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Unit 20 : Hobbies, Games, and TV (~ 0])

Ojl:(! ~<2j"~ ~otot{jLI7Jt?
21. Would you like to hear classical music or pop music?


~<2j"~ ~otot{jLI7Jt, ~<2j"~ ~ot~Llq.

cft~ ~<2j"~ ~otot{jLI7Jt?

22. I like classical music.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Basic Expressions > What's your hobby?

Aj~ ~cft~ Ojl:(! Cjli2~~ 7t~ ~otot~ ~~0ft ~{!

23. What record would you like to hear?

?! om ~ ~*El

.!f-~ <fjLI 7Jt? 7jl~~ ~7~~Llq.

~Q{jLI7Jt? -i'-T<fjLI7Jt?

I enjoy computer gaming. My hobby is reading books.

24. Who is your favorite singer?


25. Have you ever done any composing?

All ?! 01~ -&"j <fjLI q.
Have you read many books?

~ VQ{jLI7Jt? ~QLI

26. That song brings back fond memories.

mOl ~~Q~OjR?
What do you do for relaxation?

-='- ~cft~

"'.!jzt°l Lt~2R.

27. She has an ear for music.


Oj~7jl ~Lft{jLI7Jt? ~ol~OjI ~%.g 7jl~.g -tl"{J°I VQ{jLI7Jt? .!f-~ <fjLI7Jt? «jA1I<fjLI7Jt?

-=,-Ll~ ~<2j"OjI3':OjPt ~'BLIq.
28. She has an eye for paintings.

Are you interested in Back Street Boys?

~ ~~c'l~ 7m 7m ~otot~ ~otot~

-=,-Ll~ -='-~ ~{tOjI {J0I<C!"~ 7tAI~
29. I don't go in for dancing.

V'BLIq. m'BLIq.

What's your favorite pop song? What's your favorite season? Do you enjoy watching the baseball game?

Aj~ A1I~~Q.£ Aj~ ~OtLt Aj~ 0~2j.£ Lm~ ~cl 01 ~~


3t~ ~ototAI

30. I enjoy getting away from the city.

3t~ ~~Llq.

31. How long can you swim?

o~-T -tl"~~ <2j"71 q~ -='- ~cft~

~ 0tot{j LI 7Jt? ~ °t{jLI7Jt? 71Et.£ <C!~W ~ °t{jLI7Jt? °tt8Llq. .!f-~ ~ot~Llq. ~%ot~ V'BLI7Jt?

9<ElW 9 V'BLI7Jt? 9<El0ft"j <:!l§ 9 V'BLIq.

10. Do you play any musical instruments? 11. Do you know how to play the song on the guitar? 12. That music is not my taste.

32. I can across this river. 33. He can swim 2 kilometers and I can swim twice as far as that.

-='-~ 2~.£~ V'BLIq.

9<ElW 9 VQLt

Aj~ -='- -f- tJft~ 9<El W 9

-='- ~<2j".g All ?!~Ol Aj~ 0~-T{!9

13. I'm crazy about Chan-ho Park, a baseball player. 14. What's on TV now?

34. I hear your brother is good at playing tennis.

t8{! Aj~


9<El~ ~l(!"q~


35. I'm terrible.

AI-6- TVOjjAj .!f-~~

~~ 'ilt'BLIq. g~.g 7t<fj~Oj ~ot .!f-~<fjLI7Jt? V'BLI7Jt? V'BLI7Jt? ~V:'BLIq. V'BLIq.

15. Which program do you enjoy most?

36. What's your favorite sports?

Oj~ .!"_.£-='-'2l~ 7t~ ~otot{jLI7Jt?
16. I enjoy soaps most.

7t~ ~otot~ EjlLI~ ~~Ojl

37. Do you belong to a tennis club? 38. Have you ever taken Taekwondo lessons?



~ot~Llq. (?!U1

Lesson 1 : Hobbies



g ~ol

39. My brother took lessons on the guitar for two years. 17. How do you spend your leisure time?

All ~.g 2\:!:U 71Et 9~~
40. He is up on golf.

t8{!.g ~ 7m Ojl:(!


