover col2 [] adj affrighted, dismayed; excited, excited by fear, frightened, terrified, trembling clian [] wv/i2 3rd pres cla past clode ptp clod to grow cold, to become cool, cold, chilled colitus [] m (-es/-as) acolyte [L], light-bearer; [Gr ]; Acolitus is s e loht bir t Godes egnungum acolyte is he who bears the light at Gods services; colmd [] adj fearful minded, timid cordan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres corde past cordede ptp corded to accord, agree, reconcile; [L] cordian [] wv/t2 to make terms, reconcile; [L] coren [] adj chosen corenlic [] adj eligible, worthy of choice, likely to be chosen corfen [] adj carved costnian [] wv/t2 to try, test, prove costnod [] adj tried crftan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres crfte past crftde ptp crfted to think out, devise, plan, contrive as a craftsman crammian [] wv/t2 3rd pres cramma past crammode ptp crammod to cram, fill cropian [] wv/i2 to creep, crawl crimman [] sv/t3 3rd pres crim past cramm/crummon ptp crummen to cram, stuff; to crumble crind [] f (-e/-a) oak-bark or rind crummen ptp of crimman

acs see x cs- see scAcsa [] m (-n/-n) the river Axe Acsan ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Exeter, Devon Acsan ma [] m (-n/-n) the mouth of the river Ex, Exmouth, Devon Acsan mynster [] n (-es/-) Axminster in Devonshire acse see asce cstybb [] m (-es/-as) oak-stump ctn [] m (-es/-as) oak-stump ctro [] n (-wes/-wu) oak-tree ctn [] m (-es/-as) Acton, Staffordshire? cucian see cwician cul see col cum see cumba cuma see cumba cuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres cym past cm/cmon ptp is cumen to come, come forth (from); bear, bring; endure, withstand; get to or from, reach cumba [] m (-n/-n) 1. oakum, that which is combed, the coarse part of hemp, hards, flax, tow; 2. the thing pruned or trimmed, properly of trees, and figuratively of other things, hence, prunings, clippings, trimmings; 3. reduced to ashes, wood ashes, ashes of oakum; [cemban] cumbe [] f (-an/-an) 1. oakum, that which is combed, the coarse part of hemp, hards, flax, tow; 2. the thing pruned or trimmed, properly of trees, and figuratively of other things, hence, prunings, clippings, trimmings; 3. reduced to ashes, wood ashes, ashes of oakum; [cemban] cumendlic [] adj tolerable, bearable; possible cumendlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) the possibility to bring anything to pass cunnan see oncunnan cunnian [] wv/t2 3rd pres cunna past cunnode ptp cunnod to try, test, prove; experience cunnung f (-e/-a) experience, trial cursian [] wv/t2 to malign custan [] wv/t1b to accuse (also acusan)[L] cwacian [] wv/i2 to tremble cwncan see cwencan cweccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres cwece past cweahte ptp cweaht to move, move quickly, swing, shake, vibrate; wv/i1a to quiver cwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres cwil past cwl/cwlon ptp is cwolen to die, perish cwellan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres cwele past cwealde ptp cweald to kill, destroy cwellednes [] f (-se/-sa) slaughter, quelling, killing cwencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cwence past cwencte ptp cwenced, cwenct to quench, extinguish, put out cweorna [] m (-n/-n) squirrel cweorran [] sv/t3 3rd pres cwierr past cwearr/cwurron ptp cworren to guzzle, gorge, eat or drink immoderately, glut cwern see cweorna cwerren see cworren, ptp of cweorran cwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres cwie past cw/cwdon ptp cweden to say, tell, speak out, declare, utter, express, answer; reject, banish

cwician [] wv/t2 to quicken, revive, come to life, vivify; wv/i2 to revive cwnan [] sv/i1 3rd pres cwn past cwn/cwinon ptp is cwinen to waste or dwindle away, decline, become extinct, disappear, go out (of fire) cwincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres cwinc past cwanc/cwuncon ptp is cwuncen to vanish, be extinguished or eclipsed, become extinguished, quenched cwinen [] adj quenched cwolen [] adj died cworren [] adj drunk; ptp of cweorran cwucian see cwician cwycian see cwician cwudu [] m (-a/-a) an oak wood cwylman [] wv/t1b to kill, slay cwylmian [] wv/i2 to be tormented cwyncan see cwincan cynned see cenned ptp of cennan cyrr- see cirrcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ce past cde ptp ced to show, proclaim, reveal, announce, confirm, prove d [] m (-es/-as) heap, funeral pile, pile, pyre; fire, flame [OHG eit] Adam [] m (-es/-as) Adam dlan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dle past dlede ptp dled to divide, separate, part dadian [] wv/i2 3rd pres dada past dadode ptp dadod to fail, decay, die, mortify, lay waste, destroy, become torpid or callous; to become dead, lose vitality or feeling, become paralyzed daf [] adj deaf dafian [] wv/i2 to become or wax deaf dafung [] f (-e/-a) deafening, making deaf del [] 1. see dl; 2. see dela dela [] m (-n/-n) mud, dirt, filth, filthy place delfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres dilf past dealf/dulfon ptp dolfen to delve, dig, excavate deliht [] adj filthy, dirty delsa [] m (-a/-a) sewer, sink, gutter dman [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dm past dmde ptp dmed to judge, adjudge, doom, deem, try, adjudicate, deprive of or exclude from by a legal decision; try, afflict deorcian [] wv/i2 to become dull, obscure, tarnished; to obscure, dim, darken, hide; to grow dark derian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres dere past derede ptp dered to injure, hurt adesa [] m (-n/-n) adze, hatchet, addice, a coopers instrument adese [] f (-an/-an) adze, hatchet, addice, a coopers instrument dexe see exe dfaru [] f (-e/-a) way or path to the funeral pile; [dat dfre] dfr [] n (-es/-faru) the pile-way, the way to the funeral pile dfynig [] n (-es/-) a damp place where a bonfire was made? dfr [] n (-es/-) sacrificial fire, pile fire ddan see dedan dedan [] wv/t1b to put to death, to destroy, mortify, kill

defan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres defe past defde ptp defed to render inaudible dihtan [] wv/t1b to compose, edit, write; to arrange, order beforehand dihtian [] wv/t2 to compose, edit, write; to arrange, order beforehand dlegian [] wv/t2 to abolish, destroy, blot out, do away, annihilate, devastate (also dl(i)gian) dimmian [] 1. wv/i2 3rd pres dimma past dimmode ptp dimmod to become dim or dull; 2. wv/t2 to darken, obscure, dim, make dull dl [] f (-e/-a) disease, infirmity, sickness, pain, languishing sickness, consumption; also
weak dle

dlberende [] adj disease-bearing dlg see dleg dlian [] wv/i2 3rd pres dla past dlode ptp dlod to ail, to be sick, to languish dlic [] adj sick, ill, diseased, corrupted, putrid dleg [] m (-es/-as) flame of the funeral pile dlig [] adj sick, ill, diseased, corrupted, putrid dliga [] m (-n/-n) sick person; dliht see deliht dloma [] m (-n/-n) one crippled by fire; see loga dlsoc [] adj in bad health; sick of a contagious disease? dlracu [] f (-rce/-a) force of disease dlung [] f (-e/-a) illness, ailment, disease dlwrig [] adj weary from illness, weary with sickness dolfen [] adj dug; past part of delfan dn [] irreg v/t 3rd pres d past dyde ptp dn to take away, send away, remove, banish; cast out, expel, destroy; (with prep t, fram, on, etc) put, place, take, remove, set free adosa see adesa dragan [] sv/t6 3rd pres drg past drg/on ptp dragen to draw (sword) drdan see ondrdan drdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres drde past drd/on, dreord/on ptp drden to fear drfan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres drfe past drfde ptp drfed to drive away, shut out, expel drfed [] adj driven; past part of drfan crnct see drenced, ptp drencan drfan see drfan adreminte [] f (-an/-an) the herb feverfew drencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres drence past drencte ptp drenced to submerge, immerse, drown, plunge under drogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres dreg past drag/drugon ptp drogen 1. to act, do, perform, practice; e his lufan droga who practices his love; 2. to bear, suffer, endure; ic ne mg drogan ne sofunga I cannot suffer thy lamentations; 3. to pass time, live drogendlic [] adj bearable [agendus, gerendus] drohan see drogan dropan [] sv/i2 3rd pres drep past drap/drupon ptp dropen to to shed drop by drop, drip, drop drosan [] sv/i2 3rd pres dres past dras/druron ptp droren to fall to pieces, decline, vanish, fail drfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres drf past drf/drifon ptp drifen to drive, drive away, drive out, pursue, expel, follow up; stake out (a ford); chase (metal)

drgan see drgan drigan see drgan drincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres drinc past dranc/druncon ptp is druncen to be immersed, be drowned, extinguished, quenched by water drogen [] adj done, finished drgian [] wv/i2 to dry, dry up, rub dry, wither; of material containing moisture (lit. and fig.); of fluids; wv/t2 druncen [] adj drowned drwian [] wv/i2 to dry, dry up, rub dry, wither; of material containing moisture (lit. and fig.); of fluids; wv/t2 drgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres drge past drgde ptp drged to dry, dry up, wither; dry, wipe dry, rub dry drysnan [] wv/t1b to extinguish, repress adsa see adesa adulsa see adelsa dumbian [] wv/i2 to become mute or dumb, keep silence, to hold ones peace adn [] adv down, downward; see ofdne adna [] adv down, downward; see ofdne adne [] adv down, downward; see ofdne adnestgan [] sv/t1 3rd pres adnestge past adnestg/adnestigon ptp adnestigen to descend adnestgan [] sv/t1 3rd pres adnestge past adnestg/adnestigon ptp adnestigen to descend adnfeallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres adnfiel past adnfol/on adn ptp is adnfeallen to fall down adnweard [] adv downwards dstrigan see andstrian dwscan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dwsce past dwscte, dwscede ptp dwsct, dwsced to put out, quench, extinguish, blot out, destroy, staunch, appease; suppress dwelian [] wv/i2 to wander, stray dwellan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres dwele past dwealde ptp dweald to seduce, lead astray, lead into error; hinder dwscan see dwscan dwnan [] sv/i1 3rd pres dwn past dwn/dwinon ptp is dwinen to dwindle or waste or vanish away dwolian [] wv/i2 to degenerate ddan see dedan dfan [] wv/t1b to overpower with sound dylf see dealf, pret of delfan dlgian see dlegian dlegian see dlegian dymman see dimmian dysgian [] wv/t2 to make foolish eargian [] wv/i2 to become slothful ebbian [] wv/i2 to ebb away, recede ecgan? [] wv/t1b to set on edge etan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ite past t/ton ptp eten to eat, devour

af- [] prefix see of- of, from, away from fandelic see fandodlic fandian [] wv/t2 to try, test, prove, make to trial, tempt, attempt; to find out, experience, discover by trying; fandod approved, excellent fandigendlic [] adj proved, probable, approved, laudable, what may be tried fandodlic [] adj proved, probable, approved, laudable, what may be tried fandodlce [] adv provedly, approvedly, laudablely fandung [] f (-e/-a) trial, experience, a trying fangen [] adj taken, received; ptp of fn fangennes [] f (-se/-sa) reception, assumption afara see eafora faran [] sv/i6 3rd pres fr past fr/on ptp is faren to go out, depart, march, travel, to go out of or from a place; sv/t6 to remove, lead out fdan see fdan fded see fded fgan [] wv/t1b to depict, figure fgrian [] wv/t2 3rd pres fgra past fgrode ptp fgrod to ornament, adorn flan see fyllan 2. fllan see fyllan 2. fman [] wv/t1b to foam out fran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres afre past frde ptp fred to frighten, make greatly afraid, affright, terrify, dismay, astound fst see wfst fstan [] 1. wv/t1b to fast; 2. to let out on hire fstl [] interj certainly! assuredly! fstnian [] wv/t2 to fix upon, fasten, make firm, confirm, betroth; strengthen, fortify; to enter, espouse, inscribe; to build fttian [] wv/t2 to fatten, anoint feallan see fyllan feallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fiel past foll/on ptp is feallen to fall down fdan [] wv/t1b to feed, nourish, rear, bring up, maintain, support; bring forth, produce fded [] adj fed, nourished brought up, educated fgan [] wv/t1b to join fehtan see feohtan fellan see fyllan felle see felle Afen [] f (-e/-a) 1. Avon, the name of a river in Somersetshire; 2. also of other rivers in different parts of England Afene [] f (-an/-an) 1. Avon, the name of a river in Somersetshire; 2. also of other rivers in different parts of England Afn [] f (-e/-a) 1. Avon, the name of a river in Somersetshire; 2. also of other rivers in different parts of England feohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fiehte past feaht/fuhton ptp fohten to fight, fight against, attack, assail; to tear out, pluck out, destroy feormian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, clean thoroughly, purge, purify, wash away feormung [] f (-e/-a) a scouring, a cleansing, purging

feorran see fierran feorrian see fierran feorsian [] wv/t2 to remove, take away, do away, expel, dispel; wv/i2 go away, depart afer see eafor fer see for fran see fran fercian [] wv/t2 to support aferian [] wv/t1a to provide horses for team work (as service for a lord) ferian see fierran ferran see fierran ferscan [] wv/i1b to freshen, become fresh fersian see feorsian festnian see fstnian afetigan see hafetian ftigan [] wv/t2 to beat with the feet, to praise, applaud Affric [] 1. adj African; 2. noun declined as an adjective African Affrica [] f indecl. Africa [sometimes nom Affrica, gen. Affric, acc Affricam] Affrican [] m (-es/-as) African afgod [] n (-es/-) an idol, an image afgodnes [] f (-se/-sa) idolatry, the worshipping of images fierran [] wv/t1b to remove, withdraw, depart; estrange from, take away, expel, drive away fierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) removal figen [fiyen] adj fried filgan see fylgan findan [findn] sv/t3 3rd pres finde past fand/fundon ptp funden to find, find out, discover, detect; to experience, feel fir- see fierr-, feor-, or fyrflgan ptp of flan flman see fleman flan [flen] sv/t6 3rd pres flieh past fg/flgon ptp flagen to strip off, flay flgan see flegan flman see fleman flon [flen] sv/i2 3rd pres fleh past flah/flugon ptp is flogen to fly, flee away; sv/t2 fly from, escape; sv/t2 to drive away, put to flight flogan [flkhn] sv/i2 3rd pres fleh past flah/flugon ptp is flogen to fly, flee away; sv/t2 fly from, escape flotan [fltn] sv/t2 3rd pres flete past flat/fluton ptp floten to skim, float off, scum, clarify, purify liquor by skimming flan see flegan flegan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fleg past flegde ptp fleged to put to flight, expel, drive away flegung [] f (-e/-a) driving away, expulsion3 fleman [] wv/t1b 3rd pres flem past flemde ptp flemed to put to flight, expel, scatter, disperse, rout; cause to flee, banish flg see fleg-flung see mete~

flogen [] adj driven away; ptp of flon flote [] adj afloat flwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres flew past flow/on ptp is flwen to flow, flow away or from, flow over, pass away flyge [] m (-es/-as) a flying, flight flg- see flegflh- see flegflygennes [] f (-se/-sa) attack flman see fleman fgian see wgian afol [] n (-es/-) power, power of body, might, strength fn [] sv/t7 3rd pres fh past fng/on ptp fangen to receive, take in, take; lay hold of, seize; hold up, support fondian see fandian for [] adj bitter, acid, sour, sharp; vehement, dire, hateful, austere, fierce, severe, harsh, impetuous [OHG eipar] afora see eafora forfeorsian [aforfeorsyan] wv/t2 to defer, delay, prolong forhtian [] wv/i2 3rd pres forhta past forhtode ptp forhtod to be frightened, take fright, be very much afraid, to tremble with fear, to be affrighted, amazed, wv/t2 wonder at for [] adv always, continuously, daily, still frfran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres frfre past frfrede ptp frfred to comfort, console, make glad [frfor] frfrian [] wv/t2 3rd pres frfra past frfrode ptp frfrod to comfort, console, make glad fremdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fremde past fremde ptp fremd to alienate; wv/i1b to become alienated fremdian [] wv/t2 3rd pres fremda past fremdode ptp fremdod to alienate; wv/i2 become alienated freman see fremdan fremung [] f (-e/-a) alienation fron [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fro past frode ptp frod to deliver, free froan [] sv/i2 3rd pres free past fra/frudon ptp is froden to froth Africa [] f indecl. Africa [sometimes nom Affrica, gen. Affric, acc Affricam] African [] m African Africanisc [] adj African Afrisc [] adj African, belonging to Africa afslg see ofslg after see fter fl [] n (-es/-) a fault flian [] wv/i2 to become foul, putrefy, rot, be corrupt, be defiled afulic [] adj perverse fulliend [] m (-es/-) fuller funde rare wk. pret. 1st,3rd sing of findan funden [] adj found, discovered; ptp of findan fundennes [] f (-se/-sa) invention, device, discovery, experiment flan [] wv/t1b to foul, stain, defile, corrupt, pollute, to make filthy

fylgan [] wv/t1b to pursue (+ dat.) fyllan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres fyl past fylde ptp fylled 1. w.g, w.d. to fill, fill up, replenish, satisfy; complete, fulfill; 2. to cause to fall, fell, beat down, overturn, subvert, demolish, lay low, abolish; slay, kill fyndan see findan fyr- see fierr-, feorfran [] wv/t1b to emasculate; fred, frd ptp as sb. eunich fyred [] m (-es/-as) a eunich, a castrated animal, servant, courtier fyrhtan [] wv/t1b to frighten, terrify, affright frida see fred fyrran see fierran fyrsian see feorsian fyran [] wv/t1b to remove fsan [] wv/i1b to hasten; inspire with longing (? + dat person); wv/t1b to urge, hasten away, impel, accelerate, incite, excite; drive, drive away [fs] ag [] n? (-es/-u) wickedness ga [] m (-n/-n) proprietor, owner galan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gl past gl/on ptp galen to sound forth, sing, chant gald see geald, pret 3rd sing of gieldan glian [] wv/i2 to become slack gan [] 1. irreg v/t 3rd pres h/gon past hte ptp gegen to own, possess, have, obtain; have control over, take charge of; to make another to own or possess give, give up, deliver, restore; have to pay, owe; have to do; ~ t find out, discover; ~ wlstwe geweald to obtain possession of the battlefield, conquer; 2. pret 3rd sing of onginnan gn [] irreg v/i to go, go by, pass (of time); pass into possession (of inherited property); occur, befall, come to pass, happen; come forth, grow; approach to any one to solicit him; lose strength; of ~ go away gangan see gn gnian [] wv/t2 to gape glan [] wv/t1b to hinder, occupy, keep back, preoccupy, detain, hold back, retard, delay; neglect; profane; wv/i1b to hesitate, be careless glwan [] wv/t1b to terrify, astonish, stupefy ge [] f (-an/-an) possessions, property [ON eiga] agan see ongan gehwr see ghwr geldan [] wv/t1b 1. 2 to punish; 2. see gieldan gelwan see glwan gman see gman agen [] ? (-?/-?) ear of grain gen1 [] 1. adj own, proper, peculiar; proper (gram); ~ cyre freewill; gnes onces voluntarily, spontaneously; 2. n (gnes/-) property, the property owned, ones own property; own country; 3. ptp of gan gn see ongan gnbewendan [] wv/t1b to return, turn again gncuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres gncym past gncm/on ptp is gncumen to return, come again gend [] m (-es/-) owner, possessor, master, lord; se ~ the Lord

gendfra [] 1. m (-n/-n) lord, owner, owning lord, possessor; 2. f (-n/-n) mistress? gendlce [] adv properly, as ones own; imperiously; correctly genfro see gendfra genfriga see gendfra genfrige see gendfra gngecierran [] wv/t1a to turn again, recur gngehweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gngehwierf past gngehwearf/gngehwurfon ptp is gngehworfen to return, change again gnhwyrfan [] wv/t1b to return, turn again gniernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gniern past gnarn/gnurnon ptp is gnurnen to run against, meet, meet with genland [] n (-es/-) land held in absolute possession? gnldan [] wv/t1b to lead back genlic [] adj own; owed, due gennama [] m (-n/-n) proper name, ones own name gennes [] f (-se/-sa) property, a possession, an owning gnsendan [] wv/t1b to send back, send again genslaga [] m (-n/-n) slayer of oneself, suicide, self-slayer, self-murderer gensprc [] f (-e/-a) ones own tongue, an idiom, the peculiarity of a language gnstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gnstende past gnstd/on ptp gnstanden to stand against, press, urge, insist upon genung see gnung gode see ode, pret 3rd sing of gn geolwan [] wv/i2 to become yellow, to make to glitter as gold gomrian [] wv/t2 to mourn, grieve geornan [] wv/t1b to desire, be eager for gotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gete past gat/guton ptp guten to pour out, pour forth, shed, strew, spill; melt, found (of images); destroy, deprive (of); sv/i2 to pour forth gtan see gtan giefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gief past geaf/gafon ptp giefen to give, impart, deliver, give up, yield, relinquish, render; restore, give back, give up, leave, return, repay, pay; eft ~ give back, return; feorh ~ to die; on hand ~ t to hand over (to) gieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gielde past geald/guldon ptp golden to pay, repay, render, compensate, yield, restore, reward, requite; offer oneself, offer up (as a sacrifice); perform (an office); permit, allow; to punish? gielpan [] sv/t3 w.d. 3rd pres gielp past gealp/gulpon ptp golpen to exult in geman [] wv/t1b to regard; heal, cure gemelasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, despise; gmelasod neglectful, careless geta see gta gietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres giete past geat/gaton ptp gieten to destroy, abolish, subvert; to discover, know, understand, consider gifan see giefan gifian [] wv/t2 to bestow, grant gift see gift gildan see gieldan gilde see gilde

giltan see gyltan gmelasian see gemelasian gmelasod [] adj neglectful, careless gimmed [] adj prodigal, spendthrift; participle gemmed, set with gems (participle of gimmian) ginnan see onginnan gta [] m (-n/-n) prodigal, spendthrift gitan [] wv/t1b to find, find out; to discover, know, understand, consider gtan [] wv/t1b to waste, destroy, seize, take away glc2 [] n (-es/-) trouble, distress, vexation, oppression, misery, grief, torment, sorrow glchd [] m (-a/-a) state of misery, misery-hood glc2 [] n (-es/-) trouble, distress, vexation, oppression, misery, grief, torment, sorrow glca2 [] m (-n/-n) wretch, miscreant, monster, demon, fierce enemy, fierce combatant, miserable being glccrft [] m (-es/-as) evil art glcwf [] n (-es/-) female monster, a wretch of a woman, vile crone gldan? [] wv/t1b to cause to slip glca see glca gldan [] sv/i1 3rd pres glde past gld/glidon ptp is gliden to glide, slip, stumble gn- see angngnere [] m (-s/-as) owner gnes see genes, genitive masculine and neuter of gan adj gnes [] f (-se/-sa) sorrow, affliction gnett [] n (-es/-u) interest, usury; (or gnettung) gnettan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gnette past gnettde ptp gnetted to appropriate funds gnian1 [] wv/t2 to own, possess; claim; appropriate, to appropriate to himself, usurp, to prove or claim as ones own; make over (to); dedicate, adopt; gndan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gnde past gnd/gdnidon ptp gniden to rub off gniden [] adj used, threadbare gniend [] m (-es/-) owner, possessor gniendlic1 [] adj possessive, pertaining to possession or owning, genitive (case) gnung [] f (-e/-a) an owning, ownership, a possessing, possession, claiming as ones own, power or dominion over anything; claim, declaration or proof of ownership; ge~ acquisition gotenes [] f (-se/-sa) effusion, shedding, pouring or shedding forth, out, or abroad grafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres grf past grf/on ptp grafen to carve, hew, sculpture; engrave, inscribe grafenlic [] adj sculptured grafenlc [] n (-es/-) that which is carved, a carved image grpian [] wv/t2 3rd pres grpe past grpode ptp grpod to grasp tightly grtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres grte past grtte ptp grted to attack agrimonia [] m (-n/-n) agrimony; the native name was grclife grindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres grinde past grand/grundon ptp grunden to ground, descend to the earth grsan [] sv/t1 3rd pres grse past grs/grison ptp grisen to quake, fear; dread, fear greatly, shudder

grisenlic [] adj horrible grwan [] sv/i7 3rd pres grw past grow/on ptp is grwen to grow under, cover grwen [] adj overgrown grymetian [] wv/t2 3rd pres grymete past grymetode ptp grymetod to rage grndan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres grnde past grndede ptp grnded to descend grsan see grsan agu [] f (-e/-a) magpie Agustin [] m (-es/-as) St. Augustine, the missionary sent by Pope Gregory to England, 597 AD Agustnus [] m (-es/-as) St. Augustine, the missionary sent by Pope Gregory to England, 597 AD; [pl mainly -i] Agustus [] m (-es/-as) 1. Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, reigned from 30 BC to 14 AD; 2. the month of August, August; [gen Agustuses; dat Agustuse] gyf- see giefgyld- see gield-, gildgyltan [] wv/t1b to offend, sin, sin against, do wrong, fail, fail in duty, to commit, become guilty gyltend [] m (-es/-) debtor gylting [] f (-e/-a) guilt, offence gyltnes [] f (-se/-sa) guilt gman see geman gmelasian see gemelasian gymmend see gimmend agynnan see onginnan gytan see gitan ah see ac (conj, adv) h present 3rd sing of gan h- see ghabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres hf past hfde ptp hfd to restrain (fram w.d.); refl. abstain (fram w.d.); support haccian [] wv/t2 to pick out hafen [] adj lifted up, raised, exalted hafennes [] f (-se/-sa) rising, lifting up, elevation, elation, pride halsian [] wv/t2 to implore hangian [] wv/i2 to hang htan [] sv/t7 3rd pres hte past ht/on, heht/on ptp hten to name; passive past htte to be named htian [] wv/i2 to become hot hbban see hebban hldan see hildan healdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres hielde past hold/on ptp healden to hold, keep; (see on~) healtian [] wv/t2 to limp, crawl heardian [] wv/i2 to be or become hard, grow hard or inured, become inured to anything; last, hold out, endure (on w.d.) heardung [] f (-e/-a) hardening

hawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres hew past how/on ptp hawen to hew or cut off, out, or down, hew down, prepare by cutting; make smooth, plane; cut wood into planks hebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres hefe past hf/on ptp hafen (often with p) to heave up, lift up, stir up, raise, exalt, erect; take away, remove; support, uphold; leaven, ferment (occasionally weak past hefde ptp hefed) hebbian see ebbian hefednes see hafennes hefegian [] wv/t2 to make heavy, sad, oppress, weigh down, burden; become heavy held see hild ptp of hildan hellian? [] wv/t2 to cover over, conceal, hide helpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres hilp past healp/hulpon ptp holpen to help, assist, support hnan [] wv/t1b to humble, abase, tread down or under foot; accuse heolorian [] wv/t2 to weigh, balance, consider [wv/t1a?] aheordan? [] wv/t1b to set free (from captivity), set free from a guardian hran see hran herian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres here past herede ptp hered to praise hrian see hrian herstan see hyrstan heten past pl of hatan hicgan see hycgan henan see hnan hierdan [] wv/t1b to make hard, harden; encourage, animate hierding [] f (-e/-a) hardening hean see han hildan [] wv/t1b to bend, incline, recline; decline; rest, lay down, recline (tr and intr); turn away, avert, avert from, decline; cast down, destroy hildnes [] f (-se/-sa) declinatio hirdan see hierdan hiscan [] wv/t1b to kiss at, mock han see han hend [] m (-es/-) a ravager hladan [] sv/t6 3rd pres hlde past hld/on ptp hladen to draw out, lead out, draw forth; exclude hlca see glca hlnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres hlne past hlnde ptp hlned to set oneself up hlnsian [] wv/i2 to soak, steep, become lean hlapan [] sv/i7 3rd pres hlep past hlop/on ptp is hlapen to leap, leap up, spring up hlfan [] wv/t1b to pull out hlorian [] wv/i2 to sound, resound hliehhan2 [] sv/t6 3rd pres hliehhe past hlg/on ptp hlahhen to laugh at, deride; exult, laugh hlinian see lynnan hlinnan see lynnan hlocian [] wv/t2 to dig out hlwan [] wv/t1b to low, bellow again, roar again hlttred [] adj purified; past participle of hlttrian

hlttrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres hlttre past hlttrede ptp hlttred to cleanse, purify, scum, refine hlyhhan see hliehhan hlttrian see hlttrian hn- see gnhnapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres hnep past hnop/on ptp hnapen to pluck off hnescian [] wv/i2 to become soft or effeminate; weaken [hnesce] hngan [] sv/i1 3rd pres hnge past hng/hnigon ptp is hnigen to fall down; bow down; empty oneself hnyscan [] wv/t1b see hiscan; 3rd pres hnysce past hnyscte ptp hnysct hogian [] wv/t2 to think out, be anxious about holan see holian holian [] wv/t2 to hollow, scoop out, dig; t ~ to root out, pluck out; engrave, emboss hn [] sv/t7 3rd pres hh past hng/on ptp hangen to hang, suspend, crucify hopian [] wv/t2 to hope for (t + dat) hrcan [] wv/t1b to spit out hrscian [] wv/t2 to shake off? hreddan [] wv/t1a to set free, save, rescue, recapture, rid, liberate, deliver hredding [] f (-e/-a) salvation, deliverance hrofian [] wv/i2 to become leprous hrofod [] adj leprous; past participle of hrofian hrosan [] sv/i2 3rd pres hres past hras/hruron ptp is hroren to rush; fall, fall down; be destroyed hrepian [] wv/t2 to treat, touch hrran [] wv/t1b to move, shake, make to tremble hrnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres hrn past hrn/hrinon ptp hrinen to touch, handle hrisian [] wv/t2 to shake, stir up; shake off; shake violently hrnan see hrnan hrran [] wv/t1b to cause to fall, destroy hrysian see hrisian ahse see asce hsian see scian aht / ht see eaht ht [] n (-es/-) aught, anything, something; see wiht ahta see eahta hte/on past sing/pl of gan htes [] adv of any account or value (gen of ht) htlce [] adv stoutly, manfully, courageously, triumphantly han [] sv/t2 3rd pres he past ha/hudon ptp hoden to spoil, rob, plunder hw [] pron any one; gen hws; dat hwm; acc hwone hwanon see hwonan hwr see hwr hwnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres hwn past hwnede ptp hwned to vex, grieve, afflict hwnne [] adv when, whenever; at some time, some time; at all times hwr [] adv anywhere, somewhere, everywhere; at any time, in any way hwrgen see hwergen

hwt [] n anything; gen hws; dat hwm; acc hwt hwer [] 1. pron some one, something; any one; anything; 2. adv and conj either; er...oe either...or hwelfan see hwylfan hwnan see wnan hweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres hwierf past hwearf/hwurfon ptp hworfen to turn, turn away, convert; sv/i3 to turn aside, turn away, turn, move; avert hwr see hwr hwerfan see hwierfan hwergen [] adv anywhere; in any case hwettan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres hwete past wette ptp hwetted to drive away with a curse, cast away; to whet, excite, kindle; hold out to, provide; reject, drive away, cast away hwider [] adv in any direction, from any source, on every side hwierfan [] wv/t1b to turn away, turn from, avert hwistlian see wistlian hwtian [] wv/t2 to whiten ahwlic [] adj terrible hwonan [] adv from what place, whence, somewhere, from any source, anywhere hwonne see hwnne hworfen [] adj moved; past participle of hweorfan hwyder see hwider hwylfan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres hwylfe past hwylfde ptp hwylfed to cover over, overwhelm, cast down, submerge, subvert; roll to; up ~ pull up, loosen hwyrfan see hwierfan hycgan2 [] wv/t3 3rd pres hoga past hogode ptp hogod to think out, devise, search, invent hdan [] wv/t1b to hide, conceal hyldan see hildan hyldendlic [] adj enclitic [hildan] hyltan [] wv/t1b to trip up, take support away, supplant hran [] wv/t1b to hire hyrd- see hierdhyrsian see hrisian hyrstan [] wv/t1b to roast, fry hyspan [] wv/t1b to reproach han [] wv/t1b to plunder, rob, destroy, devour, lay waste, despoil [h] hend [] m (-es/-) robber, extortioner dan [] wv/t1b to turn out of doors [eliminare] dlian [] wv/i2 to be or make useless, frustrate, empty, annul; wv/t2 profane; wv/i2 become idol, free from; be free from; deprive (of) dlan [] wv/t1b see dlian delian [] wv/t2 see dlian iernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres iern past arn/urnon ptp is urnen to run away, run out, go over; pass by, go ean [] wv/t1b to lay low, demolish, destroy, cast out al see eall, l l [] n (-es/-) fire, burning [lan]

ldian [] wv/t2 to excuse, make excuse for; ldiendra excussorum (excussatorum) alan [] sv/t6 3rd pres l past l/on ptp gealen to nourish, grow, produce; to appear [Goth alan] langian [] wv/t2 to affect with longing, to long for, to last too long (impersonal) latian [] wv/t2 to grow sluggish or dull ala see ealo lian [] wv/i2 to be or become hateful; hate; threaten (listed sv/t1) lccan [] irreg wv/t1b to catch, take ldan [] wv/t1b to lead, lead away, carry off, withdraw, conduct, bring; wv/i1b to be produced, grow, come forth lnan [] wv/t1b to lend; grant, lease lnian [] wv/t2 to make lean, soak lr see alor lran [] wv/t1b to teach lson past pl of lesan ltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres lte past lt/on, leort/on ptp lten to let go, lay down, give up, leave, lose, renounce, resign, lay aside; let, allow; release, remit, pardon, forgive; deliver ltlic [] adj pardonable ltnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation; loss; remission (of sins) albe [] f (-an/-an) white garment, alb [L] ald see eald ld see dl aldaht see ealdo Aldfri [] m (-es/-as) Alfred the wise, king of Northumbria, 685 AD; [Ald = eald, old; fri peace] aldgeddung [] f (-e/-a) an old saying Aldhelm [] m (-es/-as) Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborne; [Ald = eald, old; helm, helmet] lecgan [] wv/t1b to put, place, lay down, lay aside, throw down, give up, cease from, abandon; put down, allay, suppress, abolish, conquer, destroy, overcome, refute; lay upon, inflict, impose upon (on w.d. pers.); diminish, take away, refuse, lessen, withhold; lecgende/lecgendlic word deponent verb (a verb in Latin which keeps its passive inflections, but not its passive meanings); unriht ~ to suppress injustice ld [] 1. ptp of lecgan; 2. ptp of ldan lfan see lefan lfednes [] f (-se/-sa) infirmity lfian [] wv/t2 to injure, maim; enfeeble, become weak, feeble; ptp ill; [lf] alefne [] ? (-?/-?) alum lendan [] wv/t1b to lease lenian see lynnan lodan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres lede past lad/ludon ptp loden to spring up, grow leofian see lifian, libban logan [] sv/t2 3rd pres leg past lag/lugon ptp logen to lie, tell lies, belie, deny, deceive, be false to, leave unfullfiled lon [] sv/t1 3rd pres leh past lh/ligon ptp ligen to lend, give up leonian see lynnan loran [] wv/i1b to depart, flee away; pass away

leoian see liian aler [] m (alres/alras) alder aler see alor ales- see leslesan [] sv/t5 3rd pres lese past ls/lson ptp lesen to pick out, choose let see led ltan see ltan lran see lran alewe [] f (-an/-an) aloe, the aloe, bitter spice, in pl aloes lwed [] adj feeble, weak, ill alexandre [] f (-an/-an) horse-parsley Alexandrinesc [] adj Alexandrian alfle see ealfelo lft [] n (-es/-fatu) cooking vessel, cauldron Alfhun [] m (-es/-as) Alfhun, a bishop who died at Sudbury and was buried at Dunwich, and was succeeded by Tidfrith Alfri [] m (-es/-as) Alfred the wise, king of Northumbria, died 705 AD; [al = eall all; fri peace]; var of lfred lgeweorc [] n (-es/-u) fire-making, tinder, touchwood, a fire-steel libban [] wv/t3 3rd pres leofa past lifde ptp lifd to live, live after, survive, pass ones life libbend [] m (-es/-) a survivor, one who lives after licgan [] sv/i5 3rd pres lige past lg/lgon ptp is legen to lie, fail, confine, perish, be subdued, cease, yield lefan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres lef past lefde ptp lefed to allow, give leave to, permit, grant; and over, yield up lefedlic [] adj lawful, permissible, allowable; adv ~lce lawfully, allowably lefednes [] f (-se/-sa) permission, leave, grant lesan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres lese past lesde ptp lesed to loosen, let lose, free, deliver, liberate, pay for loosing, pay, redeem, release, ransom, absolve, lesednes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption, ransom; remission (of sins) lesend [] m (-es/-) liberator, deliverer, Redeemer lesendlic [] adj loosing, liberating lesendnes see lesednes lesenes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption, ransom; remission (of sins) lesing see lesednes lesing [] f (-e/-a) redemption lesnes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption, ransom; remission (of sins) lesnes see lesednes leran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres lere past lerede ptp lered to lather [laor] lf see lf lfan see lefan lifian see libban lh [] imperative sing of lon lhtan [] wv/t1b 1. to lighten, relieve, alleviate, take off, take away; alight; 2. to light up, enlighten (see onlihtan) lhtung [] f (-e/-a) enlightening

limpan2 [] sv/i3 3rd pres limp past lamp/lumpon ptp is lumpen to occur, happen, befall linnan see lynnan linnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres lin past lann/lunnon ptp lunnen to deliver, free from, release lsend see lesend liian [] wv/t2 to dismember, detach, separate; set free all see eal, eall allefne [] adj, adv quite equal, or universally Alleluia [] m (-n/-n) the Alleluia Allwalda [] m (-n/-n) All-ruler, the Almighty; [all = eall all; wealda ruler] almes- see lmesaln- see ealnalo- see ealuloccian [] wv/t2 to entice alor [] m (alres/alras) alder, an alder-tree, called eller and aller; The alder, or rather aler, is an inhabitant of swamps and meadows in all Europe, the north of Africa and Asia, and North America. Its favorite station is by the side of rivulets, or in the elevated parts of marshy land where the soil is drained. Its juice contains a great abundance of tannin, which renders the bark valuable for tanning, and the young shoots for dyeing. Its foliage being large, and of a deep handsome green, the alder is rather an ornamental tree alorbedd [] n (-es/-) alder bed alordrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink made of alder sap? alorholt [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) alder-wood alorrind [] m (-es/-as) alder-bark, adler-rind loten [] adj submissive, prone, bent down; [pptc of ltan] alo see ealu alr [] m (-es/-as) alder; see alor Alrca [] m (-n/-n) Alaric, king of the Visigoths, who sacked Rome in 396; [al = eall, all; rca ruler] alsw see ealsw altar [] m (-es/-as) altar [L] altare [] m (-es/-as) altar [L] alter [] m (-es/-as) altar [L] altre [] m (-es/-as) altar [L] lcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres lc past lac/lucon ptp locen to pluck up, pull out, separate, take or pluck away, withdraw ltan [] sv/t2 3rd pres lte past lat/luton ptp loten to bend, incline, bend or bow down; loten pptc submissive aluwe see alewe alwald- see ealweald-, eallwealdalwe see alewe lybban see libban lfan see lefan lfed [] 1. see lefed, ptp of lefan; 2. see lfed, ptp of lfian; lfed- see alefedlfednes? [] f (-se/-sa) granting lht- see onlhtlyhtan see lihtan

lman [] wv/t1b to come forth; show forth lynian [] wv/t2 to liberate, deliver, free from, let go, release, loosen; cease, stop lynnan [] wv/t1a to liberate, deliver, free from, let go, release, loosen; cease, stop ls- see leslystan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres lyste past lystede ptp lysted to list, wish, desire lran [] wv/t1b to lather [laor] am see eom am- see an-; as prefix, see em- even, equal m [] m (-es/-as) the reed or slay of a weavers loom? magian? [] wv/t2 to revive, be restored to health (hamacgian) man see onman mang [] prep w.d. among, amongst; while, whilst, during; ~ m/issum meanwhile [see gemang] manian [] wv/t2 to demand, exact, require manigan see manian mnsian see mnsumian mnsod [] adj excommunicated mnsung see mnsumung mnsumian [] wv/t2 to excommunicate, anathematize, curse, proscribe, outlaw; [- out; mn = gemne, common; sumian = samnian congregate] mnsumod [] adj excommunicated mnsumung [] f (-e/-a) excommunication, curse; Hermon mnsumnung [] f (-e/-a) excommunication, curse; Hermon marian [] wv/t1a to disturb, trouble, confound [see mierran] masian [] wv/t2 to amaze, confound mwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres mw past mow/on ptp mwen to mow, cut off, cut down mllian see meallian mnsumian see mnsumian mran [] wv/t1b 1. to extol; 2. to exterminate (usu. tmran, tmrian) mstan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres mste past mstede ptp msted to feed with mast, fatten, feed up mst [] adj fat, fattened mb see m ambeht see ambiht amber [] m (ambres/ambras), n (ambres/-), f (ambre/ambra) vessel, vessel with one handle, pail, cask, pitcher, tankard; dry or liquid measure of four bushels ambiht [] 1. n (-es/-u) office, ministry, service; commission, command, message; 2. m (es/-as) servant, attendant, messenger, officer; ambihtan see geambihtan ambihtere [] m (-es/-as) servant ambihthra [] m (-n/-n) obedient servant, obedient minister ambihths [] n (-es/-) workshop, laboratory, manufactory; In partic., in econom. lang. = ornithon, a place where fowls are kept, in order to lay their eggs and hatch their young, a poultry-house or yard [officina] ambihtmann [] m (-es/-menn) manservant, servant-man, servant-woman, attendant, servant, minister

ambihtmcg [] m (-es/-as) a servant-man, servant, minister ambihtmecg2 [] m (-es/-as) servant ambihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) service ambihtscealc2 [] m (-es/-as) functionary, retainer, official servant ambihtsecg [] m (-es/-as) minister, an official man, messenger, ambassador ambihtsmi [] m (-es/-as) court smith or carpenter, official smith or carpenter ambihtsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) service ambihtegn2 [] m (-es/-as) attendant, servant, attendant-thane ambrsie [] f (-an/-an) ambrosia ambyht see ambiht ambyre [] adj unfavorable?; favorable, fair ambyrian see onbyrgan 2 meallian [] wv/i2 to become insipid meallod [] adj emptied out, brought to naught; ptp of meallian mearcian [] wv/t2 to mark out, delineate, define, describe, determine; destine, assign, appoint amel [] m (amles/amlas) sacred vessel, vessel for holy water [L amula] melcan [] sv/t3 3rd pres milc past mealc/mulcon ptp molcen to milk meldian [] wv/t2 to let out, make known, betray meltan see molten ameos [] m? (-es/-as)? bishop-weed [Greek] merian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres mere past merede ptp mered to test, examine; purify, refine merran see mierran metan [] sv/t5 3rd pres mete past mt/mton ptp meten to measure, estimate; mete, mete out, measure; measure out to anyone, allot, assign, grant, bestow; measure out, plan, form, make mtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres mte past mtte ptp mtt to paint, depict; adorn metendlic [] adj compendious, measurable, limited; adv ~lce methwl see methwl metsian [] wv/t2 to provision middan see onmiddan midian [] wv/i2 to be foolish mdlian [] wv/t2 to bridle mierran [] wv/t1a 3rd pres miere past mierede ptp miered to hinder, impede, obstruct, prevent, delay; mar, injure, check, disturb, scatter, consume, waste, spoil, destroy; lose; dissipate, spend, distract, defile, mar, corrupt, spoil, destroy migdal [] m (-es/-as) almond ammi [] m (ameos/ameas) Ammi, an African umbelliferous plant md see md molcen ptp of melcan molsnian [] wv/t2 to decay, weaken; corrupt, putrefy molten [] adj molten amore see omer Amorreas [] m pl the Amorites ampelle [] f (-an/-an) flask, bottle, vial, flagon, vessel [L]

ampre [] 1. f (-an/-an) a dilated vein, varix, esp. in the thighs [varix], tumor, swelling; 2. f (-an/-an) dock, sorrel munan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres man/munon past munde ptp munen to think of, mind, consider, be mindful of, have a care for mundian [] wv/t2 3rd pres munda past mundode ptp mundod to protect, defend myltan [] wv/t1b to melt myrdrian see myrrian myrgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres myrg past myrgde ptp myrged to delight, cheer, make merry, gladden myrian see merian myrran [] 1. see mierran; 2. see myrran myrran [] wv/t1b to murder, kill myrrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres myrre past myrrede ptp myrred to murder, kill an [] 1. adv, prep see on; 2. pres 1st sing of unnan an- [] 1. see and-; against, in return; 2. see un-; denoting privation; 3. see in-; in, to; 4. see on-; in, to; an [] verb infinitive suffix the termination of most Anglo-Saxon verbs is in -an; but -n is also found, which seems to be contracted from aa, agan, ahan, as in gn to go, from gaan; smen to consider from smeagan; slen to slay, from sleahan, etc. The termination of verbs in -n, appears to be a contraction from ahan, ohan, as fn, to take, from fahan; gefen, to rejoice, from gefeohan; ten to draw, from teohan, etc. n [] 1. adj one; pl each, every one, all; ~ and (fter) ~ one by one; ~es hwt some single thing, a part; a, an; alone, one, sole, single, solitary, only, another (in this sense it is used also in the weak form s na, h na, and with a pl.); lonely?; singular, unique; single, each, every one, all (gen pl nra); any; sole, alone of its kind, singular, unique, without an equal; a certain one, some one; one, other; ~ fter ~um one after another; t ~um t ~um from one to another; t ~, for ~ this one thing, for one thing, only; ~es hwt anything, literally anything of all; 2. adv continually, continuously, ever, in one, once for all, immediately; only; t ~ only that; ~ and ~ one by one; on ~ in one, continually, ever; 3. indef art sometimes, though rarely, n may be used as the English article a/an; It does not, however, appear to be generally used as an indefinite article, but more like the Moes, ain, or Latin unus. When a noun was used indefinitely by the Saxons, it was without an article prefixed; 4. ~a def numerical adjective one, sole, single, solitary ana see heonu na see n nad2 [] n (ndes/-) waste, desert, solitude [Ger einde] ananbeam [] m (-es/-as) spindle tree anawyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm nd2 [] n (ndes/-) waste, desert, solitude [Ger einde] ngled [] adj nailed down anl- see onlanelian see unelian anbrnes see onbrnes anbesettan [] wv/t1a to inflict

anbestingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres anbestinge past anbestang/anbestungon ptp anbestungen to thrust in, insert anbeweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres anbewierp past anbewearp/anbewurpon ptp anbeworpen to cast into anbid [] n (-es/-) waiting, expectation, hope; interval anbidian1 [] wv/i2 to wait, abide, stay; wv/t2 to wait for, expect (+ gen) anbidstw [] f (-e/-a) place of meeting anbidung1 [] f (-e/-a) waiting for, expectation, an abiding, tarrying, awaiting; delay anbiht see ambiht anbindan see onbindan anbiscopod see unbiscopod nboren2 [] adj only-born, only-begotten [pptc] anbringelle see onbringelle anbrce see unbrce? anbrce [] f (-an/-an) material, wood, timber anbrucol [] adj rugged anbryrd- see onbryrdnbend [] m (-es/-) hermit, anchorite nbende [] adj living alone anbgan see onbgan anburge [] ? pl? sureties anbyhtscealc see ambihtscealc nbme [] adj made of one trunk, dug-out (ship) anbyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) resistance anbyrignes [] f (-se/-sa) tasting, taste ncend [] adj only-begotten ncenned [] adj only-begotten ancer see ancor anclow [] n (-cleowes/-) ankle anclowe [] f (-an/-an) ankle ancnwan see oncnwan ancor [] m (ancres/ancras) anchor [L from Greek]; ballast; on ancre rdan to ride at anchor ncor [] m (ncres/ncras) anchorite, hermit ncora [] m (-n/-n) anchorite, hermit ancorbend [] m (-es/-as) cable, anchor-band or cord or rope ncorlic [] adj like a hermit, anchoretic ncorlf [] n (-es/-) solitary life, an anchorites or hermits life ancormann [] m (-es/-menn) an anchor-man, man in charge of the anchor ancorrp [] m (-es/-as) anchor-rope, cable ancorsetl [] n (-es/-, -u) prow of a ship, anchor-seat, the fore-castle of a ship ncorsetl [] n (-es/-, -u) hermitage, an anchorites cell ncorsetla [] m (-n/-n) hermit ncorstw [] f (-e/-a) solitary place, an anchorites or hermits cell ancorstreng [] m (-es/-as) cable, anchor-string ancra see ancor

ncra [] m (-n/-n) anchorite, hermit, monk ancre [] f (-an/-an) radish ancsum see angsum ancuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres ancym past ancm/on ptp is ancumen to arrive, come ncummum [] adv one by one, singly ncyn [] adj only; gen ~nes and [] 1. prep w.d. with; emb eahta niht and fowerum after 8 nights with 4 [12 nights]; ymb 20 and 5 nihtum after 20 with 5 nights; 2. prep w.a. against, before, on, into and [] conj and; but; or; gelce ~ like as if; gescop God heofenan and eoran. and- see an-, on-, ond- (opposition, negation; Ger ent-) occasionally aand- [] prefix against, without; in composition denotes opposition: andsaca, andswaru anda [] m (-n/-n) emotion of mind, grudge, enmity, malice, envy, hatred, anger, zeal, annoyance, vexation; zeal; injury, mischief; fear, horror; on ~n in hatred; ~n witan to dislike ndaga [] m (-n/-n) appointed day, a fixed day, a time appointed, a day or term appointed for hearing a cause ndagian1 [] wv/t2 to fix a day for appearance, to appoint a day or term, to cite; adjourn ndge2 [] adv for one day, lasting a day andt- see andetandb- see anb-, onbandbeorma [] m (-n/-n) that which is without barm, unleavened, unleavened bread, the feast of unleavened bread andbcnian [] wv/t2 to make signs to andbidian see anbdian andbidung see anbidung andbita [] m (-n/-n) the feast (of unleavened bread), that which is unleavened, unleavened bread andclow see anclow andcwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres andcwie past andcw/andcwdon ptp andcweden; to deceive, disappoint, trick, elude, frustrate [contradicere, frustrari] andcwiss [] f (-e/-a) answer andcnes [] f (-se/-sa) evidence andd- see and-, ondande see ende andages [] adv eye to eye, openly? [deleted] andaw [] adj arrogant, ostentatious, presumptuous, proud andefen [] f (-e/-a) measure, quantity, amount, an equality, proportion; capacity, nature Andefera [] m (-n/-n) Andover, a market town in the northwest of Hampshire built on the east bank of the river Ande or Anton; Simon Durham writes it Andeafara, = Ande-afara, a farer over the river Ande, on the bank of which Andover is built; From about 1395, from the present name Andover, = Ande-fer, Ande the river Ande, and fer, a margin, bank, that is a town on the bank of the river Ande andefn [] f (-e/-a) measure, quantity, amount, an equality, proportion; capacity, nature andelbr [] adj reversed andelbre [] adj reversed anderglide [] adv in repayment, in compensation

andet- see andettandetla [] m (-n/-n) declaration, confession andetnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) confession, acknowledgement, profession; thanksgiving, praise, giving of thanks or praise, praise, honor, glory andett [] f (-e/-a) confession, praise, honor, glory andetta [] m (-n/-n) one who confesses, confessor, acknowledger; ~ bon acknowledge andettan1 [] wv/t1b to confess, acknowledge; give thanks or praise; promise, vow [and, htan] andettere [] m (-es/-as) one who confesses, confessor andettian see andettan andettung [] f (-e/-a) confession, profession andfang [] n (-es/-) acceptance andfangol [] m (-es/-fangelas) One who undertakes any thing, an undertaker, contractor; A receiver, collector of taxes, etc.; One who takes into his house or harbors thieves, gamesters, etc., a receiver, gaming-house keeper; A guardian, protector [susceptor] andfealdlce see nfealdlce andfeax [] adj bald andfeng [] m (-es/-as) seizing, receiving, taking, taking to ones self, taking up; defense; defender; attack, assault; revenue, means; illegal occupation (of land) andfenga [] m (-n/-n) receiver, defender, undertaker andfenge [] 1. adj acceptable, that which can be received, agreeable, approved, fit, suitable; that can receive; taken; 2. m (-es/-as) undertaker, helper; receptacle andfengend [] m (-es/-) helper, defender, undertaker; receiver; gafoles ~ tax collector andfengnes [] f (-se/-sa) acceptance, receiving, reception; receptacle, a place for receiving; acceptableness andfengstw [] f (-e/-a) receptacle andfex see andfeax andfindende [] adj finding, getting andfylstan [] wv/t1b to aid andgelman see andlman andget see andgit andgete [] adj plain, manifest [andgiete] andgiet [] n (-es/-u) understanding, intellect; knowledge, cognizance, perception; sense, meaning; one of the five senses, (gesih, hlyst, swcc, stenc, hrepung); plan, purpose andgietan see ongietan andgiete [] 1. f (-an/-an) understanding, intellect; knowledge, cognizance, perception; sense, meaning; one of the five senses, (gesih, hlyst, swcc, stenc, hrepung); plan, purpose; 2. adj manifest andgietful [] adj intelligent, sensible, discerning, knowing andgietfullic [] adj intelligible, clear, fully or clearly understood; antonym: gemenged; adv ~lce sensibly, clearly, plainly, distinctly, intelligibly; cmp ~or; spl ~ost andgietlas [] adj foolish, senseless, doltish andgietlast [] f (-e/-a) want of understanding andgietlic [] adj intelligible, clear, sensible; adv ~lce clearly andgiettcen [] n (-tcnes/-) sensible token, sign andgit see andgiet

andgitol [] adj intelligent, sensible, understanding andhafod [] n (-hafdes/-u) heading, unploughed headland of a field andhetan see andettan andhettan see andettan andhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres andhwierfe past andhwearf/andhwurfon ptp andhworfen to move against, blow against andian [] wv/i2 to be envious or jealous, envy andiendlce [] adv enviously andig [] adj envious, jealous andigende [] adj envying andlman see andlman andlang [] 1. adj entire, continuous, extended, all-along, throughout; related?; ~ne dg/niht all day/night long; 2. prep w.g. along, on length, by the side of, by his side?; ~ dces along the dike; andlangcempa [] m (-n/-n) soldier fighting in line andlanges [] adv prep along andlata see andwlita andlan2 [] n (-es/-) retribution, retaliation andleofa [] m (-n/-n) nourishment, pottage, food, living, sustenance; money, wages, alms, that by which food is procured [libban] andleofen [] f (-ne/-na) nourishment, pottage, food, living, sustenance; money, wages, alms, that by which food is procured [libban] andlcnes see onlcnes andliefen see andleofen andlifen see andleofen andlman [] m pl utensils, implements, tools, vessels andlong see andlang andlyfen see andleofen andmitta see anmitta andrdan see ondrdan andrdlce see undrdlce Andras [] m (-/-) Andreas, Andrew; indecl, but gen, dat. Andre/Andrea; Andreas, Andrasmsse [] f (-an/-an) St. Andrews day (Nov. 30th) andreccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres andrece past andreahte ptp andreaht to relate (a tale) Andred [] m (-es/-as) the name of a large wood in Kent, also the city of Andred or Andrida Andredes ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) the Roman station or city of Andred, Pevensey, or Pemsey Castle, Sussex Andredes lag [] f (-e/-a) Andredsley Andredes weald [] m (-es/-as) Andreds Weald, a large wood in Kent, extending into Sussex ndrenceft [] n (-es/-fatu) a cup emptied at one swallow andribb [] n (-es/-) a little breast [pectusculum], breast andriesne see ondrysne andrysen- see ondrysn-, ondrysenandrysn- see ondrysn-, ondrysenSimones brer Petres Andreas, brother of Simon Peter

andsaca2 [] m (-n/-n) adversary, enemy; denier, renouncer, apostate, opposer, enemy andsacian [] wv/t2 to strive against, dispute, deny, refuse, gainsay, forsake, abjure andsc [] m (-es/-sacas) denial, oath of purgation; refusal; strife, resistance, contention andste [] adj hateful, odious, abominable, repugnant; hostile andslyht2 [] m (-es/-as) blow andspurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres andspyrn past andspearn/andspurnon ptp andspornen to stumble against andspurnes [] f (-se/-sa) offence andstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres andstende past andstd/on ptp andstanden to sustain, abide, stand by, bear ndstreces see nstreces andsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) purity, chastity, virginity andsundnes [] f (-se/-sa) purity, chastity, virginity andswarian1 [] wv/t2 to answer, respond, give an answer andswaru [] f (-e/-a) answer andswerian see andswarian andsworian see andswarian andsn see ansen andtimber see ontimber andr- see onrandwre [] adj perverse, froward, athwart, cross; [and- against; wre quiet] andung [] f (-e/-a) jealousy andstrian [] wv/t2 to deny (with oaths) andstrung [] f (-e/-a) an abominating, an abomination [abominatio] andwscan see dwscan andward- see andweardandweal- see onwealandweard1 [] adj present, actual, existing; opposite to andweardian1 [] wv/t2 to present, bring before one; [ge~ = andwyrdian] andweardlic [] adj present, actual; adv ~lce presentially, in the presence of, present andweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) presence, presentness; present time; dispensation andwendednes see onwendednes andweorc [] n (-es/-) matter, substance, material, metal; cause, a cause of anything andwerd see andweard, andwyrd andwg [] m (-es/-as) resistance andwille see nwille andwirdan see andwyrdan andws [] adj expert, skillful; w.g. ~ expert in noun andwsnes [] f (-se/-sa) experience, skillfulness andwist [] f (-e/-e) support andwlata see andwlita andwlita [] m (-n/-n) face, forehead, countenance, personal appearance, form, surface andwltan [] sv/t1 3rd pres andwlte past andwlt/andwliton ptp andwliten to look upon andwlite [] n (-es/-u) see andwlita andwliteful [] adj of an expressive countenance, full of expression, full of airs or grimaces, grimacing, affected; with grim look [vultuosus]

andwr [] adj hostile, enraged; w.d. hostile to andwreian [] wv/t2 to support andwurd see andweard andwyrd see andweard andwyrdan1 [] wv/t1b to answer andwyrdian1 [] wv/t2 to answer andwyrde [] n (-es/-u) answer andwyrding [] f (-e/-a) a consent, an agreement, a conspiring, conspiracy andyde [] past of andn (ondn) andytt- see andettne [] 1. see ne; 2. see heonu nage [] adj one-eyed, blind of one eye ngede [] adj one-eyed, blind of one eye nagede [] adj one-eyed, blind of one eye necge [] adj having one edge, one-edged nge see nage ngede see nage nhst see nhst nemnan [] wv/t1b to announce, declare nerian [] wv/t1a to deliver, rescue nes see nes nes [] genitive num of n; of one; ~ wana wanting of one; ~ wana twentig nineteen nescian see hnescian netnes [] f (-se/-sa) solitude, seclusion nett [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) solitude, seclusion anf- see onfnfh [] adj of one color nfald [] adj single, one-fold, simple, single, one alone, unmixed, singular, unique, peculiar, matchless, superior; simple, modest, honest, sincere; fixed, invariable; singular (gram.); ~ a simple oath; ~ gerecednes/sprc prose; ~ getl the singular number; adv ~lce nfeald [] adj single, one-fold, simple, single, one alone, unmixed, singular, unique, peculiar, matchless, superior; simple, modest, honest, sincere; fixed, invariable; singular (gram.); ~ a simple oath; ~ gerecednes/sprc prose; ~ getl the singular number; adv ~lce nfealdlic [] adj single, one-fold, simple, single, one alone, unmixed, singular, unique, peculiar, matchless, superior; simple, modest, honest, sincere; fixed, invariable; singular (gram.); ~ a simple oath; ~ gerecednes/sprc prose; ~ getl the singular number; adv ~lce nfealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unity, concord; simplicity anfealt [] f (-e/-a) anvil anfeng see andfeng nfte [] adv one-footed anfilt [] n (-es/-) anvil anfilte [] n (-es/-u) anvil anfindan see onfindan

nfloga [] m (-n/-n) lonely flier; lonely flying anfn see onfn anforht [] adj fearful, timid anforltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres anforlte past anforlt/on, anforleort/on ptp anforlten to let go, leave alone, lose, forsake, relinquish, abandon, surrender; omit, neglect anforltnes [] f (-se/-sa) loss, desertion; intermission anforngean [] prep w.d.a.? in front of ang- [] prefix narrow, vexed; from ange anga [] m (-n/-n) stimulus, sting, goad nga2 [] adj sole, only, single, singular, one and no more; solitary; any, every one, all (in this sense, it admits a plural) angbrost [] n (-es/-) tightness of the chest, asthma, breast-anguish, difficulty of breathing ange see enge angeald [] past 3rd sing of angildan angan see ongan angel [] 1. m (angles/anglas) angle, hook, fish-hook, fishing hook; 2. m see engel Angel [] n (Angles/-) Anglen, a district in Schleswig, from which the Angles came into Britain; Anglen in Denmark, the counry between Flensburg and the Schley from which the Angles came into Britain Angel [] f (Angle/Angla) Anglen in Denmark, the counry between Flensburg and the Schley from which the Angles came into Britain Angel- [] prefix English Angelcyning [] m (-es/-as) an Angle or English king Angelcynn [] n (-es/-) the English people; England ngeld see ngilde Angelfolc [] n (-es/-) the English people; the Angle or English race angelc [] adj like, similar angeltwicce [] f (-an/-an), m (-es/-as) a certain worm used as bait, a red worm used for a bait in angling or fishing, earthworm? Angelod [] f (-e/-a) the English people; England Angelwitan [] m pl English councilors ngenga [] 1. adj solitary, isolated; 2. m (-n/-n) solitary goer, isolated one, a lone goer, a solitary angerd see ungerd ngetrum [] n (-es/-u) illustrious company, a singular company angeweald see onweald angian1 [] wv/i2 to be in anguish angien see anginn angil see angel 1 ngild see ngilde angildan see ongieldan ngilde [] 1. n (-es/-u) single payment or rate of compensation for damage, the single value of property claimed or in dispute a rate fixed by law, at which certain injuries, either to person or property, were to be paid for; the fixed price or rate at which cattle and other goods were received as currency; 2. adj to be compensated for; 3. adv simply, only

ngildes see ngilde 3 anginn [] n (-es/-) beginning, attempt, resolve; intention, purpose, design, enterprise, undertaking, opportunity; action, onset, attack; rising (of sun); tip (of finger) anginnan see onginnan angitan see ongietan angitful see andgietful Angle [] m pl the Angles or English, who came from Anglen in Denmark, and occupied the greater part of England, from Suffolk to the Frith of Forth, including Mercia Angles eg [] f (-e/-a) Anglesey, so called after it was conquered by the English: it was anciently called Mona angmd [] adj sad, sorrowful, vexed in mind, anxious angmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) sadness, sorrow, sorrowfulness angngl [] m (-es/-as) corn, agnail or angnail, a whitlow, a sore under the nail angnere [] m (-es/-as) corner of the eye angnes [] f (-se/-sa) anxiety, distress, sorrow, trouble, anguish, pain, fear, narrowness angol- see angelangrisla [] m (-n/-n) terror angrislic [] adj grisly, terrible, horrible, dreadful, horrid; adv ~lce, ~enlce angset [] m (-n/-n) eruption, pustule, carbuncle, pimple, a disease with eruptions, St. Anthonys fire angseta [] m (-n/-n) eruption, pustule, carbuncle, pimple, a disease with eruptions, St. Anthonys fire angsum [] adj narrow, strait, troublesome, hard, difficult; adv ~e angsumian1 [] wv/t2 to vex, afflict, to be solicitous angsumlic [] adj troublesome, painful, anxious; adv ~lce sorrowfully angsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) pain, anxiety, anguish; sorrow, trouble, troublesomeness; difficulty, perplexity ngum see nigum, dat of nig ngyld see ngilde ngylde see ngilde angyn see anginn angytan see ongietan anh- see onhnhaga2 [] m (-n/-n) solitary being, lone dweller, recluse, one dwelling alone nhealfrh [] adj having one side rough anhende [] adj on hand, requiring attention nhende [] adj one-handed, lame, imperfect, weak nhwe [] adj having only one shape or form, uniform [uniformis] anhoga see nhaga nhoga see nhaga nhorn [] m (-es/-as) unicorn nhorna [] m (-n/-n) unicorn nhrdlce see nrdlce nhundwintre [] adj a hundred years old nhdig2 [] adj resolute, steadfast, firm, constant, stubborn, self-willed, brave, one- or single-minded

nhyrne [] 1. m (-es/-as) unicorn; 2. see nhyrned nhyrned [] adj having one horn, one-horned nhyrnede [] adj having one horn, one-horned nhyrnende [] adj having one horn, one-horned nedan [] wv/t1b to restrain, repel; force; t ~ expel, drive out [ned] nig see nig nge see nage nigge see nage anehst [] adj last, at last, in the last place niman [] sv/t4 3rd pres nim past nam/nmon, nm/on ptp numen to take; take away or from, deprive of ninga see nunga nirian [] wv/t2 to cast down anl- see andl-, onlnlaga [] adv acting alone anlang- see andlangnlp- see nlpanlc see anlc nlcan1 [] wv/t1b to unite; collect anlc [] m (-es/-as) respect, regard nlegere [] adj consorting with one man nlp- see nlp-, nlepnlic [] adj only, unique; solitary; catholic; beautiful [see nlic] nlepig [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally nlpig [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally nlpe [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally nlpie [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally nlpnes [] f (-se/-sa) loneliness nlpum [] adv singly nlp- see nlep-, nlpnmde [] n (-es/-u) unanimity, concord nmdla [] m (-n/-n) pomp, glory; pride, presumption, arrogance; courage [md] anmitta [] m (-n/-n) weight, balance, scales [and, mitta] nmd [] adj of one mind, unanimous; steadfast, resolute, eager, bold, brave, fierce, proud; adv ~lce nmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unity, unanimity; steadfastness, resolution ann [] past 3rd of unnan anna see heonu nne see n nnes [] f (-se/-sa) oneness, unity; agreement, covenant; solitude nnihte [] adv one day old anoa see anda

np2 [] m (-es/-paas) narrow path anpolle [] f (-an/-an) see ampella anr- see onrnrd [] adj of one mind, unanimous; constant, firm, persevering, resolute; also ~e nrdlic [] adj constant, resolute; undoubting; adv ~lce unanimously; resolutely, persistently, constantly, earnestly; definitely, decidedly nrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unanimity, agreement; constancy, firmness, diligence nreces see nstreces nrd see nrdanribb see andribb ans- see ands-, ons-, unsanscatan see onscotan anscotan see onscotan nseld [] n (-es/-) lonely dwelling, hermitage nsetl [] n (-es/-, -u) hermitage nsetla [] m (-n/-n) anchorite, hermit ansen [] 1. f (-e/-e), n (-es/-) countenance, face; form, figure, presence; view, aspect, sight, thing seen; surface; 2. 2 f (-e/-a) lack, want ansene2 [] adj visible anspel [] n (-es/-u) conjecture [deleted] anspilde [] adj salutary nsprce [] adv speaking as one nstandende [] adj standing alone; noun hermit [pres participle] nstapa [] m (-n/-n) lonely wanderer nstelede [] adj one-stalked, having one stem nstg [] f (-e/-a) narrow path?, path up a hill? nstonde see nstandende anstr [] n? (-es/-) incense nstrc [] adj resolute, determined nstreces [] adv at one stretch, continuously, continually ansumnes [] f (-se/-sa) soundness, wholeness, integrity (2) ansund [] adj sound, whole, entire, perfect, healthy; solid ansundnes [] f (-se/-sa) soundness, wholeness, integrity (1) nswge [] adj harmonious, accordant ans see ansen ant- see and-, ont-, untAntecrist [] m (-es/-as) Antichrist [L] antefn [] m (-es/-as) antiphon, anthem antefnere [] m (-es/-as) book of antiphons antemnere [] m (-es/-as) book of antiphons ntd [] f (-e/-e) similar time? (i.e. the corresponding time of a following day), appropriate day? antifon see antefn antre [] f (-an/-an) radish num [] adv alone, solely, by this alone anunder see onunder

anung [] f (-e/-a) zeal; see andung? nunga [] adv at once, forthwith; quickly, shortly; entirely, altogether, throughout, by all means, uninterruptedly; necessarily, certainly anw- see andw-, onw-, unwnwald [] m (-es/-as) monarchy nwalda [] m (-n/-n) lone ruler anwedd [] n (-es/-) security, pledge nwg [] n (-es/-) single combat, duel nwglce [] adv in single combat nwiht see wiht nwille [] 1. adj willful, obstinate; 2. adv willfully, obstinately willce [] adv obstinately nwilnes [] f (-se/-sa) self-will, obstinacy, persistence; mid ~se wantonly, willfully nwintre [] adj one year old, yearling nwintrecyning [] m (-es/-as) a king or ruler for one winter or year, a consul nwte [] n (-es/-u) single fine anwlh see onwealg? nwuht see wiht nwunung [] f (-e/-a) solitary abode nwylnes see nwilnes anxsum- see angsumndan see ndan anhst see anhst nyman see niman anwan see onwan apa [] m (-n/-n) ape parian [] wv/t1a to discover, apprehend pcan [] wv/t1b to seduce, lead astray apelder- see apuldorpinsian [] wv/t1b to weigh, estimate, ponder, recount [L pensare] pinsung [] f (-e/-a) weighing apl see appel plantian [] wv/t2 to plant platod [] adj beaten into (metal) plates pluccian [] wv/t1b to pluck, gather apostata [] m (-n/-n) apostate apostel [] m (apostles/apostlas) messenger; apostle; disciple [L from Greek] apostol [] m (-es/-as) messenger; apostle; disciple [L from Greek] apostolhd2 [] m (-a/-a) apostleship apostolic [] adj apostolic appel see ppel apple see ppel Aprelis [] m (-es/-as) April priccan [] wv/t1a to prick Aprilis see Aprelis aprotane [] f (-an/-an) southernwood, wormwood; [L abrotonum, from Gk]

apulder [] f (apuldre/apuldra), m (apuldres/apuldras) apple-tree apuldor [] f (apuldre/apuldra), m (apuldres/apuldras) apple-tree apuldorrind [] f (-e/-a) bark of apple-tree apuldortn [] m (-es/-as) apple-orchard apuldre see apulder apuldur see apulder pullian [] wv/t2 to pull pundrian? [] wv/t2 to measure out, requite?; estimate? pyffan [] wv/t1a to exhale, breathe out pyndrian [] wv/t1a to weigh ptan [] wv/t1b to put out (eyes) r [] 1.2 m (-es/-as) messenger, servant, herald, apostle, angel [Goth. airus]; 2. f (-e/-a) oar; 3. f (-e/-a) honor, worth, dignity, glory, respect, reverence; grace, favor, prosperity, benefit, help; mercy, pity; landed property, possessions, revenue; ecclesiastical living, benefits; ownership; privilege; 4. n (-es/-) ore, brass, copper; 5. see r Arabisc [] adj Arabian racsian see rasian rfian [] wv/t2 to unravel, disentangle rsian [] wv/t2 3rd pres rsa past rsode ptp rsod to lay open, search out, test, detect, discover; reprove, correct; suspect; rsod skilled rsod [] adj skilled [past part of rsian] rcan [] wv/t1b to reach, get at; hold forth, reach out; get (a thing for a person) rd [] 1. m (-es/-as) welfare; 2. adj prepared, resolute, determined arda see aroda?, variant of arod rdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres rde past reord/on, rd/on ptp rden to appoint, prepare; arrange, settle, decide; guess, prophesy, interpret, utter; read, read out, read to (any one) [listed as sv/t1, usually weak] rdnes [] f (-se/-sa) condition, stipulation rfan [] wv/t1b to set free, unwrap rnan [] wv/t1b to carry out, accomplish; endure, suffer; keep in mind, ponder [fnan] rfian [] wv/t2 to carry out, accomplish; endure, suffer; keep in mind, ponder [fnan] rfniendlic [] adj endurable, possible rfsan [] wv/t1b to intercept rman [] wv/t1b to raise, elevate (oneself); 2 rise, stand up rpsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rpse past rpsede ptp rpsed to intercept rran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rre past rrde ptp rred to lift up, raise, set up, create, establish; build, erect; rear (swine); spread, disseminate; disturb, upset; p ~ bring up, raise up, exalt rrend [] m (-es/-) one who arouses rrnes [] f (-se/-sa) raising, elevation rsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rse past rsde ptp rsed to rush rbld [] n (-es/-bladu) oar-blade arblast [] m (-es/-as) cross-bow [O.Fr. arbaleste] arc [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) ark, coffer, chest, box [L arca] arce [] 1. m (-es/-as) archiepiscopal pallium; 2. f see arc arcebiscop [] m (-es/-as) archbishop

arcebiscopdm [] m (-es/-as) post of archbishop arcebiscophd [] m (-a/-a) post of archbishop arcebiscoprce [] n (-es/-u) archbishopric arcebiscopstl [] m (-es/-as) archiepiscopal see arcedacon [] m (-es/-as) archdeacon arcehd [] m (-a/-a) archhood, post of archbishop, an archbishops pall, his dignity, of which the pall was a sign arcerce [] n (-es/-u) archbishopric arcestl [] m (-es/-as) archiepiscopal see rcrftig [] adj respected, honorable rdde [] adj merciful rdagas [] m pl festival days ardlic see arodlic re [] f see r 3 rafian [] wv/t2 to separate, divide reccan [] irreg wv/t1b to spread out, put forth, stretch out; lift up, erect, build up; say, relate, declare, speak out, explain, expound, translate; astonish; adorn?, deck? rcelasian [] wv/i2 to be negligent, neglect ared see arod rd see rd reddan see hreddan redian [] wv/t2 to make ready, devise, provide, arrange, carry out; find, find ones way, reach; find out, understand [rde] rdnes [] f (-se/-sa) a degree, condition, covenant rdod [] adj furnished rfnan see rfnan rendan [] wv/t1b to tear off rengan [] wv/t1b to make proud, exalt [arencan?] rodian [] wv/t2 to redden, blush, become red; put to shame rosan see hrosan rran see rran rtan [] wv/t1b to cheer, gladden [rot] arewe see arwe rfst [] adj respected, honest, pious, virtuous; merciful, gracious, compassionate; respectful rfstan [] wv/t1b to show mercy rfstian [] wv/t2 to show mercy rfstlic [] adj pious; adv ~lce rfstnes [] f (-se/-sa) virtue, honor, grace, goodness, piety; pity, mercy rft [] n (-es/-fatu) brazen vessel rfest see rfst rful [] adj respected, venerable; favorable, kind, merciful; respectful; adv ~lce graciously arg see earg argang see earsgang rgeblond see argebland

argentille [] f (-an/-an) argentilla (plant) [L] rgotere [] m (-es/-as) brass-founder rgesweorf [] n (-es/-) brass filings rgeweorc [] n (-es/-) brass-work rgiefa [] m (-n/-n) giver of benefits arhlce see earglce rhwt [] adj eager for glory rian1 [a:ryan] wv/t2 to honor, respect; endow; regard, care for, favor, be merciful to, spare, pardon Arianisc [] adj Arian, belonging to Arius, an Alexandrian, who lived in the 4th century rdan [] sv/t1 3rd pres rde past rd/dridon ptp driden to ride riddan see hreddan riend [] m (-es/-), f (-?/-?) benefactor, benefactress rigend [] m (-es/-), f (-?/-?) benefactor, benefactress riht [] adj aright, properly rman [] wv/t1b to number, count, enumerate; relate rinnan [] sv/i3 3rd pres rin past rann/runnon ptp is runnen to run out, pass away rsan [] 1. sv/i1 3rd pres rse past rs/rison ptp is risen to arise, get up; rise; spring from, originate; spring up, ascend; 2. see gersan 1 rist see rist rlas [] adj dishonorable, base, impious, wicked; cruel; [Ger ehrlos]; adv ~lce rlasnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness rlast [] f (-e/-a) disgraceful deed rlic [] adj 1. honorable; fitting, agreeable, proper; delicious; 2. see rlic rlce [] adv 1. honorably, becomingly, graciously, kindly, pleasantly, mercifully; 2. see rlce rloc [] n (-es/-u) oarlock, rowlock arm see earm armelu [] ? (-?/-?) harmala, wild rue rmorgen see rmorgen arn [] past 3rd sing of iernan arn- see earnarod [] adj quick, bold, ready; (wk aroda) rod [] past participle of rian arodlic [] adj quick; adv ~lce quickly; vigorously arodnes [] f (-se/-sa) spirit, boldness arodscipe [] m (-es/-as) energy, dexterity rm? [] ? (-?/-?) copperas aron [] alternate pres pl of wesan Arrianisc [] adj Arian, belonging to Arius, an Alexandrian, who lived in the 4th century rspe [] f (-an/-an) verdigris [spe] rscamu [] f (-e/-a) shame, modesty [deleted] rsmi [] m (-es/-as) coppersmith rstf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) support, assistance, kindness, benefit, grace (often in pl) art see eart, pres 2nd sing of wesan ar see eart, pres 2nd sing of wesan

regn [] m (-es/-as) servant ring [] n (-es/-) a thing of value arud see arod rung [] f (-e/-a) honor, respect, reverence; pardon runnen see urnen, past part of rinnen arwe [] f (-an/-an) arrow rwela see arwela rweor [] adj honorable, venerable, revering, pious; adv ~e rweore [] adj honorable, venerable, revering, pious; adv ~e rweorful [] adj honorable rweorian1 [] wv/t2 to honor, reverence, worship, extol rweorlic [] adj venerable, honorable; adv ~lce reverentially, solemnly, kindly rweornes [] f (-se/-sa) reverence, honor rweorung [] f (-e/-a) honor rwesa [] adj? respected rwiere see rweor rwie [] f (-an/-an) oar-thong, rowlock arwunga see earwunga arwunge see earwunga rwur see rweor rwyr see rweor ryddan [] wv/t1a to strip, plunder ryddran [] wv/t1a to strip, plunder rydtran [] wv/t1b to strip, plunder ryderian [] wv/i2 to blush, be ashamed rpan [] wv/t1b to tear off, strip r see ar sadian [] wv/t2 to satiate, surfeit asal see esol asald see esol snian [] wv/t2 to droop, flag swan [] sv/t7 3rd pres sw past sow/on ptp swen to sow, sow with scgan see secgan sgdnes see onsgednes slan2 [] wv/t1b to bind, fetter, ensnare sndan see sendan asca [] m (-n/-n) see asce scacan [a*shak*an] sv/t6 3rd pres scc past scc/on ptp scacen to shake off, remove; depart, flee, desert, forsake; shake, brandish [scdan (scde), scd/on, scden] scdan see scadan scafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres scfe past scf/on ptp sceafen to shave off [scafan (scf), scof/on, scafen] scamelic [] adj shameful scamian [] wv/t2 to feel shame ascas [] nom, acc pl of sc sccan see scacan

scfen [] past participle of sceafan ascbacen [] adj baked on ashes asce [] f (-an/-an) (burnt) ash; dust (of the ground) sceacan see scacan scadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres scde past scd/on ptp scaden to separate, hold aloof or asunder, exclude; make clear, cleanse, purify [scdan (scde), scd/on, scden] scealian [] wv/t2 to peel off sceaman [] wv/i1b to be ashamed scearpan see scirpan scellan see scillan, scillian scofan see scfan sceon- see onscunsceortian see ascortian scotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres scete past scat/scuton ptp scoten to shoot, shoot out; drop out, fall; lance (surgery); eviscerate sceppan see scieppan scer- see scirscian [] wv/t2 to ask, inquire, seek for, demand; call, summon; examine, observe; ge~ learn by inquiry, discover, hear of; 2 announce sciendlic [] adj interrogative scieppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres sciep past scp/on ptp scapen to make, create; appoint, determine, assign scihtan [] wv/t1b to drive away scildan [] wv/t1b to protect scilian [] wv/t2 to separate, divide scmian [] wv/t2 to shine scnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres scn past scn/scinon ptp scinen to flash or shine forth, beam, radiate, be clear scieran [] sv/t4 3rd pres scier past scear/scaron ptp scoren to cut off, cut away scirian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres scire past scirede ptp scired to cut off, separate, divide, remove; set free, deprive off; arrange, destine scirigendlic [] adj disjunctive scirpan [] wv/t1b to sharpen, make acute scortian [] wv/i2 to become short, fail; pass away, elapse scradian [] wv/t2 to prune, lop screncan [] wv/t1b to displace, trip up, cause to stumble screpan [] sv/t5 3rd pres scrip past scrp/scrpon ptp screpen to scrape, clear away scrfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres scrfe past scrf/scrifon ptp scrifen to describe scrtnian [] wv/t2 to investigate, examine scfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres scf past scaf/scufon ptp scofen to drive out, remove, expel, banish; push (away) scun- see onscunscung1 [] f (-e/-a) asking, questioning, inquiring, question, inquiry, inquisition, interrogation, that which is inquired about, information scyhhan [] wv/t1b to scare away, reject scyled [] adj made manifest

scylfan [] wv/t1b to destroy scylian see scilian scyllan see scilian scyndan [] wv/t1b to separate, part (from); drive away (from); take away scyr- see scirscran [] wv/t1b to make clear [scr] sealcan see seolcan sarian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres sare past sarede ptp sared to wither, dry up scan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres sc past shte ptp sht to seek out, select; search out, examine, explore; seek for, require, ask; search through, penetrate scendlic [] adj to be sought secgan [] 1. wv/t3 3rd pres sg past sde ptp sd to say out, express, tell, narrate, explain, announce; 2. see onsecgan secgendlic [] adj utterable sdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres sde past sdde ptp sded to satiate [sd] segendnes [] f (-se/-sa) an offering sellan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres sel past sealde ptp seald to give up, hand over, deliver; expel, banish sencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres senc past sencte ptp senced to sink, immerse sendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres sende past sende ptp send to send away, send forth, send, give up sengan see secgan seolcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres sielc past sealc/sulcon ptp solcen to become slack, remiss, relaxed, weak son [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres sieh past seah/swon ptp sewen to look upon, behold; 2. sv/t1 3rd pres seh past sh/sigon ptp sigen to strain seonod [] adj relaxed soan [] sv/t2 3rd pres se past sa/sudon ptp soden to seethe, boil; refine, purify; examine sowan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres sowe past sowede ptp sowed to sew setnes [] f (-se/-sa) institute, law asettan see onsettan settan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres sete past sette ptp seted/set/sett to set, put, place; store up; fix, establish, appoint, set up or in, erect, build, plant; apply; transport oneself over, cross (the sea, etc); take away; s(as) ~ to perform a journey, travel san [] wv/t1b to affirm, confirm [s] scan [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres sc past sc/sicon ptp sicen to sigh; 2. to wean siftan [] wv/t1b to sift sgan [] sv/i1 3rd pres sg past sh/sigon ptp sigen to sink, sink down, decline, fall down sincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres sinc past sanc/suncon ptp suncen to sink down, fall to pieces singan [] sv/t3 3rd pres sing past sang/sungon ptp sungen to sing out, sing, deliver (a speech), compose (verse) sittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres sitte past st/ston ptp seten to dwell together, settle; apprehend, fear; run aground; t ~ starve out slacian [] wv/i2 to become slack, decline, diminish; grow tired; make slack, loosen, relax, dissolve

slacigendlic [] adj remissive slpan see slpan slwian [] wv/i2 to become sluggish, be torpid [slw] slccan [] wv/t1a to slacken, loosen slcian see slacian slpan [] sv/t7 3rd pres slpe past slp/on ptp slpen to slumber, dream; be paralyzed, be benumbed slwan [] wv/t1b to blunt, make dull slding [] f (-e/-a) a slip of the tongue sltan [] sv/t1 3rd pres slte past slt/sliton ptp sliten to slit, cleave, cut off, destroy slpan [] sv/t2 3rd pres slp past slap/slupon ptp slopen to slip off, escape, disappear (of + dat) sltan see sltan smagan [] wv/t1b to consider, examine, investigate, devise, elicit, treat of, think; look for demand smagung [] f (-e/-a) scrutiny, consideration sman see smagan smirian1 [] wv/t2 to smear, anoint smirwan1 [] wv/t1b to smear, anoint smiian [] wv/t2 to do smiths work, fashion, forge, fabricate smorian [] wv/t2 to smother, strangle smorung [] f (-e/-a) choking, suffocation smgan see smagan snsan [] wv/t1b to spit, impale, stab snan [] sv/t1 3rd pres sne past sn/snidon ptp sniden to cut off soden [] past participle of soan sogen [] past participle of sgan solcen [] adj sluggish, idle, indifferent, dissolute [past part of seolcan] solcennes [] f (-se/-sa) sleepiness, sloth, laziness solian [] wv/i2 to become dirty spanan [] sv/t6 3rd pres spen past spn/on ptp spanen to allure, seduce, persuade, urge, insinuate spannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres spen past spon/on ptp spannen to unbind, unclasp sparian [] wv/t2 to preserve spatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres spte past speoft/on ptp spaten to spit out speaft see speoft spdan [] wv/t1b to survive, escape spelian [] wv/t2 to be substitute for, represent, take the place of; ~ of be exempt from spendan [] wv/t1b to spend, expend, distribute, squander, consume speoft [] past 3rd sing spit out of spatan? sperian see spyrian aspide [] m (-es/-as) asp, adder, serpent spillan [] wv/t1a to destroy spinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres spin past spann/spunnon ptp spunnen to spin spirian see spyrian spwan [] sv/t1 3rd pres spw past spw/spiwon ptp spiwen to spew up, vomit

spltan? [] wv/t1b to split spornan [] wv/t1b to cast down spradan [] wv/t1b to stretch out, extend sprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres spric past sprc/sprcon ptp sprocen to speak out, speak sprengan [] wv/t1b to cause to spring, fling out sprettan see spryttan sprindlad [] adj ripped up springan [] sv/i3 3rd pres spring past sprang/sprungon ptp is sprungen to spring up or forth, break forth, spread; arise, originate, be born; dwindle, diminish, fail, cease; sprungen dead springung [] f (-e/-a) failing spritan see spryttan sproten [] past participle of sprtan sprungen [] adj dead sprungennes [] f (-se/-sa) failing, exhaustion, death; eclipse sprungnes [] f (-se/-sa) failing, exhaustion, death; eclipse sprtan [] sv/i2 3rd pres sprte past sprat/spruton ptp is sproten to sprout forth spryngan see springan spryttan [] wv/t1a to sprout out, bring forth spylian [] wv/t2 to wash oneself spyrgend [] m (-es/-) investigator spyrging [] m (-es/-as) an invention [adinventio] spyrian [] wv/t1a to track, trace out, investigate, study, explore, discover spwan see spwan assa [] m (-n/-n) he-ass assedun [] adj dun-colored like an ass assen [] f (-ne/-na) she-ass Assirisc [] adj Assyrian assmyre [] f (-an/-an) she-ass st [] f (-e/-a) kiln standan [] sv/i6 3rd pres stende past std/on ptp is standen to stand up, stand forth, rise up, rise; continue, endure standennes [] f (-se/-sa) perserverance; existence, subsistence stgan [] wv/t1b to go up, embark stlan [] wv/t1b to lay at ones charge stnan [] wv/t1b to adorn with precious stones [listed as sv/t1] stppan [] wv/t1a to imprint (a footstep) strfan see styrfan stapan see stpan stellan [] wv/t1a 1. to set forth, set, put, afford, supply, display, appoint; set up, establish, confirm, institute, ordain, undertake, start; undergo; 2. to fly off, rush stemnian [] wv/t2 to found, build stemped [] adj engraved, stamped stencan [] wv/t1b to scatter stop- see stpsteorfan [] sv/i3 3rd pres stierf past stearf/sturfon ptp is storfen to die

stp- see stpster- see styrasterion [] ? (-?/-?) asterion, pellitory stfian [] wv/i2 to become stiff stfician see stfecian stgan [] sv/i1 3rd pres stge past stg/stigon ptp is stigen to proceed, go; (usu with p, ner, etc.) rise, mount, ascend, descend; be puffed up stgend [] m (-es/-) rider stigian [] wv/t2 to ascend, mount stgnes [] f (-se/-sa) ascent stihtan [] wv/t1b to determine on, decree stihting see tyhting stillian [] wv/t2 to still, quiet stingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres stinge past stang/stungon ptp stungen to bore out, pierce out; stab stintan see styntan stirian see styrian stian [] wv/i2 to become hard, dry up, wither; grow up?, become powerful? stondnes see standennes stlian [] wv/t1b to cast forth, hurl streccan [] irreg wv/t1b to stretch out, stretch forth, extend, lay low; prostrate oneself, bow down stregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres strigde past strgd/strugdon ptp strogden to sprinkle stregdnes? [] f (-se/-sa) sprinkling strenged [] adj (made strong), malleable strcan [] sv/t1 3rd pres strc past strc/stricon ptp stricen to strike severely strenan2 [] wv/t1b to beget strogden [] past participle of stregdan strogdnis [] f (-se/-sa) sprinkling (or stregdnes) strowenes [] f (-se/-sa) length, spread? strnan see strenan stundian [] wv/t2 to take upon oneself stfecian [] wv/t2 to suppress, eradicate styllan see stellan styltan [] wv/i1b to be astonished styntan [] wv/t1b to blunt, repress, restrain, stop, overcome stpan [] wv/t1b to deprive, bereave; stpte orphans [stop] stpednes [] f (-se/-sa) privation, bereavement stpnes [] f (-se/-sa) privation, bereavement stpte [] m, f pl orphans stran [] wv/t1b to guide, control strfan [] wv/t1b to kill, destroy strian [] wv/t1a to stir up, excite, move, move forward, raise; be roused, become angry; stred weoran to be or become anxious styriendlic see un~ styrigend [] m (-es/-) a stirrer-up styrred [] adj starry

styrung [] f (-e/-a) motion scan [] sv/t2 3rd pres sc past sac/sucon ptp socen to suck, suck out, drain; consume (sogen) sgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres sg past sag/sugon ptp sogen to suck, suck out, drain; consume (sogen) sundran see onsundran sundron see onsundran sundrian see syndrian srian [] wv/i2 to be or become sour swmian [] wv/i2 to die away; cease swpan [] sv/t7 3rd pres swp past swop/on ptp swpen to sweep away, remove, clean [irreg past part] swrcan [] wv/t1b to languish swrnian [] wv/i2 to be confounded swrnung [] f (-se/-sa) shame, confusion swaian [] wv/t2 to investigate swman [] wv/i1b to roam, wander about; pine, grieve; be ashamed swrn- see swarnswtan [] wv/t1b to burst out in perspiration sweartian [] wv/t2 to turn livid, become ashy or black swebban2 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres swefe past swefede ptp swefed to lull, soothe, set at rest; put to death, destroy swefecian [] wv/t2 to extirpate swellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres swil past sweall/swullon ptp swollen to swell sweltan [] sv/i3 3rd pres swilte past swealt/swulton ptp is swolten to die swencan [] wv/t1b to afflict swengan [] wv/t1b to swing off, shake off, cast forth; ~ on cast upon sweorcan [] sv/t3 3rd pres swierc past swearc/swurcon ptp sworcen to droop sweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres swierf past swearf/swurfon ptp sworfen to file off, polish swpa see swpa swerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres swere past swr/on ptp sworen to swear swic- see swicswcan [] sv/t1 3rd pres swc past swc/swicon ptp swicen to desert, abandon, betray, deceive; offend, irritate, provoke swfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres swfe past swf/swifon ptp swifen to wander, stray swind see swind swindan [] sv/i3 3rd pres swinde past swand/swundon ptp is swunden to become weak, shrink, fade away, perish, decay, dissolve swingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres swinge past swang/swungon ptp swungen to scourge swgan [] sv/t7 3rd pres swg past swog/on ptp swgen to cover over, choke sworettan [] wv/i1b to sigh, grieve swornian see swarnian swundennes [] f (-se/-sa) idleness synderlic [] adj remote syndran1 [] wv/t1b to separate, divide, disjoin, sever; distinguish, except syndrian1 [] wv/t2 to separate, divide, disjoin, sever; distinguish, except

syndrung [] f (-e/-a) division syngian [] wv/t2 to sin at see t tfran see tefran tsan [] wv/t1b to wear out, injure, strike, smite; wound atwian see tewan te [] f (-an/-an) oats; wild oats, tares teallan see tellan tfran see tefran ategr see tgr atel see atol tellan [] irreg wv/t1b to reckon up, count; ~ w balance against; tell, enumerate; explain, interpret temian [] wv/t2 to tame, subdue, render quiet tendan [] wv/t1b to set on fire, kindle, inflame; trouble, perplex tending [] f (-e/-a) incentive ton [] sv/t2 3rd pres teh past tah/tugon ptp togen to draw up, out, off, or from, remove, pull out, ead out, draw; p ~ draw up, move away; protract; move, journey, roam; deal with, dispose of, apply, use torian [] wv/t2 to fail, become exhausted, weary, cease; be defective toriendlic [] adj transitory, perishable; failing; defective torigendlic [] adj transitory, perishable; failing; defective torodnes [] f (-se/-sa) cessation, exhaustion torung [] f (-e/-a) failing, weariness towan see ewan ter see tor teran [] sv/t4 3rd pres tir past tr/tron ptp toren to tear away teriendlic see teoriendlic terima [] m (-n/-n) oat-bran tertnum [] dative pl adv with poisoned twigs or poison-stripes? (or ? tarum with poison-drops) teshwn [] adv at all [wiht] athd see thd tendnes [] f (-se/-sa) incentive Athlans [] m (-es/-as) Mount Atlas, in West Africa Athnisc [] adj Athenian tdrian [] wv/i2 to grow weak tefran [] wv/t1b to draw, depict atewan see ewan tiht- see tyhttillan [] wv/t1a to touch, reach timbran [] wv/t1b to erect, build timbrian [] wv/t2 to erect, build timplian [] wv/t2 to provide with spikes twan see ewan tland [] n (-es/-) oat-land

tlag [] m (-es/-as) oat-field atol [] 1. adj dire, terrible, ugly, deformed, repulsive, unchaste; 2. 2 n (-es/-u) horror, evil atolian [] wv/t2 to disfigure atolic [] adj dire, terrible, deformed, repulsive; adv ~lce (1) atollic [] adj dire, terrible, deformed, repulsive; adv ~lce (2) tor [] n (tres/-) poison, venom; gall tr [] n (-es/-) poison, venom; gall ttor [] n (ttres/ttru) poison, venom; gall torbre [] adj poisonous torberende [] adj poisonous, venomous torcoppe [] f (-an/-an) spider torcrft [] m (-es/-as) art of poisoning torcynn [] n (-es/-) poison tordrinca [] m (-n/-n) poisonous draught [deleted] torgebld [] n (-es/-) abscess, swelling caused by poison torle [] f (-an/-an) plant used as antidote to poison, betonica? torlic [] adj poison-like, bitter torsceaa2 [] m (-n/-n) poisonous enemy torspere [] n (-es/-u) poisoned spear torigen [] f (-e/-a) taking of poison tr see tor tr- see drtrahtnian [] wv/t2 to treat, discuss tredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres tritt, tride past trd/trdon ptp treden to extract, extort treddan [] wv/t1a to search out, examine trendlian [] wv/t2 to roll tres [] gen sing of tor atrum [] n (-es/-) ink [L atramentum] tter see tor ttor see tor attrum see atrum atul see atol tur see tor twonian [] wv/t2 to cause doubt twiccian [] wv/t2 to excerpt tyddrian see tdrian tdran [] wv/t1b to beget, create [tdor] tfran see tefran tyhtan [] wv/t1b to entice, allure, incite; be attentive; produce; stretch, extend, turn tyhting [] f (-e/-a) intention, aim; instigation tymbran see timbran tnan [] wv/t1b 1. to shut off, exclude; 2. see ontnan tyndan see tendan trian see torian twan see oewan

[] m (-es/-as) oath, (judicial) swearing; fine for an unsuccessful oath; ~ sellan1 to make oath, swear; ungecoren ~ oath taken by a body of persons generally (as opposed to cyre); cyre~ oath sworn by an accused man and by other chosen persons - see aamans [] m (-es/-as) adamant [L] bryce [] m (-es/-as) perjury ecgan [] wv/t1b to take food, consume?; oppress? egeht see geht egen [] adj distended (with food) encan [] irreg wv/t1b to think out, devise, contrive, invent; intend enenes [] f (-se/-sa) extension enian [] wv/t2 to stretch out, extend, draw out, expand; apply (the mind); prostrate (2) ennan [] wv/t1a to stretch out, extend, draw out, expand; apply (the mind); prostrate (1) enung [] f (-e/-a) stretching out, distension; stratum odan see edan ostrian [] wv/i2 to become dark, obscured, ecllipsed er see hwer erscan [] sv/t3 3rd pres irsc past rsc/urscon ptp orscen to thresh out strian see ostrian wan see wan exe [] f (-an/-an) lizard fultum [] m (-es/-as) confirmation (confirmers) of an oath geht [] n (-es/-) promise on oath, oath iddan [] wv/t1a to thrust, push edan [] wv/t1b to separate ierran [] wv/t1a to clean estrian see ostrian indan [] sv/t3 3rd pres inde past and/undon ptp unden to swell, puff up, inflate, increase; melt, pass away [see indan] indung [] f (-e/-a) swelling strian see ostrian srigan see ostrian l see dl loga [] m (-n/-n) perjurer ol see dl olian [] wv/t2 to hold out, endure, suffer olware [] m pl citizens or see hwer racian [] wv/t2 to dread; frighten [see onracian] rwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres rw past row/on ptp rwen to throw forth spill; to curl, twist, wreath, twine rstan [] wv/t1b to twist out, wrest out ratian [] wv/t2 to dissuade from; chide, rebuke rotan [] sv/t2 pers, impers 3rd pres rete past rat/ruton ptp roten to tire of, weary, be tiresome to, displease, disgust rescan see erscan

retan [] wv/t1b to weary ringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ringe past rang/rungon ptp rungen to crowd or press out; rush forth, break out; t ~ emboss rostrian see ostrian rstian [] wv/i2 to be bold, presume rotennes [] f (-se/-sa) wearisomeness rotsum [] adj irksome rwian [] wv/t2 to suffer roxen [] past part of erscan runten [] adj swollen [past part of rintan] rten? [] adj swollen [past part of rtan] ryccan [] wv/t1a to press, oppress rn [] wv/t1b 3rd pres r past rde ptp rd to rob?, drive out? rysemian [] wv/t2 to suffocate, smother rysman [] wv/t1b to suffocate, smother stf [] m (-es/-stafas) oath swaru [] f (-e/-a) oath-swearing, oath swerian? [] sv/t6 3rd pres swere past swr/on ptp sworen to vow with an oath swerung [] f (-e/-a) oath-swearing swyrd [] n (-es/-) oath-swearing um [] m (mes/mas) son-in-law; brother-in-law umswerian [] m pl son-in-law and father-in-law undennes [] f (-se/-sa) swelling, tumor; contumacy wnan [] wv/t1b to diminish, soften wan [] sv/t6 3rd pres weh past wg/on ptp wagen to wash, wash off, cleanse, baptize, anoint wedd [] n (-es/-) promise on oath weran [] sv/t4 3rd pres wir past wr/wron ptp woren to stir up, churn wnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres wn past wn/winon ptp winen to vanish wtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres wte past wt/witon ptp witen to disappoint wyre [] adj worthy of credit an see wan dan see edan ylgian [] wv/t2 to bear up n see wan ynnian [] wv/t2 to make thin, reduce strian see ostrian tan [] wv/t1b 1. to sound, blow ( a horn); wan [] wv/t1b to drive away; press out or into, squeeze out uht see wiht uer see hwer w see wa see wacan [] sv/i6 3rd pres wc past wc/on ptp is wacen to awake; arise, originate, spring forth, be born wacian [] wv/t2 to awake

wcian [] wv/t2 to grow weak, decline, fall, belittle; fall away, lapse, desist from, abstain; mollify, appease wacnian see wcnian wandian [] wv/t2 to fear, hesitate wanian [] wv/t2 to diminish, lessen wannian [] wv/i2 to become livid or black and blue wansian [] wv/t2 to diminish wr see hwr wrnian [] wv/i2 to be confounded [same as swarnian] wascan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wsc past wsc/on ptp wacen to wash, bathe, immerse wc- see wecwcan [] wv/t1b to weaken wcnan [] wv/t1b to awaken, revive; arise, originate, spring from wcnian [] wv/t2 to awaken, revive; arise, originate, spring from wgan [] wv/t1b to deceive; destroy, annul, make nugatory wgnian [] wv/t2 to fail to perform, annul wlan [] wv/t1b to harass, afflict wled [] past part. of wilwan wltan see wyltan wmmian see wemman wnd- see wend-, onwendwnian see wenian wrd [] past part. of wierdan wrged see wierged wrian [] wv/t2 to avoid wscan see wascan wstan see wstan weallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres wiel past woll/on ptp weallen to well up, flow out, break forth, issue, swarm; be hot, burn weardian [] wv/t2 to guard, defend weaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres wiex past wox/on ptp is weaxen to grow, grow up, arise, come forth web see web wec- see wcweccan [] wv/t1a to awake, rouse, incite, excite; raise up, beget wecenes [] f (-se/-sa) incitement wecgan [] wv/t1b to undermine, shake, move wdan [] wv/t1b to be or become mad, rage; [wd] wefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wif past wf/wfon ptp wefen to weave, weave together weg [] adv away, forth, out wegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wig past wg/wgon ptp wegen to lift up, carry away; weigh, weigh out; estimate, consider; distinguish wegworpnes [] f (-se/-sa) abortion wegcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres wegcym past wegcm/on ptp wegcumen to escape wegade [] adj went away [weg, ode]

wegflon [] sv/i2 3rd pres wegfleh past wegflah/wegflugon ptp is wegflogen to fly or flee away weggn [] irreg v/i to go away weggewtan [] sv/i1 3rd pres weggewte past weggewt/weggewiton ptp is weggewiten to depart weggewitenes [] f (-se/-sa) departure; aberration (of mind) wegweard [] adj coming to a close wehtnes [] f (-se/-sa) arousing awel [] m (awles/awlas) hook, fork welian see willan wemman [] wv/t1a to disfigure, corrupt wemmendnes [] f (-se/-sa) corruption wnan [] wv/t1b to consider [hw~] wend [] adj turned, translated wendan [] wv/t1b to avert, turn aside, remove, upset; change, exchange, alter, perfert; translate; turn from, go, depart; return; subdue wended- see wendendwendendlic [] adj that can be changed, changeable wendendlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) mutability wendednes [] f (-se/-sa) change, alteration (1) wendendnes [] f (-se/-sa) change, alteration (2) wendennes [] f (-se/-sa) change wending [] f (-e/-a) subversion, change wenian [] wv/t2 to disaccustom, wean wodian [] wv/t2 to root out, extirpate weorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wierp past wearp/wurpon ptp worpen to throw, throw away, cast down, cast out, cast aside, degrade, depose; worpen divorced, rejected, destroyed, apostate; of, t ~ to throw out weorpnes see worpennes weoran [] sv/i3 3rd pres wier past wear/wurdon ptp is worden to pass away, vanish, become worthless; see geweoran weosung [] f (-e/-a) the substance, reality [subsistentia] wer see hwr werdan see wierdan werde [] m (-es/-as) worthless fellow werg- see wierg-, weri-, wyrigwerian [] wv/t2 1. to defend; hinder, restrain; protect, cover, surround, enclose; ward off from oneself, spurn from oneself; 2. to wear, wear out (clothes) werpan see weorpan wescnes see wiscnes wesnis [] f? (-se/-sa) essense wstan [] wv/t1b to lay waste, destroy wstednes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation, destruction (1) wstnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation, destruction (2) wstend [] m (-es/-) devastator wexen see weaxen, past part of weaxan

wdlian [] wv/t2 to profane, defile wierdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres past ptp wrd to spoil, injure, hurt, corrupt, seduce, destroy, kill wierding [] f (-e/-a) corruption, blemish wierdnes [] f (-se/-sa) hurt, harm, destruction; defilement wiergan [] wv/t1b 1. to curse, damn, denounce, outlaw; s wier(ge)da fiend, devil; 2. to strangle, suffocate wiergedlic [] adj detestable, shameful, abominable wiergednes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness; curse, cursing [wearg] wiergendlic see wiergedlic wiergian [] wv/t2 1. to curse, damn, denounce, outlaw; s wier(ge)da fiend, devil; 2. to strangle, suffocate wierigende [] adj accursed wierigung [] f (-e/-a) a curse wierpan [] wv/t1b to recover (from illness) wiht [] 1. n (-es/-u) aught, anything, something; 2. adv at all, by any means; t hte at all; 3. adj good, of value wildian [] wv/i2 to become wild willan [] irreg v/t to bring into commotion, boil wille see nwille 2 wilnian [] wv/t2 to wish for awilwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres past ptp wled to roll awilwian [] wv/t2 3rd pres past ptp wilwod to roll winnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres win past wann/wunnon ptp wunnen to labor, strive; gain, overcome, endure wirgan see wiergan wirgnes see wyrgednes wisc- see wiscwisnian [] wv/i2 to become dry, wither wistlian [] wv/i2 to hiss [hwistlian] wtegian [] wv/t2 to prophesy wlacian [] wv/i2 to be or become lukewarm wlancian [] wv/t2 to exult, to be proud wltan [] wv/t1b to befoul, make loathsome wlencan [] wv/t1b to make proud, enrich wlyspian [] wv/i2 to lisp wo see , wa woffian [] wv/i2 3rd pres woffa past woffode ptp woffod to become proud, insolent; rave, be delirious, insane wgian [] wv/t2 to woo wh [] adv (crookedly), wrongfully, unjustly wol see wel wolfigan see woffian wonian see wanian wor see for wordennes [] f (-se/-sa) degeneration

worpednes see worpennes worpen [] adj divorced, rejected, destroyed, apostate worpenlic [] adj worthy of condemnation; adv ~lce vilely worpennes [] f (-se/-sa) rejection, what is cast away; exposure (of children); a casting out worpnes [] f (-se/-sa) rejection, what is cast away; exposure (of children); a casting out wrnan [] wv/t1b to make wanton wrnsian [] wv/t2 to wax wanton wrstan [] wv/t1b to wrest from, extort wrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wric past wrc/wrcon ptp wrecen to thrust out, drive away; strike, pierce; utter, sing, relate, recite; punish, avenge wreccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres wrec past wreahte ptp wreaht to arouse, awake wregennes see onwrigenes wron [] sv/t1 3rd pres wreh past wrh/wrigon ptp wrigen, sv/t2 3rd pres wreh past wrah/wrugon ptp wrogen to disclose, discover, reveal; cover wreian [] wv/t2 to support, uphold wrdian [] wv/t2 to originate, spring from wrigenes see onwrigennes wringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wringe past wrang/wrungon ptp wrungen to wring, squeeze out; express writ [] n (-es/-u) a writing wrtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres wrte past wrt/writon ptp writen to write, write down, describe, compose; mark, inscribe, draw, carve, copy wran [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres wre past wr/wrion ptp wrien to turn, wind, bind up, bind, wreathe; 2. see onwran wrygenes see onwrigenes wer see hwer wor see hwer wuht see wiht wul see wel wuldrian [] wv/t2 to glorify wundrian [] wv/t2 to wonder, wonder at, admire wunian [] wv/t2 to remain, continue wunigende [] adj continual [pptc] wurtwalian see wyrtwalian wurtwarian see wyrtwalian wuran see weoran wyht see wiht wylian see wilwian wyllan see willan wylm see wielm wyltan [] wv/t1b to roll, roll away; harass wyndwian see windwian wyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres wyrc past worhte ptp worht to do wyrd- see wierdwyrdla see fwyrdla

wyrg- see wierg-, wyrigwyrgedlic see wiergedlic wyrgednes see wiergednes [wearg] wyrigende see wierigende wyrigung see wierigung wyrn see hwergen wyrpan see wierpan wyrtlian see wyrtwalian wyrttrumian [] wv/t2 to root out wyrtwalian [] wv/t2 to root out wyrung [] f (-e/-a) stain, aspersion ax see asc-, oxx- see scaxe see cs Axa [] m (-n/-n) the river Axe dan see dan dlian see dlian yppan [] wv/t1b to be put to the test, to be tried, proven, tested, experienced, endured; to be made trial of, in a hostile sense, to be measured strength with, to be contended with; to be undertaken, to be attempted, to be made trial of, to be undergone, to be experienced; jurid. t. t., to be tried or tested by law, to be gone to law [experiri (aperire?)] yrnan see iernan tan [] wv/t1b to drive out - [] accented verb prefix 1. without; 2. see [] f (-/-) 1. law (divine or human), statute, custom, rite, covenant, marriage; butan ~ outlaw; 1a. scriptures, revelation; Crstes ~ gospel; 2. matrimony, marriage; on rihtre ~we in lawful marriage; 2a. (lawful) wife; 3. rite, ceremony; 4. faith, religion; unrihte ~ false religion; 5. see a; [] f (-/-) life [] interj oh!, alas! see a a [] 1. see a 1; 2. gen pl of ; al- see ealal [] interj see al; O!, alas! ar- see arbr [] adj clear and evident by proof, manifest, apparent, notorious bre [] adj manifest, notorious, public, open, evident, clear bremor [] n (-es/-) open murder, manslaughter bban dn [] m (-es/-as) Abingdon, in Berkshire; [bbas or bbes down or hill] bbercurnig [] n (-es/-) Abercorn, a monastery that is on the south coast of the Frith of Forth, and at the mouth of the river Carron, where the Roman wall of Severus began, and extended to the Frith of Clyde. bbung f (-e/-a) ebbing; see ebbung; bebod [] n (-es/-u) injunction of the law, command, law

bc [] f pl books of the law, law books br [] adj clear and evident by proof, manifest, apparent, notorious bre see bre besn see fesn bilg- see bylg bili(g)- see bylg blc- see blcblc [] adj pale, wan, whitish, bleak blcing [] f (-e/-a) paleness blce [] adj lusterless, pale, pallid blcnes [] f (-se/-sa) paleness; pallor blc see blc blcing see blcing bod [] m (-es/-as) business; statute boda [] m (-n/-n) messenger, preacher, a messenger of the law brce see wbrce breca see wbreca brec [] f (-e/-a) sacrilege brucol [] adj sacrilegious bs [] f? (-e/-a) fir tree [L: abies] bylg see bylg bylga [] m (-n/-n) anger bylgan1 [] wv/t1b to exasperate, offend, make angry bylgnes [] f (-se/-sa) anger, offence bylg [] f (-e/-a) anger, an offence, fault, scandal, wrong, wrath, indignation bylgu [] f (-e/-a) anger, an offence, fault, scandal, wrong, wrath, indignation bylig- see bylgbylignes [] f (-se/-sa) indignation, wrath byl see bylg bylyg see bylg c 1. see c f; 2. see ac; also cambe see cumbe can see ecan can [] wv/t1b to eke cced [] n (-es/-) vinegar ccyrn see cern ce see ece, ce ce see ece, ce ce [] adj eternal ced see eced ced [] n (-es/-) vinegar cedft [] n (-es/-fatu) vinegar-vessel, acid-bath cedwn [] m (-es/-as) acid-wine clan see clan celma [] m (-n/-n) chilblain celmehte [] adj having chilblains

cen [] 1. adj a wood of oaks; 2. adj oaken; 3. see acen, ptp acan cer [] m (-es/-as) 1. a field, land, what is sown, sown land, cultivated land; 2. a definite quantitiy of land, in Anglo-Saxon times, a yoke of oxen could plough in a day, an acre, (4840 square yards), a certain quantity of land, strip of plough-land; 3. crop cerceorl [] m (-es/-as) rustic, ploughman, farmer, field-churl, armer ceren see cern cerhege [] m (-es/-as) hedge of a field cermlum [] adv by acres cermann [] m (-es/-menn) farmer, field-man cern [] n (-es/-) nut, mast of trees, the corn or fruit of an oak; acorn; [see ccorn] cernspranca [] m (-n/-n) young shoots springing up from acorns, saplings, the holm oak, scarlet oak, oak sapling? cersd [] n (-es/-) seed enough for an acre? cersplott [] m (-es/-as) an acre cerspranca [] m (-n/-n) young shoots springing up from acorns, saplings, the holm oak, scarlet oak certoung [] f (-e/-a) tithe of the produce of the soil certning [] f (-e/-a) fencing cerweg [] m (-es/-as) a field-road cerweorc [] n (-es/-) field-work ces see x cest, ce 2nd and 3rd person present of acan cilma see celma cin [] ? (-?/-?) a kind of law?; a tablet of the law cirn see cern clca see glca claw see glaw cnsle [] adj degenerate, not noble; ge~iende degenerating crft2 [] m (-es/-as) knowledge of law or ordinances, religion, law-craft and its results crftig [] adj learned in the law, law-crafty; noun one skilled in law, lawyer, scribe, Pharisee cras pl of cer cren see cern cs [] f (-e/-a) axe, pickaxe, hatchet cst, c 2nd and 3rd person present of acan cumba see cumba cur see cer cyrf [] m (-es/-as) that which is cut off, a fragment, piece, (wood) choppings d see t d- [] verb prefix see ed-; anew, again dderseax see dreseax ddre see dre dfst see adfst dr see dre

dre [] f (-an/-an) 1. a channel for liquids, an artery, a vein, runlet of water, fountain, spring, stream, river, a channel for fluids; 1a. in reference to living things; 2. a nerve, sinew, kidney; 3. vein, kidney; in pl veins; dre [] adv 1. at once, directly, instantly, forthwith, quickly; 2. 2 fully, entirely [OS dro] dregeard [] n (-es/-) the enclosure of arteries, the body dreseax [] n (-es/-) lancet, vein-knife dreweg [] m (-es/-as) a drain way, vein, artery drfan see drfan dsceaft see edsceaft dwines clif [] n (-es/-cliofu) Edwins cliff dwist see edwist dwt see edwt dwtan see edwtan fst [] adj upright, pious, devout, religious, bound by the law, fast or firm in observing the law; married fst see fest fst see wfest fsten [] n (-nes/-nu) legal or public fast, fixed fast fstlic [] adj lawful; religious; adv wfstlce fstlce [] adv religiously fstmann [] m (-es/-menn) a man bound by law, a married man fstnes [] f (-se/-sa) religion, piety, firmness in the law fdll see ofdle fdell see ofdle fdne [] m (-es/-as) declivity felle [] adj without skin, peeled, skinned, barked fen see efen fen [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) even, evening, eventide; eve; t ~es till evening fencollatio [] f? (-nis/-?) the collatio read before compline fendram [] m (-es/-as) even song fengebed [] n (-es/-u) evening prayer, evening service fengereord [] n (-es/-u) evening meal, supper (often used in pl of one meal) fengereordian [] wv/t2 3rd pres fengereorda past fengereordode ptp fengereordod to sup, give supper to, take supper fengereordung [] f (-e/-a) supper fengeweorc [] n (-es/-u) evening work fengiefl [] n (-es/-) evening repast, evening food, supper fengiefl [] n (-es/-) evening repast, evening food, supper fenglm [] m (-es/-as) gloaming, twilight, evening gloom fenglma [] m (-n/-n) gloaming, twilight, evening gloom fenglmung [] f (-e/-a) gloaming, twilight fengrom [] adj fierce at eve, fierce in the evening fenhlytta [] m (-n/-n) fellow, consort, companion or mate fenhrepsung [] f (-e/-a) the evening close fenian see fnian fenlc [] n (-es/-) evening sacrifice, evening prayer

fenlcan see efenlcan fenlcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fenlce past fenlhte ptp fenlht to grow towards evening fenlcend see efenlcend fenloht [] n (-es/-) evening light fenlo2 [] n (-es/-) evening song fenlic [] adj of the evening, vespertine; adv fenlce fenlof [] n (-es/-u) lauds (service) fenmete [] m (-es/-mettas) supper, evening meat fenoffrung [] f (-e/-a) evening sacrifice fenrding [] f (-e/-a) reading (during the evening meal at a monastery), collatio fenrepsung [] f (-e/-a) nightfall fenrst see fenrest fenrest [] f (-e/-a) evening rest fenrima [] m (-n/-n) twilight fensang [] m (-es/-as) evensong, vespers fenscop [] m (-es/-as) evening singer, bard [from scop] fenscma [] m (-n/-n) evening splendor fensprc [] f (-e/-a) evening talk, evening speech fensteorra [] m (-n/-n) the evening star, Hesperus fentd [] f (-e/-e) eventide, evening fentma [] m (-n/-n) eventide, evening time fenegnung [] f (-e/-a) evening service or duty; evening repast, supper fennung see fenegnung fenowdm [] m (-es/-as) evening service or office fentungol [] n (-tungles/-) the evening star, Hesperus fenung see fnung fer see fre fere [] f (-an/-an) name of a plant fes- see efesfesa? m see fesn fese [] f see fesn fesian [] wv/t2 to shear fesn [] f (-e/-a) relish, dainty, special pasturage, pannage; the charge for special pasturage, the charge for pigs going into the wood to fatten on acorn fesen [] f (-e/-a) relish, dainty, special pasturage, pannage; the charge for special pasturage, the charge for pigs going into the wood to fatten on acorn fesne see psen fest see wfest fest see ofst fest- see ofstfestlce see ofostlce, fstlce ffric [] 1. adj African; 2. ~a m (-n/-n) African fgl [] f (-e/-a) superstition fgerfa [] m (-n/-n) exactor fgrynde [] n (-es/-u) abyss fhynde see ofhende

fian [] wv/i2 to be in a miserable condition fisc see efesc flst see oflst fnan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fne past fnde ptp gefned to carry out, do, perform, execute, labor, show, fulfill; cause; endure, suffer; ge~ to hold, sustain fne see efne fne [] interj behold!; variant of efne fnian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres fna past fnode ptp gefnod to grow towards evening fnung [] f (-e/-a) evening, sunset fre [] adv ever, at any time; always, constantly, perpetually; henceforth; ne ~, ~ ne never (see nfre); ~ t alder for ever; ~ lc, ~ nig any at all freda [] m (-n/-n) what is taken or separated from frelce [] adv in perpetuity fremmende [fremmende] adj pious, religious, fulfilling the law fse [] 1. see efse; 2. see bs fsecgan [] wv/t3 to confute fst see fest fstian [] wv/t2 3rd pres fsta past fstode ptp fstod to hasten fstig [] adj envious, emulous fsweorc [] m (-es/-as) pasturage ft see eft ft [] adv aft, behind; astern, afterwards, again ftan [] adv from behind, behind, in the rear ftanweard [] adj behind, in the rear, following, coming after ftbeteht see eftbetht ftemest [] adj last, hindmost, aftermost; spl of fter; ftentd [] f (-e/-e) evening, eventide fter [] 1. prep w.d.i. (local and temporal) after, along, behind; extension through space or time along, through, throughout, during; mode or manner (causal) following, in consequence of, according to, for the purpose of, by means of; (object) after, about, in pursuit of, for; w.a. after, above, according to; 2. adv after, then, afterwards, thereafter; thereupon, later, back (in return); ~ on/m/isum, ~ m/on/an e afterwards, thereafter; ~ sian ever afterwards, from thenceforth; r oe ~ sooner or later ftera see fterra fter [] f (-/-) the book Deuteronomy fterboren [] adj afterborn, posthumous, born after the fathers death ftercnoresu [] f (-e/-a) posterity ftercwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres ftercwie past ftercw/ftercwdon ptp ftercweden to speak after, repeat; revoke, renounce, abjure; ftercweendra lof praise from posterity ftercyning [] m (-es/-as) later king ftereala [] m (-n/-n) after-ale, small beer fterealu [] n (-ealo/-ealo) small beer fterfce [] adv afterwards, after that fterfili- see fterfylgfterfilig- see fterfylgfterfolgere [] m (-es/-as) follower

