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Published by: Aura Varban on Jan 23, 2012
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Have you any good table rice ?

Yes, but it is very dear.

Ni yau iik shefung pak mai md^ ni' ? Yau, isung hai kwai che".

What do you mean by dear? Four dollars a picuL

Tim yeung wai chi kwai ni.

Si ko ngan tsin yai ia'm.

I don't want a picuL I want fifty pounds.

Ngo ^m iu'' yai tanu Ngo ivf ng shap pong.

I sell it three cents a pound. Is that the lowest price ?

Mooi pong sam ko sin si.

Hai kung to^ ka" isin "m

I want some preserves and pickles.

That is what I want.

Ngo iu" iik iong ko sun kwo". Ngo ising hai ivf ni iik.

How much a dozen 1


Ex toh ngan yai ko ia' svm.


Send three dozen to my house.

^hax yan sung sam ko ta" sun io*" ngo uk.

What is the price of sugar ?

What quality do you want?

Tong mai ye ka^ isin ni ?

Ni iu" pin iang /ctf*

I want the best sugar. Do you mean sugar candy t

Ngu iu' chi ho ke" iong.

Hai iu' pingfa' ^tn hai

Sugar candy sells at twelve cents a pound.

Pingfa' mai shap i ko sin si yai pong.





J 9F^at some flour too.

I have no American flour.

Ngo ip, tile miiCfun tim.

Ngo mo^fa" ki min^.

I have some .good China flour.

I don't want it.

Ngo yau tik ho'^ poon ii mln'".

Ngo ^m iu' ko tik.

I am very sorry

I can not accommodate you ifith it.

Ngo kifi ^m hd^ i sz.

Ngo ^m^ching yau iak fung.

Verv well, let me go to the next door


Ho^ rii taiig ngo kico leak lipo


And see.iwh^ther I can get it :

Sz ha' hon chi inai tak to^ "m


And I will come back ;

To buy some other things from you.

In haufan" loi


Tung ni mai tik ye' tim.


Vmf^ If it^t ^^ffi^

Thank you ; Good bye.

lo che' ni lok ching ItT.

Please let me take your name.

Tofa'n ni tung chA ming ngo ho' lok po"^.

Where do you live, sir ?

Tstien ka' tsoi pin chu' chu^ ni.

"When shall I send the bill to you? Any time you please.

Ki shi ngo sung tan /o^ ni rhu' ni.

Xum nishishiloo ho^.

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