Oj~7jl ~Lft{jLI7Jt?

18. What is your specialty?

-='-~ -g.!"_OjI~~~ -='-~ o~-T~ol~ Aj~ eOjI ~ol~


.!f-~ <fjLI7Jt?

41. He is a baseball buff while she is a film buff.

19. What kind of music do you like?

-=,-Ll~ <ElQj-~<fjLlq. cft.£ q ~~'BLIq.

-5*.21 ~<2j"~ ~otot{jLI7Jt?

42. I read everything I can get my hands on.

20. What's your favorite kind of music?


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


43. Are you through .:::2~ 44. I've q

with the book? story. 'iltBLIq. 0l~BLIq. lottery. mBLIq. is an original. of gardening. Oj~BLIq.

Lesson 2 : Games (711~) 65. Let's 66. Let's ~~~ 67. Let's ~~ draw lots.

~~Q~BLI7Jt? -9-2-1AjltJI "*71_£ ~Alq. flip for it. 'i:FFj 7t-§-Alq. ~~~Alq. play sides.

never read a more stirring ~~ ~~Ojg ~ol

°1'51711 ~~~<c! °1 ~g 46. I don't Aj~ 47. It's

45. This book has affected Ajl At~Qj ~{"jOjI gOl

my thinking.


have any luck with


hard to tell if this picture -T~oPI

68. Did you mark the score? ~9~ 71~~BLI7Jt?

01 .:::2~Ol ~g<c!AI 48. My husband Ajl \3~g uft~ ~71~ 50. How often ~OtLt At~ ~~

used to be very fond 7t¥71~ ¥~ ~ot~BLIq.

69. Whose turn is it?

-i' -T AtClI<fjLI 7Jt?
70. Let me ask you a riddle. 99~I7JI 71. Let's 72. Let's ~tJt~~ 73. Let's 7t~.g0l 7t~!f-Ej ~¥~7ft~ otLt tgj7JtR? make it 20 questions. ~Alq. play hide and seek. ~Alq. play cards. ~Alq. I(!Aj lIJIAjiR. hands. I should clear my throat first.

49. Do you keep a diary everyday? ~{lLI7Jt? do you go fishing? \rVI~ ~~I 7t{lLI7Jt? this Sunday? games to kill time. tJICj.2. 711~~ ~Llq. but he was dull. rrtg~BLIq. 2~7JtR?

51. Shall we get together 0l1(J ~R~OjI 52. I sometimes Am~ ~Lft71 play video

i1J0ft lIJl~

53. I liked the way he looked .:::2~ ~~71Ojl~

74. Cut the cards first. 75. You have good t8{!g lift 7t ~ 76. Wait a minute,

:i{!l&5~J:AII(!" Li¥

54. We had lots of fun there. -9-2-I~ .:::2~OjlAj ~W Aft9J711 AIlJIBLIq. 55. Is that ?lol ':Q~~ ~ot for a hobby 0tAI~ 3t~ or for a living?




~LI7Jt? 77. She sings like a bird . .:::2Ll~ ~cft~ ~ ~Llq. a 78. I can't Aj~ carry a tune.

56. Do you like walking 7jLI~ 57. Coin collecting valuable ~~ 9~g

in the rain? but you find

~otot{lLI7Jt? is interesting,

coin only once in a blue moon. Aft9JAII(!" &1:~ ~Qj-~ tan? -T0PI~ °t-§'OjjAj

~AI <fjLlq. to death.

79. I was tickled

~ rrp I <fjLI q . 58. Where did you get that

uft-9- ~ 7j £J.BLI q. 80. You are full of old jokes.