fterfolgian [] wv/t2 to follow after, succeed, pursue fterfylgan [] wv/t1b to follow after, succeed, pursue fterfylgednes [] f (-se/-sa) sequel fterfylgend [] m (-es/-) follower, successor; adv ~lce in succession fterfylgendnes [] f (-se/-sa) succession fterfylgnes [] f (-se/-sa) a following after, succession, succeeding fterfylgung [] f (-e/-a) pursuit; sect; a following after, sequence fterfylian [] wv/t2 to follow or come after, to succeed fterfylig- see fterfylgftergn [] irreg v/t 3rd pres fterg past ftereode ptp ftergn to follow after ftergancnes see ftergengnes ftergenga [] m (-n/-n) follower, successor; descendant ftergengea [] m (-n/-n) follower, successor; descendant ftergengel [] m (-gengles/-genglas) successor ftergengencednes see ftergengnes ftergengnes [] f (-se/-sa) succession; posterity; inferiority; extremity ftergield [] n (-es/-) further payment, an after-payment, paying again or in addition fterhtu [] f (-e/-a) after-heat fterha [] m (-n/-n) autumn drought fterhyrigan [] wv/t2 to imitate, to follow anothers example, resemble fterield2 [] f (-e/-a) advanced age, old age; after age, later time fterieldu2 [] f (-e/-a) advanced age, old age; after age, later time fterlan [] n (-es/-) after-loan, reward, recompense, restitution, retribution fterlic [] adj second, after fteronfnd [] m (-es/-) one about to receive fterra [] cmp adj second, following, next, latter, lower, hinder; cmp of fter fterrp [] m (-es/-as) crupper, after-rope fterrpe [] m (-es/-as) crupper, after-rope fterrdan [] sv/t1 3rd pres fterrde past fterrd/fterridon ptp fterriden to ride after fterrwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres fterrw past fterrow/on ptp is fterrwen to row after fterryne [] m (-es/-as) an encountering, meeting, running against one [occursus] ftersang [] m (-es/-as) (after-song), matins ftersanglic [] adj of matins ftersingallic [] adj of matins ftersingend [] m (-es/-) after-singer [succentor] ftersna [] adv soon, afterwards, again ftersprc [] f (-e/-a) after-claim, after-speech ftersprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fterspric past ftersprc/ftersprcon ptp ftersprecen to claim fterspyrian [] wv/t2 to track out, search, inquire into, examine fterweard [] adj after, afterward, following, further, behind, in the rear, later; on ~an, on ~um at the end fterweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) posterity fterwear bon [] irreg v/i to be away, absent fterwriten [] adj written afterwards fteweard see fterweard fteweard [] adv after, back, late, latter, full

ftewearde [] adv behind, after, afterward ftra see fterra ftresta [] spl adj last ftum [] adv after ftyr see fter fanc [] m (-es/-as) insult, offence; grudge, displeasure, anger, envy, zeal fanca [] m (-n/-n) insult, offence; grudge, displeasure, anger, envy, zeal fward [] adj absent, distant fweard [] adj absent, distant fweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) absence, removal, posterity fwerdelsa [] m (-n/-n) damage, detriment, loss fwerdla [] m (-n/-n) damage, detriment, injury, loss, the fine for injury or loss; [vars. fwyrdla, wyrdla, awyrdla] fwela [] m (-n/-n) decrease of wealth (listed f) wendla see fwyrdla fwyrdelsa [] m (-n/-n) injury, damage, loss, detriment fwyrdla [] m (-n/-n) injury, damage, detriment, loss; fine for injury or loss fwyr [] f (-e/-a) degradation, disgrace fwyru [] f (-e/-a) degradation, disgrace fyllende [] adj fulfilling the law, pious, faithful fyn see fen fyrma [] f pl sweepings, rubbish, ablutions, the sweepings of a house, the refuse of things or things of no value g [] n (-es/-ru) egg; ~ru lecgan to lay eggs g see eg g [] 1. f (-e/-a) water, water land, island; 2. ~- noun, adj prefix water-, sea-; ~flota, etc. g- [] prefix ever, always; used in compound pronouns and adverbs; both g- and - impart a
sense of universality

gan see gan ge see ege geles burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) Aylesbury; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] geles ford [] m (-a/-a) Ailsford geles rep [] m (-es/-as) Aylesthorpe; orp gen see gen gera dative plural of g gerfelma [] m (-n/-n) egg-skin (listed f) gergelu [] n (-wes/-) yolk of egg [g, geolu] gesetnes [] f (-se/-sa) law-giving, the (Old) Testament gewrtere [] m (-es/-as) writer or composer of laws gflota [] m (-n/-n) seafarer, sailor, ship, floater on the sea ggemang [] n (-es/-) egg mixture ghw [] m, f pron (n pron ghwt) each one, every one, everything, who or whatever; n pron ghwt anything, whatever ghwr [] adv everywhere, in every direction; in every case, in every respect; anywhere ghws [] adv altogether, in every way, entirely, wholly, throughout, in general [gen sing of ghwt]

ghwt see ghw ghwer [] 1. pron, adv of two either, both, each; of many every one, each; 2. conj ~ (ge)ge; gerand bothand; as wellas ghwanan [] adv from all parts, everywhere, on every side, in every way, every way, on all sides ghwanon see ghwanan ghwanone see ghwanan ghwannon see ghwanan ghwannum see ghwanan ghwr see ghwr ghwr see ghwr ghwelc see ghwilc ghweer see ghwer ghwider [] adv on every side, every way, in all directions; in any direction, anywhere ghwilc [] adj each, every, whosoever, whatsoever, all, every one; any; ~ nra each; ~ er each other; ~es in every way; [+ge+hw+lic] ghwonan see ghwanan ghwonon see ghwanan ghwonene see ghwanan ghwyder see ghwider ghwylc see ghwilc gift [] f (-e/-a) restitution, repayment, legal gift (m?, n?) gilde [] adv receiving no wergild as compensation gilt see gylt giptisc [] adj Egyptian glc see glc glaw [] adj learned in the law glca see glca gles burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] gles ford [] m (-a/-a) Aylesford on the Medway near Maidstone, Kent gles orp [] m (-es/-as) Aylesthorpe, a village near Aylesford, Kent gles wur [] m (-es/-as) the village of Eylesworth, Northamptonshire glm [] m (-es/-as) the sticky part or white of egg [lm] gmang see ggemang gmore [] f (-an/-an) root of the eye, socket? gnan [] noun pl awns, sweepings, chaff gnes see gnes, gen gnian see gnian gnian [] see ngian, to oppress? gnian [] wv/t2 to frighten, vex; ~ mid yrmum to frighten with envy gru see g [pl of g] gsa see egesa gsciell [] f (-e/-a) eggshell ger see ghwer; either, each, both

gweard [] f (-e/-a) sea-ward, sea-guard or guardianship, watch on the shore gwern see ghwr gwyrt [] f (-e/-e) dandelion, egg-wort gylde see gilde gylt [] m (-es/-as) sin, offence, a breach or violation of the law, a trespass, fault [w, gylt] gpe [] adj without skill or cunning; trifling, worthless [gap] gypte [] f? (-an/-an) Egypt; var of Egypte hher see ar hw [] n (-es/-) pallor hwe [] adj pallid; deformed hwnes [] f (-se/-sa) pallor, paleness, gloom hlp [] m (-es/-as) transgression, breach of the peace/law, assault [see thlp] ht see eaht ht [] 1. f (-e/-a) valuation, estimation, deliberation, council [gan]; 2. see ht ht [] f (-e/-e?) persecution, hostility [htan] ht [] f (-e/-e) (rare in sing.) possessions, property, lands, goods, riches, cattle; possession, power, ownership, control htan [] wv/t1b to persecute htboren [] adj born in bondage hte see hte. past sing of gan hteland [] n (-es/-) territory; landed property htemann [] m (-es/-menn) farmer, husbandman, plough-man; serf htere [] m (-es/-as) estimator, valuer hteswn [] m (-es/-as) swineherd who was a chattel on an estate, a cowherd, swineherd, who belongs to the property of his lord htgesteald [] n (-es/-) possession htgestron [] n (-es/-) possessions, riches htgeweald2 [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) possession, power, control, the power of the possessor htian see eahtian htian see htian htowe see eahta htspd [] f (-e/-e) wealth, riches htspdig [] adj rich, wealthy htung [] f (-e/-a) estimation, valuing htwela2 [] m (-n/-n) wealth, riches htwelig [] adj wealthy, rich hwnne see hwnne hwr see hwr hwr see hwr hwyrfan see hwierfan hx see cs lg see g l- [ ] prefix 1. see eal, all; 2. see el-, ele-, foreign l [] m (-es/alas) piercer, awl

l [] m (-es/-as) eel l see al lagol [] adj law-giving lan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres l past lde ptp geled to kindle, light, set on fire, burn, bake lrow [] m (-reowes/-reowas) teacher of the law, Pharisee ltow [] m (-teowes/-teowas) legislator la see eala ldend [] m (-es/-) legislator, lawgiver lrend [] m (-es/-) teacher of (Gods) law lrende [] adj teaching the law lte [] 1. n (-es/-u) desert place; 2. adj desert; empty; 3. f (-an/-an) divorced woman lten [] 1. adj divorced; see lten, past part. of ltan; 2. see lte 2 lbeorht see eallbeorht lbitu see ilfetu lc [] 1. adj any, all, every, each (one); ~...rum the one...the other; ~es inges entirely, in every respect; 2. adj pron each; any [also elc, ealc, ylc] lceald [] adj altogether cold, very cold, all cold, most cold lcor see elcor lcra see elcra lcrftig [] adj almighty, all-powerful lcuht [] n (-es/-) everything lcwuht [] n (-es/-) everything ld see led ld- see ieldldan [] wv/t1b to delay, forbear, postpone, conceal ldewuta see ealdwita lding [] f (-e/-a) delay ldran [] m pl parents ldru [] f pl parents ldu [] f (-e/-a) age, old age; an age, century lecung see leccung led2 [] m (ldes/ldas) fire, firebrand, conflagration; ~ weccan to kindle a fire ledfr [] n (-es/-) flame of fire ledloma [] m (-n/-n) fire-brand, gleaming fire lednes see ltnes legrdig [] adj greedy [eall-] legrne see eallgrne lelendisc see elelendisc lemidde [] f (-an/-an) exact middle lenge [] 1. adj long, protracted, lengthy, troublesome, tedious, vexatious; 2. ? (-?/-?) weariness lengnes [] f (-se/-sa) tediousness lepte [] f (-an/-an) eel-pout, burbot lere [] m (-es/-as) fleabane? le pres 3rd sing of alan; le see led

l see led lewealdend see eallwealdend lf [] m (-es/ielfe, ylfe), f (-e/ielfe, ylfe) elf, sprite, fairy, goblin, incubus lfdl [] f (-e/-a) nightmare, elf-disease lfle see ealfelu lfaru [] f (-e/-a) whole army, host lfr [] f (-e/-a) whole army, host lfcynn [] n (-es/-) elfin race, the elf-kind, the race of elves lfen [] f (-e/-a) nymph, spirit, fairy lfer see lfaru lfisc [] adj elvish? lfisc [] m (-es/-as) eel lfix [] m (-es/-as) eel lfitu see ilfetu lfno [] m (-es/-as) lfnoth, elf courage lfred [] m (-es/-as) Alfred, the wise, king of Northumbria for twenty years, 685-705 AD. He was educated in Ireland for the Church, and was the first literary king of the Anglo-Saxons; [l all; ald, eald old; fred = fri peace, var of lfrd] lfrd [] m (-es/-as) Alfred the Great, born 849 AD, grandson of Egbert, and fourth son of king Ethelwulf, reigned thirty years, 871-901 AD; [lf an elf; rd = rd counsel, wise in counsel] lfremed [] adj strange, foreign; ge~ estranged; ~ fram free, separated from lfremd [] adj strange, foreign; ge~ estranged; ~ fram free, separated from lfremedung [] f (-e/-a) alienatio lfrc [] m (-es/-as) 1. lfric, of Canterbury, the grammarian, was of noble birth, supposed to be the son of the earl of Kent. He was a scholar of Athelwold, at Abingdon, about 960. When Athelwold was made bishop of Winchester, he took lfric with him and made him a priest of his cathedral. lfric left Winchester about 988 for Cerne in Dorsetshire, where an abbey was established by thelmr. He is said to have been bishop of Wilton, and b nom/acc fem/neut and acc masc of bgen both Babiln [] f (-e/-a) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates. Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge; Babilnie [] f (-an/-an) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates. Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge; Babilnige [] f (-an/-an) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates. Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge; Babilnisc [] adj Babylonish Babilnisca [] m (-n/-n) Babylon Babln [] f (-is/-s) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates. Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge;

bac- see bc bacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bc past bc/on ptp gebacen/gebcen to bake bacas [] nom, acc pl of bc 2 bacca [] m (-n/-n) ridge bacu [] nom, acc pl of bc 1 bd [] 1. f (-e/-a) forced contribution, impost, pledge; expectation; [bdan]; 2. 1 past 3rd sing of bdan bdere see nied~ bdian [] wv/t2 3rd pres bda past bdode ptp gebdod to take a pledge or fine bal- see bealbalc [] m (-es/-as) bank, ridge balca [] m (-n/-n) bank, ridge ballce see bealdlce balsam [] n (-es/-) balsam, balm balsamum [] n (-es/-) balsam, balm balsme [] f (-an/-an) bergamot balsminte [] f (-an/-an) spear-mint, water-mint balzam [] n see balsam balzame [] f see balsam balzamum [] n see balsam bm dative masculine, feminine, and neuter of bgen bn [] n (-es/-) bone, tusk; the bone of a limb bana [] m (-n/-n) killer, slayer, murderer; the devil; f murderess bnbeorge [] f (-an/-an) leg-armor, graves bnbryce [] m (-es/-as) fracture of a bone bncofa2 [] m (-n/-n) the bodily frame bncoa [] m (-n/-n) bone disease bncou [] f (-e/-a) bone disease band past 3rd sing of bindan bnece [] adv? in pain in the thigh bnft2 [] n (-es/-fatu) body, corpse bnfg [] adj adorned with bonework (deer antlers?) bangr [] m (-a/-a) murdering spear bngeberg [] n see bnbeorge bngebrec [] n (-es/-gebreocu, -u) fracture of a bone bnhelm [] m (-es/-as) helmet, shield? bnhring2 [] m (-es/-as) vertebra, joint bnhs2 [] n (-es/-) body, chest, breast; ~es weard the mind bnloca [] m (-n/-n) muscle bnlas [] adj boneless bnloca2 [] m (-n/-n) joint, limb bannan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres ben past bonn/on ptp gebannen to summon, command, proclaim; ~ t call out bannend [] m (-es/-) summoner bannuc [] m (-es/-as) a bit, small piece bnrift [] n (-es/-) leggings, leg-armor, greaves

bnsealf [] f (-e/-a) salve for pain in the bones bnsele [] m (-es/-as) (bone-house), body bnwrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the bones bnweorc [] n (-es/-) homicide, manslaughter bnwyrt [] f (-e/-e) violet?, small knapweed? br [] m (-es/-as) boar bara, bare [] adj wk forms of br Barda [] m (-n/-n) the Apennines barda [] m (-n/-n) beaked ship brhelm [] m (-es/-as) helmet with the image of a boar? barian [] wv/t2 to lay bare, uncover; depopulate barice see barricge barm see bearm barn [] 1. past 3rd sing of biernan; 2. see bearn barricge [] f? (-an/-an) braugina, baruina brspere [] n (-es/-u) boar-spear brsprot [] m (-es/-as) boar-spear barstlung see brastlung bar [] m (-es/-as) barque, dromo bara see barda baru [] adj neut nom/acc pl of br basilisca [] m (-n/-n) basilisk basing [] m (-es/-as) cloak bsnian1 [] wv/t2 to await, expect bsnung [] f (-e/-a) expectation bastard [] m (-es/-as) bastard [OFr] basu [] adj purple, scarlet, crimson; gen sing masc/neut baswes; baswa stn topaz basuhwen [] adj purple bt [] 1. m (-es/-as) boat, ship, vessel; 2. past 3rd sing btan batian [] wv/i2 to heal; grow better; improve in health btswegen [] m (-es/-as) boatman batt [] ? (-es/-?) bat, cudgel, club btw see bt btweard [] m (-es/-as) ships watchman ba see b baian1 [] wv/t2 to wash, lave, bathe (tr, intr), give baths (to others) bau see b bc [] 1. n (-es/bacu) back; on ~ backwards, behind, aback; on ~ settan/ltan to neglect; on ~ ltan to leave behind; ofer ~ backwards, back; under ~ behind, backwards, back; ofer ~ bgan to turn back, flee; clne ~ habban to be straightforward, honest; 2. m (es/bacas), f (-e/-a), n (-es/bacu) beck, brook bcbord [] n (-es/-) left side of a ship, larboard bce [] 1. ? (-?/-?) back parts; 2. see bc 2 bce see bce bcen- see bacenbcere [] 1. m (-es/-as) baker; 2. see bzere

bcering [] m (-es/-as) gridiron bcern [] n (-es/-) bakery, bake-house bcestre [] f (-an/-an) baker bce [] pres 3rd sing of bacan bcistre see bcestre bcling [] adv backwards, behind; back to back; on ~ gewend having ones back turned bclinge [] adv backwards, behind; back to back; on ~ gewend having ones back turned bclinga [] adv backwards, behind; back to back; on ~ gewend having ones back turned bcslitol [] adj backbiting bc [] pres 3rd sing of bacan bcearm [] m (-es/-as) rectum; pl bowels, entrails bd [] 1. past 3rd sing of biddan; 2. see bed bdan [] wv/t1b? to defile bdan [] wv/t1b to urge on, impel; solicit, require; afflict, oppress bdd see bedd bddg see bdg bddel [] m (bddles/bddlas) effeminate person, hermaphrodite bddryda see bedrida bdend [] m (-es/-) inciter bdewg [] n (-es/-) drinking vessel bdling [] m (-es/-as) effeminate person bdon [] past pl of biddan bdryda see bedrida bdzere see bzere bfta see beftan bftan see beftan bftian see hand~ bg see bag bgen see bgen bh see bag bl [] n (-es/-) fire, flame; funeral pyre, bonfire blblys2 [] f (-e/-a) blaze of a fire, funeral blaze blblyse2 [] f (-an/-an) blaze of a fire, funeral blaze blblse2 [] f (-an/-an) blaze of a fire, funeral blaze blc [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) pride, arrogance; 2. m (-es/-as) covering, cloud? blcan [] wv/t1b to cry out bldan see bieldan bldo see bieldu bldu see bieldu blegsa [] m (-n/-n) terror of fire blfr [] n (-es/-) bale-fire, funeral or sacrificial fire blg see belg blig see belg blstede [] m (-es/-as) place of a funeral pile blracu [] f (-e/-a) violence of fire [dat sing ~rce] blwudu [] m (-a/-a) wood for a funeral pile

bwylm [] m (-es/-as) flames of a funeral fire bm see bm bnd see bend bnen [] adj made of bone br [] 1. adj bare, uncovered; naked, unclothed; 2. past 3rd sing of beran br [] 1. f (-e/-a) bier; handbarrow, litter, bed; [beran]; 2. a pasture; 3. see br bre [] see bere, 1st pres sing of beran bre- see berebre [] suffix (from beran); forms derivative adjectives from nouns, as in cwealmbre [Ger bar] bre see br brft [] adj barefoot brhtm see bearhtm brlic [] 1. adj of barley; 2. open, clear, public; adv ~lce brmann [] m (-es/-menn) bearer, porter brn see berern brnan1 [] wv/t1b to cause to burn, kindle, burn, consume brnelc [] n (-es/-) burnt-offering brnes see brnnes brnett [] n (-es/-) burning, burn, cautery brning [] f (-e/-a) burning; burnt offering brnsen [] n (-es/-) branding iron brnnes [] f (-se/-sa) burning brnes [] f (-se/-sa) burning bro see bru bron [] past pl of beran brs [] m (-es/-as) a fish, perch [Ger barsch] brst [] past 3rd sing of berstan brstl- see brastlbrsynnig [] m (-es/-as) notorious sinner, publican brwe see bearwe bst [] m (-es/-as) bast, inner bark of trees bsten [] adj made of bast bstere see bzere btan [] wv/t1b 1. to bait, hunt, worry; 2. to beat against the wind?; make fast?; 3. 1 to furnish with a bit or bridle, saddle, curb btera see betera bting [] f (-e/-a) beating (against the wind?), cable bttra see betera b [] n (-es/bau) bath, action of bathing; laver; liquid in which one bathes, medicinal spring; ganotes ~ gannets bath (i.e. the sea) bcere see bzere bere see bzere Bdg [] m (-es/-dagas) Epiphany (day of Christs baptism) bern [] n (-es/-) bath-house bft [] n (-es/-fatu) bathing-tub

bhs [] n (-es/-) bathing-place bian see baian bsealf [] f (-e/-a) bathing-salve bstede [] m (-es/-as) bathing-place bstw [] f (-e/-a) bathing-place bweg2 [] m (-es/-as) sea bzere [] m (-es/-as) baptizer, Baptist [L baptista] be- [] prefix 1. specializes the meaning of a transitive verb (behn, besettan); 2. makes an intransitive verb transitive (beswcan, beencan); 3. is privative (bedlan, belan); 4. does not alter the meaning (becuman) be [] prep w.d.i. place by, near, in, on, upon, with, along, at, to; time in, about, by, before, while, during; for, because of, in consideration of, by, by means of, through, in conformity with or imitation of, in comparison with; about, concerning, in reference to; on penalty of; ~ hwihte in any respect; ~ sumum dle partly; ~ nmfealdum altogether; ~ fullan in full, fully, perfectly; in excess; ~ m mstan at the most; ~ m e because, as, according as, how; ~ noran, san to the north, south of; ~ ftan see beftan bacen1 [] n (-es/-) beacon, sign, token, phenomenon, portent, apparition; standard, banner; audible signal bacenfr [] n (-es/-) beacon fire, lighthouse bacenstn [] m (-es/-as) stone on which to light a beacon fire bacn- see bcnbead see bed bad [] 1. past 3rd sing of bodan; 2. see bod beado see beadu beadowig see bdewg beadu2 [] f (-we/-wa) war, battle, fighting, strife beaducf [] adj bold in battle beaducrft [] m (-es/-as) skill in war beaducrftig2 [] adj warlike beaducwealm [] m (-es/-as) violent death beadufolm [] f (-e/-a) battle-hand beadugrma [] m (-n/-n) war-mask, helmet beaduhrgl [] n (-es/-) coat of mail beadulc2 [] n (-es/-) war-play, battle beaduloma [] m (-n/-n) (battle-light), sword beadumgen [] n (-es/-) battle-strength, force beadumce [] m (-es/-as) battle-sword beadurs [] m (-es/-as) rush of battle beadurinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior, soldier beadurf2 [] adj strong in battle, renowned in war beadurn [] f (-e/-a) secret of a quarrel beaduscearp [] adj keen in battle (sword) beaduscrd [] n (-es/-) coat of mail [dat scrd] beadusearu [] n (-wes/-) war equipment beaduserce [] f (-an/-an) coat of mail

beadurat [] m (-es/-as) war-band, army beaduwpen2 [] n (-es/-) weapon of war beaduwang2 [] m (-es/-as) battlefield beaduweorc2 [] n (-es/-) warlike operation beaduwrd [] m (-es/-as) fighting troop beaftan [] wv/t1b to strike (the hands) together?, lament? bag [] 1. m (-es/-as) ring (as ornament or as money), coil, bracelet, collar, crown, garland; treasured things; a treasured thing (sword); 2. pret 1, 3 sing of bgan baggiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) ring-giver, lord, king, generous chief baggiefu [] f (-e/-a) ring-giving baghord [] n (-es/-) ring-hoard baghroden2 [] adj diademed, adorned with rings or armlets bagian1 [] wv/t2 to crown bagsel2 [] m (-es/-as) hall in which rings are distributed bagsele2 [] m (-es/-as) hall in which rings are distributed bagegu [] f (-e/-a) receiving of rings bagwse [] n (-es/-u) round shape bagwria [] m (-n/-n) armlet bah [] 1. see bag; 2. past 3rd sing of bgan bah- see bagbahsian [] wv/t2 to ask advice bealan see bealun bealcan [] wv/t1b to belch, utter, bring up, sputter out, give forth, emit; come forth bealcettan [] wv/t1b to belch, utter, bring up, sputter out, give forth, emit; come forth beald [] adj bold, brave, confident, strong; presumptuous, impudent bealde [] adv boldly, courageously, confidently; without hesitation, immediately bealdian [] wv/i2 to be bold bealdlce [] adv boldly bealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) boldness bealdor [] m (bealdres/bealdras) lord, master, hero bealdwyrde [] adj bold of speech beale- see bealubealg past 3rd sing of belgan bealh past 3rd sing of belgan beallucas [] m pl testiculi bealo see bealu bealo- see bealubealu [] 1. 2 n (-wes/-) bale, harm, injury, destruction, ruin, evil, mischief; wickedness, malice; a noxious thing; 2. adj baleful, deadly, dangerous, wicked, evil bealubend [] m (-es/-as) pernicious bond bealubenn [] f (-e/-a) mortal wound bealublonden [] adj pernicious bealuclumm [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) oppressive bond bealucrft [] m (-es/-as) magic art bealucwealm [] m (-es/-as) violent death bealudd2 [] f (-e/-e) evil deed, sin

bealuful [] adj baleful, dire, wicked, cruel bealufs [] adj prone to sin bealuhycgende [] adj meditating mischief bealuhdig [] adj meditating mischief bealuinwit [] n (-es/-u) deceit, treachery bealulas2 [] adj harmless, innocent bealun2 [] m (-es/-as) malice, wickedness bealurp [] m (-es/-as) oppressive fetter bealusearu [] n (-wes/-) wicked machination bealus2 [] m (-es/-as) hurt, adversity; death bealusorg [] f (-e/-a) dire sorrow bealuspell [] n (-es/-) baleful message bealuonc [] m (-es/-as) evil thought bealuwes see bealu bam [] m (-es/-as) tree; beam, rafter, piece of wood; cross, gallows; 2 ship; column, pillar; sunbeam; metal girder; on hanne ~ gestgan to climb the high oak (to beat down acorns) bamere see bmere bamsceadu2 [] f (-e/-a) shade of a tree bamtelg [] m (-es/-as) ink or dye from wood bamweg [] m (-es/-as) road made with logs bamwer [] m (-es/-as) wooden weir? ban [] f (-e/-a) bean, pea, legume banbelgas [] m pl bean pods, husks, or cods banbro see bonbro bancoddas [] m pl bean pods, husks, or cods bancynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of bean banen [] adj of beans banlag [] f (-e/-a) land where beans grow banmelu [] n (-wes/-) bean-meal bansd [] n (-es/-) bean-seed banscalu [] f (-e/-a) bean-pod banscealu [] f (-e/-a) bean-pod banset [] n (-es/-u) bean-plot bar see bor bearce [] f (-an/-an) barking beard [] m (-es/-as) beard beardlas [] adj beardless, youthful bearg [] 1. m (-es/-as) barrow pig, hog; 2. past 3rd sing of beorgan bearh see bearg 1, 3 bearht see beorht bearhtm [] 1. m (-es/-as) brightness, flash; twinkling (of an eye), instant; adv ~e instantly; 2. see breahtm bearhtmhwt [] adj swift as the twinkling of an eye, momentary bearhtmhwl [] f (-e/-e) moment, twinkling of an eye, point of time

bearm [] 1. m (-es/-as) lap, bosom, breast; middle, inside; 2 possession; 2. emotion, excitement?; 3. see beorma bearmcl [] n (-es/-) apron bearmhrgl [] n (-es/-) apron bearmtag [] f (-e/-a) yeast-box bearn [] 1. n (-es/-) child, son, descendant, offspring, issue; loda ~ children of men; mid ~e pregnant; 2. see barn, past 3rd sing of biernan; 3. past 3rd sing of beiernan; 4. see berern bearnan see biernan bearncennicge [] f (-an/-an) mother bearnaca [] adj pregnant bearnacen [] adj pregnant bearnacnigende [] adj pregnant bearnacnod [] adj pregnant bearnende see biernende, pres participle of biernan bearngebyrda [] f pl child-bearing bearngestron [] n (-es/-) procreation of children bearnlas [] adj childless bearnlast [] f (-e/-a) childlessness bearnlufe [] f (-an/-an) affection (for a child), adoption bearnmyrra [] m (-n/-n) murderer or murderess of a child bearnmyrre [] m (-n/-n) murderer or murderess of a child bearntam [] m (-es/-as) offspring, posterity; procreation of children bearo see bearu bears see brs barscipe see borscipe bearu1 [] m (-wes/-was) grove, wood; [berwe] bearug see bearg bearuns [] m (-es/-nasas) woody shore bearwe [] f (-an/-an) basket, wheelbarrow bearwes see bearu beasu see basu 1 batan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres bete past bot/on, beoft/on ptp gebaten to beat, pound, strike, thrust, dash; hurt, injure; tramp, tread batere [] m (-es/-as) beater, boxer baw [] m (-es/-as) gad-fly beftan [] 1. adv after, hereafter, afterwards, behind; 2. prep w.d. after, behind bewnian [] wv/t2 to join in marriage, marry [w] bebaian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to bathe, wash bebodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bebede past bebad/bebudon ptp beboden to offer, commit, entrust; bid, enjoin, instruct, command, require; announce, proclaim bebodend [] m (-es/-) commander, master bebodendlic [] adj imperative bebeorgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bebierg past bebearg/beburgon ptp beborgen to be on ones guard, defend, protect beber see befer

beberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres bebir past bebr/bebron ptp beboren to carry to, supply with bebindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bebinde past beband/bebundon ptp bebunden to bind about, bind fast bebirgan see bebyrgan bebirigan see bebyrgan bebisc see hehbisceop? bebtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bebte past bebt/bebiton ptp bebiten to bite beblwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beblw past beblow/on ptp beblwen to blow upon bebod [] n (-es/-u, -beodu) command, injunction, order, decree; ~u the (ten) commandments) beboddg [] m (-es/-dagas) appointed day bebodian [] wv/t2 see bebodan bebodrden [] f (-ne/-na) command, authority bebrden [] wv/t1b to spread, cover bebrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres bebric past bebrc/brcon ptp bebrocen to break to pieces bebregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bebrigde past bebrgd/bebrugdon ptp bebrogden to pretend bebrcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bebrc past bebrac/bebrucon ptp bebrocen to practice; consume (food) bebgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bebg past bebag/bebugon ptp bebogen to flow round, surround, enclose; turn from, shun, avoid; reach, extend bebycgan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres bebyg past bebhte ptp bebht to sell bebycgung [] f (-e/-a) selling bebyrdan [] wv/t1b to fringe, border bebyrgan [] wv/t1b 1. to raise a mound to, bury, inter; 2. see bebeorgan bebyrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres bebyre past bebyrede ptp bebyred 1. to raise a mound to, bury, inter; 2. see bebeorgan bebyrgednes [] f (-se/-sa) burial, burying (1) bebyrigednes [] f (-se/-sa) burial, burying (2) bebyrignes [] f (-se/-sa) burial, burying (3) bebyrgung [] f (-e/-a) burial bebyrig- see bebyrgbec see bc bc see bc becfian [] wv/t2 to ornament becarcian [] wv/t2 to be anxious (about) becc see bc 2 becca [] m (-n/-n) pick, mattock beccen [] m (-es/-as) buyer [= bycgend] bece [] m see bc 2 bce [] f (-an/-an) beech (tree) becapian [] wv/t2 to sell; buy [listed as sv/t1] becasan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beces past becos/on ptp becasen to attack, fight, combat becefed see becfed, past part of becfian bcen [] 1. adj beechen, made of beechwood; 2. see bacen beceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres becierf past becearf/becurfon ptp becorfen to cut, cut off, separate; hafde ~ to behead beceorian [] wv/t2 to murmur at, complain of

becowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres becew past becaw/becuwon ptp becowen to gnaw in pieces becpan [] 1. wv/t1b to take notice of; 2. see becpan bece pres 3rd sing of bacan becdan [] wv/t1b to complain of becierran [] wv/t1b to turn, turn around, pass by, avoid; wind, twist; pervert; give up, betray; to change beclman [] wv/t1b to plaster over, poultice beclnsian [] wv/t2 to cleanse beclemman [] wv/t1a to bind, enclose beclencan [] wv/t1b to hold fast beclsung see beclsung beclingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres beclinge past beclang/beclungon ptp beclungen to enclose, bind beclippan see beclyppan beclsung see beclsung beclypian [] wv/t2 to accuse, challenge, sue at law beclyppan [] wv/t1a to clasp, embrace; encompass, hold beclypping [] f (-e/-a) embrace beclsan [] wv/t1b to close, shut up, enclose, confine, imprison; [clse] beclsung [] f (-e/-a) enclosure, cell; period, syllogism bcn see bacen, bacn bcn- see bicn-, biecnbecnwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres becnw past becnow/on ptp becnwen to know becnedan [] sv/t5 3rd pres becnide past becnd/becndon ptp becneden to knead up bcnydlic see bcnendlic becnyttan [] wv/t1a to knit, tie, bind becola? [] m (-n/-n) specter becole? [] f (-an/-an) specter bcrde see bcrding bcrding see bcrding bctrow see bctrow becropan [] sv/t2 3rd pres becrep past becrap/becrupon ptp becropen to creep into, crawl; be hidden becst pres 2nd sing of bacan becuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres becym past becm/on ptp is becumen to come, approach, arrive, enter, meet with, fall in with; happen, befall; impers befit bcun see bacen becwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres becwil past becwl/becwlon ptp is becwolen to die becwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres becwie past becw/becwdon ptp becweden to say; to speak to, address, exhort; admonish, blame; bequeath, leave by will becweere [] m (-es/-as) interpreter, translator becwyddod [] adj bespoken, deposited becwylman? [] wv/t1b to torment becyme [] m (-es/-as) event, result becpan [] wv/t1b to sell becyrran see becierran

bed1 [] 1. n (-es/beodu) prayer, supplication; religious ordinance, service; 2. see bedd; 3. see bd past 3rd sing of biddan bdan see bodan Bedanford [] m (-a/-a) Bedford Bedanfordscr [] f (-e/-a) Bedfordshire bedlan [] wv/t1b to deprive, strip, bereave of, rob; release, free from bedbr [] f (-e/-a) portable bed bedbolster [] m (-bolstres/-bolstras) bolster, pillow bedbr [] n (-es/-) bed-chamber bedcleofa1 [] m (-n/-n) bed-chamber; lair bedcofa [] m (-n/-n) bed-chamber bedcofe [] f (-an/-an) bed-chamber bedd [] n (-es/-) bed, couch, resting-place; garden-bed, plot beddagas1 [] m pl Rogation days beddcl [] m (-es/-as) bed-covering; pl bed-clothes beddclyfa see bedcleofa beddgemna [] m (-n/-n) cohabitation beddian [] wv/t2 to make a bed; provide one with a bed beddung [] f (-e/-a) bedding, bed-covering; bed beddraf see bedraf beddreda see bedreda beddrest2 [] f (-e/-a) bed beddstw [] f (-e/-a) bed bede see abedaglian [] wv/t2 to conceal bedecian [] wv/t2 to beg bedglian see bedglian bedlan see bedlan bedelfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bedilf past bedealf/bedulfon ptp bedolfen to dig around; bury bedelfung [] f (-e/-a) digging round beden past part of biddan bedpan see bedpan bedeppan see bedyppan bedfelt [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) bed-covering bedgerid [] n (-es/-u, -reodu) food in an ants nest bedhs1 [] n (-es/-) chapel, oratory Bedican ford [] m (-a/-a) Bedford; see Bedan ford bedcian [] wv/t2 to surround with a dyke, embank, fortify bedidrian see bedydrian bedglian [] wv/t2 to conceal, hide, obscure, keep secret; be concealed, lie hidden bedglung [] f (-e/-a) secret place beding see beddung bedolan see bedglian bedpan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bedp past bedp/bedipon ptp bedipen to dip, immerse; anoint bedol see bedul bedn [] irreg v/t to shut

bedrden1 [] f (-ne/-na) prayer, intercession bedragan past part of bedrg bedraf [] n (-es/-) bed-clothes, bedding bedreda [] m (-n/-n) bedridden (man); adj bedridden bedrf see bedraf bedrosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bedres past bedras/bedruron ptp bedroren to overcome, deceive?; deprive of, bereave, despoil bedrest see beddrest bedrida see bedreda bedrfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bedrf past bedrf/bedrifon ptp bedrifen to drive, beat, strike, assail; follow up, pursue; surround, cover bedrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bedrinc past bedranc/bedruncon ptp bedruncen to drink up, absorb bedrp [] n (-es/-) compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time bedrg [] adj beguiled bedrgian [] wv/t2 to dry up bedryda see bedreda bedrpan [] wv/t1b to moisten bedstraw [] n (-es/-) straw for bedding bedtd [] f (-e/-e) bed-time bedegn [] m (-es/-as) chamber-servant, chamberlain bedn [] m (-es/-as) chamber-servant, chamberlain bedu [] f (-e/-a) asking, prayer [Goth bida] bedfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bedf past bedaf/bedufon ptp bedofen to immerse, submerge, drown bedul [] adj suppliant bedwhrift [] n (-es/-) bed-curtain bedydrian [] wv/t2 to conceal from; deceive bedfan [] wv/t1b to immerse bedgian see bedglian bedpan see bedpan bedyppan [] wv/t1a to dip, immerse bedyrnan [] wv/t1b to conceal [dierne] beastan [] prep w.d.a. to the east of beastannoran [] prep w.d.a.? to the north-east of beebbian [] wv/t2 to leave aground by the ebb tide, strand beefesian [] wv/t2 to cut off the hair beegan [] wv/t1b to harrow beerf- see beyrfbefaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres befr past befr/on ptp befaren to go, go around or among, traverse, encompass, surround; come upon, surprise, catch befdman see befman beflon past pl of befolan befstan [] wv/t1b to fasten, fix, ground, establish, make safe, put in safe keeping; apply, utilize; commend, entrust to befstnian [] wv/t2 to fix; to pledge, betroth befttian [] wv/t2 to fatten, anoint befman [] wv/t1b to encircle

befmian [] wv/t2 to encircle befealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres befielde past befold/on ptp befealden to fold, roll up, envelop, clasp, surround, involve, cover; attach befealdian [] wv/i2 to roll up befealh past 3rd sing of befolan befeallan [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres befiel past befoll/on ptp befeallan to fall; deprive of, bereave of; fall to, be assigned to; befall; 2. see befyllan befeastnian see befstan befgan [] wv/t1b to join befelgan see befylgan befelgan [] sv/i3 3rd pres befilg past befealg/befulgon ptp is befolgen to stick or cling to, betake oneself; sv/t3 to deliver, transmit, consign befellan see befyllan befelrd see hefeldrd befeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befiehte past befeaht/befuhton ptp befohten to take by fighting befolan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befel past befealh/befulgon ptp befolgen to put away, bury; deliver, grant, consign, entrust to; betake oneself to, apply oneself, devote oneself to, persist, persevere; importune; put up with, be pleased with befon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres befo past befode ptp befod to deprive of property befer [] m (-es/-as) beaver befran [] wv/t1b to surround; come upon, overtake, pass by; go about; fall among befician [] wv/t2 to deceive beflan see beflan befilgan see befylgan befiod past part of befon beflan [] sv/t6 3rd pres befleh past beflg/on ptp beflagen to peel, skin, flay; beflagen flsc entrails beflogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres befleg past beflag/beflugon ptp beflogen to fly upon beflon [] sv/t2 w.a. 3rd pres befleh past beflag/beflugon ptp beflogen to flee from, flee, escape, avoid beflwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beflw past beflow/on ptp beflwen to flow around, over befn [] sv/t7 3rd pres befh past befng/on ptp befangen to surround, clasp, include, envelop, encase, clothe; comprehend, seize, attack (at law), lay hold of, catch, ensnare; contain, receive, conceive; explain; wordum ~ tell, relate; on ~ to have to do with, engage in befor see befer beforan [] 1. prep a. w.d. (local) before, in front of, in the presence of; (temporal) before, prior to, sooner than; b. w.a. before; 2. adv (local) before, in front; (temporal) before, formerly, in former times, earlier, sooner; at hand, openly beforhtian [] wv/t2 to dread beftian [] wv/t2 to cut off ones feet befrogan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres befro past befrode ptp befrod to free, liberate befrignan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befrigne past befrgn/befrugnon ptp befrugnen to question, ask, learn befrnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befrn past befrn/befrnon ptp befrnen to question, ask, learn befrnung [] f (-e/-a) inquiry befrnan see befrnan beftan see beftan

befullan [] adv entirely, completely, perfectly beflan [] wv/t1b to befoul, defile befylgan [] wv/t1b to follow after, pursue, persevere befyllan [] 1. wv/t1a to fell, lay low, strike down; take by killing, bereave; [feallan]; 2. to fill up [full] bg see bag bga genitive of bgen begalan [] sv/t6 3rd pres begl past begl/on ptp begalen to sing incantations over, enchant begn [] irreg v/t to go over, traverse; get to, come by, fall into; go to, visit, care for, cultivate; inhabit, occupy; surround, beset, overrun; practice, do, engage in, perform, attend to, be diligent about; honor, serve, worship; profess; on borh ~ pledge oneself; tan ~ besiege bgan see began, bagian begang [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) way, course, circuit, extent; district, region; business, undertaking, practice, exercise, service, reverence, worship; cultivation; [= bgeng] beganga see bgenga begangan see began begangnes [] f (-se/-sa) the day of proclamation, Calends, first day of the month [calend], celebration (1) begangol [] m? (-es/begangelas) cultivator; worship begannes [] f (-se/-sa) the day of proclamation, Calends, first day of the month [calend], celebration (3) begn [] wv/t1b to affirm begbam [] m (-es/-as) bramble, thorn-bush bge see bgen bgea see bga bgean see began begat [] 1. m (-es/-as) attainment; acquisitions, property; 2. past 3rd sing of begotan begeg- see begengbegegnes [] f (-se/-sa) application, study (2) begm- see begmbegmen see begmen bgen [] adj masc nominative both; fem nominative b; neut nominative b; genitive bga, bgea, bgra; dative bm, bm; masc/neut accusative b; fem accusative b; masc and fem/neut nom b, b begenga [] m (-n/-n) cultivator begengnes [] f (-se/-sa) application, study (1) begomerian [] wv/t2 to lament begeonan [] prep w.d.a., adv beyond, on the other side (3) begeondan [] prep w.d.a., adv beyond, on the other side (1) begeonde [] prep w.d.a., adv beyond, on the other side (2) begeong- see begangbegeongnes [] f (-se/-sa) the day of proclamation, Calends, first day of the month [calend], celebration (2) begotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres begete past begat/beguton ptp begoten to pour over or upon, anoint, infuse, flood (with), sprinkle, cover with fluid

begeotan see begietan beger [] n (-es/-) berry beget see begeat, past 3rd sing of begietan begeten past participle of 1. begotan; 2. begietan bgian see bagian begiellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres begiel past begeall/begullon ptp begollen to scream, screech begeman [] wv/t1b to look after, take care of; do service, attend; take heed, observe begemen [] f (-ne/-na) attention, observation begemend [] m (-es/-) guide, ruler begemung [] f (-e/-a) invention, device; observance; care, regard begietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres begiete past begeat/begaton ptp begieten to get, find, acquire, attain, receive, take, seize; happen; beget begietend [] m (-es/-) one who gets begm- see begembegnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres begn past begn/beginon ptp beginen to open the mouth wide, swallow beginnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres begin past begann/begunnon ptp begunnen to begin; attempt, undertake; attack begir see beger begirdan see begyrdan begitan see begietan begleddian [] wv/t2 to befoul, pollute; stain, dye begldan [] sv/t1 3rd pres beglde past begld/beglidon ptp begliden to leave, desert begnagan [] sv/t6 3rd pres begng past begng/on ptp begnagen to gnaw begneor? [] adj attentive begndan [] sv/t1 3rd pres begnde past begnd/begnidon ptp begniden to rub thoroughly begnornian [] wv/t2 to mourn for begong see begang bgra genitive masc, fem, neut of bgen begrafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres begrf past begrf/on ptp begrafen to bury begrtan see begrtan begrtan [] wv/t1b to lament begrindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres begrinde past begrand/begrundon ptp begrunden to grind, polish, sharpen; deprive of, rob begrpan [] sv/t1 3rd pres begrp past begrp/begripon ptp begripen to grip, seize; chide begriwen [] adj steeped in; past part begroren [] adj overwhelmed begrornian see begnornian begrynian [] adj to ensnare, entrap begyldan [] wv/t1b to adorn with gold begylpan [] wv/t1b to boast, exult begm- see begmbegyrdan [] wv/t1b to gird, clothe; surround, fortify begytan see begietan bh see bag, bah behabban [] wv/t3 to include, hold, surround, comprehend, contain; detain, withhold

behdian [] wv/t2 to unfrock (a priest) behamelian [] wv/t2 to mutilate behammen [] adj clavatus (of shoe), patched, studded with nails beht [] n (-es/-) promise, vow; threat behtan [] sv/t7 (often w.d. person) 3rd pres behte past beht/on, beheht/on ptp behten to promise, vow, pledge oneself; threaten behtland [] n (-es/-) promised land behwian [] wv/t2 to see clearly, take care, consider behfednes [] f (-se/-sa) restraint, temperance behpsian [] wv/t2 to fasten a door behs [] f (-e/-e) vow behttian [] wv/t2 to scalp; make bald behafdian [] wv/t2 to behead behafdung [] f (-e/-a) beheading behafodlic [] adj capital (punishment) behealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behielde past behold/on ptp behealden to hold, have, occupy, possess; guard, preserve; contain, belong; keep, observe, consider; behold, look at, gaze on, observe, see; signify; avail, effect; take care, beware, be cautious; restrain; act, behave behealdend [] m (-es/-) beholder, spectator behealdennes [] f (-se/-sa) observance; continence behealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) regard, observation behawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behew past behow/on ptp behawen to cut, chip, chop, beat; cut off from, deprive of behdan see behdan behfe [] adj suitable, proper, necessary (1) behfelic [] adj suitable, proper, necessary (2) behflic [] adj suitable, proper, necessary (3) behfnes [] f (-se/-sa) convenience, utility behf [] f (-e/-a) want, need behfu [] f (-e/-a) want, need behegian [] wv/t2 to hedge around behelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres behil past behl/behlon ptp beholen to cover over, hide beheldan see behealdan behelian [] wv/t2 to cover over, conceal, bury behelmian [] wv/t2 to cover over Behmas [] m pl the Bohemians; gen Behma; dat Behmum behofian [] wv/t2 to lament beheonan [] prep w.d., adv on this side of, close by (1) beheonon [] prep w.d., adv on this side of, close by (2) behot past 3rd sing of behtan beht past 3rd sing of behtan behicgan see behycgan behdan see behdan behdiglce see behdiglce behienan see beheonan

behildan [] wv/t1v to depart behindan [] prep w.d.a., adv behind, after behinon see beheonan behionan see beheonan behring see behrung behwian [] wv/t2 to dissimulate behlmman see behlemman behlnan2 [] wv/t1b to surround behlapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behlep past behlop/on ptp behlapen to leap upon, settle on, fix upon, devote oneself to behlehhan see behliehhan behlemman2 [] wv/t1a to dash together behleonian [] wv/t2 to lean (something) against behlotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres behlete past behlat/behluton ptp behloten to assign by lot behldan [] sv/t1 3rd pres behlde past behld/behlidon ptp behliden to close, cover over behliden see beliden past particple of belan behliehhan2 [] sv/t6 3rd pres behliehhe past behlh/on ptp behlahhen to deride, exult over behlgan [] sv/t1 3rd pres behlge past behlg/behligon ptp behligen to accuse behlan [] wv/t1b to rob, deprive of behf [] n (-es/-) behoof, profit; need behfian [] wv/t2 w.g. to have need of, require, want; impers it behooves, concerns, belongs, is needful or necessary behflic [] adj necessary behogadnes [] f (-se/-sa) practice behogian [] wv/t2 to care for behogod [] adj careful, prudent; adv ~lce behn [] sv/t7 3rd pres behh past behng/on ptp behangen to hang around behorsian [] wv/t2 to deprive of horses behrosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres behres past behras/behruron ptp behroren to fall; cover, shelter; past part behroren divested of behrowsian [] wv/t2 to rue, repent of, make amends; compassionate behrowsung [] f (-e/-a) repentance, penitence behrowsungtd [] f (-e/-e) time of repentance, Septuagesima behreman [] wv/t1b to cover with hoar-frost behringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres behringe past behrang/behrungon ptp behrungen to surround behrpan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behrp past behrop/on ptp behrpen to plague, importune behroren [] adj divested of w.d.; past participle of behrosan behrmian [] wv/t2 to besmirch behrmig [] adj sooty bh [] f (-e/-a) witness, sign behwearf [] 1. past 3rd sing of behweorfan; 2. see behwearft behwearft [] m (-es/-as) exchange behweolfan see behwylfan behweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres behwierf past behwearf/behwurfon ptp behworfen to turn, change, spread about; see to, arrange, prepare, treat; bury behwerfan see behwierfan

behwierfan [] wv/t1b to turn, change, convert; exchange; prepare, instruct, exercise behwon [] adv whence behwylfan [] wv/t1b to cover, vault over behwyrfan see behwierfan behycgan [] wv/t3 to consider, bear in mind; confide, trust (+on) behdan [] wv/t1b to conceal, shelter behdednes [] f (-se/-sa) concealment; secret place behdig [] adj careful, watchful, anxious; adv ~lce behdignes [] f (-se/-sa) solicitude, care, anxiety; [hygdig] behdnes [] f (-se/-sa) concealment; secret place behygd- see behdbehyhtan [] wv/t1b to trust behyldan [] wv/t1b to flay, skin behylian [] wv/t2 to cover, veil behpan [] wv/t1b to surround behpian [] wv/t2 to heap up behran [] wv/t1b to let on hire behrung [] f (-e/-a) letting, loan behelce [] adv sumptuously beiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres beiern past bearn/beurnon ptp beurnen to run up to, over, or into; incur; occur to beigbam see begbam beinnan see binnan beirnan see beiernan beiundane see begeondan bel- see behlbelcan [] sv/t7 3rd pres belc past beleolc/on, belc/on ptp belcen to enclose beldian [] wv/t2 to excuse, clear beldiendlic [] adj apologetic, that can be excused beldigend [] m (-es/-) apologist beldung [] f (-e/-a) apology, excuse belf past 3rd sing of belfan belandian [] wv/t2 to deprive of lands beldan [] wv/t1b to lead astray belfan [] wv/t1b to leave, spare; be left, remain, survive belndan see belandian belan [] wv/t1b to make hateful, pervert belwa [] m (-n/-n) betrayer belwend [] m (-es/-) betrayer belwan [] wv/t1b to betray belwung [] f (-e/-a) betrayal, treachery belcentan see bealcettan belcettan see bealcettan beld see bieldu beldu see bieldu bel- see bel-

belan [] sv/t6 3rd pres belieh past belg/on ptp belagen to censure, reprove; charge with; dissuade, forbid, prevent belecgan [] wv/t1b to cover, invest, surround, afflict; attribute to, charge with, accuse belfan see belfan belendan see belandian belene [] f (-an/-an) henbane, henbell; [hyoscyamus niger] belogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres beleg past belag/belugon ptp belogen to deceive by lying; impers be mistaken beloran [] wv/t1b to pass by, pass over; rare past participle beloren beleorendlic [] adj past belosan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres beles past belas/beluron ptp beloren to be deprived of, lose, let go, deprive of w.d.; ic belas hrum, m e ic hfde I was deprived of hair, which I had; belweda see belwend belewit see bilewit belfles [] n (-es/-u) bell-wethers fleece belg [] m (-es/-as) bag; purse, leathern bottle, pair of bellows, pod, husk belgan1 [] sv/i3, sv/r3 3rd pres bilg past bealg/bulgon ptp is gebolgen to be or become angry; offend, provoke belgnes [] f (-se/-sa) injustice [blig-] belhring [] m (-es/-as) bell-ringing belhs see bellhs belibban see belfian belicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres belige past belg/belgon ptp belegen to lie around, surround; hedge in, encompass beliden [] adj departed, dead; past participle of belan belefan [] wv/t1b to believe; past participle belefed having belief belefed [] adj having belief belfan [] sv/i1 3rd pres belfe past belf/belifon ptp is belifen to remain over, be left; belifen [] adj dead belfend [] m (-es/-) survivor belfian [] wv/t2 to deprive of life belig see belg belman [] sv/t1 3rd pres belm past belm/belimon ptp belimen to glue together belimp [] n (-es/-) event, occurrence, affair; of ~e by chance belimpan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres belimp past belamp/belumpon ptp belumpen to concern, regard, belong to, conduce to; happen, befall; become; impersonal to befit belisnian [] wv/t2 to castrate; belisnod past participle as masc noun eunuch; ws ~ stupratur belisnod [] masc decl as adj eunuch belistnian [] wv/t2 to castrate; belistnod past participle as masc noun eunuch; ws ~ stupratur belistnod [] masc decl as adj eunuch belan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres bele past bel/belidon ptp beliden to deprive of; past participle beliden departed, dead bell see belle bellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bil past beall/bullon ptp gebollen to bellow, bark, grunt, roar

belle [] f (-an/-an) bell bellhs [] n (-es/-) bell-house, belfry bellringestre [] f (-an/-an) bellringer belltcen [] n (-tcnes/-) indication (sounding of the hour) by a bell belltd [] f (-e/-e) a canonical hour marked by the ringing of a bell belcian [] wv/t2 to behold belone see belene belt [] m (-es/-as) belt, girdle belcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres belc past belac/belucon ptp belocen to lock, shut up, close; surround, enclose, embody; stop, impede, block up, choke; preserve, protect; shut out, exclude; sum up, define belune see belene beltian [] wv/t2 to lie hidden belympan see belimpan belyrtan [] wv/t1b to deceive belytegian [] wv/t2 to allure, seduce bemancian [] wv/t2 to maim bmare see bmere bemnan [] wv/t1b to bemoan, bewail, lament bme see beme bemeldian [] wv/t2 to disclose, reveal, denounce bmere see bmere bemetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bemete past bemt/bemton ptp bemeten to account, consider beman [] sv/t1 3rd pres beme past bem/bemion ptp bemien to hide, conceal; lie hidden bemurcian [] wv/t2 to murmur at (1) bemurcnian [] wv/t2 to murmur at (2) bemurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bemyrn past bemearn/bemurnon ptp bemornen to mourn, bewail, deplore, be sorry for; care for, take heed for bemtian [] wv/t2 to exchange for [L mutare] bemyldan [] wv/t1b to bury [molde] ben see benn bn [] 1. f (-e/-e) prayer, request; favor; compulsory service; 2. past 3rd sing of bannan bna [] m (-n/-n) suitor, petitioner bne [] f (-an/-an) suitor, petitioner benacian [] wv/t2 to lay bare [nacod] benman [] wv/t1b to take away, deprive of, rob of; nelle ic rincas rihte benman I will not deprive the men of what rightly belongs to them; [niman] benc [] f (-e/-e) bench bencian [] wv/t2 to make benches bencsittend2 [] m (-es/-) one who sits on a bench bencswg [] m (-es/-as) bench-rejoicing, sound of revelry bencell2 [] n (-es/-) bench-board, wainscoted space where benches stand bend [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) bond, chain, fetter; band, ribbon, ornament, chaplet, crown bndagas [] m pl days of prayer, Rogation days bendan1 [] wv/t1b to bend (a bow); bind, fetter

bendfeorm see bnfeorm bene see a~ beneah pres 3rd sing of benugan beneced see benacod past participle of benacian benman see benman benemnan [] wv/t1b to name; stipulate, settle, declare, asseverate benotan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres benete past benat/benuton ptp benoten to deprive of, rob beneoan [] prep w.d. beneath, under, below bnfeorm [] f (-e/-a) food during (or after) compulsory labor for the lord? bengeat [] n (-es/-) wound-gash bendan [] wv/t1b to compel beniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres benim past benam/benmon, benm/on ptp benumen to take, assume, obtain; take away from, deprive of, bereave, rob; contain; catch, apprehend benimung [] f (-e/-a) deprival benian see beneoan bnlic [] adj that may be entreated; adv ~lce beseechingly benn2 [] f (-e/-a) wound, mortal injury [bana] bnn [] past 3rd sing of bannan benne [] f (-an/-an) reed-grass bennian12 [] wv/t2 to wound benohte past 3rd sing of benugan benoran [] adj, adv? in the north, northwards (of) benoten past participle of benotan benotian [] wv/t2 to use, consume bnrp [] n (-es/-) compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time [see bedrp] bnsian1 [] wv/t2 to pray, supplicate benst pres 2nd sing of bannan bntd [] f (-e/-e) prayer time, Rogation days bntige [] adj granting requests, gracious; obtaining requests, successful (1) bnte [] adj granting requests, gracious; obtaining requests, successful (2) bntige [] adj granting requests, gracious; obtaining requests, successful (3) ben pres 3rd sing of bannan benugan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres beneah/benugon past benohte ptp benugen to have at ones disposal, possess, enjoy; require benugon pres pl of benugan bnyr [] f (-e/-a) ploughing required from a tenant benyan see beneoan bo [] 1. f (-n/-n) bee; 2. pres 1st sing of bon bobrad [] n (-es/-ru) honey with the comb boce see bce boceorl [] m (-es/-as) bee-master, bee-keeper bocere [] m (-es/-as) bee-keeper [MHG bkar] bod [] m (-es/-as) table; bowl, dish bodrn [] n (-es/-) refectory, dining room; on ~e at table beodan see bidon past pl of bdan

bodan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres bede past bad/budon ptp geboden to command, decree, summon; ~ t call out (an army), banish; declare, inform, announce, proclaim; threaten; offer, proffer, give, grant, surrender; sv/r2 show oneself, behave; exact, collect bodbolle [] f (-an/-an) table-bowl bodcl [] m (-es/-as) table-cloth, carpet boddern see bodrn boddian [] wv/t2 to do joiners work bodend [] m (-es/-) preceptor bodendlic see bebodendlic bodern see bodrn bodft [] n (-es/-fatu) table-vessel, cup bodfers [] n (-es/-) grace at meal-time bodgst [] m (-es/-as) table-companion bodgenat2 [] m (-es/-as) table-companion bodgereord [] n (-es/-) feast bodhrgl [] n (-es/-) table-cloth bodlfa [] f pl table-leavings bodland [] n (-es/-) land from which the table of monasteries, etc., was supplied, glebeland bodrgl [] n (-es/-) table-cloth bodraf [] n (-es/-) table-cloth bodscat [] m (-es/-as) table-napkin, towel bodscte [] m (-es/-as) table-napkin, towel bodwyst [] f (-e/-e) a table with food on it beofer see befer Beoferlic [] m (-es/-as) Beverley, Yorkshire beofian see bifian Beoforlic [] m (-es/-as) Beverley, Yorkshire beoft repudlicating past tense of batan; beoftadon is from a later weak verb beoftian beofung see bifung bogang [] m (-es/-as) swarm of bees; flight of bees bohta [] m (-n/-n) chief?, prince? bols [] f (-we/-wa) pasture with flowers for bees? beolone see belene bom [] 1. dative pl of bo 1; 2. see bam; 3. see bo pres 1st sing of bon bomdor [] f (-/-) queen-bee bon [] irreg v/i to be; frymdig ~ to entreat; ta/te ~ to be a sharer in, receiver, grantee; andetta ~ to acknowledge; fterwear ~ to be away, absent; wana ~ to lack, fail; gestelled ~ mid to have an attack of bona genitive pl of bo 1 bonbrad see bobrad bonbro [] n (-es/-u) mead? (or? Banbro) bonnon past pl of bannan bor [] n (-es/-) strong drink, beer, mead beora see bearu beoran1 see beran

borbyden [] f (-ne/-na) beer-barrel beorc [] 1. f (-e/-a) birch; name of the rune for b; 2. 1 n (-es/-) barking beorcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres bierc past bearc/burcon ptp geborcen to bark; sv/t3 to bark at beorce see beorc beorcholt [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) birch wood beorcragu [] f (-e/-a) lichen from a birch-tree beorcrind [] f (-e/-a) birch-bark beord see bord bordrst [] f (-e/-a) dregs of beer bordrste [] f (-an/-an) dregs of beer beorg [] m (-es/-as) mountain, hill; mound, barrow, burial place beorglfen [] f (-e/-a) oread beorgan1 [] 1. sv/t3 w.d. 3rd pres bierg past bearg/burgon ptp geborgen to save, deliver, preserve, guard, defend, fortify, spare; w.refl.d. beware of, avoid, guard against; 2. see birgan beorghli2 [] n (-es/-u, -hleou) mountain-height, mountain-slope beorgseel [] n (-seles/-) mountainous dwelling beorgstede [] m (-es/-as) mound beorh1 [] 1. see beorg; 2. imperative of beorgan beorhlode see burglode beorht [] 1. adj bright, shining, brilliant, light, clear; clear-sounding, loud; excellent, distinguished, remarkable, beautiful, magnificent, noble, glorious; pure, sublime, holy, divine; 2. n (-es/-) brightness, gleam, light; sight; agan ~ twinkling of an eye beorhtan see bierhtan beorhtblwende [] adj bright-blooming beorhte [] adv brightly, brilliantly, splendidly; clearly, lucidly, distinctly beorhthwl see bearhtmhwl beorhtian [] wv/t2 to glisten, shine; to sound clearly; to make bright beorhtlic [] adj brilliant, clear, shining, splendid; adv ~lce beorhtm see bearhtm beorhtnan [] wv/i1b to grow bright beorhtnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) brightness, clearness, splendor, beauty; lightning beorhtnian1 [] wv/t2 to glorify beorhtrodor [] m (-es/-as) shining heavens beorhtte [] noun pl mountainous beorhtu see bierhtu beorhtword [] adj clear-voiced borhyrde [] m (-es/-as) cellarer, butler beorm- see bearmbeorma [] m (-n/-n) barm, yeast, leaven beorn [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) man; noble, hero, chief, prince, warrior; rich man; 2. see barn past 3rd sing of biernan; 3. see bearn beornan see biernan beorncyning [] m (-es/-as) lord of heroes beorne see byrne Beornice [] m pl Bernicians, inhabitants of part of Northumbria

beornung [] f (-e/-a) incense beornrat [] m (-es/-as) troop of men beornwiga [] m (-n/-n) 2 warrior, hero borscealc [] m (-es/-as) reveler, feaster borscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) feast, banquet, revel borsele2 [] m (-es/-as) beer-hall, banqueting hall borsetl [] n (-e/s-) ale-bench beorswinig see brsynnig boregu2 [] f (-e/-a) beer-drinking beorling see hyse~ beoror1 [] n (-es/-) child-bearing, child-birth; what is born, fetus [foetus], offspring beororcwealm [] m (-es/-as) abortion beorornen [] f (-ne/-na) midwife beorornenu [] f (-e/-a) midwife beoruh see beorg beosmrian see bismerian bost [] m (-es/-as) beestings, the first milk of a cow after calving; swelling (of the ground)? beosu see basu bot1 [] 1. n (-es/-) boastful speech, boast, threat; on ~ boastfully; promise, vow; command; peril, danger; [= beht]; 2. past 3rd sing of batan botian1 [] 1. wv/t2 to threaten; boast, vow, promise; 2. see btian botlic1 [] adj arrogant, exulting, boastful, threatening; adv ~lce botmcg [] m (-es/-as) leader boton past pl of batan botung [] f (-e/-a) threatening botword2 [] n (-es/-) boast; threat boof [] m (-es/-as) bee-thief boum dat pl of bo bow [] n (-es/-) barley bowan see bwan bowyrt [] f (-e/-e) bee-wort, sweet flag bepcan [] irreg wv/t1b to deceive, seduce bepcend [] m (-es/-) deceiver bepcestre [] f (-an/-an) whore bepcung [] f (-e/-a) deception beprwan [] wv/t1b to wink br see br bera [] m (-n/-n) bear berafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres berf past berf/on ptp berafen to bereave, despoil beran1 [] sv/t4 3rd pres bir past br/bron ptp geboren to bear, carry, bring, take away, carry out, extend; bring forth, produce; be situated by birth; wear; endure, support, sustain; ~ p set forth, open (a case); berende fruitful; geboren born berascin [] n (-es/-u, -sceonu) bear-skin berccan see bereccan

berdan [] wv/t1b to deprive, take by treachery, rob; betray; deliberate on; get the better of bersan [] wv/t1b to rush upon or into berbne [] f (-an/-an) foliage, herbage, the leaves, twigs, and branches of laurel, olive, or myrtle, cypress, tamarisk, sacred boughs, etc [verbena] berbne [] f (-an/-an) foliage, herbage, the leaves, twigs, and branches of laurel, olive, or myrtle, cypress, tamarisk, sacred boughs, etc [verbena] berc see beorc, berecbere [] m (-es/-as) barley berern [] n (-es/-) barn [bere, rn] berafere [] m (-es/-as) despoiler berafian [] wv/t2 to bereave, deprive of, take away, seize, rob, despoil berafigend [] m (-es/-) despoiler, robber berebrytta [] m (-n/-n) barn-keeper bercan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres berce past berhte ptp berht to cause to smoke, smoke bereccan [] irreg wv/t1b to relate; excuse or justify oneself berecorn [] n (-es/-) barley-corn berecroft [] m (-es/-as) barley-field berfian see berafian bereflr [] m (-es/-as), f (-a/-a) barn-floor, threshing-floor beregafol [] n (-gafles/-) rent paid in barley [compare to gafolbre] beregrs [] n (-es/-grasu) barley-grass, fodder berehealm [] n (-es/-) barley-haulm, straw bereland [] n (-es/-) barley-land beren [] 1. adj of barley; 2. see biren; 3. see berern berend [] m (-es/-) bearer, carrier berendan [] wv/t1b to peel, take off husk berende [] adj fruitful [beran] berendlce [] adv with fecundity berendnes [] f (-se/-sa) fertility berenhulu [] f (-e/-a) barley-husk bernian [] wv/t2 to bring about; to ornament, mount (with silver) berocan [] sv/t2 3rd pres berec past berac/berucon ptp berocen to fumigate berofan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres berefe past beraf/berufon ptp berofen to bereave, deprive, rob of berotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres berete past berat/beruton ptp beroten to bewail berowsian see behrowsian berere see wter~ berern see berern beresd [] n (-es/-) barley beretn [] m (-es/-as) barley-enclosure, threshing-floor, barn berewstm [] m (-es/-as) barley-crop berewc [] f (-e/-a) barley-yard, demesne farm berg [] 1. see bearg; 2. see beorg berg- see beri-, birg-, byrgberh see bearh past 3rd sing of beorgan berht see beorht

berht- see beorht-, bierhtberhtm- see breahtmberian [] 1. wv/t1a 3rd pres bere past berede ptp gebered to make bare, clear; [br]; 2. see byrgan 2 bericge see barricge berdan [] sv/t1 3rd pres berde past berd/beridon ptp beriden to ride round, surround, besiege; overtake, seize, occupy berie [] f (-an/-an) berry; grape; cine beriebl [] ? (-?/-?) an instrument for forking barley? berig [] 1. n (-es/-) berry; 2. see byrig dative sing of burg berigdrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink made of mulberries berige see berie berigea see byrga berindan [] wv/t1b to strip off bark, peel berindran [] wv/t1b to strip off bark, peel beringan see behringan berinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres berin past berann/berunnon ptp berunnen to run upon, run over, wet, bedew bersan [] sv/i1 3rd pres berse past bers/berison ptp is berisen to be fitting berland see bereland bern see berern bern- see brn-, biernbernan see brnan bernhs [] n (-es/-) barn berfon [] adj despoiled; past pl of berafan or berebban berwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres berw past berow/on ptp berwen to row round berst see byrst berstan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres birste past brst/burston ptp geborsten to break, burst, fail, fall; break away from, escape; break to pieces, crash, resound berthwl see bearhtmhwl bertn see beretn ber- see beor-, byrbermod see behrmod past participle of behrmian berunnen past participle of berinnan berwe dative sing of bearu berwinde [] f (-an/-an) bear-bind, navel-wort berfan [] wv/t1b to deprive [raf] berpan [] wv/t1b to despoil of, strip, spoil, rob besrgian [] wv/t2 to lament, bewail, be sorry for, pity [srig] besrgung [] f (-se/-sa) compassion beswan [] sv/t7 3rd pres besw past besow/on ptp beswen to sow besgan [] wv/t1b to sink besncan see besencan bestian [] wv/t2 to lay wait for bescafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bescf past bescf/on ptp bescafen to scrape thoroughly bescad [] n (-es/-) distinction

bescadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bescede past bescod/on ptp bescaden to separate, discriminate; scatter, sprinkle over besceadian [] wv/t2 to overshadow besceaduwian [] wv/t2 to overshadow besceadwung [] f (-e/-a) overshadowing besceafan see bescafan bescan past 3rd sing of bescnan besceatwyrpan [] wv/t1b to despondi cf [] adj quick, sharp, active, prompt, nimble, swift; strenuous, strong; bold, brave; adv ~e quickly, promptly; [derived from cfan] cflic [] adj bold; adv ~lce quickly, promptly, vigorously; boldly, stoutly, manfully, valiantly cfnes [] f (-se/-sa) energy cafortn [] m (-es/-as) vestibule, court, courtyard; hall, residence, enclosure cfscipe [] m (-es/-as) alacrity, quickness, boldness cahhetan see ceahhetan cl see cawl, cawel calan [] sv/i6 3rd pres cl past cl/on ptp gecalen to grow cool or cold, to be or become cool or cold calc [] 1. m (-es/-as) shoe, little shoe, sandal [L]; 2. see cealc calcatrippe see coltetrppe calcrond [] adj shod (of horses), round of hoof cald see ceald Caldisc [] adj Chaldean clend [] m (-es/-as) 1. a month; 1a. the beginning of a month; 2. 2 the appointed time or day of life, span of line clendcwide [] m (-es/-as) tale of days calf see cealf calfur nom, acc pl of cealf calian see calan calic [] m (-es/-as) chalice, cup, goblet [L] calla see hilde~ calu [] adj callow, bare, bald [calw-, calew- in oblique cases] calwer see cealer calwerclm [] ? (-?/-?) curds? calwere [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-u) a bald place on the top of the head, a skull, place of skulls, place for burial calerclympe [] ? (-?/-?) curds? cma [] m (-n/-n) muzzle, collar, bit [L] camb [] m (-es/-as) 1. a comb for cleaning hair, wool, flax, etc.; 2. comb, crest, the crest of a cock, the crest or top of a helmet, etc.; 3. honeycomb camb [] f (-e/-a) a comb, honeycomb, an assemblage of cells in which bees store their honey cambiht [] adj combed, crested cambol see cumbol

camel [] m (camles/camlas) camel cammoc [] n (-es/-)?, m (-es/-as)? cammock, rest-harrow, kex, an umbeliferous plant, brimstone wort, hogs fennel, cow weed, cow parsley, sulphurwort; [peucedanum officinale] camp [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) combat, battle, struggle, contest, warfare; 2. field, plain? [L campus]; 3. a bond, fetter, chain campdm [] m (-es/-as) military service, warfare campealdor [] m (-ealdres/-ealdras) commander campgefra [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier camphd [] m (-a/-a) warfare campian1 [] wv/t2 to strive, fight, contend against; h for his le mid his lodum campode he fought for his country with his men; camplic [] adj military camprden [] f (-ne/-na) war, warfare, state or condition of contest, contest campstede2 [] m (-es/-as) battlefield, the place of battle campung [] f (-e/-a) fighting, warfare campwpen [] n (-wpnes/-) weapon, a battle weapon, military weapon campwerod [] n (-es/-) army, host, warriors, soldiers, fighting-men campwg [] n (-es/-) battle, combat campwsa [] m (-n/-n) director of public games campwudu [] m (-a/-a) war-wood, shield can pres 1st, 3rd sing of cunnan Cananisc [] adj of Canaan Cananisc [] adj Canaanitish, of Canaan canc1 [] n (-es/-) jeering, scorn, derision canceler [] m (-es/-as) chancellor [Low L cancellarium]; a kind of porter, door-keeper; a secretary cancer [] m (-es/-as) 1. a cancer, an eating or spreading disease; [L]; 2. a crab; [L] cancerdl [] f (-e/-a) cancer, a cancer-disease, a canker cancerwund [] f (-e/-a) cancerous wound cancetan [] wv/t1b to cry out, mock, deride, to laugh aloud or in a cackling manner cancettan [] wv/t1b to cry out, mock, deride, to laugh aloud or in a cackling manner cancetung [] f (-e/-a) boisterous laughter, a laughing in a cackling manner cancor see cancer candel [] f (-le/-la), n (-es/-) lamp, lantern, candle [L candela] candelbora [] m (-n/-n) acolyte, candle-bearer, a subdeacon, a clerk candelbryd [] n (-es/-u) flat candlestick [=~bred?] candelloht [] n (-es/-) candle-light Candelmsse [] f (-an/-an) Candlemas, the feast of the Purification; [the feast of the Purification, which, in the Romish church, is celebrated with many lighted candles, celebrated February 2nd] Candelmssefen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) Candlemas eve Candelmssedg [] m (-es/-dagas) Candlemas day candelsntels [] m (-es/-as) candle-snuffers candelstf [] m (-es/-stafas) candlestick, candle-staff candelsticca [] m (-n/-n) candlestick

candeltrow [] n (-es/-) candelabrum, a candlestick with branches, a candlestick candeltwist [] m (-es/-as) pair of snuffers candelwoce [] f (-an/-an) candle-wick, torch candelwyrt [] f (-e/-e) candlewort, hedge-taper, mullein; [lucernaria, phlomos] cann [] 1. f (-e/-a) a knowledge, cognizance, averment or positive assertion, asseveration, clearance; 2. 1 pres 3rd sing of cunnan canne [] f (-an/-an) can, cup cannon [] noun pl reed, cane [L canna] canon [] m (-es/-as) canon, rule; ~es bc the book of the canon; ~es bc canonical books [L canon] canonbc [] f (-bc/bc) a book of canons canondm [] m (-es/-as) a canonship, office of a canon canonic [] 1. m (-es/-as) canon, prebendary; 2. adj canonical canoniclic [] adj canonical cans = canst, pres 2nd sing of cunnan cantel [] m? (cantles/cantlas), n? (cantles/-) buttress, support cantelcp [] m (-es/-as) cope, a cantle-cope, a sort of priests garment cantercppe [] f (-an/-an) cope (vestment) cantere [] m (-es/-as) singer canterstf [] m (-es/-stafas) chanters staff cantic [] m (-es/-as) canticle, song [L] canticsang [] m (-es/-as) canticle, song [L] Cantwara burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a city or fortress of the men of Kent; 1. Canterbury; 2. Rochester Cantwarburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a city or fortress of the men of Kent; 1. Canterbury; 2. Rochester Cantware [] m pl Kentish men, inhabitants of Kent; gen Cantwara; dat Cantwarum Cantwara burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a city or fortress of the men of Kent; 1. Canterbury; 2. Rochester Cantwara mg [] f (-e/-a) the county of Kent, men of Kent cp see cantel~ capellan [] m (-es/-as) chaplain [L capellanus] capian [] wv/t2 to look; p ~ to look up, lie on the back (said of the moon); capiende supinus capiende [] adj backwards, bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back, supine; Of motion, backwards, going back, retrograde (poet.): that can be read backwards in the same metre; Sloping, inclined; undulating; Stretched out, extended; of the mind: Careless, thoughtless, heedless, negligent, indolent, supine; With head thrown back, haughty, proud; the gerund [supinus] capitel see capitol capitelhs [] n (-es/-) chapter-house capitol [] m (-es/-as) 1. in connection with books, (1) a chapter (division of a book); (2) a short passage from Scripture, (a) a lesson; (b) an anthem; 2. a chapter, meeting of ecclesiastica; 2a. chapter (cathedral or monastic); capitolhs [] n (-es/-) a chapter-house capitolmsse [] f (-an/-an) early mass, first mass

capitul [] m (-es/-as) 1. in connection with books, (1) a chapter (division of a book); (2) a short passage from Scripture, (a) a lesson; (b) an anthem; 2. a chapter, meeting of ecclesiastica; 2a. chapter (cathedral or monastic); capitula [] m (-n/-n) 1. in connection with books, (1) a chapter (division of a book); (2) a short passage from Scripture, (a) a lesson; (b) an anthem; 2. a chapter, meeting of ecclesiastica; 2a. chapter (cathedral or monastic); cappa see cppe Cappadonisc [] adj Cappadocian capun [] m (-es/-as) capon [L capnem] car [] adj sorrowful, anxious, solicitous carbunculus [] m (-es/-as) carbuncle [L] carcrn [] n (-es/-?) prison, jail [L carcer] carcern [] n (-es/-?) prison, jail [L carcer] carcernostru [] f (-e/-a) prison darkness carcernweard [] m (-es/-as) jailor carcian see be~ crclife see grclife care- see carcarful [] adj anxious, sad; careful, attentive, painstaking; troublesome; adv ~lce carfullce [] adv carefully, diligently; [caru, -ful, -lce] carfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) care, anxiety; carefulness; curiousness cargst [] m (-es/-as) sad spirit, devil, spirit of anxiety, fearful ghost cargealdor [] n (-es/-) sorrowful song cargst see cargst carian [] wv/t2 1. to care for, be anxious, grieve; 2. to take care, regard, heed caricum [] dat pl of noun with dried figs [L carica] carig2 [] adj careful, sorrowful, pensive, wary, chary, anxious; grievous, dire; adv ~lce sorrowfully, miserably, wretchedly carl [] m (-es/-as) man a churl , rustic [ON karl] carl- [] prefix male, masculine; [carlfugol, etc.]; adj male, masculine carlas [] adj careless, reckless, void of care, free from care, free carlasnes [] f (-se/-sa) freedom from care, security carlast [] f (-e/-a) freedom from care, security, carelessness Carles wn [] m (-es/-as) Charles Wain, the churls wain, the constellation of the Great Bear carlfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) male bird, cock carlce [] adv wretchedly, sorrowfully, miserably carlmann [] m (-es/-menn) male, man carr [] m (-es/-as) 1. a stone, rock, scar; 2. Charmouth, in Dorsetshire, at the mouth of the river Carr; = the Norman Charr, or Charmouth; [Keltic] Carrum [] ? (-?/-?) the place of a naval engagement, near Charmouth, Dorsetshire carseld [] n (-es/-) home of care cars [] m (-es/-as) painful journey, a sorrowful fate, sad fortune carsorg [] f (-e/-a) sad anxiety Cartaina [] m (-n/-n) Carthage; [indecl] Cartaine [] f (-an/-an) Carthage

Cartaine [] m pl the Carthaginians; gen Cartaina; dat Cartainum; carte [] f (-an/-an) paper, a piece of paper, paper for writing on; document, deed; letter [L charta] caru [] f (-e/-a) care, concern, anxiety, sorrow carung [] f (-e/-a) pensiveness, anguish of mind, a complaint; carwylm [] m (-es/-as) welling sorrow cserdm [] m (-es/-as) imperial sway, an emperors rule; ws t sixte gar Constantines cserdmes then was the sixth year of Constantine's imperial rule; Csere [] m (-es/-as) Caesar, an emperor; [L Csar]; lower-case as a title: Gaius ws csere csering [] m (-es/-as) a caesaring, coin with Caesars head on it, coin, drachma, didrachma cserlic [] adj imperial, Caesar-like csern [] f (-e/-a) empress; [Cser+en feminine ending; augusta] cassuc [] m (-es/-as) hassock, hassock-grass, rushes, sedge or coarse grass; [aira cspitosa, carex paniculata] cassuclaf [] n pl hassock or sedge leaves castel [] 1. m (castles/castlas) castle, fort; walled enclosure?; 2. n (castles/castlu) town, village; [L castellum, diminutive of castrum a camp, fortified place] castelmann [] m (-es/-menn) townsman, castle-man castelweall [] m (-es/-as) city wall, rampart castelweorc [] n (-es/-) castle-building, castle-work castenere [] m (-es/-as) cabinet, chest casul [] m (-es/-as) over-garment, a cloak to keep off rain (made of silk or wool), [birrus], cloak csus [] m (-es/-as) (grammatical) case, case, falling or change to denote the relation of nouns, adjectives, and pronouns to other words in a sentence; catt [] m (-es/-as) cat catte [] f (-an/-an) cat cattes mint [] f (-e/-a) cats mint, cat-mint; catnip; [felina mentha, nepeta cataria] caul see cawl 1 and 2 caulic [] ? (-?/-?) a medicine cawel [] m (-es/-as) cole, cole-wort, wild cole-wort, cabbage; [caulis, magudaris] cawellaf [] n (-es/-) cabbage-leaf cawelsd [] n (-es/-) cabbage-seed cawlstela [] m (-n/-n) cabbage-stalk, cabbage-stem cawelstoc [] m (-es/-as) cabbage-stalk cawelwurm see cawelwyrm cawelwyrm [] m (-es/-as) caterpillar, cabbage-worm cawl [] 1. m (-es/-as) basket; 2. m (-es/-as) cole (caul, cawel), kale, cabbage cb- see cfcc- see cacccepol [] m (-es/-as) taxgatherer (hce-) cderbam see cederbam Cdmon [] m (-es/-as) Cadmon; a man employed by the monks of Whitby in the are of their cattle in the early part of the seventh century. He is the first person of whom we possess any metrical composition in our vernacular language. So striking and similar are

some of his thoughts to Paradise Lost, it has been supposed that Milton had read his poems. He became a monk of Whitby, and died in the monastery about 680 AD. [cd boat, mann man] cf see ceaf cfertn see cafortn cfester [] n (-es/-) halter, head-stall [L capistrum]; see gecafstrian cfian see be-, ofer-, ymbcfian [] wv/t2 to embroider; see be-, ofer-, ymbcfing [] f (-e/-a) hair-ornament, an ornament for the head cfl [] m (-es/-as) halter, muzzle cg [] f (-e/-a) key (lit, fig); solution, experiment cga [] m (-n/-n) key (lit, fig); solution, experiment cgbora [] m (-n/-n) key-bearer, jailor cge [] f (-an/-an) key (lit, fig); solution, experiment cggian [] wv/t2 to lock, shut fast; [cgian?] cgheorde [] m (-es/-as) keeper of keys, steward cgloca [] m (-n/-n) locked depository, any repository locked up, the action of locking up, a key-locking cglod see ~ ch- see ceahcl- see cel-, ceal-, cielcl pres 3rd sing of calan cm- see cemcn- see cen-, cyncpehs see cepehs cppe [] f (-an/-an) cap; cape, cope, hood [L] cpse [] f (-an/-an) box [L capsa] cr- see car-, cear-, cer-, ciercrse [] f (-an/-an) cress, watercress; [nasturtium] crsiht [] adj full of cress crswiell [] m (-es/-as) a spring where cress grows crte see carte cs see cas, past 3rd sing of cosan cse see cse cstel see castel cster see ceaster cac [] m (-es/-as) basin, pitcher, jug, laver; kettle, cauldron (for hot-water ordeal) cacdl [] f (-e/-a) jaw-ache cacbn [] n (-es/-) cheek-bone, jaw cacbora [] m (-n/-n) jugbearer, pitcher-bearer, yoke for buckets cace [] f (-an/-an) cheek, jaw, jawbone cacfull [] adj a jugfull, pitcher-full ceacga [] m (-n/-n) broom, furze ceacl see ceafl ceaf [chf] n (-es/-u) chaff ceaf- see caf-, ceaf-, cief-

ceafl [] m (-es/-as) a bill, beak, snout, jaw, jaw-bone, cheek, cheek-bone ceafldl [] f (-e/-a) disease of the jaws ceafor [] m (ceafres/ceafras) cock-chafer, beetle, chafer ceahhe [] f (-an/-an) daw ceahhettan [] wv/t1b to laugh loudly, to laugh loud or in a cackling manner; ceahhetung [] f (-e/-a) laughter, jesting, a loud or cackling laughter cealc [] m (-es/-as) chalk, lime, plaster, cement; chalkstone, pebble Cealca ceaster [] f (ceastre/ceastra) the chalk city; Camden thinks it is Tadcaster, in Yorkshire cealccrundel [] m (-crundles/-crundlas), n (-crundles/-) a chalk ravine Cealch [] f (-e/-a) Challock, Chalk, in Kent cealcpytt [] m (-es/-as) chalk-pit cealcsa [] m (-a/-a) chalk-pit cealcstn [] m (-es/-as) limestone, chalk ceald [] 1. adj cold, cool; adv ~e; 2. n (-es/-) coldness, cold cealdheort [] adj cruel cealdian [] wv/i2 3rd pres cealda pas cealdode ptp gecealdod to become cold cealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) coldness, cold cealer [] m (cealres/cealras) galmaria, pressed curds, jelly of curds or whey cealerbrw [] m (-es/-as) pottage of curds, a thick pottage made of curds cealf [] 1. n (-es/-ru), m (-es/-as) calf; ~ra hs a house for calves; 2. see ceafl cealfdl see ceafldl cealfian [] wv/t2 to calve cealfloca [] m (-n/-n) calf-pen cealfre see cealre, cealer cealla [] m (-n/-n) a herald, found in the phrase hilde ~ wars herald, or herald of war ceallian [] wv/t2 to call, cry out, shout [ON kalla] cealre see cealer, and dat sing of cealer cap [] m (-es/-as) 1. cattle; 2. purchase, sale, traffic, business, bargain, gain; 3. payment, value, price; dop ~ high price; btan ~e gratis; 4. goods, possessions, property, market, saleable commodities; capcniht [] m (-es/-as) bought servant, hired servant, slave capdg [] m (-es/-dagas) a bargaining or market-day capadig? [] adj rich, wealthy, rich in goods, rich in cattle capealeel [] n (-es/-) alehouse, the ale-selling place capalo [] n (-/-) alehouse, the ale-selling place capgield [] n (-es/-) 1. bargain money; 1a. purchase money; 1b. compensation; 2. price or market price of what is stolen; capian1 [] wv/t2 1. to bargain, chaffer, trade, to contract for the purchase or sale of a thing; 2. buy; 3. to bribe, endeavor to bribe; giftum ~ to bribe with gifts capland [] n (-es/-) purchased land capmann [] m (-es/-menn) chapman, merchant, market-man, trader capscamol [] m (-scamles/-scamlas) seat of custom or toll, toll-booth, custom-house, treasury capsceamul see capscamol capscip [] n (-es/-u) trading vessel, merchant ship, trading ship

capsetl [] n (-es/-) toll-booth, custom-house, seat of custom capstw [] f (-e/-a) market-place, market capstrt [] f (-e/-a) market-place, market, a street or place for merchandise captoln [] f (-e/-a) toll on buying and selling caping [] n pl saleable things, goods, ware, merchandise capung [] f (-e/-a) 1. business, traffic, trade, commerce; 2. a buying, marketing; 3. traffic, merchandise; capunggemt [] n (-es/-) a market, a meeting for a trade capunging [] n (-es/-) a buying, setting a price cear see car cearcetung [] f (-e/-a) gnashing, grinding, crashing noise, as of the teeth cearcian [] wv/t2 3rd pres cearca past cearcode ptp gecearcod to chatter, creak, crash, gnash cearde see cierde, past 3rd sing of cierran cearm [] m (-es/-as) noise cearrige [] ? (-?/-?) a vehicle? cearruce [] ? (-?/-?) a vehicle? ceart [] 1. ? (-?/-?) wild common land; 2. see crt cearwund [] adj badly wounded? cas [] 1. see cast; 2. past 3rd sing of cosan casbill [] n (-es/-) a club associated with philosophical dispute casega see wl~ caslunger [] adj contentious cast [] f (-e/-a) strife, quarrel, quarrelling, contention, murmuring, sedition, scandal; reproof ceastel see castel ceaster [] f (ceastre/ceastra) 1. a city, fort, castle, town; used as a general term, or applied to 2 2 foreign towns; 1a. used of heaven, heaven; 1b. used of hell, hell; 2. n (ceastres/-) a city, etc., used of places in England; Exan~ Exeter; 3. the name of a particular place, as Chester, Castor, the city; ceastersc [] m (-es/-as) black hellebore; [helleborus niger] ceasterbend [] m (-es/-) city-dweller, citizen ceastergewar- see ceasterwarceasterherp [] m (-es/-paas) high road? ceasterhlid [] n (-es/-u) cover of a city, city gate ceasterhof [] n (-es/-u) house in a city, a city-dwelling ceasterlod [] f (-e/-a) citizen ceasterlode [] n pl citizens ceasternisc [] adj urban, municipal ceasterstan [] m pl citizens ceasterste [] m pl citizens Ceasterscr [] f (-e/-a) Cheshire ceasterwaran1 [] m pl burghers, citizens ceasterware [] m pl city-inhabitants, citizens, burghers ceasterwaru [] f (-e/-a) townsmen as a body, the citizens or city, burghers ceasterweall [] m (-es/-as) city wall ceasterwc [] f (-e/-a) village

ceasterwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) city builder [a mistaken glossing of polimitarium] ceasterwyrt [] f (-e/-e) black hellebore; [helleborus niger] castful [] adj full of contention, contentious ceastre see ceaster caw past 3rd sing of cowan Ceawan hlw [] m (-es/-as) Cheawan low, Challow ceawl see cawl 1 cce see cace ccel [] n? (-es/-) a little cake [coecil] cecil see ccel cde see cegde, past 3rd sign of cegan cedelc [] f (-e/-a) the herb mercury; [mercurialis perennis] ceder [] n (cedres/-), m (cedres/cedras), f (-e/-a) cedar [L cedrus] cederbam [] m (-es/-as) cedar-tree; [cedrus] cedertrow [] n (-es/-) cedar-tree cedor- see cedercdrisc [] adj of cedar cef see ceaf cef- see ceaf-, cifcgan see cegan cgian see cegan cehhettung see ceahhetung cece see cace ceig- see cgceir [] ? (-?/-?) cry, clamor clan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres cl past clde ptp gecled to cool, be cold, become cold; wv/t1b ge~ to quench (thirst), refresh; [cl] celc [] 1. see calic; 2. see cealc celde [] f (-an/-an) copious spring?; celdre see ceoldre cele [] 1. see ceole; 2. see ciele cle [] m (-es/-as) a cold, coldness celeenie [] f (-an/-an) celandine, swallow-wort celeonie [] f (-an/-an) celandine, swallow-wort celender [] n (celendres/-) coliander, coriander celendre [] f (-an/-an) coliander, coriander celf (Anglian) see cealf celic see calic celis [] ? (-?/-?) peditis, foot-covering celiwearte see cielewearte cell [] m (-es/-as) (monastic) cell; [L] cellender [] n see celender cellendre see celendre f clod [] adj formed like a keel or boat; cellod2 [] adj round?, hollow?, embossed?, beaked?; participle [scutum clatum?]; [or ? celced = cealced]

celmertmann [] m (-es/-menn) hireling clnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) coolness, cool air, breeze; [cl] celod variant of cellod celras see cellras, nom/acc pl of cealer clung [] f (-e/-a) cooling; a cool place cemban1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cembe past cembde ptp gecembed to comb cemes [] f (-e/-a) shirt [L camisia] cempa [] m (-n/-n) warrior, soldier, champion [camp]; ~ena ieldest a chief of soldier, a commander; ff hund ~ena ealdor a commander of five hundred soldiers; cempestre [] f (-an/-an) female soldier, female warrior cn2 [] m (-es/-as) 1. pine-torch, pine, a torch; 2. the name of the rune for c; [Ger kien] cendlic see cynlic cne [ke:ne] adj 1. keen, fierce, bold, brave, warlike; 1a. powerful; 2. this word is sometimes expressed by the rune cn; 3. learned, clever; 4. adv in warlike wise; cenep [] m (-es/-as) 1. moustache; 2. bit (of a bridle, bristling with points); [ON kanpr] cenlic see cynlic cnlce [] adv keenly, boldly, courageously, notably cennan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cen past cende ptp gecenned 1. to beget, conceive, create, bring forth; m ws Judas nama cenned to him was given [created, made] the name Judas; (1) to beget, conceive, create, bring forth children; on sre u censt bearn in pain you will bear a child; (2) of plants, to produce; of m trowum balzamum bi gecenned from the trees is balsam produced; (3) to produce, cause; cen wamm it produces injury; 1a. to beget, create, produce; 2. to bring forth from the mind, to declare, choose, ascribe, clear, prove; ic m t cyninge cenne Iudas I chose Judah to me for a king; cenne h hwanon hit him cme let him declare whenceit came to him; 2a. to nominate, choose out; 2b. to assign, attribute, give; 2c. to declare, show oneself, clear oneself, make a declaration in court; cennend [] m (-es/-) parent cennendlic [] adj genital, begetting cennes [] f (-se/-sa) produce, what is produced; childbirth; birthday cennestre [] f (-an/-an) mother, one who has borne cenning [] f (-e/-a) 1. parturition, birth, a producing; 2. procreation; 3. declaration in court; cnu [] f (-e/-a) boldness cnu [] f (-e/-a) boldness cenningstw [] f (-e/-a) birthplace [listed as cenningstow] cenningtd [] f (-e/-e) time of bringing forth, birth-time cennystre see cennestre Cnrd [] m (-es/-as) Cenred, son of Ceolwald, and father of Ine, king of Wessex; [cne bold, rd counsel] Cent [] f (-e/-a) Kent, the county of Kent [L Cantia] centaur [] m (-es/-as) centaur centaurie [] f (-an/-an) centaury (plant), the herb centaury; [centaureum] Centescr [] f (-e/-a) Kent [L Cantia] Centingas [] m pl Kentish men, men of Kent Centisc [] adj Kentish, belonging to Kent Centland [] n (-es/-) Kent, Kentish land

Centlond see Centland Centrce [] n (-es/-u) kingdom of Kent centur [] m (-es/-as) centurion Centware [] m pl inhabitants of Kent co [] f (-n/-n) chough, jay, jackdaw, crow, a bird of the genus corvus; [cornix, gracculus, monedula] coce see cace cocian see ~ ceod? [] ? (-?/-?) bag, pouch ceode? [] ? (-?/-?) bag, pouch ceodor- see cederceofl see cawl 1 ceol see cawl 1 col [cho:l] m (-es/-as) the keel of a ship, a ship ceolas [cholas] m pl cold winds, cold [ciele?] ceolbor- see cilforceoldre [] 1. f (-an/-an) milk-pail; 2. see cealre ceole [chole] f (-an/-an) 1. throat, jowl; 2. gorge, chasm; 3. beak of ship [Ger kehle] Coles eg [cho:les ee] f (-e/-a) Chelsea, on the bank of the Thames, Middlesex Coles eg [cho:les ee] f (-e/-a) Cholsey, Berks, near Wallingford ceolor [] m (-es/-as) the collar or throat; channel colel [] n (-es/-u) deck of a ship colelu? [] f (-e/-a) deck of a ship Ceolwald [cholwald] m (-es/-as) Ceolwald, son of Cuthwulf, an ancestor of the WestSaxon kings ceolwrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the throat ceorfan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres cierf past cearf/curfon ptp gecorfen to cut, cut down, slay; carve, cut out, engrave; tear ceorfan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres cierf past cearf/curfon ptp gecorfen 1. to cut, cut off, cut down, hew, rend, tear; 2. to carve, cut out, engrave; 3. to slay; 4. to tear, hew, rend; ceorfx [] f (-e/-a) a cutting axe, executioners axe ceorfingsen [] n (-es/-) branding iron ceorfsx [] n (-es/-saxu) surgeons knife, scalpel ceorian1 [] wv/i2 to murmur, complain ceorian [] wv/i2 to murmur, complain without just cause; (1) absolute; (2) to murmur about (ymbe), against (ongan); g ymbe t n gefeoht ceoria ye murmured about that one fight; ic ongan ec dyrstiglce ceorode I murmured against thee boldly; (3) ground of complaint given in a clause; 2. to complain with just cause; ceorig [] adj querulous, complaining, bitter (complaint) ceorl [] m (-es/-as) 1. a freeman of the lowest class, churl, countryman, husbandman; 1a. 2 a (noble) man, hero; 1b. a (married) man, husband; 1c. man, male person; 2. a man of inferior class, peasant, rustic; ~a cyning king of the commons; 2a. where ceorl is in contrast to eorl; 2b. in contrast with ow; 2c. a layman; 2d. as a term of contempt?; 3. a free man, as
opposed to ow, and to rl a slave; or as opposed to egen a thane or nobleman, as we say gentle or simple; ceorlboren [] adj country or free-born, common, low-born, not noble, opposed to egenboren noble-born;

ceorlfolc [] n (-es/-) common people, the public ceorlian1 [] wv/t2 to marry (of the woman), take a husband ceorlic see ceorllic ceorlisc [] adj of a ceorl, churlish, common, rustic; adv ~e ceorliscnes [] f (-se/-sa) churlishness, rudeness, vulgarity ceorlls [] adj unmarried (of women) [= ceorlas] ceorllic [] adj common, rustic, belonging to the people generally, churl-like; adv ~lce commonly, vulgarly, popularly ceorlmann [] m (-es/-menn) freeman ceorlstrang [] adj strong as a man, manlike; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest; ceorm see cirm ceorran [] 1. sv/i3 3rd pres cier past cearr/curron ptp is gecorren to creak; 2. ge~ see cierran Ceortes eg [] f (-e/-a) Cerots island, Chertsey, in Surrey, on the bank of the Thames Ceortes g see Ceortes eg ceorung [] f (-e/-a) a murmuring, complaint, grudging cosan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres ces past cas/curon ptp gecoren 1. to choose, seek out, select, elect; (1) to choose a person as lord; (2) ~ t to choose as, elect to an office; man cas Amwi munuc t abbode monk Amwi was chosen as abbot; 1a. to decide, test; 2. to accept by choice or what is offered, to accept, approve; t h one cnedm cosan wolde that he would accept the kingdom; ceosel [] m (ceosles/ceoslas) gravel, sand, shingle ceoselbre [] adj gravelly, shingly ceoselstn [] m (-es/-as) sand-stone, gravel; stone (disease) ceoslen [] adj gravelly ceoslig [] adj gravelly ceosol [] 1. m? (ceosles/ceoslas), n? (ceosles/-) gullet, maw; 2. see ceosel cowan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres cew past caw/cuwon ptp gecowen 1. to chew, gnaw; 2. eat, consume; ceowl see cawl cowung [] f (-e/-a) chewing cp see cap cp- see capcpe- see cpcpan [] wv/t1b 1. to observe, notice; (1) w.a.; Zachus cpte s Hlendes fr Zacheus observed the Lords way; (2) with clause; 1a. to keep, observe a season; g cpa dagas and mnas ye keep days and months; 2. ~ be to keep by; (1) to regulate by; he cpa be m mnum hira fr and hira dda be dagum they regulate by the months their way and their deeds by days; (1a) with clause; ne sceal nn mann cpan be dagum on hwilcum dge h fare no man shall regulate by days on which day he may travel; (2) wv/i1b to regulate ones conduct by; w ne sculon cpan ealles be swefnum we shall not regulate ourselves completely by voices; 3. to take heed, be careful; (1) w.g.; se gescadwsa mann sceal cpan his mles the intelligent man shall be careful of his armor; (2) with (negative) clause; 4. to attend to, be concerned about, see after, (1) w.g.; w cpa re swle we are concerned about the soul; (2) with clause; hit cp h h mageit attends to how he may be able to; 5. to care about, desire to have; (1) w.g.; h cp ra sceatta he desires to have the property; (2) w.a.; h cpte woruldlice herunga he cares about worldly praise; 6. to be intent on an action, seek, desire to do; (1) w.g.; gif w s cpa if we desire to do that; 7. to look out for (1) a person (gen); frde Martinus, and t folc his cpte Martin went, and the people looked out for him; (1a) with idea of hostility; cwelleras cpton ra crstenra gehwr the killers looked out for the

Christians everywhere; (2) an object, to seek; (a) w.g.; h bd t ho faran mste, wolde sw cpan ra crstenra lre she bade that she would be able go, and she wanted to seek the teaching of the Christians; (b) with clause; henan cpton h he hine cwealdon the heathens sought how they destroyed him; 8. to keep, hold prisoner; sw hwilcne sw ic cysse, cpa his sna whomsoever I kiss, hold him immediately prisoner; 9. see cpan; [original: to seize; seek after, desire; await;

receive; keep, guard, observe, attend, watch, look out for, take heed; take; avail oneself of, betake oneself to, take to, bear; meditate; regulate by; addendum: to observe, keep, regard, await, desire, take, betake oneself to, meditate, bear] cpnian [] wv/t2 to await eagerly cer see cierr Cerdic [] m (-es/-as) Cerdic, the founder of the West Saxon kingdom; his son is Cynric; Cerdices ford [] m (-a/-a) Cerdics ford, the ford of a little river in the south of Dorsetshire on Cerdices ra; Cerdices lah [] f (-e/-a) Cerdics lay, in the south of Dorsetshire; [or masculine?] Cerdices ra [] m (-n/-n) Cerdices shore, on the south of Dorsetshire ceren [] 1. n? (-es/-) new wine, sweet wine, boiled wine, a sort of wine, new wine boiled down one third or one half; [L carenum]; 2. see cyrn cerfelle [] f (-an/-an) chervil [L cerefolium]; [an herb] cerfille [] f (-an/-an) chervil [L cerefolium]; [an herb] cerge see carig cerlic see cirlic cerm see cirm cerr- see cierrcers- see crscerse [] f (-an/-an) Cress cert- see cyrtcertare [] m (-es/-as) charioteer Certes eg [] f (-e/-a) Chertsey Certes g see Certes eg Certices ra [] m (-n/-n) Cerdics shore ceruphn [] m (-es/-as) cherubim ces- see ceoscs- see cs-, cscs see cas, past 3rd sing of cosan Csar see Csere cester see ceaster cestian see cystian cete [] f (-an/-an) a cabin, cellar cte see cte cetel see citel cetil see citel Cetrehta [] m (-n/-n) Catterick, near Richmond, Yorkshire can see can cewl see cawl chor [] m (-es/-as) dance, choir (singers); church-choir (place) [L chorus] chora [] m (-n/-n) dance, choir (singers); church-choir (place) [L chorus] Chore [] m (-es/-as) Korah, one of the sons of Isaar, who led a revolt against Moses

chorglo [] n (-wes/-) dance can [] noun pl gills [Ger kieme] cicel see cycel cicen [] n (-nes/-nu) chicken cicene see cycene cicropisc [] adj Cecropean [L] cdan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to chide, reprove, rebuke; (1) w.d.; wi one e him cde against him who chides him; (2) w.a.; (3) w.prep.; menn cddon ongan one blindan the men rebuked against the blind man; (4) absolute; cd mid wordum reprove with words; 2. to blame unjustly, blame, speak against, speak angrily; (1) absolute; uncer hlford hldde rte and cdde our lord clamored and spoke angrily; (2) w.prep.; se mann geunrtsa for his hta lyre, and cde onne wi God the man became sad for his loss of properties and spoke angrily against God; 3. to dispute, complain about; ne
cdedon munucas ymb dage oe gratnesse hira rafa the monks did not complain about the dye or the greatness of their reeves; 4. to quarrel, contend, strive;

cdde [] 1. past 3rd sing of cdan; 2. see cde, past 3rd sing of can cdere [] m (-es/-as) a chider cdung [] f (-e/-a) chiding, rebuke, reproving ciefes see cifes cegan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ceg past cegde ptp geceged 1. to call, name; ealle wunedon he mdor cgan all were accustomed to call her mother; 1a. call upon, invoke, summon, convene, call together; 2. wv/i1b to cry, call, call out; Abeles bld t m cga Abels blood calls out to me; cegere [] m (-es/-as) one who calls cegung1 [] f (-e/-a) calling, invocation ciele [] m (-es/-as) coolness, cold, chill, frost [ceald] cielegicel2 [] m (-gicles/-giclas) icicle cielewearte [] f (-an/-an) goose-skin cielf see cealf cielle [] f (-an/-an) fire-pan, lamp [OHG kella] cepa [] m (-n/-n) merchant, trader cepe see cpe cepehs [] n (-es/-) storehouse cepemann [] m (-es/-menn) merchant cepmann [] m (-es/-menn) merchant cepeing [] n pl merchandise ceping [] f (-e/-a) marketing, trading; market-place, market; merchandise; market dues ceplic [] adj for sale, vendible cierice see cirice cierlisc see ceorlisc cierm see cirm cierr [] m (-es/-as) turn, change, time, occasion; affair, business; t sumum ~e at some time, once cierran1 [chirran] wv/t1a, wv/i1a to turn, change; wv/i1a to turn oneself, go, come, proceed, turn back, return; regard; translate; persuade, convert, be converted, agree to; submit; make to submit, reduce cierring1 [] f (-e/-a) turning; conversion cest, ces pres 3rd sing of cosan cifes [] f (-e/-a) concubine, harlot [Ger kebse]

cifesboren [] adj bastard cifesdm [] m (-es/-as) fornication cifesgemna [] m (-n/-n) fornication cifeshd [] m (-a/-a) fornication cgan see cegan cild [] n (-es/-ru) child, infant; a youth of gentle birth [pl also cild, cildra] Cildamssedg [] m (-es/-dagas) Childermas, Innocents Day (Dec 28) cildatrog see cildtrog cildclas [] m pl swaddling-clothes cildcradol [] m (-es/-cradelas) cradle cildfaru [] f (-e/-a) carrying of children cildfdende [] adj nursing cildfstre [] f (-an/-an) nurse cildfstre [] f (-an/-an) nurse cildgeogo [] f (-e/-a) childhood cildgeong [] adj youthful, infant cildhd [] m (-a/-a) childhood cildhama [] m (-n/-n) womb; after-birth cildild [] f (-e/-a) childhood cildisc [] adj childish, puerile cildiugo see cildgeogo cildlic [] adj childish, young cildru see cild cildsung [] f (-e/-a) childishness cildtrog [] m (-es/-as) cradle [cilt-, cilda-] cile see ciele cileonie [] f (-an/-an) celandine, swallow-wort cilforlamb [] n (-es/-ru) ewe-lamb cilic [] m (-es/-as) sack-cloth of hair [L cilicium] cille see cielle, cyll Cillinesc [] adj Cyllenian cim- see cymcimbal [] m (-es/-as) cymbal [L] cimbala [] m (-n/-n) cymbal [L] cimbalglwere [] m (-es/-as) cymbal-player cimbing [] f (-e/-a) commissure, joining cimbren [] n (-es/-) edge-iron? (joining-iron, clamp?) cimbstn [] m (-es/-as) base, pedestal cin [] 1. see cinn; 2. see cynn, n; cin- see cyncnan [] sv/i1 3rd pres cn past cn/cinon ptp gecinen to gape, yawn, crack cinbn [] n (-es/-) chin-bone, jawbone cinberg [] f (-e/-a) defense of the chin or cheek, cheek guard [beorg] cinc? [] ? (-es/-as) derision cincung [] f (-e/-a) boisterous laughter cind see cynd

cne [] 1. f (-an/-an) sheet of parchment (folded), diploma; 2. f (-an/-an) chink, fissure, depth, cavern cine- see cyn-, cynecineht [] adj chinky, cracked cing see cyning cining see cyning cinn [] 1. n (-es/-) chin; 2. see cynn n cinnan [] wv/t1a to gape, yawn? cint [] m (-es/-t) grinder cinu see cine 2 cio- see ceoco see co cip see cipp cp- see cap-, cep-, cpcpe [] f (-an/-an) onion [L cepa] cpelac [] n (-es/-) leek cipersealf [] f (-e/-a) henna-ointment [L cypros] cipp [] m (-es/-as) log, trunk; coutler, plough-share; weavers beam cir see cierr circ- see ciriccircian [] wv/t2 to roar circolwyrde [] m (-es/-as) computer, mathematician circul [] m (-es/-as) circle; cycle, zodiac [L circulum] circuldl [] f (-e/-a) the shingles circwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) church-builder cirebald see cynebeald? ciricw [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) marriage to the church (as when one takes orders) ciricbelle [] f (-an/-an) church-bell ciricbc [] f (-bc/-bc) church-book, manual of the church services ciricbt [] f (-e/-a) repair of churches ciricbrc [] f (-e/-a) sacrilege ciricbryce [] m (-es/-as) sacrilege ciricdor [] n (-es/-u) church-door ciricduru [] f (-a/-a) church-door cirice [] f (-an/-an) church, religious community; church (building), temple; congregation (non-Christian) ciricend [] m (-es/-) an ecclesiastic ciricfri [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) right of sanctuary; penalty for breach of the right ciricfultum [] m (-es/-as) support from the church ciricgang [] m (-es/-as) going to church; churching, purification (of the B.V.M.) ciricgemna [] m (-n/-n) church-membership ciricgeorn [] adj zealous in church-going ciricgeriht [] n (-es/-) church-due ciricgri [] n (-es/-u) church-peace, right of sanctuary; penalty for breach of the right cirichd [] m (-a/-a) an order of the church cirichlgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a church

cirichata [] m (-n/-n) church-tormentor, persecutor ciricland [] n (-es/-) land of the church ciriclic [] adj ecclesiastical [circ-] ciricmrsung [] f (-e/-a) dedication of a church ciricmangung [] f (-e/-a) simony ciricmitta [] m (-n/-n) church measure (of ale) ciricnod see ciricned ciricned [] f (-e/-a) requirements of the church ciricnytt [] f (-e/-a) church service ciricragu [] f (-e/-a) church-lichen or moss ciricrn [] n (-es/-) sacrilege ciricsang [] m (-es/-as) hymn; church-singing ciricsangere [] m (-es/-as) church-singer ciricsceat [] m (-es/-as) church-scot, church-due at Martinmas ciricsceatweorc [] n (-es/-) work connected with the grain given as church-scot ciricscn [] f (-e/-a) church-privilege, sanctuary; territory of a church; attendance at church cirictd [] f (-e/-e) service-time cirictn [] m (-es/-as) churchyard ciricn [] m (-es/-as) minister of a church ciricnung [] f (-e/-a) church-duty or service ciricing [] n (-es/-) object belonging to a church ciricingere [] m (-es/-as) priest ciricwg [] m (-es/-as) wall of a church ciricwaru [] f (-e/-a) congregation ciricwcce [] f (-an/-an) vigil ciricwd [] f (-e/-e) vestment ciricweard [] m (-es/-as) church-keeper, warden, sexton cirisbam [] m (-es/-as) cherry-tree [L cerasum] cirlic [] 1. ? (-?/-?) charlock; 2. see ciriclic cirlisc see ceorlisc cirm [] m (-es/-as) cry, shout, outcry, uproar cirman [] wv/i1b to cry, cry out, call, shriek cirnel see cyrnel cirps [] adj curly cirpsian1 [] wv/t2 to crisp, curl cirr see cierr cs [] adj fastidious [cosan] cse see cse cisel see ceosel cisil see ceosel ciserppel [] m (-pples/-pplas) dried fig, cherry ciserbam see cirisbam cisirbam see cirisbam csnes [] f (-se/-sa) fastidiousness cist [] 1. f (-e/-a) chest, casket; coffin; rush basket; 2. see cyst 1

cst pres 3rd sing of cosan ciste see cist 1 cistel [] 1. ? (-?/-?) cistella?; 2. see cystel cistenbam [] m (-es/-as) chestnut tree [L castanea] cstmlum [] adv earnestly [cast] citel [] m (citles/citlas) kettle, cauldron citelflde [] f (-an/-an) bubbling spring citelhrm [] m (-es/-as) kettle-soot citelian [] wv/t2 to tickle citelung [] f (-e/-a) tickling citelwyllie [] ? (-?/-?) bubbling spring citere [] f (-an/-an) cithara citre [] f (-an/-an) cithara c [] m (-es/-as) seed, germ, shoot; mote cfst [] adj well-rooted cwung see cowung cl see cla, clwu clbre see clfre clac- see clc-, cleacclacu [] f (-e/-a) injury cladersticca [] m (-n/-n) rattle-stick clf past 3rd sing of clfan clfre see clfre clm [] 1. m (-es/-as) paste, mortar, mud, clay; poultice; 2. see clam, dat pl of clam clamb past 3rd sing of climban clamm [] m (-es/-as) band, bond, fetter, chain; grip, grasp cln- see clnclang past 3rd sing of clingan clangettung [] f (-e/-a) clamor clatrung [] f (-e/-a) clattering, noise cl [] m (-es/-as) cloth; clothes, covering, sail; under Crstes ~um in baptismal garments clflyhte [] m (-es/-as) patch clwoce [] f (-an/-an) wick of cloth clauster see clster clwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres clw past clow/on ptp geclwen to claw clwian [] wv/t2 to scratch, claw clawu [] f (-e/-e) claw; hoof; hook; pl pincers? clwung [] f (-e/-a) griping pain clclas [] adj harmless; uninjured [clacu] cldur [] ? (-?/-?) rattle [clader] clferwyrt [] f (-e/-e) clover clfre [] f (-an/-an) clover, trefoil clg [] m (-es/-as) clay clig [] adj clayey clman1 [] wv/t1b to smear, caulk, plaster, anoint

clming [] f (-e/-a) blotting, smearing clmman [] wv/t1a to press clmnes [] f (-se/-sa) torture clne [] 1. adj clean; pure, chaste, innocent; unencumbered, unfettered; hallowed; clear, open; on clnum felda in the open field (of battle); honorable, true; acute, sagacious, intellectual; 2. adv clean, clearly, fully, purely, entirely clngeorn [] adj yearning after purity, celibate; cleanly clnheort [] adj pure in heart clnlic [] adj (cleanly), pure; excellent; adv ~lce; see clne 2 clnnes [] f (-se/-sa) (moral) cleanness, purity, chastity clnsere [] m (-es/-as) priest clnsian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, purify, chasten; clear out, purge; w.a. and g. justify, clear oneself clnsnian see clnsian clnsung1 [] f (-e/-a) cleansing, purifying, chastening, castigation, expiation; purity, chastity clnsungdg [] m (-es/-dagas) day for purging clnsungdrenc [] m (-es/-as) purgative clppan [] wv/t1a to clap, beat, throb clppettan [] wv/t1b to palpitate clppetung [] f (-e/-a) clapping; pulsation, pulse clsn- see clnscl see cl clwea see clewea clea- see cl-, cleocla see clawu cleac [] f (-e/-a) stepping-stone cleacian [] wv/i2 to hurry claf past 3rd sing of clofan clm- see clmcln- see clnclencan see be~ clengan [] wv/t1b to adhere cleo- see cliclo- see cle-, clclo see cla, clawu cleofa [] m (-n/-n) cave, den; cell, chamber, cellar clofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres clef past claf/clufon ptp geclofen to cleave, split, separate ceofian see clifian cleofu nom/acc pl of clif clofung [] f (-e/-a) cleaving clone see clowene, dat sing of clowen, clewen cleop- see clipclot [] ? (-?/-?) a cleat clep- see clp-, clipclerc see cleric

cleric [] m (-es/-as) clerk in holy orders; clerk in minor orders; educated person [L clericus] [also clerec, cleroc, clerus] clerichd [] m (-a/-a) condition of a (Secular) clerk, clerical order, priesthood clericmann [] m (-es/-menn) a clerk clewea [] m (-n/-n) itch [clwan] clib- see clifclibbor [] adj? clinging [clifian] clidren [] f (-ne/-na) clatter clidrin [] f (-ne/-na) clatter cliepian see clipian clewen [] n (clewnes, -nes/-u, -nu) sphere, ball, skein; ball of thread or yarn; mass, group [cliewen?] clif [] n (-es/cleofu, clifu) cliff, rock, promontory, steep slope clifa see cleofa clifhtig see clifihtig clfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres clf past clf/clifon ptp geclifen to cleave, adhere clife [] f (-an/-an) clifers (cleavers), burdock clifeht see clifiht clifer [] m (-es/-as) claw cliferfte [] adj cloven-footed clifhlp [] m (-es/-as) cliff-leap, plunge to ruin clifhlp [] m (-es/-as) cliff-leap, plunge to ruin clifig [] adj steep clifiht [] adj steep clifihtig [] adj steep clifr- variant of clifer clifrian [] wv/t2 to scarify, scratch clifrung [] f (-e/-a) clawing, talon clifstn [] m (-es/-as) rock clifwyrt [] f (-e/-e) cliff-wort, water-wort, foxglove, burdock? climban [] sv/t3 3rd pres climbe past clamb/clumbon ptp geclumben to climb climpre see clympre clincig [] adj rough clingan [] sv/i3 3rd pres clinge past clang/clungon ptp is geclungen to stick together; shrink, wither clipian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to speak, cry out, call; 1 summon, invoke; w.d. cry to, implore clipigendlic [] adj vocalic; vocative (gram.) clipol [] adj sounding, vocal; vocalic, vowel clipung [] f (-e/-a) cry, crying, clamor; 1 prayer; call, claim; ~a kalends clipur [] m (-es/-as) bell-clapper cliroc see cleric clite [] f (-an/-an) coltsfoot clia [] m (-n/-n) poultice clan see t~ clie [] f (-an/-an) burdock cliwyrt [] f (-e/-e) rubea minor, clivers

clwe see clewen clwen see clewen cloccettan [] wv/t1b to palpitate cloccian [] wv/t2 to cluck, make a noise clodhamor [] m (-es/-hameras) fieldfare clof- see clufclofe [] f (-an/-an) buckle clofen past part of clofan clomm [] 1. m see clamm; 2. past 3rd sing of climban clop [] m? (-es/-as) rock? clott [] ? (-es/-as) lump, mass clucge [] f (-an/-an) bell cld [] m (-es/-as) mass of stone, rock; hill cldig [] adj rocky, hilly clufeht [] adj bulbous clufehte [] adj bulbous clufon past part of clofan clufung [] f (-e/-a) crowfoot; a vegetable poison clufunge [] f (-an/-an) crowfoot; a vegetable poison clufu [] f (-e/-a) clove (of garlic, etc.), bulb, tuber clufwyrt [] f (-e/-e) batrachion, buttercup clugge se clucge clumben past part of climban clumian [] wv/t2 to murmur, mumble, mutter (1) clummian [] wv/t2 to murmur, mumble, mutter (2) clungen past part of clingan cls [] f (-e/-a) bar, bolt; enclosure; cell, prison [L clausum] clse [] f (-an/-an) bar, bolt; enclosure; cell, prison [L clausum] cluster see clyster clster see clstor clstor [] n (clstres/-) lock, bar, barrier; enclosure, cloister, cell, prison [L claustrum] clstorcleofa [] m (-n/-n) prison-cell clstorloc [] n (-es/-u) prison clt [] m (-es/-as) clout, patch, cloth; piece of metal, plate clyccan1 [] wv/t1a to clutch, clench clyf see clif clyf- see clif-, cleofclymmian [] wv/t2 to climb, ascend clympe see calwer~ clympre [] m (-es/-as) lump of metal clyne [] n (-es/-u) lump of metal clynian see clynnan clynnan [] wv/i1a to resound, ring; wv/t1a to knock clyp- see clipclypnes [] f (-se/-sa) embrace clypp [] m (-es/-as) embracing

