Generic and Brand Name Dobutamine HCl (Dobutrex


Classificatio n Adrenergics

Route and Dosage 12.5mg per ml in 20ml vials



Contraindicati ons Hypersensitiv e to drugs history of hypertension

Adverse Effect Headache, angina, hypertensio n, increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath

Nsg, Responsibilit ies >Continousl y monitor ECG, blood pressure, cardiac output and urine output. >Monitor electrolyte levels. Drug may lower K levels. >Tell pt. to report adverse reaction promptly esp. labored breathing and drug induced headache. >Instruct pt, to report discomfort at IV insertion site.

Increased cardiac output in short term treatment of cardiac decompensat ion caused by depressed contractility such as during refractory heart failure

Stimulates heart beta1 receptors to increase myocardial contractility and stroke volume, increase cardiac output by decreasing peripheral vascular resistance

>Drug may be added to total parenteral nutritional solutions. Absorption is not affected by food. >Advise pt. Note presence of blood in emesis and stool. >Instruct pt. blurred vision and jaundice Nsg. to report abdominal pain and Active duodenal and Gastric ulcer. to take without regard to meals bec.Generic and Brand Name Ranitidine HCl (Zantac) Classificatio n H2 receptor anatagonist Route and Dosage 1 amp IV TID Indications Actions Contraindicati ons Hypersensitiv e to drugs Adverse Effect Headache. pathologic hyper secretory condition. Responsibilit ies >Assess pt. esophagitis and heart burn Competitive ly inhibits action of histamine on H2 at receptor site of parietal cells. gasoesophae geal reflux disease. decreasing gastric acid secretion . for abdominal pain.

blood in stool or emesis .

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