.:::2 711:U:Pf-~ .:::2~ '51 ~B LI 7Jt? a tan.



mOl °VI~2R. you can't beat him. t8{!s=. .:::2Ojl711 t8W 3t<fjLlq. ~ (TV E'._£.:::2'i;!J)

59. You look good with

81. When it comes to golf, -gE'.OjI -ttl(!" 3t°l2-tI(! Lesson 3 : TV Programs

:U:Pf-~ Eft-9-LI7Jt~71Ojl ~BLIq. 60. He runs like a deer. .:::2~ WOl t1Jt-§-LIq. 61. He is jet-propelled .:::2~ ~ ~ '§~Llq. 62. I guess I can't 'Btlft 'ilt°l~ t8{!Ol 64. Where ~\:!Ojl~ go without oPf-s=. cigarettes 3t ~BLIq. framed. even for a day. .

82. What's

on today? ¥ ~ <fjLI 7Jt? on Channel 6?

.2.-§' E'._£.:::2 '2lg 83. What's



63. I'm going to have your picture

61(J Aftl§OjjAj~ ¥ ~ ~ program? {!~Ojl

~<EJ ot ~

VB LI 7Jt? the TV

.:::2'C!:::2~~ <2!jAt_£I(!"~ ~Llq. . did you go skiing last year? OjCj_£ ~71~ EtC! V:~BLI7Jt?

84. What does the newspaper

say about

TV E'._£.:::2'2lOjI cft0ftAj lf~2-t~ Lt2t VBLI7Jt? movie on Channel 9 tonight.

85. There is a good


Success doesn't

come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


_2_-§'~ 91(j Aftl§OJ]"i ~g _2_-§, ~g Aft0]V~


on TV tonight.


Basic Expressions

86. There is nothing interesting

106. How much is admission?

TV E'._£_:::J_'2l0] otLts::. E'._£_:::J_'2lg .!f-~<flL]7Jt?

<fl~li 7t ~ ot<fl LI 7Jt?
107. What are the show times?

87. What program follows the news and weather?

.;=r~2j- l§-Y.] q~

108. What's

01~7j] .!f-~~

~LI7Jt? {t~ot~ V'BLI7Jt?

88. What channel did you watch on TV last night?

on at the theater?

89. I don't



1(j Aftl§~

soap opera.

_:::J_ ~OJ]"i ~ m'BL]q. JJ;Pi] ~L]q.

want to miss my favorite

109. Where is it playing?

AiPt ~otot~




01 CJOJ]"i ~ <CJ~ <flLI 7Jt?
110. How often do you go to the movies?

90. Most Korean TV serials are tear-jerkers.

l(!"~Qj TV <CJ~~


~OtLt 'i?"icft_£ ~~ ~~ol ~~ol



7t{lLI7Jt? tJt~Llq.

91. Did you catch the CNN late news last night?

111. One at a time,



CNN {Jo~ .;=r~~ O1~~OJ] 7.!j ~~

~~'BL]7Jt? ~V:'BL]q.
the news.

l(!" ~~ ~Llq.


92. I watched

a gangster film last night.

112. You have to get in line.


93. I've just been watching

113. The seats are all sold out.

~-6- _:::J_;=r~~ .
94. I don't

Lt~'BL]q. <c!"Lt~L]q.

uft~~~'BLIq. ~0ftA~ V~ ~LI7Jt?

get a good picture on my TV set.

114. Do we have reserved seats? 115. When is the next show, then?


TV Qj-I(!0] ~

95. The picture is out of focus.

Qj-I(!Qj ~~O] O]3tg 01~7j]

WA] m'BL]q. ~~ ~L]7Jt? TV ~7l]
OJ]~ <flL]q.

_:::J_ q ~ ~ <CJ ~ g °1

«! Ai]<flLI7Jt?