clypping [] f (-e/-a) embracing clyppan1 [] wv/t1a to embrace, clasp; surround, enclose; grip; prize, honor, cherish clsan see be~ clyster [] n (clystres/-) cluster, bunch, branch clsung [] f (-e/-a) enclosure, apartment; closing, period, conclusion of a sentence, clause clya see clia clwen see clewen cnafa [] m (-n/-n) child, youth; servant cnapa [] m (-n/-n) child, youth; servant cnwan1 [] sv/t7 (usu ge~) 3rd pres cnw past cnow/on ptp gecnwen to know, perceive; acknowledge; declare; ge~ ascertain cnwelcing [] f (-e/-a) acknowledgment cnwlc [] ? (-?/-?) acknowledgment cnht see cniht cnpling [] m (-es/-as) youth [cnapa] cnpp [] m (-es/-as) top, summit; fibula, button cnw pres 3rd sing of cnwan cna genitive pl of cno, cnow cnearr [] m (-es/-as) small ship, galley (of the ships of the Northmen); [ON knorr] cnatian [] wv/t2 to argue, dispute cnatung [] f (-e/-a) inquisition, investigation; dispute, debate cnedan [] sv/t5 3rd pres cnide past cnd/cndon ptp gecneden to knead cneht see cniht cno see cnow cnodan see cndan cneoht see cniht cneordlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to be diligent, study cneordlic [] adj diligent, earnest, zealous; adv ~lce cneordnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) zeal, diligence, study cnordnes see gecnorenes cnores see cnoriss cnorift [] n? (-es/-) napkin? cnoris [] f (-se/-sa) generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race cnorisbc [] f (-bc/-bc) Genesis cnorisn [] f (-e/-a) generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race cnornis [] f (-se/-sa) generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race cneorlcan see cneordlcan cnosr [] n (-es/-) pain in the knee cnow [] 1. n (-es/-) knee; step in a pedigree, generation; 2. past 3rd sing of cnowan; licgan1 on ~um to kneel; on ~um sittan1 to kneel cnowbgung [] f (-e/-a) kneeling, genuflection cnowede [] adj having big knees cnowade [] adj having big knees cnowgebed [] n (-es/-gebeodu) prayer on ones knees cnowholen [] m (-es/-as) knee-holly, butchers broom cnowian [] 1. wv/i2 1 to kneel; 2. to know carnally

cnowlian [] wv/t2 to kneel cnowmg [] m (-es/-mgas, -mgas) kinsman, relation, ancestor cnowrm2 [] n (-es/-) progeny, family cnowsibb [] f (-e/-a) generation, race cnowung [] f (-e/-a) kneeling, genuflection cnowwrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the knees cnowwyrst [] f (-e/-e) knee-joint cnepp see cnpp cnw see cnow cndan [] sv/t1 3rd pres cnde past cnd/cnidon ptp gecniden to beat cnieht see cniht cnf [] m (-es/-as) knife cniht [] m (-es/-as) boy, youth; servant, attendant, retainer, disciple, warrior; boyhood; junior member of a guild cnihtcild [] n (-es/-ru) male child, boy cnihtgebeoror [] n (-es/-) child-birth, child-bearing cnihtgeogu [] f (-e/-a) youth cnihtgeong [] adj youthful cnihthd [] m (-a/-a) puberty, youth, boyhood; (male) virginity cnihtiugo see cnihtgeogu cnihtlas [] adj without an attendant cnihtlic [] adj boyish, childish cnihtawas [] m pl boyish ways cnihtwesende2 [] adj when a boy, as a youth cnihtwse [] f (-an/-an) boyishness cnissan see cnyssan cntian [] wv/t2 to dispute cnittan see cnyttan cnocian see cnucian cndan1 [] wv/t1b to attribute to, assign to, load with cnoll [] m (-es/-as) knoll; summit cnop [] ? (-?/-?) ballationes, knob cnoppa see wull~ cnsl [] n (-es/-) stock, progeny, kin, family; native country cnossian [] wv/t2 to strike, hit upon cnotmlum [] adv strictim cnotta [] m (-n/-n) knot, fastening; knotty point, puzzle cnucian1 [] wv/t2 to knock (door); beat, pound cnian [] wv/t2 to pound cnwian [] wv/t2 to pound cnyccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres cnyc past cnycte, cnyhte ptp gecnyct, gecnyht to tie cnyht see cniht cnyhte see cnyccan cnyll [] m (-es/-as) sound or signal of a bell cnyllan1 [] wv/t1a to toll a bell; strike, knock cnyllsian see cnyllan

cnyrd- see cneordcnyssan1 [] wvt/1a to press, toss, strike, hew to pieces, dash, crash (together), beat; overcome, overwhelm, oppress cnyssung [] f (-e/-a) striking, stroke cnyttan1 [] wv/t1a to fasten, tie, bind, knit; add, append; [cnotta] cnyttels [] m (-es/-as) string, sinew coc see cocc cc [] m (-es/-as) cook; [L coquus] cocc [] m (-es/-as) cock, male bird coccel [] m (coccles/cocclas) cockle, darnel, tares cocer [] m (-es/-as) quiver, case, sheath ccerpanne [] f (-an/-an) cooking-pan, frying-pan ccnung [] f (-e/-a) seasoning cocor see cocer ccermete [] m (-es/-mettas) seasoned food cocrd [] f (-e/-a) a clearing for netting woodcocks ccunung see ccnung cocur see cocer codd [] m (-es/-as) cod, husk; bag; scrotum coddppel [] m (-ppla/-ppla) quince codic [] ? (-?/-?) an edible plant, charlock [lapsana], charlock? [also coydic] cofa [] m (-n/-n) closet, chamber; ark; cave, den Cferfld [] m (-es/-as) the river Chebar cofgodas [] m pl household gods cofincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) little chamber cofrian see ~ cohhetan [] wv/t1b? to make a noise, cough? col [] n (-es/-u, -a) coal, live coal cl [] 1. adj cool, cold; tranquil, calm; 2. past 3rd sing of calan cole see den~, wn~ clian [] wv/i2 to cool, grow cold, be cold coliandre [] f (-an/-an) coriander coll- see colcll- see clcolla see morgen~ collecta [] f (-n/-n) collect collenfer2 [] adj proud, elated, bold [cwellan (to swell)?] (3) collenferh2 [] adj proud, elated, bold [cwellan (to swell)?] (1) collenfyrh2 [] adj proud, elated, bold [cwellan (to swell)?] (2) colloncrog [] m (-es/-as) water-lily, nymphaea (2) colloncroh [] m (-es/-as) water-lily, nymphaea (1) colmse [] f (-an/-an) coal-mouse, tit-mouse clnes [] f (-se/-sa) coolness colpytt [] m (-es/-as) (char-)coal pit colsweart [] adj coal-black colt [] m (-es/-as) colt

coltemre [] f? (-an/-an) boiled wine coltetrppe [] f (-an/-an) a plant, caltrop coltgrg [] f? (-e/-a) colts-foot colrd [] m (-es/-as) plumb line colrd [] m (-es/-as) plumb line columne [] f (-an/-an) column cm past 3rd sing of cuman coman see cuman comb see camb combol see cumbol comta [] m (-n/-n) comet [L] commuc see cammoc communia [] m? (-n/-n) psalm sung at Eucharist cmon past pl of cuman comp see camp con see can, pres 1st, 3rd sing of cunnan condel see candel conn see cann pres 1st, 3rd sing of cunnan consolde [] f (-an/-an) comfrey [L] const see canst, pres 2nd sing of cunnan consul [] m (-es/-as) consul [L] coorte [] f (-an/-an) cohort [L] cop see copp cp [] m? (-es/-as) an outer garment [ependytes], cope, vestment copel [] adj unsteady, rocking? cpenere [] m (-es/-as) lover coper [] n (-es/-) copper [L cuprum] copor [] n (-es/-) copper [L cuprum] copian [] wv/t2 to plunder, steal copp [] 1. m (-es/-as) top, summit; 2. m (-es/-as) cup coppe see tor~ copped [] adj polled, lopped, pollard cops see cosp cordewnere [] m (-es/-as) cordwainer, shoemaker coren1 [] adj chosen, elect, choice, fit; precious, dear [past part of cosan] corenbg [] m (-es/-as) crown [L corona] corennes1 [] f (-se/-sa) choice, election; ge~ goodness corenscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) election, excellence corfen past part of ceorfan corflian [] wv/t2 to mince [ceorfan] corn [] n (-es/-) corn, grain; seed, berry; a corn-like pimple, corn cornsceda [] f pl chaff cornappla [] n pl pomegranates cornbre [] adj corn-bearing cornberende [] adj corn-bearing cornc [] m (-es/-as) growth of grain

corngebrot [] n (-es/-u) corn dropped in carrying to barn corngeslig [] adj rich in corn corngesceot [] n (-es/-u) payment in corn cornhs [] n (-es/-) granary cornhwicce [] f (-an/-an) corn-bin cornld [] f (-e/-a) leading of corn cornsd [] n (-es/-) a grain of corn corntoung [] f (-e/-a) tithe of corn corntrow [] n (-es/-) cornel-tree corntrog [] m (-es/-as) corn-bin cornuc see cranoc cornuch see cranoc cornwurma [] m (-n/-n) scarlet dye corna [] m (-n/-n) crown [L] corporale [] f? (-an/-an) a cloth for covering the Host corsnd [] f (-e/-a) piece of consecrated bread which an accused person swallowed as a test of innocence corer2 [] f (-e/-a), n (corres/-) troop, band, multitude, throng, retinue; pomp (2) coror2 [] f (-e/-a), n (corres/-) troop, band, multitude, throng, retinue; pomp (1) corr [] ? (-?/-?) a whisk? corwurma see cornwurma cos see coss cosp [] m (-es/-as) fetter, bond coss [] m (-es/-as) kiss, embrace cossetung [] f (-e/-a) kissing cossian [] wv/t2 to kiss cost [] 1. m (-es/-as) option, choice, possibility; manner, way; condition; s ~es e on condition that; 2. 1 adj 2 tried, chosen, excellent; [cosan]; 3. m? (-es/-as) costmary, tansy costere [] m (-es/-as) tempter costian1 [] wv/t2 w.g. or a., wv/i2 to tempt, try, prove, examine [Ger kosten] costigend [] m (-es/-) tempter costn- see costcostnungstw [] f (-e/-a) place of temptation costung1 [] f (-e/-a) temptation, testing, trial, tribulation costnung1 [] f (-e/-a) temptation, testing, trial, tribulation cot [] n (-es/-u) cot, cottage, bed-chamber, den cote [] f (-an/-an) cot, cottage, bed-chamber, den cotlf [] n (-es/-) hamlet, village, manor; dwelling cotsetla [] m (-n/-n) cottager cotstw [] f (-e/-a) site of cottages cott see cot cottuc [] m (-es/-as) mallow (1) cotuc [] m (-es/-as) mallow (2) coa [] m see cou coe [] f see cou coig [] adj diseased

colce [] adv ill, miserably con see con, past pl of cunnan cou [] f (-e/-a) disease, sickness cowen past part of cowan cr [] n? (-wes/-) croaking crabba [] m (-n/-n) crab; Cancer (sign of the zodiac) cracelung? [] f (-e/-a) crepacula crcettan [] wv/t1b to croak [cr] crcetung [] f (-e/-a) croaking cracian [] wv/t2 to resound, crack cradel [] m (-es/-cradelas) cradle, cot cradol [] m (-es/-cradelas) cradle, cot cradolcild [] n (-es/-ru) child in the cradle, infant crafian [] wv/t2 to crave, ask, implore, demand; summon crafing [] f (-e/-a) claim, demand crammian1 [] wv/t2 to cram, stuff crammingpohha [] m (-n/-n) a bag crammed with ill-gotten gains? [viscarium] crampul [] m (cramples/cramplas) crane-pool [cran, pl] cran [] m (-es/-as) crane cranc [] m? (-es/-as) chronicle crancstf [] m (-es/-stafas) weaving implement, crank crang past 3rd sing of cringan cranic [] m (-es/-as) record, chronicle [L] cranicwrtere [] m (-es/-as) chronicler cranoc [] m (-es/-as) crane [corn-] crat see crt cratu see crt crwa [] m (-n/-n) crow, raven crwe [] f (-an/-an) crow, raven crwan1 [] sv/i7 3rd pres crw past crow/on ptp gecrwen to crow crwanlac [] n (-es/-) crow-garlic [also crwlac] cr see crwe crcet- see crcetcrf- see crafcrft [] m (-es/-as) physical strength, might, courage; science, skill, art, ability, talent, virtue, excellence; trade, handicraft, calling; work or product of art, Hex; trick, fraud, deceit; machine, instrument; in pl great numbers, hosts? crfta see crftiga crftan1 [] wv/t1b to exercise a craft, build; bring about, contrive crftbc [] f (-bc/-bc) commentary crftca see crftiga crftega see crftiga crftelce see crftlce crftga see crftiga crftglaw [] adj skillful, wise crftica see crftiga

crftig [] adj strong, powerful; skillful, cunning, ingenious; learned, instructive; knowing a craft, scientific crftiga [] m (-n/-n) craftsman, artificer, workman; architect crftiglce [] adv skillfully crftlas [] adj artless, unskillful crftlic [] adj artificial; skillful; adv ~lce crftsprc [] f (-e/-a) scientific language crftweorc [] n (-es/-) skilled workmanship crftwyrc see crftweorc crt [] n (-es/cratu, creatu) cart, wagon, chariot crtehors [] n (-es/-) cart-horse crtwn [] m (-es/-as) chariot crtwsa [] m (-n/-n) charioteer crw pres 3rd sing of crwan crac see crccrad past 3rd sing of crdan creaft- see crftcrap past 3rd sing of cropan cras [] adj fine, elegant; dainty craslic [] adj dainty, rich crasnes [] f (-se/-sa) elegance; presumption, elation creat see crt Crcas [] m pl the Greeks Crce see Crcas Crcisc [] adj Grecian, Greek crda [] m (-n/-n) creed, belief, confession of faith [L credo] creft see crft cremdisc [] m (-es/-as) a cream dish crencestre [] f (-an/-an) female weaver, spinster [cranc] cropan [] sv/i2 3rd pres crep past crap/crupon ptp is gecropen to creep, crawl (occasionally reflexive) creopel see crypel cropere [] m (-es/-as) cripple cropung [] f (-e/-a) creeping crow past 3rd sing of crwan crepel see crypel cressa [] m see crse cresse [] f see crse crib [] f (-e/-a) crib, stall; couch cricc see cryc crde past 3rd sing of crgan crgan? [] wv/t1b to bubble up crimman1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres crim past cramm/crummon ptp gecrummen to cram, put in, insert crinc see cinc? crincan see cringan cring [] ? (-?/-?) downfall, slaughter

cringan12 [] sv/t3 3rd pres cringe past crang/crungon ptp gecrungen to yield, fall (in battle) cringwracu [] f (-e/-a) torment cripel see crypel crippan see cryppan crp pres 3rd sing of cropan crisma [] m (-n/-n) chrism, holy oil; chrisome-cloth; anointing crismal [] m? (crismles/crismlas), n? (crismles/-) chrismale crismcl [] m (-es/-as) chrism-cloth, headband crismhlgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of the chrism crismlsing [] f (-e/-a) chrism-looking, loosing of the chrismale, confirmation crismsmyrels [] m (-es/-as) anointment with holy oil crisp see cirps Crist [] m (-es/-as) Anointed One, Christ cristalla [] m (-n/-n) crystal cristallic [] adj of crystal crstelml see crstesml crstelmlbam [] m (-es/-as) tree surmounted by a cross?, upright shaft of a cross? crsten [] adj Christian; crstnan the English as opposed to the Danes crsten [] m (crstnes/crstnas) Christian crstena [] m (-n/-n) Christian crstendm [] m (-es/-as) Christendom, the church, Christianity crstenlic [] adj Christian crstenmann [] m (-es/-menn) a Christian crstennes [] f (-se/-sa) Christianity; Christian baptism Crstesml [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) (Christs mark), the cross; wyrcan ~ to make the sign of the cross Crstesml [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) (Christs mark), the cross; wyrcan ~ to make the sign of the cross Crstemsse [] f (-an/-an) Christmas crstlic [] adj Christian crstna [] m (-n/-n) Christian crstnere [] m (-es/-as) one who performs the rite of crstnung crstnes see crstennes crstnian1 [] wv/t2 to anoint with chrism (as a catechumen), christen, baptize crstnung [] f (-e/-a) christening, anointing with chrism or holy oil cr see crge (crgan?) crocc [] f (-e/-a) crock, pot, vessel crocca [] m (-n/-n) crock, pot, vessel crocchwer? [] m (-es/-as) earthen pot croced see croged crocsceard [] n (-es/-) potsherd crocwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) potter croden past part of crdan croft [] m (-es/-as) croft, small field crog [] m (crs/crs) saffron crg [] m (-es/-as) crock, pitcher, vessel

crgcynn [] n (-es/-) kind of vessel, wine-jar crh [] 1. m (-es/-as) shoot, twig, tendril; 2. see crg croh [] m (crs/crs) saffron crohha see crocca croma see cruma crompeht [] ? (-?/-?) placenta, a flat cake, crumpet crong see crang, past 3rd sing of cringan crop see cropp cropen past part of cropan croplac [] n (-es/-) garlic croplc [] n (-es/-) garlic cropp [] m (-es/-as) cluster, bunch; sprout, flower, berry, ear of corn; crop (of a bird); kidney; pebble croppa [] m (-n/-n) cluster, bunch; sprout, flower, berry, ear of corn; crop (of a bird); kidney; pebble croppiht [] adj clustered crc [] m (-es/-as) cross crce [] f (-an/-an) pot, pitcher cruceths [] n (-es/-) torture-chamber crdan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres crde past crad/crudon ptp gecroden to press, hasten, drive cruft [] m? (-es/-as) crypt [L] crufte [] f (-an/-an) crypt [L] cruma [] m (-n/-n) crumb, fragment crumb [] adj crooked, bent, stooping (1) crumen past part of crimman crump [] adj crooked, bent, stooping (2) cruncen past part of crincan crundel [] m (crundles/crundlas), n (crundles/-) ravine, chalk-pit, quarry crungen past part of cringan crupon past pl of cropan crse [] f? (-an/-an) cruse crsene [] f (-an/-an) fur coat [Ger krschner] crsne [] f (-an/-an) fur coat [Ger krschner] crybb see cribb crycc [] f (-e/-a) crutch, staff cryccen [] adj made of clay crde pres 3rd sing of crdan crymbing [] f (-e/-a) curvature, bend, inclination; [crumb] crypel [] 1. m (cryples/cryplas) cripple; 2. adj crippled; 3. m (cryples/cryplas) narrow passage, burrow, drain crypelgeat [] n (-es/-u) small opening in a wall or fence? crypelnes [] f (-se/-sa) paralysis crpe, crp pres 3rd sing of cropan cryppan1 [] wv/t1a to crook (finger), close (hand), bend cryps see cirps crysm- see crism-

c [] f (c/c) cow cbutere [] f (-an/-an) butter [c] cbre [] m (-es/-as) cow-byre, cow-shed cuc see cwic ccealf [] n (-es/-ru) calf cuceler see cucler(e) cucelere [] ? (-?/-?) capo cucelere see cucler(e) cucere see cucler(e) cucler [] m (-es/-as) spoon, spoonful (1) cuclere [] m (-es/-as) spoon, spoonful (3) cuculer [] m (-es/-as) spoon, spoonful (2) cuclerml [] n (-es/-) spoonful cucu see cwic cucurbite [] f (-an/-an) gourd [L] cudele [] f (-an/-an) cuttlefish cudu see cwudu cage [] n (-an/-an) eye of a cow [listed as f] cuean see cwean cufel [] f (-e/-a) cowl, hood cfel see cfl cufle see cufel cuffie see cufel cugle [] f (-an/-an) cap, cowl, hood, head-covering (1) cugele [] f (-an/-an) cap, cowl, hood, head-covering (2) cuhle [] f (-an/-an) cap, cowl, hood, head-covering (3) chorn [] m (-es/-as) cows horn chyrde [] m (-es/-as) cowherd cle see cugle culfer [] f (-e/-a) culver, pigeon, dove (1) culfere [] f (-an/-an) culver, pigeon, dove (3) culfre [] f (-an/-an) culver, pigeon, dove (2) culmille [] f (-an/-an) small centaury culpa [] m? (-n/-n) fault, sin [L] culpe [] f? (-an/-an) fault, sin [L] culpian [] wv/t2 to humble oneself, cringe culter [] m (cultres/cultras) coulter; dagger, knife [L culter] culufre see culfre cm see c cuma [] m (-n/-n) stranger, guest; cumena hs/inn/wcung inn, guest-chamber cuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres cym past cm/on, cwm/on ptp is gecumen to come, approach, get to, attain; ~ p to land, be born; 1 to go, depart; to come to oneself, recover; become; happen (also ~ for); put; ge~ come together, arrive, assemble; tgadere/tgdre/tgdere ~ to engage in battle; tsomne ~ to engage in battle; 2 w. infinitive of verbs of motion, forming a sort of periphrastic conjugation for such verbs; he cm gangan he came; cm swimman he swam, etc.

cumb [] 1. m (-es/-as) valley; 2. m (-es/-as) liquid measure cumbelgehnd see cumbolgehnst, cumbolgehnst cumbl [] 1. see cumbol; 2. see cumul cumbol2 [] n (cumbles/-) sign, standard, banner cumbolgebrec [] n (-es/-u) crash of banners, battle cumbolgehnst [] n (-es/-u) crash of banners, battle cumbolgehnst [] n (-es/-u) crash of banners, battle cumbolhaga [] m (-n/-n) compact rank, phalanx cumbolhete [] m (-es/-as) warlike hate cumbolwga2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior cumbor see cumbol cumbul see cumbol cumen past part of cuman cumendre [] f (-an/-an) godmother, sponsor [= cumedre, cumdre] cmeolc [] f (-e/-a) cows milk Cumere [] n pl Cumbrians Cumeras [] n pl Cumbrians cumfeorm [] f (-e/-a) entertainment for travelers [cuma, feorm] cmicge [] f (-an/-an) cows urine cmigoa [] m (-n/-n) cows urine cuml see cumbl cumle [] adj hospitable [cuma] cumlian [] wv/i2 to be a guest cumlnes [] f (-se/-sa) hospitality; sojourn as guest cummse [] f (-an/-an) a kind of bird, parra cumpder [] m (-pdres/-pdras) godfather [L compater] cumul [] n (-es/-) swelling cuml [] n (-es/-) swelling cna see c cund see cynd cund [] adj suffix denoting derivation, origin, or likeness; deofol~, god~ cuneglsse [] f (-an/-an) hounds tongue [L cynoglossum] cunele [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme [Ger quendel] cunelle [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme [Ger quendel] cunille [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme [Ger quendel] cuning see cyning cunnan1 [] modal v/i 3rd pres cann past ce ptp gecunnen to be or become acquainted with, be thoroughly conversant with, know; know how to, have power to, be able to, can; express (thanks); have carnal knowledge cunnere [] m (-es/-as) tempter cunnian1 [] wv/t2 w.g. or a. to search into, try, test, seek for, explore, investigate; experience; have experience of, to make trial of; know cunnung [] f (-e/-a) knowledge; trial, probation, experience; contact, carnal knowledge cuopel [] f? (-e/-a) small boat cuppe [] f (-an/-an) cup curfon past pl of ceorfan

curmealle [] f (-an/-an) centaury curnstn see cweornstn curon past pl of cosan curs [] m (-es/-as) imprecatory prayer, malediction, curse cursian [] wv/t2 to curse; cursombor [] ? (-?/-?) incense cursung [] f (-e/-a) cursing, damnation; place of torment cs see c csc [] adj chaste, modest, virtuous [Ger keusch] cscote [] f (-an/-an) cushat, dove, wood-pigeon csloppe [] f (-an/-an) cowslip cslyppe [] f (-an/-an) cowslip csnes see csnes ctgl [] m (-es/-as) tail of a cow cter [] n? (-es/-) chewing gum c1 [] adj known, plain, manifest, certain; well known, usual; noted, excellent, famous; intimate, familiar, friendly, related ca [] m (-n/-n) acquaintance, relative ce [] 1. adv clearly, plainly; 2. past 3rd sing of cunnan celic see clic cian1 [] wv/t2 to become known, take knowledge of, regard cice see clce clcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to make known; make friends with clic [] adj known, certain, evident; adv ~lce clearly, evidently, certainly, openly; familiarly, kindly, affably; therefore, to be sure, hence cnes [] f (-se/-sa) acquaintance, knowledge cnama [] m (-n/-n) surname con past pl of cunnan cwearm [] adj warm for the cow (milk) cuwon past pl of cowan cwacian [] wv/t2 to quake, tremble, chatter (of teeth) cwacung [] f (-e/-a) quaking, trembling cwal- see cwealcwalstw see cwealmstw cwalu [] f (-e/-a) killing, murder, violent death, destruction [cwelan] cwnian2 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to lament, bewail, deplore, mourn [Goth kwainon] cwnig [] adj sad, sorrowful cwnung [] f (-e/-a) lamentation cwartern see cweartern cwatern [] ? (-?/-?) the number four at dice [L] cwc- see cwaccwdon past pl of cwean cwl past 3rd sing cwelan cwl- see cwal-, cwiel-, cwilcwlon past pl of cwelan cwman see cwman

cwn see cwn cwrtern see cweartern cw past 3rd sing of cwean cwad [] n (-es/-) dung, dirt, filth [Ger kot] cweaht past participle of cweccan cweald past participle of cwellan cwealm [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) death, murder, slaughter; torment, pain; plague, pestilence [cwelan] cwealmbre [] adj deadly, murderous, bloodthirsty cwealmbealu [] n (-wes/-) death cwealmberendlic [] adj pestilent, deadly cwealmcuma [] m (-n/-n) death-bringer cwealmdror [] m (-es/-as) blood shed in death cwealmlic [] adj deadly cwealmnes [] f (-se/-sa) pain, torment cwealmstede [] m (-es/-as) death-place cwealmstw [] f (-e/-a) place of execution cwealmra [] m (-n/-n) deadly terror cwearn see cweornstn cweartenweard? [] m (-es/-as) jailor cweartern [] n (-es/-) prison cwearternlic [] adj of a prison cwearternweard? [] m (-es/-as) jailor cweccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to shake, swing, move, vibrate; shake off, give up [cwacian] cweccung [] f (-e/-a) moving, shaking, wagging cwecesand [] m (-es/-as) quicksand cweddian see cwiddian cwedel see cwedol cweden past participle of cwean cwedol [] adj talkative, eloquent cwehte past of cweccan cwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres cwil past cwl/cwlon ptp is gecwolen to die cweldeht [] adj corrupted, mortified cwelderde [] ? (-?/-?) evening rider?, bat [ON kveld] cwellan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to kill, murder, execute cwellend [] m (-es/-) killer, slayer cwellere [] m (-es/-as) murderer, executioner cwelm see cwealm, cwielm cwelmere see cwellere cwelre see cwellere cwman1 [] wv/t1b w.d. to gratify, please, satisfy, propitiate; comply with, be obedient to, serve cwme1 [] adj pleasant, agreeable, acceptable d [] f (-n/-n) doe (female deer) dafen [] adj becoming, fit, suitable

dafenian [] wv/t2 to be seemly or becoming; [swa dafena munuce as becomes a monk] dafenlic [] adj becoming, fit, suitable; adv ~lce becomingly, fitly, properly dafenlicnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) fit time, opportunity dafn- see dafendg? [] m (-es/-as) dough; mass of metal; n? (-es/-) what is hanging daga [] m (-n/-n) a day; variant of dg dagas pl of dg dages genitive sing of dg dagian [] wv/i2 to dawn, become day, be day dagung [] f (-e/-a) daybreak, dawn, a dawning; on ~e at daybreak dh see dg dl see dl Dalamensan [] m pl the Dalemensans; gen pl ~ena; dat pl ~um dalc [] m (-es/-as) a bracelet, brooch, clasp, buckle dalf see dealf, past 3rd sing of delfan dalisc [] ? (-?/-?) dedaleus dlmd [] f (-we/-wa) meadow-land held in common and apportioned into doles or shares between the holders dalmatice? [] f (-an/-an) a dalmatic (vestment) dalu see dl dara see daro dare see daro darian [] wv/t2 3rd pres dara past darode ptp gedarod to lurk, be hidden, lie hidden daro2 [] m (-es/-dareas) dart, spear, javelin, weapon; ~a lf those left by spears, survivors of a battle darohbbende [] adj spear-bearing darolcende [] adj playing with a dart, dart-brandishing darolcende2 [] m pl spear-warriors darosceaft [] m (-es/-as) javelin-shaft daru [] f (dre/-a) injury, hurt, harm, damage, calamity; loss, deprivation [gen, dat sing dre] datrum [] indecl m (-/-) date Datia [] m pl the Dacians; gen pl ~; dat pl Datium; a celebrated warlike people in Upper Hungary, in Transylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia, and in Bessarabia. They were originally of the same race as the Get. Trajan crossed the Danube and conquered the country in 106 AD, and colonized it with Romans. d [] ? (-?/-?) bloma, mass of metal Daan [] m (-es/-as) Dathan, one of the sons of Eliab, who led a revolt against Moses Davd [] m (-es/-as) David; [in Old English, it was spelled Dauid, there was no v] Davdlic [] adj of David Davtic [] adj of David dd [] 1. f (-e/-e) deed, action, transaction, event; mid ~um gelstan to carry into effect; 2. see dad ddbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer, a perpetrator of murder, an evil-doer ddbta [] m (-n/-n) a penitent

ddbtan [] wv/t1b to atone for, make amends, be penitent, repent, give satisfaction [ddbt]; in a general sense, to repent; as an ecclesiastical term, to be penitent, do penitence ddbtere [] m (-es/-as) a penitent ddbt [] f (-e/-a) amends, amends-deed, atonement, repentance, penitence, penance ddbtlihtung [] f (-e/-a) mitigation of penance ddbtnes [] f (-se/-sa) penitence ddcne [] adj bold in deed ddfrom [] adj energetic, deed-strong, strong in deed ddfruma2 [] m (-n/-n) doer of deeds (good or bad), worker, perpetrator, laborer ddhata [] m (-n/-n) ravager, deed-hater ddhwt2 [] adj energetic, bold, deed-quick or active, strenuous ddlata [] m (-n/-n) sluggard, one slow to act ddlt [] adj slow to act, slothful ddlan [] n (-es/-) recompense, a deed-loan or reward ddlic [] adj active, deed-like ddon see dydon, past pl of dn; did, made ddrf2 [] adj bold in deeds, valiant, deed-famed, illustrious ddsca see dasca? ddweorc [] n (-es/-) mighty work, a work of works, great work df- see dafdftan1 [] wv/t1b to put in order, arrange, to make convenient or ready dftlce [] adv deftly, aptly, fitly dg [] m (-es/dagas) 1. day, period of 24 hours; 1a. day (as in one day), time of an occurrence; 2. day as opposed night; 3. day, time, (1) lifetime, the time of a mans life, in pl days of life, (2) time during which an office is held, reign of a king; in pl days of a reign, (3) time during which something exists; 4. Last Day; 5. name of the rune for d; andlangne ~ all day long; ~es, on ~e by day; on ~ in the day, by day; t ~, t ~e today; ~ r the day before; on rran ~ on a former day; re ~ another day; sume ~e one day; ofer midne ~ afternoon; on his ~e in his time; ~es ond nihtes by day and by night; lange on ~e far on, late in the day; emnihtes ~ equinox; ealle ~ as always; geloten ~ after part of day dgcandel2 [] f (-le/-la) sun, day-candle dgc [] adj open, clear as the day, clear as daylight, perfectly known dge [] f (-an/-an) (female) bread maker, baker dge- see dgdgge [] n (-an/-an) daisy dgehwelc [] adj daily dgenlic [] adj of this day dges [] adv by day, during the day, day dges adv var of dg; daily dgesage [] n (-an/-an) daisy dgfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) a days fast dgfeorm [] f (-e/-a) a days provision, food for a day dggehwmlic [] adj of day, daily; adv ~lce daily, every day dggehwilc [] adj daily dghlttre [] adv clearly, as day, brightly as day dghryne see dgryne

dghwm [] adv daily dghwmlic [] adj of day, daily; adv ~lce daily, every day dghwerlic [] adj of the day, of today, daily, present dghwl [] f (-e/-a) (pl) days, lifetime dghwonlce see dghwmlce dgian [] wv/t2 to dawn, become day dglang [] adj lasting a day, day-long dglanges [] adv during a day, during one day, for a day dglic [] adj daily dglic see dghwmlic dgml [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) horologe, dial, a day-mark, an instrument for telling the hour, a dial, clock dgmlsplu [] f (-e/-a) gnomon of a dial, the style of a dial; [for dgmles pl] dgmlscawere [] m (-es/-as) an observer of the dial, an observer of times and seasons, an astrologer, diviner, who or what shows the time of day dgmlscawere see dgmlscawere dgmete [] m (-es/-mettas) daily food, a day-meal?, breakfast, dinner dgol see degol dgrd [] n (-es/-) daybreak, dawn, early morning; on ~ at dawn dgrdloma [] m (-n/-n) light of dawn dgrdlic [] adj of or belonging to morning, early dgrdoffrung [] f (-e/-a) morning sacrifice dgrdsang [] m (-es/-as) matins, morning song dgrdwma2 [] m (-n/-n) dawn, rush or noise of dawn dgrm2 [] n (-es/-) number of days, a course of days dgrima [] m (-n/-n) dawn, daybreak, morning dgryne [] adj daily, of a day, for a day dgsang [] m (-es/-as) daily service Dgsastn [] m (-es/-as) Dawston or Dalston, Cumberland [also Degsa~ or Dg~] dgscield [] m (-es/-as) (shield by day?), a day shield or screen, sun [listed as ~sceald] dgsteorra [] m (-n/-n) daystar, morning star dgswsendu [] n pl a days food, food for one day dgtd [] f (-e/-e) day-time, time, period; on ~um at times, some days dgtma [] m (-n/-n) day-time, day dgerlic [] adj of the day, of today, daily, present dgern [] f (-e/-a) interval of a day, a days space dgerne [] adj day, for use by day, for use in the daytime, every-day dgwccan [] f pl day-watches dgweard [] m (-es/-as) day-watchman dgweorc [] n (-es/-) work of a day, a days work, fixed or stated service; day-time dgweorung [] f (-e/-a) feast-day, a commemoration or celebration of a feast-day dgwilla [] m (-n/-n) wished for a day dgwine [] n? (-es/-u) days pay dgwist [] f (-e/-e) food, a meal, a days food dgwma see dgrdwma

dl [] 1. n (-es/dalu) dale, den, gulf, valley, gorge, abyss; hole, pit; 2. past 3rd sing of delan dl [] m (-es/-as, -e) 1. a part (in contrast with the whole), portion, deal, share, lot; division, separation; 2. denoting amount, quantity, etc., some (in contrast with none), a deal, lot, portion, share; quantity, amount; 2a. a great quantity (deal, lot in modern English), a (great) deal; adv sum~ somewhat, some; in adv. phrases; ~ wintra a good number of years; be ~e somewhat, in some measure, in part, partly; be sumum ~e to some extent; be nigum ~e in any measure, at all, to any extent; be healfum ~e by half be nnum ~e in no measure; be m ~e to that extent; be (m) ~e e (t) in so far as, to the extent that; can be ~e to make a partial or ex parte statement; sume ~e, be sumum ~e partly, in some part; toan ~ tenth part; 3. part, share, portion; 4. part (where there is community, association); 5. part, way of life; 6. in a local sense, part, region, quarter, district; 6a. part, particular; 7. part (in for my, your, etc., part), side, behalf; 8. in numeration, time; 9. part of speech in grammar; 10. a part of a sentence, a word dlan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dl past dlde ptp gedled 1. to divide, part, (1) to separate into parts, share; ic wille dlan yfelan m yfelum on tw I want to separate the evil from the evil in two; (2) to break up union, association; ne ceara u flame dlan samwist incre thou grievest not to break up your matrimony; 2. wv/i1b (1) to separate into parts, be torn into pieces, be divided; on ro dle folc nra gehwilc each of the people separates in three; (2) to separate ones self from another, to part, depart; ic flame dle I depart; 3. to distribute, dispense, diffuse, (1) to give to many, bestow, dole, deal; especially used of alms-giving; u dlest mete num mannum thou givest food to thy men; (2) to give a variety of things, dispense, deal; u dlst eall gd sw sw u wilt thou givest all goods as you want; (3) to spend; mann dl sprlce, e mann nelle t hit forberste a man spends sparingly from fear of falling; (4) to hand over to; (5) to deal, dole; (6) to diffuse, utter; 4. to share with (wi), take part in, (1) to grant a share; h his rce wi hine dlan wolde he wanted to grant a share of his kingdom to him; (2) to obtain a share; nfre Ismael wi Isce yrfe dl Ishmael will never obtain a share of inheritance with Isaac; (3) of common action; ~ eafou wi to take part in conflict, fight with; 2 hilde, earfoe ~ to fight, contend dledlce [] adv by itself, apart dlend [] m (-es/-) divider, distributor, dealer dlere [] m (-es/-as) dealer, divider, distributor; agent, negotiator; an almsgiver dlf [] n? (-es/-) anything dug out, a delf, ditch dllas [] adj deficient, unskilled; destitute of, without; without a part, portionless, deficient dlmlum [] adv by parts or pieces dlneom- see dlnimdlnym- see dlnimdlnes [] f (-se/-sa) division, breaking (of bread) dlniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres dlnim past dlnm/on, dlnam/dlnmon ptp dlnumen to take part, participate dlnimend [] m (-es/-) sharer, participator, a taker of a part, partaker; in gram., a participle dlnimendlic [] adj sharing, partaking, participial dlnimendnes [] f (-se/-sa) a sharing, partaking, participation dlnimung [] f (-e/-a) participation, a portion, share dlnumelnes see dlnimendnes

dlung [] f (-e/-a) a dividing, sharing, a parting; sharing, participation dm- see dmdn- see dendp see dop dre see daru dred see dgrd Drentama [] m (-n/-n) Dartmouth, Devonshire drne see dierne drst [] f (-e/-a) leaven; mostly in pl dregs, lees, refuse; in Northern usage leaven, barm (1) drste [] f (-an/-an) leaven; mostly in pl dregs, lees, refuse; in Northern usage leaven, barm (2) drstig [] adj full of dregs, festulent dru see daru d see da dwig see dawig dacon see dacon dad [] adj 1 dead; torpid, dull; still, standing (of water); 1. physical, (1) of an animal or vegetable; (2) of flesh, dead, without sensation; (3) of blood, (a) congealed, (b) blood away from the body, gore; ~ bld congealed blood; 2. fig. dead to, insensible to w.d. dad- see dadadboren [] adj still-born, dead-born dadhrgl [] n (-es/-) shroud, clothing of the dead, a garment of a dead person [listed as ~rgel] dadian1 [] wv/t2 to die dadlic [] adj 1. causing death, deadly, fatal, mortal, dire; 2. subject to death, mortal, perishable; 2a. subject to immediate death, about to die; 3. adv ~lce mortally, so as to cause death dadlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) deadliness, mortality; mortal state, this life dadspring [] m (-es/-as) ulcer, a malignant ulcer, carbuncle dadwielle [] adj barren, unproductive daf [] 1. adj deaf, without hearing; empty, barren, imperfect in some essential quality, sterile; 2. past 3rd sing of dfan dafian see ~ daflic see dfelic dafu [] f (-e/-a) deafness deag see dg dag [] 1. f (-e/-a) hue, tinge; dye; 2. pres 3rd sing of dugan dagel see dgol, degol daggede [] adj gouty [daw] dagian1 [] wv/t2 to dye dagol see degol dagung [] f (-e/-a) dyeing, coloring dagwyrmede [] adj gouty [daw] dah see dag 1, 2 dahl see degol

deal see deall dealf past 3rd sing of delfan deall2 [] adj proud, exulting, eminent, bold, renowned dap- see dopdear pres 3rd sing of durran dearc see deorc deare see daro dearf [] 1. past 3rd sing of deorfan; 2. adj bold dearflic [] adj bold, presumptuous dearfscipe [] m (-es/-as) boldness, presumption dearnunga [] adv secretly, privately, insidiously, clandestinely dearnunge [] adv secretly, privately, insidiously, clandestinely dearo see daro dearr pres 3rd sing of durran dearrlic [] adj daring, rash dearste see drste da [] m (-es/-as) 1. death, (1) of an individual; (1a) a particular mode of death; (2) in the abstract; (3) personified (or localized); 2. state of being dead; 2a. state after death of those not in heaven; 3. cause or occasion of death (as in to be the death of a person); 4. a dead person, departed spirit; pl manes, ghosts; rwiendlic/ rwigendlic ~ apoplexy; ~e cwielman to kill, destroy; to mortify, subject, reduce to weakness [mortificare] da- see daddabre [] adj deadly, death-bearing; variant of dadbre dabrende [] adj death-bearing, deadly dabrlic [] adj deadly dabrnes [] f (-se/-sa) deadliness, destructiveness; a killing, mortification; death, destruction, pestilence dabacnigende [] adj boding death, threatening death dabam [] m (-es/-as) death-bringing tree, a death-tree, tree of death dabedd2 [] n (-es/-) bed of death, deathbed, grave daberende [] adj fatal, deadly, death-bearing; 1. of things, (1) physical, deadly, pestilential; (1a) figurative; (2) moral or spiritual; o daberende uncyst; 2. of living creatures; dacwalu2 [] f (-e/-a) deadly throe, agony, a deadly pain or plague; death by violence dacwealm [] m (-es/-as) death by violence, slaughter dacwielmende [] adj put to death, destroyed, killed dadg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) death-day, day of death dadenu2 [] f (-e/-a) the valley of death dadrepe [] m (-es/-as) death-blow, death-stroke dafge [] adj doomed to death, death-doomed dafiren [] f (-e/-a) deadly sin dagedl [] n (-es/-) separation of body and soul by death, a deathly separation dagodas [] m pl infernal deities, death gods, spirits, ghosts daleg [] m (-es/-as) deadly flame, a death-flame dalic [] adj deathly, mortal, subject to death; mortal, grievous; deadly; dead; noun good and bad angels

dalicnes [] f (-se/-sa) mortal state, mortal life, this world; mortality; deadliness, liability to death damgen [] n (-es/-) a deadly power or band darced [] n (-es/-) a death-house, sepulcher dars [] m (-es/-as) sudden death, a death-rush, rushing of death daraf [] n (-es/-) clothing taken from the dead, a garment of a dead person, spoils darow [] adj murderous, fierce, deadly cruel, savage dasca [] m (-n/-n) the shadow of death, death-shadow, death, spirit of death, devil, one who acts in the dark dascufa [] m (-n/-n) the shadow of death, death-shadow, death, spirit of death, devil, one who acts in the dark dascyld [] f (-e/-e) crime worthy of death, a death-fault, capital crime dascyldig [] adj condemned to death, death-guilty dasele2 [] m (-es/-as) death-hall, hell daslege [] m (-es/-as) death-stroke, death-blow daspere [] n (-es/-u) deadly spear dastede [] m (-es/-as) place of death, a death-place dasynnig [] adj condemned to death, death-guilty, guilty of death, liable to the punishment of death dasynnignes [] f (-se/-sa) guiltiness of death danung [] f (-e/-a) last offices to the dead, funeral, funeral service, ministration to the dead; pl exequies dawang [] m (-es/-as) plain of death, a death-plain dawge [] n (-es/-u) a deadly cup [wge] dawrig [] adj death-weary, dead dawc [] n (-es/-) dwelling of death, a mansion of death dawyrd [] f (-e/-e) fate, death, death-event; pl death-events, fates daw [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) dew dawdras [] m (-es/-as) fall of dew?, dew-fall? [drosan] dawian [] wv/t2 to dew, bedew dawig [] adj dewy; moist dawigendlic? [] adj dewy dawigfeere2 [] adj dewy-feathered dawung [] f (-e/-a) dew dawwyrm [] m (-es/-as) dew-worm, ring-worm, tetter decan [] m (-es/-as) one who has charge of ten monks dcan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dce past dcte ptp gedced to smear, plaster, daub decanhd [] m (-a/-a) office of a decan, dignity of a dean decanon see decan deccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres dece past deahte ptp gedeaht to cover December [] m (Decembris/Decembras) December declnian [] wv/t2 to decline (in grammar) declnigendlic [] adj subject to inflection, declinable declinung [] f (-e/-a) a declension dd [] 1. see dd; 2. see dad defen- see dafen-

dflic see dfelic dfelic [] adj suitable, fitting, proper, becoming, fit; adv ~lce becomingly, fitly, suitably Defenas [] m pl Devonians, the inhabitants of Devonshire in a body, Devonshire; [also Defnas]; gen ~a; dat ~um Defena scr [] f (-e/-a) Devonshire; [also Defna scr] Defenisc [] adj of or belonging to Devonshire deg see dg dg see dag pres 3rd sing of dugan dg- see dag-, deg-, dgdegn see egn dehter dat sing of dohtor dehtnung see dihtnung Deira rce [] n (-es/-u) the kingdom of the Deirians del see dl dela nom/acc pl of delu delan [] sv/t4 3rd pres dil past dl/dlon ptp gedolen to fall, sink dlan see dlan delfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres dilf past dealf/dulfon ptp gedolfen 1. absolute, to dig, delve, burrow; 2. to dig the ground, delve, burrow; 3. to extract by digging, dig gold, etc., dig out; 4. to excavate, delve, dig a pit; 5. to bury delfere [] m (-es/-as) digger delfin [] m (-es/-as) dolphin [L] delfsen [] n (-es/-) spade, a digging-iron delfung [] f (-e/-a) a digging, delving, laying bare, exposing dell [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) dell, hollow, deep hollow, dale delu [] f (-e/-a) a teat, nipple [OHG tili] dem see demm dma [] m (-n/-n) judge, ruler; 1. a deemer, thinker, judge, an umpire; [censor, consul, judex, arbiter]; 2. the judge, who gave a wrong judgement, was subject to a fine of one hundred and twenty shillings; and if a man could not obtain justice, the judge to whom he applied was fined thirty shillings. As the judge represented the king, he was at the kings disposal dman1 [] wv/t1b w.d.a. to judge, determine, reckon, decide, decree, sentence, condemn; assign; deem, consider, think, estimate, compute; examine, prove; doom, condem; 2 praise, glorify; 2 tell, declare [1. to judge, (1) absolute; (2) to judge a person; (a) w.d.; (b) w.a.; (3) to
judge a cause, crime; (4) where the matter of judgment is given; (4a) with cognate acc. He dma heora dmas they give their judgments; (5) to sentence a person to punishment; (6) to adjudge, assign reward, punishment, etc., to a person; (7) to settle, appoint, decree; (7a) of a decision by lot; 2. to deem, think, suppose; 3. to estimate, value; 4. to proclaim something noble, celebrate] dmedlic [] adj that may be judged dmend2 [] m (-es/-) judge, arbiter, an umpire dmere [] m (-es/-as) judge demm [] m (-es/-as) damage, injury, loss, misfortune, mischief, harm demman see for~ dmon [] m (-es/-as) demon, devil den see denn, denu dn see dn, past part of dn

Denelagu [] f (-e/-a) the Dane-law, law for the part of England occupied by the Danes denbr [] f (-e/-a) swine-pasture, place yielding mast for the fattening of hogs denberende [] n (-es/-u) swine-pasture dene see denu Dene [] m pl the Danes; [gen pl Dena; dat pl Denum] deneland [] n (-es/-) valley Denemearc [] f (-e/-a) Denmark, the land of the Danes Denmearce [] f (-an/-an) Denmark, the land of the Danes dengan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres denge past dengde ptp gedenged to ding, beat, strike denge see dyncge Denisc [] adj Danish; wk nom/acc pl ~an the Danes, the Danish men Denisces burna [] m (-n/-n) Denisesburn, the river Denis denn [] n (-es/-) 1. den, lair of a beast, cave; 2. swine-pasture, a woodland pasture for swine; dennian [] wv/i2 to become slippery; to stream? denste [] m pl dwellers in valleys or plains denstw [] f (-e/-a) a place of pasture denu [] f (-e/-a) 1. valley, plain, vale, dale; 2. see denn dof see daf past 3rd sing of dfan dofel- see dofoldofl- see dofoldeofenian see dafenian dofol [] m (dofles/doflas) 1. the devil; 2. a devil, an evil spirit, demon; 2a. of demoniacal possession; 2b. a devil as object of worship, false god; 3. applied to a human being; (1) a wicked person; (2) as a term of abuse or contempt; diabolical person; [L diabolus] dofolcrft [] m (-es/-as) witchcraft, devil-craft, the black art dofolcund [] adj fiendish, diabolical, devil-kind dofolcynn [] n (-es/-) species of devil dofoldd [] f (-e/-e) fiendish deed, a devil deed, diabolical deed dofolgeld see dofolgield dofolgield [] n (-es/-) 1. devil-worship, idolatry, sacrifice to devils; an idolatrous practice; 2. an idol, an image of the devil dofolgielda [] m (-n/-n) devil-worshipper, idolater dofolgieldhs [] n (-es/-) idol-temple, a heathen temple dofolgild see dofolgield dofolgyld see dofolgield dofolgtsung [] f (-e/-a) unrighteous mammon dofollic [] adj 1. of the (a) devil, devilish, diabolical; 2. of other than spirits, like the (a) devil, devilish, diabolical, evil, cruel; adv ~lce as a devil; like a devil, furiously, cruelly dofolscn [] n (-es/-u) a diabolical vision, evil spirit, demon, phantom dofolscipe [] m (-es/-as) idolatry dofolsoc [] adj possessed by devils, lunatic, devil-sick, possessed with a devil dofolsocnes [] f (-se/-sa) demoniacal possession, devil-sickness, possession with the devil dofolwtga [] m (-n/-n) wizard, magician, a devil-prophet, soothsayer, wizard doful see dofol

dog past 3rd sing of dagan dohl see degol dogol see degol don1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres do past dode ptp gedod to suck dop [] 1. adj deep, profound; awful, mysterious; 2 heinous; serious, solemn, earnest; ~ cap high price, great price; 2. n (-es/-) deepness, depth, abyss; the deep, sea dope [] adv deeply, thoroughly, entirely, earnestly, solemnly dophycgende2 [] adj deeply meditating, pensive dophdig2 [] adj deeply meditating, pensive dopian1 [] wv/t2 to get deep doplic [] adj deep, profound, thorough, fundamental (where great knowledge is shown or required); grievous, terrible; adv ~lce deeply, profoundly, thoroughly (of mental operations); ingeniously dopnes [] f (-se/-sa) deepness, depth, an abyss, a deep place; depth of meaning, profundity, mystery; subtlety, cunning dopancol [] adj contemplative, very thoughtful, deep-thinking; adv ~lce with depth of thought, with profound learning dor [] 1. n (-es/-) an animal, beast (usu. wild), any sort of wild animal, wild beast (mostly in contrast to domestic animals); deer, reindeer; 2. adj a. brave, bold (as a wild beast); ferocious; grievous, severe, violent; b. heavy, severe, dire, vehement; 3. see dore Dora b [] n? (-es/-) Derby; [Dora of animals/deer; b a dwelling, habitation; a habitation of deer or animals] Dora mg see Dra mg Dora rce see Dra rce doran12 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dore past dorede ptp gedored to hold dear, love, glorify, endear dorboren [] adj of noble birth, noble-born, noble; cmp ~ra; spl ~est Dorb see Dora b Dorbscr [] f (-e/-a) Derbyshire deorc [] adj dark, obscure, gloomy, without light; gloomy, dreadful, horrible; sad, cheerless; sinister, wicked; adv ~e darkly, sadly deorcegrg [] adj dark gray deorcful [] adj dark, gloomy deorcian [] wv/i2 3rd pres deorca past deorcode ptp gedeorcod to darken, become dark, grow dim, grow dark (of sight) deorclce [] adv darkly, horribly, foully, horridly deorcnes [] f (-se/-sa) darkness deorcung [] f (-e/-a) gloaming, twilight dorcynn [] n (-es/-) race of animals, animal-kind, beast-kind, a species of (wild) beast dore [] 1. adj dear, beloved; dear of price, precious, costly, valuable, of great value, desirable; noble, excellent, glorious, magnificent, illustrious, of great excellence; 2. adv dearly, at great cost, with great price; with kindness, as holding a person dear; 3. adv fiercely, cruelly [dor 2] doren [] adj of a wild animal, of or belonging to a wild beast deoresceaft see darosceaft deorf1 [] n (-es/-) labor; difficulty, hardship, tribulation, trouble, danger

dorfald [] m (-es/-as) an enclosure or cage for wild beasts, a deer-fold, a park, an enclosure for deer deorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres dierf past dearf/durfon ptp gedorfen to exert oneself, labor; be in peril, perish, be wrecked dorfellen [] adj made of hides, made of beast-skins dorfri [] n (-es/-u) preservation of game, deer-protection, game-protection dorgeat [] n (-es/-gatu) gate for animals, a gate for deer to pass through Dorhm [] m (-es/-as) Derham, Gloucestershire; Dereham, Norfolk; [dor wild animal, hm home, dwelling] dorhege [] m (-es/-as) deer-fence Dorhyrst [] m (-es/-as) Deerhurst, Gloucestershire deorian see derian dorlic [] adj brave, bold, renowned; [dor 1] dorlce [] adv dearly, preciously, richly; sincerely, acceptably, worthily dorling [] m (-es/-as) darling, favorite, minion, a (kings) favorite; household god dormd2 [] adj courageous, bold of mind, brave dornett [] n (-es/-) hunting-net, a beast-net deornunga see dearnunga deorsterlce see dyrstiglce dortn [] m (-es/-as) park Deorwente [] f (-an/-an) the river Derwent, in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cumberland, and Durham; [deor = Celtic dwr water; wente turned, bent] dorwiere [] adj 1. of persons, of great worth or value, excellent, noble; 2. of things, of great value, precious, costly (1) dorwure [] adj 1. of persons, of great worth or value, excellent, noble; 2. of things, of great value, precious, costly (2) dorwyre [] adj 1. of persons, of great worth or value, excellent, noble; 2. of things, of great value, precious, costly (3) dorwyrlic [] adj precious, costly, valuable; adv ~lce richly, sumptuously, splendidly, gloriously; in high esteem, as of great value, as a thing of value dorwyrnes [] f (-se/-sa) treasure, a precious thing; honor, veneration; preciousness do see da dpan see dpan dpe see dope deppan see dyppan Dprobane [] f (-/-) an island in the Indian Ocean, Ceylon; [Greek Taprobana] dr see dor Dra [] m pl Deirians, inhabitants of Deira between the rivers Tyne and Humber Dra mg [] f (-/-) the country of the Deirians, Deira, being part of Northumbria; [Dere the Deirians; mg a province, region, country] Dra rce [] n (-es/-u) the kingdom of the Deirians, Deira; [Dere the Deirians; rce a kingdom] Dra wudu [] m (-a/-a) Beverley, Yorkshire Dre [] m pl Deirians, inhabitants of Deira between the rivers Tyne and Humber derian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres dere past derede ptp gedered w.d. to damage, injure, hurt, harm deriende [] adj injurious, noxious, hurtful, hurting; pres participle of derian deriendlic [] adj mischievous, noxious, hurtful; w.d. of object exposed to hurt

drling see dorling derne see dierne dernunga see dearnunga derodine [] m (-es/-as) scarlet dye or color derste see drste Dertama [] m (-n/-n) Dartmouth, Devonshire derung [] f (-e/-a) injury, an injuring, harming desig see dysig dst pres 2nd pers sing of dn d [] 1. 3rd pers sing pres of dn; 2. manipulus, sheaf? dung see deung; from gedean dean [] wv/t1a 3rd pres dee past deede ptp gedeed to suck dwig see dawig dacon [] m (-es/-as) deacon, minister, Levite [L diaconus]; dacon is egn, e egna m
msseproste, and offrunga sett upon t weofod, and gdspell ac rde t Godes egnungum. Se mt fulligan cild, and t folc hsligan the deacon is a minister, who ministers to the mass-priest, and sets the offerings upon the altar, and also reads the gospels at Gods services. He may baptize children, and housel the people; gif frigemann dacones foh stele, 6 gielde (forgielde) if a freeman steal the property of a deacon, he must repay sixfold

dacongegyrela [] m (-n/-n) deacons robe, a deacons vestment daconhd [] m (-a/-a) the office of a deacon, deacon-hood, deacon-ship daconrocc [] m (-es/-as) a dalmatic daconnung [] f (-e/-a) the duty or office of a deacon dan see don dc [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) a dike, trench, ditch, moat; an earthwork with a trench dc [] m (-es/-as) a dike, a bank formed by throwing the earth out of the ditch, pit dc [] f (-e/-a) 1. a ditch, the excavation or trench made by throwing out the earth, a channel for water, pit; 2. sometimes dc m is found to denote a ditch or channel for water dcere [] m (-es/-as) digger, ditcher dcian1 [] wv/t2 to make a dike or bank, dike, bank, mound, ditch dcsceard [] n (-es/-) breach of a dike dcung [] f (-e/-a) construction of a dike, a ditching, digging dcwalu [] f (-e/-a) bank of a ditch? dcweall [] m (-es/-as) a ditch-wall dide see dyde didon see dydon dedan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dede past dedde ptp gededed to put to death, kill [dad] diegan [] wv/t1b to die (stain?) degel see degol deglan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres degle past deglede ptp gedeged to hide, cover, conceal, hide oneself; lie hidden deglian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres degla past deglode ptp gedeglod to hide, cover, conceal, hide oneself; lie hidden degle see degol deglod [] adj hidden; past participle of deglian deglum [] adv in secret; dative pl of degol

degol [] 1. adj secret, hidden, private, dark, obscure, unknown, deep, profound, abstruse;
[1. adj secret; of that which might be seen, hidden from sight; 2. of thought, action, concealed from the knowledge or notice of others; on deglum in secret; 3. hard to get knowledge of; (1) of a fact or circumstance; (2) of things to be understood, abstruse, occult; ] 2. n (degles/-) concealment, darkness, obscurity, secrecy,

mystery, secret; a secret place, hidden place, the grave degolful [] adj mysterious degollce1 [] adv secretly, (1) so as to take others unawares or at a disadvantage, (2) so as to avoid publicity, exposure, detection; softly (of the voice) degolnes [] f (-se/-sa) solitude, solitariness, privacy, secrecy; a secret, mystery; a secret place, hiding place, recess dielf see dealf past 3rd sing of delfan dielgian see dlegian diend [] m (-es/-as) suckling [don] depe [] f (-an/-an) 1. depth, deepness; 2. the deep, deep part of water (sea, lake, river), deep water, a deep place in water; 3. a deep place on land depu [] f (-e/-a) 1. depth, deepness; 2. the deep, deep part of water (sea, lake, river), deep water, a deep place in water; 3. a deep place on land deran [] wv/t1b to hold dear dere [] adj dear, beloved; precious, costly; noble, excellent dierfan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres dierfe past dierfde ptp gedierfed to afflict, injure, molest; imperil, endanger [deorfan] dierfung [] f (-e/-a) affliction, molestation diernan1 [] wv/t1b to keep secret, conceal, hide, restrain, repress; (1) w.a. thing; (2) w.d. person, from whom a thing (acc) is concealed; hide oneself dierne [] 1. adj hidden, secret, retired, obscure, remote; secret, (1) so as to escape detection, (2) of stolen goods, concealed; deceitful, evil, magical; 2. n (-es/-u) secret dierneforlegen [] adj adulterous, guilty of fornication dierneforlegernes [] f (-se/-sa) fornication diernegelegerscipe [] m (-es/-as) adultery, fornication diernegeligere [] 1. n (-es/-u) a secret lying, adultery, fornication; 2. m (-es/-as) fornicator diernegeligre [] 1. n (-es/-u) adultery, fornication; 2. m (-es/-as) fornicator dierneleger [] adj adulterous diernelegere [] 1. adv licentiously; 2. see dyrnegeligre 1 diernelegerscipe [] m (-es/-as) adultery, fornication dierngewrit [] n (-es/-gewriotu) a secret writing; in pl, books whose authors are not known, the apocryphal books, The Apocrypha diernhmende [] adj fornicating, adulterous diernlic [] adj secret; adv ~lce secretly diernlicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres diernlige past diernlg/diernlgon ptp diernlegen to lie secretly, fornicate, commit adultery diernmaga [] m (-n/-n) president at mysteries, one who presides at mysteries derra comp of dere, dore defan [] wv/t1b to make deaf or dull, to deaden sound deung [] f (-e/-a) putting to death; [gedean] Difelin [] m? (-es/-as) Dublin dgan see dagian dgel see degol

dgl- see degl-, degoldhl- see degl-, degoldigner see dnor dgol see degol dgul see degol dihnian see dihtian diht [] n (-es/-) 1. order, arrangement, a setting in order, disposal, disposing, contriving, disposition of material, conduct, consultation, deliberation, purpose; hit stende on rum
genum dihte, h sic bi t Gode gedmed it stands by our conduct how we shall be judged before God; 1a. of composition; 2. direction of action, conduct; 2a. direction by one in authority, dictating, order, command, prescription (1) of men, (2) of the Deity; 3. the administration, office of a director; 4. an order, precept; 5. ge~ a piece of writing, composition, literary work

diht [] f (-e/-a) a saying, dictum, oracle dihtan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to order, regulate, set in order, dispose, arrange, appoint, direct, dictate, compare; 2. to give direction to a person, dictate, direct a person w.d.; 3. to order, dictate, impose, indict; 4. to compose, write; to dictate what is to be written; dihtend [] m (-es/-) a director, ruler dihtere [] m (-es/-as) informant, expounder, expositor; disposer, manager, steward; one who dictates dihtfstendg [] m (-es/-dagas) appointed fast dihtian1 [] wv/t2 1. to dictate, (1) what is to be done; (2) what is to be written; 2. to arrange, dispose, appoint, direct, dictate, impose; 3. compose, write dihtig see dyhtig dihtnere [] m (-es/-as) informant, expounder, expositor; disposer, manager, steward; one who dictates dihtnian see dihtian dihtnung1 [] f (-e/-a) ordering, regulation, disposition, a disposing dihtung1 [] f (-e/-a) ordering, regulation, disposition, a disposing dile [] m (-es/-as) dill, anise; [an herb] dlegian1 [] wv/t2 to destroy, abolish, blot out, erase; perish dlemengan see for~ dilf pres 3rd sing of delfan dlgian see dlegian dlignes [] f (-se/-sa) annihilation, destruction, extermination dill see dile dim see dimm dimhw [] adj of dark color, dark-colored, gloomy dimhof [] n (-es/-u) place of concealment, a lurking-place, hiding place dimhofe [] f (-an/-an) place of concealment, a lurking-place, hiding place dimhs [] n (-es/-) a prison, dungeon dimlic [] adj dim, obscure, secret, hidden, concealed dimm [] adj dim, dark, gloomy, without light, obscure, hidden; dark-colored; blurred, faint; dark, wicked; wretched, grievous, sad, unhappy dimmian [] wv/i2 to be or become dim, dim, darken, obscure dimnes [] f (-se/-sa) dimness, darkness, want of light, obscurity, gloom; darkness, evil; obscuration, moral obliquity; a dark place; dimness of sight;

dimsca [] m (-n/-n) dimness, darkness, sin? dincge see dyncge dner see dnor ding [] 1. see dung 1; 2. see dung 2 dingiung [] f (-e/-a) manuring, dunging dinig? see dung dnor [] m (-es/-as) a piece of money, a small piece of money, a coin [L denarius] do- see dodowl- see dofoldippan see dyppan dirige [] f (-an/-an) dirge, vigilia; the first word of the antiphon at Matins in the Office of the Dead,
used as a name for that service

drling see dorling dirn- see diern-, dyrndis- see dysdisc [] m (-es/-as) dish, plate, bowl discberend [] m (-es/-) dish-bearer, seneschal discipul [] m (-es/-as) disciple, scholar [L] discipula [] m (-n/-n) female disciple [L] discipulhd [] m (-a/-a) disciplehood, pupilage discegn [] m (-es/-as) dish-servant, dish-bearer, minister of food, server, waiter, seneschal, steward discn [] m (-es/-as) dish-servant, dish-bearer, minister of food, server, waiter, seneschal, steward disg see dysig disig see dysig dism [] m (-es/-as) vapor, smoke, steam, fume [fumus] disma [] m (-n/-n) musk; cassia disme [] f (-an/-an) musk; cassia distf [] m (-es/-stafas) distaff d- see ddwl- see dodol dix see disc dob- see dof-, dopdobian [] wv/i2 to be doting dc [] m (-es/-as) bastard, mongrel, hybrid, son docce [] f (-an/-an) dock, sorrel docga [] m (-n/-n) dog dcincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) a bastard child defe see gedfe doeg see dg doema see dma dere [] m (-es/-as) doer, worker doe- see dadofen past participle of dfan Dofere [] f (-an/-an) Dover dofian [] wv/i2 to be doting, stupid [dobian]

Dofre [] f (-an/-an) Dover dofung [] f (-e/-a) absurdity, stupidity, frenzy, madness dger see dgor dogga see docga dogian [] wv/t2 to endure? dgor [] m (-es/-as) day dgorgerm2 [] n (-es/-) series of days, number of days, time, allotted time of life dgorrm2 [] n (-es/-) series of days, number of days, time, allotted time of life, time of life dh see dg dohtar see dohtor dohter see dohtor dohte past 3rd sing of dugan dohtig [] adj competent, good, valiant, doughty [dugan] dohtor [] f (-/-) daughter; female descendant [dat dehter; pl also dohtor1, dohtra1, dohtru1; gen dohtra; dat dohtrum]; [properly, milkmaid, from duh to milk] dohtorsunu [] m (-a/-a) daughters son, grandson dohx see dox dol [] 1. adj dull, foolish, erring, heretical; foolish, silly; presumptuous; 2. n (-es/-u) folly, stupidity dolc see dalc dolcswau see dolgswau dolfen past participle of delfan dolg [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) wound, scar, scar of a wound, cut, gash, sore; boil, tumor dolgbenn [] f (-e/-a) wound dolgbt [] f (-e/-a) fine or compensation for wounding, compensation for a wound dolgdrinc [] m (-es/-as) drink for a wound, antidote dolgian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres dolga past dolgode ptp gedolgod to wound dolgilp [dolyilp] m (-es/-as) idle boasting, foolish pride, vainglory dolgrne [] f (-an/-an) the herb pellitory, which grows on walls dolgsealf [] f (-e/-a) poultice for a wound, a wound salve dolgslege2 [] m (-es/-as) a wounding blow dolgsmeltas [] m pl linen bandages dolgswau [] f (-e/-a) scar, a trace of a wound dolgsw [] m (-es/-swaas) scar, a trace of a wound dolgwund [] adj wounded dolh see dolg dolhdrinc see dolgdrinc dolhsmeltas see dolgsmeltas dolhwund see dolgwund dollic [] adj audacious, rash, foolhardy, foolish; adv ~lce foolishly, rashly; bewildered dolmanus see dulmunus dolsceaa [] m (-n/-n) fell destroyer, a foolish or rash robber dolscipe [] m (-es/-as) foolishness, folly, error dolsmeltas see dolhsmeltas dolsprc [] f (-e/-a) silly talk, foolish or vain talk, loquacity

dolwillen [] 1. adj rash, mad, bold; 2. n (-es/-) rashness, madness dolwte [] n (-es/-u) punishment for audacity, temerity, or foolhardiness; [pain of a wound?, punishment of the wicked, pains of hell?] dm [] m (-es/-as) 1. doom, judgment (1) where an opinion is formed, (2) where sentence is passed, (2a) of an unfavorable sentence, condemnation, ordeal, judicial sentence, decree, ordinance, law, custom; justice, equity; a sentence, doom; 2. a direction, ruling, governing, command; 3. might, power, dominion, supremacy, majesty, glory, magnificence, splendor, reputation, honor, praise, dignity, authority; 3a. an authority, a judicial body, court; 4. will, free will, choice, option, discretion; 5. sense, meaning, interpretation; opinion, advice; 6. court, tribunal, assembly; 7. state, condition; 8. an ordinance, decree dm [] masc abstract suffix = state, condition, power, dominion, authority, property, right, office, quality, state, condition, etc. as in frodm dmrn [] n (-es/-) judgment-hall, tribunal, a judgement-place, courthouse dmbc [] f (-bc/-bc) doom-book, code of laws, statute-book, manual of justice, a book of decrees or laws dmdg [] m (-es/-dagas) doomsday, judgment-day dmadig2 [] adj mighty, renowned, blessed with power dmere [] m (-es/-as) a judge Domerhm [] m (-es/-as) Damerham, Wiltshire dmern see dmrn dmfst2 [] adj just, firm, firm in judgment, renowned, mighty dmfstnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness of judgment, righteous judgment, judgment dmgeorn2 [] adj eager for justice, ambitious; righteous, just, virtuous dmhs [] n (-es/-) law-court, tribunal, a judgment-house dmhwt [] adj eager for renown?, strenuous in judgment dmian2 [] wv/t2 3rd pres dma past dmode ptp gedmod to praise, glorify, magnify dmisc [] adj of the day of judgment, of the final judgment, of doomsday dmlas2 [] adj inglorious, powerless, hapless dmlic [] adj famous, glorious, praiseworthy; judicial; canonical; adv ~lce judicially; powerfully, gloriously domne [] m (-es/-as), f (-an/-an) a lord; nun, abbess [L] dmsetl [] m (-es/-as) judgment-seat, tribunal dmsettend [] m (-es/-) one who ordains judgment, lawyer [jurisconsultus, jurisperitus] dmstw [] f (-e/-a) a judgment-place, tribunal Domuc [] f? (-e/-a) Dunwich, on the sea coast of Suffolk, the seat of the first Anglian bishopric, which was subsequently fixed at Norwich; Alfhun biscop forferde on Sudberi, and
he wear bebyrged in Domuce, and Tdfri wear gecoren fter him bishop Alfhun died at Sudbury, and he was buried at Dunwich, and Tidfrith was chosen after him;

Domucceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Dunwich, on the sea coast of Suffolk, the seat of the first Anglian bishopric, which was subsequently fixed at Norwich; Alfhun biscop forferde
on Sudberi, and he wear bebyrged in Domuce, and Tdfri wear gecoren fter him bishop Alfhun died at Sudbury, and he was buried at Dunwich, and Tidfrith was chosen after him;

dmweorung2 [] f (-e/-a) honor, glory dn1 [] irreg v/t 1. absolute, to do, make, act, perform; cause (often + infinitive with passive sense, he dydon rcu settan they caused kingdoms to be founded, i.e. they founded kingdoms, or by t); 2. to do, perform an action, make war; 2a. to do, practice,

exercise, pass time, lead a life; h ancorlf dyde; to observe, keep; 2b. w.preps. to do about, with; 3. to make; (1) w.a.; (2) cause, (a) w.a. and infin () where noun is subject of infin; () where noun is object of infin; (b) with clause; (c) to do harm; (3) with complementary adjective; (4) w.a. and t, to make an object (into) something, make something of an object; 4. to put, bring, take; (1) literal; (2) fig., to put to use, shame, death, etc., to bring into a state; twegen dlas dyde h t s mynstres node the two parts he applied to the needs of the monastery; (2a) where there is combination or separation add (to), put, place, take (from, to, or away); d t endleofan add eleven; 5. to give, supply, furnish, bestow, confer; 6. to make (much, nothing) of, to make out to be so and so, consider, esteem; 7. almost with the force of the later auxiliary, (1) with a verb in apposition; (2) with a clause; 8. representing a preceding verb; 9. ge~ arrive at; ge~ halt, encamp, cast anchor; ge~ reduce; ~ t herran hde to promote, advance to a higher position; ~ t nhte to annul, make of none effect; ~ ddbte to do penance, repent; ~ edlan to give a reward; ~ fram to depart; furor ~ to promote; furor ~ to prefer, esteem; ~ in to put in or into; ~ node to supply want; ~ proste to give to a priest; ~ of to take off, doff; ~ on to put on, in, or into, don; ~ t to put to; ~ t witanne to cause to know, do to wit, to make to know or understand; betre ~ to prefer; for nht ~ to consider as naught; gifta ~ to keep nuptials; hunta ~ to be hunting; Gode ~ to render to God; gemen ~ to take care, regard; munuclf ~ to lead a monastic life; on wh ~ to pervert; t cyninge ~ to make a king; wrace ~ to take revenge; scamu ~ to inflict injury Donafeld [] m (-a/-a) Tanfield near Ripon, Yorkshire dnlic [] adj active Donua [] f (-/-) the river Danube dopnid [] f (-e/-a) diver, water-fowl, moorhen, coot, a dipping duck (2) dopened [] f (-e/-a) diver, water-fowl, moorhen, coot, a dipping duck (1) dopfugel [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) a dipping-fowl, water-fowl, moorhen, the dip-fowl or diver, gull doppa see dfe~ doppe see fugol~ doppettan [] wv/t1b to plunge in, immerse, to dip often, dip in Dor [] m (-es/-as) Dore, Derbyshire dor [] n (-es/-u) door, gate; pass; a large door dora [] m (-n/-n) humble-bee, dumble-dore Dorceceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Dorchester, Oxfordshire, the episcopal seat of the first bishop of the West Saxons, which was subsequently removed to Lincoln; [also Dorces~, Dorca~, Dorceaster] dorfen past participle of deorfan; labored, perished Dormceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Dornford or Dorgford, in Huntingdomshire, on the river Nen; [by the Britons called Cair-Dorm, by Antoninus, Durobriv, for the passage over the water; and the Anglo-Saxons, for the same reason, called it also Dornford] Dornste [] m pl inhabitants or men of Dorsetshire, people of Dorsetshire in a body, Dorsetshire Dornwara ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Dorchester, the chief town of Dorsetshire [the city of the inhabitants of Dorsetshire] Dorste [] m pl inhabitants or men of Dorsetshire, people of Dorsetshire in a body, Dorsetshire dorste past 3rd sing of durran

dorweard [] m (-es/-as) doorkeeper, porter, janitor Dorwitceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Canterbury dott [] m (-es/-as) head of a boil dung see on~ dox [] adj dark-haired, dusky doxian [] wv/i2 to turn dark, to become dark-colored drabbe [] m (-es-/as) dregs, lees, drab draca [] m (-n/-n) a dragon, sea-monster; serpent; the serpent, the devil; standard representing a dragon or serpent ~n bld dragons blood, a pigment obtained from the dragons blood-tree drcentse [] f (-an/-an) dragon-wort, dragons [L dracontea] (1) drcente [] f (-an/-an) dragon-wort, dragons [L dracontea] (2) drconze [] f (-an/-an) dragon-wort, dragons [L dracontea] (3) dracu [] f (-e/-a) trouble, affliction drf [] 1. f (-e/-a) action of driving; a driving out, expulsion; drove, herd, band; company, band; road along which cattle are driven; [drfan]; 2. past 3rd sing of drfan drfdenu [] f (-e/-a) a den or valley where droves of cattle feed drfmann [] m (-es/-menn) a drove-man, cattle-keeper dragan [] sv/t6 3rd pres drg past drg/on ptp gedragen to drag, draw; sv/i6 to draw oneself, to draw, go; protract drgense see drcentse drn [] f (-e/-a) drone dranc past 3rd sing of drincan drapa see dropa drce see draca drdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres drde past dreord/on, dreod/on ptp gedrden to dread, fear drf see drf drf- see drfdrfan1 [] wv/t1b to drive, drive out drfend [] 1. m (-es/-) hunter; 2. see drfend drge [] f (-an/-an) drag-net, a drag [dragan] drge pres 3rd sing of dragan drgnett [] n (-es/-) drag-net drh pres 3rd sing of dragan drg pres 3rd sing of dragan drn see drn drnc see drinc drp past 3rd sing of drepan drst see drst drst [] f (-e/-a) leaven; pl dregs, refuse (3) drstig [] adj full of dregs, rubbishy [drste] drt pres 3rd sing of drdan dra see dr drag past 3rd sing of drogan drah past 3rd sing of drogan drahnian [] wv/t2 to drain, strain out

dreaht past participle of dreccan dram [] m (-es/-as) 1. joy, pleasure, gladness, delight, mirth, rejoicing, rapture, ecstasy, frenzy; 2. what causes mirth an instrument of music, music, rapturous music, harmony, melody, song, singing, joyous sound, jubilation; Iohannes gehierde bmena dram John heard the sound of trumpets; 2a. musical sound of voice or of instrument; dramcrft [] m (-es/-as) art of music, music dramere [] m (-es/-as) musician dramhbbende [] adj possessing bliss, happy, joyful (1) dramhealdende [] adj holding joy, happy, joyful (2) dramlas2 [] adj joyless, sad dramlic [] adj joyous, musical dramnes [] f (-se/-sa) a singing drap past 3rd sing of dropan drap- see dropdrariend [] m (-es/-) inrushing tide? drarung see drorung dras past 3rd sing of drosan dat. sing. of a a [] 1. f (-/-) running water, water, stream, river (sg. a; pl. a(n), a, a(u)m/an); 2. interj see al abrycg [] f (-e/-a) bridge over a river ac [] 1. adv also, and, likewise, moreover; gege ~ bothand also; nn ~ neithernor even; ~sw, ~ swilce also, likewise, moreover, as if; ~ gelce likewise; ~ hwre however, nevertheless; ~ on besides; 2. prep w.d. together with, in addition to, besides ac [] conj 1. eke, also, likewise, moreover, and; 2. ~ hwre, hwre ~ nevertheless, however; ~ swilce, swilce ~ so also, also, moreover, very like, even so, as if; ge ~ swilce and even [L quin et]; ~ sw so also, even so, likewise aca [] m (-n/-n) 1. an addition, eeking, increase, reinforcement, advantage, profit, usury, excess; t ~n w.d. in addition to, besides, moreover; 1a. (1) increase of goods; (2) a reinforcement to an army; (3) additional words, a supplement, appendix; 2. something in excess, overplus, surplus; 2a. with numbers, more acan [] wv/t1b to increase acan [] sv/i7 3rd pres ec past oc/on ptp geacen to be increased, augmented, enlarged, indued; sv/t7 to increase acen [] adj increased, augmented; richly endowed, strong, great, vast, powerful, vigorous; endowed with excellent qualities or properties, noble, excellent great; endowed, inspired with something; pregnant acencrftig [] adj huge, exceedingly strong acerse [aekerse] f (-an/-an) water-cress acian [] wv/i2 to add, increase, be enlarged, be augmented; become pregnant, conceive, bring forth; to produce, bring forth acnian1 [] wv/i2 to add, increase, be enlarged, be augmented; become pregnant, conceive, bring forth; to produce, bring forth acniende [] adj bringing forth

acniendlic [] adj to be increased acnung1 [] f (-e/-a) increase; conceiving, conception, bringing forth; bringing forth, birth ad2 [] 1. n (-es/-) a possession, riches; prosperity, good fortune, happiness, felicity, bliss; 2. adj rich, wealthy, blessed, happy ead- see edad- see aadan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres ede past od/on ptp geaden to give, concede, grant adbald [] m (-es/-as) Eadbald, son of Ethelbert, king of Kent; He succeeded his father to the kingdom of Kent in 616 AD, and died in 640 AD; [ad happy; bald bold] aden2 [] adj granted (by Fate) [ad]; past participle of adan ades burg [] f (byrg/byrg) Eddesbury, Cheshire; elfld, lady of the Mercians, built the fortress at Eddesbury; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] eadesa see adesa adfruma2 [] m (-n/-n) giver of prosperity, author of happiness adga weak form of adig adgr [] m (-es/-as), (-a/-a) Edgar, second son of Edmund, and grandson of Alfred the Great. Edgar, in 955 AD, succeeded to the kingdom of Mercia; and, at the death of his brother Eadwig, in 959 AD, to the kingdoms of Wessex and Northumbria, over which he reigned sixteen years. He was, therefore, king for twenty years, from 955 975 AD adgian see adigan adgiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) giver of prosperity or happiness adgiefu2 [] f (-e/-a) blessed grace, gift of prosperity, gift of blessedness adhrig2 [] adj happy, blessed, triumphant adig [] adj wealthy, prosperous, rich, opulent; fortunate, happy, blessed, perfect; as an epithet of a sainted person, or of the memory of such; se eadiga Petrus the blessed Peter; of rank, or position, great adigan1 [aedijan] wv/t2 to count fortunate, call blessed; bless, enrich with something (gen); make happy adiglic [] adj prosperous, rich, happy, blessed; adv ~lce happily, blessedly adignes [] f (-se/-sa) happiness, prosperity eadlan see edlan adlufu [] f (-e/-a) blessed love, happiness of love admd see amd admd see amd admtto see amttu admund [] m (-es/-as) 1. Edmund the Martyr, king of East Anglia, was of the Old Saxon race. He began to reign in 855 AD; 2. Edmund Atheling, second son of Edward the Elder, and younger brother of Athelstan, whom he succeeded. Edmund was king of Wessex for 6 years, from 940 946 AD; 3. Edmund Ironside, son of thelred Atheling. Edmund began to reign in 1016 AD and died in the same year; [ad happy; mund protection] admundes burg [] f (byrg/byrg) St. Edmundsbury, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] adnes [] f (-se/-sa) inner peace, ease, joy, prosperity; gentleness [a]

adocce [aedok:e] f (-an/-an) water-lily, water-dock eador [] 1. see geador; 2. see eodor adorgeard see dregeard adrd [] m (-es/-as) Eadred Atheling, third son of Edward the Elder. Eadred was king of Wessex and Northumbria, for 9 years, from 946-955 AD; [ad happy; rd counsel] adulfes nss [] m (-es/-as) Eadulfs ness, Walton-on-theNaze? eaduse see adesa adwacer [] m (-es/-as) watchman of property adweard [] m (-es/-as) 1. Edward the Elder, the eldest son of Alfred the Great. Edward was king of Wessex for 24 years, from 901-925 AD; 2. Edward the Martyr, son of Edgar. Edward was king of Wessex, Mercia, and Northumbria, for 3 years, from 975978 AD; 3. Edward the Confessor, son of thelred. Edward was king of England for 24 years, from 1042-1066 AD; [ad happy; weard ward, guardian] adwela2 [] m (-n/-n) happy weal, prosperity, riches, happiness, blessedness adwg [] m (-es/-as) Eadwig, son of Edmund. Eadwig was king of Wessex and Northumbria for 4 years, from 955-959 AD; [ad happy; wg war] see a [to or by a river] e- see eaeafera see eafora afisc2 [] m (-es/-as) a river fish eafor [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-)? the obligation due from a tenant to the king to convey goods and messengers?; 2. draught-horse; (afer); 3. see eofor eafora2 [] m (-n/-n) posterity, son, child; successor, heir [Goth afar] eafo2 [] n (-es/-) power, strength, might, violence eafra see eafora eaftra see fterra aganbeorht [] n (-es/-) an eyes glance, a moment aganbr [] f (-we/-wa) an eyebrow; [gen pl ~brna] aganbyrhtm [] m (-es/-as) a flash of the eye, moment agang [aegang] m (-es/-as) a water-course aganwenn [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) a ringworm, tetter agaspind [] n? (-es/-) the eyelid, the cheek agbrw [] m (-es/-as) eyelid agbrgh see agbrw agduru [] f (-a/-a) an eye-door, a window age [] n (-an/-an) eye; aperture, hole; the eye of a needle agce [] m (-es/-as) eye-ache agespring [] n (-es/-) a spring or twinkling of the eye agflah [] m (-es/-as) albugo, a white spot in the eye aggebyrd [] f (-e/-a) nature of the eye, the power of the eye aggemearc [] f (-e/-a) limit of view, limit fixed by sight, horizon [listed as n] aghill [] m (-es/-as) the hairless prominence between and above the inner corners of the eyes; aghring [] m (-es/-as) eye-socket, pupil aghyrl see agyrel aghyrne [] m (-es/-as) corner of the eye

agmist [] m (-es/-as) eye-mist, dimness of the eyes agor see gor eagospind see hagospind agsealf [] f (-e/-a) eye-salve agsoung [] f (-e/-a) eye-disease, cataract agsung [] f (-e/-a) eye-seeing, eyesight agsene [] adj visible to the eye; adv ~s with ones eyes, ocularly, evidently agyrel [] n (-yrles/-) eye-hole, window agwrc [] m (-es/-as) pain of the eyes agwrc [] m (-es/-as) pain of the eyes agwund [] f (-e/-a) wound in the eye agwyrt [] f (-e/-e) eye-wort, eye-bright ah- see ag-, aeaht [] f (-e/-a) 1. assembly, council, deliberation; 2. estimation, consideration; 3. reckoning, valuation; ~ besittan to hold a council; esteem, estimation, estimated value aht see ht eahta [] num eight; ordinal eahtoa eahtafeald [] adj eightfold eahtahyrnede [] adj eight-cornered, octagonal eahtan2 [] wv/t1b 1. w.g. to watch anyone, persecute, pursue; 2. to estimate, appreciate; 3. to observe, judge; eahtanihte [] adj eight days old (moon) eahtatoa [] adj eighteenth eahtatene [] num eighteen; ordinal eahtatoa eahtatne see eahtatene eahtatig [] num eighty; ordinal eahtatigoa; more commonly as hund~ eahtatenewintre [] adj eighteen years old eahtatnewintre see eahtatenewintre eahtawintre [] adj of eight years old eahtend [] m (-es/-) persecutor eahtendlic see unge~ eahtoa [] 1. see eahtatoa; 2. see eahtoa eahtere [] m (-es/-as) appraiser, valuer, censor eahtea see eahtoa eahtian1 [] wv/t2 to estimate, esteem, fix the character, quality of something; consult about, consider, deliberate, mediate, devise; watch over; speak of with praise [Ger achten] ahtnes see htnes eahtoa [] adj eighth eahtung [] f (-e/-a) estimation, valuation; ge~ deliberation, counsel eal see eall, l eala see ealu al [] interj O!, alas!, oh!, lo! [a 2] ald [aela:d] f (-e/-a) watery way aland [aeland] n (-es/-) island, water-land; maritime land, sea-board; [as land, lit. waters land] alandcyning [] m (-es/-as) island king

eala see ealu ealbeorht see eallbeorht alc see lc eald [] adj 1. old, aged, ancient, antique, primeval; 1a. of great age (1) of living creatures; (1a) used as a noun; (3) of material things; 1b. where two people of the same name or of the same office are distinguished by difference of age; 1c. elder, experienced, tried; 1d. of long experience in; 2. of (a certain) age; he is 4-wintre eald he is 4 years old; 3. that belongs to a time long past; 4. that dates from a time long past; 5. that has lasted long; 6. where difference of date is marked, old as opposed to new, earlier, former; 6a. great-, grand- in terms denoting relationship; 7. that has been done (habitually) before; 8. denoting rank or position, an elder, great (man), chief person; honored, eminent, great, exalted; a ieldestan menn the chief men; cmp ieldra, spl ieldest; t wdan ~re for ever ealda [] m (-n/-n) old man; chief, elder; the Devil, Leas ealdbacen [] adj stale, baked long ago ealdcwn [] f (-e/-e) an old wife, an old crone ealdc [] f (-e/-a) the old (native) country; old home, former dwelling-place; old acquaintance ealdcu [] f (-e/-a) the old (native) country; old home, former dwelling-place; old acquaintance ealddagas [] m pl former times, ancient days, days of old ealddm [] m (-es/-as) age ealde see ielde ealdefder [] m (-es/-as) a grandfather, ancestor; in pl fathers, forefathers ealdemdor [] f (-/-, -mdru, mdra) grandmother (dat sing mder) ealder see ealdor ealdfder [] m (-es/-as) forefather, father ealdfond2 [] m (-es/-fend) old foe, an ancient foe, hereditary foe, arch-fiend, the devil, Satan ealdgecynd2 [] n (-es/-) old or original nature ealdgef [] m (-n/-n) ancient foe ealdgefra [] m (-n/-n) old comrade ealdgemre [] ? (-?/-?) ancient boundary ealdgenat [] m (-es/-as) old comrade, an old companion ealdgenla2 [] m (-n/-n) old foe, an ancient foe, arch-fiend, Satan ealdgeriht [] n (-es/-) ancient right ealdgesegen [] f (-e/-a) ancient tradition, an old saga ealdges2 [] m (-es/-as) old comrade, an old companion ealdgestron [] n (-es/-) ancient treasure, an old treasure ealdgeungen [] adj old and distinguished ealdgeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) an ancient work, old-standing work, the world ealdgewinn [] n (-es/-) an ancient conflict, old-time conflict ealdgewinna [] m (-n/-n) old enemy, an old foe ealdgewyrht2 [] n (-es/-u) an ancient action, former deeds, what has been done of old, a deed of old; what has been deserved of old, desert for deeds of old ealdhd [] m (-a/-a) old age Ealdhelm [] m (-es/-as) Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborne; [Ald = eald, old; helm, helmet]

ealdhettende [] m pl old foes ealdhlford [] m (-es/-as) an old or ancient lord, a lord whose right to rule is of ancient date, hereditary lord, a rightful, liege lord ealdhlfordcynn [] n (-es/-) the old royal family, the rightful royal line ealdhrer? [] n (-es/-) an old ox ealdhryerflsc [] n (-es/-u) meat that has been stored away, a side of meat cut off ealdian1 [] wv/i2 1. to grow or wax old, be old; 1a. to grow old in a pursuit, continue long; 2. to grow feeble with age, or as with age, be worn out with age, decay ealdland [] n (-es/-) old land, land which has remained long untilled, ancestral property? ealdlandrden [] f (-ne/-na) established law of landed property ealdlic [] adj 1. old, senile, venerable; 2. proper for mature years, of the character that should belong to age; 3. belonging to early times, original, authentic? ealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) old age ealdor [] 1. m (-es/-as) elder, parent, head of a family; author, source; pl ancestors; civil or religious authority, an elder, chief, governor, leader, master, lord, prince, king; source; a primitive, that from which something is derived; [eald]; 2. n (-es/-) (f?) 2 life, the vital parts of the body; 2 age, old age; eternity; on ealdre, t ealdre for ever, always; wa t ealdre, t wdan ealdre for ever and ever; these expressions are used not only with regard to the
duration of life, but also in general for an unlimited period of time, independently or with the addition of , wa, etc. [Ger alter]

ealdorapostol [] m (-es/-as) the chief apostle, the chief of the apostles ealdorbana [] m (-n/-n) life-destroyer ealdorbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) vital evil, life-bale, death ealdorbiscop [] m (-es/-as) archbishop, an elder or chief-bishop; high-priest; a chiefpriest, high-priest of the Jews ealdorbold [] n (-es/-) palace, mansion, a royal house or villa, a chief residence, court of a

ealdorbotl [] n (-es/-) palace, mansion, a royal house or villa, a chief residence, court of a

ealdorburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a royal city, metropolis; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] ealdorcearu [] f (-e/-a) great sorrow; life-care, care for life, lifelong care ealdordg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) day of life, life-day ealdordma2 [] m (-n/-n) chief judge, supreme judge, prince ealdordofol [] m (-dofles/-doflas) chief of the devils, the prince of the devils ealdordm [] m (-es/-as) 1. greatness, power, authority; power, lordship, eldership, rule, dominion, authority, magistracy, principality; 2. state of superiority, superiority, preeminence, primacy, (1) of persons; (2) of things; 3. rule, government, any official position involving command of others; 4. a beginning ealdordmlic [] adj preeminent ealdordmlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) authority, control ealdordmscipe [] m (-es/-as) office of alderman, aldermanship ealdordugu2 [] f (-e/-a) nobility, flower of the chiefs, a chief nobility ealdorfra [] m (-n/-n) lord, chief, chief lord ealdorgeard [] m (-es/-as) the house of life, enclosure of life, body ealdorgedl2 [] n (-es/-) death, divorce or separation from life ealdorgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) state of life, condition of life

ealdorgewinna2 [] m (-n/-n) deadly enemy, vital adversary ealdorlang [] adj life-long, eternal; cmp ealdorlengra; spl ealdorlengest ealdorlas [] 1. adj lifeless, dead; 2. adj deprived of parents, without parents, orphaned; without a chief, lacking a leader, without a lord ealdorlegu2 [] f (-e/-a) course of life, destiny; death; life-law, fate ealdorlic [] adj in gen., first, original, primitive; in rank, first in rank, station, or esteem, chief, principal, excellent; of or belonging to a prince or ruler, princely, imperial, the emperor's; of or belonging to a prince or ruler, princely, imperial, the emperor's; to the second line in the order of battle; of or belonging to the (beginning, commencement, origin) in a camp [principalis], chief, princely, excellent; authentic; adv ~lce excellently ealdorlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) principality, authority ealdormann [] m (-es/-menn) 1. elderman, alderman, ruler, prince, senator, chief, nobleman of the highest rank, and holding an office inferior only to that of the king, high civil or religious officer, chief officer of a shire; as translation of foreign titles; in a general sense, (1) used of a person of high position, a prince, ruler, leader, magistrate, (2) a master, overseer of workmen; 1a. w.g., chief of a class or a profession; The title of Ealdorman or Aldorman denoted civil as well as military preeminence. The word ealdor or aldor in Anglo-Saxon denotes princely dignity; in Beowulf it is used as a synonym for cyning, oden, and other words applied to royal personages. Like many other titles of rank in the various Teutonic languages, it, strictly speaking, implies age, though practically this idea does not survive in it any more than it does in the word Senior, the original of the feudal term Seigneur. Every shire has its ealdormann, who was the principal judicial officer of the shire, and also the leader of its armed force. The internal regulations of the shire, as well as its political relation to the whole kingdom, were under his immediate guidance and supervision the scrgerfa, or sheriff, being little more than his deputy, and, under his control. The dignity of the ealdorman was supported by his lands within his district which appear to have passed within the office, - hence the phrases, s ealdormannes land, mearc, gemru, etc. which so often occur. The ealdorman had also share of the fines and other monies levied to the kings use; though, as he was invariably appointed among the higher nobles, he must always have possessed lands of his own to the extent of forty hides. The ealdormen of the several shires seem to have been appointed by the king, with the assent of the higher nobles, if not of the whole witena gemt, and to have been taken from the most trustworthy, powerful, and wealthy of the nobles of the shire. The offices and dignity of eadlorman was held for life, though sometimes forfeited for treason and other grave offences; but it was not strictly hereditary; fram m brrum and m ealdormannum; 2. the new constitution introduced by Cnut, who reigned in England from 1014 to 1035 AD, reduced the ealdorman to a subordinate position one eorl (Norse jarl), being placed over several shires. The Danish kings ruled by their eorlas or jarls, and the ealdorman disappeared from the shires. Gradually the title ceased altogether, except in the cities, where it denoted an inferior judicature, much as it now does among ourselves; 3. used of the holder of a particular office; (1) referring to other than English officials; (a) of a secular office; (b) of ecclesiastical office; (2) of English officials; ealdorneru2 [] f (-e/-a) a life salvation, lifes preservation, lifes safety, lifes refuge, asylum ealdornes [] f (-se/-sa) authority

ealdorscerd [] m (-es/-as) a high-priest ealdorscipe [] m (-es/-as) seniority, eldership, headship, supremacy, sovereignty ealdorstl [] m (-es/-as) throne, the lords seat ealdoregn [] m (-es/-as) chief attendant, retainer, distinguished courtier, chieftain, the principal thane or servant; chief apostle ealdorwisa [] m (-n/-n) chief, chief ruler ealdo [] ? (-?/-?) vessel ealdriht [] n (-es/-) old right, an ancient right Ealdseaxan [] m pl the Old Saxons, Continental Saxons; the German or continental Saxons occupying the territory between the Eyder and the Weser Eald-Seaxan [] m pl the Old Saxons, Continental Saxons; the German or continental Saxons occupying the territory between the Eyder and the Weser Ealdseaxe [] m pl the Old Saxons, Continental Saxons; the German or continental Saxons occupying the territory between the Eyder and the Weser Eald-Seaxe [] m pl the Old Saxons, Continental Saxons; the German or continental Saxons occupying the territory between the Eyder and the Weser ealdspell [] n (-es/-) an old saying, an old story ealdsprc [] f (-e/-a) proverb, by-word; an old speech, history; an old form of words ealdung [] f (-e/-a) process of growing old, age ealdur see ealdor ealdwearg [] adj accursed from old times; fatally weary; [= ealdorwrig?] ealdwerig see ealdwearg ealdwf [] n (-es/-) an old woman ealdwita [] m (-n/-n) venerable man, priest, sage, one old or eminent in knowledge; an elder, senior, principal person ealdwrtere [] m (-es/-as) writer on ancient history, an antiquarian, on that writes of old or ancient matters ales see ealh ealfara [] m (-n/-n) pack-horse ealfela2 [] adj very much, full many ealfelu [] adj all-fell, very baleful, dire ealgeador2 see eallgeador2 ealgearu2 [] adj all ready or prepared ealgian2 [] wv/t2 to protect, defend ealgodwebb [] n (-es/-) all of silk [holosericus], all-silk cloth ealgodwebben [] adj all-silk ealh2 [] m (ales/alas) temple, residence ealhstede2 [] m (-es/-as) temple, a protecting or sheltering place; city alic [] adj of a river alifer [aeliver] f (-e/-a) liver-wort? alend [] m (-es/-) seafaring man, a wave sailor, sailor eall [] 1. adj (no wk forms) all, every, entire, whole, universal; with noun, adj, number in agreement (a) all; (b) quite; pl all men; ~ ic I all; ~ earfou all the pains; ~ here the whole host; ~ s all of that; ~es s gafoles of all the tribute; fower ~um to all four; s ~es nwiht nothing of all that; fram him ~um by them all; 2. adv (~, ~es, ~e, ~ra) fully, wholly, entirely, quite; (1) in gen. (a) with superlative adjective/adverb; (b) with a

numeral, in all, altogether; (c) entirely, quite; (2) in dat.inst. entirely, altogether; (2a) mid ~um/~e () quite, altogether; () along with noun governed by mid, and all; (3) in acc. () alone, all, quite; () with prepositions; ~es mst most of all; ~es gelicost most like of all;

mid ~e altogether; ~ sw quite as, just as; ~ sw micle sw as much as; mid ~e/~um altogether, entirely; ealra swost especially, most of all; ealne weg/ealneg always; ofer ~ (neut) everywhere, into all parts; 3. n (-es/-) all, everything; without substantive, and sometimes governing the genitive ealla see gealla eallbeorht [] adj all-bright, all-shining eallcrftig2 [] adj all-powerful eallcynn [] adj of every kind, universal ealle [] adv entirely, wholly, fully, quite; ~ for swe altogether, utterly eallencten [] m (-es/-as) season of Lent eallenga see eallunga Eallerca [] m (-n/-n) Alaric, king of the Visigoths, who sacked Rome in 396; [al = eall, all; rca ruler] ealles [] adv entirely, wholly, fully, quite [gen of eall]; ~ for swe altogether, utterly ealleern [] adj wholly of leather eallgeador2 [] adv altogether eallgelaflic [] adj universally believed, catholic eallgd [] adj all-good, infinitely good; cmp ~betra, ~bettra; spl ~betst eallgrne [] adj all-green, green; young, fresh eallgylden [] adj all-golden eallhlgung [] f (-e/-a) all worship; consecration eallhlig [] adj all-holy eallhwt [] adj all-white, entirely of white eallic [] adj of all, universal, general, catholic; Catholic eallinga see eallunga eallren [] adj all-iron, entirely of iron eallsig [] adj all-icy, very cold ealllencten [] m (-es/-as) the season of Lent eallmgen2 [] n (-es/-) utmost effort; all-power, all-might eallmst [] adv nearly all, almost, for the most part eallmiht [] f (-e/-e) omnipotence eallmihtig see lmihtig eallmihtig [] adj all-mighty eallnacod [] adj entirely naked eallneg see ealneg eallnwe [] adj all-new, quite new eallnunge see eallunga ealloffrung [] f (-e/-a) holocaust eallreord see elreord Eallrca [] m (-n/-n) Alaric, king of the Visigoths, who sacked Rome in 396; [al = eall, all; rca ruler] eallriht [] adj all-right; ~e adv just, exactly, quite directly eallrh [] adj all-rough

eallsealf [] f (-e/-a) the herb called the oak of Jerusalem or the oak of Cappadocia eallseolcen [] adj entirely made of silk eallsw [] conj just as, even as, even so, as, as if, so, so as, likewise, also; 1. w. adj or adv just as, just so; 2. w. verb likewise, in just the same way; 3. adverbial conj as; he dydon eallsw he wron bewuna; as (if); he ridon eallsw he sceoldon; eallswilc [] adj just such ealltw [] adj complete, all good, excellent, entire, perfect, healthy, healthful, sound, true, honest; noted; [Goth twa]; cmp ~re, spl ~est; adv ~lce well, perfectly ealltela [] adv quite well eallunga [] 1. adv altogether, completely, entirely, assuredly, utterly; in a less definite sense, quite, certainly, indeed, at all, now; 2. interj behold! eallweald2 [] 1. adj all-ruling, all-powerful, almighty; Eallwealda2 [] m (-n/-n) All-ruler, God, the Almighty eallwealdend [] m (-es/-) ruler of all, the omnipotent, God eallwealdende [] adj all-wielding, all-ruling, omnipotent eallwerlce [] adv all-manly, liberally, freely eallwihta2 [] f pl all creatures eallwriten [] adj holograph eallwundor [] n (-wundres/-) marvel, a very powerful thing, a very wonderful thing ealm- see eallmealmihtig see lmihtig ealneg [] adv always, quite, perpetually (1) ealneweg [] adv always, quite, perpetually (2) ealnig [] adv always, quite, perpetually (4) ealning [] adv always, quite, perpetually; altogether, entirely (5) ealninga [] adv always, quite, perpetually; altogether, entirely (6) ealnuweg [] adv always, quite, perpetually (3) ealnunga see eallunga ealo see ealu ealoffrung [] f (-e/-a) holocaust alond see aland ealo see ealu ealsealf [] f (-e/-a) ambrosia, anaromatic plant ealsw see eallsw ealtawe see ltwe ealu [] n (ealo/ealo) ale, beer; an intoxicating drink [gen ealo; dat ealo; nom/acc pl ealo; gen pl ealea; dat pl ealum] ealubenc2 [] f (-e/-e) ale-bench ealucleofa [] m (-n/-n) beer-cellar, a place for storing ale ealuft [] n (-es/-fatu) ale-vat, vessel in which ale was left to ferment ealugafol [] n (-gafles/-) tax or tribute paid for (in?) ale ealugl [] adj drunk with ale, ale-drunk ealuglnes [] f (-se/-sa) drunkenness ealugeweorc [] n (-es/-) brewing ealuhs [] n (-es/-) alehouse ealumalt [] n (-es/-) malt for brewing, malt used for making ale

ealuscerwen [] f (-ne/-na) serving of bitter ale; (ale-deprival), deprival of joy, distress, mortal panic? ealuscop [] m (-es/-as) singer in alehouses, one who recites poetry where there is drinking ealusele [] m (-es/-as) alehouse ealuwge2 [] n (-es/-u) ale-flagon, ale-can, the ale-cup ealuwosa [] m (-n/-n) ale-tippler, ale-wetter, ale-drinker ealw- see eallweam see eom, pres 1st sing of wesan am [] 1. m (-es/-as) uncle (usu. maternal; paternal uncle is fdera); 2. dative pl of a anian1 [] wv/t2 to yean, bring forth young (usu lambs), to bring forth as a ewe afer [] m (-fres/-fras) river-bank eapel see ppel eapl see ppel eappul- see ppelear [] ? (-?/-?) occa, harrow? ar [] 1. n (-es/-) ear (of corn); 2. 2 m (-es/-as) wave, sea, ocean; 3. 2 m (-es/-as) the earth, the ground; name of the rune for a; 4. see r; 5. see are ar see raracu [] f (-e/-a) river bed earan- see earon earb- see earfearbe [] f? (-an/-an) tare [L ervum] arbld [] n (-es/-bladu) stalk, blade (of corn), straw earc [] f (-e/-a) 1. chest, coffer; 2. the ark of Noah; 3. ark, ark of the covenant [L] earce [] f (-an/-an) 1. chest, coffer; 2. the ark of Noah; 3. ark, ark of the covenant [L] arclnsend [] m (-es/-) an ear-cleanser, the little finger earcnanstn see eorcnanstn arcou [] f (-e/-a) an ear-disease, a tumor near the ears, a parotis [parotis], a tumor near the ears eard [] m (-a/-a) 1. native soil, native land, native country, country, province, region, place of residence, dwelling, home; dwelling place, estate, cultivated ground; 1a. (1) in connection with persons, (a) the country where a person lives or is going to live; (b) of a more limited area, the place where a person lives, habitation, dwelling, home; (2) in connection with things, natural place, native soil (of plants); 2. earth or land, in contrast to water, as a firm place on earth or on land; 3. state, station, condition; fate eardbegenga [] m (-n/-n) an inhabitant, dweller eardbegengnes [] f (-se/-sa) an abode, habitation eardeswrcca see eardwrecca eardere [] m (-es/-as) a dweller eardelriht [] n (-es/-) land-inheritance right, patrimonial right eardelwynn2 [] f (-e/-a) joy of an estate eardfst [] adj domiciled, settled, established in a place, abiding; of persons; of things eardgeard2 [] m (-es/-as) place of habitation, a dwelling place, world eardgiefu [] f (-e/-a) gift from ones homeland, gift from ones native land

eardian1 [] 1. wv/i2 (1) of human beings (a) to live, dwell, be inhabitant of a country, city, etc.; (b) to live, abide, pass ones life; (c) of the unborn child in the womb; (2) of an indwelling spirit; (3) of beasts; 2. wv/t2 to inhabit, occupy a country; eardiend [] m (-es/-) a dweller, inhabitant eardiendlic [] adj habitable eardland [] n (-es/-) native land, country eardlufu [] f (-e/-a) dear home eardrce [] n (-es/-u) a dwelling-land eardstapa [] m (-n/-n) a land-stepper, wanderer eardstede [] m (-es/-as) a dwelling-place, habitation eardung1 [] f (-e/-a) 1. abstract, living, dwelling; (1) of men (or spirits); (2) of beasts; 2. concrete, a dwelling-place, habitation, an abode, tabernacle (1) of men (or spirits); (2) a lair of beasts; eardungburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a dwelling city, city of habitation, city of tabernacles; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] eardunghs [] n (-es/-) tabernacle, habitation eardungstw [] f (-e/-a) a dwelling place, a tent, tabernacle, habitation eardweall [] m (-es/-as) land-rampart, bulwark eardwc2 [] n (-es/-) a dwelling-place, dwelling eardwrecca [] m (-n/-n) an exile, one banished from his native country eardwunung [] f (-e/-a) dwelling in ones own country, living in ones native land are [] n (-an/-an) 1. an ear (part of the head), the ear of man or an animal; 2. with reference to its function, the organ of hearing; 3. as channel of information, as in to come to the ears of a person; 4. ear, as in favorable ear, attention to what is heard; arede [] adj having a handle (of a pitcher having duas ansas) arefinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) an ear-finger, the little finger arelipprica see arliprica earendel [] m (-endles/-endlas) dayspring, dawn, a shining light, ray, ray of light earfa- see earfoearfe [] f? (-an/-an) tare [L ervum] earfed- [] 1. see earfo-; 2. see yrfeearfe see earfo arfinger see arefinger earfod- see earfoearfocierre [] adj hard to convert earfocynn [] n (-es/-) depraved race, a violent generation earfodde [] adj difficult earfodg [] m (-es/-dagas) a day of tribulation, a trouble-day, day of trouble earfoe [] n (-es/-u) 1. tribulation, affliction, trouble, hardship; 2. labor, pains, trouble of laborious work; 3. bodily pain, labor of childbirth, disease, hardship; 4. work, labor; 5. what is difficult, the difficult; 6. ; 2 ~ dlan1 to fight, contend; [Ger arbeit]; 7. suffering, torment, torture, woe earfoe [] adj 1. difficult; 2. laborious, troublesome; 3. grievous; 4. adv with difficulty earfofre [] adj difficult to pass through, hard to travel earfofynde [] adj hard to find [compare to afynde]

earfohwe [] adj difficult to be seen earfohwl [] f (-e/-a) hard time, time of hardship earfohylde [] adj dissatisfied, ill-inclined, ill-disposed, ill-natured earfoian1 [] wv/t2 to trouble earfolre [] adj hard to teach, difficult to be taught, indocile; undisciplined earfolte [] adj hard to discharge, difficult to be sent forth earfolic [] adj difficult, irksome, full of hardship; adv ~lce with difficulty, painfully, reluctantly, sorely, hardly, scarcely; grievously, painfully earfolicnes see earfones earfomcg2 [] m (-es/-as) sufferer, an unhappy or unfortunate man earfones [] f (-se/-sa) difficulty, hardship, anxiety, tribulation, trouble, affliction, pain, misfortune earforecce [] adj hard to relate, difficult to relate earforihte [] adj hard to correct, incorrigible earforme [] adj hard to enumerate, difficult to be numbered earfoslig [] adj unhappy, unfortunate, unblessed, having hard fortune earfos2 [] m (-es/-as) a laborious journey, troublesome journey; a misfortune, calamity earfotcne [] adj difficult to be shown earforg [] f (-e/-a) time of tribulation, sorrowful time earfowilde [] adj hard to subdue earg [] adj 1. slothful, sluggish; swift, fleeing through fear, timorous, timid, cowardly, spiritless, craven, weak, inert; 2. evil, vile, wretched, ill, craven; vicious, profligate, prodigal; 3. adv ~e, ~lce fearfully, timidly, disgracefully, basely eargat see earngat argebland2 [aeryebland] n (-es/-) wave-blend, wave-mingling, surge argespreca [] m (-n/-n) whisperer, an ear-speaker; a confidential speaker, a counsellor privy councilor [= spreca] eargian1 [] wv/t2 to shun, fear, turn coward; terrify; to be slothful, dull, idle earglic [] adj cowardly, craven, timid; slothful, shameful, bad; adv ~lce timidly, fearfully, in a cowardly manner; basely eargnes [] f (-se/-sa) licentiousness, profligacy argrund [] m (-es/-as) bottom of the sea, the oceans ground eargscipe [] m (-es/-as) 1. cowardice, pusillanimity; 2. profligacy; 3. idleness, sloth earh [] 1. f (are/ara) arrow; 2. see earg earhfaru2 [] f (-e/-a) flight, or shooting, of arrows arhring [] m (-es/-as) ear-ring earhwinnende [] adj cowardly conquering (of a poisoned arrow) arisc [aerish] f (-e/-a) a water-rush, rush, bulrush, reed, flag [a] ar [aereeth] m (-es/-as) water-stream arlppa [] m (-n/-n) external ear, an ear-lap arliprica [] m (-n/-n) a flap of the ear, external ear arlocc [] m (-es/-as) lock of hair over the ear; pl forelocks earm [] 1. m (-es/-as) arm (of the body, sea, etc.), the limb extending from the shoulder to the hand; foreleg; power; wi ~ gesittan to lean; anything projectiong from a main body, as an inlet of the sea or ocean, etc.; 2. adjective as a noun the poor and destitute for whom the church made a provision

earm [] adj 1. wretched, unhappy, miserable; (1) of persons; (1a) in a moral sense; (2) of things; 2. poor, destitute, pitiful; helpless; 2a. poor in something, destitute of w.g.; earmbag [] m (-es/-as) an arm-ring, bracelet earmbah [] m (-es/-as) an arm-ring, bracelet earmbeorhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) pity earmboga [] m (-n/-n) an arm-bow, elbow earmcearig2 [] adj miserable and sad, full of sorrows earme [] adv miserably, wretchedly, badly earmella [] m (-n/-n) sleeve earmfull [] adj wretched, miserable; poor in spirit, humble earmgegirela [] m (-n/-n) a bracelet to be worn on the right arm, bracelet earmheort [] adj humble, poor in spirit, poor-spirited, faint-hearted; tender-hearted, merciful, pitiful earmhrad [] f (-e/-a) an arm-ornament earmian [] impersonal wv/i2 w.d. person, w.g. thing to cause pity in a person (dat); (1) used impersonally w.g. cause; hwm ne mg earmian swilcre tde to whom will there not be pity for such a time?; (2) with cause of pity as subject; him earmode re unsligan anginn the unhappy womans enterprise was a cause of pity to him; wv/t2 to pity, commiserate; earming [] m (-es/-as) poor wretch, a wretched or miserable being; (1) with the idea of suffering; (2) with the idea of reprobation; (3) with the idea of contempt, a poor thing; earmlic [] adj 1. miserable; (1) attended with misery; (2) expressing misery, piteous; (3) piteous, deplorable; 2. poor, mean, wretched, sorry; 3. adv ~lce miserably, wretchedly earmscanca [] m (-n/-n) arm-bone earmsceapen [] adj unfortunate, miserable, wretched; (1) suffering misfortune, hardship, etc.; (2) in a moral sense earmslfe [] f (-an/-an) sleeve, an arm-sleeve earmstoc [] n (-es/-u) sleeve earmstrang [] adj strong of arm, arm-strong, muscular; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest earmsw [] adj strong of arm, arm-strong, muscular, strong earmu [] f (-e/-a) misery, poverty earmung [] f (-e/-a) pity, compassion [original: misery, poverty;] Earma [] m (-n/-n) Yarmouth, Norfolk earn [] 1. m (-es/-as) eagle; 2. see rn; 3. see arn past 3rd sing of iernan earnan see rnan earncynn [] n (-es/-) eagle tribe, eagle kind earngap [] f (-e/-a) vulture; a species of falcon? earngat [] f (-e/-a) vulture; a species of falcon? earngot [] f (-e/-a) vulture; a species of falcon? earnian1 [] wv/t2 1. to labor for, strive after w.g., w.prep., w.clause; [w.g. of thing earned]; 2. to deserve as the reward of labor, earn, merit; 3. to obtain as the reward of labor, merit, win, earn wages w.a. or w.clause; Earnulf [] m (-es/-as) Arnulf, emperor of Germany from 887 899 AD, nephew of Charlemagne earnung [] f (-e/-a) an earning, desert, merit, reward, good turn, consideration, pay, compassion; labor to obtain something; recompense

earnungland [] n (-es/-) land for which service was rendered?; land earned or made freehold [see bcland] earo see gearu earon [] verb form (w, g, he) are; see sindon pres pl of wesan aron see garum dative pl of gar earp [] adj dark, dusky, brown, swarthy [ON jarpr] earpa see hearpa arpltt [] m (-es/-as) box or blow on the ear arplttan [] wv/t1a to box the ears, buffet arplttigan [] wv/t2 to box the ears, buffet arpron [] m (-es/-as) an ear-pin, ear-ring arring see arhring earre see ierre ears [] m (-es/-as) fundament, the breech, the buttocks, the hind part arscripel [] m (-scriples/-scriplas) an ear-scraper, little finger arsealf [] f (-e/-a) ear-salve earsende [aersende] n (-es/-u) the breech, buttocks; pl buttocks earsgang [] m (-es/-as) privy; excrement, fecal discharge; anus arslege [aersleje] m (-es/-as) a blow that strikes off an ear earsling [] adv on ~ backwards, on the back earslra [] m? (-n/-n) buttocks, breech, the breech-muscle [lra] earsode [] ? tergosus arspinl [] f (-e/-a) earring earserl [] n (-es/-) anus eart [] verb form ( +) art; 2nd pers sing of wesan ear [] 1. see eor, yr; 2. see eart aran see r m eare see eore aryrel [] n (-yrles/-) 1. the ear-passage; 2. In gen., a pipe, tube, e. g. a water-pipe; 3. A hollow reed-stalk, a reed, cane; A reed-pipe, shepherd's pipe, pipes of Pan (made of several reeds gradually decreasing in length and calibre), the Greek surinx, invented by Pan; A writing-reed; A sort of ulcer, a fistula; A catheter [fistula], the windpipe; an artery [arteria], ear-passage [or = earsyrel, erl?] earu see gearu earun see earon arwrc [] n (-es/-) ear-ache, a pain in the air arwela [] m (-n/-n) watery realm earwian see gearwian arwicga [] m (-n/-n) an earwig or worm earwunga [] adv gratuitously; without a cause ar [] f (-e/-a) wave of the sea as see a ase [] ? (-?/-?) caucale (caucalia?), lipped vessel, beaker aspring see spryng aspring [] m (-es/-as) a water-spring, fountain ast [] 1. adj east, easterly; cmp ~ra, ~erra; spl ~mest, ~emest; 2. m (-es/-as) the east

ast [] adv eastwards, in an easterly direction, to the east, in or from the east; 1. marking direction, (1) of movement; (2) of measurement (of a road, boundary, etc.); (3) of looking; 2. of relative position, east, to the east, in the east; asta [] m (-n/-n) the east astn [] m (-es/-as) a river-stone? astan [] 1. adv from the east, easterly; marking direction of movement; marking direction of measurement, giving quarter from which measurement is made; 2. adj east astane [] adv from the east, easterly; marking direction of movement; marking direction of measurement; astannoran [] adv from the north-east astannoranwind [] m (-es/-as) north-east wind astansan [] adv from the south-east, southeastern astansanwind [] m (-es/-as) south-east wind astanwind [] m (-es/-as) east wind ast [aestath] n (-es/-stau) river-bank, sea-shore ast-Centingas [] m pl the East Kentians, men of East Kent astcyning [] m (-es/-as) eastern king astdl [] m (-es/-as) eastern quarter, the eastern part, the East ast-Dene [] m pl the East-Danes aste [] f (-an/-an) the East astemest see ast astende [] m (-es/-as) east-end, east quarter; the east part of a country, of the earth, the east astene see astane ast-Engle [] m pl the East-Anglians; East Anglia aster [] n (astres/astru) 1. of the Christian festival, Easter, the feast of Easter; 2. of the Jewish festival, the Passover, the paschal lamb; 3. of the season of the year, spring; [in W.S., the weak pl is almost always used; in the North, singular and plural, strong and weak forms occur] aster [] adj Easter asterfen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) Easter-eve asterdg [] m (-es/-dagas) 1. of the Christian festival, (1) a day in easter week, Easter-day; (2) Easter Sunday; on ran ~e on Easter Monday; 2. the day of the Passover; asterfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) Easter-fast, Lent asterfeorm [] f (-e/-a) feast of Easter, Easter fast or repast asterfrolsdg [] m (-es/-dagas) the feast day of the Passover astergewuna [] m (-n/-n) an Easter custom asterlic [] adj belonging to Easter, Easter, paschal Eastermna [] m (-mnes/mnas) April, Easter-month asterne [] adj east, eastern, oriental; 1. marking position, (1) in the east; (2) of the east part of the world, eastern; (2a) used as a noun, an Eastern, an oriental; 2. marking direction of the wind, east, from the east asterniht [] f (-e/-) Easter-night, Easter-eve; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] asterra see ast astersunnandg [] m (-es/-dagas) Easter Sunday astersymbel [] n (-symbles/-) Passover astertd [] f (-e/-e) Easter-tide, Paschal season asternung [] f (-e/-a) Passover, the paschal feast, paschal lamb, the Passover

