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Change to FMWR Airport Shuttle Program

Change to FMWR Airport Shuttle Program

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Published by: the LYnC on Jan 23, 2012
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Based on a recent legal review of the FMWR Stuttgart Airport Shuttle program, they are no longer able to offer pick-up services at any airport, on post or off-post residence. However, they are able to continue offering shuttle services to the Stuttgart Airport from the Kelley hotel, Swabian Suites and Panzer hotel ONLY. This service is for registered hotel guests only. These reservations can be made with the front desk staff of the hotels. Reservations received prior to this release will be honored. In addition, the Garrison does have agreements with taxi companies that provide services to our military installations. Please call Taxi Zentrale Boeblingen, 0703119410, if you reside/work on Panzer or Patch. If you reside/work on Patch, Kelley, SAAF and Robinson Barracks you can contact Taxi 8x8 (changed name to Neckar Taxi) at 0711-88888888. Remember when calling these companies to always ask for a driver with an American Installation Pass and if you need to go to the airport - make sure you let them know how much luggage, if you have children or pets - this will help them to determine the size of a vehicle to bring. Also, if you are traveling with small children, you will be responsible to bring your own child carrier seat. Not all taxi drivers have children safety seats. Please pay the drivers in Euro's - not dollars or credit cards.

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