96. How do I turn it on? 97. The award ceremony is going to be televised live.

116. This ticket is good for one day.

117. Excuse me. Is this seat taken?

_:::J_]{t~g "


i!Cl]~Llql(!", ~~ ~ tJt~

01 Atel tJI~'BLI7Jt?

98. The TV programs

will be off the air in twenty ~l§

118. Would you mind trading seats with me?

9 V~'BLI7Jt?


-¥I(! TV ~%O]

they signed off two hours

119. Is this seat reserved?

99. OCN is off the air now,

°1 Atel ~ OJ] <2f~ <flLI 7Jt?
120. Standing Rooms Only (S.R.O)
~~ I(!"~ / I(!"~

OCNg .!f-~~


~~'BL]q. 7l]{lL]7Jt? ~ePt


~OJ] 0t~~'BL]q.

"tCl] ~R~Llq V~ ~ol . .!f-~<flLI7Jt?

100. What are you listening to? 101. The radio signals are mixed up.

121. The movie is 3 hours long.

_:::J_ ~Qj-~
122. What's

3"mol <CJ~ot~

that she's playing?

etCJ_2_ ~% Ai~

~~Oj Lt_2_~ V'BL]q.
1§ OJ]~ <flL]q.

Ai OjAm

102. I will go on the air tonight.

_2_-§'~OJ] uft~ ~~

Lesson 1 : Movies and Plays (~Qj-, 123. He's gone to the movies. program.


103. I saw you on TV the other night.

~OJ] TVOJ]"i t8{!~ ~'BL]q.

104. He appeared on a TV talk-show

_:::J_~ ~Qj-~ ~~OJ]


or a concert?

_:::J_~ TV cft'B E'._£_:::J_'2lOJ]%<CJ~'BL]q.
105. She looks great on TV.

124. Do you want to go to the theater

y ~LI7Jt,


<CJ~Q]OJ] Y ~LI7Jt? 2~~q]R.

_:::J_Ll~ Qj-I(!0] :EJl ~



125. I wonder

if you can join us.

AiQj2j- ~7Jj] 7ti! Unit 21 : Movies, plays, and sports (~.2t, C(!~, A~;;l<.)

9 V~AI

126. I want to go to a concert and I need a lady's

<CJ~Q]OJ] 7t~


~O.!JW OJ{"j°l VQI(!



Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English

~7JtAI ~V:BLIq. ~V:BLIq.

127. I'm afraid we're

going to be late.

Ai~ <2jAI.£ _:::J_ c!~~ <


?,t ~BLIq.

151. All in all, the play was quite good.

128. I will take her out to the movies.

_:::J_ c!~.g °t~ < ~
H_ ~

_:::J_~ <El )--ttOJI ql cl ~ 7tc1 ~ ~LI q. Ll Q
129. My father took me to a concert.

152. The guy is a ticket-scalper.

Ai "t~.g

"t<fl LI q.

130. Aren't

Ai~ ~"i~OJI


153. How did you like the movie?

we near the theater?

_:::J_ ElQ)-0t~OJI ~{lLI7Jt? <
154. The movie story remains fresh in my memory.


7iQj q .2. AI mV:LtR? IIlPt ~AI mV:LtR?

131. Isn't it time for the movie to begin?

_:::J_ El )- ·~Pi cpt <Q
Lesson 2:

Ail 71<2jOJI"'.!j"'.!j 01 \3otV B LI q.

<ElQ)-7t "I~W

132. The movie has been running for two months.

Sports (~~~)

_:::J_ ElQ)-~ -f- ,§I');H {t<El~~ <
133. Do you know what's CGV

155. Let's play arm wrestling.

at the CGV theater?






Jj2-cl W,y.I~ ~"Iq.
156. I can stand on my hands.

134. What movies are on?

AI-6- {t <El ~ <El )- .!f-~ <flLI7Jt? ~ Q~
135. Let's see what's playing.

Ai~ ~-TLt.!f-~ _:::J_-T~PI ~ Jj2-cpt 3:1.£
draw. l(!"~~

i1 9 VBLIq.

157. Did you watch the soccer game?

.!f-~~ ~~ 0tAI~ <c!~Qj~

{t<El°t~AI «j Ail "I ~~LI

yot*"Iq. 7Jt?