asterwucu [] f (-e/-a) Easter-week aste see ast asteweard [] adj east, eastward, eastern part of the noun to which the word is applied astfolc [] n (-es/-) eastern nation, Eastern people astgrsecg [] m (-es/-as) the eastern ocean astgemre [] n (-es/-u) an eastern boundary, eastern confines asthealf [] f (-e/-a) east side astland [] n (-es/-) 1. an eastern land, the East, eastern country; in pl eastern lands, the East; 2. Estonia (East land), the country of the Osti or Estas; astlang [] 1. adj to the east, eastwards, extending east, lying in an easterly direction; cmp astlengra, spl astlengest; 2. adv along the east; cmp astleng/astlenge, spl astlengest astlode [] m pl Eastern people, Orientals astmest spl of ast astnor [] adj north-easterly, north-east; cmp ~erra; spl ~mest astnorerne [] adj north-east astnorwind [] m (-es/-as) north-east wind astor- see asterastportic [] n (-es/-) eastern porch, east portico astra see ast astre [] f (-an/-an) Easter; Passover; spring [usu in pl astron, astran]; ~an wyrcan to keep Easter, eat the Passover astram [] m (-es/-as) a water-stream, river astram [] f (-e/-a) a river-stream flood astrce [] n (-es/-u) 1. eastern kingdom, eastern country, eastern empire, eastern part of a country; 2. a kingdom that lies to the east of another; 3. the East; 4. East Anglia astrihte [] adv due east, eastwards, east-right, towards or in the east astrihtes [] adv due east astro neuter pl of astre astru neuter pl of astre astro- see asterastrodor [] m (-es/-roderas) eastern sky, the eastern part of heaven astron dative pl of aster asts [] f (-/-) east sea ast-Seaxan [] m pl East-Saxons, people of Essex; Essex ast-Seaxe [] m pl East-Saxons, people of Essex; Essex astst [] n (-es/-stau) east bank of a stream asts [] adj south-eastwards; be ~an to the south-east; cmp ~erra; spl ~mest astsdl [] m (-es/-as) south-east part astslang [] adj from east to south; cmp ~lengra; spl ~lengest astod [] f (-e/-a) an eastern people ast-yringas [] m pl the East Thuringians astweard [] 1. adj east, eastward; (1) defining direction of motion; (2) defining direction of measurement; 2. ~es adv eastwards; (1) of direction; (2) of position; astwerd see astweard

astweg2 [] m (-es/-as) east-way, path in or from the east, way to or in the east; in pl eastern parts, the east eata see eta imperative of etan eatan see etan eatol see atol Eatol see Eotol Eatole [] f? (-an/-an) Italy Eatolware [] m pl Italians a [] 1. see ae; 2. see e abede [] adj easy to be entreated, exorable abne [] adj easy to be entreated, exorable abegate [] adj easy to get abegte [] adj easy to get abelg [] m (-es/-as) irritability abylgnes [] f (-se/-sa) irritability, readiness to anger, irascibility abylige [] adj easily irritated acnwe [] adj easy to recognize adde [] adj easy to do ae [] 1. adj easy; smooth, agreeable, kindly; easily moved; cmp ara; spl aost; 2a. of action, easily; (1) as being well within ones power; (1a) as being within proper limits; (2) without discomfort or trouble, conveniently, readily, at ease; (3) without reluctance, willingly, readily; 2b. of event, easily, possibly, perhaps; ~ mg (1) perhaps, may be; (2) lest;; 3. n (es/-u) an easy thing, what is easy, the easy aelic [] 1. adj easy, presenting little difficulty; easy, possible; 2. adj inconsiderable, insignificant, slight; (1) of living things, weak, tender; (2) of lifeless matter, mean, poor, scanty; (3) of an abstract object, slight, trifling, insignificant; 3. adv ~lce easily; fickly, weakly aelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) easiness afre [] adj easy for traveling over, easily trod, easy afynde2 [] adj easy to find, easy to be found ageorn [] adj easily pleased agesene2 [] adj easily seen, visible agte [] adj easy to obtain, easily gotten, prepared, ready, gotten ready agate [] adj easy to obtain, easily gotten, prepared, ready, gotten ready ahrig see adhrig ahylde [] adj contented, satisfied, easily held, easy to hold, content; of a person, easily moved to anything, compliant alce [] adj easy to cure alcne [] adj easy to cure alre [] adj capable of being taught, instructed, teachable; easily taught amdan1 [] wv/t1b to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore; lower (1) amde [] 1. see amd; 2. see amdu amde [] adj humble-minded, humble, of an easy mind, meek, mild, lowly, gentle; submissive, obedient; benevolent, friendly, affectionate; gracious, gentle, condescending (2) amdian1 [] wv/t2 to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore; lower (3)

amdlic [] adj humble, respectful; adv ~lce humbly amdu [] f (-e/-a) gentleness, humility, lowliness; obedience, submission, reverence; graciousness, gentleness, condescension; god-will, kindness, affability amdum [] adv humbly, kindly amelte see amylte amttan1 [] wv/t1a to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore; lower (2) amttu [] n pl humility, weakness, impotency amd [] adj humble-minded, humble, of an easy mind, meek, mild, lowly, gentle; submissive, obedient; benevolent, friendly, affectionate; gracious, gentle, condescending (1) amdheort [] adj humble-minded amdian1 [] wv/t2 to humble or submit oneself, make humble, obey; to be humble, obey; ge~ condescend; ge~ adore, worship amdig see amd amdlic [] adj humble, respectful; adv ~lce humbly, meekly; kindly amdnes [] f (-se/-sa) humility, humbleness, meekness, humanity; gentleness, graciousness, kindness, condescension amylte [] adj easily digested anes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. easiness, lightness, facility, ease; 2. ease, freedom from trouble, suffering, etc.; 3. ease, freedom from difficulty; 4. gentleness arde [] adj easy to guess awylte [] adj easily turned, that may be easily turned aum dative pl of a aw [] 1. see a; 2. see ow 5; 3. see , w awan see ewan awdnes [] f (-se/-sa) a showing, exhibiting, manifestation [ostensio], disclosure awenga see awunga awesc- see awiscawfst see wfst awian see ewan awisc- see wiscawisclic [] adj manifest, open, displayed; adv ~lce openly awl see al awu see owu awunga [] adv openly, plainly, publicly [ewan] awunge [] adv openly, plainly, publicly [ewan] awyrt [] f (-e/-e) river-wort, burdock eax [] 1. f (-e/-a) axis, axle, axle-tree; 2. see cs Eaxan ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Exeter, Devon Eaxan mynster [] n (-minstres/-) the minster on the river Ex, Axminster, Devon Eaxan ma [] m (-n/-n) the mouth of the river Ex, Exmouth, Devon eaxelgespann [] n (-es/-) place where the two beams of a cross intersect eaxl [] f (-e/-a) shoulder eaxel [] f (-e/-a) shoulder eaxlcl [] m (-es/-as) a shoulder-cloth, scapular eaxle see eaxl

eaxlgespan [] n (-nes/-nu) the shoulder-span; the beam of a cross which passes behind the shoulders eaxlgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) shoulder-companion, comrade, nearest friend, bosom friend, counselor; competitor? eb- see ef-, eofb- see bebba [] m (-n/-n) ebb, low tide, a receding of water ebbian1 [] wv/t2 to ebb ebind see gebind ebol- see yfelEbras [] m pl the Hebrews Ebrisc [] adj Hebrew, belonging to Jews; adv ~lce in Hebrew c see ac ca weak masculine form of ce adj cambe see cumbe can see ecan ccelic see celic ece [] m (-es/-as) ache, pain [acan] ce [] adj perpetual, eternal, everlasting, to all time; durable; adv eternally, ever, evermore, perpetually eced [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) acid, vinegar [L acetum] eceddrenc [] m (-es/-as) acid drink, vinegar, a potion in which vinegar is an ingredient ecedft [] n (-es/-fatu) vinegar-vessel, an acid-vat ecedwn [] n (-es/-) wine mingled with myrrh celic [] adj eternal, perpetual, everlasting; adv ~lce eternally, ever, to eternity; to all time, perpetually cen see acen ecer see cer cere genitive feminine singular of ce adj ecg [] f (-e/-a) edge, point, a sharpness; 2 weapon, sword, blade, battle-axe; an edge, virge, brink of high ground; ecgan1 [] wv/t1b to sharpen, give an edge; harrow ecgbana2 [] m (-n/-n) slayer with the sword, sword-killer, murderer Ecgbryht [] m (-es/-as) Egbert; [ecg edge, sword; bryht bright, excellent] Ecgbryhtes stn [] m (-es/-as) Brixton Deverill, Wilts? ecgclif [] n (-es/-u, -cliofu) steep shore, a sea cliff or shore ecgheard [] adj hard of edge ecghete2 [] m (-es/-as) sword-hatred, hostile hate, war ecghws? [] adj keen-edged ecglst [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) swords edge ecglinga [] adv on the edge, edgeling ecgplega [] m (-n/-n) battle, a play of swords, sword-fight ecgracu [] f (-e/-a) hot contest, sword strength, war or savage courage ecgung [] f (-e/-a) harrowing ecgwl [] n (-es/-walu) sword-slaughter, swords wail clim- see celm-

eclypsis [] m (-es/-as) eclipse cnes [] f (-se/-sa) eternity, everlasting; all time; on ~se for ever and ever cre dative feminine singular of ce cs [] adv verily, but truly, but also cslce [] adv verily, but truly ed- [] prefix, denotes repetition, turning, means anew, again, as in the Latin red- see aedclnes [] f (-se/-sa) refreshment, a recooling, pleasant coolness [oe] edcennung [] f (-e/-a) regeneration edcierr [] m (-es/-as) return edcwic [] adj regenerate, restored to life edcwician1 [] wv/t2 to re-quicken, revive edcwide [] m (-es/-as) a relation, retelling, narrative edcynn- see edcennedcyrr see edcierr de see owde eder see eodor edesc see edisc edgeong2 [] adj becoming or being young again, growing young again; cmp ~giengra; spl ~giengest edgiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres edgief past edgeaf/edgafon ptp edgiefen to give again, restore edgieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres edgielde past edgeald/edguldon ptp edgolden to requite, remunerate edgieldend [] m (-es/-) remunerator, a rewarder, one who requites edgift [] f (-e/-a) restitution, a re-giving edginnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres edgin past edgann/edgunnon ptp edgunnen to begin again edgrwung [] f (-e/-a) a re-growing, growing again edgung see edgeong edgyldan see edgieldan edhwierfan [] wv/t1b to return, retrace ones steps edhwierft2 [] m (-es/-as) 1. return to a place; 2. a returning, return, change, going back (to a former state of things), reverse, recovery from a condition; 3. return to a condition; edisc [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) 1. an edish or aftermath; pasture; 2. enclosed pasture, park edischenn [] f (-e/-a) quail, an edish-hen ediscweard [] m (-es/-as) park-keeper, the keeper of edish, warren, gardener ediung see edgeong edlcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres edlce past edlhte ptp edlht to repeat, renew edlcung [] f (-e/-a) a repetition edlht past participle of edlcan edls- see edlesedlan [] n (-es/-) reward, retribution, recompense, requital edlanian [] wv/t2 to reward, recompense, renew, remit edlanend [] m (-es/-) one who rewards, recompenses, remunerates edlanung1 [] f (-e/-a) a rewarding, proper recompense, remuneration, retribution edlc- see edlcedlesende1 [] adj relative, reciprocal edlesendlic [] adj relative, reciprocal; adv ~lce

edlesung [] f (-e/-a) a relation, relating edmle [] n (-es/-u) religious festival, a season which recurs edmltd [] f (-e/-e) festival time dmd see amd ednow- see ednwednwan [] adv anew, again ednwe [] 1. adj new, renewed, again new; 2. adv anew, again ednwian1 [] wv/t2 to renew, make new, restore, reform ednwigend [] m (-es/-) restorer, repairer, renewer ednwinga [] adv anew, again ednwung1 [] f (-e/-a) a renewing, renewal, reparation, renovation do see owde edor see eodor dr- see dredrec- see edroc edreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to chew, ruminate edrecedrocc [] m (-es/-as) the belching thing edric see edroc edrine see edryne edring [] f (-e/-a) refuge, return? edroc [] m (-es/-as) gullet; rumination, ruminating, a chewing again, chewing the cud, consideration edryne [] m (-es/-as) return, meeting edsceaft [] f (-e/-a) new creation, new birth, regeneration; new creature edsih [] f (-e/-a) looking again, respect edspellung [] f (-e/-a) recapitulation edstaelian1 [] wv/t2 to establish again, re-establish, restore edstaelig [] adj firm, strong edstaeligend1 [] m (-es/-) restorer edstaelung1 [] f (-e/-a) re-establishment, restoration, renewal, renewing, an establishing again edstaol- see edstaeledingung [] f (-e/-a) reconciliation dulfstf see elstf edwalle see edwielle edwelle see edwielle edwendan [] wv/t1b to return, desist from, cease, cease to affect, turn back edwend2 [] f (-e/-a) a reverse, alteration, change, reversal, end edwenden2 [] f (-e/-a) a reverse, alteration, change, reversal, end edwendu [] f (-e/-a) a reverse, alteration, change, reversal, end edwd see edwt edwielle [] f (-an/-an) eddy, vortex, whirlpool; dizziness edwihte? [] pron? something, anything edwille see edwielle edwinde [] f (-an/-an) vortex, whirlpool, abyss, a winding again edwind [] f (-e/-a) vortex, whirlpool, a winding again

edwist [] f (-e/-e) being, substance, existance; sustenance, food edwistfull [] adj existing, substantial, substantive edwistlic [] adj existing, subsisting, substantial, substantive edwt [] n (-es/-) 1. a source or cause of disgrace; 2. disgrace, shame, blame incurred by a person; 3. blame directed against a person; (1) expressing disapproval; (2) expressing scorn, contempt; 4. an expression (1) of disapproval; (2) of scorn, contempt, approprious term; 5. an object of scorn; [original: reproach, shame, disgrace, scorn, abuse, blame, contumely] edwtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres edwte past edwt/edwiton ptp edwiten to reproach, blame, upbraid edwtful [] adj shameful, disgraceful, ignominious; adv ~lce disgracefully edwtfullic [] adj disgraceful; adv ~lce disgracefully edwtian see edwtan edwtlf [] n (-es/-) life of dishonor, a disgraceful life edwtscipe [] m (-es/-as) disgrace, shame; cowardice edwtsprc2 [] f (-e/-a) contemptuous speech, scorn edwtspreca [] m (-n/-n) a blame-speaker, scoffer, coviller edwtstf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) a disgraceful letter, reproach, scandal, disgrace, dishonor edwylm [] m (-es/-as) whirlpool of fire, heat of fire, burning heat edwyrpan1 [] wv/t1b to amend, recover, revive, become better edwyrpung [] f (-e/-a) recovery, a growing better, recovering efe- see efenfe [] f (-an/-an) Eve efen [] adj 1. even, equal, like; level; 1a. of sounds, harmonious, not discordant; calm, harmonious, equable; 2. unruffled, undisturbed; 3. equal, just, impartial; just, true; 4. equal, of like condition; 5. adv evenly; equally; exactly, just as, just so; quite, fully; namely; (1) with an adverb; ~ sw fela just as much; (2) with a numeral; ~ 60 just 60; efen- [] same as Latin confen [] n see fen efenmetan see efenmetan efenmeten [] adj compared; past participle of efenmetan efenapostol [] m (-es/-as) fellow-apostle efenele [] adj equally noble efenbehfe [] adj equally useful or needful efenbeorht2 [] adj equally bright efenbisceop [] m (-es/-as) co-bishop efenblissian [] wv/t2 to rejoice with, to rejoice equally efenble [] adj rejoicing with another efenboren [] adj of equal birth efenbrd [] adj equally broad, as broad as long; cmp ~brdra; spl ~brdost, ~brdost efenbyrde [] adj of equal birth efenceasterwaran [] m pl fellow-citizens efencempa [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier efencrsten [] adj fellow-Christian efencuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres efencym past efencm/on ptp is efencumen to come together, convene, assemble together, agree efendre [] adj equally dear efenadig [] adj equally blessed

efeneald [] adj contemporary, coeval, of the same age; cmp ~ieldra; spl ~ieldest efeneardigende [] adj dwelling together efenae [] adj equally easy efence2 [] adj co-eternal efenedwistlic [] adj consubstantial, of the same substance efenh [] f (-e/-a) a plain, neighborhood?, neighboring district? efenesne [] m (-es/-as) fellow-servant efenetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres efenite past efent/efenton ptp efeneten to eat as much as anyone efene [] adj just as easy efenfela [] num adj just so many, so many, as many; (1) noun w.g. ; (2) as adj; efenfrfran [] wv/t2 consolari efenfrfrian [] wv/t2 consolari efengedlan [] wv/t2 to share alike efengefon [] sv/t5 3rd pres efengefeh past efengefeah/efengefgon ptp efengefegen to rejoice together, sympathize efengelic [] adj like, co-equal efengelca [] m (-n/-n) equal, fellow, a co-equal efengemcca [] m (-n/-n) companion, equal, fellow, consort, husband efengemetgian [] wv/t2 to temper equally efengemynd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) commemoration efengemyndig [] adj commemorative efengespittan [] wv/t1a to spit upon; Esp., to spit upon in contempt; Poet., in a harsh and undignified figure, = conspergere, to besprinkle, to cover over; Neutr., to spit out much, to spit [conspuere] efengd [] adj equally good; cmp ~bettra; spl ~betst efenhda [] m (-n/-n) an equal in rank, co-bishop efenhdabiscop [] m (-es/-as) a co-bishop efenhlig [] adj equally holy efenhafda [] m (-n/-n) fellow, comrade efenheafodling [] m (-es/-as) an equal, mate, fellow, fellow-mate efenhah [] adj equally high; equally exalted; cmp ~herra; spl ~hehst efenhap [] m (-es/-as) a fellow soldier, soldier of the same band; band of comrades efenheort [] adj concordant, harmonious efenheorte [] ? (-?/-?) concord, harmony [fne-] efenheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) harmony [fne-] efenherenes [] f (-se/-sa) praising together efenherian [] wv/t1a to praise together efenhloor [] n (-hlores/-) harmony, a sounding together, union of sounds or voices, concordance of voices or sounds, united voice efenhlorian [] wv/t2 to sing together efenhlorung [] f (-e/-a) harmony, union of sounds or voices, a singing together, concert efenhlta [] m (-n/-n) sharer, partner, consort, companion, fellow efenhlte [] adj equal in rank, having like lot with another; efenhlte [] adj equal in rank efenhlytta [] m (-n/-n) sharer, partner, consort, companion efenee [] adj just as easy

efenlang [] adj even-long, equally long; (1) of the same length, coextensive with, stretching all along; (2) as long (as broad); cmp ~lengra; spl ~lengest; ~e prep w.d. along efenlste [] f (-an/-an) the herb mercury efenlcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to be equal, to be like; make like, match, imitate efenlce [] adj imitative efenlcend [] m (-es/-) imitator efenlcere [] m (-es/-as) imitator efenlcestre [] f (-an/-an) imitator efenlcung1 [] f (-e/-a) copying, imitation, a matching or making like or equal efenlof [] adj equally dear efenleornere [] m (-es/-as) fellow-disciple efenlic1 [] adj 1. equal in extent; 2. of equal degree, of like condition; 3. even, equal, comparable to, of like age efenlce1 [] adv 1. evenly, without inequalities of surface; 2. without disagreement, without discrepancy; 3. equally, on equal terms, as equals; 4. in like manner, in like degree, equally, alike; 5. with equanimity, calmly, patiently efenlca [] m (-n/-n) equal efenlician1 [] wv/t2 to conform to efenlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) evenness, equality efenling [] m (-es/-as) consort, fellow efenmre [] adj equally famous, equally great efenmsseprost [] m (-es/-as) fellow-priest f see fh 1. faca gen pl of fc fcen [] n (fcnes/-) deceit, fraud, treachery, sin, evil, crime; blemish, fault (in an object) fcendd [] f (-e/-e) sin, crime fcenful [] adj deceitful, crafty; adv ~lce fcenfullic [] adj deceitful, crafty; adv ~lce fcengecwis [] f (-e/-a) conspiracy fcenlas [] adj guileless; pure fcenlic [] adj deceitful; adv ~lce fcennes [] f (-se/-sa) deceitfulness fcensearu2 [] n (-es/-) treachery fcenstafas [] m pl treachery, deceit fcentcen [] n (-tcnes/-) deceitful token facg [] m (-es/-as) plaice?, loach? fcian [] wv/t2 to try to obtain, get; get to, reach fcn see fcen fcne see fcne fcnesful see fcenful facum dative pl of fc fadian1 [] wv/t2 to arrange, dispose, guide fadiend [] m (-es/-) manager fadung1 [] f (-e/-a) arrangement, order, disposition, dispensation, rule; interpretation, version

fadur see fder fg [] 1. adj variegated, spotted, dappled, stained, dyed; shining, gleaming; tessellated; 2. see fh 1 fg- see fhfage [] f see facg fagen see fgen fagen- see fgnfgettan [] wv/t1b to change color; mid wordum ~ speak evasively fgetung [] f (-e/-a) change (of color) fgian1 [] wv/t2 to change in color, vary, be variegated fgnes [] f (-se/-sa) scab, ulcer, eruption; variety of color, brilliancy fagnian see fgnian fgung [] f (-e/-a) variety (esp. of color) fgwyrm [] m (-es/-as) basilisk fh [] 1. adj hostile; 1 proscribed, outlawed, guilty, criminal; nom acc pl f [fogan]; 2. 1 m (fs/fs) for, enemy, party to a blood feud fahame [] ? (-?/-?) peeled barley, pearl-barley [polentum] fhmann [] m (-es/-menn) foeman, object of a blood feud fahnian see fgnian fala [] 1. ? (-n/-n) tube?, pipe?, plank?; 2. see fela flcan [] irreg wv/t1b to be at enmity with, show hostility to fald [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (1) fald- see fealdfald [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (2) faldgang [] m (-es/-as) going to the (sheep-)fold faldhrer [] n (-es/-) stalled ox faldian [] wv/t2 to make a fold, hurdle off sheep faldwyre [] adj entitled to have his own fold falew- see fealw-, feallewfall- see feallfalod see fald falod [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (3) fals [] 1. adj false; 2. n (-es/-) falsehood, fraud, counterfeit [L] faling [] m (-es/-as) mass, load; something that falls falu see fealu falud see fald falud [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (4) fm [] n (-es/-) foam; sea fmbig see fmig fmblwende see lig~ fmgian [] wv/i2 to foam, boil fmig [] adj foamy fmigbord [] adj with foaming banks (of a stream) fana [] m (-n/-n) banner, standard; plant, iris? fanbyrde [] adj standard-bearing fand [] past 3rd sing of findan

fandere [] m (-es/-as) trier, tester fandian1 [] wv/t2 (oft w.g., but also w.d., w.a.) to try, attempt, tempt, test, examine, explore, search out, experience, visit; [findan] fandung [] f (-e/-a) investigation, trial, temptation, test, proof fane [] 1. see fann; 2. see fanu fang [] m (-es/-as) plunder, boody fangen past participle of fn fann [] f (-e/-a) winnowing, fan [L vannus] fannian [] wv/t2 to fan, winnow fant [] m (-es/-as) fount, font; baptismal water fantb [] n (-es/-bau) baptismal water, laver of baptism fantbltsung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a font fanft [] n (-es/-fatu) baptismal font fanthlgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a font fanthlig [] adj holy from connection with the font fantwter [] n (-es/-) font-water, water used at baptism, laver of baptism fanu see fana fra genitive pl of fh 1 faran1 [] sv/i6 3rd pres fr past fr/on ptp is gefaren to set forth, go, travel, wander, proceed; be, happen, exist, act; fare, get on, undergo, suffer; ge~ die; ge~ attack, overcome, capture, obtain; west onbtan ~ to go west about fara- see farofareld see freld farendlic [] adj pervious fare- see faroFariseisc [] adj of or belonging to the Pharisees farm see feorm farnian [] wv/t2 to prosper faro2 [] m (-es/-as) shore; stream farohengest [] m (-es/-as) sea-horse, ship farolcende2 [] adj swimming, sailing; noun sailors farordende [] adj sailing farostrt [] f (-e/-a) path of the sea faru [] f (-e/-a) way, going, journey, course; expedition, march; procession, retinue, companions; life, proceedings, adventures; movable possessions fas- see fsfatian see fetian fatu see ft fae [] f (-an/-an) fathers sister, paternal aunt fau [] f (-e/-a) fathers sister, paternal aunt fausunu [] m (-a/-a) fathers sisters son faul [] m? (-es/-as) expression used as a charm; evil spirit fc [] n (-es/facu) space of time, while, division, interval; period of five years, lustrum fcan [] wv/i1b to wish to go fccan see feccan fcele [] f (-an/-an) torch [Ger fackel]

fcenlce see fcenlce fcful [] adj broad, spacious fcile see fcele fcne [] 1. adj deceitful, treacherous; vile, worthless; 2. adj deceitfully, maliciously, disgracefully; 2 exceedingly fcnig [] adj crafty fcnung [] f (-e/-a) suspicion fd- see fdfder [] m (-(es)/-as) father; male ancestor; the Father, God; pl parents; eald ~ grandfather; ridda, fowera ~ great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather fdera [] m (-n/-n) paternal uncle [Ger vetter] fderelu2 [] n pl patrimony; paternal kinship fderen [] adj paternal fderenbror [] m (-/-) brother (from the same father) [dat brer; pl also brru] fderencnsl [] n (-es/-) fathers kin fdrencnsl [] n (-es/-) fathers kin fderencynn [] n (-es/-) fathers kin fderenfeoh see fderfeoh fderenhealf [] f (-e/-a) fathers side fderenmg [] m (-es/-mgas) paternal kinsman [pl also mgas] fderenmg [] f (-e/-a) paternal kinsman fderel [] m (-les/- las) fatherland fderfeoh [] n (-fos/-) dowry paid by the father of the bride fdergeard [] m (-es/-as) fathers dwelling fdergestron [] n (-es/-) patrimony fderhwisc [] n? (-es/-) paterfamilias fderingmg see fderenmg fderland [] n (-es/-) paternal land, inheritance fderlas [] adj fatherless fderlic [] adj fatherly, paternal, ancestral; adv ~lce fdern- see fderenfdernama [] m (-n/-n) surname fderrce [] n (-s/-u) heaven fderslaga [] m (-n/-n) patricide fderswica [] m (-n/-n) traitor to ones father fdm see fm fdr- see fderffne see fmne fgan [] wv/t1b to paint fge [] adj fey, doomed (to death), fated, destined; dead; unhappy, accursed; feeble, cowardly fgen1 [] adj w.g. fain, glad, joyful, rejoicing fgenian see fgnian fgennes [] f (-se/-sa) joy fger [] 1. adj fair, lovely, beautiful; pleasant, agreeable; attractive; 2. n (-es/-) beauty; beautiful object

fger- see fgrfgerlce [] adv splendidly fgernes [] f (-se/-sa) fairness, beauty fgerwyrde [] adj smooth-speaking fgn see fgen fgnes see fgnes fgnung1 [] f (-e/-a) rejoicing fgre [] adv fairly, elegantly, beautifully; pleasantly, softly, gently, kindly; well, justly; early fgrian1 [] wv/t2 to become beautiful; adorn, decorate fg? [] f (-e/-a) imminent death fhan see fgan fht see feoht fh [] f (-e/-a) hostility, enmity, violence, revenge, vendetta [fh; Ger fehde] fhbt [] f (-e/-a) payment for engaging in a feud fhe see fh fho see fh fhu see fh fl- see feal-, fel-, fiel-, fylflcan see flcan fle2 [] 1. adj faithful, trusty, good; dear, beloved; 2. adv truly, well, pleasantly flsian1 [] wv/t2 to cleanse, purify; expiate; ge~ pass through fman [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fm past fmde ptp gefmed to foam [fm] fmhdlic see fmnhdlic fmig see fmig fmnanhd see fmnhd fmne [] f (-an/-an) maid, virgin, bride; ge~ woman; virago fmnedlic see fmnhdlic fmnendlic see fmnhdlic fmnhd [] m (-a/-a) virginity, maidenhood fmnhdesmann [] m (-es/-menn) virgin [listed as ~mon] fmnhdlic [] adj maidenly, virginal fmnlic [] adj maidenly, virginal fmnenlic [] adj maidenly, virginal fn see fen fr [] n (-es/-faru) 1 way, journey, passage, expedition; mannes ~ highway; movement; proceedings, life; movable possessions, means of subsistence; ark, ship fr [] 1. m (-es/-as) calamity, sudden danger, peril; sudden attack; terrible sight; 2. see ffer; 3. see fger fr- see fer-, fear-, feor-, fier-, forfr- [] prefix 1. sudden, fearful; 2. see frfrrning [] f (-e/-a) quick riding fran [] wv/t1b to frighten; raven frbna [] m (-n/-n) peasant, small-holder?; a rider of a camel; a soldier on board a ship [epibata]

frbnu [] m (-wes/-was) peasant, small-holder?; a rider of a camel; a soldier on board a ship [epibata] frbifongen [] adj beset by dangers? frbld [] m (-es/-as) sudden blast (of wind) frbryne [] m (-es/-as) scorching heat frclamm [] m (-es/-as) sudden seizure frcou [] f (-e/-a) apoplexy frcumen [] adj sudden frcwealm [] m (-es/-as) sudden pestilence frcyle [] m (-es/-as) intense cold frda [] m (-es/-as) sudden death frdryre [] m (-es/-as) sudden fall fredlic see frlic freht see frriht freld [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) way, journey, track, passage, expedition; retinue, company; course of life, conduct; movement, progress, power of locomotion; vehicle; the Passover freldfrols [] m (-es/-as) Passover-feast frelt see freld frennes see frnes fre pres 3rd sing of faran frfrge [] adj without freedom to go frfyll [] adv? headlong frgripe2 [] m (-es/-as) sudden grip frgryre2 [] m (-es/-as) awful horror frhaga [] m (-n/-n) hedge of terrors fring [] f 1. 2 (-e/-a) journey, wandering; 2. accusation; 3. ecstasy fringa [] adv suddenly, unexpectedly, quickly, forthwith, by chance frlic [] adj sudden, unexpected; rapid; adv ~lce frnes [] f (-se/-sa) suddenness; passage, traffic frn [] m (-es/-as) hostile attack frrs [] m (-es/-as) sudden rush frrsende [] adj rushing headlong frriht [] n (-es/-) passage-money frsceatt [] m (-es/-as) passage-money, fare frsceaa [] m (-n/-n) enemy frscyte [] m (-es/-as) sudden shot frsearu [] n (-wes/-) sudden artifice frsa [] m (-a/-a) deep pit frslide [] m (-es/-as) sudden fall frspell2 [] n (-es/-) dreadful tidings frspryng [] m (-es/-as) sudden eruption frst pres 2nd sing of faran frsteorfa [] m (-n/-n) murrain frstice [] m (-es/-as) sudden stitch (pain) frstylt [] m? (-es/-as) amazement frswge [] m (-es/-as) amazement

frswile [] m (-es/-as) sudden swelling fr [] 1. see fer; 2. pres 3rd sing of faran frunga see fringa frunge see fringa fruntrymnes [] f (-se/-sa) sudden sickness frweg [] m (-es/-as) cart road frwundor [] n (-wundres/-) terrible wonder fs [] n (-es/fasu) fringe, border fsceaftnes see fasceaftnes fsl2 [] n? (-es/-) seed, offspring, progeny fsnian see fstnian fst [] 1. adj fast, fixed, firm, secure; constant, steadfast; stiff, heavy, dense; obstinate, bound, costive; enclosed, closed, watertight; strong, fortified; reputable?, standard?; 2. see fsten fstan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to fasten, make firm, ratify, establish; entrust, commit; 2. to fast, abstain from food; atone for (by fasting) fste [] adv fast, firmly, securely; straightly, strictly; heavily (sleep); speedily fsten [] n (-nes/-nu) 1. fastness, stronghold, fortress; cloister; enclosure, prison; fastener; 2. 1 fast (abstinence from food); firmament, sky fstenbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of fast fstendg [] m (-es/-dagas) fast-day fstendc [] m (-es/-as) fort-ditch, moat fstengangol see fstgangol fstengeat [] n (-es/-gatu) castle-gate fstengeweorc [] n (-es/-) liability for repair of the defenses of a town fstenlic [] adj quadragesimal, Lenten fstentd [] f (-e/-e) fast fstenwuce [] f (-an/-an) week of fasting fstermdor see fstormdor fstern [] n (-es/-) fast; Quadragesima fstern- see fstenfstgangol [] adj steady, faithful fsthafol [] adj retentive, tenacious; sparing, miserly fsthafolnes [] f (-se/-sa) economy; stinginess fstheald [] adj firmly fixed fsthdig2 [] adj constant, steadfast fstian1 [] wv/t2 to commend, entrust, commit fsting [] f (-e/-a) commendation, trust, guardianship; quartering (of the kings servants) fstingan see fstnian fstingmann [] m (-es/-menn) a kind of retainer fstland [] n (-es/-) land easily defended fstlic [] adj firm, fixed, steadfast, resolute; adv ~lce certainly; ge~ fixedly, steadily, constantly; unceasingly; verily, but; strictly fstmd [] adj constant in mind fstnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness, massiveness, stability; fastness, stronghold; firmament

fstnian [] wv/t2 to fasten, fix, secure, bind; confirm, ratify, conclude (peace); betroth; bestow upon, secure for fstnung1 [] f (-e/-a) fastening, bond; strengthening, stability; security, safety; protection, shelter; confirmation, ratification, pledge, engagement; exhortation fstrd [] adj firm, constant, steadfast fstrdlic [] adj constant, steadfast; adv ~lce fstrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) constancy, fortitude fststeall [] adj standing firmly fs see fst ft [] n (-es/fatu) vat, vessel, jar, cup; casket; division ft [] 1. 2 n (-es/-) plate, beaten out metal (especially gold), gold ornament; 2. see ftt 1 ftan1 [] wv/t1b to cram, put (in), load; adorn fted [] 1. 2 adj ornamented with gold [past part. of ftan]; 2. see ftt ftedhlor [] adj with cheek ornaments ftedsinc [] n (-es/-) beaten gold ftels [] m (-es/-as) vessel; pouch, bag, sack ftel [] m (ftles/ftlas) vessel; pouch, bag, sack ftelsian [] wv/t2 to put into a vessel ftelsod see fetelsod ftfyllere [] m (-es/-as) cupbearer ftgold [] n (-es/-) beaten gold fthengest [] m (-es/-as) riding-horse ftian see fetian ftnes [] f (-se/-sa) fatness; the richest part of anything ftt [] 1. adj fat, fatted; 2. see fted fttian [] wv/t2 ge~ to become fat; ge~ anoint; fatten fe see fe fer see feer fm [] m (-es/-as) outstretched or encircling arms, embrace, grasp; protection; interior, bosom, lap, breast, womb; fathom, cubit; power; expanse, surface fme [] f (-an/-an) outstretched or encircling arms, embrace, grasp; protection; interior, bosom, lap, breast, womb; fathom, cubit; power; expanse, surface fman [] wv/t1b to surround, envelop, clasp, embrace fmian [] wv/t2 to surround, envelop, clasp, embrace fmlic [] adj embracing, enclosing, sinuous fmnes see on~ fmrm [] n (-es/-) fathom, cubit fx see feax fa [] 1. 1 m (-n/-n) joy; 2. n see feoh; 3. adj few; nom/acc pl fawe, weak fawa; [spl fawost/fast]; ~wum sum seldom; 4. adv even a little, at all feadur see fder fagan1 see fon1 feah see feoh feaht1 [] 1. past 3rd sing of feohtan; 2. see feoht feal- see fel-

fealdan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres fielde past fold/on ptp gefealden to fold, wrap up, furl, entangle; roll about fealdestl see fyldstl feale variant of fealu fealewes variant of fealu fealewian see fealwian fealfor see felofor fealg [] past 3rd sing of folan fealga variant of fealh fealgian [] wv/t2 to fallow fealh [] 1. f (-ge/fealga) fallow land; 2. f (-e/-a) felloe, felly (of a wheel); 3. past 3rd sing of folan; 4. see fala feall see fiell feallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fiel past foll/on ptp is gefeallen 1 to fall; fall headlong, fail, decay, die; inflict (on), attack; flow; ge~ overthrow fealle [] f (-an/-an) snare, trap feallendlic [] adj unstable, perishable, transient feallenlic [] adj unstable, perishable, transient fealletan [] wv/t1b to fall down, to fall together, fall down, tumble, fall to earth [concdere] feallung see feax~ fealo [] 1. see fealu; 2. see fela falg [] adj w.g. destitute fealohilte [] adj yellow-hilted fealu [] 1. adj fallow, yellow, tawny, dun-colored, grey, dusky, dark; 2. n (-wes/-) fallow ground fealu- see felofealuwian see fealwian fealwes see fealu fealwian [] wv/i2 to become fallow, fade, wither; grow yellow, ripen fanes [] f (-se/-sa) fewness, paucity [see fawnes] fear see fearr far see fearh fara genitive of fa fearh [] m (fares/faras) little pig, hog fearhhama [] m (-n/-n) womb of a pig; hide of pig fearhrer [] n (-es/-) bull fearlic [] adj of a bull farlic see frlic rearm [] m (-es/-as) freight, cargo fearn [] n (-es/-) fern fearnbed [] n (-des/-) fern-bed fearnbracu [] f (-e/-a) fern-brake fearnedisc [] n (-es/-) fern-pasture fearnhege [] m (-es/-as) hedge with ferns fearnig [] adj fern-covered

fearnls [] n (-es/-u) fern-pasture fearo- see farofearr [] 1. m (-es/-as) beast of burden, ox, bull; 2. see feorr feas see fs fasceaft2 [] adj destitute, miserable, helpless, poor fasceaftig [] adj destitute, poor fasceaftnes [] f (-se/-sa) poverty feast- see fstfeatu see fatu, nom/acc pl of ft faw- see fafawa see fa fawlic [] adj few fawnes [] f (-se/-sa) fewness, paucity feax [] n (-es/-u) hair, head of hair feaxcl [] n (-es/-) band for the hair; cap feaxede [] adj hairy, bushy; long-haired (of a comet) feaxfang [] n (-es/-) seizing or dragging by the hair feaxfeallung [] f (-e/-a) shedding of hair, mange feaxhr [] adj hoary, grey-haired feaxndel [] f (-e/-a) crisping-pin feaxnes [] f (-se/-sa) head of hair feaxnett [] n (-es/-) hair-net feaxpron [] m (-es/-as) hair-pin feaxscara [] f pl hair shears feaxwund [] f (-e/-a) wound under the hair feb- see feffec see fc feccan1 [] wv/t1a to fetch, bring, bring to, draw; seek; gain, take [see fetian] fecele see fcele fecgan see feccan fdan1 [] wv/t1b to feed, nourish, sustain, foster, bring up; bear, bring forth, produce; past part gefd [fda] fdednes see fdnes fdelfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) fatted bird fdels [] m (-es/-as) feeding, keep; fatted animal (bird ?) fdesl [] m (-es/-as) feeding, keep; fatted animal (bird ?) fdelswn [] n (-es/-) fattened pig feder see fder federa see fdera fding [] f (-e/-a) feeding fdnes [] f (-se/-sa) nourishment fedra see fdera ffer [] m (ffres/ffras), n (ffres/-) fever fferdl [] f (-e/-a) fever ffercyn [] n (-nes/-) a kind of fever fferfge [] f (-an/-an) feverfew [L febrifugia]

fferian [] wv/t2 to be feverish, suffer from fever fferig [] adj feverish ffersoc [] adj feverish ffor see ffer ffur see ffer ffr- see fferfgan [] 1. 1 wv/t1b to join, unite, fix, adapt; compose, confine; 2. see fgan? feger see fger fegere see fgre fging1 [] f (-e/-a) conjunction, composition feh see feoh feht [] ? (-?/-?) shaggy pelt, sheepskin with the fleece on it? fehtan see feohtan fh [] pres 3rd sing of fn fel see fell fl see fol fela [] 1. noun, adj w.g. or infl many, much; 2. adv very much, many felate [] adj biting, given to biting, snappish; stinging, sharp, biting, pungent; corrosive biting, disposed to bite; biting, snarling (of persons) [mordax] felafcne [] adj very treacherous felafeald [] adj manifold, many times over felafealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) multitude felafrcne [] adj very fierce, bold felafricgende [] adj well informed felagomor [] adj very sad, sorrowful felageong [] adj very young felageonge [] adj much-traveled felahrr [] adj full of exploits feladelsprce [] adj emptily chattering felalof [] adj very dear felameahtig2 [] adj most mighty felamdig2 [] adj very bold flan1 [] 1. wv/t1b w.g. to touch, feel; perceive; 2. see folan felarce [] adj very rich felaspecol [] adj talkative felaspecolnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness felasprc [] f (-e/-a) much speaking, loquacity felasprce [] adj talkative felasprecol see felaspecol felasprecolnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness felasynnig [] adj very guilty felawlonc [] adj very stately felawyrde [] adj talkative felawyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness felcyrf [] m (-es/-as) foreskin

feld [] m (-a/-a) field; open or cultivated land, plain; battlefield; on clnum ~a in the open field (of battle) feldlbin see feldelfen feldbo [] f (-n/-n) humble-bee feldbiscopwyrt [] f (-e/-e) field-bishopwort feldcirice [] f (-an/-an) country church felde see fylde, past 3rd sing of fyllan feldefare? [] f (-an/-an) fieldfare? feldelfen [] f (-e/-a) wood-nymph feldgangende2 [] adj roaming over the land feldhrer [] n (-es/-) field-ox [see feldoxa] feldhs2 [] n (-es/-) tent feldls [] n (-es/-) pasture in open country feldland [] n (-es/-) field-land, meadow-land, plain feldlic [] adj rural; growing wild feldmdere [] m (-es/-as) field-madder, rosemary feldminte [] f (-an/-an) field-mint, wild mint feldmore [] f (-an/-an) parsnip; also feldmeru feldoxa [] m (-n/-n) field-ox (i.e. an ox out to grass, not a stalled ox) feldrude [] f (-an/-an) wild rue feldseten [] f (-ne/-na) field [seten] [listed as ~sten] feldswamm [] m (-es/-as) fungus, toadstool feldwsten [] n (-nes/-nu) desert feldwp [] m (-es/-as) plantain; peewit? feldwyrt [] f (-e/-e) gentian fele- see felofelefeald see felafeald flelas [] adj insensible, dead felg [] f (-e/-a) felloe, rim of a wheel [folan] felge [] f (-an/-an) felloe, rim of a wheel [folan] felgerole [] ? polipodium felgeroe [] ? polipodium felh see fealh, past 3rd sing of folan felh see fylg, pres 3rd sing of fylgan feligean see fylgan fell [] 1. n (-es/-) fell, skin, hid; garment of skin [L pellis]; 2. m see fiell fell- see fyllfellen [] adj made of skins fellerad [] adj purple [pllerad?] felo- see felafelofer [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) stomach, maw (of an animal) felofeor [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) stomach, maw (of an animal) felofor [] m (-es/-as) bittern flon see folon past pl of feallan felst pres 2nd sing of feallan felt [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) felt

feltere [] f? (-an/-an) a plant felterre [] f? (-an/-an) a plant feltn [] m (-es/-as) privy, dunghill feltngrp [] f (-e/-a) privy, dunghill feltwurma [] m (-n/-n) wild marjoram feltwyrt [] f (-e/-e) mullein (plant) fel see fiel pres 3rd sing of feallan fl see fl fela rare genitive plural of feld felu- see felofm- see fmnfmn- see fmnfen see fenn fenampre [] f (-an/-an) a marsh plant fencerse [] f (-an/-an) water-cress fenester [] n? (fenestres/-), m? (fenestres/fenestras) window [L] fenfearn [] n (-es/-) marsh-fern, salvia, water-fern fenfisc [] m (-es/-as) fen-fish fenfreou [] f (-e/-a) fen-refuge fenfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) moor-fowl feng1 [] m (-es/-as) grip, grasp, embrace; capture; prey, booty [fn] fng past 3rd sing of fn fengel2 [] m (fengles/fenglas) lord, prince, king fengeld [] n (-es/-) marsh-path, fen fengnes [] f (-se/-sa) a taking in hand, undertaking (good prose); an acceptance [susceptio] fengnett [] n (-es/-) (catching-) net fengon past pl of fn fengt [] m (-t/-t) canine tooth fenghleou [] n pl fen-coverts fenhop [] n (-es/-u) fen-hollow fenix [] m (-es/-as) the bird phoenix; date-palm fenland [] n (-es/-) fen-land, marsh fenlic [] adj marshy fenminte [] f (-an/-an) water-mint fenn [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) mud, mire, dirt; fen, marsh, moor; the fen country fenn- see fenfennig [] 1. adj marshy; muddy, dirty; 2. see fynig fennc [] n (-es/-acu) covering of thatch from a fen fenol see finul fenompre see fenampre fence [] f (-an/-an) snail?; tortoise? fo see feoh; also dative singular of feoh fode past 3rd sing of fogan fogan [] wv/t2 3rd pres foge, fo past fode ptp gefod to hate, persecute feoga [] m (-es/-as) hatred

fogtsung see fohgtsung feoh [] n (fos/-) cattle, herd; moveable goods, property; money, riches, treasure; wi licgendum fo for ready money; name of the rune for f feohan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fieh past feah/fgon ptp gefegen to rejoice, be glad, exult; [variant of fon] feohbeht [] n (-es/-) promise of money feohbgenga [] m (-n/-n) cattle-keeper feohbt [] f (-e/-a) money compensation feohfang [] n (-es/-) offence of taking a bribe feohgafol [] n (-es/-) usury feohgeht [] n (-es/-) promise of money feohgeorn [] adj covetous, greedy feohgerfa [] m (-n/-n) steward feohgesceot [] n (-es/-u) payment of money feohgesteald [] n (-es/-) possession of riches feohgestron [] n (-es/-) treasure, possessions, riches feohgdsere see feohgtsere feohgetsere see feohgtsere feohgfre [] adj avaricious feohgift2 [] f (-e/-a) bounty-giving, largess feohgtsere [] m (-es/-as) miser feohgtsung [] f (-e/-a) avarice feohgd [] n (-es/-) property (in cattle) feohgyrnes [] f (-se/-sa) greed feohhord [] n (-es/-) treasury feohhs [] n (-es/-) treasure-house feohlnung [] f (-e/-a) lending of money feohland [] n (-es/-) pasture feohlas [] adj without money; not to be bought off, past compensation feohlasnes [] f (-se/-sa) want of money feohlufu [] f (-e/-a) love of money feohsceatt [] n (-es/-) money-payment feohspda [] f pl riches feohspilling [] f (-e/-a) waste of money feohstrang [] adj well off feoht1 [] n (-es/-) action of fighting; fight, battle; strife feohtan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres fiehte past feaht/fuhton ptp gefohten to fight, combat, strive; ge~ gain by fighting, win; on ~ to attack, fight against; ~ mid hweorfendum sigum to fight with varying success feohte [] f see feoht feohtehorn [] m (-es/-as) battle-horn feohtend [] m (-es/-) fighter feohtere [] m (-es/-as) fighter feohtgegyrela [] m (-n/-n) a sort of missile wrapped with tow and pitch, set on fire, and thrown by the catapult; a similar missile thrown by hand [falarica] feohtlc [] n (-es/-) fighting

feohtling [] m (-es/-as) fighter feohtwte [] n (-es/-u) fine for coining false money fol [] past 3rd sing of feallan fol [] f (-e/-a) file feola see fela folaga [] m (-n/-n) partner, fellow [ON flagi] folagascipe [] m (-es/-as) fellowship folan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres felh past fealh/flon, fulgon ptp gefolen, gefolgen to cleave, be joined to, adhere; enter, penetrate, pass into, through or over, betake oneself to; undergo; persevere in [Goth filhan] fold [] past 3rd sing of fealdan feolde see folde foldon [] past plural of fealdan folheard [] adj hard as a file folian [] wv/t2 to file foll past 3rd sing of feallan follon past pl of feallan feologan [] wv/t1b? to become discolored? feolu see fela feolufer see felofor feolufer see felofor feolufor see felofor feon see fenn fon [] 1. sv/t5 w. in or g. 3rd pres fieh past feah/fgon ptp gefegen to be glad, rejoice, exult; 2. to gain; 3. see fogan fon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fo past fode ptp gefod to hate; [variant of fogan] fond [] m (-es/fend) adversary, foe, enemy; f female enemy; fiend, devil; the Devil; pres participle of fogan fondt [] m (-es/-as) eating things sacrificed to idols fondgrp [] f (-e/-a) grip of a foe fondgield [] n (-es/-) idolatry, idol; demoniacal possession? fondlic [] adj hateful, hostile, fiendish; adv ~lce fondrden [] f (-ne/-na) enmity fondrs [] m (-es/-as) hostile attack fondsceaa2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy, robber fondscipe [] m (-es/-as) hostility, hatred fondsoc [] adj devil-possessed, demoniac fondulf [] m (-es/-as) public enemy, criminal, malefactor [fond, wulf] fong see foung feonn see fenn feor see feorr for see feorh, fower fora gen pl of feorh feorbend [] m (-es/-) dwelling far off feorcumen see feorrancumen feorcund see feorrancund

feorc [] f (-e/-a) distant land feord see fierd feord- see fierd-, fyrdfores gen sing of feorh feorg see feorh feorh [] m (fores/foras), n (fores/-) life, principles of life, soul, spirit; t wdan fore for eternity, for ever; ~ gesellan, giefan to die; living being, person feorhdl [] f (-e/-a) fatal disease feorhbana2 [] m (-n/-n) man-slayer feorhbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) deadly evil, violent death feorhbenn [] f (-e/-a) deadly wound feorhberend2 [] m (-es/-) living being feorhbold [] n (-es/-) body feorhbona see feorhbana feorhbora [] m (-n/-n) life-bearer feorhcwalu2 [] f (-e/-a) slaughter, death feorhcwealm2 [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, death feorhcynn2 [] n (-es/-) kinds of living creatures, race of mortals feorhdagas [] m pl days of life feorhdolg [] n (-es/-) deadly wound feorhacen [] adj living feorhfgen [] adj? fain of life, glad to preserve ones life feorhgebeorh [] n (-gebores/-) refuge feorhgedl2 [] n (-es/-) death feorhgener [] n (-es/-u, -geneoru) preservation f life feorhgenla2 [] m (-n/-n) mortal foe feorhgiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) giver of life feorhgiefu [] f (-e/-a) gift of life feorhgma? [] m (-n/-n) means of subsistence; jaw feorhgme? [] f (-an/-an) means of subsistence; jaw feorhhord2 [] n (-es/-) breast, soul, spirit feorhhs [] n (-es/-) soul-house, body feorhhyrde [] m (-es/-as) lifes guardian, protector feorhlst [] m (-es/-as) step taken to perverse life, flight?, step stained by ones lifeblood?, track of vanishing life? feorhlan [] n (-es/-) revenge for bloodshed?, gift for life saved? feorhlegu2 [] f (-e/-a) life; death feorhlic [] adj vital feorhlf [] n (-es/-) life feorhloca [] m (-n/-n) breast feorhlyre [] m (-es/-as) loss of life feorhneru [] f (-e/-a) preservation of life, refuge, salvation; nourishment of life, food feorhnest [] n (-es/-) provisions feorhrd [] m (-es/-as) salvation feorhscyldig [] adj guilty of death feorhsoc [] adj mortally wounded

feorhsweng [] m (-es/-as) fatal blow feorhearf [] f (-e/-a) urgent need feorhwund [] f (-e/-a) deadly wound feorland [] n (-es/-) distant land feorlen see fyrlen feorlic [] adj far off, alien, strange feorm [] f (-e/-a) food, provision, sustenance; entertainment, meal, feast, supper; goods, possessions; stores; rent in kind; profit, benefit; tilling; disposal feorma see forma feormehm [] m (-es/-as) farm feormend [] 1. m (-es/-) entertainer; 2. m (-es/-) cleanser, polisher, furbisher feormendlas [] adj wanting a burnisher feormere [] m (-es/-as) purveyor feormfultum [] m (-es/-as) help in food feormian1 [] wv/t2 1. to entertain, receive as guest; cherish, support, sustain, feed; consume; benefit, profit; ge~ harbor (stolen goods); 2. to scour, cleanse, furbish feormung [] f (-e/-a) 1. harboring; 2. furbishing, cleansing feornes [] f (-se/-sa) distance feorr [] 1. adj far, remote, distant; cmp firra, fierra, fyrra; spl fierresta; 2. adv far, far away, distant, remote; far back (in time); further, besides, moreover; cmp fierr, firr, fyr, fyrr; spl firrest, fierrest, fyrrest feorran [] 1. adv from afar, from a remote time or place; far off, at a distance; 2. wv/t1a to remove, avert, turn aside, withdraw; proscribe feorrancumen [] adj come from afar, strange feorrancund [] adj come from afar, foreign born feorrane see feorran 1 feorrcund [] adj come from afar, foreign born feorren see feorran 1 feorrene see feorran 1 feorrian [] wv/t2 to keep apart; 1 depart feorrung [] f (-e/-a) removal, departure feorsian [] wv/t2 to go beyond; put far from, expel; depart, remove, separate feorsibb [] adj distantly related feorsn see fiersn feorstudu [] f (-styde/-styde) support; [gen sing ~styde, ~stude; dat sing ~styde; nom/acc pl ~styde; gen pl ~studa; dat pl ~studum] feorstuu [] f (-stye/-stye) support; [gen sing ~stye, ~stue; dat sing ~stye; nom/acc pl ~stye; gen pl ~stua; dat pl ~stuum] feorting [] f (-e/-a) [pedatio] feor see ferh fora [] adj fourth; fore healf three and a half forandl [] f (-e/-a) fourth part fore [] adv fourthly feorod [] f (-e/-a) a far country forling [] m (-es/-as) fourth part; farthing forlung [] f (-e/-a) fourth part; farthing

forum dative pl of foh feorweg2 [] m (-es/-as) remote part feorwit see fyrwit fos gen sing of foh feostnode see fstnode, past 3rd sing of fstnian feot- see fetfo pres 3rd sing of fogan foer- see fower-, fierfoor- see fower-, fierfoung [] f (-e/-a) hatred [fogan] feow- variant of fierfower- variant of fierfower [] num four; four times; ordinal fora; indecl. before a noun, but when in place of a noun, has genitive fowera/ fowra, dative fowerum fowere [] num four; four times; ordinal fora; indecl. before a noun, but when in place of a noun, has genitive fowera/ fowra, dative fowerum fowerdgor [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) four days; 2. adj four day fowerecge [] adj four-cornered, square fowerecgede [] adj four-cornered, square fowerfeald [] adj four-fold fowerfealdlce [] adv quadruply fowerfte [] adj four-footed fowerfte [] adj four-footed fowerftede [] adj four-footed fowergrede [] adj four-pointed fowergield [] n (-es/-) four-fold compensation fowerhwolod [] adj four-wheeled fowernihte [] adj four days old fowerscte [] four-cornered, square [scat] fowerstrenge [] adj four-stringed fowertme [] adj four-teamed fowertoa [] adj fourteenth fowertoga [] adj fourteenth fowertene [] num fourteen; ordinal fowertoa, fowertoga fowerteneniht [] f (-e/-) fortnight; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] fowertenenihte [] adj fourteen nights old fowertenewintre [] adj fourteen years old fowertig [] num forty; ordinal ~oa fowertigfeald [] adj forty-fold fowertiggare [] adj of forty years fowertiglic [] adj quadragesimal, of Lent, relating to Lent fowertigoa [] adj fortieth fowertne see fowertene fowertnenihte [] adj fourteen nights old fowera see fora fowerwintre [] adj four years old

fowr- see fower-, forfowra see fower fowung1 [] f (-e/-a) rejoicing, joy [gefon] fowur- see fowerfer see fr fer- see fr-, fear-, fier-, feor-, for-, fyrfr [] 1. see fr 1; 2. see ffer fr- see fr-, frfran [] wv/i1b to go, come, depart, set out, march, travel; behave, act; ge~ accomplish, attain, obtain; ge~ fare, speed, undergo, suffer; bring frbedd [] n (-es/-) portable bed, litter frbld see frbld fercian [] wv/t2 to convey, bring; support; stuff up (with lies); proceed fercung [] f (-e/-a) sustenance, provision, food ferdwyrt? [] f (-e/-e) a plant fre [] adj able to go, fit for (military) service ferele [] f (-an/-an) rod [L ferula] frend2 [] m (-es/-) sailor; messenger frende [] adj mobile feresceat [] m (-es/-as) passage-money feresca? [] m (-n/-n) sibba fere pres 3rd sing of 1. faran; 2. ferian fre pres 3rd sing of fran fergan see ferian fergenberig see firgenbeorg ferht [] 1. adj honest; 2. see ferh ferhtlic [] adj just, honest ferh [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) mind, intellect, soul, spirit; life; person; wdan ~ eternally, forever; 2. see fyrh ferhbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer ferhcearig [] adj of anxious mind ferhcleofa2 [] m (-n/-n) breast ferhcofa2 [] m (-n/-n) breast ferhfrec [] adj bold, brave ferhfriende [] adj sustaining life ferhgenla [] m (-n/-n) mortal enemy ferhgewit [] n (-es/-u, -geweotu) understanding ferhglaw2 [] adj wise, prudent ferhgrim2 [] adj savage ferhloca2 [] m (-n/-n) breast, body ferhlufu [] f (-e/-a) heartfelt love ferhsefa2 [] m (-n/-n) mind, thought ferhwrig2 [] adj soul-weary, sad ferhweard [] m (-es/-as) guard of life ferian1 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres fere past ferede ptp gefered to carry, convey, bear, bring, lead, conduct; with acc reflexive betake oneself to, be versed in; depart, go

Feriatus [] m (-es/-as) Feriatus, a Spanish robber feriend [] m (-es/-) leader, bringer ferigend [] m (-es/-) leader, bringer fering [] f (-e/-a) vehicle frlcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to associate, unite frnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) passage, transition, passing away fers [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) verse; sentence [L] fersc [] adj fresh (not salt), pure, sweet; not salted ferscan see ~ fersceta [] m (-n/-n) freshet frscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) fraternity, community, retinue; order, clan; society, fellowship, companionship; wedlock fersian [] wv/t2 to versify fer see ferh fer [] ? (-?/-?) crowd feran see furum fere [] m (-es/-as) skin, hide? ferwett- see fyrwitfsan see fsan fsian see fsian fest see fst fst see fst fster- see fstorfstermenn [] m pl bondsmen fstrian see fstrian fet pres 3rd sing of fetian ft [] 1. pres 3rd sing of fdan; 2. dat sing, nom acc pl of ft fetel [] m (-es/-as) belt fetels [] m (-es/-as) belt fetelhilt [] n (-es/-u) belted or ringed sword-hilt ftels see ftels fetelsod1 [] adj provided with a sheath? feter see fetor fetian1 [] wv/t2 to bring near, fetch, obtain; bring on, induce; marry fetor [] f (-e/-a) fetter, shackle; check, restrain fetorwrsen [] f (-ne/-na) fetter, chain ftt [] 1. pres 3rd sing of fdan; 2. see ftt fettan see fetian fette past 3rd sing of fetian f see fh, pres 3rd sing of fn fa [] m (-n/-n) footman, foot-soldier; band of foot-soldiers, troop fan [] wv/i1b to go on foot? fe [] n (-es/-u) power of locomotion, walking, gait, pace fecempa2 [] m (-n/-n) foot-soldier fegang [] m (-es/-as) journey on foot fegeorn [] adj anxious to go

fegest2 [] m (-es/-as) guest coming on foot, traveler fehere [] m (-es/-as) infantry fehwearf [] m (-es/-as) band of footmen felst2 [] m (-es/-as) step, track, course felas2 [] adj footless, crippled femann [] m (-es/-menn) pedestrian; foot-soldier femund [] f (-e/-a) forepaw feer [] f (-e/-a, fera, fere) feather; pl wings; pen feer- see fower-, fierfeeran see fierian feerbre [] adj having feathers, winged feerbedd [] n (-es/-) feather bed feerberend [] m (-es/-) feathered creature feerberende [] adj feathered feercrft [] m (-es/-as) embroidery feergearwe [] f pl feathers of the arrow feergeweorc [] n (-es/-) feather embroidery feerhama [] m (-n/-n) wings, plumage fespdig [] adj speedy of foot fewg2 [] m (-es/-as) battle on foot, affray fem see fm feorbyrste [] adj split into four fera see feer fere see feer fre [] adj loaded ferian [] wv/i2 to become fledged feriht [] adj feathered fu see fa fung [] f (-e/-a) walking, motion fex see feax fag- see fogfiah see feoh fibulae see ffele fc [] m (-es/-as) fig, fig-tree; (fig-disease), venereal ulcer, hemorrhoids fcdl [] f (-e/-a) fig-disease fcppel [] m (-pples/-pplas) fig fcbam [] m (-es/-as) fig-tree fician [] wv/t2 to flatter fclaf [] n (-es/-) fig leaf ficol [] adj fickle, cunning, tricky fctrow [] n (-es/-) fig tree ficung [] f fraud, trickery fwyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm fcwyrt [] f (-e/-e) fig-wort feftene see fftene fieht pres 3rd sing of feohtan

fiell1 [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) fall, destruction; death, slaughter; precipice; case, reflection [feallan]; csus, t is fiell oe gebgednes a case, that is, a declining or inflection; fielt pres 3rd sing of fealdan fiel pres 3rd sing of feallan fend see fond, dat sing of fond fendwc [] n (-es/-) enemys camp fier see feorr 2 fer- see fowerfierd [] f (-e/-e) national levy or army; military expedition, campaign; camp fierdcrft [] m (-es/-as) warring host fierdesne [] m (-es/-as) warrior fierdfreld [] n (-es/-) going to war, military service fierdfaru [] f (-e/-a) going to war, military service fierdfr [] f (-e/-a) military service fierdgeatewe [] f pl war-gear fierdgemaca [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier fierdgetrum2 [] n (-es/-u) band of warriors fierdhom [] m (-es/-as) corselet fierdhrgl [] n (-es/-) corselet fierdhwt2 [] adj warlike, brave fierdian [] wv/t2 to go on an expedition fierding [] f (-e/-a) soldiering; army, expedition, militia; camp; fine for evading military service; march, progression fierdlf [] f (-e/-a) remnant of an army fierdlas [] adj without an army fierdlo2 [] n (-es/-) war-song fierdlic [] adj martial fierdmann [] m (-es/-menn) warrior fierdno [] m (-es/-as) liability to military service fierdrian [] wv/t2 to serve in the army fierdrinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior, soldier fierdsceorp [] n (-es/-) armor fierdscip [] n (-es/-u) battle-ship fierdsearu2 [] n (-wes/-) accoutrements fierdscn [] f (-e/-a) military service fierdstemm [] m (-es/-as) body of soldiers who serve for a fixed term, army-corps fierdstrt [] f (-e/-a) military road fierdtber [] n (-tbres/-) military sacrifice fierdtruma [] m (-n/-n) martial band, army fierdung see fyrding fierdwn [] m (-es/-as) military carriage? fierdweard [] f (-e/-a) military watch fierdwerod [] n (-es/-) host, army fierdwc [] n (-es/-) camp fierdwsa [] m (-n/-n) chieftain fierdwse [] f (-an/-an) military style

fierdwte [] n (-es/-u) fine for evading military service fierdwyre [] adj distinguished in war fieren- see firenferfte see fowerfte fierme see or~ fierra see feorr 2 fierrest see feor 2 fierresta see feor 2 fiersn [] f (-e/-a) heel [Ger ferse] fierst see first ff [] 1. num five; ordinal ~ta; 2. noun nom/acc ~e; gen ~a; dat ~um ffalde [] f (-an/-an) butterfly; [Ger falter] ffbc [] f pl Pentateuch ffe see ff ffecgede [] adj having five angles ffel [] n (-es/-) (huge) sea-monster, giant ffelcynn [] n (-es/-) race of sea-monsters ffeldr [] n (-es/-) door of sea-monsters, river Eider fifele [] f (-an/-an) buckle [L fibula] ffelstram [] m (-es/-as) ocean, sea ffelwg [] m (-es/-as) ocean, sea fiffalde see ffalde fffeald [] adj five-fold; five each ffftede [] adj five-footed (verse) fffingre [] f (-an/-an) potentilla, primula, cinquefoil, oxlip? ffflre [] adj five-storied [flr] ffgar [] n (-es/-) period of five years, lustrum ffhund [] num five hundred ffhundred [] num five hundred fflppede [] adj having five lobes fflaf [] n (-es/-) potentilla, cinquefoil fflafe [] f (-an/-an) potentilla, cinquefoil ffmgen [] n (-es/-) quintuple powers; magic powder ffnihte [] adj five days old ffta [] adj fifth fftafder see fder ffte [] adv fifthly ffta [] adj fifteenth ffteg see fftig fftega [] adj fifteenth fftega see fftoa fftne see fftene fftoa [] adj fifteenth ffteogoa [] adj fiftieth fftene [] num (oft w.g.) fifteen; ordinal fftoa fftenenihte [] adj fifteen days old

fftenewintre [] adj fifteen years old fftig [] num fifty; ordinal ffteogoa Fftigdg [] m (-es/-dagas) Pentecost fftiesmann [] m (-es/-menn) captain of fifty fftigesmann [] m (-es/-menn) captain of fifty fftigea see ffteogoa fftigoa see ffteogoa fftne see fftene ffwintre [] adj five years old fgen see ~ fihl [] m? (-es/-as) cloth, rag fihle [] m? (-es/-as) cloth, rag fiht [] 1. pres 3rd sing of feohtan; 2. see feht fiht- see fyhtfhtan see fhtan fl see fol fild [] noun (-?/-?) curdled milk fildcumb [] m (-es/-as) milk pail filde [] adj field-like, of the nature of a plain filee [] n (-es/-u) hay filg pres 3rd sing of folan filh pres 3rd sing of folan fili- see fylgfliende [] adj rubbing filie see filee fililag [] m (-es/-as) meadow fill see fyll fille [] f (-an/-an) thyme fillen [] 1. see fellen; 2. f (-e/-a) a dropping filmen [] n (-nes/-nu) film, membrane, thin skin; foreskin filst- see fylstfil pres 3rd sing of feallan fn [] f (-e/-a) heap, pile fin- see fynfna [] m (-n/-n) woodpecker finc [] m (-es/-as) finch fnd see fend findan [] sv/t3 3rd pres finde past fand/fundon ptp gefunden 1 to find, meet with; discover, obtain by search or study, recover; provide; consider, devise, arrange, dispose, decide; show, inform; ~ t obtain from findend [] m (-es/-) finder findung [] f (-e/-a) invention, initiative finel see finol finger [] m (fingres/fingras) finger fingerppla [] n pl finger-shaped fruits, dates fingerappla [] n pl finger-shaped fruits, dates

fingerdocca? [] m (-n/-n) foxglove?, finger-muscle fingerlic [] adj belonging to a finger or ring fingerli [] n (-es/-u, leou) finger-joint fingerml [] n (-es/-) finger-length finn [] m (-es/-as) fin finol [] m (finles/finlas) fennel [L foenuculum] finolsd [] n (-es/-) fennel-seed finst see findest pres 2nd sing of findan fint see finde pres 3rd sing of findan finta2 [] m (-n/-n) tail; consequence, result finugl see finol finugle [] f see finol finul see finol finule [] f see finol fo see fo fr see fr fras2 [] m pl men, human beings fird see fierd fird- see fierd-, fyrdfiren [] f (-e/-a) transgression, sin, crime; outrage, violence; torment, suffering firenbealu [] n (-wes/-) transgression firencrft [] m (-es/-as) wickedness firendd2 [] f (-e/-e) wicked deed, crime firenearfee [] n (-es/-u) sinful woe firenfremmende [] adj sinful firenful [] adj sinful, wicked firengeorn [] adj sinful firenhicga [] m (-n/-n) adulterer firenhicge [] f (-an/-an) adulteress firenhicgend [] m (-es/-) adulteress, harlot firenian1 [] wv/i2 to sin; commit adultery; revile firenleahter [] m (-leahtres/-leahtras) great sin firenlic [] adj wicked; adv ~lce vehemently, rashly; sinfully firenligerian [] wv/t2 to commit fornication firenlust [] m (-es/-as) lust, sinful desire, luxury, wantonness firenlustful [] adj wanton, luxurious firenlustgeorn [] adj wanton firensynn [] f (-e/-a) great sin firensynnig [] adj sinful firentcnian [] wv/t2 to commit misdeeds firenearf [] f (-e/-a) dire distress firenum [] adv excessively, very, intensely; malignantly [dat pl of firen] firenweorc2 [] n (-es/-) evil deed, sin firenwyrcende2 [] adj sinning, sinful firenwyrhta2 [] m (-n/-n) evil doer frfoda see frfoda

firgenbam [] m (-es/-as) mountain tree [Goth fairguni] firgenbeorg [] m (-es/-as) mountain firgenbucca [] m (-n/-n) ibex firgendstram see firgenstram firgengt [] f (-gt /-gt) ibex; [gen sing -gt, -gte; dat sing ~gt; nom/acc pl ~gt; gen pl ~gta; dat pl ~gtum] firgenholt [] n (-es/-) mountain wood firgenstram2 [] m (-es/-as) mountain stream, woodland stream firgin- see firgenfirh see fyrh firht see friht firh see ferh firigendstram see firgendstram firinggt see firgengt firmdig see frymdig fir- see fyrfirmettan [] wv/t1b to ask, beg firn- see firen-, fyrnfirr, firra, firre, firrest see feorr first [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) period, space of time, time, respite, truce; 2. f (-e/-a) ceiling (inner) roof; ridgepole; 3. see fyrst firstgemearc [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) period of time, appointed time, interval, respite (2) firsthrf [] n (-es/-) ceiling, ridgepole firstmearc [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) period of time, appointed time, interval, respite (1) firwet see fyrwit fisc [] m (-es/-as) fish fisca [] m (-es/-as) fishing; fishpond; a catch of fish; fishing rights fiscbrne [] m (-es/-as) fish-brine fisccynn [] n (-es/-) fish tribe fiscdah [] f (-e/-a) fish dye, purple fiscere [] m (-es/-as) fisher, fisherman; kingfisher (bird) fiscfell see fiscwell fiscfldu? [] m (-wes/-was) fish flood, sea fischs [] n (-es/-) place where fish is sold fiscian [] wv/t2 to fish fisclacu [] f (-e/-a) fishpond or stream fiscmere [] m (-es/-as) fishpond fiscna see fisca fiscnett [] n (-es/-) fishing net fiscno see fisca fisco see fisca fiscpl [] m (-es/-as) fishpond fiscrt [] m (-es/-as) small fish fiscwelle [] m (-es/-as) fishpond fiscwer [] m (-es/-as) fish-weir, fish trap; fishing ground fiscwielle [] adj full of fish [weallan]

fisting [] f (-e/-a) fesiculatio fitelfta [] adj white-footed fitersticca [] m (-n/-n) tent-nail fitt [] 1. f? (-e/-a) struggle, contest, fight; 2. f (-e/-a) fit, song, poem fiele [] f (-an/-an) fiddle fielere [] m (-es/-as) fiddler fielestre [] f (-an/-an)female fiddler fier- see fower-, feerfierbre [] adj feathered fiercian [] wv/i2 to flutter [fiere] fierdled [] adj quadripartite, quartered fiere [] n (-es/-u, firu, fieras, firas) wing fierfeald [] adj four-fold fierfldende [] adj flowing in four streams fierflwende [] adj flowing in four streams fierftneten [] m (-es/-as) four-footed animal fierhama [] m (-n/-n) wing coverings fierhwe [] adj quadriformis fierian [] wv/t2 to provide with feathers or wings firian [] wv/t2 to provide with feathers or wings fierlas [] adj without wings fierrca [] m (-n/-n) tetrarch fierrce [] n (-es/-u) tetrarchy fierscatas [] m pl four quarters? fierslieht [] m (-es/-as) flapping of wings, joy? fiertme [] adj with four horses abreast fiertdled see fierdled firu see fiere fixa see fisca fixas see fiscas fixum see fiscum fixen see fyxen fixian see fiscian fixo see fisco fixno see fisco fl [] f (-n/-n) arrow flacg [] ? (-?/-?) cataplasm, plaster flacor2 [] m? (-es/-as) flying (of arrows) [Ger flackern] flagen [] past participle of flan flh [] 1. n (fls/fls) wickedness, treachery; 2. 2 adj wily, deceitful, hostile [ON flr] fln [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) barb, arrow, javelin, dart flnboga2 [] m (-n/-n) bow flanc [] m (-es/-as) flank flngeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) shooting-gear, arrows flnhred [] adj? arrow-swift?, arrow-equipped? (of death) flniht [] adj relating to darts

flnracu2 [] f (-e/-a) onset, attack flasce [] f (-an/-an) flask, bottle flt [] pres 3rd sing of fltan flaxe see flasce flaxfte [] adj web-footed [see flox-] fl- see flea-, fleofl- see fla-, flo-, fleflre [] f (-an/-an) one of the spreading sides at the end of the nose; earflap flsc see fleax flsc [] n (-es/-u) flesh; body (as opposed to soul); carnal nature; living creatures; beflagen ~ entrails flsct [] m (-es/-as) animal food flscbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer, executioner flscbesmitennes [] f (-se/-sa) defilement of the fish flsccofa [] m (-n/-n) body flsccostnung [] f (-e/-a) carnal desire flsccwellere [] m (-es/-as) executioner flscwellere [] m (-es/-as) executioner flsccping [] f (-e/-a) meat-market flsceht [] adj fleshy flscen [] adj of flesh, like flesh flscennes see flscnes flscgebyrd [] f (-e/-a) incarnation flschama [] m (-n/-n) body, carcass flschord [] n (-es/-) body flschs [] n (-es/-) flesh-house, place where meat is sold flsclic [] adj fleshly, corporeal, carnal flsclce [] adv carnally flsclicnes [] f (-se/-sa) incarnate condition flscmangere [] m (-es/-as) butcher flscmau [] f (-e/-a) maggot flscmete [] m (-es/-mettas) flesh, animal food flscnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) incarnation flscsand [] f (-e/-a) portion of meat flscstrt [] f (-e/-a) meat-market flsctwere [] m (-es/-as) butcher; torturer of the flesh, executioner flsct [] m (-es/-t) one of the teeth flscnung [] f (-e/-a) maggot flscwyrm [] m (-es/-as) maggot flslic see flsclic flecomb [] m (-es/-as) weavers comb [separate words?] flx see fleax fla [] 1. m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) flea; 2. see flah n flag [] past 3rd sing of flogan flah [] 1. n (fleas/-) albugo, a white spot in the eye; 2. m see fla 1; 3. past 3rd sing of flogan; 4. past 3rd sing of flon

flam [] m (-es/-as) flight; on ~ gebrengan to put to flight; on ~ weoran to flee flamdm [] m (-es/-as) flight flamlst [] m (-es/-as) apostasy flan [] sv/t6 3rd pres fleh past flg/on ptp geflgen/geflagen to flay fleard1 [] n (-es/-) nonsense, vanity, folly, deception, fraud, superstition fleardere [] m (-es/-as) trifler fleardian [] wv/i2 to be foolish, err, go astray flat [] 1. past 3rd sing of flotan; 2. see flot fleae [] f (-an/-an) water-lily fleaorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) water-lily flawyrt [] f (-e/-e) fleabane fleax [] n (-es/-u) flax, linen fleax- see flexflecta see fleohta fled see flett fldan see ofer~ flde [] adj in flood, full, overflowing flding [] f (-e/-a) flowing flg- see flogflge [] ? (-es/-u) little ship flehta see fleohta flehtra see fleohta flm- see flemflene see flyne flo see fla flogan1 [] sv/i2 3rd sing fleh past flag/flugon ptp is geflogen to fly; flee, take to flight floge [] f (-an/-an) any winged insect, fly flogenda [] m (-n/-n) bird flogende [] adj flying, winged flogendlic [] adj flying, winged flogryft [] n (-es/-) fly-curtain flohcynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of flies flohnet [] n (-tes/-t) fly-net, curtain fleohta [] m (-n/-n) hurdle [Ger flechte] flon1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres fleh past flah/flugon ptp geflogen to fly from, flee, avoid, escape; put to flight; fly flos see flet fleos- see flesflot [] m (-es/-as) 1. water, sea, estuary, river; 2. raft, ship flotan [] sv/i2 3rd pres flete past flat/fluton ptp is gefloten to float, drift, flow, swim, sail; sv/t2 to skim flote see flete flotende [] adj floating flotig [] adj fleet, swift flotwyrt [] f (-e/-e) seaweed fleoe [] f (-an/-an) water-lily

fleoomum [] dat pl of flotham? watery place flow [] past 3rd sing of flwan flow see flew, pres 3rd sing of flwan flre see ri~, ff~ flring [] f (-e/-a) story (of a building) fls see fles flsc see flsc fleswian [] wv/t2 to whisper?, pull a wry face?; [or flswian? to dissemble] flet see flett flt see flete flte see flete fletrst [] f (-e/-a) couch fletsittend2 [] m (-es/-) sitter in hall, courtier, guest flett [] n (-es/-) floor, ground; dwelling, hall, mansion flettgefeoht [] n (-es/-) fighting in a house flettgesteald2 [] n (-es/-) household goods flettp [] m (-es/-pas) floor of a house fletwerod [] n (-es/-) hall-troop, body-guard fleecamb see flecomb flwsa [] m (-n/-n) flowing, flux, issue (bodily disorder) flw [] pres 3rd sing of flwan flex see fleax flexcer [] m (-es/-as) flax land flexgescot [] n (-es/-u) contribution of flax flexhamm [] m (-es/-as) flax field flexlne [] f (-an/-an) flax-winder, reel, flax line?, thread? flicce [] n (-es/-u) flitch of bacon, ham flicorian [] wv/t2 to move the wings, flutter fle see flah 1 fleh pres 3rd sing of flon flema [] m (-n/-n) fugitive, exile, outlaw; Godes ~ excommunicate person fleman1 [] wv/t1b to put to flight, drive away, banish [flam] flemanfeorm [] f (-e/-a) offence of, or penalty for, sheltering fugitives from justice flemanfeorming [] f (-e/-a) offence of, or penalty for, sheltering fugitives from justice fleming [] noun (-?/-?) fugitive fles [] n (-es/-u) fleece, wool, fur, seal-skin flet see flot fletan see fltan flete [] f (-an/-an) 1. cream, curds; 2. punt, boat, raft flg see flah 1 flg- see flog-, flgfligel [] m? (fligles/fliglas), n? (-es/-) flail fliht see flyht fliht- see flyhteflihte- see flyhteflh pres 3rd sing of flon

flma see flema flind see flint flint [] m (-es/-as) flint, rock flinten [] adj of flint flintgrg [] adj grey like flint flo see flah 1 fls see fles flit1 [] n (-es/-u, fleotu) strife; dispute, contention; that which causes one to stumble, a stumbling block; an inducement to sin, a temptation, cause of offence [scandalum]; t ge~es emulously fltan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres flte past flt/fliton ptp gefliten to strive, quarrel, dispute, contend flitcrft [] m (-es/-as) dialectics, logic flitcrftlic [] adj logical fltere [] m (-es/-as) disputer, chider, brawler, schismatic flitful1 [] adj contentious flitfullic1 [] adj contentious flitgeorn [] 1. 1 m (-es/-as) contentious person; 2. 1 adj contentious flitmlum [] adv contentiously, emulously flitme? see un~ fliusum see flosum dat pl of flos flc [] n (-es/-) flat fish, flounder flcan [] wv/t1b to clap, applaud flocc [] m (-es/-as) flock, company, troop floccmlum [] adv in troops flocgian [] wv/t2 to spring forth flocrd [] f (-e/-a) invading band, troop fld [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) mass of water, flood, wave; flow (of tide as opposed to ebb), tide, flux, current, stream; the Flood, Deluge fldblc [] adj pale as water?, pale through fear of drowning flde [] f (-an/-an) channel, gutter; flood? fldegsa [] m (-n/-n) flood-terror flden [] adj of a river fldgrg [] adj flood-grey fldhamm [] m (-es/-as) piece of land surrounded by water? fldlic [] adj of or belonging to a stream fldweard [] f (-e/-a) guardian of the flood?, sea-wall fldweg2 [] m (-es/-as) watery way, sea fldwudu [] m (-a/-a) ship fldwylm2 [] m (-es/-as) flowing stream, raging billows [weallan] fld [] f (-e/-a) wave of the sea flogen [] 1. past part of flon; 2. past part of flogan flogettan [] wv/t1b to fluctuate; flutter flogoa [] m (-n/-n) venom; liquor flh [] f (-e/-a) chip flohtenfte [] adj web-footed flr [] f (-a/-a) floor, pavement, ground; bottom (of lake, etc.) also masc.

flrisc [] adj flowery flrstn [] m (-es/-as) paving-stone, tessella flot [] n (-es/-u, fleotu) deep water, sea; on ~/~e afloat flota [] m (-n/-n) (floater), boat, ship, vessel; fleet; crew; sailor; 2 pirate floten [] past part of flotan floterian [] wv/t2 to flutter, fly, flicker; float, be carried or tossed by waves flothere [] m (-es/-as) piratical fleet flotian [] wv/t2 to float [flotan] flotlic [] adj nautical, naval flotmann [] m (-es/-menn) sailor, pirate flotorian see floterian flotscip [] n (-es/-u) ship, bark flotsmeru [] n (-wes/-) floating grease, fat flotweg [] m (-es/-as) ocean flwan [] sv/i7 3rd pres flw past flow/on ptp is geflwen to flow, stream, issue; become liquid, melt; abound; ge~ overflow flwnes [] f (-se/-sa) flow, flux, overflow, torrent flwednes [] f (-se/-sa) flow, flux, overflow, torrent flwende [] adj flowing flwendlic [] adj flowing flowing [] f (-e/-a) flowing, flux flugl- see fuglflugol [] adj fleet, swift; fleeting flugon [] 1. past pl of flogan; 2. past pl of flon; 3. see fulgon, past pl of folan flustrian [] wv/t2 to flatter; to plait, weave fluton past pl of flotan flycerian see flicorian flycge see un~ flycticl see flyhtecl flyge2 [] m (-es/-as) flight flge see floge flygepl [] n (-es/-) flying dart flygerow [] adj wild in flight flygul see flugol flhst pres 2nd sing of flon flyht [] m (-es/-as) flying, flight; on ~e on the wing flyhte [] m (-es/-as) patch flyhtecl [] m (-es/-as) patch flyhthwt2 [] adj swift of flight flh pres 3rd sing of flon flm- see flemflyne [] f (-an/-an) batter fls see fles flyt see flit flt- see fltflt pres 3rd sing of flotan

flte see flot, flote, flete fltme [] f (-an/-an) fleam (blood-letting instrument) [L phlebotomum] fly see flyht fnd1 [] n (-es/fnadu) fringe, border, hem fnran [] wv/t1b to breathe heavily, snort, fume fnrettan [] wv/t1b to breathe heavily, snort, fume fns [] 1. n (-es/fnasu) fringe; dat pl fnasum; 2. past 3rd sing of fnesan fnst [] m (-es/-as) blowing, blast, breath; voice fnstian [] wv/t2 to breathe hard fnosung [] f (-e/-a) sneezing fnsan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fns past fns/fnson ptp gefnesen to pant, gasp; ge~ sneeze fnora [] m (-n/-n) sneezing f [] pres 1st sing of fn foca [] m (-n/-n) cake (baked on the hearth) fd- see fddfda [] m (-n/-n) food, nourishment; fuel fdder [] 1. n (fddres/-) fodder, food; darnel, tares; 2. n (fddres/-) case, sheath fdderbill [] n (-es/-) an instrument for cutting fodder fdderbrytta [] m (-n/-n) distributor of food, herdsman fddergiefu [] f (-e/-a) food fdderhec [] ? (-?/-?) rack for food or fodder fdderno [] m (-es/-as) sustenance fdderegu2 [] f (-e/-a) feeding, repast, food fdderwela [] m (-n/-n) wealth of food, provisions fdno [] m (-es/-as) substance, food fdra? see fdno fdrere [] m (-es/-as) forager foe- see fe-, ffgcla [] m (-es/-as) a patch fh imperative of fn foht see feoht fohten past part of feohtan fol see full fol- see fulfola [] m (-n/-n) foal, colt folc [] n (-es/-) folk, people, nation, tribe; a collection or class of persons, laity; troop, army folcgende2 [] adj ruling folcbealu [] n (-wes/-) great tribulation folcbearn2 [] n (-es/-) man folcc [] f (-c/-c) peoples cow folcc [] adj noted; public folccwn [] f (-e/-e) queen of a nation folccwide [] n (-es/-u) popular saying folccyning2 [] m (-es/-as) king of a nation folcdryht2 [] f (-e/-a) multitude of people

folcegetrum see folcgetrum folcegsa [] m (-n/-n) general terror folcfra [] m (-n/-n) lord of the people folcfrig [] adj having full rights of citizenship folcgedrfnes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation folcgefeoht [] n (-es/-) pitched battle folcgemt [] n (-es/-) meeting of the people of a town or district folcgerfa [] m (-n/-n) public officer folcgeriht see folcriht folcges2 [] m (-es/-as) prince, noble, chief, officer folcgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) companion in war folcgestron [] n (-es/-) public treasure folcgetl [] n (-es/-getalu) number of fighting men folcgetrum2 [] n (-es/-u) army, host folcgewinn [] n (-es/-u) fighting, war folcherep [] m (-es/-paas) highway folcisc [] adj of the people, popular, secular, common folclsung see folclasung folclagu [] f (-e/-a) law of the people, public law folcland [] n (-es/-) land held by freemen according to tribal rules of family inheritance folclr [] f (-e/-a) homily folclasung [] f (-e/-a) slander folclic [] adj public; common, popular; secular; populous folcmgen2 [] n (-es/-) public force, army, tribe folcmg2 [] f (-e/-a) tribe, nation folcmlum see floccmlum folcmre [] adj celebrated folcmt see folcgemt folcned [] f (-e/-a) peoples need folcrd2 [] m (-es/-as) public benefit folcrden [] f (-ne/-na) decree of the people folcriht [] 1. n (-es/-) right of the people, common law; 2. adj according to common law folcsl [] n (-es/-salu) house folcscearu2 [] f (-e/-a) people, nation, province; peoples land folcscipe [] m (-es/-as) nation, people folcslite [] n (-es/-u) sedition folcs [] n (-es/-) simple truth? folcstede2 [] m (-es/-as) dwelling place; battlefield folcstw [] f (-e/-a) country place folcswot [] m? (-es/-as) troop, multitude folctalu [] f (-e/-a) genealogy folctoga2 [] m (-n/-n) chieftain, commander folctruma [] m (-n/-n) host folc see folcc folcweleg [] adj populous folcwer2 [] m (-es/-as) man

folcwiga [] m (-n/-n) warrior folcwita [] m (-n/-n) public councilor, senator folcwh [] n (-es/-) deception of the public foldgend [] m (-es/-) earth possessor, earth dweller foldrn2 [] n (-es/-) earth house, grave foldbold [] n (-es/-) house, castle foldbend [] m (-es/-) earth-dweller, man, inhabitant of a country folde [] f (-an/-an) earth, ground, soil, terra firma; land, country, region; world foldgrf2 [] n (-es/-grafu) earth-grave foldhrrende [] adj walking on the earth foldrst [] f (-e/-a) rest in the earth foldwstm [] m (-es/-as) fruits of the earth foldweg2 [] m (-es/-as) way, path, road; earth foldwela [] m (-n/-n) earthly riches foldwong2 [] m (-es/-as) plain, earth foldwylm [] ? (-?/-?) earth-stream folen past part of folan folga see folgo folgen past part of folan folgere [] m (-es/-as) follower, attendant, disciple; successor; freeman who is not a householder folgian1 [] wv/t2 (+ dat) to follow; accompany; follow after; ge~ attain; obey, serve, observe folgo [] m (-es/-as) body of retainers, following, retinue; pursuit, employment, service, dignity, office, rule; jurisdiction, district; condition of life, destiny folm2 [] f (-e/-a) palm, hand folma2 [] m (-n/-n) palm, hand folme2 [] f (-an/-an) palm, hand fon see fann fon- see fanfn [] sv/t7 3rd pres fh past fng/on ptp gefangen 1 to take, grasp, seize, catch; capture, make prisoner; receive, accept, assume, undertake; meet with, encounter; ~ on take, begin, resume, take to; attack; ~ t rce ascend to the throne; ~ tgdre join together, join issue, engage in battle; him tganes feng clutched at him; him on fultum feng helped them; hlyst ge~ listen; tgadere/tgdre/tddere ~ to engage in battle fond see fand, pret 3rd sing of findan fonfr [] n (-es/-) firefang fong- see fangfonn see fann font see fant fonu see fanu for [] 1. prep w.i.d.a.; w.d.a. (local) before, in the sight of, in or into the presence of, as far as; (temporal) during, before; w.i.(causal) for, on account of, for the sake of, through, because of, owing to, from, by reason of; as to; in order to; w.d. for, on account of, because of, with, by; w.a. for, in place of, instead of, equivalent to, at the price of; in preference to; in spite of; ~ worulde as regards to this world; ~ Dryhtne by God; 2. conj

for, because; ~ hw/hwm/hwon wherefore?; ~ m/on/ therefore; because, since; ~ m e, ~ e because; ~ t, ~ m t in order that; 3. adv too, very; ~ n only; 4. sv/t7 ltan ~ to take (one) for for- [] prefix 1. denotes loss, destruction, deterioration, or gives an opposite sense, or gives strength to the words before which it is placed; forbodan to forbid, fordman to condemn; sometimes fr denotes an increase of the signification of the word before which it is placed, and is then generally to be in English very; frae very easily; or it is a pejorative forbrnan, forrotian; for-, fr-, and fre- are often confounded, though they are very different in meaning; forson to overlook, despise; frson, freson to foresee; [Ger ver-]; 2. see also fre-; [it is not connected with the preposition for.] fr [] prep w.d.a. before, fore fr [] 1. f (-e/-a) going, course, journey, expedition; way, manner of life; 2. m (-es/-as) pig, hog; 3. past 3rd sing of faran fora see foran fora- see foreforad see forod foraldung [] f (-e/-a) old age foran [] 1. prep w.d. before, opposite; 2. adv before, in front, forward; to the front; ~ ongean opposite; ~ t opposite; beforehand foranbodig [] n (-es/-) thorax, chest forandg [] m (-es/-dagas) early part of the day forane [] adj opposite; beforehand foranhafod [] n (-hafdes/-hafdu) forehead foranlencten [] m (-es/-as) early spring foranniht [] f (-e/-) early part of the night, dusk, evening; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] forannihtsang [] m (-es/-as) compline for see fore forbrnan [] wv/t1b to cause to burn, burn up, consume by fire, be consumed forbrnednes [] f (-se/-sa) burning forbearan see forberan forbearnan see forbrnan frbedd [] n (-es/-) portable bed, litter forbgan see forbgan forbelgan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forbilg past forbealg/forbulgon ptp is forbolgen to be enraged forbn [] f (-e/-e) prayer forbodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forbede past forbad/forbudon ptp forboden to forbid, prohibit; restrain; refuse; repeal, annul forbodendlic [] adj dehortative, dissuasive forbiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbiern past forbarn/forburnon ptp forburnen to burn, be consumed by fire forberan [] 1. sv/t4 3rd pres forbir past forbr/forbron ptp forboren to forbear, abstain from, refrain; suffer, endure, tolerate, humor; restrain; 2. see foreberan forberendlce [] adv tolerably forbernan see forbrnan

forberstan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbirste past forbrst/forburston ptp forborsten to break, burst asunder, vanish, fail; let go by default forbtan see forebtan forbgan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forbge past forbg/forbigon ptp forbigen to bend down, bow down, depreciate, abase, humiliate, degrade forbindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbinde past forband/forbundon ptp forbunden to bind (up), muzzle forbisen see forebysen forbtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forbte past forbt/forbiton ptp forbiten to bite through forblwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forblw past forblow/on ptp forblwen to blow; blow out, inflate forblindian [] wv/t2 to blind frbc [] f (-bc/-bc) itinerary forbod [] n (-es/-u) prohibition forboda see foreboda forboren [] adj restrained from the effect of herb, bewitched? forbrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forbric past forbrc/forbrcon ptp forbrocen to break in pieces, bruise, violate, crush, destroy; forbrocen broken down, decrepit forbrdan see forbregdan [3rd pres forbrde past forbrd/forbrdon ptp forbrden] forbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbrigde past forbrgd/forbrugdon ptp forbrogden to tear, pull, snatch away; draw over, cover; change, transform forbrtan [] sv/t1? 3rd pres forbrte past forbrt/forbriton ptp forbriten to break in pieces, crush, bruise forbrocen [] adj broken down, decrepit forbrtednes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition (1) forbrtennes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition (2) forbrytian see forbrtan forbryttan see forbrtan forbgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forbg past forbag/forbugon ptp forbogen to bend from, refrain from, avoid, decline; flee from, escape; hold down forbgan see forbgan forbyrd [] f (-e/-a) abstention; long-suffering (1) forbyrdian [] wv/t2 to wait for forbyrdig [] adj forbearing forbyrnan see forbeornan forca [] m (-n/-n) fork (2) force [] f (-an/-an) fork (1) forcap [] adj forestalling (in trade) forcel [] m (forcles/forclas) pitch-fork forceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forcierf past forcearf/forcurfon ptp forcorfen to carve out, cut down, cut off, cut through, divide forcowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forcew past forcaw/forcuwon ptp forcowen to bite off forcierran [] wv/t1a to turn aside, prevent, avert, avoid; turn oneself away, escape; pervert forcierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) perversity; turning aside forcierring [] f (-e/-a) turning aside forcilled [] adj chilled forcinnan? [] wv/t1a to destroy forcippian [] wv/t2 to cut off

forclman [] wv/t1b to stop up forclas pl of forcel forclingan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forclinge past forclang/forclungon ptp is forclungen to wither, shrink up forclyccan [] wv/t1a to stop, close (ears) forclsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forclse past forclsde ptp forclsed to close up forcndan see forgndan forcompian? [] wv/t2 to fight for forcostian [] wv/t2 to tempt forcrafian [] wv/t2 to require forcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres forcym past forcm/on ptp forcumen to come before, prevent, surprise; harass, wear out, destroy; reject; overcome, conquer, obtain; surpass forcunnian [] wv/t2 to tempt, try forc [] adj bad, wicked, infamous, foul, despicable, despised; adv ~e forclic see forc forclce see force forcwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres forcwie past forcw/forcwdon ptp forcweden to speak ill of, abuse, revile; reprove; refuse, reject; boast, promise great things forcwolstan? [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forcwolste past forcwolstede ptp forcwolsted to swallow forcwsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forcwse past forcwsde ptp forcwsed to shake violently forcyppian see forcippian forcyrran see forcierran forcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres force past forcde ptp forced to reprove, rebuke; refute? ford [] m (-a/-a) ford; waterway fordlan [] wv/t1b to spend fordad [] adj dead, as if dead fordelfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fordilf past fordealf/fordulfon ptp fordolfen to delve, dig up fordman [] wv/t1b to condemn, sentence, doom; prejudice; decide fordmedlic [] adj to be condemned fordmednes [] f (-se/-sa) condemnation, proscription fordmend [] m (-es/-) accuser fordming [] f (-e/-a) plunder, spoliation fordemman [] wv/t1a to dam up, block up, stop water fordettan see fordyttan fordcigan [] wv/t2? to shut out by a ditch, block up fordilemengan [] wv/t1b to gloss over fordlgian [] wv/t2 to blot out, destroy, abolish (1) fordlegian [] wv/t2 to blot out, destroy, abolish (2) fordligian [] wv/t2 to blot out, destroy, abolish (3) fordimmian [] wv/t2 to obscure, darken fordittan see fordyttan fordn [] irreg v/t to undo, bring to naught, ruin, destroy; abolish; kill; corrupt, seduce, defile; past participle fordn corrupt, wicked, abandoned fordn [] adj corrupt, wicked, abandoned; past part of fordn fordrfan [] wv/t1b to drive, compel fordrencan [] wv/t1b to make drunk, intoxicate

fordrfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres fordrf past fordrf/fordrifon ptp fordrifen to drive, sweep away; drive on, impel, compel; drive away, expel; overtax fordrifnes [] f (-se/-sa) objection, opposition fordrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fordrinc past fordranc/fordruncon ptp fordruncen to make drunk, be drunk fordrgian [] wv/i2 to become dry, wither fordruncen [] adj drunk fordruncnian [] wv/t2 to be made drunk fordrwian see fordrgian forduttan see fordyttan fordwer [] m (-es/-as) weir at a ford fordwilman [] wv/t1b to confound fordwnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres fordwn past fordwn/fordwinon ptp fordwinen to vanish fordyslic [] adj very foolish fordyttan [] wv/t1a to obstruct, block up, close fore [] 1. prep w.d.a. (local) before, in the sight of, in presence of; (causal) because of, for the sake of, through, on account of, by reason of, from; (temporal) before; for, instead of; 2. adv before, beforehand, formerly, once fore- see forforedihtian see dihtian forealdian [] wv/i2 to grow old, decay forestreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to lay low, overthrow fore [] m (-es/-as) preliminary oath foreae [] adv very easily foreaelce [] adv very easily forebacen [] n (-bacnes/-) sign, portent, prodigy forebcen [] n (-bcnes/-) sign, portent, prodigy forebegn [] irreg v/t to intercept foreberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forebir past forebr/forebron ptp foreboren to prefer forebtan [] wv/t1b to make legal amends (vicariously) forebcnung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy forebirig see forebyrig, dat sing of foreburh forebiscop [] m (-es/-as) high-priest forebisen [] f (-e/-a) example frebc see frbc forebod [] n (-es/-u) prophecy, preaching foreboda [] m (-n/-n) forerunner, messenger, crier forebodere [] m (-es/-as) herald, crier forebodian [] wv/t2 to announce, declare forebodung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy forebrdan [] wv/t1b to prolong; overshadow forebrost [] n (-es/-) chest foreburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) outwork; outer court, vestibule forebyrd [] f (-e/-a) abstention; long-suffering (2) forecennednes [] f (-se/-sa) progeny

foreceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forecierf past forecearf/forecurfon ptp forecorfen to cut off in front, cut off; To cut through, cut up; To beat to pieces, to batter, smash; to cut off, avoid, i. e. to sail straight; Of speech, to cut short, abridge; to cut short one's words, to be brief, break off or finish abruptly; To break off, cut off, end, destroy; To deny flatly, refuse, decline; [praecidere] foreceorfend [] m (-es/-) front tooth forecosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres foreces past forecas/forecuron ptp forecoren to choose in preference foreclipian [] wv/t2 to call or cry out, to vociferate; in judicial language, To defend, to clamor in defense; to assert one's liberty, to appeal to the judge to maintain one's liberty [proclamare] forecnoris [] f (-se/-sa) progeny forecnowrisn [] f (-e/-a) progeny forecnyll [] m (-es/-as) first ringing (of a bell) forecostigan [] wv/t2 to profane forecostung [] f (-e/-a) profanation forecuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres forecym past forecm/on ptp forecumen to come before, prevent; overcome?; come out, come upon forecweden [] adj aforesaid forecwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres forecwie past forecw/forecwdon ptp forecweden to preach, predict forecwide [] m (-es/-as) prophecy; introduction, heading (of chapter) forecyme [] m (-es/-as) proceeding forth forecynren [] n (-es/-) progeny forecynrd [] n (-es/-) progeny forecan [] wv/t1b to make known (beforehand), tell forth; prophesy fored see forod foredman [] wv/t1b to prejudge foredere [] n (-es/-u) vestibule (3) foreduru [] f (-a/-a) vestibule (1) foredyre [] n (-es/-u) vestibule (2) foredyrstig? [] adj presumptuous forefger see forfger forefeng see forfang forefengnes [] f (-se/-sa) a protective skirting (of woods) forefran [] wv/t1b to go before forefex [] n (-es/-u, -feoxu) forelock foreflon [] sv/t2 3rd pres forefleh past foreflah/foreflugon ptp foreflogen to flee forefong see forfang forefrfrend [] m (-es/-) proconsul foregn [] irreg v/t to go before, precede; go in front of, project; excel foregangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres foregeng past foregong/on ptp foregangen to go before, precede; go in front of, project; excel forege- see for-, foreforegearwung [] f (-e/-a) preparation, parasceve foregebiddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forebidde past forebd/forebdon ptp foregebeden to intercede

foregeblind [] adj blinded foregecosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres foregeces past foregecas/foregecuron ptp foregecoren to choose beforehand foregegn see forgangan foregeht [] n (-es/-u) vow foregehtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres foregehte past foregeht/on, foregeheht/on ptp foregehten to promise; invite foregeloran [] wv/t1b to pass away foregenga [] m (-n/-n) forerunner; predecessor, ancestor; attendant foregengel [] m (-gengles/-genglas) predecessor foregescaw- see forescawforegesecgan [] wv/t3 to predestine foregesellan [] irreg wv/t1b to advance (money) foregesettan see foresettan foregeswuteliende [] adj tracing out, tracking [indagande] foregeton [] sv/t2 3rd pres foregeteh past foregetah/foregetugon ptp foregetogen to point out foregeingian see foreingian foregeistrod [] adj darkened foregidd [] n (-es/-) proverb foregmnes [] f (-se/-sa) observation foregsl [] m (-es/-as) preliminary hostage foreglaw [] adj foreseeing, provident, wise, prudent; adv ~lce forehrdian [] wv/t2 to hasten before forehs [] n (-es/-) porch foreiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres foreiern past forearn/foreurnon ptp foreurnen to run before, outrun foreiernend [] m (-es/-) forerunner foreiernere [] m (-es/-as) forerunner foreldtow [] m (-es/-as) chief, leader foreldtwa [] m (-n/-n) chief, leader forelr [] f (-e/-a) preaching forelttow [] m (-es/-as) leader foreldan [] wv/t1b to lead forth forelrend [] m (-es/-) teacher foreldan see forieldan forelegnis see forlegis foreloran [] wv/t1b to go before, pass by forelornes see forlornes forelocc [] m (-es/-as) forelock forelcian [] wv/t2 to look forward, look into the distance, have a view, look out, look, see; To look out, to watch, be on the watch; To look or see to beforehand, to exercise foresight, to look out for, take care of, provide for any thing; to see afar off, to discern, descry, espy; of situations, to have or command a view of, look or lie towards, to overlook; To look at attentively, to gaze at (very rare); To foresee a thing; To look out for, provide, procure [prospicere]; to look, look back, look behind, look about, see behind, look back upon, gaze at, look at, look to or for anything; to look, have regard,

turn attention; to look at with solicitude, i.e. to have a care for, regard, be mindful of, consider, respect, etc.; [respicere] foremanian [] wv/t2 to forewarn foremanig [] adj very many foremre [] adj illustrious, renowned, famous foremrlic [] adj eminent foremrnes [] f (-se/-sa) eminence, fame foremeahtig see foremihtig foremearcod [] adj before-mentioned foremearcung [] f (-e/-a) title, chapter foremihtig [] adj most mighty; adv ~lce foremunt [] m (-es/-as) promontory forenama [] m (-n/-n) pronoun [pronomen] forene see forane forenemnan [] wv/t1b to mention beforehand forenyme [] m (-es/-as) taking before forerm [] m (-es/-as) prologue forerynel [] m (-rynles/-rynlas) forerunner, herald, morning star foresacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres foresc past foresc/on ptp foresacen to forbid foresd [] adj aforesaid foresgdnes [] f (-se/-sa) preface foresaga [] m (-n/-n) preface foresndan see foresendan forescawere [] m (-es/-as) provisor forescawian [] wv/t2 to foreshow, foresee; preordain, decree, appoint; provide, furnish with forescawodlce [] adv with forethought, thoughtfully forescawung [] f (-e/-a) contemplation, foresight, providence forescotan see forscotan forescieldnes [] f (-se/-sa) protection forescynian [] wv/t2 to shun forescyttels [] m (-es/-as) bolt, bar forescwa [] m (-n/-n) shadow forescwung [] f (-e/-a) overshadowing forescan [] irreg wv/t1b to appeal (for justice) foresecgan [] wv/t3 to mention before; proclaim, preach; foretell foreseld [] n (-es/-) first seat foresellan [] irreg wv/t1b to spend, advance (money) foresendan [] wv/t1b to send before foreson [] sv/t5 3rd pres foreseh past foreseah/foreswon ptp foresewen to foresee; provide; provide for foresond [] m (-es/-) provider foresones [] f (-se/-sa) care, foresight, providence foresetednes [] f (-se/-sa) proposition, purpose; preposition (3) foresetenes [] f (-se/-sa) proposition, purpose; preposition (2) foresetnes [] f (-se/-sa) proposition, purpose; preposition (1)

foresettan [] wv/t1a to place before, shut in; propose; prefer; precede foresettendlic [] adj prepositive foresingend [] m (-es/-) precentor foresittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres foresitte past forest/foreston ptp foreseten to preside over foresmagan [] wv/t2? to think beforehand foresman [] wv/t2? to think beforehand foresnotor [] adj very wise forespc [] f (-e/-a) advocacy, defense, excuse; agreement, arrangement; preamble, preface, prologue (3) forespc see foresprca forespeca see forespreca foresprc [] f (-e/-a) advocacy, defense, excuse; agreement, arrangement; preamble, preface, prologue (1) foresprc [] f (-e/-a) advocacy, defense, excuse; agreement, arrangement; preamble, preface, prologue (2) forespreca [] m (-n/-n) intercessor, advocate, mediator; sponsor forescprecan [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres forespric past foresprc/foresprcon ptp foresprecen to speak or answer for, be surety for, intercede for; say before; foresprecen above-mentioned, aforesaid; 2. see forsprecan foresprecen [] adj above-mentioned, aforesaid forestandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forestende past forestd/on ptp forestanden to preside, lead; excel; prevail against forestapul [] adj going before forestpp- see foresteppforesteall [] m (-es/-as) intervention, hindrance (of justice); ambush, assault, offence of waylaying on the highway; fine for such an offence; resistance, opposition forestemman [] wv/t1a to prevent, hinder forestora [] m (-n/-n) look-out man, pilot foresteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forestepe past forestp/on ptp forestapen to precede, go before, anticipate; excel; forestall, prevent foresteppend [] m (-es/-) precursor foresteppung [] f (-e/-a) anticipation forestgan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forestge past forestg/forestigon ptp forestigen to excel forestige [] m (-es/-as) vestibule forestihtian [] wv/t2 to fore-ordain forestihtung [] f (-e/-a) predestination foreswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres foreswere past foreswr/on ptp foresworen to swear before foretcn [] n (-es/-) fore-token, prognostic, prodigy, sign, wonder foretcnian [] wv/t2 to foreshow foreteohhian [] wv/t2 to fore-ordain foreteohhung [] f (-e/-a) predestination foreton [] wv/t1b 3rd pres foreto past foretode ptp foretod to fore-ordain, frame beforehand, arrange; [sv/t1 3rd pres foreteh past foretg/foretigon ptp foretigen, sv/t2 3rd pres foreteh past foretah/foretugon ptp foretogen] foret [] m pl front teeth foretge [] m (-es/-as) forecourt, porch

foretimbrigende [] adj enclosing, impeding foret [] m (-tes/-t) front tooth foretrymman [] wv/t1a to testify foretned [] adj shut-in foreanc [] m (-es/-as) forethought, providence, consideration, deliberation foreancful [] adj prudent foreanclic [] adj thoughtful, careful, prudent; adv ~lce foreancol [] adj prudent foreancolnes [] f (-se/-sa) prudence foreencan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres foreenc past forehte ptp foreht to premeditate, consider, be mindful foreon [] sv/t1 3rd pres foreeh past foreg/foreigon ptp foreigen, sv/t2 3rd pres foreeh past foreah/foreugon ptp foreogen to surpass, excel foreingere [] m (-es/-as) intercessor, mediator foreingian [] wv/t2 to plead for, intercede, defend foreingiend [] m (-es/-) intercessor foreingrden [] f (-ne/-na) intercession foreingung [] f (-e/-a) intercession foreonc see foreanc forewall see foreweall foreward see foreweard forewarnian [] wv/t2 to take warning beforehand; forewarn foreweall [] m (-es/-as) rampart, bulwark foreweard [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) condition, bargain, agreement, treaty, assurance; 2. m (es/-as) outpost, scout; 3. adj forward, inclined to the front; fore, early, former; ~ gear new year; 4. adv in front; towards the future; on ~ at the beginning; above all; fram ~um once more foreweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) beginning foreweoran [] sv/t3 3rd pres forewier past forewear/forewurdon ptp foreworden to predestinate forewesan [] irreg v/t to be over, rule over forews [] adj foreknowing forewitan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres forewt past forewisse, forewiste ptp forewiten to foreknow forewtegian [] wv/t2 to prophesy forewtegung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy forewitig [] adj knowing; foreknowing; prophetic forewitol [] adj foreknowing forewittiendlic [] adj prescient foreword [] n (-es/-) stipulation, condition forewost see forwost forewrgan see forwrgan forewriten [] adj above or before-written forewritennes [] f (-se/-sa) proscription, exile forewyrcend [] m (-es/-) servant forewyrd [] f (-e/-e) agreement, condition forewyrdan1 [] wv/t1b to agree

forfang [] n (-es/-) capture, (legal) seizure, recovery of cattle or other property; reward for rescuing property forfangfeoh [] n (-fos/-) reward for rescuing cattle or other property forfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres forfr past forfr/on ptp is forfaren to pass away, perish; sv/t6 lose; sv/t6 destroy, ruin, cause to perish; intercept, obstruct forfger [] adj very fair forfeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forfiel past forfoll/on ptp forfeallen to overwhelm forfeng [] 1. past 3rd sing of forfn; 2. see forfang forfran [] wv/i1b to depart, die forferian [] wv/t2 to let die forflon [] sv/t2 3rd pres forfleh past forflah/forflugon ptp forflogen to flee from, escape, avoid, evade forflgan [] wv/t1b to put to flight forfn [] sv/t7 3rd pres forfh past forfng/on ptp forfangen to seize; anticipate, forestall; surprise; prevent; forfeit forfyllan [] wv/t1a to stop up, obstruct forg- see foregforgn [] 1. irreg v/t to go or pass over, by, or away; forgo, abstain from, neglect, lose; 2. see foregn forgangan [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres forgeng past forgong/on ptp forgangen to go or pass over, by, or away; forgo, abstain from, neglect, lose; 2. see foregn forggan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forgge past forggde ptp forgged to transgress, trespass, prevaricate; pass by, omit, neglect forggednes [] f (-se/-sa) transgression, trespass forggend [] m (-es/-) transgressor forggung [] f (-e/-a) fault, excess forglan [] wv/t1b to avoid forgeare [] adv very certainly forgebind [] n (-es/-) stricture? forgedn see fordn forgeearnung [] f (-e/-a) merit forgefenes see forgiefnes forggan see forggan forgeldan see forgieldan forgm- see forgemforgenge [] adj hard to carry out? forgeorne [] adv very earnestly, very attentively forgeot- see forgit-, ofergitforget see forgiet pres 3rd sing of forgietan forgief- see also forgifforgiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forgiefe past forgeaf/forgafon ptp forgiefen to give, grant, allow; forgive, overlook; give up, leave off; give in marriage forgiefednes [] f (-se/-sa) forgiveness forgiefen [] adj indulgent; mild, tolerable forgiefendlic [] adj dative forgiefenlic [] adj excusable, tolerable

forgiefestre [] f (-an/-an) female giver forgiefnes [] f (-se/-sa) pardon, forgiveness, remission; indulgence, permission; gift? forgiefu [] f (-e/-a) favor, both that in which one stands with others and that which one shows to others; Favor which one finds with others, esteem, regard, liking, love, friendship; agreeableness, pleasantness, charm, beauty, loveliness, grace; Favor which one shows to another, mark of favor, kindness, courtesy, service, obligation; In partic., a mark of favor shown for a service rendered, thanks (by word or deed), thankfulness, gratitude; acknowledgment, return, requital [gratia] forgiefung [] f (-e/-a) gift; the nuptial gift before the morning gift forgieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forgielde past forgeald/forguldon ptp forgolden to pay for; require, reward; indemnify, make good; pay double (as penalty); give; give up, forfeit forgielpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forgielp past forgealp/forgulpon ptp forgolpen to boast in public, trumpet forth forgeman [] wv/t1b to neglect, pass by, transgress forgemelasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, abandon, give up, omit forgietan [] sv/t5 w.a. or g. 3rd pres forgiete past forgeat/forgaton ptp forgieten to forget forgif- see also forgiefforgifendlic [] adj dative forgifenlic [] adj excusable, tolerable forgifestre [] f (-an/-an) female giver forgifung [] f (-e/-a) gift; the nuptial gift before the morning gift forgildan see forgieldan forgm- see forgemforgit- see forgiet-, ofergit-, ofergietforgitel [] adj forgetful forgitelnes [] f (-se/-sa) forgetfulness, oblivion forgiten [] adj forgetting, forgetful; past part of forgietan forgiting [] f (-e/-a) forgetfulness forglendrian [] wv/t2 to devour, swallow up forgnagan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forgng past forgng/on ptp forgnagen to eat up forgndan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgnde past forgnd/forgnidon ptp forgniden to grind together, dash down, crush, break forgniden [] adj contrite forgnidennes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation forgndan see forgndan forgrindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forgrinde past forgrand/forgrundon ptp forgrunden 1. to grind down, ruin, destroy, consume; 2. to send to the bottom, destroy; [grund] forgrindet [] n (-es/-) grinding, pounding; pres 3rd sing of forgrindan forgrpan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgrp past forgrp/forgripon ptp forgripen to seize, assail, attack, overwhelm forgrwan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgrw past forgrw/forgriwon ptp forgriwen to sink (in vice) forgrwen [] adj grown up?, overgrown? forgumian see forgman forgyf- see forgief-, forgifforgyldan see forgieldan forgylt [] adj condemned, guilty

forgyltan [] wv/t1b to sin, be or become guilty; forgylt condemned, guilty forgm- see forgemforgyrd see forgyrd forgyrdan [] wv/t1b to enclose, encircle forgyt- see forgiet-, forgitforhabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres forhf past forhfde ptp forhfd to hold in, restrain, retain, keep back; draw back, refrain from, avoid; ~ hine wi w.a. to restrain oneself from s.t.; he
forhf hine wi iersunge he restrains himself from anger

forhtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhte past forht/on, forheht/on ptp forhten to renounce, forswear; se forhtena the devil forhfed continent, abstemious, celibate forhbbend [] m (-es/-) abstinent, continent person forhfd see forhafod forhfed [] adj continent, abstemious, celibate forhfednes [] f (-se/-sa) temperance, continence, self-restraint, abstinence; parsimony forhfnes [] f (-se/-sa) temperance, continence, self-restraint, abstinence; parsimony forhfendlce [] adv continently forhlan [] wv/t1b to injure? forhtan [] wv/t1b to overheat forhed [] adj burnt up forheafdnes see forhfednes forhafod [] n (-hafdes/-u) forehead, brow, skull forhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhielde past forhold/on ptp forhealden to forsake, fall away from, rebel against; let go; defile, pollute; withhold; misuse, abuse forhealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unchastity forheard [] adj very hard forheardian [] wv/i2 to grow hard forhawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhew past forhow/on ptp forhawen to hew in pieces, cut down, kill forhefednes see forhfednes forhegan see forhogian forhelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forhil past forhl/forhlon ptp forholen to cover over, conceal, hide, protect; sacne ~ conceal a guilty man forhelian [] wv/t2 to hide; cover, clothe forheregian [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren] forhergend [] m (-es/-) ravager forhergian [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren] forherigean [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren] forhicgan see forhycgan forhenan [] wv/t1b to cast down, defeat, humiliate, outrage, oppress, waste [Ger verhhnen] forhigan see forhycgan forhogd- see forhogodforhoged- see forhogodforhogian [] wv/t2 to neglect, disregard, despise forhogiend [] m (-es/-) despiser forhogiendlic [] adj contemptible

forhogigendlic [] adj contemptible forhogod past part of forhycgan forhogodlic [] adj contemptuous; adv ~lce forhogodnes [] f (-se/-sa) contempt forhogung [] f (-e/-a) contempt forhohnes see forhogodnes forhradian [] wv/t2 to hasten; prevent, anticipate, frustrate forhrae [] adv very speedily, quickly, soon forhrdlce [] adv too soon forhrred [] adj annulled forht [] adj afraid, timid, cowardly; frightful, terrible; adv ~e despairingly forhtful [] adj fainthearted, timorous forhtian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to be afraid, surprised, fear, dread forhtiendlic [] adj timorous; dreadful forhtige [] adv humbly, submissively forhtigende [] adj? timid; dreadful forhtlasnes [] f (-se/-sa) fearlessness forhtlic [] adj fearful, afraid; dreadful; adv ~lce forhtmd [] adj timorous, timid forhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear, terror forhtu [] f (-e/-a) fear forhtung [] f (-e/-a) fear forhugian see forhogian forhwan see forhwon forhwn see forhwon forhwega [] adv somewhere, somewhere about forhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forhwierf past forhwearf/forhwurfon ptp forhworfen to come to an end, be destroyed forhwerf- see forhwierfforhw see forhw forhwig see forhw forhwierfan [] wv/t1b to change, transform; remove, transfer; pervert forhwierfedlic [] adj perverse forhwierfednes [] f (-se/-sa) perversity forhwon [] adv wherefore, why, for what reason forhw [] adv why, wherefore forhwyrf- see forhwierfforhycgan [] wv/t3 3rd pres forhoga past forhogode ptp forhogod to disdain, despise, reject forhdan [] wv/t1b to hide forhygdelic [] adj despised forhylman [] wv/t1b to refuse obedience to forhnan see forhenan forhyrdan [] wv/t1b to harden [heard] forieldan [] wv/t1b to put off, delay foriernan see foreiernan

forier [] ? (-e/-a) a headland in the case of land with furrows at right angles to those of the adjacent land forinlce [] adv thoroughly, exceedingly forinweardlce [] adv thoroughly, genuinely forlcan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres forlc past forleolc/on, forloc/on ptp forlcen to mislead, seduce, deceive, betray forlang [] adv long ago; cmp forleng, forlenge; spl forlengest forlange [] adv long ago; cmp forleng, forlenge; spl forlengest forldan [] wv/t1b to mislead, seduce; bring out; [Ger verleiten] forlran [] wv/t1b to teach wrongly, lead astray, seduce, pervert forltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forlte past forlt/on, forleort/on ptp forlten to let go, relinquish, surrender, lose, leave, abandon, neglect; remit, pardon, excuse; loose, release; let, permit, allow; grant, give; p/in ~ to direct upwards, within; n(n)e ~ see nforltan forltennes [] f (-se/-sa) leaving, departure, absence; loss, perdition; intermission, cessation, end; remission; divorce forltnes [] f (-se/-sa) leaving, departure, absence; loss, perdition; intermission, cessation, end; remission; divorce forltednes [] f (-se/-sa) leaving, departure, absence; loss, perdition; intermission, cessation, end; remission; divorce forlting [] f (-e/-a) leaving, intermission forltu [] noun pl losses, sufferings forlan [] wv/t1b to loathe forlan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forleh past forlg/on ptp forlgen/forlagen to blame much forlecgan [] wv/t1b to cover up forlegen past part of forlicgan forlegen [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) adulterer forlegenes see forlegnes forlegenlic [] adj mean-looking, ugly forleges [] f (-se/-sa) prostitute, adulteress forlegis [] f (-se/-sa) prostitute, adulteress forlegis- see forligerforlegor- see forligerforlegnes [] f (-se/-sa) fornication forlegnis [] f (-se/-sa) prostitute forlogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forleg past forlag/forlugon ptp forlogen to lie, perjure oneself, slander forloran see foreloran forlornes [] f (-se/-sa) transgression forleornung [] f (-e/-a) deception forleorte reduplicated past tense of forltan forlosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forles past forlas/forluron ptp forloren to lose, abandon, let go; destroy, ruin forlt- see forltforltere [] m (-es/-as) a forsaker forlettan [] wv/t1a to prevent

forlicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forlige past forlg/forlgon ptp forlegen to commit adultery or fornication (reflexive, wi w.a.); ho forlg he wi hine she committed adultery with him; fail, lapse, be neglected; screen (a thief); past part forlegen used as noun adulterer forlicgend [] m (-es/-) fornicator forliden [] 1. adj much-traveled; 2. past part of forlan forlidennes see forliennes forligan see forlicgan forligenes see forlegnes forlignes see forlegnes forliger [] 1. n (-es/-) adultery, fornication, wantonness, immorality; 2. m (-es/-as) whoremonger, adulterer; f (-e/-a) fornicatress, adulteress; 3. adj adulterous forligerbedd [] n (-es/-) bed of fornication forligere see forliger 1 forligeren [] adj fornicating forligerhs [] n (-es/-) house of ill fame forligerlic [] adj unchaste, impure; adv ~lce forligerwf [] n (-es/-) prostitute forliges see forlegis forliggang [] m (-es/-as) adultery, fornication forligrian [] wv/t2 3rd pres forligra past forligrode ptp forligrod to commit fornication forlr see forliger 2 forlsgleng [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) harlots dress forlan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forle past forl/forlidon ptp forliden to suffer shipwreck forliennes [] f (-se/-sa) shipwreck forlor [] m (-es/-as) loss, destruction; t ~e gedn to destroy forlorenes [] f (-se/-sa) state of being forlorn, perdition, destruction forlorian [] wv/t2 to lose forlosian [] wv/t2 to lose forlustlce [] adv very willingly forlytel [] adj very little form see feorm form- see frumforma [] adj first, earliest; on ~n at first forml [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) negotiation, agreement, treaty [ml 2] formanig [] adj very many forml [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) negotiation, agreement, treaty [ml 2] formlan [] wv/t1b to negotiate formr- see foremrformelle [] f (-an/-an) bench [L formella] formeltan [] sv/t3 3rd pres formilte past formealt/formulton ptp formolten to melt away, dissolve, liquefy, burn up formengan [] wv/t1b to associate formesta see fyrmesta wk superlative of forma frmete [] m (-es/-mettas) food for a journey formicel [] adj very great; cmp formra; spl formst formogod [] adj corrupted

formolsnian [] wv/t2 to rot away, crumble, decay formolsnung [] f (-e/-a) corruption formycel see formicel formyltan see formeltan formyrrian [] wv/t2 to murder forn [] 1. f? (-e/-a), m? (-es/-as) trout; 2. see foran fornman [] wv/t1b to be worn out, afflicted (with grief) forne see foran adv forne [] f (-an/-an) see forn fornah [] adv very nearly, almost, about; cmp fornar; spl fornehst fornan see fornah fornh see fornah fornon see fornah fornerwian [] wv/t2 to check the growth or fecundity of Forntes folm [] f (-e/-a) a plant fornan [] wv/r1b to expose to danger, sacrifice, to risk ones life forniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres fornim past fornm/on ptp fornumen to take away, deprive of, plunder, waste, devastate, destroy, consume; annul; disfigure; overcome forndan [] wv/t1b to coerce, compel fornyman see forniman fornytlce [] adv very usefully forod [] adj broken down, worn out, useless, void, abortive foroft [] adv very often forpran [] wv/t1b to turn away, lose, spoil, pervert, destroy forpyndan [] wv/t1b to do away, remove frracu [] f (-e/-a) itinerary forradian see forhradian forrae see forhrae forrda? [] m (-n/-n) traitor, plotter forrdan [] wv/t1b to plot against, betray; condemn; injure forrpe [] adj assart forrcelasian [] wv/t2 to neglect forrepen [] adj taken [hrepian] forrdan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forrde past forrd/forridon ptp forriden to intercept by riding before forridel [] m (-ridles/-ridlas) fore-rider, forerunner, messenger forrotednes [] f (-se/-sa) corrupt matter, rottenness forrotian [] wv/t2 to rot away, decay; putrefy forrynel see forerynel forsacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forsc past forsc/on ptp forsacen to object to, reject, oppose, deny, refuse; give up, renounce forsacennes [] f (-se/-sa) denial forsawen see forsewen forscan see forscan forstian [] wv/t2 to lay wait for, beset, surround forstnian see forsetnian forswestre see forsewestre

forsc see frosc forscd- see forscadforscamian [] wv/t2 to make ashamed (impersonal w.a.); be ashamed forscamung [] f (-e/-a) modesty forscapung [] f (-e/-a) mishap, mischance forscncednes see forscrencednes forscadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forscede past forscod/on ptp forscaden to scatter, disperse; damn, condemn? forsceamian see forscamian forsceap [] n (-es/-) evil deed? forscaw- see forescawforscending [] f (-e/-a) confusion forsceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forscierf past forscearf/forscurfon ptp forscorfen to gnaw off, bite, eat up forscotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forscete past forscat/forscuton ptp forscoten to anticipate, forestall, prevent; to advance money forsceppan see forscieppan forsceta [] m (-n/-n) flood gate [= forsscta] forscieppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forsciep past forscp/on ptp forscapen to change, transform forscip [] n (-es/-u) foreship, prow forscired [] ? the dead? forscrencan [] wv/t1b to supplant, overcome, vanquish, cast down; dry up forscrencednes [] f (-se/-sa) supplanting, deceit forscrencend [] m (-es/-) supplanter forscrfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forscrf past forscrf/forscrifon ptp forscrifen to decree; proscribe, condemn, doom; 2 bewitch forscrincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forscrinc past forscranc/forscruncon ptp is forscruncen to shrink, dry up, wither away forscfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forscf past forscaf/forscufon ptp forscofen to cast down (pride) forscyldig [] adj wicked forscyldigian [] wv/t2 to condemn; past part guilty forscyldigod [] adj guilty forscyppan see forscieppan forscyrian [] wv/t1a to separate forscyttan [] wv/t1a to exclude, prevent, obviate forsarian [] wv/i1a to sear, dry up, wither forseawennes see forsewennes forscan [] 1. irreg wv/t1b to afflict, attack; 2. see forescan forsecgan [] wv/t3 to accuse falsely, slander, accuse; to speak about, discourse on forsegen- see forsewenforsgon see forswon past pl of forson forsellan [] irreg wv/t1b to sell; give up, lose forsencan [] wv/t1b to reject forsendan [] wv/t1b to send away, banish, send to destruction forson [] sv/t5 3rd pres forsieh past forseah/forswon ptp forsewen to overlook, neglect, scorn, despise, reject, renounce; refrain from

forsones see foresones forsoan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forsee past forsa/forsudon ptp forsoden to wither, consume forsrian see forsarian forsetnian [] wv/t2 to beset forsettan [] 1. wv/t1a to hedge in, obstruct; oppress; 2. see foresettan forsettednes see foresetnes forsewen [] 1. f (-e/-a) contempt; 2. past part of forson forsewenlic [] adj despicable, ignominious, wretched, of poor appearance; adv ~lce forsewennes [] f (-se/-sa) contempt forsewestre [] f (-an/-an) female despiser forsingian see forsyngian forsittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forsitte past forst/forston ptp forseten to neglect, delay; block, obstruct, besiege; injure; absent oneself (from); to give out, fail fors see fors forsian [] wv/t2 to perish forslwian [] wv/t2 to be slow, unwilling, delay, put off forslwan [] wv/t1b to be slow, unwilling, delay, put off forslan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forslieh past forslg/on ptp forslagen, forslgen to cut through, strike, break, kill, destroy forslegenlic [] adj mean, ignominious forsliet [] m (-es/-as) slaughter [slieht] forsltan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forslte past forslt/forsliton ptp forsliten to consume, devour forsmorian [] wv/t1a to smother, choke, stifle forsorgian [] wv/t2 to despond fors [] adv indeed, verily forspanan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forspen past forspn/on ptp forspanen to mislead, lead astray, seduce, entice forspaning [] f (-e/-a) allurement forspc see foresprc forspeca see forespreca forspecan see foresprecan forspdian [] wv/t2 to speed, prosper forspendan [] wv/t1b to spend, give out, squander, consume forspennan [] wv/t1a to allure forspennen see forspenning forspennend [] m (-es/-) procurer forspennende [] adj seductive, voluptuous, defiling forspennendlic [] adj seductive, voluptuous, defiling forspennestre [] f (-an/-an) procuress forspenning [] f (-e/-a) enticement, seduction, evil attraction forspild [] m (-es/-as) destruction forspildan [] wv/t1b to waste, lose, disperse, bring to nothing, destroy, ruin, kill forspillan see forspildan forspildnes [] f (-se/-sa) waste, destruction, perdition forspillednes [] f (-se/-sa) waste, destruction, perdition forspillian [] wv/t2 to wanton

forsprec- see foresprecforspyll- see forspillforsprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forspric past forsprc/forsprcon ptp forsprecen to speak in vain; state amiss; deny; denounce; lose (a case) forspyrcan [] wv/t1b to dry up forst [] m (-es/-as) frost forstal see foresteall forstalian [] wv/r2 to steal away forstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forstende past forstd/on ptp forstanden to defend, help, protect; withstand, prevent, hinder, resist, oppose; benefit, avail; understand; signify, be equal to forstppan see forestppan forsteall see foresteall forstelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forstil past forstl/forstlon ptp forstolen to steal away, steal, rob, deprive forstig [] adj frosty forstlic [] adj glacial, frozen forstoppian [] wv/t2 to stop up, close forstrang [] adj very strong forstregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forstrigde past forstrgd/forstrugdon ptp forstrogden to destroy forstrogdnes [] f (-se/-sa) [precipitatio] forstyltan [] wv/i1b to be amazed forstyntan [] wv/t1b to blunt, break, crush; check, impair forscan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forsc past forsac/forsucon ptp forsocen to suck up forsgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forsg past forsag/forsugon ptp forsogen to suck in forsugian see forswigian forsuncen [] adj faded out (of the written page) forsuwian see forswigian forsuwung [] f (-e/-a) silence forswpan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres forswp past forswop/on ptp forswpen to sweep away, drive forswarung [] f (-e/-a) perjury forswlan [] wv/t1b to burn, burn up, inflame, consume forsw see ftsw forswefian [] wv/i2 to kill, perish; to prosper forswelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forswil past forswl/forswaelon ptp forswolen to burn, burn up forswelgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forswilg past forswealg/forswulgon ptp forswolgen to swallow up, devour, consume, absorb forsweltan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forswilte past forswealt/forswulton ptp is forswolten to die, disappear forsweogian see forswigian forsweolgan see forswelgan forsweorcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forswierc past forswearc/forswurcon ptp is forsworcen to grow dark, obscure forsweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forswierf past forswearf/forswurfon ptp forsworfen to polish, cleanse; grind away, demolish forsweotole [] adv very clearly forswerian [] sv/r6, sv/i6 3rd pres forswere past forswr/on ptp forsworen to swear falsely; make useless by a spell

forswigian [] wv/t2 to conceal by silence, suppress, pass over; be silent forsw [] adj very great forswan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forswe past forswde ptp forswed, sv/t1 3rd pres forswe past forsw/forswidon ptp forswiden to crush, press upon, overcome, repress forswian [] wv/t2 to crush, press upon, overcome, repress forswe [] adv very much, utterly forsworcenlic [] adj dark, obscure forsworcennes [] f (-se/-sa) darkening, darkness forsworen [] adj forsworn, perjured [past part of forswerian] forsworennes [] f (-se/-sa) perjury forswugian see forswigian forsygian see forswigian forsyngian [] wv/t2 to sin greatly forsyngod [] m (-es/-as) sinner fortcen see foretcn fortendan [] wv/t1b to burn away, sear forton [] sv/t2 3rd pres forteh past fortah/fortugon ptp fortogen to mislead, seduce; draw over, cover, obscure fortiht- see fortyhtfortimbran [] wv/t1b to close up, obstruct fortimbrian [] wv/t1a to close up, obstruct fortn [] n (-es/-) a portent fortog [] n (-es/-u) gripes; innan~ fortogen [] adj griped, pulled together fortogenes [] f (-se/-sa) griping, spasm fortogian [] wv/t2 to contract fortredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fortritt, fortride past fortrd/fortrdon ptp fortreden to tread down, trample on fortreddan [] wv/t1a to tread down fortreding [] f (-e/-a) treading down, crushing fortrendan [] wv/t1b to block (by rolling a stone) fortrgadnes see fortrwodnes fortrwednes see fortrwodnes fortrwian [] wv/i2 to be presumptuous, overconfident, rash fortrwodnes [] f (-se/-sa) presumption fortrwung [] f (-e/-a) presumption fortrymman [] wv/t1a to testify, confirm fortyhtan [] wv/t1b to seduce fortyhtigend [] m (-es/-) polluter, defiler fortyllan [] wv/t1a to seduce fortymbrian see fortimbrian fortnan [] wv/t1b to shut in, enclose, block up for [] 1. adv forth, forwards, onwards, further; hence, thence; away; continually, still, continuously, henceforth, thenceforward, simultaneously; ~ mid ealle forthwith; and sw ~ and so forth; sw ~ sw so far as; ~ on continually; fram orde o ende ~ from the

beginning to the end; ~ t until; gelran ~ to hand down (to others); 2. prep w.d? during for- see furforcgan [] wv/t1b to call forth fordilgian [] wv/t2 to bring to nothing, blot out forgn [] irreg v/i to pass away forgoten [] adj poured forth forahting [] f (-e/-a) exhortation forloten [] adj prone form [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for m e, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (2) foran [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for m e, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (3) forancful [] adj very thankful forton [] sv/t2 3rd pres forteh past fortah/fortugon ptp fortogen to bring forth, produce fortdred [] adj propagated forurnen [] adj elapsed; past participle form [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for m e, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (1) forbre [] adj productive forbecuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres forbecym past forbecm/on ptp is forbecumen to come forth forberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forbir past forbr/forbron ptp forboren to bring forth, produce forbeson [] sv/t5 3rd pres forbesieh past forbeseah/forbeswon ptp forbesewen to look forth forbi [] prep w.d.? by, past forbie [] prep w.d.? by, past forbigferende [] adj passing by forblwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forblw past forblow/on ptp forblwen to blow or belch forth forblstan [] wv/t1b to blow forth, burst out forboren [] adj of noble birth forbrengan [] irreg wv/t1b to bring forth, produce; bring to pass, accomplish; bring forward; adduce, quote forbringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres forbring past forbrhte ptp forbrht to bring forth, produce; bring to pass, accomplish; bring forward; adduce, quote forbylding [] f (-e/-a) emboldening, encouragement forclypian [] wv/t2 to call forth forcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres forcym past forcm/on ptp forcumen to come forth, proceed, arrive at, succeed; come to pass, come true; be born forcyme [] m (-es/-as) coming forth, birth forcan [] wv/t1b to announce, declare fordd [] f (-e/-e) advantage fordn [] irreg v/t to put forth foreahtung [] f (-e/-a) exhortation

forearle [] adv very much, greatly, strictly forearlce [] adv absolutely, entirely foreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to shield, protect foregide [] adj consumed forelgian see foryldian, foryldgian forencan [] 1. irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres forenc past forhte ptp forht to mistrust, despise, despair; past part forht despaired of; noun poor wretch; 2. see foreencan forofian [] wv/t2 to steal foron [] 1. wv/t1b 3rd pres foro past forode ptp forod to crush, oppress; 2. see foreon forostrian [] wv/i2 to darken forerscan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forirsce past forrsc/forurscon ptp fororscen to beat down forfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres forfr past forfr/on ptp is forfaren to depart, die forfder [] m (-es/-as) forefather, ancestor forfderen [] adj paternal forfran1 [] wv/t1b to depart, die forfrednes [] f (-se/-sa) death forfrung [] f (-e/-a) death forflwan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forflw past forflow/on ptp is forflwen to flow forfolgian [] wv/t2 to follow forfr [] 1. f (-e/-a) departure, death; 2. past 3rd sing of forfaran forforltenes [] f (-se/-sa) license forframian [] wv/t2 to grow to maturity forfromung [] f (-e/-a) departure forfyligan [] wv/t2 to follow, fall out, happen forgn [] irreg v/i to go forth, advance, proceed, pass by, go away, go on, precede, succeed forgang [] m (-es/-as) going forth, progress, advance, success; privy, drain; purging, evacuation forgangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forgeng past forgong/on ptp is forgangen to go forth forgecgan [] wv/t1b to call forth; exhort forgeclipian [] wv/t2 to call forth, provoke forgefaran see forfaran forgefran see forfran forgegyrdu [] n pl ornaments of a forgyrd forgelang [] adj dependant forgeldan [] wv/t1b to bring forth, cause to grow forgelstan see forlstan forgeloran [] wv/t1b to pass away, die forgelorednes [] f (-se/-sa) departure, death forgelcian see forlcian forgenge [] adj increasing, thriving, effective, successful forgeong see forgang forgeorn [] adj eager to advance forgotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forgete past forgat/forguton ptp forgoten to pour forth forgermed [] adv in unbroken succession

forgesceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) creature, created being or thing, world; future destiny forgestrangian [] wv/t2 to strengthen much [confortare] forgesne [] adj visible, conspicuous forgewtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgewte past forgewt/forgewiton ptp forgewiten to go forth, pass, proceed, go by; depart, die; forgewiten td/tma past tense forgewitenes [] f (-se/-sa) departure forgyrd [] m (-es/-as) fore-girdle, martingale forheald [] adj bent forward, stooping; inclined, steep forhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhielde past forhold/on ptp forhealden to hold to, follow out, keep up, observe forhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres forheb past forhf/on ptp forhfen/forhafen to further forheold [] 1. see forheald; 2. past 3rd sing of forhealdan forherge [] m (-es/-as) van (of an army) forhlfian [] wv/t2 to be prominent forhngan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forhnge past forhng/forhnigon ptp forhnigen to fall down, fall forward forhrosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forhres past forhras/forhruron ptp forhroren to rush forth for see for forian1 [] wv/t2 to put forth, contribute; further, advance; carry out, accomplish forig see for forindan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forinde past forand/forundon ptp is forunden to swell up foringian [] wv/t2 to arrange for a mans wergild forldan [] wv/t1b to lead forth, bring forth forldnes [] f (-se/-sa) bringing forth forlstan [] wv/t1b to persevere in, accomplish forltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forlte past forlt/on, forleort/on ptp forlten to send forth, emit forloran [] wv/t1b to proceed forlic [] adj forward, advanced; thoroughly; adv ~lce forlfian see forhlfian forlcian [] wv/t2 to look forth forltan [] wv/t1b to lean forward, fall down; be prone (to) formann [] m (-es/-menn) man of rank formre [] adj very glorious formest [] adj foremost formid [] adv at the same time forht [] adj despaired of; past part of forencan forolian [] wv/t2 to go without, lack foron [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for m e, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (4) foron [] 1. adv forthwith; 2. see form foroncol see foreancol foror see furor forrcan [] wv/t1b to protrude forrsan [] wv/t1b to rush forth, rise up; jut out, protrude [rsan] forrstan [] wv/t1b to crush, afflict, oppress; suppress, stifle; destroy

forrsted [] adj contrite forrstnes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation forrstednes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation forres- see forrysforriccednes see forryccednes forriht [] adj direct, plain [forthright, adj] forrihte [] adv straightway, at once; unmistakably, plainly; straight on forringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forringe past forrang/forrungon ptp forrungen drive out; to rescue from, defend against; elbow out, displace forroccetan [] wv/t1b to belch forth forryccan [] wv/t1a to press, squeeze, crush, oppress, suppress forryccednes [] f (-se/-sa) pressure, oppression forrycnes [] f (-se/-sa) extortion, oppression, tribulation forryne [] m (-es/-as) onward course forrysman [] wv/t2 to choke, suffocate, strangle; becloud forrysmed [] adj obscured forrysmian [] wv/t2 to choke, suffocate, strangle; becloud forscacan [] sv/i6 3rd pres forscc past forscc/on ptp forscacen to pass away forscencan [] wv/t1b to pour forth, give to drink forscype [] m (-es/-as) progress forsecgan [] wv/t3 to announce, proclaim forsellan [] irreg wv/t1b to give out, pay out forsendan [] wv/t1b to send forth forsetennes [] f (-se/-sa) A setting forth or proposing, a representation; A design, purpose, resolution, determination; In logic, the first proposition of a syllogism; A principal subject, theme; Still more generally, a proposition of any kind; In jurid. lang., a statement of a question of law; a case submitted for legal opinion; Esp. in bibl. lang., a setting forth for public view [propositio] fors [] m (-es/-as) going forth, decease forsnoter2 [] adj very wise forspell [] n (-es/-) declaration forspwnes [] f (-se/-sa) prosperity forstppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forstpe past forstp/on ptp forstapen to issue forth, proceed, pass by forsteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forstepe past forstp/on ptp forstapen to issue forth, proceed, pass by forstppung [] f (-e/-a) advance forstefn [] m (-es/-as) prow forswebung [] f (-e/-a) a killing? forswefian see forswefian fortge see fortge forton [] sv/t2 3rd pres forteh past fortah/fortugon ptp fortogen to draw forth, bring forth fortge [] m (-es/-as) vestibule fortihtan [] wv/t1b to persuade fortilian [] wv/t2 to go on striving

foregn [] m (-es/-as) chief noble foron [] wv/t1b 3rd pres foro past forode ptp forod to profit forum see furum forung [] f (-e/-a) furtherance forweard [] 1. adj inclined forwards or towards; advanced, progressing, growing, ready; enduring, everlasting, continual; future; 2. adv continually; prospectively; from now on, forwards, onwards; 3. m (-es/-as) look-out man, pilot forweardes [] adv forwards forweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) progress forweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forwiex past forwox/on ptp is forweaxen to break forth, burst forth forweg2 [] m (-es/-as) journey, departure; in (on) ~e away forwegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forwig past forwg/forwgon ptp forwegen to further forwerd see forweard forwf [] n (-es/-) matron forwyrft [] adj tortured, mutilated for [] 1. conj for that, because, therefore; 2. adv for that, therefore, consequently foryldian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (1) foryldgian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (2) foryldigian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (3) foryldigung [] f (-e/-a) tolerance forylgian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (4) foryldegian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (5) forylman [] wv/t1b to shut in, enclose, envelop, obscure, cover over, overwhelm; choke, suffocate, consume forylmian [] wv/t2 to shut in, enclose, envelop, obscure, cover over, overwhelm; choke, suffocate, consume foryppan [] wv/t1a to make manifest forysmed see forrysmed fore see for forud see forod fortan [] adv; prep w.d. except, without forton [] adv; prep w.d. except, without forwana [] m (-n/-n) abundance? forwandian [] wv/t2 to hesitate, be reluctant; be ashamed; reverence forwandung [] f (-e/-a) shame forwar see forwear, past 3rd sing of forweoran forwrnan see forwiernan forwrnian see forweornian forweallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forwiel past forwoll/on ptp forweallen to boil away forweard [] 1. f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) beginning, front; heading, title, chapter; 2. adv continually, always forweardmercung [] f (-e/-a) heading forweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forwiex past forwox/on ptp is forweaxen to progress, grow too much, become overgrown forweddod [] adj pledged [wedd]

forwegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forwig past forwg/forwgon ptp forwegen to kill forwel [] adv very, very well forwened [] adj contrary to custom, unaccustomed to a thing; unusual, not in use (class.); excessive, immoderate; haughty, arrogant, insolent; extravagant, prodigal; ~e adv unusually, contrary to custom; immoderately; haughtily, insolently [insolens] forwned [] adj [suspectus] forwenednes [] f (-se/-sa) a being unaccustomed to a thing, unusualness, novelty; unusualness, novelty, strangeness, affectedness in the choice of words; Want of moderation, pride, haughtiness, arrogance, insolence [insolentia] forweoren see forworen forweornan see forwiernan forweornian [] wv/t2 to dry up, wither, fade, grow old, rot, decay forweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forwierp past forwearp/forwurpon ptp forworpen to throw, cast out, cast down, drive off, reject, throw away, squander forweorpnes [] f (-se/-sa) migration forweoran [] sv/t3 3rd pres forwier past forwear/fordwurdon ptp forworden to perish, pass away, vanish; deteriorate, sicken; ~ on mde be grieved forweorenes see forwordenes forweorfullic [] adj excellent forweosnian see forwisnian forwercan see forwyrcan forwerd see foreweard forwered see forwerod forweren see forworen forwerennes see forwerodnes forwerod [] adj worn out, very old [werian] forwerodnes [] f (-se/-sa) old age forwest see forewost forwiernan [] wv/t1b to hinder, prohibit, prevent, repel, refuse, repudiate, deny, withhold, oppose forwiernedlce [] adv continently forwiernednes [] f (-se/-sa) restraint, self-denial, continence forwird see forwyrd forwirn- see forwiernforwisnian [] wv/i2 to dry up, decay, rot forwitan see forewitan forwitolnes [] f (-se/-sa) intelligence, diligence forwlencan [] wv/t1b to fill with pride, puff up forword [] 1. n (-es/-) iota; 2. see foreword forwordenes [] f (-se/-sa) destruction, failure forwordenlic [] adj perishable; perishing forworen [] adj decrepit, decayed forwost [] m (-es/-as) chief, captain forwracned [] adj banished forwrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forwric past forwrc/forwrcon ptp forwrecen to drive forth, carry away; expel, banish

forwrgan [] wv/t1b to accuse, calumniate forwron [] sv/t1 3rd pres forwreh past forwrg/forwrigon ptp forwrigen to cover over forwrtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forwrte past forwrt/forwriton ptp forwriten to cut in two forwran [] sv/t1 3rd pres forwre past forwr/forwrion ptp forwrien to bind up forwundian [] wv/t2 to wound forwundorlic [] adj very wonderful; adv ~lce forwuran see forweoran forwynsumian [] wv/t2 to enjoy thoroughly forwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres forwyrc past forworhte ptp forworht 1. to do wrong, sin; forworht mann criminal; ruin, undo, destroy; condemn, convict, curse; forfeit; 2. to barricade, obstruct, close up forwyrd [] f (-e/-e), n (-es/-) destruction, ruin, fall, death [forweoran] forwyrdan [] wv/t1b to destroy forwyrdendlic [] adj perishable forwyrht [] f (-e/-a) misdeed; ruin forwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) agent, deputy; evil-doer, malefactor, ruined person forwyrn- see forwiernforwyrpnes [] f (-se/-sa) casting out foryld see foreald foryldan see forieldan foryldu [] f (-e/-a) extreme old age; weariness (in context) foryrman [] wv/t1b to reduce to poverty, bring low [earm] foryr see forier fster see fstor fostere [] m (-es/-as) a space fstor [] m (fstres/fstras) sustenance, maintenance, food, nourishment fstorbearn [] n (-es/-) foster-child fstorbror [] m (-/-) foster-brother [pl -bror, -brru] fstorcild [] n (-es/-ru) foster-child fstorfder [] m (-es/-as) foster-father fstorland [] n (-es/-) foster-land, land granted for the support of the recipients, land assigned for the procuring of provisions fstorlan [] n (-es/-) payment for maintenance fstorling [] m (-es/-as) foster-child, nursling, pupil fstormann [] m (-es/-menn) bondsman, security fstormdor [] f (-/-mdru) foster-mother [dat mder; pl also mdor, mdra] fstorn [] m (-es/-as) pasture, sustenance fstorsweostor [] f (-/-) foster-sister fstra [] m (-es/-as) food; manna foster see cildfstre fstrian [] wv/t2 to foster, nourish fstring [] m (-es/-as) foster-child, disciple fstur see fstor ft [] m (-es/ft) 1. a foot; 2. the foot, the foot of a man, a measure of length, was divided ino 12 equal parts or inches (ynce m), and an inch was 3 barley corns in length; [in the Anglo-Saxon times, the
people and their rulers were satisfied with the simplest weights and measures, thus a yard was 3 feet, of

12 inches each foot, while an inch was in length 3 barley-corns]; dat ft; [foot (as limb and as

measure);] ftdl [] f (-e/-a) gout in the feet; jaundice [morbus regius] ftdlig [] adj having gout in the feet ftbred [] n (-es/-u, breodu) foot-board, stirrup ftcopsian1 [] wv/t2 to fetter ftcosp [] m (-es/-as) foot-fetter ftcops [] m (-es/-as) foot-fetter ftcou [] f (-e/-a) gout in the feet; jaundice [morbus regius] ftece [] m (-es/-as) gout in the feet; the jaundice [morbus regius] fter see fdder 1 ftfeter [] f (-e/-a) fetter of the feet ftgangende [] adj going on foot ftgemearc [] n (-es/-) space of a foot ftgemet [] n (-es/-u, gemeotu) a foot in measure ftgeswell [] n (-es/-) swelling of the foot ftgewde [] f? (-an/-an), n? (-es/-u) covering for the feet ftlst [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) footprint, spoor; foot ftlst [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) footprint, spoor; foot ftlstlas [] adj soleless ftlic [] adj on foot; pedestrian ftml [] n (-es/-) foot-measure, foot ftmlum [] adv step by step, by degrees ftrp [] m (-es/-as) rope by which the foot of a sail is tied; the loose part of the sheet by which a sail is trimmed to the wind, propes ftsceamol [] m (-sceamles/-sceamlas) footstool ftsceanca [] m (-n/-n) foreleg ftsetl [] n (-es/-) footstool ftsd [] adj reaching to the feet ftspor [] n (-es/-u) footprints, spoor ftspure [] n (-es/-u) foot-rest, foot-support ftstn [] m (-es/-as) base, pedestal ftstapol [] m (-es/-stapelas) footstep ftsw [] n (-es/-swau) footprint, footstep; foot ftswau [] f (-e/-a) footprint, footstep; foot ftswyle [] m (-es/-as) swelling of the foot ftwal [] n (-es/-) washing of the feet ftwrc [] n (-es/-) pain in the foot, gout ftwelm [] m (-es/-as) instep (1) ftwylm [] m (-es/-as) instep (2) ftwolma [] m (-n/-n) instep (3) f pres plural of fn for [] 1. n (-es/-) load, cartload; food, fodder; 2. covering, case, basket fwer see fower fox [] m (-es/-as) fox foxesclte [] f (-an/-an) foxs clote, burdock; [arctium lappa]

foxesclfe [] f (-an/-an) foxglove?, greater burdock?; [arctium lappa] foxesft [] m (-ft/-ft) fox-foot, xiphion, bur reed, a water plant; [sparganum simplex] foxesglfa [] m (-n/-n) foxglove; [digitalis purpurea] foxhol [] n (-es/-u) fox-hole foxhyll [] m (-es/-as) fox-hill foxung [] f (-e/-a) fox-like wile, craftiness fra see fram fraced see fraco frace see fraco fracod see fraco fraco [] 1. adj vile, bad, wicked, criminal, impious, filthy, abominable; useless, worthless; 2. n (-es/-) insult, contumely, disgrace; wickedness fracodd [] f (-e/-e) misdeed fracoe [] adv shamefully fracolic [] adj base, ignominious, shameful, lewd; adv ~lce fracolicnes [] f (-se/-sa) vileness, coarseness, obscenity fracones [] f (-se/-sa) vileness, coarseness, obscenity fracoscipe [] m (-es/-as) scandalous conduct fracoword [] n (-es/-) insulting word fracud see fraco fracu see fraco fragendlic see framigendlic fram [] 1. prep w.d.i. local from, by; temporal since, from; agent by; as a result of; (with verbs of saying and hearing) of, about, concerning; ~ gn to depart; ltan ~ refrain from; ~ swcan to fall off, rebel; odan ~ to separate; fram-, from- in compounds; 2. adv from, forth, out, away; 3. adj strenuous, active, bold, strong [Ger fromm] framcyrran see framcyrran [in following definitions, fram- may be taken as a separate preposition] framdn [] irreg v/t to take from, do away, cut off, cut out framdrfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres framdrf past framdrf/framdrifon ptp framdrifen to drive away, expel framhyldan [] wv/t1b to turn from framndan [] wv/t1b to drive away framscacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres framscc past framscc/on ptp framscacen to shake off framscfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres framscf past framscaf/framscufon ptp framscofen to drive away framstyrian [] wv/t2 to remove framton [] sv/t2 3rd pres framteh past framtah/framtugon ptp framtogen to draw away from framteran [] sv/t4 3rd pres framtir past framtr/framtron ptp framtoren to tear asunder, tear in pieces [diripere] framwendan [] wv/t1b to turn from or away framweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres framwierp past framwearp/framwurpon ptp framworpen to cast away frambige [] m (-es/-as) backsliding, apostasy, default frambringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres frambringe past frambrhte ptp frambrht to take away

framcyme [] m (-es/-as) issue, posterity framcynn2 [] n (-es/-) issue, posterity; origin framcyrran [] wv/t1a to turn from, avert; take from framdn [] irreg v/t to put off, stop, interrupt frameald [] adj very old; cmp framieldra; spl framieldest framfr [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) departure framfreld [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) departure framfaru [] f (-e/-a) excess framfundung [] f (-e/-a) departure framgewtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres framgewte past framgewt/framgewiton ptp framgewiten to apostatize framian [] wv/t2 to avail, benefit framierning [] f (-e/-a) out flowing framigendlic [] adj effective, beneficial framld [] f (-e/-a) departure framlce [] adj turned from framlic [] adj strong, daring; adv ~lce boldly, strongly, strenuously, quickly framlcian [] wv/t2 to look back framnes [] f (-se/-sa) vigor, excellence framrinc [] m (-es/-as) chief, prince framscipe [] 1. m (-es/-as) exercise, action; progress, success; 2. m (-es/-as) fraternity frams [] m (-es/-as) departure framslitnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation framswengan [] wv/t1b to swing away, shake off framung see fremung framweard [] adj about to depart, departing, doomed to die; with his back turned framweardes [] adv away from framwesende [] adj absent frn [] past 3rd sing of frnan franca [] m (-n/-n) lance, javelin Francan [] m pl the Franks; gen Francena, dat Francum France [] m pl the Franks; gen Franca Francland [] n (-es/-) Frank-land, the country of the Franks Francrce [] n (-es/-u) the kingdom of the Franks frsian1 [] wv/t2 to ask, inquire, find out by inquiry; tempt, try frsung [] f (-e/-a) questioning, temptation fratwian see frtwian fr- see frafrc see frec frc- see frcfrc see fraco frfel [] 1. n? (-es/-) cunning; 2. adj cunning frfelian [] wv/i2 to be cunning frfellce [] adv shamelessly; carefully; astutely frfelnes [] f (-se/-sa) sharpness, shrewdness frgn [] 1. past 3rd sing of frignan; 2. see fregen 2

frgning [] f (-e/-a) questioning frm- see fremfrng see frgn frpgian1 [] wv/t2 to accuse; reverence frt [] 1. 2 adj perverse, proud, obstinate; shameful; 2. past 3rd sing of fretan frtegung see frtwung frtenes [] f (-se/-sa) ornament frtew- see frtwfrtgenga [] m (-n/-n) apostasy frtig [] adj perverse, proud frtlppa [] m (-n/-n) dew-lap frton past pl of fretan frtwa [] f pl treasures, ornaments, trappings, armor; m adorner frtwe [] f pl treasures, ornaments, trappings, armor; m adorner frtwdnes see frtwednes frtwan1 [] wv/t1b to ornament, adorn; clothe, cover over frtwian [] wv/t2 to ornament, adorn; clothe, cover over frttewian [] wv/t2 to ornament, adorn; clothe, cover over frtwian variant of frtwan frtwung1 [] f (-e/-a) adorning, ornament fra2 [] 1. m (-n/-n) ruler, lord, king, master; the Lord, Christ, God; husband [Goth frauja]; 2. see fro 1 fra- [] intensitive prefix [= L pr-] frabeorht [] adj glorious frabeorhtian [] wv/t2 to proclaim frabodian [] wv/t2 to proclaim, declare frabregd? [] n? (-es/-) mighty device fradrman [] wv/t1b to exult fradryhten2 [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) lord and master fraftt [] adj very fat fraglaw [] adj very wise frahrd [] adj very quick framre [] adj very celebrated framicel [] adj preeminent framiht [] f (-e/-e) great strength freamsum see fremsum fran see fron fraofestlce [] adv very quickly frareccere [] m (-es/-as) prince fras past 3rd sing of frosan frasian see frsian fratorht [] adj very bright, radiant fraancian [] wv/t2 to exult frawine2 [] m (-es/-as) lord and friend frawlitig [] adj very beautiful frawrsn [] f (-e/-a) splendid band, splendid chain

frbran see frfran frec [] adj greedy; eager, bold, daring; dangerous freca2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior, hero frced- see frcenfrcelnes see frcennes frcelsod [] adj exposed to danger frcen [] n (frcnes/-) peril, danger frcendlic [] adj dangerous, mischievous, perilous, terrible; adv ~lce frcenful [] adj dangerous frcenlic [] adj dangerous, mischievous, perilous, terrible; adv ~lce frcennes [] f (-se/-sa) harm, danger frecful [] adj greedy frecian [] wv/t2 to be greedy freclce [] adv greedily frecmse [] f (-an/-an) titmouse frcn- see frcenfrcne [] 1. adj dangerous, perilous; terrible; savage, wicked; daring, bold; 2. n (-es/-u) peril; 3. adv dangerously; fiercely, severely; boldly, audaciously frecnes [] f (-se/-sa) greediness frecnian1 [] wv/t2 to make bold; endanger, imperil frecwsend [] m (-es/-) gluttony frefelce see frfellce frfer [] f (-e/-a) consolation frfernes [] f (-se/-sa) consolation freflce see frfellce frfran1 [] wv/t1b to cheer, console frfrend [] m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) comforter, consoler; the Comforter (Holy Ghost) frfrian see frfran frfriend see frfrend frfrung [] f (-e/-a) consolation fregen [] 1. see frgn past 3rd sing of frignan; 2. n (-es/-) question fregn [] 1. see frgn past 3rd sing of frignan; 2. n (-es/-) question fregnan see frignan fregnung [] f (-e/-a) questioning freht see friht frem see fram adj fremde [] adj foreign, alien, strange; unfriendly; estranged from, devoid of, remote from fremdian1 [] wv/t2 to estrange; curse, anathematize, excommunicate freme [] 1. adj 2 vigorous, flourishing; [fram]; 2. see fremu fremede see fremde fremedlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to alienate fremedlce [] adv perfectly fremednes1 [] f (-se/-sa) fulfillment, effect fremful [] adj useful, profitable, beneficial; well-disposed; adv ~lce efficaciously fremfullic see fremful fremfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) utility, profit

fremian1 [] wv/t2 to avail, benefit, do good; te ~ to grant fremigendlic [] adj profitable fremlic [] adj profitable fremman [] wv/t1a to further, advance, support; frame, make, do, accomplish, perfect, perpetrate, commit, afford fremming1 [] f (-e/-a) purpose, effect, performance, progress fremnes see fremednes fremsum [] adj beneficent, benign, kind, gracious; adv ~e fremsumlic [] adj benignant, kind; adv ~lce fremsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) benefit, benignity, kindness, liberality frem- see fremdfremlic see frymlic fremu [] f (-e/-a) advantage, gain, benefit fremung [] f (-e/-a) advantage, profit, good frence [] f (-an/-an) a coarse cloak Frencisc [] adj French frnd see frond frendian see fremdian freng see frgn past 3rd sing of frignan fro [] 1. adj free; 2 glad, joyful; 2 noble, illustrious; 2. 2 f (-n/-n) woman, lady; 3. m see fra; 4. imper of frogan; 5. f? (-?/-?) freedom, immunity frobearn2 [] n (-es/-) child of gentle birth froborh see friborh frobror [] m (-/-) own brother froburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) city frod [] 1. 2 f (-e/-a) peace, friendship; good-will, affection; 2. past participle of frogan; 3. see frot frode past 3rd sing of frogan frodohtor [] f (-/-) freeborn daughter frodm [] m (-es/-as) freedom, state of free-will, charter, emancipation, deliverance frodryhten2 [] see fradryhten frodscipe see frondscipe? frogan1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres frog past frode ptp gefrod to free, liberate, manumit; love, embrace, caress, think of lovingly, honor froh see fro frolc [] n (-es/-) free-will offering, oblation frolta [] m (-n/-n) freedman frolic1 [] adj free, freeborn; glorious, stately, magnificent, noble; beautiful, charming; adv ~lce freely, readily; as a festival frols [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) freedom, immunity, privilege; feast-day, festival; charter of freedom [originally frheals]; 2. adj free, festive frolsfen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) eve of a feast frolsbc [] f (-bc/-bc) charter of freedom frolsbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of festival frolsdg [] m (-es/-as) feast-day, festival-day frolsdm see frodm

frolsend [] m (-es/-) liberator frolsiend [] m (-es/-) liberator frolsgefa [] m (-n/-n) emancipator frolsgr [] n (-es/-) year of jubilee frolsian1 [] wv/t2 to deliver, liberate; to keep a feast or holy day, celebrate frolslic [] adj festive, festival; ~lce adv freely; solemnly frolsmann [] m (-es/-menn) freedman frolsniht [] f (-e/-) eve of a festival; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] frolsstw [] f (-e/-a) festival-place frolstd [] f (-e/-e) festival, feast-day frolsung [] f (-e/-a) celebration of a feast freom see fram 3 freom- see fram-, fremfromg2 [] m (-es/-as) free kinsman fromann [] m (-es/-menn) freeman, freeborn man fronama [] m (-n/-n) surname frond [] m (-es/friend) friend, relative; lover; dat. sing. frend frondheald [] adj amiable frondhealdlic [] adj related, akin frondlr [] f (-e/-a) friendly counsel frondlau [] f (-e/-a) friendly invitation frondlas [] adj friendless; orphan; ~ mann outlaw frondlast [] f (-e/-a) want of friends frondlic [] adj friendly, well-disposed, kindly; adv frondlce frondle [] adj kind to ones friends frondlufu [] f (-e/-a) friendship, love frondmyne [] f (-an/-an) amorous intention frondrden [] f (-ne/-na) friendship; conjugal love frondscipe [] m (-es/-as) friendship; conjugal love frondspd [] f (-e/-e) abundance of friends frondspdig [] adj rich in friends frone accusative singular masculine of fro adj fronoma see fronama frorig2 [] adj freezing, frozen, cold, chilly; blanched with fear, sad, mournful [frosan] frorigfer2 [] adj sad frorigmd2 [] adj sad froriht [] n (-es/-) rights of freemen frosan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres fres past fras/fruron ptp gefroren to freeze frosceat [] m (-es/-as) freehold property frot [] m (-es/-as) freedom; ~es olian to be reduced to slavery frotgiefa [] m (-n/-n) liberator frotgiefu [] f (-e/-a) emancipation frotgift [] f (-e/-a) emancipation frotmann [] m (-es/-menn) freedman freo- see frifroan see -

freoo- see friofreou- see friu frowf [] n (-es/-) free woman frowine see frawine Fresan see Frisan Fresic [] adj in the Frisian manner, Frisian [Frisan] fretan1 [] sv/t5 3rd pres fritt, frite past frt/on ptp gefreten to devour, eat, consume; break fretgenga see frtgenga frettan [] wv/t1a to feed upon, consume [frettan] frettol [] adj greedy, gluttonous fretw- see frtwfreo see frio fr see fro 1 fra see fra frand see frond Frandg [] m (-es/-dagas) Friday frborh see friborh fric see frec fricca [] m (-n/-n) herald, crier (1) friccea [] m (-n/-n) herald, crier (2) fricgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres frige past frg/frgon ptp gefrigen/gefrgen to ask, inquire into, investigate; ge~ to learn, find out by inquiry frcian [] wv/t2 to dance frician1 [] wv/t2 w.g. to seek, desire friclu [] f (-e/-a) appetite fricu [] f (-e/-a) a using, use, or enjoyment of a thing; In partic., in mercantile lang., a use of money lent; interest paid for the use of money, usury; interest [usura] fricolo see friclu frictrung see frihtrung frdhengest see frhengest frenan see frnan, frignan frend see frond frg see fro Frgdg see Frgedg frge [] 1. 2 f pl love; 2. variant of fro frgea [] m (-n/-n) lord, master [= fra] Frgefen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) Thursday evening Frgedg [] m (-es/-dagas) Friday frigedm [] m (-es/-as) deliberation frigenes see frignes Frgeniht [] f (-e/-) Thursday night; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] frigest pres 2nd sing of fricgan frige pres 3rd sing of fricgan frignan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres frigne past frgn/frugnon ptp gefrugnen to ask, inquire; 2 learn by inquiry frignes1 [] f (-se/-sa) interrogation, question

frgnes [] f (-se/-sa) freedom frignung [] f (-e/-a) question frigst pres 2nd sing of fricgan frihst pres 2nd sing of fricgan friht [] n (-es/-) divination frihtere [] m (-es/-as) diviner, soothsayer frihtrian [] wv/t2 to divine frihtrung [] f (-e/-a) soothsaying, divination frimdig see frymdig frnan see frignan frnan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres frne past frn/frnon ptp gefrnen to ask, inquire; 2 learn by inquiry (2) frnd see frend fro see fro frs [] adj crisped, curled; Frisian Frisan [] m pl Frisians frisca see frysca fristmearc see firstmearc frit pres 3rd sing of fretan frite pres 3rd sing of fretan fritt pres 3rd sing of fretan fri [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u, freou, friou) peace, tranquility, security, refuge; ~ niman to make peace; privilege of special protection, and penalty for the breach of it; restoration of rights (to an outlaw); ~ geniman to make peace fr [] adj stately, beautiful fria [] m (-n/-n) protector fri [] m (-es/-as) oath of peace fribna [] m (-n/-n) suppliant, refugee friborh [] m (-bres/-bras) surety for peace fribrc [] f (-e/-a) breach of the peace friburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) town with which there is peace, city of refuge; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] fricandel [] f (-le/-la) the sun frielas see frilas frigeard [] m (-es/-as) enclosed space, asylum, sanctuary; court of peace (heaven) frigedl [] n (-es/-) death frigegilda [] m (-n/-n) member of a peace-gild frigeorn [] adj peaceable frigewrit [] n (-es/-u, gewriotu) peace agreement frigield [] n (-es/-) peace-gild frigsl [] m (-es/-as) peace-hostage frihengest [] m (-es/-as) stately horse? [ON frr], or horse of peace? friherp [] m (-es/-paas) kings highway frihs [] n (-es/-) sanctuary

friian [] wv/t2 to give fri to, make peace with, be at peace with; 1 cherish, protect, guard, defend, keep; observe friiend [] m (-es/-) helper, defender friland [] n (-es/-) friendly territory frilas [] adj peaceless, outlawed frilic [] adj mild, lenient friml [] n (-es/-) article of peace frimann [] m (-es/-menn) man under special peace-protection frio see friu frio- see friufriscip [] n (-es/-u) ship for defense friscn [] f (-e/-a) sanctuary, asylum frisplott [] m (-es/-as) peace-spot, asylum fristl [] m (-es/-as) sanctuary, asylum, refuge fristw [] f (-e/-a) refuge, sanctuary frisum [] adj pacific, peaceful; ge~ safe, fortified frisumian [] wv/t2 to make peaceful, reconcile friu [] f (-e/-a), m (-wes/-was) peace, safety, protection; refuge, asylum friubacen [] n (-bacnes/-) sign of peace friuscealc2 [] m (-es/-as) angel friusibb [] f (-e/-a) peace bringer friuspd2 [] f (-e/-e) abundant peace friutcn [] n (-es/-) sign of peace friuawas [] m pl peaceful state friuwang [] m (-es/-as) peaceful plain, place of refuge friuwaru2 [] f (-e/-a) protection friuwr2 [] f (-e/-a) treaty of peace friuwebba2 [] m (-n/-n) peacemaker friuwebbe2 [] f (-an/-an) peacemaker frocga see frogga frd2 [] adj wise; old [ON frr] frdian [] wv/i2 to be wise frfer see frfor frferian see frfran frfor1 [] f (-e/-a), m (frfres/frfras), n (frfres/-) consolation, joy, refuge; compensation, help, benefit frforbc [] f (-bc/-bc) book of consolation frforgst [] m (-es/-as) consoling spirit, Holy Ghost, Comforter frforlic [] adj kind, helpful; adv ~lce frfornes [] f (-se/-sa) consolation frforword [] n (-es/-) word of consolation frfrian see frfran frogga [] m (-n/-n) frog froht see forht from see fram from- see frem-, frum-

fromcnslian [] wv/t2 to degenerate froren past participle of frosan frosc [] m (-es/-as) frog frost see forst frost [] m (-es/-as) frost frwe [] f (-an/-an) woman [Ger frau] frox see frosc frugnen past participle of frignan frugnon past pl of frignan frum [] 1. adj primal, original, first; 2. see fram fruma [] m (-n/-n) beginning, origin, cause; creation; originator, inventor, founder, creator; first-born; 2 prince, king, chief, ruler; on ~n at first; wstma ~n first-fruits frumcennes [] f (-se/-sa) nativity frumbearn2 [] n (-es/-) first-born child frumbyrd [] f (-e/-a) birth frumbyrdling [] n (-es/-) youth frumcenned [] adj first-begotten, first-born; original, primitive frumcennende [] adj primitive frumcenning [] m (-es/-as) first-born frumcnow [] n (-es/-) primal generation frumcynn2 [] n (-es/-) ancestry, origin, descent, lineage; race, tribe frumcynnend see frumcenned frumcyrr [] m (-es/-as) first time frumdysig [] n (-es/-) first offence, beginning of sin frumgr2 [] m (-a/-a) leader, patriarch, chieftain, noble [cognate with L primipilus] frumgra2 [] m (-n/-n) leader, patriarch, chieftain, noble [cognate with L primipilus] frumgesceap [] n (-es/-) creation of the world frumgeweorc [] n (-es/-) original construction frumgewrit [] n (-es/-u, -gewriotu) deed, document frumgiefu [] f (-e/-a) prerogative, privilege frumgripa [] m (-n/-n) firstling frumgield [] n (-es/-) first installment frumhowung [] f (-e/-a) original formation frumhrgl [] n (-es/-) first garment (sc of fig-leaves) frumildu [] f (-e/-a) early age [ieldu] frumloht [] n (-es/-) dawn frumlic [] adj original, primitive; adv ~lce frumlda [] m (-n/-n) chief sailor frumlhtan [] wv/i1b to dawn frummeoluc [] f (-e/-a) nectar (new milk?), beestings frummynetslge [] m (-es/-as) first coinage frumrd [] m (-es/-as) primary ordinance frumrden [] f (-ne/-na) space of time frumrinc see framrinc frumrpa [] m (-n/-n) first-fruits frumsceaft [] m (-es/-as) first creation, origin, primeval condition; creature; home

frumsceapen [] adj first created, first frumsceatt [] m (-es/-as) first-fruits frumscepend [] m (-es/-) creator frumscyld [] f (-e/-e) original sin frumsetnes [] f (-se/-sa) authority frumsetnung [] f (-e/-a) foundation, creation frumslp [] m (-es/-as) first sleep frumspellung [] f (-e/-a) first relation, original story frumsprc [] f (-e/-a) opening words; 2 promise frumstaol [] m (-es/-staelas) first state frumtam [] m (-es/-as) first team (of animals harnessed in line) frumstemn [] m (-es/-as) prow frumstl [] m (-es/-as) first or principal seat, paternal home frumtalu [] f (-e/-a) first statement in an action?, of a witness? frumtd [] f (-e/-e) beginning frumtyhtle [] f (-an/-an) first accusation, first charge [ton 2] frum see frym frumwstm [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) first-fruits frumweorc [] n (-es/-) primeval work, creation frumwfung [] f (-e/-a) first marriage frumwylm [] m (-es/-as) new-born zeal; first inflammation frumwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) creator frunen past participle of frnan frunnon past pl of frnan frunon past pl of frnan frungon see frugnon past pl of frignan fruron past pl of frosan fr see fro fryccea see fricca fryht see friht fryht- see forht-, fyrhtfrylsian see freolsian frym- see frum-, frymfrymdig [] adj curious, inquisitive; desirous; ~ bon to entreat frymetling [] f (-e/-a) young cow frym [] 1. m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) origin, beginning, foundation; creature, in pl created things; 2. see fyrm frymlic [] adj primeval, primitive, first; chief; adv ~lce (1) frymelic [] adj primeval, primitive, first; chief; adv ~lce (2) frymo see frym frymu see frym frymylde [] adj of early age? frnd nominative/accusative plural of frond frs see frs Frysan see Frisan

frysca [] 1. m (-n/-n) kite, bittern; 2. a little boy; a youth, lad [pusio?]; 3. adj? fresh, youthful (a form of fersc?) frs pres 3rd sing of frosan fryt pres 3rd sing of fretan fry see fri fry- see fyrfugel [] m (fugles/fuglas) fowl, bird fugelbona [] m (-n/-n) fowler fugelcynn [] n (-es/-) bird-tribe fugeldg [] m (-es/-dagas) day on which poultry might be eaten fugeldoppe [] f? (-an/-an) water-fowl fugelere see fuglere fugeleswse [] f (-an/-an) larkspur fugelhwata [] m (-n/-n) augur fugellm [] m (-es/-as) bird-lime fugelnett [] n (-es/-) bird-net fugelno [] m (-es/-as) bird-catching, fowling fugelo [] m (-es/-as) bird-catching, fowling fugeltimber [] n (-timbres/-) young bird fugeltro [] n (-wes/-) prop (of a snare for birds) fugelweohlere [] m (-es/-as) augur [wiglere] fugelwylle [] adj swarming with birds fuglere [] m (-es/-as) fowler fuglesban [] f (-e/-a) vetch fuglian [] wv/t2 to catch birds fuglung [] f (-e/-a) bird-catching fugol- see fugelfugul- see fugelfuhl- see fuglfht [] adj damp, moist [Ger feucht] fhtian [] wv/i2 to be moist fuhton past pl of feohtan ful [] 1. n (-es/-u) beaker, cup; 2. see full fl [] 1. adj foul, unclean, impure, vile, corrupt, rotten; guilty; ~ bam black alder; 2. n (es/-) filth, foulness, impurity, crime, offence fulbeorht [] adj very bright, resplendent fulbrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres fulbric past fulbrc/fulbrcon ptp fulbrocen to violate fuldn [] irreg v/t to complete, perform; arrange fle [] adv foully fulode [] past 3rd sing of fulgn fletro [] n (-wes/-) black alder fulfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres fulfr past fulfr/on ptp is fulfaren to travel fulfstnian [] wv/t2 to ratify fully fulfealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres fulfielde past fulfold/on ptp fulfealden to unfold, uncoil, unroll, unfurl, unclose, spread out, loosen, undo; spread out; open; put in order; to free from wrinkles, smooth; to calm; to spread out, stretch out, extend, deploy, display; to

disentangle, set in order, arrange, regulate, settle, adjust any thing complicated or difficult; of speech, to develop, unfold, set forth, exhibit, treat, state; [explicare] fulgeare [] adv quite well fulgd [] adj very good fulgon past pl of folan fulhr [] adj entirely grey, very hoary fulhealden [] adj contented; sufficient, ample [Ger vollhaltig] fulht- see fulwihtflian [] wv/t2 to be or become foul, decay, rot full [] 1. adj w.g. full, filled, complete, perfect, entire, utter; swelling, plump; be ~an fully, perfectly, completely; 2. adv very, fully, entirely, completely, thoroughly; ~ nah almost, very nearly; be ~um ingum abundantly full- see also fulfulla [] 1. m (-n/-n) fullness; 2. m (-n/-n) assembly? fullst [] m (-es/-as) help, support fullstan [] wv/t1b w.d. to help, support fullele [] adj very noble fullberstan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fullbirste past fullbrst/fullburston ptp fullborsten to burst completely fullbtan [] wv/i1b to make full amends fullble [] adj very glad fullboren [] adj fully born; of noble birth fullbryce [] m (-es/-as) complete breach of the peace; violation of the rights of a clerical offender fullclne [] adj very pure fullcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres fullcym past fullcm/on ptp fullcumen to attain fullc [] adj well-known, notorious, famous fulle see sin~ fullendian [] wv/t2 to complete fullere [] m (-es/-as) fuller, bleacher fullest see fullst fullflon [] sv/i2 3rd pres fullfleh past fullflah/fullflugon ptp fullflogen to take to flight, escape completely fullforian [] wv/t2 to fulfill fullfremed [] adj perfect; adv ~lce fully, perfectly, completely fullfremedlic [] adj perfect; adv ~lce fully, perfectly, completely fullfremednes [] f (-se/-sa) perfection fullfremman1 [] wv/t1a to fulfill, perfect, practice, complete fullfremian1 [] wv/t2 to fulfill, perfect, practice, complete fullfylgian [] wv/t2 to follow, obey; pursue fullfyllan [] wv/t1a to fulfill fullgn [] irreg v/t 3rd pres fullg past fullode ptp fullgn to accomplish, fulfill, carry out; follow, imitate, obey; help fullgangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fullgeng past fullgong/on, fullgeng/on ptp fullgangen to accomplish, fulfill, carry out; follow, imitate, obey; help fullgearwian [] wv/t2 to finish, complete; prepare fully

fullgedrifen [] adj w.g. full (of wild beasts) fullgeorne [] adv very eagerly fullgewpned [] adj fully armed fullgrwan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fullgrw past fullgrow/on ptp is fullgrowen to grow to perfection fullhl [] adj thoroughly well fullhealden [] adj contented fullian1 [] 1. wv/t2 to complete, fill up, perfect; 2. see fulwian fullic [] adj full; universal, catholic; adv ~lce entirely, fully, perfectly, completely fllic [] adj foul, unclean, objectionable, shameful, base; adv ~lce fulligan see fulwian fullmgen [] n (-es/-) great power fullmannod [] adj fully peopled fullmedeme [] adj excellent, perfect; adv ~medemlce fullnes [] f (-se/-sa) fullness fllnes see flnes fulloc [] ? (-?/-?) final or definite agreement? fulloft [] adv very often fullrae [] adv very quickly fullricene [] adv? very quickly, immediately fullrpod [] adj mature fullslan [] sv/t6 3rd pres fullsleh past fullslg/on ptp fullslgen, fullslagen to kill outright fullsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) abundance fullungen [] adj full-grown fullungennes [] f (-se/-sa) full development fulluht see fulwiht fullunga [] adv fully fullwearm [] adj fully warm fullweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fullwiex past fullwox/on ptp fullweaxen to grow to maturity fullwelig [] adj very rich fullwpnod [] adj fully armed fullwer [] m (-es/-as) complete wer, full atonement fullwrig [] adj very tired fullwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres fullwyrc past fullworhte ptp fullworht to complete, fulfill fulnah [] 1. adj very near; 2. adv very nearly, almost flnes [] f (-se/-sa) foulness, filthy smell flon rare past pl of folan flstincende [] adj foul-stinking fultam see fultum fultem- see fultumfultom- see fultumfultrwian [] wv/t2 to confide in fultum [] m (-es/-as) help, support, protection; forces, army fultuman1 [] wv/t1b to help, support, assist; 2 be propitious to, overlook fultumian1 [] wv/t2 to help, support, assist; 2 be propitious to, overlook fultumend1 [] m (-es/-) helper, fellow-worker fultumgestre [] f (-an/-an) a helper

fultumiend1 [] m (-es/-) helper, fellow-worker fultumlas [] adj without help fulwa [] m (-n/-n) fuller fulwere [] m (-es/-as) baptizer, baptist fulwian1 [] wv/t2 to baptize fulwiht [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) baptism, Christianity fulwihtan1 [] wv/t1b to baptize (1) fulwihtb [] n (-es/-bau) baptismal bath, font fulwihtbna [] m (-n/-n) applicant for baptism fulwihtele [] m (-es/-as) baptismal oil fulwihtere [] m (-es/-as) baptizer; the Baptist fulwihtfder [] m (-/-) baptismal father, godfather, baptizer fulwihthd [] m (-a/-a) baptismal order or vow fulwihtian1 [] wv/t2 to baptize (2) fulwihtnama [] m (-n/-n) baptismal name, Christian name fulwihtstw [] f (-e/-a) baptistery fulwihttd [] f (-e/-e) time of baptism fulwihtaw [] m (-es/-as) rite of baptism fulwihtnung [] f (-e/-a) baptismal service fulwihtwter [] n (-es/-) laver of baptism fulwihtwere [] m (-es/-as) baptist fulwuht see fulwiht funde wk past tense of findan fundelnes see on~ fundennes see on~ fundian [] 1. wv/t2 w. of, t to tend to, wish for, strive after, go, set out, go forward, hasten; spread?; 2. see fandian fundon past pl of findan fundung [] f (-e/-a) departure funta? [] m (-n/-n) spring?, brook? funte? [] f (-an/-an) spring?, brook? fra see furh furh [] f (fyrh/fyrh) furrow, trench [gen pl fra, dat pl forum] furhwudu [] m (-a/-a) pine frian1 [] wv/t2 to furrow furlang [] n (-es/-) length of furrow, furlong; land the breadth of a furrow furan see furum furon see furum furor [] adv of place/time further, more distant, forwards, later; more; superior; ~ dn to promote furorlucor [] adv more perfectly; comparative furra adj further, greater, superior; superlative of for furum [] adv even, exactly, quite, already, just as, at first; further, previously; syan ~ just as soon as furumlic [] adj luxurious, indulging furur see furor

furuh see furh fs [] adj striving forward, eager for, ready for, inclined to, willing, prompt; expectant, brave, noble; ready to depart, dying fslo2 [] n (-es/-) death-song, dirge fslic [] adj ready to start; excellent; adv ~lce readily, gladly fsnes [] f (-se/-sa) quickness fustra see frstn ff- see fffyhfang see feohfang fyht- see feohtfhtan [] wv/t1b to moisten fyl see fiell, fyll flan1 [] wv/t1b to befoul, defile, pollute fylcian1 [] wv/t2 to marshal troops fyld [] m (-es/-as) fold, crease fyldestl [] m (-es/-as) folding-stool fyldstl [] m (-es/-as) folding-stool fylen see fellen? fylgan1 [] wv/t1b w.d. or w.a. to follow, pursue; persecute; follow out, observe, obey; obtain; attend to; practice fylgend [] m (-es/-) follower, observer fylgestre [] f (-an/-an) female follower fylgian see fylgan fylging [] f (-e/-a) 1. following; 2. fallow land [fealh] fylian see fylgan fyligan see fylgan fyligendlic [] adj that can or ought to be imitated fylignes [] f (-se/-sa) following, practice fyll [] 1. see fyllu; 2. see fiell fyllan1 [] 1. wv/t1a to fill, fill up, replenish, satisfy; complete, fulfill; [full]; 2. 1 to cause to fall, strike down, fell, cut down; throw down, defeat, destroy, kill; tumble; cause to stumble; gefylled w.d.g. bereft fylla [] m (-es/-as) filling, filling up fyllen [] f (-ne/-na) a dropping fyllen see mna~ fyllend see fylgend fyllesoc [] adj epileptic fyllesocnes [] f (-se/-sa) epilepsy fyllefld [] m (-es/-as) high tide fyllewrc [] n (-es/-) epilepsy fylling1 [] f (-e/-a) filling; completion fyllnes [] f (-se/-sa) fullness, plenitude, satiety; supplement; completion, fulfillment fyllu [] f (-e/-a) fullness (of food), fill, feast, satiety; impregnation fylmen see filmen fylnes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) fall, stumbling-block, offence, ruin; 2. see fyllnes flnes see flnes

fylst [] 1. m (-es/-as) help, aid; 2. pres 2nd sing of feallan; 3. pres 2nd sing of fyllan fylstan1 [] wv/t1b w.d. to aid, support, help, protect [= fullstan] fylstend1 [] m (-es/-) helper fylt pres 3rd sing of fealdan fyl 1. pres 3rd sing of fyllan; 2. pres 3rd sing of feallan fl [] f (-e/-a) filth, uncleanness, impurity fylwrig [] adj faint to death; [fiell] fyn- see finfnd see fond fyndele [] m (-es/-as) invention, devising fyne [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-u) moisture, mold fynegian [] wv/i2 to become moldy fynig [] adj moldy, musty fyniht [] adj fenny, marshy fyr see feorr fr [] n (-es/-) fire; a fire fran [] 1. see fran; 2. wv/t1b 1 to cut a furrow; castrate fras see fras frbre [] adj fire-bearing, fiery frb2 [] n (-es/-bau) fire-bath, hell-fire frbend [] m (-es/-as) bar forged in the fire frbta [] m (-n/-n) fireman, stoker frbryne [] m (-es/-as) conflagration fyrclian [] wv/t2 to flash, flicker; to fork into many rays frclomm [] m (-es/-as) band forged in the fire frcrce [] f (-an/-an) crucible, kettle frcynn [] n (-es/-) fire fyrd see fierd fyrd- see fierdfrdraca [] m (-n/-n) fire-spewing dragon frede see twi~, ri~ fyren see firen fren [] adj of fire, fiery; on fire, burning, flaming frencylle [] f (-an/-an) lamp frenful [] adj fiery fyrengt see firengt frentcen [] n (-tcnes/-) fiery sign fyrentcnian [] wv/t2 to pollute with sin frenecele [] f (-an/-an) firebrand fyres see fyrs fyrest see fyrst, fyrmest spl adj fyrewyrt see fyrwit frfeaxen [] adj fiery-haired frfda [] m (-n/-n) fuel, twigs for burning frgearwung [] f (-e/-a) cooking frgebeorh [] n (-gebores/-) fire-screen

frgebrc [] n (-es/-gebracu) crackling of fire fyrgen see firgen fyrgenhafod? [] n (-hafdes/-u) mountain headland frgnst [] m (-es/-as) spark of fire [ON gneisti] fyrh [] 1. f (-e/-a) fir; 2. see furh frht [] adj hot as fire, burning, ardent frheard [] adj hardened by fire fyrht1 [] 1. adj afraid, timid [forth]; 2. see friht fyrhtan1 [] wv/t1b to fear, tremble; frighten, terrify (1) fyrhtian1 [] wv/t2 to fear, tremble; frighten, terrify (2) fyrhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear fyrhtu1 [] f (-e/-a) fright, fear, dread, trembling; horrible sight [forht] fyrh see ferh fyrh1 [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) wooded country (2) fyrhe1 [] n (-es/-u), f (-an/-an) wooded country (3) frhs [] n (-es/-) room like an oven or furnace? [caminatum], house or room with a fireplace in it? frhwolod see fowerhwolod fyrian see ferian frian [] wv/t2 1. to supply with firing; 2. 1 to cut a furrow [furh] fyrlen [] 1. adj far off, distant, remote; 2. n (-es/-) distance frloht [] n (-es/-) gleam of fire frloma [] m (-n/-n) gleam of fire frlce see frlce frloca [] m (-n/-n) fiery prison fyrm [] 1. ? (-?/-?) cleansing; 2. see feorm fyrm- see frymfrml [] m (-es/-as) mark burnt in by fire fyrmest [] 1. adj foremost, first; most prominent, chief, best; spl of forma; 2. adv first of all, in the first place, at first, most, especially, very well, best fyrm [] f (-e/-a) 1. harboring, entertainment; 2. cleansing, washing fyrn [] 1. adj former, ancient; 2. adv 1 formerly, of old, long ago, once fyrn- see firenfyrndagas1 [] m pl days of yore; frd ~um old, aged fyrngar [] n (-es/-) former year(s); preceding year fyrngeflit2 [] n (-es/-u) former quarrel, old strife fyrngeflita [] m (-n/-n) old-standing enemy fyrngemynd [] n (-es/-) ancient history fyrngesceap [] n (-es/-u) ancient decree fyrngesetu [] n pl former seat, habitation fyrngestron [] n (-es/-) ancient treasure fyrngeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) former, ancient work fyrngewinn [] n (-es/-) primeval struggle fyrngewrit2 [] n (-es/-wriotu) old writings, scripture fyrngewyrht [] n (-es/-u) former work, fate fyrngidd [] n (-es/-) ancient prophecy

fyrnmann [] m (-es/-menn) man of old times fyrnsceaa [] m (-n/-n) old fiend, devil fyrnsegen [] f (-e/-a) old saying, ancient tradition fyrnstramas [] m pl ocean fyrnsynn see firensynn fyrnweorc2 [] n (-es/-) work of old, creation fyrnwita [] m (-n/-n) sage, counselor frpanne [] f (-an/-an) fire-pan, brazier (1) frponne [] f (-an/-an) fire-pan, brazier (2) fyrr see for frrace [] f (-an/-an) fire-rake fyrran see feorran fyrs [] 1. m (-es/-as) furze, gorse, bramble; 2. n see fers frscofl [] f (-e/-a) fire-shovel fyrsgra [] m (-n/-n) furzy corner fyrsian see feorsian fyrsg [] f (-e/-a) furzy island fyrslah [] m (-es/-as) furzy lea frsmeortende see smeortan fyrsn see fiersn frspearca [] m (-n/-n) fire-spark fyrspenn [] m (-es/-as) a pen of furze fyrsrw [] f (-e/-a) a row of furze fyrst [] 1. adj first; foremost, principal, chief; 2. adv in the first place, firstly, at first, originally; 3. see first 1, 2 fyrst- see firstfrstn [] m (-es/-as) firestone, stone used for striking fire, flint fyrstig [] adj frosty frsweart [] adj black with smoke frtang [] f (-e/-a) (fire)-tongs frtorr [] m (-es/-as) beacon, lighthouse fyr see fyrh fyr1 [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) wooded country (1) fr- see for folle [] f (-an/-an) furnace; stage on which martyrs were burned fyrran1 [] wv/t1b to further, urge on, advance, promote, benefit fyrrian1 [] wv/t2 to further, urge on, advance, promote, benefit fyrriend [] m (-es/-) promoter fyrringnes [] f (-se/-sa) furtherance, promotion fyrrung [] f (-e/-a) furtherance, promotion fyrwit [] 1. n (-es/-u) curiosity, yearning; 2. adj curious, inquisitive fyrwitful [] adj curious, anxious fyrwitgeorn [] adj curious, anxious fyrwitgeornes [] f (-se/-sa) curiosity; fornication? fyrwitgeornlce [] adv studiously fyrwitnes [] f (-se/-sa) curiosity

frwylm [] m (-es/-as) wave of fire fsan1 [] wv/t1b to send forth, impel, stimulate; drive away, put into flight, banish; usu. refl. hasten, prepare oneself fsian [] wv/t2 to drive away fst [] f (-e/-e) fist fstgebat [] n (-es/-) blow with the fist fstslgen [] adj struck with the fist fyer- see fier-, fowerfyera nom, acc pl of fiere fyeras nom, acc pl of fiere fyeru nom, acc pl of fiere fyru nom, acc pl of fiere fyerling see forling fyx see fisc fyxe [] f (-an/-an) she-fox, vixen fyxen [] 1. adj of a fox; 2. f (-ne/-na) she-fox, vixen fyxenhd [] f (-e/-e) she-foxs skin g imper. sing, 1st pres indic gn gab- see gafgabban [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gabbe past gabede ptp gegabed to scoff, mock, delude, jest gabbung [] f (-e/-a) scoffing, mocking, gibing, jesting gabere [] m (-es/-as) enchanter, charmer gabote [] f (-an/-an) platter, small dish, dessert-dish, side-dish [L gabata] gd [] 1. 1 n (-es/-) lack, want, need, desire [Goth gaidw]; 2. f (-e/-a) goad, point of a weapon, arrow-head, spear-head, sting, prick gada1 [] m (-n/-n) comrade, companion [Ger gatte] gaderian see gadrian gaderscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) wedlock, marriage, matrimony gadertang [] adj continuous, united, connected with gadertangnes [] f (-se/-sa) continuation gadertengan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gadertenge past gadertengde ptp gegadertenged to continue, join gaderung1 [] f (-e/-a) gathering together; gathering, congregation; union, connection; joining, council, assembly, crowd; text gaderwist1 [] f (-e/-a) companionship, intercourse, dwelling together gdinca [] m (-n/-n) wether sheep, maimed animal? gdren [] n (-es/-) goad, goad-iron gdsen [] n (-es/-) goad, goad-iron gador see geador gador- see gader-, gadrgadrian1 [] wv/t2 to gather, gather together, unite; agree, refl assemble; collect, store up; pluck (flowers, etc); compile; associate (with); concentrate (thoughts); [geador] gadrigendlic [] adj collective, congregative gaf [] adj base, vile, lewd; gaf see geaf, past 3rd sing of giefan gafel see gafol

gafeluc [] m (-es/-as) spear, javelin gaffetung [] f (-e/-a) scoffing, mocking gafol [] 1. n (gafles/-) gift, offering, tribute, tax, duty, due, debt; interest, usury, profit, rent; settan t ~ to let land; 2. f (-e/-a) fork gafolbere [] m (-es/-as) barley paid as rent gafolfisc [] m (-es/-as) fish paid as rent Gafolford [] m (-a/-a) Camelford, Cornwall; [gafol tribute, ford a ford: a tributary ford] gafolfro [] adj tax-free gafolgerfa [] m (-n/-n) tax gatherer, publican gafolgielda [] m (-n/-n) tributary, tenant, debtor, tributary-payer; rent-payer, renter of land as opposed to the owner gafolgyld [] n (-es/-) The public chest, state treasury, public revenues; In the times of the emperors, the imperial treasury, imperial revenues, emperor's privy purse [fiscus], revenue gafolgylda [] m (-n/-n) tribute-payer, tributary gafolgyldere [] m (-es/-as) tributary, debtor, tribute-payer gafolheord [] f (-e/-a) taxable swarm (of bees), taxable stock or hive of bees gafolhwtel [] m (-hwtles/-hwtlas) tribute-blanket, tribute-whittle, a legal tender instead of coin for the rent of a hide of land gafolian1 [] wv/t2 to rent (land); confiscate, seize as tribute gafolland [] n (-es/-) leased land, land let for rent or services gafollic [] adj fiscal, tributary, of or belonging to tribute gafolmd [] f (-we/-wa) meadow which was mown as part of the rent gafolmanung [] f (-e/-a) place of tribute or custom gafolpenig [] m (-penges/-pengas) tribute-penny gafolrden [] f (-ne/-na) tribute, rent gafolrand [] m (-es/-as) a pair of compasses gafolswn [] m (-es/-as) swine-herd who paid rent, or part of his stock, in kind for permission to feed his pigs on the land, tribute-swain gafoltning [] f (-e/-a) fencing-wood given as part of the rent gafolwydu [] m (-wydwes/-wydwas) firewood supplied as part of the rent gafolyr [] f (-e/-a) ploughing, etc. done by a gebr as part of his rent, cultivation of tribute-land gafsprc1 [] f (-e/-a) foolish speech, scurrility gaful see gafol gagtes [] m (-es/-as) agate, jet, precious stone; indecl gagtstn [] m (-es/-as) agate, jet, precious stone gagel [] m? (gagles/gaglas) gale, sweet gale, bog-myrtle gagelcroppan [] m pl tufts of gale gagelle f see gagel gagolle f see gagel gagol [] 1. see gl; 2. see gagel gagolbrnes [] f (-se/-sa) wantonness, luxury, riot gagolisc [] adj light, wanton gal [] adjectival suffix perpetual, continual

gl [] 1. n (-es/-) lust, luxury, wantonness, lightness, folly, levity; 2. adj gay, light, pleasant, wanton; proud, wicked, licentious galan1 [] sv/t6 3rd pres gl past gl/on ptp gegalen to sing, enchant, call, cry, scream; sing charms, practice incantation galder- see galdorgaldere [] m (-es/-as) enchanter, charmer, sorcerer, diviner, soothsayer galdor [] n (galdres/galdru) sound, song, incantation, spell, enchantment galdorcrft [] m (-es/-as) occult art, incantation, art of enchanting, magic art galdorcrftiga [] m (-n/-n) wizard, one skillfull or crafty in enchantments, enchanter galdorcwide [] m (-es/-as) incantation, magic saying, magic song galdorgalend [] m (-es/-) enchanter galdorgalere [] m (-es/-as) wizard, enchanter, soothsayer galdorlo [] n (-es/-) incantation, magic song, enchantment, song, spell galdorsang [] m (-es/-as) incantation galdorword [] n (-es/-) magic word, word of incantation galdre [] m (-es/-as) wizard, magician galdricge [] f (-an/-an) enchantress galdru nom, acc pl of galdor galend [] m (-es/-) enchanter galere [] m (-es/-as) wizard, snake-charmer glferh [] adj wanton, licentious, mind-lustful glfrols [] m (-es/-as) revel, licentious festival, [lupercalia] glful [] adj wanton, lustful, luxurious, licentious; adv ~lce lustfully, luxuriously galg- see gealgglian [] wv/i2 to be wanton Galila [] m? (-n/-n) Galilee Galilisc [] adj Galilean galla see gealla gallac see galloc Galleas [] m pl Gauls, Franks, French galled see gealled Gallia rce [] n (-es/-u) France, the kingdom of the Gauls Gallias [] m pl Gauls, Franks, French gllic [] adj lustful Gallie see Galleas Gallisc [] adj Gaulish, French, belonging to Gaul galloc [] m (-es/-as) comfrey, gall-apple Galmanh [] ? (-?/- ?) an Anglo-Saxon abbey at York, afterwards St. Marys glmd [] adj wanton, licentious, light-minded glnes [] f (-se/-sa) frivolity, wantonness, lust, lustfulness; luxury, extravagance glscipe [] m (-es/-as) excess, luxury, lustfulness, lasciviousness, wantonness, lewdness; pride glsere [] m (-es/-as) licentious person, lustful man glsmre [] adj frivolous, facetious, jocose, light, laughing, giggling galung [] f (-e/-a) incantation [galan] Galwalas [] m pl Gauls, Frenchmen, people of Gaul in a body; Gaul, France

glwrne [] adj luxurious, lecherous gambe see gombe gamel see gamol gamelic see gamenlic gamen [] n (-es/-) sport, joy, mirth, pastime, game, amusement, pleasure gamenian [] wv/t2 to pun, play, joke, game gamenlic [] adj belonging to games, theatrical; ridiculous; adv ~lce artfully, sportfully, deceitfully gamenung [] f (-e/-a) gaming, jesting, playing, pastime gamenw [] f (-e/-a) merry journey, joyous path gamenwudu2 [] m (-wes/-was) harp, musical instrument, pleasure-wood, glee-wood gamian see gamenian gamnian see gamenian gamol2 [] adj old, aged, hoary, ancient [ge-, -ml] gamolfeax2 [] adj grey-haired, with hoary-locks gamolferh [] adj old, aged, advanced in age gamolian [] wv/i2 to grow old gn past 3rd sing of gnan gn1 [] irreg v/i 3rd pres g past eode ptp is gegangen to go, come, move, proceed, advance, traverse, walk; depart, go away; happen, turn out, take place; ge~ get, gain, conquer, occupy, overrun; ge~ observe, practice, exercise, effect; tgdre/tgdere/tgadere ~ to engage in battle; on tn ~ to appear to men; t gedroge ~ to ease oneself; t scrifte ~ to go to confession; t setle ~ to set (of the sun); on hand ~ to submit; ~ t swsendum to go to dinner; gancgan see gangan Gandis [] indecl f the river Ganges gandra [] m (-n/-n) gander ganet see ganot gang [] 1. m (-es/-as) going, journey, progress, track, footprint; flow, stream, step, way, passage, course, course (of time), path, bed; passage, drain, privy; pl steps, platform, stage; legal process; 2. imperat, past sing of gangan gangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres geng past gong/on ptp is gegangen to go, walk, turn out gangdg [] m (-es/-dagas) Perambulation days, one of the three processional days before Ascension day or Holy Thursday, Rogation day, when the boundaries of parishes and districts were traversed gangehere see ganghere gangelwfre see gangewifre gangende [] adj alive; going on foot gangere [] m (-es/-as) a ganger, footman gangern [] n (-es/-) privy [rn] gangewifre [] f (-an/-an) (a weaver as he goes), spider gangfeormere [] m (-es/-as) jakes-farmer, privy-cleanser ganggeteld [] n (-es/-) portable tent, traveling tent, tent, pavillion ganghere [] m (-es/-as) army of foot-soldiers, foot-army, infantry gangpytt [] m (-es/-as) privy gangsetl [] n (-es/-) privy

gangstl [] m (-es/-as) privy gangtn [] m (-es/-as) latrine, privy gangweg [] m (-es/-as) thoroughfare, gangway, way, road Gangwuce [] f (-an/-an) Rogation week, the week of Holy Thursday gnian [] wv/t2 to yawn, gape, open ganot [] m (-es/-as) gannet, sea-bird, water-fowl, swan, fen-duck; ~es b the sea ganra see gandra gnung [] f (-e/-a) yawning; gaping (in scorn) gapian see ofer~ gr2 [] 1. m (-a/-a) spear, dart, javelin, shaft, arrow, weapon, arms; 2. tempest?, piercing cold?, sharp pain?; 3. see gra gra [] m (-n/-n) spear-man gra [] m (-n/-n) corner, point of land, cape, promontory; strip of cloth, saddle cloth [gr] grcer [] m (-es/-as) a pointed strip of land grbam [] m (-es/-as) spear-shaft, the wood or handle of a javelin grberend2 [] m (-es/-) warrior, soldier, javelin-bearer grcne [] adj bold in fight, bold in arms, spear-bold grclife [] f (-an/-an) agrimony grcwealm [] m (-es/-as) death by the spear Gr-Dene [] m pl spear-Danes, Danes who fought with spears, armed or warlike Danes gare see gearo gre see gr grfaru2 [] f (-e/-a) warlike expedition, martial expedition grgetrum [] n (-es/-u) armed company, troop armed with spears, javelins grgewinn2 [] n (-es/-) fight with spears, battle, spear-war grhap [] m (-es/-as) band of warriors, spear-band, armed-band grholt [] n (-es/-) shafted spear, javelin-shaft, javelin grlac [] n (-es/-) garlic grmitting [] f (-e/-a) battle, meeting of spears or javelins grn [] m (-es/-as) conflict, war, spear-battle, spear-war grrs [] m (-es/-rsas) battle, war, warfare, rush of spears grsecg [] m (-es/-as) spear-man, ocean; sea grtorn [] m (-es/-as) fighting rage, spear-anger, rage of darts grracu [] f (-e/-a) battle [dat ~rce] grrst [] adj bold, daring, spear-bold, daring with a spear garuwe see gearwe grwiga [] m (-n/-n) spearman, warrior grwgend [] m (-es/-) spearman, warrior grwudu [] m (-a/-a) spear-shaft, lance, javelin, spear-wood gsrc [] m (-es/-as) savage animal gast see giest gst [] m (-es/-as) breath; soul, spirit, ghost, life, mind; good or bad spirit, angel, demon; Holy Ghost; man, human being gstan [] wv/t1b to meditate? [gescian] gstberend2 [] m (-es/-) living soul, man, spirit-bearer, soul-bearer gstbona [] m (-n/-n) soul-slayer, the Devil

gstbrcende [] adj practicing in the spirit gstcofa [] m (-n/-n) breast, spirits chamber gstcund [] adj spiritual gstcwalu [] f (-e/-a) torment, pains of hell, torment of soul gstcyning [] m (-es/-as) souls king, God gstedm [] m (-es/-as) spirituality gstgedl2 [] n (-es/-) death, separation of soul and body gstgehygd2 [] n (-es/-) thought, thought of mind gstgemynd [] n (-es/-) thought, thought of mind or spirit gstgenla [] m (-n/-n) devil, persecutor or foe of souls gstgerne2 [] n (-s/-u) ghostly or spiritual mystery, mystery of the mind; thought, consideration gstgewinn [] n (-es/-) pains of hell, torment of soul gstgiefu [] f (-e/-a) special gift of the Holy Spirit (e.g., the gift of tongues) gsthlig2 [] adj holy in the spirit, holy, spirit-holy gstlas [] adj lifeless, dead gstlic [] adj spiritual, holy; clerical (not lay); ghastly, ghostly, spectral; adv ~lce spiritually gstlufu2 [] f (-e/-a) spiritual love, souls love gstsunu2 [] m (-a/-a) spiritual son, Christ; Godes ~ Christ gat see geat gt [] f (gte/gt) she-goat; [gen sing -gt, -gte; dat sing ~gt; nom/acc pl ~gt; gen pl ~gta; dat pl ~gtum] gtahierde see gthyrde gtahs [] n (-es/-) goat-house gtaloc [] n (-es/-u) goat-house gtbucca [] m (-n/-n) he-goat gtehr [] n (-es/-) goats hair Gteshafod [] n (-hafdes/-) Gateshead, near Newcastle, Durham gtetrow [] n (-treowes/-) cornel tree? gthyrde [] m (-es/-as) goat-herd gatu see geat gtwoe [] f (-an/-an) goatweed [gt] g pres pl of gn g see ge gc see gac gd [] n (-es/gadu) society, fellowship, union, being together gdeling2 [] m (-es/-as) kinsman, fellow, companion, companion in arms, comrade gder- see gadergdr- see gadrgf see geaf, past 3rd sing if giefan gfe see giefu gfel see gafol gfon see gafon, past pl of giefan ggon see for~, ofer~

glan [] wv/t1b to hinder, delay, impede, keep in suspense; intr to linger, hesitate, delay; dupe gle 3rd pres sing of galan gling [] m (-es/-as) delay glnes see glnes gls [] m (-es/-as) pride, wantonness, luxury, extravagance; (worldly) care; a greedy person glsa [] m (-n/-n) pride, wantonness, luxury, extravagance; (worldly) care; a greedy person glslic [] adj. luxurious, extravagant [luxuriosus] gl pres 3rd sing of galan glwan see ~ gmnian see gamennian gn- see gangan see t~ Gnt [] m (-es/-as) Ghent in Flanders gp [] adj cautious, shrewd, subtle gp see gap gr- see gear-, grgr see gar gred [] adj wedge-shaped grs [] n (-es/garsu) grass, blade (of grass), herb, young corn, hay, plant; pasture grsama see grsuma grsbedd [] n (-es/-) (grass-bed), grave grsc [] m (-es/-as) blade of grass grsgrne [] adj grass-green grshoppa [] m (-n/-n) grasshopper, locust grshoppe [] f (-an/-an) grasshopper, locust grsstapa see grstapa grsswn [] n (-es/-) pasturage-swine grstapa [] m (-n/-n) grasshopper, locust grstn [] m (-es/-as) grass-enclosure, meadow grstndc [] m (-es/-as) grass-meadow-dike grsum [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) jewel, costly gift, treasure, riches grswyrt [] f (-e/-e) herba, grass grsyr [] f (-e/-a) pasturage in return for ploughing-labor gsne [] adj w.g. or w. on + dat deprived of, wanting, destitute, barren, sterile; dead gst see giest gst [] 1. m see gst; 2. pres 2nd sing of gn gstan [] wv/t1b to gast, frighten, afflict, torment gstliende [] adj hospitable [missing e in dictionary] gs see gst gt see geat gt pl of gt gtan see gatan gten [] 1. adj of or belonging to a goat; 2. n (-nes/-nu) little goat, kid

g pres 3rd sing of gn ge [] conj and, also; ~~ bothand; not onlybut also; whetheror; g(hw)er ~~ bothand; eitheror ge- [] prefix originally meaning together; but it has lost all collective or intensive force g [] 1. pron 2nd person plural ye, you; dat ow; acc. owic; gen ower; 2. see ga ga [] adv yea, yes geabul see gafol gac [] m (-es/-as) cuckoo, gawk gacessre [] f (-an/-an) wood-sorrel geclian2 [] wv/t2 to frighten, excite [from col] gecnod [] adj increased gecnung [] f (-e/-a) conceiving gecolmdian [] wv/t2 to alarm, sadden gedgian see geadgian geador2 [] adv unitedly, together gedlian [] wv/i2 to be diseased or ill, languish; to cause disease; to become ill; to become impotent geador [] adv together, altogether; var of eador geadrung see gaderung geaduling see gdeling geaf past 3rd sing of giefan geaf- see gifgeafl see gafol geaflas2 [] m pl jaws geaflian? [] wv/t2 to get, obtain? geafol see gafol gafon past pl of giefan geaforod [] adj lifted up geafu see giefu gegan [] 1. irreg v/t 3rd pres h/gon past hte ptp gegen to own, possess, have, obtain; have control over, take charge of; give, give up, deliver, restore; have to pay, owe; have to do; ~ t find out, discover; 2. pret 3rd sing of onginnan gegen [] adj own gegennod [] adj adopted gagl [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) jaws, throat, gullet, jowl; 2. see gl geaglisc se gagolisc gaglswile [] m (-es/-as) swelling of the jaws geagn- see gegngegnian [] wv/t2 to own, possess, inherit, appropriate to ones self, claim as ones own gegniendlic [] adj owning, possessive gegnod [] adj own gegnung [] f (-e/-a) acquisition gahl- see gaglgah see ga geal past 3rd sing of giellan gealdl [] f (-e/-a) gall-disease, jaundice

galg [] interj yea, amen [ga l ga] geald past 3rd sing of gieldan geald- see galdgealg [] adj sad, angry gealga [] m (-n/-n) gallows, cross, gibbet; gealgian see geealgian gealgian [] wv/t2 to protect, defend gealgmd2 [] adj sad, gloomy, angry, furious, sad in mind gealgtrow [] n (-treowes/-) gallows-tree, gallows, cross gealh see gealg galhswile see gaglswile gealla [] m (-n/-n) 1. gall, bile; 2. a galled place on the skin, a gall, fretted place on the skin gealldl [] f (-e/-a) melancholia geallede [] adj galled (of horses), fretted geallig [] adj of the senses and things affecting them, sharp, dazzling, stinging, pungent, fine, piercing; Of sensation in its widest extent: sharp, severe; Of the internal states of the human system, violent, sharp, severe, gnawing; Of the states of mind: violent, vehement, passionate, consuming; Applied to the intellectual qualities, subtle, acute, penetrating, sagacious, shrewd; applied to moral qualities: In a good sense, active, ardent, eager, spirited, brave, zealous; in a bad sense: violent, hasty, hot, passionate, fierce, severe; [acris]; sad, sorrowful, mournful, dejected, melancholy, disconsolate, trist; Of things associated with misfortune or suggestive of sadness, melancholy, saddening, unhappy; of taste: harsh, disagreeable, bitter; Of smell, offensive, foul; of behavior towards others: Glum, gloomy, peevish, morose, ill-humored: Stern, harsh, severe; of things, gloomy, sad, melancholy, stern, harsh [tristis] gealp past 3rd sing of gielpan gealpettan [] wv/t1b to boast gealpettung [] f (-e/-a) boastfulness geambihtan [] wv/t1b to minister, serve geambihtian [] wv/t2 to minister, serve gamrung see gomrung gan see gn gana see gna gan- see gegngeanbdian [] wv/t2 to abide, await, wait for, expect geanbc? [] f (-bc/-bc) duplicate charter, counterpart geanbyrdan [] wv/t1b to strive against, resist, oppose geancsumian [] wv/t2 to make anxious, vex gancyme [] m (-es/-as) meeting, coming against gancyrr [] m (-es/-as) meeting, turning against, coming against; return [-cyrnes f?] gancyrrendlic [] adj relative gendagian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gendaga past gendagode ptp gendagod to appoint a day or term gandele? [] adj steep geandettan [] wv/t1b to confess geandswarian [] wv/t2 to answer geandwerdian [] wv/t2 to present, bring before one

geandwlatod [] adj shameless geandwyrdan [] wv/t1b to answer gandne [] adj arduous gened [] adj made one, united gened see genian ganfr [] n (-es/-faru) going again, return, returning gangang [] m (-es/-as) return? gangewrit [] n (-es/-u) rescriptio [also gewreotu] geangsumian [] wv/t2 to vex, make anxious or uneasy ganhweorfan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ganhwierf past ganhwearf/ganhwurfon ptp is ganhworfen to return, turn again ganhworfennes [] f (-se/-sa) return ganhwurf [] m (-es/-as) return ganhwyrft [] m (-es/-as) turning again genian [] wv/t2 to unite genlcan [ye-an-lai-chen] irreg wv/t1b to make one, join, unite geanlcian [ye-an-leek-yan] wv/t2 to make like, liken geanlcian see geonlgeanmdan [] wv/t1b to encourage [md] gannes [] f (-se/-sa) meeting gano? [] m (-es/-as) complaint [Goth. gaunus] ganryne [] m (-es/-as) meeting, a running against gansprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ganspric past gansprc/gansprcon ptp gansprocen to contradict geantalu [] f (-e/-a) rejoinder, contradiction ganingian [] wv/t2 to reply geanul [] adj obvius [in the path, in the way; opposite, opposing] geanunga [] adv directly geanwyrdan [] wv/t1b to conspire geanwyrde [] adj known, acknowledged, confessed, manifest gap [] 1. adj open, wide, spread out, extended, extensive, broad, roomy, spacious, lofty, steep, deep; bent, crooked, curved; deceitful, not straightforward, cunning; 2. past 3rd sing of gopan; 3. see gapu gapan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gap past gapte ptp gegaped to gape, open gapes [] adv in width, wide gapian [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gapa past gapode ptp gegapod to gape, open gaplic [] 1. adj crafty, deceitful, cunning; 2. adv ~lce deceitfully, boldly gapneb [] adj crook-nibbed, arched, with bent beak, (epithet of corslet) meshed (? see gapweb wide-meshed) gapnes [] f (-se/-sa) astuteness gapscipe [] m (-es/-as) cleverness, cunning, craft, deceit, fraud, trickery, artifice gapu [] f (-e/-a) expanse, room; gapung [] f (-e/-a) heaping, heap, pile gapweb see gapneb gear past 3rd sing of georran gar [yar] n (-es/-) year; t ~e in this year; yearly tribute; name of the rune for g;

gehwyrft ~es anniversary geara [] adv utterly, altogether, well, very much, enough gara [] adv of yore, formerly, in former times, once, long since; ~ go see go~ (gen pl of gear] geara see gearwe geara- see gearogara [] adv of yore, formerly, in former times, once, long since; ~ go see go~ (gen pl of gear] gearbt [] f (-e/-a) penance lasting a year gearcian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres gearca past gearcode ptp gegearcod to prepare, make ready, procure, furnish, supply gearcung [] f (-e/-a) preparation, preparing, practice gearcungdg1 [] m (-es/-dagas) preparation-day, day before the Sabbath garcyning [yaer-c-ning] m (-es/-as) consul, year-king garcyningdm [] m (-es/-as) consulate, year-kingdom geard [] 1. m (-es/-as) yard, garden, fence, enclosure, enclosed place, court, residence, dwelling, home, region, land; in ~um at home, in the world; hedge; 2. see gierd gardagas2 [] m pl days of yore, yore-days, days of years; lifetime, time of life gardagum [] adv in days of yore, formerly geardlic [] adj worldly, mundane geare [] f pl furniture, gear for horses gargetl [] n (-es/-getalu) number of years, a tale of years gearsteall [] m (-es/-as) cattle-yard geardung [] f (-e/-a) habitation geare [] adv promptly, readily, entirely, altogether gare [] adv formerly, of old, of yore gare see gearwe 1, 2 geare- see gear-, gearogare see gara Geared [] m (-es/-as) Jared garfc [] n (-es/-facu) space of a year gearfo see earfo gearfoe [ye-ar-fo-the] adj difficult gargemearc [] n (-es/-) space of a year, years limit or space gargemynd [] n (-es/-) yearly commemoration gargeriht [] n (-es/-) yearly due gargerm [] n (-es/-) numbering by years, year-number, number of years gargetl [] n (-es/-getalu) number of years, tale of years garhwamlce [] adv yearly gerian [] wv/t2 w.d. to give honor, honor; to have mercy or compassion upon any one, be merciful to, pity, pardon; to endow garlanges [] adv for a year garlac see grlac garlic [] adj yearly, of the year, annual; adv ~lce yearly, from year to year garmlum [] adv year by year garmarcet [] n (-es/-) annual fair

gearn [] n (-es/-) yarn, spun wool gearnful see geornful gearnung see geornung gearnwinde [] f (-an/-an) yarnwinder, reel gearo see gearu gearo- see gearugaro see gara gearod [] adj clothed, endowed; ptp of gearwian gearor cmp of gearu adj, gearwe adv gearowes gen sing masc and neut of gearu garrm [] n (-es/-) number of years, a year-number gartorht [] adj perennially bright, yearly bright, every year glorious garnung [] f (-e/-a) annual service, yearly service gearu [] 1. adj prepared, ready, equipped, complete, finished, yare; wk gearwa; gsmn (u)wes, asm gearone, napn gearu; 2. see gearwe adv gearubrygd [] m (-es/-as) quick movement, deft playing (of an instrument) gearufang [] m (-es/-as) grappling hook? gearufolm [] adv with ready hand, ready-handed gearulce [] adv readily, fully, clearly gearusnotor2 [] adj very skillful, very wise gearusnottor2 [] adj very skillful, very wise gearuoncol [] adj ready-witted, very considerate or prudent gearuwita [] m (-n/-n) intellect, understanding gearuwitol [] adj sagacious; austere gearuwitolnes [] f (-se/-sa) sagacity gearuwyrde [] adj fluent of speech gearuwyrdig [] adj ready of speech, ready in words, speaking with ease or fluency, eloquent gearugangende [] adj going swiftly garwstm [] m (-es/-as) yearly fruit gearwan see gierwan gearwanlaf see geormanlaf gearwe [] 1. adv utterly, altogether, well, very well, enough, very much; effectually, sufficiently, thoroughly, entirely, clearly, certainly,; quickly; near; cmp gear(w)or, spl gear(w)ost; 2. 2 f (-an/-an) (usu pl) clothing, attire, gear, adornment, armor, equipment, ornament, trappings, harness, armor; 3. f (-an/-an) yarrow gerweorian [ye-ar-worth-yan] wv/t2 to honor gearwian1 [] wv/t2 to equip, prepare, procure, facilitate, do, make ready; construct, erect, make; procure, supply; clothe, adorn, put on; grant; gerwieran? [] wv/t1b to honor gearwung1 [] f (-e/-a) preparation, making ready; working; parasceve gearwungdg [] m (-es/-dagas) parasceve gearwutol [] adj austere gasceaft see gosceaft gasne see gsne gescian [] wv/t2 to learn by inquiry, discover, learn, hear of

gescung [] f (-e/-a) an asking, inquiry geasmirian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geasmira past geasmirode ptp geasmirod to smear, anoint gesne [] adj w.g. deprived of, void of geaspis [] m? (-es/-as) jasper geasyndrod [] adj sundered, separated geat [] n (-es/gatu) gate, door, opening gat past 3rd sing of gotan Geat [] m (-es/-as) Geat, Jute gatan [] wv/t1b to say yea, consent, grant, confirm, assent to Gatas [] m pl the Jutes, the ancient inhabitants of Jutland, who, with the Angles and Saxons, colonized Britain; the Gauts, the inhabitants of the south of Sweden, which in ancient times comprehended nearly the whole south of Sweden geatelod [] adj misshapen, deformed, hideous Gatisc? [] adj of the Geats Gatland [] n (-es/-) Gautland, the land of the Gauts geatolhwian [] wv/t2 to disfigure, make hideous geatolic2 [] adj adorned, magnificent, stately; ready, prepared, equipped geattorr [] m (-es/-as) gate-tower geatwa see geatwe geatwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geatwe past geatwede ptp gegeatwed to equip, make ready, adorn geatwe [] f pl arms, equipments, trappings, ornaments, garments geatweard [] m (-es/-as) gatekeeper, doorkeeper, porter ga2 [] f (-e/-a) foolishness, mockery, luxury, lightmindedness [gac] geurnen [ye-a-ur-nen] adj overrun, overtaken geworpen [] adj cast or thrown away gebiligan [] wv/t1b to make angry, offend gecnsliende [] adj degenerating gefenian [] wv/t2 to draw towards evening, become evening gefenlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to imitate gefstian [] wv/t2 to envy gefnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gefne past gefnede ptp gefned to perform ,execute, perpetrate, accomplish, complete, make; to hold, sustain; to stir up, excite; to bear, suffer, endure gehtan [] wv/t1b to value, prize gehtian [] wv/t2 to value, prize gehtendlic [] adj valuable, estimable gehtle [] f (-an/-an) esteem gehtung [] f (-e/-a) deliberation, counsel gelfremd [] adj estranged gelfremed [] adj estranged gelged [] adj colored, painted, tanned, sunburnt gemettigian [] wv/t2 to be unoccupied, be at leisure, be void gemtian [] wv/t2 to be unoccupied, be at leisure, be void gen- see geengenan [] wv/t1b to unite oneself to, join with gendung [] f (-e/-a) end, finish genged [] adj troubled, anxious

gerendian [] wv/t2 to speed, succeed; to go on an errand, to ask, tell, intercede gernan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres gerne past gernde ptp is gerned to run; wv/t1b to run for, to gain by running gernian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gerna past gernode ptp gernod to earn, deserve gerwe [] adj depraved, wicked, perverse geswcod [] adj offended, scandalized getred [] adj poisoned, envenomed, poisonous geed [] adj under oath, sworn [past part of an] geele [] adj natural, congenial, suitable, in accordance with ones nature or race geelian2 [] wv/t2 to make noble or renowned, render celebrated, renowned, excellent, to ennoble, improve gewierdlian [] wv/t2 injure gewnod [] adj married gebacen [] adj baked gebn [] ? (-es/-) bones geban see gebann gebann [] n (-es/-) command, ordinance, decree, summon, proclamation; the indiction (cycle of 15 years) gebannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geben past gebonn/on ptp gebannen to command, order, proclaim; to summon, call together gebanngar [] n (-es/-) indiction, year of the indiction gebasnian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebasna past gebasnode ptp gebasnod to expect gebaswian [] wv/t2 to stain red gebc [] n (-es/-bacu) bake-meats, anything baked; baking gebcu [] n pl back parts, hinder parts gebdan [] wv/t1b to compel, constrain, force, impel, urge, oppress gebded [] adj compelled, driven geblcan [] wv/t1b to root up geblded [] adj made bold, animated gebndan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebnde past gebndde ptp gebnded to bind gebne [] n (-es/-?) bones gebran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebre past gebrde ptp gebred to bear ones self, behave or conduct ones self; [ge-, bru bearing, habit] gebrd [] f (-e/-a) natural quality, nature; see gebyrd 2 gebrdstn [] m (-es/-as) A small stone used in gaming, a counter [calcisvia] gebre [] n (-es/-u) bearing, state, habit or disposition of body or mind, manner, conduct, behavior, demeanor, manners in society, society; gesture, cry; action [beran] gebrmed [] adj fermented, leavened gebrnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebrn past gebrnde ptp gebrned to burn gebrnes [] f (-se/-sa) bearing, manner gebrnlm [] n (-es/-u, -lomu) quicklime gebrscipe see geborscipe gebru see gebre gebtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebte past gebtte ptp gebted to bit, bridle, curb gebte [] n (-es/-u) bit, bridle; pl trappings gebtel [] n (-es/-u) bit, bridle; pl trappings

gebacnian [] wv/t2 to make signs, indicate, point out gebacnung [] f (-e/-a) presage, sign, speaking by tropes or figures, predicament; gebagian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebaga past gebagode ptp gebagod to crown gebealg [] adj made angry, irritated, enraged gebearded [] adj having a beard gebat [] n (-es/-) scourging, beating, blow gebatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gebete past gebot/on, gebeoft/on ptp gebaten to beat, strike gebcan [] wv/t1b to make over in writing, grant by book or charter, to charter gebcnend [] m (-es/-) discoverer, discloser, informer gebcnendlce [] adv figuratively gebd [] n (-es/-, -u) prayer, petition, supplication; religious service, ordinance; onfangenum ~e after engaging in prayer gebdan see gebdan gebedbigen [] f (-ne/-na) payment for prayers gebedclyfa [] m (-n/-n) den gebedda [] m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) bedfellow, consort, wife, husband gebddagas [ye-baid-da-xas] m pl Prayer-days gebedde [] f (-an/-an) bedfellow, consort, wife, husband gebedde see gebedda gebded see gebded gebeden [] adj demanded, intreated; ptp of gebiddan gebedgiht [] f (-e/-a) bed-time; evening; time for going to prayer gebdhs [] n (-es/-) prayer-house, oratory, house of prayer gebedian [] wv/t2 to pray, pray to, worship gebedmann [] m (-es/-menn) prayer-man, one whose duty it is to pray, one of the clergy, worshipper, priest gebedrden [] f (-ne/-na) the office of prayer, prayer gebedscipe2 [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation, wedlock, bed-fellowship, marriage gebedsealm [] m (-es/-as) precatory psalm gebedstw [] f (-e/-a) prayer-place, place where prayers have been offered, oratory gebedtd [] f (-e/-e) time of prayer gebgan [] wv/t1b to cause to bow, bow, bend, bow down, recline, press down, humble, crush; gebgdnes [] f (-se/-sa) crookedness gebgendlic [] adj bending, flexible gebeldan [] 1. wv/t1b to cover, bind (a book)?; 2. see gebieldan gebldan [] wv/t1b to cover? gebelg [] m (-es/-as) anger, offence; arrogance gebelgan [] sv/r3 3rd pres gebilg past gebealg/gebulgon ptp gebolgen to make one angry, irritate, enrage reflex. acc.; sv/t2 w.d. to anger, incense; sv/i2 to be angry gebelh see gebelg gebelimpan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gebelimp past gebelamp/gebelumpon ptp is gebelumpen to happen, occur, befall gebellic see gafollic gebn [] f (-e/-e) praying, prayer gebend [] n (-es/-) a band

gebendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebende past gebendede ptp gebended to bend; to bind, fetter gebnlic [] adj prayer-like, nun-like gebenn [] n (-es/-) command, edict gebennian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebenna past gebennode ptp gebennod to wound gebensian [] wv/t2 to pray gebeod [] n (-es/-u) prayer, supplication gebeod see gebeod gebodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gebede past gebad/gebudon ptp geboden to command, order, summon; to announce, proclaim; to offer, propose, give, grant gebogol [] adj submissive, obedient; forgiving; [bgian] gebon [] adj been; past participle of bon gebor [] m (-es/-as) pot-companion, guest gebeoran [] wv/t1b to bear, bring, offer gebeorc [] n (-es/-) barking gebeoror [] n (gebeorres/-) child-bearing, child-birth; what is born, fetus, offspring gebeorg [] n (-es/-) defense, protection, safety, refuge; mountain gebeorgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gebierg past gebearg/geburgon ptp geborgen to save, protect, defend, secure, spare, preserve gebeorglic [] adj fitting, profitable; safe, cautious, prudent, becoming gebeorhnes [] f (-se/-sa) refuge gebeorhstw [] f (-e/-a) place of refuge gebeorhtian see gebeorhtnian gebeorhtnian [] wv/t2 to make bright, brighten, glorify gebeormad [] adj leavened geborscipe [] m (-es/-as) feast, banquet, revel, beership, convivial society, drinking party, entertainment gebot [] 1. n (-es/-) threatening, threat, boast, boastful speech; on ~e boastfully; promise, vow; command; peril, danger; 2. past 3rd sing of batan gebotian [] wv/t2 to promise in a boastful manner, to vow gebotung [] f (-e/-a) threatening geberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres gebir past gebr/gebron ptp geboren to bear, carry, bring, take away, carry out, extend; bring forth, produce; be situated by birth; wear; endure, support, sustain; ~ p set forth, open (a case); geberende fruitful; geboren born geberbed [] adj filled with worms [vermiculatus], barbed geberd- see gebyrd gebre see gebre gebered [] adj crushed, kneaded; harassed, oppressed, vexed geberende [] adj fruitful geberg [] n (-es/-u) protection, defense, refuge geberian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gebere past geberede ptp gebered to happen geberian see gebyrian geberst [] m? (-es/-as) a bursting, eruption geberst [] n (-es/-) bursting gebru see gebru, gebre gebsmed [] adj bosomed, bent, crooked; bellied (of sails) [bsm]

gebtan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gebte past gebtte ptp gebted to make better, improve, mend, amend, repair, restore, cure; to make strong, fortify, surround with a wall; to make good, make amends, reform, remedy, reparation, bt for, repent, compensate, atone, pay bt for an offence; attend to (fire or light); to obtain a remedy against, to get bt from, avenge; urst ~ quench thirst gebtendnes [] f (-se/-sa) amendment gebeterian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebetera past gebeterode ptp gebeterod to better, make better gebeterung [] f (-e/-a) an amending, bettering, making better gebtt [] adj amended, reformed gebtung [] f (-e/-a) a bettering, amending, repairing, renewing, restoring; repair, maintenance gebeian [] wv/t2 to wash, bathe; heat, foment, warm; cherish gebcnend [] m (-es/-) index, indicator, discloser; forefinger gebcnendlic [] adj pointing out, showing, indicative gebcniendlic [] adj allegorical; gram indicative gebcnigendlic [] adj allegorical; gram indicative; pointing out, showing, indicative gebdan [] sv/i1 3rd pres gebde past gebd/gebidon ptp is gebiden to stay, continue, live, remain, delay; sv/t1 (usu w.g.) to wait for, await, expect, abide, tarry, look for; endure, experience, find, endure; attain, obtain, meet with; untnessa ~ to die gebiddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gebidde past gebd/gebdon ptp gebeden to ask, entreat, beg, pray, beseech; order, command, require (often followed by reflexive dative); ~ and bodan/hlsian to beg and pray gebecnan [] wv/t1b to make a sign, beckon, wink, nod; signify, point out, show, indicate, betoken; summon [bacen] gebecnian [] wv/t2 to make a sign, beckon, wink, nod; signify, point out, show, indicate, betoken; summon [bacen] gebegan [] wv/t1b to bow, bend, turn, turn back, incline; twist, bow down; inflect or decline a part of speech; depress, abase, humiliate, humble; subject; bring under, subdue, crush, persuade, convert [bgan] gebierde [] adj inborn, natural gebierde see gebyrde gebierhtan [] wv/t1b to brighten, be or make bright, illuminate, enlighten; make clear; celebrate [beorht] gebierman [] wv/t1b to ferment, leaven; swell up, be proud [beorma] gebiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gebiern past gebarn/geburnon ptp is geburnen to burn, be on fire, be consumed, give light; sv/t3 gebig see gebige gebige see gebyge pres 3rd sing of gebycgan gebgednes [] f (-se/-sa) a bending, inflection, declining, declension, case; csus, t is fiell oe gebgednes a case, that is, a declining or inflection; gebgendlic [] adj inflectional, declining with cases; bending, flexible gebgendnes see gebgednes gebgnes [] f (-se/-sa) confrequentatio gebih see gebyht gebild [] adj bold, brave, confident gebilod [] adj having a bill or beak [bile]

gebind [] n (-es/-) binding, fetter, fastening; costiveness; a bind (measure); constipation gebindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gebinde past geband/gebundon ptp gebunden to bind, tie up, tie, fetter, fasten, restrain; adorn gebird see gebyrd gebirg [] n (-es/-) taste gebirgan [] wv/t1b to taste, eat gebirman [] wv/t1b to ferment, leaven [beorma] gebisenian [] wv/t2 to give, set an example, instruct by example; follow an example or pattern; express figuratively; to inform, imitate gebisenung [] f (-e/-a) example, pattern gebisgian [] wv/t2 to occupy, employ, busy; trouble, vex, afflict, oppress; overcome, agitate, weaken, destroy gebismerian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebismera past gebismerode ptp gebismerod to mock, laugh at, deride, provoke, revile, illtreat, blaspheme gebisnere [] m (-es/-as) imitator gebtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gebte past gebt/gebiton ptp gebiten to bite, tear; cut, wound; to dash down gebiterian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebitera past gebiterode ptp gebiterod to be or become bitter; make bitter gebitt [] n (-es/-) biting, biting together, grinding, gnashing gebland2 [] n (-es/-) a blending, mixture, mingling, commotion, confusion geblandan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geblende past geblnd/on ptp geblanden to blend, mix, mingle; trouble, disturb, corrupt, stain, color geblwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geblw past geblow/on ptp geblwen to blow, kindle, inflame; to spit geblcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geblce past geblcde ptp geblced to bleach, whiten, fade, make pale gebld [] m (-es/-as) a blowing out in the skin, blister gebldan [] wv/t1b to puff up, inflate gebldfst [] adj fruitful gebldfstnes [] f (-se/-sa) success geblgenod [] adj blistered geblegnod [] adj blistered geblendan [] wv/t1b 1. to blind, make blind, deprive of sight; deceive; 2. to mix geblod [] adj beautiful, beautiful in countenance, gifted with beauty; variegated, colored, of different colors gebleoh [] n (-blos/-) a color; gebltsian [] wv/t2 to consecrate, ordain; bless, give thanks, adore, extol; sign with the cross; pronounce or make happy; [bld] geblian [] wv/t2 to make glad geblindfellian [] wv/t2 to blind, blindfold geblinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geblin past geblann/geblunnon ptp geblunnen to cease, leave off, rest from; lose forfeit; be vacant (bishopric); [be, linnan] geblissian [] wv/i2 to be glad, rejoice, exult; wv/t2 to make happy, gladden, endow, fill with bliss; applaud geblissung [] f (-se/-sa) a rejoicing, joyousness, hilarity

gebldegian see bldgian gebldgian [] wv/i2 to be bloodthirsty; wv/t2 to make bloody, cover with blood geblt [] n (-es/-) sacrifice gebltsian [] wv/t2 to bless geblwan [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres geblw past geblow/on ptp geblwen to blow, flourish, bloom, blossom; 2. see blwan gebcian [] wv/t2 to give or grant by charter, to charter; to furnish with books gebod [] n (-es/-u) command, order, mandate geboden [] adj announced gebodian [] wv/t2 to tell, make known, announce, proclaim gebodscipe2 [] m (-es/-as) a commandment, command, message gebogen [] adj submitted gebgian [] wv/t2 to inhabit geboht [] adj bought gebolged [] adj caused to swell, made angry gebolgen [] adj offended, angry gebolstrian [] wv/t2 to support with pillows, prop up gebolstrod [] adj guarded, environed, defended, supported or bolstered up geboned [] adj polished, burnished gebnian [] wv/t2 to ornament [bn] geboren [] adj born geborga [] m (-n/-n) protector, guardian geborgen [] adj defended, safe, secure geborhfsten [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geborhfste past geborhfstede ptp geborhfsted to bind by pledge or surety, to determine or fasten by a surety geborsnung see gebrosnung gebsmed [] adj bosomed, bent, crooked; [ge-, bsm] gebtod [] adj bettered, mended; ptp of btian gebrastl [] n (-es/-) crackling (of flames) gebrc [] n (-es/-bracu) a breaking, crashing, noise gebrceo see brc 1 gebrceo see gebrc 1 gebrcsoc [] adj epileptic, lunatic gebrcsocnes [] f (-se/-sa) the falling sickness, epilepsy gebrdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebrde past gebrdede ptp gebrded 1. to make broad, broaden, extend, spread, stretch out; be extended, rise, grow; [brad]; 2. to roast, toast, bake, broil, cook gebrgd [] m (-es/-as) deceit, fraud gebrgd see brd 3 gebreadian [] wv/t2 to restore the flesh or body; to regenerate, restore gebrec [] n (-es/-u, -breocu) a breaking, crashing, clamor, noise gebrec see gebrc 2 gebrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres gebric past gebrc/gebrcon ptp gebrocen to break, bruise, crush, destroy, shatter, waste gebrecdrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink for epilepsy gebredian see breadian

gebredian see gebreadian gebrfan [] wv/t1b to write down shortly gebrgan [] wv/t1b to frighten, terrify, alarm gebregd [] 1. n (-es/-) quick movement, change; fabric; 2. see brd 3 gebregd [] m (-es/-as) craft, cunning gebregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gebrigde past gebrgd/gebrugdon ptp gebrogden to scheme, feign, pretend; draw breath, take breath, breathe, inspire, to weave, plait; to draw, unsheathe, brandish gebregdnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear, dread; quick movement?, sudden terror? gebregdstafas [] m pl learned arts, literary arts; cunning skill in letters gebrman [] wv/t1b to celebrate, make famous, honor gebrengnes [] f (-se/-sa) food, support gebrdlian [] wv/t2 to bridle, restrain, curb gebringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres gebring past gebrhte ptp gebrht to bring, lead; adduce, produce, bear; on flam ~ to put to flight; gebritnod [] adj bestowed gebrittan [] wv/t1a to exhibit, give, to crumble, break small gebrc [] n (-es/-) affliction, sorrow gebroc [] n (-es/-u, -breocu) breaking, broken piece, fragment gebrocen [] adj broken gebrocen [] adj enjoyed gebrcod [] adj afflicted, broken up, injured gebrocsoc [] adj lunatic, frantic gebrogden [] adj drawn, unsheated; entwined gebrogne [] n (-es/-u) a bush gebroht [] adj brought gebrosnod [] adj corrupted, decayed gebrosnodlic [] adj corrupted, corruptible, perishable, transitory gebrosnung [] f (-e/-a) decay, corruption, ruin gebrot [] m (-es/-as) barn-keeper gebrot [] n (-es/-u, -breotu) fragment [breotan] gebror [] m pl brethren, brothers collectively gebrorscipe [] m (-es/-as) brotherhood, fraternity, brothership gebrra [] m pl brothers, brethren [less common than gebrru] gebrru [] m pl brothers, brethren gebrowen [] adj brewed; past participle of browan gebrcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gebrc past gebrac/gebrucon ptp gebrocen to enjoy, eat gebryce [] m (-es/-as) breaking, breach, fracture, infringement gebrcgan [] wv/t1b to use gebrcian [] wv/t2 to use, enjoy; profit, benefit gebrcsian [] wv/t2 to use, enjoy; profit, benefit gebryddan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gebryde past gebrydede ptp gebryded to frighten, terrify gebryidan [] wv/t1b to take, to seize property improperly held by another gebryrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) incitement, instigation; compunction gebrsed [] adj bruised gebrsednes [] f (-se/-sa) bruising

gebrtan [] wv/t1b to break up, destroy geban [] irreg v/i 3rd pres gebe past gebde ptp geben, gebn to dwell, abide; v/t w.a. to inhabit, occupy gebgan [] sv/i2 3rd pres gebg past gebag/gebgon ptp is gebogen to bow or bow down oneself, bend, stoop, sink; submit, give way, turn, turn away, revolt; depart, flee, retire; sv/t2 w.a. to bow to, turn towards; join, go over to; convert gebgian [] wv/t2 to inhabit, occupy gebn [] adj inhabited; ptp of ban gebunden [] adj bound; ptp of bindan gebundennes [] f (-se/-sa) a binding, obligation gebnes [] f (-se/-sa) dwelling gebr [] m (-es/-as) dweller, husbandman, farmer, countryman, boor gebrgerihta [] m (-n/-n) a boors or farmers rights or dues geburhscipe [] m (-es/-as) township geburnen [] adj burnt; ptp of beornan gebrscipe [] m (-es/-as) neighborhood, association of dwellers in a certain district acknowledged by the state gebuterian [] wv/t2 to butter gebycgan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres gebyg past gebhte ptp gebht to buy, procure, purchase, pay for, acquire; redeem, ransom; procure, get done; sell gebcnian see gebecnan gebgan see gebegan gebgednes see gebgednes gebgel [] adj subject, submissive, obedient gebygu [] f (-e/-a) a bend [= byge] gebyh see byht 2 gebyht2 [] n (-es/-) abode, habitation, dwelling gebyhte see byht 1 gebyld [] 1. f (-e/-a) boldness, courage; 2. adj bold, courageous gebylded [] adj emboldened, encouraged, animated; ptp of byldan gebylgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebylg past gebylgde ptp gebylged to anger, provoke, to cause to swell, make angry gebylgan [] wv/t1b to anger, provoke gebran [] wv/t1b to colonize gebyrd [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) birth; origin, beginning, descent, parentage, race; offspring; nature, quality, state, condition, rank; lot, fate; [beran]; 2. adj bearded; burdened; 3. see gebyrded gebyrdan [] wv/t1b to beard, fringe, embroider gebyrdboda [] m (-n/-n) herald of a birth gebyrddg [] m (-es/-dagas) birthday gebyrde [] 1. adj inborn, innate, natural; 2. see gebyrd 1 gebyrded [] adj bordered gebyrdelce [] adv energetically, zealously gebyrdlic [] adj harmonious gebyrdtd [] f (-e/-e) birth-tide, time of birth gebyrtid see gebyrdtd

gebyrdtma [] m (-n/-n) time of birth gebyrdu [] 1. f (-e/-a) birth; descent, parentage, race; offspring; nature, quality, rank; fate; [beran]; 2. adj burdened; 3. see gebyrded gebyrdu see gebyrd 1 gebyrdwiglere [] m (-es/-as) birth-diviner, astrologer gebyrdwtega [] m (-n/-n) astrologer gebyredlic [] 1. adj suitable, fitting, due, convenient, congenial; 2. adv ~lce suitably, orderly; ~ bon to be associated with (t w.d.), to have dealings with gebyrelic see gebyredlic gebyrg [] bon on ~e w.d. to help, protect [beorgan] gebyrgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebyrge past gebyrgde ptp gebyrged to bury, raise a mound, hide gebrgan [] wv/t1b to taste gebyrgednes [] f (-se/-sa) burial gebyrgen [] 1. f (-ne/-na) caul, grave; 2. tinipa gebrian [] wv/i1a 3rd pres gebre past gebrede ptp gebred to happen, fall out, pertain to, belong to; impers wv/t1a to pertain to, happen, belong to, befit, become, behoove gebyrman [] wv/t1b to ferment with barm, to ferment, leaven; swell up, be proud [beorma] gebyrman [] wv/t1b to ferment, leaven; swell up, be proud [beorma] gebyrmed [] adj barmed, fermented, leavened gebyrmed [] n (-es/-) leavened bread gebyrnod [] adj corseleted, furnished with a coat of mail gebyrst [] adj furnished with bristles gebyrtd see gebyrdtd gebyren [] f (-ne/-na) what is born, a child gebsnian see gebisnian gebtlan [] wv/t1b to build, erect gebtlian [] wv/t2 to build, erect gebytlu [] n pl building, dwelling gebytlung [] f (-e/-a) a building gc see goc gecafstrian [] wv/t2 to bridle, curb [cfester] gecamp [] m (-es/-as) warfare, a contest, battle gecampian [] wv/t2 to strive, fight gecanc [] n (-es/-) a mock, gibe, jeering, scorn, derision gecapitulod [] adj divided into chapters geclan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gecle past geclde ptp gecled to cool geclcian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geclca past geclcode ptp geclcod to whiten gecealcian [] wv/t2 to whiten gecealfe [] adj great with calf geceapian [] wv/t2 to bargain, trade; buy, purchase, trade; endeavor to bribe gecearfan see geceorfan gecel see gicel geclan [] wv/t1b to quench (thirst), refresh; to make cool, cool, allay; wv/i1b to become cold, be refreshed geclnes [] f (-se/-sa) coolness, cool air, breeze

gecennan [] wv/t1a to conceive, bring forth; beget, create, produce; nominate, chose out; assign, attribute, give; clear, declare, prove, show oneself, clear oneself, make a declaration in court; gecennes [] f (-se/-sa) summons geceolan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geceol past geceolde ptp geceoled to make cold, cool geceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gecierf past gecearf/gecurfon ptp gecorfen to cut, cut down, slay, kill; carve, cut out, engrave; tear gecosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres geces past gecas/gecuron ptp gecoren to choose, seek out, select, elect; decide, test; accept, approve, prove gecowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gecew past gecaw/gecuwon ptp gecowen to chew, gnaw; eat, consume gecd [] n (-es/-) strife, altercation; reproof gecdan [] wv/t1b w.d. or wi to contend, quarrel; complain; chide, blame gecegan [] wv/t1b to call, name; call upon, invoke, summon, convene; wv/i1b to call out gecierran [] wv/t1a, wv/i1a to turn, change; wv/i1a to turn oneself, go, come, proceed, turn back, return; regard; translate; persuade, convert, be converted, agree to; submit; make to submit, reduce gecierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) conversion; entrance, admission gecgednes [] f (-se/-sa) calling, summons; name gecgendlic [] adj calling, vocative, addressing gecgnes [] f (-se/-sa) calling, invocation, entreaty gecgung [] f (-e/-a) calling, invocation gecile see gicel geclded [] adj clothed, clad; ptp of geclian geclian [] wv/t2 to clothe [clan] geclman [] wv/t1b to smear, caulk, plaster, anoint geclne [] 1. adj clean; pure, chaste, innocent; unencumbered, unfettered; hallowed; clear, open; on ~um felda in the open field (of battle); honorable, true; acute, sagacious, intellectual; 2. adv clean, clearly, fully, purely, entirely geclnsian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, purify, chasten; clear out, purge; w.a. and g. justify, clear oneself geclnsung [] f (-e/-a) cleansing, purifying, chastening, castigation, expiation; purity, chastity geclibs [] ? (-?/-?) clamor geclifian [] wv/t2 to adhere, cleave, stick gecliht [] adj gathered or collected together into a whole or to a point, assembled, drawn or brought together, collected [collectus]; ptp of gecliccan, geclyccan geclipian [] wv/t2 to call, call upon, invoke, summon geclistre see geclystre geclofa [] m (-n/-n) counterpart (of a document) [clofan] gecltod [] adj clouted, patched geclyft [] adj cleft [clofan] geclysp see geclibs geclystre [] n (-es/-u) cluster, bunch, branch gecnwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gecnw past gecnow/on ptp gecnwen to ascertain gecnwe see gecnwe

gecnwnes [] f (-se/-sa) acknowledgment gecnwe [] adj w.g. conscious of, acknowledging, knowing, aware of; known, notorious, manifest (a380) gecneord [] adj eager, zealous, diligent gecnorednes [] f (-se/-sa) generation, race (3) gecnorenes [] f (-se/-sa) generation, race (2) gecnornes [] f (-se/-sa) generation, race (1) gecnos [] n (-es/-u) collision [cnyssan] gecnycc [] n (-es/-) bond gecnycled [] adj bent, crooked geccnian [] wv/t2 to season food geccsian [] wv/t2 to cook, roast gecollenferhtan [] wv/t1b to enhearten gecp [] adj proper, fitting gecplic [] adj proper, fitting; adv ~lce gecor [] n (-es/-u) decision [cosan] gecorded [] adj having a cord gecorenlic [] adj elegant; adv ~lce gecorennes [] f (-se/-sa) goodness gecornian [] wv/t2 to crown gecosped [] adj fettered gecospende [] adj fettered gecostnes [] f (-se/-sa) proving, temptation, trial gecow [] n (-es/-u) thing to be chewed, food gecrftgian [] wv/t2 to strengthen, render powerful gecrcod [] adj crooked, bent gecrod see hl~; lind~ gecrged [] adj saffron-hued gecrymian [] wv/t2 to crumble gecrymman [] wv/t1a to crumble gecrympan [] wv/t1b to curl gecs- see geocsgecuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres gecym past gecm/on ptp is gecumen to come together, arrive, assemble gecwealmbran [] wv/t1b to torture gecwealmful [] adj pernicious gecwed [] n (-es/-u) declaration gecwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres gecwie past gecw/gecwdon ptp gecweden to order, give orders; to consider, regard gecwedfsten [] f (-ne/-na) appointed fast gecwedrden [] f (-ne/-na) agreement; conspiracy gecwedrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) agreement, covenant gecwedstw [] f (-e/-a) appointed place, place of meeting gecwmsum [] adj pleasing gecwicung [] f (-e/-a) restoration to life

gecwide [] n (-es/-u) speech, saying, word, sentence, phrase, proverb, argument, proposal, discourse, homily; opinion; testament, will, enactment, agreement, decree, decision, judgment; [cwean] gecwylmful [] adj pernicious gecd see geced, past part of gecan gecyrtan [] wv/t1b to lop off gecdd see geced, past part of gecan gecygd see gecd gecgednes see gecgednes gecynd [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) origin, generation, birth; race, species; place by nature; nature, kind, property, quality; character; offspring; gender; genitalia gecyndbc [] f (-bc/-bc) Book of Genesis gecynde [] adj natural, native, innate; proper, fitting; lawful, rightful gecyndlim [] n (-es/-u) womb; pl genitalia gecyndnes [] f (-se/-sa) nation; produce, increase gecyndo [] f see cynd gecyndu [] f see cynd gecynn see gecynd gecpan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gecp past gecpte ptp gecpt to buy, traffic, sell, barter gecpe [] adj for sale gecyrtan [] wv/t1b to shorten gecyrtenlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to make sweet gecan [] wv/t1b confirm; make celebrated gecednes [] f (-se/-sa) testimony gecig [] adj knowing, aware of ged see gd, gidd gedafen [] 1. n (-es/-) what is fitting; 2. adj becoming, suitable, fit, proper gedafenian [] wv/t2 (often impersonal) to beseem, befit, be right gedafenlic [] adj fit, becoming, proper, suitable, right; adv ~lce gedaflic see gedafenlic gedafniendlic see gedafenlic gedl [] n (-es/-) division, separation, sharing, giving out; distinction, difference; destruction; share, lot gedlan see gedlan gedlland [] n (-es/-) land under joint ownership, common land divided into strips gedfte [] adj mild, gentle, meek gedftelce [] adv fitly, in season, in moderation, gently (1) gedftlce [] adv fitly, in season, in moderation, gently (2) gedftu [] f (-e/-a) gentleness gedge pres 3rd sing dares?, braves? gedledlce [] adv separately gedlland see gedlland gedrsted [] adj leavened, fermented gedd see gidd gedaian [] wv/t2 to kill gedaw [] adj dewy, bedewed

gedan [] wv/t1b to kill; mortify gedfe [] adj befitting, suitable, proper; meek, gentle, kindly, good; adv gedfedlic [] adj fit, becoming, proper; adv ~lce gedfelic [] adj fit, becoming, proper; adv ~lce gedfnes [] f (-se/-sa) mildness, gentleness gedeftlce see gedftlce gedelf [] n (-es/-u, -deolfu) digging, excavation; what is dug, trench, quarry, canal gedelgian see getelgian gedeorflas [] adj free from trouble gedeorfnes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, tribulation gedeorfsum [] adj troublesome, grievous gederednes [] f (-se/-sa) injury gederian see 1. gaderian; 2. derian gedcan see gedcian gedgan [] wv/t1b to survive, endure, overcome; escape; profit, do good, benefit gediht [] n (-es/-) piece of writing, composition, literary work gedn [] irreg v/t to arrive at; to halt, encamp, cast anchor; to reduce; t forlore ~ to destroy gedrg2 [] n (-es/-dragu) concourse, assembly; tumult gedreag see gedrg gedrfedlic [] adj oppressive gedrfnes [] f (-se/-sa) confusion; tempest gedrehtnes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition gedrog [] 1. n (-es/-) a dressing for keeping (shoes) in good condition; usefulness?, gravity?; t ~ gn to ease oneself; 2. adj fit, sober, serious; tame, gentle (horse) gedroglcan [] irreg wv/t1b to put in order, regulate, arrange, attend to gedroglce [] adv discreetly, carefully; meekly, modestly, humbly gedrep [] m (-es/-as) stroke, blow gedrettan [] wv/t1a to consume gedrf [] 1. n (-es/-) a drive, a tract through which something moves rapidly; 2. what is driven, stubble gedrh [] f (-e/-a) sobriety, gravity gedrinca [] m (-n/-n) cup-bearer gedrtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gedrte past gedrt/gedriton ptp gedriten to go to stool, to be at stool; to defile with excrement [cacare] gedrfednes see gedrfednes gedropa [] m (-n/-n) a kind of date gedrorenlic [] adj perishable gedrycned [] adj dried up, emaciated gedryht [] f (-e/-e) fortune, fate gedryhta [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier gedrmed [] adj melodious, harmonious, cheerful gedryncnes [] f (-se/-sa) immersion, baptism gedrysnian [] wv/t2 to vanish, disappear gedfan [] sv/i2 3rd pres gedf past gedaf/gedufon ptp is gedofen to sink, be drowned gedwrian see gewrian

gedwsmann [] m (-es/-menn) fool gedweola see gedwola gedweolsa see gedwola gedwildfterfolgung [] f (-e/-a) heresy gedwildlic [] adj deceptive? gedwildmann [] m (-es/-menn) heretic gedwimorlic [] adj illusory, unreal; adv ~lce gedwol [] adj heretical gedwolbiscop [] m (-es/-as) heretical bishop gedwolen2 [] adj perverse, wrong, erroneous gedwolenlic [] adj foolish gedwolfr [] n (-es/-faru) a going astray gedwolgod [] m (-es/-as) false god, idol, image gedwolhring [] m (-es/-as) erroneous cycle gedwolmist [] m (-es/-as) mist of error gedwolsprc [] f (-e/-a) heretical talk gedwolsum [] adj misleading, erroneous gedlegian see gedlegian gedyngan [] wv/t1b to dung, defecate gedpan [] wv/t1b to anoint gedyre [] n (-es/-u) door-post, door gedrsian [] wv/t2 to praise, glorify, hold dear, prize [dere] gedyrst [] f (-e/-a) tribulation gedyrstelce see dyrstiglce gedyrstigian [] wv/t2 to dare, presume gedyrstlic see gedyrstig gee see ga geamdian [] wv/t2 to condescend; to adore, worship geeahtung [] f (-e/-a) deliberation, counsel geealgian [ye-ealg-yan] wv/t2 to protect, defend geane [] adj yeaning geearnian [ye-airn-yan] wv/t2 to earn, deserve, merit geearnung [] f (-e/-a) merit, reward geastrian [] wv/t2 to elapse (during Easter) geedbyrdan [] wv/t1b to regenerate geedcennan [] wv/t1a to regenerate, create geedcegan [] wv/t1b to recall geedcucoda [] m (-n/-n) man restored to life geedfrolsian [] wv/t2 to re-grant by charter geedhwian [] wv/t2 to reshape, conform, reform geedhyrtan [] wv/t1b to refresh, recruit geedlstan [] wv/t1b to repeat geedlanend [] m (-es/-) rewarder geedstalian [] wv/t2 to restore geedrwen [] adj twisted back geedwistian [] wv/t2 to feed, support; make to share?

