Breakthrough in Speed Reading- Evaluation Sheet

Book: Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle Dec. 23, 2011 Summary of Reading: - in 384 Aristotle born in Sagitarious - in 367/366 BC: attended Plato s academy then under rule of Eucoydm (master mathematician whose influence can be seen in Nicomachen Ethics) - in 348/347 BC: started a school with several others, but left shortly - Was asked to be tutor to Alexander by his father, Philip o Alexander was just 13 - When Alexander turned 16, his job as tutor ended - Returned home, his town was pillaged but restored by gratitude of Philip and Alexander - Then he taught at the Lycecum in Athens - After the death of Alexander, chaos broke out in Athens - Artistotle labled persona non grata: to be met with similar fate as Socrates - He fled, saying that he will not allow Athenians to punish philosophy twice - He died shortly after

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