~~BLI7Jt? 0l~BLIq.
Korea and Brazil was

136. When does the curtain go up?

158. The score was three to one in our favor. 159. The soccer game between

137. When does the last show end?

~<c!.g «jAil ~\JLI7Jt? ~~ ~-¥OJI "I~~Llq.
is taken. let you know.

138. The concert begins right after dark. 139. I'm sorry, but everything

-'=!.ct~Qj ~-T~71~

you take me there?

160. The score is three to nothing in favor of England.



::q%~Llql(!" ~~ol

UH~~~BLIq. yc1~cmBLIq.

161. I've heard there is a big baseball game this afternoon. Why don't

140. If we have a vacancy, we'll


141. Do you think we can get tickets?

.2.-§' .2.-¥OJI ~Rl(!" 0~-T~7pt Vq~ Ai~ _:::J_~Q.£ <c!"LHoH~"mBLI7Jt?
162. Was the game worth watching?


it 9 VQclct

142. I don't

think we stand a chance.

_:::J_I ~ ~ "



it ?,t ~BLIq.

163. Is the game on tonight?

143. Do you have reserved seats for tomorrow


_:::J_ 71~ ~71l ~%~LI7Jt? ~

LH~ Ai~ ~ q cm2t

OjluHW 9 V~7JtR?

164. What time is it on?

144. Move over,

9.! "IOJI ~71l ~%~LI7Jt?
165. The game is going to start at 8

&QAilR. 7t~OJI 2t ~~ ?,t°l V~ ~Llq.


145. The movie will blow your mind.


8"IOJI "I~W~Llq.

_:::J_ ElQ)-~ ~I(! <
146. What a trash!

166. Is this game live?

01 711 ~.g t8{!.g
~ <2fl(!"

711 7Jt? <flLI VBLI7Jt? ~BLIq. 0t{lLI7Jt?



167. What team are you pulling for?

147. The movie scared me so much.

01~ '6~ %~ot~ '6~ %~ot~ At~ g~~ ~~~

_:::J_ ElQ)-~ ~W ~~7JI~BLIq. <
148. His story should be a winner on the screen.

168. I just like to root for the underdog.

_:::J_Qj 0loPI~
149. I can't

<ElQ)-Q)-otl(!cHoI~ <ElQ)-~ ~7JtAI ~ 9~

~~Llq. 'iltBLIq.

169. How often do you work out?

see this damn movie through.

~otLt "I~

°1 ~Eicl

170. How did the game turn out?

150. I forced myself to see the play out.

01~71I ~BLI7Jt?


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


171. We won the game three to nothing.

-9-cj7t -9-cj7t



172. We lost the game two to five.

2:5.£ ~BLIq.

173. The score was tied, six to six.


174. The game ended in a tie.

~ 71~ ¥'6'!f-.£ ~~BLIq.
175. When you play baseball, what position do
you play?



t8{!Qj ~AI{1g .


176. I play first base.

Ai~ 1'f-9<fjLlq

177. The second batter fouled the ball against the

21(j EtAt~ ~~3'C!~ Ai~ AFI~ ~~~

W~ :Ul~~~


178. I'm an average player.

{!9<fjLlq. Lmc1~ ~Llq. ~~BLIq.

179. Jerry's trying out for the Olympics.


180. The 2002 World Cup finals drew a large crowd.

~-T ~'6'~Ojl mg "t~~ol

181. The Korean Soccer team advanced to the 2002 World Cup semi-finals.

~-T'6g g~{!~Ol

2002 ~~~ W,§~BLIq.

e~'6'OjI ~%~BLIq.

182. He's got good motor skills.

183. Who's your favorite?


%~ot{lLI7)t? ~LI ~Iq«! Etol~~

184. Chances are he's going to lose his title.

~71 ?ol~

tlJH~~ 3t ~BLIq.

184. I'm just a bench warmer on the football team.

Ai~ ~-T '6 -¥~ <fjLlq. 185. The victory is ours. '6'cl ~ -9- cl Qj

3t <fjLIq .


Successdoesn't come overnight


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