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1. Practice makes as close to perfect as possible. Take difficult multiple choice questions. Write essays that model AP essays . Time your essays. Design labs with attention to hypothesis, controls, repeatability and statistics. 2. Use all available resources Essay questions from 1990 to present. Test questions from released AP Biology exams. Use tests and resources from prep books. 3. Read the essays What is question asking? Respond using internal order of essays. Try writing your responses to the four essays in this order; second easiest, next hardest, hardest, easiest. Do not repeat question at beginning of answer, use that time to organize your response. 4. Learn to pace yourself Virtually no one gets all the multiple choice correct, do not worry about skipping some. On multiple choice - wrong answer counts against you, no answer is neutral. Do not second guess on multiple choice, most second choices are wrong. Try to answer all essays as fully as possible. 5. Drawings must be labeled and referred to in the essay Drawings by themselves are not graded. Use drawings only if you feel written description is not clear. 6. Review for the exam Read summaries of text. Review objectives of the 12 recommended AP Biology labs. Review your class and laboratory notes. Use review segments of AP prep books. 7. Be wise Sleep is better than study - get a good night's rest

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