[MKVZ] - List of Vendors [ME41] - Create RFQ [ME47] - Maintain Quotaion [ME49] - Price Comparision [ME21N] - Vendor/Supplying

Plant Known [MIGO] - Goods Receipt (Goods Movement) [ME11] - Create Info Record [ME15] - Flag for Deletion - Info Record [ME1L] - Info Records per Vendor [ME1M] - Info Records per Material [ME1W] - Info Records per Material Group [ME51N] - Create Purchase Requisition [ME5A] - List Display of Purchase Requisitions [XD01] - Create Customer centrally [ME31K] - Create Contract [ME31L] - Create Scheduling Agreement - Vendor Known [ME38] - Maintain Delivery Shedule [ST22] - ABAP Runtime Error [MD02] [MD04] - Stock/Requirements List as on Date and Time [MD11] - Create Planned Order [MD12] - Change Planned Order [MD14]- Convert planned Order into Purchase requisition (individual conversion) [MD15]- Convert planned Order into Purchase requisition (collective conversion) [FBL1N]- Vendor Open Items [F-53] - Outgoing Paymennts [MB54] - Consignment from Vendor [MRKO]- Settlement for Consignment and Pipeline Settlement [MB21] - Create Reservation [MB51] - Material Document List

Bin Status Report [LS23] .Create Storage Bin Automatically [LX20] .Display Quant [MMNR] [LB01] .Create Storage Bin for Interim Storage [LS08] .List of Empty Storage Bins [LX03] .Number Range Object Maintenance [MP30] .Create Stroage Bin Manually [LS10] .Create Transfer Requirements manually .Execute forecast [LS01N] .Block and Unblock a Range of Storage Bins [LX01] .[SNRO] .

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