geedyppol [] adj that is to be reviewed geefenlcestre [] f (-an/-an) female imitator geefenlician [] wv/t2 to make equal, liken; adjust; 1 conform to geefnettan [] wv/t1b to compare geeftgadrian [] wv/t2 to repeat geeftgian [] wv/t2 to restore, strengthen geegan [] wv/t1b to harrow geeggian [] wv/t2 to egg on, excite gehtan [] wv/t1b to acquire, purchase geelodgian [] wv/t2 to make strange, disturb geelodian [] wv/t2 to make strange, disturb geendadung [] f (-e/-a) finishing geendodlic [] adj finite geendung [] f (-e/-a) death geenged [] adj troubled, anxious gef see 1. geaf past 3rd sing of giefan; 2. see gif gef- see giefgefna gen pl of gef gefangian [] wv/t2 to join, fasten gefara [] m (-n/-n) traveling companion, comrade gefaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres gefr past gefr/on ptp is gefaren to die; sv/t6 ptp gefaren to attack, overcome, capture, obtain gefd [] 1. adj orderly, well-conducted; calm, composed; 2. n? (-es/gefadu) discretion [fadian] gefdera [] m (-n/-n) male sponsor, godfather gefdere [] f (-an/-an) female sponsor, godmother gefderen [] adj born of the same father gefdlic [] adj fit, suitable, proper; adv ~lce orderly, quietly; craftily? [fadian] gefge [] adj popular with, acceptable to [OHG gifag] gefdred see gefderen gefgon past pl of gefon gefgnian [] wv/t2 w.g. to rejoice, be glad, exult; fawn; applaud gefmne [] f (-an/-an) woman; geflsian [] wv/t2 to pass through gefstlce [] adv fixedly, steadily, constantly; unceasingly; verily, but; strictly geftnian see gefttian gefttian [] wv/t2 to become fat; anoint; gefttig [] adj fat, rich gefeald [] n (-es/-) region, abode? gefalic [] adj joyous, pleasant; adv ~lce gefeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gefiel past foll/on ptp gefeallen to overthrow; ~ on lufe to fall in love gefealnis [] f (-se/-sa) ruin gefanes [] f (-se/-sa) joy gefearhsugu [] f (-e/-a) sow in farrow gefawnes [] f (-se/-sa) fewness, paucity

gefeaxe [] adj furnished with hair gefeaxen see gefeaxe gefeaxod see gefeaxe gefrian [] wv/t2 to load [for] gefg [] n (-es/-u) joining, joint; composition; diagram [Ger gefge] gefgednes [] f (-se/-sa) conjunction, connection; bond, fetter; figure gefgnes [] f (-se/-sa) association, companionship; conjunction gefeh see gefeah, past 3rd sing of gefon gefeht see gefeoht gefle [] adj sensitive geflsian see geflsian gefogan [] wv/t1b to hate, persecute gefeoht [] n (-es/-) a fight, battle, contest, war, preparation for war gefeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gefiehte past gefeaht/gefuhton ptp gefohten 1. to fight; 2. to gain by fighting, obtain by fighting, win gefeohtdg [] m (-es/-dagas) fight-day, day of battle gefeohtsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) joyfulness gefolan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gefel past gefl/geflon ptp gefolen to stick to, persist gefon [] sv/t5 3rd pres gefieh past gefeah/gefgon ptp gefegen to be glad, rejoice, exult; manige gefo on his gebyrd many shall rejoice at his birth; gefora see gefra gefeormian [] wv/t2 1. to entertain as a guest, harbor, receive as a guest, feed, cherish, support; 1a. to harbor (stolen goods); 2. to entertain as an obligation; 3. to feast, feed on, devour; gefeormian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, form or cleanse out gefra [] m (-n/-n) associate, comrade, fellow-disciple; wife; man, servant gefran [] wv/t1b to accomplish, attain, obtain; to fare, speed, undergo, suffer gefre [] 1. n (-es/-u) company, community; 2. m (-es/-as) companion; 3. adj accessible gefred [] adj associated gefrlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to associate, unite gefrlic [] adj associated; adv ~lce sociably, together; ~llce gefrrden [] f (-ne/-na) companionship, fellowship; friendship; society, fraternity, congregation gefrscipian [] wv/t2 to accompany gefestre [] f (-an/-an) a giver gefetan [] sv/i4 3rd pres gefitt, gefite past geft/gefton ptp is gefoten to fall gefeterian2 [] wv/t2 to fetter, bind gefetran see gefeterian gefetrian see gefeterian gefic [] n (-es/-u, -feocu) deceit gefierhamod [] adj covered with feathers gefend [] m pl foes, enemies gefigo? [] n pl a disease cimosis gefih pres 3rd sing of gefon geflan see geflan gefilce see gefylce

gefilde [] n (-es/-u) field, plain [feld] gefindig [] adj capable geflschamod [] adj incarnate geflscod [] adj incarnate geflerod [] adj flared? gefleme [] adj fugitive geflitfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) litigiousness geflitglw [] n (-es/-) mockery geflitlce [] adv emulously geflog [] n (-es/-u, -fleogu) infectious disease geflota [] m (-n/-n) floater (whale) geflwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geflw past geflow/on ptp is geflwen to overflow gefnsan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gefns past gefns/gefnson ptp gefnesen to sneeze gefg [] 1. n (-es/-) joining, joint; 2. n (-es/-) suitability; 3. adj suitable gefgstn [] m (-es/-as) hewn stone gefol [] adj with foal geforewrit [] n (-es/-u, -gewriotu) prologue geftcypsan [] wv/t1b to fetter geftian [] wv/t2 to hasten up gefrge [] 1. 2 n (-es/-u) hearsay, report, knowledge; mine ~ as I have heard say; 2. adj well-known, celebrated, reputable; notorious, disreputable [fricgan] gefrge [] 1. 2 n (-es/-u) hearsay, report, knowledge; mine ~ as I have heard say; 2. adj well-known, celebrated, reputable; notorious, disreputable [fricgan] gefrge [] 1. 2 n (-es/-u) hearsay, report, knowledge; mne ~ as I have heard say; 2. adj well-known, celebrated, reputable; notorious, disreputable [fricgan] gefrgian [] wv/t2 to learn by inquiry gefrdan [] wv/t1b to feel, perceive; [frd] gefrdendlic [] adj perceptible gefrdmlum [] adv little by little gefrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) feeling, perception gefrdra [] adj more acute gefrge see gefrge gefremian see fremdian gefroge see gefrge gefrogend [] m (-es/-) liberator gefricgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gefrige past gefrg/gefrgon ptp gefrigen, gefrgen to learn, find out by inquiry gefrisum [] adj safe, fortified gefrend [] m pl friends gefrnd see gefrend gefullan see gefyllan gefultuma [] m (-n/-n) helper gefulwihtnian [] wv/t2 to baptize gefylce [] n (-es/-u) band of men, army, host [folc] gefylled [] adj w.d.g. bereft (of) gefyllednes [] f (-se/-sa) fullness, completion, fulfillment

gefyllendlic [] adj filling, expletive; capable of completion gefyllingtd [] f (-e/-e) compline gefylsta [] m (-n/-n) helper gefylsta [] m (-n/-n) helper gefnd see gefend gefyrring [] f (-e/-a) removal gefyrnnes [] f (-se/-sa) antiquity gefyrst [] n (-es/-) frost gefstlian [] wv/t2 to strike with the fist gefyxan [] wv/t1b? to trick gegadere [] adv together gegaderednes [] f (-e/-a) gathering, abscess gegaderwyrhtan [] n pl assembled workmen ggan [] wv/t1b to cry out gegn [] irreg v/t to get, gain, conquer, occupy, overrun; observe, practice, exercise, effect gegang [] n (-es/-) hap, occurrence; passage (lapse) of time gegnge see gegenge gegearwungnes [] f (-se/-sa) preparation gegegnian [] wv/t2 to meet gegenga [] m (-n/-n) fellow-traveler, companion gegierelic [] adj of clothes gegiering [] f (-e/-a) direction gegifian [] wv/t2 to enrich with gifts gegilde [] n (-es/-u) membership of a guild gegildheall [] f (-e/-a) guild-hall gegscan [] wv/t1b to close, bolt, bar, yex gegite [] adj conscious gegtsian [] wv/t2 to obtain with greed gegldan [] wv/t1b to make hot, kindle geglendrian [] wv/t2 to precipitate geglengan [] wv/t1b to set in order, compose geglendendlce [] adv elegantly geglisc see gagolisc geglfed [] adj gloved gegn see gn gegn- see gangegncwide2 [] m (-es/-as) reply, answer, retort; pl conversation gegninga see gegnunga gegnp [] m (-es/-paas) opposing path gegnslege [] m (-es/-as) battle gegnum2 [] adv away, forwards, straight on, thither gegnunga [] adv immediately, directly; certainly, plainly, precisely, truly, certainly; completely, fully gegnysan see cnyssan gegot [] n (-es/-u) shedding (of tears)

gego see geogu gegrppian [] wv/t2 to seize gegrtlic [] adj commendatory gegrind2 [] n (-es/-) impact, crash gegrindswile [] m (-es/-, -as) a swelling caused by friction gegrnian [] wv/t2 to ensnare gegripennes [] f (-se/-sa) seizing, snare, captivity gegrundstaelian [] wv/t2 to establish firmly gegrundweallian [] wv/t2 to establish, found gegrynd [] n (-es/-u) plot of ground gegyld see gylden gegyrdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gegyrde past gegyrde ptp gegyrded to invest with attributes gehabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres gehf past gehfde ptp gehfd to hold, keep from; yfle ~ afflict, torment gehada [] m (-n/-n) brother monk gehagian [] wv/i2 impersonal to please, suit; gif him (hine) t m gehagige if he can afford it gehala [] m (-n/-n) counselor, confidant, supporter gehlgigend [] m (-es/-) sanctifier gehlsian [] wv/t2 to take oath, swear gehmian [] wv/t2 to establish in a home gehammen [] adj patched? (of shoes) gehandfstan [] wv/t1b to betroth gehange [] adj disposed, inclined to w.d.? gehata [] m (-n/-n) enemy, opponent gehtheortan see hthiertan gehtland [] n (-es/-) promised land gehaerian see heaorian gehcca [] m (-n/-n) sausage [haccian] gehftednes [] f (-se/-sa) captivity; snare gehftend [] m (-es/-) prisoner gehftnedan [] wv/t2 to take captive gehg [] n (-es/-hagu) enclosure, meadow gehgan? [] wv/t1b to vex, harass? gehld see gehield gehled see hl gehlednes [] f (-se/-sa) healing gehp [] adj fit, convenient gehplic [] adj fit, convenient gehplicnes [] f (-se/-sa) convenience, opportunity gehre [] adj hairy gehrede [] adj hairy gehafdod [] adj having a head (referring to a ring) gehealddagas [] m pl kalends gehealde [] adj contented?, careful? gehealden [] f (-ne/-na) observance

gehealdendgeorn [] adj continent gehealdfst [] adj safe gehealdsum [] adj provident, economical, frugal; virtuous, chaste, continent; safe gehaw [] n (-es/-) gnashing, grinding gehefed [] adj weighed down geheige see gehg gehme? [] adj customary gehendan [] wv/t1b to hold; seize, catch [hand] gehende [] adj near, at hand; convenient; adv near, at home; closely, in detail gehendnes [] f (-se/-sa) neighborhood, proximity geheordung [] f (-e/-a) guard, watch geheortlce [] adv cheeringly geher see ar geheredlic see gehierendlic Gehhol see Geohol, Gol gehield [] n (-es/-u) watching, protection gehieldelic [] adj safe gehieldnes [] f (-se/-sa) observance gehene [] adj ready to fall, frail geheran [] wv/t1b to judge geherend [] m (-es/-) hearer geherendlic [] adj audible gehering [] f (-e/-a) hearing, hearsay gehernes [] f (-se/-sa) hearing, report gehersumian [] wv/t2 to reduce, subject, conquer gehilmed [] adj helmeted; covered with foliage gehwclician [] wv/t2 to make known or familiar to gehwendlic [] adj allegorical gehwian [] wv/t2 to transform, transfigure gehwlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to form, shape, fashion; color gehwodlce [] adv in form gehlg [] n (-es/-) derision, scorn gehlstan [] wv/t1b to load, burden; adorn gehlapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gehlep past gehlop/on ptp gehlapen to leap upon, mount (a horse) gehla2 [] m (-n/-n) companion, denizen [hl] gehlencan [] wv/t1b to twist, bend? gehlo [] adj harmonious gehleodu pl of gehlid gehlid2 [] n (-es/-hleodu, -u) covering, vault, roof gehlidod [] adj having a lid gehlotland [] n (-es/-) allotted land, inheritance gehlott [] n (-es/-) selection by lot, choice, decision gehlw [] n (-es/-) lowing, bellowing, bleating gehld [] n (-es/-u) noise gehlyste [] adj audible gehlystful [] adj attentive, gracious

gehlyta [] m (-n/-n) companion [hlot] gehlytta [] m (-n/-n) partner, fellow gehlyttu [] f (-e/-a) fellowship, lot gehnst2 [] n (-es/-u) collision, conflict, battle [hntan] gehnstan [] wvt/1b to contend with gehnst2 [] n (-es/-u) collision, conflict, battle [hntan] gehnycned [] adj wrinkled? gehnyscan [] wv/t1b to crush [hnesce] gehnyst [] adj contrite gehoferod see hoferede gehfod [] adj hoofed gehola see gehala geholian [] wv/t2 to obtain gehonge see gehange gehopp [] n (-es/-) seed-pod gehorgian [] wv/t2 to defile; spit upon gehorian [] wv/t2 to defile; spit upon gehorian see gehorgian gehornian [] wv/t2 to insult [? = gehorgian] gehorwigian see gehorgian gehradod [] adj quick gehrcan see gereccan gehrec see gerec gehresp [] n (-es/-) stripping, spoliation gehrespan [] wv/t1b to strip, spoil gehrered [] adj destroyed gehrifian [] wv/t2 to bring forth gehrifnian [] wv/t2 to tear off?, to become rapacious? gehrn see gern, gern gehriorde see gereorde gehrisian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to shake together gehror [] n (-es/-u) calamity, plague, ruin [hrosan] gehrorenes [] f (-se/-sa) downfall, ruin gehrorenlic [] adj perishable, transitory, unstable gehrxl [] n (-es/-) noise, tumult gehryne see geryne gehu2 [] f (-e/-a) care, anxiety, grief geh [] adv in any manner; h is gecweden hlf urh getcnunge and lamb and lo and geh elles he is called bread typically and lamb and lion and in any other way; gehfod [] adj with pontifical headband gehugod [] adj minded gehsed [] adj furnished with a house gehw [] pron each one, every one, any one, whoever gehwanon [] adv from every quarter gehwde [] adj slight, scanty, small, young gehwdnes [] f (-se/-sa) smallness, fewness, insignificance

gehwmlic [] adj each, every gehwr [] adv everywhere, in all directions; on every occasion, always; somewhere gehwt [] neut of gehw gehwer [] adj? both, either, each gehwere [] adv nevertheless gehwere hand (on) [] f (-a/-a) on both sides gehwearf [] m (-es/-as) vicissitude gehwearfnes [] f (-se/-sa) conversion gehwdnes see gehwdnes gehweorf [] 1. n (-es/-) a turning; 2. adj converted; active? gehwider [] adv in every direction, everywhere, anywhere, whithersoever gehwielfan [] wv/i1b to arch, bend over gehwierfan [] wv/t1b to overturn, destroy gehwilc [] adj each, any, every (one), all, some, many, whoever, whatever; anra ~ each one gehwyrfednes [] f (-se/-sa) inclination; conversion gehwyrfenes [] f (-se/-sa) inclination; conversion gehwyrftnes [] f (-se/-sa) return gehan see han 3 gehycglic [] adj considerable gehd [] 1. adj furnished with skin; 2. past participle of han; 3. see gehygd gehdelicnes see gehelicnes gehdnes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) comfort; security; 2. see gehnes gehygd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) mind, thought; reflection, forethought gehnes [] f (-se/-sa) advantage; occasion gehyht [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) comfort gehyhtendlic [] adj to be hoped for gehylced [] adj bent, bent apart, curved, bandy gehyldig [] adj patient gehylman see helmian gehpan see gehapian gehypsan see hyspan gehre- see geheregehyrnes see geherenes gehrung [] f (-e/-a) hiring gehyspendlic [] adj abominable gehyu [] n (-wes/-) subsistence gehe [] adj appropriate, convenient gehelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) opportunitas gehlic see gehelic gehwan see geewan geean [] wv/t1b 1. to alleviate; be merciful; 2. to lay waste, ravage, devastate, destroy geerian [] wv/i2 to make or become easier geierfian [] wv/t2 to stock with cattle geiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geiern past gearn/geurnon ptp geurnen to get to, attain, meet with; occur (to ones mind); to coagulate; to grow up

geiht [] adj yoked together geillerocad [] adj surfeited geimpian [] wv/t2 to busy oneself with geincfullian [] wv/t2 to offend, scandalize [inca] geindpan [] wvt/1b to dip in geinlagian [] wv/t2 to inlaw, to restore to the protection of the law geinnian [] wv/t2 to include, bring in; to fill, supply, restore, charge, make good geinseglian [] wv/t2 to seal, to impress with a seal gelac2 [] n (-es/-u) tumult, motion, commotion, tumultuous assembly, play; sweorda ~ battle; crowd, host gelcan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gelc past gelc/on, geleolc/on ptp gelcen to play a trick on, delude gelcian [] wv/t2 to present, bestow, give, present one with a thing; accompany with gifts gelcnian [] wv/t2 to heal, cure gelagu [] m (-a/-a) extent, surface (of sea) gelan see gelan gelanda [] m (-n/-n) compatriot, kinsman gelandod [] adj having landed property gelang [] adj dependant on, attainable from, present in, belonging to (+ t or on) gelangian [] wv/t2 to send for, summon, call; apprehend, seize gelstful [] adj helpful, serviceable gelatu [] f (-e/-a) hindrance gelaured [] adj laurel-flavored gelca see g~, ellen~ gelca [] m (-n/-n) a rival gelcan [] irreg wv/t1b to emulate; join with, make common cause with? [lc] geldan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gelde past geldde ptp gelded to lead, conduct, bear, bring, derive, bring out, bring forth, produce, bring up; geldendlic [] adj ductile, malleable, what is easily led or beaten out geldenlic see geldendlic gelr [] adj empty; empty-handed [Ger leer] gelran [] wv/t1b to teach, instruct, guide; enjoin, advise, persuade, urge, preach; ge~ convert; ge~ 2 recall; ~ for hand down (to others); lred1 learned (as opposed to lwed), hence clerical (as opposed to lay), spiritual (as opposed to temporal) gelre see lr gelrednes [] f (-se/-sa) learning, skill gelstfullian [] wv/t2 to testify gelt see gelte 2 gelte [] 1. n (-es/-u) manners, bearing [ON lti]; 2. n (-es/-u) junction of roads geld see gield geld- see gild-, gyldgeldan see geldan gelde [] adj sterile gelaf [] adj leafy gelaffulnes [] f (-se/-sa) faith, trust, faithfulness gelaflas [] adj unbelieving gelaflasnes [] f (-se/-sa) unbelief

gelaflast [] f (-e/-a) unbelief gelaflst [] f (-e/-a) unbelief gelaflic [] adj credible, faithful; catholic; adv ~lce gelafnesword [] n (-es/-) password gelafsum [] adj believing, faithful; credible geleaian see gelaian gelec past 3rd sing of gelacan gelecc- see gelccgeled [] ? (-?/-?) catasta; see gld? gelfed [] adj weak, sickly, aged gelfenscipe [] m (-es/-as) justification gelege [] f? (-an/-an) lair, bed gelegered [] adj confined to bed gelegergield [] n (-es/-) lupercalia gelegerod [] adj confined to bed gelegu see gelege gelend [] 1. adj furnished with land (by the lord); 2. see gelynd gelenda [] m (-n/-n) one rich in land gelendan [] wv/t1b to endow with land gelengan [] wv/t1b to call for gelenge [] adj belonging to, related to; addicted to gelod [] m (-es/-as) fellow-countryman, compatriot gelomod [] adj having rays of light gelorendlic [] adj transitory geleouwcian [] wv/t2 to mitigate, soften geles see gelise gelwed [] adj weak, ill? gelc [] 1. adj (+ dat) like; alike, similar, equal; suitable; likely; gelcost double, twin; 2. n (-es/-) something like another thing; similitude gelca [] m (-n/-n) an equal gelcbisen [] f (-e/-a) an imitation; an imitator gelcbisnung [] f (-e/-a) imitation gelce [] f (-an/-an) an equal; adv as, like, equally, similarly; ~ and like as if gelchamian [] wv/t2 to clothe with flesh gelchamod [] adj incarnate gelcian [] wv/i2 to be or make like; seem likely gelcltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gelclte past gelclt/on, gelcleort/on ptp gelcltan to liken, compare gelclic [] adj fitting, proper; adv ~lce equally gelcnes [] f (-se/-sa) parable gelefan [] wv/t1b to be dear to gelefed [] adj believing, faithful, pious gelefedlic [] adj permissible gelefedlce [] adv trustfully, credulously gelefen [] adj excused gelefenscipe [] m (-es/-as) justification

gelesnes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption gelffstnian [] wv/t2 to quicken geligere [] n (-es/-u) concubinage, fornication, adultery geligernes [] f (-se/-sa) concubinage, fornication, adultery gelman [] wv/t1b to cement, join, stick together gelmian see gelman gelimp [] n (-es/-) occurrence; misfortune, accident gelimplic [] adj fitting, suitable; happening; that which happens, a casual event, a chance; adv ~lce gelimplicnes [] f (-se/-sa) form?, disposition of the limbs? gelire see geligere gelise [] n (-es/-leosu) reading, study gelsian [] wv/t2 to slip, guide gelan [] sv/i1 3rd pres gele past gel/gelidon ptp is geliden to arrive gelien [] adj having traveled much gell- see geall-, giellgellet [] n? (-es/-) bowl gelm see gilm gelo see geolu gelodr [] f (-e/-a) backbone, spine gelodwyrt [] f (-e/-e) silverweed gelodr [] f (-e/-a) backbone, spine gelogendlic [] adj to be kept in order gelgod [] adj interpolated; ~ sprc (well)-ordered speech gelgung [] f (-e/-a) order gelgian [] wv/t2 ~ p lay by, deposit; gelgod interpolated; gelgod sprc (well)ordered speech gelmed see gelomod gelmlcende [] adj frequent; frequentative gelomrde [] adj frequent gelmlcing [] f (-e/-a) frequency, frequenting gelmlcnes [] f (-se/-sa) a numerous assembly gelmlic [] adj repeated, frequent, numerous; adv ~lce gelmlician [] wv/t2 to become frequent gelmlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) repetition; a numerous assembly gelostr see geolster gelumpenlic [] adj occasional; suitable [limpan] gelustful [] adj desirable gelustian [] wv/t2 to delight in geltan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gelte past gelat/geluton ptp geloten to lay down gelygnod [] adj perjured gelyndu [] n pl joints of the spine gelysted [] adj w.g. desirous of gelystfullce see lustfullce geltlung [] f (-e/-a) insufficiency, want gelyen see gelien

gemd [] adj silly, mad gemagian [] wv/t2 recover (health) gemglic see gemlic gemhlic [] adj importunate; wanton, shameless; wicked; adv ~lce impudently gemhlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) importunity; wantonness, shamelessness; time of need gemhnes [] f (-se/-sa) importunity, persistence; shamelessness; boldness; contumacy geman [] adj having a mane gemna [] m (-n/-n) community, company; common property; communion, companionship, intercourse; cohabitation; t ~n in common gemne [] adj having a mane gemang [] 1. n (-es/-) mixture, union; troop, crowd, multitude; congregation, assembly; business; cohabitation; in ~ during; on ~ in the midst of; 2. prep w.d. or a. among gemangennes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture (1) gemangnes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture (2) gemanian [] w/vt2 to be restored to health? gemanian [] wv/t2 to be restored to health? gemanwrian [] wv/t2 to humanize gemrian [] wv/t1a to increase gemartrian [] wv/t2 to martyr, torture gemartyrian [] wv/t2 to martyr, torture gemael [] n (-males/-) speech, talking, conversation, harangue gemcca [] m (-n/-n), f (-n?/-n?) mate, equal, one of a pair, comrade, companion; 1 husband, wife gemclic [] adj conjugal gemcnes [] f (-se/-sa) cohabitation gemcscipe [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation gemdan [] wv/t1b to make mad or foolish; past part gemd, gemded gemdla [] m (-n/-n) madness gemgenian [] wv/t2 to establish, confirm geml [] adj stained, dyed gemlan [] wv/t1b to mark, stain gemne [] 1. n (-es/-u) fellowship, intercourse; 2. adj subdued, overpowered; habban ~ to have or hold in common gemnelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) generality gemnnes [] f (-se/-sa) community, fellowship, intercourse, union; sharing; land held in common gemnscipe [] m (-es/-as) community, fellowship; union; common ownership gemnsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) fellowship, participation (in the Eucharist) gemnsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) fellowship, participation (in Eucharist) gemnsumung [] f (-e/-a) administration of the Eucharist gemnung [] f (-e/-a) marriage gemran [] wv/t1b to determine, fix limits; to celebrate, divulge, spread abroad gemrhaga [] m (-n/-n) boundary hedge gemrian see gemrsian 2 gemrlacu [] f (-e/-a) boundary-stream gemrlacu [] f (-e/-a) boundary-stream

gemrtrow [] n (-es/-, -u) boundary-tree gemrung? [] f (-e/-a) ending gemrwyll [] m (-es/-as) boundary-stream gemssian [] wv/t2 to attend mass gemte [] adj suitable gemtgian see gemetgian gemearcod [] adj baptized gemeargian [] wv/t2 to be rich, marrowy gemearr [] 1. n (-es/-) stumbling block, obstruction, error; emptiness, vanity; 2. adj wicked, fraudulent gemec see gemc gemde [] 1. n (-es/-u) consent, good-will, pleasure; covenant; 2. adj agreeable, pleasant; suitable gemedemian [] wv/t2 to humble; to condescend; to advance, promote, deem worthy gemdred see gemdren 1 gemdred see mdren 1. gemdren [] adj born of the same mother gemdu see gemde gemne see gemne gemengdnes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture, connection; sexual intercourse gemengedlic [] adj mixed, confused; adv ~lce gemengednes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture, connection; sexual intercourse gemengnes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture, connection; sexual intercourse gemengung [] f (-e/-a) confusion gemeodnes [] f (-se/-sa) dignity [= medemnes] gemeotu see gemetu nom/acc pl of gemet gmer- see gomrgemerce see gemierce gemt see gemt gemet2 [] adj fit, proper, apt, meet; adv ~e gemtednes [] f (-se/-sa) finding, discovery gemtend [] m (-es/-) inventor gemetfst [] adj moderate, reasonable, modest, meek gemetfstan [] wv/t1b to compare gemetfstlic [] adj moderate; modest, gentle; adv ~lce modestly, humbly, meekly gemetfstnes [] f (-se/-sa) moderation, modesty, sobriety gemetft [] n (-es/-fatu) a measure (vessel) gemetfest- see metfstgemetgiend [] m (-es/-) ruler, governor gemetht? [] adj temperate gemetlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to moderate gemetlic [] adj measurable; fitting, suitable; moderate; mild, discreet; adv ~lce gemetlicung [] f (-e/-a) adjustment, regulation gemetnes [] f (-se/-sa) moderation gemtnes see gemtednes gemetodlce [] adv inevitably

gemetta [] m (-n/-n) sharer in food, guest gemetting see gemting gemgian [] wv/t2 to exhaust, tire out gemrian [] wv/t2 to honor gemidleahtrian [] wv/t2 to reproach gemidlian [] wv/t2 to halve, divide gemierce [] n (-es/-u) boundary, limit; sign, token gemildgian [] wv/t2 to mitigate, make mild or calm [mildian] gemilscad [] adj honeyed, mixed with honey gemimor [] adj w.d. well-known; adv ~lce by heart gemd [] adj of one mind, harmonious, peaceful gemdod [] adj disposed gemdsum [] adj accordant, in agreement gemdsumian [] wv/t2 to agree gemdsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) agreement, concord gemolcen [] adj milked gemong see gemang gemt [] n (-es/-) conflict, encounter; ~ wyrcan to take counsel gemtan see mtan gemtlah [] m (-es/-as) meadow of meeting gemtmann [] m (-es/-menn) orator, counselor gemtstede [] m (-es/-as) place of meeting gemstn see gimmstn gemun [] adj w.g. mindful, remembering gemunde see gemynde gmung [] f (-e/-a) marriage gmungian [] wv/t2 to marry gmunglic [] adj nuptial gemunung [] f (-e/-a) remembrance gemynan see gemunan gemynd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) memory, remembrance; memorial, record; act of commemoration; thought, purpose; consciousness, mind, intellect; on ge~ niman to recollect; iernan t ~e w.d. person to occur to s.o. gemynddg [] m (-es/-dagas) anniversary gemynde [] 1. adj mindful; 2. ? (-?/-?) river-mouth gemynde- see myndiggemyndelic [] adj memorable; hortatory; adv ~lce by heart; thoughtfully gemyndewyre [] adj worth mentioning or remembering gemyndful [] adj of good memory gemyndgod [] adj aforesaid gemyndiglic [] adj memorable; hortatory; adv ~lce by heart; thoughtfully gemyndiglicnes [] f (-se/-sa) remembrance gemyndlst [] f (-e/-a) madness gemyndstw [] f (-e/-a) monument, tomb gemyndwyre see gemyndewyre gemyne [] 1. adj mindful; 2. pres subj of gemunan

gemynt [] n (-es/-) intention gemtan see gemtan 2 geme [] n (-es/-u) (usu in pl) mouth, confluence, junction of two streams gn [] 1. adv yet, now, still, again; further, besides, also, moreover; hitherto; 2. prep w.d.? against, over against, on the opposite side; 3. adj direct; 4. see ggan, gian gn- see gan-, gegngna see gn 1. genacian [] wv/t2 to lay bare, strip genacodian [] wv/t2 to lay bare, strip geng [] adj striking, pressing? genamn [] adj of the same name genman [] wvt/1b to take away genmnian see nemnian gend see geond gende see gengde past 3rd sing of gengan gnde see gnde, gnde. genah [] 1. 2 ? (-?/-?) sufficiency, abundance; 2. adj closely, seriously; 3. pres 3rd sing of gengan geneahhelce [] adv sufficiently, frequently, usually genahian [] wv/t2 to draw near to genahwian [] wv/t2 to draw near, approach, cleave to genan see genahwian genear see gener genat [] m (-es/-as) companion, follower (esp. in war); dependant, vassal, tenant who works for a lord genatmann see genat genatriht [] n (-es/-) regulations as to the tenure of genatland geneatscolu [] f (-e/-a) band of comrades genelic see genededlic geneerian see genierian genehe see geneahha genehhe see geneahha genehhige see geneahha genopan? [] sv/t2 3rd pres genep past genap/genupon ptp genopen to engulf, overwhelm generednes [] f (-se/-sa) deliverance (1) generrenes [] f (-se/-sa) deliverance (2) generstede [] m (-es/-as) refuge, sanctuary genettian [] wv/t2 to ensnare geng [] 1. see geong; 2. see gang; 3. past 3rd sing of gangan gengan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres genge past gengde ptp is gegenged to go genge1 [] 1. adj prevailing, effectual, appropriate; seasonable; agreeable; 2. n (-s/-u) troop; 3. f (-an/-an) privy gengel see fter~, for(e)~ genierigendlic [] adj deserving condemnation genla2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy; enmity, fierceness genired [] adj ignominious

genededlic [] adj compulsory genigend see giniend pres part of ginian genihtian [] wv/i2 to become night, grow dark geniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres genim past genm/on ptp genumen to grasp, comprehend; take to wife; fri ~ make peace; t rde ~ to resolve genip [] adj darkness, mist, cloud, obscurity genipful [] adj dark, gloomy gnld [] f (-e/-a) estuary gno see gn geng [] 1. adj enough, sufficient, abundant; much, many; 2. adv sufficiently; fully, quite, abundantly (1) gengian [] wv/i2 to be abundant genh [] 1. adj enough, sufficient, abundant; much, many; 2. adv sufficiently; fully, quite, abundantly (2) genotian [] wv/t2 to note gnu see gn genugan [] impersonal irreg v/t 3rd pres geneah past genohte ptp genugen? to suffice, not lack genycled see gecnycled gendenlic [] adj compulsory genyred [] adj ignominious genyh see genyht? genyhe see geneahhe genyht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) abundance, fullness, sufficiency genyhtful [] adj abundant, plentiful genyhtlce [] adv abundantly genyhtsum [] adj satisfied, contented genyhtsumian [] wv/t2 to suffice, abound genyhtsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) abundance, plenty genyhtsumung [] f (-e/-a) abundance genyp see genip gent pres 3rd sing of genedan go [] adv once, formerly, of old, before, already, earlier goabbod [] m (-es/-as) former abbot geoc [] n (-es/-u) yoke; yoke of oxen, etc; a measure of land; consort goc2 [] f (-e/-a) help, support, rescue; safety; consolation geocboga [] m (-n/-n) yoke-bow, yoke, the bow or curved part of a yoke geoca see gica gocend2 [] m (-es/-) preserver, Savior gocian [] wv/t2 (w.g. or d.) to preserve, rescue, save geocian1 [] wv/t2 to yoke, join together geocled [] n (-es/-) a measure of land geocleta [] m (-n/-n) a measure of land gocor2 [] adj harsh, terrible; bitter, sad; adv gocre geocsa [] m (-n/-n) sob; hiccough [see gecsa] geocsian [] wv/i2 to sob geocstecca [] m (-n/-n) sobbing

geocsticca [] m (-n/-n) the bar of a yoke geoctma [] m (-n/-n) animal yoked with another godd2 [] f (-e/-e) deed of old, former deed gedon see geodon gedon see geodon geou see geohu, gehu geof- see gief-, gifgeof see gif geofen see geofon geofena gen pl of geofu, see giefu geoferian [] wv/t2 to elevate [= uferian] geoferian [] wv/t2 to elevate [= uferian] geofola [] m (-n/-n) morsel, bit of food [see giefla] geofon2 [] n (-es/-) ocean, sea, flood geofonfld [] m (-es/-as) ocean flood geofonhs [] n (-es/-) ship geoga see geogu gogara [] adv of old, formerly gogare [] adv of old, formerly gogelere [] m (-es/-as) magician [Ger gaukler] goglere [] m (-es/-as) magician [Ger gaukler] geogu [] f (-e/-a) youth; young people; junior warriors (as opposed to dugu); young of cattle geogucnsl [] n (-es/-) young offspring geogufeorh2 [] n (-fores/-) time of youth geoguhd [] m (-a/-a) state of youth; adolescence geoguhdnes [] f (-se/-sa) state of youth; adolescence geogulic [] adj youthful geogulust [] m (-a/-a) youthful lust geogumyr [] f (-e/-a) joy of youth, tenderness of youth? geohu see gehu Geohel- see GolGeohhel- see GolGeohhol see Gol Geohol see Gol geohsa see geocsa geoht [] n (-es/-) yoke, pair gohwlum [] adv of old Gol [] n (-es/-) Yule-tide, Christmas; rra ~a December; ftera ~a January Gola [] m (-n/-n) Yule-tide, Christmas; rra ~a December; ftera ~a January geolca see geoloca geold see gield Goldg [] m (-es/-dagas) Yule-day, day at Yuletide geole see geolwe golan [] n (-es/-) reward for past deed geoleca see geoloca

geolerad see geolurad geolhster see geolster Golmna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) December geolo see geolu geoloca [] m (-n/-n) yolk geolorand2 [] m (-es/-as) buckler covered with yellow linden-bark geolster [] m (-es/-as) matter, pus, poison, poisonous humor, disease geolstor [] m (-es/-as) matter, pus, poison, poisonous humor, disease geolstrig [] adj secreting poison, poisonous, purulent geolu [] adj yellow; gen masc/neut geolwes geoluhwt [] adj pale yellow geolurad [] adj reddish yellow (orange?) geolwe [] adj yellowish geolwes dl [] f (-e/-a) jaundice geolwian1 [] wv/i2 to become yellow gomagister [] m (-es/-as) former teacher gomann2 [] m (-es/-menn) man of past times gomowle2 [] f (-an/-an) aged wife?, one who was a maiden long ago, an old woman gomer- see gomor-, gomrgomor [] adj troubled, sad, miserable; adv ~e gomorfrd [] adj very old gomorgidd2 [] n (-es/-) dirge, elegy gomorlic [] adj sad, painful, miserable; adv ~lce gomormod [] adj sorrowful gomornes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation gomorung see gomrung gomrian [] wv/i2 to be sad, complain, lament, bewail, mourn gomrung [] f (-e/-a) groaning, moaning, grief geon [] adj, pron yon, (that) geon- see geondgona see gna, gn geona pres pl of geonian geond [] 1. prep w.a. throughout, through, over; up to, as far as, during; ~innan throughout; 2. adv yonder, thither geondan [] prep w.a. beyond geondblwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondblw past geondblw/on ptp geondblwen to inspire, illuminate geondbrdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geondbrde past geondbrdde ptp geondbrded to cover entirely; enlarge, extend geonddrencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geonddrence past geonddrencte ptp geonddrenced to drink excessively, get drunk geondeardian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geondearda past geondeardode ptp geondeardod to inhabit geondfaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres geondfr past geondfr/on ptp geondfren to traverse, pervade [listed as sv/t7] geondfolan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondfel past geondfealh/geondflon ptp geondfolen to fill completely [irregular past pl and ptp; should be geondfulgon, ptp geondfolgen]

geondfran [] wv/t1b to traverse, go around geondflwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondflw past geondflow/on ptp geondflwen to flow over or through geondflwende [] adj ebbing and flowing geondfolen see geondfolan geondgangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondgeng past geondgong/on ptp geondgangen to traverse, go around geondgotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres geondgete past geondgat/geondguton ptp geondgoten, sv/i2to pour, pour upon, suffuse, spread, soak geondhweorfan2 [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondhwierf past geondhwearf/geondhwurfon ptp geondhworfen to pass over, pass through geondhyrdan [] wv/t1b to harden thoroughly geondlcan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondlc past geondlc/on, geondleolc/on ptp geondlcen to traverse, flow over geondleccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres geondlec past geondleahte ptp geondleaht to water, irrigate geondleccung [] f (-e/-a) moistening, watering geondlhtan [] wv/t1b to illuminate, enlighten geondlhtend [] m (-es/-) illuminator geondmengan [] wv/t1b to confuse, bewilder geondrcan [] wv/t1b to fill with smoke geondswan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondsw past geondsow/on ptp geondswen to strew, scatter geondscawian [] wv/t2 to look upon; consider, have regard to geondscnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres geondscn past geondscn/geondscinon ptp geondscinen to shine upon, illuminate geondscran [] sv/t1 3rd pres geondscre past geondscr/geondscridon ptp geondscriden to pass through, traverse, stride to and fro; ramble (of the mind) geondscrung [] f (-e/-a) course, passage geondscan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres geondsc past geondshte ptp geondsht to search thoroughly; pervade geondsendan [] wv/t1b to overspread geondson [] sv/t5 3rd pres geondsieh past geondseah/geondswon ptp geondsewen to examine geondsptan [] wv/t1b to squirt through geondsprengan [] wv/t1b to besprinkle geondspringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondspring past geondsprang/geondsprungon ptp geonsprungen to penetrate, be diffused geondsprtan [] sv/t2 3rd pres geondsprte past geondsprat/geondspruton ptp geonsproten to pervade gondstrdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondstrde past geondstrd/geondstrdon ptp geonstrden to scatter, suffuse, besprinkle geondstrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion geondstregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondstrigde past geondstrgd/geondstrugdon ptp geondstrogden to scatter, suffuse, besprinkle geondstyrian [] wv/t2 to stir up, agitate geondencan2 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres geondenc past geondhte ptp geondht to reflect upon, consider

geondwadan [] sv/t6 3rd pres geondwde past geondwd/on ptp geondwaden to know thoroughly, be versed in geondwltan2 [] sv/t1 3rd pres geondwlte past geondwlt/geondwliton ptp geondwliten to look over, contemplate, examine, scan geondiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres geondiern past geondarn/geondurnon ptp is geondurnen to run over genettan [] wv/t1b to get quickly, seize, occupy geong [] 1. adj young, youthful; recent, new, fresh; cmp gingra younger; spl gingest youngest; last; 2. see gang; 3. see geng, past 3rd sing of gangan gong see gung geonga [] m (-n/-n) young man geongan see gangan geongerdm see geongordm geongewifre see gangewifre geonglcan [] irreg wv/i1b to pass ones youth, to grow up geonglic [] adj young, youthful geonglicnes [] f (-se/-sa) youth geongling [] m (-es/-as) a youth geongordm [] m (-es/-as) discipleship, allegiance [OS jungardm; jungarskepi] geongorscipe [] m (-es/-as) discipleship, allegiance [OS jungardm; jungarskepi] geongra [] m (-n/-n) youth; disciple, follower, dependant, servant, vassal; assistant, deputy geongre [] f (-an/-an) female attendant, assistant; deputy geonian see ginian geonlic see geonglic geonlcian [] wv/t2 to compare; make like, simulate geonlcung [] f (-e/-a) likeness geonlcung [] f (-e/-a) likeness geonofer [] adv thither geons [] m (-es/-as) departure hence, death geonung see ginung geonwealdian [] wv/t2 to have dominion over, get possession of geonwealdian [] wv/t2 to have dominion over, get possession of gopan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gep past gap/gupon ptp gegopen to take in geopenian [] wv/t2 to be open to, exposed to; wv/i2 to become manifest geopenian [] wv/t2 to be open to, exposed to; wv/i2 to become manifest geormanlaf [] n (-es/-) mallow geormenletic [] n (-es/-) mallow georn [] 1. adj w.g. desirous, eager, earnest, diligent, studious; 2. see gearn, past 3rd sing of geiernan geornan see giernan georne [] adv eagerly, zealously, earnestly, gladly; well, carefully, completely, exactly; quickly geornes see geornnes georneste see eornoste geornful [] adj desirous, eager, zealous, diligent, anxious; adv ~lce geornfullic [] adj desirous, eager, zealous, diligent, anxious; adv ~lce

geornfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) eagerness, zeal, diligence; desire geornian see giernan geornlic [] adj desirable; adv ~lce zealously, earnestly, diligently, carefully geornnes [] f (-se/-sa) desire, endeavor; zeal, industry; importunity geornung [] f (-e/-a) yearning, desire; diligence geornust- see eornostgeorowyrde see gearowyrdig georran see gyrran georran [] sv/i3 3rd pres geor past gearr/gurron ptp gegorren to sound, chatter; grunt; to creak, grate georst- see gierstgeorst see gorst georstu [] interj O! [heran] geortrewan [] wv/t1b to doubt, disbelieve geortrewan [] wv/t1b to doubt, disbelieve georwnan [] wv/t1b to despair georwyran [] wv/t1b to disgrace georwyre [] adj traduced gosceaft [] m (-es/-as) destiny, fate gosceaftgst [] m (-es/-as) doomed spirit geostra [] m (-n/-n) yester(~day/~night) geostran [] m (-es/-as) yester(~day/~night) got see get gotan [] 1. sv/t2 3rd pres gete past gat/guton ptp gegoten to pour, pour forth, shed; gush, flow, flood, overwhelm; 1 found, cast; 2. see gatan gotend [] m (-es/-) artery geotendder [] f (-dre/-dra) artery gotenlic [] adj molten, fluid gotere [] m (-es/-as) founder (of metal) goting see ingoting, ongoting gotton past pl of gotan 2 gow see gw gower see ower gowian see geowian, geewan gowine [] m (-es/-as) departed friend, a friend of old or former times geox- see geocsgp see gap gepalmtwigian2 [] wv/t2 to deck with palm branches gepcian [] wv/t2 to cover with pitch gepled [] adj spiked, spiky geplatod [] adj plated (of gold) geprician [] wv/t2 to point out gepyndan [] wv/t1b to impound, shut up ger- see gr-, gearw-, giergr see gar geracentagian [] wv/t2 to chain

gerd [] 1. n (-es/-) reckoning, account; condition, stipulation; intention; reason, wisdom, discernment; accuracy; us ~ such, of this kind; h ~es how; 2. adj conditioned, circumstanced, disposed, adapted; wise, clever, skilful; straight, Guth; ~e sprc prose gerdegian see gerdian gerdian [] wv/t2 to reckon with, arrange; call to account gerdlic [] adj proper, fitting; adv ~lce intelligently, clearly gerdscipe [] m (-es/-as) discretion Geransingas [] m pl the Gergesenes; gerr [] n (-es/-) roaring, howling gerwan [] wv/t1b to arrange in line gercan [] irreg wv/t1b to reach, attain, overtake; give; obtain, seize, take, get, gain; address, speak to; handle, deal with; strike; to wound gerdelce see gerdlce gerle see gerde gerdod [] adj harnessed, caparisoned gerf [] adj w.d?g.? brought home to, convicted of gerptan [] wv/t1b to bind, fetter gerwe [] adj arranged in rows gerwed [] adj arranged in rows gerwen [] adj arranged in rows gerwod [] adj arranged in rows gerd see gierd gerd- see gyrdgerafa see gerfa gerafian [] wv/t2 to strip [rob, plunder] gerec [] 1. n (-es/-u, -reocu) rule, government; decree; explanation; 2. n (-es/-u) tumult; gerecan [] sv/i5 3rd pres geric past gerc/gercon ptp is gerecen to go, move, rush gereccan [] irreg wv/t1b to wield (authority), give judgment, decide, direct, control; prove; count, reckon gereccelic see gereclic gerecednes [] f (-se/-sa) narrative, history; interpretation; direction, correction; proof, explanation; nfald/nfeald/nfealdlic (ge)~ prose gerecenes [] f (-se/-sa) narrative, interpretation; direction, correction; proof, explanation gerecenian [] wv/t2 to explain, recount, relate gereclic [] adj circumstantial; adv ~lce directly, straight; methodically; smoothly gerecnes [] f (-se/-sa) direction, inclination gerecu see gerecgeredian [] wv/t2 to reach; discover; effect gerfrn [] n (-es/-) court-house gerfland [] n (-es/-) land held by a reeve gerfmd [] f (-we/-wa) reeves meadow gerfmann [] m (-es/-menn) official, courtier gerfscipe [] m (-es/-as) reeves office, stewardship; consulate gerfscr [] f (-e/-a) stewards office, prefecture gern [] n (-es/-) ornament; building gerendrian [] wv/t2 to peel

gerne [] 1. n (-es/-u) ornament; instrument; building; 2. 1 see ryne1 gernian [] wv/t2 to arrange, set in order, mend, set (trap); adorn; ~ t bismere to humiliate, degrade gerennan [] wv/t1a to coagulate gernung [] f (-e/-a) arranging gerohnung see gernung gereorddg [] m (-es/-dagas) feast-day gereordglawnes [] f (-se/-sa) skill in singing gereordnes [] f (-se/-sa) food, feasting, banquet; satiety gereordunghs [] n (-es/-) refectory gereordungtd [] f (-e/-e) meal-time gerosan see gehrosan gererding see gereordung geresp [] 1. adj convicted of; 2. n (-es/-u) blame gerestan [] wv/t1b to give rest to, lodge gerestscipe [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation gerre [] adj constant gerew- see gearw-, gierwgerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gere past gerede ptp gered to clothe gerid [] n (-es/-u, -reodu) riding; food gerdan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gerde past gerd/geridon ptp geriden to ride over, occupy (a country), seize; to ride up to; t handa ~ to bring into a persons power or possession gerf [] ? (-?/-?) garment gerif [] n (-es/-u, -reofu) seizing, catch (of fish); number caught gerifian [] wv/t2 to wrinkle gerihte [] n (-es/-u) right, due; religious rite, office; ~u pl last offices; on ~ straight on; up on ~ upright gerihtgeswinc [] n (-es/-u) lawful work gerihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) correction gerihtreccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres gerihtrec past gerihtreahte ptp gerihtreaht to guide, show rightly gerihtwsung [] f (-e/-a) justification germbc [] f (-bc/-bc) calendar germian [] wv/t2 to calculate germtl see rmgetl gern see gern gernan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gern past gern/gerinon ptp gerinen to wet with rain gernan see gehrnan gerinnan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gerin past gerann/gerunnon ptp is gerunnen to run together, blend, coagulate gerinnung [] f (-e/-a) coagulation gerpan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gerp past gerp/geripon ptp geripen to rob gers [] n (-es/-) fury gerisen [] ? (-?/-?) seizure gerisenlic [] adj convenient, suitable, becoming, honest, honorable; adv ~lce gerislic [] adj equal to, like

gerisnes [] f (-se/-sa) congruity gerisnian [] wv/t2 to agree, accord gerxian see rcsian gernwinde see gearnwinde gerdfstnian [] wv/t2 to crucify gerscian see rstian gersod [] adj of roses gerstian [] wv/t2 to roast, dry gerstian see geroscian gertsian [] wv/t2 to comfort, gladden grscipe [] m (-es/-as) jest? geruma2 [] m (-n/-n) space, place gerumpen see gehrumpen, past part of hrimpan gerna [] m (-n/-n) counselor, confidant gerunnen past part of gerinnan gerw- see gearw-, gierwgeryddan [] wv/t1a to clear (land) gerde [] adj prepared, ready?, easy? gerynning see gerinning gerynu see geryne gerpan [] wv/t1b 1. to spoil, plunder, rob; 2. n pl sheaves; 3. see rpan; 4. see rpan gerysen- see gerisngerysn- see gerisngs see gs gesadian [] wv/t2 to satiate, fill gesaga [] m (-n/-n) narrative gesamodlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to bring together geswelod [] adj having a soul; endowed with life gesawenlic see gesewenlic geslige [] adv happily gesliglic [] adj happy, blessed, fortunate; adv ~lce geslignes [] f (-se/-sa) happiness, (good) fortune; occurrence gesllic see gesliglic geslnes [] f (-se/-sa) occurrence gesltan see syltan gesman see geseman gest [] n (-es/-satu) act of sitting geste [] n (-es/-u) snare, ambush gestnes see gesetnes gesca [] m (-n/-n) hiccough, sobbing gescdwyrt [] f (-e/-e) oxeye gescaldwyrt see gescdwyrt gescp- see gescapgescapen past participle of scieppan gescnan [] wv/t1b to render brilliant? gescninges [] f (-se/-sa) collision

gescea [] m (-n/-n) hiccough, sobbing gescad [] 1. n (-es/-) separation, distinction; discretion, understanding, argument; reason; reckoning, account, statement; accuracy; art, manner, method; 2. adj reasonable, prudent; calculated gescadenlce [] adv severally gescadlic [] adj reasonable, discreet, wise, accurate; adv ~lce gescadnes [] f (-se/-sa) In gen., a producing, production, invention, cause (rare); originator, inventor; esp, A view, opinion, judgment; Counsel, advice, persuasion, encouragement to something (esp. if made with energy and sustained by the authority and influence of the counselor); Will, pleasure, decision, bidding, command, precept, decree; the will of the Senate; a decree of the Senate; the popular will or decision; Liberty, ability, power, authority to do according to one's pleasure; Might, power, authority, reputation, dignity, influence, weight (very freq.); An example, pattern, model; A warrant, security for establishing a fact, assertion, etc., credibility; meton, the things which serve for the verification or establishment of a fact; A record, document; The name of a person who is security for something, authority; Right of possession; In jurid. lang., a guaranty, security [auctoritas] gescadwslic see gescadws gesceaft [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) condition, nature gesceaft [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) dispensation, destiny, fate gesceandnes see gescendnes gesceap [] n (-es/-u) shape, form, created being, creature; creation; dispensation, fate; condition; sex; 1 genitalia gesceapennes [] f (-se/-sa) creation, formation gesceaphwl [] f (-e/-a) fated hour gesceaplce [] adv ably, fitly gesceendlic [] adj hurtful gescend [] f (-e/-a) confusion gescendu [] f (-e/-a) shame, confusion gescendnes [] f (-se/-sa) shame, confusion gescentu [] f (-e/-a) shame, confusion gesceorf [] n (-es/-) irritation of the stomach gesceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gescierf past gescearf/gescurfon ptp gescorfen to scrape, shred gescert see scyrt past participle of scyrtan gesce see gesc gescieldod [] adj furnished with shields gescierpiendlce [] adv fittingly [i or l?] gescierpla [] m (-n/-n) clothing, garments gescierplendlce [] adv fittingly [i or l?] gescierpt [] adj acute (accent) gescnan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gescn past gescn/gescinon ptp gescinen to shine upon, illuminate gescinciu [] n pl the fat about the kidneys gescipe [] n (-es/-u) fate gescirian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gescire past gescirede ptp gescired to mark off, count, reckon gescola [] 1. m (-n/-n) fellow-debtor; [sceal]; 2. m (-n/-n) companion; [scolu] gescot [] n (-es/-u) scot, payment

gescota [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier gescotfeoht [] n (-es/-) shooting, battle gescrpe see gescrpe gescrence [] adj withered, dry gescrencednes [] f (-se/-sa) tripping up gescrope see gescrpe gescrpnes [] f (-se/-sa) convenience gescrif [] n (-es/-u, -screofu) judgment, edict; ceremony gesc [] n pl pair of shoes gescgean [] wv/t1b to furnish with shoes gescyldan [] wv/t1b to accuse gescyldigian [] wv/t2 to place in the position of a criminal, render liable to gescyldru nom/acc pl of sculdor gescyndnes see gescandnes gescynian see scunian gescrdan see gescrdan gse [] adv yes gesaw [] adj succulent; soaked gesecgan [] wv/t3 3rd pres sg past sde ptp gesd to avoid gesecgan [] wv/t3 to avoid? gesdan [] wv/t1b to satisfy; [sd] gesegen [] f (-e/-a) conversation, speech, statement; report, story, legend; so hlga ~ Holy Writ gesegenlic see gesewenlic geseglan [] wv/t1b to equip with a sail geseglian [] wv/t2 to equip with a sail gesegnes [] f (-se/-sa) expression geselda2 [] m (-n/-n) comrade, retainer gesele [] m (-es/-as) tabernacle geselenes [] f (-se/-sa) giving gesellan [] irreg wv/t1b feorh ~ to die gesm [] n (-es/-) reconciliation gesen [] m (-es/-as) entrails, intestines gesne see gesene geson [] sv/t5 3rd pres gesieh past geseah/geswon ptp gesewen to provide gesetednes see gesetnes gesetenes see gesetnes gesetennes [] f (-se/-sa) sitting gesetl [] n (-es/-) assembly gesetla [] m (-n/-n) one sitting beside; assessor, fellow-judge gesettan [] wv/t1a to people, garrison gesettednes see gesetnes gesettendlic [] adj appointed, canonical gesetu [] n pl of geset gesedlic [] adj probable gesnes [] f (-se/-sa) affirmation

gesewenlic [] adj visible; adv ~lce evidently gesibnes [] f (-se/-sa) affinity, relationship gesibsumian [] wv/t2 to reconcile, be reconciled gesibsumung [] f (-e/-a) peace-making gesidian [] wv/t2 to arrange, set right, order; [sidu] gesieh see gesiht gesene [] adj seen, visible, evident, plain; adv plainly gesenelic [] adj visible; adv ~lce gesierwan [] wv/t1b to fit out, arm, equip gesig [] n (-es/-u) victory gesigfstnian [] wv/i2 to be crowned as victor gesihe see gesehe gesihnes [] f (-se/-sa) vision gesiht [] f (-e/-a) faculty or act of sight; aspect; what is seen, vision, apparition geshte see geshte past 3rd sing of gesccan gesne see gesene gesingalian [] wv/t2 to continue gesingallician [] wv/t2 to continue gesinge [] f (-an/-an) wife; [=gesinie?]; [compare sinig] gesinhwen [] adj married gesinig [] adj marriage gesinigan [] wv/t2 to marry gesinigscipe see sinscipe gesinlce [] adv often; diligently gesinscipe [] m (-es/-as) married couple gesinsciplic [] adj conjugal gesinscippend [] adj married gesittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gesitte past gest/geston ptp geseten to sit out, finish; wi earm ~ to lean ges [] 1. m (-es/-as) comrade, companion; 2 follower, retainer, warrior; count, thane; [rare dative singular ~an]; 2. n (-es/-) company gescund [] adj fit to rank as a thane gescundlic [] adj intimate geslic see gescundlic gesmgen [] n (-es/-) band of warriors gesmann see ges gesrden [] f (-ne/-na) troop gesscipe [] m (-es/-as) fellowship, society geslhte past 3rd sing of gesleccan geslan [] sv/t6 3rd pres geslieh past geslg/on ptp geslagen to strike down; to gain by fighting, win, conquer; wl ~ to slaughter gesleccan [] wv/t1a to weaken, disable [sleac] geslfed [] adj furnished with sleeves geslieht2 [] m (-es/-as) battle geslit [] n (-es/-u, -sleotu) rending, biting, bite; something to be torn or rent; backbiting, calumny

geslitglw [] n (-es/-) raillery gesmah [] n (-es/-) intrigue gesmicerod [] adj well-fashioned gesmyltan [] wv/t1b to appease; assuage gesneorcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gesnierc past gescnearc/gesnurcon ptp is gesnorcen to shrivel, dry up gesnerc past of sneorcan gesnot [] n (-es/-u) mucus gesod [] n (-es/-u) cooking, boiling; trial gesm [] adj unanimous, peaceable, friendly gespan [] n (-es/-u) suggestion, persuasion, allurement gesparrian [] wv/t2 to shut, bar gespdiglce [] adv prosperously gespdsumian [] wvt/2 to prosper gespelia [] m (-n/-n) vicar, substitute, representative gespeoftian [] wv/t2 to spit upon gesperod [] adj armed with a spear gesplottod [] adj spotted gespon see gespan gesprce [] adj eloquent, affable gesprcelic [] adj incapable of being used alone (of the inseparable prepositions) gesprdan [] wv/t1b to stretch forth, extend gesprec [] n (-es/-u, -spreocu) faculty of speech; talk, discussion gesprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gespric past gesprc/gesprcon ptp gesprecen to agree gesprecendlic [] adj that should be spoken gesprintan [] wv/t1b to emit, utter gest- see geistgestl [] n (-es/-) plaint, accusation, confession?; contention gestala [] m (-n/-n) accessory in theft gestandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres gestende past gestd/on ptp is gestanden to stand up, keep ones feet gestandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gestende past gestd/on ptp gestanden to attack, assail; perform gestaolfstian [] wv/t2 to make firm, establish gestaolfstnian [] wv/t2 to make firm, establish gestaolfestian [] wv/t2 to make firm, establish gestaoliend [] m (-es/-) founder gestflred [] adj instructed, lettered gestllan [] wv/t1a to stall, stable gestn- see gestengesteal [] n (-es/-u) structure, frame gesteald2 [] n (-es/-) dwelling, habitation gestdhors [] n (-es/-) stud-horse, stallion gestedigian [] wv/i2 to stand still gesten [] n (-es/-u, steonu) groaning gestence [] adj odoriferous gstende see stende gestpan [] wv/t1b to help, support gestian [] wv/t2 to become hard; become strong, grow up, mature; make firm

gestiht [] n (-es/-) dispensation, provision gestincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gestinc past gestanc/gestuncon ptp gestuncen to smell; have the sense of smell gestr- see gestrgestogen past participle of gestgan gestrengan [] wv/t1b to strengthen; gestrenged formed, made gestrenged [] adj formed, made; past participle of gestrengan gestronful [] adj costly, valuable, precious gestrician [] wv/t2 to knit together, mend gestrenendlic [] adj begetting; genitive gestrod [] n (-es/-u) plunder, robbery; confiscation gestrud see gestrod gestrdan [] wv/t1b to rob, deprive, spoil, waste gestrdd see gestrdd past participle of stregdan gestrynge [] m (-es/-as) wrestler; = gestyrung? gestun [] n (-es/-u) din, crash, whirlwind gestund [] n (-es/-) noise (also gestun) gestyntan [] wv/t1b to make dull, stupefy; to repress [stunt] gestynu [] f (-e/-a) coercion gestyrenes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation gesufel [] adj with relish added to it? (of bread) gesufl [] adj with relish added to it? (of bread) gesund [] adj sound, safe, whole, uninjured, healthy, prosperous gesundelic see gesyndiglic gesundful [] adj sound, whole, healthy; prosperous gesundfullian [] wv/t2 to prosper gesundfullic [] adj sound, safe, sure; adv ~lce safely, prosperously gesundig [] adj favorable gesundiglic [] adv prosperous; safe; healthy; adv ~lce gesundlic [] adv prosperous; safe; healthy; adv ~lce gesundrian see gesyndrian gespan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gesp past gesap/gesupon ptp gesopen to sop up, absorb geswpa see geswpa geswt [] adj sweaty, sweating geswccan [] irreg wv/t1b to smell; irreg wv/i1b geswian [] wv/t2 to trace out, investigate geswpa [] noun pl sweepings, rubbish [swpan] geswre see swr geswred [] adj oppressed, weighed down geswslic [] adj kind, friendly, agreeable, pleasant; adv ~lce kindly; properly; plausibly geswtan [] wv/t1b to oppress geswearf see gesweorf geswerung [] f (-e/-a) failure geswefian [] wv/t2 to put to sleep, lull, appease geswefnian [] wv/t2 w.a. person to appear in a dream geswegra see geswigra

geswgsumlce? [] adv unanimously geswel see geswell geswelg [] n (-es/-) abyss, whirlpool geswell [] n (-es/-) swelling, tumor, boil geswenc [] m (-es/-as) temptation geswencennes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, affliction, toil geswencnes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, affliction, toil gesweorc [] n (-es/-) cloud, darkness, mist gesweorcenes [] f (-se/-sa) gloom gesweordod [] adj provided with a sword gesweorf [] n (-es/-) filings gesworu [] n pl hills gesweostor [] f pl sisters; gesweosternu bearn children of sisters (1) gesweostra [] f pl sisters; gesweosternu bearn children of sisters (2) gesweostra see gesweostor gesweostru [] f pl sisters; gesweosternu bearn children of sisters (3) gesweostru see gesweostor geswtlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to batten geswic [] n (-es/-u, -sweocu) offence; snare; cessation geswicednes see geswicennes geswicennes [] f (-se/-sa) abstention, cessation; repentance geswcnan [] wv/t1b to clear (of a charge) geswicu [] f (-e/-a) cessation geswcung [] f (-e/-a) intermission, cessation geswifornes see geswipornes geswigra [] m (-n/-n) sisters son, nephew, cousin geswin [] n (-es/-u, -sweonu) song, melody geswinc [] n (-es/-u) toil, work, effort; hardship; the produce of labor; labor, affliction geswincdagas [] m pl days of tribulation geswincednes see geswencednes geswincfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation; trouble geswincnes [] f (-se/-sa) hardship, trial geswing2 [] 1. n (-es/-) surge, fluctuation; 2. see geswinc geswipore [] adv cunningly geswiporlce [] adv cunningly geswipornes [] f (-se/-sa) wile, cunning geswirga see geswigra geswiria see geswigra geswogen [] adj in a swoon, silenced, dead geswogennes see in~ geswgung [] f (-e/-a) swooning geswpe [] n? (-es/-u) sweepings, refuse geswwung see geswgung geswyrf see gesweorf geswsnes see geswsnes gesyd [] n (-es/-u) wallowing place [soan]

gesydian see gesidian gesyflan [] wv/t1b to provide with relishes, flavor [sufl] gesyh see gesih gesyhe see gesehe gesynd- see gesundgesyndgian [] wv/t2 to make to prosper gesyndig [] adj favorable gesyndiglic [] adj prosperous gesyndlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to cause to prosper gesynlce see gesinlce gesynnian [] wv/t2 to commit adultery gesynt- see gesyndgt [] 1. see gt, nom, acc pl of gt; 2. see gat past 3rd sing of gotan; 3. see gta, get, geta getcniendlic [] adj bearing a sign, significative, typical, emblematic getcnigendlic [] adj bearing a sign, significative, typical, emblematic getcnigendlic see getcniendlic getcnigendlce [] adv figuratively getcnung [] f (-e/-a) a sign, signification, token, type geth [] n (gets/-) teaching [dat get] getale see tl getalscipe [] m (-es/-as) multitude getalu see getl getamcian [] wv/t2 to tame, soothe gtan [] 1. wv/t1b to destroy, kill; 2. see gatan getang [] prep w.d. in contact with [= past 3rd sing of getingan]; adv ~e getanglce [] adv together getanned [] adj tanned getarged [] adj furnished with a shield getwa [] n pl apparatus, implements; genitalia getwu [] n pl apparatus, implements; genitalia getcan fram [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres getc past gethte, gethte ptp getht, getht to dismiss getl [] 1. n (-es/getalu) number, series; numeral; number of people, tribe; catalog; reckoning, estimation, opinion; 2. adj swift, ready; having mastery of [nom, acc pl getale] getlcircul [] m (-es/-as) cycle, series getlcrft [] m (-es/-as) arithmetic getld see geteld getlfst [] adj measurable getlful [] adj numerous getsan [] wv/t1b to influence getse [] n (-es/-u) advantage, convenience; useful thing, implement getslic [] adj convenient; adv ~lce conveniently; gently, softly, smoothly getsnes [] f (-se/-sa) advantage, convenience getsu see getse 2 getad past part. of geton and getagan

getagan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres getage past getde ptp getad to make, prepare, dress, till; t land getad ws then the land was prepared; geteald see geteld getama [] m (-n/-n) warrantor, surety getd see getad geted [] adj toothed geteldgehlwung [] f (-e/-a) tabernacle geteldung [] f (-e/-a) tabernacle geteldwurung [] f (-e/-a) feast of tabernacles getelfers see tlfers getelgan [] wv/t1b to dye getelgian [] wv/t2 to dye getelws [] adj skilled in reckoning getman [] wv/t1b to vouch to warranty getemesed [] adj sifted getemian [] wv/t2 to suffer, permit; to tame getemprian [] wv/t2 to temper, moderate, govern, cure getengan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geteng past getengde ptp getenged to hasten, join, devote ones self to getenge [] adj w.d. near to, close to, pressing upon, resting on, oppressing; oppressing, burdensome gtenwyrde [] adj consenting, agreeing [gatan] getoh [] n (getos/-) matter, material, universe?; pl instruments, implements, utensils geteohhian [] wv/t2 to appoint, determine, decree, assign geteohhung [] f (-e/-a) arrangement, ordering geteolod [] adj gained geton [] sv/t2 3rd pres geteh past getah/getugon ptp getogen to draw, lead, incite, excite, constrain, restrain, bring up, instruct, bring to an end, complete, draw or bind together; to dispute; string up, play (instrument) geton [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geto past getode ptp getod to make, form, frame, appoint, determine, decree, ordain, arrange getorodnes [] f (-se/-sa) debility, weariness geter [] n (-es/-u) tearing, laceration; thing torn; tumult, discord getse see getse getwian [] wv/t2 to adorn geteme [] 1. adj suitable; 2. n? (-es/-u) team, yoke getillan [] wv/t1a to touch, attain getimberhlgung [] f (-e/-a) feast of tabernacles getimbernes [] f (-se/-sa) building up, edification getimbre [] n (-es/-u) building, structure getimbru [] f (-e/-a) building, structure getmian [] wv/t2 to happen, fall out getinclic see getyngelic geting see getyng getingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geting past getang/getungon ptp getungen to press against getingcrft [] m (-es/-as) mechanica, rhetoric

getitelian [] wv/t2 3rd pres getitela past getitelode ptp getitelod 1. to entitle, ascribe, assign; (1) a person to an office, nominate; (2) something to a person, ascribe; tw bc for re gelcnesse his gelogodan sprce man getitelode him two books from the likeness to his style are ascribed to him; 2. to place a mark above a letter or a syllable; es que is sceort mid rim stafum gewriten oe getitelod this que is written short with 3 letters or with a mark q; getung [] f (-e/-a) preparation, arrangement getog [] n (-es/-u, -teogu) tugging, contraction, spasm, cramp; pl traces (of a horse) getogen [] adj lengthened, long (of vowels) getogu [] n pl traces (of a horse) getnamian [] wv/t2 to name besides, surname getornamian see getnamian getot [] n (-es/-u, teotu) pomp, parade, vainglory getregian [] wv/t2 to feel repugnance at getregian [] wv/t2 to feel repugnance at getrowed [] adj shafted getrowfstnian [] wv/i2 to be trusty getrowfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) Israel! getrowlasnes [] f (-se/-sa) treachery, faithlessness; unbelief, heresy getrownes [] f (-se/-sa) faithfulness getricce [] adj contented getrum2 [] n (-es/-u) legion, army, host getrwe see getrowe getrwung [] f (-e/-a) prop, stay, confidence getrwung [] f (-e/-a) prop, stay, confidence getryccan [] wv/t1a to confide, trust getryccan [] wv/t1a to confide, trust getrym [] n (-es/-u) firmament getrymednes see getrymnes getrymming [] f (-e/-a) fortress getcian [] wv/t2 to bedeck getunecod [] adj clothed in a toga getwfan [] wv/t1b w.g. to separate from, deprive of; hinder; w.a. put an end to getwanc [] n (-es/-) collusion, deception getweosa see getwisa getwinn [] m (-es/-as); pl twins, triplets getwinnes [] f (-se/-sa) junction getwis [] adj having the same parents getwisa [] m (-n/-n) twin getd [] adj skilled, learned getdnes [] f (-se/-sa) edification getne [] n (-es/-u) entrance, court getyngelic [] adj polished, elegant, rhetorical; adv ~lce getynglic [] adj polished, elegant, rhetorical; adv ~lce getyngnes [] f (-se/-sa) fluency, eloquence getyrfan [] wv/t1b to strike, afflict [torfian] getythan [] wv/t1b to stretch, draw, pull; teach, train

geafa [] 1. m (-n/-n) favorer, supporter, helper; 2. adj agreeing, consenting, acquiescing [cmp geafera] geafettan [] wv/t1b to consent geafsum [] adj consenting, agreeing geafsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) consent, agreement geanc [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) thought, mind geancful [] adj thoughtful, ingenious, clever geancmetian [] wv/t2 to think over, deliberate [metgian] geancol [] adj desirous; suppliant geang [] n (-es/-) growth gewenian see gewnan gef [] adj w.g. agreeing to, consenting to, admitting; contented geeaht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) thought, consideration, counsel, advice, direction; design, contrivance, scheme; council, assembly geeahta [] m (-n/-n) adviser, counselor geeahtend [] m (-es/-) counselor geeahtendlic [] adj deliberative geearfan [] wv/t1b to be in want geearfian [] wv/t2 to impose necessity geeawe [] adj customary, usual geawian [] wv/t2 to bring up well geawod [] adj well-mannered, moral ged see geod gensum [] adj obedient, helpful, useful [egen] geod past participle of geon, wan geodan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geode past geodede ptp geoded to engage in; translate geode [] n (-es/-u) speech, language; nation; translation; meaning geodendlic [] adj copulative geodlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to adhere, cleave to geodlic [] adj social, intimate geodnes [] f (-se/-sa) joining, suture; conjugation; translation geodsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) agreement geon [] sv/t1 3rd pres geeh past geh/geigon ptp geigen, sv/t3 3rd pres geieh past geeah/geungon ptp geungen to receive, take geon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geo past geode ptp geod to tame, oppress; [also geowan] geon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geo past geode ptp geod to do, commit, perform geot [] 1. n (-es/-) howling; 2. pres 3rd sing of geodan geowa [] m (-n/-n) enslaved person geowan [] wv/t1b to tame, oppress geowian see geodan geowrden see odrden geowtian [] wv/t2 to bring into captivity geersc [] n (-es/-) thrashing, beating geian see geon 4 geicfyldan [] wv/t1b to make dense (the material for a fire), to pile up geiegen see geigen

geinco see geyncu geind [] n (-es/-) swelling geingan [] 1. sv/t3 3rd pres geing past geang/geungon ptp geungen to thrive; 2. see ingian geingan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geinge past geingde ptp geinged to determine, fix, destine geing [] f (-e/-a) intercession, agreement; court where claims are settled? geingu see geyncu geinge [] n (-es/-u) meeting, council; arrangement, agreement, covenant; intercession; fate geingsceat [] m (-es/-as) ransom geofta [] m (-n/-n) comrade, mate; follower, client geoftian [] wv/t2 to join, unite, associate (wi) geogen [] 1. adj adult; virtuous, excellent; past part of on; 2. noun adult geohta see geofta gehtung [] f (-e/-a) counsel get see geot geracen [] adj stout of frame, hardy gerafu? [] f (-e/-a) compulsion gerang [] n (-es/-) throng, crowd, tumult gerf [] adv unanimously gerf [] n (-es/gerafu) pressure gersted [] adj contrite gerstednes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition; crushing gerstnes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition gergan see geran gereodian [] wv/t2 to resolve gering [] n (-es/-) crowd, pressure, commotion geringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gering past gerang/gerungon ptp gerungen to pinch (with cold) gerstian [] wv/t2 to dare, presume gerstlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to dare, presume, excite gerstlcung [] f (-e/-a) presumption gerwian [] wv/t2 to suffer geren past participle of weran gerde past 3rd sing of gern gered [] adj mighty gerl [] n (-es/-) crowd, multitude [rn] gern [] wv/t2 3rd pres r past rde ptp gerd to press, bind; repress; express geryscan [] wv/t1b to weigh down, afflict, oppress [erscan] gerysmian [] wv/t2 to press, oppress, stifle [rosm] gef [] adj thriving, luxuriant gehsian [] wv/t2 to make misty, dark geuhtsum [] adj abundant geun [] n (-es/-u) loud noise geungen [] adj full grown, thriven; competent, excellent, distinguished, virtuous; noun notable, kings thane; [past part of on] geungenlce [] adv virtuously, soberly

gexsian see gehsian gewrlic [] adj agreeing, harmonious; symmetrical; adv ~lce gently gewrung [] f (-e/-a) consent gewor see buter~ gewinglod [] adj fastened up? gewit [] n (-es/-u, -weotu) cuttings [wtan] gewrnes see gewornes gede [] adj good, virtuous geyht [] adj pleasing geyld [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) patience geyldgian [] wv/t2 to be patient, bear, endure; give in, agree; wait for geyldian [] wv/t2 to be patient, bear, endure; give in, agree; wait for geyldigian [] wv/t2 to be patient, bear, endure; give in, agree; wait for geyldmd [] adj patient geyldmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) patience geyldu see geyld geyldum [] adv patiently, steadfastly geyll [] n (-es/-) air, breeze geyllic [] adj thick, dense, i. e. consisting of parts crowded together; of the parts themselves which are crowded together, thick, close, set close; In time, of things which take place in close succession, thick, frequent, continuous (mostly poet.), of speech, condensed, concise; In space, thickly, closely, close together; In time, frequently, rapidly, one after the other [densus] geylmed [] adj brought down, abashed geynge see geinge geyrst [] adj thirsty gerstgian see gerstian gewe see geawe geuferian [] wv/t2 to raise up, elevate geuferian [] wv/t2 to raise up, elevate; extol, honor geunrian [] wv/t1a to dishonor geunblissian [] wv/t2 to make unhappy geunhlan [] wv/t1b to weaken, debilitate geunlustian [] wv/t2 to loathe geunmihtan [] wv/t1b to deprive of strength geunmihtan [] wv/t1b to deprive of strength geunsian [] adj to falsify, disprove geunstillan [] wv/t1a to disturb, agitate geunstillian [] wv/t2 to disturb, agitate geuntrum [] adj infirm, weakly, sick, ill geunwrian [] wv/t2 to disagree geunwendnes see onwendnes geunwlitegian [] wv/t2 to deprive of beauty geuppan see geyppan gewadan [] sv/i6 3rd pres gewde past gewd/on ptp gewaden to traverse, pervade gewana [] adj lacking, wanting

gewand [] n (-es/-) fear; hesitation, scruple; btan ~e without delay, unhesitatingly [incunctanter] [windan] gewanhlan [] wv/t1b to weaken gewanhlian [] wv/t2 to make weak gewcednes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness gewdian [] wv/t2 to clothe, dress, equip, furnish gewf see gewef gewgan [] wv/t1b to frustrate gewge [] n (-es/-u) weight, measure gewgnian [] wv/t2 to deceive; condemn gewht past part of gewcan and gewgan gewldan see gewieldan gewpnu [] n pl arms gewr [] adj w.g. aware (of), watchful, on ones guard gewrlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to warn gewsc [] n wtera ~ alluvium gewstmbrian [] wv/i2 to be or make fruitful gewealc [] n (-es/-) rolling, tossing motion; attack; military expedition gewealcan [] sv/i7 3rd pres gewielc past gewolc/on ptp is gewealcan to go, traverse geweald [] n (-es/-) might, power, possession; control, command, dominion; bridle; protection; subjection; groin; pudenda; muscles of the neck?; (his) ~es of his own accord. intentionally gewealden [] 1. adj subject (to), easily controlled; inconsiderable, small; 2. adv moderately gewealdendlce [] adv powerfully gewealdenmd [] adj self-controlled gewealdes [] adv of ones own accord, voluntarily gewealled see geweallod geweallod [] adj walled gewd [] 1. n (-es/-u) fury, rage, foolishness, madness; [wd]; 2. past part of wn geweddian [] wv/t2 to engage, pledge oneself, covenant, promise, vow; give to wife, betroth; wed, marry geweder see gewider gewederu see gewideru gewedfsten [] wv/t1b to pledge gewef [] n (-es/-u, geweofu) woof, web; text, context? gewegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gewig past gewg/gewgon ptp gewegen to fight gewemmedlic [] adj corruptible; adv ~lce gewemmednes [] f (-se/-sa) defilement gewemmendlic [] adj seducing, corrupting gewemming [] m (-es/-as) profanation gewemmodlce [] adv corruptly gewn [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gew past gewde ptp gewd to bend, twist gewend [] adj turned; adv on bcling/bclinga/bclinge ~ having ones back turned gewend see gewind gewne [] adv perhaps

gewenian [] wv/t2 to tame geweofu pl of gewef geweorc [] n (-es/-) work, workmanship, labor, construction; structure, edifice; military work, fortification geweorht see gewyrht geweorp [] n (-es/-) throwing, dashing, tossing; what is thrown up geweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gewierp past gewearp/gewurpon ptp geworpen to reach by throwing gewerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gewere past gewerede ptp gewered to make an alliance gewerodlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to make sweet or pleasant gewesan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gewis past gews/gewson ptp gewesen to strive, contend; [compare gewosa] gewesnes [] f (-se/-sa) dissension gewetfstan see gewedfstan gewidere [] n (-es/-u, -widru) weather (good or bad), storm, tempest; [weder] gewiderian [] wv/t2 impersonal to be fine weather gewield [] m? (-es/-as) power, control gewieldan [] wv/t1b to compel; temper gewieldend [] m (-es/-) subduer gewierdlian [] wv/t2 to spoil, injure, destroy, violate, obstruct gewif [] 1. n (-es/-u) fate, fortune [wefan]; 2. n (-es/-u) a disease of the eye gewife see gewif gewifslig [] adj fortunate gewiglian [] wv/t2 to take auspices, divine gewilbod [] n (-es/-u) commandment gewilc [] n (-es/-) rolling, tossing; [wealcan] gewilde see gewielde gewile see gewill gewill [] n (-es/-) will, wish, desire gewilling [] f (-e/-a) desire gewilnes [] f (-se/-sa) desire, wish gewilniendlic [] adj unbridled gewind [] n (-es/-) winding thing, winding path; woven thing gewinde [] adj blowing gewinful [] adj laborious, tedious, hard; adv ~lce gewinfullic [] adj laborious, tedious, hard; adv ~lce gewinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gewin past gewann/gewunnon ptp gewunnen to conquer, obtain, gain gewintd [] f (-e/-e) time of affliction gewintred [] adj grown up, adult; aged gewinworuld [] f (-e/-a) world of care gewred [] adj made of wire; ornamented gewis see gewiss gewsfullce [] adv knowingly gewsnes [] f (-se/-sa) understanding gewiss [] 1. n (-es/-) what is certain, certainty, surety; 2. adj certain, sure, trustworthy; knowing; t ~an/~an1/~um; mid ~e especially, certainly gewisslce see gewislce

gewistian [] wv/t2 to feast gewistlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to feast, banquet gewitan [] irreg v/t pres gewt/gewiton past gewisse/gewiste ptp gewiten to ascertain, learn gewtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gewte past gewt/gewiton ptp gewiten 1. to see, behold; 2. to turn ones eyes in any direction with the intention of taking that direction, to set out towards, start, pass over, to go, depart, withdraw, go away, retreat, retire, die; ~ metodsceaft son to die; (a) with infinitive of verb of motion; gewte on weg faran engel the angel departeth away; gewt u n fran go now; (b) with other infinitives; ic gewte scan grsecges grund I go and seek the oceans bottom; (c) followed by a clause; gewt t h in temple gestd wudlres aldor the prince of glory went so as to stop in the temple; (d) with prep or adv or adj; gif w gewta fram if we depart from thee; gewtende [] adj transitory gewtendlic [] adj transitory, perishable gewitendnes [] f (-se/-sa) departure, death gewitennes [] f (-se/-sa) departure, death gewiterian [] wv/t2 to inform; [witter] gewitfst [] adj of sound mind gewitloca [] m (-n/-n) mind gewitnian [] wv/t2 to confess; [or ?gewtnian] gewitscipe [] m (-es/-as) evidence, knowledge gewitt- see gewitgewierwordian see gewierweardian gewixlan [] wv/i1b to change gewltan [] wv/t1b to defile, debase gewlencan [] wv/t1b to enrich, exalt gewlh [] adj adorned gewoman [] wv/t1b w.d. person, w.g. thing to deprive of; [wamm] gewosa [] m (-n/-n) conversation, intercourse gewrian [] wv/r2 to be angry gewraxl [] ? (-?/-?) wrestling-place, gymnasium gewrgednes [] f (-se/-sa) accusation gewrid [] 1. n (-es/-u) thicket?; 2. husk gewrinclian [] wv/t2 to wind about; gewrinclod serrated gewrinclod [] adj serrated; past participle of gewrinclian gewrinclod [] adj wrinkled? gewring [] n (-es/-) liquor, drink gewrisc see gewrixl gewrit [] n (-es/-u) 1. writing, something written, (1) written language; o one first e he wel cunnon Englisc gewrit rdan until such time as they can read English writing well; (2) a number of written characters; is man sceal wrtan on hsldisce ++A++CD++ this shall one write on the paten A, C, D; (3) inscription; riht ~ orthography; 2. a writing, (1) a written statement, passage from a book; (2) of official, formal documents, document; (a) of law or jurisprudence; on rum gewritum in our regulations; (b) a list or catalog; hbbe se abbod gewrit ealra ra hta the abbot may have a list of all the possessions; (c) a letter; (d) text of an agreement; (e) writ, charter, deed; (3) of literary writing, a book, treatise; books dealing with a subject under notice; s e gewritu secga of that which the books say; (3a) of the books in the Bible; scripture, writing; as in holy writ;

() of the canonical books, the Scriptures; on hlgum gewritum in the holy Scriptures; () of the Apocrypha; twonendlicu gewritu the Apocrypha; 3. stylus gewrtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gewrte past gewrt/gewriton ptp gewriten to write together the names of things to be granted and make the grant, to make a grant in writing; gewritrden [] f (-ne/-na) written agreement gewri [] n (-es/-u, gewreou) strap, thong gewrielian [] wv/t2 to bind? gewriennes [] f (-se/-sa) binding gewrung [] f (-e/-a) binding gewrixl [] n (-es/-u) turn, change; exchange, purchase, intercourse; requital; office gewrixlan [] wv/t1b to recompense, requite; to obtain gewrixle [] adj alternate; vicarious gewrixle [] n (-es/-u) turn, change; exchange, purchase, intercourse; requital; office gewrixlic [] adj alternating gewryndan see gegryndan gewun see gewuna gewuna [] adj wonted, customary, usual gewundorlcan [] irreg wv/t1b to make wonderful, magnify gewunelic [] adj usual, customary; accustomed (to), adapted (to); adv ~lce gewunian [] wv/t2 to remain, continue, stand; to habituate oneself to gewunlic see gewunelic gewunnesful see gewinful gewunod [] adj domiciled gewynde [] n (-es/-u) weaving gewynsumian [] wv/i2 to rejoice, exult; make glad, make pleasing gewyrce [] n (-es/-u) work; proceeds of work, perquisite gewyrd [] f (-e/-e) condition gewyrde [] 1. n (-es/-u) speech, conversation; ordinance; 2. adj acknowledging, agreeing with; 3. see gewyre gewyrdelic [] adj historical, authentic; fortuitous; adv ~lce eloquently; accurately, verbatim; wisely gewyrdelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) eloquence gewyrdignes [] f (-se/-sa) eloquence gewyrdlian see gewierdan gewyrht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) work, deed, service; desert, merit; transgression; mid ~um deservedly gewyrhta [] m (-n/-n) fellow-worker; accomplice gewyrms [] adj purulent gewyrmsed [] adj purulent gewyrpe [] n (-es/-u) heap gewyrtbox [] f (-e/-a) fragrant herb or perfume box gewyre [] n (-es/-u) bulk, contents, amount gewyran [] 1. wv/t1b to value, appraise; 2. see geweoran gewscan [] wv/t1b to adopt gewscednes [] f (-se/-sa) adoption gewscendlic [] adj desirable; optative (mood); adoptive; adv ~lce

gewscing [] f (-e/-a) adoption geyferian [] wv/t2 to exalt geyppan [] wv/t1a to utter geyrgan see eargian gi- see gegib see gifgiccan [] wv/t1a to itch gicce [] f (-an/-an) itch giccig [] adj purulent, itchy gicel [] m (gicles/giclas) icicle, ice gicela [] m (-n/-n) icicle, ice gicelgebland [] n (-es/-) frost gicelig [] adj glacial, icy gicelstn [] m (-es/-as) hailstone gicenes [] f (-se/-sa) itching, itch gicer [] n (-es/-) acre gica [] m (-n/-n) scab, itch, itching; hiccough? gid- see gydgd- see gtgidd- see gieddge see g gieca see gica? giedd [] n (-es/-) song, poem; saying, proverb, riddle; speech, story, tale, narrative; account, reckoning, reason gieddian1 [] wv/t2 to speak formally, discuss; speak with alliteration, recite, sing gieddung [] f (-e/-a) utterance, saying, prophecy, song, poetry, poetical recitation, meter gief see gif gief- see gif-, geofgiefa [] m (-n/-n) donor giefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gief past geaf/gafon ptp gegiefen w.d. and a. to give, bestow, allot, grant; commit, devote, entrust; give in marriage giefend [] m (-es/-) giver gefernes see gfernes giefl2 [] n (-es/-) morsel, food [see also geofola] giefnes [] f (-se/-sa) grace, pardon giefu [] f (-e/-a) giving, gift; t ~e, ~es gratis, freely; favor, grace; liberality; sacrifice; name of the rune for g gield [] n (-es/-) service, offering, worship, sacrifice; money-payment, tax, tribute, compensation, substitute; 1 guild, brotherhood; idol, god gield- see gildgieldan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres gielde past geald/guldon ptp gegolden to yield, pay; pay for; reward, requite, render; worship, serve, sacrifice to; punish gieldere see gafol~ gieldra see ieldra, cmp of eald giella see stngiella giellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres giel past geal/gullon ptp gegollen to yell, sound, shout

giellende [] adj yelling gielp [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) boasting, pride, arrogance; fame, glory gielpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gielp past gealp/gulpon ptp gegolpen to boast, exult; praise gielpcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) boastful speech gielpen [] adj boastful gielpgeorn [] adj eager for glory; arrogant gielpgeornes [] f (-se/-sa) desire for glory, pride, arrogance gielphlden [] adj boastful, laden with glorious words gielping [] f (-e/-a) glory, boasting gielplic [] adj vainglorious, boastful; ostentatious, showy; adv ~lce gielpna [] m (-n/-n) boaster gielpnes [] f (-se/-sa) boastfulness gielpplega [] m (-n/-n) war gielpsceaa2 [] m (-n/-n) boastful enemy gielpsprc [] f (-e/-a) boastful speech gielpword [] n (-es/-) boast gielt see gylt giem see gimm geman [] wv/t1b w.g. or a. to care for, heal; correct, reprove; take notice of, take heed to, regard, observe; take charge of, control geme [] f (-an/-an) care gemelas [] adj careless, negligent; neglected, uncared for, stray; incurable gemelasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, despise gemelaslic [] adj careless; adv ~lce gemelasnes [] f (-se/-sa) negligence gemelast [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, neglect; presumption gemelest [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, neglect; presumption gemen [] f (-ne/-na) care, oversight, heed, diligence, rule gemend [] m (-es/-) governor; keeper; observer gemenes [] f (-se/-sa) care, anxiety gemnes [] f (-se/-sa) care, anxiety geming [] f (-e/-a) care, anxiety; custody; rule gen see gn gena see gna giend see geond gieng see geong gierd [] f (-e/-a) yard, rod, staff, stake, fagot, twig; measure of length; ~ landes an area of land about of a hide gierdweg [] m (-es/-as) road fenced on either side?, road made with faggots? gierdwte [] n (-es/-u) affliction caused by (Moses) rod gierede past 3rd sing of gierwan gierela1 [] m (-n/-n) dress, apparel, adornment; banner [gearwian] gierelian1 [] wv/t2 to clothe gierlian1 [] wv/t2 to clothe gierian see gearwian gierman [] wv/t1b to cry, mourn

giernan1 [] wv/t1b w.g. to yearn for, strive, be eager, desire, entreate, seek for, beg, demand [georn] giernendlic [] adj desirable giernes see geornnes gierning see geornung gierran see gyrran gierran [] sv/i3 3rd pres gier past gearr/gurron ptp gegorren to sound, chatter; grunt; to creak, grate gierst- see giestrgierwan1 [] wv/t1b to prepare; cook; deck, dress, clothe, adorn; direct; swsende (p) ~ to prepare a feast; giest [] m (-es/-as) guest; stranger, enemy [also gst] giestrn [] n (-es/-) guest-chamber, guest-place; inn; shelter giesterdg [] m (-es/-dagas) yesterday giesternlic [] adj of yesterday, yesterdays giesternhof [] n (-es/-u) guest-house giesthof [] n (-es/-u) guest-house giesths [] n (-es/-) guest-house, guest-chamber giestian [] wv/t2 to lodge, be a guest giestig [] adj being a stranger giesting [] f (-e/-a) exile giestlic [] adj hospitable, ready for guests giestle [] adj hospitable, kind to guests giestlian [] wv/i2 to be hospitable giestlnes [] f (-se/-sa) hospitality, shelter, hospitableness, entertainment of guests giestmgen [] n (-es/-) band of guests giestning [] f (-e/-a) hospitality, lodging giestran [] adv yesterday giestranfen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) yesterday evening; adv ~fene giestrandg [] m (-es/-dagas) yesterday giestranniht [] f (-e/-) yesternight; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] giestsele2 [] m (-es/-as) guest-hall get [] 1. adv yet; still; besides; hitherto; hereafter; even; even now; ~ yet, still, further, also; n ~ until now; hitherto, formerly; any longer; 2. pres 3rd sing of gotan geta see get gietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres giete past geat/gaton ptp gegieten to get getsere see gtsere getsian see gtsian gif [] 1. conj w. indic. or subj. if; whether, though; 2. n (-es/-u?) gift, grace gifa see giefa gifan see giefan gifect see gefeoht gifel see giefl gifen [] 1. past participle of giefan; 2. see geofon gfer [] m (gfres/gfras) glutton gfere see gfre

gferlce [] adv greedily gfernes [] f (-se/-sa) greediness, gluttony, avarice gifee [] 1. adj granted by fate, given; 2. n (-es/-u) fate, lot giffst [] adj endowed, talented; w.g. capable of, gifted with, fitted for gifheall [] f (-e/-a) hall in which gifts were made gifian [] wv/t2 to present, endow; glorify; ge~ to enrich with gifts gifig [] adj rich gifl see giefl gifnes2 [] f (-se/-sa) grace, favor gifol [] adj liberal, generous, bountiful; gracious gifola [] m (-n/-n) giver gifolnes [] f (-se/-sa) liberality gifre [] adj useful gfre [] adj greedy, rapacious, ravenous; desirous of (+ gen?) gifsceatt [] m (-es/-as) present gifstl2 [] m (-es/-as) gift-seat, throne gift [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) gift, portion, marriage gift (by the bridegroom), dowry; pl nuptials, marrage [giefan] giftbr [] m (-es/-as) bride-chamber giftelic see giftlic giftfeorm [] f (-e/-a) marriage-feast gifths [] n (-es/-) house at which a wedding is being celebrated giftian [] wv/t2 to give in marriage (of the woman) giftlo [] n (-es/-) epithalamium giftlic [] adj nuptial, belonging to a wedding gifu see giefu giful see gifol gifung [] f (-e/-a) consent gg see gw ggant [] m (-es/-as) giant [L gigantem] ggantmcg [] m (-es/-as) son of a giant gigo see geogu gihsa see geocsa giha see gica gihu see gehu gild see gield gild- see gyldgilda1 [] m (-n/-n) member of a brotherhood of related persons gildan [] see 1. gieldan; 2. gyldan gilddagas [] m pl festival-days gilde see twigilde gildet [] adj gelded gildfro [] adj free of tax gildlic [] adj festival gildrden [] f (-ne/-na) guild-membership gildscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) guild, brotherhood

gildsester [] m (-sestres/-sestras) measure of bulk belonging to a corporate body gildsetl [] n (-es/-) meeting-place of a guild gillan see giellan gillister [] n (-es/-) phlegm, pus, matter [geolster] gillistre [] f (-an/-an) phlegm, pus, matter [geolster] gilm [] m (-es/-as) handful; sheaf gilma [] m (-n/-n) handful; sheaf gilp [] 1. n? (-es/-) dust, powder; 2. see gielp, grip gilt see gylt gilte [] f (-an/-an) young sow, barren pig gim see gimm gm- see gemgimbre [] adj gem-bearing, set with gems gimcynn [] n (-es/-) precious stone, gem gimfst see ginfst gimhror [] m (-es/-hreras) gem-splendor gimm [] m (-es/-as) precious stone, gem, jewel; 2 sun, star [L gemma] gimmian1 [] wv/t2 to adorn with gems gimmisc [] adj jeweled gimreced [] n (-es/-) bejeweled hall, palace gimrodor? [] m (-es/-roderas) draconite (precious stone); see gimhror gimstn [] m (-es/-as) stone capable of being made into a gem, jewel gmung see gmung gimwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) jeweller gin [] 1. n (-es/-u) gap, opening, abyss; yawning deep; 2. adj see ginn gn see gn gna see gna gnan [] wv/t1b 1. to yawn; 2. to drive back gind see geond ginfst2 [] adj ample, liberal [ginn] ginfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) great fastness, stronghold? ging see geong gingest see geong gingiber [] f (-e/-a) ginger gingifer [] f (-e/-a) ginger gingra [] 1. see geong; 2. see geongra gingre see geongre ginian [] wv/i2 to yawn, gape; utter a sound [gnan] giniend [] m (-es/-) yawning ginn2 [] adj spacious, wide, ample ginnan see onginnan ginnes [] f (-se/-sa) gap, interval ginnfst see ginfst ginnwsed [] adj very wise; (or? ginnwse of noble manners) ginung [] f (-e/-a) opening of the mouth, howling, biting go see go

giofol see gifol giohhd see geoguhd gow see gw giowian see giwian gip- see gypgir- see gearw-, geor-, gier-, gyrgird see gierd giren see grn girsandg see gierstandg girstbtung see gristbtung girwan see gearwian giscian [] wv/i2 to sob [geocsian] gse see gse gsl [] m (-es/-as) hostage gsel [] m (gsles/gslas) hostage gsldu [] f (-e/-a) the giving of hostages [also ~u] gslian [] wv/t2 to give hostages gist [] 1. m (-es/-as) yeast, froth; 2. see giest gist- see giestgist see st gistran see geostran gstung see gtsung git [] dual pron ye two; dat inc; acc incit; gen incer; ~ Johannis thou and John gt see get gta see geta gitrife see girife gtsere [] m (-es/-as) miser gtsian [] wv/t2 to be greedy, long for, covet; ge~ to obtain with greed gtsiendlic [] adj insatiable gtsiendnes [] f (-se/-sa) avarice gtsung [] f (-e/-a) avarice, greediness, covetousness, desire gicorn [] n (-es/-) a plant, spurge-laurel? girife [] f (-an/-an) cockle giu see gehu gu see go giu- see geoGili see Ila, Gola Guling [] m (-es/-as) July Giluling [] m (-es/-as) July gw [] m (-es/-as) griffin, vulture giwian1 [] wv/t2 to ask giwung [] f (-e/-a) petition gld past 3rd sing of gldan glad- see gld gladian [] wv/i2 2 to gleam, glisten; 1 wv/i2 to be glad, rejoice; 1 wv/t2 to gladden, rejoice, gratify, appease

gladine see gldene gladung [] f (-e/-a) rejoicing; gladdening; appeasing glappe see glppe glase see gls glw see glaw gld [] 1. adj 2 bright, shining, brilliant, gleaming; cheerful, glad, joyous; pleasant, kind, gracious; glad- in oblique cases; 2. n (-es/gladu) joy, gladness gldene [] f (-an/-an) iris, gladiolus gldestede see gldstede gldine see gldene gldlic [] adj bright, shining; kindly, pleasant, agreeable; adv ~lce gladly, joyfully, kindly, willingly gldman [] adj? hilaris; kind, gracious gldmd [] adj cheerful, joyous; kind, gracious gldmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) kindness, bounty gldnes [] f (-se/-sa) gladness, joy; good-nature gldscipe [] m (-es/-as) gladness, joy gldstede see gldstede glm2 [] m (-es/glmas) a brilliant light; gleam, brilliance, brightness, splendor, beauty glng see gleng glppe [] f (-an/-an) buck-bean glr [] m (-es/glaras) amber, resin glren [] adj vitreous, glassy [gls] gls [] 1. n (-es/glasu) glass; 2. a glass vessel glsen [] adj of glass, glassy glsenage [] adj grey-eyed glsft [] n (-es/-fatu) glass (vessel) glsful [] m (-es/-as) a glassful glsgegot? [] n (-es/-u) poured or molten glass Glstinga burg [] f (-byrig/-byrig) Glastonbury glhltor2 [] adj clear, transparent glterian [] wv/i2 to glitter glterung [] f (-e/-a) shining gltlic see gldlic glw see glaw glam [] m (-es/-as) revelry, joy, jubilation glaw [] adj penetrating, keen, prudent, wise, skillful; 2 good; adv ~e glawferh2 [] adj prudent glawhycgende2 [] adj thoughtful, wise, prudent glawhdig2 [] adj thoughtful, wise, prudent glawlic [] adj wise, prudent, skillful, diligent; adv ~lce glawmd [] adj wise, sagacious glawnes [] f (-se/-sa) wisdom, prudence, skill, penetration; diligence; sign, token glawscipe [] m (-es/-as) wisdom, thoughtfulness, diligence; proof, indication, test gld [] f (-e/-e) glowing coal, ember, fire, flame; instrument of torture [glwan] gleddian [] wv/t2 to sprinkle, throw over

glde [] f (-an/-an) glowing coal gldegesa [] m (-n/-n) fiery terror gledene see gldene gldft [] n (-es/-fatu) chafing-dish; censer gledine see gldene glednes see gldnes gldscofl [] f (-e/-a) fire-shovel gldstede2 [] m (-es/-as) altar glemm [] m (-es/-as) blemish, spot glencan see glengan glendran [] wv/t1b to devour, swallow gleng [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) ornament, honor, splendor glengan1 [] wv/t1b to adorn, decorate; trim (lamp); ge~ to set in order, compose glengful [] adj decked out, adorned glengista? [] ? meaning of this word is doubtful glenglic [] adj magnificent, brilliant glengnes [] f (-se/-sa) adornment glentrian see glendran glo see glw glof see glow 2 gleomu [] f (-e/-a) splendor glow [] 1. see glw; 2. past 3rd sing of glwan glow- see glaw-, glwglsan [] wv/t1b to gloss [L. glossa] glsing [] f (-e/-a) glossing, explanation glw see glaw gla see glga, gen pl of glg glid [] adj slippery glida [] m (-n/-n) kite, vulture gldan1 [] sv/i1 3rd pres glde past gld/glidon ptp is gegliden to glide, slip, slide; glide away, vanish glidder [] adj slippery; lustful gliddrian [] wv/i2 to slip, be unstable gliderung [] f (-e/-a) phantom glg see glw glind [] m (-es/-as) hedge, fence glioda see glida glisian [] wv/i2 to glitter glisnian [] wv/i2 to glisten, gleam glt pres 3rd sing of gldan glitenian [] wv/i2 to glitter, shine; be distinguished glitenung [] f (-e/-a) coruscation, gleam glitin- see glitenglint- see glitenglw [] n (-es/-u) glee, pleasure, mirth, play, sport; music; mockery glwbeam [] m (-es/-as) musical instrument, harp, timbrel

glwbydenestre [] f (-an/-an) female musician glwcrft [] m (-es/-as) music, minstrelsy glwcynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of music? glwdram [] m (-es/-as) music, mirth glwere [] m (-es/-as) buffoon, parasite glwgamen [] n (-es/-) revelry glwgeorn [] adj fond of sport glwhloriendlic [] adj musical glwian [] wv/t2 to make merry, jest, play (music), sing; adorn glwiend [] m (-es/-) performer, player glwingman [] m (-es/-menn) mocker, debauchee? glwlic [] adj mimic, jesting glwmden [] n (-mdnes, -nes/-u, -nu) female musician glwman [] m (-es/-menn) gleeman, minstrel, player, jester; parasite glwre see glwere glwstf [] m (-es/-stafas) melody, joy glwstl [] m (-es/-as) seat of joy glwung [] f (-e/-a) boisterous laughter, mockery glwword [] n (-es/-) song, poem glf [] f (-e/-a) glove; foxes ~ foxglove glfung [] f (-e/-a) supplying with gloves glfwyrt [] f (-e/-e) glovewort, dogs tongue, lily of the valley glm [] m? (-es/-as) gloaming, twilight glmung [] f (-e/-a) gloaming, twilight gloria [] m (-n/-n) doxology glwan [] sv/i7 3rd pres glw past glow/on ptp geglwen to glow glowende [] adj glowing, burning gluto [] ? (-?/-?) glutton gly- see gliglyrende [] adj looking askance gls- see glsgnd past 3rd sing of gndan gngen see gnagen past part. of gnagan gnt [] m (-es/gnatas) gnat, midge gnagan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gng past gng/on ptp gegnagen to gnaw gnst see frgnst gnad- see gnagna [] adj niggardly; frugal, sparing gnalicnes [] f (-se/-sa) frugality gnanes [] f (-se/-sa) frugality; scarcity gne [] adj scanty, sparing; adv ~lce gnelicnes see gnalicnes gndan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gnde past gnd/gnidon ptp gegniden to rub, grind together, crumble gnidil [] m (-es/-as) rubber, pestle gnding [] f (-e/-a) rubbing gnt pres 3rd sing of gndan

gngon past pl of gnagan gnorn2 [] 1. adj sad, sorrowful, troubled, depressed; 2. m (-es/-as) sadness, sorrow, trouble gnornan see gnornian gnorncearig [] adj sad, troubled gnorngan see gnornian gnornhof2 [] n (-es/-u) prison, cell gnornian [] wv/i2 to be sad, murmur, complain, mourn, lament, grieve gnornscendende [] adj hastening away in sadness [scyndan] gnornsorg2 [] f (-e/-a) sadness, sorrow gnornung [] f (-e/-a) sadness, sorrow, lamentation, discontent gnornword [] n (-es/-) lamentation gnuddian [] wv/t2 to rub gnyran see gnyrran gnyrn2 [] f (-e/-a) sadness, mourning, calamity; wrong, insult, fault, blemish [gnorn] gnyrnwracu [] f (-e/-a) revenge, enmity gnyrran [] wv/t1a to grind the teeth; creak gne see gna ga pres 3rd sing of gian gc see goc God [] m (-es/-as, -u) a god, image of a god, God, the (Christian) Deity; godlike person gd [] 1. adj good (of persons or things), virtuous; desirable, favorable, salutary, pleasant; valid, efficient, suitable; considerable, sufficiently great; cmp betera, betra, bettra; spl betest, betst; 2. n (-es/-) good thing, advantage, benefit, gift; good, goodness, welfare; virtue, ability, doughtiness; goods, property, wealth godppel [] m (-pples/-pplas) quince [see coddppel] godbearn [] n (-es/-) divine child, Son of God; godchild godborg [] m? (-es/-as) solemn pledge (given in church?) godbt [] f (-e/-a) atonement godcund [] adj religious, sacred, divine, spiritual, heaven-sent godcundlic [] adj divine, of or from God, spiritual, celestial; adv ~lce divinely; canonically godcundlicnes see godcundnes godcundmht [] n? (-es/-) divine majesty godcundnes [] f (-se/-sa) divine nature, divinity, God-head; divine service; oblation godcundspd [] f (-e/-e) divine nature, godhead gddd [] f (-e/-e) good work; benefit goddohtor [] f (-/-) goddaughter gddnd2 [] m (-es/gddnd) benefactor goddram2 [] m (-es/-as) joy of heaven god- see godgodfder [] m (-es/-as) God the Father; godfather godfrecnes see godwrecnes gdfremmend [] m (-es/-) doer of good? godfyrht [] adj god-fearing godgeld see godgield

