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Don Miguel Ruiz Perception and the Mind

Don Miguel Ruiz Perception and the Mind

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Published by Mihaela Dana Calota

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Published by: Mihaela Dana Calota on Jan 23, 2012
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The Human Mind Perception and the Mind Everything you perceive is contained in your mind.

Sight creates images that are reproduced in our mind. We don't see something in front of us we actually see a reproduction in our mind. We don't hear sounds happening in the distance, vibrations travel through the air, hit your ear drum, travel down nerve pathways and a "sound" is reproduced in our mind. Touch, smell, taste all are perceived and experienced in the same way. Keeping this truth in your daily awareness will completely change your experience of life. If everything you are perceiving is inside your mind, where are you? Your mind is a bubble, "you" are a point of perception inside the bubble. Everything you perceive is all around you, not the outside world but the inside walls of the bubble. You could say that you never interact with the outside world but with the inside of your own bubble. This is a literal description of how our perception evolved and the reason there is so much confusion and suffering and we call it the “human condition”. So what we have described here is that there are two separate realities that exist at the same time. The outside "real physical world" and the inside our mind reproduction of the real world where our awareness and point of perception are located. When there is a conflict in our perception and understanding between what is happening in the real outside world and what we mistakenly perceive is happening by our inside bubble there is confusion, misunderstandings, conflict and emotional pain. The outside world is always the truth of the way things really are, the world inside of our bubble is the one that can be in error or distorted. This simple fact of how we evolved to perceive the outside world is the reason for all conflict between your self and the outside world and the reason for all conflicts between humans. How does this disconnect between the outside reality and what we perceive inside of our bubble happen? Our mind takes in perceptions of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and reproduces them extremely accurately within the bubble. This highly accurate reproduction allows us to move around, drive a car, have conversations, smell and taste all with a very high degree of truth and congruence with the what is actually there on the outside, but there are two things that happen inside of our mind that are not happening in the physical outside world, they are our thoughts or "thinking" and our emotions. When our emotion and thoughts are mixed with the perception of our other senses they cause a distorted perception and interpretation inside of our bubble than what is actually happening in the outside world. When this distortion happens it is so seamless and "real" that we do not even notice that it is not what happened in the outside world.

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