godgesprce see godsprce godgesprcen see godsprce godgield [] n (-es/-) heathen god, idol; heathen rite godgieldlic [] adj of idol-worship godgim [] m (-es/-as) heavenly jewel? godhd [] m (-a/-a) divine nature gdian1 [] wv/t2 to improve, get better; make better; endow, enrich h [] m (-n/-n) oar-thole, rowlock; t ~ for each oar, or each oarsman [Icel. hr] ha ha [] interj ha ha! habban [] wv/t3 3rd pres hf past hfde ptp gehfd to have; possess, own, hold; keep, retain; entertain, cherish; look after, carry on; esteem, consider; be subject to, experience; get, obtain; assert; aux verb in pres. perfect have; ~ for consider; ge~ hold, keep from, restrain, preserve; yfle ge~ afflict, torment; on gewunan ~ to be accustomed to; ~ gemne to have or hold in common habban [] wv/t3 1. w.a. to have, possess, hold, keep; andan t hwm ~ to bear malice to someone; fter issum hfde se cyning micel geeaht after this the king held a great council; elwulf his dhtor hfde him t cwene Ethelwulf had his daughter for his queen; Penda hfde 30wintra rce, and h hfde 50-wintra Penda reigned 30 years, and he was 50 years old; is loht habba w wi netenu gemne this light we have in common with beasts; t cild hfde lsse onne re mnas s riddan gares the child was not quite two years and three months old; ho hit for Cristes andwlitan fre hfde she ever considered it as Christs countenance; hine se mdiga mg Higelces hfde be handa the proud kinsman of Hygelac held him by the hand; 2. w. partitive gen. to have some of s.t.; hbbe ic his on handa I have some of it in my hand; 3. w. gerundial infinitive to express the future; one calic e ic t drincenne hbbe the chalice that I have to drink; 4. with an uninflected participle; u mec forlred hfst thou hast seduced me; 5. with an inflected participle, sometimes also with an uninflected participle as well; s ing habba w be him gewritene these things we have written about him; cw Iacob, Bearnlasne g habba mec gednne then said Jacob, Ye have made me childless; habban [] wv/t3 3rd pres hf past hfde ptp gehfd A. 1. to have, hold in or with the hand (lit. or fig.); h hf in handum heofon and eoran he holds in his hands heavan and earth; 1a. of the hand; 2. to have, possess; (1) absolute; (2) with object; (a) to hold as property, possess material or non-material objects; mn land e ic hbbe my land that I hold; (b) to hold as something at ones disposal or service, under ones control; hmtnscre h hfde o h ofslg one aldormann he held Hamptonshire under his control until he slew the alderman; ~ and healdan to have and keep; word s godspelles on his heortan habban and healdan to have and keep the words of the gospel in his heart; 3. denoting various kinds of connection between subject and object, e.g. kindred, relative position; ic hbbe ff gebrru I have 5 brothers; 3a. with complement or adverbial extension defining the connection; (1) the object a person; w habba Abraham s t fder we have Abraham for our father; elwulf his dhtor hfde him t cwene Ethelwulf had his daughter for his queen; hbbe h him twgen ceorlas t gewitnesse he may have two men as witnesses; (2) the object a thing; () a noun or pronoun; Theodosius hfde one wind mid him Theodosius had the wind with him; nim t e ic t sellenne hbbe take that which I have to sell to thee; () a clause; hfdon manige unwse menn him t worde, t so hte nre for hira synnum; 4. to have as a part or adjunct, to contain as parts of itself; 5. to have as an attribute, a quality, function, right, wrong, etc.; (1) of persons; (2) of things; word e geendia on or habba ro getcnunga the words that end on or

have three signs; 6. to have, be affected with, experience, enjoy, or suffer; ne ic s daes hbbe sorge on mde I am affected with sorrow of death in my mind; 7. with object and dative infinitive expressing what is to be done by the subject, to have as a duty or thing to be done; ic hbbe t secgenne sum ing I have to say to thee some thing; 8. w.dat. infinitive, to have, be obliged to do something; one calic e ic t drincenne hbbe the chalice that I have to drink; 9. to hold, keep, retain, (1) to hold in the same position; hafa lange hwle ne hand on hold you hand a long time; (2) to keep possession of; one onweald mg wel reccan s e ghwer ge hine habban cann ge wiwinnan he may extend the territory, he who either can keep possession of it or oppose it; (3) to keep in some relation to oneself, have in mind, in keeping, etc.; s e forhoga t h nig gemynd hbbe Dryhtnes amdnesse he that neglects to have recollection of the Lords meekness; (4) to keep a person in some particular place or condition, as guest, prisoner, etc.; e u r on hftnede hfdest those who thou have had in captivity; 10. to hold or entertain in the mind; he hfdon Godes elnunge they had Gods comfort; 10a. to entertain a feeling towards (t) an object; he habba andan t him they have enmity towards him; ~ andan t to bear malice to someone; ~ cye t to stand in relations of intimacy, familiarity, friendliness, etc. to a person; Abraham t Gode cye hfde Abraham was called the friend of God; 11. to treat, use; t folc hine hfde sw yfele the folk treated him as evil; 12. to hold in some specified estimation, to esteem or account as, consider as; (1) w.g.; (2) w.prep. (a) ~ for w.a. to consider or regard as; ho hit for Cristes andwlitan fre hfde she ever considered it as Christs countenance; (b) ~ on w.d. to hold in honor, esteem, etc.; one asterdg on weorunge habban to hold Easter-day in honor; 13. to carry on some proceeding, have dealings, engage in as principal, have or hold a meeting, council, suit, etc.; hfde se cyning his hired t Glaweceastre the king held his court at Gloucester; 14. to declare, maintain, express the conditions of a case; nemne sw is gewrit hfde except as this writing lays down the conditions; 14a. willan ~ to maintain as a fact that a thing is so-and-so; lwedan willa habban one mnan be m e he hine geso the unlearned will have it that the moon is as they see it; 15. to possess by taking or receiving, to have, get, take; (1) of persons, (a) without the idea of compulsion; hwanon hfst u lfes wter? from where do you get the water of life?; swelc mann s t mn land hbbe whoever gets my land; (a) to get in marriage; Lisimahhus his sweostor hfde Lysimachus got his sister in marriage; (a) of parents, to have a child; hbbe ho cild, nbbe ho may she have a child, may she not; gif Maria unbeweddod wre and cild hfde if Mary were unwed and had a child; (a) to have granted what has been forfeit; gif hw se daes scyldig, and h cirican geierne, hbbe his feorh if someone is guilty of death, and he gets to church, may he have his money granted; (a) ende ~ to come to an end, cease to exist; (b) with idea of compulsion, to get as a result of conflict, pressure, etc.; Emilianus ofslg Gallus and hfde him one anweald Emilianus slew Gallus and got himself the monarchy; (c) where the source from which the object comes is given; hwt hf h t m hlsan what he got from the rumor; (2) of things; (a) to get some condition fixed; t gehwilc sprc hbbe ndagan let a term be appointed to each suit; 15a. to take as a guardian; gif se ceorl fre for, hbbe so mdor hire bearn and fde if the husband die, let the mother take the child and bring it up; 16. to cause to move; (1) to cause to go, take or bring with one; ; (2) to get to or from a place, bring, take; ht twelf weras niman twelf stnasand habban for mid ow t owre wcstwe command twelve men to take twelve stonesand to take forth with you to your residence; (2a) to get to take part in action; so sweostor he wolde habban t hire bysigan the sister wanted to get to take part in employing herself; (3) to put, place; h hfde his swran hand ofer Ephraimes hafod he put his right hand over Ephraims head; 17. with object and complement; (1) adj. complement, to get something into a specific condition; onne magon w s God mildne habban then can we get God gracious to us; (2) with past participle complement, to get something done, cause to be done; he t m gemre common mid hira fired, hfdon he hira clsan belocene when they came to the

boundary with their army, they had the pass closed; 18. to allow to be; his giengran dohtor h nolde bton hftnede habban he did not want to allow his daughter to be outside of prison; B. 1. w. partitive genitive to have some of s.t.; hbbe ic his on handa I have some of it in my hand; 2. as an auxiliary, (1) present forms making a perfect tense, (a) with inflected participle; ic hbbe ec n tdg gesetne ofer oda I have set thee now today ofer people; (b) with uninflected participle (or uncertain); onne u he gefangen hbbe then thou may have caught them; (2) past forms making a pluperfect tense; he hfdon sumne dl weges gefaren they had traveled some part of the way; (2a) where the participle has to be supplied from the context; geldde Theodosius eft fierd wi him twm t re ilcan clsan e h r hfde wi Maximus Theodosius led again an army with them two to the same prison that he had earlier led with Maximus;

haca [] m (-n/-n) hook, door-fastening haccian see thaccian hacele [] f (-an/-an) 1. cloak, coat, mantle, vestment, cassock; coverlet, pall, curtain, toga, upper garment of any kind [pallium]; 2. a kind of cowled or hooded frock; hacod [] m (-es/hacedas) pike, mullet hacole see hacele hacule see hacele hd [] m (-a/-a) person, individual, character, individuality; degree, rank, order, office (especially holy office); condition, state, nature, character, form, manner; sex; race, family, tribe; choir hd [] suffix masculine suffix, usually denotes state or condition, as cildhd, mghd; (-a/-a); hdrung [] f (-e/-a) respect of persons hdbt [] f (-e/-a) compensation for injury or insult to a priest hdbreca [] m (-n/-n) injurer of one in (holy) orders hdbrice [] m (-es/-as) injury of one in (holy) orders) 2nd common hdbryce [] m (-es/-as) injury of one in (holy) orders) 1st common hdelce [] adv as to persons hdesmann [] m (-es/-menn) member of a particular order hdgri [] n (-es/-) privilege (as regards peace) of holy orders hdian1 [] wv/t2 to ordain, consecrate hdnotu [] f (-e/-a) office of a priest hdor [] 1. n (hdres/-) clearness, brightness; 2. 2 adj bright, clear, fresh; distinct, loud [Ger heiter]; 3. adv hdre hdswpa [] m (-n/-n) bridesman [=hdswpe] hdswpe [] f (-an/-an) bridesmaid hdung [] f (-e/-a) consecration, ordination; ~e underfn to take the veil hdungdg [] m (-es/-dagas) ordination day hafa imper. of habban; hafast, hafa 2nd and 3rd person singular hafastu see hafast, u hafecere see hafocere hafela2 [] m (-n/-n) head hafelst see hafenlast hafen past participle of hebban hafenian2 [] wv/t2 to lift up, hold, grasp [hebban] hafenlas [] adj destitute, needy, poor [hfen] hafenlast [] f (-e/-a) want, poverty

hfern see hfern hafetian [] wv/t2 to clap, flap hafoc [] m (-es/hafecas) hawk hafoccynn [] n (-es/-) hawk-tribe hafocere [] m (-es/-as) hawker hafocfugel [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) hawk hafocung [] f (-e/-a) hawking hafocwyrt [] f (-e/-e) a plant hafola see hafela hafol see wan~ hafolnes see wan~ hafuc see hafoc hafudland see hafodland haga [] 1. m (-n/-n) hedge, enclosure, cartilage; fortified enclosure; homestead, house; game-enclosure?; 2. m (-n/-n) haw; trifle hagal see hagol hagaorn see haguorn hage- see hagohago- see hghagol [] m (hagles/haglas), n (-hagles/-) hail; hail-shower, hailstorm; name of the rune for h hagolfaru [] f (-e/-a) hailstorm hagolian [] wv/i2 to hail hagolscr [] m (-es/-as) hail-shower hagolstn [] m (-es/-as) hailstone hagorn [] f (-e/-a) spell hagospind [] n (-es/-) cheek [haga] hagosteald [] 1. adj unmarried, independent; military (of young men); 2. m (-es/-as) unmarried man attached to a court, bachelor, young man, young warrior, liege man [Ger hagestolz]; 3. n (-es/-) celibacy; 4. adj virgin hagostealdhd [] m (-a/-a) unmarried state hagostealdlic [] adj virgin hagostealdmann [] m (-es/-menn) bachelor, warrior hagostealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) virginity hagu- see hagohaguorn [] m (-es/-as) hawthorn, whitethorn ha ha [] interj ha! ha! hal see heal hal- see heal(h)hl- see hlhl1 [] adj hale, whole, entire, uninjured, healthy, well, sound, safe, genuine, straightforward; wes u ~, ~ westu, ~ bo u hail! hala [] 1. m (-n/-n) after-birth; [helan]; 2. ge~ m (-n/-n) counselor, confidant, supporter hlbre [] adj wholesome, salutary halc see healh hald- see heald-

hleg see hlig hleg- see hlghlettan1 [] wv/t1b to greet, hail, salute hlettend [] m (-es/-) forefinger, middle finger (used in saluting) hlettung [] f (-e/-a) greeting, salutation hlewge [] f (-es/-u) a holy cup hlfst [] adj pious?, healthy? hlga [] 1. weak form of hlig; 2. m (-n/-n) saint hlgawaras see hligwaras hlgian1 [] wv/t2 to hallow, sanctify; consecrate, dedicate, ordain; reverence; keep holy hlgung1 [] f (-e/-a) hallowing, consecration; sanctuary hlgungbc [] f (-bc/-bc) book containing coronation liturgy, benedictional hlgungram [] m (-es/-as) consecrated ram hli- see hlighlig [] adj holy, consecrated, sacred; venerated; godly, saintly; ecclesiastical; pacific, tame; noun declined as adjective what is holy hligan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to heal up, get well; save; be saved; 2. see hlgian hligdg [] m (-es/-dagas) holy day, Sabbath hligdm [] m (-es/-as) holiness, righteousness, sanctity; holy place, sanctuary, chapel; relics, holy things; holy office; sacrament; holy doctrines hligdmhs [] n (-es/-) sacrarium hligern [] n (-es/-) holy place, sanctuary; sacrament hliglce [] adv holily Hligmna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) (holy month), September hlignes [] f (-se/-sa) holiness, sanctity, religion; holy place, sanctuary; holy thing, relic; sacred rites hligportic [] m (-es/-as) sanctuary hligreft [] n (-es/-) veil hligrift [] n (-es/-) veil hligryft [] n (-es/-) veil hligwcca [] m (-n/-n) vigil-keeper hligwter [] n (-es/-) holy water hligwaras [] m pl saints hligware [] m pl saints hligweorc [] n (-es/-) sanctuary halm see healm hlnes [] f (-se/-sa) wholeness hlor2 [] n? (-es/-) salvation hlp see healp past 3rd sing of helpan hals- see healshls [] f (-e/-a) salvation hlsere [] m (-es/-as) soothsayer, augur halsgang see healsgund hlsian1 [] wv/t2 to adjure; ge~ to take oath, swear; call upon; convoke; implore, entreat; augur; exorcise hlsiend [] m (-es/-) exorcist, soothsayer, augur

halsigend [] m (-es/-) exorcist, soothsayer, augur halst see healstn hlsung [] f (-e/-a) exorcism; augury, divination; entreaty hlsunggebed [] n (-es/-u) prayer in a church service [pl also ~gebeodu] hlsungtma [] m (-n/-n) time of supplication halswurung [] f (-e/-a) neck ornament halt see healt hal see heald 2 hlwenda [] m (-n/-n) Savior; safety hlwende [] adj healing, healthful, salutary; sanctifying hlwendlic [] adj salutary, wholesome; adv ~lce hlwendnes [] f (-se/-sa) salubrity; salvation hlwynde see hlwende ham [] 1. m? (-es/-as) under-garment (subucula); 2. see hamm hm [] 1. m (-es/-as) village, hamlet, manor, estate; home, dwelling, house; region, country; [dat sing hm]; 2. adv home, homewards; 3. m (-es/-as) n instrument used for branding, a branding-iron, a cautery (in medicine); An instrument used in encaustic painting for burning in the wax, [cauterium] hama [] m (-n/-n) covering, dress, garment; womb, childbirth, childbed, a lying-in, confinement, delivery; a new-born child, an infant; children, [puerperium]; slough of a snake hma [] m (-n/-n) cricket hamacgian see magian? hmc [] adj familiar hmcyme [] m (-es/-as) home-coming, return hamel? [] adj rugged hamela see hamola hamele [] f (-an/-an) rowlock (only in phrase t lcre ~an for every oar; i.e. rower) [ON hamla; also h] hamelian [] wv/t2 to hamstring, mutilate hamer see hamor hamer see clod~ hmettan1 [] wv/t1b to domicile; bring debtors back to their home hmfrelt [] n (-es/-) going home hmfst [] adj resident, settled in or owning a house hmfaru [] f (-e/-a) attack of an enemy in his house, housebreaking; fine for housebreaking hmhenn [] f (-e/-a) domestic fowl hamland [] n (-es/-) enclosed pasture [hamm] hmlas [] adj homeless hamm [] 1. m (-es/-as) piece of pasture-land, enclosure, dwelling; 2. f (-e/-a) ham (part of leg) hamod see gefier~ hamola [] m (-n/-n) man with cropped hair; t ~n besciran to shave the hair off (as insult) hamor [] m (-es/hameras) hammer; ~a lfa f pl results of forging, swords hamorsecg [] m (-es/-as) hammer-sedge

hamorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) black hellebore, wall-pellitory hmscr [] f (-e/-a) aedileship hmscyld see riht~ hmsittende [] adj living at home hms [] m (-es/-as) return home hmsian [] wv/t2 to return home hmscn [] f (-e/-a) offence of attacking a man in his own house; the franchise f holding please of this offence and receiving the penalties for it; the penalty itself hmsteall [] m (-es/-as) homestead hmstede [] m (-es/-as) homestead hamule see hamele hamur see hamor hmweard [] adv homewards, towards home, on the way home hmweardes [] adv homewards hmweorung [] f (-e/-a) ornament of a home hmwerd see hmweard hmwerod [] n (-es/-, -u) household hmwyrt [] f (-e/-e) house-leek hn [] 1. f (-e/-a) (boundary-)stone; 2. ? see h hana [] m (-n/-n) cock [Ger hahn] hanasang [] m (-es/-as) cock-crow hancrd [] m (-es/-as) cock-crow hancrdtd [] f (-e/-e) time of cock-crow hand [] 1. f (-a/-a) hand; side (in defining position); power, control, possession, charge; agency; person regarded as holder or receiver of something; brad ~ palm; on ~ gn to yield; swre/winstre ~ right/left hand; on gehwere ~ on both sides; on ~ giefan, t ~a ltan to hand over (to); on ~a sellan to give a pledge, promise, bargain; plegian mid ~um to clap hands; t ~a healdan hold (land) of another; weorpan1 t ~a to hand over ; weorpan1 ~a on to lay hands on (a person); wel on ~ favorably; ymb ~ at once; bm ~um twm zealously; 2. adv exactly handx [] f (-e/-a) hatchet [dextralis], a kind of axe handbftian [] wv/t2 to lament handbana2 [] m (-n/-n) slayer by hand handbelle [] f (-an/-an) hand-bell handbc [] f (-bc/-bc) handbook, manual handbona see handbana handbred [] n (-es/-u) palm of the hand, breadth of the hand, span handcl [] m (-es/-as) towel handcops [] m (-es/-as) handcuff, manacle handcrft [] m (-es/-as) manual skill, power of the hand, handicraft handcweorn [] f (-a/-a) hand-mill [listed as ~cwyrn] handdda [] m (-n/-n) doer with his own hand handele see handle handfstnung [] f (-e/-a) joining hands in confirmation of a pledge handfang- see infanghandful [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) handful

handgang [] m (-es/-as) submission, surrender handgemaca [] m (-n/-n) companion handgemt2 [] n (-es/-) battle handgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) handiwork handgesella [] m (-n/-n) companion handgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) companion handgeswing [] n (-es/-) blow, stroke handgeweald [] n (-es/-) power, possession handgeweorc [] n (-es/-) handiwork, creation handgewinn [] n (-es/-) manual labor, work; 2 struggle, contest handgewrit [] n (-es/-u) handwriting, autograph, holograph, agreement, deed handgewrien [] adj hand-woven handgift [] f (-e/-a) wedding present handgong see handgang handgripe [] m (-es/-as) handgrip handgri [] n (-es/-u) security, peace, protection given by the kings hand handhabbend [] adj red-handed (thief) handhf [] n (-es/-hafu) burden handhamur [] m (-es/-as) hand hammer handhrgl [] n (-es/-) napkin, towel handhrine [] m (-es/-as) touch handhwl [] f (-e/-a) instant handle [] f (-an/-an) handle handlan2 [] n (-es/-) requital, recompense handlengu [] f (-e/-a) a hands length handlian1 [] wv/t2 to handle, feel; deal with, discuss handling [] n (-es/-) hand-cloth, napkin; maniple handlinga [] adv by hand; hand to hand, at close quarters handlocen2 [] adj joined together by hand handlung [] f (-e/-a) handling handmgen2 [] n (-es/-) bodily strength handmitta see anmitta handngl [] m (-es/-as) finger-nail handplega2 [] m (-n/-n) fight, battle handprost [] m (-es/-as) domestic chaplain handrs [] m (-es/-as) onrush, attack handrf [] adj famed for strength handscalu see handscolu handscolu2 [] f (-e/-a) retinue handscyldig [] adj condemned to lose a hand handseald [] adj given personally (by the king) handseax [] n (-es/-) dirk, dagger handselen [] f (-ne/-na) a making over, delivery, transfer of a thing to another; one of the modes of acquiring possession by the Roman civil law; hence, also, for purchase [mancipatio] handsex see handseax

handslyht see andslyht handsmll [] m (-es/-as) blow with the hand, alapa handspitel [] m (-spitles/-spitlas) hand-shovel, spade handsporu [] f (-e/-a) claw, finger handstoc [] n (-es/-u) cuff, sleeve handswyle [] m (-es/-as) swelling on the hand handtam [] adj submissive to handling handegn [] m (-es/-as) retainer, servant handwal [] n (-es/-) washing of the hands handweorc [] n (-es/-) handiwork handworht [] adj made with hands handwundor [] n (-wundres/-) marvel of handiwork handwyrm [] m (-es/-as) itch-mitea kind of insect handwyrst [] f (-e/-a) wrist hanga see lc~ hangelle [] f (-an/-an) a hanging object, mentula? hangen past part of hn hangian1 [] wv/i2 to hang, be hanged; depend, rest on; wv/t2 to hang, suspend hangra [] m (-n/-n) hanger, wooded slope hangrd? see hancrd hangwte? [] n (-es/-u) penalty for miscarriage of justice hr [] 1. adj hoar; hoary, grey, old; 2. see hr hara [] m (-n/-n) hare haranhige [] m (-es/-as) hares foot (plant) haransprecel [] m (-sprecles/-spreclas) vipers bugloss hranwyrt see hrewyrt hrasteorra [] m (-n/-n) dog star harad [] m (-es/-as) wood (only in place names) hara [] m (-es/-as) wood (only in place names) hard see heard hradagas [] m pl dog days hrehne see hrhne hreminte [] f (-an/-an) white mint? hrewyrt [] f (-e/-e) a plant, an Egyptian bean [colocasia] hrhne [] f (-an/-an) horehound hrian [] wv/t2 to become hoary or grey harness [] f (-se/-sa) hoariness hrung [] f (-e/-a) hoariness, old age hrwelle [] adj hoary, grey-haired hrwenge [] adj hoary, grey-haired hrwengnes [] f (-se/-sa) hoariness, old age hs [] adj hoarse hsta [] m (-n/-n) oarsman, rower hasewa see haswa weak form of hasu hsgrume [] adj sounding hoarsely hshrman [] wv/t1b to sound harshly

hsian [] wv/i2 to be or become hoarse haslhnutu see hselhnutu hsnes [] f (-se/-sa) hoarseness hassuc [] m (-es/-as) coarse grass hsswge [] adj sounding hoarsely hasu2 [] adj dusky, grey, ashen hasufg [] adj grey, ashen hasupd [] adj grey-coated haswigfere [] adj grey-feathered ht [] 1. adj hot, flaming; fervent, excited; intense, violent; inspiring?, attractive?; 2. n (es/-) heat, fire; 3. 1 n (-es/-) promise, vow htan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres hte past ht/on, hht/on ptp gehten to command, direct, bid, order; summon; vow, promise; past htte w. nom. to name, call; be called hte [] adv hotly, fervidly htheort [] 1. n (-es/-) anger, rage; 2. 1 adj wrathful, furious, passionate; ardent, wholehearted; adv ~lce htheorte [] f see htheort 1 htheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) rage, mania; zeal hthiertan1 [] wv/i2 to be or become angry; enrage hthige [] m (-es/-as) anger [hyge] hthort see htheort hatian1 [] wv/t2 to hate, treat as an enemy hatigan [] wv/t2 to hate, treat as an enemy htian [] wv/i2 to be or get hot hatigend [] m (-es/-) enemy htigende [] adj becoming hot hatigendlic [] adj hateful htlce [] adv ardently, vehemently htnes [] f (-se/-sa) heat hatol [] adj hostile, bitter; odious [see hetol] htte passive past of htan hattefagol [] ?? (-?/-?) hedgehog [see hrenfagol] hatung [] f (-e/-a) hatred htung [] f (-e/-a) heating, inflammation htwende [] adj hot, burning hwe see earfo~ hwere [] m (-es/-as) spectator hwian1 [] wv/t2 to gaze on, view, look at, observe, notice hwung [] f (-e/-a) ability to see, observation hb see hf hb- see hfhbb- see habb-, hebbhbbednes [] f (-se/-sa) continence hbbendlic [] adj habilis hbbere see sulh~ hbbung [] f (-e/-a) constraint

hc- see hachcc [] 1. f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) grating, hatch, half-gate; 2. see hcce 1 hcce [] 1. f (-an/-an), n (-es/-u) frontal; 2. fence; 3. see hc hccelas [] adj without a fence? or hatch? hcgeat [] n (-es/-gatu) hatch-gate hcine [] f (-an/-an) a thin vinous drink, posca; a berry, esp. the grape [L acinum] hcwer [] m (-es/-as) hatch-weir, a weir in which fish were caught hdor see hdor hdre2 [] adj straitly, anxiously hdre see hdre hf [] 1. 2 n (-es/hafu) sea, ocean; heaf-/haf- in inflected cases; 2. m (-es/-hafas) leaven hfd see heafod hfde past 3rd sing of habban hfe [] 1. m (-es/-as) leaven [Ger hefe]; 2. see hefe 1 hfed see hafod hfednes see be~, for~ hfen [] 1. f (-e/-a) the having, owning; property, possessions [Ger habe]; 2. f (-e/-a) haven, port; 3. see hefen; 4. past part of hebban hfen- see hafenhfenblte see hferblte hfene see hfen 2 hfer [] m (-es/-as) he-goat hferblte [] f? (-an/-an) bittern?, snipe? hfern [] m (-es/-as) crab hfig see hefig hfne see hfen hfreblte see hferblte hfst see habban hft1 [] 1. m (-es/-as) bond, fetter; captive, slave, servant; bondage, imprisonment, affliction; 1 seizing, thing seized; 2. adj captive; 3. n (-es/-) haft, handle; 4. past part of hftan hftan1 [] wv/t1b to bind, fetter; arrest, detain, imprison; condemn [Ger heften] hfte see hft 2 hftelclomm [] m (-es/-as) fetter hftedm [] m (-es/-as) slavery, captivity hften [] f (-ne/-na) confinement hftenod see hftened hftincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) slave hfting [] f (-e/-a) fastening, lock hftlic [] adj captious hftling [] m (-es/-as) prisoner, captive hftmce [] m (-es/-as) hilted sword hftnes1 see hftednes hftne see hftno hftnian1 [] wv/t2 to take prisoner; seize, detain hftned [] f (-e/-e) custody, imprisonment, bondage

hftnedling [] m (-es/-as) captive hftnednes [] f (-se/-sa) captivity hftno [] m (-es/-as) confinement, captivity hftnung [] f (-e/-a) fetter hftnd see hftned hftung [] f (-e/-a) fetter hftworld [] f (-e/-a) world under bondage hf pres 3rd sing of habban hfuc see hafoc hg- see hago-, hagu-, hegehghl [] adj safe and sound hgsugga [] m (-n/-n) hedge-sparrow hgtes [] f (-se/-sa) fury, witch, pythoness hgtesse [] f (-an/-an) fury, witch, pythoness hgtis [] f (-se/-sa) fury, witch, pythoness hgorn see haguorn hgweard [] m (-es/-as) keeper of cattle in a common field hh- see hahhhtis see hgtes hl [] 1. n (-es/-u) omen; 2. see hlu; 3. adj see hl hl- see helhl- see hl-, hlhlan [] 1. wv/t1b 1 to heal, cure, save; greet, salute; gehl! Hosanna!; 2. to castrate hle2 [] m (-es/-, -as) man, hero hle [] n see hlu hle1 [] adj safe hlend [] m (-es/-) Savior, Christ hlendlic [] adj wholesome, salutary hlestre [] f (-an/-an) savior hlet- see hlethle2 [] m (-es/-, -as) man, hero, fighter [alt pl uninflected] hlehelm see heolohelm hlfter [] f (-e/-a) halter hlftre [] m (-es/-as) halter hlgere [] m (-es/-as) sanctifier hlniht see healniht hlig [] adj unstable, inconstant hling [] f (-e/-a) healing hlm see healm hlnes [] f (-se/-sa) salvation, safety; sanctuary hlnesgri [] n (-es/-u) peace-privileges attaching to a sanctuary hlotd [] f (-e/-e) prosperous time hls- see hlshl [] f (-e/-a) health; salvation; healing hlu [] f (-e/-a) health; salvation; healing hlu [] f (-e/-a) health; prosperity; safety, salvation; healing, cure

hlubearn2 [] n (-es/-) Savior, Christ hlwyrt [] f (-e/-e) fleabane, fleawort, pennyroyal [pulegium], pennyroyal hlynd see hlend hmht see hahmiht hman1 [] wv/t1b to have intercourse with, cohabit with; marry hmed [] n (-es/-ru) cohabitation; marriage; adultery, fornication hmedceorl [] m (-es/-as) married man hmedgemna [] m (-n/-n) matrimony hmedlc [] n (-es/-) sexual intercourse [coition] hmedrm [] m (-es/-as) the trade of a pander, pimping, pandering; An allurement, enticement; Excessive or artificial ornament, finery or nicety in dress; In partic., of speech, meretricious or nament or allurement [lenocinium] hmedru see hmed hmedscipe [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation, wedlock hmeding [] n (-es/-) coition, cohabitation; marriage hmedwf [] n (-es/-) married woman hmend [] m (-es/-) fornicator hmere [] m (-es/-as) consort, bedfellow hmet see hmed hme see hmed hn see henn hnan [] 1. wv/t1b to stone; 2. see henan hnep [] m (-es/-as) hemp hnfugel see hennfugol hnn see henn hnu see henu hppan? [] wv/t1a to go by chance hpse [] f (-an/-an) hasp, fastening hpsian [] wv/t2 to hasp, fasten hpte [] past 3rd sing jumped hr [] n (-es/-) hair; a hair hr- see har-, hear-, her(e)hr- see hrhre [] f (-an/-an) sackcloth of hair hren [] adj of hair hrenfagol [] ? (-?/-?) hedgehog hrfest [] m (-es/-as) autumn, harvest-time; August; ~ handful handful of corn (a due belonging to the husbandman on an estate) hrfestlic [] adj autumnal; of harvest Hrfestmna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) harvest-month, September hrfesttd [] f (-e/-e) autumn, harvest-time hrfesttma [] m (-n/-n) autumn, harvest-time hrfestwta [] m (-n/-n) autumn rain hrgripa [] m (-n/-n) seizing by the hair hriht [] adj hairy hring [] m (-es/-as) herring

hringtma [] m (-n/-n) herring season hrloccas [] m pl locks of hair hrmberg see hearmbeorg hrn [] 1. f (-e/-a) wave, tide; 2 sea, ocean; 2. brain hrndl [] f (-e/-a) curling-pin hrnflota [] m (-n/-n) ship hrsceard [] n (-es/-) hare-lip hrsyfe [] n (-es/-u) hair-sieve hs [] f (-e/-e) hest, bidding, behest, command [htan] hsel [] m (hsles/hslas) hazel, shrub hselhnutu [] f (-hnyte/-hnyte) hazel-nut; [gen ~hnyte, ~hnute; dat ~hnyte; n/a pl ~hnyte; gen pl ~hnuta; dat pl ~hnutum] hselrw [] f (-e/-a) a row of hazels hselwrd [] m (-es/-as) hazel-thicket hsere [] m (-es/-as) master, lord hsl see hsel hslen [] adj of hazel hsp see hpse hssuc see hassuc hst2 [] 1. adj violent, vehement; adv hste, ~lce; 2. f (-e/-a) violence, strife hswalwe see sswealwe? ht [] m (-es/-hatas) head-covering, hat ht past 3rd sing of htan htan1 [] wv/t1b to heat; wv/i1b become hot htcole see hcole hte [] f (-an/-an) heat hteru [] n pl garments hting [] f (-e/-a) heating hto see htu hts see hgtes htst pres 2nd sing of htan htt see ht htte see htte, see htan httan see hettan httian [] 1. wv/t2 to scalp; 2. see hatian htu [] f (-e/-a) heat, warmth; fervor, ardor h [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) heath, untilled land, waste; heather; 2. f (-e/-a) see ha ha [] m (-n/-n) heat, hot weather hberie [] f (-an/-an) whortleberry hcole [] f (-an/-an) name of a plant hen [] 1. adj heathen, heathenish, pagan; 2. m (hnes/hnas) gentile, heathen man (especially of the Danes) hena [] m (-n/-n) heathen hencyning [] m (-es/-as) heathen king hencynn [] n (-es/-) heathen race hendm [] m (-es/-as) heathendom, false religion

henfolc [] n (-es/-) heathen people hengield [] n (-es/-) idolatry; idol hengilda [] m (-n/-n) idolater henhere [] m (-es/-as) Danish army henisc [] adj heathenish, pagan hennes [] f (-se/-sa) heathenism, paganism; heathen country henscipe [] m (-es/-as) paganism, idolatry henstyrc [] m (-es/-as) heathen calf (the golden calf of the Israelites) henwoh [] n (-wos/-) idol hfeld [] m (-a/-a) heath-land hiht [] adj heathy hin- see henhstapa2 [] m (-n/-n) heath-stalker, wolf, stag [stppan] hung [] f (-e/-a) heating, parching [see htung] hwe [] adj iron-colored, bluish, grey hwen [] adj blue, purple, azure, green hwengrne [] adj cerulean hwenhydele [] f (-an/-an) a plant hwmnged [] adj mixed purple h [] masc pron [fem ho; neut hit] he, she, it; pl they; reflexive pron himself, herself, itself ha [] 1. n pl, weak masc sing of hah; 2. adv see hah; 3. see he, pl of h ha- see hahheador see heaor hador see hahdor hador see hahdor haf [] m (-es/-as) lamentation, wailing [see hof]; ~e bewindan bewail hafd- see hafodhafdian [] wv/t2 to behead hafed see hafod heafela see hafela hafian see hofian haflic [] adj sad, grievous heafo pl of hf heafoc see hafoc hafod [] n (hafdes/-) head; top; source, origin; chief, leader; capital (city); hafdes olian to forfeit life; hafde beceorfan to behead hafodcer [] m (-es/-as) a strip of land an acre in extent, lying at the head of a field hafoddre [] f (-an/-an) cephalic vein hafodb [] n (-es/-bau) a wash for the head hafodbald [] adj impudent hafodbn [] n (-es/-) skull hafodbag [] m (-es/-as) crown hafodbend [] m (-es/-as) diadem, crown; head-bond, fetter about the head hafodbeorg [] 1. f (-e/-a) helmet, protection for the head; 2. m (-es/-as) prominent hill? hafodbeorht [] adj with a splendid, shining head

hafodbiscop [] m (-es/-as) high-priest hafodbolla [] m (-n/-n) skull hafodbolster [] n (-bolstres/-) pillow hafodbotl [] n (-es/-) ancestral seat hafodbryce [] m (-es/-as) breaking of the skull hafodburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) chief city hafodcl [] n (-es/-) head-cloth, head-dress, the cloth used for coering the head of a dead person hafodcwide [] m (-es/-as) important saying hafodcyrice [] f (-an/-an) cathedral hafodece [] m (-es/-as) headache hafodfrtennes [] f (-se/-sa) hairpin, ornament for the hair hafodgemaca [] m (-n/-n) mate, companion, fellow-servant hafodgemcca [] m (-n/-n) mate, companion, fellow-servant hafodgerm [] n (-es/-) number by heads, greatest number hafodgetl [] n (-es/-talu) cardinal number hafodgewde [] n (-es/-) face-covering, veil hafodgilt [] m (-es/-as) deadly sin; capital offence hafodgimm2 [] m (-es/-as) heads gem, eye hafodgold [] n (-es/-) crown hafodhr [] n (-es/-) hair of the head hafodhebba [] m (-n/-n) beginning, starter; prime mover hafodhrgl [] n (-es/-) an article of clothing or bedding hafodhrefu [] f (-e/-a) scurfiness of the head hafodiht [] adj with a head or tuft hafodland [] n (-es/-) strip of land in a field, left for turning a plough hafodleahtor [] m (-leahtres/-leahtras) capital crime, deadly sin hafodlas [] adj headless hafodlic [] adj capital, deadly (crime); at the top; principal hafodling [] m (-es/-as) equal, fellow-servant hafodloca [] m (-n/-n) skull hafodmg2 [] m (-es/-mgas) near blood-relation hafodmaga [] m (-n/-n) near blood-relation hafodmgen [] n (-es/-) cardinal virtue hafodmann [] m (-es/-menn) headman, captain hafodmynster [] n (-mynstres/-) church, cathedral hafodpanne [] f (-an/-an) skull hafodport [] m (-es/-as) chief town hafodrce [] n (-es/-u) empire hafodsr [] m (-es/-as) pain in the head hafodsealf [] f (-e/-a) head-salve hafodsegn [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) banner [= eoforhafdod segn?] hafodsen2 [] f (-e/-a) (eyesight), eye hafodslge [] m (-es/-as) a head-stroke, beheading hafodsml [] ?? (-?/-?) capitium, part of a womans dress, part of a tunic hafodstede [] m (-es/-as) chief place; high place, sacred place

hafodstocc [] m (-es/-as) stake on which the head of a beheaded criminal was fixed hafodstl [] m (-es/-as) capital hafodstw [] f (-e/-a) place for the head hafodswma [] m (-n/-n) dizziness hafodsn see hafodsen hafodsynn [] f (-e/-a) deadly sin hafodwal [] n (-es/-) washing of the head hafodwrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the head hafodweard [] 1. f (-e/-a) watch over the head, death-watch; body-guard; 2. m (-es/-as) chief protector, leader; 3. f (-e/-a) chapter hafodweg [] m (-es/-as) head-road hafodwind [] m (-es/-as) chief wind (N, S, E, or W wind) hafodwsa [] m (-n/-n) chief, director hafodw [] f (-e/-a) voice hafodwund [] f (-e/-a) wound in the head hafodwylm [] m (-es/-as) tears; burning pain in the head hafodwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) chief workman heafola see hafela hafre see hahfore hafsang [] m (-es/-as) dirge [hofan] heafu pl of hf heafuc see hafoc hafud see hafod hag see hah heaga- see hagohage see hah adv heago- see hago-, haguhagum see hah hah [] 1. high, tall, lofty; high-class, exalted, sublime, illustrious, important; proud, haughty; deep; right (hand); cmp herra, spl hehst; 2. adv high, aloft hahaltre [] m (-es/-as) high altar hahbeorg [] m (-es/-as) mountain hahbiscop [] m (-es/-as) archbishop, pontiff; (Jewish) high-priest hahbliss [] f (-e/-a) exultation hahboda [] m (-n/-n) archangel hahburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) chief city; 2 town on a height; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] hahcsere [] m (-es/-as) emperor hahcleofa [] m (-n/-n) principal chamber hahclif [] n (-es/-cleofu) high cliff hahcrft [] m (-es/-as) high skill hahcrftiga [] m (-n/-n) architect hahcyning2 [] m (-es/-as) high king; God hahdma [] m (-n/-n) high judge hahdor [] n (-es/-) stag, deer

hahdorhund [] m (-es/-as) deer-hound hahdorhunta [] m (-n/-n) deer-hunter hahdacon [] m (-es/-as) archdeacon haheald [] adj excellent, distinguished [cmp hahyldra, spl hahyldest] hahealdor [] m (-es/-as) ruler, patrician hahealdormann [] m (-es/-menn) ruler, patrician hahengel [] m (-engles/-englas) archangel hahfder [] m (-es/-as) God; patriarch; (church) father hahfst [] adj permanent, immutable hahfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) fortified town, city hahfexede [] adj having foliage high up or on the top [alticomum] hahfld [] m (-es/-as) deep water; high tide hahfore [] f (-an/-an) heifer hahfra2 [] m (-n/-n) high lord hahfrols [] m (-es/-as) great festival hahfrolsdg [] m (-es/-dagas) great feast-day hahfrolstd [] f (-e/-e) great festival hahfru see hahfore hahfr [] n (-es/-) towering flame hahgst [] m (-es/-as) Holy Ghost hahgealdor [] n (-gealdres/-) charm hahgerfa [] m (-n/-n) high sheriff, chief officer, proconsul, prefect hahgesamnung [] f (-e/-a) chief synagogue hahgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) noble creature hahgesceap [] n (-es/-u) fate hahgestron2 [] n (-es/-) rich treasure hahgetimbrad [] adj high-built hahgetimbru2 [] n pl lofty edifice hahgering [] n (-es/-) whelming flood hahgeungen see hahungen hahgeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) excellent work hahgnornung [] f (-e/-a) deep grief hahgod [] m (-es/-as) Most High, God hahgrft [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) prominent sculpture hahhd [] m (-a/-a) holy orders hahhf? [] n (-es/-hafu) deep sea hahhelm [] adj loftily crested hahheolode [] f (-an/-an) the plant elecampane or horseheal hahheoloe [] f (-an/-an) the plant elecampane or horseheal hahheort [] adj proud hahhli2 [] n (-es/-u) high hill hahhltor [] adj very pure hahhwiolod [] adj having high wheels hahhylte [] n (-es/-u) a high-placed shrubbery hahhyrde [] m (-es/-as) head abbot hahhyrne see aghyrne

hahlce [] m (-es/-as) learned physician hahland [] n (-es/-) mountainous country hahlrow [] m (-es/-as) head teacher hahlce see hahlce hahleornere [] m (-es/-as) high teacher, master hahlic see halic hahlufe [] f (-an/-an) great love hahmgen [] n (-es/-) great force; power, virtue hahmsse [] f (-an/-an) high mass hahmssedg [] m (-es/-dagas) high mass day hahmiht [] f (-e/-e) high authority, great might; the Almighty hahmd2 [] adj high spirited, exultant; proud, haughty hahmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) pride hahmr [] m (-es/-as) high moor hahnama [] m (-n/-n) most exalted name hahnes see hanes hahra see hah hahreced2 [] n (-es/-) high building, temple hahrodor [] m (-es/-as) high heaven hahrn [] f (-e/-a) pythoness hahscerd [] m (-es/-as) high or chief priest hahsangere [] m (-es/-as) chief singer hahs [] f (-/-) high sea, the deep hahsl2 [] f (-e/-a) great happiness hahsof? [] m (-es/-as) chief pirate hahsceaa [] m (-n/-n) chief pirate hahscawere [] m (-es/-as) pontifex hahscremann [] m (-es/-menn) procurator hahseld2 [] n (-es/-) throne; rostrum hahsele [] m (-es/-as) high hall hahsetl [] n (-es/-) exalted seat, throne, judgment-seat hahsittende [] adj sitting on high hahsomnung see hahgesamnung hahstap [] adj very high hahstede [] m (-es/-as) high place hahstefn2 [] adj having a high prow hahstrt [] f (-e/-a) highway [listed as m] hahstrengu [] f (-e/-a) strength hahsunne [] adj, m pl very sinful hahsynn [] f (-e/-a) deadly sinn, crime hahtd [] f (-e/-e) holy day hahtimber [] m (-timbres/-timbras) lofty building hahtorr [] m (-es/-as) high mountain hahtrow [] f (-e/-a) solemn compact hahearf [] f (-e/-a) great need hahegen [] m (-es/-as) chief officer, captain; apostle; angel

hahegnung [] f (-e/-a) important function hahod [] f (-e/-a) great people hahra [] m (-n/-n) great affliction hahrymm2 [] m (-es/-as) great glory hahrymnes2 [] f (-se/-sa) great glory hahu2 see hehu hahungen [] adj of high rank, illustrious hahweg [] m (-es/-as) highway hahwofod [] n (-es/-) high altar hahweorc see hahgeweorc hahwita [] m (-n/-n) high councilor hahhyldest see haheald heal [] 1. see healh; 2. see heall hal see hl hal- see hlhala [] m (-n/-n) hydrocele healrn [] n (-es/-) hall-building healc see healoc heald [] 1. n (-es/-) keeping, custody, guard, protection; observance, observation, watch; protector, guardian; 2. adj sloping, inclined, bent healdan1 [] sv/t7, sv/i7 3rd pres helt past hold/on ptp gehealden to hold, contain, hold fast, grasp, retain, possess, inhabit; curb, restrain, compel, control, rule, reign; keep, guard, preserve, foster, cherish, defend; withhold, detain, lock up; maintain, uphold, support; regard, observe, fulfill, do, practice, satisfy, pay; take care; celebrate, hold (festival); sv/i7 hold out, last; proceed, go; treat, behave to, bear oneself; keep in mind; ongan ~ resist; t handa ~ to hold (land) of another; t lf stlce ~ to observe a course of life strictly; healdend [] m (-es/-) protector, guardian, ruler, king, lord, God; economical person healdiend [] m (-es/-) preserver healding [] f (-e/-a) keeping, observance healdnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) keeping, observance; guard, watch; office of a bishop healdsum [] adj careful healdsumnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) keeping, observance, devotion; custody, preservation; restraint, abstinence; continence, chastity halce see hahlce halede [] 1. adj suffering from hydrocele, ruptured; 2. see hlede healf [] 1. adj half; ridde ~, feowre ~, etc = two and a half, three and a half; 2. f (-e/-a) half; side; part; ~es hafdes ece migraine healfbrocen [] adj half-broken healfclmed [] adj half-plastered healfclungen [] adj half-congealed healfclypigende [] adj semi-vowel healfcucu [] adj half-dead healfcwic [] adj half-dead healfdad [] adj half-dead healfeald [] adj half-grown healfes hafdes ece [] m (-es/-as) migraine

healffers [] adj hemistich healffe [] adj lame healffro [] adj half-free healfgemet [] n (-es/-u) (those are wanting to the measure), the wantages, losses [diametra] healfgewriten [] adj half-written healfhr [] adj somewhat hoary healfhafod [] n (-hafdes/-u) front of the head healfhrh [] adj half-rough; see n~ healfhunding [] m (-es/-as) An ape with a dog's head; The dog-headed Anubis; A kind of wild man [cynocephalus] healfhundisc [] adj half-canine healfhwt [] adj somewhat white healfhd [] adj half a hide (of land) healfmann [] m (-es/-menn) half-man healfmarc [] n (-es/-) half a mark healfnacod [] adj half-naked healfpenigwur [] n (-es/-) halfpenny-worth healfrad [] adj reddish healfscyldig [] adj partially guilty healfsester [] m (-sestres/-sestras) half a sester (measure of bulk) [L sextarius] healfsinewealt [] adj semicircular healfslpende [] adj half-asleep healfsoden [] adj half-cooked healfter see hlfter healftryndel [] n (-tryndles/-tryndlu) hemisphere healfunga [] adv to a certain extent, partially, imperfectly healfweg [] m (-es/-as) half-way healfwudu [] m (-a/-a) field-balm healgamen [] m (-es/-as) social enjoyment healgian see halgian healh [] m (-es/halas) corner, nook, secret place; small hollow in a hill-side or slope healhihte [] adj having many angles halic [] adj high, elevated, exalted, lofty, sublime; deep, profound, intense; lordly, noble, great, illustrious, distinguished, notable, excellent; proud, haughty; egregious, heinous; adv ~lce highly, aloft; in or to high position or rank, loftily; intensely, very [see alic] halicnes [] f (-se/-sa) sublimity, majesty heall [] 1. f (-e/-a) hall, dwelling, house; palace, temple; law-court; 2. see healh; 3. rock heallic [] adj palatial heallraf [] n (-es/-) wall-tapestry heallreced [] n (-es/-) hall-building heallsittend2 [] m (-es/-) sitter-in-hall heallwhrift [] n (-es/-) wall-tapestry heallwudu [] m (-a/-a) woodwork of hall healm [] 1. m (-es/-as) haulm, stalk, straw, stubble; culmen, thatched roof?, harvest-land?; 2. see helm

healmstraw [] n (-es/-) stubble healoc [] m (-es/-as) cavity, sinuosity [also healc] healp [] past 3rd sing of helpan heals [] m (-es/-as) neck; prow of a ship hals- see hlshealsbag2 [] m (-es/-as) collar, necklace healsbeorg [] f (-e/-a) neck-armor healsbc [] f (-bc/-bc) Jewish aid to prayer; reminder; amulet [phylactery] healsbrynige [] f (-an/-an) corslet healsed [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) head-cloth; neck of a tunic healseta [] m (-n/-n) the neck of a tunic healsfst [] adj arrogant healsfang [] n (-es/-) fine prescribed in substitution for capital and other punishments, preferential share of the wergeld healsgang [] m (-es/-as) neck-tumor healsgebedda [] m (-n/-n) beloved bedfellow, wife healsgund [] m (-es/-as) neck-tumor healsian [] wv/t2 to entreate earnestly, beseech, implore [also hlsian] healsiendlic [] adj that may be intreated; imploring; adv ~lce importunately healsigendlic [] adj that may be intreated; imploring; adv ~lce importunately healsleer [] n (-es/-) reins healsmge [] f (-/-) beloved maid [singular ~mg(e), plural ~mg(e)] healsmyne [] m (-es/-as) necklace; neck-ornament [mene] healsme [] f (-an/-an) neck-tumor healsrefeer [] f (-e/-a) feathers of a pillow, down [see OHG halsare cervical] healsscod see healsed healstn [] m (-es/-as) small cake healswrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the neck healswria [] m (-n/-n) necklace healswyrt [] f (-e/-e) a plant, daffodil? healt [] adj halt, limping, lame healt- see healdhealtian [] wv/t2 to halt, limp; hesitate; fall away healegn2 [] m (-es/-as) hall-officer healwudu [] m (-a/-a) woodwork of hall ham see hah hamol [] adj, adv miserly hamul [] adj, adv miserly hamolscipe [] m (-es/-as) miserliness han [] 1. adj lowly, despised, poor, mean, bare, abject; adv ~e; 2. see hah; 3. 1 wv/t1b 3rd pres ha past hade ptp had to raise, exalt, extol; see hen, hn hanes [] f (-se/-sa) highness; something high, high place, height; on ~sum in the highest, in excelsis; excellence, sublimity; high rank; deep place hanlic [] adj abject, poor; adv ~lce hanmd2 [] adj downcast, depressed, sad hannes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) treading down; 2. see hanes

hanspedig [] adj poor hap [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) (of things) heap; host, crowd, assembly, company, troop, band; on ~e together; forloren ~ ruined troop hapian1 [] wv/t2 to heap up, collect, bring together, accumulate hapmlum [] adv by companies, in troops, flocks hapum [] adv in heaps, in troops hapung [] f (-e/-a) heap hear- see heorheard [] 1. adj hard, harsh, severe, stern, cruel (things and persons); strong, intense, vigorous, violent; hardy, bold; resistant; 2. n (-es/-) hard object heardcwide [] m (-es/-as) harsh speech, abuse (or hearmcwide?) hearde [] adv hard, hardly, firmly, very severely, strictly, vehemently; exceedingly, greatly; painfully, grievously heardecg [] 1. 2 adj sharp of edge; 2. f (-e/-a) sword heardhara [] m (-n/-n) a fish, mullet? [also heardra] heardhaw [] n (-es/-) chisel heardheort [] adj hard-hearted; stubborn heardheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) hard-heartedness heardhicgende2 [] adj brave heardhende [] adj ravaging heardian1 [] wv/i2 to be or become hard; harden hearding2 [] m (-es/-as) bold man, hero heardlic [] adj stern, severe, harsh, terrible; bold, warlike; excessive; adv ~lce harshly, resolutely, severely, sternly; stoutly, bravely; excessively; hardly (paulatim, tractim) heardlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) austerity heardmd [] adj brave, bold, over-confident; obstinate heardmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) obstinacy heardnebba [] m (-n/-n) raven heardnes [] f (-se/-sa) hardness heardra see heardhara heardrd [] adj firm, constant heardslig [] adj unfortunate, unhappy heardslnes [] f (-se/-sa) calamity heardsl [] f (-e/-a) hard lot, calamity, unhappiness; misconduct, wickedness heardung [] f (-e/-a) hardening heardwendlce [] adv strictly hearg [] m (-a/-a) temple, altar, sanctuary, idol; grove hearga [] m (-n/-n) temple, altar, sanctuary, idol; grove heargeard [] m (-a/-a) dwelling in the woods hearglic [] adj idolatrous heargtrf [] n (-es/-trafu) idol-temple heargweard [] m (-es/-as) temple-warden, priest hearh see hearg hearm [] 1. m (-es/-as) damage, harm, injury, evil, affliction; grief, pain; insult, calumny; 2. adj harmful, malignant, evil harm see hram

hearma [] m (-n/-n) mouse?, weasel? [OHG harmo] netila = nitella, dormouse hearmascinnen [] adj made of ermine hearmberg [] m (-es/-as) mound of calamity hearmcwalu [] f (-e/-a) great suffering hearmcweodelian see hearmcwidolian hearmcwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres hearmcwie past hearmcw/hearmcwdon ptp hearmcweden to speak evil of, revile hearmcweend [] m (-es/-) slanderer hearmcwiddian [] wv/t2 to calumniate hearmcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) calumny, blasphemy; heavy sentence, curse hearmcwidol [] adj evil-speaking, slanderous hearmcwidolian [] wv/t2 to speak evil, slander hearmcwidolnes [] f (-se/-sa) slander hearmedwt [] n (-es/-) grievous reproach hearmful [] adj hurtful, noxious hearmgeorn see un~ hearmian [] wv/t2 to harm, injure hearmlo2 [] n (-es/-) elegy, lamentation hearmlic [] adj harmful, grievous hearmloca2 [] m (-n/-n) prison; hell hearmplega [] m (-n/-n) fight, strife hearmscaa [] m (-n/-n) terrible enemy hearmscearu2 [] f (-e/-a) affliction, punishment, penalty [sceran] hearmslege [] m (-es/-as) grievous blow hearmsprc [] f (-e/-a) calumny hearmstf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) harm, sorrow, tribulation hearmtn [] m (-es/-as) shoot of sorrow hearpe [] f (-an/-an) harp hearpengel [] m (-ngles/-nglas) A little stick with which the player struck the chords of a stringed instrument, a quill, plectrum; a lyre or lute; also a lyric poem; A helm, rudder [plectrum] hearpere [] m (-es/-as) harper hearpestre [] f (-an/-an) (female) harper hearpestreng [] m (-es/-as) harp-string hearpian [] wv/t2 to harp hearplic [] adj of a harp hearpngel see hearpengel hearpsang [] m (-es/-as) psalm hearpslege [] m (-es/-as) plectrum (instrument for striking the harp); harp-playing hearpswg [] m (-es/-as) sound of the harp hearpung [] f (-e/-a) harping hearra [] 1. 2 m (-n/-n) lord, master; 2. see heorr harra see hahra [cmp of hah] hearstepanne see hierstepanne harsum see hiersum

[] m (-es/-as) the letter i a see ga a [] adv yea acessre see gacessre acinctus [] m (-es/-as) jacinth [L hyacinthus] (1) acintus [] m (-es/-as) jacinth [L hyacinthus] (2) agul see gagl Ianuarius [] m (-es/-as) January iara see gearu iarwan see gierwan b- see fic [] pron I; gen mn; dat m; acc mc; [Ger ich] can see ecan cean see ecan ce see ce cend [] m (-es/-) a promoter, producer, father, progenitor, one who increases or augments [auctor] [ecan] Icenhilde strt [] f (-e/-a) the old road running from the coast of Norfolk through Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire, thus connecting the east with southeast Britain Icenhilde weg [] m (-es/-as) the old road running from the coast of Norfolk through Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire, thus connecting the east with southeast Britain cestre [] f (-an/-an) a promoter, producer, mother, progenitor, one who increases or augments [auctrix] icge [] feminine suffix a suffix of nouns denoting a female agent: cennicge, hunticge icge [] ? only in phrase ~ gold treasure-gold?, rich gold?; variant of ce-gold, gold given in addition on the occasion of a solemn reconciliation Iclingas [] m pl the name of a Mercian family to which St. Guthlac belonged Iclingtn [] m (-es/-as) Ickleton in CAmbridgeshire? dges [] adv on the same day del [] 1. adj 1. empty; (1) of places, unoccupied, without inhabitants; (2) of persons, not having anything, empty-handed; (a) in respect to material things; (b) in respect to non-material things; (c) without food (fig.); (1a) empty, desolate, bare, void, destitute, devoid (of), not possessing; devoid of something, destitute of; (a) w.g.; (b) w.i. unprovided with; 2. of actions, feelings, thoughts, words, etc., void of worth or usefulness, vain, ineffective, frivolous, worthless, useless; 2a. of persons; idle, unemployed; (a) in respect to their actions, useless, ineffective, unprofitable, worthless; (b) with regard to thought, words, etc., foolish, without intelligence; 3. of things, useless, having no useful effect, serving no useful purpose, superfluous, worthless, to no purpose; 4. idle, doing nothing del [] n (dles/-) 1. emptiness, frivolity, idleness; vanity, futility; inattention, carelessness; 2. that which is useless, vain, or frivolous; on ~ (1) in vain, to no purpose; (2) without cause; ne dwela on del be not deceived without cause; delbliss [] f (-e/-a) vain joy delgeorn [] adj slothful, idle; useless; fond of idleness, lazy, inert; frivolous, useless, unprofitable

delgielp [] n (-es/-) empty boasting, vain glory, arrogance delgield [] n (-es/-) vain worship, idolatry delgieldoffrung [] f (-e/-a) an offering to an idol delhende [] adj empty-handed, empty delinga [] adv? in a silly manner, triflingly [frivola] dellic [] adj vain, idle, useless; adv ~lce in vain, to no purpose; without cause dellust [] m (-es/-as) vain desire delnes [] f (-se/-sa) frivolity, vanity, emptiness, falseness; idleness, vain existence; uselessness, futility, worthlessness; a worthless, useless thing, a vanity; superstition, a vain, false religion; lack of result, ineffectiveness; idleness, lack of energy; in/on ~se in vain delsprce see fela~ delung [] f (-e/-a) a worthless or trifling thing ides [] f (-e/-a) virgin; 2 woman, wife, lady, queen; [it is a word little used except in poetry, and it is supposed by Grimm to have been applied, in the earliest times, like the Greek numf, to superhuman beings, occupying a position between goddesses and mere women] idge see igde, ecgede edged? idig [] adj busy?, active?; greedy for?, desirous of? disc [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) property, household stuff dl- see del dlian1 [] wv/t2 to become empty or useless, to be or become empty, be unoccupied; profane sacred things, to render worthless; to become vain or idle, come to naught, to make vain or empty, render nugatory dol [] n (-es/-) idol [L] e see a; gen, dat of a ecan1 [iechan] wv/t1b 3rd pres ec past ecte/hte ptp geect/geht to eke, increase, enlarge, add to w.d. or prep (with the idea of supplementing or completing w.d. or mid w.d.; with the idea of
increase or augmentation; or by way of supplementing or completing (w.d. or mid w.d. the material of addition)), augment, prolong; fulfill, carry out [ac]; [to increase with (a) w.d.; (b) mid

w.d.] ecend [] m (-es/-) a promoter, producer, father, progenitor, one who increases or augments [auctor] [ecan] ecestre [] f (-an/-an) a promoter, producer, mother, progenitor, one who increases or augments [auctrix] ecinctus see acinctus ecessre see gacessre eg [] f (-e/-a) island egbend [] m (-es/-) islander, a dweller on an island egbende [] adj dwelling in an island egland [] n (-es/-) island egstram2 [] m (-es/-as) current, river, sea ehtan see htan ielc- see ilcield see ieldu

ieldan1 [] wv/t1b to delay, put off, prolong, hesitate, tarry, postpone, procrastinate, delay the notice of anything w.a., w.clause., w. dat. infin.; connive at, dissimulate [eald]; to decay with age; ieldcian see elcian ielde2 [] m pl men ielden [] n (-es/-) delay; ielden [] f (-ne/-na) delay, deferring, putting off ieldend [] m (-es/-) one who delays, delayer ieldendlic [] adj dilatory, tardy ieldest [] adj eldest, chief, principal, greatest, as oldest might be supposed best fitted to fill the highest positions, the word gets this meaning; eldest, oldest [spl of eald]; ieldesta [] m (-n/-n) chief ieldful [] adj dilatory, delaying, causing much delay, dilatory ieldian [] wv/t2 to put off, delay, defer ielding [] f (-e/-a) delay, tarrying, putting off, deferring, prolonging, delaying the notice of anything, connivance; dissimulation ieldo see ieldu ieldra [] 1. adj older, elder, grand (in grand-father, -mother, etc.); of greater age; a. of parents in contrast with children; b. where persons of the same name are distinguished by age, elder, senior; 2. where difference of date is marked, earlier, former in contrast with present; qualifying terms of relationship in direct ascent, grand-, great-[great-] grand-; 3. belonging to an earlier time; 4. denoting position, rank, greater, superior, elder; 5. pl noun parents, ancestors ieldra [] m (-n/-n) of relationship, a parent, ancestor, father, forefather, predecessor, elder; the singular rarely occurs; in pl, more or less distant kinsfolk of a person in direct ascent; of an animal; ancestors, fathers of a people; of position, rank, etc., a superior, noble ieldrafder [] m (-/-) grandfather ieldu [] f (-e/-a) age, period of time, one of the six ages of the world; period; age, time of life, years; mature or old age, old; age, old age, old people, chief people; an age of the world; [eald] ielf see lf imung see gmung ierd see gierd ierf- see yrfierfa [] m (-n/-n) heir [erba] ierfan [] wv/t1b to inherit; leave (by will); honor with a funeral feast ierfe [] n (-es/-u) heritage, bequest, inheritance, property; inherited property, property that passes to an heir; cattle, livestock; [Ger erbe]; on ce ~ in perpetuity ierfebc [] f pl a will, testament ierfefirst [] m (-es/-as) a delay before entering upon an inheritance, legal formality or delay before entering on an inheritance ierfeflit [] n (-es/-fliotu) a dispute about an inheritance ierfegedl [] n (-es/-) a division of an inheritance or property ierfegeflit [] n (-es/-fliotu) a dispute about inheritance ierfegewrit [] n (-es/-wriotu) writing concerning an inheritance, a will, testament, charter ierfehand [] f (-a/-a) natural successor, one who manages the estate of a deceased person, an administrator

ierfelf [] f (-e/-a) a hereditary relic, heirloom, what is left of an inheritance, inheritance, heir; bequest, inheritance ierfeland [] n (-es/-) inherited land, land that passes as an inheritance, heritable land ierfenama see ierfenuma ierfenuma [] m (-n/-n) heir, successor, one who takes an inheritance ierfestl2 [] m (-es/-as) hereditary seat, throne ierfeweard [] m (-es/-as) the guardian of an inheritance, an heir, possessor of a property, heir, son ierfeweardian1 [] wv/t2 to inherit, possess an inheritance ierfeweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) an inheritance, heritage ierfeweardwrtere [] m (-es/-as) one who specifies his heir in writing, a testator, willwriter ierfewrtend [] m (-es/-) will writer, testator, one who writes concerning the disposition of his property, one who makes a will ierfian [] wv/t2 to inherit, possess; ge~ to stock with cattle iergan [] wv/t1b to dishearten, dismay [earg] ierg [] f (-e/-a) remissness, sluggishness, sloth, cowardice, timorousness, pusillanimity [earg] (1) iergu [] f (-e/-a) remissness, sluggishness, sloth, cowardice, timorousness, pusillanimity [earg] (2) ierlic [] adj angry, vehement ierman1 [] wv/t1b to harass, vex, afflict, make miserable or wretched [earm] iermen- see eormenierming [] m (-es/-as) person of no account, poor wretch, a poor, mean, wretched, miserable person, a wretch ierm [] f (-e/-a) misery, wretchedness, calamity, distress, disorder, poverty, destitution, penury; in a moral sense, badness; disease; crime; reproach [earm] iermu [] f (-e/-a) misery, wretchedness, calamity, distress, disorder, poverty, destitution, penury; in a moral sense, badness; disease; crime; reproach [earm] iernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres iern past arn/urnon ptp is geurnen 1. of persons or animals, (1) to run, move quickly, move rapidly, hasten; (1a) figurative; (2) to go about freely, without check or restraint; (2a) figurative; (3) with an idea of violence, attack; (4) to run to shelter, fig. to have recourse to, resort to; (5) of a course of action; (6) to run for a prize; 2. of things, (1) of the heavenly bodies, clouds, etc., to move rapidly through space; (2) of a vessel or those on it; (3) to spread quickly; his word iern wundrum snome his word spreads quickly wonderfully at once; (4) of thoughts; m arn t gemynde oft it often occurred to me; ~ t gemynde w.d. person to occur to s.o.; (5) of a plant, to grow rapidly; (6) of machinery (a mill or millstone); to cause to move rapidly, turn, grind; 3. of a liquid or moist substance, sand, etc.; (1) to flow; (1a) of the action of a purgative or emetic draught; (2) where liquid is discharged from a receptacle, to flow with a liquid; gif man bld t ierne if one flows out blood; (3) to discharge a liquid; 4. of time, to pass, elapse; B. sv/t3 to follow a course, way; ic arn one weg I followed the way; to pursue; ge~ get to, attain, meet with; ge~ occur (to ones mind); ge~ to coagulate; ge~ to grow up; ~ nier andlang w.g. to run down s.t.; iernes [] f (-se/-sa) anger ierning [] f (-e/-a) discharge, flow; a running, flux; a course

ierre [] 1. adj wandering, gone astray, confused, erring, perverse, depraved; angry, enraged, fierce, wrathful, indignant; angry with w.d.; 2. n (-es/-u) anger, wrath, ire, rage ierremd [] adj wrathful, wild, of angry mood, angry-minded ierrenga [] adv angrily, fiercely, in anger erreweorh [] adj very angry, having the mind perverted by rage ierreweorc [] n (-es/-) a work undertaken in anger ierscipe [] m (-es/-as) anger iersian1 [] wv/t2 to be angry with, rage w.d., ~ wi w.a.; wv/i2 to be angry, rage; enrage, irritate, make angry, anger, provoke iersigendlic [] adj passionate, emotional, capable of anger iersung [] f (-e/-a) anger, readiness to anger, irascibility ier- see eor-, yriesca see geocsa iesend [] ? (-?/-?) entrails iesende [] ? (-?/-?) entrails iete pres 3rd sing of etan e [] adv easily [in compounds, =a]; comparative of a ean [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ee past ede ptp geeed to lay waste, desolate, destroy ee [] 1. adj easy, good-natured, pleasant, not troublesome; easy, not difficult to do; of 2 persons, not exacting, not harsh; 2. adj barren, waste, desolate eegean see gian eelic [] adj easy, easy to do; of a material object, moderate sized, of moderate size, inconsiderable, slight; adv ~lce easily eest [] adv most easily egeorn [] adj pleasant, gracious, amiable enes [] f (-se/-sa) ease, pleasure, easiness, freedom, satisfaction, delight eost [] adv most easily erung [] f (-e/-a) amelioration, a making easier etogen [] adj easily brought about, easily deferred ewan1 [] wv/t1b to show, display, reveal, disclose, bring before the eyes, point out [age; owan] fe? [] ? (-?/-?) a kind of plant fegn see fig fig [] n (-es/-) ivy figbearu [] m (-wes/-was) ivy-grove, a grove of ivy-covered trees figcrop [] m (-es/-as) cluster of ivy berries figcroppa [] m (-n/-n) cluster of ivy berries figlaf [] n (-es/-) ivy-leaf figrind [] f (-e/-a) ivy-bark, bark of ivy figtaru [] n (-wes/-) ivy-tar, resin from tar, gum that comes from ivy when it is cut (2) figtearu [] n (-wes/-) ivy-tar, resin from tar, gum that comes from ivy when it is cut (1) figtwig [] n (-es/-u, -twiogu) ivy-twig fiht [] adj ivy-covered ig see ic ig [] adj suffix adjective suffix denoting possession of an object denoted by the stem, used in the formation of adjectives, and represented in modern English y; mdig, meahtig

g see eg gbend see egbuend igdges see dges igel see l geo [] m (-es/-as) ait, eyot, islet, small island [eg] (3) igg see eg igga [] m (-es/-as) ait, eyot, islet, small island [eg] (1) iggo [] m (-es/-as) ait, eyot, islet, small island [eg] (2) igil see l igl see l go [] m (-es/-as) ait, eyot, islet, small island [eg] (4) gland see egland go see igga g see igga ih see ic iht [] adj suffix an adjective suffix having much the same meaning as ig, or as the Latin osus ht [] f (-e/-a) increase; der ecan hte past 3rd sing of ecan Ii [] f? (-?/-?) Iona, an island l [] m (-es/-as) hedgehog, porcupine, an urchin land see egland ilca1 [] wk pron the same; occurs as a rule in the weak declension, but for strong forms, see n; ilce [] adv see sw ilce [] adv in the same way ild- see ieldile [] m (-es/-as) sole of the foot; callosity, corn, hard skin (such as comes on the sole of the foot?) [Ger eilen] ilfetu [] f (-e/-a) swan ilfete [] f (-an/-an) swan ilfette [] f (-an/-an) swan ill [] n see ile illca see ilca illeracu [] f (-e/-a) surfeit ilnetu see ilfetu ilugsecg see eolhsecg imb- see ymbimberdling see inbyrdling imbyrdling see inbyrdling impa? [] m (-n/-n) graft, shoot, scion impe? [] f (-an/-an) graft, shoot, scion impian [] wv/t2 to imp, implant, graft; ge~ busy oneself with in [] 1. A. prep w.d.i. of position or location in, on; within any place or thing; (1a.) where a place is defined by a characteristic; (1b.) with proper names of countries, towns, etc.; in Breotene in Britain; (2.) of position; (a) on; es wudu lige on eoran this forest lieth on earth; (b) at; in fruman s epistles at the beginning of the letter; (3.) with collectives, (a) as singular, in; in owrum cynne in your

race; (b) as plural, or with plurals, among; in rymmum among hosts of people; (4.) defining a particular part of anything in which it is affected; gif man bi in eaxle wund if one is wounded in the shoulder; (5.) expressing relation to that which covers, clothes, etc.; prost clnsie hine in his hlgum hrgle a priest may cleanse himself in his holy vestment; (6.) marking a whole where the parts forming it are stated; re sind in naman rihte rnstafas three are correctly in name runestaves; (7.) in a book, in a company, where the subject matter of a book, or a member of a company, is referred to; his wundor is ced in bcum his wonder is known in books; (8.) with non-physical objects considered as having extension or content; h herede in heortan he praised in heart; 2. of a situation, condition, occupation, form, etc.; (1) of situation, kind of position; in lge sr wanian to diminish pain in fire; (1a) situation expressed by material instruments, in bonds, set in silver, etc.; (1b) situation as to light, darkness, etc., and atmospherical environment; in strum in darkness; (1c) situation within the range of sensuous observation or the sphere of action of another, in the sight, hearing, power, etc.; in geshe in the sight; (2) of condition or state; ic sceal in wte bdan I shall stay in punishment; (2a) with concrete substantive; in lchaman; (3) of occupation; h lifa in leahtrum he lives in sins; (3a) in the act or process of; man gef in cape one takes in the act of purchasing; (4) of form, order, etc.; in wfhda in womanhood; (5) of manner in speech or writing; t re ceastre, e in Englisc is gehten to the city, which is called in English; (6) of means or instrumentality, with; in prostes canne with the priests cognizance; (7) of measure, within; in 6 manna sibfce within a degree of affinity of 6 men; (8) expressing object, aim, purpose, etc.; befenge in sundorgiefe you contain a special gift; (9) expressing reference or relation to something, in reference or regard to, in the case or matter of; u in rce oferstgest you overcome in reference to the kingdom; 3. with special forces, (1) belonging to as an attribute; ne ic onfunde culpan in I didnt find sins in you; (2) partaking in, associating in; hbbe h nne mid in e he may have one along partaking in an oath; (3) of representative character, in the name of; in Cristes naman in the name of Christ; 4. expressing relation, (1) of the action of a verb to an indirect object, to rejoice in, etc.; ge gefo in firenum ye persecute in sin; (2) of an adjective (or participle) to some department to which its qualification is limited; snottor in sefan wise in spirit; dor in ddum brave in deeds; (3) of substantive to a certain sphere; geofu in godcundum mgne giving in religious power; 5. temporal, (1) within the limits of a period or space of time; in rdagum in earlier days; (1a) with substantives implying time; in geogoe in youth; (2) of a limit of time, within the space of; tweard in tde approaching within the space of an hour; (3) where other prepositions or none are now more usual; (a) on; one dg in m so hlige rd gemted ws the day on which the holy cross was measured; (b) during; ic one dman in mnum dagum wille weorian I want to praise the judge during my days; (ba) with words implying time; ic one dman wille lufian in lfe I want to love the judge during life; (c) where no preposition should be used; B. w.a. 1. of motion, (1) after verbs of coming, going, bringing, putting, sending, etc.; (a) where a material object moves to a position; gif man in tn iern if one runs into town; (1a) with innan; engel in one ofn innan becm an angel came into the oven; (b) where the subject of the verb is non-material; o t wintra rm geg in geogoe t se gst lufa onsen ieldran hda until years come upon youth (until a man gets older), so that the spirit loves the appearance of an older state; (2) after verbs in which the idea of motion is not explicitly expressed; he feor onan in s dadene drohta shton they sought condition far thence into the valley of death; in figurative expressions; (2a) with verbs expressing birth or creation; u fram mnre dohtor onwce in middangeard you were born in earth from my daughter; (2b) with collectives, expressing entrance or admission to membership; (3) in reference to non-physical regions; 2. of situation or position, condition or state, (1) of situation; (a) into the embrace, clutch, etc. (lit. or fig.); in gramra gripe into a cruel grip; (b) into the power, possession, care of, into the right; in fonda geweald into the power of enemies; (2) in reference to state or condition; in lf onwcnan to awaken in life; (3) introducing that into which anything turns or is made;

he setton m in edwit they put me into shame; (3a) introducing the condition or result brought about by some action; (3b) of exchange; to turn into money, sell for money; his frond in gold (on gold, wi goldes) bebycgan to sell his friend for money; (4) introducing parts produced by division; ws tdled in tu was divided in two; 3. of direction without motion of the agent; 4. expressing the relation, (1) of a verb to some direct object, to believe in, trust in; ic gelefe in lffruman I believe in the source of life (God); (1a) corresponding verbal nouns have a similar construction; (1b) where a verbal noun with another verb is equivalent to a simple verb in (1); Glc sette hyht in heofenas Guthlac set hope in heavens; 5. temporal, (1) within the limits of a space of time; in Lencten within Lent; (1a) with other substantives implying time; in restan ieldu in the earliest age; (1b) with processes occupying time; in fsten in fasting; (2) of a limit of time, before or at the expiration of, within the space of; in ne td within an hour; (3) where other prepositions or none are now more usual; (a) at; in td at that time; (b) on; in one hlgan fen on that holy eve; (c) during; in hira lfes td in her lifes time; (d) without preposition; in ealle td all the time

in- see on-, inninberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres inbir past inbr/inbron ptp inboren to bring in indl [] f (-e/-a) internal disease ingn see ingn insendan [] wv/t1b to send in inwrittung [] f (-e/-a) inscription inlan see onlan inbrnednes [] f (-se/-sa) burning, incense, frankincense inbrnes [] f (-se/-sa) burning, incense, frankincense inbecwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres inbecwie past inbecw/inbecwdon ptp inbecweden to inculcate inbeldan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres inbelde past inbeldde ptp inbelded to lead or bring in, introduce inbelcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres inbelc past inbelac/inbelucon ptp inbelocen to shut inbend [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) internal bond inbodan see onbodan inber- see on-, in-byrinberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres inbir past inbr/inbron ptp inboren to carry in, bring in inbernes see inbrnes inbeslan [] sv/t6 3rd pres inbeslieh past inbeslg/on ptp inbeslagen to hack into (any one) inbestingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres inbesting past inbestang/inbestungon ptp inbestungen to penetrate, pierce, make a thrust which enters but does not go quite through inbetnednes [] f (-se/-sa) life of a recluse, inclusion, shutting in, confinement inbewindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres inbewinde past inbewand/inbewundon ptp inbewunden to enfold, enwrap, wrap up inbewron [] sv/t1 3rd pres bewreh past bewrh/bewrigon ptp bewrigen to cover up inbiernan see onbiernan inbindan see onbindan inbirdling see inbyrdling inblwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres inblw past inblow/on ptp inblwen to inspire, breathe upon; inflate, puff up inboden [] adj proclaimed [onbodan] inbolgen [] adj exasperated inboren [] adj indigenous, native; participle

inborh [] m (-bres/-bras) bail, security in cases of theft, a security required in cases where property had been stolen inbrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres inbric past inbrc/inbrcon ptp inbrocen/inbrecen to break into inbrengan [] irreg wv/t1b to bring in, present inbringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres inbring past inbrhte ptp inbrht to bring in or to, present inbryne [] m (-es/-as) conflagration, a fire, burning inbryrd- see onbryrdinban1 [] irreg v/t 3rd pres inbe past inbde ptp inben, inbn to inhabit inbend [] m (-es/-) inhabitant, native inburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) hall, vestibule; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] inburgfst [] adj stationed in a hall inburh [] f (-byrg/-byrg) hall, vestibule; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] inbyrde [] adj born on the estate, born in a masters house inbyrdling [] m (-es/-as) slave born in a masters house; native inbyrne see inbryne inbyr pres 3rd sing of inberan inc [] dat pron to/for you two; dative dual pronoun of git; bm ~ to both of you; gen incer; acc incit inca [] m (-n/-n) question, scruple, suspicion, doubt, cause of complaint, offence, ill-will or fear; occasion, opportunity; grievance, quarrel, grudge; ~n witan (t) to have a grudge (against) incaode see ingeode ince see ynce incel [] neuter diminutive suffix (-incles/-inclu) scipincel little ship incempa [] m (-n/-n) soldier of the same company; a member of a household capable of bearing arms incer [] 1. gen dual pron you twos, of or belonging to you two; genitive dual pronoun of git; 2. adj pron of or belonging to both of you; gehwer ~ either of you incga see inca incegan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres incg past incgde ptp incgd to call upon incegung [] f (-e/-a) invocation incierran see oncierran incit [] dual pron you two; accusative dual pronoun of git incleofe [] f (-an/-an) chamber, closet, inner chamber, bed-chamber; cave, den incniht [] m (-es/-as) household servant, a servant in a house, household, or domestic servant incofa [] m (-n/-n) inner chamber; heart, chest (metaph.) incou [] f (-e/-a) internal disease incuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres incym past incm/on ptp is incumen to come in, go into, enter incund [] adj interior, internal, inward, secret, intimate; physical, of the inner part of the body; non-physical, in reference to mind, feeling, spirit, (1) denoting earnestness, sincerity; he offrede his lc mid incundre heortan he offered his gift with earnest desire; (2) of deep feeling, coming from the heart; (3) of the inward parts, of spiritual nature; adv ~lce from the heart, with deep feeling

incundnes [] f (-se/-sa) inward conviction, sincerity; inward part, recess, an inner part; feeling that comes from the heart, heartiness, earnestness inc [] adj strange, extraordinary; wicked, not friendly, grievous; adv ~lce grievously, sorely incyme [] m (-es/-as) entrance, in-coming indlan [] wv/t1b to infuse, impart Indea [] f (-n/-n) India Indas [] m pl Indians India [] f (-n/-n) India indegelnes [] f (-se/-sa) hiding-place, a secret place Indisc [] adj Indian; noun an Indian; on ~ in Indian language indrencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres indrenc past indrencte ptp indrenced to steep, saturate, soak, inebriate; fill to overflowing [= ondrencan] indrfan [] sv/t1 3rd pres indrf past indrf/indrifon ptp indrifen to ejaculate, utter, impel, send forth indrihtan see indryhten indrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres indrinc past indranc/indruncon ptp indruncen to imbibe, drink; indruncen plied with drink indruncen [] adj plied with drink indryhten [] adj distinguished, noble, courtly, excellent, befitting one who belongs to a kings bodyguard indryhtu2 [] f (-e/-a) honor, glory, nobleness indyppan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres indype past indypte ptp indyped to dip in, immerse Ine [] m (-es/-as) Ine, king of the West Saxons from 688 AD to 726. The laws of Ine are given in Thorpes Ancient Laws and Institutes of England. ineardian [] wv/t2 to dwell in, inhabit ineardiend [] m (-es/-) an inhabitant inddisc [] n (-es/-) household stuff, furniture [ddisc] inelfe see innelfe inerfe see innierfe inung [] f (-e/-a) inspiration, breathing [gung] infangeneof [] noun (-?/-?) right of judging thieves caught within the limits of ones jurisdiction, and of taking the fines for the crime; the right to judge ones own thief when taken within the jurisdiction, and the privilege consequent upon that jurisdiction, viz. the receiving of the mullet, or money-payment for the crime (1) infangenf [] noun (-?/-?) right of judging thieves caught within the limits of ones jurisdiction, and of taking the fines for the crime; the right to judge ones own thief when taken within the jurisdiction, and the privilege consequent upon that jurisdiction, viz. the receiving of the mullet, or money-payment for the crime (2) infaran [] 1. sv/t6 3rd pres infr past infr/on ptp infaren to go into, enter; 2. see innefaran infaru [] f (-e/-a) incursion, inroad, invasion, march into a country infr [] n (-es/-faru) ingress, entrance, a way by which a place is entered; a going into a place; entry, admission, right or permission to enter infreld [] n (-es/-) in-coming, entrance, admission, an entry, a place or way by which one enters, a vestibule; interior; vestibule; right or permission to enter infeallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres infiel past infoll/on ptp is infeallen to fall in

infeccan [] wvt/1a to fetch in infran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres infre past infrde ptp infred to enter, enter in infiht [] n (-es/-) brawl in a house, an attack made upon a person by one inhabiting the same dwelling: it was a breach of the peace for which a fine had to be paid to the head of the house if he were competent to exercise jurisdiction infindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres infinde past infand/infundon ptp infunden to find, discover inflscnes [] f (-se/-sa) incarnation inflde2 [] adj full of water (of a stream) inflon [] sv/t2 3rd pres infleh past inflah/influgon ptp inflogen to fly from inforltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres inforlte past inforlt/on, inforleort/on ptp inforlten to let in infster [] n (-es/-) bringing up, rearing, breeding, breeding on ones own farm, rearing from ones own stock infrd2 [] adj very aged, very old, experienced, wise ing [] 1. m (-es/-as) name of the rune for ng; 2. see ging, geong; 3. see inn ing [] masculine suffix 1. patronymic, denoting the son of another; a rather extended use of the suffix is found in the names of families or peoples, who are regarded as descendants of a common ancestor, and traces of this use remain in many place-names in England; Seth Adaming Seth, son of Adam; 2. forms nouns from adjectives, as in earming, lytling (originally patronymic) ing [] f (-e/-a) a meadow, an ing (in the dialects of the north and east) ingn [ingan] irrev v/t to go in, enter ingang [ingang] m (-es/-as) ingress, entrance, entry, a place or way by which one enters, a doorway, vestibule, access, beginning; entrance-fee; an entering, going-into; an entering upon action, a beginning, first step; right or permission to enter, (1) the right of a person to enter and remain in a place, (2) admission to a religious house as one of its members; inbegerigan see onbyrgan ingangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ingeng past ingong/on ptp ingangen to go in, enter ingebed [] n (-es/-gebeodu) hearty, earnest prayer; (from the Latin intret, the in might be from the verb) ingebringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ingebring past ingebrhte ptp ingebrht to bring in [listed as sv/t3] ingecegan [] wv/t1b to call upon, invoke, appeal to [invocare] (1) ingedn [] irreg v/t to put in ingedrincan see indrincan ingefeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ingefiel past ingefoll/on ptp ingefeallen to point out, indicate, inform, show, declare, disclose, make known, reveal, betray; to declare publicly, proclaim, publish, announce, appoint [indicere] ingefeoht [] n (-es/-) internal or civil war ingefolc [] n (-es/-) native race ingehrif [] n (-es/-u, -hriofu) womb ingehygd [] f (-e/-a) consciousness, thought, thoughts, mind, conscience, sense, knowledge, understanding; meaning, import, intention, intent, purpose, design; course of life; cwean mid issum ~e to speak to this effect ingehd see ingehygd ingehd see ingehygd ingehygdnes [] f (-se/-sa) intention, purpose

ingeldan see inldan ingelaian [] wv/t2 to invite ingemang see ongemang prep ingemynd2 [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) recollection, memory, mind, remembrance ingemynde [] adj well-remembered, recollected, remembered, in mind, in memory ingenga [] m (-n/-n) visitor, intruder, aggressor, invader ingeongan see ingangan ingotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ingete past ingat/inguton ptp ingoten to pour in, fill ingotung [] f (-e/-a) a pouring-in, purification ingercan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ingerc past ingerhte/ingerhte ptp ingerht to give (something) in (to somebody) ingerec [] n (-es/-u, -gereocu) broil, tumult ingerif see ingehrif ingeseted [] adj placed in, inserted ingesteald [] n (-es/-) household goods ingeswell [] n (-es/-) internal swelling ingeanc [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) thought, thinking, cogitation, intent, mind, heart, conscience, intention, purpose; the seat of thought, intellect, mind, heart, spirit, breast ingeod2 [] f (-e/-a) nation ingeode [] f pl peoples, nations ingeht [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) conscience ingeweaxen [] adj implanted, ingrown ingewinn [] n (-es/-) civil war, an intestine struggle ingewitnes [] f (-se/-sa) consciousness, conscience, knowledge, knowing ingong see ingang Ingwine [] m pl a name of the Danes ingyte [] m (-es/-as) pouring in, infusion, inspiration [gotan] inhtan [] wv/t1b to inflame inheald [] adj in bas-relief, embossed, scraped here and there, worked in low relief, sloping inwards [interrasilis] inhebban see onhebban inheldan see onhieldan inheord [] f (-e/-a) herd kept by the lord on his lands and belonging to him inhere see innhere inhernes [] f (-se/-sa) a belonging to anyone inhgan [] noun pl members of a household or community or convent, servants, domestics (2) inhred [] m (-es/-as) family, household, house inhredmann [] m (-es/-menn) a member of a retinue or body-guard inhwan [] noun pl members of a household or community or convent, servants, domestics (1) inhold [] adj loyal at heart, thoroughly loyal, loyal from the heart inhrnes [] f (-se/-sa) possession indisc [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) household furniture inilfe see innylfe ininnan see oninnan

inirfe see innierfe inld [] f (-e/-a) toll on goods carried into market; entrance-fee; a way in, a bringing in, introduction inlagian1 [] wv/t2 to reverse sentence of outlawry, to restore an outlaw to the protection of the law inland [] n (-es/-) land in the lords own occupation in contradistinction to tland, signifying land granted out for services; domain, demesne inlaian [] wv/t2 to invite inlaigend [] m (-es/-) inviter inldan [] wv/t1b to lead in, bring in, introduce, conduct, lead up, bring forward [inducere], to introduce inlnd- see inlendinltan [] sv/t7 3rd pres inlte past inlt/on, inleort/on ptp inlten to let in inlec see inlic inlgan see onlegan inlhtan see inlhtan inlenda [] m (-n/-n) native inlende [] adj native, indigenous inlendisc [] adj native, indigenous inlendiscnes [] f (-se/-sa) habitation inlohtan see inlhtan inlic [] adj internal, interior, inward; native; adv ~lce inwardly, internally; thoroughly, sincerely, heartily inlchamung [] f (-e/-a) incarnation inlgian see onlgian inlhtan1 [] wv/t1b to illuminate, enlighten inlhtend [] m (-es/-) illuminator, enlightener inlhtian see inlhtan inlhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) illumination inliewc see unleouwc inlxan [] wv/i1b to become light, grow light, dawn, shine inlocast spl adj see inlcost inlhtan see inlhtan inmde [] adj close to ones heart, important in ones estimation, of profound concern, of great solicitude inmerca [] m (-n/-n) a writing upon, inscribing; an inscription, title inn [] 1. n (-es/-) dwelling, apartment, lodging, chamber, house; quartering oneself (of soldiers); 2. adv in, into, inwards, within, inside of; inwardly; ~ on into; ~ t used with words of granting to indicate the grantee inn- see ininna see inno innan [] 1. prep w.g.d.a. from within; within, in, into; (1) w.g. within; (2) w.d. in; local (a) of rest, within; innan healle within a hall; (b) of motion or direction, within, in; h ode innan m mynstre he went within the monastery; (2.2) of time, within the limits of a period, in; he wendon innan re middanwintres tde they went within the limits of midwinter time; (2.3) within a person; (3) w.a. into; 2. adv within, inside, in, (1) in reference to a place or thing; (2) in

reference to a person, within the body; (2a) where the non-physical part of man is in question, mind, heart, soul; inwardly, in the mind, heart, etc., in respect to the spiritual part of man

innanbordes [] adv at home innanburhware [] noun pl residents within the walls of a town innancund [] adj inner, inward, internal; thorough, hearty innane see innan 2 innanearm [] m (-es/-as) inner side of arm, the side of the arm towards the body innanfortog [] n (-es/-u) gripe innanonfeall [] m (-es/-as) internal swelling innantdernes [] f (-se/-sa) internal weakness innanweard see inweard innanwund [] f (-e/-a) internal wound innanwyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm inna see inno innwritting see onwriting inne [] adv in, inside, within a room, house, etc., in-doors; where there is idea of confinement ~ mid/on within a region, with a people; where there is detention; of the inner man; of motion inne- see inn-, ininnecund [] adj inward, internal inne see inno innefare [] f (-an/-an) the intestines innefeoh [] n (-fos/-fos) household goods innelfe see innylfe innemest [] adj inmost; most intimate, deep, or close; superlative of inne innera [] adj inner, interior; mental, spiritual, concerned with the inner man; comparative of inne (1) inneweard see inweard innewerd see inweard innheardmann [] m (-es/-menn) one of the household troops [inhred] innhere [] m (-es/-as) a native army, the army of a country, home-force innian [] wv/t2 to go in, get within, put in, bring in; 1 to put up, lodge; ge~ include; ge~ fill, restore, make good innierfe [] n (-es/-u) household stuff, furniture, goods innifli see innylfe innihte [] adv within certain limits innwian1 [] wv/t2 to renew innon see innan innor [] comp adv inner; comparative of inne; with reference to a place or thing; with reference
to position in a room, a place further from the door being a more honorable one

inno [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) the inner part of the body, inside; entrails, stomach, womb, belly; the intestines, bowels; breast, heart; used in reference to feeling, emotion, etc.; as seat of appetite; a gut, entrail innomgen [] n (-es/-) strength innotdernes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness of the bowels, weakness of the intestines innowund [] f (-e/-a) internal wound, a wound of the intestines innra [] adj inner, interior; mental, spiritual; comparative of inne (3)

innung [] f (-e/-a) a putting or getting in, what is put or gotten in, what is contained in something, contents; lodging inra [] adj inner, interior; mental, spiritual; comparative of inne (2) inrcen [] wv/t1b? to throw in, pour in, heap upon? [ingesserunt] inrsan [] wv/t1b to rush upon inrcels [] n (-es/-) incense insglung see inseglung inste [] adj of ambush, dependant; belonging to one who is settled in the household of the lord, one who lives close to the lords mansion instnes see insetnes insceaft [] f (-e/-a) internal generation inscawere [] m (-es/-as) inspector inscawung [] f (-e/-a) inspection, view insceende see unscaende inscfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres inscf past inscaf/inscufon ptp inscofen to shove in insegel [] n (insegles/-) seal, signet [L] (1); a seal attached to a document as evidence of authenticity; a seal placed on a lock, receptacle, etc., so that an opening cannot be effected without breaking it; a seal, an engraved stamp of hard material to make an impression upon wax, etc. insegl [] n (-es/-) seal, signet [L] (2); a seal attached to a document as evidence of authenticity; a seal placed on a lock, receptacle, etc., so that an opening cannot be effected without breaking it; a seal, an engraved stamp of hard material to make an impression upon wax, etc. inseglian1 [] wv/t2 to seal, place a seal upon inseglung [] f (-e/-a) sealing, seal insendan [] wv/t1b to send in, put in inseten [] f (-ne/-na) institution insetnes [] f (-se/-sa) a rule, regulation, institute insettan [] wv/t1a to institute, appoint insigle [] n (-es/-u) seal, signet [insegel] insiht [] f (-e/-a) narrative, account, argument insittende [] adj sitting within insmoh [] m (-sms/-sms) slough inscn [] f (-e/-a) brawl in a house insomnian [] wv/t2 to gather in inspderwiht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) spider [very doubtful] inspinn [] n (-es/-) spindle, an instrument for spinning instandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres instende past instd/on ptp is instanden to be present or near instandendlic [] adj present, of today, required for present use instpe [] 1. m (-es/-as) entrance; 2. see instpes instpes [] adv forthwith, directly, immediately, at the outset, at once instede [] adv immediately, on the spot, at once instepe see instpes instepes see instpes insteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres instep past instp/on ptp instapen to go in, enter, step in instice [] m (-es/-as) internal stitching pain, an inward stitch, a pricking sensation within

instgan [] sv/t1 3rd pres instg past instg/instigon ptp instigen to climb in k- words beginning with k- can be found under cl [] interj lo!, behold!, oh!, ah!; ~ lof O Lord!, O sir!; indeed, verily; hwt ~ what!; w ~ w alas! label see lfel laber see lfer lc [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) play, sport; 2 strife, battle; sacrifice, offering; gift, present; booty; 2 message lcan [] sv/t7 3rd pres lc past leolc/on, lc/on ptp gelcen to move up and down, leap, jump, swing, fly; play (instrument); play upon, delude; 2 fight, contend lcdd [] f (-e/-e) munificence lacen? [] f (-e/-a) a cloak [Ger. laken?] lcfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) the offering of a fast lcgeofa [] m (-n/-n) generous giver lcnian1 [] wv/t2 to heal, cure, treat, look after; foment, dress (a wound) lcnigendlic [] adj surgical lcnimende [] adj only in bon ~ munerari lcnung [] f (-e/-a) healing, cure; medicament, remedy lcnestre [] f (-an/-an) physician lcsang [] m (-es/-as) offertory hymn lactuc [] m (-es/-as) lettuce [L] lactuce [] m see lactuc lactuca [] f see lactuc lacu [] f (-e/-a) stream; pool, pond ld [] 1. f (-e/-a) course, journey; 1 way, street, waterway; leading, carrying; maintenance, support; 2. f (-e/-a) clearing from blame or accusation, purgation, exculpation ladan see hladan ldian1 [] wv/t2 to exculpate oneself; let off, excuse ldiendlic [] adj excusable ldmann [] m (-es/-menn) leader, guide ldrinc? [] m (-es/-as) conductor, escort ldrincman [] m (-es/-menn) conductor, escort ladsar see laser ldscipe [] m (-es/-as) leadership ldtow see lttow ldow see lttow ldung [] f (-e/-a) exculpation, excuse, defense, apology lf [] f (-e/-a) what is left, remnant, legacy, relic, remains, rest; relict, widow; t ~e alone; t ~e bon to remain over; wpna/daroa ~ survivors of battle; hamora ~a results of forging, swords lferce see lwerce lafian1 [] wv/t2 to pour water on, wash, lave, bathe; ladle out lafor [] m (-es/-as) leopard

lag- see lahlaga see lund~ laga [] m (-n/-n) law lage- see lagulagen ptp of lan 2 lagian1 [] wv/t2 to ordain lago- see lagulagol see ~ lgon see lgon, pret pl of licgan lagu [] 1. f (-e/-a) law, ordinance, rule, regulation; right, legal privilege; district governed by the same laws; 2. m (-a/-a) sea, flood, water, ocean; name of rune for L lagucrftig [] adj skilled in seafaring lagufsten2 [] n (-es/-) sea, ocean lagufm [] m (-es/-as) enveloping waves lagufld [] m (-es/-as) wave, stream, waters, flood, sea, ocean laguld2 [] f (-e/-a) water-way, sea lagumearg [] m (-es/-as) sea-horse, ship lagus2 [] m (-es/-as) sea-journey lagustrt [] f (-e/-a) sea-path lagustram2 [] m (-es/-as) water, sea, ocean laguswimmend [] m (-es/-) swimming in the sea lh [] past 3rd sing of lon lah- see laglahbreca [] m (-n/-n) law-breaker, impious man lahbrecende [] adj impious, profane lahbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of the law lahcap [] m (-es/-as) money paid (by an outlaw) for restitution of legal rights lahcp [] m (-es/-as) money paid (by an outlaw) for restitution of legal rights lahgewrit [] n (-es/-u) rule lahlic [] adj lawful, legal; adv ~lce lahmann [] m (-es/-menn) an official declarer of the law lmen see lmen lahriht [] n (-es/-) legal right lahslitt [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) fine for breach of the (Danish) law lahslite [] m (-es/-as) fine for breach of the (Danish) law lahwita [] m (-n/-n) lawyer lm [] n (-es/-) loom, clay, earth lama [] wk adj crippled, lame, paralytic, weak; m (-n/-n) crippled, lame, paralytic, weak lamb [] n (-es/-ru) lamb lambyrd [] f (-e/-a) imperfect birth lmft2 [] n (-es/-fatu) vessel of clay (the body) lamp [] 1. past 3rd sing of limpan; 2. see lamb lamrede [] f (-an/-an) lamprey [L] lmpytt [] m (-es/-as) loam pit lmsceall [] ? (-?/-?) tile lmsa [] m (-a/-a) loam pit

lmwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) potter ln see ln lanan inflected cases of lanu land [] n (-es/-) earth, land, soil; territory, realm, province, district; landed property; country (not town); ridge in a ploughed field; hte ~ landed property; geltan nah ~ approach the shore?; wste ~ waste land, desert landdl see hlanddl? landgend [] m (-es/-) native landgende [] adj owning land landbegenga [] m (-n/-n) husbandman, peasant landbegengnes [] f (-se/-sa) habitation landbigong [] m (-es/-as) dwelling in a country landbc [] f (-bc/-bc) land-book, written grant of land landbrce [] m (-es/-as) first ploughing (after land has lain fallow) landbend [] 1. m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) inhabitant, native; husbandman; 2. f (-e/-a) colony landbende [] adj dwelling on the land landbnes [] f (-se/-sa) colony, settlement landcap [] m (-es/-as) fine paid to the lord on the alienation of land landcp [] m (-es/-as) fine paid to the lord on the alienation of land landcofa [] m (-n/-n) land, district landefn [] n (-es/-) the resources of the land, measure or proportion of land landefne [] n (-es/-u) the resources of the land, measure or proportion of land landesmann see landmann landfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) natural fortress landfeoh [] n (-fos/-) recognitory rent for land landfolc [] n (-es/-) land-folk, natives landfruma [] m (-n/-n) ruler, prince landfyrd [] f (-e/-a) army landfyrding [] f (-e/-a) military operations on land landgafol [] n (-gafles/-) land-tax, tribute landgehwerf [] n (-es/-) exchange of land landgemaca [] m (-n/-n) neighbor landgemre [] n (-es/-u) boundary, limit, frontier landgemirce [] n (-es/-u) boundary, limit, frontier landgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) earthly creature landgeweorc [] n (-es/-) fortified place landgewyrpe [] n (-es/-u) heap of earth? landhbbende [] adj owning or ruling land landhfen [] f (-ne/-na) real property landhere [] m (-es/-as) native force; land force (as opposed to naval force) landhlford [] m (-es/-as) lord of a country, lord of a manor, landlord landhredding [] f (-e/-a) redemption of land landlagu [] f (-e/-a) local law landlas [] adj not owning land landlod [] m (-es/-e) inhabitant of a country, native [pl also a, -an] landlyre [] m (-es/-as) loss of territory

landmann [] m (-es/-menn) inhabitant of a country, native landmearc [] n (-es/-) boundary landmearca [] m (-n/-n) land, country landopenung [] f (-e/-a) first ploughing of land landrden see ealdlandrden landrest [] f (-e/-a) grave landrca [] m (-n/-n) landed proprietor landrce [] n (-es/-u) territory landriht [] n (-es/-) land right, right to own or occupy land or connected with its occupation; that which is due from land or estates landscearu [] f (-e/-a) tract of land, province, country; boundary, landmark landscipe [] m (-es/-as) region landscoru see landscearu landsta [] m (-n/-n) settler [sta] landseten [] f (-e/-a) occupation of land; occupied land, estate landsela [] m (-n/-n) occupier of land landsidu [] m (-a/-a) custom of a country landsittende [] adj occupying land landscn2 [] f (-e/-a) search for land to settle on landspd [] f (-e/-e) landed property landspdig [] adj rich in land landsplott [] m (-es/-as) plot of land landstede [] m (-es/-as) region landstycce [] n(-es/-as) small plot of ground landwaru [] f (-e/-a) inhabitants, population landweard [] m (-es/-as) coast-warden landwela [] m (-n/-n) earthly possessions lane see lanu lang [] adj long, tall; lasting (cmp lengra, spl longest) Langafrgedg [] m (-es/-dagas) Good Friday langa see lango langbolster [] m (-bolstres/-bolstras), n (-bolstres/-) feather-bed lange [] adv long, a long time (cmp leng/lenge, spl lengest) langfre [] adj lasting, protracted langfrnes [] f (-se/-sa) length, long duration langfirst [] m (-es/-as) long space of time langgestron [] n (-es/-) old store of wealth langian [] wv/t2 1. impersonal w.a. person to long for, yearn after, grieve for, be pained; lengthen, grow longer; summon; 2. to belong langieldu [] f (-e/-a) advanced age langlce [] adv for a long time, long, at length langlf [] adj long-lived langlfe [] adj long-lived langmd [] adj constant, patient; adv ~lce langmdig [] adj long-suffering langmdlce [] adv patiently

langmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) long-suffering langnes [] f (-se/-sa) length lango2 [] m (-es/-as) longing, discontent langsceaft [] adj having a long shaft langscip [] n (-es/-u) man of war langstrang [] adj long-suffering, patient langsum [] adj long, lasting, tedious, protracted langsumlic [] adj tedious; adv ~lce long; patiently langsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) length; patience langsworod [] adj long-necked langtog [] adj prolix [cmp lengtogra, spl lengtogest] langtwidig [] adj lasting, assured langung [] f (-e/-a) longing; weariness, sadness, dejection; delay [langian] langunghwl [] f (-e/-a) time of weariness langweb [] n (-bes/-) warp (in weaving) langwege [] adv peregre langwyrpe [] adj oblong lnland see lnland lann1 [] f (-e/-a) chain, fetter lanu [] f (-e/-a) lane, street lapian [] wv/t2 to lap up, drink lappa see lppa lr [] f (-e/-a) lore, learning, science, art of teaching, preaching, doctrine; study; precept, exhortation, advice, instigation; history, story; cunning lrbc [] f (-bc/-bc) book containing instruction (used of St. Pauls Epistles, and Bedes Works) lrbodung [] f (-e/-a) teaching, preaching lrbysn [] f (-e/-a) example lrcniht [] m (-es/-as) disciple lrcrft [] m (-es/-as) knowledge; erudition lrcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) teaching, precept lrdm [] m (-es/-as) teaching, instruction lrow [] m (-es/-as) teacher, master, preacher [also as lrow, lruw, lruwa] lrowdm [] m (-es/-as) function of teacher, instruction; ecclesiastical authority lrowlic [] adj like a teacher lrowsetl [] n (-es/-) teachers seat, pulpit lrwes see lrowes, gen sing of lrow lrfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) prescribed fast lrhlystend [] m (-es/-) catechumen lrhs [] n (-es/-) school lrlast [] f (-e/-a) want of instruction, ignorance lrlic [] adj of or conducive to learning, instructive; learned; doctrinal; persuasive; betwux ~um gefylcum amongst soldiers in training lrsmi2 [] m (-es/-smeoas) teacher, counselor lrspell [] n (-es/-) homily, treatise lrsum [] adj teachable

lrswice [] m (-es/-as) trickery lraw see lrow lrow see lrow lregn [] m (-es/-as) teacher lruw(a) see lreow lrwita [] m (-n/-n) learned man lser [] m? (lsres/lsras) weed, tare lst [] m (-es/-as) sole of foot; spoor, footprint, track, trace; gait, step; on ~(e) behind, after, in pursuit of; on ~ lecgan to follow; ~as lecgan to go, journey; ~ weardian keep the track of, follow closely lst1 [] n (-es/-) accomplishment, observance; duty, due, obligation, vow lstweard [] m (-es/-as) successor, heir, follower; pursuer lstword [] n (-es/-) fame after death lasur see laser lat- see ltlt see ld lata [] m (-n/-n) slow person late [] adv late; slowly; at last; lately [cmp lator, spl latost] latemest see ltemest 2 ltow see lttow latian1 [] wv/t2 to be slow, indolent; linger, delay, hesitate latimer [] m (-es/-as) interpreter lator [] adv slower, later [cmp of late; spl latost] latt see ltt latth [] f (-e/-a) guiding rein [ld] lttow [] m (-es/-as) leader, guide, general lttowa [] m (-n/-n) leader, guide, general lttowdm [] m (-es/-as) leadership, guidance, instruction ltow see lttow ltuw see lttow latu [] f (-e/-a) delay; ge~ hindrance latung [] f (-e/-a) delay, hindrance l [] 1. 1 adj hated, hateful, hostile, malignant, evil; loathsome, noxious, unpleasant; 2. n (-es/-) pain, harm, injury, misfortune; insult, annoyance, harmful thing lbite [] m (-es/-as) wound le [] adv inimically, in detestation low see lttow lettan [] wv/t1b to hate, loathe; make hateful or repulsive lgenla2 [] m (-n/-n) persecutor, foe lgetona2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy lgewinna [] m (-n/-n) enemy laian [] wv/t2 to invite, summon, call upon, ask [Ger laden] lian [] wv/t2 to hate, be hated llas [] adj inoffensive, innocent llic [] adj loathly, hateful, horrible, repulsive, unpleasant; adv ~lce lscipe [] m (-es/-as) misfortune

lsearu [] n ? (-wes/-) hateful contrivance ls [] m (-es/-as) painful journey, death lspell [] n (-es/-) sad tidings low see lttow laung1 [] f (-e/-a) calling, invitation; assembly, congregation, church lwende2 [] adj hateful, hostile, bad lwendemd [] adj hostile-minded lwendnes [] f (-se/-sa) hostility lweorc [] n (-es/-) evil deed laur [] m (-es/-as) laurel, bay, laver laurbam [] m (-es/-as) laurel laurberige [] f (-an/-an) laurel-berry laurice see lwerce laurisc [] adj of laurel laurtrow [] n (-treowes/-) laurel-tree lauwer see laur lawer see laur lwerce [] f (-an/-an) lark lawernbam [] m (-es/-as) laurel l [] ? (-?/-?) hair of the head lc [] 1. see lac; 2. see lc lca see lce lca see g~, ellen~ lcan [] irreg wv/t1b to spring up, rise, flare up lccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres lc past lhte ptp gelht to seize, grasp, comprehend; capture, catch; take, receive lccung [] f (-e/-a) reproach lce [] m (-es/-as) physician, doctor; leech lcebc [] f (-bc/-bc) book of prescriptions lcecrft [] m (-es/-as) leech-craft, art of healing; remedy, prescription lcecrftig [] adj skilled in medicine lcecynn [] n (-es/-) race of physicians lcecyst [] f (-e/-e) medicine chest lcedm [] m (-es/-as) medicament, medicine; healing, salvation lcedmlc [] adj salutary lcedmnes [] f (-se/-sa) cataplasm lcefeoh [] n (-fos/-) doctors fee lcefinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) (leech-finger), fourth finger lcegeatwa? [] f pl medical apparatus lcehs [] n (-es/-) hostelry, hospital lceren [] n (-es/-) surgeons knife, lancet lcesealf [] f (-e/-a) medicinal ointment lceseax [] n (-es/-) lancet lcewyrt [] f (-e/-e) medicinal herb, drug; ribwort; medical treatment lcnian see lcnian

ldan [] wv/t1b 1 to lead, guide, conduct, carry, lift, take, bring; 1 produce, bring forth; pass, lead (life); to mark or beat the bounds of land; do; place, lay; sprout forth, grow, spread; wf ~ take a wife, carry lde see lwede lden [] 1. n (ldnes/-) Latin; any foreign language; 2. adj Latin ldenbc [] f (-bc/-bc) Latin book ldend [] 1. m (-es/-) bringer; 2. m (-es/-) excuser, apologist [lden] ldendlic1 [] adj ductile, malleable ldengereord [] n (-es/-) Latin language ldengeode [] n (-es/-u) Latin language ldenisc [] adj Latin ldenlr [] f (-e/-a) knowledge of Latin Ldenlic [] adj Latin ldennama [] m (-n/-n) Latin noun ldensprc [] f (-e/-a) Latin language ldenstfum [] adv in Latin ldenware [] m pl Latin people, Romans ldenword [] n (-es/-) Latin word ldere [] m (-es/-as) leader ldnes [] f (-se/-sa) bringing forth ldtow see lttow lf- see lf, laf lfan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to leave, bequeath; spare, leave behind, have left; remain; [lf]; 2. see lefan lfel [] m (-es/-as) spoon, basin, vessel, bowl, cup [Ger lffel; L labellum] lfend see lwend lfer [] f (-e/-a) rush, reed, iris, gladiolus; metal plate lfebed [] n (-es/-) reed-bed lfnes see lafnes lfe [] ? (-an/-an) a sprinkling lg past 3rd sing of licgan lg see lag; leg lgde see legde, past sing of lecgan lgon past pl of licgan lgt see legt lht past participle of lccan lhte past of lccan ll [] f (-e/-a) rod, whip, switch; bruise, weal, stripe lla [] m (-n/-n) rod, whip, switch; bruise, weal, stripe llan? [] wv/i1b to be bruised llian [] wv/t2 1. to become black and blue; 2. to level, aim at lmen [] adj of clay, earthen [lm] lmian see lmian ln [] 1. n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) loan, borrowing, lease, grant, gift, present, benefit; 2. see lnland lnan1 [] wv/t1b to lend; give, grant, lease

lndagas2 [] m pl loan-days, transitory days, days of a mans life lnde- see lendenlnden- see lendenlne [] adj lent, temporary, inconstant, transitory; perishable, frail, poor; weak, sinful [ln] lnelic [] adj passing, transitory lnend [] m (-es/-) lender lnendlic see lnelic lnere [] m (-es/-as) lender lng see leng lngten- see lenctenlnian see lanian lnland [] n (-es/-) leased land lnlic see lnelic lnung see foh~ lpeldre [] f (-an/-an) dish [lapian] lpewince [] f (-an/-an) lapwing lppa [] m (-n/-n) lappet, piece, section, lobe, portion, district lppede see fif~ lran1 [] wv/t1b to teach, instruct, guide; to enjoin, advise, persuade, urge, preach; ge~ convert; 2 ge~ recall; ~ for to hand down (to others); lred1 [] adj learned (as opposed to lwed); clerical (as opposed to lay), spiritual (as opposed to temporal); ptp of lran lrend [] m (-es/-) misleader, instigator lrest see lst lrestre [] f (-an/-an) instructress lrgedfe [] adj adapted for instruction? lrig [] m (-es/-as) border?, cover? (of a shield) lrigian see ymb~ lringmden [] n (-nes, -mdnes/-nu, -u) female pupil lringmann [] m (-es/-menn) disciple lrnes [] f (-se/-sa) emptiness ls past 3rd sing of lesan ls [] 1. adv, noun less, lest; ~ (e) conj w.subj. lest; 2. f (-we/-wa) pasture; 3. f (-we/wa) (blood)-letting lsboren [] adj of lower birth lsest see lst 1 lsian see lswian lson past pl of lesan lssa [] adj less, smaller, fewer; inferior; [cmp of ltel]; adv lst [] f (-e/-a) fault, sin [ON] lst [] 1. adj least; [spl of ltel]; e ~e lest; 2. f (-e/-a) performance, fulfillment; 3. see lst lstan1 [] wv/t1b to follow, help, serve; perform, do, carry out, accomplish; endure, last, continue; furnish, pay, grant lste [] f (-an/-an) last (for the foot)

lstend [] m (-es/-) doer, performer lstwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) shoemaker lswe see ls 3 lswian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to depasture, graze, feed lt [] 1. adj slow; slack, lax, negligent; late; oblique lat- cmp ltra, spl ltest, ltemest; 2. m (es/latas) man of the class between the slave and the ceorl lt past 3rd sing of ldan ltan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres ltt past lt/on, leort/on ptp geltan to allow to remain, leave behind, depart from, let alone; leave undone; bequeath; allow; cause to do; regard as, consider; suppose; conduct oneself; behave towards, treat; allow to escape, emit, let out, set free; let (on lease); assert, pretend; allot, assign; ~ from refrain from; ~ t to put to sea; ge~ nah land approach the shore?; on bc ~ leave behind; ~ for to take (one) for; on trowe ge~ to entrust; t handa ~ to hand over (to) ltania see ltana ltbyrd [] f (-e/-a) slow birth ltcumen [] adj late ltemest [] 1. adv lastly, finally; 2. see lt lthdig [] adj slow-minded, dull ltlce [] adv slowly ltmest see ltemest ltnes [] f (-se/-sa) slowness; sloth ltra see lt ltrde [] adj slow, deliberate ltsum [] adj backward ltt [] f (-e/latta) beam, lath lttow see lttow lttewestre [] f (-an/-an) guide [lttow] ltting see letting lttu see un~ l [] n (-es/-) a division of a county containing several hundreds, lathe; landed property?, (meadow) land? l- see llan [] wv/t1b to abuse, revile, hate; cause to shun [l] l [] f (-e/-a) wrong, injury; hatred, malice [l] lu [] f (-e/-a) wrong, injury; hatred, malice [l] luw see low lw [] f (-e/-a) injury lwan1 [] wv/t1b to betray [Goth lwjan] lwe see druncen~, hunger~ lwede [] adj lay, laic, unlearned; noun layman lwel see lfel lwend [] m (-es/-) betrayer, suitor lwerce see lwerce lwil see lfel lx see leax la [] 1. see lo; 2. gen, dat, acc sing of lah

lac [] 1. n (-es/-) leek, onion, garlic, garden-herb; 2. past 3rd sing of lcan lac- see lahlacbld [] n (-es/-bladu) leak leaf laccrse [] f (-an/-an) cress, nasturtium lactroc [] m (-es/-as) a bunch of berries [2nd most common] lactrog [] m (-es/-as) a bunch of berries [1st common] lactn [] m (-es/-as) kitchen-garden, garden of herbs lactnweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener lacweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener lad [] n (-es/-) lead; leaden vessel, cauldron; an instrument of torture laden [] adj leaden, of lead ladgedelf [] n (-es/-) lead-mine ladgewiht [] n (-es/-u) lead-weight, a scale of weight ladgota [] m (-n/-n) plumber ladstf [] m (-es/-stafas) loaded stick laf [] 1. 1 f (-e/-a) leave, permission, privilege; 2. n (-es/-) leaf, shoot; pl foliage; sheet of paper; 3. adj ge~ leafy lafa1 [] m (-n/-n) belief, faith; creed lafe1 [] f (-an/-an) leave, permission, license lafful1 [] adj believing; orthodox (Christian); faithful, trustworthy; adv ~lce lafhelmig [] adj leafy at the top lafhlystend [] m (-es/-) catechumen lafloht [] adj easy to believe? lafnes [] f (-se/-sa) leave, permission lafscead [] n (-es/-u) leafy shade lafsele [] m (-es/-, -as) place for shade, booth lafwyrm [] m (-es/-as) caterpillar lag [] 1. f (-e/-a) lye, alkalized water; 2. see lah 1; 3. past 3rd sing of logan, lon lah [] 1. m (las/las) piece of ground, lea, meadow; 2. see lag 1, 3 leahte past 3rd sing of leccan leahter see leahtor leahtor [] m (leahtres/leahtras) vice, sin, offence, crime, fault; reproach; disease, injury leahtor- see hleahtorleahtorcwide [] m (-es/-as) opprobrious speech leahtorful [] adj vicious, seductive leahtorlas [] adj faultless, blameless leahtorlic [] adj vicious, faulty; adv ~lce foully, wickedly leahtorwyre see un~ leahtras pl of leahtor leahtrian1 [] wv/t2 to accuse, revile, reprove, blame; corrupt leahtric [] m (-es/-as) lettuce [L lactuca] lahtrog see lactrog lahtrung [] f (-e/-a) derogation lahtn see lactn lan [] n (-es/-) reward, gift, loan, compensation, remuneration, retribution

lan [] sv/t6 3rd pres leh past lg/on, lg/on ptp gelagen to blame, reproach [also wv/t1b 3rd pres la past lade ptp gelad] langyfa [] m (-n/-n) rewarder lanian1 [] wv/t2 to reward, recompense, repay, requite [Ger lohnen] lap [] m (-es/-as) basket; basket for catching or keeping fish; measure; trunk (body) las [] 1. adj w.g. without, free from, devoid of, bereft of; 1 false, faithless; untruthful, deceitful; lax; vain, worthless; 2. n (-es/-) falsehood, lying; untruth, mistake lasbregd [] 1. adj lying, false, deceitful; 2. m (-es/-as) cheating, trickery lasbregda [] m (-n/-n) trickster lasbregden [] f (-e/-a) falsehood lasbregdende [] adj wily, deceitful lasbregdnes [] f (-se/-sa) deception, falsehood lasbregd see lasbrd lascrft [] m (-es/-as) false art lase [] adv falsely lasere [] m (-es/-as) liar, hypocrite; buffoon, mime, jester, fool lasest see lst 1 lasettan [] wv/t1b to pretend lasferh [] adj false lasfyrh [] adj false lasfernes [] f (-se/-sa) levity, folly lasfyrhte see lasferh lasgespeca [] m (-n/-n) a falsifier lasgewita [] m (-n/-n) a false witness lasgewitnes [] f (-se/-sa) false witness lasgielp [] m (-es/-as) vainglory lasian [] wv/i2 to lie laslic [] adj false, deceitful, sham, empty; adv ~lce laslcettan [] wv/t1b to dissemble laslcettung [] f (-e/-a) dissimulation lasmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) instability lasnes [] f (-se/-sa) lying; levity laslccere [] m (-es/-as) false flatterer lasleccan [] irreg wv/t1b to blandish, flatter laslecung [] f (-e/-a) empty flattery lassagol [] adj lying, false lasscawere [] m (-es/-as) spy lasspell [] n (-es/-) lie, fiction, fable lasspellung [] f (-e/-a) empty or false talk lassponung [] f (-e/-a) allurement least see lst least- see lstlastyhtan [] wv/t1b to cajole lastyhtung [] f (-e/-a) cajolery lasuht [] ? (-?/-?) enticer, seducer

lasung [] 1. f (-e/-a) leasing, lying, false witness, deceit, hypocrisy, artifice; a lie; empty talk, frivolity, laxity; 2. f (-e/-a) indemnity? lasungspell [] n (-es/-) idle tale laswyrcend [] m (-es/-) deceiver lat past 3rd sing of ltan leatian see latian laor [] n (-es/-) soap, soda laorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) soap-wort? lawede see lwede lawfinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) index-finger, forefinger leax [] m (-es/-as) salmon leb- see lef-, lflec see hlec lc [] 1. m (-es/-as) look, regard; 2. see lac 1, 2 leccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres lec past leahte, lehte, leohte ptp geleaht to water, irrigate, wet, moisten, slake [Ger lechzen] leccing [] f (-e/-a) irrigation, watering lce see lce lcetere see lcettere lecg [] f (-e/-a) part of a weapon?, sheath? lecgan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres leg past legde ptp gelegd to lay, put, place, deposit, set; dispose, arrange; attach; bury; put before, submit; betake oneself, go; lay (egg); prostrate, cast down, lay low, kill; ~ on w.d. put upon, charge with; lstas ~ go, journey; on lst ~ follow [causative of licgan]; on lst ~ to follow lciwyrt see lcewyrt lcnian see lcnian lectric see leahtric lctn- see lactnleca [] m (-n/-n) ships bottom or hold ld see lad ldan see ldan lden see lden, laden lf [] 1. adj feeble, infirm, weak, injured; 2. see laf lf- see leaflfan see lefan; lfan lefel see lfel lefil see lfel lfmann [] m (-es/-menn) sick person lfung [] f (-e/-a) paralysis leg see lg, past 3rd sing of licgan lg see 1. leg; 2. lah lg- see lg-, loglga see lwa legde past part of lecgan lgeloht [] n (-es/-) light (of flame) legen past part of licgan

leger [] n (-es/-) lying, illness; lair, couch, bed; grave; clne ~e consecrated grave; on lfe ge on ~e in life and in death [licgan]; ~ weardian keep ones bed lgersc see lgetrsc legerbre [] adj sick, ill legerbedd [] n (-es/-) bed, sick bed; grave legerfst [] adj sick, ill legerstw [] f (-e/-a) burial place legertam [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation, marriage legerwte [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) fine for unlawful cohabitation lges see lages, gen sing of lah lege pres 3rd sing of lecgan legie [] f (-an/-an) legion [L] legu see ealdor~ leh- see leahlh see lah lh- see laclhnan see lgnian lht see loht lhtan see lhtan lehte past 3rd sing of leccan lehtor see leahtor ll see ll lelore [] f (-an/-an) silverweed? lemb see lamb lman see lman lemian1 [] wv/t2 to subdue; lame, disable lempedu [] f (-e/-a) lamprey [L lampreda] lemphealt [] adj limping lempit [] f (-e/-a) dish, basin lnan see lnan lencten [] 1. m (-es/-as) springtime; the fast of Lent; 2. adj pertaining to Lent lenctendl [] f (-e/-a) spring fever, tertian ague, dysentery lenctenbere [] m (-es/-as) Lent barley lenctenbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of the Lenten fast lenctendg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of Lent lenctenere [] f (-an/-an) land ploughed in spring lenctenfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) Lent lenctenhtu [] f (-e/-a) heat of spring lenctenlic [] adj of spring, vernal; Lenten lenctenlifen [] f (-e/-a) Lenten fare lenctenmna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) a spring month lenctensufel [] n (-es/-) Lent food lenctentd [] f (-e/-e) spring, Lent lenctentma [] m (-n/-n) spring; Lent lenctenwuce [] f (-an/-an) a week in Lent (rubric) lenctin- see lencten-

lendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres lende past lende ptp gelend aux wesan to land, arrive; go; ge~ to endow with land lende- see lendenlendendl [] f (-e/-a) disease of the loins lendenbn [] n (-es/-) loin-bone lendenbrde [] f (-an/-an) loin lendenbrde see lendenbrde lendenece [] m (-es/-as) pain in the loins lendensoc [] adj diseased in the loins lendensd [] adj reaching to the loins lendenu [] n pl loins lendenwyrc [] m (-es/-as) a disease of the kidneys lendisc see dn~, up~, re~, ut~ lne see lne leng [] 1. f (-e/-a) length, height; 2. adv longer (cmp of lange) lengan [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to lengthen, prolong, protract, delay; extend, reach, attain; belong; on hornum gelengdum tubis ductilibus; 2. ge~ to call for lengcten- see lenctenlenge [] 1. adj 1 belonging, related; near (of time); 2. see lange; 3. see lengu lengest [] adj longest spl of lang lengfre [] adj more durable lengian [] impersonal wv/t2 w.a. to long [deleted] lenglfra [] cmp of langlfe lengo see lengu lengra [] cmp of lang lengten see lencten lengtogra [] cmp adj more prolix; cmp of langtog lengu [] f (-e/-a) length; on ~e at length, finally lengu [] f (-e/-a) length; height lent [] f (-e/-a) lentil [L lentem] lenten see lencten lo [] m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) lion, lioness [L] loc see lac lod [] 1. m (-es/-as) man; wergeld for manslaughter; ge~ fellow-countryman, compatriot; 2 chief, prince, king; 2. f (-e/-a) people, nation [usu in pl lode] loda [] 1. see gelod; 2. see lode lodan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres lede past lad/ludon ptp geloden to spring up, grow; spring from lodbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) calamity to a people lodbiscop [] m (-es/-as) suffragan bishop, provincial lodburg2 [] f (-byrg/-byrg) town; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] lodbygen [] f (-e/-a) sale of ones compatriots, slave-traffic lodcyning [] m (-es/-as) king, ruler lode [] f pl men, people, country loden see lden lodfruma2 [] m (-n/-n) prince, patriarch, chief

lodgeard2 [] m (-es/-as) country lodgebyrga2 [] m (-n/-n) lord, protector, prince, king lodgeld [] n (-es/-) wergeld for manslaughter lodgeinc [] f (-e/-a) order, rank lodgewinn [] n (-es/-) strife lodgota see ladgota lodgryre [] m (-es/-as) general terror lodhata [] m (-n/-n) persecutor, tyrant lodhete2 [] m (-es/-as) popular hatred, hostility lodhryre [] m (-es/-as) fall of a prince (or nation?) lodhwt [] adj very valiant lodisc see ider~ lodmg2 [] m (-es/-mgas) relative, comrade lodmgen2 [] n (-es/-) might of the people, host lodmearc2 [] f (-e/-a) domain, country lodrden [] f (-ne/-na) country, region lodriht [] n (-es/-) law of the land lodrne [] f (-an/-an) pythoness, sorceress lodscearu [] f (-e/-a) tribe, nation lodsceaa2 [] m (-n/-n) public enemy lodscipe [] m (-es/-as) nation, people; country, region lodstefn [] m (-es/-as) assembly lodaw [] m (-es/-as) popular usage lodweard2 [] f (-e/-a) government lodweras2 [] m pl men, human beings lodwerod [] n (-es/-) host of people lodwita [] m (-n/-n) wise man, elder, chief lodwynn [] f (-e/-a) home joy lof [] 1. 1 adj dear, valued, beloved, pleasant, agreeable; 2. m (-es/-as) beloved one, friend; (in addressing persons) sir!, sire!; impure companion leofen see lifen leofian see libban loffst [] adj dear, precious lofian [] wv/i2 to be or become dear loflic [] adj dear, lovable, pleasant, beautiful, delightful; precious, valued; adv ~lce lovingly, kindly, gladly, willingly lofspell [] n (-es/-) good news loftl [] adj kind, lovable, loving, dear, grateful, agreeable loftle [] adj kind, lovable, loving, dear, grateful, agreeable lofwende [] adj kind, loving, gracious, acceptable, estimable, agreeable lofwendum [] adv ardently logan1 [] sv/i2 3rd pres leg past lag/lugon ptp gelogen to lie; deceive, belie, betray; be in error; ~ on to charge falsely logere [] m (-es/-as) liar, false witness; hypocrite

loht [] 1. adj light, not heavy; slight, easy, trifling, inconsiderable; quick, agile; gentle; 2. n (-es/-) light, daylight; power of vision; luminary; world; 3. adj luminous, bright, light, clear, resplendent, renowned, beautiful lohtan see lhtan lohtbre [] adj brilliant, luminous lohtbamede [] adj bright-shining m [] 1. adv more, rather, longer, hereafter, further; e ~ e more than; 2. indecl. noun more; 3. adj more; 4. see man 1 mabuldor see mapuldor maca see gemcca macalic [] adj convenient macian [] wv/t2 to make, form, construct, do; prepare, arrange, cause; use; behave, fare; compare; transform; ~ p to put up mcrftig2 [] adj mighty macung [] f (-e/-a) making, doing mdm see mm mfealdra [] adj comparative of manigfeald maffian [] wv/t2 to go astray, wax wanton mag- see mgmaga [] 1. m (-n/-n) maw, stomach; 2. adj powerful, strong; able, competent, having means mga [] 1. 2 m (-n/-n) son, descendant, young man, man; 2. gen pl of mg magan [] modal aux v/t 3rd pres mg past meaht/on ptp gemagen to be able + infin.; to have permission or power to, be allowed to, may + infin.; v/t to be strong, competent, avail, prevail; ~ wi (+ acc) avails against, cures; ~ wi (+ acc) to have influence with mgas see mg mgatoga? [] m (-n/-n) pedagogue magae see magee magaiht [] adj strong of stomach magdalatrow [] n (-treowes/-) almond-tree [L. amygdala] mage f see maga mge [] f (-an/-an) female relative mgect [] adj augmented; ptp of ecan magee [] f (-an/-an) chamomile, mayweed magian [] wv/t2 to prevail; ge~ recover (health) magister [] m (-es/-as) leader, chief, master, teacher [L: magister] magisterdm [] m (-es/-as) office of a master or teacher mago see magu magodryht [] f (-e/-e) band of warriors magogeogu [] f (-e/-a) youth magordend [] m (-es/-) counselor of men magorswa2 [] m (-n/-n) chief, prince magorinc2 [] m (-es/-as) youth, man, warrior magotimber2 [] n (-timbres/-) child, son; increase of family, progeny magotdor2 [] n (-tdres/-) descendant, offspring

mago see magee mage see magee magoegn2 [] m (-es/-as) vassal, retainer, warrior, man, servant, minister magu2 [] m (-a/-a) male kinsman, son, descendant; young man, servant; man, warrior [also mago] magudryht [] f (-e/-e) band of warriors magugeogu [] f (-e/-a) youth magurdend [] m (-es/-) counselor of men magurswa2 [] m (-n/-n) chief, prince magurinc2 [] m (-es/-as) youth, man, warrior magutimber2 [] n (-timbres/-) child, son; increase of family, progeny magutdor2 [] n (-tdres/-) descendant, offspring maguegn2 [] m (-es/-as) vassal, retainer, warrior, man, servant, minister mgwlite see mgwlite mh1 [] adj bad, wanton, shameless, importunate mahan see magon pres pl of magan mhling [] m (-es/-as) parent, kinsman maht see miht Mailrosisc [] adj of Melrose Mius [] m (-es/-as) May ml [] 1. n (-es/-) suit, case, action, terms, agreement, covenanted pay; h scylode 9 scypa of ~e he paid 9 ships out of commission; scylian t ~e to pay off, discharge; 2. n (es/-) spot, mark, blemish; 3. see ml n ml- see ml-, see mhlmalscrung [] f (-e/-a) enchantment, charm mlswyrd [] n (-es/-) sword with inlaid ornament [ml] malt see mealt malwe see mealwe mamera [] m (-n/-n) lethargy, heavy sleep (2) mamme [] f (-an/-an) teat [L mamma] mamor [] m (-n/-n) lethargy, heavy sleep (1) mamra [] m (-n/-n) lethargy, heavy sleep (3) mamrian [] wv/t2 to think out, design man [] 1. indef pron one, people, they; 2. see mann; 3. pres 3rd sing of munan mn [] 1. n (-es/-) evil deed, crime, wickedness, guilt, sin; false oath; 2. adj bad, criminal, false man- see mannmana pres 3rd sing of manian mn [] m (-es/-as) false oath, perjury mnswaru [] f (-e/-a) perjury mnbealu [] n (-wes/-) crime, cruelty manbt [] f (-e/-a) fine paid to the lord of a man slain mnbryne [] m (-es/-as) fatal, destructive fire mancgere see mangere mancian see be~ mancas [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (2)

mancos [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (3) mancs [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (4) mancus [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (1) mancwealm [] m (-es/-as) mortality, pestilence, destruction mancwealmnes [] f (-se/-sa) manslaughter mancwyld [] f (-e/-a) mortality, pestilence mancynn [] n (-es/-) mankind; inhabitants, people, men; bergu ~es God mancyst [] f (-e/-e) human virtue mand [] f (-e/-a) basket mndd [] f (-e/-e) sin, crime mndda [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer mndde [] adj evil-doing, wicked mndeorf [] adj laboring to do evil, wicked; bold in evil? mandram2 [] m (-es/-as) revelry, festivity mndrinc [] m (-es/-as) poison mandryhten2 [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) lord, master maneg see manig manfaru [] f (-e/-a) host, troop mnfhu [] f (-e/-a) wickedness mnfeld [] m (-a/-a) field of crime mnfolm [] f (-e/-a) evil-doer, hand mnforddla [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer mnforwyrht [] n (-es/-) evil deed, sin mnfra2 [] m (-n/-n) lord of evil mnfremmende2 [] adj sinning, vicious mnful [] adj wicked, evil, infamous, degraded; fearful, dire mnfullic [] adj infamous, evil, sinful; adv ~lce mnfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness manfultum [] m (-es/-as) military force mngenga [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer mngenla [] m (-n/-n) evil persecutor mangere [] m (-es/-as) trader, merchant, broker mngewyrhta [] m (-n/-n) sinner mangian1 [] wv/t2 to trade, traffic, act as a monger, gain by trading mangung [] f (-e/-a) trade, traffic, business, commerce, dealing; also merchandise mangunghs [] n (-es/-) house of merchandise, house for traffic mnhs [] n (-es/-) home of wickedness, hell manian1 [] wv/t2 1. to bring to mind what ought to be done, to urge upon one what ought to be done, to admonish, warn, exhort, instigate; 2. to bring to mind what should not be forgotten, to admonish, remind, suggest, prompt; ic manie ow t I remind you of that; 3. to tell what ought to be done, to teach, instruct, advise; 4. to claim, demand, ask of a person (acc.) what is due (gen.); hwone mana God mran gafoles onne one biscop? Of whom will God demand more tribute, than the biscop?; 5. ge~ to admonish, exhort, prompt, remind, remember; 6. ge~ to be restored to health? mndel [] adj vain and bad (words) maniend [] m (-es/-) admonisher; collector; creditor

manif- see manigfmanig [] adj (pl manega) many, many a, much manigbrde [] adj relating to many things manigean see manian manigeo see menigu manigfeald [] adj manifold, various, varied, complicated; numerous, abundant; plural; adv ~e manigfealdan1 [] wv/t1b to multiply, abound, increase, extend; reward manigfealdian1 [] wv/t2 to multiply, abound, increase, extend; reward manigfealdlic [] adj manifold; adv ~lce in various ways; (gram.) in the plural number manigfealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) multiplicity, abundance, complexity manighowlic [] adj multifarious manighwe [] adj multiform manigses [] adv many times, often manigtaw [] adj skillful, dexterous (1) manigtawnes [] f (-se/-sa) skill, dexterity [also mnitw~] manigtwe [] adj skillful, dexterous (2) manigtwe [] adj skillful, dexterous (3) manlas [] adj uninhabited mnlic [] adj infamous, nefarious; adv ~lce falsely, wickedly manlca [] m (-n/-n) effigy, image, statue manlce [] adv manfully, nobly manlufu [] f (-e/-a) love for men manm- see mannmmann [] m (-es/menn) person (male or female); man; mankind; brave man, hero; vassal, servant; name of the rune for m; used indefinitely as one; hte ~ a husbandman, farmer, plough-man; forworht ~ criminal mann- see also manmanna [] 1. m (-n/-n) man; 2. manna [listed as n] mannbre [] adj producing men mannaca [] m (-n/-n) progeny mannhata [] m (-n/-n) man-hater mannian [] wv/t2 to man, garrison mannmgen [] n (-es/-) troop, force, cohort mannmenigu [] f (-e/-a) multitude mannmyrring [] f (-e/-a) destruction of men mannmyrra [] m (-n/-n) destruction of men mannselen [] f (-ne/-na) traffic in men, sale of men unlawfully as slaves manrden [] f (-ne/-na) dependence, homage, service, tribute, due manrm2 [] n (-es/-) number of men mnsceatt [] m (-es/-as) usury mnsceaa2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy, sinner mnscild [] f (-e/-a) crime, fault, sin manscipe [] m (-es/-as) humanity, courtesy mnscyldig2 [] adj criminal, guilty mansilen see mannsylen

manslht see manslieht manslaga [] m (-n/-n) man-slayer, murderer mnslagu [] f (-e/-a) cruel blow manslan [] sv/t6 3rd pres manslieh past manslg/on ptp manslagen to kill, murder [or 2 words?] manslege [] m (-es/-as) manslaughter, homicide manslieht [] m (-es/-as) manslaughter, murder manslot [] n? (-es/-u) share in ownership of land?, measure of land? [ON mannshlutr] mnsumian see ~ mnsumung see ~ mnswara [] m (-n/-n) perjurer mnswaru [] f (-e/-a) perjury [swerian] mansws [] adj meek mnswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres mnswere past mnswr/on ptp mnsworen to forswear, perjure oneself mnswica [] m (-n/-n) deceiver, traitor manselen [] f (-ne/-na) traffic in men, act of selling men as slaves [sellan] manaw2 [] m (-es/-as) habit, custom (? sometimes mnaw sinful custom) manof [] m (-es/-as) man-stealer manrymm [] m (-es/-as) troop of men manwre [] adj gentle, kind, humane, mild, meek [OHG mandwri] manwrnes [] f (-se/-sa) gentleness, courtesy, weakness manu [] f (-e/-a) mane manung [] f (-e/-a) admonition; claim; place of toll; district for purposes of tribute or taxation; residents in a taxing district mnwamm [] m (-es/-as) guilty stain mnweorc [] 1. n (-es/-) crime, sin; 2. adj sinful manwerod [] m (-es/-as) collection of men, troop, congregation, assembly manweor [] n (-es/-) value or price of a man manweorung [] f (-e/-a) adoration of human beings manwse2 [] f (-an/-an) manner or custom of men mnword [] n (-es/-) wicked word mnwrce [] adj wicked mnwyrhta2 [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer, sinner mapulder [] m (mapuldres/mapuldras) maple tree mapuldern [] f see mapulder mapuldor [] f see mapulder mapuldre [] f see mapulder mapuldur [] f see mapulder mapultrow [] m see mapulder mra [] masc adj greater, more, stronger, mightier; fem, neut mre; cmp of micel; spl mst; adv in addition; mran see mran mrbam see mrbam marc [] n (-es/-) a denomination of weight (usu. half a pound), mark (money of account) marcian see mearcian

mare [] f (-an/-an) nightmare, monster mre see mra mrels see mrelsrp marenis see mearuwnes margen- see morgenmarket [] n (-es/-) market [L mercatum]; market rights marma [] m (-n/-n) marble [L marmor] marmanstn [] m (-es/-as) marble, piece of marble marmstngedelf [] n (-es/-) quarrying of marble marod see ~ martir [] m (-es/-as) martyr [L] martirlogium [] m (-es/-as) martyrology martr- see martyrmartyr [] m (-es/-as) martyr [L] martyrcynn [] n (-es/-) race of martyrs martyrdm [] m (-es/-as) martyrdom martyrhd [] m (-a/-a) martyrdom martyrracu [] f (-e/-a) martyrology martyrung [] f (-e/-a) passion (of Christ) masc see max masc [] n (-es/-) mash mse [] f (-an/-an) name of a small bird [Ger meise] masian see ~ massere [] m (-es/-as) merchant; moneylender mst see mst Mathusal [] m (-es/-as) Methuselah matt see meatte matte see meatte mattuc [] m (-es/-as) mattock; fork, trident m past 3rd sing of man maa [] m (-n/-n) maggot, worm, grub maal- see maelmaelere [] m (-es/-as) speaker, haranguer maelian1 [] wv/t2 to harangue, make a speech, speak maelig [] adj talkative, noisy maelung [] f (-e/-a) loquacity mm see mum mm- see also mum mmht2 [] f (-e/-e) valuable thing, treasure mmcist [] f (-e/-a) treasure-chest mmcleofa [] m (-n/-n) treasure-chamber mmgestron [] n (-es/-) treasure mmhord [] n (-es/-) treasure-hord mmhs [] n (-es/-) treasure-house, treasury mmhyrde [] m (-es/-as) treasurer maolian see maelian

mum see mum, mm mumft [] n (-es/-fatu) precious vessel mumgesteald [] n (-es/-) treasure mumgifu [] f (-e/-a) gift of treasure mumgiefa [] m (-n/-n) giver of treasure, prince, king mumsele [] m (-es/-as) hall of treasure mumsigle [] n (-es/-u) costly ornament mumsweord [] n (-es/-) costly sword mumwela [] m (-n/-n) valuables mau [] f see maa mum [] m (mmes/mmas) treasure, object of value, jewel, ornament, gift mum- see mm-, mummwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres mw past mw/on ptp gemwen to mow mwpul see mwpul max [] n (-es/-u) net mxwyrt [] f (-e/-e) mash-wort (malt soaked in boiling water) m see m mc1 [] adj well-suited, companionable; similar, equal mcan see mecgan, mengan mcefisc see mcefisc mcg2 [] m (-es/-as) man, disciple; son mcga [] m (-n/-n) man mcian see mecgan, mengan md [] f (-we/-wa) mead, meadow, pasture [dat sing also mda; pl also ~a, ~e] mdcer [] m (-es/-as) a meadow mddc [] f (-e/-a) a dike in a meadow mddre [] f (-an/-an) madder mden see mgden mdencild [] n (-es/-ru) female child, girl mdenhap [] m (-es/-as) band of virgins mdenlic [] adj maidenly, virgin mdere see mddre mderec [] m (-es/-as) sprig of madder mdlacu [] f (-e/-a) meadow-stream mdland [] n (-es/-) meadow-land mdmann [] m (-es/-menn) mower mdmwect [] ? (-?/-?) mowing of a meadow Mdmna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) July mdrden [] f (-ne/-na) mowing, tact of mown grass mdsplott [] m (-es/-as) plot of meadow-land mdwa [] m see md mdwe [] f see md mdweland see mdland mg [] 1. pres 3rd sing of magan; 2. see mgen mg [] 1. m (-es/-mgas) male kinsman, parent, son, brother, nephew, cousin; compatriot; 2. 2 f (-e/-a) female relation, wife, woman, maiden

mgbana [] m (-n/-n) destroyer of kinsfolk mgbt [] f (-e/-a) compensation paid to the relatives of a murdered man mgburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) family, tribe, race, people, nation; genealogy; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] mgcild [] n (-es/-ru) young kinsman mgcnafa [] m (-n/-n) youthful kinsman mgc [] adj related mgcwealm [] m (-es/-as) murder of a relation mgden [] n (mgdnes, -nes/-u, -nu) maiden, virgin; girl; maid, servant mgden- see also mdenmgdenw [] f (-e/-a) marriage with a virgin mgdeneore [] f (-an/-an) virgin soil mgdenhd [] m (-a/-a) maidenhood mgdenmann [] m (-es/-menn) maid, virgin mge see mge mgen [] 1. n (-es/-) bodily strength, might, main, force, power, vigor, valor; virtue, efficacy, efficiency; good deed; picked men of a nation, host, troop, army; miracle [magan]; 2. subj pl of magan mgengende [] adj mighty mgenbyren2 [] f (-ne/-na) huge burden mgencoror [] n (-corres/-as) strong troop mgencrft2 [] m (-es/-as) main force, great strength, might mgencyning2 [] m (-es/-as) mighty king mgendd [] f (-e/-e) mighty deed mgenaca [] m (-n/-n) succor mgenacen2 [] adj mighty, vigorous mgenearfee2 [] n (-es/-u) great misery or trial mgenellen [] n (-es/-) mighty valor mgenfst [] adj vigorous, strong, steadfast mgenfolc [] n (-es/-) mighty company mgenfultum [] m (-es/-as) mighty help mgenhap [] m (-es/-as) powerful band mgenheard [] adj very strong mgenian [] wv/t2 to gain strength; ge~ establish, confirm mgenig [] adj strong mgenlas [] adj powerless, feeble, helpless; adv ~lce mgenlast [] f (-e/-a) weakness, feebleness; inability mgenrs [] m (-es/-as) mighty onslaught mgenrf2 [] adj powerful mgenscipe [] m (-es/-as) might, power mgensibb [] f (-e/-a) great love mgenspd2 [] f (-e/-e) power, virtue mgenstn [] m (-es/-as) huge stone mgenstrang2 [] adj of great virtue or strength; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest mgenstrengu [] f (-a/-a) great might

mgenstrengu [] f (-e/-a) great might mgenegen [] m (-es/-as) mighty minister mgenise [] f (-an/-an) violence, force mgenrat2 [] m (-es/-as) mighty host mgenrymm [] m (-es/-as) power, might, majesty, greatness, glory; virtue; heavenly host; 2 Christ; 2 heaven mgenrymnes [] f (-se/-sa) great glory, majesty mgenweorc2 [] n (-es/-) mighty work mgenwsa [] m (-n/-n) general mgenwudu [] m (-a/-a) strong spear mgenwundor [] n (-wundres/-) striking wonder mger [] adj meager, lean mgerian [] wv/t2 to macerate, make lean [Ger magern] mggemt [] n (-es/-) meeting of kinsmen mggewrit [] n (-es/-u, -gewreotu) genealogy, pedigree mggieldan? [] sv/t3 3rd pres mggielde past mggeald/mgguldon ptp mggolden to contribute towards the fine for manslaughter by a kinsman mghmed [] n (-es/-) incest mghand [] f (-a/-a) natural heir, relative mgister see magister mglagu [] f (-e/-a) law as to relatives mglas [] adj without relatives mglast see mgenlast mglic [] adj belonging to a kinsman mglufu [] f (-e/-a) love mgmoror [] n (-es/-) murder of a relative mgmyrra [] m (-n/-n) murderer of a relative, parricide mgn see mgen mgnan see mengan mgon see magon pres pl of magan mgracu [] f (-e/-a) generation, genealogy mgrden [] f (-ne/-na) relationship mgrs [] m (-es/-as) attack on relatives mgscr [] f (-e/-a) division of a people containing the kinsmen of a particular family mgsibb [] f (-e/-a) relationship; affection of relatives mgsibbung [] f (-e/-a) reconciliation, peace-making mgsiblic [] adj related mgslaga [] m (-n/-n) slayer of a relative, parricide, fratricide mgslieht [] m (-es/-as) murder of a relative mgster see magister mg2 [] f (-/-) maiden, virgin, girl, woman, wife [Goth magas]; gen pl ~a; dat pl ~um mg1 [] 1. f (-e/-a) family group, clan, tribe, generation, stock, race, people; province, country; 2. longing, ambition; greed mga [] m (-n/-n) mayweed mgbld [] n (-es/-) glory of virginity [pudendum muliebre] mgbt [] f (-e/-a) fine for assault on an unmarried woman?

mgegesa? [] m (-n/-n) viking mghd [] m (-a/-a) virginity, chastity, purity; band of young persons; relationship mghdlic [] adj maidenly mglagu see mglagu mglas [] adj not of noble birth mgmann [] m (-es/-menn) maiden, virgin mgmoror [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) murder of kin mgmyrra [] m (-n/-n) murderer of kin mgrden [] f (-ne/-na) friendship, relationship mgsibb [] f (-e/-a) kindred mgwine2 [] m (-es/-as) friendly relative, clansman mgwlite [] m (-es/-as) aspect, species, form mgwlitian [] wv/t2 to fashion mgwlitlce [] adv figuratively mht see meaht, miht mh see mg 2 ml [] 1. n (-es/-) mark, sign, ornament; cross, crucifix; armor, harness, sword; measure; 2 time, point of time, occasion, season; time for eating, meal, meals; 2. f (-e/-a) 2 talk, conversation; contest, battle; [mel]; 3. see ml mlan12 [] wv/t1b to speak, talk; [mlan] mlcearu [] f (-e/-a) trouble of the time mld- see meldmldg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) appointed time, day mldropa [] m (-n/-n) phlegm, saliva, mucus mldropiende [] adj running with mucus mle [] 1. m (-es/-as) cup, bowl, bucket; 2. adj marked mlgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) fate mlsceafa [] m (-n/-n) canker, caterpillar mltan see meltan mltang [] m (-es/-as) pair of compasses mltange [] f (-an/-an) pair of compasses mltd [] f (-e/-e) meal-time mltma [] m (-n/-n) meal-time mn see menn, nom/acc pl of man mn- see man-, menmnan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to mean, signify, intend; consider; 2. to tell; mention, relate, declare, communicate to, speak of; speak (a language); 3. to complain of, lament, bewail, sorrow, grieve mne [] 1. adj (1, usu ge~) common, public, general, universal; owned in common; catholic; lower (clergy); mutual; habban ge~ to have or hold in common; 2. ge~ n (-es/u) fellowship, intercourse; 3. adj false, mean, wicked; [mn]; 4. ge~ adj subdued, overpowered mnelic1 [] adj common, ordinary; mutual; public, general, universal; adv ~lce mnibrde [] adj relating to many things mnihwe [] adj multiform mnlic see mnelic

mnsumian1 [] wv/t2 to impart; partake of, participate in, have fellowship with; live with, marry; communicate; administer Eucharist mnsumung [] f (-e/-a) fellowship, participation; ge~ administration of the Eucharist mnu see menigu mrc [] f (-c/-c) boundary-oak mran [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to declare, proclaim, celebrate, glorify, honor; 2. ge~ to determine, fix limits mrapeldre [] f (-an/-an) apple-tree on a boundary mrbrc [] m (-es/-as) boundary-brook mrc [] 1. see mearc; 2. see mearg mrcnoll [] n (-es/-) boundary-knoll mrcumb [] m (-es/-as) border valley mrdc [] f (-e/-a) boundary-dike mre [] 1. adj famous, great, excellent, sublime, splendid; 2. adj pure, sterling (of money); 2. 1 n (-es/-u) boundary, border; balk of a plough-land; end; 4. n (-es/-u) declaration mre [] 1. see mare; 2. see mere 1 mrehwt [] adj pure white, sterling (of silver) mrelsrp [] m (-es/-as) ships rope, cable mretorht see meretorht mrflde [] f (-an/-an) border channel mrford [] m (-a/-a) border ford mrfurh [] f (-fyrh/-fyrh) border furrow [dat ~fyrh, gen ~fre; gen pl fra] mrgeard [] m (-es/-as) border fence mrgen see morgen mrh see mearg mrh- see mearhmrhege [] m (-es/-as) boundary-hedge mrhlinc [] m (-es/-as) border ridge mrhlsa [] m (-n/-n) notoriety mrian [] wv/t2 to be distinguished mringcwudu [] n (-wes/-) mastic of sweet basil? mrlic [] adj great, splendid, glorious, famous; adv ~lce mrnes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness, honor, fame mrpl [] m (-es/-as) boundary-pool mrpl [] m (-es/-as) boundary-pool mrpytt [] m (-es/-as) pit on a boundary mrsc see mersc mrsere [] m (-es/-as) herald mrsian1 [] wv/t2 1. to make or become famous, proclaim, declare, announce; celebrate; glorify, honor, exalt, praise; spread (fame); enlarge; 2. to mark out, bound, limit mrsc [] n (-es/-) border rivulet mrstn [] m (-es/-as) boundary-stone mrsung [] f (-e/-a) fame, report, renown; celebration, festival; exalting, magnifying; 1 magnificence, celebrity mrsungtma [] m (-n/-n) time of glorifying

mr see mear mr [] f (-e/-a) glory, fame; famous exploit mrorn1 [] m (-es/-as) boundary-hawthorn mryrne1 [] f (-an/-an) boundary-hawthorn mru see mr mru see mearu mrw- see mearumrweg1 [] m (-es/-as) boundary-road mrweorc [] n (-es/-) noble work mscre [] f (-an/-an) mesh msen [] adj brazen; of maple mslere [] m (-es/-as) sacristan msling see mstling mslen see mstling mssanhacele see mssehacele msse [] f (-an/-an) mass, Eucharist, celebration of Eucharist; special mass-day, festival of the church [L missa] mssefen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) eve of a festival mssebc [] f (-bc/-bc) mass-book, missal mssecapitol [] m (-es/-as) chapter of the mass mssecrda [] m (-n/-n) creed said at mass, Nicene creed mssedg [] m (-es/-dagas) mass-day, festival mssegierela [] m (-n/-n) mass-vestment, surplice mssehacele [] f (-an/-an) mass-vestment, cope, chasuble mssehrgl [] n (-es/-) vestment, surplice msselc [] n (-es/-) mass offering, host msseniht [] f (-e/-) eve of a festival; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] msseprost [] m (-es/-as) mass-priest, clergyman, high-priest msseprosthd [] m (-a/-a) office or orders of a mass-priest msseprostscr [] f (-e/-a) district for which a mass-priest officiated msserbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer of a priest mssere [] m (-es/-as) priest who celebrates mass msseraf [] n (-es/-) mass-vestments mssesang [] m (-es/-as) office of mass mssesteall [] m (-es/-as) seat in a church choir, place from which the priest said mass? mssetd [] f (-e/-e) time of saying mass msseegn [] m (-es/-as) mass-priest mssenung [] f (-e/-a) service of the mass, celebration of mass mssehta [] m (-n/-n) hour, or service, of matins on feast-day mssewn [] n (-es/-) wine used at mass mssian1 [] wv/t2 to celebrate mass; ge~ to attend mass mssung [] f (-e/-a) office of mass mst [] 1. m (-es/-as) (ships) mast; 2. m (-es/-as) mast, food of swine, acorns, beech-nuts mst [] 1. adj most; spl of micel; 2. adv mostly, for the most part, in the greatest degree, chiefly, especially, very much; eal ~, ~ eal almost, nearly; ~ lc nearly every one; 3. n (es/-) most

mstan1 [] wv/t1b to feed with mast, fatten; anoint mstcyst [] f (-e/-e) mast-socket mstelberg [] m (-es/-as) fattened hog [bearg] msten [] n (mstnes/-) mast, pasture for swine mstenrden [] f (-ne/-na) right of feeding swine in mast-pastures mstentrow [] n (-es/-) tree yielding mast mstland [] n (-es/-) land yielding mast mstlcost [] spl adv particularly mstling [] 1. m (-es/-as) brass; brazen vessel; [listed as n]; 2. fatling mstlingsmi [] m (-es/-as) brass-worker mstln [] noun pl pulleys at the top of a mast mstrden see mstenrden mstrp [] m (-es/-as) mast-rope msttwist [] m (-es/-as) rope supporting a mast mt [] 1. past 3rd sing of metan; 2. see mete m mte [] adj mean, moderate, poor, inferior, small, bad; adv ~ mtfst- see metfstmting [] f (-e/-a) dream mton past pl of metan m [] 1. f (-e/-a) measure, degree, proportion, rate; honor, respect, reverence; what is meet, right, fitness, ability, virtue, goodness; lot, state, rank; 2. n (-es/mau) cutting of grass m- see mgMas [] m pl the Medes; also Me, Mas, Mdas megian1 [] wv/t2 to honor, respect, spare mel [] n (-es/-) council, meeting, popular assembly; 2 speech, interview melcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) discourse melern [] n (-es/-) council-house, praetorium melfri [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) security (fri) enjoyed by public assemblies melhgende2 [] adj holding conclave, deliberating melhergende2 [] adj holding conclave, deliberating melstede [] m (-es/-as) place of assembly; battlefield melword [] n (-es/-) address, speech mere [] m (-es/-as) mower mful [] adj humane Mhild [] f (-e/-a) Matilda, a womans name mian see megian Misc [] adj of the Medes; also Misc ml see mel mlas [] adj rapacious mlic [] adj moderate, proportioned, befitting; adv ~lce humanely, courteously mmd [] f (-e/-a) pay for homemaking mre [] m (-es/-as) mower mre see mere mrian1 [] wv/t2 to honor mung [] f (-e/-a) measuring, adjudication

mw [] m (-es/-as) mew, sea-gull mwpul [] m (-es/-as) seagulls pool me [] 1. pron me; dative of ic; 2. see menn meagol [] adj mighty, strong, firm, emphatic, impressive [magan] meagollce [] adv earnestly meagolmd [] adj earnest, strenuous meagolmdnes [] f (-se/-sa) earnestness meagolnes [] f (-se/-sa) earnestness, strength of will meaht [] 1. see miht; 2. present 2nd person singular of magan meahte [] past 3rd person singular of magan mealc past tense of melcan mealcle see meolcle mealehs see meluhs mealewe see mealwe mealm see mealmstn meallian see meallian mealmeht [] adj sandy?, chalky? [malm] mealmstn [] m (-es/-as) soft stone, sandstone, limestone? [malm] mealt [] 1. n (-es/-) steeped grain, malt; 2. adj sour; 3. past of meltan mealtealo [] n (-es/-) malt-ale mealtgescot [] n (-es/-u) payment in malt mealths [] n (-es/-) malt-house mealtwyrt [] f (-e/-e) malt-wort mealu see melu mealwe [] f (-an/-an) mallow [L: malva] mear see mearh mearc [] f (-e/-a) 1 mark, sign, line of division; standard; 1 boundary, limit, term, border; defined area, district, province; t s ge~es e in the direction that mearca [] m (-n/-n) space marked out mearcdc [] f (-e/-a) boundary-ditch mearcere [] m (-es/-as) writer, notary mearcford [] m (-a/-a) boundary-ford mearcgemot [] n (-es/-u) court for settling boundaries of properties? mearcgrfa [] m (-n/-n) boundary-thicket mearchlinc [] m (-es/-as) boundary-ridge mearchof [] n (-es/-u) dwelling mearcian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres mearca past mearcode ptp gemearcod to mark, stain, brand, seal; mark a boundary, measure, define, describe, designate; mark out, design; create; note, observe; gemearcod baptized mearcsern [] n (-es/-) branding iron mearcsen [] n (-snes/-) branding iron mearcland [] n (-es/-) border-land, march, moor; 2 province, country, district; sea-coast mearcp2 [] m (-es/-paas) road, path mearcstapa2 [] m (-n/-n) march-hunter mearcstede [] m (-es/-as) border-land, desolate district mearcrat [] m (-es/-as) army, troop

mearcung [] f (-e/-a) marking, branding; mark, characteristic; 1 description, arrangement; constellation; title, chapter mearcweard [] m (-es/-as) wolf mearcweg [] m (-es/-as) border-road mearcwill [] m (-es/-as) boundary-spring meard [] 1. see meord, md; 2. see mear mares [] see mearh 1. mearg [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) 1. marrow, pith; 2. sausage (see mrg); 3. see mearh 1. margealla [] m (-es/-as) gentian [mearh] mearglic [] adj marrowy, fat mearh [] 1. 2 m (mares/maras) horse, steed; 2. see mearg mearhccel [] n (-hccles/-) sausage-meat mearhcofa [] m (-n/-n) bone mearhgehc [] n (-es/-gehacu) sausage-meat mearmstn see marmanstn mearn [] past 3rd singular of murnan mearrian [] wv/t2 to err mear [] m (-es/-as) marten mearu [] adj (mearw- in other cases) tender, soft; callow; delicate; frail mearulic [] adj frivolous, delicate, luxurious; adv ~lce mearuwnes [] f (-se/-sa) tenderness, frailty mast see mst meatte [] f (-an/-an) mat, mattress [L] maw see mw mec [] 1. pron me; 2. accusative singular of ic mce [] m (-es/-as) sword, blade [Goth mkeis] mcefisc [] m (-es/-as) mullet mecg see mcg mecgan [] wv/t1b to mix, stir mech see mec mechanisc [] adj mechanical [L] md [] 1. f (-e/-a) meed, reward, pay, price, compensation, bribe; gen mdes; 2. see md med- [] prefix in compounds, principally indicates mediocrity, but often comes to have a distinct negative value; see medtrum, medws, etc. [midde] mda see md mdan see on~ medder see mr mdder- see mdrmddr- see mdrmeddrosna [] f pl dregs of mead medel see mel medema [] m (-n/-n) treadle medeme [] adj middling, average, mean, little; sufficient, considerable, respectable, proper, fit, worthy, trustworthy, perfect medemian1 [] wv/t2 to mete out, allot, assign, place; moderate; ge~ humble; respect, honor; ge~ condescend; ge~ advance, promote, deem worthy

medemlic [] adj moderate, mediocre; intermediate; simple; worthy; adv ~lce slightly, moderately, incompletely; suitably, worthily, kindly medemlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) mediocrity medemmicel see medmicel medemnes [] f (-se/-sa) dignity, worth; benignity, condescension medemung [] f (-e/-a) measuring, measure mden see mgden mder dat sing and late WS gen sing of mdor mderce see mderce medere see mddre mderen see mdren mdern see mdren mderwyrhta see mterwyrhta medewyrt see meduwyrt mdgilda [] m (-n/-n) pensioner, hireling median [] wv/t2 to reward mdl- see mlmdla see an~, ofer~ medlen see midlen medm- see medemmedmicel [] 1. adj moderate-sized, short, small, limited, unimportant, slight, mean, poor; 2. n (-micles/-) a little medmicelnes [] f (-se/-sa) smallness (of mind) medmicle [] adv humbly, meanly, slightly; cmp medmre; spl medmste medo see medu medom- see medemmdren [] 1. adj maternal, of a mother; 2. n (-es/-u) the mothers side (by descent) mdrencynn [] n (-es/-) mothers kindred mdrengecynd [] n (-es/-) mothers nature mdrenmg [] m (-es/-mgas) maternal kinsman mdrenmg [] f (-e/-a) maternal kindred medrce [] adj of low rank mdsceatt [] m (-es/-as) payment, fee, reward, bribe, gift medsl [] f (-e/-a) ill-fortune medspdig [] adj poor medstrang [] adj of middle rank; cmp medstrengra; spl medstrengest medtrum [] adj weak, infirm, sickly, ill; of lower rank [compare medmicel] medtrumnes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness, infirmity, sickness, illness, disease medu [] m (-a/-a) mead (drink) medurn [] n (-es/-) mead-hall, banqueting-house medubenc2 [] f (-e/-a) bench in a mead-hall meduburg2 [] f (-byrg/-byrg) mead-city, rejoicing-city; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum] medudram2 [] m (-es/-as) mead-joy, jollity medudrenc [] m (-es/-as) mead medudrinc [] m (-es/-as) mead-drinking

meduful2 [] n (-es/-u) mead-cup medugl2 [] adj mead-excited, drunk meduheall2 [] f (-e/-a) mead-hall medum- see medemmedurdan [] f (-ne/-na) strong drink?, dealing out of mead? meduscenc [] m (-es/-as) mead-cup meduscerwen [] f (-ne/-na) deprival of (mead-) joy, distress, mortal panic? meduseld [] n (-es/-) mead-hall medusetl [] n (-es/-) mead-seat medustg [] f (-e/-a) path to the mead-hall meduwrig2 [] adj overpowered with mead, drunk meduwang [] m (-es/-as) field (where the mead-hall stood) meduwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) brewer [or =mdwyrhta] meduwyrt [] f (-e/-e) meadow-sweet; rubia, madder medws [] adj dull, stupid, foolish; [compare medmicel] mdwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) a hireling meg see mg mg [] 1. see mw; 2. see mg mg- see mgmegol see meago meh see mec, me, acc, dat sing of ic meht see meaht, miht mi see mg mig see mg meige see mge pres 3rd subj of magan meihd see mghd ml see ml n mela see melu melcan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres milc past mealc/mulcon ptp gemolcen to milk melcingft see meolcft meld [] f (-e/-a) proclamation melda [] m (-n/-n) reporter, informer, betrayer meldan see meldian melde [] f (-an/-an) orache (plant) meldfeoh [] n (-fos/-) informers reward meldian1 [] wv/t2 to announce, declare, tell, proclaim, reveal; inform against, accuse meldung [] f (-e/-a) betrayal mle see mle meledaw [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) honeydew, nectar [mild-] melewes see melwes genitive singular of melu melle see ~ melnes see ~ melo see melu melsc see milisc meltan1 [] 1. sv/t3 3rd pres milte past mealt/multon ptp gemolten to consume by fire, melt, burn up; dissolve, digest; 2. see mieltan

meltestre see myltestre meltung [] f (-e/-a) digestion melu [] n (-wes/-) meal, flour melugescot [] n (-es/-u) payment in meal meluhdern [] n (-es/-) meal-house meluhs [] n (-es/-) meal-house meluw see melu Memfitisc [] adj of Memphis men nom/acc pl of mann mnan see mnan mend- see myndmene [] m (-es/-as) necklace, collar, ornament, jewel menegian see myndgian menego see menigu menen see mennen menescilling [] m (-es/-as) moon-shaped ornament, coin worn as ornament mengan1 [] wv/t1b, wv/i1b to mix, combine, unite; 1 associate with, consort, cohabit with; disturb; 2 converse mengeo see menigu mengo see menigu mengu see menigu mengung [] f (-e/-a) mixture, composition; fellowship; ge~ confusion meni see manig [late WS] menian see mynian menig see manig [late WS] mnig see mgenig menigdu [] f (-e/-a) band of people menigu [] f (-e/-a) company, multitude, host [manig]; usu indeclined in sing menio see menigu meniu see menigu menisc see mennisc menn nom/acc pl of mann mennen [] n (-nes/-nu), f (-ne/-na) handmaiden, slave mennenu [] n (-wes/-), f (-e/-a) handmaiden, slave mennesc see mennisc mennisc [] 1. adj human, natural; 2. n (-es/-) mankind, folk, race, people mennisclic [] adj human; humane; adv ~lce mennisclicnes [] f (-se/-sa) state of man, human nature, incarnation; humaneness, humanity menniscnes [] f (-se/-sa) state of man, human nature, incarnation; humaneness, humanity menniscu [] f (-e/-a) humanity, human state mentel [] m (mentles/mentlas) mantle, cloak [L mantellum] mentelpron [] m (-es/-as) mantle-pin, brooch menung see mynung, mynegung mo [] m? (-n/-n), f? (-n/-n) shoe-sole, sock?, sandal? meocs see meox

meodo see medu meodom- see medemmeodoma see medema modren see mdren meodu [] m (-a/-a) mead (drink) meodu see medu meodum- see medemmeolc [] 1. adj giving milk, milch; 2. f (mielc/mielc) milk; [gen sing mielc, meolce; dat sing mielc; nom/acc pl mielc; gen pl meolca; dat pl meolcum] meolcdond [] m (-es/-) suckling meolcen [] adj of milk meolcft [] n (-es/-fatu) milk-pail meolchwt [] adj milk-white meolcian [] wv/t2 to milk; 1 give milk, suckle meolcle [] adj soft as milk meolcscend [] m (-es/-) suckling meolctond [] m (-es/-) suckling meolo see melu meoluc see meolc mon see mo meord [] f (-e/-a) reward, pay; [Goth mizd] meorung [] f (-e/-a) hindrance?; danger? meor see meord mos [] 1. m (-es/-as) moss; 2. adj mossy mose see mse meotod see metod meotud see metod meottoc see mattuc meotud- see metodmeoon see mion past pl of man mowle2 [] f (-an/-an) maiden, virgin; woman [Goth mawil] meox [] n (-es/-) filth, dirt, dung meoxbearwe [] f (-an/-an) dung-barrow meoxen see mixen meoxforce [] f (-an/-an) dung-fork meoxscofl [] f (-e/-a) dung-shovel meoxwilie [] f (-an/-an) dung-basket mr- see mrmera [] m (-n/-n) incubus merc see mearc merce see merece mercels see mircels Mercisc see Miercisc mercong see mearcung mere [] 1. m (-es/-as) 1 sea, ocean; lake, pond, pool, cistern; 2. see mare; 3. see miere mre see mre 1

merebt [] m (-es/-as) sea-boat, vessel merecandel [] f (-le/-la) sun; [syncopates?] merece [] m (-es/-as) smallage, wild celery mereciest [] f (-e/-a) sea-chest, ark mereda2 [] m (-es/-as) death at sea meredor [] n (-es/-) sea-animal merefara [] m (-n/-n) sailor merefaro2 [] m (-es/-as) surging of the waves merefisc [] m (-es/-as) sea-fish merefld2 [] m (-es/-as) sea, body of water, deluge meregrot [] n (-es/-u) pearl meregrota [] m (-n/-n) pearl meregrund2 [] m (-es/-as) lake-bottom, depths of the sea merehengest2 [] m (-es/-as) sea-horse, ship merehrgl [] n (-es/-) sail merehs2 [] n (-es/-) sea-house, the ark merehwearf [] m (-es/-as) sea-shore mereld [] f (-e/-a) sea-way merelend2 [] m (-es/-) seafaring (man), sailor meremenn [] n (-es/-) mermaid, siren meremennen [] f (-ne/-na), n (-nes/-nu) mermaid, siren meremenin [] n (-es/-) mermaid, siren merenddra [] m (-n/-n) The murena, a fish of which the ancients were very fond; a black stripe in the shape of this fish, a black vein in the table-tops of citron-wood [murena], sea-adder, lamprey merenddre [] f (-an/-an) The murena, a fish of which the ancients were very fond; a black stripe in the shape of this fish, a black vein in the table-tops of citron-wood [murena], sea-adder, lamprey merendre [] f (-an/-an) The murena, a fish of which the ancients were very fond; a black stripe in the shape of this fish, a black vein in the table-tops of citron-wood [murena], sea-adder, lamprey meresmylte [] adj quiet as the sea, calm meresteall [] m (-es/-as) stagnant water merestrt2 [] f (-e/-a) sea-path merestram2 [] m (-es/-as) sea-water merestrengu [] f (-e/-a) strength in swimming mereswn [] m (-es/-as) porpoise, dolphin meretorht2 [] adj (rising) bright from the sea meretorr [] m (-es/-as) towering wall of the (Red) sea mereyssa2 [] m (-n/-n) ship mereweard [] m (-es/-as) sea-warden merewrig [] adj sea-weary merewf [] n (-es/-) water-witch Merewoing [] m? (-es/-as) the Merovingian merg see mearg merg- see mearg-, meri-, morg-, myrg-

merian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres mere past merede ptp gemered to purify, cleanse; test merice see merce merien see morgen merig [] 1. see myrge; 2. see mearg merig- see myrgmerigen see morgen merisc see mersc merne see mergenne dat sing of mergen merr- see mierrmrs- see mrsmersc [] m (-es/-as) marsh, swamp merschfe [] m (-es/-as) marsh-hove merschop [] n (-es/-u) high ground in fenny country merscland [] n (-es/-) marshland merscmealwe [] f (-an/-an) marshmallow merscmeargealla [] m (-n/-n) gentiana pneumonanthe merscmylen [] f (-e/-a) mill in a fen merscware [] m pl inhabitants of marshes; 1. Romney marsh; 2. the fens? mertze [] f (-an/-an) merchandise; trading dues [L mercem] mer see mear merern [] adj made of skins of martens mru see mr meru see mearu meruw- see mearu-, mearuwmerwe- see mearu-, mearuwms see ms, nom/acc pl of ms mesa [] f pl dung msan [] wv/t1b to eat [ms] mse [] f (-an/-an) table; what is placed on a table [L] mshrgel [] n (-es/-) napkin mess- see mssmsta see msta, spl of micel met1 [] n (-es/-u) measure (vessel or amount); act of measuring, appointed share, quantity; space, distance; boundary, limit; manner, degree, way; ability, adequacy, capacity; rule, law; mood (gram); meter; moderation; ealle ge~te in all respects; on ge~ in vain; nnum ge~ by no means, on no account mt see wa~ meta see mete metrn see metern metan1 [] sv/t5 3rd pres mite past mt/mton ptp gemeten to measure, mete out, mark off; compare; estimate; pass over, traverse mtan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to meet, find, find out, fall in with, encounter; obtain; 2. to paint, design metbelg [] m (-es/-as) wallet metcund [] adj metrical metcundlic [] adj metrical

mete [] m (-es/mettas) meat, food mte see mte meteflung [] f (-e/-a) atrophy meteawel [] m (-awles/-awlas) meat-hook? metern [] n (-es/-) refectory meteclyfa [] m (-n/-n) food-store, pantry metecorn [] n (-es/-) allowance of corn to dependants metec [] f (-c/-c) cow for killing metecweorra [] m (-n/-n) surfeit, indigestion meteft [] n (-es/-fatu) dish meteftels [] m (-es/-as) cupboard for food meteg- see metgmetegafol [] n (-gafles/-) payment in food metegearwa [] f pl preparations of food metegyrd see metgeard metelf [] f (-e/-a) leavings of a meal metelst see metelest metelas [] adj without food metelast [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (3) metelst [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (2) metelest [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (1) metelst [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (4) metelst [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (5) metend [] m (-es/-) measurer; God metenad [] f (-e/-a) requisites in the way of food metening [] m (-es/-as) food niggard mter [] n (mtres/-) meter, versification [L] meterdere [] m (-es/-as) reader at meal-times mtercrft [] m (-es/-as) art of versifying mtercund [] adj relating to meter mtere [] m (-es/-as) painter mterfers [] n (-es/-) hexameter verse mtergeweorc [] n (-es/-) verse mterlic [] adj metrical metern see metern mterwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) metrician, poet metescn [] f (-e/-a) craving, appetite metesticca [] m (-n/-n) spoon meteswamm [] m (-es/-as) edible mushroom metetd [] f (-e/-e) meal-time meteearfende2 [] adj needing food, destitute meteegn [] m (-es/-as) seneschal, steward meteiht [] adj well-nourished meteing [] n (-es/-) operation connected with cooking metetsiht [] f (-e/-a) dysentery metft see meteft

metgeard [] f (-e/-a) measuring-stick, rod, pole, perch metgian1 [] wv/t2 to moderate, control, govern; weigh in mind, consider; assign due measure to; prepare; regulate metgung1 [] f (-e/-a) moderation, temperance; reflection, meditation; rule, regulation metgyrd see metgeard metian [] 1. wv/t2 to provision; 2. see metgian mting see mtung mtung [] 1. 1 f (-e/-a) meeting (friendly or hostile); assembly, congregation; finding, discovery; agreement; 2. painting, picture metod2 [] m (-es/metedas) fate; Creator, God, Christ metodsceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) Decree of fate, doom, death; gewtan ~ son, t ~e to die metodwang [] m (-es/-as) battlefield metrp [] m (-es/-as) measuring-rope, sounding-line mtsceat see mdsceatt metscipe [] m (-es/-as) feeding, meal metseax [] n (-es/-) meat-knife metsian1 [] wv/t2 to supply with food metsung [] f (-e/-a) feeding, provisioning mettac see mattuc mettas see mete mette- see metemtte past 3rd sing of mtan metten [] f (-e/-a) one of the Fates mettian see mtan 1 mtto see wa~ mettoc see mattoc mettrum see medtrum metud see metod me [] adj 2 tired, worn out, dejected, sad; troublesome [Ger mde] meel see mel meema see medema mian [] wv/i2 to grow weary mig [] adj tired, weary mel see ml, mel mel- see ml-, maelmnes [] f (-se/-sa) fatigue mw see mw mixscofl see meoxscofl miccl- see micel-, miclmicel [] 1. adj great, intense, much, many; (of time) long; loud; cmp mra; spl mst, msta; 2. noun w.g. much; 3. adv greatly, much micelte [] adj greedy miceldende [] adj doing great things micelhafdede [] adj big-headed micelian see miclian micellic [] adj great, splendid, magnificent; adv ~lce grandly; very, exceedingly

micelmd [] adj magnanimous micelnes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness, size; mass; quantity; multitude, abundance; magnificence; great deed micelsprecende [] adj boasting micelu [] f (-e/-a) largeness, size micg see mycg micga [] m (-n/-n) urine micge [] f (-an/-an) urine micgern [] ? (-?/-?) internal fat, suet micga see migoa micl- see micelmicle [] adv much, very, greatly (oblique cases of micel) micles [] adv much, very, greatly (oblique cases of micel) miclian1 [] wv/i2 to become great, increase; make great, make larger, magnify, extol miclum [] adv much, very, greatly (oblique cases of micel) miclung1 [] f (-e/-a) the doing of great things, great deeds, greatness micul see micel mid [] 1. prep w.d.i. with, in conjunction with, in company with, together with; into the presence of; through, by means of, by; among, in; at (time); in the sight of, opinion of; ~ ealle, ~ eallum altogether, completely, entirely; ~ m with that, thereupon; ~ m e when; ~ m t through that, on that account, because, when; ~ (e) when, while; ~ him selfum by himself; 2. adv at the same time, together, simultaneously, likewise; 3. see midd; 4. licgan ~ sv/i5 to cohabit with; encan1 ~ to remember someone with (a gift) midd [] adj mid, middle, midway; [spl midmest, midemest]; t ~es adv in the midst middg [] m (-es/-dagas) mid-day, noon; one of the canonical hours, sext; fram ~e o nn from noon to 3 pm middglic [] adj mid-day, meridian middgsang [] m (-es/-as) mid-day service, sext middgtd [] f (-e/-e) noon middgnung [] f (-e/-a) dinner middan see onmiddan middandglic see middglic middaneard [] m (-a/-a) the globe, world, earth; mankind (1) middanearden [] adj worldly (1) middangeard [] m (-es/-as) the globe, world, earth; mankind (2) middangearden [] adj worldly (2) middangeardlic [] adj earthly middangeardtdlend [] m (-es/-) cosmographer middansumer [] m (-a/-a) midsummer (June 24th) middanwinter [] m (-a/-a) midwinter, Christmas midde [] 1. adj mid, middle; 2. f (-an/-an) middle, center (only in the phrase on ~an) middel [] 1. n (middles/-) middle, center; waist; 2. adj middle, intermediate; spl midlest middeldre [] f (-an/-an) median vein middeldg [] m (-es/-dagas) midday, noon middeldl [] m (-es/-as) middle middelfinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) middle finger

middelflra [] m (-n/-n) partition, septum; the part of the nose between the flaring sides at the end middelflre [] f (-an/-an) partition, septum; the part of the nose between the flaring sides at the end middelft [] m (-es/-ft) instep; dat -ft middelgemru [] n pl central region middelgesculdru [] n pl part of the body between the shoulders middelhrycg [] m (-es/-as) middle ridge middelniht2 [] f (-e/-a) midnight middelrce [] n (-es/-u) the middle kingdom middels [] m (-/-) middle sea; [gen sing also ~s; gen pl also ~wa; n/a pl also ~s, dat pl also ~m] Middel-Seaxan [] m pl the Middle Saxons; the Saxons who settled in the district west of London , and whose name is preserved in the present Middlesex Middel-Seaxe [] m pl the Middle Saxons; the Saxons who settled in the district west of London , and whose name is preserved in the present Middlesex midden- see middanmiddeneaht [] f (-e/-a) midnight (2) middeniht [] f (-e/-) midnight (1); [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] midderneaht [] f (-nieht/-nieht) midnight (3); [gen sing ~nieht, ~e; dat sing ~e; nom/acc pl ~nieht; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] middesumer see middansumer middeweard [] 1. adv in the middle of, through the midst; 2. adj middle; 3. noun middle middewinter see middanwinter middun- see middanmideard see middangeard midel see middel midemest see midd midfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) mid-Lent midfeorh [] 1. m (-fores/-foras), n (-es/-) youth, middle age; 2. adj middle aged midfeorwe [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) youth, middle age midferh [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) youth, middle age midferh [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) youth, middle age midfyrhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) middle age midgearwung [] f (-e/-a) preparation midges [] n (-es/-) companion midgetellan [] irreg wv/t1b to count, include midhelp [] f (-e/-a) help, assistance midhilte [] f (-an/-an) middle of the hilt [2 words?] midhlt [] m (-es/-as) fellowship midhrif [] n (-es/-u, -hreofu), m (-es/-as) midriff, diaphragm midhrire [] n (-es/-u) diaphragm midian see ~ mdl [] n (-es/-) bit (of a bridle); oar-thong midle see middele, dat sing of middel midlen [] 1. n (-es/-) middle, center, midst; 2. adj midmost

midlencten [] n (-es/-) mid-Lent midlest [] adj middlemost, most intermediate mdlhring [] m (-es/-as) ring of a bit mdlian1 [] wv/t2 to bridle, curb; muzzle midligend [] m (-es/-) mediator midlung [] f (-e/-a) middle, midst; adv ~a to a moderate extent midmest see midd midmycel see medmicel midnedg [] m (-es/-dagas) midday midnes [] f (-se/-sa) middle, midst midniht [] f (-e/-) midnight; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] midor [] adj more middle; comparative of midd, adj midrd [] f (-e/-a) riding in company mdrece see mderce midrif see midhrif midsingend [] m (-es/-) one who sings with another midsegian1 [] wv/t2 to accompany, associate with (2) midsian1 [] wv/t2 to accompany, associate with (1) midspeca [] m (-n/-n) advocate; liberator, excuser midspecend [] m (-es/-) interlocutor, advocate midspreca [] m (-n/-n) advocate; liberator, excuser midsprecend [] m (-es/-) interlocutor, advocate midsprecende [] adj speaking for midstram [] m (-es/-as) midstream midsumer [] m (-a/-a) midsummer Midsumermna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) June midswgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres midswg past midswgde ptp midswged to sing, play, or sound together, in concert or harmoniously; to agree together, harmonize, accord; to cause to sound together, in concert or harmoniously, to make concordant sounds, to sound, sing of, celebrate in song, magnify, etc.; to sing prophetically, prophesy (very rare); [concinere] midm see mid am midy see mid mideahtian [] wv/t2 to consent midolian [] wv/t2 to sympathize midrwung [] f (-e/-a) compassion midweg [] m (-es/-as) midway midwinter [] m (-es/-as) midwinter, Christmas Midwintermna [] m (-mnes/-mnas) December midwist [] f (-e/-e) presence, society; cooperation, participation midwunung [] f (-e/-a) living in company, fellowship midwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) cooperator midyrfenuma [] m (-n/-n) coheir mieht see miht mieltan1 [] wv/t1b, wv/i1b to melt; digest; refine, purge; exhaust Mierce [] m pl Mercians; Mercia; [lit. borders; compare mearc]

Miercan [] m pl Mercians; Mercia; [lit. borders; compare mearc] Miercisc [] adj Mercian miere [] f (-an/-an) mare [mearh] mierra [] m (-n/-n) deceiver mierran1 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres miere past mierede ptp gemiered to mar, disturb, confuse; scatter, squander, waste; upset, hinder, obstruct; err mierrelse [] f (-an/-an) cause of offence mierrend [] m (-es/-) prodigal, wasteful mierrung [] f (-e/-a) hindering; squandering, waste mgan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres mg past mg/migon ptp gemigen to make water migea see migoa migga see micga miggung see micgung mging [] f (-e/-a) making water migol [] adj diuretic migoa [] m (-n/-n) urine miht [] 1. f (-e/-e) might, bodily strength; power, authority, ability; virtue; mighty work, miracle; pl Gods; angels; 2. adj 2 mighty, powerful; possible mihte past singular of magan mihtelas see mihtlas mihtelic [] adj possible; adv ~lce mightily, powerfully, by might, miraculously mihtesetl [] n (-es/-) seat of power mihtful [] adj powerful mihtig [] adj mighty, important; able, effective; possible; adv ~lce mihtlas [] adj powerless, weak, exhausted mihtlic [] adj possible; adv ~lce mightily, powerfully, by might, miraculously mihtloc [] n (-es/-u) belt of might mihtmd [] n (-es/-) violent temper, passion mihtu see miht u ml [] 1. f (-e/-a) mile [L]; 2. n (-es/-) millet milc see meolc milcan see melcan milde [] 1. adj mild, merciful, kind, generous, gentle, meek; 2. adv mercifully, graciously mildaw see meledaw mildelic [] adj propitious; adv graciously, affably, kindly mildheort [] adj merciful, clement, compassionate; adv ~lce mildheortlic [] adj merciful, clement, compassionate; adv ~lce mildheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) loving-kindness, mercy, pity mildian [] wv/i2 to become mild mildnes [] f (-se/-sa) mildness, mercy milds see milts milescian [] wv/i2 to become mellow mlgemt [] m (-es/-gematas) mile-measure, milestone? mlgemearc [] n (-es/-) measure by miles mlgetl [] n (-es/-getalu) mile milisc [] adj sweet, mild, mulled

mlite [] m pl soldiers mlitisc [] adj military [L miles] mlp2 [] m (-es/-paas) distance reckoned by miles?, road with milestones on it? milscapuldor [] f (-e/-a) sweet apple tree milt [] m see milte milt- see mild-, miltemiltcoe [] f (-an/-an) disease of the spleen miltcou [] f (-e/-a) disease of the spleen milte [] m (-es/-as), f (-an/-an) milt, spleen miltesoc [] adj splenetic miltestre see myltestre miltewrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the spleen milts [] f (-e/-a) mercy, compassion, benevolence, kindness, favor; 2 joy miltsian1 [] wv/t2 w.d. to compassionate, pity, show mercy; soften, make merciful miltsiend1 [] m (-es/-) pitier miltsigend1 [] m (-es/-) pitier miltsigendlic [] adj pardonable, venial miltsung [] f (-e/-a) 1 mercy, sympathy, pity, indulgence, pardon; moderation, reduction (of punishment) miltwrc see miltewrc milz see milts mma [] m (-n/-n) mime min2? [] adj evil, harmful mn [] 1. possessive 1st pers pron my, mine; ~es ances by my will; 2. genitive singular of ic of me mind [] 1. ? (-?/-?) diadem; 2. see mynd mindm? [] m (-es/-as) pusillanimity; state of exile mine see myne minet- see mynetminlic [] adj petty mnlic [] adj in my manner; adv ~lce in my manner minne [] 1. nom/acc pl of min?; 2. see myne minnen see menen minsian1 [] wv/t2 to diminish minsung [] f (-e/-a) parsimony mint? [] f (-e/-a) mint [L] minte [] f (-an/-an) mint [L] minthamm [] m (-es/-as) field of mist mio- see meomircapuldur see milscapuldor? Mirce see Mierce Mircan see Mierce mirce [] 1. adj murky, dark, black, uncanny, evil; 2. adv? murkily, darkly, blackly, uncannily, evilly; 3. n (-es/-u) murkiness, darkness mircels [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) sign, token, seal, signet; mark, marked place; trophy [mearc]

mire see miere mre see mnre, genitive, dative feminine singular of mn mirg- see myrgmrig- see myrgmirg see myrg mirh see myrg mirr- see mierrmisbegn [] irreg v/t to disfigure misbodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres misbede past misbad/misbudon ptp misboden w.d. to ill-use, injure, do wrong to; to announce wrongly misboren [] adj abortive; degenerate misbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres misbrigde past misbrgd/misbrugdon ptp misbrogden to change misbrden [] adj drawn aside misbyrd [] f (-e/-a) abortion misbyrdu [] f (-e/-a) malformation misbysnian [] wv/t2 to set a bad example miscalfian [] wv/t2 to cast a calf miscennung [] f (-e/-a) a mistake or variation in pleading before a court; a fine exacted for this miscian [] wv/t2 to mix, apportion [L] miscierran [] wv/t1b to pervert miscrcettan [] wv/t1b to croak or shriek horribly [crcettan] miscwman [] wv/t1b to displease miscwean [] sv/t5 3rd pres miscwie past miscw/miscwdon ptp miscweden to speak ill, curse; speak incorrectly misdd [] f (-e/-e) misdeed, evil deed, sin misdn [] irreg v/t to do evil, transgress, do amiss, err mse see mse misefesian [] wv/t2 to cut the hair amiss misendebyrdan [] wv/t1b to arrange amiss misenlic see missenlic misendlic see missenlic misfadian [] wv/t2 to order amiss misfadung [] f (-e/-a) misconduct, irregularity misfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres misfr past misfr/on ptp misfaren to go awry, go wrong, err, transgress; fare ill, fare badly, have ill success misfdan [] wv/t1b to nourish ill [fdan] misfeng [] m (-es/-as) misdeed, sin misfran [] wv/t1b to do wrong, err misfn [] sv/t7 3rd pres misfh past misfng/on ptp misfangen to make a mistake, be deceived; fail to get misgedwield [] n (-es/-) error, perversion misgehygd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) evil thought misgelimp [] n (-es/-) misfortune misgemynd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) evil memory misgewidere [] n (-es/-u) bad weather, storm [listed as m]

misgrtan [] wv/t1b to greet amiss, insult misgman [] wv/t1b to neglect mishbbende [] adj having ill mishealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres mishielde past mishold/on ptp mishealden not to keep, to neglect mishealdsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) carelessness mishrnes [] f (-se/-sa) act of disobedience misheran [] wv/t1b to hear amiss, not to listen to, disobey mishweorfed [] adj perverted, inverted (1) mishworfen [] adj perverted, inverted (3) mishwyrfed [] adj perverted, inverted (2) mislr [] f (-e/-a) ill teaching, evil suggestion misldan [] wv/t1b to mislead mislran [] wv/t1b to teach amiss, give bad advice to mislc- see mislcmislibban [] wv/t3 to lead a bad life [listed as lybban] mislic [] adj unlike, various, manifold; wandering, erratic; adv ~lce in various ways, diversely, aimlessly mislcian [] wv/t2 w.d. to displease, disquiet mislcnes [] f (-se/-sa) variety, diversity mislcum [] adv variously mislimp [] n (-es/-) misfortune, mishap mislimpan [] impersonal sv/i3 3rd pres mislimp past mislamp/mislumpon ptp is mislumpen w.d. to go wrong, turn out badly, to turn out unfortunately mismacian [] wv/t2 to mar mismicel [] adj of varying sizes?; cmp ~mra; spl ~mst misrcan [] irreg wv/t1b to abuse misrd [] m (-es/-as) misguidance; misconduct misrdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres misrde past misreord/on, misrd/on ptp misrden to advise wrongly; read wrongly miss [] n (-es/-) absence, loss miss- see mismissan [] wv/t1a w.g. to miss (a mark); w.d. to escape the notice of a person missare see missere misscrence [] adj distorted, shriveled misscrdan [] wv/t1b to clothe amiss misse- see mismissenlic [] adj various, manifold, different, diverse; adv ~lce missenlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) variety, diversity; qualitas? missere2 [] n (-es/-u) half-year, year misspwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres misspw past mispow/on ptp misspwen to fare badly missprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres misspric past missprc/missprcon ptp misprecen to grumble, murmur mist [] m (-es/-as) mist; dimness (of eyesight) mist- see mismistcan [] irreg wv/t1b to teach amiss mistel [] m (mistles/mistlas) mistletoe; basil

mistellm [] n (-es/-) birdlime misteltn [] m (-es/-as) mistletoe mistglm [] m? (-es/-as) misty gloom misthelm [] m (-es/-as) covering of mist misthli2 [] n (-es/-u, -hleou) misty cliff, cloud-capped slope mistian [] wv/t2 to be or grow misty mistd [] f (-e/-e) evil time mistdan [] impersonal wv/t1b to miscarry, fail mistig [] adj misty mistihtan [] wv/t1b to lead astray, dissuade mistihtendlic [] adj dehortative mistil- see mistelmistmian [] impersonal wv/t2 w.d. to happen amiss mistlic see mislic mistran [] wv/t1b to grow dim mistrwan [] wv/t1b to mistrust mistcian [] wv/t2 to ill-treat mison [] sv/t2 3rd pres miseg past misag/misugon ptp misogen to mis-thrive, degenerate misyncan [] impersonal irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres misync past mishte ptp misht to be mistaken misweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres miswiex past miswox/on ptp is misweaxen to grow improperly miswendan [] wv/t1b to pervert, abuse; be perverted, err miswende [] adj erring, ill-behaving miswenian [] wv/t2 to misuse, abuse [?= miswerian] misweorc [] n (-es/-) misdeed misweoran [] sv/i3 3rd pres miswier past miswear/miswurdon ptp is misworden to turn out amiss miswidere see misgewidere miswidere [] n (-es/-u) bad weather, storm [listed as m] miswissian [] wv/t2 to mislead miswrtan [] sv/t1 3rd pres miswrte past miswrt/miswriton ptp miswriten to write incorrectly miswurian [] wv/t2 to dishonor, ill-treat miswyssigan see miswissian mte [] f (-an/-an) mite (small insect) mitta [] m (-n/-n) a measure, bushel; [metan] mittan1 [] wv/t1a to meet, meet with, find mitte [] f (-an/-an) a measure, bushel; [metan] mitte see mitta mittung [] f (-e/-a) meeting, convention mitt see mid mi see mid man [] sv/t1 3rd pres me past m/mion ptp gemien to hide, conceal (sv/t1, sv/i1), keep to oneself, dissemble; conceal oneself, remain concealed; 2 to avoid, shun, refrain from migehlyttu [] f (-e/-a) fellowship migian [] wv/t2 to conceal ml see mdl

mix see meox mixen [] f (-ne/-na) dung-heap, dung mixendynge [] f (-an/-an) dung mixenplante [] f (-an/-an) nightshade (plant) mixian see miscian md [] n (-es/-) 1 heart, mind, spirit, mood, temper; courage; arrogance, pride; power, violence; forweoran on ~e sv/t3 be grieved; ~es breca sorrow of heart mdblind2 [] adj blind, undiscerning mdblissiende [] adj exulting mdbysgung [] f (-e/-a) anxiety mdcearig [] adj sorrowful of heart mdcearu2 [] f (-e/-a) sorrow, grief mdcrft2 [] m (-es/-as) intelligence mdcrftig [] adj intelligent mddor see mdor mddren [] adj of mothers mddrie see mdrige mddrige see mdrige mde- see mdigmdearfo [] n (-es/-) grief of mind mdeg see mdig mder see mdor mdercynd see mdrengecynd mderge see mdrige mdful [] adj proud, haughty mdgehygd2 [] n (-es/-) thought mdgemynd2 [] n (-es/-u) mind, thought mdgomor [] adj sad, dejected mdgeanc [] m (-es/-as) thought, understanding, mind mdgeht [] m (-es/-as) thought, understanding, mind mdgeyldig [] adj patient mdgewinna [] m (-n/-n) care mdgian see mdigian mdgidanc see mdgeanc mdgld [] adj joyous mdglaw [] adj wise mdhap [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) bold host mdhete [] m (-es/-as) hatred mdhord [] n (-es/-) secret thoughts mdhwt2 [] adj brave, bold mdig [] adj spirited, daring, bold, brave, high-souled, magnanimous; impetuous, headstrong; arrogant, proud mdigan [] wv/i2 to grow proud or overbearing, be high-minded, glory, exult, show bravery; take offence through pride mdigian [] wv/i2 to grow proud or overbearing, be high-minded, glory, exult, show bravery; take offence through pride

mdiglic [] adj high-souled, lofty, proud; brave, bold; splendid, magnificent; adv ~lce mdignes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness of soul; pride, arrogance, haughtiness mdilic see mdiglic mdlas [] adj spiritless; senseless mdlast [] f (-e/-a) want of courage, despondency mdlof [] adj dear, precious mdlufu2 [] f (-e/-a) hearts affection, love mdnes see mdignes mdor [] f (-/mdru) mother; mother (of animals) [dat mder; pl also mdor, mdra] mdorcild [] n (-es/-ru) a child of ones (own) mother mdorcynn [] n (-es/-) maternal descent mdorhealf [] f (-e/-a) mothers side mdorhrif [] n (-es/-u) womb mdorlas [] adj motherless mdorlic [] adj maternal; adv ~lce mdorlufu [] f (-e/-a) love for a mother mdorslaga [] m (-n/-n) matricide mdrie [] f (-an/-an) mothers sister, maternal aunt; cousin mdrige [] f (-an/-an) mothers sister, maternal aunt; cousin mdrf [] adj valiant mdsefa2 [] m (-n/-n) heart, mind, spirit, soul; thought, imagination, purpose, character mdsoc [] adj sick at heart mdsocnes [] f (-se/-sa) fright, sadness; disease of the heart mdsnotor2 [] adj wise mdsorg2 [] f (-e/-a) heart-sorrow mdstaol [] m (-es/-staelas) principle, character mdstaolnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness of mind mdstaolfstnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness of mind mdsw [] adj resolute mdracu [] f (-rce/-a) courage mdra [] m (-n/-n) anguish mdru? [] f (-e/-a) arrogance mdwre [] adj meek mdwrnes [] f (-se/-sa) patience, meekness mdur see mdor mdwg [] m (-es/-as) proud wave mdwelig [] adj gifted, talented, wise mdwlanc2 [] adj stout-hearted; haughty mdwyn [] f (-e/-a) hearts joy, property moetan see mtan moha see moe mohe see moe molcen [] n (-es/-) coagulated or curdled milk [Ger molke] molda? [] m variant of molde 2 moldrn2 [] n (-es/-) grave moldcorn [] n (-es/-) granular tuber of saxifraga granulata, and the plant itself

molde [] 1. f (-an/-an) sand, mould, dust, soil; land, country; world; 2.? f (-an/-an) top of the head [or molda?] moldern see moldrn moldgewind [] n (-es/-) top of the head moldgrf2 [] n (-es/-grafu) grave moldhrrende [] adj moving upon earth moldhpe [] f (-an/-an) heap of dust moldstw [] f (-e/-a) site, sepulcher moldweg2 [] m (-es/-as) earth moldwyrm [] m (-es/-as) earth-worm molegn [] n (-es/-) curds molegnstycce [] n (-es/-u) piece of curd moling see molegn molsn [] n? (-es/-) decay molsnian1 [] wv/t2 to moulder, decay molten past participle of meltan momra see mamera, mamor mon see man mna [] m (-n/-n) moon mnanfen [] m (-fnes/-fnas) Sunday evening mnandg [] m (-es/-dagas) Monday mnanniht [] f (-e/-) Monday eve, i.e. Sunday evening; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um] mna [] m (mnes/mnas) month [mna] mnadl [] f (-e/-a) monthly sickness, disease, disorder, distemper, ailment, illness, malady, of body or mind; menstrual sickness, disease, disorder, distemper, ailment, illness, malady, of body or mind [morbus menstrualis] mnadlig [] adj menstruous mnabld [] n (-es/-) menstruum mnabt [] f (-e/-a) penance for a month mnafylen [] f (-ne/-na) time of full moon mnagecynd [] f (-e/-a) menstruum mnalic [] adj monthly, lunar; as noun, = mnadl mnasoc [] 1. adj menstruous; 2. see mnsoc mnasocnes [] f (-se/-sa) lunacy moncus see mancus mond see mand mndg see mnandg mne [] f see mna mnelic [] adj lunar monig see manig mnlic see mnelic monn see mann mno see mna mnsoc [] adj moon-sick, lunatic, epileptic mont see munt

mn see mna monuc see munuc mr [] m (-es/-as) moor, morass, swamp; hill, mountain mora [] n (-es/-) sweet boiled wine with herbs [L moratum] mrbam [] m (-es/-as) mulberry tree, bramble mrberie [] f (-an/-an) mulberry (fruit) more [] f (-an/-an) carrot, parsnip more see mora mrfsten [] n (-nes/-nu) moor-fastness mrfloge [] f (-an/-an) cariscus, a kind of fly morgen [] m (-es/-as) morn, morning, forenoon; sunrise; morrow; on ~ne/morne in the morning; on ~ne/morne tomorrow morgenceald [] n (-es/-) chill at morn morgencolla [] m (-n/-n) morning terror morgendg [] m (-es/-dagas) morrow morgendlic see morgenlic morgendrenc [] m (-es/-as) morning drink morgengebedtd [] f (-e/-e) morning prayer morgengifu [] f (-e/-a) gift by a husband to his wife the morning after teh wedding morgenloht [] n (-es/-) dawn, morning morgenlic [] adj matutinal, morning; of the morrow; ~a dg tomorrow morgenlang [] adj lasting a morning; cmp ~lengra; spl ~lengest morgenmsse [] f (-an/-an) morning mass, first mass morgenmete [] m (-es/-mettas) morning meal morgenrn [] m (-es/-as) morning rain morgensoc [] adj sad at morn morgensprc [] f (-e/-a) regular meeting of a guild on the morrow after the guild-feast [listed as ~spc] morgenspell [] n (-es/-) news published at morn morgensteorra [] m (-n/-n) morning star morgenswg [] m (-es/-as) cry at morn morgentd [] f (-e/-e) morning morgentdlic [] adj matutinal morgentorht [] adj bright at morn morgenwacian [] wv/t2 to rise early morgenwltung [] f (-e/-a) morning sickness mrh [] f (-e/-a) mountain-heath mrheald [] adj heathy, marshy? mrhop [] n (-es/-u) a hollow in the moor; moor-swamp mrig [] adj marshy mrls [] f (-we/-wa) marshy pasture mrland [] n (-es/-) moor-land, mountain-waste morne dative singular of morgen mornes genitive singular of morgen morod see mora moro see mora

mrsceaa [] m (-n/-n) robber mrsecg [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) sedge mrseohtre [] f (-an/-an) marshy ditch mrsld [] n (-es/-) marshy valley mrstapa [] m (-n/-n) traverser of moors mortere [] m (-es/-as) a mortar [L mortarium] mor [] n (-e/s-), m (-es/-as) death, destruction, homicide, murder; deadly sin mor- see morormorcrundel [] m (-crundles/-crundlas), n (-crundles/-) barrow raised over a dead body?, deadly pool?, corpse-pit? morcwalu see mororcwalu mordd [] f (-e/-e) murder, deadly sin, crime moror [] n (morres/-), m (morres/morras) deed of violence, murder, homocide, manslaughter; mortal sin, crime; injury, punishment, torment, misery mororbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) violent death, murder mororbedd [] n (-es/-) bed of death (by violence) mororcofa [] m (-n/-n) prison mororcrft [] m (-es/-as) murderous crime mororcwalu [] f (-e/-a) murder mororcwealm [] m (-es/-as) murder, death mororhete [] m (-es/-as) blood-feud mororhof [] n (-es/-u) place of torment mororhs [] n (-es/-) house of torment mororhycgende [] adj with murderous thoughts mororlan [] n (-es/-) retribution for sin mororscyldig [] adj guilty mororslaga [] m (-n/-n) homicide, murderer mororslagu [] f (-e/-a) homicide, murder mororslege [] m (-es/-as) homicide, murder mororslieht [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, murder mororwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) murderer morslaga see mororslaga morslieht [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, murder morsliht see mororslieht morur see moror morweorc [] n (-es/-) deadly work, act which causes death, murder morwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) murderer morwyrhta see mororwyrhta moru [] f (-e/-a) parsnip, carrot [= more] mrwyrt [] f (-e/-e) moor-wort ms [] 1. n (-es/-) bog, marsh; 2. n (-es/-) food, victuals [Ger mus] mst 2nd pers pres of mtan mste past of mtan mot [] n (-es/-u) mote, speck, atom

mt [] 1. 1 (usu ge~) n (-es/-) moot (gemot), society, assembly, court, council, synod; ge~ wyrcan to take counsel; litigation; ge~ conflict, encounter; 2. f (-e/-a) toll, tribute; [Ger maut]; 3. pres sing of mtan mtrn1 [] n (-es/-) courthouse mtan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres mt/mton 2nd pres mst past mste ptp gemten (may), to be allowed, be able to, have the opportunity to, be compelled to, must; mste ic would that I might! mtbell [] f (-e/-a) bell for summoning a moot mtbeorh1 [] m (-bores/-boras) hill of meeting mtere [] m (-es/-as) public speaker mtern see mtrn mtgerfa [] m (-n/-n) moot-reeve, chairman of a moot mths1 [] n (-es/-) moot-hall, place of assembly mtian1 [] wv/t2 to speak to or about, converse with, address, harangue; argue, plead, discuss, dispute mtlu [] noun pl courts, assemblies? mtstw [] f (-e/-a) place of meeting, forum mtung [] f (-e/-a) conversation, discussion mtweor [] adj qualified to attend the moot mofreten [] adj moth-eaten mor see mdor moe [] f (-an/-an) moth [mohe] mucgwyrt [] f (-e/-e) Artemisia, mugwort mucxle see muscelle mdrica see mderce mga [] m (-n/-n) mow, heap of corn mugan see magan mugwyrt see mucgwyrt mha see muga ml [] m (-es/-as) mule [L mulus] mlhyrde [] m (-es/-as) mule-keeper multon past pl of meltan munan1 [] irreg v/t 3rd pres man/munon past munde ptp gemunen to think about, be mindful of, remember, mention; consider; ~ in mde keep in mind mund [] 1. 2f (-e/-a) hand; palm (of the hand, as a measure); trust, security, protection, guardianship; protector, guardian; the kings peace; fine for breach of the laws of protection or guardianship of the kings peace; [Ger vormund]; 2. m (-es/-as) money paid by bridegroom to brides father, bridegrooms gift to bride; 3. see mynd mundbeorg [] m (-es/-as) protecting hill mundberd see mundbyrd mundbora [] m (-n/-n) protector, preserver, guardian, advocate; prefect mundbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of the laws of protection or guardianship; fine for the breach of such laws mundbyrd [] f (-e/-a) protection, patronage, help; fine for a breach of the peace mundbyrdan1 [] wv/t1b to protect mundbyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) protection; security, independence; protector, guardian, advocate

mundbyre see mundbyrde dat sing of mundbyrd mundcrft [] m (-es/-as) protecting power munde see munan mundgripe2 [] m (-es/-as) hand-grasp mundian1 [] wv/t2 to protect, watch over, act as guardian of mundiend [] m (-es/-) protector mundlow [] f (-e/-a) wash-hand basin [ON munnlaug] mundlu [] f (-e/-a) wash-hand basin [ON munnlaug] mundlu [] f (-e/-a) wash-hand basin [ON munnlaug] mundrf [] adj strong with the hands mundwist [] f (-e/-e) guardianship, protection munec see munuc munetere see mynetere mungung see mynegung munt [] m (-es/-as) mountain, hill [L] muntlfen [] f (-e/-a) mountain nymph muntclse [] f (-an/-an) mountain prison muntgu [] f (-e/-a) the Alps munuc [] m (-es/-as) monk; (used also of women) [L monachus] munucbeht [] n (-es/-) monastic vow munuccild [] n (-es/-ru) child intended for monastic life munuccnapa [] m (-n/-n) young monk munucgegyrela [] m (-n/-n) monastic garb munuchd [] m (-a/-a) monastic orders, the monastic life munuchap [] m (-es/-as) company of monks munucian [] wv/t2 to make a monk of munuclic [] adj monkish, monastic; adv ~lce munuclf [] n (-es/-) monastic life; cloister, monastery munucraf [] n (-es/-) monks garb munucregol [] m (-regles/-reglas) monastic rule, mode of life; a body of monks under a certain rule munucscrd [] n (-es/-) monks garb [dat ~scrd] munucstw [] f (-e/-a) place of monks munucaw [] m (-es/-as) monastic rule munucwse [] f (-an/-an) fashion of a monk mr [] m (-es/-as) wall [L murus] mrbam see mrbam mrberie see mrberie murc [] adj dismal, wretched [myrce] murcian [] wv/t2 to complain, repine, grieve murcnere [] m (-es/-as) complainer murcnian see murcian murcung [] f (-e/-a) complaint, sorrow murge see myrge murnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres myrn past mearn/murnon ptp gemornen (also wv/t1b) to care, be anxious or fearful about; hesitate; mourn, sorrow, bemoan; long after

murnung [] f (-e/-a) complaint, grief murra see myrra murre see myrre ms [] f (ms/ms) mouse; muscle (of the arm) muscelle [] f (-an/-an) shell-fish, mussel muscule [] f (-an/-an) shell-fish, mussel n [] conj, adv not, no, not at all, not even, never, by no means; ~ t n not only; ~~ neithernor; ne ~ nor; ~ m no more; ~ ls not a smaller number; ~ mre sb. nothing more; [1. qualifying a verb expressed or implied, (a) without any other negative particle, (b) with other negatives; 2. qualifying (a) an adjective; (b) an adverb or adverbial phrase] nab- see nafnabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres nf past nfde ptp genfd not to have, to lack, be without [ne + habban] naca2 [] m (-n/-n) vessel, boat, bark, ship [Ger nachen] naced see nacod nacian see genacodian nacian [] wv/t2 to strip (the clothes off a person) nacod [] adj 1. naked, nude, bare; empty; (a) of persons, without clothing, destitute of clothing (implying poverty and wretchedness); (b) of an animal, unsaddled, bare-backed; (c) of a sword, naked, unsheathed; (d) of a surface, bare, without a covering; 2. bare in a metaph. sense, (a) of persons, destitute, stripped of property; (b) of words, not accompanied with deeds; God nelle t u hine lufie mid nacodum wordum ac mid rihtwsum ddum; (c) of a narrative, bare, without amplification or comment; [in Clark Hall, listed as f nakedness]; 3. f (-e/-a) nakedness nacodwrxlere [] m (-es/-as) gymnosophist nafa [] 1. m see nafu; 2. same as ne hafa, imper. of nabban nafa pres pl of nabban nafela [] m (-n/-n) navel nafea [] m (-n/-n) nave (of a wheel) nafu [] f (-e/-a) nave (of a wheel) nafugr [] m (-a/-a) an auger nafula see nafela nafulsceaft [] f (-e/-a) navel ngan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres nh past nhte ptp gengen/gengen not to owe, not to be bound, not to be allowed, to have no right to, ought not; not to own, not to have, to lose, be unable to; not to be obliged or bound to do; w.a.; w.g.; nhte ought not nht [] 1. n (-es/-u) naught, nothing, a thing of no value; wickedness, evil-doing; instrumental nhte + comparative adjectives = nothing; w.g.; ealles ~ nothing at all; ~ elles nothing else; 2. adj useless, bad, poor; 3. adv not, not at all [n + wiht] nhte see ngan nhtfremmend [] m (-es/-) evil-doer nhtgtsung [] f (-e/-a) wicked avarice nhtlic [] adj worthless, of no avail; adv ~lce wickedly, badly nhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) worthlessness, cowardice nhtscipe [] m (-es/-as) worthlessness [listed as f]

nhwr see nhwr nhwanon [] adv from nowhere; not at all nhwr [] adv nowhere, in no place; in no case, never; in no respect, not at all nhwrn [] adv nowhere, in no case, never, not at all nhwer [] 1. adj neither; (neuter); 2. conj neither; ~ne neithernor nhwider [] adv nowhither, to nowhere, to no place nhwonan [] adv from nowhere nals see nealles nalas see nealles nales see nealles nalles see nealles nals see nealles nalde see nolde, past of nyllan nam [] 1. past 3rd sing of niman; 2. see ne, eom nm [] f (-e/-a) (legal) seizure, seizure of property belonging to one which is in the hands of another nama [] m (-n/-n) 1. name (as the individual designation of a single person, animal, place, or thing); mn nama is Adam my name is Adam; 2. noun, the particular word used to denote any object of thought not considered in a purely individual character; sw is his nama as is its name; 2b. a title of rank or dignity; 3. the name of God or Christ, with implication of divine nature and power inherent in it; Dryhten re God, h wundorlic n nama is Lord our God, how wonderful is your name; 4. the reputation of some character or attribute, with gen. or clause; he m habba benumen mnes naman they have deprived me of my reputation; 4a. a distinguished name, reputation; 5. (ones) repute or reputation; 6. the mere appellation in contrast or opposition to the actual person or thing; 7. in prepositional phrases, (1) be naman, (a) with verbs of naming; maniga a sind be naman nemnede for m gefeohte many rivers are named for the battle; (b) with verbs of calling upon, mentioning, etc.; (c) with verb of knowing, individually; ic can ec be naman I know thee individually; (2) on/in naman, (a) in phrases expressing invocation of, reliance on, devotion to, () the persons of the Godhead; he fulliga on naman Fder and Suna and s Hlgan Gstes they baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; () power of evil; (b) in adjuration, () by reference to the Deity or to saints; ic bebeode on Godes naman I ask in Gods name; () by reference to heathen gods or evil spirits; h him swr on his goda naman he swore to him on his good name; (c) in case of dedication; (d) under the character or dedication of nambc [] f (-bc/-bc) a book in which names are written, register of names nambred [] n (-es/-u) a tablet on which names are written, register of names (on a tablet) namceging [] f (-e/-a) a calling by name, naming namc [] adj well-known, having the name well-known, famous; celebrated, famous, of note, renown namclce [] adv by name, individually namian1 [] wv/t2 to name, give a name to; name, mention the name of, mention; call, call by some name or epithet; name, nominate, appoint by name to a particular duty nammlum [] adv by name, name by name namnian [] wv/t2 to name, invoke, call by name nmon past pl of niman namrden [] f (-ne/-na) learning, erudition; naming

nn [] 1. pron, adj none, not one, no; ~e inga on no account; mid nnum ~um not at all; 2. noun w.g. none, no one, no man, nothing [n, n] nnuht [] 1. n (-es/-u) (oft w.g.) nothing, naught; 2. adv nothing, not at all, in no wise (3) nnwiht [] 1. n (-es/-u) (oft w.g.) nothing, naught; 2. adv nothing, not at all, in no wise (1) nnwuht [] 1. n (-es/-u) (oft w.g.) nothing, naught; 2. adv nothing, not at all, in no wise (2) np past 3rd sing of npan nard [] m (-es/-as) spikenard, unguent [L nardus] nart see neart naru see nearu nas see ns, = ne ws nt see ne, wt nteshwn [] adv not, not at all, by no means nteshwn [] adv not, not at all, by no means nthw [] adj pron some one unknown; [= L nescio quis] nthwanon [] adv from some place unknown, from somewhere or other nthwr [] adv in some place unknown, somewhere or other nthwt [] pron something unknown, something or other; rhes ~ something rough, I know not

nthwider [] adv to someplace unknown, to somewhere or other nthwilc [] adj pron (indef) 2 (I know not which), some one or other, someone (I know not who) nthwylc see nthwilc nthwn see nteshwn ntshwn see nteshwn nls see nls ner see nhwer ning [] n (-es/-) nothing nor see nhwer nls [] conj nevertheless nuht see nht nwa [] adv never [ne + wa] nwer see nhwr nwrn [] adv nowhere [= nhwrn] nwht see nht nwiht see nht nwiht [] 1. n (-es/-u) naught, nothing, a thing of no value; wickedness, evil-doing; instrumental nhte + comparative adjectives = nothing; w.g.; ealles ~ nothing at all; ~ elles nothing else; 2. adj useless, bad, poor; 3. adv not, not at all [n + wiht] nwihtfremmend [] m (-es/-) evil-doer nwihtlic [] adj worthless, of no avail; adv ~lce wickedly, badly, ignobly nwihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) worthlessness, cowardice nwer see nhwer nwuht see nwiht, nht Nazarenisc [] adj Nazarene n [] adv see ne nbba see nabban

nbre see nfre ncad see nacod ncan1 see hncan nced see nacod ncednes [] f (-se/-sa) nakedness ncedu [] f (-e/-a) nakedness nct see niht ndder- see ndernddre see ndre nddrewinde [] f (-an/-an) alder-wort nderbita [] m (-n/-n) ichneumon ndercynn [] n (-es/-) snake-tribe; a kind of snake nderfh [] adj spotted like a snake nderwinde [] f (-an/-an) the name of a plant, adder-wort ndl [] f (-e/-a) needle ndre [] f (-an/-an) adder, snake, serpent, viper, any kind of snake ndrecynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of snake ndrewyrt [] f (-e/-e) adder-wort nfde past 3rd sing of nabban nfebor [] n (-es/-u) auger [nafu] nfig see nftig nfne see nefne nfre [] adv never [ne + fre]; 1. alone; 2. with other negatives nfst pres 2nd sing of nabban nft [] f (-e/-a) need, want, poverty, indignance nftcyrrend [] adj not returning nftig [] adj poor, indigent, not having means ngan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ng past ngde ptp genged 1. 2 to address, approach, accost, speak to (often followed by wordum); attack; 2. see hngan ngel see ngl ngen see ne mgen ngl [] m (-es/-as) nail, peg; finger-nail, toe-nail, claw; plectrum, an instrument for striking the strings of a harp; in compounds handle ngledbord2 [] adj with nailed sides ngledcnearr [] m (-es/-as) nail-fastened vessel, a vessel the planks of whose sides are nailed together ngledcrt [] n (-es/-cratu) iron chariot ngledsinc [] n (-es/-) studded vessel nglian1 [] wv/t2 to nail, fasten with nails Ngling [] m (-es/-as) the name of Beowulfs sword nglseax [] n (-es/-) knife for cutting the nails, razor nh see nah nhsta see nehsta nht see niht nht see nht nlacan see nalcan

nlls see nealles nm see neom nm [] f (-e/-a) a taking, receiving, acceptance nmel [] adj receptive nming [] f (-e/-a) bargain, contract, acceptance, agreement nmne see nemne nmniendlic see nemniendlic nnig [] pron, adj no one, none, not any, no (used as noun w.g., and as adj); ~e inga adv not at all, in no wise [ne + nig] nniguht [] adv in no wise, nothing nnigwiht [] adv nothing, not, not at all, in no wise nnigwuht [] adv in no wise, nothing nniht see nnwiht nnne see nn np [] m (-es/-as) turnip, rape npsd [] n (-es/-) rape seed, turnip seed npte see nefte nre see ne, wre nron see ne, wron nrende [] adj, ptc not being [ne + wesan] nrra see nara ns [] 1. verb form was not; see ne, ws; 2. adv not, not at all [see nals]; 3. see nss; 4. past 3rd sing of nesan nsc [] ? (-?/-?) fawn-skin nse see nese nsgristle [] f (-an/-an) nose-gristle, nose cartilage nshli [] n (-es/-u) declivity, slope (of headland) [dat pl ~hleoum] nss [] m (-es/-as) ness, cliff, headland, cape, land running out into water, promontory; 2 earth, ground (in connection with under-, nier-) nssa [] m (-n/-n) ness, cliff, headland, cape, land running out into water, promontory; 2 earth, ground (in connection with under-, nier-) nsse [] f (-an/-an) headland, promontory, cape nsshli [] n (-es/-hliou) the slope of a headland, promontory, cape, ness nstan see hnstan nster [] ? (-?/-?) caucale, lipped vessel nsyrl [] n (-es/-) nostril ntan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres nte past ntte ptp gented to annoy, afflict, press upon, trample upon, crush, subdue, injure, destroy nting [] f (-e/-a) blaming, upbraiding nl see ndl ne [] 1. adv not, no; no, nay; 2. conj neither, nor na- see nahnad see ned nad- see also ned-, ndnadclamm [] n (-es/-) necessity, need, distress, extremity nadcleofa2 [] m (-n/-n) a prison

nadcofa [] m (-n/-n) prison nadgafol [] n (-gafles/-) tax, tribute, a tax that must be paid nadgewuna [] m (-n/-n) enforced custom, a necessary, suitable custom nadgield [] n (-es/-) enforced payment, tribute, exaction nadgielda [] m (-n/-n) debtor, one who is forced to pay nadhd [] m (-a/-a) compulsion, force nadhs [] f (-e/-e) order which one must obey, a command which is attended by compulsion nadian1 [] 1. wv/t2 to compel, force, constrain, urge, impel; to compel, force to do something; to constrain, force to or from something; nn mann ne mste nadian erne mra t drincenne no one may force another to drink more; 2. see nodian nadignes [] f (-se/-sa) obligation nadinga see nadunga nadlunga see nadunga nadnod [] f (-e/-a) absolute, unavoidable necessity nadprin? [] n (-es/-u) necessary equipment [or = nading?] nading [] n (-es/-) necessary thing nadung [] f (-e/-a) force or violence used against anyone, compulsion, necessity; [of pressure due to persons or circumstances] nadunga [] adv forcibly, against ones will, not willingly, under compulsion, of necessity nadunge [] adv forcibly, against ones will, not willingly, under compulsion, of necessity nadws see nedws nadwsnes see nedwsnes nadwte [] n (-es/-u) inevitable punishment nadwraca [] m (-n/-n) avenger by necessity, one who is forced to be an avenger, who avenges an affront nadwracu [] f (-e/-a) violence, misery caused by violence, distress nadwrclce [] adv violently nah [] 1. adj near, nigh, close; late; [cmp nara, spl nehsta]; so nehste hand the nearest relative; in cmp later, latter; in spl last, latest; (1) local; (2) marking relation, position, or order; 2. adv near, nigh (of place, time); of degree, about, almost, nearly, lately; nar and nar nearer and nearer; t nehstan next, at length, finally; in spl, of order in time, last; 3. prep w.d. of place, time near, close to; manner, according to nahbend [] m (-es/-) neighbor, a near-dweller nahceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) nearest town nahcirice [] f (-an/-an) neighboring church nahdl [] m (-es/-as) neighborhood, a neighboring part nahdn [] f (-e/-a) neighboring hill naha [] f (-/-) neighboring river nahaland [] n (-es/-) neighboring island nahfder [] m (-/-) near, neighboring father, a neighboring father of the church, one not belonging to distant parts [vicinus pater] nahfeald [] adj intimate nahfealdlic [] adj intimate nahfrond [] m (-es/-frend) near friend, near kinsman, near relation nahgangol [] prep? w.d. placed near; adj in attendance on the person of the sovereign

nahgebr [] m (-es/-as) neighbor nahgebren [] f (-ne/-na) neighbor nahgebrild [] m (-es/-as) neighbor nahgehsa [] m (-n/-n) neighbor neahhe1 [] adv sufficiently; abundantly; often, frequently; earnestly (1) neahhie1 [] adv sufficiently; abundantly; often, frequently; earnestly (2) neahhige1 [] adv sufficiently; abundantly; often, frequently; earnestly (3) nahhebr see nahgebr nahhergung [] f (-e/-a) warring close at hand, harrying in ones neighborhood nahland [] n (-es/-) neighborhood, a neighboring country nahlcan see nalcan nahlcan [] irreg wv/t1b w.d. or t to come or draw near, approach; be near; be like; cling to; [nah, lcan]; 1. of movement in space; 2. of movement in time; (1) with a noun or pronoun as subject; se dm nahlc the judgment draws near; (1a) with clause; n nahlc, t w sculon re hta gesamnian it approaches that we shall gather our property; (2) with impersonal construction, to approach a season or event; hit t m dme nahlc; nahlcung [] f (-e/-a) a drawing nigh, approach nahlic [] adj near, neighboring; adv ~lce nearly, almost, about; nearly, closely; hardly nahmann [] m (-es/-menn) neighbor nahmg [] m (-es/-mgas) near relation, near kinsman nahmg [] f (-e/-a) neighboring tribe, a neighboring province nahmunt [] m (-es/-as) neighboring mountain nahmynster see nahhunmynster nahnes [] f (-se/-sa) nearness, neighborhood nahhunmynster [] n (-mynstres/-) neighboring monastery or convent (1) nahhunnmynster [] n (-mynstres/-) neighboring monastery or convent (2) nahsibb [] 1. adj related; 2. f (-e/-a) affinity, near relationship, relationship nahsta see nehsta nahstw [] f (-e/-a) a neighboring place, place near; neighborhood neaht see niht nahtd [] f (-e/-e) approaching time, a time close at hand nahtn [] m (-es/-as) neighboring town or village nahod [] f (-e/-a) neighboring nation, a neighboring people nahwter [] n (-es/-) a neighboring piece of water nahwest [] f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) neighborhood, nearness, presence; the being with another, presence, society, fellowship, cohabitation [nah, wesan] (1) nahwist [] f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) neighborhood, nearness, presence; the being with another, presence, society, fellowship, cohabitation [nah, wesan] (2) nahwudu [] m (-a/-a) neighboring wood nalcan [] irreg wv/t1b w.d. to come or draw near, approach; be near; be like; cling to; [nah, lcan] nalcung [] f (-e/-a) approach, access nalic [] adj near, neighboring; adv ~lce nearly, about nealles [] adv not, not at all, by no means neam see neom nam- see nahm-

nan [] adv from near by; ~ and feorran from near and far; close at hand, near; nearly, about; of time, from a time near at hand neap see hnpp Neapolite [] m pl the Neapolitans nar [] adv near, nearer; cmp of nah nara [] adj later, latter, nearer; cmp of nah (1) neara- see nearonearo see nearu narra [] adj later, latter, nearer; cmp of nah (2) neart [] verb form art not; 2nd person singular of wesan [ne art] nearu [] 1. 2 f? (-e/-a), n? (-wes/-) strait, danger, distress, difficulty; ~ rwian to be in straits; confinement, durance, imprisonment; prison, hiding-place; 2. adj narrow, strait, confined, constricted, not spacious, limited, petty; narrow, limited, poor, restricted; strait, oppressive, causing anxiety (of that which restricts free action of body or mind), causing or accompanied by difficulty, hardship, oppressive; oppressed, not having free action; strict, severe nearubregd [] n (-es/-) a wile or trick that brings others into straits nearucrft [] m (-es/-as) an art that confines or imprisons? nearufh [] adj disastrously hostile, bearing enmity the result of which is to reduce others to straits nearugrp [] f (-e/-a) a close grasp nearulic [] adj oppressive, straitened; adv ~lce narrowly, within narrow limits, closely, briefly, accurately; narrowly, closely, briefly, accurately; narrowly, exactly, strictly, stringently, oppressively, grievously; evilly; closely, tightly; illiberally?, evilly nearuned [] f (-e/-a) urgent need nearunes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. strait; small space; 1a. a narrow space, a place of small extent; 2. scantiness; 2a. a physical inconvenience, difficulty, troublesome action; 3. oppression, distress (of body); nearunes brostes oppression of the chest; 4. distress (of mind), anxiety, tribulation, trouble, grief; 5. scantiness, (1) of space; (2) of means nearusearu2 [] n (-wes/-) dark cunning, a wile that causes restraint or confinement; an evil, mean trick? [listed as f] nearusorg [] f (-e/-a) crushing distress, oppressive care, grievous trouble nearuanc [] m (-es/-as) wickedness, evil thought, illiberal thought nearuancnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness nearuearf [] f (-e/-a) dire need, pressing need nearuwrenc [] m (-es/-as) evil trick, a trick or wile that causes anxiety or trouble nearwe [] adv narrowly, closely, straitly, strictly; narrowly, strictly, carefully, exactly (of enquiry); oppressively, forcibly; artfully; anxiously, in a manner causing trouble nearwelce see nearolce nearwian [] wv/t2 1 to force in, cramp, confine, afflict; to make narrow, straiten, compress; crowd; become smaller, shrink, become narrow, contracted nearxnewang see neorxnawang nasian see nosian nat [] n (-es/-) animal, beast, ox, cow, cattle; pl cattle naten see neten natland [] n (-es/-) land of a dependant or vassal

nawest [] f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) neighborhood, nearness, presence; society, cohabitation [nah, wesan] (1) nawist [] f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) neighborhood, nearness, presence; society, cohabitation [nah, wesan] (2) nawung [] f (-e/-a) nearness, coming near nebb [] n (-es/-) a neb, nib, bill, beak, beak-shaped thing; nose, gristle of the nose; the face, countenance, complexion; ~ wi nebb face to face nebb- see nebnebbian [] wv/t2 to retort upon, rebuke, confront, turn the face towards anyone nebcorn [] n (-es/-) a pimple on the face nebgebrc [] n (-es/-) nasal mucus, a defluxion from the head Nebrond [] m (-es/-as) Nimrod nebsealf [] f (-e/-a) antimony, face-powder nebwltful [] adj bold, impudent, barefaced, shameless nebwltung [] f (-e/-a) boldness, impudence nebwlite [] m (-es/-as) the form of the face, the face, countenance nebwlitu [] m (-wes/-was) the form of the face, the face, countenance nechebr see nahgebr necti- see nihtened see nett nd [] 1. see ned; 2. see nod nd- see nad-, ned-, ndndl see ndl nefa [] m (-n/-n) 1 nephew; stepson; grandson; second cousin nefene [] f (-an/-an) granddaughter; niece nefne see nemne nfre see nfre adv Nefrod [] m (-es/-as) Nimrod nefte [] f (-an/-an) nep or nip, cats mint [L nepeta] ngan see ngan negled- see nglednh see nah nhst see nehst nhsta see nehsta neht see niht neirxnawong see neorxnawang nista see nehsta nel see nelle, pres 1st, 3rd sing of nellan nelt pres 2nd sing of nellan nellan see nyllan nemnan [] wv/t1b 1 to name, call, give a name to a person or thing; to use such and such a name or title in speaking of a person or thing (t w nemdon duru); enumerate; address, speak to; to name, nominate; to call upon the name of, address by name, to invoke; to mention by name, mention, relate

nemne [] 1. conj connecting clauses unless, except, save, only; connecting words in the same case (contracted clauses, the verb of the second clause being the same as the first, and not expressed); 2. prep w.d.? except, save, only nemnian [] wv/t2 1 to name, call; enumerate; address, speak to; nominate; invoke, mention a subject (person or thing); to mention the name of a person, mention by name; with cognate accusative, to give the name of; h his ieldrena naman nemde he gave the names of his parents; mention, relate; with cognate accusative u nemnast his naman Hlend nemnian see nemnan nemniendlic [] adj naming, nominative nemnigendlic [] adj naming, nominative nemning [] f (-e/-a) name, appellation neme see nyme Nen [] n? (-es/-) the river Nen in Northamptonshire nen see ne, n, variant of n nnig see nnig no [] n (-wes/-) a corpse nobedd2 [] n (-es/-) corpse-bed, bed of death, bed of spirits [Goth naus] nod [] 1. f (-e/-a) desire, longing; zeal, eagerness, diligence, earnestness, earnest endeavor; pleasure, delight; 2. see ned node [] adv eagerly, zealously, diligently [instrumental of nod; the instrumental of adverbial force occurs very frequently in the Psalms] nodfracu [] f (-e/-a) yearning, greed, desire, appetite, the object of desire or of appetite nodful [] 1. adj zealous, earnest; 2. see nedful nodhs see nedhs nodian1 [] wv/t2 impers. w.g. to be necessary, require, be required nodlau [] f (-e/-a) urgent summons, earnest, hospitable invitation; wish nodlce [] adv eagerly, earnestly, carefully, zealously, diligently, sedulously; 2 greatly nodlof [] n (-es/-u) zealous praise, diligent praise nodspearuwa [] m (-n/-n) sparrow, an active, restless sparrow nodearflic [] adj necessary nodweorung [] f (-e/-a) zealous honoring, great honoring neofa see nefa nofugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) bird of prey, a bird that feeds on carrion, a vulture or crow nol see neowol nolcan see nalcan nolcan see nalcan neom [] verb form am not; see ne, eom neoman see niman nomian [] wv/t2 to sound sweetly? non see nwan nor [] adv see nar neorxnawang [] m (-es/-as) Paradise neorxnawanglic [] adj of Paradise nosan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres nose past nosde ptp genosed w.g., w.a., or w.clause to search out, find out, find out by inquiry, inspect; 1 to seek, visit, go to, (a) a place, (b) a person; attack, visit with affliction, seek with hostile intent

nosian [] wv/t2 w.g., w.a., or w.clause to search out, find out, find out by inquiry or inspection, inspect; 1 to seek, visit, go to, (a) a place, (b) a person; attack, seek with hostile intent, visit with affliction, calamity, disease, etc. [the visitation of God] nos [] m (-es/-as) death neosu see nosu nosung1 [] f (-e/-a) access; visitation, visit, visiting notan [] sv/t2 3rd pres nete past nat/nuton ptp genoten (usu w.g.) to use, make use of, have the use of, have the benefit of, enjoy, employ, (a) w.g. ic note wpna I make use of weapons, (b) w.a. [Ger geniessen] noten see neten neoan [] adv below, down, beneath, from beneath neoane [] adv below, down, beneath, from beneath neoanweard [] adj lower neoe- see nieneoon see neoan neoor see nior neoer- see nierneooweard see nieweard neora see niera now- see nwneowel see neowol nowrno see nwrn neowol [] adj precipitous; headlong; prone, prostrate; obscure, deep down, low, profound, abysmal neowollic [] adj profound, deep neowolnes [] f (-se/-sa) depth, abyss, chasm, a deep place; 1. of a deep place on the earth; 2.
of the lower regions

np [] adj lacking, scanty; only in phrase forganges ~ without power of advancing? npfld [] m (-es/-as) neap-tide, ebb, low tide, a very low tide nepte see nefte ner1 [] n (-es/-u) refuge, protection nr see nar nergend [] m (-es/-) savior, preserver (Christ, God) nergendlic [] adj that should be preserved? nerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres nere past nerede ptp genered to save, rescue, liberate; preserve, defend, protect; [Ger nhren] neriend see nergend nerigend see nergend Neron [] m (-es/-as) Nero nrra see nara, narra nerung [] f (-e/-a) guard, protection, defense nerw- see nearw-, nirewnerx- see neorxnes [] feminine abstract noun suffix; pl -sa nesan [] sv/t5 3rd pres nis past ns/nson ptp genesen to escape from, survive, be saved

nese [] adv no [ne, s]; the opposite of gese (1) saying no to a question; (2) where a request, command, etc., is refused; (3) where a prohibition is assented to; (4) where dissent is expressed; (5) as
representing a negative statement

ness see nss nest [] 1. n (-es/-) nest; young bird, brood, the young birds in the nest; 2. n (-es/-) food, provisions, victuals; 3. n (-es/-) provisions served out at fixed times, rations nst see nehst nsta see nehsta nestan [] wv/t1b to spin nestig see nihstig nestlian [] wv/t2 to make a nest nestpohha [] m (-n/-n) a bag for food, wallet net see nett net- see nytneta [] m (-n/-n) caul netan see nytan netel [] f (-e/-a) nettle netele [] f (-an/-an) nettle nten see neten netenes see nytennes ntl see ndl netle see netele neton see nyton netrp [] m (-es/-as) snare, gin, a toil nett [] n (-es/-) net (for fowling, fishing, or hunting); netting, network, web; spiders web; a mosquito net[Goth nati] nette [] f (-an/-an) the net-like caul nettgearn [] n (-es/-) knitting yarn [gearn] netwerlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) utility nan [] wv/t1b to venture on, dare, risk, to have courage to do, dare to do; with preposition; with clause [n] ning [] f (-e/-a) boldness, daring, audacity; risk nl see ndl neurisn [] f (-e/-a) aneurism, a kind of paralysis newesoa [] m (-n/-n) pit of the stomach?, bowels? nwest see nawest nxt see nehst n- see ng-, nwnic [] adv not I (= no) [ne, ic] nicc [] adv not I (= no) [ne, ic] niccan [] wv/t1a to say no, refuse, refuse a person something; Nicnisc [] adj Nicene nicor [] m (nicres/nicras) water-sprite, sea-monster; hippopotamus, walrus nicorhs [] n (-es/-) sea-monsters dwelling, the abode of a nicor nd see ned nd- see nad-, ned-, nd-

ned [] f (-e/-a) 1. necessity, inevitableness; what is necessary; 2. necessity, need, urgent requirement, compulsion, duty; for, of ~e of necessity, unavoidably; 3. a necessary business, duty; s is ned, tit is our bound duty that; errand, business; 3a. necessity from the facts or circumstances of the case; 4. need, what one wants; 5. necessity, need, difficulty, hardship, distress, trouble, pain; 6. violence, force, compulsion, exercised by or upon person; 7. the name of the rune for n; 8. a condition of affairs placing one in difficulty or distress; a time of difficulty; exigency, emergency; 9. a condition marked by the lack or want of some necessary thing, or requiring some extraneous aid or addition; 10. a matter requiring action to be taken, a piece of necessary business; 11. a particular point or respect in which some necessity or want is present or felt; 11a. a necessary article, necessary of life 12. ~ is it is necessary or needful (with dat. infin. or clause); a. w.d. person; ~ habban to be under a necessity to do something; (to have) need of, (to have) need, be in want; 13. see see nod nedan [] wv/t1b 1. to compel, force, urge, press, exercise constraint or compulsion upon one; 2. to force to something; (1) with t and a noun; h hine t leornunge nedde he forced him to learning; (2) with dative infinitive; h nedde t healdenne he forced to hold; (3) with clause nedbd [] f (-e/-a) toll, due, exaction, blackmail; bodily torment nedbdere [] m (-es/-as) toll-collector, one who exacts toll nedbebod [] n (-es/-bebeodu) an urgent command, mandate nedbehfdlic [] adj necessary nedbehfednes [] f (-se/-sa) necessity, a need nedbehfnes [] f (-se/-sa) requisite, what is needful nedbehfe [] adj needful, necessary; w.d. person and dative infinitive lenctentd is
nedbehfe eallum mannum t gehealdenne Lent is necessary for all men to observe

nedbehof [] adj necessary, needful (1) nedbehoflic [] adj necessary, needful (2) nedbeearf [] adj necessary nedboda [] m (-n/-n) one who announces violence or distress, messenger of evil? nedbryce [] m (-es/-as) necessary use, requirement, need nedbysig [] adj troubled by distress, distressed nedbysigu [] f (-e/-a) distress, toil, trouble nedclamm [] n (-es/-) necessity, need, distress, extremity; [listed as nad~] nedclamm see nadclamm nedcleofa see nadcleofa nedcleofa2 [] m (-n/-n) a prison; [listed as nad~] nedcofa [] m (-n/-n) prison; [listed as nad~] nedcofa see nadcofa nedcostung [] f (-e/-a) a distressing trial, affliction neddda [] m (-n/-n) one who does something under compulsion nede [] adv 1. of necessity, as a natural, inevitable consequence, from force of circumstances; 2. of necessity, because a law, natural, moral, or human, is to be satisfied; 3. from force, under compulsion, without free-will; 4. of need, needs, necessarily, compulsorily; instrumental sing of ned nedenga [] adv necessarily, by force, forcibly, against a persons will nedes [] adv of need, needs, necessarily, compulsorily, not willingly; genitive sing of ned

nedfara [] m (-n/-n) one who journeys under compulsion, who is forced to march, fugitive, exile nedfaru [] f (-e/-a) compulsory journey, a journey one is forced to take, death nedfrond [] m (-es/-frend) kinsman, friend, one closely connected by relationship or friendship nedful [] adj needful, necessary nedgafol [] n (-gafles/-) tax, tribute, a tax that must be paid; [listed as nad~] nedgafol see nadgafol nedgedl2 [] n (-es/-) an inevitable parting, the parting of body and soul, forced dissolution, death nedgefra [] m (-n/-n) inevitable companion nedgenga [] m (-n/-n) one who is forced to go or one who goes in misery, wretched wanderer nedgestealla [] m (-n/-n) comrade in need, one who is closely bound to another by the ties of comradeship nedgeweald [] n (-es/-) power that is forcibly exercised or that causes distress, tyranny nedgewuna [] m (-n/-n) enforced custom, a necessary, suitable custom; [listed as nad~] nedgewuna see nadgewuna nedgield [] n (-es/-) enforced payment, tribute, exaction; [listed as nad~] nedgield see nadgield nedgielda [] m (-n/-n) debtor, one who is forced to pay; [listed as nad~] nedgielda see nadgielda nedgrp [] f (-e/-a) coercive grip, a violent grasp, forcible clutch nedgrpe [] m (-es/-as) coercive grip, a violent grasp, forcible clutch nedgripe [] m (-es/-as) a violent grasp nedgylta [] m (-n/-n) debtor nedhd [] m (-a/-a) compulsion, force;